Dummy DeWine and his Pro Abortion Girlfriend Amy Acton Ruin Ohio: While the world burns, they mandate masks for a purely political viral outbreak

The worst thing about the mask debate from Dummy DeWine and his runaway government of doom is that its obvious he has no idea what he’s doing. Its one thing to think such a thought, but with all the resources available to him, he has no idea how businesses work and what kind of effort it takes for an employee to do anything enterprising. That was most obvious when he couldn’t provide a date for restaurants to reopen. As a lifetime government employee, he clearly has lost touch, like a lot of politicians have, of what puts a dollar in your pocket. He thinks truly that hard work is a few hours at a desk of a government job where no matter how bad you are, you get paid, and paid well. He’s not used to a performance-based world, he’s a politician who has skimmed money off the top for years, as a public servant, he’s worth 28 million dollars. He doesn’t know what its like to live pay check to pay check, let alone think about what decisions have to be made to earn money. He got rich off public service and has been doing it so long that he can’t even relate to the people he’s supposed to be representing. Its obvious in these daily press conferences that he’s not even remotely dialed in to the needs of people, so it made perfect sense to him that by mandating everyone who wanted to work that they had to wear a mask while doing it, that he had no idea what he was “demanding.”

And that’s pretty common of politicians, they don’t know that most of us work far more than 8 hours at our jobs. They rub up against someone’s leg and they get rich. They don’t know what it means to wear a mask for 12 hours a day to do a job, to breathe your own breath all day, to drown on your own carbon dioxide. They just know its exciting to them to boss people around with the power of government at their back when they are all of 5’ tall. Little people with little minds who got where they did in life by kissing ass and sucking wealth from one place and giving it to another. To hear DeWine talk, you’d think that government created jobs and that if we are good boys and girls he might let us have a job and to make a little money for ourselves. To people like DeWine, they think that government makes everything, which is a very un-Republican way to think. And it is sickening. When DeWine came up with the mandatory mask to work “directive” it was obvious that the old sap had fallen for Amy Acton. Of course he likes the cookies of his wife of many years, Frannie. But he wouldn’t be the first man to take on a mistress while still maintaining a wife that is several decades beyond menopause. And its not always about sex with these guys, men don’t always have relationships with other women for sex. Long after the testosterone has left their bodies and death is knocking on their door, they fall in love easily with younger women and will shower them with gifts. In the case of DeWine he didn’t buy her cars and condos like a lot of men do, he gave her the state of Ohio and let her run it like a lunatic just escaped from an insane asylum. And the disaster left in the wake goes far beyond the stupid directive to wear masks in public places, it’s the sheer disaster of the wreck DeWine has caused in Ohio.

In a lot of ways Mike DeWine reminds me of the mentally deranged Roman Emperor Nero, or even the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un—a fascist of a different kind who thinks they are the best leaders the world has to offer and will dance in the streets even as Rome burns. Ohio has been burning, set on fire by Amy Acton over a global conspiracy that manipulated the death rates of Covid-19 because hospitals got more money for those cases. The CDC had the whole thing rigged from the start just as the World Health Organization had the coronavirus ready to usher in Agenda 21 United Nations goals and DeWine let it all happen to Ohio like some child who was just learning the alphabet. All these things were much too big for his tiny mind to grapple and being love struck with his health director, he didn’t want to think about the complications. He just knew the power felt good, the daily conferences with his new best friend and sweet lady who he handed the keys to the car only to have her slam it against a brick wall many times over. They didn’t care how many people were financially ruined in the process. They didn’t care who they put out of business. They didn’t care how hard they made it for those who have stayed in business. They were out of touch with it all, and when it came time to open in May, they were more concerned with people wearing masks for a fake pandemic than they were telling restaurants when they might be able to open, or when Kings Island might be able to hire people for their summer season, which is quickly disappearing on the horizon as an option.

I remember when I was at a meeting and we were talking about supporting DeWine for governor, holding our noses and voting for him because he called himself a Republican. And as out of touch as he is, he probably thinks he is a great Republican. But the way he has let Amy Acton run Ohio in the ground, he’s just as bad as the Pennsylvania governor who appointed an actual transvestite for the health director position. These governors couldn’t manage an average fast food restaurant, yet they actually think they have the power to run everything and force us to dance to their executive order antics with no due process and court activism to protect them from an angry mob that just wants to make a living. But it wasn’t Amy Acton that Mike DeWine screwed, it was us, and over this whole Covid-19 ordeal, it has only gotten worse week by week. DeWine never felt he needed to give dates for businesses so they could hire people and make investments. He’s rich and out of touch. Why would anybody want to know anything firm and secure about their lives? He never felt obligated during the entire process to provide that kind of leadership because he just doesn’t get it. He was too in love with the way Amy Acton spoke, her passion for climate change, for World Health Organization priorities which were global in nature. As she destroyed Ohio under his care, she talked about the Italian models, and the New York models, and her friends around the world who were all giving out bad information and he smiled and helped her get awards. Not for the kind of sex that a younger person may want, but for the emotional attention he got from her as an old man in love with a much younger woman and the devastation of Ohio is their child. Welcome to their creation!

Now, to speak what Mike DeWine doesn’t want to speak about. He appointed Amy Acton knowing her background as a pro abortion Obama activist, which of course leads to the question why. As much as DeWine has built his life around pro life activities, it brings to question if a cute young 50 something hippie chick formally named Amy Beech might cause him to put those sentiments on pause for an opportunity to work with her, what attribute was it that caused him to overlook her radical abortion background. Was it her vast…..”like”……intellect? I don’t think so. The bottom line is that when you hire people you hire their values, and she was clearly a major leftist who is now by DeWine’s decisions is in charge of our economy. And that is a major problem that impacts all Ohioans. It’s one thing to be diplomatic with people who are on the other side politically. But policy values are reflected in those political values. A pro abortion supporter of course is going to think like all Democrats, and be anti-capitalism, anti-freedom, and pro big government which is how everything got so screwed up in Ohio, because she is in charge due to DeWine’s bad pick. That of course brings to question, why her out of everyone available if DeWine is so prolife, was she picked? I think we all know the answer.

And DeWine, I’m happy to fight you in the front door, the side door, in whatever door you want as you challenged on WLW today. You idiots stuck yourselves in our lives and attacked our way of life, and someone must pay for that. I certainly didn’t ask you to, but you imposed yourself on us and that has a cost.

Rich Hoffman

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