Karl Marx: The evil advocate of individual destruction

I do not believe that Karl Marx intended to deliver the most evil political philosophy known to the human mind on purpose. It would appear that Marx, being the helpless, poverty-stricken despot that he was, wished to become powerful as he looked about Europe and saw the classes of those above him. He knew he would never reach any lofty social heights in his lifetime without stealing some of that influence from the bourgeoisie class. Marx did not have the benefit of living in America where the closest form of a socially classless society existed. If he did live in America, he might not have died with only 11 mourners at his funeral leaving behind a wife, and life of extreme poverty. Yet Marx and his writing were discovered by the intellectual elite, and even newspaper editors in America were giving voice to Marx and his writing partner on The Communist Manifesto Friedrich Engels because they sensed correctly that the plight of the poor and down trodden was the path to power. The intellectual elite knew they were too weak for actual battle and sought to utilize a mob of peasants to capture political control from the kings, queens, and the nobility of Europe. Intellectuals for centuries had been looking for a philosophy to bring about the utopian vision of a society created by Sir Thomas More in his book Utopia published in 1516. Marx, with all the foolish innocence of a beggar placed ideas to paper and the intellectual classes used him to gain power over Europe in the middle 1850’s. What followed was a century of death, destruction, and the near eradication of human innovation globally. Marx brought to the world decay in the form of his political philosophy called Marxism, which morphed into socialism maturing into communism, and all the gains made in America advancing the spirit of the human species had found its destroyer.

Today Presidents like Obama do not call themselves Marxists, socialists, or communists—they term it progressives. School teachers, politicians of both parties, many media personalities, actors, actresses, producers, music industry tycoons, and even Wall Street Bankers consider themselves “progressive” yet have their roots directly tied to the work of Karl Marx. To see the evidence, all one has to do is look in their neighborhoods and the evidence of “collectivism” will be seen in great abundance. Collectivism is an evil of thoughtless enterprise. No one brain controls this evil, its methods of destruction are generated from a collective belief that all participants are moved by a “will” that transcends thought, so mob will rules through democratic participation. Marx sought the complete eradication of private property so that every member of society could work according to their capacities and consume according to their needs. To his way of thinking, this was the only way to prevent the rich from living at the expense of the poor. Since he was so terribly poor, he was concerned about “leveling” the playing field so people like him could have a say in his fate. After all, he could not afford property of his own, and he obviously lacked the will to obtain it himself. So he built a philosophy that allowed for the legal theft of other people’s property so that at least they would not have more than he did. Communism became the philosophy of the lazy; those who would rather take from others so that they could not have more than the communists did as if such a thing could justify the communist’s lack of ambition.

I saw communism in full bloom just the other day as I was on my way to the Kings Island Amusement Park in Mason, Ohio. A large complex of apartments had sprung up out of the only ground left in Mason from which to build called The Palmera. These are high-end, luxury apartments which would be expected in Mason, perfectly located to take advantage of the excellent Mason Schools, local shopping, and highway access. At first glance it would seem nice to offer renters a chance to move into the community of Mason at a fraction of the cost property would garner of the same quality, but that is until one thinks about election time. Apartment dwellers are notoriously vociferous to pass school levies when a public school asks for higher taxes, because the apartment dweller does not directly pay the taxes, the apartment owner does, yet the apartment dweller does get to send their child to school for free. So they almost always vote in favor of school levies, because they don’t have to pay the tax increase directly—someone else does. This is the Marx idea of forcing on society “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs.” Since the apartment owner is rich enough to build an apartment complex, they are rich enough to pay the taxes required by the “needs” of the community.

Nobody involved in this scam would call themselves a communist, and most of them probably never read Karl Marx. But over time, the education elite who did read Marx gradually encouraged all involved to just accept these communist ideas as a reality. The school is doing its part in destroying private property by gradually increasing taxes to the point of discouraging ownership. Administers of the community through regulation control the owners of the apartment dwelling allowing them to participate in the upper class of district management so long as they generate taxes without question, and the tax payers have learned not to question anything for fear that the IRS might audit them, so they keep a low profile and allow communism to spread gradually replacing capitalism as the economic engine of The United States.

Marx’s basic premise is that socio-economic statuses for different groups, the proletariat and the bourgeois ruling classes are defined by their relationship to private property and the means of production. Marx believed as many long-haired, dirty, grimy, tree hugging hippies believe to this very day that by eradicating this relationship of property that peace on earth will finally be realized. It’s an excessively naive view of the world, and has failed time and time again due to the fact that such a society always requires administrators, and those administrators always attempt to rule through dictatorship. In the case of the Palmera Apartments in Mason, the apartment dweller, (the non-owners) gain enormous voting power because of their sheer numbers. The bureaucrats of Mason City government get to impose fees on the developer of the apartment and keep a leash on their control of their own property so to best serve the apartment dwellers. These fees pay their administrative costs, but also keep the developer from gaining too much personal power.

Governments in general all have a tendency toward socialism, because they function as a collective, not as individuals responsible for their own thoughts and action. The blob mentality of no property ownership, no ownership of ideas, or even of personal relationships are destroying the human race, and it can all be hung presently on the gutter bum, Karl Marx and his legions of leeching intellectuals. In The United States the government sued Microsoft for having a monopoly, to gain control of a company becoming too big and powerful. Today, that company is only a fraction of what it once was. And now Facebook has been artificially propped up by government so that it can tear it down again and take away from people the freedom enjoyed there. Facebook as I’m writing this is being attacked by government to level the playing field for others, and to gain control of the business. The behavior is more reminiscent of communism than capitalism, because the administrators of our economy are tampering with the ownership of assets in order to facilitate who does what according to their abilities, and who needs what according to their needs. Those determinations are made by the “collective,” by the mobs of the masses and it is sheer evil. Evil because the mob can determine what someone else does with their property. In the case of the Palmera Apartments the building code administrators and local school will decide the costs of the project. Up front the code people do. But after the apartments are built, the schools can increase their cost by raising taxes at the will of the mob. The owner will then have to decide to absorb the cost increase of the taxes, or raise their rental rates, which might push out the apartment dwellers because the apartments will then become too expensive. The intent of the mob is that by using communism, the apartment owner is forced to surrender their profits, their means of production, to the “collective.”

Marx wrote “In place of religious and political illusions, the bourgeoisie had substituted naked, shameless, direct, brutal exploitation. Charter that had once protected people’s freedom had been cast aside for one unconscionable freedom—free trade.” Those are the words of a man with no products in his mind to sell, and possessing the lack of will to work in order to do so. Those are the words of a beggar on the side of a street with his hat out in hopes of a hand out. You can hear the same types of words today as communism comes from the mouth of President Obama. One of his biggest knocks on Mitt Romney is that Romney made money at Bain Capital and is a “rich guy.” This comment only has merit in the context of thousands of voters who have been trained to be communists in their public educations by teachers who embraced Karl Marx with passion—because as we know—those who can’t do in real life teach. So they seek communism to disguise their lack of talent and personal ambition. This was the path of Obama, a dope smoking, fatherless youth looking for answers in an unfair world. As a college kid he hung out with Marxist lovers and ministers who looked with envious eyes at those who they considered their betters. These parasites schemed ways of using the collective to bring down those who towered above them by using the communism of Karl Marx. Obama who has no experience in making money of any kind, and has become wealthy by looting as a public official can only give jobs away that the American taxpayer creates. Romney actually created jobs in the private sector, but to the communist that is a sin, because the private sector means, “ownership,” which to them is the ultimate evil. They think in this fashion because they have been seduced by communism.

Another one of Karl Marx’s famous quotes is that “the abolition of religion as the illusory happiness of the people is required for real happiness.” Communists in our own country working at first through the ACLU and labor unions sought to remove any content of religion from our schools and courtrooms, out of dedication to that Marx quote. Even though many of them would not consider themselves communists, their behavior as a collective dictates the will by the mob, which is the foundation of communism. Just by functioning as a collective, they function as a communist.

Karl Marx is far more prevalent in the life of the average American than they’d like to believe. Communism has many spokesman, many more than capitalism, because in capitalism it is the will of the individual that it serves, and thus all individuals prosper. But in communism, it is the collective will of the mob that rules and the individuals are consumed within its destructive fires to become advocates of doom believing they are freedom fighters. But the only freedom they are fighting is the freedom to think, do, and own property as one may wish. The collectivists of communism are seeking to eradicate freedom all together in a utopian pursuit of peace on earth, even if it means killing the people who stand in their way of peace.

Every time I hear a person of supposedly high intellect profess that they believe that Karl Marx was a genius, I instantly see before me a lazy slob who is afraid of their own shadow, a social parasite of the highest order. I see a destroyer of mankind. I see a would be slave master as they would just as soon put on the shackles of serfdom in order to save the lives of the masses with a complacent slow death putting out the fires of personal liberty in exchange for mass sacrifice to mother earth. The attempt to slowly warm Americans up to communism is in 2012 an unbridled sickness.

Cincinnati’s mayor Mark Malory has been heavily involved with communist Chinese governments and even my district school of Lakota has been working with Chinese schools to bridge the gaps in understanding between the two countries. China has no intention on bending its communist philosophies more than they have with the 1997 inclusion of Hong Kong back to the motherland—a capitalist city being reintroduced to the communist mainland. The attempts by modern China to work with American political leaders and public schools are to assist in the global process of bringing America into the fold of red communism and away from capitalism entirely. The goal of communist China and communist Russia, and socialist Greece, France, and Spain as well as communist Vietnam, communist North Korea etc., is to bring down the bourgeoisie nation of America as a whole, to level the world’s playing field by mowing down The United States and its powerful economy.

The communist infestation in America has been going on for many years, and many who are reading this right now will want to call me a conspiracy theorists and a right-winged radical. But those names come from the communist in you, which has been bred through your school, your job, your family, your politics, and your fractured economy. It has been bred into you by the enemies of America long ago, before your birth, and they have guided your mind to the work of a bearded, broke fool living in London, England as he wrote his masterwork of communism, Das Kapital influencing the catastrophic economist John Meynard Keynes. It would be Keynesian economics that would put The United States into a spiral of debt and create irrational economic models that would destroy capitalism, create large central planning bureaucracies intent on the spread of Europe’s beloved communism.

Like all parasites communism lays dormant within the culture of it’s pray until the time is right to leap forth and destroy the entity of its feeding. In America, we have for too long fed without knowledge this phantom menace, this prophet of doom known as Karl Marx who planted the seeds of our destruction within our intellectual class, the teacher, the professor, and the media tycoons who grew up listening to the rants of Jane Fonda and her naked body crawling all over our imaginations preaching the seduction of communism. It’s here before us, it’s feeding off of us, and if we don’t put a stop to it, it will destroy us completely with no care for the lives that made up our individual endeavors. We will be sacrificed by communism to the gods of collectivism to serve the blood thirsty desires of a mob intent on its own destruction, thoughtless, blind, and manipulated by lack of personal responsibility toward a great swarm of parasites striving to live for one more moment before their ceaseless hunger consumes itself.

That’s how communists sold socialism to America.


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College Tuition is Unsustainable at 8% Yearly Increases: Resetting the inflated value

Tough love is what I’d call the recent push to convince area schools, particularly my own of Lakota that the days of endless education funding are over, that the bubble has burst, and unfortunately they are the last to know it because they refuse to see. When fighting school levies, public schools will attempt to paint a picture of how necessary they are to launching children into college, and how important their institutions are to preparing children to compete in a global economy. Well, let me save you some time and money by telling you how you can prepare your children for a global economy without increasing your taxes on a public school who refuses to see they have lost their relevance; teach your kids not to go to college and instead find a job and work their way up with hard work. Don’t get into debt, because the financial stability of those loans is questionable, so not having debt is equal to having wealth in the global economy. And be ready to work 10 to 12 hour days to maintain their relevancy for the company they work for. America must become producers again, but right now, we have allowed ourselves to become a service nation, and there just aren’t enough jobs to fill all the positions coming out of college.

Tuition rates for college are going up at a rate of 8% a year. That is not sustainable, because incomes are not going up at the same rate, and they can’t. The economy does not support such increases unless the economy itself grows at the same rate. And the money spent on college is not guaranteeing a good job for the initial investment. What is happening is inflation all across the spectrum and that inflation is driven by ever-increasing expectations that are not supported with reality. To illustrate the situation Darryl Parks of 700 WLW talks with Nathan Bacharach of 55 KRC Sound Money about the devastating conditions of our economy and the treacherous financial situation that higher education has placed itself in. I would encourage everyone to listen to this broadcast below, and send it along to a friend you know or a neighbor, so they can begin to get their minds around this very informative interview. It is quite stunning.

It’s not that college has lost its relevancy in our marketplace, but the institution lost its way in what it expects as compensation and value provided by that compensation. They have extended themselves too far in a quest that is simply a numbers game. Colleges sought to put bodies in seats and didn’t care what they had to do to achieve their numbers, and they are paying for it now. In fact, America is paying dearly as that investment is proving to be a bust, because we do not have enough workers who wish to do skilled labor for a reasonable price, and that is a real problem. So jobs go overseas to markets where workers aren’t so picky, and don’t have such high expectations.

And the real villain here is in the public schools, who like their college counterparts have inflated their own value and worth, hired far too many employees who provide little service to the end product, and they charge too much for their employment. There are too many college professors who make in the six figures, and that is why tuition rates are rising at 8% a year. Education costs didn’t go up, reading, memorizing, and writing on a chalkboard. In fact computers and use of technology have decreased, while tuition costs have increased, because it’s in the financial expectations of the professors and administrators to make vast sums of money in education that have drove up the costs. And in public education the same expectations are present. I have reported that there are over 600 teachers and administrators in my school district who make over $65K per year, which is much more than the average yearly wage of the tax payers who pay the bill. That’s a problem, the math doesn’t add up. And these employees making these sums expect a school district to pay them 2% to 3% increases every year. In fact, when my district of Lakota took a recent pay freeze, even with their step increases, they thought it was a tremendous sacrifice on their part, when it was people like me who have been saying that they are making too much for what they offer in the end, and a pay freeze isn’t enough.  To get an idea just how out-of-touch the public education business is, look at this recent report by Policy Matters Ohio, where they are perplexed at the financial situation they put themselves in.


These employees will complain that they obtained a master’s degree, or a doctorate, but more and more, that doesn’t mean a thing to me and the rest of the tax payers. Just because a politician listened to the union lobby and passed a law mandating that all teachers obtain a master’s degree, it does not mean the marketplace can pay for it. The union lobby and the politicians did not consider the validity of the service when they passed such laws. They did not consider the market value of their legislation, so they artificially created an education bubble which has burst. It was these irresponsible parties, the union lobby and the politicians who created the idea that wages of these levels in education could be obtained on the excessive end, and that society would think those services so valuable that they’d always find a way to pay for them.

We are now at an age where we must question the real value of college, and public schools must figure out how they will fit in with that value. But raising property tax to pass school levies with the assumption that every kid will go to college and rack up $50k or more in debt to get a degree is unrealistic. The entire economic system must reset itself to levels of pre-inflation. This must happen with the value of not only education, the job marketplace, but our actual currency. It is not acceptable to sustain a rate of inflation, because at some point if it takes .50 more cents tomorrow to buy what a dollar does today, cost of living adjustments won’t keep pace, and living standards will decline. The dollar must be made stronger, and the jobs in America cannot be service oriented exclusively and education is a service industry. It doesn’t directly produce new engines, new cars, or invent new technology. Most of those developments are created in the free market system, which is a system that education has put itself at odds with and perpetuated even more social trouble with a reckless philosophy of socialism taught to their students, making the value of education even less.

So there’s a lot of work to do, and it starts by being straight with your children. Education is important, but there is only so much you can do in a class room. Much of the education we all receive comes from doing, and we need a job to get involved with so we can continue that education. In the future our children are not going to leave work at 4:30 every day and make 50 to 100K per year. Our politicians have squandered that dream away. Face it now! Our children will have to stay at work till 7 maybe 8 PM, they will have to outwork our foreign competition and be willing to fight for every dollar. So if you want to help your kids, tell them to save their money, keep it simple, work hard, and do your part as an adult to strengthen the dollar so your kid doesn’t have to scrape even harder to get the value in two dollars that they should get in one.

And for God’s sake, do not ever pass a school levy and increase the property tax burdens on your school district. You might push away the businesses that can give you or your kids a job by doing so, because taxes are too high now, and business are struggling already. Any increase at this point could topple their efforts and drive them away which would be devastating. It is not the task of the communities to figure out how to pamper these education employees into being comfortable. It is the education employee’s job to adjust themselves to the market forces which have and will always drive reality, and is a burden they will only carry when tough love is applied to place that weight on their backs, and not those of us who are already carrying more than our fair share, which is what we as individuals are responsible for.

Main Street U.S.A Closes: Barack Obama does what he does everywhere

Barack Obama came to Disney World and did what he does everywhere he goes in the United States; he shut down Main Street USA. I’m sure the intentions of this visit were not to indicate the more metaphorical limerick described in that opening sentence, but that is the perfect summation of the President’s 4 terms in the United States Executive Office.

Everyone who knows me understands how much I love Disney World, and what I think of Walt Disney. While it’s clear that the more progressive caretakers of the Disney Company in recent years seem perplexed as to what made Disney such a successful company they have been wise enough to keep the original intents of Walt Disney alive well after his passing. Disney is one of those I would term as being an overman, a person who thinks beyond the conventions of the learned. One who can see clearly what is still invisible to everyone else. In fact, Disney World as a complex is a major portion of Florida’s economy. To understand just how important Disney is to Florida and the United States in general, have a look at this link of an article I wrote quite some time ago. You’ll learn some very interesting fun facts about Disney World:


There is a part of me who finds the Disney Company very misguided in shutting down Main Street U.S.A at their primary amusement park just so Obama can give a speech. It is a bad move on behalf of management to recognize the value of certain human beings. But they are not all at fault. The management at Disney World are in good company when they host the President. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have done similar events for President Obama, and much has been said about Tim Burton hosting the secret Halloween Party at the White House. Heck, even one of my favorite human beings on the planet sent the Chewbacca costume from Star Wars to appear at that same Halloween Party. This is baffling to me, this whole premise of creators, which film makers are, being seduced by politicians of little worth like Obama.

If I were the management at Disney aside from the fact that I think Obama is a worthless President with no management skill, I would tell the President that he was not welcome to shut down a portion of my amusement park to give a self-serving political speech. I would do that because the average customer at Disneyworld has far more value than a politician of any caliber. However, the behavior of these successful filmmakers and entertainment tycoons does not exempt them from poor judgment. I know many people who are of above average income who attend fundraisers for presidential candidates and other politicians that are anywhere from $50 per plate to $5000 a plate and this is the fundamental trouble with our government. People, who actually have the ability to make money and pay $5000 a plate for a meal to put money in a politician’s pocket, misplace the value of a politician. They don’t seem to have the ability to turn off in their minds the aptitude to not become star struck with politicians and treat them with celebrity instead of servitude. Politicians are public servants, not celebrities. They should never be held up as a celebrity under ANY circumstance at any level.

Politicians learned from Hollywood how to build their image into a celebrity appeal, and the same Hollywood producers and image makers who create the images we see, seem to not recognize that the looting politician is simply using the Hollywood strategy against Hollywood itself to gain money, and political influence within the organization.

If I were Hollywood I would be angry at those looting politicians, and I’d abandon the progressive politics that looters like Obama are trying to slide under the door, because Hollywood is being scammed. Wasn’t it Lenan who stated that if he could control Hollywood he could control the world? Well, they’ve tried to implement communism into Hollywood for years and many actors and producers looking for money for their projects to green light from financiers like George Soros steer scripts in a noticeably leftist direction. The result is that box office results for 2011 are about $500 million down from what they were a year ago. In fact, they are so bad that they are down to the 1995 levels.

It is not internet piracy that is causing films to fail, so the new SOPA and PIPA bills won’t save Hollywood. Piracy is up because the quality of films are down. People are not willing to pay good money for socialist propaganda. They might watch those films for free, but they aren’t going to flock to the theaters to see them. All anyone has to do to measure the sad state of depravity that Hollywood is currently in is examine the James Bond franchise of late. Compare the Bond films of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s to the 90’s and the now the dismal 2000’s. They’ve lost their way with the Bond films. Where are the Bruce Willis films? Who are the new tough guys; because that’s what people want to see. That’s what movie goers are willing to pay for. Who are the new Clint Eastwoods, Harrison Fords, Steve MacQueens? Hollywood has Johnny Depp but he’s more of the type of actor like Dick Van Dyke used to be, who is so talented that he could cover any role. Captain Jack in the Pirate films is an iconic role, but Depp is not an iconic actor that sells a type of film. He is such a fantastic actor that he can play anything. Films are hungry for male studs and women who like to be women. The political agenda that the media companies have signed up for and imposed on their employees, the producers, actors, and writers, are being rejected by the typical American who think the product coming out of Hollywood is so worthless, that they either don’t go, or will only watch the films if they are pirated. If SOPA or PIPA takes away all piracy the American people will just blow Hollywood off all together.

Hollywood is losing money because it got into bed with Bill Clinton in the 90’s, it worked against President Bush, actively and now it’s back in bed with Obama, and half the nation hates these presidents, so Hollywood has isolated it’s market share to only half the nation who are stupid enough to blindly accept the progressive images Hollywood has been trying to sell. So like everything that touches government, who is made up almost exclusively of looters, people who have no ability to produce on their own, but can only steal their worth from others, the relationship Hollywood has had with politics has hurt it desperately.

So it is quite appropriate to have President Obama shut down one of the most successful tourist destinations on the planet with his looting presence. The current managers of the Disney Company have only Uncle Walt to guide them, because they don’t have new ideas, or the ability to produce them. And Obama is in the same boat, he has no new ideas, he’s a pawn for the global socialists, and he looks to looting presidents like Woodrow Wilson, F.D.R, and L.B.J, for guidance. But he’s not an original, yet Hollywood treats the president as such and falsely makes Obama believe he has value where he is simply a looter who has turned the Hollywood image machine against the image makers themselves. But as Main Street U.S.A shuts down to qualify a token king of America so he can speak about programs to promote tourism, to the company that is best at it. The elemental ideas of Americana hover like smoke at such speeches only to be seen but unable to be touched by the looter mind. They can only describe what they see, but cannot feel it, let alone maneuver it.

The reality of the situation is that tourism will increase if the president could lower taxes so taxpayers had more disposable income. Yet Obama is intent to loot more money for more government programs and believes that by shutting down the most popular tourist destination in the world is the way to increase tourism. It’s the same mentality of shutting down energy sources so that American’s will buy into the President’s Green Policies. But none of the people involved in this epic meeting know what to do next. The President is a looter of the public, and the Disney Executives are looters to the estate of Uncle Walt.

But the real America and the answers it can provide to all these modern problems exist just outside the roped off area the President occupied in the closure of Main Street. It’s over near the Liberty Tree and is above the Liberty Tavern in a window above the Christmas Store, it’s a lone gunman with his barrel sticking out the window standing guard for the tyrants who might come and rob the town of its liberty. You see, Uncle Walt knew what all these modern pinheads have forgotten, that the spirit of America is in that window, and is reflected in the Liberty Tavern itself, and is under the Liberty Tree overlooking Tom Sawyer Island. It’s not at the podium of a pathetic king who wants to exercise his looted power to stand in front of a castle with the same immature ambition that a young girl hopes to meet Cinderella in that very castle. And it’s not in entertainment executives who have allowed a looter to appeal to their celebrity desires. The answers to all America’s problems are in the people who were shut out of the ceremony, and this is why Hollywood and Disney specifically is facing financial setbacks in not performing to the expectations of their market share.

Movies are ultimately about ideas not special effects. And theme parks are built on treasured ideas from movies that touch the soul. The desire for a family of four to travel to Disney World or Universal Studios is to relieve the magic of the movies they love. At Disney it’s Pirates of the Caribbean, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Toy Story, and at Universal Studios it’s Terminator, Twister, The Mummy, Jurassic Park, Jaws, Spiderman and The Hulk. Tourists won’t flock to a theme park to ride a MILK roller costar or the latest George Clooney political flick. And until Hollywood gets it, and stops bending over for looting politicians like Barack Obama and putting money into the thieves pockets, the Hollywood market share will continue to plummet.

Hollywood, you will have to choose, will it be progressive reform where you play the role of the propaganda machine for a corrupt group of looting politicians, or will you choose the way of the dollar and pursue the avenues that audiences are truly hungry for, values established in “Old Hollywood,” as modern progressives term it, in a day when movies meant magic and hope, the ideas that built Main Street U.S.A in the first place?

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Old Men Wondering What Happened: The Payday of The Great Society

Even though I am still angry over the coverage by the two guys in the video below, and their involvement in repealing Issue 2 in Ohio, I couldn’t help but be a bit touched by these two men who are both in their 60’s and are wondering now in 2012 what happened to America. What happened to the Great Society of Lynden B. Johnston and the dreams of John F. Kennedy? What happened to the America of the late 50’s and 60’s when Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW and Sheriff Jones of Butler County where just starting out in their adulthoods? Where are the promises? Where are the benefits? What happened to America? Listen to their very heartfelt discussion here.

Millions upon millions of college graduates are discovering that they were lied to. In the early 1990’s when Ross Perot was declaring that there would be a “giant sucking sound” when NFTA was signed is the America we are currently in. Taxes and regulations have pushed businesses to other countries. America has been positioned by several globalists’ presidents starting with George Bush Sr., then Bill Clinton, then George Bush Jr., and now Obama to pull America into a world ruled by the U.N., and that has taken away the paper factories in Hamilton, that Sheriff Jones was talking about. The unions killed the automotive industry too, which also used to be in Hamilton. In fact, most of the technical jobs that America used to be good at are gone, now overseas while the foolish government schools encouraged an entire generation represented by Cunningham and Jones to become doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

And America shows what a country made up of lawyers looks like as litigation is at an all time high. There are so many doctors that they’ve had to invent diseases to convince people to use their services. And politics is a travesty upon the American philosophy and for all practical purposes is a complete joke that has no respect of the people the politicians represent. Greedy professors at universities have demanded higher and higher wages, many of them making over six figures and for doing what? Then to pay for these dangerous, ideological academics, public colleges have had to increase their tuition rates to extraordinary amounts breaking the back of the parents who just want to send their kids to the colleges to get a decent education. But that’s not what’s happening. All the creation jobs are moving overseas, America only has service jobs to offer these students coming out of high school and college, and those service jobs do not pay what the kids were promised when they racked up a $100K tuition bill.

The Great Society of the LBJ’s and FDR’s were an incomprehensible failure and the results are pouring in. Only one generation of that Great Society did well with the inventions against the Constitution that those Presidents engaged in to deliver our society to the circumstance it is currently in. The jobs are gone because the looters and lawyers drove them away. The high expectations of all the college graduates who want their own office in a plush environment, and end up in a cubical working for yet another financial firm selling 401 K plans that are virtually worthless in a market controlled by socialist tendencies, have proven irrefutably catastrophic. There are not enough skilled workers now who know how to weld, how to turn a wrench, or to tap a bolt. America let The Great Society and the liberal teachers of government education to teach our young to not change their own oil in their cars, to not put roofs on their homes, or even fix a dishwasher. We have an entire generation of young people who don’t even know what to do with a hand tool. In fact, it’s considered fashionable to not know how to handle a hammer, or drive home a nail. We have social engineering in public education to thank for that. Young people are more interested in their sexual orientation rather than being concerned about developing an actual skill they can use.

I was working with group of engineers the other day, young people right out of college and we were pulling a threaded bushing out of a tooled surface. The thing had wedged in place and could not be removed with any idea passed around the group. I approached and wondered what the holdup was and they told me of their dilemma. I pulled out my Leatherman tool off my belt and grabbed hold of the bushing after tapping it a few times with a brass hammer, and twisted in increments with a technique I learned years ago in a machine shop. The bushing came loose and the young engineers were looking at the Leatherman like I held some thunderbolt from the heavens. They were utterly perplexed at how easy it was to remove the bushing.

That is why America is failing. Kids have learned all the wrong things. Their values are wrong. Their intentions are wrong. And their ability to adapt is severally handicapped with an education given to them by the same greenie weenies who wish for America to become just another state in the United Nations. America has been robbed of its wealth in money, technology and business. But it has also been robbed of its common sense, and has trained its youth to be service oriented instead of skilled. Sadly those things happened to America on the watch of the two guys speaking above. Their conversation is like the many thousands of similar conversations going on all over the country right now among the same demographic age group, they are asking, “What went wrong. Why didn’t we see this coming?”

The generation of The Great Society didn’t see it coming for the same reasons that we go to a magic show and try and figure out the illusions. The Great Society was intended to deceive and so it did. But the cost of the illusion was not a simple ticket to a show. It was our country, our economy, and our very souls. We have been lied to, and now it hurts to realize it.

I look angrily at this group of people who voted for and supported this Great Society, because they left my generation with a mess to clean up. We have to be the bad guys who must point out all the faults of those foolish presidents who gave away what wasn’t theirs and made promises they weren’t equipped to keep. And people will suffer as a result. Young people will not have the jobs they expected. Going to school will not guarantee a good and stable life where everything that breaks can be hired out to a specialist. Tomorrow’s American will have to be more like the American’s who built the country. They’ll fix their own cars and dishwashers. They’ll grow their own food. They may even make their own cloths. Because the lie of the Great Society that promised a utopia for all the unskilled to gain through academics a respect that would carry them through life has come up for payment, and the debt will prove painful.

America can and will be good again, but not until the young engineers, the grocery store clerk, the banker, and the waitress can learn to use a Leatherman tool to fix a simple problem. It is not in the education and transformation into an academic that makes America strong. It was, and will always be, the ability of the American mind to figure out the solution to problems that leave the overly educated academic reeling for weeks, because their minds were destroyed by the illusions of The Great Society. In the meantime, the old men will ponder what changed in the years gone by, and will feign astonishment at the circumstances of modern America. But the solutions will not be in more of The Great Society, but much less of it, so that individualism can return to the theater of American ingenuity and the skilled hands that manipulate a Leatherman.

To learn what a Overmanwarrior is CLICK HERE:

Barack Obama: Charts tell the whole story behind PIPA/SOPHA

Special note to the Secret Service, and Homeland Security employees reading this right now, make yourself and the money we are paying you useful by reading the whole thing.  Maybe you’ll learn something. 

It is for postings like this one that the government has initiated PIPA when the Senate returns from the holiday recess, and SOPA by sponsor Rep. Lamar Smith [R, TX-21], who held a marathon, 15+ hour mark-up session on the bill which attempts to shut down websites that are critical of the government.  The government in all branches know they have overstepped their boundaries and are now attempting to gain control of the free flow of information.  As shown clearly on this article, it is these very people who have acted against the United States, and now they wish to hide that information from voters. 

Obama came to Ohio this week and appointed Attorney General Richard Cordray for the presidents newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. (Government just grew a little bit bigger) The problem is Obama used a loophole in the Constitution to fill the appointment to overcome a GOP filibuster of the appointment. The Constitution says a president can appoint officials “with the advice and consent of the Senate.” It continues to say that the president “shall have the power to fill up vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate.” This is the trouble when your president is a Constitutional attorney and former teacher who has a radical socialist political philosophy, he will trust his ability to question the wording of the Constitution in the Supreme Court and create case law that will set a terrible precedent that could allow any future president to completely cut the Senate out of the confirmation process.

The president went on the attack the day he appointed Cordray and blamed the GOP for virtually everything wrong with the economy. Obama as it looks to me is functioning from a completely failed political philosophy and is quite dangerous in his radicalism. He has shown great skill at deceiving mass amounts of naive people to his true intentions which can be seen in his actions. His anger at the House and Senate for stalling all his appointments and ideas are part of the checks and balances system the Constitution created to protect American society from such power grabbing, radical presidents. It is proven that America is far better off when politicians are in a stalemate and can do nothing as opposed radical presidents like Obama is now, or Bush, Clinton, LBJ, Kennedy, FDR, Woodrow Wilson, and Teddy Roosevelt were in the past who took great liberties against the Constitution to advance their personal agendas. It is not the role of the president to make for themselves a legacy as a ruler, to have their face put up on a mountainside for their activism. It is their job as president of the United States to protect the Constitution, do their 4 years, and then get the hell out of office and return to civilian life as a productive citizen.

But that’s not what we’re getting. Instead, we get people like Obama who want to rule, not manage the affairs of American society. The media is so impressed with the GOP nomination process and Lady Ga Ga’s outfit on New Year’s Eve and that they are completely unequipped to handle all the events that are coming at them to cover. This is why blog spots like this one have become so popular, because the media isn’t doing their job. In less than 5 days Obama went from signing the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve right in the middle of many American festivities while nobody was paying attention, which violates the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments. Then on Thursday Obama challenges the Constitution again with his appointment of Cordray which is nothing short of an extraordinary and entirely unprecedented power grab that could have a devastating effect on the checks and balances system provided by the Constitution.

Obama then went on to blame everyone but himself for the stagnate American economy as if he had nothing to do with the issue, even though he’s been president for over 3 years now and before he was president it was the congress of his party under Nancy Pelosi who lead congress against a weak Republican president to crash the economy. This is why we must refer to the charts you are seeing all over this page for the truth. The validation of these statistics can be seen at http://www.heritage.org/BudgetChartBook/national-debt-skyrocket

When we have a president who will openly lie and believes he can lawyer himself out of any trouble he might find himself in, then the facts must be presented in the same manner that they would in court. In the future dear reader, you should caution yourself from electing any future lawyers as president, because they do not respect the law as it’s written. They simply manipulate it to suit their liking, which is exactly what president Obama and his entourage of thieves are doing in Washington D.C.

The charts show that at that start of the Obama presidency future generations of taxpayers will be on the hook for even more debt. It’s currently at $31,871 per American. By the year 2032 it will be $103,827 if the spending continues at the current rate.

It is clear looking back all the way to World War II that Obama’s budget has the publicly held debt as a percentage of the economy at 40.3 percent. This is set to increase to 87.4 percent by 2021. That is not a GOP initiative. It’s all Barack Obama, nobody but the very activist socialist himself.

Federal spending has grown even more than ten times faster than median income. From 1979 to the current, median income has only increased by 27 percent while federal spending has increased 299 percent! That cannot continue!!!

Now of course Obama knows there are problems, which is why he’s going after the rich for more taxes because Federal spending has grown much faster than Federal Revenue. Since 1965 spending has increased constantly while revenue has dropped, most recently due to the economic recession. This is why Obama and his society of looters want tax increases because they believe it will cover the gap. They believe this because they are living by a socialist philosophy. They are not capable of understanding capitalism because to them it’s the enemy. The trouble is America was built on capitalism and all the success these looters are enjoying from tax revenue to play these political games was created by the industry of capitalism. The tighter Obama and his administration have clamped down on business, the worse they’ve made the recession. Hey, the charts don’t lie.

The national debt is skyrocketing as the folly of presidents like FDR, LBJ and was expanded by presidents like Obama have runaway spending on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and other entitlement programs to occupy 344% of the nations GDP. The out-of-control pace began the moment Obama took office. He can’t hide that. He can attempt to lawyer the opinions of the masses with good feeling testimony but it can’t change the facts which is all over these charts. As a manager of America, Obama will be remembered as a complete buffoon and he knows it. His only hope as a politician is that he will be heralded as an international hero by the United Nations for his work at helping create a global government, but as an American, Obama will be hated for centuries.

If you’ve ever been to court and watched a lawyer work, you know they take the language of a law and present it in a way to manipulate a judge or jury to interpret the law favorable to them. This is what Obama is doing to the American public and a distracted press. He knows he is defending an administration that is being tried in the minds of public opinion for the murder of the American way of life. So like Johnnie Cochran, President Obama is looking for ways to manipulate the law so he can acquit himself of the slaughter. For review about who the defense lawyer Cochran was he’s an American lawyer best known for his leadership role in the defense and criminal acquittal of O. J. Simpson for the murder of his former wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.[2]
Cochran also represented Sean Combs (during his trial on gun and bribery charges), Michael Jackson, rapper Tupac Shakur, actor Todd Bridges,[3] football player Jim Brown, rapper Snoop Dogg, former heavyweight Champion Riddick Bowe,[4] 1992 Los Angeles riot beating victim Reginald Oliver Denny,[2] and Geronimo Pratt.
He also represented athlete Marion Jones when she faced charges of doping during her high school track career.[5] Cochran was known for his skill in the courtroom and his prominence as an early advocate for victims of police brutality.[1]

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Johnnie_Cochran

Most of us call look at Cochran’s list of clients and remember those cases. Through public opinion we knew that his clients were probably guilty, this is why they hired Johnnie, so they could be freed from punishment for their illegal acts. Most American’s understand this at an innate level, and we know that this is what Obama is doing to America. But many are powerless, just as juries are powerless to stand against the charm of Johnnie Cochran in a court of law over a murder trial and deny the man his arguments, because he’s so good at his job, and so persuasive. Just like Obama is on a stage.

The Founding Fathers because they were good men, I doubt have ever dreamed that there would be people like Barack Obama and Johnnie Cochran who would manipulate the law to the levels we are seeing in modern America. In the times of the Founding Fathers, even the most disgusting tyrants of Europe at least had a code of honor that they lived by. So being soulless parasites was difficult for the founders to imagine, yet in our own time this is what we are faced with. They never fathomed that there would be manipulators of the law like Barack Obama who would attempt to destroy the American Constitution with the parasitic skills of a lawyer to save his own folly by pushing America to over $15 trillion in debt with all the indicators shown in these charts taking America to third world status within the next century.
The United Nations will herald Barack Obama as a hero for uniting the world. They may even build a statue of him and erect it in Geneva higher than the Statue of Liberty. But in America, generations for centuries to come will justifiably despise the President who attempted to make himself king, and used his power to destroy the system that might prosecute him so that he could go free in the end and save himself from the guilt of his crimes. His grabs for power are to hide the guilt we all know about, but are paralyzed by his charm to act.

Obama will be remembered as a con man, as a thief, and as a man who could twist the straight words of the law into a pretzel of his own design. And he will be honored by looters, and hated by the honest. He may have statues and victories under his belt and a legacy of destruction behind him, but when he looks in the mirror it will be Ganghis Kahn and Mussolini that will look back.

It is not because Obama is a bad man, or even an intentionally misleading person. It is because he is a morally challenged human being that has had to cover his failings with extensive work in law to bring the world down to his level that he will be remembered as such a failure. Instead of reaching to be better than he was to become an American, he has sought to dismantle it to fill the voids in his life still percolating from his childhood. He can’t be faulted for the terrible trouble with his parents, his broken childhood which opened many painful fissures in his mind. This led him to cover those faults in his psyche with marijuana and cocaine abuse until he discovered redemption in his law degrees and instead of using the hard drugs to hide from his past he used the law to lower the expectations that the world had for him. And such travesties are the path of many dictatorships throughout the history of the human race. He is the president for the weak, the downtrodden drug abusers, the victims of broken families, which due to lawyers like him are all too common. To the freedom lover, the constitutional purists, he is the dictator. In the end, it will be his attempt to surround himself with the misery that loves so much company that will be the final weapon used to murder America. This murder began with the single quest of Barry Obama to save his own life from his tragic past and allowed himself to be used by the socialist reformers who manipulated the pain of the young man of compromised moral character to transform the world into a tyrannical state.

Obama’s problems were his problems until he drug us all into it with him, and for that he deserves all the criticism he has coming to him.  Obama, his Department of Justice and both Houses on Capital Hill hope to avoid that pain by controlling the internet through their new bills, PIPA in the Senate and SOPHA in the House which is very similar to what they currently have in China. 

For a list of all interests involved in these bills and how much money was spent on which politicians click this link: (They are all together folks)




Rich Hoffman

NDAA is Why We Have the 2nd Amendment: Cut taxes and save future lives

The NDAA Act passed by the president on New Year’s Eve is one of the most despicable acts done against the American people by their own government that I can think of in the 20th and 21st centuries, and speaks of the wisdom that those Anti-Federalists from the 1780’s foresaw in the tendencies of government. It is because of laws like the National Defense Authorization Act that the founders of The United States insisted on having a Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights added to the American Constitution. Whether it’s part of a massive conspiracy to bring all the nations of the world under United Nations control, or just short-sighted ignorance on the part of naive politicians, government has crossed the line in their inept war on terror.

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW is the kind of man who is not a conspiracy theorists. He is not a man of rhetoric. He is a successful executive in a network of radio stations who has had to defend his companies in court, he associates with very talented lawyers daily, and he has the age and wisdom to have seen many presidential elections and their administrations from the perspective of the media. If he tells you that you should be concerned, you should be. He’s not trying to sell books, or videos. He only hosts a radio program on Saturday mornings because he likes to stay in touch with the craft, so he can make better decisions as an executive. He is about as normal, and sane of a human being that one could care to meet. That is why everyone should listen to him when he says that the NDAA Act is the most tragic, and dangerous piece of legislation on record to come out of the Federal Government. Listen to his broadcast after the president signed the controversial bill so that you can learn all you need to know. If you do nothing else today, you should listen to this entire transmission.

It is for reasons such as the NDAA Act that during the foundation of America we have a Bill of Rights that has a Second Amendment on it, because at some point in time, the people of our country may have to go to war with their own government. That is not a statement of rhetoric that is designed to reflect some radical right-winged position. That statement is a viewpoint of political philosophy observed in over 2000 years of human history, and the reality that power corrupts and must be hauled in when things get out-of-control.

Now to the average person, going to war against the federal government is a nutty idea. It’s something that many people wouldn’t even entertain as an option. After all, we are seeing over 40 years of indoctrination from government schools that say kids can’t even make a fake gun with their hands while playing on the playground at recess. We have witnessed teachers confiscating water pistols and fake guns from kids all in the name of safety as every gun incident was over exaggerated by the political machines in an attempt to grab the guns of the American people and demonize the need for them in civilized society. Gun grabbing laws were implemented by the Brady Bill, the Columbine Shootings and a variety of other high-profile acts of public violence in a media attempt to turn the average American against the gun, so America could be disarmed. The teachers are simply playing their role in advancing a society that is ruled by a political elite, and disarming the American people is part of that plan. If you don’t believe me read the link from the Naked Communist at the end of this article, and see it for yourself.

When the president signed the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve, he along with every single person who voted in favor of that act took an act of aggression against the people of America. They voted for the NDAA Act on purpose or by accident because they were easily manipulated and not sophisticated enough to see the big picture. They declared war on the people of America, and that dictates action on our part.

It would be my suggestion that in this war the American people defeat their enemy the government peacefully, by cutting the money that fuels their enterprise. Just stop voting for increases in taxes—all taxes. By doing this you will take away the power they are using to control your life. Do this now and you will save lives later. Because I do not believe that the NDAA Act will be a problem for the American people over the next 5 years. It won’t be until the last half of this decade that American’s will be swept up and thrown away to rot due to their political beliefs or perceived threats to the governments existence. So I do not suggest taking your guns to Washington D.C. at this time. But do not approve another police levy, because it will be the police who come to your house to arrest dissidents. And do not send your sons and daughters to the military. The military must be dramatically reduced so they cannot be used against us under the NDAA Act.

Do not pass more tax levies for your school. Support School Choice and force schools to have competition and diminish the labor union influence, because it is through the unions that the advancement of the 45 items from the Naked Communist are being implemented. With competition in public school you will decentralize the way teachers teach and their natural talents can then be left to educate your children in a real education that will actually teach them something.

A good rule of thumb is, if what you spend your tax money on goes to a government agency, which it almost always does, then you need to restrict the taxes you spend to such a degree that you will starve and destroy the government entities that rely on that money to exist. Such an action is far more humane than the next option which involves the Second Amendment. The employees of government will cry, they will whine, they will declare doom and gloom for the American economy. America might even have an unemployment rate of over 30%. But at least those government employees will still have the ability to get a job in the private sector and start their lives over again. If there is a war where the Second Amendment needs to be utilized to restore the power of the Constitution, then living another day to get a job in the private sector may not be an option. So by cutting the size of government and forcing those employees into the private sector, you may just save their lives.

This is not an exaggeration. How long does anyone think it will take for the police to act on their authority of beating a victim for refusing a breathalyzer by declaring that they suspected the victim of being a terror suspect? There were warnings in the mid 90’s of America becoming a police state when police began using cameras at traffic lights and sending people tickets in the mail for being caught on camera running a stop light or speeding on a rural road. Heck, Google Earth can now show a speeder from space, so the police certainly can. The tracking of every single person on earth is now possible with their cell phones. And remember when the Department of Homeland Security was created under a panicky Bush Administration? This NDAA Act is a direct connection to that War on Terror initiative. One year ago the talk about the TSA patting down individuals and violating their Civil Rights was all the discussion. One year later, people have become used to it, and are becoming complacent again and allowing the violation of their bodies to go unchecked.

The government is betting that this NDAA Act will go the same way. The government has predicted that the complacent public will just buckle under the new law and take it because they have everything else in this gradual climb for power that has been going on for half a century. They will continue to take away our Constitutional Rights until we assert ourselves and so far things have happened so fast, that our public educated minds haven’t been able to take them all in as fast as they’ve happened.

Sorry to interfere with your life dear reader, and give you this daunting news. Most American’s aren’t bad by default, but they simply follow the orders of their superiors. What I’m saying is that if those orders involve imposing on the American life a loss of any freedoms at the cost of safety, then it is time to turn the danger back on those who wish to rob us of both at the expense of the one because they are incompetent. As an American I do not want a large central government and I certainly don’t want to fund a large government. So I’m advising you as an American Tax Payer to vote down every single tax and to gradually diminish the size of government by cutting the money that feeds it. Employing this strategy will not only help with the inevitable national debt that is already over 15 trillion dollars, but might actually save the lives of the people who might be tasked under the NDAA Act to confiscate people like me and you in a bloodbath that will naturally follow. Because that’s what will happen if they come to my house. I no longer trust the courts, or any member of the government to do the right thing, so being detained by those people would be a death sentence. It has throughout history, and there’s no reason to believe things would be different in the future. That’s why we have the Second Amendment. It’s not for hunting deer, or turkey. It’s for defending our property, which is one of the highest honors of the American Citizen, and the primary enemy of the communist philosophy.

Cut taxes and save future lives!



Rich Hoffman



Men With Small Penises Sign the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve: The final act of a fool

“The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it,” he said in Hawaii, where he is spending his vacation. “I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”

Oh dear reader, you didn’t hear about this while you prepared for your New Years Eve festivities? You didn’t notice it while the various football bowl games played on your television. The quote above is from Barack Obama as he signed the very controversial NDAA Act that was delivered to him in Hawaii where he is on vacation. His statement above is a looters disclaimer for all posterity to witness, that Obama is feigning concern while it was his office that actually asked for the harsher language which now enables the President of the United States to detain American citizens at any time and place and torture them based on his or a future presidents suspicions. Done under the guise of “safety” and under the premise of support for the military, the NDAA Act is a travesty against personal sovereignty and a subtle declaration of war against not countries like Iran, but the American people who pay for all this tyranny with their tax money.

You can read more about that New Year’s Eve signing here:


What seems to escape most people traveling about in their daily lives especially on New Year’s Eve is that DUI check points as they are currently used are against the law and have been for quite some time. They were started as a way to appease the mothers of MADD in their quests to bring about tough drunk driving legislation and pay tribute to their loved ones who died in traffic accidents. You can see in this clip that DUI check points have actually become security parameters that are just a few levels below the security check points in corrupt countries like Mexico. If you’ve ever traveled around the interior of Mexico, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

These check points were of course started with the best of intentions, and the officers who man them are just doing their jobs………..but they do not question the merit of their job. If their job is to enforce the law, then what is the value of their job if the people who make the law are crooked, manipulative power-hungry, mentally challenged fools? Because I would argue that the value of many laws created by law makers are as foolish as the men and women who make them, and do little for the betterment of the human race. Who are legislators who fight to stay in office and make more laws every single day just so they can become wealthy off the tax payer revenue, to dictate that they have a right to alter an American life in any way?

And as bad as many of these checkpoint laws are using DUI’s as an excuse to set up a police barricade they are NOTHING compared to what was just signed into law by the President of the United States in the removed paradise of Hawaii. The NDAA will give much more power to these police officers shown above. And for jobs that are perceived too big for the local police, the military can now be used to openly arrest and detain any critic of the government under the definition of terrorism. Because terrorism could be defined by a law maker, and not the American Traditionalist who is holding up their copy of the Constitution and demanding adherence to the laws of that founding document. A terrorist could be anyone who supports the Tea Party, anyone who supports the political party opposite the current president. It could be a filmmaker in Hollywood who makes a controversial film that is critical of the government. It could be an author who writes political thrillers, or it could be someone who simply refuses to play ball as the governments grabs for power. (a message to my Hollywood left friends, see, they used you. I told you they would. You took their money to green light your projects, made their propaganda films, and now you will be potential targets if you don’t play ball. Enjoy your swim in your pool while you still can.)

The NDAA Act is a tyrannical law that is either proving all the conspiracy theorists correct, that a global conspiracy is seeking to completely dismantle America and kill it’s people so that the rest of the world can be equal as a world power by taking away the high bar that America sets for the rest of the world—or the politicians who wrote the law and signed it are foolish, short-sighted, naive, idiots that history will laugh at in context. If you know history, this has been done many times before. The NDAA Act is not a new concept, dictators, tyrants, kings, and many solitary rulers have used the rule of law to climb into power. And in America, what has always made the United States different was the checks and balances of power that exist between the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. Now, at the President’s discretion “terrorists” can be identified and eliminated just the tyrant Saddam Hussein did in this clip where he purged his government of dissidents. Notice how these men when called out just stood up nicely and walked away to their deaths. That was the cost of compliance…………….their lives. What you see below was done most recently not only in Iraq, but Cuba, Russia, Germany, Somalia, China, North Korea, virtually everywhere on earth where one ruler has risen to make themselves a living god. Too much power can never be given to one person……………….EVER. Or one government, the United Nations is too unintelligent collectively to spot a tyrant, so as a solitary world government; they will be unsuccessful in eliminating evil from the earth, which they fancy as a possibility. Their fantasy is not based on history, but on academic theory.

It is difficult for most American’s to understand why anyone would want so much power, because American’s are traditionally free of such concerns. But we can all point to a boss somewhere in our lives that was a power hungry son-of-a-bitch and caused us to scratch our heads in wonder about such characters. The Constitution gives us the right to brush off such foes for the most part, so the American mind does not grasp that tyrants have a real lust for power, and they are a very real threat to our lives. But the tyrants are not in some far away land; they are not the Saddam Hussein’s (created by the CIA to combat Iran, or the Osama bin Laden’s also created by the U.S. Government to combat Russia through war with Afghanistan). The tyrants are currently the ignorance of elected officials with poor quality minds who fantasize that they have the ability to protect American citizens from ourselves by eliminating threats to our safety, even if it is the controversial among our population. And the dictator may not be the small-minded community organizer Barack Obama, or the drug addict, alcoholic, born-again-Christian George W. Bush, but might be some comb-over politician squawking in the corner someplace upset that the girl he was with last night wouldn’t suck his small penis, so he seeks to rectify the situation and impress her with a climb for power in the United States, and he might even run for president and become elected like other fools have, Clinton comes to mind (remember the Vince Foster death) or Lyndon Banes Johnston. And when they realize they can use the NDAA Act to overcome their small penis size, they will become just another tyrant on the face of the earth that must be dealt with.

Well Federal Government. Whether you intended to or not, you just declared war on the American people. Your folly cannot be ignored any longer, and it won’t be. With the passage and signing of this NDAA Act each member who has signed it has proven they are not equipped to be a representative in this republic of America, and have squandered away the Constitution as cheaply as a dollar placed into the G-string of a stripper. You have failed Federal Government, and although it will take time to clean you all up from office and undo the travesties you have done to our American way of life, 2012 will see the start of that clean-up. And you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You started this.

Want proof of their guilt? Just look at their actions and ask the important questions. Why was the NDAA Act signed on New Year’s Eve, on a Saturday? Why not Friday, or Thursday? The answer is because they wanted to bury the news story away from the minds of the American public. Suddenly the football scores from yesterday’s games don’t seem so important, do they?

Oh, and about the penis size issue, penises and their lack of ability to work without the aid of drugs have done more evil in the world than most people care to realize.  Men who cannot bring a woman to orgasim properly usually take to politics to compensate for their deficiencis and create something else in their lives which makes them appear potent……because physcially they aren’t cutting the mustard. 



Rich Hoffman

Who is Roger Tallblocke: UK Police seize computers from a blogger–America’s future in action

Want a sneak peek into the future of socialism in America? England is about 20 years ahead of the United States politically and just a few short days ago police raided a bloggers home in the United Kingdom and confiscated his computers because he wrote about an issue called Climategate. You can read about that story here:


After the police took Roger Tallbloke’s computers from his home after knocking on his door with a search warrant and arriving with 6 officers, they gathered up his computers and later informed him that he was not a suspect of anything. They would clone his computer hard drives and return them to him. Isn’t that nice?


Tallblocke is a blogger who covers a lot of science information and apparently the greenie weenies of Europe do not like the facts he’s putting out, so they came up with a search warrant, took his computers and harassed him to the furthest extent of their laws. This story is proof that if there are laws on the books that allow for law enforcement to impose itself upon a population, then they certainly will. England has never enjoyed the kind of freedoms that we have in America, so this kind of behavior may not seem too appalling to most Europeans but they certainly are to those of us who live in America. And we must be cautious of any politician who professes that they wish to make America more like Europe, because what happened to Roger Tallblocke is not acceptable under any circumstances, and is the destination if America follows.

Yet that is what is going on in America. Politicians seem to desire with great lust to send us all into European care once again after leaving that socially stagnate, pretentious cesspool over 200 years ago to fight for freedom, become the most dominant economic powerhouse on the planet with a relatively small country, only to give all that back again and join the European Union under the political affiliation of socialism, because in England the Labour Party is in essence the representative of Socialist International. The recent NDAA Act that passed the American Senate overwhelmingly to allow the military and police to apprehend Americans indefinitely comes from the same mentality of European law.

It is the political platform of the Labour Party to endorse all the “green initiatives” and hijacked sciences as a way to spread socialism to every country on earth. That is their goal. And there are many politicians addicted to power who seek to make a living as part of the political ruling class who openly embrace socialism as the wave of the future. It doesn’t matter to those power-hungry looters that socialism stagnates economic growth and limits the spirit of its people into something that is best resembled in history by The Dark Ages. The ruling class will always have money, so the condition of the rest of society is a trivial matter that they don’t consider.

In America our academic types are notorious for their desire to return to the motherland of Europe, to the age of Victorians. Barack Obama is one of those academic types. It is easy to see how his mind works as he travels extensively and quite elegantly on the tax payer dime to do very little as a manager of the country’s affairs simply to campaign for his next election. His wife has shown a tendency to embrace the role of a queen. Her vacations are extravagant and her personal staff is exquisite.

By the way, Socialist International is currently the dominate government in Spain. Check out the map of countries that are under the influence of that particular group.


America was never supposed to be a land where politicians sought to make a living in politics. America was never supposed to be a land where lawyers who spent a lot of money on becoming a lawyer and failed in private practice used public office to enrich themselves by writing laws that nobody understood so they would be required to translate those obscure laws. America was meant to have politicians who served a term or two and would then retire back to the world from which they came turning over the reins of government to someone else who would sacrifice their time and wisdom to a term of public service.

I was recently at an event with John Kasich and I spoke with people there who have put their names on some bold legislation that many Rhino Republicans have deemed will put an end to John Kasich’s political career. To those who say such things I say, “What makes you think John Kasich as governor of Ohio wishes to run for governor again? Why would he? I wouldn’t.” The very presumption that a politician should have a “career” in politics is the first and most devastating black flag that an electorate should consider when evaluating a potential candidate. NO POLITICIAN should seek an office to become wealthy, secure, or even use it as a networking tool as a lobbyist once their term is done. Such people are just low quality citizens who function in only one service, and that is machine politics. And machine politics does not want a representative republic that votes members out every election cycle. Machine politics desires candidates that can hold their seats so one party can dominate another party in what becomes something more reminiscent of a football game, not a meeting of logic and philosophy.
Machine politics on both sides is attracted to socialism because in socialism there is a place for a ruling elite. Obama clearly sees himself this way, and most members of the House and Senate do as well. Most academics feel that they are the illuminated populace that Plato spoke about in The Republic and it is they who must use their minds to rule the masses. So socialism is for these types, which are as numerous as the stars in a desert sky.

That is the reason the politicians are attempting to push American in the direction of Europe. They desire to keep their power indefinitely so that they are sheltered from the real world with an insulation of invented nobility. That future is not shrouded in secrecy, with unknown elements. We know how socialism has affected other countries, and they are not nearly as prosperous as the United States has been. There is no mystery as to that destination and we are headed there.

Recently the school in my community hired a new superintendent who specializes in Global Education. She promoted this benefit to the residents of our community as though it were a positive thing. But what it really means is that she plans to continue a stronger agenda of teaching socialism in our public schools so that the children we send to her will learn and be ready for the world of tomorrow that politicians like Obama are giving us, by handing America back to Europe like a child who ran away from home and was caught again by the authorities to be dropped back off to their mother to be punished for their youthful rebellion.

With the passage of NDAA, Net Neutrality, Health Care, more commitments to Medicare and the money eating public education system, America will very soon become the place where a simple blogger will receive a visit from the police to have their possessions confiscated, analyzed, and returned only by the discretion of the police state. And we will have this lack of freedom for the simple reason that the politicians we elected into service did not understand the Constitution of the United States and instead sought European refuge for a fruitful career as a ruling elite.



Rich Hoffman

Crosstown Shootout Violence: A quandary of entertainment and tyranny

It was just announced today December 15, 2011 that President Obama will sign the NDAA Bill with the more severe language of indefinite detention and torture of American citizens and as I stared at that little bit of data it solidified in my mind a nagging thought that I have had about the general population of America being functionally illiterate and intentionally breed through public education to be complacent and easy to conquer. There have been times that I have wondered about the frequent reports that the Department of Education was infiltrated by the KGB in the early 80’s and the KGB even had President Kennedy’s ear, and that communism was brought to America by our enemies and embedded into our education system and political structure. Such things sound like conspiracy theories uttered by lunatics and derelicts. Yet there is no other explanation of the utter disregard the American people have for being conquered while their eyes watch the act wide out in the open. After all, such things as the House and Senate conspiring with the president to throw Americans in jail and torture them while those same bodies of government cannot agree on the Keystone pipeline, or a balance budget amendment to me represent an open declaration of war against everything that it means to be an American and our enemies are not in some far away land, but sit in our own political offices. But those are not the news highlights that catch people’s attention and get discussed. Instead, people all across the country are consumed with talk about the Cross-town Shootout, the yearly rival game between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier and the fight that broke out at the end of the game this last Saturday.

I listened with some degree of awe to a relieved population when they learned that formal charges would not be filed against the participants of these fights after that annual game. There was talk about what the universities represented, and that fighting of this kind was not appropriate. There was talk about how grown adults who are alumni of these institutions would have to put blinders on to their loyalty and hold these cases to the rule of law as though such a thing would be difficult.  (BEWARE OF THOSE TWO HEADED SNAKES WHO PREACH VALOR IN BATTLE THEN PREACH PACIFISM WHEN VIOLENCE BREAKS OUT)

There were public admissions from the players that they did not represent the values of the universities and that they acted inappropriately in embarrassing those respective colleges.

I had to scratch my head. Why was any of this important? How did the news of this fight in college sports take precedence over the very big news emerging globally and in our nation’s capital? It doesn’t. I realized listening to the various news coverage over the last 5 days that the system built-in America using our education system to utterly destroy American culture was completely successful in taking even the very basic elements of sports and turning them on their head in a moments notice to shape the opinions of the masses in a controlled manner. So let me explain where the masses have gone wrong in this matter.

I like sports as much if not more so than most people. I have become so infuriated by sports outcomes that don’t go my way that I have thrown televisions across the room and through living room windows. My temper is legendary when it comes to this issue of anger and sports, and some might say that I have anger issues. I would say to them, I’m not the idiot who has openly embraced socialism in my culture and been pushed around year by year till all my freedom is gone while the appeasers tell me not to be violent, to turn the other cheek. No, I’ll say the same to you dear reader now that I told the pastor of my church when I was growing up and he attempted to counsel me upon my parents request to be less violent. “Jesus turned the other cheek, and so should you.”

I replied, “Yeah, he did, and look what happened to him.”

“But he died for your sins.”

“Yes, and the Christians were fed to the lions and the evil Roman Empire went on to rule for another few hundred years. Pacifism doesn’t work. It hasn’t worked for Christianity; it hasn’t worked for Tibet as the Chinese communists have maliciously killed them for years. And I’d go so far to say it didn’t work for Ghandi or Nelson Mandela in South Africa. Going to prison for over 20 years or starving in a jail or being nailed to a cross are not valiant uses of my personal time, and I won’t be partaking in that activity.”

“May God have mercy on your soul and forgive your judgments.”

“He has, he gave me the ambition to fight evil and see through the masks that use judgment to hide their true intentions. I consider it a gift from God that I intend to use fully.”

So with that qualifier I like sports and I like violence. I like to see the teams I root for play cleanly, to play hard and with passion. But when an injustice is done, I like to see my favorite players stick up for themselves. To date, I loved it when Warren Sapp of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers skipped through the opposing teams practice kicking down the pylons in the end zone. And back in the day I was a tremendous supporter of UC Basketball in the era of Bob Huggins and my favorite player then and to this very day in all of basketball was number 21 Melvin Levitt.

Once when I was playing softball I head butted the catcher as I was stealing home from third base and a fight erupted because I had scored a point. This game was a nothing game, no money, no professional reputation, it was just two companies against each other, and blood was spilled in trying to win. That’s part of sports. Bob Huggins coached the way I expected a head basketball coach to coach, and Melvin Levitt played the way I would have if I had the ability to play at that level. Mel Levitt’s nickname was The Helicopter because even though he was only 6’2” he was able to dunk the basketball from well above the rim. He could jump in an almost superhuman way, and when he got hot from the outside, he could hit the three pointer. Levitt is the guy who jumps over the three ball racks for a dunk!

I will never in my life forget the epic game when UC beat Duke University in the Great Alaskan Shootout. It was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen, and it was a dunk by Melvin Levitt that sealed the game with no time on the clock. Duke at that time was number one in the country and had 5 All Americans sitting on the bench not even playing, so they were loaded as far as talent. UC beating Duke was an epic tale of David versus Goliath. It was a HUGE win for UC.

Later that year when Mel Levitt played in their version of the Cross-town Shootout with Xavier, when UC was about to win Mel Levitt made a controversial motion with his hand that indicated they had just cut the head off of Xavier University which people thought was in bad taste, but most of the protestors where Xavier fans. UC fans loved the action because deep inside all of us is a blood lust that knows victory is secure when you conquer the will of your opponent.

Now here it is years later and the bad blood between UC and Xavier has boiled for many years stirred up by the media, both schools helped fuel that animosity because they know that sports is how they recruit new students to their institutions. National coverage of the Shootout means high enrollment, and controversy ensures that ESPN will cover the game year after year, because such animosity is good for ratings, because that’s what people want to see.

I’m surprised this Cross-town Shootout hasn’t erupted into violence before this year, because it is that tenuous. But this year, once the violence happened, I am surprised that so many people are upset by the violence. What did they think was going to happen? What did they think was going to happen with all the tension put on that game year after year? I mean Xavier had the game won by over 20 points in the closing minutes of the game and Xavier had all it’s starters in the game to show that it had its foot on the throat of UC. Xavier was going in for the kill, which angered the UC players. So a fight broke out because there was a lot of pride on the line.

The real hypocrisy of our day was revealed in the wake of that historic shootout game between UC and Xavier Universities. The two schools got what they were looking for, a game that people will return to watch next year with great ratings. A sporting event that distracted everyone’s attention for an afternoon and made the parents who are paying extraordinarily high tuition rates for these schools feel some sense of pride in the value of their investment. If the parents can’t see how the college education they are investing in will help their child in the future, they at least get the sense of being a part of the great battle between two rival schools.

But the greater static pattern of the intentions behind higher education is to teach pacifism and socialism to the participants so that the American people can be easily conquered by enemies who are embedded into our society. The universities are in the quandary of needing the violence of competition to help sell their product to the public, but their real intention is to weaken our society so it will fall under the umbrella of UN control.

Saying such a thing is not a stretch of credibility. When President Woodrow Wilson former president of Princeton University proposed the League of Nations, the American people who were rugged individualists rejected Wilson’s idea, and the wrath of anger from the voting public was taken out on Governor Cox of Ohio when he sought the presidency after Wilson and was voted down largely because he supported a League of Nations concept under the endorsement of Wilson. Americans didn’t want to be a part of such a thing. Now, only 100 years later, Americans are ready to accept the idea of a United Nations because they have been taught in public school and college that America’s future is in a unification with Europe and a gradual acceptance of European Socialism. We were also taught to look at pacifists who use hunger strikes and non-violent protests of Civil Disobedience to express our displeasure. The reason is so that our resistance and strategy to that resistance will be fundamentally wrong, allowing an enemy to win over us in victory, and yes America has many enemies.

To demonstrate this idea so it can be clearly seen remember when Barack Obama ran his first campaign protesting against the violence and torture in Guantanamo Bay but today is on the cusp of signing into law the NDAA act that allows for the torture of American people? Don’t you see what is happening? Is it not on the wall for all to see? Is it not as obvious as the computer screen in front of you? Can’t you reach out and touch it so you can know in your mind that it’s real?

Face it, your education institutions even when they use violence and sports to help unify the minds of their alumni, faculty, and students the true intention is to undo the American mind into something that can be controlled. That was the objective from the outset of the twentieth century and it holds today and can be heard in the apologies of the players for both schools and the coaches. Because the static patterns of the institutions themselves have pushed back against the dynamic of sports by reclaiming pacifism as the goal of the institutions. The goal of sports is to win. The goal of a battle is to win. The goal of an act of strategy is to defeat your opponent and if violence breaks out, it’s part of the deal. The goal of higher education is not to win however, it’s to make mush out of the minds of the participants, and to reprogram them into pacifists who can be conquered quickly by the forces of existence who desire to rule the world. The goal of college is not enlightenment; otherwise so many people who graduate would not be so stupid. Believe me, I’ve been there, I know. I actually lived on the campus of UC for a number of years and I know what it’s like. I know many professors and their political beliefs. I know who runs what and what their intentions are. Those personalities are who sit in the boxes at the Cross-town Shootout and hope that nobody notices what they are really after. They hope and pray every day of their lives that people will just keep their eyes on the scoreboard, on the stats of their favorite players and that the violence of competition stays within the acceptable parameters to feed the blood lust of the public just enough to keep the money flowing and the entertainment value high without compromising the strategy of International Socialism for which they are completely committed to. If you have any doubt of that, click this link:


Yes, while I enjoyed the exploits of Mel Levitt from over a decade ago, the stats from those games mean nothing now. And the energy spent watching those games are something I will never get back. So it I allowed myself to use my time on those activities where it diverted me from learning what’s going on elsewhere, I would have committed a sin to the nation. But I didn’t. I enjoyed sports as an entertainment venue that is here one moment, and gone the next. But I can see that a majority of the masses out there cannot do this, they allow their minds to become distracted by these sports while enemies have moved against us, and now our freedom is threatened by a government who can’t balance a budget, is trying to kill our economy by not approving new energy sources, and is openly creating law to arrest and torture American citizens. Instead our attention is on whether or not UC should have engaged in a fight with Xavier and whether or not charges should be filed against the players.

What a quandary!



Rich Hoffman



Shockingly, a majority of our government voted for the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the president to declare that the military can detain Americans if the area they reside in is declared a war zone. This is a very bad thing, especially when we have a president who is provoking those war zones with the Occupy Movement. The move by the government in both houses on this action show the direction of our country. As this news broke, Herman Cain had to bow out of his run for president simply because the political machinery of both sides saw him as a threat. I don’t care if he had sex with several women from every single state in the union, he wouldn’t have been any worse than John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnston, or Bill Clinton. Yet the press would not let off Herman Cain because it scared them to hell and back to consider a black conservative running for president. I love Herman Cain! And the labor unions intent on pushing for an ever increasing progressive agenda seem poised to grow stronger, since many in the Tea Party movement are feeling the sting of a major loss in Ohio over Issue 2, which would have reformed collective bargaining. All those issues are activities by progressive politics on both sides of the political isle to destroy the Tea Party movement as a threat in future politics. The Republic Party has had enough of the Tea Party. They want to cut a budget deal with Democrats and are ready to sell out, so all things involving the Tea Party are about to be crushed politically. This is a move that has been long time in the making.

Did anybody think it would be easy?

Two things greeted me over the weekend that showed me that the story will not end there however, and that the Republican betrayal of the Tea Party is just the first chapter in a long book leading to the next Civil War in America, first was the news that in my home township of Liberty, Issue 2 passed with 56% of the vote. At least somewhere in the world people are not complete idiots bought and sold by the socialist unions. That’s good news. The other thing I found refreshing was this young man fighting for his right to hang a Confederate Flag in his dorm window. Listen to him here:

The Confederate Flag is one of those aspects of progressivism that has been painted in a negative way so to help spread socialism throughout the country. It has been highlighted to be the symbol of slavery in the south since that was what created the first Civil War, and the Confederate Flag was the flag of the south. The Confederate Flag has been the target of many demonstrations and protests by civil rights groups and other progressive politicians who look to African-American suffrage as a way to more power. The young man in that video makes a number of great and sensible points and it is refreshing to hear a young person who is able to articulate such beliefs at a young age.

The real intent behind the progressive attack on the Confederate Flag has absolutely nothing to do with slavery in the south. Slavery was well on its way to being abolished and the clock on it was ticking down rapidly. The Northern states were the first to replace slavery with other industry so it wasn’t difficult for them to suddenly grow a conscious once they had an economy that allowed them to have morality and pity for their fellow man. The south being too dependent on cotton hadn’t found a way to rid themselves of slavery. In hindsight, it is easy to say the plantation owners should have just paid all their workers, but at the time, the entire world functioned with slavery as the mode of operation, and it was in America where the discussion to get rid of slavery completely took place. So the war between the North and the South was important for virtually every human being on planet earth.

Progressive politicians have needed African American demographics to look back in horror at their ancestors because those politicians and civil rights leaders are simply looters. They used sorrow in the slave history the way they used guilt against the Native Americans to make all Americans accept socialism as a means of government. It is under this guilt that progressives have spread the welfare state, voting blocs for the Democratic Party, and even talk of reparations. The intent of all this activity was to keep the Caucasian majority on its heels and defensive so they did not question the true intentions behind progressive political movements, which is a complete overthrow of the United States government into a socialist country falling into place with the policies of Socialist International.
The real reason to attack the Confederate Flag is the same reason that the America Revolution has been smeared and all the founding fathers were discredited as being slave holders and unable to even write the Constitution. The American Revolution is about rebellion and the Civil War is about rebellion. Ultimately the south, even if it was wrong in defending its ability to maintain slavery as an economic means for their survival, did have the right to exercise their states rights to not take orders from a federal fovernment. In fact, the federal government used its victory in the Civil War to impose more federal control in a trend that ushered in the progressive era. Many of our complaints about public education, a far reaching centralized government, incredibly high taxes, and the loss of freedom and the rise of socialism come from the fate of the Civil War. To prevent any further successions from the union the federal government in an attempt at its own preservation has tried to aggressively remove all symbols of freedom and further rebellion so that the United States never has to go through such a thing again.

But in the south, they have never really ever bought in to this centralized government idea, and to this day, the southern states are still very resistant to federal government control, so they have held on to their Confederate Flag as a symbol that if the time should come again, they’ll take that flag up and fight against the Union if need be.

According to progressives, every slave ancestor was a beaten down person that had their very souls robbed from them. And in some cases this was certainly true. But as I speak about the golden age of piracy with great reverence, many of those early pirates were former slaves who had been freed on their way to the West Indies from Africa. In fact many of the best pirate ships were former slave vessels that had been taken over by pirates, the captains of the English, French and Spanish had their crews killed and the slaves on those vessels were free to roam the seas as pirates in the captured vessels, where as I described, freedom was born 100 years before The Declaration of Independence. For a review check out this article:


Oh yes, it is this little bit of history that roams in the soul of many southerners and sets them apart from their countryman in the North. Many of these slaves turned pirate settled in New Orleans and other port towns, particularly Charleston, South Carolina and started lives as free men and women. (BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW ANY OF THIS…………..DID YA?)

This is why to this very day in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, you can see in the streets of that mountain town pirate flags and Confederate Flags for sale in abundance which tourists soak up like a dry sponge. Even though many people have forgotten all this history, somewhere deep in the genetic makeup of southern people their cells remember.

It is not by accident that Herman Cain was from Atlanta, Newt Gingrich is from Macon, Georgia, Ron Paul is from Texas, there is a spirit in the south that is unmistakably rebellious, and ready for a fight. Progressives have attempted to plant their feet in the south, Al Gore was governor of Tennessee after all, and Ted Turner started CNN with his communist wife Jane Fonda in Atlanta, Georgia. But this has been to no avail, since more than just about any other place in the United States people in the south rejects centralized authority. For instance, every single state in the south is a right-to-work state, meaning the labor unions cannot force members to join a union. People are free to choose, which is how it should be! Check out the map for yourself:


When I go on vacation in the south, particularly in Florida I relish the giant Confederate Flags that fly just off of Interstate 75 a few miles south of I-10, then again where I-75 meets I-4 outside of Tampa. They are huge flags that fly proudly and when I see them I don’t think of slavery. Not at all. I think of a people who love freedom and want to be left alone. I think of a people who are openly displaying their willingness to fight at a moment’s notice again if need be, to fight for freedom. When I see the Confederate Flag, I think of a rebel!

Progressive politics using the Hollywood influence seduced by the Democratic Progressive socialists has attempted for years to smear the south in many ways as a bunch of dumb hillbillies. The exact same tactic is used against people who say no to progressive school levies up in the North. The common progressive tactic is to call those who challenge them names in an attempt to keep anyone from wanting to follow such rebels. In response Nashville has become the Hollywood of the south. LA produces rap music and rock and roll. Nashville produces country music and other folk talent. It’s been a kind of Civil War of the arts that few people give any credence to, but it’s alive and well to this very day at this very hour as a minute just ticked by.

Most Americans simply don’t pay much attention to all this. They hear a song on the radio that catches their attention and they tap their feet to it. Or they see a flag here and there while traveling and they may admire such displays even when they are told by the media that they are bad to consider such things. But inside every human being is a desire to be free. The problem is—now–just as it was before and during the Civil War, not every human being has the courage to live free or to fight for it when fighting is the only option available.

With all the talk that emerges from the lips of progressives like Barack Obama, Richard Trumka, Nancy Pelosi , Chuck Schumer, it is those pretentious costal politicians who think that the rest of the country revolves around their narrow version of the world. The proof is in who they speak to, who their voters are. You see, progressives would rather dumb down the rest of the world with socialism, to get everyone addicted to their welfare checks, to their government services, their union collective bargaining so that they can buy a vote and remain part of the political elite. To me, this is in itself a form of slavery. Look at the poor people who live in the inner cities where they have become addicted to government services, and compare those lives to the poor people who live in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia, who would rather live in a broke down RV than take government assistance and the difference becomes quickly evident. The progressive political addicts are slaves to government, and they are paid to vote for expansion of more government with our taxes. They are being used and we pay for their slavery by endorsing the political process that enables it. In the south they’ll just give you the finger and tell you to go to hell.

Yes, in all the years of scheming from the Department of Education, with all the money poured into Hollywood from the progressive left to make “certain” kinds of films, to control publishing, to control politics, progressives have yet to figure out how to get rid of “southern pride.” They tried to take away the symbol of all this rebellion by taking away the Confederate Flag. But it hasn’t worked. In fact, it’s back fired, and now a kid, who progressive politicians tell should hate the Confederate Flag because of its connection to slavery, is fighting to hang the Confederate Battle Flag in the window of his dorm window, and it delights me to no end.

About a year ago a man was hired from Progress Ohio in an attempt to smear me for some of my work in the Western Arts by attacking one of my videos that showed a Confederate Flag that was flying in an event I was at. It wasn’t my flag, I wasn’t holding the flag, it was simply part of the competition that I was at. The progressive spin doctor attempted to paint me in the press as a racist because of it. You can see that article and his press release to the media for review in case you missed it:


That shows just how far, and to what extent progressives have used the extortion of guilt to manipulate our population. I’ve never owned a slave and I never would. I’d never endorse another human being owned by anyone. In fact I preach every single day of my life why people should be freer. I have even went so far to bring awareness to the slaves in this world that are currently being abused and nobody in the Barack Obama camp cares at all about them, currently under the whip and chain in modern day Africa. And nobody in the wonderful United Nations, or Socialists International cares about the poor girls who are stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY in this world and sexually used for “worldly” travelers. That is where the hypocrisy of progressive politics shows its ugly head.

Progressive socialist like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and her husband “Bubba” don’t give a rat’s ass about southern slaves in 1850 America. Those academic looters simply copied the words of Henry David Thoreau as socialists studied his work in Civil Disobedience and they hung their hat on Thoreau’s movement, and used everyone involved in their quest for power. How do I know……………………….because their actions tell the whole story.

Right now, just two blocks from the White House over on K Street every single night of the year prostitutes work the avenue as the pimps watch over their girls. Many of those girls are SLAVES, in that they are stolen in some way through sex trafficking, hooked on drugs and forced to work as prostitutes to service the crooked congressman, senators, and lobbyists who work the capital away from their families. Prostitution is highly illegal yet not a single soul does anything about it in Washington D.C. The police just drive on by, and the president could wave at them through his upstairs window at the White House. Yet not a single law maker does ANYTHING about it! NOTHING!!!!!!! This is what it was like in the 1800’s when just about anyone who controlled any amount of wealth had a slave. They only cared about slavery in America when the North wanted to exert economic dominance over the South for political reasons, because the South was producing many of the high profile politicians of the day and the politicians of the North wanted to put a stop to it. So they decided to take a stand against slavery to hurt the south economically. They certainly didn’t do it to free any man from being owned by other men. The North went after the South politically for exactly the same reasons that the political establishment went after my man Herman Cain and his sexploits. The very same media people and politicians who pointed their finger at Herman Cain are buying blowjobs on K Street from modern day slaves, but it is Herman Cain who was attacked, because he was a threat to the political class.
Any progressive politician who points to the Confederate Battle flag and says it’s evil, while at the same time seeking sex on K Street, like many of them do, while the rest, including President Obama turn a blind eye to it, is simply practicing in modern day slavery themesleves. They seek to rid any reminders of rebellion from those who are prone to threaten their quests for power, and that’s all they care about. It doesn’t have a damn thing to do about human rights. It has everything to do with power and control by the political class.


The attack on the Confederate Battle Flag is scam, just like most everything that comes out of progressive politics such as global warming, green energy, and socialism. The goals are to suppress minorities into a pity so that they seek the government to help them. The goal is to make more dependents out of the population so that wealth redistribution can be attained, and while doing so, rid the people of their symbols of rebellion so that they might forget and become more compliant in the future.

In the North, my friends who read here often in Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and New Jersey are feeling overwhelmed. The Tea Party movements are reeling as the labor unions are attacking in full force, and it feels like we have no friends in the world. In fact, every day in Washington, such as with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act I see that a new Civil War is eminent. Because one of the first people the president will send the military to round up as a dissident would be someone like me, and when that happens there will be violence, I can promise. That moment will be the Fort Sumter moment for the next Civil War.

And the politicians who think they have everyone beat, are really just kidding themselves. All they really control in this nation is the two coasts, and the big cities. All the green space in between is occupied by gun carrying, Confederate Flag loving, pick-up truck driving, NASCAR lovers who are looking for a fight at a moment’s notice. And as shown it’s not a bunch of radical white men who love the Confederate Flag, its men and women of all color and from all backgrounds who love that flag because of the fight for freedom that it represents.

And when that next war does break out, look to our friends in the South, because they are the heartland. In Dixie, they are the last refuge of freedom on earth and they show no signs of giving it up. In fact, I think the South isn’t too far off from succeeding from the union yet again, with Texas leading the way this time. That will happen before progressive socialism occupies the entire United States and sells us to the doorstep of the United Nation as proposed in Agenda 21.

Back in 2004 I got myself into a bit of trouble when I wrote in my book The Symposium of Justice, about a future Civil War where a group of rebels attacked Washington D.C. Well, I didn’t give a rat’s ass if it pissed off people, because I thought the story needed to be told. Sadly, just about everything I said that would happen 8 years ago is happening now. So if the rest of the story plays out the way I wrote it, I can’t wait to be one of the first to march into Washington and run the corrupt politicians into their hiding places like rats on a sinking ship and free the real slaves of America, the poor girls of the sex trade whom EVERYONE in America is currently ignoring because they fear the organized crime that stands behind the practice. That is the real enemy of our nation and when the next war breaks out, every single one of those sons-of-bitches have coming what they deserve for practicing modern day slavery!

And don’t be surprised if the last thing they see on this earth is a Confederate Battle Flag flying above their bodies as an army of bandits dressed in skull and cross bone bandanas lead the way!

Yeah, keep it up you progressive politicians…………………………keep it up!



Rich Hoffman