The Rise of the Resistance is Now Open: What a marvel of techical mythology

I plan to geek out on Star Wars for the next several weeks. I’m sure I’ll cover other current events as my readers expect, but for my own enjoyment, there is a lot to enjoy as a Star Wars fan that I think is very relevant to our modern world and the philosophies that spawn off them. Star Wars if you peel away the stories in space, the black and white view of good and evil, the fairy tale aspect of the mythology is unique in that its essentially about the tyranny of rules and how humans crave the freedom to be whimsical and untethered to the concoctions of authority. As the new ride opened up in Galaxy’s Edge called Rise of the Resistance and I watched the live streams of the opening ceremony, I couldn’t help but think of how wonderfully unifying the whole thing was, as people of all kinds of political backgrounds could at least agree on something showing that we all have more in common than not. I had been looking forward to the opening of this Disney attraction for a very long time writing about it way back in 2012 with great gusto. Well now its here, and I have some opinions about it that are worth talking about.

Even as a little kid I loved the making of Star Wars as much so, if not more than the movies themselves. I see the creative process as an opportunity to break previous rules and to innovate and that has always been at the core of all Star Wars experiences that are good, whether the endeavor is in literature, film, television, amusement attractions, comics, video games—Star Wars is always best when they are breaking the rules of previous assumptions and the hope when Disney bought the franchise from George Lucas back in 2012 was that something like this Rise of the Resistance attraction, and the Galaxy’s Edge land in Disneyland and Disney World would actually happen. And when it did, the rules would be pushed to the creative limit and we’d all get something very special.

On the opening day of this new ride the traffic was backed up at the gates of Hollywood Studios well before 4 AM in the morning. And the rides for the entire day were already booked up before 8 AM. The energy and anticipation for this ride attraction is astonishing and for good reason, the technical achievements that were made to make it were mind bending cool and the best that modern technology could utilize. It’s something that only Disney as a company could do due to their massive cash reserves and collection of very imaginative people within their Imagineering group. It has taken a while for the Disney Company to figure out their role in this new ownership, and to step beyond the temptations to limit the scope to modern political concerns and social justice perspective, but its quite clear to me that with all their efforts at Galaxy’s Edge and the story of Batuu, they have done a great job. Over the past several months I have read all the comics about this exciting new land at Disney World, read the books, The Black Spire and The Resistance Reborn, and I have been excited to see how the media company would be able to tie all these elements together into a grand modern mythology.

For perspective, I am the kind of guy who geeked out in Canterbury, England because I was able to walk the sites of one of my favorite books, The Canterbury Tales. I feel much the same way when it comes to James Joyce and is work in and around Dublin, Ireland. Wherever great acts of thought and imagination have taken place I find reverence there because for me, that is one of the most important things in the entire world, creativity of thought and action. And typically, we only see those kinds of things spring out in the world through some great literary work, or a good movie or musical piece. And we go through our entire lives and see such things only here and there and not too often. But with Star Wars, we see a lot of creativity and we always have. The stories are always about the perils of tyranny and living under the thumb of too many rules where individual rights are smashed to give way to a compliant society. But that’s not it, Star Wars both in front of the camera and behind is about unleashing the imagination so that something bigger and better could be born, and people can feel that even if they can’t articulate what it is they feel.

When people rushed to be the first to ride Rise of the Resistance, which is without question the most technical ride in the history of the world up to this point, they were pushing to touch this aspect of Star Wars that makes it so special. The ability to enjoy something that is specific to human beings, not only to think of a story that communicates to so many people across so many demographic barriers, but to entertain ourselves with its complete immersive environment. As I say that I have been playing a lot of Battlefront II with my oldest grandson lately which is just another layer of this new mythology. Additionally, in November I took a long weekend and shut off the world professionally to just play the new Star Wars game, Fallen Order, which was wonderfully entertaining. To be able to explore these places in a video game environment to me is a jaw dropping experience given that my background was at the start of the video game age. What they can do these days to me is amazing. But to step out of the movies, books and video games and into a real environment like what they have created with Rise of the Resistance at Disney World is nothing short of awe inspiring.

It gives me a lot of hope for the human race whenever these big Star Wars events happen and I can see so many people excited about it. I enjoy conventions and big video game releases because of this very element, but its been a long time, if ever that I’ve seen anything like the energy that came out of the opening of Rise of the Resistance at Disney World. The energy of the participants was amazing as viewed by the videos within this article. To see the level of detail that the Imagineers at Disney World were able to pull off with this attraction is more than impressive, but what’s better is that so many people appreciated it to the extent that some of them were willing to wait for days to ride the ride. Yet Disney deserves the credit for putting their money where their mouth was. They spent a billion dollars on this attraction and it shows, which was a massive investment on their part into their fans. People can complain that Disney is too expensive and that they are a giant media corporation that has a monopoly on talent. But they gained all that prestige through being good at what they do. And its not often that people can get such a return on investment as we are all getting with Rise of the Resistance, the ride.

Rich Hoffman

A Look Behind the Democrat Veil: There is nothing but smoke, not even a mirror

My history with lunatics, sword swallowers, and magicians helps me more often than all the people I know with doctorates and master’s degrees in understanding the truly life ending behavior of the Democrats, which might not be covered by anybody else in the entire world, even Rush Limbaugh. And so it went that the strategy of the entire DNC was on full display Thursday, December 5th as Nancy Pelosi announced that her congress would move forward with impeachment of President Trump. The less observed truth to their entire strategy was revealed by a fight at a rally for Mayor Pete, Joe Biden called a guy “fat” as he sparred with him over his own corruption scandal in Ukraine, and Hillary Clinton attempted to reset her dismal personality on the Howard Stern Show, almost simultaneously. In short, the objective is to get rid of Trump with impeachment so that one of the DNC candidates can make some ground, then try to create their own Trump moments to capture the attention of voters. The only problem is, they have no idea what they are doing or why people voted for Trump in the first place.

Democrats are trying to be Trump without having the authenticity of character that made so many people vote for him for president in 2016. They think they can play act some of his character traits, like going onto Howard Stern and “winging” it with flamboyance and bravado and that suddenly it might catapult them into the hearts and minds of America. But the crowds tell the whole story, what was astonishing in both Joe Biden’s townhall where he fought with the old man at that event challenging him to a push up contest and calling him names, or at the Mayor Pete event that sounded like it only had about four people there including the old lady who tried to hit a protestor with her walker. There just isn’t any excitement for these people yet the media who are fully in on the act, are trying to make them appear legitimate, but its not working.

In Biden’s case, the entire impeachment premise that the Democrats have put forth assume that Joe Biden was Donald Trump’s rival for the 2020 seat. But that guy isn’t in the running, he’s certainly not in first place. After watching him over these last several weeks, the polls that show him as the front runner must be phony, because if that is the best that the DNC have, (which I think he is) then they are in real trouble. Talk about a gaffe driven loser, between his comments about kids jumping in his lap and wanting to rub his hairy legs, then this mess with calling this guy at his townhall fat, Biden will never survive the one on one debates with Trump. And apparently everyone knows it, which is why they are trying to at least tarnish Trump with some impeachment scandal that is completely phony, so they can hope to have a shit shots chance in Hell at getting some votes in the next election. But I say it’s over for them before they can even get started because what they are trying to do is way too obvious. They don’t have any original ideas of their own, or personalities that inspire leadership, so they are copying elements of Trump without understanding why it worked in the first place. It’s one of the most pathetic things that I’ve ever seen, especially taken not individually, but rather in the context of the DNC presidential strategy for which they are all trying to play some part.

Hillary was right about some parts of Trump’s success, he did do interviews with anybody anywhere, even in his pajamas. His access to the media was explosive, but even if she had done the same, she still wouldn’t have won, and here’s why. Nobody cared about what she had to say. Nobody wanted to hear about her stupid glass ceiling of victimization womanhood, nobody wanted to hear her cough every five seconds. And nobody wanted to hear the way she really screws up saying “R’s.” She’s the crazy working mom that nobody wants to play at her house, because she’s so overbearing, stiff, and unimaginative. And she’s what the Democrats thought of as their best.

We’ve watched for a few years now the Democrats attempt put out on the market what they think voters want espousing issues that they hope people care about, like marijuana legalization, socialism for all, and open borders. Yet their people are really just used up pot heads who don’t have any pizzazz because they are cardboard cut-outs of what they think are real people. Trump is a complete person with a big personality who is where he is in life due to his wild life and many wins that have shaped him into an interesting character who can get things done. People want an achiever, not a copycat—they want authenticity. What’s insulting is that these people, Joe Biden, Clinton, Mayor Pete—and all the rest of them both in front of the camera and behind—and with all their educations, professional experience, and power in politics—they can’t come up with anything better. And that is the sad truth for them.

Then what’s worse is that while they feel they have to copy elements of Trump from 2016 to win some votes and get their base excited about something, they have conspired with a phony claim of corruption, for which Joe Biden is actually guilty of, to remove Trump from office before the election even happens because they have no other cards to play. If you think of things that way, the whole situation is entirely pathetic. That they think we are all that stupid is even worse. Because they do think that little of us.

You can tell a lot about people when the pressure is on, how they manage the stress. Biden folds like a piece of wet paper. He will never be able to go toe to toe with anybody in prime time, he can’t even do it when the media is rigged in his favor. Hillary already failed to match Trump in an election. She tried, but she was exhausted. In hindsight, she may want to do more interviews, and attend more campaign stops to match the Trump effort, but she just doesn’t have the health and stamina to do it. Talking about it is one thing, doing it is quite another. It takes a lot more than just going on Howard Stern, you must have something to say that people actually want to hear. And the rest of the DNC candidates aren’t any better off. Nancy Pelosi is even in on the game trying to copy elements of the Tea Party in her impeachment delivery sounding more like Butters from South Park than some historian evoking the sentiment of our founding documents. She misses the mark as bad if not worse than the rest of them because she thinks that by copying the Tea Party, which is where Donald Trump came from in the first place, that she will inspire action toward her Democrats. Which of course is the worst miscalculation in the history of politics. Taken all together the DNC is a disaster without a plan, character, or original ideas. And copying what does work won’t save them.

Rich Hoffman

The Loser Law Professors of Trump Impeachment: Our colleges are more dangerious than guns and these people showed why

With astonishing uniformity, the interpretation of the so-called impeachment witnesses that were called into congress to provide testimony regarding President Trump were telling a story that clearly wasn’t true. Once I was able to get home and watch the hearings for myself it was quite clear that nearly every news outlet was missing the point in live time as law professors Pamela Karlan of Stanford, Noah Feldman of Harvard and Michael Gerhardt of the University of North Carolina made a mean spirited plea for a resumption of the social order they had spent their lives manipulating. A fourth witness, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley was much more accurate when he argued that the Democrats’ impeachment push was being rushed at the expense of fact-gathering and that the House Intelligence Committee’s end of the investigation had not produced clear and convincing evidence of impeachable offenses by Trump. But more to the point, if anybody tried to impeach President Trump for such a silly thing as a phone call then imagine what future presidents from either side would go through. It was dangerous to even be having the discussion.

I have not been a supporter of colleges, and of my family members going. I think you can learn more by doing real things in life than in going to the propaganda chambers of our American colleges. I would go so far to say that I see zero value in most of it. I went and I thought it was the dumbest thing in my life, worse than all the years I went to Sunday school. Studying the Bible was far more valuable than in studying the liberal points of view that colleges were pushing, and for the life of me, I don’t see why anybody would send their kids to colleges for free, let alone spending the fortunes that colleges cost to teach virtually nothing. And the sheer shortsightedness and stupidity of college opinions is mind-blowing when you think that the four people that were put up to testify against the President of these United States were considered some of the best and brightest that are produced, and they sounded like cheap idiots who belong selling blankets out of the back of their car at a flea market instead of the heads of our major education institutions. It’s been clear to me for a very long time, and it was obvious yesterday to many millions of others, our modern college system is not the one that Socrates and Plato would have envisioned. Rather the brain washing that the Nazis did is the only thing close. These people were losers not just in their political opinions, but in the content of their thoughts. Even I was embarrassed for them.

To have such hatred as three of the four college professors uttered and to have it shape their intellect, these people shouldn’t be anywhere near the minds of our children. Parents who send their kids to these losers to learn something would argue that they do so in order to provide their kids with a head-start in life, so they can get a good job. But at what expense? These people shouldn’t be teaching a dog to go outside to use the restroom, let alone anything professionally. And the danger was evident in the reporting of yesterday’s testimony. It’s not just that I support Trump that was the problem. But my take on the hearing was radically different than the recently trained college opinions of the media—many of them just a few years out of whatever college they came out of before getting jobs where they could then start reporting media events. It’s the thought process that they have learned that is the danger that runs against the notions of critical thinking they should be using. Instead of reporting what really happened at this testimony, they simply repeated like some tropical bird what their schools had told them to say with a cult-like voice that matched these liberal law professors. What we were seeing was a very dangerous trend where the minds of young people have been completely destroyed by professors like these, and we should all be angry about it.

The danger isn’t that the law professors have opinions different from the over 60 million people who voted for President Trump in the first place, but it’s in the obvious attempt to use these short-sighted nitwits as the best in the business to convince us that impeachment of a very popular president during an election year is anything but a frustrated gamble because the liberal side of politics doesn’t have any other way to beat the guy in an election. And they are trying to sell us some snake oil version of reality through our education system to tap into those old fears we all grow up with, of standing out of line for the water fountain, or marching down the halls in single file to go to recess, or a poor grade on a test because we didn’t follow instructions that the teacher’s gave us. A fine example of such a thing I can think of from kindergarten where a crazy, nasty bitch of an old woman teacher that I had gave us a class assignment to make a paper cut-out of a little bear and to complete him with some corduroy pants. I put jeans on my bear because it made more sense to me, and I got into a lot of trouble for it. In fact, that kind of thing went on for all 12 grades of my life in public school and I learned to like pissing off the teachers, because I always thought of them as idiots. I was right of course. Usually, those who teach can’t do and that has turned out to be a lot truer than these law professors’ opinions about the qualifications of impeaching Trump. And my thoughts certainly didn’t change at college. I thought of it then and still as a massive rip-off and a scam at best. It was never that I couldn’t do the work or wasn’t smart enough. Quite the opposite. I had a hard time being taught by people who weren’t as smart as me, which protected my mind from losers like these detriments to society that were presented yesterday to congress.

I’ve had those opinions about college all of my life but I don’t push my thoughts onto others unless they ask me. But yesterday’s ceremony was just too much to ignore. I voted for Trump so that the guy could fix the kind of world those idiots have been trying to create. I certainly don’t need them to tell me anything, yet they were paraded around as experts for all of us to listen to, and it honestly angered me quite a lot. It was a reminder of just how bad our education system is from top to bottom, and how destructive to young minds its been. Normally I can ignore the terrible impact education has had on our population, but this was in our face and aggressive politically. And the reporters reporting it were like zombies reporting the way their college professors told them to, to follow the directions, don’t question reality, and protect the status quo. And it was something to be sick about.

Rich Hoffman

Lisa Page, the Latte Sipping Prostitute: Whores come in all types, even in the FBI

I’ve had a lot of them, but one of the best phrases I’ve ever come up with to describe a certain sector of the voting population is that of the infamous Latte Sipping Prostitute. It’s a kind of woman who uses her sexuality to control men toward political measures to satisfy their instinctual needs at motherhood and all the neurosis of a panic driven imbecile and the men go along with these antics because they don’t want to make these women unhappy denying them sex when desired. Where a bar whore or a street walker might sell sex for dope, or even a place to stay for the night, the latte sipping prostitute does much the same for reasons just as malicious, only society doesn’t have a proper measure, so the antics are often overlooked, at least until I came up with that term several years ago to describe school levy supporters. The term could apply to just about any socialite, and certainly tells a proper story about those kinds of women who otherwise are looked at falsely as stewards of good conduct. As a white man, I’m not supposed to have such opinions, yet I do, and they are entirely accurate ways to portray the kind of political element that we encounter often, especially when it comes to the FBI lawyer Lisa Page who was sleeping with the FBI investigator Peter Strzok at the highest levels of the case against Hillary Clinton and would eventually seek through pillow talk and texts the overthrow of an American election. No small matter.

And as Trump mocked the two lovers at a recent rally, he had a right. The two FBI agents abused their power and were driven to crimes and rightly brought to ruin. But not because of some ethical conduct on behalf of the FBI, who tried to cover up the affair and their political activism, but because Strzok’s wife found the text messages and let them out to the public. Page was married, so was Strzok and when the wife approached Page, she behaved mystified that the jealous woman had misunderstood the nature of their affair. After all, what’s a few sleepovers at a local hotel? Just sex, not necessarily an affair. That was after all how Lisa Page reacted before the world knew her name and all the intimate details of her relationship with an FBI lover. And after many months more of embarrassing nightly reminders of that mistake, and surely a husband of her own very jealous, the pressure is getting to her and she wants it to stop.

Yet she never should have played the game. She along with her boyfriend tried to overturn an election, and she used sex to manipulate an FBI agent to act against his better judgment. Sure, its his fault to fall for it, but she was certainly acting as a latte sipping prostitute as I have defined it in previous cases. It may not be a politically correct term, but it is an accurate one. People like her do this kind of thing all the time. Yet when they get caught, they attempt to hide behind society’s lack of definitions for this activity. She may regret what she had done now, it certainly wasn’t a smart career move. However she did play it and now the consequences are hard to deal with which should be expected.

To call these types of people a whore is what is debated, of course by other latte sipping prostitutes who want to look in the mirror and think of themselves as good people and outstanding community members. Just as Lisa Page, according to her own text messages to her lover was perplexed as to why Peter’s wife would think they were having an affair just because they were sleeping with one another is equivalent to a bar whore not thinking of the sex they sell as a relationship but as a product. Most people in their lives are selling something. My measure for the authenticity of it or not can be determined by the fine work of Mihaly Csikszentmilhalyi’s great book Flow. If what you are doing for a living is purely for the exchange of money or some power connected to it, then to some degree or another you are no different than a prostitute selling sex for money, or in doing as Lisa Page was attempting, to use sex to manipulate an FBI agent into overthrowing an American election. All the behavior is the same. Going back to the origins of the latte sipping prostitute title I have given so many, such people use sex and their power of entry to it to sway their spouses into supporting school levies and other tax measures, so the behavior is no different and is just another level of prostituting themselves to gain something not quite authentic.

Even a whore wants to think of their profession as something beneficial even going to such measures of thinking that they help relationships where bed rituals are suffering. Anybody can justify anything, and clearly that was what Lisa Page was in the business of doing at the level of the FBI. The scary thing about it is that she obviously was not alone but was simply one who was caught due to the large visibility at the top of American politics with eyes on the situation where it took a jealous wife to unleash the evidence. Without question, there are many more latte sipping prostitutes functioning in the open within what we call the Beltway swamp, and they are dangerous to our American republic.

What a person chooses to do with their ethical standards is not the business of the American people until they try to use their bodies and female resources to alter laws, taxation, or elections. At that point, they are a detriment to our entire social order and they deserve derogatory terms as a reference to their illicit services. What they don’t deserve is respect even if they wear feathers, furs, or expensive jewelry to disguise their function. A whore is a whore whether they sell their bodies in a bar, on a street, or in bedrooms of loveless marriages for the purposes of manipulating their spouses toward political means. Its all whoring.

Men whore too, they sell themselves for stupid things all the time for much the same reasons that we associate with whores. They can be latte sipping prostitutes as well. I can think of a long list of beta men who fit that category perfectly. And in many ways Lisa Page’s boyfriend in the FBI was a whore of a different kind. He was sucking up to his superiors to play the political assassin for a group of swamp creature radicals who wanted to do anything to stop Trump from becoming president. If he could do it and get a little on the side by a swamp whore sipping lattes instead of drunken ale, that was even better. But if not her, a trip down K-Street would do, and often does for many of those types. That is the truth of the matter and its important that we don’t confuse their actions with the merit of a civilized society. They are all prostitutes, but their vices come in all shapes and sizes but their worth is all the same.

Rich Hoffman

The Coastal Communists of Michael Bloomberg: Understanding what makes America and why we must defend it

I don’t watch normal television much. I still carry cable because I want the option, especially like it was over the Holidays where I had more time than usual to watch television, especially football games. And it was there that I saw Michael Bloomberg advertisements for President, and it had the feel of coming from some other country. If there is one thing, I learned from my hard motorcycle riding days which took up about a decade of my life, its that my measure of political validity is that if it doesn’t pass the smell test of Deadwood, South Dakota, then its not American. Back then I was thinking of doing a documentary about motorcycle riders and why they think the things they do, and why so many people were drawn to places like Sturgis Motorcycle rallies which Deadwood is certainly on the to-do list. That region of the world produced interesting American characters such as Wild Bill Hickock, Seth Bullock and Teddy Roosevelt, and it remains today an accurate measurement of political temperament. Viewed with the lenses of options, the communist attempts of the American left are obvious, and candidates like Michael Bloomberg are easy to understand as opposed to the coastal areas of North America that is easily consumed by unsophisticated concerns so long as they can go to the beach somewhere nearby.

The Bloomberg advertisement was a sharp reminder of just how divided we are as a country, where the coastal communists seek to impose themselves on the Deadwood lovers of the midlands, and their desire to ride free and die hard. The gap couldn’t be more pronounced. It also said a lot about how poorly the political left understands their position. Bloomberg thinks because he’s a billionaire that he will be able to duplicate Trump’s 2016 run, except from the vantagepoint of the communist left. The people who watch the network television stations are typically soft minded types open to other ideas because they have little firm convictions themselves, so he mistakenly measures that his ad time will boost him in the polls which I would think it won’t. Likely, not at all. The fact that he would think so and would pay the best in the business that money can buy to allow him to spend on such an ad says that nobody on the left really has a clue as to what is going on. They are still on point, for their leftist agenda. They don’t see or understand that the 2016 election was a rebellion, not just luck and money.

I agree, my views are hardline options that are scary to moderates. My thoughts were forged from experience, including many hours on motorcycles traveling the country and thinking about these things, and writing books about my opinions and gauging the reaction of the public. I wouldn’t consider myself a bestselling writer by any measure, but over the years I have developed a nice autograph signature that came as a result of book signings. I have sold enough books to develop an autograph signature and that was something I had to explain recently while signing Christmas cards professionally. And when you can say such a thing about yourself where a signature is actually sought, you earn the right to have opinions that are outside the norm as a change agent, which is what I would call my role. The trend is that more people think the way I do than they don’t which is reflected by the recent elections. Its also why you will never see someone like Michael Bloomberg campaigning in Deadwood, South Dakota where Trump would be carried around like a king on a throne. The communists in our country are trying to change opinions and most good people will give them a listen. But once they find out what they have been up to, they get mad. I feel I have a right to be very angry at communists like Michael Bloomberg, who is at the very least a sympathizer to Chinese communism. Or our school systems funded by tax money who wish to convert our children into future Michael Bloombergs. They are attacking our American lifestyle, and that earns the right to anger. So there is nothing wrong with coming out on one side of it, especially if you are like me and have made a point to draw attention to it using whatever platform one might have earned in life.

In the context of those motorcycle riding days where you see and taste this fine country from the back of an unprotected 1500cc beast through raging rain storms, hard snowstorms, and intense heat, when you find out the plans of the political left, you see it as an attack. Michael Bloomberg and his leftist New York friends want the kind of communism that China has for America or the kind of socialism that Scandinavia has presently. Both are born from the mind of Karl Marx which came about toward the end of the Victorian Era and is how that type of thinking entered New York under the name of progressivism, ultimately by the same Teddy Roosevelt I praised from hanging out in Deadwood during his pre-presidential days. It was always an attack on America and the minds that made it great. Roosevelt surrendered to it after his many days in the White House and his roots as an aristocrat in New York got the better of him eventually. Teddy traveled out to Deadwood to spend time with people like Seth Bullock to get his mind right. But at the turn of the century, not even that helped him, and he eventually ended his life thinking more like Michael Bloomberg.

Know that it is our minds and lifestyles that are under attack by these communist infiltrators, we all have a right to be a little pissed off. In fact, we have a right to be a lot pissed off! The kind of communism that runs China is exactly what Michael Bloomberg wants, and it is astonishing to see that the main networks of television have fallen lockstep into that effort, as most of them are based in New York where much of this thought movement entered our country like a Trojan horse ready for battle. As many think I’m too critical, too colorful in my hatred, and too resistant to the works of Marx as a philosophy, I would say otherwise. Based on the foundations of this country, which can still be seen in places like Deadwood, South Dakota, or Liberty Square in Disney World, I don’t think my opinions are too strong at all. And we were not wrong in voting for Trump. And the world that Bloomberg wants to go is one that we have already rejected, that his money won’t be able to buy. So, in a lot of ways, its good that he’s running. He will put a dagger through the heart of communism in America once and for all, without meaning to do it. But never forget what they intended to do, and still do even to this latest hour. Bloomberg doesn’t just want to take away your soda drinks, your straws, your money, and your guns, but the very nature of your American life. What he needs as a result is a good ass kicking at the polls and I think he’ll get it. But what a vision of the world it is to see it firsthand instead of just implied inuendo. That is when you realize just how close we all came in 2016 to the end of our country, because these relics still don’t realize they lost, and are still saying the same things that destroyed them in the first place.

Rich Hoffman

Tesla’s New Cybertruck: A Picasso design that reflects American lifestyles

Everyone is talking about the wrong things in regard to the new Cybertruck from Tesla. Elon Musk during the recent unveiling of the new electric vehicle from his line of products was demonstrating the impact resistant glass, and it shattered. But that didn’t matter to me, when I first saw the vehicle I instantly fell in love with it, and would buy one right now if I hadn’t just bought a new car, one of the big Chevy Traverses that they are making these days for the SUV market. For all the reasons I bought that car I would like to have a Tesla Truck, and then some. I thought the design was brilliant and way out of the box, and it is on my list to purchase the next time I’m buying a car. What’s not to like?

For me, a bullet proof car made out of stainless steel is a very attractive option. I do have a need for such things. It would also be good for ANTIFA protests where demonstrators attack capitalism with bats and sticks. The hard-pressed steel panels would hold up and still look good for dinner later that night. No scratched paint, no dents from parking lot foils. You could take it off road and through the brush without tree limbs and rocks kicking up and scratching your paint job. I can think of a million reasons to own a Tesla Cybertruck. Finally, someone is giving us a look into the kind of future that we should have had all along, and I like it.

I think I’m looking at the Tri Motor AWD option when I do get one, it goes 0-60 in 2.9 seconds and has a towing capacity of over 14,000 pounds. There are concepts for a Cybertrailer that goes with the truck that I think would fit my lifestyle in a very good way for the next decade so I’m excited about it. Very. The vehicle itself I think is much more American than even the traditional truck market has been, which to Musk’s point, hasn’t innovated much since its inception a hundred years ago. This vehicle is a bold new step into a world of out of the box lifestyles that are typical for most Americans and a perfect compliment. I can think of a lot of uses for a truck that goes that fast and can travel 500 miles on a single charge.

When people say something is “genius” which I would apply to this new Tesla Cybertruck, is that it breaks the mold of some status quo and is being disruptive toward previous assumptions. I think that is true in science, economics, and certainly vehicle transport. Something like this truck has been contemplated in science fiction for years, yet unimaginative designers at the big three automakers have just been lazy, and complacent to allow themselves to chase after the Japanese automakers, instead of really giving American truck drivers what they want. My son-in-law just bought his dream truck, a Ram which I think is wonderfully large and complete with a top tech approach to the big roads of American lifestyles. And as I said, we just bought in my household a very nice Traverse from Chevrolet. Big like a truck, but as maneuverable as a sports car in a lot of ways, with great power. Much better power than I would have expected. But always in these products is the feeling that they are just a bit better than other offerings. Why not be a lot better? What would be wrong with that? I feel like that is what Tesla is trying to give the market, especially in America.

I’m not a big electric car advocate, in fact that is the only drawback I see on this Cybertruck design is that it runs on batteries. I hate the idea of not being able to stop easily on a long trip to South Dakota and not get a ten-minute fill-up then be back on the road. But for the power that these new electric engines do give, I’d be willing to overlook some of those pitfalls. Without question, Tesla is getting more power out of its electric engines than traditional fuel combustion can, and that is exciting. Power for me is more important than practicality. And that is true of most truck buyers in America. I need something that has tremendous power, that can ride off road in some remote areas getting pelted with rocks, rammed by bears and elk, and still be ready for a night on the town with just a good rainstorm to clean away the mud. As much as I like my new Traverse I still park it a hundred yards from the nearest car in a parking lot because I worry about some runaway shopping cart hitting it from some distracted mother trying to buckle in her screaming kid from nearby, not tending to her business. With the Cybertruck, I wouldn’t worry nearly so much because its essentially a tank.

Watching the unveiling Elon Musk had outside on display the DeLorean from Back to the Future and the Lotus from the movie The Spy Who Loved Me, which were two of my favorite cars growing up as the inspiration of this Cybertruck. That obviously is part of the appeal for me, as people in my age group have been thinking about these kinds of things all of our lives. People have been critical of the angular shape of the Cybertruck, but I think its all extremely practical and American. Hard lines meeting at unique angles to tell a kind of Picasso story of American outdoor life, that is what this truck says to me and the design is actually very brilliant to my eyes. That’s what you get when you think that far outside the box of a very established truck market. Tesla continues to push the limits and it gives me great reason to root for them. This is one of their most exciting installments yet.

Innovation for me is far more important than protecting existing markets. If there is a way to make something better from what we’ve always assumed was a dead market, then why not. And if the electric engines turn out to be better, then why not use them. That is obviously the case with the emerging Skycar markets which is another consideration. If we use skycars more and more in the future for our casual transportation, then we will certainly want something like the new Cybertruck to fulfill our recreation needs. It all makes a lot more sense than in what we’ve been seeing over the last several decades and finally gives us a peak at the possibilities of tomorrow. I can see so many reasons that I’d want to use this truck over other offerings that the benefits far outweigh the draw backs. I have been thinking of getting a big RV for some of my needs for the upcoming decade, and that is still very much a need for me, but this new Tesla Truck has changed my thinking on the matter quite a lot. And that is a very good thing which I greatly appreciate. This is one of the most exciting vehicles I’ve ever seen and I think I need to find a way to put one in my driveway for many adventures to come.

Rich Hoffman

The False Nature of Teams: Reflections on the Ohio State win over Michigan

I saw some of the most bizarre behavior during the Ohio State football game at Michigan in Ann Arbor over the weekend that its worth some observational notes. I don’t watch much college football all though I enjoy the ambiance of all fall football. The details are often too boring. The students are not yet perfected to the level of the pros and I don’t enjoy watching them. I think colleges hold back people; it doesn’t enhance them. They are good for educating people into procedures and to be good employees, but not so good in turning out unusual thinkers willing to push the limits and during the game my concerns were more than confirmed. If the goal is to find one’s place into some pecking order of procedural thinking, colleges do what people spend their money on. But they do not make leaders—I find that colleges openly lie about this objective and they charge way too much money for it, yet they convince people to pay it due to these sports programs.

Watching the Michigan side, complete with Tom Brady providing commentary in favor of the “Blue” of his former school there were these bizarre statements about teamwork, and that the team is greater than any individual, any player, any coach, anything. This was astonishing to me because I hear that come out of the mouths of many people all through my professional life from the statehouses across the country to the intimate business meetings that happen hour by hour. People say these really dumb things and it makes you wonder where they get this information. Well, I know that the colleges have become in America excessive liberal factories trying to program political activism into their students and charging a lot of money for the opportunity. In trade, most companies, especially large ones agree to hire the kids from the colleges because secretly they just want nice employees who won’t rock the boat with new, breaking thoughts. They will just do what they are told and suppress any frustrations that might arise from the arrangement. But here, at the Ohio State game was lies about the arrangement, that no individual is more important than the team and that’s just not how the world works. The snake oil salesmen have obviously been hard at work in the broadcast booths of our nation’s college football games.

In the end the game was a blowout in favor of Ohio State winning 56-27. The point of the whole exercise was to make people who have attended these universities over the years, which is the point of all college sports programs, is to give those who have graduated, a continued value for their money spent. These days its like getting DLC content for a completed video game. It gives the participants a feeling of unity and a kind of family atmosphere in those massive 100,000 people stadiums where these games are played. But right after the game is done and everyone goes home, the specifics are forgotten and its off to the next thing. The whole experience is to unify people into the team concept of college sports and to coax them into continuing to spend money on the perceived results. For the amount of money that we are talking the whole scam is pretty pathetic.

So it went at the start of the game and during all this fluffy commentary about team work being so much greater than any individual, yet the results of the game was all about individuals being better than others, and the rest of the team sat on the sideline cheering them on along with the people in the stands. The terms, “we won” as was the common term used after the game, or “we lost this one,” were ludicrous. Ohio State had better individual players who picked up the team and took them to victory. In this particular game the quarterback and the running back were the two main positions where exceptional play took place, but most of the rest of the game was just a bunch of average people fulfilling their positions. Sure, the quarterback needs someone to throw the ball to, and the running back needs blockers—but in those positions, most anybody can play those roles, which is normal for the college experience. Most any graduate can be hired or replaced, and nobody would notice. But, the exceptional players J.K. Dobbins finding holes to run through or some of those deep, accurate passes from Justin Fields weren’t part of some team other than they needed to follow the instructions of the leaders in running the proper routes and getting open to make a play. The individual efforts were far more important than any collective message about unity.

Tom Brady’s comments in support of Michigan were bizarre as well. Let’s try an experiment, let’s take Tom Brady off the New England Patriots professional football team and see how many games they win. Or let’s take away their now famous coach. The lie that a team is what wins football games is told everywhere in modern culture, people buy it completely due to these kinds of recreation events justifying their comments, but reality is not being observed. The hard work that Tom Brady has always put into the game is why his teams have changed the players but they always continue to win. He is the stabilizing factor; the players come and go but the victories are the results of the many extra hours of hard work that Brady does to stay ahead of the competition. The teams under him get the ability to win a Super Bowl ring by sitting on the bench as opposed to playing for some other team where they might be expected as individuals to do more. But the truth is, they are irrelevant to the winning process, but Tom Brady is the key to a chance—and nobody else.

And it wasn’t Michigan who made Tom Brady who he is. They didn’t give him his natural talents. They gave him a chance to show it off but Brady didn’t come out of his big win over Ohio State a number one draft pick. He had to work his way up and work harder than everyone else, and still to this day he does that. That’s why he’s over 40 and still has a starting job in the NFL. Who else is going to be better than him? In the end, it comes down to the exceptional who carry the masses—always, in sports, in business, in politics—in everything. Everything. The colleges lie to justify their roles, and the masses buy the lie so that they can feel like they are part of a winning formula. But it always comes down to individual effort that leads teams to victory. Not the other way around. Everytime someone says something so stupid as the “team” is bigger than any one person you can always know that the person saying it has no idea how the world really works, and they are faking leadership. Because leadership is not about team victories, its about doing what leaders tell you and riding their coattails to success. And like I said, a good quarterback, running back, or business partner needs someone to throw the ball to. But wins and losses do not happen as a team, they happen as a result of leadership by individuals over those hungry to be led somewhere for an effort they couldn’t get any other way. That is a truth many aren’t prepared to contemplate, yet it’s the true essence of this ever-present reality.

Rich Hoffman