The Five Giveaways that Kamala Harris Would be the VP Pick: What the future holds for the pot smoking liberal loser from California

It’s not like it was a secret, the giveaway was in two phases, well—three really. The first was in early December when Kamala Harris dropped out of the presidential race rather abruptly surprising many. Not me, but many. I was actually having a nice drink at Disney Springs and was watching the news from the bar about 11 PM on the night when I saw the news about Harris dropping out and my first thought was that she made a deal with the Biden people to not hurt him going into the primaries, particularly Super Tuesday coming up soon at the time. The second of course came at the end of February when the badly trailing Joe Biden won in South Carolina. Now that was a few weeks before the Covid-19 shutdowns so many have already forgotten due to that terrible trauma, but the moment he won the primary all of a sudden his polling jumped up, the media started looking at him as the front runner and the other top Democrats all stepped aside to make way for him. That was the second deal with the Biden people that is of course connected to the donor class and those who want a puppet president so that they can run the country as a ghost. The media picked up the story as the Democrats proposed it, because honestly ad money is their bread and butter and they need a horse race to report for their own revenue. The third giveaway was when the Biden campaign accidently leaked that Harris was going to be the VP pick a few weeks ago but was quickly retracted. The media needed more horse racing for revenue for a bit longer, and Biden’s team needed to make the pick closer to their convention. But if you know how the story ends, all the points leading up to it were easy to see.

There was of course a forth giveaway, most of the Democrat strategists were in on it, and the media heads were too, the race riots that were sprung up from the George Floyd murder in Minnesota by the Black Lives Matter corporation of Marxism and mayhem were meant to fuel off that event to set America up for an election that would vote for the pot smoking black woman from California, Kamala Harris. For Democrats all that matters is that they get a sequel to Barack Obama, the identity politics of another black president, but this time as a woman checking off two of their action items for political advocacy. The whole issue with Susan Rice being a contender was to attempt to erase the accidental leak that Kamala was actually the pick all along in a deal made with her just after Thanksgiving of 2019.

Well, to really deep dive the contemplation, there is a fifth giveaway, it was Covid-19 itself. Now the coronavirus strategy for shutting down the world economies was always a plandemic from the beginning that was born of the United Nations and sold to the world through climate change radicals in the billionaire class, like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. There are many more, but those guys are the ones in America who have looked to apply Covid-19 measures through the CDC and into an attack of Western culture to appease their partners in China who were furious over the Trump trade deal. So this Covid stuff was always a kind of terrorist attack for them, but the DNC immediately saw the benefits to help change the nature of the upcoming elections particularly if they could keep it in the news past the November election of 2020 and eliminate signature balloting and get everyone to do mail-in ballots so that massive cheating could occur. Nobody cared that Joe Biden was literally dying in front of our faces. He was simply a place holder for Harris who was the sneak attack, and to overcome the Trump enthusiasm, they would use voter cheating to get the results they needed to elect essentially Harris using the Biden name to get on the ballot, but the election tampering would put Harris in the president’s chair. Old Joe could be a hero for his party by getting a black woman elected for his party and his name would go down in history books as a “president.” So, everyone would get what they want.

My wife asked me who the VP was going to be a few weeks ago and I told her to remember what I had said in Disney World, that it would be Kamala Harris. And then I said, the next thing, she was a loser then and she will lose in the end on this as they forgot one thing. Elections are still about choice and people wouldn’t “choose” Harris if there were other options on the ballot. They wouldn’t choose her because she’s a woman. They wouldn’t choose her because she’s black. Republicans after all have Candice Owens, she’s a black woman yet the political left doesn’t like her at all. They want to use identity politics to force us through complete media control to pick a radical left loser because she’s a black woman and because we should feel guilt over the race riots of late, which they completely provoked and that we would be forced to choose her because they eliminated all other options, and for those who still choose Trump, election fraud due to a panic reaction by Covid-19 would do the rest.

So what happens next you might ask, if I saw all this coming, then where is it going? Well, that is not a hard question to answer. Kamala Harris will flame out just as she did prior to making that deal with the Biden camp. The day to day rigors with Trump will flop and she will fail with gaffes because this election will not be about race, as the Democrats have attempted to make it, nor is it about guilt from the past. It will be about the economy and giving American’s back their freedoms, and resuming to life before Covid. That is the painful realization that the Democrats will learn too late. The power of the media is certainly a force, after all, after the South Carolina primary, the media and the rest of Democrats rallied behind their guy and made him look like a million bucks in polling and other measures—until he opened his mouth. So, this strategy of keeping Biden locked away and saying very little while challenging Americans to vote for a black woman for president isn’t going to work. People aren’t racists, and don’t really care about color issues, for white or black. They just want a government that leaves them alone and can keep money in their pockets with a good economy. And they know what I’m telling you dear reader, President Trump could shit in the middle of the street and flop it at passersby, and he will still win by a landslide. Why? Well because he is removing government from being in the way of people who want to be free, and they will vote that way. Harris is just more restriction and nonsense and people are sick of it. And all too late, Democrats will learn that. But they can’t admit it now because they are all in on this mess, and soon it will be all over their face.

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F**K Covid-19: Sturgis a “Hopelessly Devoted” love letter to America

It is like watching children ponder the location of the moon in the sky, they can see it, but can’t understand why they can’t touch it. To understand such things they have so many things to learn about atmospheres and space, orbital trajectory, the solar system in general and the meaning of distances. Yet they can see it and ponder understanding, but to us who do know, it’s a painful experience to watch them undertake the journey. For liberals, trying to get their mind around the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and the words of the Smash Mouth rock band declare to a packed crowed at a Buffalo Chip concert, “F**K that Covid sh**.” To make matters worse for the liberals was that there was no social distancing going on, no mask wearing, and the event appeared to their little Marxist minds to put people over profit. They were thinking completely wrong about everything and to their horror it took these rebellious motorcycle riders who looked ready to fight any Antifa thug, any Black Lives Matter Marxist protestor, any thug from the Left at any time of day to reveal to them the truth of their long laid plans.

Many didn’t see it coming or going, and many wouldn’t have known about it if they had. Heck, it was revealed just this week that a couple of young 20 something YouTubers had just discovered the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” so many people have long forgotten about Olivia Newton-John and the 40th anniversary of the musical film Xanadu. Well I hadn’t. To celebrate I took some time to listen on my iPhone some of the great music from Olivia Newton-John over the years and was thinking of those kids while watching the news coverage of Sturgis and it was quite clear what has been happening. In case anybody hasn’t noticed, because like those YouTube kids of today, they don’t get their entertainment the way older people did, through movies, music on the radio, and celebrity updates through month magazines at the newsstand. Kids today get everything instantly, their music is on demand, and by now many of the Marxist implants have re-shaped the entire entertainment industry leading up to this massive Covid conspiracy. Yes, it is a conspiracy, the science is fake, lets just get that out of the way. It’s been a long-planned attack by Eastern cultures against Western civilization using Christianity’s “turn the other cheek” value system to back door Trojan Horse their way into power.

You don’t have to believe me, just study our media culture from the time of the Xanadu film to the present and consider what’s changed. A movie like Xanadu couldn’t be made today, not even for Netflix because the industry has all these young college trained Marxists working as reviewers and they would have eaten alive a nice good girl like Olivia Newton-John before anybody signed on the dotted line to green light a low budget cheesy effects film like Xanadu which featured the music of a top notch rock band like ELO. Back then, cheesy meant ambitious and an innocent shot at making a little money off the good feelings of optimism and romance—which Olivia Newton-John delivered perfectly at every phase of her career.

Even at 71 she is still a sweetheart even though life has been hard on her. But you’d never know that with her smile and optimism as she gave interviews for the 40th anniversary inquisitors. In the growing markets of art and entertainment, as in all other industries, there was a tolerance for ambition and optimism that has since been eradicated, and you can see it in our culture, especially in our music. Nobody is doing what the Bee Gees did back when Olivia Newton-John was at the top of her game and was just one of many like her who put out so much good music that it was impossible to listen to the radio for five minutes and not hear a song we didn’t like. That’s not how things are today by a long shot.

Liberals are below the line people, so they have injected themselves in the entertainment industry continuously since the 40s and 50s until they controlled just about everything, and they have been steering our society toward the type of compliant losers who would one day believe that an invisible virus could actually shut down the entire earth while climate activists cheered behind the scenes at how easy it was to convince people to do so. After all, it took a long time to gain the trust of people and to slowly boil away their optimism into the type of below the line thinking that would paralyze them with fear when a virus like Covid could be introduced to the world as a change agent from capitalism to Marxism. Music like what Olivia Newton-John wrote and performed were purposely obliterated, the emotions of love and passion were pushed out of the industry in favor of hate and jealousy. That much is clear even from the most mainstream musical performers of today, like Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. The purpose of the industry was to remove hope from listeners and plant in their minds a sense of helplessness that would then be easily exploited for liberal causes in the future, which is what we have seen as a reaction to Covid-19.

But this article is not about Olivia Newton-John, or even a history of pop music in our culture, its about Smash Mouth, Sturgis and the liberal meltdown over the 250,000 riders who came to the bike rally and essentially told the world, “F**K Covid.” The horror to liberals was that after their many decades of work to destroy the great things of Western civilization, which great musical artists like Olivia Newton-John sang about in song and movies, there are still people in America who obviously will not be conquered without violence. There are still people in America who will vote for Trump even if he pulled down his pants and F**ked his wife in the middle of the street at that Sturgis Rally, and nobody would take a vote away from him and that is frustrating to the globalists like Bill Gates and the losers at Google who have for years been plotting the demise of the capitalist world and a unification of a communist one ran by the United Nations. This Covid thing was supposed to be their Death Star to America, the chain reaction would destroy everything and leave behind a compliant people they could easily control. Except for those damn motorcycle riders and Trump supporters who refuse to wear the China masks of compliance.

Liberals have literally ruined the world, the evidence is in our music and entertainment culture to remove hope from our minds so that they could more easily control us, and even with all the effort they have put forth, and as close as they came with Covid-19, there is still vast parts of the American population who refuse to obey and are defiant over even basic things. When the Sturgis Rally happened and after days of partying and other acts of topless debauchery, the political left could only shake their heads at their lack of any real control over people’s minds, and their lack of ambition to fight those people directly in the streets. This was not how the plan was supposed to work, and it has been fun to watch them squirm. Because they deserve it. Its better for them to feel that sting of defeat now, rather than in an actual physical altercation, which is just brimming on the horizon depending on how the election goes. But either way, compliance is not for America. That’s for sure. What I saw out of the bikers at Sturgis wasn’t lunacy or bare-chested debauchery, but a love letter to America and freedom in general that Olivia Newton-John sang about in her song, “Hopelessly Devoted.” And that is what made the political left so angry, it wasn’t the lack of masks, or social distancing as much as it was the evidence that some people in America were still hopelessly devoted to freedom and could not be scared away from it for the life of them.

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Trump’s Tax Holiday: Likely the best news of 2020

Probably the best thing about President Trump’s Executive Order providing anyone making less than $100K per year a “tax holiday” is that for the first time since the inception of a progressive tax system, people will finally get a taste of just how much money is being robbed from them each weak by a bloated and corrosive government. For those making six figures, they’ll see around $6,000 more added to their weekly check, distributed over those months of course, but the amount of money is significant. Most people don’t view taxable income as part of their salary because the money is robbed by the government before anybody ever gets it, so it makes it much easier for the government to spend that money knowing that nobody will challenge the amounts, because they never saw the money to begin with. This has been a problem with all taxes for a long time, the money comes from invisible methods that people seldom see or understand. Its quite another thing to have to write a check to pay taxes as opposed to the governments both state and federal just taking that money before we get our checks.

I kept waiting for somebody else to point this wonderful issue about the “tax holiday” out on one of the Sunday shows or even when the talk radio people returned to the national airwaves on Monday, since Trump signed the now famous executive orders on Saturday August 8th, 2020. But the news of the weekend wasn’t about the magnificent space successes of Space X, first splashing down the first Americans from space in decades from the International Space Station, or the successful testing of a controlled flight and landing of a Starship prototype, or just a few days later the launch of more Starlinks, all within a week of each other. The news instead was about riots destroying stores along the Miracle Mile in Chicago—again the news was focused on the primitive diatribes of yesteryear to direct the mind of mankind toward things that a slow minded government could highlight as core competencies. All this space stuff and concepts of becoming an interplanetary species is just too complicated, so the focus was on riots, failed politics and hiding from a silly virus when our society should be easily conquering all those issues with bandwidth to spare. So I’ll go ahead and make the point.

Collectively, government brings out the worst people and it is stupid for us to treat them with the kind of respect that a top-level CEO deserves. At best, government is a place holder for the real smart people who do make things happen in the world, so we should never be eager to throw endless amounts of tax money at them for the basics of society. One of the biggest criticisms of Trump’s tax holiday as a method of Covid-19 relief to everyday people is that it undermines the Social Security and Medicare systems. We are supposed to accept that those socialist measures created so long ago are viable solutions for a future that really doesn’t need either. The question of health care shouldn’t be in government managing it, it should instead be in how people can heal themselves better by living longer and more productively. And the idea of Social Security is archaic because people simply live too long now, and the money issued isn’t enough to justify all the work. It’s a system that needs to be re-invented into something else more conducive to modern society. But government, dumb as it is, wants things simple and easy for them to control, so they lay in the way of progress for all those obvious reasons, so they can stay in the management game, even though the world is moving way too fast for their tiny minds.

Trump’s brilliance on the tax holiday is that people will finally see how much money has been taken from them provoking them to ask questions as to why they should ever give it back, which is a good question. The government over the years just assumes that it owns 6% or so, even greater oftentimes just for existing while there are many people in America who pay little to no tax because they don’t make much money, and we are supposed to share government resources with them out of the kindness of our hearts. Its was always a ridiculous proposal for the last 100 years, and its just as dumb now. We need a tax holiday and once Trump gets re-elected we need to make those tax cuts permanent, and by then, people will have seen for a half a year or so how much money they have more from week to week as opposed to accepting the losses before they ever were paid. That is the best way to get support from people on serious tax cuts and innovative ways of looking into the future. People will be more likely to support such tax innovations if they can get their hands on more of their cash and see the benefit.

This idea of just blindly trusting government to spend our vast sums of income is just stupid. They do not spend our money wisely, and worse than that, they have come to feel entitled to our labor efforts without earning the respect that should always accompany the measurement of money. To listen to Democrats, negotiate with the Trump team over the stimulus package last week throwing around numbers in the trillions of dollars by people who likely struggle to add up the money for their lunch was preposterous. They don’t deserve our money and we shouldn’t have to give it to them by gunpoint, which is essentially what the IRS is for the government, a mob like entity that can take everything you own if they are displeased with you. That kind of power should never go to government and its about time we roll some of that back.

I always felt Trump was playing the hands of the coronavirus for politics, he had little choice. I may have been one of the angriest people about Covid-19 on planet earth because I saw it as a fake reaction to a global United Nations strategy from the outset. Others were much slower to it, but as of today, many more people are understanding the situation for what it has been. Yet Trump is doing what we expect him to do, to finally have a Republican who can turn a crisis into a benefit for a change. Finally we can push back on issues that otherwise would have never seen the light of day, and with Trump’s “tax holiday” we can finally get people to pay attention to real tax reform by disguising Covid-19 relief for a real strike against the progressive tax system and put the government on their heels for a change. They aren’t entitled to our money as they have believed for a long time, and with Trump steering the ship, we have our best chance ever to wrestle away that perception with lasting consequences. And that is very exciting, probably the most exciting news of this year of 2020. It may be depressing for the lazy governments that just want infinite amounts of money stolen from us with perpetuity. But its always been our money, and its about time that someone give it back to us to keep.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Most Public School Teachers are Communists: Their fat asses reveal all that they have been trying to hide

I personally am happy and was delighted to hear that the Kentucky Teacher’s Union has called for a delay of school openings, which essentially should be starting about now. The amount of uncertainty and planning that this has caused so many is truly tragic, yet I find it funny because these actions are solidifying everything I have said about the teaching profession in general for so many years. And in spite of themselves, the teacher’s unions all across America are essentially doing just as those in Kentucky are, they are doing exactly as I have always said they would and what their true intentions are as teachers truly were. Precisely at the start of this whole Covid-19 mess I said that the two things that were going to be tough to do was to wrestle away the emergency powers from all the state governors and to convince the teachers to go back to work. After all, they have been off work now for most of 2020, and they get paid from our tax money anyway. So why would they want to go back to work, what incentive is in it for them? Well, people are actually stupid enough to believe that they really love our children, that they would want to go back to work to help teach our nation. Nope, that’s not what they are all about. Even though we can all name people who are “teachers” in the government schools, their ethics as people prohibit them from doing anything positive. Ultimately there is a reason that they pick that profession even if they hide their maliciousness even from themselves, their actions always give them away.

Most of the time, the definition of a liberal is a person guided through life by the limits of their existence and they use those limits to essentially hide their own laziness. You find them in government disproportionately frequently because rules and regulations are more defined in those fields which are attractive to the liberal because it is easy to hide the desire to achieve very little in life behind the bureaucracy of government nonsense. A liberal will spend a lot of time and energy explaining why something can’t be done as opposed to creating solutions to achieve an objective. That is because liberalism by its nature is a below the line way of looking at the world. Liberals love rules and regulations because it gives them an excuse to do very little in life, and still get paid for it. And that is ultimately why teacher unions are against any kind of performance review. The teachers as members may not agree with the teacher unions, but ultimately the collective bargaining agreements put good money in their pockets for essentially being a part time job so they give up their desire to do a good job in exchange for maintaining the social norms of complacency which is exactly what the damaging product of educating then becomes to their poor students. Teachers teach kids to turn off their minds instead of igniting them for a bright future. No mind is happy liberal or conservative when it is taught not to solve problems and to accept the world as it is, and to live within the realm of nature. There is nothing more depressing to any human being than realizing that there is nothing you can do, that you just need to shut up, turn off your mind to solutions, and do what they tell you.

That is also why there aren’t many teachers teaching that are over 30 years of age and who don’t look like spoiled potatoes. They do get depressed that the job of teaching is not what they thought it would be as little girls and boys. The system does not want to turn on the pilot light of children, it wants to douse them with water so the light goes off forever. The goal of teaching under the socialist union structure is to create a compliant, dead mind instead of one that challenges reality itself with positive solutions. So those teachers eat too many cakes, drink too much wine and by the time they are in their forties they are fat assed losers hateful toward anybody not caught in the rut they find themselves in, and they stay there because nobody would pay them so much money otherwise. You don’t see any fashion models marching in the recent protests in Chicago where the teacher’s union there is always looking for more money through strikes that its likely kids never learn anything in school. Parents never ask these questions because they want the free babysitting service and can’t afford themselves to question the system. They need the public schools so that they can work, then they wonder why their kids come home one day early in puberty going from looking like a nice kid to some pin cushion tattooed freak who is too lazy to work, wants constantly to live off government welfare and essentially do nothing in life but become an advocate for same sex marriage and saving the earth by killing themselves on it through abortion, hard drinking and drugs. That’s what kids learn in public school, they don’t learn to follow Elon Musk to Mars or how to use Thorium to power the next neighborhood off the grid of the local power company.

I always have seen public schools and their teachers as slowly killing kids. Critics will say its because I had a bad experience with school myself, which is partially true. But my bad experience wasn’t unique to me, it was that I entered my school days uniquely awake for a lot of reasons, and I never bit the hook. Instead I made a game out of fighting it. I wouldn’t learn until much later that most people in life who become anything significant did much the same thing, they rebelled from the government education systems and were largely self-taught. Government schools do not produce the next Einsteins and Edisons, or Walt Disney types. And so I would argue that they are worthless unless their ambition is to do so. Rather what public schools have become simply the island of lost boys in Pinocchio where the kids turn themselves to jack asses literally through the experience to find themselves in servitude to the state for the rest of their lives. The teachers turn off their own minds in exchange for the long summers off and good pay just as the system chews up kids with liberalism and teaches them to destroy themselves forever as their parents drop them off and run to work to have affairs with their co-workers and lie to themselves that everything they are doing is for their family, while they continue to live a complete lie and expect nobody to notice. But the size of their asses give it all away.

The longer this Covid fear goes on, the more people will realize how much better they are not sending their kids to the government schools, and it is my hope that kids will learn less about how not to do things in life and accept that their minds are not so tethered to failure, that the solutions to everything is within them, and that maybe more will rebel and become good people in the future as adults because at a critical time in their life, the teachers were not there to teach them how to be losers. And if anything good does come out of the 2020 disaster of government failure over Covid-19, it will be that kids were free of the government schools long enough to be less imprisoned. And people will learn that they don’t really need those government teachers, because they’ll learn to live without them forever.

I’m sure there are some reading this and thinking that what I am saying about teachers is over-the-top. Well, consider what “red for ed” means and you’ll see what I mean. Red is for communism and that is what teachers have always intended for our children. Only now, they are no longer afraid to conceal it. Its out of the box and they no longer care if you know. They have your money and your kids. They don’t need you and are very arrogant about it, even to the extent that they don’t see that they are damaging their brand as they speak by refusing to go back to work. Because they don’t connect performance to their paychecks just like any communist would refuse to see.

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Trump’s Great Tax Cut Proposal: Being poor is a choice in America

I don’t have a lot of faith that the liberal Supreme Court Justice John Roberts will uphold President Trump’s Executive Orders signed Saturday (August 8, 2020,) especially the first one which provides a payroll tax holiday for all Americans earning less than $100K per year. I know, Roberts is supposed to be a Bush appointed conservative, but we all know by now that he is just another swamp monster liberal, so the challenge will be obvious. Roberts did support Obama’s DACA program without legislative input, so technically Trump’s orders shouldn’t be an issue, but with Roberts, he often votes against conservatives. Yet Trump had to do something, the Democrats in the House were purposely dragging the negotiations over Covid relief out playing politics and it was within Trump’s power to do something about it, so he did. Regardless of how Roberts or anybody else comes out on the matter, Trump played his hand well putting Democrats in a no win situation either way.

Yet during the press conference announcing these orders by the President he mentioned the term “tax inequality” which is normally something liberals refer to in order to illustrate how unfair it is for corporations and the very rich to use loopholes to get out of paying taxes. However, the real issue is that liberals believe we are all obligated to pay for the nonsense that liberals come up with that sets the amount of tax that needs to be collected to pay the bills, and even as high as it is now, the Nancy Pelosi controlled House of Representatives wanted another 3 trillion dollars of fluff and liberalism to add to the debt, which was preposterous. So my view on these things is always to challenge the overall number, not the ethics of the government desire, and in this case nobody has a right to impose on the rest of us, especially those of us who work hard and pay a lot in taxes to pay for terrible management by the government. And if we can’t easily un-elect these people, we need to reduce the amount of money we do give them, which makes President Trump’s payroll tax holiday very attractive as a proposal and possible permanent solution.

The real tax inequality is by those who do make quite a lot of income and are paying a lot of taxes, much more than most people who live in America and enjoy the roads and infrastructure as much as anybody, but because they don’t work as much, if at all, are not paying anywhere near as close to the amounts that the top 20% do. It is the top 20% and 15% who end up paying the most tax, way more than the top 1% that everyone is always saying need to pay their “fair share.” Well, who says what a “fair share” is? As we all know, it’s the same idiots who came up with the cost of the budget in the first place. The middle 20% and lower 20% pay a lot less in taxes and of course the poorest 20% only pay 2.8% of the total tax burden, but it is aimed at them most of the time that the liberal budget is inflated to exploit for political reasons leaving the rest of everyone else to pay for everything. That makes Trump’s proposal on tax reduction very attractive, and even necessary.

I don’t view any progressive tax system to contain within it a system of fairness. People who earn more have arrived at those levels largely because they are willing to work harder than other people, so there is nothing fair about a bunch of slugs sucking off the system while everyone else works hard to put money into that system. Getting a 6 month reprieve from that system is something everyone should appreciate, and given the total amount of tax revenue collected, especially with all the recent re-negotiated trade deals, the payroll tax is just a small part of the puzzle anyway. The government owes those still with jobs and those going back to their jobs with decent incomes a break for what they did to everyone over Covid-19. Somehow the government has to make things right to people and this gesture by the President is only the very tip of the tip of an iceberg in getting there.

The difference between the fourth 20% and the top 15% is between the income levels of $86K and $159K per year in average cash income. The Middle 20% is $52K per year with the second 20% is $32K, and the lowest is at $13K. The poor are obviously less than that. So the tax holiday Trump is proposing is targeting this group while the top 4% and 1% will find some of their loopholes closed to balance out the difference. But in proportion to the total needs of the budget, all this revenue is a small drop of water into an ocean of need. Technically the entire progressive tax system could be abandoned in favor of a sales tax and things would be fine. The purpose that liberals want a progressive tax system is to get skin off the backs of productivity and a commitment off the population in general for the policies they come up with. So in that way, just as property taxes often pay for public education, liberals attach all tax payers to the evils they come up with that suck from the budget making us all complicit, just like tax payer funded abortions, or grants for transgender studies. The most attractive aspect of Trump’s tax holiday is that it would give people a break from participating in so much evil.

The way I look at any tax contribution chart, especially this way of increments of 20% from lowest to highest on up to the top 15%, 4% and 1% is that the higher a tax payer is on that list, the more they are doing for the society and the economy in general. They are not equal to the lowest on the scale. Income levels should not be a penalty, they are a direct measurement of value. People who make more contribute more in risk, effort, and the general intellectual contributions of economic activity. Higher wage earners do more to advance an economy and deserve a break, because without them, there is nothing for the poor to do. Being poor is a choice, if you are making less than $20K per year it’s a decision, not a mandate. I’ve worked up to three jobs at the same time to make what my family needs and that opportunity is not based on skin color, or some heritage passed down through family connections. Its because I showed up to fill a job that was in need, everything from cleaning toilets to working at Wendy’s and McDonald’s as a grill cook. If a person isn’t afraid of hard work, anybody can make more than $20K per year. But liberals want to exploit their laziness, so they have built the progressive tax system to steal from those who work and give the benefits to those who don’t, and that is incredibly unfair. And for a change, President Trump is sticking up for those who do pay all the taxes and is working to create a system that has much less tax inequality for the first time since the stupid system was enacted in the first place.

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Defending John Wayne: Western Civilization is wonderful, stand by it, don’t run away

One of my favorite quotes from John Wayne, the great American actor is that “a man deserves a second chance, but keep an eye on him.” I’ve been thinking a lot about John Wayne lately as the Black Lives Matters protestors have been trying to re-ignite the debate about changing the name of John Wayne Airport in California to something else because as they were trying to say, America is a racist country and John Wayne made movies that embodied the American spirit, and that both he and the country itself should be re-imagined with new names of below the line people. It struck me because many likely don’t know, but Joseph Stalin and Chinese communist leader Chairman Mao actually placed a bounty on John Wayne’s head because he was such a symbol of American patriotism. I saw a lot about how the modern political left are committed to actual communism and that they want to destroy America from a capitalist country and turn it into a communist one, but the similarity of the attacks against Wayne is something I have taken personal.

With all the Covid countermeasures these days, it wasn’t by design, but by default, I have been getting a lot of comments that the way I dress reminds me of their memory of The Duke. As I’ve explained I now wear leather vests everywhere I go so that I can properly conceal carry some of my bigger guns given the way rioters have been attacking our public areas. In such a volatile world, they really leave us with no choice, so my dress has changed a bit to accommodate that necessity. Then with the mask mandates I have turned to cowboy rags to wear like a bandit because that’s what the stupid governments of our modern world want to fight coronavirus. So given that I have to go out into public with these things in mind, that’s how I have been dressing and by default looks a lot like the way John Wayne dressed in many of his later movies, which I don’t mind at all. In many ways Western civilization has been attacked by foreign ideas, even from America’s own media so I feel it is my duty to the American spirit to embrace and protect Western ideas from those attacking them. After all, the political left gives us people covered in tattoos and body piercings, they give us people walking around with their pants half down all the time and using terrible language in public and even among the Muslim populations we are told we are supposed to accept people walking around with towels on their heads and that we will like it. So just to cap off my outfit that sticks up for Western civilization since I’m already most of the way there anyway, I have been wearing my leather cowboy hat everywhere as well which gets a lot of looks.

This isn’t the first time. When I was 7-10 years old I didn’t have the patience for John Wayne movies, they were way too slow for me. I appreciate them more now because I see them as obvious love letters to the American spirit, but back then, if someone didn’t die every five minutes in a movie, I wasn’t very interested. But all my life really, especially during that period mentioned, I had a big leather cowboy hat that I wore everywhere. It was so big that it pretty much swallowed my head but I loved it and wore it everywhere to the point that it looked very wore out. My parents thought I was weird but it really came to pass during a pontoon boating trip on Brookeville Lake in Indiana where my very young profile caused my mom to refer to me as the Duke which I have never forgotten. At that time, I didn’t take it as a compliment. I knew who John Wayne was, but I thought his movies were too slow as I have said, so he wasn’t an influence in my life. But my behavior reminded my mom of him so that was what she referred to me as.

I spent a lot of time at my mom’s parents’ house growing up and my grandpa did love westerns and always had them on the television. Of course, back then, they were the Hollywood culture, it was normal. And he and my grandmother had done a little bit of traveling and had keepsakes of Wild West tourism all over their house. They even had a big wall sized mural of a Rocky Mountains photograph set in an appetizing valley that was so realistic that through the corner of your eye you could easily mistake it for being a view of the real world outside. It’s likely the combination of those elements that inspired me to dress the way I did then and still do, although other people who shared that experience with me didn’t have the same reaction. For whatever reason I was always drawn to patriotic enterprises and dressed the way people who were American patriots did and I never felt I should apologize for it. In fact, my attitude was that people who didn’t dress that way should apologize to me. And watching all those westerns all the time, and being at their house so much, I had a policy to not curse, not to smoke, drink and treat everyone like I’d want to be treated. But more to the point, to not to look for a fight, but if a fight found me, to never back down. So that last bit caused me a lot of trouble because it seemed that public school was about nothing but breaking down kids with the fear of fighting whatever bullies were there. I spent most of my grade school years living by that Cowboy code, and it was pretty violent. I never did drugs, even to this very day. I would drink a beer or two. Curse when absolutely necessary, because I learned that sometimes it is necessary, and I have never ever backed down from a fight. I also can’t say that I’ve ever lost a fight. There might have been a few draws here and there, but my approach to fighting and sticking up for myself and others has brought me to a place in life unbroken, which is what my mom was referring to when she called me The Duke on that pontoon boat. At that time I was much more confident as a person than other people, and it reminded her of the movie star John Wayne as her point of reference to such people.

With that, I take the references lately as a compliment. I don’t see enough people sticking up for people like John Wayne or for Western civilization, and they should. The reason that the Left attacks them is because they want submission. I probably would have enjoyed being born at a time well before John Wayne was even born, when the times he reflected were a reality. I would have gotten along better with people than I do now, because I have never accepted the political left’s world view. Not as a young kid and certainly not now as a grandpa of my own. To my point of view, the world has gone mad and I’m not going to accept it. I can’t say that John Wayne influenced me to look the way I do or act in a certain manner. But I understand him and respect him even more now as an older person myself than I did even as a kid reminding my mom of her version of an alpha male. From what I see, the world needs more John Wayne types and given the way they have shoved their vision down our throats and asked for a fight, I think its time we give it to them, and defend America and the patriotism that comes with it. And if that comes across as over-the-top, then so be it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Mike DeWine Tests Positive and Negative for Covid-19: The scam I always told you coronavirus was as an attack on the Western way of life

I call Governor Mike DeWine a dummy because as our highest government official in Ohio he allowed his naive and gullible outlook on life to easily be controlled by Marxist doctors taking direct orders from the CDC who took orders directly from the World Health Organization, who in turn took orders directly from China to shut down the great American economy in retaliation against President Trump’s trade deal which the communists were furious about. Anybody who has studied Sun Tzu’s great book, ‘The Art of War’ understood quickly what the coronavirus out of China truly was, a weapon of war, not science, and DeWine should have known better before shutting down the state through emergency directives not even contemplated through the state legislature, shitting all over the American Constitution and the Constitution of Ohio. What DeWine did was give a path for all the Blue State Governors to essentially become the communist Chinese in their micromanaging of the American way of life so there is a lot of blame to lay at the feet of Governor Mike DeWine for being stupid and going along with it. And on Thursday of the second week of August 2020 he got a feel for what people like me have been saying all along when he tested positive for Covid-19 early in the day keeping him from meeting the President on a fundraising trip to Cleveland, Ohio then later that day, tested negative. So which one was correct, how accurate is the Covid-19 testing anyway, and what does any of it mean?

I am happy to hear a little urgency out there, my local Sheriff Jones is seeing it, so is radio personality Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW. Tucker Carlson on Fox News is getting it and so is Laura Ingraham, many people are coming to learn what I was saying about coronavirus in February and March of this year and they have had to learn it the hard way. I don’t take pleasure in all these “I told you so’s” only in that maybe in the future people will listen when I say things the first time. I’ve read and studied human behavior to an extent that many couldn’t do it in several lifetimes, they certainly wouldn’t get the picture in just a few years of college, so I am able to see things way before others do, and I can sniff out maliciousness in the actions of the most deceitful people rather easily, so a lot of people would save themselves a lot of trouble if they’d just shut up and listen. But it is better late than never, especially in regard to Covid-19. The government reaction to it has been a Marxist takeover of the American way of life instigated by China for the destruction of the West and that has always been the point. Covid-19 by itself really isn’t a problem. For instance, out of all the vast cases the media reports that there are in Ohio from beginning to end, you still could put all the people who have come up positive for Covid-19 in the Ohio State Football stadium. As a percentage of population, the positive Covid people are a small group, nowhere near enough to mandate government shutdowns of the economy and the ridiculous rules and regulations given to us by government pinheads who are not our best and brightest. They pick government jobs for a reason, because they can’t hack it in the private sector and are for all practical purposes, rejects of our society who couldn’t do anything else with their lives.

Dummy Mike DeWine followed all the rules, he had handlers who kept him from doing anything risky including Amy Acton, the Marxist queen of WHO radicalism herself until just a few days ago, so the Governor had to be quite surprised to learn he tested positive for Covid-19 while being screened for a presidential visit. But like a good government worker and compliant loser that he is, it was announced that he was going to go into the mandatory 14 day quarantine that is now expected of anybody who gets the virus and those who might have even been nearby through contact tracing. In this way doctors have introduced the idea of micromanaging all our lives and putting extreme limits on our economic opportunities by taking people out of the workforce just because they might have been near someone with Covid-19. But when DeWine learned later that he actually didn’t have Covid-19 with a second test that was negative, then a new problem became obvious. How many people who have tested positive under any circumstances were given incorrect diagnosis because the testing is unreliable, and the results are politically motivated? The Governor of Ohio now saw the problem first-hand, and so did everyone who has been trying to use the news for their own political advantage. The story of the day is that every positive case that has ever been announced likely isn’t real and that like the death counts on Covid-19, can’t be trusted in any statistical manner.

Look, I told everyone that our education system was filled with Marxist radicals who wanted to teach our children all these bad Chinese communist ideas to destroy our nation several decades ago, and people were uncomfortable with that assumption. But it has turned out to be all true, every last bit of it. It was never a conspiracy; it was a fact and a lot of people would have saved themselves a lot of headaches now if only they had listened to me way back then. And the same with Covid-19, I called it a Pearl Harbor type of attack against the American way of life when we first heard about it, and we quickly need to recover and get things back to normal for strategic reasons in a fight most didn’t even know we were having. But its here and perhaps even Dummy DeWine is getting the picture now. And when Sheriff Jones is doing a press conference to state perhaps government has overstepped itself, the rest of the mainstreamers aren’t far behind. Only now do people see what has always been the problem. But their belief in the system blinded them to the obvious malicious intent behind Covid-19. They wanted to believe that government had the best of intentions, what they didn’t know was that those intentions were a communist take-over of the American way of life and all this lockdown stuff with the mask mandates were not what they signed up for.

I would venture to say that the Covid case counts the media reports every day are meaningless. Even if they were true, what is the point of reporting them? There is no medical cure for Covid except for perhaps hydroxychloroquine so what is the point of testing if slowing the spread is not the objective? Hospitals are not over capacity so what advantage is knowing anything about Covid numbers? It’s a nothing measurement. And we know we can’t trust the death numbers, because they have been contaminated by all sorts of false assumptions in how the data was even collected. The purpose of the whole Covid enterprise was a terrorist attack—in using “terror” to inspire social change—and nothing else. It wasn’t to save lives, it wasn’t for the betterment of government management of a crises, it was to create a false crises on a nothing, small virus about as dangerous as poison ivy, and to rot the American way of life out from the core. China didn’t shut down their economy and neither did many of the countries of the East. They knew what Covid-19 was and since they already control most of our media literally from a financial point of view they have literally tried to destroy us through terror. So knowing all that—what are you going to do now dear reader?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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I Know Where to get an Army to Fight Communists in America: The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

I’ve said it before and will continue saying it, Governor Kristi Noem in South Dakota is the best governor of the 50 and when she runs for president in the future, I’ll certainly be pulling to get her in the White House. She would be a perfect sequel to President Trump and might even do better. The way she has handled the Covid-19 “plandemic” should have been the model for the nation. Granted, South Dakota does not have the skyscrapers and subways of New York. At its best, the most populated areas are about what they are in Eastern Ohio, so the case counts are much less due to the population size, but when she needed to Kristi Noem showed great leadership in resisting the urge to micromanage her state the way other governors did, particularly Mike DeWine of Ohio, and the South Dakota economy is thriving as a result. And I have found great appreciation for South Dakota twice this summer, the first was of course the amazing Fourth of July ceremony at Mt. Rushmore that took place on July 3rd of 2020 where she hosted President Trump for a fabulously patriotic fireworks display and grand speech. The second is in her hands-off approach to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is taking place this weekend without Covid restrictions. There have been some bands who have canceled due to Covid, but the nature of the Sturgis Rally has remained intact preserving the outlaw nature of it, which Governor Noem is wise enough to understand the necessity.

Many find it strange that my wife and I have been to motorcycle events like the Chillicothe Rodeo in Ohio which is an X-rated event that you have to be of age to even get into. The open sex acts that go on there and in other places such as Key West which is another motorcycle journey that I have talked about often with my wife are spectacles of debauchery that are the key to the future of mankind and I find them interesting to study. Granted, my wife and I are about as conservative as you will ever meet. We went to many other events motorcycle related and road all over the United States sometimes with other riders, and to some of these big rallies because I was doing research for a documentary I wanted to do on motorcycle riders and how they were the last measurement of freedom in a society committed to independence. This was in the pre-Tea Party days, so I was looking for a connection between motorcycle riders and the drive of all humans to be free of too many rules and regulations from an overbearing government full of pinheads. My experiences led to instead a novel I wrote called ‘Tail of the Dragon.’ After seeing some of the crazy sex acts that went on at these things it made me uncomfortable to think of spending so many hours filming footage, I instead turned my thoughts into a book.

Along that journey I discovered the reality of what I had thought when Barack Obama was elected, that it would be motorcycle riders who would be the first to rebel against an overly progressive society. And that is what we have witnessed in recent history, the kind of people who like motorcycle rallies like Sturgis, which is the biggest in The United States are the people who voted for President Trump, and to put it mildly, there are many more of those people out there in the cracks of society than there are Antifa members or Black Lives Matters protestors, or even members of the Democrat Party. There are far more people who value small government as there are in motorcycle groups than there are media members in the New York and other metropolitan areas. They keep their opinions generally to themselves until they put on the leather and hit their bikes on the road toward debauchery due to too much drinking, but in essence, those are the people who make up America. And what you find behind the women running around topless, the occasional drugs and turned up rock music, the cigarettes and beers at 6 AM in the morning are people who just want to be left alone and the motorcycle rallies for them are like the 4th of July, the natural act of defying the rules and regulations of a civil society. Most of them are not as stupid as they act, they know that they need jobs to pay for their expensive motorcycles and their RVs that often run into the $200Ks in value and most of the year, except for motorcycle rallies, they live by the rules. But if pushed, they will fight for the right to party literally, and there isn’t any army on earth that will stop them.

There were rumors that Antifa members were going to crash this year’s rally, which is a joke. Anybody from the left trying to infiltrate the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally would find themselves destroyed, because there is no tolerance for those progressive types at these things. And Governor Noem is likely more like my wife and I, she’s not going to run around at such an event half naked and drunk out of her mind—but she understands the need for the rebellion in people against too many rules, and she is standing behind the event as the rest of the world is literally cowering in terror over the activist doctors who want everyone terrified of Covid-19. As I always thought and have seen for myself, this Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the first massive events to happen in a world gone mad over Covid and the participants are fearless about the outcome, which is the way it should be. That people are still going and are excited about it reveals the hidden content of America’s character. You might not find many motorcycle riders sitting around late into the night quoting Shakespeare and naming the titles of exotic wines. Instead, they might be banging the hell out of their old ladies in the middle of the street half drunk and out of their minds, but they do so knowing they are free, and they’ll do whatever it takes to stay that way. And they aren’t afraid of Covid-19.

Most people who vote for Trump don’t have the time or money to go to Sturgis. I knew an old man whom I had a lot of respect for, who was rich and had the means to go, who spend his whole 90-some years wanting to go to Sturgis for a few weeks. He had a garage full of motorcycles, big cruisers that could have easily made the trip, but he never had 2 weeks in his entire life where he could take that much time away from work. He asked me to ride with him every year for about a decade, but he just never could make the time, so he didn’t go. But he did vote for Trump. And that is the way it is for most people. Those who do go to Sturgis, it is the one thing they do all year that means something special to them, and the moment they return, they are looking for ways to get there next year. The reason it is so important to them is that it is the one time in their lives that they can truly feel freedom—to be free of tyrants and bureaucrats. Most of them are well-employed people who have bosses they hate and politicians they despise always trying to squeeze out more tax money from them. But at Sturgis, they can live free of that even if for a few weeks and yell at the big moon over the South Dakota landscape, and live with no regrets. And that is the appeal of that lifestyle which is something that will not be driven away by modern leftists’ protestors. Instead, it is a true reflection of who really runs the country, and I am happy to know they are out there. If we need an army to take down a socialist insurrection through elections or otherwise of our country, I know where to get the people needed to conduct such an exercise. And they aren’t afraid to fight.

They don’t make people like this in China, or anywhere else in the world.  Only freedom makes people like this and I’ll pick them over any communist bastard, or Democrat any day, any week of the year.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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It all Starts with Good Looking Women: How competition makes the world a better place

The way it works at the most basic level of human understanding is that attractive females, or females of any kind really, use their ability to lure the best males they can get to them for mating rights. Males of course are built at the most foundational level to strive to be the best, and to win at what they do so they can then attract the best-looking females. The whole desire to win and be the best among men is to be able to obtain rights to the hottest females. When I voted for Donald Trump for instance, I voted for a guy who loved to win because that’s who represents what I want in government interacting with the world. You can tell by his wife Melania that he loves to win, it took him three marriages to find the kind of woman that he thought was the best because when he interacted with other business people and golf buddies, they’d know how good he was by the looks of his wife. It didn’t matter that he was in his 50s and she in her 30s, what mattered was that she was good looking and was his trophy in life for winning a lot. Most people who have desires to win are married to attractive women because that’s the basis of all western civilization. Michael Jordan isn’t any different, he loved to win so much that he competed at everything he did, not just on the basketball court and he too has fairly recently married a Cuban model who is very much younger than he is leaving behind his older wife. Its very important to top males to make sure everyone knows they are the best by looking at the person they have exclusive sex rights to.

At the core of liberalism is to move more to the Eastern cultures where arranged marriages are the key to their society. In those cultures, it doesn’t matter how good you are, what you do is for the state and they decide how important you are. And whom you marry and have sex with is their decision, not yours. And so it goes that the political left in America is trying to turn our society more into the ways of the East starting with sex. The plot was hatched long ago, but can be shortened up like this, the march to equality means everyone gets a trophy, so there is no point to crawl over someone else to win. Sex was cheapened so that sex with anybody anywhere at anytime would take away the thrill of the hunt so that equality in sex would mean that ugly people and attractive people would all mesh together like mashed potatoes and the game of the sex with the best would be eradicated. Then the lines between men and women would be blurred completely so that no value judgments between ugly and attractive would be recognized in the least. Once the motivations to be the best so that you could have mating rights to the best were taken away, the political left thought that we could then achieve an equal society. But what they didn’t think through, which is the fault of all Eastern cultures they were trying to mimic was the loss of a society that strove to have the best from their best and what that meant in lost culture.

We all want the best food, the best car, the best house, the best clothes, the best, the best the best and the journey to getting there enriches all lives. That is why we love people like Donald Trump, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, people who are very competitive. We might think of them as assholes if we can’t beat them in competition, but deep down inside we all wish we were them, and that desire is what propels excellence. Ultimately the people who win are not the strongest or fastest, but the ones who think they can, as the old saying goes. And there are people like Trump who never in their lives accepted losing. And that is what we want in a president and why no matter what anybody on the political left tries to do to him, that they will vote for him. Because its in their own best interest and we have a society that embraces choice. The voters may not have done in life what it takes to marry a woman like Melania Trump, but they can respect a guy who has. Men and women everywhere understand the game and to get a girl like Melania, Trump would have to beat out a lot of competitors, and that is exactly who you want making deals with other nations and enemies around the world.

But our education system and our liberalized social structure has taught now several generations the confusing message that winning is not important and that equally being a loser is much more desired, which of course has not panned out to be true. What we have been left with are a lot of fatherless homes, because they were taught that fighting to get the best woman wasn’t important leaving value to be directed toward derelict behavior instead of good conduct, which then ruined the children that spawned from that relationship. Its not a coincidence that most of the bad behavior that we see in modern society no matter what the skin color comes from children being raised in fatherless homes, where the mother lost the power to control the man because sex with her was no longer a valued sentiment, but something that could easily be exchanged from one woman to the next in an equally deficient fashion. And that is the start of how the political left destroyed so many lives by convincing them that government could replace men who wanted to earn the sexual exclusivity of a good woman. What ended up happening is that only the lazy and ugly people of the world bought into the liberal scheme while those who still wanted to be the best they could be went in a different direction, which explains most of what we see in modern society.

Competition is the key to a society that is growing because it brings out the best elements of any endeavor. A mundane, lazy acceptance of how things are is the way to decline and it really is as simple as that. At the core of Chinese society under communism for instance, this is why they are so deeply dependent on Western civilization and must steal trade secrets just to stay viable in the world marketplace. You can tell who the winners and losers are by the wives of Trump and Xi Jinping. Peng Liyuan looks like a foot whereas Melania Trump still looks like a fashion model who could be a cover-girl for Sports Illustrated. There is a reason Melania has created the “Be Best” campaign, because she is working on providing leadership to a new generation. Yet the problem of our day is that liberalized culture, following the wrong philosophic approach that goes directly against the basic DNA of what motivates a human being has caused great damage to the basic essence of existence. Human nature is just as much a part of nature as the sun shines in the sky and the moon circles the earth in orbit. And it was meant to be left alone, not tampered with. So to, for a restoration of the proper ethics of a good society to move forward, we then must re-elect Donald Trump and bring back to the culture of not just America, but the world in general the hunger for wins and the yearning for the good things that come with it, that advance society properly and in the most productive means possible. And it all starts with the best looking women and their adherence to only giving the time of day to the best who seek their company.

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Use the Silver Bullet against Covid-19 to take down the WHO and CDC: Stopping a terrorist attack using the masks of doctors to ruin the world

Actually, there is something of a silver bullet to fight off the effects of Covid-19 in the combo of drugs hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin, in spite of what the WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebresvesus says. It is hard for him to admit, and conspiracy theories are obviously endless, but the communist loving disciple of the United Nations is guilty of destroying the world economy, whether on purpose or just because he’s an idiot and he hopes that people will continue to play the game he started with the coronavirus coming out of China, to run from it like those in Eastern cultures typically do when it comes to science and religion. “There is no silver bullet at the moment and there might never be,” against the novel coronavirus, warned World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebrevesus during a virtual media briefing on Monday. (August 3rd 2020) Well, he’s lying to you, he and the entire medical industry who has been promoting weak approaches to Covid-19 like wearing masks in public, social distancing, economic lockdowns and all the other disruptive countermeasures we have all seen that are rooted in sheer voodoo science want people to continue to hide from the virus instead of attacking it with hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin.

From <;

“For now, stopping outbreaks comes down to the basics of public health and disease control: testing, isolating and treating patients and tracing and quarantining their contacts,” Tedros said.  Tedros, who remarked on his own use of a face mask and hand sanitizer, reminded that “it’s about keeping physical distance, wearing a mask, cleaning hands regularly and coughing safely away from others.” He implored the world to “do it all.” Yet, Tedros and many who follow the WHO guidelines like some religious document trickling into our own American CDC are avoiding any discussion about hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin which has much better science attached to it. Nobody knows if mask wearing or social distancing has anything to do with slowing the spread of Covid-19. For all we know, it has contributed heavily to its spread, which given the political nature of the World Health Organization and the CDC, we could easily conclude would be the point. Tedros and the rest of the medical industry actually expect us to trust them and their stupid approach when right in front of our faces is hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. Not to mention the killing of viruses using ultraviolent light, which should by now be at every airport, shopping complex and sporting event. Instead, for instance by reading the guidelines by the NCAA for college sports shown below, we are supposed to accept this kind of ridiculous approach to a silly virus.

Here are the highlights of the NCAA’s recommendations for dealing with team contact sports at the college level, and what many think high schools should adopt as well:

• Test results should be obtained within 72 hours of competition for athletes competing in high-contact risk sports, such as football, basketball, hockey and lacrosse.
• Face shields should be integrated into sports when feasible.
• Masks should be worn by everyone on a sideline, including when an athlete moves from the playing field to interact with a coach.
• CDC guidelines should be used for determining when individuals can resume activities after testing positive for COVID-19. Time-based strategy means isolation until 72 hours after recovery and at least 10 days after symptoms first appeared.
• All individuals with high-risk exposure must be quarantined for 14 days.
• The final point could be crucial for managing a team this season. Simply being deemed in close contact of someone who tests positive could sideline players for two weeks.

If you’ve been working through the Covid-19 “plandemic” you know that this strategy of contact tracing and quarantining for 14 days has been implemented from the beginning. Socialist local health directors are forcing people to hide in their homes for just being near someone with Covid-19 and by now we’ve seen that its largely been useless. We can name off countless celebrities and even people from our own communities who have had Covid-19 and recovered without breaking a sweat—the impact to them has been less than a normal cold, yet we are supposed to accept these extreme measures as a reality when there is absolutely know evidence that any of it works, just that the WHO came up with them as a shot in the dark and they want us to continue using them even as they have crippled our lives with needless hardship and cost. Then when its quite clear through real science that hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin has had an impact on preserving the health of people, especially in the early stages we’re supposed to ignore it and continue doing the same dumb shit stuff that the communist loving Tedros came up with in the beginning of the planned “pandemic” that was always designed to change social behavior toward liberal viewpoints and to drive election year politics—and nothing else. If these losers wanted to solve the Covid-19 problem, they’d be using things that do work like hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin and attacking the virus in mass population areas with ultraviolent light—which has also been around for a long time—yet has not been mentioned at all by the CDC or the WHO. Why do you think that is?

There is a silver bullet and we should use it to defeat the communist take over of America through not guns and elections, but through a Marxist medical industry that takes its marching orders from the United Nations, and not our American neighborhoods. And Tedros knows he’s been caught which is why he’s trying to hold on to his credibility with bleeding fingertips, as he did with this silver bullet statement. Once people figure out that the silver bullet all along was hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin the game is up for the World Health Organization as people will want their lives and money back from the thieves who robbed them of it, all in the name of terrorism through science to frighten people into a change state politically. The way to kill the case counts of Covid-19 would be to do as China and Vietnam have done, and that’s not to test anybody. But we have been testing a lot in America and the media has fallen in line with Tedros to give the World Health Organization cover by equalizing Covid cases as death sentences, which for most people turns out to be just a little sniffle and a headache. We should have never turned off sports, movies, shopping, amusement parks, bars—we should have never turned off any of it. It’s easy to say that in hindsight, but now we do know what the silver bullet is, its hydroxychloroquine along with zinc sulphate and the antibiotic azithromycin. Get a doctor to prescribe it to you, take it, have your sports teams take it so that they can’t become contact tracing statistics that continue to drive this false narrative of danger and let Tedros choke on it. Let him and Bill Gates along with Dr. Democrat—the doomster himself, (Fauci) drown on the panic they created. We all need to get back to our lives and the perpetrators of this menace need to pay. So, shoot them with that silver bullet and let fate do with them what it will.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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