Sharks on Welfare: Why gangs form in poor neighborhoods

The Discovery Channel  is about to celebrate their 25th year of presenting Shark Week on their popular television weeklong event. In front of that celebration a friend of mine suggested that sharks were a wonderful way to illustrate the merits of social engineering failures that have occurred among human beings. His reasoning was that sharks were a brutal prehistoric oriented species of sea life that are born violent hunters which make them a fascinating study. Their desire to hunt and destroy is natural. But what if they could be taught not to eat people? That would be a wonderful thing that would save many arms, legs and lives if only we could convince sharks from wanting to destroy the human population with mindless hunger simply to fill their bellies.

Well, as my friend suggested one possible solution for the sharks would be to go on a welfare program similar to what human beings use in their societies. If the sharks were just given food instead of developing their hunter instincts to track it down themselves, they might become “nicer.” Because looking at the life of sharks the way a progressive does, the reason that sharks are so mean is because they are always hunting for food. If someone just gave them food, they wouldn’t be so angry all the time, and wouldn’t desire to eat people at beaches.

If there were a welfare system for sharks, human beings could just feed them everyday to purchase peace. The sharks would learn that when the boats came, the boats would bring food, so the sharks would be inclined to stay away from the beaches where human beings enjoyed swimming. The sharks wouldn’t have to be so vicious having to compete with other sea life for food because the food would come to them. This would save the lives of millions of other fish and sharks in the ocean and of course the human beings who wished to swim in the ocean.

That makes perfect sense—if you’re a progressive liberal. Unfortunately, the fate of such a program would be the same as what has happened in the areas where welfare among humans occur. On land, the people on welfare become placated and unaggressive. They typically wait for their check to arrive in the mail so they can eat. But in their complacency they don’t tend to pass on good traits to their young. The youngsters not naturally desiring to wait for the check to arrive in the mail try to take their lives in their own hands and develop gangs to fight over the limited resources available in their communities that are built by placated adults fed by government. Much of the violence of gang behavior can be traced back to the creation of welfare, and the limited movement of the human population in ranges of thinking. That is the side effect of the human species that has lost its ability to fight for its survival. A welfare society becomes lazy, and inept.

Among the sharks, the unforeseen tragedy would be that the sharks would begin to travel in packs along the paths of the boats that brought food to them. Sharks being a solitary species would adjust their nature to that of collectivity passively waiting for the boats to bring them food. The younger sharks that hadn’t lost their desire to hunt would gather up in packs and attack the boats on occasion to take all the food destined for the rest of their shark society. But peace would be maintained for the most part, so long as the human population kept the sharks fed.

But what would happen if the food ran out? Or what would happen if the sharks became obese, and developed the need to eat more food than the humans could provide? What if it took two boats to feed a pack of sharks that used to take only one? That’s when the sharks would begin to attack humans again. But this time instead of only being solitary hunters, the sharks would attack in mass. On land in the human communities, this activity is called “protests.” Humans protest when the government doesn’t give them the amount of food they think they should have.

Sharks would do this as well when the boats did not bring enough food to keep them fat, dumb, and happy. It would become increasingly impossible to fulfill the expectations of the shark populations all over the world, because there would not be enough food to give the sharks.

This is what happens when progressives inject their “feel good” theories of social engineering into the natural world. They intend to do well, by feeding the sharks; to keep the human population from being eaten. But instead, the progressive makes the human population slaves to the sharks by spending all their time trying to catch free food to keep the sharks at bay. Inadvertently the sharks become a collective based society that becomes even more dangerous if they are enraged making the risk for future violence much more serious. Also within the shark society the progressive has created a rift within the young and the old. The old are happy to be fed since they have learned to let the food come to them. The young functioning from their youthful instincts wants to catch something and prove their worth, so they incorporate the collectivity taught to them by their parents and mix it with their natural impulse for violence—so they form gangs of sharks that are far more dangerous than what the single sharks used to be.

This is what humans have done to their own society. The creation of welfare was intended to be a helping hand to those less fortunate. But instead, it has created a society of lazy humans that have collected in mass in locations where free things are given to them to appease their natural aggressiveness. Welfare has created the culture of gangs that terrorize inner cities and the drug trade that is the lifeblood of such violence. The gangs created something in a desperate desire from limited resources within the welfare culture to gain something valuable. In a society where the limited resources are driven by how much food is on the feed boats the only way to advance in such a society is by inventing something else that has value. In the human case, it is drugs and illegal activity that creates an alternative economy within the welfare state. The ultimate villain is the welfare system because it is what robbed people of their ambition, and the desire to “create” wealth making them dependents on the suppliers of the welfare checks.

The sharks being dependents on the food supply of the boats would become far more dangerous as a collective unit who could then “collectively bargain” to gain more food from the boats. And if they didn’t get the food, they could protest against the boats threatening to kill all on board. So the humans trying to save the lives and legs of other human beings inadvertently would have created a much more dangerous species of shark by attempting to put the sharks on a welfare system. The appeasement would only be temporary, and might in fact keep the sharks from the beaches where humans like to swim. But ultimately, the sharks would become much more dangerous than they ever were as solitary hunters. As a collective herd of sharks, they could demand all the food they could eat, and if that food could not be supplied, they’d have the power to hunt down and destroy with much greater capacity many more humans than ever before. And it would all have started with the good intention of giving the sharks food for free in the hope that they would become less dangerous.


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Hiding the Crimes of the Obama Administration: D.O.J. sues Sheriff Joe with machine politics

The young people in the video below who think that they are worldly women of eternal knowledge speak through the piercings on their lips and tattoos on their arms as the authority of progressive youth, bred in the age of public education socialism. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the William Holder’s Justice Department as it converges down hard against Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a law suit because the popular Arizona Sheriff refused to be monitored like a child for the accusations of racial profiling involving illegal immigration. Without question in bars and nightclubs all across the nation youth from 20 to 30 are speaking just like these too unfortunate girls who have no idea that they are cheerleaders for socialism and striking out against a bastion of wisdom, and freedom in the gallant Sheriff Joe.

I would wager vast sums of money that in any jail, or police department all across this country, there are abuses similar to what the Justice Department is calling out against Sheriff Arpaio. I am not a fan of excessive police powers; in fact, I am very much against it. But this law suit is not about justice for the victims in the jails, the women who requested clean sheets, the derogatory names called to the illegal immigrants who are flooding Arizona with impossible waves of crime and violence associated with immigration and the drug trade. No the Justice Department is filing suit against Joe Arpaio for one simple—unequivocal reason—revenge, and sustaining cover-ups.

The Justice Department and its illegal methods of obtaining justice are very well-known by those mature enough to see it, which the progressive youth of today have been robed of in their public educations. In fact as this law suit by the DOJ is aimed at Arpaio, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is renewing his effort to drum up bipartisan support for a contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder, despite little enthusiasm from GOP leaders who’d rather wallow like pigs in the mud of their illustrious, uncourageous design.

According to Roll Call, the California Republican is still angry over Holder’s failure to turn over documents related to the committee’s investigation of the federal “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program. Obviously, Holder is dragging his feet to avoid the legal trouble that will happen when the documents for Fast and Furious are known to the public. For review, Fast and Furious is not the popular movie, but in the Fast and Furious Federal case in front of congress, ATF agents secretly encouraged gun dealers to sell to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels to go after a so-called “big fish.” But ATF whistleblowers told CBS News and Congress it was a dangerous practice called “gunwalking,” and it put thousands of weapons on the street. Many were used in violent crimes in Mexico. Two were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent which caused the death. The tampering of the DOJ in the criminal workings of Mexican drug cartels had backfired, and somebody must be held accountable.

Read more on Issa Still Wants Contempt Citation for Holder



The DOJ has shown clearly what they were after in that case, which was to create border violence so the Obama Administration would gain the ability to push for more restrictions on The Second Amendment. They did this knowing the risk of causing harm against Americans, yet they did it anyway in order to achieve tougher gun laws—one of the progressive party’s most cherished social aims–the disarmament of America. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHY GUNS ARE NEEDED TO PRESERVE FREEDOM.

The DOJ is so involved in using illegal immigration on the border to push for more progressive policies eroding the US Constitution desired by the Obama Administration that they go after any organization that opposes them. They are so aggressive to this aim that they actually sued the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer for attempting to crack down on illegal immigration back in 2010, back when the girls in that video were probably looking for a prom date in high school—a whole two years ago, which everyone in the media has already forgotten—because the have the intellectual capacity of a nat. In that case the Justice Department accused Arizona of trying to “second guess” the federal government. Ironically it is Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is carrying out the desires of Governor Brewer who are both public officials elected by the people of Arizona to protect the state, and they are using the 10th Amendment to exercise their Constitutional Rights. But the Obama Administration does not respect Constitutional Rights, and is openly looking to rewrite them as a “living” document determined by their globalist wisdom, which people like me, and Sheriff Arpaio view as domestic terrorism.

But the worst of it all is that none of the new age youth with their body piercings, broken families, and wisdom as deep as a bowl of water understand that it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio who just a few months ago proved that Barack Hussain Obama presented a forged birth certificate as proof of his American citizenship. You see dear reader; this situation with the DOJ is not just a case of investigating racism, or prejudice charges against a hard-line Sheriff in Arizona. If one wished, the same charges could be made against Eric Holder himself who is currently in contempt of Congress for crimes of his own. It’s only been two weeks removed that the President’s own Secrete Service agents fought with a prostitute in Columbia for refusing to pay for services rendered, so there is plenty of bad behavior on all sides of the government payroll, so the discrimination in Arizona is not about rights for Latinos, it’s about mob rule, it’s about intimidation—it’s a war between the federal government and the state government of Arizona, and Sheriff Arpaio is the targeted general of the Obama Administration.

Young people like the girls in the first video do not know that they are being used as instruments of war as they casually intoxicate themselves on the weekends and pierce their bodies with signs of “independence” while their political philosophies have been shaped by big government types like President Obama in public education to advance a complicated socialist agenda. The young people without thought or sense, but armed with the right to vote, are used by the enemies of America to protest against those who are truly right, and are defending the last remnants of the American Constitution like Sheriff Arpaio.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, all these strategies by the enemies of America such as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the sad little progressive youth like the girls just a few years out of high school who are so highly regarded in progressive politics because of their sheer naïveté–these enemies cannot rely on facts to advance their cause. They cannot rely on the rule of law, because the law is against them. All they have are name calling and law suits, which they use like the mob in twisting the arm of the good of this country to yield to the evil of progressivism. Holder and his boss Obama know they are law breakers themselves, but they control the law from the top office, and they need to keep the good work of Sheriff Arpaio out of their affairs, so they can continue to commit sheer evil upon the American people.

I have been called every name one can imagine by progressive advocates and have seen every tactic being played against Sheriff Arpaio time and time again. The evidence that Arpaio is on the correct path in his quest for justice can be seen by just how angry the DOJ and Obama Administration are toward him. Cockroaches like all parasitic creatures desire to be kept in the dark so they can commit their crimes. This is what Obama and his minions wish to do, is to squash Americans like Sheriff Arpaio who are shining the light of justice in their direction. And it is the youth and progressive politicians that are used to apply emotional arguments declaring fairness for the oppressed, and to bend the rules of The Constitution to get it.

Sheriff Arpaio is being crucified for one reason, to hide the crimes of President Obama and his band of thugs in an election year. Those who cannot see it but still chant for justice against Sheriff Arpaio are simply facilitators of evil, to which such a word is considered radically extreme. Yet the crimes of this administration and the apologists who support it are truly evil and will stoop to no low too great to advocate it, even if their co-conspirators are cockroaches running from the light when a clear conscious of justice shines it upon them.  CLICK HERE FOR PROOF!


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Bernardine Dorn and Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The Oval Episode part 2–“commanding fate”

Before we get into the next Glenn Beck episode of The Oval seen at the end of this article, I’d like to show you a clip from my friend Matt Clark’s recent broadcast on his Clarkcast radio show heard on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Matt has some wonderful audio that articulates magnificently the current condition of our youth and direction of our nation. Check it out:

As I’ve stated on many occasions collectivism is a disease of the human mind. Like the advocates of destruction so wonderfully stated in the broadcast from Matt, collectivists are philosophic terrorists intentionally provoking the collapse of all growth and human achievement. If left to their own devices, they intend to make all listeners to their diatribes flock like barn-yard animals to the seduction of their collectivism. They are philosophic terrorists because it is philosophy that builds everything that the human mind values. Without a positive philosophy that feeds the mind, the mind falls apart like water out of a container, and just becomes a mess of unorganized water molecules.

The collective terrorists of philosophy will declare that all water molecules are void of any individualism, and that the true state of their being is no different from a drop of ocean water. Collectivists have adopted this thinking from the philosophy of Buddhism and teachings of Confucius, the later who taught that one should never desire to leave their social station in life and climb for power. The teachings of collectivism began in Napal, and China and moved eastward and westward clashing with the individualism of the Occident over the borders of India, and Russia.

It was the hippie movement injected into American culture from KGB agents who sought out nirvana as the highest state of human achievement and this came directly from the philosophies of the East, the land where humble modesty has always been in vogue.

The destructive terrorism occurs when one attempts to combine the philosophy of eastern collectivism with the individualism of western philosophy that is primarily about the individual experience. When the two are mixed together you get the self-destructive, environmental warrior—hippie type. Those are the dangerous collectivists who believe they can do anything they want whenever they want to and that the cost for the behavior will be picked up by the collective society. That is the sickness of the people in Matt’s video. They are a danger to themselves and to the world around them, and they are breeding physically and spiritually.

Their message is seductive to the weak-minded, because there are no consequences for decisions made. The message of the philosophic terrorists is also seductive to those who lack courage, since they are encouraged to ride on the back of the strong and productive making them parasites to the good. This is why the philosophic terrorists are considered the worst kind of evil—because they cannot function on their own—they require the effort of others to function. And when the responsibility for their actions does fall on their shoulders once there are no longer enough of the strong backs to carry the collectivists any longer, they advocate a complete wiping away of the responsibility slate. They profess that someone else must pay for their actions.

This group of philosophic terrorists has grown so large that they now have their own President in the United States White House—in what some might call the first representative of The Weather Underground to occupy the Oval Office in order to execute further destruction of the philosophy of hard work and innovation that made America so great. The philosophic terrorists of collectivism have sought to put an end to America so that their collectivist vision of discombobulated eastern philosophic understanding can become a reality reflecting the fantasy of their minds. Yet it can’t, because reality desires what’s good for the progress of life, and life will seek out the good and reject the bad in every instance.

This is why Glenn Beck sadly has to build his own version of The Oval Office and sit in it to address the American people in the fashion that would normally be reserved for the President of the United States. To American peril the current president was built by the kind of people who Matt Clark featured, and seems determined to carry out the philosophic terrorist policies of a collectivist society—that is fundamentally anti-American. So Glenn presented his recent Oval Office speech with the theme of teaching Americans to take command of their own paths in life, to instruct the government to get out of their lives and not accept the help of the collectivists in government. Every American needs to take command of their own lives and respect themselves first, then in so doing, learning to respect others by acknowledging the value of existence.

The message of the philosophic terrorists behind collectivism is in undoing value. This is why they fail in relationships because they do not value themselves, let alone value others. This is why they fail in economics because they have no understanding of value since they believe that all obligations can simply be erased. This is why their societies fail, because they do not see the values of—values. They believe the world can be a mixed up conglomeration of multiple beliefs with no emphasis on good or bad, and that simply isn’t true and doesn’t even come close to working in reality.

The sad state of our current country can be blamed on the philosophic terrorists who advocate valueless collectivism irresponsibility stated for many years with the identical message covered by Matt Clark. Those types are everywhere in our public education system, they are in our media, they are writing the songs of our culture and making the films and television shows that we enjoy, they have been built within America by the architects of destruction to undermine everything that is good about America, and that must stop immediately, otherwise the last great place on planet earth that stands for freedom and the greatness of human achievement will be gone forever. This is why Glenn Beck is addressing his second episode of The Oval on the topic of taking personal command of American individual lives. Watch and listen carefully then pass on to a friend.

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Obama is Proven a Fake: The step by step process of how the White House did it

If there was any doubt that a political Shadow Party is fully functioning out in the open all one had to do was look at the ads the Obama Administration put out during the Final Four games on prime time television. (To review what a Shadow Party is click here) With over a billion dollars of donations in the Obama re-election campaign who can produce ads like the one you see below, and daily pound their message through email networks and other avenues, there is no question that the people who support Obama for re-election have a very vested interest in his maintaining his position in the White House.

That ad is of course aimed at the diluted masses, the impatient consumer who just wants someone to take care of the worlds problems so they can watch basketball and go out to eat. So the target audience for that ad won’t do much investigation into the real troubles surrounding the Obama presidency. These are the types of people the Shadow Party targets in their social reform desires implemented through people like Barack Obama, and many other media figures.

But the reality behind ads such as the one seen above is that Barack Obama has caused many of his own problems with his socialist policies. His superiors in the Shadow Party–who finance his campaign–count on a majority of the American people to not look too closely at the real economic factors that surround the Shadow Party’s commitment to progressive socialism. The hope is that by the time people figure out what’s going on, it will be too late. The Shadow Party counts on Obama to sell his way back into office by “twisting” the truth enough to win another election, and maintain the agenda of the Shadow Party. Glenn Beck does a wonderful job in this next clip of disputing the diffusion the Obama administration is employing to hide their guilt in the terrible economic situation that progressive politics has given to the United States.

Most salesmen caught in a lie, will attempt to squander the truth and reshape it magically with terminology and antics they hope will fly above the head of the people they are trying to convince. Obama is a salesman who does this type of thing all the time. I think he’s so good at it that he believes his own misstatements, such as in this next clip also from Glenn Beck’s radio show.

Recently CBS did a report on a sheriff’s department that revealed that President Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii was indeed a fake, after trying to prove that it was real. The Obama birther issue is a topic that has created a lot of trouble. First off—Obama is the first president to have such trouble. The Constitution is very specific about the eligibility of a United States President having to be born in the United States. This is such a serious situation that the Republicans encountered several road blocks when they wanted to run Arnold Schwarzenegger for president before he ran for Governor of California, but couldn’t because he was born in Austria, and had to give up. But the progressive left wanted Barack Obama for many reasons, and they apparently didn’t care whether he was born in the United States or not. Obama’s citizenship has one of two problems, he was either born in another country, or he was born in the United States and lost his citizenship when his step-father was called back to Indonesia where little Obama had to attend public school and later applied to American colleges under foreign student status. So Obama’s birth certification is very important to his eligibility to be president. Now, the most recent report is that the birth certificate that Obama produced to smash down the claims from Donald Trump that Obama was not a United States citizen and never was, has turned out to be a fake. And the Obama administration is doing exactly what they are doing with the energy policy shown above–they are hoping to “glaze” over the whole situation and tell people what they are seeing–they really aren’t.

This should be deeply disconcerting. Glenn Beck, who along with many others does not want to get caught in the “birther” trap that the progressive left has set, and spend too much time on this whole issue—the eligibility of the president. All practical people know that the senate does not have the 60 votes to impeach a sitting president, and there is not a will by anyone in the political system to actually follow the law, because that would be an admission that everything President Obama has done over the last 3 and a half years has been illegal, and that would really cause trouble. So Beck and many others have agreed to overlook the issue as a distraction because the progressive left has captured the public opinion debate.

This is the work of that Shadow Party I’ve been talking about. When Obama says that the country has far more important things to consider than the validity of his birth certificate, it must be noted that Obama has no interest in preserving the Constitution as it is written. He believes it’s a fluid document that should constantly be adjusted, and he has no trouble making up his own rules as he goes, so to him obtaining the American Presidency illegally is no big deal. His supporters in the Shadow Party have a plan to crush the American Constitution anyway, so it means nothing to them if they trample upon it. All they have to do is buy time, as they have so far.

Before Obama ever became president this should have been a big deal. He should have had to prove eligibility of being a natural-born citizen before being placed on a ballot in each state. But the Shadow Party had it all worked out. If anyone questioned Obama’s eligibility they were called a racist, and nobody wanted to be called that. So everyone just let the issue slide by without a fight. The progressive left uses the same strategy when proposing tax increases for schools. They will call you selfish, or a child hater if you don’t agree to a higher tax. And in politics on the highest stage the Shadow Party had the rules already laid out ahead of time with their activity in the civil rights movement. The Shadow Party made it so illegal activity could be pushed through in the light of day in front of everyone’s faces. If a challenger emerged they would be called the “R” word. This strategy has paralyzed the law, and public opinion, and allowed crimes to be committed out in the open.

So now we have proof that there is something very wrong with President Obama’s birth certificate. We know his administration has a tendency to manipulate the facts in his favor as shown by the way he presents his energy policy, and they count on people being too busy to look too closely at the facts. And we now have this president seeking re-election under the same convoluted status. We also have three branches of government and an entire judicial system, with a journalism corps that lacks any desire to hold the president to the fundamental requirement to be President of the United States, the ability to prove that he is a natural-born citizen without millions of dollars spent defending his position and fake documents presented. There is no desire to hold the President to the law of the Constitution and the Shadow Party has made it this way by proclaiming any inquiry into the President’s citizenship is a side-show act and is distracting to the country’s business. And the masses believe it. Anyone who questions the president’s citizenship is called the derogatory name of “birther.” When in fact such a question is perfectly justified and should be required to be proven before any state in the nation puts Barack Obama on a ballot for President of the United States.

But what good is a law on a piece of paper if a majority of the legislators and even the president himself ignores it? A law ignored and unenforced is ineffective. The precedent established by this current president means that any one from any country in the future can be President of the United States if enough people want them—to hell with the Constitution. That’s why this is a serious situation and every politician who treats the “birther” issue lightly could be assumed to be either members of the Shadow Party, or victims of it.

My response to this whole “birther” issue is that if the laws of the Constitution don’t mean anything to this president and his legislative counterparts, then why should I honor any law any of those fools put down on paper. Why should I pay any attention to the NDAA Act, or the President’s multiple Executive Orders?

History will prove later that Obama was a foreign resident who most likely lost his citizenship due to acts beyond his control, and it will be revealed that he is technically–in 2012, an illegal president–and everything he has done in office is illegal as well. So why should I pay attention to any of it? Why should I obey laws that these politicians don’t? They aren’t my kings, my nobles, or my superiors. They are my public servants, and it looks like they are habitual liars and thieves, and the words they utter mean nothing—so what compels me to listen? To believe them?

If the president will mislead the public with his record over energy just so he can deflect the attention away from his failed policies during his presidency, what do you think he’d be willing to do over a more serious issue, such as proving his citizenship? When Sheriff Joe Arpaio goes on CBS television and proclaims to the world that he has proven that the birth certificate President Obama submitted is a fake, and the president’s people put up no better defense than to proclaim that it’s a sideshow act—then something is amiss. Something deeply troubling, even sinister is afoot. And it’s not the world that we see that is pulling the strings, but the Shadow Party that speaks, leaving people like the Sheriff in awe over how corrupt our system of government already is. And when it is realized that the laws of our land mean nothing, and that the people we elect to represent our interests are only slaves to a Shadow Party beyond our control, then we have a major problem on our hands that needs to be rectified. And it won’t be solved by playing fair while they work against us hiding behind the law and misleading the truth through smiles and magic tricks.

And the president’s birth certificate is a magic trick and a direct attempt to mislead the public.  When the president was born, there weren’t any computers to make a birth certificate.  It had to be typed, and stamped the old-fashioned way–then scanned into an archive format.   That’s not what happened with the Obama birth certificate produced in April of 2011.  Looks like Donald Trump was right.

Oh–you want more proof?  You think I’m kidding you?  You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient?  Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today.  I’ve made it easy for you.  All you have to do is look for yourself.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Rich Hoffman Loves Women: The tricky business of rejecting a progressive platform

(In the letter included below there is mention of the tears that have fallen by the cuts made to the Lakota school budget. The letter in context deals with the hypocrisy of this statement, because if reality were taken fully for the truth, it would be discovered that there is much to cry over. But the article from Saturday of which the letter writer referenced, I’ve included here for comparison. The attempt of the article was to paint a picture of a district that should vote for a tax increase to prevent these tears. It’s about time that we stop making decisions because people cry, and that we begin to actually think—just an observation. Crying costs a lot of money and doesn’t solve any problems. Now–onto the meat of this particular article.)

My daughter and I had a wonderful time reading the various Facebook comments from the ignorant specimens who were so quick to judge me following the salacious Enquirer article provoked by a swarm of angry Lakota residents who see me as their number one opposition to passing their next tax increase. The comments were funny because as she said, “you are anything but a sexist woman-hater. You raised me and I’m one of the most independent women I know.”

I told her that what those accusers were trying to paint me as would not stick once people dug into my life, which I have been very open about here on these pages at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I told her that I hoped to lure the radicals of our community to that bait because my character could withstand the accusations and that I hoped to show the hypocrisy and ignorance of their position so people could see that radicals jumped to the same type of elementary conclusions when promoting school levies or any other taxes. The comments were funny, and the way that people adhered onto a collective band wagon to believe something even when overwhelming proof otherwise is abundant for all to see, was quite astonishing and a wonderful experiment in political science.

What my accusers of hating women neglected to account for is that my view of women is much, much higher than what the feminist movement has given to women, and I live by that heightened state every single day. In fact, the women who know me, and there are many, knew instantly what garbage the things being said about me where which allowed me to show how the other side manipulates the facts to suit their version of reality.

My daughter has been present when I’ve had many fights with other people so she understood the context of my comments and how they were directed. But to say that I hate women is an absolute joke.

Where the breakdown begins is that feminists believe that unless you buy into their version of women and their social roles, then they say you hate them, so that they can control your behavior. Once they put you into a defensive position, they can control the argument. This is how they have as a group advanced many progressive topics, by using the collective nature of some women to appear as though they could massively shape worldwide perception.

Since I personally reject most aspects of progressive political platforms my views will drastically contrast with those who subscribe to those progressive theories and I will say that liberal feminists have it wrong and for me to endorse their views even though they are wrong would be dishonest to my personal observations, which I will not entertain. People who wish to advance progressive policy attempted to use on me the same strategy they’ve used on many to shut down an enemy to their ideas because I said things that they thought gave them the right to pass judgment on me to build a case that I hate women.

In my personal life I have so many instances that display how much I value women that I could write an entire book on just this topic, but for simplicity let me address one of my beliefs that will probably insult 99% of my readers here, but I will say it because this belief of mine is based on my observations of reality. I’ll say it because it is my belief system, and has been well-known in my family for years.

Typically there are bachelor parties for the groom before his wedding. This tradition eludes me as to its value and I’ve thought about it in great detail. When I had my own wedding 24 years ago the members of my wedding party watched a movie. And I’m not talking about a dirty movie where drinking was involved……we watched The Empire Strikes Back, because we all wanted to watch something we all enjoyed, and that was my bachelor party. To do the usual thing and go out on the town to a strip joint, or have members of my wedding party purchase a stripper for me would have been an insult to my bride. If I desired to do such things as be with another woman, or see another woman naked, then why should I get married, and why should some whore gain the ability to rob from my bride the gift of sex on our wedding night? Why should it be cheapened with a stripper who will take her cloths off for just money and for anybody?

When my brother was married he and his wedding party flew out to Vegas for one of those bachelor parties glorified in the film The Hangover. I did not go nor was I even invited, because the answer was known before the question was even asked. He knew what I thought about those types of activities so we avoided the discussion and just agreed to disagree. When my brother-in-law was married every man in my family went to a bachelor party involving the typical fair except me.

When I’ve had to marry off one of my daughters the bachelor party we had for him was at Target World and the women of the wedding party were invited also. We rented the place for the evening and shot up a storm with all the members of both families present. No strippers to insult the bride. Only guns and lots of ammunition fired off.

Last summer my nephew was married and he wanted me to be his best man, so that meant I was in charge of the bachelor party. Instead his brother handled the duties because they knew better than to ask me, because I feel so strongly about disgracing a man’s bride by indulging in a cheapened slut the night before a man’s wedding. I believe these things because the sanctity of the woman’s sexual offering on the night of the wedding should have epic meaning. The sex on a wedding night should not involve images of a painted up hussy on the mind of the male, but the gift of his bride and that’s all there is to it. The woman should be put on a pedestal and treated as though she were the most important woman in the world, and it’s the man’s job to do this, to make her feel this way.

Progressive feminism has robbed women of this experience, and has cheapened marriage to such an extent that nobody even tries anymore and this is a tragedy on our society and I don’t participate in those social activities because I see where it’s taking us.

This is just one example, but it’s a big one because it reflects my views across the entire spectrum. I will say that the feminists are wrong. Their focus is on the wrong aspects of their plight because the essence of their argument is false right out of the gate and our entire society has just adopted those failures without question. The feminist focuses on “the collective whole” and this is why they are an intellectual failure. And if their movement had legitimacy they would work together to help Arab women and the abuses they suffer, (CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE) but they don’t. Instead they are used by political machines to purchase bloc voting and nothing more.

The people who know me best are ashamed to tell me they flew out to Vegas with “The guys” for a wild night of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” They don’t tell me and I don’t ask, but I hear about them bragging about such experiences when they think I can’t hear.

I live by my own morality, not one created by Margret Sanger or some other feminist progressive. I think for myself and my opinions are sometimes very strong. But the people who know me best knew instantly how ridiculous the accusations made about me in that Cincinnati Enquirer article truly were. And those people were able to see how a group of progressive activists were able to shape a lie into something the masses wanted to believe so easily. This was valuable because the same tactics are used to paint anyone who doesn’t want to pay higher taxes to a school a “child hater.” The same strategy is used against a person who rejects progressive feminism which is why I worded my statements the way I did, to provoke those activist radicals so we could have names to place next to their actions.

My comments were artistically rendered and intentionally graphic on purpose. I didn’t say them on the radio, I didn’t send them in an email, I said them on my personal blog posting and given the things I have seen on the screen shots I collected about the people who most criticized me, I’d say my comments were a lot more tasteful, and respectful then what I received in return. I personally don’t have much respect for people who sell themselves cheaply even if the act is not sex and that’s my opinion that will not be shaped by some pathetic progressive thinker, whom I reject. My daughter knows this because she’s heard it from me for 22 years. And everyone who knows me understands as well.

After the Enquirer article some of my friends were so enraged that they felt they had to come to my defense. Some of them came to my defense here on these pages; some of them called me, or sent me personal emails. Some of them wrote articulate letters like the one below, which has special meaning because a year ago this person was one of those who might have believed what they heard about me and added to the pile of accusations. He certainly wasn’t a fan of Rich Hoffman a year ago–quite the opposite. He asked me to include his letter on my site which you can see below.

I have taken time to read the blogs and the enquirer article. Taking time to reflect is important because emotion just gets in the way of the objective facts. But what I have to say has nothing to do with the content of the above.

Passing judgment is a dangerous and tricky undertaking. It cannot be achieved thru one moment in time. You need to look at the full body of work in one’s life.

So, those of you who shared your feelings; do you really know Rich Hoffman. Have you seen him outside the blog, listened to his feelings, experienced his actions or witnessed his family values. I have so I believe I can pass judgment on the real Rich Hoffman.

I know your voices in some way are defending a person or persons. Or you are speaking for a certain group of individuals (Hint: they make decisions for us). My question is do you really know them, their agenda or what their motives are. You see I have experienced that side also, and put my trust in them. But what happened; I felt the impact of intimidation, silence or humiliation. I know which person cares about my family.

On Saturday I read about the tears that were shed. I ask were where the tears for my family as our life was being crushed. Ask Them!

I tried to do everything the right way. I do not like being backed into a corner especially when it involves a friend. A friendship not born from a blog but from a time of need. Your actions did not just affect Rich but his family. I know that feeling all too well.

Maybe it is time to share the facts, name the names and let everyone decide who the destructive force really is.

When you are ready to share, contact the man who was there and will always be there for us, Rich Hoffman.
As far as the two most important women in my life, my wife and daughter (remember them) just ask them about Rich. They will say without hesitation that he is welcome in our home anytime. Until next time: be well.

Grateful friend

At no time in what I wrote did I say I hated women. I just made an observation and stated facts as I see them. A majority of the hate directed at me from that Enquirer article was all assumptions where the advocates offered their translation of my thoughts based on their deformed political opinions, framed for them by progressive politics. I feel comfortable saying such things because I have a personality that can withstand those types of misjudgments because in no aspect of my life is there a woman who can come forward and honestly proclaim that I’m a sexist or a woman-hater. So I was able to provoke from those school levy advocates their tendency to completely lie and manipulate the masses to serve their own selfish agenda.

So remember when a fool tells you that Rich Hoffman is a woman-hater, it’s most likely the same fool who will tell you that you are selfish for not paying more in tax, and that if they don’t obtain the right to rob you of more of your money, then the kids will suffer. The only thing that makes our kids suffer is having lying, manipulative, progressive radicals in charge of their lives. That in itself is a tragedy many people aren’t willing to deal with—yet. But they will. It was not me who said such bad things about the women of my community. My comments were directed at a select few who have attempted to smear my name with rhetoric for years now. It was those advocates, those who placed those falsehoods on their Facebook accounts and added the statements “woman hater” and many other terms using a progressive definition that is less than my personal standard. Because my opinion differs from theirs they felt entitled to attempt to ruin my name in behalf of their selfishness. That is why they are dangerous and should not be in control of any additional funds. It’s also why nothing they say can be believed because they have shown that they will go to great measure to out-right lie.

The lesson here is that no group or gender should allow themselves to be pulled into a political argument just because they believe they are assimilated all for one, and one for all. And they certainly shouldn’t be so quick to accept comments without verification, making them instruments of evil. And there are few evils in this world more severe than the thoughtless diatribes of a group who is too lazy to think for themselves and would rather destroy the life of another to preserve their existence of mediocrity.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Levy Freaks Have Built a Damn: Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom readers are the Taliban?

I personally believe you are all as radical as the Taliban and as anti-American. I would never consider living in, near or allowing my children attend Lakota because of these types of elements on this site. You are all very ignorant and hopefully you are teaching your offspring Chinese since they will be bearing the slaves for the Chinese people in the future.

Anne Hoffman

With that note, the woman listed there, not related to me, lashed out at all who read my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom articles. It took me a moment to figure out where I had heard her name before. Then at our last No Lakota Levy meeting, one of our guys reminded me who the woman was, she used to work at the Pulse Journal and was moved to the Carolina’s recently. It’s obvious that Anne is still following closely the events happening in the Lakota School system by reading this website, and she doesn’t like what she is sees.

Her comments are specifically startling in that she was a former employee of the Pulse Journal and it shows a definite pro levy bias and confirms what many fear, that there are elements in the media who are bought and paid for by the organized labor elements involved in these tax increases. I can report with honesty that all reporters for the Pulse Journal are not levy sympathizers, but are honest reporters who cut the news down the line and are not the types who lean in favor of organized labor and the emotion of school funding.

It is difficult for the sensitive reporter to put on blinders to the common extortion tactic used in public education and see the situation for what it is. We have been seeing this with the recent levy attempt at Forest Hills in Anderson Township. They are putting up a levy and held a pep rally over the weekend to use school spirit and community pride to sell the true extortion and lack of management utilized in public education to the public. The tactics used now for their March election are the same used everywhere in the state of Ohio, and it is a sickening enterprise to see how manipulative they are.

Reporters must use logic to see beyond these veils of emotion, and it is very difficult to do. And people like Anne Hoffman are guilty of being seduced by the evil of extortion. That is their sin against their communities.

As I write this I have no doubt that the labor movement of southern Ohio is clapping as Doc Thompson will no longer be on 700 WLW and is returning back to his show in Richmond, Virginia. Doc and I did many hours of radio coverage exposing how this game is played and southern Ohio is waking up from the nightmare of extortion that public education has employed for two decades now in part because of those broadcasts. So without question the traditional education advocates are happy that Doc Thompson is leaving. I also know that there are many of those same types who are happy that Steve Mathews of the Pulse Journal has been moved from covering Lakota to covering Middletown, in a maneuver that has separated the two of us from a productive working relationship.

In all the interviews I had with Doc Thompson or Steven Mathews, we never mislead anyone. In fact, we excelled in telling the truth. It is the truth that these public education advocates fear, and it is in their hope of hiding the truth that they applaud the move of Mathews to a different market, and Doc Thompson to a different city.

So why does Anne Hoffman want to call me and the readers here names by saying we are equal to the Taliban, known extremist terrorists? Do the words written here dictate such an accusation? Because it is those like Anne, and others who naively advocate tax increases who fear the truth from not just becoming public knowledge, but from becoming known to their own minds. Levy advocates do not want to know the truth. They don’t want to hear it on the radio, they don’t want to read it in the paper, and they don’t want it to be seen here.

I have first hand knowledge that there were many letters and phone calls made by levy radicals to remove the voices in the Pulse Journal from interviewing me so often. I know that 700 WLW has also been pummeled with requests to boycott the station and silence the voices who are making people everywhere hear the truth behind this extortion game that goes on using our children as tools to pass school levies. And with all the protests, there have been small successes along the way. The levy freaks have managed to convince some members of management in various news organizations to put on the blinders and not cover the truth, and if the reporters don’t tow the company line, those reporters find themselves reassigned to the applause of the establishment.

Well, I am sorry to inform those clapping despots; your successes are short-lived. You don’t like this website and consider me and my readers to be terrorists because we wish to undo your empire, and we will have it. Doc may be in a different city, but I have all those recordings available here for all interested to listen to again and again. The facts have been already displayed and they are preserved here for posterity. And if something tragic were to become of this website, the plans are already in place that if this information should be taken away as a free service to the public that my backup systems will offer them again and again in cyberspace for all eternity. And if that fails we will offer the research here in hard cover form as a book, or a series of books. But one way or the other, the information will be provided to the public.

It must also be remembered that before Doc Thompson and I illuminated all of Cincinnati with the truth involved in public education, it was Scott Sloan who first put me on the radio to advocate that truth. And Darryl Parks and I have also had many conversations on the radio, and still do, so you might want to hold your clapping, because this whole thing is far from over. In fact, I’d say the momentum is irreversibly moving in a direction not to the liking of the levy freaks.

Those in the media like Anne Hoffman can wish all they want that they can hush the voices of people like me in an effort to preserve their extortion. But it’s too late. The education has already happened, and it’s available for all to see. The message is already out and cannot be reversed. The attempts by the levy apologists are akin to a single person trying to stick their fingers in a cracking damn, as they stick their fingers in every hole from which water pours out. Yet the cracks are visibly climbing up and around the damn and more and more sprouts of water are seeping through, and there aren’t enough fingers to plug all the holes.

The water in this case is made up of the truth, and the truth will seep through every crack, every void and probe every weakness looking for a way to free itself. And for those members of the media who have made themselves the damn which holds back all this truth, you cannot escape the fate that is evident. The damn is breaking, and all who are in the way of the truth that rushes forth will find themselves crushed by the force of all that pent-up mass. When that happens it won’t be Rich Hoffman, the readers of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Steven Mathews, or Doc Thompson that will be to blame. It will be those who built the damn in the first place and maintained it with constant upkeep on the backs of children. All a person like me has to do is crack that damn, which has already been done. The rest will happen on it’s own by the force of nature and is at the point of no return which gives me great joy in the midst’s of a heavy heart.

As that damn comes down, I have to smile at comments like Anne Hoffman’s. A terrorist? I suppose that is relative to a point of view, and to those who have used terror to scare tax payers into higher taxes, anything that robs the levy freaks of this method would be considered bad—or evil—-to them. So I take comments like the opening note as evidence that I’m on the right track, and will keep doing it until every last remnant of that damn is down.

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Notice from the West Chester Tea Party: Candidate Forum

This is a notice from my friend George Nafziger  about a candidate forum for the Butler County commissioner and the Clerk of Courts.  These kinds of things are great opportunities to let your public servants realize that they are in fact servants and not deities behind a name plate on their desk.  Events like this are what make government work and if you are one of my local readers and will be in town during the time period indicated below, you should plan to attend. 

Below is the notice:



We’re having a candidate forum on 9 February. If you would be so kind as to share this with your members, we’d be most appreciative.

The following will be present at a Candidate Forum to be held at 7:00 p.m., on 9 Feburary, at the Lakota West Freshman School on Tylersville Rd., approximately 1/2 mile east of Rt 747: Mary Swain, Jeff Wyrick, Corky Combs, T.C. Rogers, Jodi Billerman, Daryl Olthaus, and Don Dixon. Commissioner Furmon has declined 2 invitations to come.

The forum will be in two parts. First will be Clerk of Courts, second Commissioners. The Clerk of Court Candidates portion will be 15 minutes. Jeff and Mary will both get two-minute opening statements. The will be asked 4-5 questions and will be given 1 minute to answer. We will have a time-keeper, so they know how much time will remain.

The Commissioner candidates will also have 2 minute opening statements. They will receive 8-10 questions with one minute to answer.



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