When Violance Is Neccessary: The Arrest of Roger Stone is where the line was crossed

After watching the whole Roger Stone arrest by the FBI, I couldn’t help but wonder what I would do in his situation. I kept my thoughts to myself while I worked out the details, but I think its time to talk about them for context, after all, I know where I am in this whole argument. You dear reader likely need to figure it out because these decisions are not easy. But I can say this for certainty, and firearm use doesn’t even come to mind. There are many ways to defend yourself, shooting people isn’t the only one and I likely wouldn’t resort to it unless I felt there was no other way. But if the F.B.I. comes knocking on my door before the sun comes up with CNN cameras outside to record the whole thing with the implicit desire to embarrass me using the law as a club to do so, then a lot of people won’t be going home that night. I can promise that. I would consider such a knock on my door as an invasion by a government I have lost respect for and do not recognize their authority. I would not and do not recognize their authority over my property or my life and a conflict would ensue. I would not allow them to put me in shackles. I will not call a lawyer, I will defend myself in all manner of the law as I recognize it in our American Constitution. That would be that.

As I’ve said from the beginning of this blog exercise, I am an Anti-Federalist Papers guy. I view our current Constitution as a reasonable negotiation between the Anti-Federalist types and the Federalists. For example, I view Alexander Hamilton from the poplar Broadway play as a bleeding-heart hippie liberal in relation to the minds of the time that the Constitution was written. If I had been around at that time I would have very much have been on the Anti-Federalist side of things regarding that famous debate which instigated the Constitution of America starting in 1787. I have read the Anti-Federalist Papers many times, in fact I often do it just for relaxation. I’m not crazy about The Federalist Papers which were written by Hamilton, Madison and John Jay, primarily. I am much more of a Patrick Henry and John DeWitt—and ultimately a Thomas Jefferson type of individualized thinker. But I was born long after those arguments were done and am willing to accept the eventual settlement of the Constitution that we have in America as a work of philosophy that emerged from the great Salisbury Plain in England and emerged into Philadelphia and then eventually Washington D.C. in America.

For me the 1st Amendment and the 2nd Amendment are non-negotiable. They are the results of the Anti-Federalist positions that started off the Bill of Rights and I personally will never surrender them to modern encroachments. That I am willing to accept the other soft language of the Constitution as written before the Bill of Rights were introduced is something that everyone should consider themselves lucky. As I see it the minds who haggled out the problems of government between 1787 and in the ensuing years immediately thereafter are far superior to the minds of today, 2019 which is in an obvious state of decline. So whatever documentation emerges legally and progressively I simply reject and will defend any incursion even suggested with violence, because that is the only language that insurgents understand. Could the Constitution be improved, well, that’s a relative question and from my perspective, yes. It could be improved by incorporating more Anti-Federalist ideas instead of the soft tone of the Federalists who wanted big centralized federal governments similar to what European kingdoms maintained at the time and still desire. Specifically speaking of the 1st and 2nd Amendment, the first gives a warning to those who might try to destroy the Constitution, the 2nd allows to defend it, which I propose is what we should all do now. Forget about all the negotiations, the Constitution is the Constitution and anybody trying to erode it away needs to be met with force to prevent their actions from becoming a reality.

The Roger Stone arrest in my eyes was a violation of Amendment 3, no soldier in a time of peace shall be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner. Who the hell did the FBI think they were to set up tents and knock on Stone’s door between 5 AM and 6 AM? That wasn’t there property and they had no right to it without Stone’s permission. I don’t care what Robert Mueller decided was legal. Just for being on Stone’s property he had a right to defend it from the government insurgents, because that’s what they were. The FBI through their actions in attempting to oust President Trump from an elected office have lost their credibility to enforce the law and should be viewed as potential hostile government agents. It wasn’t Roger Stone who built that reputation, it was the various intelligence agencies that have been working for a long time to appeal to the Federalist fantasies of Hamilton and Madison and have fully justified the fears of Henry and DeWitt. I’m not saying the FBI couldn’t earn back the trust of the American people but they don’t have it now and if they show up at my door, I will not recognize their authority. I have watched Democrats supported openly by James Comey the former FBI Director seek to undercut the laws of our nation for their own benefit, so don’t expect me or other people to suddenly follow the laws that not even the FBI is willing to live up to. Just what they have done with the FISA warrants against President Trump are enough to cause to question any action they have conducted in a court of law anywhere. If they are willing to break the law with President Trump what would they do to the rest of us. And therefore, if they knock on our door at 6 AM in the morning with guns drawn and armor displayed with law enforcement setting up processing tents and evidence collectors violating the basic premise of home ownership, well, to hell with them.

Then there is the 4th Amendment, the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizers. There is nothing beneficial to the “greater good” that justified how the FBI raided the home of Roger Stone. Doing such a thing was a flagrant violation of Stone’s basic 4th Amendment rights. If it were me I would not recognize any case-law that had established otherwise and that would be my argument in front of a court of law representing myself as an attorney because I wouldn’t trust any modern lawyer to represent my position due to their commitment to the Bar Association. Case law is not in the Constitution that I am willing to defend with force. Read that sentence very carefully before raiding my home because I will tear up any court with it with great fanfare. I would have advised Roger Stone to do such a thing in the future. The same intrusion was done to Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort, people directly connected to the current President of the United States so if they’ll do it to him, they’re willing to do far worse to all of us and guess what, they don’t have a right to do any of it. They don’t have the moral authority to do it and they certainly don’t have the legal means either.

I would argue that Stone’s 5th Amendment was also violated because the presumption of the Grand Jury indictment was created through a polluted means by a special investigation created to hide its own crimes as a FBI organization using individuals such as Stone and Wikileaks to conceal their own misdeeds. What good is a Grand Jury if the evidence gathered to create an indictment was generated off a false premise and therefore Stone was made to answer for a crime entirely politically motivated. The crime was that Donald Trump was elected and while the FBI can’t get at him directly because they technically work under the office of the Executive Branch have instead used these malicious other means of peeling away at the strength of the presidency. And the situation is quite pathetic and fully justifies the use of force against these illegal perpetrators who have hijacked our justice system.

Of course, the 6th Amendment of Roger Stone was violated because he had a right to a speedy trial of his peers by an impartial jury. When the law was broken and details of the arrest was leaked to CNN the future jury pool was contaminated beyond all possibility of a fair trial in the United States and that was clearly a calculated decision by the FBI and its special prosecutor Robert Mueller. If I were President Trump I would fire every last one of these employees who are participating in this exercise and I would put sanctions on the press for their terrible coverage of my administration. Of course, Trump won’t do that because he doesn’t want to look like a tyrant, but they will think that regardless of what the President does. If we don’t have law and order at the highest level, and I’d say that we clearly don’t, then how can we have it at the local level? My argument is that we don’t and we won’t until serious changes are made and the Constitution is restored as a document of respect in our legal system, not just referenced to while corrupt lawyers and judges use case-law to put their own names against the great debaters DeWitt, Henry, Hamilton and Madison along with many others.

You see dear reader and the many insurgents who are reading this and thinking, who does this guy think he is—well let me tell you, before I accept changes to the American Constitution, I am stating that it needs to go more to the Anti-Federalist Papers and not away from what was agreed to in 1787. If we are going to admit to Constitutional failure, or the FBI and other agencies of law enforcement are going to play with paperwork, lie to FISA courts and destroy evidence for some but raid houses in early morning arrests of Presidential enemies just so they can show Constitutional compliance but an obvious disrespect in practice then I say that we have no law and order resorting our society to a need for violence to reset the system to something we can all agree with. But living under an out of control police state, which is what that raid of Stone’s house was, is a provocation to all of us and I take it very, very serious. Compliance to authority is not a value system, its being a pussy. Respect for the Constitution is a value and that is something I will defend with force, violence and any means necessary in a pursuit of justice as defined by an incredible philosophy born in North America under extraordinary circumstances that should be built upon, not destroyed through corruption and apathy.

I’d love to just live life, follow the law and raise good, bright children and grandchildren leaving my neighbors to their business and to wish for the success of my peers to achieve as much as they can possible in our capitalist society. I’m a very positive person who loves life and wants to share with others the gift of how to live a good life. But the last thing in the world that I am is a pushover, and I really don’t like bullies because those types of people rob others of their autonomy and that is a very bad thing to me. So as I define it by the Constitution, the original, our current legal system and the law enforcement that gives it arms and legs is abusive and out of control. They use the law as a weapon to impose political view points and that isn’t acceptable. So the time to use violence against that system is when you have proof of that going on and I can’t think of a better, more flushed out case than the one of Roger Stone, a personal confidant of the President of the United States. What we have learned about the FBI just over this last year exceeds anything even the most fantasy driven conspiracy theories could have imagined with confirmed facts. Roger Stone’s arrest just puts the issue on the table for us all to examine. Its as bad as it gets and is exactly what the Bill of Rights was supposed to protect us all from, yet the abuses are out in the open and quite audacious. And that’s where we are presently. History will remember how we deal with this tragedy and the future of our nation will depend on what and how we do it.

Rich Hoffman
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