Abortion is Murder: Killing, death, and hate is what the entire feminist movement stands for

I heard some of the evilest things this week in regard to abortion, as we all did which necessitates some conversation about its role in our society. As a man, a white one at that, I am about as open and supportive of women as anybody can get, but I am also very traditional. My wife is a house wife who would not be out-of-place in 1870s America. We support each other’s roles within our family and we both work very hard, but our emphasis has always been and remains a strong desire to create a good strong family that is supportive of its members. As a house wife she is always there for our children and grandchildren. As a man, I am always a go to pillar who holds the whole thing up structurally and emotionally a rock that can be counted on no matter what is going on in the world. Anyone who would attack my way of life as toxic masculinity and my wife’s as detrimental to the feminist movement to our eyes is an anti-family insurgent out for no good. While I am open to other people’s choices and lifestyles nobody will ever convince me that traditional methods of raising a family, where the man goes out into the world to gather resources while the woman uses those resources domestically for the good of the family is not the best method of social structure. I’d say the evidence is overwhelming that the traditional American family structure is the best the world has ever seen and should be applied to everything we do as humans to procreate our species.

The context to all this is that it is expected that once as parents we decide to bring a life into this world, which that decision is arrived upon during the act of sex, that we are responsible for those lives our entire lives. It is a very above the line position to take, life requires the commitment of parental life to support in every way imaginable, and to my view 99% of all people fail at this very basic task. If you don’t want to use your life to pump life into your offspring and don’t plan to be committed to that all hours of the day for the rest of your life, then you shouldn’t have kids. To have kids then expect the state to raise them through the public education system or other methods is reckless and disingenuous to the child. I have often said that it is better to have an abortion and to not have a child than to bring a child into the world of an unloving family, because the death is much shorter than a long drawn out disappointing life when the family unit is not there to help sustain the continued growth all through their lives that children require. So I am not a cut and dry pro-lifer, but my personal views are much more conservative than the typical anti-abortion activist. I think strong masculinity plays a very important role in all family lives and that all mothers are the hub of the wheel that makes everything work and they should be protected and respected by all members in a godlike manner. That’s how it is in my house and how I think it should be everywhere in the world.

Given my commitment to family life and views of how things should be done domestically in regards to women and children most of my interactions with people disappoint me. But I respect other people’s decisions enough to give them autonomy in how they approach life. I don’t seek to impose myself on them, I simply offer answers if they would life to fix something in their life. So I am quite used to people like Monica Klein who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show this past week to defend full term abortions and the ridiculous statements made by the Virginia governor about actually murdering babies once they were born. For a professional activist her comments were horrendous and show to what extent the feminist movement is really about hate and destruction. As women they have built up a no judge position about everything in their lives, the right to work a job and be treated equally as a man, the right to participate in the political world and the right to their own selfish needs all their life in exchange for the desire to murder people under the flag of personal health for a woman’s body, as if everything “woman” was more sacred than the emergence of a life that is supposed to come from it. Monica’s comments were remarkably honest which was good. She had no real answers for Tucker once it was put on the table what the pro-abortion crowd was really after, the right to murder human beings for the convenience of a woman’s life.

I’ve always thought of the women’s movement as the most anti-family position that anybody could take and is destructive to any society. By changing the roles of the women in a society, enemies of that society benefit from the eventual destruction of the people of that culture because the off-spring is unprepared for the world and are easy to conquer, which is precisely what we are seeing in modern-day America. The argument is not whether women should be paid equally for a man’s work, or whether they should be able to vote and participate at life in any manner. Of course they should. The question is who is tending to the children, grandchildren, and other aspects of a family and making sure that everyone has the physical and emotional support they need to navigate around the world knowing that mom and dad love them and are there for them whenever needed. Behind the nasty comments of Monica Klein regarding murderous feminism is the complete lack of responsibility for anything regarding family life so that a woman can have sex free of concern, do whatever she wants with her body whenever she wants to and is not held accountable for any of her actions. Feminism is the argument that women can behave as reckless as they want in life without any consequences even to the point that they have the right to commit murder of new human beings being brought into the world even to the point of leaving the womb. That is what we are talking about, outright murder.

The entire argument is below the line and is as destructive as anybody could get. Because of it I think abortion should be illegal, not because it is sometimes needed, but because the Roe v Wade argument has essentially destroyed the integrity of our culture, allowing women to migrate below the line in their thinking when families obviously need them above the line. If a woman isn’t ready to bring life to the world, they shouldn’t be having sex. The same with men. Having sex is not more important than creating and raising a family and that is the whole argument behind the feminist movement. By attacking toxic masculinity and the desires women have to head and maintain their families with love and endurance over many generations, the modern abortion feminist is essentially arguing for murder to preserve their own rights to live below the line in everything they do. That makes people like Monica Klein one of the ugliest people on earth, because she actually tried to make the claim that feminism was more important than the life of a child and that murder is an option just to preserve the below the line traits of women’s rights, which are obviously pointless if all it really creates is a society of murders and sexualized perverts. It’s not masculinity that’s toxic, its feminists like Monica Klein who simply want all the barriers removed that keeps them from murdering children that they recklessly conceived and are too irresponsible to nurture into a lifelong commitment they are not equipped to provide. And that is a real problem that I have serious issues with. Murder is not acceptable no matter what the age of the person, especially if that person is only one day old. Abortion is murder. I might argue that the child is better off not being born to someone like Monica Klein so murder might be a better option. But murder is still murder and that is what is behind the entire feminist movement. They are anti-family and pro murder, and there is no other way to slice it.

Rich Hoffman

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