The Media is Running for President, Not Joe Biden: Its all poker folks

I always think well in mountain air, and that is what I did recently on a trip to the Smokey Mountains.  After all, I’ve told everyone what Covid-19 was from the beginning and I’ve answered the question personally to hundreds and hundreds of people over the last month worried that Trump isn’t going to win this election, because they believe the media.  They believed the media when they said Covid-19 was dangerous and they believe the polling the media has been using to measure election validity.  But you must understand dear reader that everything regarding polling and Covid-19 in 2020 was to for the first time in history have the media exclusively build and run a candidate so they could be in control of our government.  And when the smoke clears it will be shown that they lost.  And when they do lose, we must ensure that they are completely destroyed for what they have tried to do.  They went for the jugular of America and they must pay the consequences.  That’s true for Twitter Jack and most certainly for that little alien geek, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  The losers at Google, the losers at ABC and the parent company Disney.  For NBC, CBS, NPR, The New York Times, Bezos and his Washington Post—they all have it coming, and coming they will.  I’m sure of it.  But first it is obvious that there needs to be perspective which I’m happy to share from my journey into the mountains.  Its not that I needed to clear my head, I think I was fine before that trip.  But watching the dew drip off the mountaintops of North Carolina does help make things more obvious.

I wouldn’t say its always been fake news, and its not because President Trump has been saying so, but this year especially, most of what we have seen and heard from the media in 2020 has been scripted nonsense.  Covid-19 has been completely fake—they turned a common cold into a plague working with the communists of China from the beginning to invoke a change state in a free nation.  Then of course they want you to believe that the loser, and very corrupt Joe Biden is going to win the presidency.  The forces behind Biden believe they can do a combination of shaping public opinion a lot more than they really have the ability to do, and that they can cheat with early voting and mail-in ballots.  But the dead giveaway to the scam, just as it was with the Covid-19 mortality rate is the incredible 70 million early voting numbers.  Let me tell you something folks, there are not that many people excited to vote for Joe Biden.  And there aren’t that many people who hate President Trump.  What that 70 million number is, which Google is figuring out a week from the election is that they are a much higher percentage of Trump voters energized by their outrage at the lies and deceit sold to them not just by the Biden campaign, but by the media they have trusted for years themselves.  The media is on the ballot, not so much President Trump.  And that is a story nobody is talking about.

I have watched for years, especially these last few where major movies would come out and the “media” critics would work to either shape public opinion or yield to it.  If the movie had lots of progressive messages in it, then the critics loved it.  If the movie didn’t the media would hate it and in this way they could shape the kind of movies that Hollywood would bankroll.  But I have watched Disney especially even going back to The Lone Ranger back in 2013 where they spent huge amounts of money advertising and the movie flops anyway.  The same thing happened to 2018’s Star Wars movie Solo.  The public killed the box office with online campaigns against the critics and it destroyed the money the studio spent making and distributing the film.  That’s a micro comparison of course but the same macro analysis could be applied.  The media hasn’t admitted to themselves how powerless they really are.  When China started buying up Hollywood studios like they have Legendary Studios, and others, they incorrectly thought that media shapes culture instead of media needing to reflect culture.  This problem has gone on for more than a century but its always been a chicken before the egg thing.  And most people don’t understand that the egg comes before the chicken.  The chicken doesn’t just lay an egg and off starts a species.  An egg has to metamorphosis into an idea that becomes a chicken. And that is the way of things.  The media is there to serve society, it doesn’t create society.  The reason Trump will win the 2020 election is because he understands that.  He makes the news.  The media as a culture run by all kinds of globalists forces think they can make the news, and that is of course absurd.  Its absurd today, and will be looked back on even more so on November 4th.

Covid was invented by the media to win this election this year for Democrats and many of the big billionaires out there have thrown all their effort into that outcome.  Just because they are billionaires it doesn’t mean they are smart.  For those of you who don’t play poker this may look confusing, but for people like me who play the game every day, its easy.  I have a poker table set up in my office and I run through a few rounds as a daily exercise, its easy to see especially after the perspective of the misty mountains.  The Trump hand is a full house and we know the odds of winning.  It’s not perfect but its on the very high probability scale.  The media has a couple of 2s.  Sure, they can win with that hand, but not up against a full house. If you’ve ever played against people who didn’t really understand the game, but are great liars who can bluff every hand to look like the best hand in the world, then you have a bit of understanding at what the media as a collective agency has been doing.  Let’s just call them the “globalists” for the sake of ease here.  They are bluffing their silly little hand hoping to cause us to fold, because it’s the only way they can win this election.  They have to use Covid to scare people away from voting, to force more early voting where they can cheat, and they have to hope that they can keep the Trump voters home on election night.  That’s why they have assumed that all this early voting was for Biden.  But the numbers don’t match and Google has been watching what people are talking about, and they are worried at what they are seeing.

I’ve been confident that Trump would win from the beginning, if he could survive the Covid media attack.  So trust me when I tell you that the election is Trump’s to lose only if you are convinced by the media that there is no hope in winning.   The media as a collective body is bluffing.  They have already lost and they know it just as any riverboat gambler tries to take a losing hand and convince the winning hand to fold.  The mountain air made it much easier for me to see just as its easier to see these kinds of things from the stands as opposed to when you are betting with your own money.  But take it to the bank, the media is losing and when they do, we will have to collect all that they’ve bet.  And they won’t want to give it up—but they won’t have a choice.

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The Hidden Trump Voters: I found them, and many others

When we bought our new RV, it was more than just a new way to travel, or a toy to play with.  I saw it as a lifestyle change for the better, and one that more encapsulated the kind of America that the Trump presidency has represented—personal freedom, innovation, and eternal optimism no matter what.  I wrote a bit about the relief in seeing so many Trump supporters at the dealer when we did make our purchase, and in a post Covid world how people stifled with too many government rules and regulations were turning as we were to packing our hotel room behind our car instead of staying at a hotel in our travels.  And it wasn’t just us, but many millions of people were doing just as we were who were sick of Covid restrictions.  They wanted to travel, but they didn’t want to put on the damn masks to visit a hotel, or to trust the cleaning crew to dispel of the waste the previous guests left behind.   So they were buying RVs in droves, just as we were.  And I set our first big trip with it to the Smokey Mountains, and on into North Carolina for the closing weeks of October on purpose.  By then the election would be nearly over, the fatigue would have climaxed, and personally, I am so damn sick of the mask mandates that I needed to be away from it.  Running all over town for the last several months helping wherever needed for election “stuff” left me needing a recharge, so we did as planned and took our RV south to get away from politics for a few days and the God damn masks of the purely political Covid-19.

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What I discovered on our RV trip was where the shy Trump voters where hiding. In an RV park just outside of Pigeon Forge Tennessee I saw Trump fans who were camping with big flags of Trump and America hanging from their rigs proudly.  But from the perspective of society, they were off the grid.  The collection of quarter million-dollar rigs displaying an ability to tell the world that they could live on the road was quite obvious.  The RV people were enjoying rubbing anybody’s nose in it who cared that they could pick up and move away from liberals any time they wanted.  They were divorcing themselves from the public school system, territorial Democrat trustees and city council members, and loser house and senate representatives who too often sold them out and up the river to steal their hard earned money at every chance they could get.  Instead of investing in a home, they put their money in RVs and spent much of their lives on the road in RV parks where they cast their Trump flags openly and without fear—but off the path of the media.

As far as masks, Tennessee has mask mandates too but at least there, people are wonderfully ignoring the rules for the most part, and that was great to see.  Even down into Ashville North Carolina, people were wearing them somewhat in stores and restaurants, but the rules were generally cast aside for the stupidity that they are.  But at The Island at Pigeon Forge, a very popular Downtown Disney like shopping and entertainment destination masks were mostly ignored which is exactly what I wanted out of a little vacation.  Since Covid-19 started as a political attack against President Trump in February of 2020, this visit to The Islands at Pigeon Forge was the first time I had seen “normal.”   Normal being where people didn’t wear masks, didn’t socially distance at all, and were acting purely out of their own self interest which is how things were supposed to be.  Even so, there were many Trump stores selling political fun—but there was nothing for Joe Biden.  It was truly a pleasurable experience.  A great way to close out the election season, real people expressing their thoughts without the media to filter away the enthusiasm.

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It wasn’t just the RV folks who were proudly showing off their support for President Trump, but the whole town of Pigeon Forge looked to be clearly in favor of the President’s re-election.  That would be expected in Tennessee obviously, and down into North Carolina where giant Trump billboards were placed along the highways boldly.  I also consider it useful to step out of my comfort zone to go to such places to see how ideas are playing out socially, and I could see that there were many new voters engaged in this election obviously, and the more the media poked them in the eye with the Biden push, the more people were willing to resist openly.  Trump was more of a rebellion vote than even all the great things he had done as a president.  People were going out of their way to push back against the government dialogue broadcast by a corrupt media.  They were showing their support in the south with hats and shirts, and the RV people were investing in themselves and flying big Trump flags from their rigs.  Two very fancy rigs were camped next to us in Pigeon Forge with very audacious displays of American flags and Trump flags, and they could care less if they pissed off anybody over them.  Naturally, I got along with them, but I couldn’t help but think how it might have angered a Biden voter.  But looking around that RV park, I doubt anybody would dare enter if they were.  The Trump support was likely 100% there and the amount of investment everyone put into their homes on wheels just in that one park was in the many millions of dollars.  It was big business by people who were a lot like we were, they wanted freedom from the grid as much as possible.

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It was a good reminder to me that the world the media wants for us, who have completely propped up the Biden run for president does not have control of most people.  The more rules that government comes up with, the more likely people are to look for creative ways to avoid those rules. Compliance, especially blind compliance such as the Covid mask mandates, are not aspects for American culture that gets much consideration, and in my RV vacation south, it was good to see that’s where people are.  They were certainly Trump supporters and were the type of voters who are the in between city types where the media tends to cover opinions right outside their doors in the cities.  The RV people are missed, such as the gun voters are, and the motorcycle riders.  Those masses of people are often not counted in elections and are overlooked as important.  But when you add them all together, they far outnumber the normal statistical patterns of polling data. If a polling company sampled 700 people for a USA Today poll and out of the people who picked up they might get something like a 57% for Biden and they publish the results, it’s unlikely they polled a single person traveling in an RV to places like Pigeon Forge.  And from what I could tell, there were many thousands of RVers who were likely 100% for Trump.  But they just aren’t being counted until election day where their votes will be the final say.  And across the country in similar places, there are many millions of others, uncounted.

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The Frank Luntz Refund: Not adapting to change is the real stupidity

For Frank Luntz to come out and call the Trump campaign criminal and to declare that the Biden email scandal is just another unfocused distraction is to mask his own failure as a political commentator and advisor to understand the movement that has been occurring.  This story about Luntz has been brewing for a few months now, especially this past week when he declared the Trump focus on the Hunter Biden emails a disaster.  I don’t consider it particularly relevant that Luntz was mentioned in the Hunter emails, and that the two obviously had a relationship.  Hunter back in 2012 had taken exception to things Frank had said as an advisor to Paul Ryan, but the contents were only as slimy as that.  Truly, looking back, anybody who had given Frank Luntz money for political opinions should ask for it back, including any underwater work that Luntz had done for the Biden family to stay politically relevant once that 2012 election was over and whoever won would be looking for political advisors.  With that in mind, any time someone finds themselves off kilter with some political swamp creature like Frank Luntz they should consider it an honor.  Luntz has been counting all the wrong important things as a political advisor and he’s been doing it incorrectly for any value to elections.  Of course, the Hunter emails are a big deal because they show a compromised Papa Biden who has been selling influence to foreign powers and YES, voters should be aware of that before they vote for him.

Just over the last 20 days or so President Trump has had rallies hosted to several hundred thousand people, 30% of which appear to have either never voted before or are not registered Republicans.  These are people who are not on Frank Luntz’s analytics nor anybody else’s for that matter.  To date, only the Trafalgar poll appears to have any method of capturing them in some minor form.   That is a very relevant number, and contains within it the hidden “Trump Vote.”  Its usually not good business to assume that demographic breakdowns will mirror a previous election, and to assume that all the polls have been wrong showing Trump down to the sleeping Joe Biden, but clearly many of the polling agencies and political commentators didn’t learn their lesson during 2016 including Frank Luntz.  This election is not about policy or debate style.  Its not about minor differences between presidential campaigns.  It’s about life or death in America and the potential end of the Democrat Party for which many in the media are refusing to see.  Instead, they are insisting in controlling the message, making the news to fit their political ambitions, and to use people like Frank Luntz to herd the cats to somewhere that they can be easily controlled.  This election is about saying no to that, and nothing more. 

Luntz is upset that he has not made the adjustment to adapt to that changing world, and as a result he is less relevant now than he was in 2016.  Karl Rove has had to make some adjustments to stay relevant, but even he is crumbling under the weight of convention versus reality which the Hunter emails are all about.  They are a peek into a world we all suspect is there, but now the proof is obvious.  This isn’t the “pizza gate” scandal.  Or QAnon.  This isn’t about whether or not our government helped the attackers of the World Trade Center, or even if FDR knew the Japanese were going to attack at Pearl Harbor and left many to die as bait to pull American sentiment into the war, this Biden email story is real and the contents are obviously malicious.  Just as the FBI text messages between two cheating agents revealed the inside baseball of the government’s position against President Trump and their willingness to conduct a coup to remove him from office.  No, this isn’t speculation, it’s a fact that is the most important element of this upcoming election, and people are tired of it.  That’s how Trump has been able to bring new voters into the election that weren’t there before just as Frank Luntz is counting the same tired sources that he was counting in 2012 as he was playing both sides against each other for job opportunity on the day after the election.

New voters who were not previously engaged thought the way most of us do, that the system is corrupt and that their vote really doesn’t count.  That was because they were ostracized by society and uncounted by the masses like Frank Luntz.  Yet Trump has touched them and brought them out into the open to participate, which should be a good thing.  And its no small number.  As we’ve talked about before, if you do the math of those engaged to a Trump rally, those willing to wait all day to attend one, then divide that by the number of people who would think about it, but don’t have the means, you suddenly have a massive number of new voters who have never been counted before voting for Trump who primarily care about the corruption revealed in the Biden emails.  That’s why previously they had not been engaged, because they figured the system was so corrupt that it wasn’t worth their time to vote.  Trump has changed that, and that is the story of our season.  One for which Frank Luntz has totally missed.

Then to have that loser come out and call the Trump campaign the worst he has ever seen is about as stupid as anything ever said.  Its not the Trump campaign that is the problem, but its Frank Luntz who is still cleaving to old ideas about the way elections are won or lost.  He has been a phony for years.  It is laughable that Paul Ryan actually hired him for advice, no wonder those idiots lost in 2012.  Luntz was telling them all the wrong things.  The key to any campaign is to create an engaged voter and Trump has done that in a wildly successful fashion.  Well, the machine against him has been listening to losers like Luntz too much, and now a week out, find they are woefully unprepared.  For Luntz to say that the Trump campaign is the worst he has ever seen is to admit that he doesn’t understand the problem in politics and has been measuring all the wrong things.  And so has everyone else, to the broadcast executives, to the Biden campaign, to the George Soros types.  Just think of the amount of money that Bloomberg spent to become a viable presidential contender.  He didn’t move the needle at all.  Remember Jeb Bush—he had all the money and power behind him.  He went nowhere.  And now all these billionaires have poured so much money into traditional advertisement to appeal to the type of voters Frank Luntz has been counting but missing that extra 30% of new Trump voter engagements.  They haven’t learned, but after this election Frank, those people are going to be calling you like Hunter Biden did, as revealed in the emails from his laptop, and they are going to want a refund.  And something tells me that you won’t have the means to provide it. 

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I Think Trump Can Take California: The very nice .45 pistol by EMF

I have on my list to purchase a Grande Californian .45 single action pistol from EMF, but I have been waiting for California to return to a red state once again.  It’s a beautiful gun, stunning really and I really want one for some of my cowboy shooting events. But for me its symbolic of California as a state, I have loved how it came to be as a republic and have been saddened that since Ronald Reagan it has slid down into the lows of a communist territory in America.  I had hopes for it when Arnold Schwarzenegger became governor but as we witnessed, he turned out to be big Hollywood liberal himself, so that all fell by the wayside.  Then came along Gavin Newsom and Covid-19 and the state has been locked down essentially most of 2020 with huge progressive intervention and change state disaster by its government.  Now for Trump to win California, the polls would have to be off by something like 30 points, yet I can’t help but think that I may be buying that gun this year.  Not only do I think Trump will win re-election, but I think there are states that have been very blue progressive that may go Trump’s way, and California is one of them.

Some of my kids recently returned from California, from the Yosemite Valley specifically and they had to travel through all the wildfires and the horribly dry areas between the west of California to the East in the mountains, and they thought it was a shit hole.  Its been a few years since I’ve been there but these days I don’t think the progressives in Hollywood and San Francisco are in power any longer.  And if it hasn’t already happened, it will be happening soon.  I’ve seen the celebrity bashing of Chris Pratt and Kirsty Alley recently, heard the pleas of Jon Voight, watched the Twitter banning of James Woods and I see the cracks forming in a big way.  The state has been on fire largely due to progressive forest maintenance policies, the state has cut itself off from its own water supply, the routine brown outs are due to large scale electrical failures due to an overcommitment toward green energy and its up and coming tech industry, the space race guys especially at Space X and Tesla are now becoming very critical of socialism and have been leaning toward Trump.  People have been moving away from the mismanagement of the state and those still there are pretty tired of Gavin Newsom.

When Disney as a company is starting to complain, you know there’s trouble.  But Disneyland has been shut down most of the year and even as of last week, were pleading to reopen the amusement parks due to the Covid-19 lockdowns.  There are a lot of people in southern California who have season passes to that Disney park and see it as a symbol of American life, and it has driven them crazy to see it dark and closed.  The recent Trump parades that have been going on at Newport Beach and Beverly Hills show a drastic turn toward Trump that certainly wasn’t there four years ago.  Is it enough to win?  Well, I think its enough for me to start making plans to buy that gun.  And when the smoke clears and everyone’s emotions calm down after the election, I think we will see a pattern emerge clearly, the states that continued the Covid lockdowns unnecessarily long will be punished with Trump wins because people are tired of the failed government policies, the overreaction and the economic depravity and that attitude was never captured in the polling data.  The questions weren’t “how do you feel about Covid-19,” they were “who do you blame,” which isn’t as easy to understand as a data point.  Its too obscure.  Rather, people know who their governors are and the phony newspaper polls making politicians like Ohio’s Mike DeWine look like a Covid superstar were all phony to drive the coronavirus story.  But when it comes time to vote, people will blame their governors for bringing harm to their life.  It’s the only visible thing they can be angry with.  And Gavin Newsom has been one of the worst.

To see that Trump is up in early voting in Michigan makes sense as the governor there has been a complete disaster, almost as bad as Gavin Newsom.  And to see Minnesota so close shows that people are having buyer’s remorse there as well.  But in California, there are few states who believed in the utopia that the political left was offering than them, and who have suffered from the loss.  They have nothing to lose in voting for Trump.  And to that point, I don’t think pollsters have their hands on the right buttons to detect that anger.  Certainly there will be lots of illegal alien votes, massive mail-in ballot fraud, many sinister elements taking place in California, but I think people are tired of the homeless people crapping in the city streets of San Francisco—they are tired of not having electricity, and they are tired of forest fires all the time.  They might have believed that it was global warming 8 years ago or even 4 years ago.  But now after Covid, they think its all been a lie, and they’d be right.  They have been toyed with like a cat’s play thing in politics and they have seen enough.  Trump is a chance to be great again, and this may very well be the election where they take a shot.  After all, it can’t get any worse—unless they stick with the course they are on now.

California has always been a great resource state, a wonderful addition to our republic of the United States.  But they experimented with socialism and communism and the results are all around them, and Trump could be their ticket to reverse course.  It looks as if many of them are ready and are showing great interest.  Whether it happens now or later is the question.  I tend to think that it will be sooner than later, and I’ll have a new gun in my collection.  I truly think that Trump going to California and the surrounding region is smart, and not a wasted effort.  It would appear that the seeds are already planted.  Gavin’s grip on the state and the support of the progressive caucus has been a losing bid.  Even Hollywood is breaking.  They have been largely unemployed for the same amount of time that Disneyland has been shut down and they may never recover as an industry.  At first people were willing to blame the virus, but when they see the rest of the country not folding under that excuse they are now in doubt of whether or not their leadership ever knew what they were doing, about anything.  And of course, the answer was that they didn’t.  The Newsom administration never did know and have been using Covid to hide their stupidity.  And now more and more people by the day are starting to ask the same questions for which Trump is the only answer forward.  Soon, that gun is going to look very good in a display case upon my desk. 

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Trump Against the Deep State: Votes still can defeat the enemy

By now everyone should know that the Deep State exists, you can see it for the way the FBI, CIA and the resistance of even Bill Barr displays in not dealing with the Biden or Hillary emails during the impeachment hearings against President Trump.  You can see it with the obvious alliance that Facebook and Google have shown with their government contacts into openly conducting election fraud in this election as we speak.  Forget about the made up story about the Russians in 2016, these people along with a media culture that is obviously part of the Deep State at the executive level, and everything has been set up to destroy President Trump and the people who elected him—you and me dear reader.  We have witnessed crimes openly committed that would have jailed for lifetimes any other person yet I’ve heard all this past week that because Joe Biden is so powerful, or the Clintons have been, or that Obama was the first black American president that none of them will ever see the inside of a jail cell because the Deep State simply won’t prosecute them.  We could look toward the supposed conservative on the Supreme Court, John Roberts as an example of what people like Bill Barr are terrified of.  If the CIA gets pictures of you screwing some girl on a one night stand, and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of your family and have your reputation destroyed, then you better start voting in favor of the Deep State, which Roberts has done in the recent Pennsylvania case to allow counting mail-in ballots after election day.  The threats are probably worse than that, but you get the idea.  The Deep State thinks its in control and always will be, and that the laws of our Republic do not count them.

Even more astounding is the insult that the Deep State thinks that they can hide Joe Biden away and let the media do the campaigning for that dirty, corrupt, old man while President Trump does 3 to 5 campaign stops a day, working his ass off to get people out to vote for him.   As I have been saying all week, I don’t see a danger to Trump’s re-election.  I think these people on the other side are stupid.  They only think they have so much power because they have ignored the real elements of what makes America work, or brought it to be in the first place.  Most Deep Staters are just unionized government slugs who get paid too much for very little work and they want to keep it that way.  They have a good gig in Washington D.C. and they want the easy money to keep flowing.  Will they kill to preserve their way of life?  Yes.  Will they break the law?  Hell, yes.  Are they terrible people willing to do anything and everything to keep the Deep State alive?  Well, yes, certainly.  The Deep State isn’t filled with a bunch of maniacal James Bond villains who are super sophisticated, rather they are just average everyday losers who haul their kids to after school sports like everyone else does.  They just have the tools of government to work with which gives them an almost god-like power over people who don’t have those resources to abuse in their quest for self-preservation.  Essentially, that is what the Deep State is.  The only thing really scary about them is that they don’t believe the laws of our nation apply to them. 

What’s audacious is that they certainly do plan to steal the election from Donald Trump and the rest of us who are voting for him.  And they plan to do so to protect themselves from going to jail for all their malicious actions, just hinted at in the Biden emails showing obvious influence peddling with foreign powers, obviously well known by the CIA and FBI.  In hiding evidence, and with the media being complicit in the exchange, they are all committing treason by the classic definitions yet assume that they will never be held accountable because they are the law enforcement officers.  Even with Trump appointing many of these people, it has been shown that none of them are willing to go against the Deep State for fear of their lives, or their pensions.  What he has seen firsthand is a law enforcement branch unwilling to act against their own—even though justice should be blind.  The system has been rigged for many years and the Deep State trusts their power so much that they believe they can win an election away from the people’s choice—which is a pretty bad revelation.

However, I would say that we are better for knowing it.  If not for Trump, we would never see the hair at the bottom of the sink of a swamp draining.  The pressure of a free election butting up against pre-rigged elections as things have likely been for a few decades has revealed a truth many of us weren’t prepared to deal with.  Rigged elections are what you expect from communist countries like Venezuela, or North Korea—China, not what the election of a free people would conduct for themselves.  We have assumed that we do have free elections in America, and Trump proves from 2016 that we can.  But the fight against him proves that the Deep State hates it, and that they plan for 2020 to rob that away.  Their actions prove it.  And that is what we are up against.  That essentially is what this 2020 election is all about.  There is no question that Trump is winning and is poised to win.  The question we have is what will the Deep State due to prevent those results from becoming a known reality. 

I also have been saying about this election that everyone should consider themselves lucky to have a chance to vote.  The Deep State is obviously an enemy to us all, but we can still beat them with an election, and that is a lot easier than fighting them with fists and guns.  I would rather see a defeat of the Deep State through an election rather than through violence.  But understand, the Deep State must and will be defeated.  They do not have a right to take over our country and to steal our lives for their own preservation.  They chose to separate themselves from the American way of life, and from us in general.  Speaking for myself, there will never be a day where I answer to those losers.  I’m sure I’m not alone.  President Trump is the best way to resolve this issue peacefully, but if there is violence, that fault will be on the Deep State which operated and assumed that they could operate without justice looking over their shoulder.  They have been caught, all of them.  What we do about it is the next question.  A legitimate vote and clear Trump victory are the first answers.  Anything other than that will evolve into serious disfunction as a nation, which the Deep State likely wants.  But we must be ready for anything and everything with a clear understanding of the needed objective.  We know the Deep State is committed to preserving themselves.  Yet we have an opportunity to bring justice to our country maybe for the first time, with this election of President Trump.

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The Hate for Democrats is Intense: If not Trump, then someone else–it won’t go away

Now you can see the obvious dear reader, especially after the last presidential debate of 2020, which clearly shows a dominate President Trump poised for re-election.  The disaster that the debate was for Democrats was on clear display, a terrible moderator and a terrible candidate in Joe Biden  who at this point is completely disqualified for even running for office after the results of the emails found on his son’s laptop.  Perhaps now you won’t be so surprised to hear my confidence in Trump’s re-election.  Things are happening just as I told you they would.  The polls were made up samplings of a small group of people, many of whom would only make up the front row of one of Trump’s big rallies.  They were flawed and used to shape public opinion.  In fact, that was the entire gamble of the entire election, that Biden could sit hidden away somewhere while the media—the “deep state” ran the ticket and captured the office once again, as they have since only Ronald Regan challenged them a little bit many decades ago.  Before Regan, perhaps you’d have to go back to Calvin Coolidge or Teddy Roosevelt to find a more authentic person to sit in the Oval Office.  The Deep State wants what they think is theirs in the White House and they truly believe they can capture the hearts and minds of people they consider to be as stupid as they are.

As I said the weeks just before the election would tighten up because all these people who do these polls want to work the day after the election and if they have to concede that Trump won in spite of them, at least it won’t be so embarrassing if the polls show some version of reality before the election actually happens.  And everyone on the inside knows the game, which is why there is a panic stirring about now, where even the Biden people are warning that the race is too close for comfort.  They see the internals, and the trends show an American election where people have been locked up most of the year under global control by the WHO, the sell-outs to China and a Democrat party that has actually sought to destroy every American value that there has been for several centuries.  And those people are going to now get to vote.  The anti-Democrat engagement is high, and its furious.  People want to express themselves against that machine that has tried for four years to suppress them every way that anybody could imagine starting with trying to impeach their elected representative, Donald J. Trump.

This is what everyone who is anti-Trump forgets.  They think that if only they could get rid of Trump, that they would have control over the world.  If only this or that, then the left could implement these “truth panels” ran by pee wee losers like Robert Reich the communist economist.  Just think of how ridiculous the political left has developed their strategy where they actually think people would go along with the truth panels.  I can tell you what happens if they visit me.  They won’t be doing so well after.  The political left can cry and whine about President Trump all they want, but what they have never admitted to themselves is that yes, he won in 2016 and he did so because we voted for him.  We are angry at the America hating Democrats.  We don’t like them, and that includes losers like the NFL announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck before the Tampa Bay game last week commenting on the military flyover being a waste of gas, and that if Harris/Biden were elected, the flyovers would stop.  We hate these people and with or without Trump, we will still hate them.  Even worse for them, they should praise the ground Trump walks on because if not for him, people may actually turn to violence to overthrow the Deep State.  Trump keeps people hoping for a lawful solution.  If that hope is taken from them, then there is no guarantee for the safety of Deep State members.  Little boy Robert Reich won’t stand a chance when dealing with real Americans who do not live in the cities and won’t.   

Let’s call the Deep State what it is, a machine of corruption and scandal designed to enrich the participants with legalized theft.  And they are the ones running old man Joe.  They tried to prop him up the best they could on a stage with Trump, but the show can’t live bigger than the showman.  Trump easily dominated the stuttering loser who is more corruption than thought, and there was so much to dodge in the debate that Joe couldn’t think of what he could say.  Trump is not so encumbered, which is why he is hated so badly for the things they want to hide.  But what has been missed in all this tracking and polling is how much people hate Democrats and are willing to vote for something else to stop their perilous plans for the takeover of America.  Those are not the kind of questions that have come up in polling questions, and that is why Facebook and other media giants are trying to edit people’s opinions so vigorously.  After all, they sold themselves as being able to control society’s thoughts and feelings and the evidence is that they haven’t come close.  They have not been able to control the hate and contempt for Democrats into civility and now the election results are obviously trending toward Trump, and they can’t hide it anymore.

Now you can see that the polling game was always a horse race for the networks, and they milk it for all its worth.  Without question Democrats have hoped that they can steal the election through Facebook censoring, and phony mail-in ballots, but now they doubt if they even have a chance of doing that because the hate is so intense against Democrats.  Democrats have attacked the American way of life and people are pissed off about it.  Trump is the vehicle for that anger, but if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. The bottom line is there will never be truth panels, house to house searches for dissidents, or even mass riots.  Once Trump supporters no longer believe in law and order, there is nothing keeping them from using their 300 million guns to defend the Constitution.  So even if they managed to get rid of Trump through an election, or some other means, the feelings toward Democrats won’t change.  It only puts the shoe on the other foot and that foot is looking for an ass to kick.  I would say that after that debate, everyone should just pack it in and get back to work.  The election results are obvious, the machine can’t beat the people who want to turn it off, and that is what Trump voters want of the Democrat party.  Which is why the polls are tightening and the political left is showing the strains of another failed coup attempt.  But just remember, it wasn’t us who started this fight, but it will be us who finishes it, and with that frame of reference, they deserve everything that they have coming.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Joe Biden the Pimp: The cost of being one of the most corrupt politicians in the world

The most disgusting revelation about the influence peddling that Hunter Biden had been conducting with his father Joe—the VP of the United States at the time, it wasn’t the illicit sex practices, the raunchy use of drugs, or even the mass cover-up by the FBI and Big Tech media such as Google, Facebook and Twitter—but rather the way Joe Biden acted as a pimp for his son whoring him out to the highest bidder routinely and for many years.  No wonder Hunter Biden is a crack addict and sexual pervert.  Look how his mom and dad treated him.  Its not as if Joe Biden didn’t know what he was putting his kids into.  Over a 47 year career its quite obvious that kids like Hunter Biden are routinely prostituted out to those with power and influence to extract from their customers great wealth, and of course “pop” gets his 10% cut of the dirty deeds, just like any whore provides to their pimp.  The gig went like this, Joe Biden—“pop” would get elected into an office, such as senate, or the vice president of the Executive Branch and the family would whore themselves to those seeking to pay for influence with Biden.  That all by itself is enough to provoke a visual assessment into the evils of swamp life in Washington D.C., but think of the kind of person Joe Biden is in knowing what he is selling and by whom, and the kind of parenting that he provided to Hunter Biden reveals quite clearly just how deranged Joe is as a person.

How many kids are there like Hunter working as prostitutes for their parents who are selling influence in the same way?  Its bad enough to know of this one instance, but the evidence states that there are many, many more.  I remember in the beginning of the Trump campaign trying to explain to people why I thought Donald Trump was the best candidate for such a high office, and my reasoning was that he was independently wealthy and couldn’t be tempted with temptations to sell away influence the way Joe Biden obviously has.  That one thing was enough for me, a person who doesn’t look at a few million dollars as something worth selling your soul away to, but rather its just a tank of gas for their private airplanes.  It takes that level of thinking these days to be a good president I think, because of the vast scale of all the decisions.  But for Joe Biden, the greatest gift he could have received was to become the VP to the first black president and to be at the top of the food chain in influence peddling.  And Joe had just the right kind of son to perform the deed, a reckless derelict who would do drugs with anybody and show himself as a compromised person easy to reveal weaknesses to, or a guy who could set up sex with anybody and everyone.  Also, a kid who wasn’t afraid to give up dirt on himself which China loves, a kind of blood brother oath that could be used as an extortion tactic later should a relationship falter.

Yet how could any father look at such a son and not feel sorry for him, or to want to help him?  How could anybody love someone and not try to help them at the most foundational level?  Well, Joe didn’t love his son Hunter.  He saw him as a meal ticket, the way a lot of parents do who try to push their kid too hard in sports to get a college scholarship, saving them in the process a lot of money.  Or giving the parents social notoriety by the actions of the kid instead of earning it themselves.  Joe Biden used his kid to bridge the contact between his offices and would be buyers of influence and it was up to the kid to do all the dirty work.  Just as a pimp provides protection to his whores, but the whores are the ones who have to get naked and do all the dirty work, Biden got his money by providing the platform.  And no matter how bad it was for Hunter, no matter how many teeth he lost to drug binges, or how many crack whores he became entangled with, it wasn’t Joe Biden’s objective to fix the kid.  But only to keep him well enough to hit the streets each day to keep the racket going, to make “pop” millions and millions of dollars selling access to the office no matter what it did to Hunter in the process.

Hunter has been kept out of the public spotlight even through this whole election season, not to protect Hunter but to suppress the exploitation that has gone on for most of his life.  I can think of only the one interview when this story first broke while the primaries were still going where Hunter tried to set the record straight, but the kid was too wrecked as a drug abuser to sell the story, so they put him back in hiding.  Hunter Biden might as well have been a homeless derelict if he didn’t happen to be the son of one of the most corrupt people on planet earth.  Knowing what we do now about Joe Biden, who could think anything different.  Granted, Joe doesn’t see the corruption because he’s a swamp creature.  Everybody does it.  At least from his perspective.  Only for the first time that I can think of we finally have a choice in Trump, someone who has great kids because he was a good father.  You can tell a lot about a person by the kids they have.  One thing that you cannot do is cheat in the raising of kids.  If you suck as a person, your kids are going to suck.  They pick up everything you do and say and mold their lives to your behavior.  People like Joe think they can hide that stuff behind fancy media and a complicit lifestyle, but you can see it in the eyes of a kid like Hunter Biden.  Who you really are comes out in the children you produce; you can’t fake it. They either turn out to be good people, or they are disasters—because they learned from their parents. 

Hunter is who he is because of the way Joe and his wife treated him throughout his life.  They taught Hunter that value is created in how you can connect people, not in what you do as a person.  So for Hunter, crazy sex practices and drug abuse was acceptable so long as he brough home the gold to “pop.”  And that is what is so disgusting about the Hunter Biden story created by Joe Biden himself.  Then consider if he will do that to his child, what is he willing to do to our nation?  We all know the answer already, but perhaps now there is a bit more context to why its so evil and malicious.  It’s not just election year politics, or an October Surprise.  The Hunter Biden story up and down the elements is just evil, and it points back to terrible parenting by Joe Biden.  He was willing to whore out his kids to prop up his political career and likely the old man will outlive his children because of what he’s done to them.  Which is so terribly sad, and why its so relevant to this election.  If Joe will destroy his own kids for the things he wants in life, just think of the next deal with China led by Joe Biden.  Well, we’ve seen enough to know that, but who in their right mind wants more of that?  Nobody who thinks correctly.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Democrats and Big Tech are Pretty Stupid: They are easy to beat if only you have the courage to do it

Do you see what liars they are dear reader; we’ve been talking about it for a long time?  Think back to the congressional impeachment of President Trump, and think about it, the FBI after all the problems with James Comey, and the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text messages, the little insights we were able to get into their world where it was obvious there was massive corruption—and know that they had this Hunter Biden laptop, and that there were threats of violence against the shop owner who had it.  Compare that to the arrest of George Papadopoulos by the FBI essentially because he worked for the Trump campaign.  The intimidation, the abuse of authority—it is all consistent.  So was the treatment of General Flynn, which Joe Biden himself was a part of by suggesting the Obama White House use the Logan Act to destroy the life of the American Patriot—just because he’s a Trump supporter.  Or what about the morning arrest with CNN’s cameras rolling, an obvious tip off, of Roger Stone.  Hey, many of us have been there for a long time, we know our government has been corrupt—deeply corrupt—for many, many years.  And we sent Trump to the White House to take it back for us without having to resort to guns and violence.  To my mind that is a more ethical way to defend the Republic.  But don’t think for a second that accepting this criminal conduct was ever an option.

Then there is the social media.  I was on YouTube many years before Google bought it, and since then I have used it only sparingly.  Twitter is the same deal, as well as Instagram.  They are picture hosting services for me essentially, and a window into how the rest of the world is seeing things through a news feed.  But I’ve been shadow banned heavily before anybody even knew what the word meant.  There is nothing about what is happening now that surprises me.   I’ve always despised Facebook and have drawn the line with them—at a great cost to myself I might add.  But these tech giants are corrupt too, they have built their entire platforms to push us all into a global society led by the Chinese.    My old friend Doc Thompson who worked for Glenn Beck used to talk to me exhaustively about these things, but most people just wouldn’t let their mind go there.  Its ironic, Doc was hit by a train a few years ago while jogging.  That is still a fishy story to me, but we’ll accept the official story that it was an accident.  But he knew better, I did, and others did also, well before there was ever a President Trump.   I have never trusted Mark Zuckerberg with anything.  To me he’s just a bratty little boy.  But now finally people see to what extent the Democrats have been investing their hopes and dreams into the corruption of the FBI to take out political rivals, or sit on evidence, or the tech companies to take a dud like Biden and actually carry him over the finish line of an election—which of course they can’t. 

Recently I’ve been talking more and more about how stupid these people really are, how their view of the world is limited to their wine circles and academic viewpoints.  The evidence is long into how they think, I did read Comey’s book and many of the others as much as it was almost choking me on puke to do it.  My conclusion is that they are stupid, yet they think they are the smartest people in the world—because they only interact with other stupid people.  I’ve worked with the media for years up until about 5 or 6 years ago.  I used to do a lot of talk radio and that kind of thing but I stepped away once it was clear how dumb many in the media industry was, and how I didn’t want to play within their limited scope of thinking.  I’ve decided to go a different way and use this platform to do much more than those single point interactions, but honestly, it was the sheer stupidity of the people involved that I had no time for.  And I know many people feel the same way I do.  Yes, I watched the Social Network on Netflix and thought it was one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in a while.  The first 45 minutes of it was insightful.  But the second 45 minutes were just an exposé of how they thought they created Donald Trump and a divided country.  They were so stupid that they think they created the problems we are seeing today, as if they molded it from the hands of God himself. 

I know a lot of people who are much smarter than those stupid kids running the Silicon Valley companies that are trying to win this election for Joe Biden, and they are certainly smarter than the losers going to work in the FBI.  I know Sean Hannity wants to think that the foot workers of the FBI are good people, but they’re not.  I know President Trump wants to think so to, even as his own picks for heading the FBI and the CIA have proven to be huge supporters of the kind of SWAMP that Joe Biden was exploiting for his own personal profit.  They think we are suckers who want to believe they’ll follow the rules, but of course, all these power players don’t because they are stupid and resort to titles and social positions to bring value to their existence, which makes them dangerous tools in a statist society.  They have no interest in learning about how or why people like us live or think things, they only want to make us as dumb as they are—and if they have to use mass intimidation to do it, they will.  Of course, what we have discovered about them is that they will use a lack of choice to steer us where they want us to go, like herding cattle to the slaughterhouse.  If we step out of line, they threaten to beat us if we don’t follow their line to our own eventual deaths at the slaughter of their design.    

Oh, and yes, they are all in.  Another Trump election will be too much for them.  They won’t know how to handle it, but that is their problem.  But in their plans is a fatal flaw, they are not as smart as we are, and they have no desire to learn.  They insist on limiting their vision to their inward looking friends in the Deep State and want to continue believing they are the masters of the universe, which is how they justified sitting on those Biden emails and severe pornographic images tied to Joe Biden himself even while our current President Trump was being eviscerated during a phony impeachment trial in congress.  That’s because they are all in on the scam, the big tech companies, the FBI, the CIA, even a DOJ who is supposed to report to the President and do what he needs done.  Attorney General Barr isn’t up for the death threats and the underlings of Obama holdovers who would just as soon cut off his head than obey his orders.  The Deep State is deep and full of villains.  But for our benefit, they aren’t very smart, and they are easy to beat if only you will see them in the reality of their true form—which is pretty pathetic. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Democrats are too Stupid: Filling out a mail-in ballot for them will prove destructive

Another way that you can know how badly Democrats are doing in this upcoming 2020 election is by the content of their intelligence.  For instance, when the laptop story broke on the many pornographic acts that the crack using, multinational influence peddler Hunter Biden embarked in, most of the Democratic Party including the tech people were trying to tie the story to misinformation which was created by their own party, the Steel Dossier.  I mean if you are going to lie about something, you should at least use something that hasn’t recently been debunked, or to even draw further attention to it.  When it comes down to it, Democrats, or people who call themselves of that political party, just aren’t very smart.  They are below the line people who seek refuge for their stupidity behind the efforts of others and when trouble is near, they seek some covers to hide under.  That is in its very essence the definition of a Democrat.  Republicans go wrong in giving Democrats the benefit of doubt regarding intelligence, which is why relations between such people often break down.  I’ve known a lot of Democrats over my life and most of them I deal with as if they were handicapped people—with pity and sympathy.  But under no circumstances do I think of any of them as intellectual giants.  They are usually liars, thieves, and social losers who cheat on their spouses, use drugs, and make general idiots of themselves.

This is an important distinction relevant to this 2020 election for the primary reason that the media likes their horse races, they like to talk up matchups as if they were equal, so they rarely explore the contents of the characters who often win these things.  Over the weekend one of the measures they had about the Trump/Biden matchup that they measured was the amount of mail-in ballots that the Democrats requested as opposed by Republicans and that somehow that told a story about how dominate the Democrats were over Republicans.  Yet to do so it would have to assume that all ballots are equal, which of course they are not.  Just because a Democrat requests a ballot, because they are terrified of the coronavirus, or because they are afraid to drive their car out of their driveway even though they have a handicap sticker on their mirror which allows them to park as close to the entrance of wherever they are going easily, the truth of the matter is that Democrats have a hard time filling out mail-in ballots and it takes a whole lot more of them to equal one vote for a Republican in order to actually get counted. 

Democrats have a hard time with pencils, and coloring in the lines.  Heck, they often have a hard time signing their own names, let alone filling out a ballot with many names on it to pick and not taking an action which will cause that ballot to be rejected at the voting machine by the time the election employees open the envelop that has been mailed to them, if the envelope even arrives at all due to incorrect postage, or they improperly follow procedures for even getting to the Board of Elections.  Then what they find inside looks like a 4-year-old had put together the ballot.  More often than not, the machine will have to reject the ballot because the machine can’t read the results due to the sloppy prep.  Democrats have known for a long time that they’d have to cheat in this election and would need ballot stuffing somewhere to have a chance.  But that method also plays to the greatest weakness of the people in the Democrat Party.  If you don’t take the hand of a Democrat and make it as easy as possible to vote, they just won’t do it.  They may fill out something, but that something may not be acceptable to count, and the information on the ballots may not even be relevant to the needs of an election.  For many Democrats they may even be confused thinking they are ordering more crack from a street seller or are signing up for a new porn subscription.  They may not even know that we have a president of the United States.  So, counting on them to fill out a mail-in ballot of any kind is a stretch.  They can request ballots all day long but filling them out and sending them back to the correct place likely won’t happen very easily. 

Thus, counting ballot requests as a voter engagement is entirely flawed as an assumption and the media should know that, and likely they do if you pull them aside for a cup of coffee and ask them why they are hyping up the issue so much.  They’ll tell you their producers want to make it look like a close race, its good for ratings.  But everyone knows that Democrats can’t win when they have real competition.  They only win when Republicans assume to give them respect and equal treatment and agree to fight with paper airplanes instead of the guns and knives at their disposal.  Republicans lose when they don’t fight but yield themselves to the weaknesses of the Democrats.  It’s like letting that same 4-year old win at some game like Candy Land, or Tick Tack Toe, then wondering why the little kid is spiking a ball at the end of the day, as if they were the smartest people in the world who could do nothing but win.  The assumption of course is a false one, but Republicans let them think it, then wonder why they have so much trouble by that particular political party thinking they can rule the world.  When it comes down to it, you know I’m right dear reader.  Think about it, name one intellectual giant who is a liberal……………………………..I’ll wait. 

The only thing that keeps Democrats in any political race is the appeal to fairness that they are always crying for, which nice Republicans yield out of compassion, due usually to their Christian sensibilities.  But when those Democrats go for our throats, we are slow to destroy them out of that same compassion which give the Democrats the illusion that they are actually winning.  The media plays along for ratings, but truly, once the smoke clears, the stupid people aren’t going to beat the smart people.  That’s just not how things work in nature.  The Democrats have so much baggage from their past, they were original slave owners, they were the founders of the KKK, they are the ones who Hitler copied in his grabs for power in Germany, they were the ones who copied their entire political platform from the mob, they are the ones who always end up getting stuck photographed with a crack pipe and a mound of whores in a soiled bed.  They are the below the line losers always crying about fairness because they are too lazy, or too stupid to compete in the world and demand that their lives are attached to the lives of those who do work hard and make things happen.  With all that in mind, consider how stupid it is to assume that a ballot going to a Democrats is a done deal, a solid vote for the criminal of conduct himself, Joe Biden?  Yeah, I don’t think so………………….

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The White Coat Summits: Advocates of mask mandates and 6 foot social distancing should be prosecuted for murder

I have come to really like Dr. Simone Gold and her White Coat Summits on the steps of the Supreme Court.  They had another one on Saturday October 17, 2020 which gave a more mainstream opinion from doctors all over the country about their understanding of Covid-19.  Of course, it was not a heavily covered story, especially with the Hunter Biden laptop story soaking up so much of the news cycle and a desperate media trying with everything in their power to make Joe Biden look relevant as a presidential candidate.  But it deserves to be known that Covid-19 as these doctors indicated was treatable from the beginning of what the World Health Organization termed, a “pandemic” designed to weaponize a coronavirus out of China to shape the political landscape in 2020 and they were willing to attack all our lives in the process costing our economy billions and billions of dollars.  Dr. Simone Gold and her team of doctors spoke well and on several topics resulting in one real opinion, that Covid-19 isn’t some scary, uncontrolled virus.  It was treatable from day one and continues to be a very manageable cold.  To fear it is to accept the politicization of it, and for the reasons of malice that were always intended as the result.

The level of censorship that we have seen regarding Covid-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop revelations has been stunning.  Nothing I haven’t pointed out before, but thinking something and knowing something are often different things.  Knowing now that our media is much closer to the state run outlets of China and North Korea has been sobering, and these members of the White Coat Summits have suffered for their professional participation, much the way dissident voices in communist countries are treated.  But even worse, all these doctors were trying to do was point out that Covid-19 was manageable and treatable.  And really up until President Trump came down with Covid and was able to quickly recover did people start officially questioning the way Dr. Fauci had advised the country on the virus from the beginning.   Its quite obvious Fauci, “Dr. Doom” himself, wanted the chaos of an unmanaged viral outbreak for political reasons and his partner, Bill Gates along with their ties to the World Health Organization have bet on using this virus to shut down vast portions of the global economy for some indefinite time period and they didn’t want to hear what Dr. Simone Gold had to say to the contrary.  And that was true of Google and Twitter too, they had invested in the eventual results of a government shutdown of the economy and were not shy about being under the bedsheets with China leading up to all this.  We have been witnessing another coup attempt during the Trump presidency, this time coming from the medical community where the “experts” were hand picked to drive the Covid-19 narrative and anybody who didn’t fall in line would be ostracized from society and find themselves unemployed which is exactly what happened to Dr. Gold and even Judy Mikovits who has a couple of the best selling books on the planet right now—but nobody would know.

Covid-19 was a scam from the beginning, a plandemic created by tech insurgents like Bill Gates to implement a world collapse of America into a change state under United Nations control.  They went all in on the effort and have been willing to destroy the lives of many people in the process.  As the doctors of the White Coat Summit have said, Covid-19 was treatable from the start.  Everyone knew what to do to stop the effects of the virus.  There was never any danger to our hospitals being over capacity and people didn’t need to die of the virus.  If they were treated early, people could have recovered much the way Chris Christie did, who recently caught Covid at a White House event, had to spend some time on an ICU because he’s terribly out of shape, but he recovered because he had access to medicine.  The advocates of Covid-19 were willing to deny help and medicine to people to drive the media message of a pandemic so that they could wrestle away political control of America and give it to global enforcers.  And to be honest, they should be prosecuted for murder in many ways, including Dr. Fauci who intentionally startled President Trump into playing along for a while.

When I call the governor of my state, Dummy DeWine I do so because he should have known better what was going on.  Instead he got caught playing out of the playbook of Amy Acton, his Health Director at the time who was obviously in sync with Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates into the end result.  DeWine got caught playing a kid’s game of keep away in regard to the virus setting up all kinds of unconstitutional orders for people to follow like 6 foot social distancing, stay at home orders, and mandates to wear a mask in public, which the doctors explained does nothing to stop Covid-19.  Nothing at all.  In fact, it likely exacerbates the situation and makes Covid-19 much worse and to spread much faster.  DeWine was one of the first of the nation’s governors to be suckered into the scam that became Covid-19 and he’ll never live it down.  Many governors followed him, which then gave the excuse to several blue state governors to lock down their states perpetually, such as Michigan.  It has only been recently that the courts are starting to catch up to these debacles, but the damage by now has long been done.  But it is sad to learn that all this damage was avoidable, and that every Covid-19 patient could have been treated.  It was our government reaction to it that cost so much in death and finances.  Yet, as is clear now, Covid-19 was an act of terrorism from the Bill Gates types out there, the billionaires who seek power through panic and enjoy with grim satisfaction watching people run to a slaughter house of their design.

What Bill Gates did with the help of Dr. Fauci was crack the whip of what they see as a cattle herd to keep everyone headed in the direction of their design, they wanted to use fear to accomplish the task.  If a person here or there stepped out of the herd, the threat of violence and worse came their way the way a cowboy will frighten a loose animal into getting back in line.  But the truth was that the message was you’ll be killed if you don’t get back in line for the slaughterhouse, which is where the herd is going.  And people will do it because they hope to live just a few minutes longer.  That is how many malicious people mostly in the medical community representing hostile governments around the world were able to get mass society to follow their stupid CDC guidance coming out of the World Health Organization which Bill Gates had a tremendous amount of influence.  Its not just that Covid-19 was always treatable, its that bad actors within America tried to use that fear of the virus to gain power, so they deliberately denied treatment to people who needed it, by hiding that treatment from the public to incite panic and great economic loss.  What they did was terrorism, and only now are people beginning to see it for what it was.  And thankfully from these doctors of the White Coat Summits, we have the proof. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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