Nobody Has a Right to Threaten Anybody over Anything: Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist supporters are setting themselves up for a major ass kicking

You know, one thing that I get tired of are these threats coming from the below the line political left. There is this ridiculous assumption, especially among the newly formed socialist youth in the Democrat party such as this Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez creature. I don’t have to make a lot of threats about what I will personally do to a group of socialists who march into my community looking for trouble and to overtake our legal system. The nature of our modern times will likely destroy them long before that happens because her brand of socialism goes against the nature of human needs, the autonomous relationship that we have with work and productivity that Americans enjoy and have developed. While rewards are not the only reason that people do things, the American portion of risk in the economic engine of our species leads to most of the great things that people do experience, and the Democrat dream of European socialism will never take root among all American people because it would rob them of critical lifestyles for which they enjoy. Mobs of cry baby millennials will not be enough to turn America into the latest socialist failure. Socialism doesn’t work because it robs people of autonomy, pure and simple.

But to see the death threats and the public desire to threaten the Covington Catholic school over the whole media circus that occurred in Washington D.C. over the weekend, it reminds me that we do have to stick up for ourselves and let the opposition know where things stand. This public mob mentality was long ago predicted by Ayn Rand who lived through the communist takeover of Russia and saw it first hand, and it is always the youth movements that are not yet quite there who lead these things. Ocasio-Cortez being just the latest dumb kid to advocate for high taxes and fairness for all while spending is conducted without any mind toward actual fiscal responsibility. Any real attempt by them to show any kind of force or to come into our neighborhoods to actually kill people or even threaten nice kids like the primary victim in the Covington Catholic case, Nick Sandman will be met with force, force they aren’t prepared for. I don’t think they understand that.

I get that Ocasio-Cortez is from the Bronx which is already a socialist haven due to their love of European style lazy economic thoughts, but it’s quite another thing to lead mobs of people into America’s heartland to take over our economic system and get away with it. She clearly doesn’t understand what she is advocating, and her followers see her as a way to get out of having to work so they can play more video games. There is a maturity factor lacking that these kids just aren’t ready for in the real world. But they can’t make threats of violence without getting those threats thrown back in their faces. To threaten to kill a kid and his family just because some Indian guy stepped into the young man’s face trying to provoke the situation just isn’t acceptable. All people who have made those threats should be arrested and thrown in jail immediately. It’s sad that nobody actually expects anything to be done to such people, but the threats were so great that the school did have to shut down for the safety of all. That is just not something that we can accept as a reality.

The world and its occupants do not own the lives of others. As I said, the most powerful driver of modern economic movement is autonomy, the right to do what you want when you want to. While the profit motive of material possession is not what drives people truly, surrender of autonomy for the fairness of all is not on the table either. The idea that if one individual or a group of individuals steps out of some social barrier which states that Nick Sandman should surrender his individual rights to exists because of his skin color or even his political beliefs by wearing the MAGA hat is a gross violation of everything that human beings truly desire, let alone the nature of all-American citizens. By not agreeing with the mob it doesn’t give the mob the right to kill anybody or even make the threat of it. It doesn’t give the right of the mob to even suggest physical violence. Because if they go there, then all law and order gets thrown out the window and we all have the right to do those types of things and they won’t like it when the shoe is on the other foot—which it is anyway. Ocasio-Cortez and her socialist friends don’t understand those people obviously, but if they keep pushing themselves into the rural areas, they will learn soon enough. But even among their radicals crying out for equality, they are already on the path to defeat because all people are looking for more autonomy in their lives and that is not what the Democrats are offering. The socialism of the current Democrat party is all about the surrender of individuals into groups, not about giving more individuals more autonomy.

This paradox is best seen in modern-day Silicone Valley where European socialism is something they think they want because it’s what they studied in school and what the media culture wants. I remember how people thought a radio series that I did on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan was conspiracy theory material several years ago when we discussed in great detail how communism and socialism had targeted in the late 1950s to embed itself into our media culture to advocate for it. Now people can see for themselves how right I was. But media doesn’t determine reality, just because someone says it, or a mass of people do, it doesn’t make it right. Silicone Valley’s technology has flourished not because it connects more people in a social way, which might appear to be so at first glances, it’s because technology has given people more autonomy—ways to control their own lives without outside influences, and people won’t be giving that up for Ocasio-Cortez and her Democrats.

But while they are learning these hard lessons they do not have the right to threaten people, shut down schools or even to attack mass aspects of American culture with threats of violence and even death. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander and if they can do it, so can we. From my perspective there is nothing scary about any of these millennial losers advocating for socialism and trying to advocate for a high tax borderless world. They won’t be winning any physical confrontations when real fists start flying and guns are blazing. It won’t be very hard to kick the crap out of them, so a socialist take over of America isn’t going to happen. And in their frustration just in seeing young people who are from the heartland who aren’t scared of them, they can’t threaten to kill people and get away with it. The media may be willing to give them a free pass, but people looking for more autonomy in their lives won’t. In Europe they were willing to go along to get along because they were used to not having much autonomy in their lives to begin with. But in America we have all tasted it, and we aren’t going to give it up—even many of the followers of Ocasio-Cortez, especially once they learn that people will hit back when threatened. And believe me, the people I know will hit back—very hard.

Rich Hoffman

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