Democrats are “Singing in the Rain”: What Jesus Christ and Roger Stone have in common

To understand just how bad the whole Roger Stone thing is context is required. Trump had four campaign managers during his presidential run and two of them have now had the doors of their homes molested with early in the morning raids by the FBI to be arrested and charged by the Special Counsel generated by the firing of the FBI director James Comey. That is a highly unusual activity that has behind it a deliberate show of teeth from the political opposition that obviously controls a large part of the federal government and is making sure that President Trump knows that he doesn’t have any real power. Trump has access to the classified documents of past experiences, such as the Kennedy assassination and while he may not be concerned for himself, he is for his family. There aren’t too many Kennedys around these days, are there? It took a few years for everyone to crash airplanes or to mysteriously run their faces into trees during sky trips, but Trump can at least see from the classified documents what has been done in the past and can match it up to the present.

To understand just how bad it is someone from the Mueller investigation tipped off CNN to be at Roger Stone’s house as the FBI showed up with guns and body armor to arrest a 66-year-old man just for making a prediction that turned out to be right about the actions of Wikileaks. As I watched the video from CNN of the Stone raid by the FBI, knowing what we do now about the Clinton case, and the DNC paid for dossier against Trump that was used to manipulate FISA warrants, and the text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page I couldn’t help but think that Stone should have been armed with lots of guns in the house and he should have defended himself from a criminal government obviously abusing its power and has gone rogue. The federal government is not abiding by a Constitution, they are seeking a takeover of America and are essentially a corrupt government beyond repair which is precisely why we have a First and Second Amendment in the terrible case that we may need to use them to retake out government back away from tyranny.

For the last two-week I kept hearing from older members of the Republican party to stay the course and have watched the gradual erosion this week of conservative resolve especially in the wake of what happened to Nick Sandman from Covington Catholic at Washington D.C. I happened to be listening to WLW radio with Rocky Boiman and Eddie Fingers the other day and they were talking about how stupid the movie A Clockwork Orange was and how they didn’t understand it. I really like Rocky, I’m not a fan of Eddie because of the role he played in an incident I was involved in during 2012, but I sometimes listen to them in the evening while I finish up my work for the day. Rocky is a jock from a professional football background, so I don’t expect him to be very wise on arts and sciences. I just don’t think Eddie is a very smart guy, which gives the show appeal because everybody listening is smarter than he is and it gives people that assurance as they listen. But their reaction to A Clockwork Orange, which is one of the best movies of its nature and describes quite accurately what we are seeing these days in our modern political activity is very much the way older Republicans are seeing their conflict with Democrats.

Republicans believe in law and order assuming that human nature means well and that everything will work out in the end. They have done for us, and I’m thinking of the Sheriff Jones letter from Butler County that was sent to President Bush and Obama that caused so much trouble, the same of that nice lady in A Clockwork Orange that answered to door and let the crazy youth into her house only to rape her in front of her tied up husband while the criminals sang “Singing in the Rain.” When Trump Republicans like Sheriff Jones sent that letter for which The Washington Post immediately keyed on all Trump could see around him was the menace of the Democrats, the abuse of the Covington Catholic kids just for wearing a MAGA hat, the continued stories of the government shutdown being his fault, the desire for open borders at ANY COST, and the continued harassment from an out of control prosecutor arresting everyone connected to his campaign and their public stripping of all their wealth and power as a warning to others sure to come—perhaps even Trump himself. Republicans like the nice couple in A Clockwork Orange think they can work with Democrats and negotiate with them. You can’t, Sometimes you have to kill them at your front door before they enter your house and destroy everything you have built your life around. A Clockwork Orange isn’t a stupid movie. It’s happening right now and not in some far away land of England. It’s happening in the United States and Roger Stone in some ways was treated worse than the girl who was viciously raped in that movie. CNN was called to watch him publicly humiliated as it was a direct message to President Trump. “We will get you eventually, and everyone connected to you—because we can.”

I say it all the time, people of value cannot negotiate with people who don’t have any. Above the line people cannot have equal negotiations with people below the line. This is why Republicans are always on the bad end when dealing with Democrats, because value cannot negotiate with a lack of value. The empty person has nothing to lose but can afford to do anything to take from others so to fill themselves. Those who have value always have something to lose and that is why bad things happen to good people. Nancy Pelosi has nothing to lose, because her party is always looking to take something. The new socialists in Congress have nothing to lose, because they are takers in society. They are open border abortion supporters who would love to see the destruction of the American family. They don’t have a Trump Tower and lots of children who will inherit a multibillion-dollar fortune in a few years to worry about. As Trump decided to work with Democrats and reopen the government on January 25th 2019 the Democrats just like the rapists in A Clockwork Orange were “Singing in the Rain.” And as conservatives watched the lynch mob pounce on Roger Stone by the corrupt FBI and the collusion they had with CNN, the signal was quite loud. We are all in danger.

I am not a Republican who believes that there is no place for violence. Quite the contrary, I think violence is the only leverage that can be utilized on people functioning from an evil position, and Democrats are clearly doing that. I don’t want to hear stories of cooperation with Democrats when it is quite clear that that political party wants to end America as we know it and change it into something else. I heard that same Sheriff Jones on with Bill Cunningham, which I listened to just so I could hear how the story would be spun talking about the current Speaker of the House in Ohio Larry Householder working with Democrats for a more peaceful union. That is stupid. Older Republicans who chose to believe that kind of garbage are like the woman answering the door in A Clockwork Orange, they are just letting evil into our house to cause death and destruction. What happened to Roger Stone happened because conservatives have allowed our government to get out of control. When they could they did not prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, they did not defend Wikileaks which has turned out to be the only honest news reporting agency. They did not defend Glenn Beck when he was knocked from power. They did not defend Alex Jones. They did not defend Bill O’Reilly. They did not defend Mel Gibson for God’s sake!  None of this is new.  They just keep hoping that bad people won’t show up to their door to arrest them because they don’t understand what A Clockwork Orange was all about, they don’t understand how some people can just be evil, even if that culture has now taken over law enforcement and sent young kids working in the FBI to arrest an old man before the sun comes up with CNN there to film everything for public embarrassment.

People can tell themselves what they want about Jesus Christ, that he came to earth to wash away all our sins and give us all everlasting life. I don’t care about any of that. What I do care about is that I imagine he felt the way a lot of us are feeling now as he stood before Pontius Pilatet and the crowd picked Barabbas to save. This betrayal is not new, it’s as old as humans have walked the earth. But what is new is the concept of the United States Constitution, and if we want a different outcome from what happened to Jesus, then we better start using it. And my advice is to take care of that at our front doors before the arrest is even made. Because once they take you in, it’s over anyway. Might as well make it count. At 66 Roger Stone would have done well to drop his hope of winning a crooked court battle and just had a fight to the death right then and there—because that is the only thing the political left understands and fears to lose, their own lives and comfort. That is the only negotiating tool they understand—violence.

Watch all the videos above for context.  One thing I promise is that if I end up in the same situation as Roger Stone, I won’t be nearly so nice.

Rich Hoffman

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