How America Created ISIS: The rest of the story that you didn’t know

It is quite a mystery if you don’t know the rest of the story as to why people are upset at President Trump for wanting to pull American troops out of Syria. Even Republicans are giving him a bad way of it, but the reasons they are upset have nothing to do with safety or security for anyone, but to continue to cover-up the real story of how ISIS came to be and what role the United States had played in the events that led to Bashar al-Assad gassing his own people, which shocked the world. Unfortunately nobody has been interested in the whys and hows Syria became such an unstable region, they only know what the news reports and the major companies that report the news are lockstep in conjunction with the political order of a globalist desire to erase the mistakes of the Sykes Picot agreement off the map for good which is how they have missed the rest of the story, as the late great Paul Harvey would have said it.

Bashar al-Assad wanted to be an eye doctor. His father had wrestled control of Syria and ruled it as a family domain and Bashar’s older brother was being groomed for the job of taking over. That left Bashar free to pursue his own interests to some degree with the support of massive wealth his father had accumulated. He spent a lot of time in London hanging out with the rich and famous there and falling in love with western ideas. He even married a very western woman from London and the two were set to live a life in the shadows the father but relatively happy. Until the older brother Bassel died in a car accident which changed Bashar’s life forever.

The father Hafez had been born in an impoverished family and rose to power at great risk to become president of Syria and he had fought hard to protect those gains most of his life, especially in a bloody conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood. But the children seldom ever saw their father leaving them all very hungry for attention. Bashar al-Assad himself had only stepped into his father’s presidential office once before he eventually became his successor. In the mind of such people a yearning for a father’s love can ignite a lifelong pursuit and in Bashar’s mind once he had been designated the successor of his father to rule and hold Syria in the family name, it was the least he could do.

And so it went for many years as the leaders of the world came to Damascus to kiss the feet of Bashar, the quiet family man who married a nice looking western woman from London and inherited a Biblical empire from his father because his older brother died leaving the rest of the family members to turn to him to hold the seat, and the country in the name of Hafez. That is until the Obama administration started fanning the flames of insurrection around the Mediterranean inspiring the Muslim Brotherhood to rise to power once again and overthrow dictator regimes in Egypt and Libya which worked. It was a Twitter led rebellion of Islamic radicals seeking to restore a unified caliphate all around the region in what the Obama administration thought was a peaceful enterprise.

All he wanted to do was play Robin Hood and steal away from the propped-up dictators of those countries their hard-fought gains and restore them to some form of democracy. Power to the people, and all that kind of nonsense. What they failed to understand was that the people of the Middle East without western influences were prone to revert back to a tribal mentality and war would escalate, if not just the desire for it. The practice of arming rebels who wanted to overthrow dictators such as in Libya, Egypt and soon Syria started a process which would directly lead to the creation of ISIS under the guidance of Hillary Clinton and her then boss, Barack Obama.

By the time the Muslim Brotherhood had turned its attention on Syria, Bashar al-Assad out of respect for his father wasn’t going to allow the same thing to happen to his country. After all, his father had defeated the Muslim Brotherhood many years prior to hold the country for the family name so still hungry to preserve his father’s memory Bashar took a hard-line against their acts of rebellion. But of course the Obama administration was on a quest to restore the Islamic caliphate and to spread democracy to every country in the Middle East. That also meant pushing Palestine over Israel and using Iran to apply leverage against Saudi Arabia while all the other dominos of power fell throughout the region. So the overthrow was defined by the press lockstep in agreement over what President Obama wanted to do to promote the protestors of Syria as “peaceful.” But such an action was in direct conflict with the ambitions of Bashar al-Assad to hold the country under the family name out of respect for his father. So he did whatever had to be done to push the protestors back, which is how the gassing of his own people came to pass.

Likely it was Bashar’s crazy younger brother who had administered all the military activity in gassing the Syrian rebels, men women and children but it was the reluctant eye doctor turned dictator president who was in charge and therefore responsible and he was at a lost as to what to do. He couldn’t let down his father’s memory and the world itself was pushing the rebellion against him, especially in the United States under the Obama administration so he was perplexed at how to proceed.

That is when President Putin flew to Damascus to assist Syria with military support because it offered Russia a chance to stick it to Obama passive aggressively for their tampering with Russian interests around the world. If Syria fell to the Muslim Brotherhood what would stop them from moving into Russian territories? So Russia started supporting Syria to help them fight the rebels and Obama’s administration started sending more weapons to the rebels which once empowered became ISIS as the radicalized teenagers with the support of the American military suddenly felt they could do anything. So they broke away from the Muslim Brotherhood and started their own leftist rebellion cutting off the heads of everyone they could and destroying tremendous amounts of history in the process.

Once Trump became president, he had promised to defeat ISIS which he did simply by cutting off the money and weapons that had been flowing to them under the Obama administration. And that brings us to the present situation. President Trump has no interest in spreading an Islamic caliphate by using the American military or the CIA to fuel rebellions in the region. He doesn’t want Syria to gas their own people either, but would rather get America out of the tampering business and let free market solutions decide wins and losses in the region and for that politicians connected to global ambitions are really upset about it. But to understand why, you have to know the rest of the story, which now you do.

Rich Hoffman

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