I am Not Proud to be an American: Land of the lazy, home of the terrified, that is what has become of us

What are you supposed to do when you call 911 and the people on the other end are the bad guys? When you can’t trust the FBI because they are obviously working a political agenda, or the courts no longer function because they have liberal, activist judges. Or the governors of our states have taken a stupid little virus outbreak and inflated the math to make it appear more scary to justify a massive socialist power grab. Who would ever have thought that two of America’s biggest cities, New York and Los Angeles would be locked down indefinitely while people cowered in fear in their homes wearing masks to avoid a virus? And who in their right mind would ever in the past put up with an American doctor telling us all that the Covid-19 virus was in control, not us and that we’d have to yield to it, to do what it said. And if a second outbreak happened in the fall, we might have to shut down everything again.

Who would have ever thought that we’d have to practically beg the government to make a living, and would have to comply with a long list of stupid rules just to do so, and that government would shut down and destroy trillions of dollars of economic growth then have the audacity to lecture us like children that we’d have to comply with the rules they pulled literally out of their ass, or we could go to jail, be fined, or perhaps even destroyed for insubordination, much like General Flynn was working directly with the Trump administration, or Roger Stone. It is for these reasons and many more that I can say for the first time in my life, I am not proud to be an American. I don’t want to look at the American flag. I don’t want to watch Trump talk about anything. And the reason is I don’t like losers and my country has been made into a bunch of losers that I don’t want to be associated with over this whole Covid-19 outbreak.

It’s been bothering me for a while, the American reaction to the coronavirus outbreak, but it came most to my mind the other day when my wife was buying summer clothes for me. Normally, American flag shirts, hats, flags of all kinds, swimming suits, are the types of things I enjoy wearing. But this time I told her I didn’t want those kinds of things. For instance, my attire when going to Kings Island’s water park with my grandchildren are very audacious American flag printed swimming shorts, an obvious bright red American flag themed t-shirt and my cowboy hat to protect myself from the intense sun, and that’s me most of the time that I am not wearing a suit for business.

When I was five years old, I was so patriotic even back then that my mother painted my room all in red, white and blue stars all over the walls, and that lasted all through my childhood. In the fourth grade my teachers and friends at school were quite concerned that I wore a cowboy hat to school with red, white and blue combinations of outfits looking like I was going to a rodeo instead of grade school. And when I was in high school no matter how much trouble I got in to, or no matter how many lives were lost in the quest for manhood, I never lost any sense of pride in being an American. As a married adult I have worked for several campaigns politically starting with Ross Perot way back in the 90s, and have been involved in patriotic movements since.

Sure, times have been tough, I remember the night Bill Clinton was elected and feeling gut punched while sitting on the steps of the Westin Hotel thinking life was over as we knew it. I know how painful it is to work so hard for a presidential candidate and to not have them win. I remember how I felt during the Wako and Ruby Ridge assaults by the ATF and the FBI where the kind of power hungry activism that would later show up against Trump from the top of the DOJ connected directly a previous presidential administration trying to overturn an American election to preserve the gains made toward globalism. I remember how 9/11 felt, and how blank it was to see no airplanes flying for weeks, and what cost that had to our economy in 2001 when the World Trade Center was attacked by terrorists both foreign and domestic. But never did I feel a lack of pride in being an American. I always felt that we were just a turn or two away from fixing everything and making it right again—until really the night before the primary election in Ohio of March 16th, 2020 just days after the unthinkable happened, Governor DeWine under the spell of Amy Acton “ordered” all bars and restaurants closed and was forcing Americans to hide in their homes and not attack a viral outbreak that was intent to shut down our economy. Since that day, things only got worse day by day, but that was the day that broke the back of America and made me feel ashamed to see any flag flying anywhere.

How can we say that America is the home of the free and land of the brave when we are hiding in our homes wearing masks and listening to scientists uttering complete nonsense, and destroying our economy and lives based on voodoo assumptions given by people with an obvious anti-American bias? We can’t, we have instead become the land of the lazy, the home of the terrified, where people look at you funny for not hiding behind a mask and waiting for the government to tell us its safe to go outside. There have been some signs of life, some protests where people have pushed back against authority, have went to jail and challenged the courts. But there hasn’t been near enough. The fact that all of LA County in California would sit tight and obey a corrupt mayor and a power tripping governor without somebody getting their ass seriously kicked says a lot about just how wimpy we have become as Americans. Where we have already cancelled most of our firework shows for the summer, especially 4th of July celebrations because we have allowed Dr. Fauci and the CDC to convince us that we have to yield to the whims of a microscopic virus instead of attacking it. And that we must do the same to the political class who suddenly decides how we work, if we are allowed to work at all, and when.

I’ve been mad before when my side loses, its not uncommon for me to throw televisions out the window when my favorite football team loses, I’ve done that more than once. One thing I don’t like to do in life is lose and being part of a losing team. I resist team activity for that very reason, because most people don’t care about winning as much as I do. The value of the American flag is something that could likely be restored in me. But there would have to be a lot of winning involved to get there. Otherwise, a rage of anger is all I feel and a desire to make the people attacking our American culture pay with blood for attempting to subvert our Constitution, our rule of law. To answer the original question with my view of the world, when you can’t call 911 and trust the people who answer, its time for a real fight and to make the enemy feel the way I do now. Its time to take away from them what they have taken from me, stolen under the flag of fear they have been peddling for months and terrifying an overly compliant culture into their homes looking out only through cracks in the curtains afraid of what they might see. I’m not OK with losing and let’s go ahead and say it, we have been losing in America and it will take a lot to turn it around, if it even can be. And those are the facts that we must deal with.

I need to see a lot more of this to make the American name mean something again.  And to me, this doesn’t go near far enough.

Rich Hoffman

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