Mike DeWine Tests Positive and Negative for Covid-19: The scam I always told you coronavirus was as an attack on the Western way of life

I call Governor Mike DeWine a dummy because as our highest government official in Ohio he allowed his naive and gullible outlook on life to easily be controlled by Marxist doctors taking direct orders from the CDC who took orders directly from the World Health Organization, who in turn took orders directly from China to shut down the great American economy in retaliation against President Trump’s trade deal which the communists were furious about. Anybody who has studied Sun Tzu’s great book, ‘The Art of War’ understood quickly what the coronavirus out of China truly was, a weapon of war, not science, and DeWine should have known better before shutting down the state through emergency directives not even contemplated through the state legislature, shitting all over the American Constitution and the Constitution of Ohio. What DeWine did was give a path for all the Blue State Governors to essentially become the communist Chinese in their micromanaging of the American way of life so there is a lot of blame to lay at the feet of Governor Mike DeWine for being stupid and going along with it. And on Thursday of the second week of August 2020 he got a feel for what people like me have been saying all along when he tested positive for Covid-19 early in the day keeping him from meeting the President on a fundraising trip to Cleveland, Ohio then later that day, tested negative. So which one was correct, how accurate is the Covid-19 testing anyway, and what does any of it mean?

I am happy to hear a little urgency out there, my local Sheriff Jones is seeing it, so is radio personality Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW. Tucker Carlson on Fox News is getting it and so is Laura Ingraham, many people are coming to learn what I was saying about coronavirus in February and March of this year and they have had to learn it the hard way. I don’t take pleasure in all these “I told you so’s” only in that maybe in the future people will listen when I say things the first time. I’ve read and studied human behavior to an extent that many couldn’t do it in several lifetimes, they certainly wouldn’t get the picture in just a few years of college, so I am able to see things way before others do, and I can sniff out maliciousness in the actions of the most deceitful people rather easily, so a lot of people would save themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just shut up and listen. But it is better late than never, especially in regard to Covid-19. The government reaction to it has been a Marxist takeover of the American way of life instigated by China for the destruction of the West and that has always been the point. Covid-19 by itself really isn’t a problem. For instance, out of all the vast cases the media reports that there are in Ohio from beginning to end, you still could put all the people who have come up positive for Covid-19 in the Ohio State Football stadium. As a percentage of population, the positive Covid people are a small group, nowhere near enough to mandate government shutdowns of the economy and the ridiculous rules and regulations given to us by government pinheads who are not our best and brightest. They pick government jobs for a reason, because they can’t hack it in the private sector and are for all practical purposes, rejects of our society who couldn’t do anything else with their lives.

Dummy Mike DeWine followed all the rules, he had handlers who kept him from doing anything risky including Amy Acton, the Marxist queen of WHO radicalism herself until just a few days ago, so the Governor had to be quite surprised to learn he tested positive for Covid-19 while being screened for a presidential visit. But like a good government worker and compliant loser that he is, it was announced that he was going to go into the mandatory 14 day quarantine that is now expected of anybody who gets the virus and those who might have even been nearby through contact tracing. In this way doctors have introduced the idea of micromanaging all our lives and putting extreme limits on our economic opportunities by taking people out of the workforce just because they might have been near someone with Covid-19. But when DeWine learned later that he actually didn’t have Covid-19 with a second test that was negative, then a new problem became obvious. How many people who have tested positive under any circumstances were given incorrect diagnosis because the testing is unreliable, and the results are politically motivated? The Governor of Ohio now saw the problem first-hand, and so did everyone who has been trying to use the news for their own political advantage. The story of the day is that every positive case that has ever been announced likely isn’t real and that like the death counts on Covid-19, can’t be trusted in any statistical manner.

Look, I told everyone that our education system was filled with Marxist radicals who wanted to teach our children all these bad Chinese communist ideas to destroy our nation several decades ago, and people were uncomfortable with that assumption. But it has turned out to be all true, every last bit of it. It was never a conspiracy; it was a fact and a lot of people would have saved themselves a lot of headaches now if only they had listened to me way back then. And the same with Covid-19, I called it a Pearl Harbor type of attack against the American way of life when we first heard about it, and we quickly need to recover and get things back to normal for strategic reasons in a fight most didn’t even know we were having. But its here and perhaps even Dummy DeWine is getting the picture now. And when Sheriff Jones is doing a press conference to state perhaps government has overstepped itself, the rest of the mainstreamers aren’t far behind. Only now do people see what has always been the problem. But their belief in the system blinded them to the obvious malicious intent behind Covid-19. They wanted to believe that government had the best of intentions, what they didn’t know was that those intentions were a communist take-over of the American way of life and all this lockdown stuff with the mask mandates were not what they signed up for.

I would venture to say that the Covid case counts the media reports every day are meaningless. Even if they were true, what is the point of reporting them? There is no medical cure for Covid except for perhaps hydroxychloroquine so what is the point of testing if slowing the spread is not the objective? Hospitals are not over capacity so what advantage is knowing anything about Covid numbers? It’s a nothing measurement. And we know we can’t trust the death numbers, because they have been contaminated by all sorts of false assumptions in how the data was even collected. The purpose of the whole Covid enterprise was a terrorist attack—in using “terror” to inspire social change—and nothing else. It wasn’t to save lives, it wasn’t for the betterment of government management of a crises, it was to create a false crises on a nothing, small virus about as dangerous as poison ivy, and to rot the American way of life out from the core. China didn’t shut down their economy and neither did many of the countries of the East. They knew what Covid-19 was and since they already control most of our media literally from a financial point of view they have literally tried to destroy us through terror. So knowing all that—what are you going to do now dear reader?

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I Know Where to get an Army to Fight Communists in America: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

I’ve said it before and will continue saying it, Governor Kristi Noem in South Dakota is the best governor of the 50 and when she runs for president in the future, I’ll certainly be pulling to get her in the White House. She would be a perfect sequel to President Trump and might even do better. The way she has handled the Covid-19 “plandemic” should have been the model for the nation. Granted, South Dakota does not have the skyscrapers and subways of New York. At its best, the most populated areas are about what they are in Eastern Ohio, so the case counts are much less due to the population size, but when she needed to Kristi Noem showed great leadership in resisting the urge to micromanage her state the way other governors did, particularly Mike DeWine of Ohio, and the South Dakota economy is thriving as a result. And I have found great appreciation for South Dakota twice this summer, the first was of course the amazing Fourth of July ceremony at Mt. Rushmore that took place on July 3rd of 2020 where she hosted President Trump for a fabulously patriotic fireworks display and grand speech. The second is in her hands-off approach to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is taking place this weekend without Covid restrictions. There have been some bands who have canceled due to Covid, but the nature of the Sturgis Rally has remained intact preserving the outlaw nature of it, which Governor Noem is wise enough to understand the necessity.

Many find it strange that my wife and I have been to motorcycle events like the Chillicothe Rodeo in Ohio which is an X-rated event that you have to be of age to even get into. The open sex acts that go on there and in other places such as Key West which is another motorcycle journey that I have talked about often with my wife are spectacles of debauchery that are the key to the future of mankind and I find them interesting to study. Granted, my wife and I are about as conservative as you will ever meet. We went to many other events motorcycle related and road all over the United States sometimes with other riders, and to some of these big rallies because I was doing research for a documentary I wanted to do on motorcycle riders and how they were the last measurement of freedom in a society committed to independence. This was in the pre-Tea Party days, so I was looking for a connection between motorcycle riders and the drive of all humans to be free of too many rules and regulations from an overbearing government full of pinheads. My experiences led to instead a novel I wrote called ‘Tail of the Dragon.’ After seeing some of the crazy sex acts that went on at these things it made me uncomfortable to think of spending so many hours filming footage, I instead turned my thoughts into a book.

Along that journey I discovered the reality of what I had thought when Barack Obama was elected, that it would be motorcycle riders who would be the first to rebel against an overly progressive society. And that is what we have witnessed in recent history, the kind of people who like motorcycle rallies like Sturgis, which is the biggest in The United States are the people who voted for President Trump, and to put it mildly, there are many more of those people out there in the cracks of society than there are Antifa members or Black Lives Matters protestors, or even members of the Democrat Party. There are far more people who value small government as there are in motorcycle groups than there are media members in the New York and other metropolitan areas. They keep their opinions generally to themselves until they put on the leather and hit their bikes on the road toward debauchery due to too much drinking, but in essence, those are the people who make up America. And what you find behind the women running around topless, the occasional drugs and turned up rock music, the cigarettes and beers at 6 AM in the morning are people who just want to be left alone and the motorcycle rallies for them are like the 4th of July, the natural act of defying the rules and regulations of a civil society. Most of them are not as stupid as they act, they know that they need jobs to pay for their expensive motorcycles and their RVs that often run into the $200Ks in value and most of the year, except for motorcycle rallies, they live by the rules. But if pushed, they will fight for the right to party literally, and there isn’t any army on earth that will stop them.

There were rumors that Antifa members were going to crash this year’s rally, which is a joke. Anybody from the left trying to infiltrate the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally would find themselves destroyed, because there is no tolerance for those progressive types at these things. And Governor Noem is likely more like my wife and I, she’s not going to run around at such an event half naked and drunk out of her mind—but she understands the need for the rebellion in people against too many rules, and she is standing behind the event as the rest of the world is literally cowering in terror over the activist doctors who want everyone terrified of Covid-19. As I always thought and have seen for myself, this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the first massive events to happen in a world gone mad over Covid and the participants are fearless about the outcome, which is the way it should be. That people are still going and are excited about it reveals the hidden content of America’s character. You might not find many motorcycle riders sitting around late into the night quoting Shakespeare and naming the titles of exotic wines. Instead, they might be banging the hell out of their old ladies in the middle of the street half drunk and out of their minds, but they do so knowing they are free, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way. And they aren’t afraid of Covid-19.

Most people who vote for Trump don’t have the time or money to go to Sturgis. I knew an old man whom I had a lot of respect for, who was rich and had the means to go, who spend his whole 90-some years wanting to go to Sturgis for a few weeks. He had a garage full of motorcycles, big cruisers that could have easily made the trip, but he never had 2 weeks in his entire life where he could take that much time away from work. He asked me to ride with him every year for about a decade, but he just never could make the time, so he didn’t go. But he did vote for Trump. And that is the way it is for most people. Those who do go to Sturgis, it is the one thing they do all year that means something special to them, and the moment they return, they are looking for ways to get there next year. The reason it is so important to them is that it is the one time in their lives that they can truly feel freedom—to be free of tyrants and bureaucrats. Most of them are well-employed people who have bosses they hate and politicians they despise always trying to squeeze out more tax money from them. But at Sturgis, they can live free of that even if for a few weeks and yell at the big moon over the South Dakota landscape, and live with no regrets. And that is the appeal of that lifestyle which is something that will not be driven away by modern leftists’ protestors. Instead, it is a true reflection of who really runs the country, and I am happy to know they are out there. If we need an army to take down a socialist insurrection through elections or otherwise of our country, I know where to get the people needed to conduct such an exercise. And they aren’t afraid to fight.

They don’t make people like this in China, or anywhere else in the world.  Only freedom makes people like this and I’ll pick them over any communist bastard, or Democrat any day, any week of the year.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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It all Starts with Good Looking Women: How competition makes the world a better place

The way it works at the most basic level of human understanding is that attractive females, or females of any kind really, use their ability to lure the best males they can get to them for mating rights. Males of course are built at the most foundational level to strive to be the best, and to win at what they do so they can then attract the best-looking females. The whole desire to win and be the best among men is to be able to obtain rights to the hottest females. When I voted for Donald Trump for instance, I voted for a guy who loved to win because that’s who represents what I want in government interacting with the world. You can tell by his wife Melania that he loves to win, it took him three marriages to find the kind of woman that he thought was the best because when he interacted with other business people and golf buddies, they’d know how good he was by the looks of his wife. It didn’t matter that he was in his 50s and she in her 30s, what mattered was that she was good looking and was his trophy in life for winning a lot. Most people who have desires to win are married to attractive women because that’s the basis of all western civilization. Michael Jordan isn’t any different, he loved to win so much that he competed at everything he did, not just on the basketball court and he too has fairly recently married a Cuban model who is very much younger than he is leaving behind his older wife. Its very important to top males to make sure everyone knows they are the best by looking at the person they have exclusive sex rights to.

At the core of liberalism is to move more to the Eastern cultures where arranged marriages are the key to their society. In those cultures, it doesn’t matter how good you are, what you do is for the state and they decide how important you are. And whom you marry and have sex with is their decision, not yours. And so it goes that the political left in America is trying to turn our society more into the ways of the East starting with sex. The plot was hatched long ago, but can be shortened up like this, the march to equality means everyone gets a trophy, so there is no point to crawl over someone else to win. Sex was cheapened so that sex with anybody anywhere at anytime would take away the thrill of the hunt so that equality in sex would mean that ugly people and attractive people would all mesh together like mashed potatoes and the game of the sex with the best would be eradicated. Then the lines between men and women would be blurred completely so that no value judgments between ugly and attractive would be recognized in the least. Once the motivations to be the best so that you could have mating rights to the best were taken away, the political left thought that we could then achieve an equal society. But what they didn’t think through, which is the fault of all Eastern cultures they were trying to mimic was the loss of a society that strove to have the best from their best and what that meant in lost culture.

We all want the best food, the best car, the best house, the best clothes, the best, the best the best and the journey to getting there enriches all lives. That is why we love people like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, people who are very competitive. We might think of them as assholes if we can’t beat them in competition, but deep down inside we all wish we were them, and that desire is what propels excellence. Ultimately the people who win are not the strongest or fastest, but the ones who think they can, as the old saying goes. And there are people like Trump who never in their lives accepted losing. And that is what we want in a president and why no matter what anybody on the political left tries to do to him, that they will vote for him. Because its in their own best interest and we have a society that embraces choice. The voters may not have done in life what it takes to marry a woman like Melania Trump, but they can respect a guy who has. Men and women everywhere understand the game and to get a girl like Melania, Trump would have to beat out a lot of competitors, and that is exactly who you want making deals with other nations and enemies around the world.

But our education system and our liberalized social structure has taught now several generations the confusing message that winning is not important and that equally being a loser is much more desired, which of course has not panned out to be true. What we have been left with are a lot of fatherless homes, because they were taught that fighting to get the best woman wasn’t important leaving value to be directed toward derelict behavior instead of good conduct, which then ruined the children that spawned from that relationship. Its not a coincidence that most of the bad behavior that we see in modern society no matter what the skin color comes from children being raised in fatherless homes, where the mother lost the power to control the man because sex with her was no longer a valued sentiment, but something that could easily be exchanged from one woman to the next in an equally deficient fashion. And that is the start of how the political left destroyed so many lives by convincing them that government could replace men who wanted to earn the sexual exclusivity of a good woman. What ended up happening is that only the lazy and ugly people of the world bought into the liberal scheme while those who still wanted to be the best they could be went in a different direction, which explains most of what we see in modern society.

Competition is the key to a society that is growing because it brings out the best elements of any endeavor. A mundane, lazy acceptance of how things are is the way to decline and it really is as simple as that. At the core of Chinese society under communism for instance, this is why they are so deeply dependent on Western civilization and must steal trade secrets just to stay viable in the world marketplace. You can tell who the winners and losers are by the wives of Trump and Xi Jinping. Peng Liyuan looks like a foot whereas Melania Trump still looks like a fashion model who could be a cover-girl for Sports Illustrated. There is a reason Melania has created the “Be Best” campaign, because she is working on providing leadership to a new generation. Yet the problem of our day is that liberalized culture, following the wrong philosophic approach that goes directly against the basic DNA of what motivates a human being has caused great damage to the basic essence of existence. Human nature is just as much a part of nature as the sun shines in the sky and the moon circles the earth in orbit. And it was meant to be left alone, not tampered with. So to, for a restoration of the proper ethics of a good society to move forward, we then must re-elect Donald Trump and bring back to the culture of not just America, but the world in general the hunger for wins and the yearning for the good things that come with it, that advance society properly and in the most productive means possible. And it all starts with the best looking women and their adherence to only giving the time of day to the best who seek their company.

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Use the Silver Bullet against Covid-19 to take down the WHO and CDC: Stopping a terrorist attack using the masks of doctors to ruin the world

Actually, there is something of a silver bullet to fight off the effects of Covid-19 in the combo of drugs hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin, in spite of what the WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebresvesus says. It is hard for him to admit, and conspiracy theories are obviously endless, but the communist loving disciple of the United Nations is guilty of destroying the world economy, whether on purpose or just because he’s an idiot and he hopes that people will continue to play the game he started with the coronavirus coming out of China, to run from it like those in Eastern cultures typically do when it comes to science and religion. “There is no silver bullet at the moment and there might never be,” against the novel coronavirus, warned World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebrevesus during a virtual media briefing on Monday. (August 3rd 2020) Well, he’s lying to you, he and the entire medical industry who has been promoting weak approaches to Covid-19 like wearing masks in public, social distancing, economic lockdowns and all the other disruptive countermeasures we have all seen that are rooted in sheer voodoo science want people to continue to hide from the virus instead of attacking it with hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin.

From <https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/medical/no-silver-bullet-against-coronavirus-warns-world-health-organization-chief/ar-BB17wncZ?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds&gt;

“For now, stopping outbreaks comes down to the basics of public health and disease control: testing, isolating and treating patients and tracing and quarantining their contacts,” Tedros said.  Tedros, who remarked on his own use of a face mask and hand sanitizer, reminded that “it’s about keeping physical distance, wearing a mask, cleaning hands regularly and coughing safely away from others.” He implored the world to “do it all.” Yet, Tedros and many who follow the WHO guidelines like some religious document trickling into our own American CDC are avoiding any discussion about hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin which has much better science attached to it. Nobody knows if mask wearing or social distancing has anything to do with slowing the spread of Covid-19. For all we know, it has contributed heavily to its spread, which given the political nature of the World Health Organization and the CDC, we could easily conclude would be the point. Tedros and the rest of the medical industry actually expect us to trust them and their stupid approach when right in front of our faces is hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. Not to mention the killing of viruses using ultraviolent light, which should by now be at every airport, shopping complex and sporting event. Instead, for instance by reading the guidelines by the NCAA for college sports shown below, we are supposed to accept this kind of ridiculous approach to a silly virus.

Here are the highlights of the NCAA’s recommendations for dealing with team contact sports at the college level, and what many think high schools should adopt as well:

• Test results should be obtained within 72 hours of competition for athletes competing in high-contact risk sports, such as football, basketball, hockey and lacrosse.
• Face shields should be integrated into sports when feasible.
• Masks should be worn by everyone on a sideline, including when an athlete moves from the playing field to interact with a coach.
• CDC guidelines should be used for determining when individuals can resume activities after testing positive for COVID-19. Time-based strategy means isolation until 72 hours after recovery and at least 10 days after symptoms first appeared.
• All individuals with high-risk exposure must be quarantined for 14 days.
• The final point could be crucial for managing a team this season. Simply being deemed in close contact of someone who tests positive could sideline players for two weeks.

If you’ve been working through the Covid-19 “plandemic” you know that this strategy of contact tracing and quarantining for 14 days has been implemented from the beginning. Socialist local health directors are forcing people to hide in their homes for just being near someone with Covid-19 and by now we’ve seen that its largely been useless. We can name off countless celebrities and even people from our own communities who have had Covid-19 and recovered without breaking a sweat—the impact to them has been less than a normal cold, yet we are supposed to accept these extreme measures as a reality when there is absolutely know evidence that any of it works, just that the WHO came up with them as a shot in the dark and they want us to continue using them even as they have crippled our lives with needless hardship and cost. Then when its quite clear through real science that hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin has had an impact on preserving the health of people, especially in the early stages we’re supposed to ignore it and continue doing the same dumb shit stuff that the communist loving Tedros came up with in the beginning of the planned “pandemic” that was always designed to change social behavior toward liberal viewpoints and to drive election year politics—and nothing else. If these losers wanted to solve the Covid-19 problem, they’d be using things that do work like hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin and attacking the virus in mass population areas with ultraviolent light—which has also been around for a long time—yet has not been mentioned at all by the CDC or the WHO. Why do you think that is?

There is a silver bullet and we should use it to defeat the communist take over of America through not guns and elections, but through a Marxist medical industry that takes its marching orders from the United Nations, and not our American neighborhoods. And Tedros knows he’s been caught which is why he’s trying to hold on to his credibility with bleeding fingertips, as he did with this silver bullet statement. Once people figure out that the silver bullet all along was hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin the game is up for the World Health Organization as people will want their lives and money back from the thieves who robbed them of it, all in the name of terrorism through science to frighten people into a change state politically. The way to kill the case counts of Covid-19 would be to do as China and Vietnam have done, and that’s not to test anybody. But we have been testing a lot in America and the media has fallen in line with Tedros to give the World Health Organization cover by equalizing Covid cases as death sentences, which for most people turns out to be just a little sniffle and a headache. We should have never turned off sports, movies, shopping, amusement parks, bars—we should have never turned off any of it. It’s easy to say that in hindsight, but now we do know what the silver bullet is, its hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. Get a doctor to prescribe it to you, take it, have your sports teams take it so that they can’t become contact tracing statistics that continue to drive this false narrative of danger and let Tedros choke on it. Let him and Bill Gates along with Dr. Democrat—the doomster himself, (Fauci) drown on the panic they created. We all need to get back to our lives and the perpetrators of this menace need to pay. So, shoot them with that silver bullet and let fate do with them what it will.

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Fighting Back Against Government Terrorism from Covid-19: Beat them with hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin

I certainly have a right, the government’s reaction to Covid-19 has been terrorism against a way of life I love and enjoy. They were the one’s who brought in the destructive effects of a virus that otherwise in any other year we wouldn’t even have blinked at. They made it political and they decided to attack our American way of life with it costing us jobs and lost income, and we should all be angry about. I would go so far to call it terrorism. They (the governments of the world, state, federal and global) used fear to change behavior and in this case toward a long-desired Agenda 21 strategy by the United Nations—so that technically is terrorism. Its terrorism whether its some radical Islamic element like ISIS, or whether it’s the grant hungry doctors of America’s CDC. The alliance between The World Health Organization and the desires of global domination of China is unmistakable so let’s just call Covid-19 what it is—a terrorist attack against Americans and freedom loving people all over the world. What the terrorists want is control over mass populations by using the fear of a virus as a way to surrender liberties, get them vaccinated so that Google and Facebook can track everyone on the earth in preparation for a one world government ran by the United Nations by their arm of justice, the World Health Organization who happens to report directly to Communist China.

Of course that mandates that we, as Americans, get revenge on our attackers and the way to undo them and destroy their plans is to promote the spread of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. As a private person, you need to find a physician who will prescribe it to you as a preventive measure to Covid-19 and take it religiously from now until the election on November 3rd, 2020. If you play professional sports, you need to take hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin so that they cannot remove you from sports and use you to contact trace other athletes. You need to take yourself out of the measurement system. You also need to do this if you work for any company, otherwise the government is planning to use you for mandatory quarantine so that they can further harm the economy. You need to take hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to stay healthy so they can’t use you as a statistic to keep you from working for your employers. Because these terrorists want you sitting in your home helpless as your companies and entertainments go bankrupt. That is their goal and you must do your part to take away that option.

Hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin is the silver bullet that will kill this attacker. It has been all along and President Trump tried to get the word out early. But the news wasn’t out yet on the facts, we were at the time worried that the death count on Covid-19 would be higher. After all, we didn’t have any reason not to trust what the CDC and WHO organization was saying to us. But when the solution of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin became more well known and Google and governments were dead set against it, the true strategy of their intentions was revealed, because if they were willing to mandate mask wearing over such flimsy scientific evidence that they “might” prevent the spreading of the virus, yet when hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin was brought up, they fought against its implementation. And now we know from Bill Gates himself that he has been on the phone with Dr. Fauci directly often throughout this whole process and that what they didn’t count on was that Trump would stop listening to the “professionals.” That has screwed up their plans and caused them to dig even deeper on refusing hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin as a potential treatment. The point of the terrorism of Covid-19 from day one was not to find a cure, or even to create vaccines, it was to put the “expert” class in charge of all world governments, including Trump. It was a power grab, not an actual health crisis. It was fear of a potential health crises, not an actual problem that was the act of terrorism. The use of hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin was a solution and one that didn’t require any new science development, which was a threat to their plan from the beginning that they never considered.

So far, the trillions of dollars they have destroyed in the economy around the world, particularly in the United States has been a dream come true for them. It has been more effective than when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and much more costly. It was the Bill Gates way of bringing the United States into the global war for climate change by shutting up Trump and putting Dr. Fauci in charge, and unelected bureaucrat. And the plan would have worked if not for hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. If everyone would take that the case counts would die on the vine and the media would lose its narrative of using case counts to literally scare people to death. They have been lying to us all, so they deserve to be punished and the best, and most peaceful way to do that is to use hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to remove the Covid-19 threat from you so that you can’t be used as a statistic for Agenda 21 change. They are terrified of hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin because it destroys their strategic intentions of using Covid-19 to change our way of life and it’s the best, and least expensive way that you can fight back at what they’ve done to you.

I would personally calculate that Covid-19 has cost me a lot of money from my 2020 projections and I’ve watched it cost people I know millions and millions, and my state billions. Then to make it worse, there have been no movies to go see, there have been no sports, restaurants have been a terrible experience. I haven’t been to Jags yet in 2020. Its been open, but the hours are too restrictive and even if you do go, it has Plexiglas everywhere and just isn’t worth it. And usually I take people there professionally, and since people can’t business travel under Covid restrictions, there isn’t any reason to even spend the money. Its been terrible in that respect and when you know better, which I do, that Covid-19 isn’t really dangerous and that by using hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin all these results could be avoided, then anger is the term that best describes the situation. Sure, I have done fine just reading books and sticking around the house. But terrorists attacked my life and yours so why should we just accept that? We shouldn’t, we should be fighting back and taking from the terrorists more than what they took from us. And that starts by using hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin to rob them of their excuse, and to leave them exposed. Only then can we start to set things right, so get your prescription for hydroxychloroquine with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin today!

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The Domestic Terrorists Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci: Trying to supress hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin for political insurrection

As if there needed to be any more information to make decisions on, it wasn’t the way that doctors promoting hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin as a major prevention and even cure to Covid-19 or the way that Jim Jordon of Ohio interrogated finally the cause of it all, Dr. Fauci on Capitol Hill on Friday, but it was an interview with Bill Gates who talked about all the good things happening to attack Covid-19 that really sealed the deal for me. The interview Gates did had plenty of opportunity to discuss the hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin strategy for eliminating the spread and death rate of Covid-19 but it wasn’t discussed at all, given its very controversial position in the debate, which tells everybody everything they need to know about Covid-19 and its political placement in our culture. Gates along with Google, Facebook and many governments around the world are committed to one outcome for treating Covid-19, and that is a vaccine and contact tracing of every person in the world who has had Covid or is likely to get it. Google wants to treat this virus just as they did when they mapped the entire world with Google Earth, by building an infrastructure of knowledge about every person living on the planet and how they interact with one another and this Covid-19 issue is their chance to do it. Then of course is their goal of getting rid of Donald Trump politically so their global plans will survive into 2021. And yes, they are willing to kill people to do it.

Its good that Dr. Fauci is getting questioned now by people like Jim Jordan on the true intentions of Covid-19. It should have happened several months earlier at that level. I certainly did, but most were willing to accept that the government had the best of intentions on Covid-19, which now is clearly not the case. When Jordan pressed Fauci over why he had not come out in condemnation of the race riots and Antifa attacks on our cities Fauci attempted to divert the answer as irrelevant, but Jordan wouldn’t let it go. Fauci had set himself up as a doctor of all-knowing opinion advising on behavioral change in our society on everything from sex to sports so Jordan had him when he refused to comment on the riots. The insinuation is that Democrats, all Democrats were in support of the destructive riots trying to paint them as “peaceful protests” when they were actually attempts to overthrow the American justice system as a Trojan horse of insurrection. Fauci is one of those old big government Democrats who had been in the system for too long and wanted to keep the mask of impropriety on as he continued to undo the world for all the reasons that Democrats want to. His mask was that the medical industry only recommended things to people and that everyone was free to act on their own, which is a particularly malicious form of terrorism. After all, what was Trump supposed to do when Fauci and others walked into the Oval Office to tell the President he had to shut down the economy? He had to listen to the doctors politically, and they knew that. Yet they refused to take responsibility for their recommendations, just as Fauci tried to claim with Jordan. Yet it was Fauci and his recommendations that have pushed so many governors to shutting down their economies and forcing people to wear face masks under penalty of made-up laws built under emergency powers. Communist China would be proud which of course is very close to the World Health Organization, which of course is very close to Dr. Fauci.

People generally don’t think they are smart enough to have a conversation or opinion when it comes to doctors, which has been the mask that Fauci used to commit so much terrorism. He behaved generally unquestioned until that little spat with Jim Jordan because even high priced lawyers who get paid to debate details have to go to the doctor to get physicals too, and they don’t want to piss off the doctors. They may find themselves with all kinds of negative diagnosis, so when it comes to doctors, people generally follow their guidelines to a fault and have an almost superstitious trust in their prescriptions. Aside from priests and popes, doctors enjoy universal trust. That is, until Covid-19. That was the plan all along from the terrorists behind Covid-19, like Bill Gates and his investors in Google and many others, to use the good name of the doctors and people’s trust in them to advance a false dialogue about Covid-19 that forced behavioral change that was conducive to climate change and other Democrat platform objectives, and to drag us all into the game through fear. But not everyone functions from fear and in America its kind of a personality trait that we are the land of the brave. So there have been enough people to step up early and question these doctors and call bullshit. I was certainly one of them, and the whole Covid-19 “plandemic” has fallen apart much faster than Bill Gates and his friends like Dr. Fauci anticipated. Fauci tried to keep everything going until the vaccines were ready for Google’s contact tracing efforts could be implemented, but the pressure to re-open the economy has been too intense for them and they find themselves losing ground by the hour.

I saw an Airbus A380 hovering over my home on a lazy summer weekend day recently which shocked me given the amount of demise that has occurred to the commercial aircraft industry. That is a big plane and it costs a lot to operate, so it had to be operating at a loss considering how commercial air travel has been reduced over fears of Covid-19. With people locked in their homes and afraid to fly anywhere, and when they get there, there’s nothing to do—bars are closing at 10 PM like we are all living in the deep, religious South, the scope of the billions, likely trillions of lost dollars that have been caused by government’s failures of Covid-19 is astronomical. And much of that damage came from Dr. Fauci himself, because he went out there and lied to people, just as Jordan caught him on. He used his good name as a terrorist would use a gun to destroy the American economy and he actually thinks he will get to walk away from all this unscathed. He actually believes the high polling numbers the media have given him as rewords for his terrorism. Governor Mike DeWine is another who has fallen in love with his poll numbers so much that he has ignored the Ohio Constitution. What they are naive to is that our media is not a free media anymore, and that they do have the power to produce whatever polling results they want, just as China does and North Korea. They can say anything they want, just as Fauci has over Covid because people up to this point have trusted those institutions. Yet the control of polling has driven much of this behavior, the need to be liked, or even loved and to do anything to feel it. Even using Covid-19 as a terrorist weapon to attack the economies of the world maliciously.

Dr. Fauci is guilty of terrorism and so is everyone who reported to him and worked with him to advance the myth that Covid-19 had one cure and one cure only, vaccinations and until then, we all were prisoners to government control. But Fauci the Democrat blew it when he couldn’t go against his own party’s desire to use riots to further the damage and get rid of Trump. As Fauci stood behind the President all those times snickering to show his rebellion to his friends watching, many of us knew what this phony was up to all along, and now millions of others know it too, thanks to Jim Jordan. However, it was Bill Gates who really let the cat out of the bag, by talking about everything but the real solution to Covid-19, which has been hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. Instead he chose to ignore it, which was the loudest admission of guilt in the history of the world by a terrorist trying to bring down the American way of life, and we do have a right to be very angry about it.

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Democrats are all Bullies: And that is why they should be destroyed

I’ve heard it for a long time, why don’t I give Democrats a chance. They insinuate that I have been part of the problem in politics by fanning the flames of aggression and getting pulled into name calling debates that are not constructive to a democratic society. I’ve also been told that most people live between the 20-yard lines of life and that somehow that is a superior position and that people like me are in the extreme end zones of a football field. That my counterparts on the extreme opposite ends of the field are the destructive radicals fanning the flames on the other side of the field and that we are both destructive. Those same people also believe that they understand the political spectrum and that communism out of China is on that other end of the field and that on my side of the field with all those people between the 20 yard lines in the middle are neo-Nazis and fascists, which is completely wrong. All those definitions are insufficient, including the assumption that conservatives should be the bigger party and avoid conflicts with Democrats by following their Christian crusade toward the afterlife by offering to turn the other cheek on their enemies until all the skin has been slapped away. No, that’s not for me and never has been. I reject that entire proposal of that political measuring system. The true measure is that there are bullies and freedom lovers. Any politician or activist who says to us that we can either have this or that is a bully as opposed to the representative we elect who is always looking for options.

As an older person its fair to say that never in my life, not one single time, have I ever backed down from a bully, that includes my pre-school days to just five minutes ago. Never in that entire time did a bully ever get the upper hand on me, and its not for a lack of trying. I would say because of my stance, I have had much more aggression aimed at me than most people receive in their entire lifetimes. I have gotten really good at dealing with bullies over the years, but even as I was learning, I never found myself on the bad end of their intentions. If truth be told, when I first started this blog it was because of the threats thrown at me back in 2010 from the Lakota teacher’s union when I questioned their levy attempt due to their very high salaries. Rather than deal with me they attacked me viciously, which is why a lot of people don’t voice their opinions on these things. They tried to attack my house, they tried to attack my income, they tried to attack me emotionally and physically and they pissed me off so bad that I still write about what losers they are 10 years later and have no plans of stopping any time soon. There are legal and illegal ways of dealing with bullies and I will and have used both to quell their desire to be bullies, let me just say that. But my policy is never to yield to a bully of any kind, ever.

And Democrats are below the line people by nature, they have no other campaign strategy but to make people into victims and they drive people there by being bullies. I hated the school levy advocates at my home district school of Lakota because they always proposed education problems as a “this or that” scenario—either you pay a lot of money for unionized—lazy teachers, or your kids grow up dumb and without sports programs. Well, as we’ve seen, that happens anyway. Look at the dumb kids of Antifa. And it has been happening over coronavirus. I hate the doctors and politicians who have been telling us that we either wear the mask or we die. Or we stay home and self-quarantine or we increase the spread of the virus. Its good to see that some conservatives like Jim Jordan from Ohio are finally standing up to the bullies in the medical industry like Dr. Fauci himself. Democrats have used Covid-19 as the bully on the block that we are all supposed to be afraid of and to get freedom from that bully we are supposed to vote for Democrats who will stop the threat. Well, that’s just as bad as any other threat to us when the medical industry as a whole act as bullies using a viral outbreak to attempt to control our society. As I said from the beginning of the virus, which only recently are others starting to say, why not take hydroxychloroquine to avoid getting the virus all together, or to encourage herd immunity so that the spread stops naturally? Or even better yet, to use ultraviolent light to kill the virus in airplanes and busses instead of wasting time wiping everything down? There are literally hundreds of ways to stop the spread of Covid-19, but we are supposed to accept only the choices Democrats proposed to us, which of course was to change our political behavior, not to protect us from any results of the viral outbreak.

It’s no different than that hallway bully in school who used to shake you down for lunch money. I could tell stories from here until next week of all the times I had really scary exchanges with bullies, including the time the whole back of my school bus tried to force me to take some kind of drug by shoving it in my mouth in grade school because I had a no drug, no cursing policy that drove everyone crazy. They didn’t want me to sit in the back of the bus and would constantly harass me to sit closer to the front. I kept sitting in the back because I wanted to, so they pushed and pushed and pushed until one day they were trying to shove that drug in my mouth and I spit it out of the window and the fists went flying. I fought them all, the bus driver had to stop and pull me off them. I got into a lot of trouble for hurting those kids, but it was well worth it. I still will never take a drug especially when someone tries to force me, like a government demanding I take a vaccine for their stupid made up virus. And in general, I don’t ever take getting pushed by any bully, whether it’s a labor union, the press, or a country like China and their dick sucking corporations like Google. Putting up with bullies is off the table, every time.

Democrats by their nature are bullies, they may push people around nicely, or aggressively by threatening to bring violence to your home, your job, or to you personally getting out of your car at a restaurant. What they intend is to force you into compliance with limited options and I would argue that they have no place in any American government debate. I would argue that they aren’t even on the football field of our way of life, that they should be removed from the debate completely. Any bully who tries to take away options for a better life is doing vast evil and that is how I measure things in a political spectrum. If people are trying to force us to do something, I have a pure way of looking at bullies because I’ve never personally yielded to them. Conquered people may accept that bullies have rights too, but I would say no. They should all be destroyed. And any of them who think that if only they captured all the houses of congress all over the United States that everyone is going to submit to their bullying, have the wrong plan in mind. Because it is then that the real violence starts, and it won’t be good for them, at all.

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How Trump Wins the Election on November 3rd 2020: Fight now with votes so you don’t have to fight later with guns

During the 2016 election season I was so sure Donald Trump was going to win that I even stopped working on this blog for a period of time. My point in all this was to open people’s minds to the possibility of what a world outside the box of establishment might yield, and I felt I had done my part, and that Hillary Clinton didn’t have a chance. As things got nastier, I resumed my work to help where I could and give people reading that little bit of an extra push to voting for options instead of the old, tired swag of institutionalism. And now in 2020, I am so sure that Trump will win re-election that I’m surer of it this time, than last time. However, the new problems are not aspects that we can ignore, so I have no plans to discontinue my work on this blog site. Rather, more than ever, especially with the radicalism from the communist left that the world has been committed to for a long time, and many corporations pushing and shoving their way into relevancy, there needs to be a check of thought against their vile efforts. While I’ve seen the county by county voting maps of the future election projections, and its not even close, Trump wins by miles and miles in November—the problem is the Democrats know it too and are in a desperate state and are willing to literally do anything to change that trajectory of reality.

That means Trump needs to get back out there and fight like he did last time and to take this election beyond refute so that on the day after, the Democrats are literally so exhausted that they have to roll over and die. That should be our objective as supporters of President Trump, to literally drive the opposition into the ground and shove the breath out of them. As I have said, I don’t want continued violence that they have spawned, and I don’t want to have to kill anybody just to live a good life, so this election defeat has to be so beyond refute that their will to fight is eradicated from their thoughts forever. That is how we must fight to get Trump re-elected and to set forth candidates that can carry on what he has started well into the future. We have seen what the political left plans, there has been no holding back this time where we were shocked by the emails of John Podesta’s “spirit cooking” or whatever they called them in Wikileaks. Or to the extent that Hillary Clinton was a propped-up candidate being helped along by the Obama administration to keep in place all the communist diatribes that the former president had established. We know now how deep the Deep State has been and we have the responsibility to do something about it starting with Trump’s re-election. Even as I say that Trump is sure to win, take nothing for granted. Play this thing like we are all about to lose and enjoy the results of running up the score, because these bastards deserve everything they have coming.

Trump for his part needs to get back to his basic platform, and to stop playing like a victim. In the last campaign it was all about “lock her up,” and “you’d be in jail,” not all these Tweets about how unfair the system is. Most voters see Trump as in control of the system, not to be controlled by it. And the damage the Covid-19 doctors have done to him has to be reversed. During the whole coronavirus shutdowns people have gone from seeing Trump as the in-control CEO of a major company to a guy controlled by Dr. Fauci and the Scarf Lady and that the mighty American economy can be controlled by a tiny virus. Terrorists from here until the end of time will now attempt to use biological warfare to scare American society into change behavior into communism until we show we aren’t so easily terrified. Trump had to play it safe, he was being impeached by congress, he had just come out of several years of the Mueller Report because he fired an FBI Director in the corrupt James Comey, and several of Trump’s personal associates were being prosecuted for years in jail. Trump has spent much of the last three years on his heels reacting, not attacking. Many of us understand, but the message in 2020 is nowhere near as strong as in 2016 when Trump told the story of the snake on the campaign trail to packed audiences and that chants for “build the wall and Mexico will pay for it” were mainstream slogans.

Actually, Mexico has paid for the wall if you count the extra security, they have committed to border security, and limits to the drug trade—and tariff negotiations. I am satisfied with how Trump handled Mexico and has built as much wall as he had with an opposition congress. But we should have never rested in 2018 and given him Speaker Pelosi to deal with. We can’t just win back the White House this time, or the Senate—we have to have the House too. Because without it, we just paralyze President Trump with more of the same opposition radicalism. My way of thinking of this is that for the next few months you should fight for these things so that you don’t have to pick up a gun after the election and fight off the government that the communists and socialists of Seattle and Portland want. What happened to California over the last couple of decades can easily happen to the rest of America and that could force you dear reader into complete submission to them with nowhere to move to, or the requirement to pick up a gun and fight these bastards in the streets. I think many of you reading this would rather be watching Fox News at 6:30 PM with some carry-out food watching Trump attack the EU or the United Nations in some way or another instead of gathering your AR and meeting down the street with your friends and neighbors to attack a communist supply chain moving state resources into your community to tattoo everyone with the latest coronavirus vaccine update that Microsoft and Google plan to watch and monitor everything you do.

The fight is easier now than then so take advantage of it and help Trump get re-elected and help protect the Senate and re-take the House. If you want to avoid the kind of world that prevents Google and government from mandating that Microsoft tattoo you monitoring you for coronavirus as a condition for employment, or the radical ANTIFA thugs taking over all our cities threatening us with violence, then this election is a chance to stop all that. Its pretty simple, but you can’t trust the system by itself because the Democrats plan to cheat. They’ll do anything to win, so that demands we take the fight to them and keep them on their heels so that they can’t gather up the strength to achieve their objectives. Trump can start that process by attacking more, by keeping them twisted and reacting instead of what they have been doing which is plotting and scheming. The prevent defense that Trump, and the rest of us have been utilizing is a failed strategy. What we need to do is attack, going door to door, donating money, making phone calls, writing blogs, challenging Facebook and Google, whatever we do, we must attack so that lives can be saved later, and our country as a result.

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