North Korea has a Crappy Economy, Literally: Why President Trump has a right to think the intellegence community are idiots

President Trump is right to tell his intelligence officers to go back to school and learn something about the world after they presented a grim assessment of the threats Iran and North Korea pose to the world. One thing you have to know about government workers in general is that they are below the line thinkers, they love tragedy and bad news because it justifies their existence as employees. It’s not in their nature to go before their own people or even the public and declare a job well done. The temptation to overly dramatize a threat is ever-present largely because government is always looking for a way to increase their budget needs and expand their payroll. Dan Coats in particular drew a sharp rebuke from President Trump, and for good reason. How is North Korea going to continue stockpiling nuclear weapons and remaining a threat on the world stage when it is now well-known that their internal economic forecast has been very crappy. Literally, read for yourself:

The North Korean government has decreed that every able-bodied citizen must turn in 100 kg (220 lbs) of human manure a day to be used for fertilizer, to bolster the agricultural sector.

Leader Kim Jong Un announced in his New Year’s address that the agricultural front would be the primary instrument for economic reconstruction.
“After Kim Jong Un’s [speech], the entire population has been mobilized to produce manure as the first major task of the year,” a source in North Hamgyong province told RFA’s Korean Service on Sunday.

A country that is trying to get its people to produce over 200 pounds of crap everyday to stimulate their agricultural abilities is not a country that is a threat to the world stage. They will not be taking over the world any time soon. As I’ve said many times, North Korea wants peace and they want the leadership of President Trump to help them get there. It is the intelligence community and the anti-Trump press that wants war. They want to make the world seem more threatening on everything Trump has accomplished toward peace and in places like Iran they want to make it appear less so in order to continue their anti-Saudi Arabia, anti-Israel campaign. The intelligence directors in their latest assessment presentation simply followed their predecessors in painting the world as a place that needed America so that military budgets and the expense of vast resources could justify keeping America the global police officers for a world on fire. What is really behind the scheme is the need to prop the world up as a scary and equal threat to the safety and security of the American people, which just isn’t the case.

You see, we are supposed to follow the world by way of communism, which has its influence today in China for certain, North Korea and even Iran. People forget that the whole revolution in Iran many years back was a Marxist push which is never talked about, but it’s why the political left supports Iran over places like Saudi Arabia and Israel. We are supposed to fear the awesome power of these communist zones because we are all supposed to move in that direction ourselves which is why Trump was so upset about what the intelligence directors said. Trump wants to show Americans the accomplishments that have been made in a positive direction. The intelligence community under great pressure from within their own cultures wants to present every little fear so the funding of their ambitions continues.

But the truth is evident in North Korea where we are supposed to believe that the same country that came up with a policy of every human being producing 220 pounds of shit per person is the same country that is a nuclear threat in the future. Even people who are completely full of shit cannot produce 220 pounds of crap per day, no human being can. Yet it’s a policy right now in North Korea to deal with two problems, their actual agricultural challenges because as a communist zone their people have lost their autonomy for labor, and their farmers are lost to techniques to keep their nation fed. So they are overly reliant on foreign contributions and Trump’s sanctions are literally starving them to death. Not exactly a global threat as a country that will be lighting up the world’s economy which is where the real power of a nation is measured. Not in its guns but its culture and to that understanding culture is completely funded by the GDP of a nation. North Korea literally has a shitty economy and with Dan Coats trying to make them out to be super villains from the latest James Bond movie, he is not serving the interests of President Trump, but of the intelligence community’s desire to rule by fear from a Deep State that few really want to admit exists.

China has been in the news over the whole Huawei problem where its CEO Meng Wanzhou was arrested for violating US trade curbs to Iran. Do you see how this is shaping up dear reader? Everyone is so surprised to learn how much stealing trade secrets from the United States and other free markets is actually part of the Chinese economy, but they shouldn’t be. China is drowning in the trade war with the United States because their theft of intellectual material has been greatly stifled, and as a communist country they rely on it as part of their substance. They cannot compete in a toe to toe economy like the free market of the United States. That is also why Saudi Arabia is now flexing its muscle as a nuclear powerhouse with Iran because they have lost their power as the greatest producer of oil. The United States is the number one energy producer leaving everyone else in the world desperately trying to redefine themselves. But it takes money to be a world player and the world just doesn’t have that money, because their economic theories have destroyed their countries. And China can’t funnel resources into North Korea to help them out because they are in trouble themselves. Without having the ability to cheat, the Chinese are in trouble. Of course, they don’t see anything wrong with cheating because as a communist country they intend to take over the world so to their minds they own everything anyway. So all this Trump economy stuff is quite a shock to them. But it is for all these reasons and many more that North Korea has had to literally turn to shit to save themselves from complete irrelevancy. That is what Dan Coats should have said.

When the intelligence community fails to tell the whole story, Trump has an obligation to call them out. The media of course found the whole exchange between Trump and his intelligence directors barbaric to suggest that they should all go back to school and get a real education. However, I agree with him. There are many out there who do not want these problems solved because it justifies the continued expansion of government and not the fall of communism in yet more countries and is a real show of force of just what the American economy can do under a free market system. We are supposed to doubt out own power and the intelligence community feels that it needs to continue that dialogue because culturally that seems to always be their objective, not to solve problems, but to perpetuate them so that government always has some crises to correct. But Trump wants his people to talk about the problems that have been solved, and North Korea is a great example. A country that has literally turned to shit to save itself from starvation is not a threat. And Dan Coats should have said that if he wanted to maintain his credibility.

Rich Hoffman

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