Lakota Schools is Going for a Tax Increase in the Fall of 2020: Government schools lose their leverage of busy parents

Before there was any concerns of a coronavirus Lakota schools in Southern Ohio were planning to put a tax increase on the fall ballot of 2020. They had for a while great cash reserves, but who wouldn’t in a rich district like Lakota where the enrollment has been going down year by year. However, their concern was coming from the notion that charter schools were going to swipe away tax money from the children leaving, causing them budget problems since there was a real threat of state money following kids to other competing schools. The management of Lakota, which is a bunch of buffoons to say it nicely had given away too much of their budget to the teacher’s union since they had a surplus, just as I always said they would putting them on a path to need a tax increase soon due to their gross mismanagement. So I knew that we would have a fall of 2020 tax increase attempt where we had to have the old fight again and tell the stories of why the management of our tax payer dollars was being squandered by truly incompetent people. As I told some of them recently, I don’t care what Lakota does until they start looking to take money away from the community, and since that is their plans, well, they’ll get what they deserve. They asked for it.

Yet this time, its different. There were a lot of bad things that came about through the ridiculous Covid-19 shutdowns but some of the good ones was that the schools were closed. It reminds me more of when Lakota schools took away busing way back in the early part of the last decade and busing never recovered to what it had once been to people. So too will be the situation with government schools, especially those like Lakota. If they were showing before Covid that they were a dying means of educating children, then in the post-world, that would be an understatement. I’ve always said that government schools were not about educating for busy young parents, they are all about baby sitting while those same people go out an conquer the world with their own little careers leaving their kids to the state to raise. Well, confidence in the state has been greatly diminished for one, but additionally, now that the government schools have been taken away for a sustained period of time the schools and their teacher’s unions have lost their emotional leverage when it comes to these school levy fights. The report is that now that they’ve had to do it, 40% of parents everywhere are thinking about continuing to homeschool their children rather than sending them back to those horrid places. For a government school like Lakota that’s bad news because they already have an aging population that is getting older faster than they are filling up kindergarten classes. So why would those people vote themselves higher taxes on a service they aren’t planning to use for the free babysitting service that schools provide?

I always say that the school boards are bad management because the kind of people who tend to get voted in are union stooges who are easy to beat in collective bargaining negotiations. Lakota has taken steps to improve that situation, we have been looking for a third vote for a long time to stop some of this madness. Currently there are two decent school board members at Lakota but there are still three who are grotesquely liberal and have led to the spending problems experienced there over their union contracts. However in the past, there was always that fear that the LEA union would go to the extreme of striking to get their tax increases and the school board along with panicky parents would be quick to cave on the issue in fear of it. But by the time there will be a vote in November on Lakota schools demands for ever more money the teachers themselves, who make up most of the budget had been out of work for most of the year, from March of 2020 to August of that year due to the Covid-19 overreaction by our state government. But they didn’t go without a paycheck, and they weren’t working, but they surely showed that they were “non-essential” employees. Nobody missed them for a sustained period of time.

Usually when teachers go on strike, the media helps them by putting forth constant reports day by day however long the strike goes on. Usually a two or three week strike brings forth lots of devastating news and the school boards give in because they just don’t have the stomach for the constant peer pressure that comes from the news coverage. Well, Covid-19 showed the world that teachers really weren’t needed and that kids would be just fine if they went on without the influence of government schools for months and months, and in this case, a half a year. The teachers were getting paid for doing nothing, the children had rediscovered their parents, and the world did not fall off the edge of the earth. The market value for a teacher had greatly diminished and in the middle of this new reality, Lakota schools is wanting to convince people to pay more taxes after many of the voters had lost their jobs due to government stupidity and had learned to live without the Lakota teachers and their free babysitting. Many people had learned to work from home and may never need to go back to the office, meaning they can stay home and raise their own children and work too. We are talking about a whole new way of looking at the world.

Sure, there will always be the latte sippers that I talk about often who vote tax increases as if it were some patriotic act instead of the result of a bunch of dumb people managing millions of dollars who roll over and play dead for a radicalized liberal organization in the teacher’s union. But what isn’t known now is how effective they will be now that Covid-19 has forced people to consider alternatives. For Lakota’s part, until there is a third conservative vote on the school board, there will always be requests for tax increases because there is no management of the money that goes on. They give it away like candy and when they run out, they just demand more so they can spend more. The report card for Lakota is not the best, even though they are saying they want to pay the best teachers at the top salary to keep them, but with the kind of results that Lakota has produced, I would think a used tire for $5 would be just as fine. But the school board has always known that what parents want is a place to dump their kids for the day that is cheaper than day care. And their fear has always been that if they don’t appease the teacher’s union with ever increasing wages, instead of cutting back like they should have been doing all along, that they might go on strike. Yet now that we’ve seen a world where the teachers aren’t working for months, and the kids turned out just fine, if not better than when they were going to school, then why should anybody vote for a tax increase? The answer is, they likely won’t.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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If You Follow Social Distancing and Mask Guidelines, You’re Stupid: Covid-19 was a scam and politicans suckered into it use rules to hide their bad decisions

I personally think that anybody who bought into this social distancing nonsense is an idiot. The same with the masks and self-quarantining. Just about everything we have done regarding Covid-19 has been wrong and stupid, and I feel sorry for the people who have been suckered into buying the ridiculousness of it all. Readers here will know that I have always felt this way, even in the first hour of the MSM pontification of coronavirus death and destruction. I always thought the virus was nothing more than a cold. Yes, people do die of complications of even common illnesses. The entire reaction to Covid-19 was political. Now I know many politicians must go along with it, including Trump. What’s he going to say, he listened to the experts and they suckered him into all this so that they could destroy his best asset during an election year. It won’t matter, but just keep in mind that I don’t even give Trump a free pass. I never trusted the “experts.” I’d go so far to say that I’m smarter than they are, and they never pulled the fast one on me, not for a single hour of this tragic ordeal that they caused. And when I say I’m smarter, intelligence can’t be measured in how much ass kissing you do to get a degree from someone, or how well you social networked in your fraternity. Intelligence is measured by information acquired and how wise you become to use it. In my case, I am well studied in many, many fields and I quickly see all sides of any story fast because of it. And in that regard, Covid-19 was easy to see as a hoax when I first saw it, and even though I do love the Trump administration, and I do love the Republican Party I wasn’t following them over a cliff just because Mike DeWine was calling himself a Republican and was at the front of the government shutdowns of our economy. I turned against Mike DeWine the night he shut down the bars and restaurants. I don’t care if aliens are invading or the devil himself crawls out of Hell and is going door to door selling Tupperware, or sex toys, we should never, ever, ever shut down our economy and react to a crises by hiding in our homes hoping a central authority will make us all safe again.

With that little disclaimer think for a moment how arrogant it is for any politician to continue insisting on “social distancing,” the amount of money it is costing restaurants to not fill all their seats, how it is costing in sporting events to not have fans in the stands buying concessions. Think of all the billions of dollars the bad decisions by politicians have cost all Americans up to this point, and now that the scientific evidence is well known that social distancing, masks, and quarantining, did pretty much nothing during the whole Covid-19 “pandemic,” consider how bad it is that they continue to slow open the economy limiting amusement parks with ridiculous social distancing rules, and sporting events putting a wet blanket over our entire society for nothing but their own selfish reasons. They were stupid and to cover their stupidity they are continuing with the ruse which is costing additional billions of dollars in lost opportunity cost and they don’t give a shit about it because they are government employees who get a paycheck from tax payers no matter how sucky they are at their jobs, which I would say based on the evidence I’ve seen, is detrimentally poor.

At this point they are not only stupid for getting us all into this mess, but they are extremely selfish for continuing the ruse. We are not selfish for not wearing masks in public. Wearing masks to prevent the spread of this virus is absolutely stupid. People need to read a few books on science before they ever try to shame anybody into wearing one. Some dude the other day thought for a second of shaming me for not wearing one while going to Cabela’s the other day for more ammunition. When he saw the way I looked at him he thought the better of it. I was ready to fight that dumb bastard right then and there. Nobody shames me into doing anything, especially when I know what they want me to do is stupid. In a professional capacity if the rules are masks and social distancing then I play by those rules but that doesn’t stop me from thinking those rules are stupid. And when its my own free will and decision making, I’m not wearing a mask or social distancing. I don’t believe it does a bit of good and that the only reason politicians are pushing it is to cover for their treacherously stupid decisions during this whole ordeal. They can’t come out and say, “hey, our mistake, we were wrong, everyone can go back to what they were doing before.” They have to continue to sell the scam for what it is because the minute people understand they have been f**ked over by the political class unconstitutionally they would have good reason to sue the state and federal government for their losses. The government caused all this massive unemployment, the government caused the increased violence in domestic cases and the suicides that are on the upswing from the many personal lives destroyed by the government reaction to Covid-19. They got suckered and now they are expecting us to social distance and wear masks to play along and pretend that this virus was so deadly that it was for our own good. But guess what, it wasn’t.

It’s bad enough that we allowed those idiots in government to shut down our economy for one day, let alone that it continues into the summer of 2020. There was never any studies that showed that social distancing would work in any capacity, to slow the spread. But as we saw, the spread was never an issue, the hospital capacity was fine, the whole Covid reaction by our government and their health directors was a scam from the start and I saw it clearly that way. Even as I was getting text messages and emails that people were dying left and right about Covid-19, I never bought it as a deadly virus. There was one guy I’ve known for 45 years who was one of the first hospital victims. He was the kind of guy who was the first to do the Achy Breaky Heart Dance back in the 90s, he was the first to declare he knew someone who died in 9/11, if there was a media event or tragedy, he was always the first one to be impacted by it.

So I was not surprised to find he was dying in a hospital over Covid-19. All it turned out to be was that his vagina was bleeding. They gave him a tampon and sent him home. You’d be surprised dear reader what your mind can do good or bad once you let a thought guide you. If you are thinking about Covid-19, yes you’ll see it everywhere, and with our media culture pushing this nonsense, how could anybody think about anything else? Yet it wasn’t hard to see it all as a scam and a political stunt coordinated across the world. If you thought Covid-19 was a real threat and continue to, now that you’ve seen the evidence, you are a sucker. And the only reason we are still “social distancing” and wearing masks in public isn’t for our own sake, but to run cover for the dumb politicians who ushered forth this foolish strategy so that they don’t look so bad for falling for it originally. I can’t remember when I’ve been wrong about something but that first week, I allowed for that possibility. But since March expired and the stats failed to live up to the hype I have been extremely angry that our society has been forced to play out a lie, which is all social distancing is, a cover story for stupid politicians who can’t admit how much their interference destroyed our lives, even more than if there really was a killer virus in our society. What we should all fear more than any health crises is the decisions of stupid politicians with too much central authority and minds not up to the tasks of making decisions for anybody. That is the REAL virus.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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What did Mike DeWine Know and When did he Know it: The Plandemic to cover the effects of XMRV

The question of our times is why did Mike DeWine, the governor of Ohio in March of 2019 ask for dictatorial power under terms of emergency in the 1,810 page document known as House Bill 166? The Ohio House denied that request yet when coronavirus hit one year later, the DeWine administration proceeded as if he did have those dictatorial powers falling short of directly controlling local law enforcement and state and local government without legislative oversight. Its certainly not a conspiracy to see how Governor DeWine was able so quickly to lead the nation into the lockdowns as there was clearly a plan for all the global health directors to follow. So why was DeWine following that plan and asking those types of questions a year before it was needed? And as a supposedly good Republican, why did he even play ball with these global plandemic types? I might not think so far on this issue if Google and Facebook didn’t have such a visceral reaction to the books of Judy Mikovits and were so actively banning any reference on the internet to the short little documentary about her called ‘Plandemic,’ but clearly there is something really wrong going on behind the Covid-19 virus. I think I’ve said my peace from the start and called it a hoax for what it is, but the problem is in the definitions. We are judging this conspiracy on terms we typically understand yet the answers to these questions are more all encompassing than that, it really comes down to a viral outbreak that isn’t cellular in design, but sociological and the essence of it is a mass cover-up by the medical community of their role in producing half cocked vaccines that are giving people cancers, inspiring autism in children and spreading cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The plan appears to come from the top of the medical community, from Dr. Fauci himself to use Covid-19 as a public relations move to hide truly devastating medical realities with a global shutdown for governments to gain control of inquiring minds who have been poised to rain hell on the advocates in a very punishing way.

To understand this conspiracy, we must look at liberalism itself for what it is, a virus that is attacking the healthy tissue of a civil society. As Mikovits points out in her books, viruses thrive off a host, and if they are very inefficient attackers, they kill their hosts too quickly. The truly great viruses are those who move into a host body and trick the healthy attacker cells to turn on themselves keeping an immune system from functioning properly. We could say that liberalism does this on a sociological level with the psychology of our society just as HIV would convince a healthy body to stand down when an attacker was present to kill a host body with inaction as other diseases moved in for their parasitic voyage. Yet, we’re talking about two things here, a micro reaction to viruses within a body, and a macro reaction to society as a whole to viruses both physical and emotional, but that do the same things at different levels of what we call life. People forget that viruses are living things and they have their programming to behave as they do just as all living things do, out of self-preservation. However, the virus is functioning at cross-purposes from the healthy body tissue of its host, so in that regard it is villainous to the intent of any healthy collection of cells that make up a body. The same could be said at the level of society where we are all cells of healthy bodies within that civilization. If some of us can be convinced to act in a parasitic way against healthy social norms, then the same antics of evil are clearly defined to behave in the same fashion.

The big controversy from Mikovits was that her research indicated that vaccines funneled through mice were picking up retroviruses that were only able to live in those hosts and when the vaccine was introduced to people the mouse virus was then transferred into the blood of the host and this unleashed the very dangerous XMRV cellular deterioration that we see leads to various forms of cancers artificially. And in a free society people are starting to learn that this is why their loved ones are dying, is because the well-intended vaccines were solving one problem in a host body, but were causing many others by injecting retroviruses into people which may reside dormant in a healthy body until they get older and their immune system starts to lose its luster allowing XMRV to explode and take over the host with cancerous rancidity. I would offer that this was the origin of the Covid-19 plandemic. Sure, the WHO, and China could help push the governments of the world toward communism. Bill Gates could feel good about himself by bringing cures to kids through vaccines all over the world, and the medical community could stave off billions and billions of dollars in law suits trying to keep the lid on the whole XMRV mistakes that had been percolating for most of the last century within the field of medicine, in producing vaccines without knowing much about the real scientific impact they had on healthy tissue.

We all think DeWine should have known better as a seasoned attorney, but he got caught listening to his liberal health director and from the outset of his administration he let liberalism make it sick from the start. Otherwise he wouldn’t even be asking for dictatorial powers so early when there was no clear reason for it. Only that his health director Amy Acton wanted it for her role in this “plandemic.” As a global insider she knew the debate of the whole XMRV problem and the potential tragedy that a loss in public confidence in medicine might result from it, and they were all taking actions to use the next coronavirus as a way to get control of the message and reset public relations with an emphasis that strengthened that relationship, to stop the deteriorating conditions they were observing. However, the problem with the medical community was that they had their own kind of XMRV viral outbreaking going on culturally, and that is liberalism within their ranks. That much is clear with Dr. Fauci’s “don’t wear a mask, don’t social distance, but do wear a mask and save others.” Flatten the curve by flattening the economy to extended quarantine could be disastrous for the economy. What we see out of Fauci, Amy Acton, even Google and Facebook, Gates all of them is that their Plandemic has failed and now the bill has come due and nobody wants to pay it. And Mike DeWine played his part whether by purpose or by default is right in the middle of it.

The Lake County ruling against DeWine’s emergency powers in Ohio is just the beginning, most everything that was done by Amy Acton was against the law. No matter how well intended the DeWine administration was, they broke the law, destroyed billions of dollars of economic value, and ruined the lives of many people and they did it the same way doctors unleashed XMRV into healthy people to kill them with cancer trying to save them from some other disease. The same logic applies here and as Trump puts it, the cure was far worse than the disease. We would have all been better off letting Covid-19 do its thing and trust our mostly healthy tissue to fight it off and develop herd immunity. That is what we have always done and should always do in the future. What was different this time is that there was a plan to shut down the world and try to re-energize trust in the medical community to hide the crimes of unleashing so many cancers through vaccines not properly vetted. They were trying to save themselves from an infinite number of cases from malpractice lawsuits only to essentially destroy everything they wanted to protect, just as vaccines had done to unleash XMRV. And to keep that information from the public, Google, Facebook and much of the Silicon Valley technocrats diseased with liberalism themselves sought to censor the information to further hide the results. But unfortunately for them, Judy Mikovits is now one of the top selling authors in the world and the truth is getting out. And that truth is revealing that governors like DeWine who assisted in the process of protecting the medical community from its own stupidity allowed his own liberalism to destroy his administration before it ever got started. And to make it healthy again, we must remove the cancer, in this case, Mike DeWine himself.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Cliffhanger and the Cowboy Way: Risk everything, fear nothing, and have no regrets

You might have noticed that I’ve changed a few things, particularly signing these articles by the name of Cliffhanger lately. Well, there’s a good reason for that. I was coming home from a long hard day in to see my family had come over for dinner. I was dressed the way I do now, and because of the unconstitutional directive that all employers and employees of the state must wear a mask, I was still wearing my black bandana, along with my hat and sunglasses. Rather than get terribly pissed off and ready to string up the governor for being a complete idiot, I had a little fun with the idea and upon seeing me, my daughter instantly recognized a vision from her past, and she said, “ah, Cliffhanger.” There was a time in her life when I wore that same type of mask for a similar reason, only back then it was to conceal my identity, a vigilante phase I had to go through which was directly inspired by the movie character of Zorro. For several years of my life while I worked three full time jobs and wasn’t home much at night because of them, when I was home I would dress that way and head out into the night with my bullwhips to fight a fight that the state courts and legal system had no stomach for, which as I’ve told the story would become the contents of my book, ‘The Symposium of Justice.’ I had drug dealers living across the street in Mason, Ohio while my children were little and the FBI was chasing down a rapist that was molesting women home alone at night, as well as a number of other problems and nobody would do anything about it. I went to the mayor of Mason directly for help, and the entire police department but nobody was interested. So I took it upon myself to solve the problem and that became my nickname.

These days it is the name I go by in Cowboy Fast Draw, which is a kind of gamer tag for shooting sports. A few years ago my wife had a specially embroidered shirt made for me as encouragement for a long held idea that I’ve had for starting an R&D company called Cliffhanger Research and Development which goes back to an idea I had right out of high school and am still thinking about, something that would make Elon Musk turn into a driveling fanboy pretty fast. But to pull it off, there needs to be other resources and the need to fight over various issues has never really given me the kind of time that such an endeavor would take. I’m not finished with the idea, just shelving it for a proper time, but the name Cliffhanger has been with me for a long time. The essence of it is that I have always been a major risk taker, a person who thrives in danger and mayhem. And the name suggests a person who loves to live on the edge, all the time. There is a sort of joke in our family that I am the biggest risk taker that anybody would ever have the opportunity to know. I for a time was a member of the World Stunt Organization so it carried over into entertainment these antics of mine. However, my wife is probably the most risk averse woman on the face of the planet. Why we have been married for over thirty years is a mystery to many, but the story is a normal one for anybody who stays at it that long, without her in my life I likely would have been in a lot more trouble than I have been in over that time. I always wanted a family and for me I need that balance to have one. And from me she needs a risk taker, otherwise she might never leave the house. Through all this Covid-19 mess, her life hasn’t changed at all. But for a person like me, it’s a disaster to suddenly have the entire world be so timid and frightened—there is nothing about my life that adheres to those definitions.

The Cliffhanger name means a lot to me, but at this stage of my life, I use it in my gun clubs and think of it as a solid root into my long past of things that likely would have killed most people. I’ve always embraced the types of things that most people are terrified of and that has delivered me to this new chapter of my life which is very concerned about what we call in the shooting sports as The Cowboy Way. Now the old timers who have been at this stuff for a long time don’t like to talk about The Cowboy Way because defining it verbally kind of cheapens it but it does consist of a few ideas that I think about every day of my life the first thing in the morning. Those are “risk everything, fear nothing, and have no regrets.” That pretty much sums up my way of looking at everything, and the only place that people understand that way of living, are in shooting sports and in the western arts, which I have been a part of for many, many decades mainly with my bullwhip aptitude. So this notion of being afraid of a silly virus and wearing masks as centralized pin headed experts try to take over our constitution has not sat well with me, at all. They want me to wear a mask, well I’ve done it before and they didn’t like the result. Now they want to make it legal, well, OK. My daughter recognized me right away and what I was up to.

I used to sneak back in the house after running around in the night looking for bad guys to punish, such as the rapist the FBI couldn’t find and my daughter would sneak out of her bed to catch me coming back in the back door. So seeing me dressing that way in a modern context was kind of reassuring to her and brought back good memories from her perspective. As a footnote, the FBI never had a rapist running around. Yes, there was a guy who was raping women, but he wasn’t unknown to them, he was an agent of them. There was a police levy at the time and the Mason police were involved in getting extra money from the family across the street who was selling drugs and that story couldn’t get out even though I hand walked it to every reporter I could get and I personally got the mayor involved, who didn’t want to do anything about it for political reasons. The FBI had the backs of the police who didn’t like my wife at all because she was calling the cops every time a drug deal would happen. We couldn’t even let our kids ride their bikes down the sidewalk in front of our house because the situation was so contentious. We were known as the narcs of the neighborhood and many of our neighbors were openly protesting us, so this FBI story about a rapist was meant to drive my wife crazy with fear. It was a cruel psychological turmoil she had to go through that taught me a lot about politics early in my life. My method of dealing with it wasn’t in their play book so there were some interesting encounters, I’ll just say that. But eventually, we did move away and bought a home that had a lot more elbow room. I’m not a neighborhood kind of guy and neither is my wife so it worked out in the end. But there was a lot of unnecessary suffering on all sides that could have easily been avoided.

The Cliffhanger name has been with me most of my life and given the state of the world, it is far more appropriate to my purpose, so I’m going to use it more for the needs of justice. I’ve always felt that the law sometimes needs help because the bad guys out there are always looking for ways to curtail the law while they insist that all their victims follow the law to the letter. They’ll bust you for driving one mile over the speed limit even while they sell illegal drugs to children just so they can scrape a bit off the top to buy themselves new bass boats and finance their mistresses. The bottom line is that the law doesn’t mean a damn thing if good people don’t protect it from the bad guys and that is certainly a need our modern constitution has. So I think I will always wear my mask. I’m never going to forget what happened with this Covid-19 attack on our American way of life and how they have tried to intrude on my way of life, the Cowboy Way that I have defined with some European outlook that belongs on the bottom of a shoe instead of a policy to live by. And while I used to use the Cliffhanger name as a type of bandit who had to step out of the lines to get justice, which is what my book ‘The Symposium of Justice’ was all about, now its actually legal to wear a mask in public and to do in the light of day which I had to conceal with moonless nights and a lot of inflicted pain dished out with my bullwhips. But from then to now one thing has never changed, the necessity to defend justice from tyranny, and that’s where I am at, and why using that name is more applicable now than it has ever been.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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The DeWine Administration Needs to be Severely Punished: They broke the law and for that they must pay

It doesn’t change anything for me, but the broadcast by Bill Cunningham on 700 WLW accessed below plays the case out well beyond good. A judge in a county in Ohio ruled the state directed mandates by Amy Acton and Governor DeWine unconstitutional in regard to a workout facility and the margin for discussion wasn’t even close. As I have said from the beginning, if we cannot trust our rule of law, our constitutional parameters, then really we have nothing in a society and violence and mayhem are the modes of conduct that will rule the world. Amy Acton, the pro-abortion supporter working in the DeWine administration and a devoted liberal took advantage of the law and tried to apply quarantine measures to them under the definitions of mass isolation over health, instead of the individualized sick. It was always a gross misconduct that would have a day in court, and as it looks, this case in Ohio that they are talking about in this broadcast is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have told you dear reader all the aspects of this case of the Covid-19 virus as it stands in the year 2020. The virus was a real little sickness that had a sad impact on a few unhealthy people, but generally, it was a small thing that people easily got, and got over. The strategy should have been what it always has been from the beginning of time, herd immunity. The medical community had some right to monitor and learn what they could, but they did not have a right to stick their noses into our business for social change policies that were meant to facilitate a mass push to the political left, into outright Marxism and communism coming out of China. What we witnessed was the media was ready to cheerlead on the effort, which is exactly what they did to Amy Acton in Ohio and the governor that hired her Mike DeWine. The media made those two into rock stars for advocating for the policies that the left always wanted to implement upon the entire world. It felt good to DeWine to suddenly receive so much praise in the press and that is how “they” often do control everyone. Lucky for us in America, we have state and federal constitutions that are rooted in great individualized philosophy, and we have a recourse to swipe at those who attempt to undermine it.

I think the Governor’s office in Ohio should drown in legal turmoil, and specifically Amy Acton herself. As a progressive, she clearly intended to supersede our constitutional parameters through panic and malice excessively overstepping her authority under the mask of chaos and fear. As I have said also on many occasions I have an Ohio constitution right next to my reading chair that I read through a few times a week for fun, and everything that was done during the Covid-19 outbreak goes against it in tone and value. I was against this nonsense from the first day that Governor DeWine shut down bars and restaurants in Ohio back in March followed by cancelling the primary election. I felt at that time that we should march on Columbus and rip is little ass out of his seat and end his governorship right then and there. But, most people gave him the benefit of the doubt and listened to his administration. And the more they complied, the more DeWine pushed his emergency powers until he had within a few weeks of that moment destroyed the Ohio economy and inspired governors all over the United States to follow him essentially destroying the entire country’s GDP. Not exactly the response President Trump was looking for. He needed his Republican governors to hold it together, not to join the other side. But that’s what DeWine did, and why he deserves everything that’s coming now.

There should be no mercy for Amy Acton. Sure, she’s been propped up by the media for doing their bidding, but she broke the law as did all who participated in mandating these lockdowns, the voodoo social distancing declarations and the mandating of wearing masks in public. What they did was some of the dumbest stuff in the history of the world sold to us under emergency powers and they all need to pay badly for what they did so that others won’t be inspired to do it in the future. If we don’t stand by the law, then we are endorsing violence in the future because we cannot accept this reality. America never should have followed the world with their response to Covid-19. They don’t have American constitutions in other countries to protect their liberties like we do in the United States. The enemies of America who call themselves progressives, like Amy Acton, want to end those rights for what they think of as the collective good. Their goal from the beginning of this using the virus as a platform was to state that there are bigger things in life than our American constitutions, state and federal. I also have next to my reading chair the Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers. I also have the South Carolina guidebook on dueling to solve disputes that I read for fun. I feel quite certain that the foundations of America was never intended to put up with this progressive crap from other nations and that those within our country who exhibit the behavior should be punished severely. That is the spirit of all the philosophy that has come out of the laws of our land and we are required to pass judgment, not hiding in our homes waiting for government to tell us its safe to go to the store, or to go to work.

The hope was that after a few months of accepting so much government authority that America and the world would be a changed place accepting new rules from a more centralized authority. We were never intended to come out of this on the other side more resolute than before and adhering to our constitutions. DeWine has a son that is a Supreme Court Justice, that will be a difficult family dinner when they’ll have to talk about these many court challenges that are going to overwhelm the courts for many years to come. Maybe Mike DeWine thought he could manipulate the law with a son on the Supreme Court in his favor, because as a former prosecutor the Governor should have known better before ever giving Amy Acton so much power. Yet he did and now there will be a lot of Hell to pay. The first case has gone against them and that will be just the start. Legally, the Governor’s office broke the law in ways that cost billions of dollars and trillions in opportunity cost around the world by those watching Ohio and taking their lead. I have hope that perhaps we can settle all these disputes without violence if the courts are going to adhere to the Ohio constitution which is much more freedom loving than even the federal version we always hear about. That is the law we all agreed to, that is what politicians swear to protect when they take their oath of office, and that is the thin line between right and wrong. And based on what they did under Amy Acton’s actions, the DeWine administration broke the law for purposes of progressivism, and for that, they must be severely punished.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Waco had a Point: If we wanted to, we could easily kick the crap out of our government

There was a great line in ‘Waco’ the mini series that was produced for the Paramount Network and has since been released to Netflix that is very much worth watching where one of the lead FBI agents explained his very aggressive actions as “there are 5000 of them to every one of us, and that if they ever find out that they are more powerful than we are, it’s over,” or something to that effect. Essentially he was saying that the FBI actions at Ruby Ridge and at Waco were justified because the government had to assert their authority over the people so that they wouldn’t realize that at any time, they are meaner and tougher than the government, their entire military, their police, and that if people decided to turn against them, there would be nothing they could do about it. Waco was well over 25 years ago, a quarter of a decade yet I remember it vividly and not even knowing the situation of those people killed during that ATF raid which was heavily exacerbated by the FBI we have seen the same arrogance and aggression in modern times with the Russian hoax against President Trump and the attempt to destroy anybody close to the administration before it ever took power. And we must wonder how many lives have they destroyed that we don’t know about from then to now?

And that has been the theme of the insane behavior of the lockdowns over the coronavirus where we have seen firsthand governors get out of control and go full authoritarian. Mike DeWine of Ohio led the way as a Republican. They’ll tell you his poll numbers are high, just as Amy Acton’s, but these are the same phony propaganda ways of obtaining information that have put out the hit against President Trump during the entire time he’s been president, even longer. We have a press that has cheered these small minded politicians along, like DeWine into complete tyranny and within just a few months most of our society was wearing facemasks in public because the government told them to and were being overly compliant when they shouldn’t have been. The government had overstepped its boundaries, had moved beyond the Constitutions we make law to, and bypassed legislative debate to run a complete police state over what has turned out to be a silly little virus. People want to believe it was more dangerous than it was because they must justify all the damage they caused by their dumb decisions, but I think its time we remember, vividly.

If people thought the economic activity was bad before the aftermath is where the trouble really begins. In Ohio we are starting off with a 3-billion-dollar hole in the budget that likely the federal government will have to supplement, because the state will have no way of covering the gap. DeWine has already announced $775 million in budget cuts to the 2020 budget which you know what that means, every school district everywhere in the state will be looking for a tax increase to supplement what they are losing from the state. It won’t matter that 40% of parents are considering homeschooling their kids, which would be a great idea, now that they’ve had a taste of it. The government schools themselves have shown themselves to be as worthless as I’ve always said they were. My assertion was that they were simply baby-sitting services for most parents and that the learning that went on was purely socialist garbage. Kids are much better off not going to those meat grinders. Yet they are all attached to our property regionally, and wrongly, and they will want a piece of our value to stay alive and pay for all their inflated union wages, and that will be a painful fight county by county everywhere because of the truly dumb decisions made by Governor DeWine’s reaction to Covid-19, which the rest of the country followed right over a cliff. And nobody has yet smashed into the bottom yet. The school levies aren’t even the start.

Then there are the cops, the firefighters, every government worker out there looking to cover what they lost from the state. Obviously as we have seen in reaction to every employee Trump has fired while in office, government types never think they should lose their job. In the past when we have had government shutdowns we hear all the crying about how devastating it is for them, and they shut down the national parks and other things to make it rough for people, to force them to vote for the perpetually higher taxes to feed the beast. Yet those same people just shut down everything in the economy to some extent over some nonsense about “social distancing,” that was made up by some doctor on a napkin in a far away land screwing his mistress while he told the rest of us to obey the “orders.” And now that we are turning back on the economy, the people on the political left want to shut everything down longer and to put people through more pain for no reason other than to control them, and to retain power for themselves just a little longer. It has been a maddening experience that showed the true ugly side of our current humanity.

Yet it took people too long to stand up for themselves. To some extent, they are doing better at it now, but way too many people allowed themselves to be led like sheep to their own slaughter, destroying their jobs, their economy, their very way of life and pursuit of happiness over voodoo science from a bunch of people I wouldn’t trust to put trash in a trashcan. I attribute it to what that FBI agent said at Waco, too many people have been broken and are too quick to obey orders and to trust the government without question. But history says we should question everything. I’m not an anti-government advocate, we need people to manage the affairs of a nation, but we should also know that the best and brightest are not attracted to that practice so we should always carry a weary eye at what they do and why they do it. I personally don’t acknowledge any person on earth as my leader. I don’t have a “better.” I look to no one for guidance or leadership. I am that for a lot of people, but nobody does that for me, and I would never put up with anybody sticking their nose into my life that way. What I need out of a government is someone who can make sure the checks run on time and that there is a military out there so I don’t have to fight every bastard in the world myself. I have been ready for a standoff with this over authoritarian government during all this, and I fully expect it to happen at some point. They are going to push the barriers as they did to those people at Waco, Ruby Ridge, or even arresting Roger Stone early in the morning to embarrass him in front of his neighbors. It wasn’t the law they wanted to enforce, it was their power so that people would learn not to stand up to them, because if everyone did, government could never assert control.

It has been very disappointing to me to see that so many people are already conquered, as they were so easily pushed around over the government response to the coronavirus. I don’t care what the rest of the world was doing, I expect more out of free Americans. They allowed themselves to be pillaged by incompetent losers and when they found their lives ruined, were too quick to forgive and forget. I find the civility despicable. And going forward, I don’t think its wise to promote so much civility. It does not serve the purpose of freedom, and if something does not benefit that, then we can say with all certainty, that it is useless as an endeavor.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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UFOs, Giants, and Covid-19: How Trump got suckered and why “experts” are so destructive

When people call something a conspiracy, what they are usually saying is that they are too lazy to get the facts so they are prone to just listening to what they think is a trusted source has to say about something, and to stick with it. That source in the case of the Covid-19 virus is the government, which we are seeing has lots of conspiracies that are largely true to some degree or another. But other conspiracies are those such as the UFO outbreaks, which the Pentagon recently released a very mysterious video that has been out for a while now. Before the release of that video, UFO talk was very conspiracy based, but obviously, the government knows there is something to it that is going to be revealed as we move out into space and they can’t hide it from the public any longer. Another conspiracy that I am quite certain is true is a topic I have long talked about on this site, the species of giants in Ohio who predated modern Indians with advanced culture in the Miami Valley and up into New York, who likely are connected to the people who built Stonehenge in England. The big news there was that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who discovered America, it was many people going back tens of thousands of years who were seafaring long before our history credits them, and that is something that academic institutions have been slow to accept.

The point here is that just because an academic class of people who like to be called “experts” say something, that doesn’t make it true. And when a society begins to point to experts and say we should listen to them, then that is a start to a problem. We saw this coming when it came to Covid-19. The political class who wanted to change presidents this fall blamed Trump on not listening to the “experts” enough, goading him into finally listening to Dr. Fauci during an election year, which opened the door to the “Plandemic” that has become Covid-19, a socialist grab for power that has unleashed all the leftists dreams they had been dreaming for many years. I saw it clearly for what it was from the outset, it was Plato’s Republic, his cave analogy, where experts knew what caused the shadows on a cave wall but didn’t want people to see for themselves what the causes were. To keep people from seeing for themselves what’s going on “experts” want to remain in power so they do whatever they can to keep everyone focused on the shadows of life, not the actual elements that cause the shadows themselves. To do that, they call anybody who wants to see the cause of the shadows in our lives conspiracy theorists.

I have always had a problem with institutional style learning because to see the big picture of things, which is really all I’m interested in ever, you need to study all categories of thinking, all topics—everything from aviation to philosophy. From biology to physics. From mathematics to literature. I for one could never be bored in life, my head turned and saw what caused the shadows on the cave walls many years ago, while I was still a child and I have never had much faith in “experts.” While they were studying to be “experts” they missed all the other things in life that contribute to the things we see and experience. So while what they say may have relevance to a very narrow field of observation, they miss the big picture every single time and that was never more evident than the massive disaster that has been Covid-19. Trump’s mistake was that he gave them a seat at the table and look what they did with it. But if Trump hadn’t, he would have had much more trouble by the press who has been advocating an “expert” class for over a hundred years in the United States. Most of the members of the media obviously haven’t read Plato’s Republic, and they should. Because there is a lot more going on in life than the drivel they report and the scope of existence is far beyond the limits of what any “experts” can tell us about anything.

Just like the problem with the species of giants who once ran massive empires in North America, often rivaling Greek and Roman society in sophistication, there are many “experts” who have written doctorial thesis papers on standard archaeological pre-Columbian theory and they can’t have new evidence destroy that academic criteria. To admit that the North American Indian was not a native, that white people didn’t take their land from them but that they simply took the land from others who came before them for tens of thousands of years would have major political and historical consequences. The information is getting out anyway, just as we are learning quite painfully that we are not alone, that likely our current government has been interacting with other species of interplanetary lifeforms, perhaps from the beginning of time. The government doesn’t trust us with the information, and we don’t trust the government because they don’t trust us—it becomes a vicious cycle and the mud in the middle becomes “conspiracy theory.” Like the academic “experts” government too wants to be the one that stands between people and knowledge just as the “experts” did in Plato’s cave analogy.

And that brings us to Judy Mikovits and her experiences with Dr. Fauci way before there was a coronavirus outbreak that has been talked about in the Plandemic video that Google, Facebook and the rest of the Silicone Valley tech companies are censoring on their platforms. The goal is to keep the rest of society asleep at the wheel, just like the Giants of Ohio conspiracy and UFOs, the desire for “experts” to remain experts has driven the discussion and created mistrust on both sides. In the case of Covid-19, the conspiracy was that the virus was used by the “experts” as a launch vehicle for their needs for funding, and the cooperative governments saw it as a push for outright socialism. Trump tried to make the “experts” happy by listening to them during an election year and that’s how they stuck him. But to see all this, you can’t be looking at the shadows, but the cause. For those willing to see, its easy. But the people who have lots of things to hide will discourage you by calling you a conspiracy theorist.

Obviously, knowing something is different than speculating, and when it comes to the UFO situation, we are seeing a movement toward full disclosure, where we will learn what the government knew and for how long. The world is too small and moving too fast to hide it anymore, so that is likely why the video was released now rather than years ago when the event actually happened. And that is the fate of these other issues too, the Giants of Ohio, the truth behind Covid-19, its all going to come out in time. What matters now is to understand why any “experts” would want to keep people from that information. The answer of course is power, and the weight of their reputations which means everything to them. New evidence or contrary opinions make them no longer experts on a topic, if people can see other views for themselves. The point of keeping everyone focused on “expert” opinion is to keep the experts in power and valuable and nothing else. Yet the truth is needed to actually solve problems and understand where we need to go and why. So in that context, that is why “experts” are so destructive to our society. They are not valuable, and so long as we allow them to stand between us and information, there will always be conspiracies and the false power they get from getting in the way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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