Why I Hired Donald Trump: Negotiations with below the line people are not possible when people of value are the only ones that matter

Regarding the government shutdown and the border wall funding debate I keep hearing that there are supposed to be bipartisan discussions and that our government of checks and balances require compromise. Yet it is permissible for Democrats to only contribute one dollar toward border wall construction and we are supposed to laugh and accept the behavior. No. that’s not how it works. Here’s how it does, in the United States, the greatest economy in the world and the best country providing the most freedom and personal lifestyle choices of anywhere on earth there are many companies that routinely investigate their cultures for improvements. The United States has produced more literature and analysis on business technique improvements of any sector of any economy anywhere, so a lot of consideration should be given to the abilities of change agents within production cultures and studying how those effects can cascade into our political order for the better. Because it is impossible to take a culture that is full of bad stuff and expect it to negotiate with good stuff and generate a reasonable outcome. And the Democrats and even RINO Republicans in this current debate are bad people as defined by the process of needs associated with our present circumstances.

No consultant in their right mind would think to go into a large company in serious need of reform and expect to make peace with the losers of that culture. Losers in this case are defined as below the line thinkers, people who finger point, do not take personal accountability for their actions, are perpetual victimhood advocates intent to hide their poor practices behind chaos and mayhem. That is precisely what the modern Democrats are in the American political system. When companies need to get healthy, they do not sit down and negotiate with the trouble makers. They get rid of them. First of course you invite them to the table to be a part of the improvement process. But it is never a thought to surrender good productive output to the demands of the below the line thinkers. It’s just not in the realm of possibility.

Yet that is precisely the assumption of these modern Democrats, they expect Republicans to be blamed for the government shut down. They expect Republicans to be blamed for border problems. They expect value to always cover for poor conduct the way delinquent employees sit in the shadows and nit pick at leadership without doing anything but destroying opportunities at productivity so that the expectations of success never swing in their direction. We are supposed to expect no performance out of Democrats, and to give them an equal seat at the table of respect. That is their actual premise which to any sane person would be laughable.

It is simply amazing how much of this “open border” money has been trickled into our media environment intent to manipulate young people into believing in a giant borderless world. After the interview that President Trump gave to Sean Hannity on January 10, 2019 the response from the print and television media was outrageous in support of that open border position. There was real fear in what President Trump was talking about as it was obvious, he wasn’t backing down and nobody in his Republican party was really putting pressure on him to do so. Then the fear escalated when it was obvious that supporters like me, the part of Trump’s base that in numbers of 30% will stand with him no matter what. The panic on Friday morning going into the weekend was full-blown and nearly animated beyond reality. They were flipping out the way most below the line thinkers do when they are exposed to the light of day and realize that they will be measured to a level of performance whether they liked it or not.

But let me add to this discussion as a warning for all those below the line thinkers who have been thinking they understood the game that was being played, a continuation of that way of doing things was always off the table. You should be happy that its Donald Trump, and you’d be wise to shut your mouths and listen to what he wants to do. Because the alternative is much more violent. Putting up with the same old Chuck and Nancy show is not an option. Continued budget problems and continuing resolutions that just kick the can down the road are not part of the discussion. Only growth can solve our debt problems and only in protecting American sovereignty can we take our country back to a healthy state. An acceptance of all the chaos and violence of the open border push that anti-American forces like George Soros have been imposing on our free market system are not going to be tolerated. America has to be brought back to a healthy state and that requires above the line thinking to destroy below the line thinking. Not negotiate with it.

All across America right now and even in other countries there are very smart people acting as consultants who go into and fix the operations of those companies once they have been identified as unhealthy. It takes a strong vision from a leader to evoke the changes needed and it takes removing below the line thinking from the process and replacing them with above the line thinkers. Negotiating a peace treaty with below the line thinkers is never an option. Changing their behavior is, or simply getting rid of them. The leverage on the border wall and the government shutdown is completely in Trump’s power. The best thing to do in this case is to crush the below the line thinking from everyone in the media down to the political pawns involved in the matter, and to either destroy them or show them the door and force them to exit the political arena on their own. But there is no leg for them to stand on, the arrogance of Nancy and Chuck and the people who follow them who think they have a right to a seat at the table indicates they have no idea what is going on. Just because you are in a political party and that’s how things have been in the past does not mean that’s how its going to be in the future.

As one of Trump’s 30% base I wouldn’t care if half the government quit their jobs tomorrow and found work at a McDonald’s drive through. I like seeing the government shut down. There are too many employees in it to begin with. And I am certainly not an open border guy. If we want to help people in their domestic countries from the crime and poverty they are fleeing from, well let’s send them some good ol’ capitalism and some guns and turn them loose with their own experimental republic. Forget about asylum, build them a shopping mall and some guns to protect their banks so they can actually have an economy and give them a civilization they can build a home with. The current political order uses them as pawns to flood our current border and loot the wealth of America for a big political military assault that has been in the works for many years. But Trump supporters elected him to the White House to stop that assault, and that doesn’t automatically give everyone a seat at the negotiating table. I hired Trump to destroy that old order. Not to play with it. Keep that in mind.

Rich Hoffman

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