The Losers Striking at General Motors: It’s time to replace the ungrateful workers with a robot

Here’s the grim reality, and I say this as a person who has three General Motors cars in my garage, the losers striking against the company are out of their minds socialists and it’s a real shame. There is no place in America for a labor union especially in a car manufacturer. The workers are not management, as unions like to believe. A worker is just a worker, they don’t get to share in the risk and reward as some natural right. If you are a pot smoking union worker who calls themselves “middle class” you are not equal to the management mechanisms. What the UAW is doing to General Motors going after the company after a year of decent profits is robbery and every striking employee should be fired and replaced with a worker who wants to work for the good pay and benefits that do come from General Motors. I know most of the workers on that picket line don’t read very much, and they’d be ashamed if they did to read Karl Marx, but what they are doing is straight out of that book on communism and they are presenting themselves as an impediment toward a productive marketplace. This whole business of pitting workers against the corporations that employ them is straight out of the pages of socialism and communism making every worker who participates an activist for that vile, anti-capitalist enterprise. It’s just embarrassing to have one of America’s great car companies saddled with such a limitation.

I just bought a General Motors car and believe me, I looked at everything before buying. Out of all the cars on the market it was only the ones from General Motors that even had a little appeal to me. I wanted to find something besides General Motors because of all the union disputes, and the embarrassing bankruptcy that the company went through ten years ago, but honestly out of all the cars on the market in the 50K plus range including BMW and Mercedes, they weren’t good enough for me. So yes, I buy American cars not just for the flag waving aspect of it, but because I think they are the best cars on the market. However, I felt less good about it because of these strikes that seem to always be in the news, whether last year we were talking about the Lordstown Plant in Ohio or this latest disaster that even involves the Bowling Green plant in Kentucky. Workers in the striking GM plants average roughly $1200 per week in wages so it’s not like they are starving for doing jobs that most anybody could do. Yet they don’t think that’s fair enough because their perspective is so skewed that reality is lost to them. For anybody else in the world, that would be a great wage, but not for the socialist union worker that can never get enough. For all those reasons I almost didn’t buy a new GM car. The reason my wife and I finally did was purely because of the design. General Motors put the best design on the road and the technology that went with it, and that was not a union effort, it was just good market strategy and engineering. Anybody can mechanize an assembly line to put together a car. But to design the car and compete in the marketplace takes a lot more than just showing up for work every day and punching out the time clock at the end. Working and management are not equal parts of the process and the compensation should never reflect such a thought. The GM workers are lucky to have a job that pays so well, I would say it’s too much now, let alone looking for more.

You don’t hear about Honda or Toyota striking like this. The socialist labor unions have tried to penetrate all the car companies to some extent but the foreign competition does not suffer through the same problems as General Motors seems to always have, due to the perception that there is loot for the taking in the American car company due to its rich history. The average worker doesn’t know much about how a company becomes great, or how much government bail out money supports General Motors due to the top-heavy legacy costs that are part of doing business, that are becoming more and more unnecessary. I know a lot of people who work for General Motors and have in the past, I know well the type of people who are walking that picket line. They aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box. They know their jobs. They know their neighborhoods and they know when bread is on sale at the grocer and where they can buy beer. Outside of those parameters you won’t find the next great philosopher working on the line in the Bowling Green plant. I’ve been to that facility, its mostly asleep. My take on the place is that robots should be running everything, and at a typical Toyota plant, it probably would be. In the competitive market of automotive building, every hour of productivity lost can cost up to $1.3 million per hour, and if General Motors isn’t building cars for the marketplace, well then, Toyota and Honda will build them instead. Someone will take those jobs while those idiots are out there chanting on behalf of Karl Marx.

And if I were General Motors management, I’d rather automate then pay those workers to always be a volatile part of the supply chain. There are few things worse than a striking employee, whether it’s a teacher’s union or an automotive manufacturer. When you are at a stop light and most of the cars around you are foreign, and you have to compete directly with them for cost and profitability, you have to mitigate as much unreliability out of your process and in regard to the typical General Motors employee, most of those jobs could be eliminated and replaced with a robot. And given the amount of money that they are demanding, they should be. So what if it costs General Motors $1.3 million an hour? The looters in the union see that number and they rationalize that its cheaper for General Motors to cave into their demands. But these things are not just measured in money. The opportunity cost of having such unreliable workers is far greater and General Motors to be competitive in the future is going to have to eliminate that variability. Its not the job of General Motors to give these people a job. It’s the job of a car company to make a car that someone like me will buy. How it gets put together is a variable that is up to the manufacturer. It doesn’t require some lazy line worker with the IQ of a jellyfish. The union has greatly overstated their value in the matter.

I would be prouder of General Motors if they busted their union. I would still buy their cars. I don’t want to look at my cars and think of a bunch of Karl Marx slugs that aren’t happy with $62K per year just for using a power drill to apply a few screws per car that comes before them on the assembly line. I want to see a company that outmaneuvered the competition and engineered a superior product into the marketplace. In a world where everyone else is working, the GM workers are smoking crack if they think they are going to bring the whole thing to a stop with their stupid picket line. Rather the world will move on as it should. I don’t care how General Motors builds their cars. I just want them to keep doing it, preferably without the labor union losers who think they are the critical process in the construction of an automobile. Management is not owned by the people, it’s a task for people who think, and is not something that can be shared as Karl Marx uttered. And every striking employee should be ashamed of themselves and have their jobs eliminated as a result of this strike.

Rich Hoffman
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Winning at all Costs: Knowing the truth about a conflict

I was saying to a group of young professionals just a few hours ago that the brick wall they had hit up the supply chain for their endeavor was not an impenetrable barricade. They were discouraged and felt the sharp teeth of defeat cutting them in half and were ready to throw out the white flag to stop the pain. I asked them why, for which they replied, “we just can’t compete, and they won’t listen. We don’t have near enough power and influence to move the needle.” I asked them if they had done everything they could think of, including seducing the owner of the establishment, to bring them over to your way of thinking, to your version of “yes.” “They giggled a bit and said of course not, that would be unethical.” I said to them that what was unethical was failure. And that until you’ve done everything, literally, there is no white flag. Only a red one soaked in the blood of the other person’s essence. And that is the way I think about most things, whether its school levy fights, taxation in general, or the terribly unethical behavior that our federal government is showing these days now that the Trump presidency is challenging long established norms of corruption and communist sentiment deep within our governing walls. I’m a do anything to win kind of person and I see in President Trump the same kind of person, and whenever I can I teach people to think the same way, but you have to understand dear reader, victory is always a decision if you are willing to do anything to get it. And speaking honestly, and ethically, I am.

In that regard its not enough to say that “I can’t” do anything about the corruption we see in our government. I typically point out that school levies and public education in general are good targets to attack because the impact is so obvious. Public schools are a real attack on our American life, just take a sample from last week where children were advocated for climate “fairness” in public forums. They didn’t learn to talk about those topics from their parents in the comfort of their homes, those sentiments came straight out of their public educations where we have all paid a fortune to train their minds to work against us the way they are doing now. It would be easy to throw up our arms and say that the situation is impossible to deal with, but to my way of thinking, that’s never an option. I never feel like its too late or too big to do something about it, and the way to win something is to go all in to do so—whatever it takes. Well that goes for politics as well. If you are the better person, don’t lose to ethical standards that the political class have set to limit your effectiveness. Let them call your methods unfair, let them cry in the dark. Let them do whatever just so long as they lose in the process. Ethics and standards are defined by winners so the transitory considerations are not something that should limit you in elections or in the business of supporting others who are working to win. Winning is the only thing that matters no matter how big or small the objective is.

While its true that all versions of a truth have their side of the story you must understand that in the theater of world affairs the best way to defeat your passions is to convince you into taking a weakened position of negative decision making such as considering that its only little ol’ you against a great big world. We are clearly seeing in our public schools hostile agents in the students trained to attack our cultural maliciously, and that is what we are up against. Then the result of that activism is seen in our government itself who will lie, steal, and manipulate the media, our elections, and our own Bill of Rights which is the foundation of all law and order, and they’ll do anything to win. So while you are thinking of whether or not President Trump should have sent this Tweet or said that thing on the nightly news the side we are fighting with will stop at nothing to win. Yet you won’t match their efforts because you are governed by a sense of ethics that they have defined for you in their own government schools. Just as they have brainwashed innocent children in our public schools to think that climate science is going to end their life, to scare them into activism, these schools do the same to our children to support tax increases, advocate for reckless sex education, and anti-capitalist economies and the only people playing by the “rules” are us. We are controlled by ethics definitions established by our government making victories easier for them by playing by rules they have set for us, which they violate all the time.

The point of the matter is that we have a fight in front of us, right now. For many, its on the local level and the chain reaction of those decisions are going up to the federal level and are at the center of the Trump/Ukraine debate. The story isn’t whether or not there is a whistleblower who may have heard second hand whether Trump pushed Ukraine into investigating the improper use of a public office in Joe Biden, but to what extent both sides will do whatever they have to do to win. In that fight, finally on the Republican side of things we see in President Trump a person who thinks right about these matters, the Democrats have finally met someone who will go further than they will in winning elections. It has nothing to do with the truth, it has everything to do with a willingness to win. One side can’t play by some invisible rules of conduct while the other does whatever needs to be done. In that game, someone will always lose, and the other side will always win because they will do anything to do so. And that is the game we are playing whether it’s in business or politics. If you are going to be playing a game, you must play to win. If you lose anyway, then that is how we can know a truth about something. But we will never know until you’ve done everything that can be done to win, including seducing members of the other side into your way of thinking. That’s not unethical, its just another way of getting to the real truth, to discover what is really on the table in the great poker games of life.

We have a government that will do anything to win, and they’ve been like that for a long time. Finally, Republicans elected in Trump someone who will counter that sentiment. But for the rest of us, we must be willing to do the same, don’t yield to the other side based on some ethics consideration. The only thing that is ethical is to bring home a win for your side of things. And until you have done everything to secure a victory, you haven’t done enough.

Rich Hoffman
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Guns are to Keep Government under Control: Such is the case with the Ukraine whistleblower

Rather than debate the obvious radicalism coming out of U.S. intelligence as that is clearly the roots of the anonymous tipper regarding the Ukraine investigation into Joe Biden, I must continue to make the point that this behavior by our own government and the media apparatus that supports it is exactly why we have guns, and why we must remain a society of gun carrying people. Just like the James Comey members of the intelligence offices that are supposed to protect us from foreign entanglements are taking second hand utterances and trying to spin them out of control to look like there is some improper behavior on behalf of the president when in fact it was the other political rival, Joe Biden who had done all the dirty deeds. Any government or group who would attempt to twist such a story into a reality that accuses the President I elected into office is the same one that would forge documents and manipulate circumstances to their advantage to attempt the same to me. And that government cannot be trusted, ever.

We’ll get the details of the case but none of it really matters other than establishing intent. Here we have a president that had gone through three years of Deep State scrutiny and was entering an election with a political rival who had done a dirty deal in Ukraine. We are supposed to buy that merely asking about such a thing is somehow improper even as the media and Democrats have gone to extraordinary measures to do much worse to Trump. And that Trump isn’t supposed to pressure world leaders in the way any businessman would is swamp talk straight out of the unionized Department of Labor handbook. The rules of this scenario are created by the Deep State for use of the Deep State and nobody else. And that is what we should all be alarmed about.

These same people accusing President Trump of impropriety, when it is they who have committed the acts, are the same people screaming for more gun control for which they will administer. It will be they who decide who is mentally healthy or not, and it is they who will determine if someone should be red flagged or not—the same people who will look at Trump and say he committed a crime when it was the Democrat nominee who was working under the White House at the time who committed the real impropriety. And we are supposed to trust these people and turn over our guns to this kind of government? I don’t think so.

At best these are incompetent losers. I voted for Trump to break that cycle and I am very happy with his performance. I’m happy to keep my guns on my shelf and to go target shooting to enjoy them at my leisure. I am happy to continue to allow our election system to work as it is. But let’s get something clear. I am not happy to surrender my rights over to people like what we see in our Intelligence agencies and within the Democrat Party. I’m not going to give them rights over me on a good day, let alone a bad one. They cannot be trusted and war with them would be better than surrender. That is the bottom line of my reasoning. And every time I hear one of these stories where they try to twist around the scenario thinking we are all stupid it makes me even angrier. There is nothing wrong with how the Trump administration handled Ukraine, in any way. But there is in what Joe Biden did and many administrations before.

Really, the biggest insult is that they think we are so stupid as to trust our government over a person we voted to put in office to run it but is thwarted at every turn. If we have learned anything by the Trump presidency it’s that in previous years the Executive Branch did very little, it was these Deep State operatives who ran everything as a shadow government of unelected bureaucrats who did. They, meaning the Deep State types, used the presidency as a puppet figure to put out in front of the media, they never planned for an actual executive to run things from the White House. That’s what I expected and still do. We either have that kind of government or we don’t, which obviously I don’t think we do. But I’m not going to support a government with my taxes that isn’t, I am not willing to trade safety away for freedom. The government works for me, I don’t work for the government—and that’s the way it should be for all of us. This isn’t an ethics scenario, it’s one of management control. The government will do anything to have that control and that should alarm everyone who can read this.

At the core of all these news stories coming from corporate media, which must have an emphasis because it is so entangled in this global desire for a certain type of socialist spin on all things government, is the desire for more government control, whether it be gun control, higher taxation, more regulation, more of everything that involves pin headed bureaucrats who love the idea of controlling aspects of our lives any way they can, and to make a point they try to inspire fear in us to control votes, and even go to ethics questions such as this Ukraine deal when it is they who created the negative situation. It’s truly shameless.

The only gun control I will support under these conditions, which I don’t see changing for at least the next century, is that more people have more guns that are more powerful, and that those people know how to use them. I do not accept the view of some Great Society that James Comey, Mitt Romney, or this CIA Whistleblower have about the world. No society that they are leading is going to be great, they need to get it through their heads that they work for us, not over us. And that when they lie there are consequences. Or when they try to remove our elected president without elections, that we will notice.

The story is easy to see through, Trump is popular going into the 2020 election and all these Deep State hounds have nothing to knock him down with. Democrats are looking at their candidates and they have nothing, so from their point of view, there is nothing to lose, because they are losing anyway. But they better watch it because there are longer term consequences to their actions. I’m not one to sit and cry over how unjust things are. I expect justice and these characters are revealing perhaps more than they intended. That’s probably good because it tells us who they always were even if its sad that so many are proven not to be trusted. I will never look at the FBI or the CIA again with the same level of respect and that is a permanent situation. If we can’t manage these people from the Executive Branch, then what methods do we have except by the barrel of a gun? Because it is one of those two options. Not controlling them is not an option. They intend to control us. And to have a proper republic we must control them. So somewhere something has to give, and for the sake of peace, it has to be them.

Rich Hoffman
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Greta Thunberg: The reason we have guns in America

Like many people I thought the exploitation of the Augsburger victim, Greta Thunberg was a real tragedy. To allow her to go onto the world stage as a 16-year-old girl and embarrass herself for some communist based political climate alarmist spewing anti-capitalist utterances was in many ways’ evil. Everyone knows that the real mass extinction is abortion, which climate change advocates generally support. The politics of the Swedish girl only served to prove a point I have been long in making, that the state of our public education system is not only bad, but its dangerous.

To exploit a handicapped young girl to make a political point is really the lowest of low, and it shows just how far and desperate the liberal side of the political world is globally. For so many news networks, especially the Disney owned ABC to use her in such a way is wrong in so many ways that this not only shows why we need a complete overhaul of our public education system, but also the needed ownership of guns. Given the support politically of this radical young girl born and bred within the public education activism that is so common for liberal causes, but the attempt at the same time to tie some form of corruption committed by Donald Trump to Ukraine, when it was Joe Biden who did the dirty deeds is further preponderance of the evidence of just how vile these people are and why we can never trust any government they are trying to run. Its one thing to have differences of opinion with them, but its quite another to let them run your life with no defense against their activism. If they are willing to exploit Greta Thunberg the way they were at every level of media coverage, imagine what they would do to frame a typical resistance fighter against progressive causes who stand in their way. Just the way they attempted to tie President Trump to Ukraine is alarming enough.

A lot has already been said about the poor little girl Greta Thunberg from the other side of the globe who should have been in school instead of giving a United Nations speech, as she said herself. This isn’t an article talking about her, there are many millions just like her bred in our public education institutions toward the intentions of liberal activism. The point of the matter is that she represents a force that wishes to use any means necessary to impose on the rest of us control mechanisms that is against our wishes. The desire to make an automaton into this poor young girl’s mind to instigate fear and therefor action is what’s dangerous. If these people, as crazy as they are, were allowed to destroy us all for their political objectives, they are clearly willing to do it. That is the reason they want to take away the gun culture of America, because their real intentions are malicious and always have been.

The goal to use this handicapped, young girl from an exotic foreign country to spew on about all the things they’d love for us to fear is to drive us toward a form of control for which they rule over. To do that they must make us afraid and a society of guns is not conducive toward that objective. If people can think for themselves, the public school cannot rot their minds with climate concern nonsense. And a society that can defend their homes at the point of danger doesn’t worry about foreign powers to attack their country, so they have little need of government. Democrats and liberals in general require people to be afraid before their political philosophy is even considered. And that is why they are dangerous because they will go to any measure to make people afraid, they will use anybody, to achieve their political goals, and the evidence is all around us. So why should anybody ever give them the time of day?

I don’t see any point in the future just as there never has been in the past where weapons of war will not be needed for the maintenance of a proper government. Because so many tyrannical regimes have used fear to drive public policy there must always be a way to counter that fear to keep everyone honest. Because the threats will come from somewhere. If it isn’t government doing the threats, it will need to be the private ownership of individual rights that is required. The need for threats shifts the burden of fear from the innocent to the advocates. No government in the history of the world is free of the desire to control their populations. Its lazy and in the nature of the human race to find the best way for them to control people and if fear is the method, which it usually is, then they will do anything they can to make you afraid—including using girls like Greta Thunberg whom they have terrified through the public education system to terrify the rest of us into voting for more Democrats because the world is coming to an end, or so they’d have you believe.

That is why we say we can never give up our guns, and why gun control is inheritably wrong. It is not the right of government to even consider such regulations because they have shown time and time again that they cannot handle the responsibility. Its not that we want to shoot anybody who comes to our homes to confiscate our guns, yet we know we cannot trust the government to make good decisions on those matters. They have failed many times in the past and they will many times in the future, and they have an addiction to power so we can never let down our guard. They’ll lie to us, they will turn our children against us and make them weapons of propaganda, such as is the case with Greta Thunberg. They will take a girl with a handicapped that suits their purpose and use them without guilt to gain power for themselves in a desire to control the means of production as a bunch of pin headed losers desiring socialism over capitalism. How can people and companies rule themselves? When there is no answer they seek to take the argument to an unprovable point sold by public created products like these activist children. And it is then that they have revealed all the reasons they can never be trusted.

The lesson here is that gun control is not an option and neither is yielding our control of industry over the greedy hands of globalists who still want socialism to rule the world if not with the big “s” word or the “c” word, but with the concern over the environment which we can all relate with. And from there they use fear to take it away from us based on no evidence of any real worth and attempt to sell it to us through activism and doubt, or in the case of Greta Thunberg, sympathy. They will do anything but trust us. They only want to rule over us and it is for that reason that we must keep our guns close, and always be ready to use them so that we don’t have to be afraid. That is a task that government should fear. Its our right to make them feel that way, not the other way around.

Rich Hoffman
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Thus Spoke Donald Trump: Individualism versus collectivism in the great election of 2020

We all know why Nancy Pelosi is supporting impeachment proceedings against President Trump, its because of the fabulous speech against globalism that the President gave to the United Nations on September 24th, 2019. It was an historic speech that put its finger on history as we know it and it could have only have come from an overman type of president, straight out of the pages of Thus Spoke Zarathustra, one of my favorite all time literary works and the name of this blog site. Collectivism is not the way for the human future, it is in our ability to grow as individuals that is. Even though most of us never reach those lofty heights of prestige and above the line candor, those who do are those who carry on their back’s the hopes and dreams of mankind. That is essentially what Trump said to the world at the United Nations who were most certainly 100% against him. It took guts, and a real swagger, and it pushed back over a century of progressive efforts at finding a mundane middle for which the world could happily reside, if not for that pesky individualist, the gold loving, super model marrying billionaire from New York, the unshakable, unfrighten, and audaciously self-confident, Donald J. Trump.

If there was ever a quid pro quo regarding Ukraine it came from the presidential candidate Joe Biden while he was Vice President under the corrupt Obama administration. The supposed inquiry by President Trump into investigating Biden is a nothing story, yet the Democrats have no choice but to run with it. That is because as they look at their field of candidates to challenge Trump in 2020, Biden is their best chance at taking back the White House. And he is a loser out of the gate. Even without the corruption that is obvious between Biden, his son and the Ukraine and Chinese governments, Joe Biden is a terrible candidate who will never be able to go toe to toe with Trump in a debate, and everyone can see that clearly. The impeachment proceedings, or even the suggestion by Democrats is a hail Mary at best for the end zone from their own 1-yard line. It’s not looking good for them.

While I do feel like I’m telling people I told you so more and more often these days, that’s because I have. But as I said, I love the book Thus Spoke Zarathustra and I do feel like the main character from that book who came down from his cave to teach the world about the overman, found that they were not receptive, then decided to return to leave the world to crash at its own feet. And I might have done just that a few years ago if Trump had not made himself available to fight this fight not just at the state and local levels, but at the national and international. There are a lot of overman out there in the world, but Trump decided to come out of his penthouse with his super model wife and his great wealth and fight the good fight, and there is no competition on the Democrat side with a person like that, because they stand against any society that produces those kinds of people. So naturally they have nobody in their party who can compete with Trump head to head. And they now realize too late, that they can’t.

Looking at the big picture, which we all should be doing, this is precisely the kind of philosophic discussion we should be having. What value to society is the overman opposed to the self-sacrificing altruist? The Democrats and largely Republicans for most of the last century have been pointing to the altruist. The Zarathustras were too scary for them, and too self-reliant, so they weren’t given much consideration. Until the political machines of the world have seen what having one as President of the United States looked like. Now suddenly, all the games of globalism aren’t working, Iran can only throw fits to get attention, China is forced to take second place on the world stage, and Europe looks like a discombobulated mess stuck in its own past in comparison.

Even the Asian contemporaries of Zarathustra, the Tibetan Buddhists sitting on their immovable spots can’t compete, because while Zarathustra was a very defined individualist honing their skill sets to perfection and brining boons to the world as a result, the Buddhists just quit the world and leave it to the greedy, and social malcontents to rule, which was fine with all the power players who wanted a seat at the table, so long as it was equal to everyone else just as demented. Thus, that is the platform of the Democrats and has been for a very long time. While it was easy for those political types to point to religions that promote self-sacrifice, like Buddhism, like Christianity, even the Muslim variants of the same stories, nobody was ready for a self-assured spokesman like Trump. Yet there he was asking through Twitter why nobody was investigating the Biden campaign for collusion with Ukraine. Democrats were outraged, only they were supposed to ask such questions, and if they lost Biden, who would that leave them with to sweep up moderates in the rust belt states? Nobody but outright socialists—and Americans wouldn’t knowingly vote for one of those—not yet.

So like villains at the end of each episode of Scooby Doo the Democrats are saying, “if it wasn’t for that pesky Trump they might have won.” That is why they are trying one last thing to get a foothold in the 2020 election, maybe people won’t vote for Trump if they think he’s been impeached. But the rest of us know the game and can see the writing on the wall. Individualism is winning over collectivism in a big way and the means of production through capitalism has one big champion in the world forcing those committed to globalism to run to catch up, which will take them decades. That will make the United States the world leader for many, many years while the plan all along was to destroy America and make it just another state under the rule of the United Nations.

We have globalists everywhere, zoning boards all across our nation are filled with them and you can see their efforts with all the Agenda 21 projects that are now in all our communities today. This plan goes back for many years and started in our education system with instigating implementation through political leveraging. So, to a point, I understand their reluctance to observe reality, the reality where Trump is president voted for by the public despite the government efforts to stop that movement. We don’t want to be like Hong Kong, protesting for rights that we already have. For us, its better not to let it go in that direction, which was precisely where it was headed. However, now its too late for Democrats and they know it. They are going to try to impeach President Trump just as the village protested Zarathustra once he revealed himself. Nobody wants to live up to the high bar of an overmanwarrior. Yet, enough people do want one in the White House to keep him there, and that is now grossly evident to Democrats and Globalists everywhere.

Rich Hoffman

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The US Government Admits to UAPs: Reality isn’t the same for everyone

One of the most persistent criticisms of my work on this site which has permeated over the decades is my legitimate coverage of ancient aliens’ stories, well before the History Channel show was popularized. While its true that I cover lots of mainstream political topics more accurately than any other source, from school levies, to presidential politics my first love in all categories is cultures and the aspects of them that rise and fall on a universal scale. In that regard it didn’t surprise me at all that the Department of Defense and the United States Navy has come forth and admitted that UFOs are real, they are calling them Unusual Arial Phenomenon, but that yes, they are indeed true and are beyond our present technology and are quite perplexing. I would not call them “them” per say however, I would call “them” an aspect of “us.” We all come from the same places and want the same things in the context of things. But we are not all equal, for us reality is a determination limited by the human mind which expands or contracts depending on intellectual fulfillment. In essence, those who have criticized my thoughts on things eventually come to learn that what I have often stated turns out to be true, but it was the limits of their reality which prevented them from seeing it sooner.

I was in a meeting last week with a lot of smart people and there was something of an argument about reality. It was suggested that I wasn’t conveying reality to the people who needed to know something whereas my statement was that reality wasn’t the same for everyone, and that before saying something my version of reality needed to be implemented. The people controlling the reality we were discussing were lazy people not very intellectual, therefor the constraint on understanding reality was limited to their measuring instrument, their own intellects. While those people were happy to name off their Fantasy picks for the upcoming NFL games on the weekend, they didn’t know jack shit about quantum mechanics and the ability to use the mind to move mountains in an intellectual jousting period so we were discussing two different realities in the context of space and time, yet the circumstances hadn’t changed. All the elements were there, it was just limited by our ability to measure it, based on our intellectual limits.

For many, the idea that there is alien life in space flying around in spaceships that behave by unique rules of physics is terrifying, because they worry that they are not the top of the food chain in life forms and it makes them worry about being preyed upon. Of course, the American government worries about revealing what they know because in doing so they would have to admit that they aren’t in control with our physical weapons. And of course, the evidence is quite obvious that the history of mankind goes much further back along the Archaic Period, even up to at least the last Ice Age. Much of what we call history is just now being unveiled and we are shocked by what we are learning. But the essence of that shock is that government fears letting normal people know that they are not in control and never have been—when for most human beings, that illusion of control allowed their lazy minds to feaster through life following some didactic path of unhealthy living without the expectation to do more with themselves.

But nothing about meeting alien life is scary to me. I see them as just another lifeform, like we’d observe in a new species of bird, or an elephant. They are just out there doing their thing. I don’t consider them or anybody who may exist in the universe or multiverse to be superior in thought and action. They just may be on a different reality based on their unique experience. I read four books last week, spoke to hundreds of people on the upper levels of society, and personally worked over 85 hours and I still had time for my family and to enjoy life without feeling wore out. Yet I heard complaints from people who barely worked 40 hours how tough life was and how they couldn’t find time to read the numbers and letters on their television remote. Those are the types of people who look at these UFOs and UAPs and are scared. They are the same people who have criticized my many articles about ancient civilizations in the pre-Columbian North America sphere of influence and in sites predating Europe’s reigns of kings and queens. That well before there was communism in Asia that they had already traveled the world many times over and that the North American Indian was in fact the results of those travels. They were not indigenous people for the modern progressive movement. The reality of these suggestions is limited to the intellect of the proponents. Live a week in my shoes and you will see things vastly different.

And that’s going to be the result of the meeting of minds that will eventually take place once we admit to ourselves that the Milky Way is teeming with life and we are far from the only advanced species functioning within it. I have never allowed my reality to be determined by dumb people and that is always at the core of my work whether we are talking about local and national government, or science and technology. The theme for me is consistent and my support for the Second Amendment even comes into play here. Dumb people who have lazy intellects are not going to be allowed to shape my reality and that is the fight we are all conducting. And we’ll find that the lifeforms flying those UAPs are no different than us in that regard. Intelligent life tends to want to build, not destroy. Dumb people do that. The whole question about life from other places visiting us here on earth has been suggested as a reality by dumb people.

Once we realize that there is life visiting us from space, and that this behavior has been going on for many millions of years, we can move on to other stages of human development that is not chained like a prisoner to our current versions of history that look back 4000 measly years and thinks that is a long time. Humans are much older than that and likely so are the lifeforms in those UAPs. Nothing would surprise me about what we learn there. What is surprising is that people are so lazy in our present age that they can’t wrap their mind around it until they’ve been exposed to the material for a decade or two. It has always been obvious to me. And while it can be frustrating to listen to people try to defend their reality built on lazy assumptions about the universe, I also understand that all thinking people will eventually come around to my version of reality anyway, because while reality can be different depending on how its measured, ultimately, it is what it is. A mind that can handle more reality than a mind that can’t will obviously see more of it and work with a larger aspect of it. And that is what really scares people about the UFO assumptions and why to appease the masses we have always tossed that study into the bin of tin foil hatted conspiracy theory. Let’s just call it what it really has been, lazy, loser people who didn’t want to challenge themselves with thought so they could continue the illusion that they were the only life in the world that mattered. But in reality, it is the mind of the hungry intellect whether it be an alien or a human, that truly thrives in this universe, no matter what level on the history of technology they find themselves on.

Rich Hoffman
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Corporations are Great: Star Wars, Disney and all the great things that come from making money

I personally love corporations, even though most of them function as socialist organizations. And it is difficult for a company like Disney to be creative as a result, as opposed to the early days when Walt Disney guided a much more capitalist enterprise. All large corporations have the same trouble when they become more socialist than capitalist for a lot of reasons which I am covering in my upcoming book, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. But I couldn’t help but notice that the Star Wars problem and overall fan reaction to the new Black Spire Outpost in Disney World has an anti-corporation bias which goes completely against the nature of what many Star Wars fans stand for. Reading recently the Black Spire Outpost novel about the new Star Wars land the situation was obvious for which we see muddled in most of our understandings of corporate culture and everyone gets it wrong.

In the new version of Star Wars, the post Disney purchase, which I think they have gotten wrong, but more because of their own cultural limits than out of maliciousness the various factions of population are the Resistance, which many liberals directly attribute to our contemporary president of Donald Trump. The First Order, which is an authoritarian regime of micro controlling government which Tea Party types would associate with the Progressive Movement. Then there are the scum and villainy—the smugglers and bounty hunters who live outside the law always running from the law as space bound pirates roaming about freely, but often without a sense of family or home. I personally relate to this last faction, but in all three I see a kind of infantile understanding of human existence, however compared to other art forms, its much more sophisticated than any other entertainment option. For instance, I think the prequal films, especially Revenge of the Sith is a very sophisticated examination into how government can be a good entity one day, then the enemy of the people on the very next.

The problem Disney has is that they try to appeal to all the leftist types, the transgenders, the feminists, the socialist Democrats which all corporations can relate to, so to disguise their need to make money—which is the goal of all corporations. The problem is the dysfunctional relationship that corporations have with appeasement politics so that they can earn the right to do what they do, and that is to be a profit driven enterprise. The Disney problem with Star Wars is the same one that George Lucas could never deal with, that was to use the great money generated off of Star Wars and its merchandise to continue expanding the ability to create great mythology, because it takes money to tell these stories. So there is nothing shameful about turning a profit even though Disney and now Star Wars seems ashamed of it.

Out of those three factions the stories never deal with people’s need to make a living. The members of the Resistance don’t have jobs, they are given shelter and camaraderie for their efforts in fighting for the cause, but they aren’t out building families, buying starships or buying property. And that is the same for the First Order and the Empire that came before them. The members of the order are corporate in their design, but the individuals aren’t interested in buying houses and using their finances to gain prestige in the greater society. It is among the bounty hunters and smugglers that we can most relate because they are concerned about personal gain, which says a lot about a science fiction story because at least there is room for such contemplations.

In that way the Black Spire Outpost built by Disney is unique because the Resistance and First Order are present, but the town belongs to the pirates, criminals and smugglers who really make that galaxy an interesting place to visit. That’s interesting because even as a massive corporation who is out to make a lot of profit, and deserve to, Disney understands that at the heart of Star Wars is the every day people just trying to make a few bucks so they can live in the universe and if that is the baseline of understanding, then we can all build off it toward a mythic masterpiece that can mean a great deal to the customers.

In the book The Black Spire Outpost I enjoyed the corporate namedropping of all the things that can be done in the actual Disney Park, the names of the drinks you could buy in the cantina, the clothes and other souvenirs. There is nothing wrong with Disney selling merchandise and wanting to make money. The problem is, Disney has allowed for their own shaming by trying to appeal to leftist anti-capitalist groups to prove that they aren’t bad people, like many corporations are pushed into liberal causes to show that they aren’t big mean capitalists. However at the heart of what consumers want is those very traits and if the bottom line is so important, then Disney and all corporations should embrace capitalism publicly, and not hide their real desires behind masks of socialism. Its OK to want to make a profit and people don’t mind paying. But where the fears of corporate Disney ruining Star Wars reside is the real fear is in losing what the stories really meant to people. Nobody is interested in a bunch of altruistic self sacrificers. They want characters who are driven by the same needs they are in real life.

Only Disney and the incredible amount of money they can make could have built something like a real Black Spire Outpost and if it wasn’t profitable, they couldn’t do it. So for the benefit of everyone, we all need to drop the socialist perspective, which the Resistance certain is and the First Order and just admit that Star Wars as a property is all about making money then reinvesting that money into something good, like expanding the myth. Disney shouldn’t be shy about that and neither should their fans. I was talking to a person the other day who spent $800 in the Oga’s Cantina, which I understand completely. I mean where else could you sit down and have some exotic drinks to play Sabacc with the Millennium Falcon parked right outside? It takes money to build all that stuff and to maintain that reality to enjoy leisurely. If not for all the money that the Disney corporation has made, nothing at the Black Spire would be possible.

Corporations are not evil, making money is not wrong. But trying to adopt socialist ideas in the products that the corporation produces is bad because its not honest. And that’s when Disney gets scrutinized by its own fan base who have been told that the Resistance is all about being altruistic yet the company itself wants to make all the money it can. Well, yes, of course they are. We have allowed our society to criticize the very thing we enjoy most, we like to make money and we like to see companies become wealthy so they can create things we ultimately enjoy. The ideas of the Resistance and the First Order are not completely fleshed out ideas, but in the aspects of Star Wars that has received some of the best attention are the parts that involve the them of the Black Spire Outpost and that is a good sign for the future not just of Star Wars and Disney, but for corporations in general.

Rich Hoffman
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