We Teach Cops to Panic and Exploit Every Little Danger: No wonder they are left vulnerable to the insurgents of chaos

I don’t talk about it much; much of it was a long time ago.  I wouldn’t say I’m lucky to be alive.  I would say it was mostly skill, so I made it through some wild and deadly years.  I didn’t think it was so unusual, but it was quite clear that it was an extraordinary life as I’ve grown older.  But needless to say, I’ve had lots of guns pointed at me, and I’ve been shot at plenty of times.  And I enjoy those kinds of things, so it disgusts me a lot to hear people being babies about how they fear for their lives when they are shot at.  Police unions spend much of their lives defending dumb things that their members do, and they have cried wolf too much on the danger that police officers engage.  As I said in the above video, I don’t relate to people who panic.  I don’t panic about anything, and I never have, so all these police shootings that are happening on what mobs want to make into riots result from a loss of masculinity in the gunfighter process.  There are lots of causes for it.  But with all that said, we still need the police to protect law and order in our society.  If the police make mistakes, I consider it collateral damage based on lousy training.  I believe in this topic so much that I wrote a book called Tail of the Dragon, published about a decade ago now.  My first book, The Symposium of Justice, published nearly two decades ago, was about this issue to a large extent also.  So, I have some passionate thoughts about police efforts, the need for police and justice, and the kind of cool persona needed when in a firefight or a fistfight that requires a lot of experience. 

I understand mistakes happen.  I don’t understand the female cop who didn’t know she had a gun instead of a taser and accidentally killed the kid they were trying to arrest. I’m sure she feels terrible about it.  Like many of these victims, the kid didn’t respect the police, which is a significant problem.  Police are trained to subdue their arrestees no matter what.  That power goes to the heads of a certain percentage of cops, and that is another problem.  And the kind of training we give cops just doesn’t fit the circumstances. I’ve been to lots of gun classes and been around many gun users, and there is a tendency among them to overplay the danger of the weapons, which makes the gun users into panicky messes by the end of it.  I prefer the stone-cold competence of the old cowboys who spent so much time with guns that they could spin them in their hands and never injure themselves or others while using firearms. I’m used to people who shoot in SASS and Cowboy Fast Draw who have guns as natural extensions of themselves, not some armed villain that might accidentally go off and kill people on a cross draw.  The female cop should have never had a chambered weapon in her gun otherwise would have never mistaken a taser for a real gun ready to shoot.  Yeah, I get it; mistakes happen, but these communist plotters who control these inner cities are looking to exploit every mistake for a change state in law enforcement, which is an even worse problem. 

However, for context, everyone always says that until you know the raised heartbeat of chasing down some dangerous kid down a back alley who may be armed and ready to kill you, you don’t know what you’d do.  Or some guy freaked out on drugs might resist arrest, meaning you need to use deadly force; I can relate.  And it doesn’t bother me in the least.  People then ask, well, why aren’t you a cop?  My answer is that police are too structured for me, and they don’t make enough money.  Doing a job for the thrill of it isn’t enough in a world full of options.  But deadly encounters are not a deterrent, and there are plenty of people in the world who feel the same way.  We need them as cops, not some of this progressive stuff we see today where we can’t discuss the necessity of courage in the workplace or the differences in the sexes.  Instead, to avoid the discussion, we give aggressive police training and turn them loose politically ill-equipped for the political circumstances.  And when corruption is detected, the police unions cover for their members, making the public suspect every deed was done with suspicion, which has, in the long run, worked against the police.

That’s where the parasite insurgents have come into the picture.  They are using these political elements of policing, and the overreactions typical of most police encounters to their advantage whenever a mistake does happen.  The people crying over all these black kids dying under police hands don’t care for anything about the black-on-black violence in Chicago every day and night.  They don’t care about the many abortions that happen in black neighborhoods all year long.  They don’t care about the gunning down of drugged-out thugs by police, only what they can exploit it for to gain political power.  And that is the hard truth of the matter. It’s a shame, but that’s what we have before us. It’s not a problem that will solve itself, but one that must be identified, even if the admission is difficult.

Even with all that said, we must stand by our police.  The system is imperfect because we are inspiring the wrong kind of people to work in law enforcement.  The cool cats who have ice water in their veins are not going to the police academy.  There is too much bureaucracy in police work, and people like that don’t have the patience for uniformed work.  Who wants the rigidity of police work for payment under 70K?  Not the kind of people born with ice water in their veins.  But the power-hungry, the overdramatized attention getters, they do. I’ve had excellent friends who went on to become cops, and they made a game of pulling over young girls and making them exchange sexual favors to get out of tickets.  Not something they are talking about in the mainstream news, but it happens in every community, and that is because we fail to distinguish the good from the bad and reward the tough and fearless.  And in the wake, we end up with a mess.  The communists and socialists in these black neighborhoods want to exploit these tragedies to collapse the American way of life.  And the media is there to throw gas on the fire to help make it happen.  They don’t wish to preserve law and order.  They only cheer on the destruction of our nation and the laws that should bring peace but instead usher in an age of terror. It’s a path to hell paved with good intentions, and despite the trouble, we must stand by the cops because it is evident that nobody else will.  They need us more than ever and should not be penalized because of their terrible training in the arts of panic rather than courage. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Why ‘Chick-fil-A’ is in my new book: The hidden reach of EVIL

With great relief the attack by progressive ideology in the form of “gay rights” was answered in a huge way all across the United States when fans of the famous chicken restaurant Chick-fil-A showed up in mass to show support of the company’s President Dan Cathy for taking a public stand in favor of traditional marriage and family values. Two years ago when I was deep into the writing of my latest novel Tail of the Dragon a guy my daughter was dating had an argument with me over Chick-fil-A when I declared it was my favorite place to eat because as a company it was not afraid of showing their support of traditional values. This young boy was very upset about my stance, which provoked me to write an article of support when the current gay rights push was in its infancy. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW.

It is not only because of my argument with that kid over Chick-fil-A but because it is without question my favorite fast-food restaurant that it plays a heroic role in my new action packed novel. My publisher and I went back and forth on the issue and I felt that people would want to visit many of the sites talked about in the novel, so rather than call the restaurant I was writing about merely a chicken place, I included the name of Chick-fil-A as being the location of a particularly riveting scene that takes place inside an Ashville, North Carolina shopping mall. Chick-fil-A played a heroic role in my story without being complicit in any crime simply because as a social icon, the people who run and work at Chick-fil-A restaurants are some of the most ethical and good people anyone can hope to find because Chick-fil-A as a company is good from the top down.

I wanted to show my appreciation of Chick-fil-A by displaying my admiration for them as a company. The argument I had with that poor kid indicated to me that a storm was coming, a storm that took nearly two years to develop. Truett Cathy is a person I greatly admire and have since I was a very small child. His success is an excellent example of Robert Pirsig’s Metaphors of Quality model. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE AND SEE HOW IT WORKS. So my inclusion of Chick-fil-A in my novel as a centerpiece of the action is out of a genuine love that I have for them as a company. I was very careful not to implicate their company name in any of the scandalous activity that was driving the action, but I hoped to help them withstand the storm I saw was coming by including them in my novel that showed them in a good light and as an icon of the southern states.

I was surprised that the young boy who was dating my daughter was so upset at Chick-fil-A. He wasn’t gay, but he knew people who were, and he felt he was compelled to defend them. So he had a serious case of anger at Chick-fil-A based exclusively on his progressive education and the root of that infection was seen when the President of Chick-fil-A Dan Cathy made his “guilty as charged” comments in support of traditional marriage, and even going so far to say he is proud that his family still have their first wives. Young people especially like that young kid who dated my daughter are very susceptible to progressive politics from people like Rahm Emanuel the former Barack Obama aid and current mayor of Chicago who came out aggressively against Chick-fil-A after Dan Cathy made his comments in favor of traditional marriage. The villains against traditional beliefs in America showed themselves quickly after that interview with Cathy and the political divisions in our country were suddenly very clear.

There are many like that progressive kid who indirectly convinced me to stand up for Chick-fil-A by putting them prominently in my new novel, who have allowed themselves to no longer acknowledge the work of evil. Evil as a sinister force seeks the complete eradication of anything that is good and in our society much of what is good comes from traditional values. Evil is spread through progressive values. Evil has spread most aggressively in our society with the demise of traditional values rooted in a marriage between a man and a woman with their first wives. Chick-fil-A recognizes this fact and has chosen not to participate or endorse evil. Progressives like Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama believe in the collectivism of their cause and they are seeking to advance a different agenda that is global than what those of us who embrace traditional values endorse.

The issue over gay marriage is not to say that homosexuals are evil. But the progressive political platform uses the issue of gay marriage to cheapen the concept of private property—which is at the heart of most progressive topics. By weakening the value of a man and a woman raising their biological families produced in the bedroom of their sacred beds, the progressive has sought to pervert sex to multiple sex partners, same-sex partners that cannot produce children as a couple and are forced to adopt children from other families from other parts of the world to build a family of their own. The goal of the progressive is a focus on collectivism, raising a family that is without the biological possession of the parents. The strategy of evil is to destroy the concept of the American family and by destroying that, it will destroy America which is the only bastion of personal freedom on earth. By destroying America, evil can rule the minds of man without concern.

What I have said is not the plot of the most recent Lord of the Rings film or some comic book plot line. It is very much real, and is happening before our very eyes. Evil is seductive, it grows within our personal weaknesses, which is why collectivists seek to exemplify those weaknesses while at the same time chastising strengths. To accomplish this evil is using progressive politics to strip away anything that gives individuals strength and replacing it with collectivist oriented obedience. The young kid I mentioned is a victim of this evil. His life was built by evil in a single parent home, by adult influences that are lax on personal strength, and by an education system that is pushing young people right off the cliff with progressive global instruction.

It is true, I do gush over my experiences at the annual Annie Oakley event I participate in each year because it’s all about traditional American value—which I adore. I gush over movies that are old-fashioned in their themes, especially the most recent Batman film Dark Knight Rises, because the story goes to the trouble of identifying the failures of collectivism. And I certainly gush over Chick-fil-A, because they unlike any other company I can think of stand for something rooted in “goodness.” There are fresh flowers on every table, the employees are always nice, and the food is great for a fast-food restaurant—very high quality. Chick-fil-A gives up millions and millions of dollars to be closed on Sundays so they certainly don’t care if the gay population boycotts them. They stand on what they believe, and that is “good.” So Chick-fil-A stands in the way of the ever encroaching evil that quietly sifts about in our lives subtly turning our minds against us with illusions of pleasure that are disguises of sinister plots not necessarily rooted within terrestrial understanding. Progressives are simply the vehicles of this evil that uses their minds and bodies like most people might use a rental car. It steps into the mind of Rahm Emanuel and uses his weak mind to drive him to say and do the kinds of things that are absolutely detrimental to our society while the Chicago Mayor actually believes he’s doing good for the poor, the weak, the homosexual, the destitute, and otherwise mentally unfortunate.

It was my hope that by including Chick-fil-A in my story that I could pay it some sense of justice and my own appreciation for being an icon of goodness in my own personal life. But in the wake of the overwhelming support that millions of Americans have shown toward Chick-fil-A against the progressive encroachment of evil I am simply delighted that courage and goodness have stood squarely for a change to face down evil for what it attempted to do to Chick-fil-A.

The gay attack on Friday, the “Kiss-a-Chick” day was a bust as was expected. Homosexuals are in the minority and cannot be allowed to completely drive the direction of private business, and compared to the millions who showed up to support Chick-fil-A as a business, the gay community could only produce a few squeaky wheels who made fools of themselves. The events of the week showed without question that those who wish destruction are in the vast minority and can only advance evil if we listen to them. Thankfully, Dan Truett as President of Chick-fil-A showed the world that he would not buckle from his beliefs, which is so incredibly refreshing. It was also refreshing to see that so many people responded in support of his company. Even rival fast-food restaurants like Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and Wendy’s stood shoulder to shoulder with Chick-fil-A because they recognize that if Chick-fil-A goes down under the gun of political pressure that their companies will also be extorted and abused under some future progressive attack. When the mayors of cities threaten to not allow the construction of businesses because of their personal beliefs, dictatorships are not far off the horizon which is the ultimate weapon of evil. Such an evil showed itself quickly in the Chicago Mayor and others who attacked Chick-fil-A not for turning away gay customers which never happened, but for having a belief—a belief in tradition, in what’s good. For that, Chick-fil-A was attacked, and in its defense a nation stood strong. Wednesday August 1, 2012 will forever be remembered as the first small battle that was a victory against a tyrannical empire driven by pure evil in a long quest to restore goodness to our lives with many battles to come. And for those who stood on the side of good, the victory was overwhelming and decisive.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

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My Favorite Drink “Mello Yello”: The story of stuggle, tenacity, and exceptional quality

While it is true that I have a passion for many things, what I put into my body is of paramount significance. In this day and age of many types of foods and drink there are many varieties, however, when it comes to beverages there are really only three that I consume, water, milk, and the soft drink Mello Yello.

I have a very long and complicated theory that I’ve entertained for years which states simply that people who tend to like the soft drink products of Pepsi tend to be the same type of people who are currently in the “OCCUPY” movement. They are as the marketing campaigns state, part of “the next generation.” They are the leftists, the Marxists, the socialism advocates of our society in general. People who enjoy Coca Cola tend to be more conservative, enjoy tradition, and lean-to the right of the political spectrum. So I have always enjoyed Coke over Pepsi. It has a bit more bite to its taste and I like the marketing of the product so much more than the hippie diatribes of Pepsi.

My life, especially during the 70’s and 80’s was often said to be a living Mountain Dew commercial, which if you remember back, was always action packed. Mountain Dew was marketed as an adventurous drink, so their commercials always had people doing daredevil like stunts, which was intended to be a compliment to me. The problem was Mountain Dew was made by the Pepsi Company, which I had even back then wrote off as a company that pandered to hippies. So when the Coca Cola Company came out with Mello Yello to compete head to head with Mountain Dew, I naturally took to that beverage as my choice. I enjoyed the citrus drinks better than the caramel tasting colas, so Mello Yello was an instant hit with me which started as a rebellion against Mountain Dew and everyone trying to push me toward it because of my lifestyle being so similar to the marketing campaign of the Pepsi Company.

Mello Yello made great strides to overtake Mountain Dew all through the Reagan presidency culminating in its use as a sponsor in the Tom Cruise classic film Days of Thunder which captured two of my favorite things, Mello Yello and my need for speed in the same movie directed by the great Tony Scott, Ridley Scott’s brother. (Much more on Ridley Scott later—as I am absolutely drooling to see his new film PROMETHIUS) Because of Mello Yello’s appearance in Days of Thunder, and the fact that Coca Cola is a powerful company in Atlanta, Georgia, NASCAR and the South in general have embraced Mello Yello and never let go all through the Clinton years of the 90’s. But up north, Mello Yello phased out losing ground to Mountain Dew and it began to become difficult to get.

Coca Cola had failed even with all their efforts to penetrate the Mountain Dew market and began to rethink their drink. In the northern United States they completely pulled Mello Yello off the shelves and replaced it with a drink called Surge, which was the prototype of the modern energy drink. So I moved to Surge rather than Mountain Dew just out of sheer protest, but I missed my favorite drink, Mello Yello badly.

Surge sales never really got off the ground so slowly Mello Yello was reintroduced and the restaurant chain Chick-fil-A began to carry it in their stores as they started to move into more free-standing buildings as opposed to just shopping mall food courts. This was much to my delight because I travel a lot through the south and whenever I found myself driving to Florida I made a point to stop at the Chick-fil-A in Dalton, Georgia for breakfast just so I could get Mello Yello in a fountain drink. I had always liked Chick-fil-A as a business also, but now my loyalty to them was full-proof. It is because of this loyalty that Chick-fil-A plays such a prominent role in my upcoming novel Tail of the Dragon, as a tribute, and thanks to them for keeping my favorite drink, Mello Yello alive in the south.

Right around the turn-of-the-century Mello Yello was showing up at gas stations all over the southern states, so I’d buy up what I could to take home with me for my private supply, because you just couldn’t get it in Ohio. Eventually my wife met an Indian family who ran a convenient store and they promised her that they could import Mello Yello for me to my home in Liberty Twp so long as we bought just from them.

This went on for a number of years before Walmart, and Kroger began to stock it again, as Mello Yello had moved back into the market in the north. Thankfully I can now get Mello Yello just about anywhere I go. To this very day I have one every day for breakfast and it is a pleasure every time I pop the top of a can to drink one. It is one of the few beverages that I truly enjoy. Of course I like the taste, and it is a product of my youth as it came on the market during that impressionable time, but now for me it’s a symbol of perseverance, and a reminder that if something can stick around long enough, that it always has a chance to re-emerge, even if a competing idea tries to crush it out of existence.

Many times since its beginning Mello Yello was on the ropes and ready to be pulled off the market as Coke executives were frustrated with their efforts to overtake Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew was so entrenched with the youth in America because of their successful marketing campaigns that Mello Yello even with the movie endorsements and clever ads of their own could not get a steady foot in the market. But I never gave up on Mello Yello, and at times I think I may have been the only one in all of Cincinnati that was drinking it. But it stuck around, and now it’s back and can be found almost as readily as the other soft drinks.

Like most things in my life, I am very particular about what I like and don’t like. I am not one to compromise, so when Mello Yello was not available at my local store, I drove south to get it, or found someone who would ship it in for me. But I did not go to Mountain Dew just because it was convenient or similar in taste. I avoided it out of  rebellion and went to great expense to obtain my chosen alternative, primarily because I viewed the Pepsi Company as the company of The New Generation. I like the Coca Cola Company because of their old-fashioned, traditional ads, their Christmas campaigns in particular, their ability to capture markets like McDonalds, and Chick-fil-A, and I like their sponsorship in events like NASCAR. As a company I think they are world-class, and I stood by their product Mello Yello even in the hardest of times out of sheer loyalty. But every day I enjoy at least one Mello Yello and I am very thankful that I can, because it was not always easy to get. It’s always been worth it, because to me, every one of them is special, made more so due to the struggle just to survive in a market place that has been very competitive.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

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Men With Small Penises Sign the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve: The final act of a fool

“The fact that I support this bill as a whole does not mean I agree with everything in it,” he said in Hawaii, where he is spending his vacation. “I have signed this bill despite having serious reservations with certain provisions that regulate the detention, interrogation and prosecution of suspected terrorists.”

Oh dear reader, you didn’t hear about this while you prepared for your New Years Eve festivities? You didn’t notice it while the various football bowl games played on your television. The quote above is from Barack Obama as he signed the very controversial NDAA Act that was delivered to him in Hawaii where he is on vacation. His statement above is a looters disclaimer for all posterity to witness, that Obama is feigning concern while it was his office that actually asked for the harsher language which now enables the President of the United States to detain American citizens at any time and place and torture them based on his or a future presidents suspicions. Done under the guise of “safety” and under the premise of support for the military, the NDAA Act is a travesty against personal sovereignty and a subtle declaration of war against not countries like Iran, but the American people who pay for all this tyranny with their tax money.

You can read more about that New Year’s Eve signing here:


What seems to escape most people traveling about in their daily lives especially on New Year’s Eve is that DUI check points as they are currently used are against the law and have been for quite some time. They were started as a way to appease the mothers of MADD in their quests to bring about tough drunk driving legislation and pay tribute to their loved ones who died in traffic accidents. You can see in this clip that DUI check points have actually become security parameters that are just a few levels below the security check points in corrupt countries like Mexico. If you’ve ever traveled around the interior of Mexico, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

These check points were of course started with the best of intentions, and the officers who man them are just doing their jobs………..but they do not question the merit of their job. If their job is to enforce the law, then what is the value of their job if the people who make the law are crooked, manipulative power-hungry, mentally challenged fools? Because I would argue that the value of many laws created by law makers are as foolish as the men and women who make them, and do little for the betterment of the human race. Who are legislators who fight to stay in office and make more laws every single day just so they can become wealthy off the tax payer revenue, to dictate that they have a right to alter an American life in any way?

And as bad as many of these checkpoint laws are using DUI’s as an excuse to set up a police barricade they are NOTHING compared to what was just signed into law by the President of the United States in the removed paradise of Hawaii. The NDAA will give much more power to these police officers shown above. And for jobs that are perceived too big for the local police, the military can now be used to openly arrest and detain any critic of the government under the definition of terrorism. Because terrorism could be defined by a law maker, and not the American Traditionalist who is holding up their copy of the Constitution and demanding adherence to the laws of that founding document. A terrorist could be anyone who supports the Tea Party, anyone who supports the political party opposite the current president. It could be a filmmaker in Hollywood who makes a controversial film that is critical of the government. It could be an author who writes political thrillers, or it could be someone who simply refuses to play ball as the governments grabs for power. (a message to my Hollywood left friends, see, they used you. I told you they would. You took their money to green light your projects, made their propaganda films, and now you will be potential targets if you don’t play ball. Enjoy your swim in your pool while you still can.)

The NDAA Act is a tyrannical law that is either proving all the conspiracy theorists correct, that a global conspiracy is seeking to completely dismantle America and kill it’s people so that the rest of the world can be equal as a world power by taking away the high bar that America sets for the rest of the world—or the politicians who wrote the law and signed it are foolish, short-sighted, naive, idiots that history will laugh at in context. If you know history, this has been done many times before. The NDAA Act is not a new concept, dictators, tyrants, kings, and many solitary rulers have used the rule of law to climb into power. And in America, what has always made the United States different was the checks and balances of power that exist between the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch. Now, at the President’s discretion “terrorists” can be identified and eliminated just the tyrant Saddam Hussein did in this clip where he purged his government of dissidents. Notice how these men when called out just stood up nicely and walked away to their deaths. That was the cost of compliance…………….their lives. What you see below was done most recently not only in Iraq, but Cuba, Russia, Germany, Somalia, China, North Korea, virtually everywhere on earth where one ruler has risen to make themselves a living god. Too much power can never be given to one person……………….EVER. Or one government, the United Nations is too unintelligent collectively to spot a tyrant, so as a solitary world government; they will be unsuccessful in eliminating evil from the earth, which they fancy as a possibility. Their fantasy is not based on history, but on academic theory.

It is difficult for most American’s to understand why anyone would want so much power, because American’s are traditionally free of such concerns. But we can all point to a boss somewhere in our lives that was a power hungry son-of-a-bitch and caused us to scratch our heads in wonder about such characters. The Constitution gives us the right to brush off such foes for the most part, so the American mind does not grasp that tyrants have a real lust for power, and they are a very real threat to our lives. But the tyrants are not in some far away land; they are not the Saddam Hussein’s (created by the CIA to combat Iran, or the Osama bin Laden’s also created by the U.S. Government to combat Russia through war with Afghanistan). The tyrants are currently the ignorance of elected officials with poor quality minds who fantasize that they have the ability to protect American citizens from ourselves by eliminating threats to our safety, even if it is the controversial among our population. And the dictator may not be the small-minded community organizer Barack Obama, or the drug addict, alcoholic, born-again-Christian George W. Bush, but might be some comb-over politician squawking in the corner someplace upset that the girl he was with last night wouldn’t suck his small penis, so he seeks to rectify the situation and impress her with a climb for power in the United States, and he might even run for president and become elected like other fools have, Clinton comes to mind (remember the Vince Foster death) or Lyndon Banes Johnston. And when they realize they can use the NDAA Act to overcome their small penis size, they will become just another tyrant on the face of the earth that must be dealt with.

Well Federal Government. Whether you intended to or not, you just declared war on the American people. Your folly cannot be ignored any longer, and it won’t be. With the passage and signing of this NDAA Act each member who has signed it has proven they are not equipped to be a representative in this republic of America, and have squandered away the Constitution as cheaply as a dollar placed into the G-string of a stripper. You have failed Federal Government, and although it will take time to clean you all up from office and undo the travesties you have done to our American way of life, 2012 will see the start of that clean-up. And you have nobody to blame but yourselves. You started this.

Want proof of their guilt? Just look at their actions and ask the important questions. Why was the NDAA Act signed on New Year’s Eve, on a Saturday? Why not Friday, or Thursday? The answer is because they wanted to bury the news story away from the minds of the American public. Suddenly the football scores from yesterday’s games don’t seem so important, do they?

Oh, and about the penis size issue, penises and their lack of ability to work without the aid of drugs have done more evil in the world than most people care to realize.  Men who cannot bring a woman to orgasim properly usually take to politics to compensate for their deficiencis and create something else in their lives which makes them appear potent……because physcially they aren’t cutting the mustard. 



Rich Hoffman

The Sex Trade: Puppets, Pawns, and Punks

The incorrect assumption about the so-called 1% is that they all think alike and have the same motives which would be naive. But like most groups among the human population the very rich have different ideas and approaches to the art of living. Some of the very wealthy, like those in the estate of Walt Disney, I hold in extremely high regard and believe that the Walt Disney Company is very important to the positive myth building of our young people and provides great joy for millions of people they wouldn’t otherwise have. But in the opposite direction there are those like George Soros who are behaving in a sinister fashion with his wealth to collapse anything resembling capitalism and replacing those governments with global socialism. This makes it very difficult to figure out who the bad guys are in our society. To simply point at the “rich” and proclaim them to be the bad guys isn’t accurate. This confusion is by design from the true enemies of human existence who reside in the shadows like snipers attacking aspects of our culture from a safe distance. They don’t engage in open warfare, but stay far away and use their pawns to do their biding.

The puppet masters of tyranny are very elusive, and people are beginning to be aware of their work and even though the actual face of that enemy is under dispute, the enabler of the enemies’ power is the person who you see in the mirror, because ignorance by the population fuels their power. I have said as much here at this site many times, and the character ANONYMOUS from the video below has also correctly identified the fuel of tyranny in this very cryptic warning.

So who are the enemies of our existence? Is it so simple to say its Wall Street bankers, corporations, socialism, communism, China—is it anything at all? No, it’s not necessarily an enemy you can see on stage, but sometimes an enemy can reside in an idea and hide there undetected. So the first step in locating them is to study the puppets on the stage for the show they present to you.

Here is a puppet, her name is Hillary Clinton giving a speech in front of the UN in Geneva over the rights of lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transvestite people, otherwise known as LGBT people according to this particular puppet. Anyone with half a brain will wonder why with all the trouble there is in the world why Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton would be so concerned about the rights of LGBT people. Hasn’t she been to Key West, Florida? I have, more than once, and all those people live very openly with all types of other people without any violence or prejudice. In fact, everyone seems to enjoy that environment very well. Key West is one of the least regulated places on earth and people get along better there than just about anyplace, so what is Hillary talking about?

There is no doubt that Hillary believes every word that she is speaking. But you have to understand that she is only a puppet. Her ideas were formed at a radical university where she was taught that rights for women, rights for the homosexual community, and racism were the paramount concerns of our day. She was formed by a globalism ideology to play a role in progressive politics. In short, her focus was intentionally created to drive society in a particular direction. Obviously her mind is broken. She has a husband who was a serious drug abuser and was and probably is still a serial womanizer, but those values are not important to her so long as her husband joins her on a quest to end prejudice for the homosexual community. Her values were created by the puppet masters who built the curriculum at her college.

The same agenda was set for Barack Obama who has also taken up the torch of progressive politics and is uttering the same type of speech. When listening to Obama, with all the problems there are in the world, one must wonder why he believes the issue of where a man plants his seed in sexual release is so important. Well, he thinks it’s important because he was trained to believe so, at his university.

Those are just a few of the puppets of our time. They are created to tell a story to an audience, of which we all are a part of. The secret to the show is that all the foundations of which progressive politics is built is not for human rights, it is not for fairness, it is not for socialism and equality for all, as the show leads us to believe it is. It’s something else, an aspect to our culture that is much more elusive.

To understand what is going on behind the scenes of the puppet show I would refer you dear reader to the great film by Stanley Kubrick called Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman. You can see a previous article I wrote about this very important film by clicking on this link:


The reason why the very sinister elite political classes of our world encourage a focus on sexual persuasion is to direct the mind of the masses onto sexual fulfillment. The focus on gay rights is not to bring peace to the gay population, but to fascinate the sexual interest of those who are not gay, so that they may experiment and turn their minds away from high thoughts into the very low thoughts of sexual fulfillment.

I have witnessed the wasted lives of many people who spent much of their time looking for a sex partner. I know people who have built entire careers around the notion of gaining sexual access to those whom they desire. Sex is like a drug; it can consume a mind and weaken it. And this is the goal, to weaken the mind of the masses so their thoughts are not focused on the rulers of their society, but on the outlets for their sexual release.

If Hillary Clinton and President Obama were really interested in human rights they would be appalled to learn the magnitude of the most evil practice of modern slavery happening right out in the open. In fact just a few blocks from where Hillary gave her speech in Geneva the same men and women attending that illuminating political body can and visit a place to order up a 12-year-old girl to have sex with, or a small boy, taken from various places all over the world and sold into the sex trade to fulfill the hunger of a public consumed with sex propelled along by the men and women who truly wish to be kings of all humanity using sex and human addiction to it as the shackles for global slavery. If you have a squeamish, simple mind I suggest you stop reading and watching videos right now because you will not like what you discover from here on, because the grand mechanism that is propelling virtually all evil on the face of the earth and the politics of mankind is sex trafficking.

To feed the sex trade, drugs are openly poured into all cultures to weaken the minds of the users. Many of the drug users will participate and not become addicted to them. But a certain percentage will, and of those, they will often turn to the sex industry to fuel their addiction. That is how recruits for the industry are groomed and used. Most everything in progressive politics is geared to this strategy, open drug use, a focus on alternative sexual relationships, the aim at the masses to not set their standards too high, the entire progressive platform is designed to dumb down the population so they are easy to control, sex is used to maintain that level of ignorance.

To drive the point home I must take you dear reader down the rabbit hole. I am going to ask you to watch the following videos completely and not to cheat by simply skimming through them. I placed them here for your benefit. I showed these videos to my kid’s years ago so they would know how the game is stacked against them, especially being young women, so they could not become seduced by the progressive machine designed by pure evil that is described in the film Eyes Wide Shut. Each film below is about 40 minutes and there are 4 of them. So it will take a while, but it is extremely important to watch them and gain an understanding of what the puppet show is really about.

In the film Eyes Wide Shut Nichole Kidman reveals to her husband that she has sexual fantasies about a man she met years ago. This is a normal thing that occupies many minds of middle-class couples. All one has to do to see evidence of this is to study the Jerry Sandusky situation at Penn State or the scandal at Syracuse University. There are many married couples who have dysfunctional relationships because of pornography, or Facebook friends who want more than just status updates. So the situation between Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman in that film catapults Cruise into the darkness of the Sex Trade out of jealousy.

Many men don’t end up at the top of that industry where Tom Cruise goes, which is the origin behind the sex trade. Many men and some women become the people in this next video who seek out sex slaves in the massive sex trade industry to fulfill their fantasies. Those fantasies are the type of thoughts that progressive politics endorses so that the guilt of those feelings is removed and the person might act on those temptations.

This is also why progressive politics has embraced the removal of Christian oriented religions, because the guilt inspired by an act of Christian sin must be taken away so that the population will partake in the evil of illicit sex. Once a man or woman has engaged in such sex, they have lost a piece of themselves. They have lost their ability to cast opinions about the practice and become a member of the silent army which supports the evil, by default.

It was only 20 years ago when Pee Wee Herman was caught masturbating in an adult movie theater. For that act he lost his TV show and never recovered. Since that time the porn industry has went to video, and now is abundant online. Porn is now mainstream and easy to get at. People no longer look down on their neighbors for visiting a pornographic outlet; instead porn participants are commended for their actions. It’s joked about as “natural,” and is now accepted. This creates the need for a massive amount of content to fuel this industry so there is a voracious fervor to find people to film for these movies, people willing to allow millions of people to watch them have sex. To lower the barriers so men and women will allow themselves to be filmed in this fashion sex education has started earlier and earlier in public school, and premarital sex has been encouraged. The family unit has been attacked so that fewer parents are available to steer their children away from sexual predators, because the practice of the sex trade is viewed by the perpetrators as throwing wood on a fire. They do not care at all about the lives they consume. They only care to supply fuel to that never-ending fire of passion which comes from sexual desire. And from that addiction to sexual desire, the rulers of our world can easily control the masses. This is the reason pornography has been brought into the mainstream.

At this point many of you will disagree with me, you’ll be tempted to say, the girls who work at the local gentleman’s club do so by their own decision. The Vegas stripper who you saw at a bachelor party was just having fun. The girls in that porn you watched on your computer were getting paid to do something they’d be giving away for free anyway. Well…………..if you think those things you are kidding yourself. Yes, those girls are being well paid for their work, but they are simply puppets on the stage and are no different from Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton. They are all “built” to sell the system of progressive politics which continues to create logs for their perpetual fire through public education, entertainment, and politics.

The intent behind the speeches by Hillary and Barack are to create in your mind dear reader, “I’d like to try that. I’d like to know what that feels like. I’d like to see that, to smell that, to taste that.” The next step is to seek out a pornographic reference for your curiosity and perhaps some drugs to help ease your mind from the guilt. Then once the visual images have stimulated your curiosity enough to seek out a real person in the flesh then the transformation into a sex addict is complete.


This is why the government is currently using “Fast and Furious” to steal away our gun rights. This is why the senate passed NDAA to detain American’s at will and throw them in jail without trail of jury, this is why Obama, a completely failed president has over $1 billion dollars in a bank account to run for a second term as president by the same powers who own the sex trade, because all those who might resist such grabs for power are occupied with thoughts of sex. While they pursue their fantasies and think about their next organism, their rights, liberties and family futures are being dismantled rapidly right before their eyes and they do not see it because they only want to see naked bodies and sexual fulfillment.

As Anonymous said in the video you can only blame the person who looks back in the mirror for all that is happening. And it’s happening because the progressive platform created by those who crave to rule the world, literally, have created puppets to sell their radical agenda with legitimacy while everyone who might resist their efforts are preoccupied with the distraction of sex and the lengthy pursuits involved in that type of fulfillment. Our world and freedom are being stolen from us while our thoughts are only on the very simple and temporary focus of sex, and it’s happening right out in front of us, unable to do anything about it, because the masses are addicted, corrupted, and distorted beyond the ability to reason.

You might think that what I have said here is radical. But ask yourself why progressives like Hillary and Barack are so interested in human rights but avoid the topic of sex trafficking and modern human slavery. Their silence reveals the true strategy and the path we are currently on that lead to not only slavery for those in the sex trade, but also those who have participated in it as customers. Because what is being discovered too late is that we are being herded into a pen and led to our own slaughter by men and women who are as intent to rule the earth as any dictator or emperor of history ever hungered for. 

The puppets are those who sell progressive politics, the pawns are those who are blinded by progressive politics, and the PUNKs are those who created progressive politics and drive it to this very day from a very high level.  And they will continue on this path until people stop watching the puppet show and follow the strings to where the hands controlling the show really hide.  When that happens, then problems can begin to be solved.  But not until then. 

The world has gone mad.  The proof is in all the people who spoke in that video that have lost the ability to tell right from wrong.  All their concern is whether or not Jerry Sandusky should have spoken to the media.  Not on the actions he committed.  How much proof do you need after all this?



Rich Hoffman

FreedomWorks is Attacked: Why the media is failing, blame the Beatles

My wife and I recently had ice cream at a popular West Chester hang-out as I watched the people around me with some aloof curiosity. Many of those around me made up the 10,000 who tuned in to Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom over the two days around Election Day to figure out what the issues were and how they should vote. After the election, I noticed that my daily hits had dropped to around 1,500 a day as the people went back to sleep, went shopping, or bought ice cream, like my wife and I were doing. Politics and everything that leads up to it is an unpleasant topic most people work hard to avoid. Yet that battle lines are all around us, and soon, even the people who seek to hide from such a war won’t be able to avoid it, even momentarily while eating ice cream.

What we are seeing here in the United States behind the effort of the Occupiers are the same forces that have pushed Europe to the breaking point. Even though it may be hard to consider, because in doing so it requires an admission that the system we have built our lives around cannot be trusted, the reality is that beyond extreme politics and points of view, socialism has been delivered to our society very carefully. For proof, read these two past articles and pay very careful attention to the videos provided there for your convenience.



The college classes we’ve taken were simply socialist indoctrination and a subtle attempt to expand government, because many of the jobs college degrees are yielding back on their investment are government jobs like teaching, and statistical analysts. Most of us went through a liberal phase while attending college, and grew out of it just a bit to become fiscally conservative by the time we started families. Those made up a majority of the people who were eating ice-cream with my wife and me at present. Many young people, (the ice cream eater’s children) are discovering that the system they were sold, in which their parents saved for all their lives to consume $50K per year in tuition, isn’t making good on its promise of providing a good paying job to many of them. In America, the Occupiers are showing their anger in the way that their friends from Europe have been. What they don’t know, is that even their anger is directed by the invisible hands of socialism, since it is groups like MoveOn.Org, labor unions, and other progressive groups who are attempting to continue the mission the Beatles music group never finished, to create a revolution against capitalism into socialism. What was the name of that Beatle song that everyone liked so much, “Back in the USSR?”

Slowly over time through our music, our entertainment, and our education, we began to accept socialism, small little bites at a time. Union members accepted socialism because the pay was good. Typical blue-collar workers were able to buy a decent house and have a bass boat in the driveway. Teachers accepted socialism because they were taught by socialist college professors, (is it any accident that these protests are most of the time erupting on universities?) Police accepted socialism because they already think in a regimented fashion, so applying the same mentality to the rest of society is not a difficult transition. And reporters accepted socialism for the same reason as the teachers, all their college professors used Walter Lippmann as the example of what a journalist was, and this permeated into the culture of journalism.

I know reporters for TV, radio, and newspapers all over town. I know several in other towns as well. When I ask them why they don’t cover some of the hot topics of the day, they all tell me the same thing, “There isn’t time to develop stories. We get 3 to 11 minutes, or 400 words on a printed page to make our point, so anything that requires any depth gets ignored.” This is the result of the journalism propaganda that has gone on in America for more than three decades now right out in the open. This is also the reason why blogs like the one you are reading now have grown in popularity. Since my reporter friends couldn’t or wouldn’t cover many of the stories I was bringing them, I started Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, so that I could spend the time covering stories in the kind of depth required for real understanding. And I’m not the only one doing this. Several people just like me have taken up the task of doing the job of reporting news ourselves since it became evident that the media was largely just a propaganda machine. It’s not any one persons fault; it’s simply the result of The System that is in place, a system built upon the foundations of socialism.

Many of us who are doing this new brand of self-journalism gather at a site called FreedomWorks, where like-minded people like us swap ideas and news stories. Really, blogging and other media reports should not be a big deal in the exchange of ideas. Many of us at FreedomWorks actually got the idea by watching how the political left engaged in their strategy of progressivism, such as is done at the Huffington Post and virtually every union meeting across the country. I don’t think it occurred to anyone I know to protest CNN headquarters or MSNBC for their extreme liberal progressive journalism because we didn’t like them. We certainly don’t gather to attempt to put any of them out of business with protests. Yet look how members of The System, (the socialist movement) behave toward a group who offers a different opinion than theirs. Listen to how threatened they are about just the existence of FreedomWorks.

GBTV created by Glenn Beck is the first of its kind. It’s essentially a private news organization that is run by a guy who is not a college graduate and former student of Walter Lippmann and other media personalities. Beck like many of the bloggers who have risen up to the challenge of pointing out what’s wrong, received our educations not from a hippie college professor but in the books of our curiosity where the most potent revelations often hit us at 2:30 in the morning while the rest of the world sleeps. I have 20 years of this kind of history study and I would say that like Beck, people who learn in such a fashion are much more equipped to deliver news that is pertinent to a hungry public. Glenn Beck has taken his success in this matter and reinvested many millions of dollars into GBTV which does not march to any drummer, not even Glenn Beck’s. It isn’t owned by any political party, does not suck up to celebrities, it does not fight for a spot on the Press Corp in the White House. It does not care if it is recognized by any “NEWS” organization. GBTV simply reports the news, and those who want to censor and control the news HATE Glenn Beck for what he’s done in the same way that those unions hate FreedomWorks.

I can’t blame Beck. He’s about the same age as I am, and I share with him a frustration that the news just doesn’t go far enough. For me, talk radio is very valuable, but unfortunately people don’t have the ability to watch a replay of the information on talk radio easily. So at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom I have solved that little problem by gathering up talk radio broadcasts so that they can be shared with people who may have missed them earlier in the day, or earlier in the month, or earlier in the year. As my reporter friends have told me, “We cannot go so far as to show spreadsheets, videos, audio clips, and long explanations like you can.” Before I had Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, I had to send letters to the editor for my local newspapers, (which I still do) but I was confined to what I could say because the editor created the rules that I had to live by. And that is why the media is failing. The rules established within The System is also a subscriber of the socialism taught in college and those rules keep my reporter friends from getting too deep into any issues. The same rules apply to large network news like Fox News, or CNN, or small local news like 5, 9 and 12 here in Cincinnati. Newspapers, which started out much like the blogs of today, for much of the same reason, are now driven by their need for advertising and once money is desired as a revenue stream, then special interests can manipulate the content.

As I watched the men and women, boys and girls within that popular ice cream hang out blissfully unaware of the world around them, except when they are required to do something, such as vote, I could see that it was the media, the ghost of Walter Lippmann who used the college education institution to create an entire industry that created short little snippets of information and thus kept all of society on the surface of any knowledge.

But, for some of us, this isn’t enough. We want more information, the snippets just won’t suffice. So we are breaking away and doing our own thing. For me, it’s Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, for others it’s Red State, The Drudge Report, The Blaze, and many, many others most of which can be found on the FreedomWorks network. For Glenn Beck he started his own television network so he could break all the conventional rules and bring the news to all who have courage to hear and see it.

But the empires who have built their kingdoms on our ignorance don’t like it, and they can’t argue with these new facts from this new age of reporting because the reporters aren’t doing it for money, fame or even networking opportunities. They do it because they are driven from a passion that will destroy the empires of ignorance in just a matter of a few short years. This is why those fools were protesting at FreedomWorks. This is why I get constant threats. This is why Glenn Beck pays over $2 million a year to provide security for himself and his family. The emperors of ignorance are watching their empire crumple about them as their control over the media, over education, over politics is coming unraveled by this new age media reporting that you are reading before you.

Take a deep breath and savor the feeling……………………………..you feel that? Freedom! Freedom from the controls of editorial shackles, of content scrutiny, of snippets designed to breed consumers into buying the latest product at a store. In this new age a person like me can weave a complex tale about pirates and Excel spreadsheets and the wonders of space into a tapestry of subjects that can shine light on why education is broken, and too expensive.

My wife and I threw away our napkins and remnants of what had been the ice-cream and I saw in some of the eyes in a few of the people about me a flicker of hope, a desire for more. I knew surely that after they had read the newspaper, watched the news and spoke with their neighbors, that some of them hungry for more would indulge themselves in places like this, and would dare to unlearn everything they had learned, and to grow into something the previous establishment fears with every cell in their bodies………….a free thinker!

Rich Hoffman

Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

“On Tuesday, Senate Bill 5 was rejected throughout Ohio as draconian overreach. Now they are trying to reach into the private sector,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of Ohio Democratic Party. “They’re inviting a challenge.”

Source article: http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20111110/NEWS0108/111110327/Ohio-group-pushes-right-work-amendment

This comment came on the announcement that a group not associated with Governor Kasich, not associated with the Koch Brothers, not even associated with the Republican Party is seeking to place on the ballot the ability for Ohio to become a right-to-work state. See the press conference for yourself here.

Now, I know those guys pretty well, and they are a group of fair and balanced guys. They truly desire to give to the state of Ohio a level of freedom that has been uttered from the silent parties within these unions for quite a long time. These union members who are tired of having their union dues translated into funding for the Democratic Party want out of their imprisonment, which is but one of the issues addressed in Issue 2. When opponents of Issue 2 said that the law was too “far reaching” people like Chris and Mike listened. So they are seeking just one small little measure that was in Issue 2, originally designated for the public union employee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not go after employee wages, does not ask them to pay more for their health care, and does not affect seniority or any of the union concerns debated in Issue 2. All the right-to-work amendment proposes to do in the above press conference is give people the option to be in a union or not to. It’s that simple.

But wait……………………..the unions are already upset? I thought they said they could “compromise” and be reasonable. Listen to Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio.

“Just two days ago, Ohioans spoke with one clear and emphatic voice, and voted by an overwhelming margin to support our everyday heroes and their right to collectively bargain. Yet, today their voices are already being ignored, even after Gov. (John R.) Kasich and legislative leaders have promised to listen and reflect on Tuesday’s vote.”

Well, this statement requires comment since it is obvious that the opponents of Issue 2 seem confused as to what is happening in the world around them. And that comment will not come from the good people who are proposing this constitutional amendment, or any other group. They are a fair-minded assemblage who truly wants what is fair and good for the majority in Ohio. Instead the comments made below are exclusively mine and they are addressed specifically to the public and private sector unions. This is Rich Hoffman Speaking.

People who are not in a union do not take their marching orders from politicians like you in the unions do. John Kasich is not our commander as Richard Trumka and Barack Obama are yours. We do not bow down to an authority figure that takes money from us and gives it to progressive politics. We are a people who desire freedom, even if we are in the minority.

My take on the Issue 2 debate is that only 39% were able to comprehend the contents of that very good bill, the rest were simply too stupid to wrap their little minds around the idea. I would say the same if it was only 1% who voted, because I read the bill and thought it was fair, and believe it or not, I did so completely on my own. No union steward told me to read it. I did it on my own. That’s called self-responsibility. I witnessed the union machine, which I am forced to help fund, scare Ohioans into voting the union way. I watched money pour in from out-of-state and saw the influence all the way up to the White House taking part in being a gear for that machine. And even with all your efforts 39% still voted against you.

I said all along that the Yes vote would need 2 million voters to win at the polls and only 1,321,494 showed up. During a presidential election 5 million voters usually turn out, so a lot of people stayed home and watched TV, so by no means the 2 million who voted to repeal Issue 2 represent Ohio’s wishes. It represented the 350,000 public workers their moms and dads and wives, girlfriends and children, grandmas and grandpa’s, and the rest are people scared of their own shadows. This landslide is not what you think it is. All it means is that Issue 2 was too hard to understand, so those who might have voted against you stayed home and ordered pizza.

I have watched school levy after school levy get voted down on Tuesday, and go right back on the ballot on Wednesday. That is the union way, if you don’t get what you want the first time through, then push it through again and again until it passes, till the opposition is so worn out they no longer have the will to fight. Why then should not the same tactic be applied to the unions? Did you think that those of us who want to be free of you would just go away? Why would people like me not wish to drive the measure back down your throats, once, twice, or twenty-five more times? It would be my hope that instead of Issue 2 being passed in one large bill as it was that it will be passed as 15 separate bills and that the unions will spend themselves into oblivion defending each and every one of them. Did you think that this would all just go away on the day after the election? No, welcome to our world where taxes are constantly proposed to fuel your tyranny! Those of us who have defeated our tax levies know the fight will never end till the unions are out of the business of government. You did it to yourselves. I do not hate you because of your two legs, two arms and one head; I hate you because you are an instrument of tyranny and your higher taxes are an imposition to my freedom. You ask more of me so that you my live and I demand of you to do for yourself and to leave me alone.

Your nature is revealed in your opposition to becoming a right-to-work state. You wish simply to hold the paychecks of your member’s hostage so they will turn out and vote your way. You want the membership numbers for reasons of extortion, and force. You care not that some of your members seek freedom from your clutches. You only care that they send you a check! THAT IS YOUR NATURE! You are parasites who consume the world around you. You will do anything to win no different from a sleazy thief picking pockets in a Las Vegas casino. I watched you hide behind the firefighters to gain support among the mushy minded masses. Do you think you will be so successful if the firefighters and police were not involved? You should be thankful that the Republicans at least attempted to be honest and fair from their stand point. Me………I would have attacked each union separately, starting with the teachers and severed the flow of money from the NEA into our state politics. Then I would have reformed the FOP and their connection to the AFL-CIO, then maybe the firefighters and their connection to the Trumka gang. I would have also have done so with 20 different bills and forced those groups to fight on every front! Spend 30 million dollars fighting the ability to strike. Spend 30 million dollars fighting the right to collectively bargain. Spend 30 million fighting the insurance premiums. Spend 30 million fighting the right-to-work. Spend 30 million fighting the issue of step increases. Yes unions, you were right, Issue 2 was too sweeping for one swallow. Only 39% of the voters were able to swallow, and the rest sat on their hands in indecision. My plan would have emptied the 1 billion dollars that Obama is sitting on in his election bid and forced him to save his union brothers and sisters in an attempt to win Ohio leaving him with no money to win any other state. You should be thankful that John Kasich and his Republican friends did not attempt to be so malicious. I would have.

Fair? I heard that term over and over during the campaign. Is it fair that one dollar of my money goes to support an organization that I consider detrimental to America? I don’t want my money sent to my local school to pay a teacher to then be converted by union dues and used by the teachers union to fund candidates who are progressive and out to rob my country of its freedom loving nature. Look at the child with a helmet on his bicycle riding 5 MPH as his frightened mother looks on afraid that her little one will splat his brains all over the sidewalk. This is the result of your unions and their attempts to justify their existence by overreaching their authority in the class-room and among the police authority. Look at the fat-fingered politician who creates legislation due to the union lobby in trade for campaign contributions that find themselves in the G-strings of a local stripper, the politician and his comb-over slicked over with French fry oil is using campaign money so his wife doesn’t find out about it. Look at the cops on a Saturday night setting up DUI checkpoints to “rid” society of drunk drivers. What they are really doing is showing that they are overstaffed and need something for those officers to do. The MAD mothers who created much of that “drinking” legislation played right into the hands of the union lobby, and gave them an excuse to mandate insurance, which gave cops something to do, mandate drunk driving laws, which gave cops something to do, and revenue to generate, and gave police the right to pull people over even if they were only on their way to the video store, to take away freedoms of the citizens using safety as the guise. Is it fair that your existence is eroding away my freedoms?

Is it fair that my quality of life is diminished because your mind is like a rock; it absorbs nothing, gradually becomes smaller over time with erosion, and sinks to the bottom of anything it’s tossed in to. Is my life to be attached to yours out of some altruistic fantasy? Am I chained to your lack of ambition for life? Is that what you think?

If I were to bring a company to Ohio, I would not want some parasite union attempting to corrupt my workforce with socialism. I would locate in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and other right-to-work states. In those places, if someone wants to organize a union, they can. But the members aren’t forced to join. Unions are a form of cronyism that involves fathers employing their sons, and uncles employing their nephews. It does not guarantee the best employee for the job and performance on that occupation. I have traveled extensively, and I have toured many manufacturing plants, and common to the union facilities are employees who watch TV during their shift. Cross-training is nearly extinct, and there is always a fear that the whole workforce will walk off the job if they become unhappy. Why would Boeing want to locate to South Carolina? TO AVOID LABOR STOPPAGES THAT AFFECTS THEIR ORDERS!

I have never met an enemy of the American system that is as clueless as the typical union worker. And I want no part of them. I will gladly support workers who are not part of a union. If there is a right-to-work option I could see who I can trust and who I can’t. I should have that option! And so should the employee! The only reason a union would be against an employee right-to-work option is to force them into a marriage they can control. What happens to the man who attempts to control his wife by forcing her into a marriage with intimidation and control? The woman may play along for the benefit of her family, but secretly she is scheming against the husband. Secretly she is looking for lovers. Secretly she plays the husband’s friends against him. Secretly she spits in his food when she prepares it, and she denies him sex except when he forces himself on her in a drunken splendor. That is what your employees who want out of the union are doing to you behind your back. Believe me, I know, I hear from them! They are praying that someone come and help them, to break the chains which shackle them to tyranny so that they may spring free!

Unions, you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system constructed on extortion and your members are addicted to the income you’ve stolen on their behalf. But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to the ballot box. That is not a task I’d be slapping any back about. It is hardly a mandate to your existence. You could have obtained 2 million votes with only one dollar spent, because it was your internal network that showed up. Not one person more!

So I think it is more than fair to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that allows every employee the option to decide if they want to join a union or not. The option should be there for them to make, which is a form of transparency that is much-needed. For all the reason above and many, many more Ohio is a state in need of options. And I personally want to be free of the radicalism of the unions, and I want to support employees who elect to also be free of those tyrannical organizations.

Making Ohio a right-to-work state is a long, long way from what I want, but it is a reasonable concession for the other 99.9% of the state who might not feel as strongly as I do. I would think that all parties involved, unions and non-union would at least honor the right to American freedom, unless I am right about the union intentions, which is to be a dictatorship of socialism that is anti-capitalist in their nature. Because that would be the only reason they’d stand against Ohio becoming a right-to-work state.

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I have given you at this site virtually hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of reasons to VOTE YES on Issue 2. You could review this link:


And at this link I have all the videos and links for you to learn everything you could possibly want to know about Issue 2. So if you do not know what Issue 2 is, click this link and learn:


To everyone else, those union types, those labor lawyers, you pretend Tea Party types who screamed for change then bailed out when things appeared, “unfair, harsh, and mean-spirited,” I will spend the rest of this article directed at you. For those unfamiliar with this battle, please forgive the language. But you must understand that this has been a hard-fought battle and tempers are at their peak.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2, you are stupid. Not only are you stupid, but you need to reinsert yourself into the 1st grade and start all over. If you vote no on Issue 2, you need to have your head examined, and are not equipped to function in society even at the level of driving a car. To get the gist of where I’m going with this, listen to Darryl Parks and Marc Amazon of 700 WLW. Darryl has a wonderful way of summing up the whole problem and need for Issue 2 in about 3 minutes. Listen to that broadcast here.

If you vote NO on Issue 2, you are OK with the fact that the public sector makes more than 43% in overall benefits than those of us who work in the private sector. If you do not vote YES on ISSUE 2, you are an apologist, an enabler, a thief of the worst kind; one who steals using the law as your weapon. The public employees who have participated in this campaign have lied, they have cheated, and they have manipulated the mushy minded in so many ways that it is utterly disgusting.

I support teachers, firefighters, police officers, nurses, everyone, but I do not support unionized labor in the public sector. John F. Kennedy made a deal with the mob in 1962 and signed Executive Order 10988 which allowed for public unions to organize against government, and the mob has their hand in public unions. If you do not get the unions out of government, you are participating in a crime.

Oh, I hear what you said friendly neighborhood fireman, Mr. Policeman, “The Mob! Oh, there he goes again. Such a conspiracy.” Such thoughts are simply too big for your tiny brains! That is not my fault! That is why I said you need an entirely new education, because I cannot speak to you until you can understand the basics of the situation, and if you do not understand that organized crime is tied to union activity, you cannot be helped.

Union activity is also a communist philosophy. It was not capitalists who came up with the idea of labor unions. It was Karl Marx himself who fed that movement, and many newspaper publishers in the United States endorsed Marx as a social philosopher to be listened to. Is it any surprise that the labor movement formed around the publication of the Communist Manifesto? I have asked union presidents what the date 1848 meant to them and they look at me the same way a dog does who hears a new word. They kind of tilt their head a bit to let the sound of the new word soak in. Most people these days have no understanding of history, and 1848 is just too long ago to consider. So they assume that their union is “all American” and as long as they get a pay check, they are happy to ignore history all together. Because all that matters to most of these types is what their Fantasy Football picks are yielding for them. “Communism and unions…..1848, you’re making my head hurt.” SEE FOR YOURSELF WHAT THE 10 PLANKS OF COMMUNISM ARE?


Under absolutely no circumstance should a public union be legal to form against the taxpayer. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE! Kennedy sold us out and even that didn’t save his life. But the fools who bought into his scam back in the 60’s continued to vote for the America that Kennedy proposed and those idiots gave us the legislation which paved the way for all the problems we are currently experiencing. Most of those fools think education is all about sports, so they ignore the ugliness of the union influence, and those people were ill-equipped to have children in my opinion. The world would have been better off if they just stayed on the golf course. Because as they’ve become older, and the matter within their scrotums are producing less testosterone and more estrogen they have lost their spines! They are now part of the problem compounded, and they are those monkeys in public office with the tie and the mustache, with the TV talk show at 3PM, they are the attorneys who pass more laws, and make more money to slush the pockets of those people they’ve pandered to their entire adult lives in pursuit of JFK’s dream! You are the malcontents of destruction, the Trojan Horses of America, and you have let the enemy in behind our lines to erode us from within. And you did so with your lack of knowledge, with your stupidity, your greed. You should look at yourselves in the mirror and cry for all the sins you’ve ever committed which cannot be forgiven in the church of God, because you have corroded time itself and future generations with a mentality of dependence.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 you are acting completely on your own selfish interests, or you are just too stupid to understand the scope of the problem. As you call out now that it’s too late, that you’ve built entire careers playing the other side, now you want to talk. Now you want to hold hands. It’s only because you see the anger in our faces. It’s only because you’ve been caught. WE TRUSTED YOU PUBLIC WORKERS and you took advantage of us.

If you do not VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 you and you alone will be responsible for the aftermath, the budget cuts, the reduced services in schools, and the pain that follows. There won’t be anyone to blame for that pain but yourselves. Gone are the days where you could look to the nipples of the state and mother government and ask for more money, and get it. You have become addicted to their money like a crack addict is to their dealer. You’ll do anything to get at their money, including whoring yourself.
And I can assure you, I am not exaggerating. It will be your life that is in jeopardy, and you did it to yourself. I will VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 because I bitched and complained to my representatives to give me this fix so I can actually help you from yourself, and you greedy losers took to the streets and protested, you blamed the Koch brothers, you blame Glenn Beck, you blame those evil Republicans, you blame Kasich. You blame everybody but yourselves!

I was invited to the Kasich Rally at the Sharonville Convention Center. And while I didn’t want to hurt the feelings of my friends who wanted me to attend I can tell you the honest answer, I did not attend because I am angry at Kasich for the way he has paid his staff. I think he should have known better. But, I am glad that Kasich signed into law a bill I supported when it was just paragraphs on a page in the cold months of last December.

You can call it union busting, you can call it mean-spirited, but it’s for your own good and time will prove that to you. You can be mad at me because it’s easier than being mad at yourselves, but I’m telling you one last time for your own good, “IF YOU DO NOT VOTE YES ON ISSUE 2 YOU ARE STUPID!”
Regardless of the direction of that vote I will sleep well because I did everything I could to help the situation, and if the horse is too stupid to drink the water that I guided it to, then it’s the horses fault if it doesn’t drink and becomes thirsty later. I tried to educate you, and you chose to be stupid. That is your fault not mine.

But don’t you dare expect me to support a foolish, communist, union. I know many motorcycle riders whom I’ve had long talks with over many beers who think they can have their cake and eat it too. These men who ride their motorcycles and travel in these roving gangs and swear by the union while they stick those American flags into their motorcycles and claim they are patriots are simply confused to their souls. They have been breed to believe unions and patriotism is the same thing and you’ve learned it from the enemy!

Look here what your fathers, father was. Not the physical man, but the idea that shaped him which then shaped you in those bars and beers of late night contemplation as the woman in the corner mindlessly shows everyone her breasts. CLICK THE LINK!


And if you don’t believe this has been going on for most of the 20th century think again! Watch the videos at this link!


Oh, your small minds can’t take all that in? Does it hurt?????? Go back to the bar, drink another beer, play your fantasy football and stare at the tits of the dirty old hag who has just divorced her 3rd man. Surely you can park the head you really think with in her tonight! That is much easier than dealing with the matter at hand, and that is no union should be allowed to gather in the public sector. That such a creation serves nobody but organized crime, and the pay difference of 43% over private sector employees is simply a payoff! That’s all it is. You public employees aren’t worth so much more, your skills aren’t that much more appreciated. You’ve been scammed, and paid off! And when we try to bring it to your attention you march around like idiots with your stupid signs and cry for a repeal, when we are trying to save you from yourself!

So I’ll say it again, if you vote for a school levy, you are stupid! If you vote for any higher taxes, you are STUPID! And if you do not VOTE FOR ISSUE 2, you are really, really, really STUPID and I feel sorry for any off-spring you leave on this earth when you’ve passed on. The reasons to VOTE YES on ISSUE 2 are so obvious, and so numerous, that if you cannot see it, then perhaps you should be replaced with a blind man.

So I’ll say it again, one more final time, VOTE YES on ISSUE 2. If you don’t you are dumb, ignorant, and flat-out STUPID. Such stupid people cannot be saved and aren’t worth the effort. Your houses of cards will collapse and you will be in a much more sinister situation one year from now. If you don’t believe me, then mark your calendar. You see, the burden is not on me to care for you like a child. I don’t OWE you anything. You chose to work in public service, and that makes you the employee to the rest of us. So it is you who OWE’s the rest of us something, and you better come to grips with that before it’s too late, because I can live without you, but you cannot live without me. And if you don’t like that, then you need to change your dependency factor on something else besides higher taxes!

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The Transcendentalist: Wizard of Lakota and why taxes are evil

The video below is my most recent presentation on why fighting the Lakota School Levy is a worthy cause.

As you are most likely a frequent visitor to this site, you know the rest of what I will say in regard to that video. My opinions on this matter of taxes run deep and have perplexed many. So in an attempt to address the multiple questions I received recently as to my motivations, I will spend the rest of this article going into the deeper reasons as to why more taxes are a sinister proposition at multiple levels. But I will caution you reader that the information here may be difficult to digest, especially at first.

The assumptions as to my political affiliation are robust, and have been for some time. “Are you a Republican, Mr. Hoffman? Surely you are one of these Libertarians if not.” My comment in that they might fathom just a fraction of my position is that I tend to look to Republican’s because they most closely resemble my beliefs in this current Static Pattern of social understanding. I do enjoy the message of Libertarians, but find that their positions on drugs and regulation do not completely reflect my own. I would always favor lack of regulation over regulation of any kind, but I do not believe the free market would work as smoothly as they believe it would because people are lacking a level of spiritualism in their foundations that I think is important to self-regulation, and its missing.

Upon hearing this, my critics automatically assume, “Oh, so you are a devout Christian and the church is your guide.” Again, I cringe in frustration at the necessity the masses have in slapping a label onto someone so they can better understand a concept. It is a weakness left over from our childhoods, where we first learned to read by association and memorization, and those Static Patterns formed over the first 10 years of our lives relied heavily on labeling others to understand the world around us. By the time we are ready for more advanced learning ability puberty hits, and suddenly our minds are filled with an urge to insert our genitals all over a member of the opposite sex, and much of our time is invested in this pursuit. This goes on for many up until the time that they start a family where the mind shifts gear to sacrifice for the young children we have brought into the world, who are starting the process of associated learning from the start, and as parents our minds return to that savage level of understanding to be replayed again through our children. It is these parents who are particularly susceptible to collectivism since their minds are already in a mode of sacrifice biologically as they would put their own lives before their own children. They are easy prey for the liberal looters.

In Ayn Rand’s literary work, which I adore, this is why children are left out of the equation, because it is in the raising of children that selfish impulses are sacrificed to the altruism of a child’s needs. Rand solved the problems of social looting by properly identifying the cause and reactions, but she avoided the impact of family, as dose another of my favorite writers Henry David Thoreau. The adult mind even in this mode of child rearing is still engaged in the biological pursuit of genital appeasement, typically with the opposite sex so the development of greater levels of understanding is put off till some future date.

Many of my current friends are about 30 to 40 years older than I am, because it is during this phase once the body has withered away, and sexual fulfillment is not the primary objective of the adult mind followed by a sense of sacrifice to a child. (I’d put the order of necessity for women the other way around, for men, it is as I listed it) It is these older minds who finally begin to see things as they are, unfortunately death is breathing down the necks of these fine people, so it’s often too little too late. They contributed their share of madness into the fabric of social existence confusing necessity with their biological urges and now in their later years they wish to fix what they helped to wreck through the ignorance of their youth. To my way of thinking, “youth” extends well into the late 50’s of some of these people. Some people don’t get “wise” until their 60’s or 70’s. But most do get there eventually because as the strength of their bodies leaves them, their minds increase to compensate.

My beliefs are that a human being has an obligation to themselves and to society to achieve this level of understanding much, much sooner. They should make love with their women and men in their teens and 20’s, but return back to their books thereafter and not linger aimlessly in drunken splendors. And when they raise children they should not avoid the act of self-sacrifice on behalf of the child or lose the selfish needs of their minds and bodies. The mind needs food after all just like the body needs food and sex, and I believe many people fall into the trap of feeding their bodies, but starve their minds, until their bodies start dying. Then, when it’s too late, they start taking care of their minds because it’s all that’s left.

So be it to say that I am at odds with most everything in society, because I think mankind has placed short-sighted limits on itself. Yet I have not lost touch with where people are in the world and I understand their reluctance. Where Nietzsche went mad by his early forties, and Thoreau was dead by age 44, I see in both men a tendency to question as I have, and feed their minds at an early age. But their mistake is the opposite of the modern neurotic. They sacrificed feeding their bodies to some extent by feeding their minds, leaving them sickly in their middle years proportionally out-of-balance mentally and physically which doesn’t work either.

I have found that balance in my life, and I did it early, and I raised my family around these ideas. It was my daughter who put me onto Henry David Thoreau. “Dad, this guy is just like you. You should read him.”

She wasn’t the first to make such a proclamation. Over the years people would say to me, “You are just like Thoreau.” They seemed astonished when I’d reveal to them that I had never read him, at least until fairly recently, after the encouragement of my daughter. The reason I never gave Thoreau a chance early in my life was because I partially blamed him for the Hippie Movement. It was high school English that taught me that Civil Disobedience was the model of the Civil Rights Movement and it was enjoyed by Ghandi also. Well, I thought Ghandi was a pacifist who should have led India to a violent conquest of his enemies, and this whole starvation thing never made any sense to me. The idea of self-sacrifice for a greater caused always seemed immature. Just as the idea that Christ died on the cross to relieve me of my sins never made sense either. I spotted a long time ago in those Christian studies a series of looters who sought to place themselves between the people and their God as a kind of toll keeper, and they use Jesus, the pacifist as a gate to collect the toll. Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience wreaked all these elements and I refused to read it in high school for that reason, again in college, and in my adult life until my daughter told me my rebellion was misplaced.

In history this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, where a good message gets lost behind a teacher who attaches their view of collectivism behind an artist who is quite the opposite. The Nazi used the Übermensch idea to justify their tyranny upon the world. (Ubermensch comes from Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra one of my favorite books) The Fabian Socialist George Bernard Shaw in his play Man and Superman written in 1903 also took the idea of the Ubermensch to attempt to formulate in his mind the justification for socialism where the central planners could work in behalf of the “middle class” because it was the supermen who knew better than everyone else. Taint of an original idea is particularly corrosive to minds not prepared to handle it, so returning back to the original concepts is crucial when the tyrants of existence misuse the keys of knowledge with their corrupted desire to loot from the world to fill themselves. This is always the danger. In fact, you have just learned a secret about me. I see this whole Fabian debacle as so epic that I have went back and dusted off the term ubermensch to use as my own focus. That is where the term overman comes from. So revisiting the past to get to an original idea is not uncommon to me and due to my daughter’s coaxing, I gave Thoreau a chance.

It was in reading the book Walden that I felt I was reading some of my own personal notebooks, and I instantly understood why my daughter said what she did. I felt angry that I let a couple of teachers turn me off to Thoreau at an early age by presenting the material in a stale fashion, as they typically do. I felt betrayed in much the same way as I did when I discovered Shakespeare because my wife had given me a collection of his works as a Christmas present.

Without going any deeper into this topic of similarities of thought I must get to the point of this article. The modern terms shaped by the contemporary mind is only a fragment of what it started as. And as American’s dust off their knowledge and revisit the Constitution and the ideas of the Founding Fathers it is useful to study the origins of those thinkers rather than take the word of some modern fool who says and does things so that they might sneak a peek at the undergarments of their superiors, and thus rise in the world with a false interpretation of an ancient text over dinner in Manhattan. Much of modern interpretation is shaped on the pillow of a bed where two heads exchange the juices of sex.

So what do I believe, what is my political affiliation? I am a Transcendentalist. I believe the “middleclass” is an invention of the tyrant types to keep the minds of man occupied with climbing a social ladder which they control, rather than just taking the elevator, which the tyrant does not control. (THE ELEVATOR IS IN YOUR OWN MIND) America is a land of the free, and is intended to reject social classification. For nobody is free if they do not free themselves from the desire to belong to a class, and they are not free if they are limited to a political party or even a religion, a Transcendentalist is open to the truth wherever it comes from and regardless of the pain that knowledge brings.

I believe in self-reliance. I do not wake up in the morning and consider how much work I must do so that others may live off my efforts. My goal of each day is to do as little as possible on behalf of others so that I may have more time for myself. The measure of that comes as such, what is my obligation to my wife, my kids, all our pets, my debts, my taxes and my extended family (parents, siblings, and such)? After all those needs are filled, what do I have for myself in daylight left? To my way of thinking if I have taken care of my obligations before noon and the rest of the day is mine, I am successful. But if my taxes increase and push that time to 1PM or even 2 PM then I have been robbed of my time. And if government expands and asks for another levy, another hired tax collector, bureaucrat or politician, then the risk of attack on my time may push my daily freedom to 4PM or 5PM.

When most of a day is consumed in this way, I consider those thieves who stole that time from me to have committed a crime. They took something from me that wasn’t theirs. Because it’s my goal to go the other way, I wish in my life to reduce my daily obligations from noon, to 11PM, and eventually down to 9AM. To be successful in life by my view if I woke up in the morning at 5 AM and had fulfilled my obligations by 8 AM I would consider myself incredibly successful as a human being, and I have admiration for anybody who lives as such. This is why I make it a point to wake up early and go to be late. Because the time for myself is something I treasure incredibly, I have never been bored in my life, or contemplated what to do next as if waiting for something to happen, only what to do among the infinite possibilities.

But I have no tolerance for looters who wish to steal my day away because they lack comprehension and their education has utterly failed them in complete totality. The looters of life seek to wake up at 9 AM and take from me my labor so that they can pay off their debts which are committed to midnight. They purchase their time for themselves at my expense. They may work from 9AM till 11AM but are too tired and collectively rely on their social brothers and sisters to supplement the rest of their day over the next 13 hours by the looted accumulation of my labor. To the looter’s mind and the Fabian Socialist, the Marxist, the liberal, the progressive, the labor union, they think it’s appropriate to force me to work till 5 PM, the same time that they will complete their obligations. But it is they who indebted themselves till midnight and it is their irresponsibility which is the point of contention which created the need for my stolen time to save them from their own toil.

I do not consider the making of money to prop up my opportunities for social recognition which translate to sexual opportunities. I am married, when I want sex, I tell my wife, and then I return back to my books. I do not work hard to have a car which impresses my peers. I ride a motorcycle all year, even in the rain and snow so that I can have adventure, and lessen the cost obligation daily, so that I may have more freedom of my day at less cost. I do it for freedom, so my work load is fulfilled quicker in the day. I do not seek to hob-knob with the powerful in the palaces of power and at dinner parties so that I may prop up my social status. I do that on occasion for my work, but I do not do it for leisure because it takes away my freedom daily. I’ll take the hot dog over the steak if it earns for me 15 minutes more of freedom each day. The work is part of my obligation, but once fulfilled each day; I want my time to belong to me.

I do not wish to carry on my back the poor. My knowledge of them is that they chose to be poor. I offered a poor man a job once, and he turned me down in favor of begging. I know the poor; he was not the only one, but the one I most often think of. They think like the political looters who seek to make me feel guilty and give away hours of my day to them in exchange for a lack of guilt. But if I free myself of that guilt, I do not feel compelled to give them my time, for we both have two arms, two legs and a brain. I can make use of my time for my resources, and they can to. If everyone thought about their time the way I do, the world would be pretty much fixed. For in my daily plans I did not say that I would wake up at 5 AM and own my day starting then. I am aware that I must give some of my day to somebody who relies on me, so it is my task to become more efficient in what I can produce in the fewest hours so that the remainder of that time is mine.

Government, all government lacks this understanding. Even some of my friends who are Republicans are just now learning that the golf games, the nice dinners, and the homes all over the world are nice, but if they run your work into the late night hours to have them, are actually chains of servitude. And even among my friends I have seen a tendency when this debt is realized to steal the time from someone else to recover their loss. Politicians are notorious for this. Most of them being narcissistic by nature anyway and are confused concoctions of human flesh struggling to fill their bodies with food and sex and their poor minds get almost no development during their political careers. This makes them highly inefficient thinkers which translate to legislation and other policies which seek to seduce away the hours of our days to balance the budgets of their errors. God knows they won’t pay for their own mistakes, so they steal from others to cover their debts.

So what is my political affiliation? Well, it doesn’t exist in the contemporary. It exists in the past that I might make use of it in the future. I do not seek to rewrite the works of Nietzsche or Thoreau, but to incorporate them into my own observations like men around a campfire might exchange stories. But the looter, men like George Bernard Shaw, and Hitler, they seek to erase the name of Nietzsche and Thoreau from the original ideas, and change a few sentences here and a few there to suit their purpose then use those classics as a way to steal time from their fellow citizens in a pursuit to fill their bellies with food, and bring attention to their genitals and to do it with as little of their own time invested.

The goal of the tyrant is to sleep as long as they want and to go to bed at their leisure but to never be responsible for their commitments. They simply steal it from others. And Tyrants are not always in the largest positions among the most politically active. Most of the time they come from those whom we trust most, who carry the innocent expression, as the role of the tyrant is not necessarily to kill its enemies. It is to simply steal away our time in a battle that is invisible to our naked eyes, but leaves its impression upon our souls daily.

For it is more than just being tired that you feel at the end of a hard day of work when you turn on the television to have the mindless programming message your senses with something new and less mundane. It is the knowledge that it is 7PM and your day is still not your own, and you are tired and wish to go to bed soon. Your body may be satisfied from food, and sex, but your mind wants to be free and soon you will be asleep and you’ve given it nothing, and it protests as you seek to drown it with the noise from the television. And that is when you wonder why you voted to tax yourself more, because you didn’t have the guts to say no, when the hand of a looter extended into your vision asking you to bail them out from their chosen servitude, you obliged committing yourself to 24 hours of the day to everyone but yourself.
And to me, that is no way to live, and it’s not what America was intended to be. Freedom is more than words in a Constitution, or the amount of money you have in the bank. It’s a state of mind that requires food daily to live and survive the stress of modern interpretation.

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Rich Hoffman

An Evil Fog: The thief who wears the mask of safety

The common practice these days of perplexing every labor done in order that sentiments may be exchanged between a dormant mind and one seeking to loot has extended its sinister fingers into every crevice of our daily lives. This and this alone is the greatest misfortune of the 21st century, a time of astounding discovery and opportunity only to be met with social indifference.

Normally when I’m on the radio with Doc Thompson of 700 WLW I have a little fun ripping to shreds the misconceptions of education spending, because the values do not equate, so there is much fodder to be achieved. But on Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 my daily ride by motorcycle was met with a wall of mystic fog, and the wind called adventure to my throttle as I stormed into the cool morning on that steel horse headed for work. But upon arriving at my office and turning on the radio I was informed of school delays due to the fog and this sent my mind into a torrent which could be heard in my voice during that talk with Doc. Gone from my intonation is that happy banter, although I tried. The replacement thoughts which rushed back to me from the years past set my mind ablaze with a unifying theory which encompasses much of what is wrong in this modern age.

To understand my views on this one must understand a bit about my life. I purposely ride my motorcycle all year, even in the snow, because I enjoy the discomfort and adventure offered in the dangerous conditions. When I receive a deep cut, I usually tend to it myself including sutures. I have been known to stuff the ligaments and blood vessels incorrectly back under my jagged skin only to have it professionally repaired at a later date because the injury was just too great for self repair. In those times, such as a time I had to have my knee repaired with an ACL replacement, the therapy regiment scheduled me for a 12 week intense recovery program, which would require me to be off work during that time. I had the surgery on a Thursday and was back to work minding my 50+ employees on the following Tuesday, walking around on crutches. My therapists were infuriated with me as I learned that they wished to prolong my recovery to fill their own pockets. When after two weeks I declared myself healed, they protested violently. “Nobody can recover that quickly.”
“I just did.”

If I had listened to the cadence of their concerns I might still be in therapy 4 years later, because I had good insurance that covered my therapy, so they had no idea why I was in such a rush to recover, or get back to work. It was beyond their minds that I was doing it for myself, to teach my body to recover quickly and to not accept a loss of movement, or any dependence on an outside person. Self-reliance is the focus of my every thought of every moment of every day, and I expect that same passion out of every cell in my body. I call out to them like a general on a battlefield to fight off disease faster, to clot up lacerations quickly, and to heal with no time to spare. I have always been like this.

Speaking with Doc I thought of another similar foggy morning when I was a kid, couldn’t have been much older than the 5th grade, and a garbage truck stormed over the hill in front of my house and hit the school bus I was getting on from behind. I was in the isle walking back to find a seat when I saw the truck about to hit through the rear window of the bus, so I quickly jumped off the bus and back into my driveway. The collision was so violent that before my feet hit the driveway, the bus had been pushed down the road and was replaced by the wrecked garbage truck.

My first thought was not whether or not everyone was alright on the bus, or even the driver of the garbage truck. My first thought was that I would now be late for school and was granted by the grace of God a few extra hours of time to myself to read a book, draw pictures and write in my journal while the rest of the kids stepped off the bus holding their heads, rubbing their shoulders and looking for somebody to give them some level of pity.

At fire drills I never followed the directions. “Rich Hoffman, you need to get back in line. If there is a fire I am responsible to make sure you’re safe,” my teacher would tell me. Little did they know that if there was a fire, I’d be anywhere but where it was safe. The demons of the night would not allow my mind to rest if I walked away from danger, so standing in a line like a good little boy was not going to happen.

I remember poking the school bully in the eye with my scissors in first grade because he said he was going to kill me. He was out of school for three weeks due to that injury and I received 10 swats with the paddle, but he never bothered me again until the 6th grade where we had such a bad fight that the principle gave us both a paddling. Mine was worse because that kid had problems that would require him to take more time off school. In fact I received a paddling from so many principals that I can’t even remember them all. I remember making sure to let the principals know that I felt no pain, or that I could take it without flinching, even when I was 6 and 7 years old. You see, it was important to be tough, not only in respect from your class-mates, but it seemed important later in life somehow.

I remember sitting in front of one of my high school principals in his office after I had been involved in an altercation and my right fist knuckle was cut open in several places. The bone of my pointer finger was sticking out from the impact and the ligaments that held the top of my hand together were dangling out of the cut. The damage would require a plastic surgeon to fix. “Who did you hit to get a cut like that?” the principal would ask.

Blood running freely and me trying to fight back the effect of shock, “Nobody, why?”
“Rich Hoffman, you can’t continue on like this. You have to find a groove and get into it, this constant resistance to authority that you are prone to will have to stop one of these days or you will die before you get there.”

Once I was married and had kids life seemed to slow down. There weren’t fights with other kids and high-speed car crashes, like I had become accustom to stimulate my mind. Since we only had one car at the time, I bought a bicycle and rode that to work so my wife would have a car. That took the pressure off having to buy another car. I rode that bike to work every day for the next 10 years, 12 miles each way. I did it because it gave me opportunity for adventure on my commute to work. It put me out in the elements and laid danger at my doorstep daily.

Now that I’ve had a little success in life, I ride a motorcycle instead of a bicycle for the same effect, because I’m busy and need to speed up my commute times. Time these days is very important, so I don’t have much of it to kill.

So I can testify that I am utterly baffled by these overprotective mothers who lug around their large cabooses drowning in perfume as if to compensate for the disaster their bodies have become, who have always pointed at my lifestyle as though it were forged in the image of a devil. To me, dressing a kid in a helmet to ride a bicycle down the street is too much. To not let a kid fall down and bump their head or know what it feels like to see the life blood of your body running out before you, forcing you to act quickly to stop it, those are the experiences that make good, strong adults. Pain builds character, and I’d never consider going back in time to avoid any of it.

“The lawsuit culture, the cry-baby teachers, the political looters” I wrote in my notebook that day at the bus accident would all grow up fat, ugly, and socially neurotic. They spent too much time after the accident looking for someone to pity them for their experience, and they would carry that trait into their adult lives and their kids would hate them for it, because kids want to be stimulated. They don’t want to be safe!

Over the last couple decades as parents have divorced with increasing frequency and father number 2 or 3 move in and out of a child’s life so schools have taken up the extra slack of this cultural breakdown, and the teachers out of fear of litigation from neurotic parents have become neurotic themselves and suddenly we have a culture terrified of any danger, so much so that they will throw enormous sums of money at police, firefighters and the like because they live a fearful life and have no way to understand the value of the danger in those positions. The belief is that money will close the gap of understanding is one for fools.

I knew a kid years ago who wet his pants because a lightning bolt struck a tree near where we were playing. He was one whose parents sheltered him incredibly, to the point of neurosis, and of course that kid had difficulty recovering from those limitations when manhood came calling. I used to feel sorry for him, because he didn’t know what it felt like to live a life without fear, because his fears had been conquered. His parents instead taught him that fear was good, and that if he was afraid, then there must be a good reason for it. Bad advice!

Living without fear is the first aspect of a free existence, even before financial security. It is the obligation of childhood to arrive at manhood with as little fear as possible, but unfortunately our current culture actually celebrates neurosis, and belittles the FEARLESS! What an upside down world.
So I felt a twang of pity for all those poor kids who watched the adults in charge of their lives postpone school because an evil fog had cast itself across the land. I realized that a robbery had taken place, all in the name of “SAFETY.” Those children had been denied a mysterious journey through the masked landscape of their familiar routes to see the world differently, and to compare those differences with their everyday route. For it is an important lesson to see how different something you think you know well can look when the elements upon which you see it change. And those kids were denied that experience. Instead, they stayed safe in their homes waiting for the fog to clear and the opportunity for adventure to pass, as the thief went with it into the rising sun of an autumn morning.
Safety had just weakened the next generation proportionally.

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