The Below the Line Thinking of Carl Liddy: ‘The Oz Principle’ and the slut’s diamond necklace

It’s always interesting to observe the way people function. I’ve been to several events this year where people of importance specific to politics gathered and this guy wasn’t there. So it is always amazing to ponder where they get their authority and how they attempt to frame a reality which they desire in their minds. But through a lot of cigar smoke I did hear that there were a few people like this harassing friends of mine in a public shaming campaign that often goes on not just with me, but with people who challenge as some sort of change agent, the static order of the day. What is even more telling about these types of people is that they claim to know more about your reality than you do such as in this example below. How could this person possibly know all the people I come in contact with that personally asked me on the very day of the comment to run for some public office in 2019 or 2020? At least 15 different people asked me that very question on the day of this comment yet this loser sends me this:

No one really wants you to run for public office. You’re a joke and an embarrassment to local GOP officials. Your belief that people want you to run is a further sign of your very sad delusions of grandeur. You need to get help.

Carl Liddy

Ironically on that very day I had just completed a reread of the classic business book on social conduct called The Oz Principle which is incredibly telling about human nature. The book uses the many metaphors of the even more classic story of The Wizard of Oz to explain above and below the line thinking regarding personal accountability and a general approach to life. When someone picks a fight with me, I have a policy to never let it sit, but it also doesn’t mean that you make a belt out of the person either so a response is always required of some kind and the reason I function that way is expressed in that very good book. I have been on a project so revisiting some of these very American literary classics that are direct products of American capitalism has been a wonderful experience, books like John Kotter’s Leading Change and all the works by Eliyahu Goldratt, and Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher all have in them a common theme, they attempt to remove a “loser” attituded from the reader so that they can be successful. Now for me when I read them they only affirm what I have already known, because I have lived the principles they teach every day of my life all my life. But it was The Oz Principle that made me think of this loser Carl Liddy who is obviously a below the line thinker. Who is this greasy sloth to go around lobbying people not to read my blog and to cast aspersions about my name to fulfil a narrative that only exists in his own mind so that an illusionary existence can be maintained from his personal frame of reference, which is certainly below the line under any definition of conduct?

To call me a joke to the local GOP is a desire of his not a reality of mine and The Oz Principle covers these types of subjects nicely. The way that The Oz Principle is used in that great business book is that companies in need of change so that they can be successful are usually filled with below the line thinkers, people who desire to sabotage success and the convenient cover of other people so they can participate in blame games when something doesn’t go correctly. Any organization that wants to improve their circumstances must get rid of such people, or teach them to think differently. For instance, one of the reasons I write this blog every day is because I realize most people can’t read as fast as I do, or don’t have the tools to live life and extract from it the good things that I have. So I use Kotter’s methods of change agency to shape the landscape not just to my favor but one that is conducive to reality. If our present circumstances have been corrupted by below the line thinkers for instance, which we know is quite common in our human interactions, then the way to change that is through recognizing the condition and letting people see it and correct the behavior. And it has been working, since I started this journey a long time ago change has occurred and the people who count have benefited by these words greatly. I don’t expect anybody to admit it in the light of day, but their actions in the political realm is all the thanks I require.

Below the line thinkers need the approval of other people because they require other people to confirm their version of reality. Humans being social creatures tend to shape their conversations to whomever is present, such as for instance a woman is trying to figure out what man she is going to let pick her up at a bar for a night-cap and several approach her. One man talks about football and the upcoming playoffs. The girl likes the guy physically, but he’s greasy in his demeanor so she wants to blow him off.  After all, who needs another dumb jock wanna’ be in their lives?  She went along with the football talk trying to figure him out but concluded that beyond his fantasy football picks that the guy was a loser going nowhere, so sleeping with him wasn’t even on the table. The next guy isn’t very good-looking but he seems to know a lot about local politics so he might know someone who knows someone who might do something for him and in a round about way give her a new diamond necklace, so she considers him after she has had another nine drinks.

So the two make fun of the previous guy and his knowledge of football teams. She lets the guy take her home and she sleeps with him but something doesn’t seem right. She finds out he’s married, and after two days of dating he is ready to divorce his wife and marry her. This girl goes along for the ride hoping to get a diamond necklace out of it somewhere, because she and he are excessively below the line thinkers and they seek to justify their value with material objects which is the primary reason they have such bad quality relationships in their lives. It’s also why it’s so easy to double or even triple talk about people behind their backs. About five months later its Christmas and the guy is still going through his divorce. The girl finds out that her fiancé is going to lose half of his assets in the divorce but to keep her interested the guy is going to buy her that diamond necklace. So they are at the jeweler and she sees that first guy there buying something who was interested in the football playoffs which are now underway. She asks him very nicely and politely what he has been up to as she introduces him to her new fiancée and he politely says that he is buying rings for his professional football team commemorating their journey into the NFL playoffs. That’s when she learns that he is the owner of their local professional football team that is on their way to the Super Bowl. Suddenly that diamond necklace doesn’t seem so shiny—or good.

We see the same kind of thing in politics every day, where below the line thinking has attracted people like this Carl Liddy loser who is just another dreamer trying to make something out of their miserable existence by looting off the value of people in politics who are in the arena. They sit in the stands and arm-chair quarterback all the happenings as if they were a part of history but in reality, they are just trying to throw gifts at people so that someone will talk to them, because they are losers and everyone knows it. And rather than let the words of a blog like this help them become better people they are at war with reality itself so that they can maintain an illusion of a value they play in the whole thing, but like the characters in The Wizard of Oz, the world is the illusion, it is their hero’s journey to discover that everything they always needed was within them all along. The example of the girl, all she had to do was not let below the line thinking contaminate an opportunity for her, she could have been dating the NFL owner, but instead she went for the typical loser who showed all the right things, but in reality, didn’t have any depth, and the two of them lived miserably until their next divorces. Reality isn’t always measured based on what you see, its in what is truly there and below the line people can’t make themselves more valuable tearing other people down. It just makes them bigger losers and everyone knows it. They may not publicly say so and in private they might tear down whomever is not in the room, but what people do and say in the privacy of their own minds tells the whole story, and that story is changing for the better day by day. And I’m happy with my role in helping it along.

Rich Hoffman

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