The Grinding Hurt of Betrayal: John Aglialor’s ‘Atlas III’ interview with Nick Gillespie

The third and final installment, Who is John Galt? hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 and John Aglialoro sat down with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie to discuss the completion of the Atlas Shrugged films, their negative critical reception, and the enduring influence of Ayn Rand’s thought. As usual when it comes to Gillespie, it was a good interview and covered a lot of ground. It is a tough task to adopt a film from a novel that means so much to so many people, yet a movie is the perfect gateway to bringing more people into the Objectivist philosophy. Many hard-core Rand fans from the novel want the salacious sex that Ayn Rand wrote about—which was greatly removed from John Aglialoro’s renditions. Personally, I’m grateful as the sex could easily overpower the story in such a movie and I appreciated the tastefulness that it was handled by the Atlas Shrugged trilogy.

Every time I watch Aglialoro in an interview it is easy to see the hurt behind his eyes. Like Rand, who thought that the unspoken and neglected businessmen would flock to her support of them after the release of her 1957 novel, most cowered in the darkness like idiots paralyzed by the political left into silence. Aglialoro during the second film premiered Atlas II in Washington D.C. right before the 2012 election. Not a single politician, not Ted Cruz, not Rand Paul and certainly not Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan showed up for the movie as they tried to maintain their political distance—so not to have people from the left call them names. Ryan had been an open Ayn Rand supporter before being put on the national ticket with Mitt Romney. Nobody from the political class showed up in Washington D.C. to show their support of a conservative leaning movie featuring ideals that the political right should have openly embraced with great enthusiasm. Republicans played it safe and guess what………….they lost in the 2012 elections all across the nation.

I have felt the bite of that kind of pain a time or two, most recently when I was on 700 WLW radio dealing with a controversy—a sexist accusation by my political enemies who were trying to the same smear tactic used against Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney at the time. Unlike those guys, I defended my position proudly. In 2012 I was a spokesman for a group standing against higher school taxes, which was a very unpopular position. I had in my circle a number of high-profile movers and shakers and was proud of them for supporting such a controversial topic. My plan with the pro tax people was in full swing, they were attacking our side by calling us greedy businessmen, so I attacked back with the truth—that a majority of the pro tax advocates were fat assed, out-of-touched parents. Of course they didn’t like it—because the truth hurt. I meant for it to. So I was on the air ready to defend our position and those prominent local businessmen and politicians sent a press release to the station while I was on the air distancing themselves from me. The controversy I didn’t mind at all. The betrayal did bother me. I shut off interviews for the rest of the day as I recalibrated my position. It hurt terribly to trust people then watch them fall for the old liberal tricks of guilt abasement. I couldn’t let that hurt come out in my public statements—which is a really tough thing to do when an entire city is ready to pounce on your every word.

The motivations of those fearful dissidents are the same at every spectrum, from Ayn Rand, to John Aglialoro, to me—we have all been left at the alter by those we were trying to help. It feels like being cheated on by a spouse—just as you are declaring your love for that significant other, you learn that they have been doing the horizontal shuffle with the very people you are fighting—and it hurts. It hurts whether it is sex or politics—in both cases you end up screwed. It is that screwed look that Aglialoro has on his face with each interview he does. He was much more hopeful after Atlas I did respectable opening night numbers, but by the time Atlas III hit theaters he had a hurt look on his face from all the betrayals he had experienced over the last couple of years, while making the movie. For him he continued to make the movies even though very few supported the endeavor. The enemies of the movie were perplexed as to why he continued even though the films were box office failures and did not have majority support from the public. What those same people did not understand was that John Aglialoro made the movies for himself, not for the public. He did it to accomplish a task, not to win approval as a second-hander. Since most of society functions as second-handers, they don’t understand Aglialoro, or his movie. So there is sadness when he talks about the films. He knows as the words leave his mouth that nobody really is going to understand why he made the films—yet he does it anyway in a hope that something will change—someday.

Atlas III won’t be any different. People who understand it will love it, various others who have skin in some type of political game, even within Ayn Rand circles, will hate it. They’ll hate it for Aglialoro’s point of view in making the movie—they’ll complain about the lack of sex, the lack of depth, the lack of good actors, the lack of budget, the lack of public support, the lack of technical aptitude, and every lack of anything else they can think of. But what they can’t accuse John Aglialoro of is a lack of heart and determination. What he did was hard and deserves admiration in the face of much hurt which only those who have been betrayed in a similar fashion can understand.

Rich Hoffman


More Evil Coming from the NDAA: The band of thieves known as the Federal Government

I had the opportunity to listen to KrisAnne Hall speak recently about the implications of the recent signing of the NDAA law by President Obama which received bipartisan support—meaning most of the Federal government is guilty of a serious infringement of the U.S. Constitution.

KrisAnne was an attorney who was fired from her job for teaching Tea Party groups about the U.S. Constitution, which is apparently an unacceptable practice these days from the gate keepers of tyranny. The implication of such a firing is that the legal minds of our country are quite well aware of the scam they are perpetrating upon the American landscape, as many of their brethren run for elected office. The system is built by lawyers, exploited by politicians, and manipulated by would-be-tyrants intent to rule their own little sector of the world. But that is all known; especially to the crowd who turned out to listen to KrisAnne speak about the NDAA.

The NDAA is the most obvious power grab I have seen the Federal government attempt in my lifetime, and its implications are very far-reaching. To review, the NDAA gives the President of the United States complete power of interpretation over what constitutes a terrorist or a terrorist facilitator and allows for suspects to be detained indefinitely. And the most troubling aspect of the NDAA as if that weren’t bad enough is that the President can transfer a U.S. citizen outside of the United States to a foreign country, or military base where American courts have no jurisdiction. What this means is that if the President wants to, he or she could arrest any citizen in the United States under the NDAA Act and ship them to a Siberian prison, or even trade to North Korea to disappear forever from the face of the earth based exclusively on Presidential suspicions.

The intentions of course are short-sighted and focus on the current known terrorist network in the world. But like all laws, twenty years from now, some unknown president will use the NDAA Act to take complete control of the United States as a dictatorship, eliminating their political enemies at will without any checks and balance system of power. We’ve seen Presidential administrations do these kinds of things in the past even though it’s illegal and subversive to indulge in such activity. In fact, during the Clinton years many people associated with that administration that were known political enemies, or had become that way found themselves dead. There are many deaths of politicians that I can think of right off the top of my head, Sonny Bono is one of them, the Vince Foster “suicide” is another, that were deeply suspicious, and were in fact most likely political assassinations. It happens every day.

With the NDAA someone like President Obama now thinks he has the right to arrest his political enemies and get rid of them, which of course violates the entire concept of “checks and balances” we have in the United States, and it’s not at all paranoid to believe that such things are possible.

The trouble with the NDAA is that it’s just plain un-American. It is the kind of law we’d expect from a socialist country, or a heavy communist country, such as China, or Russia, but not in the United States. If there was any doubt that politicians in The United States are in bed with members of the United Nations to execute the implementation of Agenda 21 that doubt is gone, otherwise there would be no law in the United States that would allow the export of American citizens to a foreign country by the whim of a future President.

As predicated, only a handful of the American people are concerned about the NDAA Act, and those were the people showing up to hear KrisAnne Hall speak. The domestic enemies who wrote the NDAA Act could care less about this comparatively small group of people who are openly questioning what’s happening. They calculate that they should be easily be able to suppress such a small voice, as the rest of society has long forgotten about the law signed on New Years Eve just prior to 2012. Most of society is happy to take the word of the majority of politicians who voted in the tyrannical law completely trampling the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, because the aim of many globalists are to eliminate The United States Constitution completely anyway.

But much to the dismay of those politicians who voted for the NDAA Act, and their deals they’ve made with global politics, there will not be a “consensus” on suppression. I know many people who will not go quietly into the night to be shipped off to Siberia, or a dirty Mexican prison south of the border just because a President doesn’t like us. So the NDAA Act and those who voted for it will be accountable when all hell breaks loose, because it will. Because they broke the law of The Constitution and they did it with malicious intent. They are wrong, and someone must pay for their insolence. And it won’t be targets of the NDAA Act. It will be those who authored the law in the first place, they are domestic enemies in the United States and must be treated as such.

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The Rest of the Story: Who thought I was going away?

As progressive minded collectivists and pro tax advocates celebrated what they thought was my fiery end in the school levy fights around town on that carefully planned March 15th assault, there are aspects to that story that I have not revealed–until now. While the strategy I discussed in calling the levy supporters of Lakota “latté sipping prostitutes” is true, and the results were predictable, but at the same time terribly disappointing, there is as the late, great Paul Harvey used to say—the rest of the story.

In September of 2011 at a No Lakota Levy group meeting I told our members that after this next campaign they should search among themselves for another spokesman who could change up the message if Lakota decided to go for fourth levy attempt in 2012. I suggested this for two reasons—first Doc Thompson and I had covered about every aspect of public school funding issues on 700 WLW, and had gathered nearly 20 hours of audio recordings featured here at my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom site and the message was feeling tired. My hope was that a new face might be able to recharge the campaign efforts to match the musical chairs the Lakota school system utilizes in their campaign efforts. It makes me very proud to see that over the fall of 2011 into the winter of 2012 that No Lakota Levy has three such fresh minded spokesman to pick from on the next campaign. Second—I told our group at No Lakota Levy that I had a new book coming out in the summer of 2012, and that it would require most of my attention. While I would be doing national media events and press obligations, I did not want to be distracted with local political issues, and that I needed a break. Like I told them, writing is how I make a living, and my last book was in 2004, so it was time for me to pay some more bills with my next book that had been three years in the making, which of course they all understood.

A few weeks later I was speaking at a Lakota event with school board members Linda O’Conner and Ray Murray and I told them about my plans in 2012 involving my book. I told them that if this fall levy goes down that they better not think of putting on another one because I would be busy in 2012. When indications from Lakota were the same old games leaning toward a new school levy attempt, I decided to end my spokesman position with No Lakota Levy with a bang, instead of a whimper, because a whimper might send the wrong message to the community if I just backed out and let someone else from No Lakota Levy take over while I went to work promoting my new book. So having a much more colorful ending as spokesman fulfilled many of the strategy needs I had and more importantly allowed me to put my energy into the release of my new novel, Tail of the Dragon. (CLICK HERE)

My political enemies assumed that No Lakota Levy was paying me to be some sort of lobbyist and that if we were separated, then my work at this site would go away, and I would be removed from the political scene. However, what my political enemies didn’t know was that I always operated Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom as a news feed for not just No Lakota Levy, but levy fighting groups all over America. In fact I have daily readers in Europe and Australia, so my levy work has always been separate from my spokesman role for No Lakota Levy. Also, once 700 WLW decided to take more of a middle of the road approach to their broadcasts, there wasn’t as much need for my work in that fashion. And like Doc Thompson and I joked about just the other day—how much more could we say? People by now realize that the public school funding situation is a complete joke that is dominated by labor unions who are clearly not out for the “children.” So it was time to change things around a bit, and it was my chance to make some fireworks.

But that does not mean that I won’t fight the next levy attempts. I will still do as I have below, write and contribute articles exposing what is wrong with the situations surrounding public education, and I’ll do it in the same fashion as I have before. What I needed freedom from regarding No Lakota Levy was the straight jacket of being spokesman for a larger group. I found I could not maintain that confining position while at the same time putting on my sales hat to promote my novel. The two roles are just too opposed to one another that I didn’t feel I could commit myself in the same fashion as I had on the previous three levy attempts.

But rest assured, there will still be daily articles here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, and I will give media interviews when needed. No Lakota Levy should be able to perform those tasks without me, but if I need to I will happily contribute to the next public debate over school levies as I have in the past. In fact the letter below is just an example of such contributions that appeared in the April 19th Pulse Journal. So levy fighters don’t worry, there is more resistance now than there was before and I will not stop doing what I’ve done all along. But while I am working on a national campaign for my new novel, it is disingenuous and overly confining to represent a group of people who simply want to keep themselves from being raked over the coals with tax increases. And also, I need the ability to call my political enemies latté sipping prostitutes. That’s important to me………………..I get tired of all that touchy, feely hand-shaking crap.

Now, enjoy my latest Letter to the Editor as it appeared in the Pulse Journal.

Another graduating class at Lakota will be leaving as the school year comes to a close. Doing a bit of math, it appears that Lakota will have nearly 1000 students leaving our facilities this year and in the years to come. That means Lakota will have declining enrollment for possibly the next two decades since the real estate growth has peaked in our community. That should take the pressure off the budget deficit considerably. That is good news.

But there are still calls by some to push another school levy even with this knowledge of declining enrollment. And to pave the way for a new levy there have been calls for me to apologize to the various PTA groups over things I said about them as evidence of this new levy push emerged. But what hasn’t been discussed was the reason for the anger.

If Lakota had proposed a tax and respected the votes of the people the first couple of attempts, the tension now wouldn’t be so high. But when there are members of the PTA groups and other pro levy factions who actively sought to boycott businesses and bring coercion to individuals they know voted against the school levies to “persuade” them to vote differently on the next attempt, then we’re not talking about simple politics anymore, we’re talking about something much more serious. If an election can’t be won without vandalism, coercion and media domination, then someone should probably check to see if they’re on the right side of things. Yet the only avenue explored besides drastic, punishing cuts, has been tax increases disrespecting the will of the voters over three elections so far.

Lakota should be able to balance its budget with fewer enrollments unless they do something reckless like give all their employees raises just for breathing air, which they might actually try, but not until 2014. If they do attempt another levy, I can promise a much more “colorful” campaign against them than they’ve seen up to this point, because this is getting ridiculous. The path of Little Miami is not the correct one.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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The Imperial City: Glenn Beck’s address from The Oval Office

Washington D.C. makes one product and nothing else—government. Without the American tax payer government is nothing. Yet over time, those who have built their lives in and around government and the inventions of government—more government–have come to think of themselves as kings and queens, lords and ladies—as my friend Doc Thompson terms them from his Detroit radio program, (click here to learn more about Doc Thompson.) Those elitist government types now believe they are the support structure of our nation and that the entire world exists to serve their narrow-minded needs. And a good friend of Doc Thompson’s is Glenn Beck who has done what he promised in the above clip and started delivering addresses that America badly needs to hear from an Oval Office that he has dedicated to the people of The United States. This Oval Office is for those who have found themselves abandoned and manipulated by powers who wish to end our very way of life. So enjoy Glenn Beck’s first address from this new Oval Office called The Imperial City and take the first step to restoring a nation that badly needs our help.



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Going on the Attack: Being one of the strong–living to the fullest

It’s my birthday today and I’m going to enjoy it the way I enjoy most—reading. One of my favorite authors of late is Ayn Rand, the beleaguered woman from the past who dared to challenge 10,000 years of human thinking and upset the apple cart of civilization tremendously. I find her work wonderfully refreshing and most enjoyable.

But life for Ayn was not a pleasant experience. There is no question that her novels directly took on the philosophies of Plato, Kant and many others expanding to a level that Friedrich Nietzsche danced around before going mad—Ayn Rand figured it out without madness. And her stories are wonderful contributions to human culture that hold the key to mankind’s future. But it took almost 50 years for society to begin to appreciate Ayn Rand which was much to her personal distress. This was the topic of discussion with Barbara Branden at a talk about the 50th anniversary of Atlas Shrugged and in general the disappointment Ayn Rand had in realizing that the men and women of her books stayed silent and did not come to her defense when it counted most, during her lifetime.

Two weeks ago an angry letter writer sent me a note letting me know that their beloved teachers union was going to expose me as a woman hating, Ayn Rand worshipper, and that the power of my influence was coming to an end. My response to this person was how could I hate women if I love Ayn Rand? But what I didn’t tell the letter writer was that I have not always known about Ayn Rand, yet I have found that my own thoughts about things almost directly parallel hers, and I arrived at those conclusions without ever reading a single word of her work, but in discovering the “truth” through observation. I arrived at the truth through deductive reasoning, and no matter how one arrives at the truth, it is what it is. When a mind arrives at the truth whether it be me, or Ayn Rand, or some other thinker—it has it’s characteristics of reality that are unmistakable and universally experienced.

I have asked the same questions that Ayn Rand asked, “Where are the strong among us? Why do men desire to become intoxicated when it reveals they are weak? Why do humans pander to their weaknesses when it is strength that should be valued? Why do humans worship sacrifice as one of their highest concepts when it’s the ability to create that advances all life? And why do men and women who comprehend the answers to these questions hide from the parasites of the world?” Rand in the video above questioned why the “men of the mind” did not come to her rescue when she faced an angry world of parasites who wanted to silence her. It is because the “men of the mind” chose to stay hidden like her characters in Atlas Shrugged. They retreated to their condos, their books—to their solitude so to avoid the parasites of existence, and they did not come out just because Ayn Rand wrote a book to motivate them. They simply did as she suggested in Atlas Shrugged, they “quit the world.”

I haven’t been so lucky to free my mind with such surrender. As I recently read Leonard Peikoff’s book on Objectivism I discovered that I virtually held almost every concept of that philosophy word for word, but my arrival there was not by any guidance. It was by a quest of the truth even when the world said to behave otherwise. This tendency of mine has caused me a lot of trouble—and I mean————-A LOT OF TROUBLE. But I never understood why, since my intentions were ALWAYS to be good, and do what’s right.

When I was growing up and going to Sunday School at the age of 6 to 7 years old I used to get into terrible trouble when we’d sing the song–

“Jesus loves me! This I know,
For the Bible tells me so;
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so.”

I would stop singing the song on that fourth line and my Sunday school teacher would berate me. “Rich Hoffman—you have to sing the whole song. Everyone else is!”

I’d say, “but it’s a lie—I’m not weak.”

“We are all weak and we need the grace of our lord to prop us up in times of weakness,” she’d say to me.

“I don’t have moments of weakness,” I’d say. Then I’d be punished and the teacher would tell my parents what a bad boy I was in class.

This went on for the next 11 years at my church and I never yielded, and they never gave up trying to convince me otherwise. I recently went back to that church and one of the older women there who remembered me from those days said, “You were the troubled one,” referring to my siblings who didn’t resist authority the way I did.

I had the same trouble in public school as has been well documented here. I never had a hard time understanding what the teachers were trying to say. I had a difficulty allowing my time to be imprisoned by the teachers and students personal limitations—since public school is built around a mediocre life approach–I thought they were stealing my time, and I treated them as though they were running a prison.

In my private life, I have had nothing but trouble interacting with the limitations most people place on themselves. I asked many times where the men and women of strength were, just as Barbara described above. Again, many of my stories are reported here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.

My hunger for strength in human character took me to the work of Nietzsche, specifically his great book Thus Spoke Zarathustra. My oldest daughter who has watched me intensely for many years noted all the conflicts I’ve had and once she became older I explained to her that “most of society wants to place shackles upon your mind. They do not want to see you pull too far out in front of them. They do not want you to make them feel guilty for being less than they know they should be, so they throw stones and attempt to beat you into submission. That is when I use their skin as a flag on our flagpole.” She understood the context of my comments because she’s been there and seen how difficult it’s been, and I didn’t want her to feel she had to surrender her life to the parasites of existence. Additionally I told her “I don’t know how this ends, this line of thinking I’m on. Most people who think the way I do go mad since their version of reality and the reality of the rest of the world are so far apart.”

Nietzsche went crazy just a few years after he wrote Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Many will say the disease of his mind was natural, but I believe that if the mind and body finds itself overwhelmed by too many contradictions with reality the thinking mind tends to turn on itself. The same thing happened to Robert Pirsig author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Society put him through electro shock treatments in an attempt to “straighten out” his mind. He collapsed into himself by the weight of his realizations.

Recently a respected businessman asked me, “why do you do it—why do you find yourself in so many conflicts?”

I reported, “Because the conflicts deserve to be fought. Because not fighting them is yielding to the imposition of aggressors who do not know what they are doing. So to yield to them is to yield to evil.”

He’d said to me in reply, “Evil—really—nobody talks like that anymore. That kind of language is—out-of-touch.”

“By their doing,” I replied. “The way for evil to advance is for nothing to stand in its way. If they belittle attempts to identify them they remove their opposition from the battlefield.”

“But everything isn’t a fight,” the man said to me.

“Yes—it is,” I said.

I ran into Ayn Rand by reading a book about Ronald Reagan and was delighted to learn that Rand used similar terms that I loved from the work of Nietzsche. A few months after reading this Ronald Reagan book I heard from my friend Doc Thompson who was at 700 WLW at the time that one of Ayn Rand’s books was being made into a movie and that it would be considered a Tea Party friendly film. So I did what I could to help promote the film locally primarily through my site here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom generating enough interest to bring a presentation to Cincinnati since the production was on a limited distribution budget. That’s when I decided I needed to actually read the book of the film I was promoting, so I picked up Atlas Shrugged and read it. That was the first time I read Ayn Rand.

Needless to say I loved the book. I can understand why it’s the second most read book at the Library of Congress behind The Bible because it cuts to a truth that is missing from our human dialogue. I view Atlas Shrugged as the missing link in human understanding and is a paramount work of philosophy. I know that because I’ve read most of them. I can’t believe that I didn’t run into Ayn Rand sooner, but in some ways I’m glad I didn’t, because I find that her characters parallel my own experiences and have much more truth to me now. I don’t know that if I had run into Atlas Shrugged earlier, that my own experiences would be authentic to my life, but might reside in my mind as being parallel to the life of John Galt. Ironically when my son-in-law read Atlas Shrugged he told me that I reminded him of that iconic figure, and there is a part of my mind that finds that refreshing. There is a pride to be had when it’s realized that the life you’ve led reminds your son-in-law of such a character in an epic book. That means I must have been doing a great deal right along the way, and has given me a certain reassurance that my beliefs all along have been more than correct.

My emphasis on the value of Atlas Shrugged is due to the precise fact that I’ve read somewhere over 500 books and it is only Atlas Shrugged that offered a truth about life to the level I can validate proper and I’m glad I found it later than sooner. Not everyone will have the experience that I’ve had, since many would find my stance toward life uncomfortable. But due to my experiences, and feeling many times compelled to bend my will to those of the collective mindset around me, I can say with complete honesty that it is only John Galt who reflects accurately my own politics and life philosophy closer than any other character in literature. And it was a remarkable feat for Ayn Rand to capture such a concept in her mind.

I am glad to have read the work of Robert Pirsig before the work of Rand however, because it was Pirsig not Rand who explained why the character of John Galt is so proper, and ironically the goals I have set for myself my entire life is correct. Pirsig actually defined why Rand’s characters are proper in their outlooks on living—it is because they position their lives at the front of the “train” of thinking. Rand simply made the observation that certain types of people carried the world on their backs. Pirsig figured out why, even though it drove him to a level of insanity to arrive at those conclusions. But the concept itself was worth its weight in value upon the human race.

The mess the world currently finds itself in can be traced back to writers like Thomas More, H.G. Wells, Marx, Bernard Shaw and many, many others who shaped the modern world of progressive thought to the level it’s at today. Politicians followed those writers in forming their thinking and everything proceeds down hill from there. I became so fed up with that progressive world when a literary agent from Wilshire Blvd in Hollywood told me that my script The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia was “unrealistic, audacious, but was also breathtakingly exciting, yet way too political—that audiences would never be able to identify with the characters. You must rewrite more human weaknesses into these characters.” In anger I threw the script back on the shelf and dropped the pitch sessions where that particular script resides to this very day waiting for a time when movie producers come to understand the economic value of such characters. It can just sit there forever for as much as I care. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL. I knew at the time that I was right even though the whole industry told me I was wrong, and in the back of my mind I wondered if I was the only one in the world who thought this way—until I finally read Atlas Shrugged. It was then that I saw from a woman—a former Hollywood screenwriter, a glimpse from the past and future at the same time, into the minds of those who lived their lives in the front of Pirsig’s train, people like Walt Disney, Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Warner Von Braun and the modern-day Richard Branson. The world should strive to be like those people, not the broken down derelict Karl Marx, Stalin, or Mao.

The failure is in the basic philosophies of the human race and through our history there have been moments of brilliance that has emerged, but overall, the basic idea of sacrifice before production has led mankind down a perilous path that has led to continuous cycles of cultures that rise, and fall based on their failed philosophies. I’ve seen it all my life, and people told me I was wrong. But it was they who were wrong, and it took me over 40 years to become comfortable with that conclusion. Along the way, I can honestly understand why Ayn Rand’s men and women of strength stayed hidden, because they did not want to be pummeled by the mob of collectivists and pulled to shreds by people who want to consume their essence simply because they are producers.

Atlas Shrugged as well as the other work of Ayn Rand is a uniquely American philosophy built upon the observations that made the United States the greatest country on earth in the history of mankind. Her work is a direct challenge to the entire motivation of the human race and she offers the first valid solution to many of our social problems since the time of Aristotle. Naturally the people who have built their lives around the wrong philosophic principles will be upset, and they will fight for their right to be stupid, because it’s all they know. But I can personally validate the work of Ayn Rand and can see the uniqueness of it based on my personal observation. It has confirmed in me a lifetime of observation and asking the same questions Rand wondered when she published her epic book.

But I will take it one step further than she did, I will not assume that the strong men and women of the world will come out of their hiding places to rally together against the forces of evil—evil here being defined as a collectivist, parasitic society. I will instead push back against the fools without care as to their peril by myself if need be. I will no longer care what happens to those who place themselves in the way of goodness. I have seen too much evil committed on the good intentions of the many only to be twisted to evil ends without understanding why it happened. “The good of the many do not out weigh the needs of the few,” sorry Spock. That method of thinking does not work, it has never worked, and it will never work. I’m not going to go along with it any longer.

In my next 40 years I am not going to allow myself to be a target for the frustrations of the collective, as those who think like me have been for years, and why the human beings of exception hid in the darkness to let Ayn Rand take all the ridicule that she would take to her grave. One foot can crush a million ants, and that is the way to begin thinking of the power the individual has over all forms of collectivism. It may be true that they outnumber us—but they do not match our intellects, or our will. They are the living dead sacrificing one moment of their lives for the next only to end up at the end depleted by their masters, and that is not my path.

So on my birthday I will celebrate the words of Ayn Rand and let my own brain rest for the day and relish this personal declaration of independence. There is nothing wrong with challenging 10,000 or even 100,000 years of human dedication to the wrong philosophy if you can prove that it is wrong—and at age 44, I am convinced that it has been. And I’m not going to go along with it any longer. I’ve tried to get along for the sake of keeping the peace, and it hasn’t worked. I’ve found myself in endless conflict anyway. So appeasing the collectivists won’t bring about peace—all it does is allow evil to advance it’s position with my assistance—and that has to stop.

For those who don’t want to go through the trouble that I have described above, that I have experienced in my personal life, I’d suggest study in the philosophy of Objectivism as a starting point. That is the best way to get quickly to the side of righteousness, and the fast track to the next great movement upon the face of the earth—a philosophy that will endure well into the next 100,000 years—Objectivism.

The key to living this full life and solving the answers to all of societies current problems are in the philosophy of Objectivism.  CLICK BELOW TO BEGIN YOUR NEW EDUCTION

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The Tyranny of Government: Justin Binik-Thomas tells his story

When I heard from some residents in our sacred Liberty Twp, Ohio that Justin Binik-Thomas, founding member and leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and author of the book Profit is Not a Dirty Word came up on an IRS questionnaire to various liberty groups about their affiliation with him, something was amiss. My buddy Doc Thompson up in WXYT in Detroit had Justin on Thursday March 22nd, 2012 to discuss this compelling story, and a few days later Justin came to our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering which specializes in just this type of treachery. That is when I heard from Justin’s own mouth the tale of sedition that many of us long suspected—that the IRS is targeting leaders of the liberty movement in hopes to beat back the advances they’ve made so the status quo of government mediocrity can continue forever—and the IRS is acting out its role as the hammer of government designed to put dissidents in their place.

Of course I can only speculate into the intentions of the IRS since they hold all the cards and would be unlikely to ever admit anything I’m about to say in a court of law. The IRS holds all the cards because we let them have the entire deck, stole from us like thieves in the night, and now in a game where Tea Party groups are trying to peacefully bring government back into some sense of fiscal responsibility, the push-back from government has been a crack-down on FCC license holders to quell “hate speech” otherwise known as the “truth,” to use the labor unions as arms of thuggery in an organized crime type racket to advocate demonstrations among the various “occupy” groups all over the nation, and to use the IRS to audit and harass individuals the government considers “trouble makers” and put fear into the people who look up to those leaders.

Justin Binik-Thomas is a resident of the City of Deer Park, Ohio and a graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University (MS) and The University of Cincinnati (AA, BS). In addition to working in the medical industry, he specializes in media relations and communications as owner/consultant with Conservative Media Group, LLC. As stated, Justin was a leader of the Cincinnati Tea Party and a founding member. But the young man who sat with me during our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom meeting was hardly a trouble making—rebel rousing—tax evading dissident. He was cerebral, well-spoken—well mannered and displayed all the typical signs of an author that is intelligent, aware, inquisitive, and he possessed a perpetual hunger for the truth. You can see a copy of Justin’s book at the link below, as well as the stories so far covering this issue. As I write this, USA Today is set to cover it in the upcoming week.

Profit is Not a Dirty Word

IRS Targeting JBT Stories

MARCH 16, 2012

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MARCH 16, 2012
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MARCH 22, 2012

Detroit’s WXYT Radio – Doc Thompson 5:06 PM

MARCH 23, 2012

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You cannot put a godless heathen on the stand in a court of law and expect the truth, because the heathen does not believe in any god, so to ask the question, “Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God,” means nothing, because many who function in our current government no longer understand the meaning of most of the words in that sentence. So I would never expect a truthful statement from any government official in any capacity. If they were asked whether the IRS was openly harassing Justin Binik-Thomas because they wanted to send a message to other members of the Tea Party Movement of who the boss is—the IRS—the Federal government more specifically, then I’d never expect them to admit so much. I would expect public relations firms to be hired to convince the media that people like Justin and the “radicals” of the Tea Party movement are extremists and should not be listened to while at the same time harassing the leadership of such groups with mind numbing paperwork designed to limit the movement of such leaders so they waste their time filling out forms, and not writing books countering the socialist push the government seems committed to as a public platform.

But you don’t need anybody to admit anything. As always, actions speak the truth that the mouth doesn’t say. And the actions here are open harassment of a young man so to send a warning shot to every Tea Party member in southern-Ohio. That message is, “If you mess with us, we’ll cut your noogies off.” The questionnaire sent to the multiple liberty groups Justine spoke about was a warning as well as it was intelligence gathering. It sent two messages; it said that if you wish to mess with the federal government that you will be targeted, just as Justin has been. Since he’s a leader among Tea Party people (this is how the government thinks) look what we can do to him. We will hunt down your family, and friends. There will be nowhere to hide. And the second message is the show of force behind the rule of law to comply with their mandate.

Justin didn’t say it when he spoke to me—he was genuinely concerned as to why he was a target. I understood his feelings. Having a target painted on your back is a disconcerting feeling and he was in good company. Of the 22 people in attendance at our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom gathering 8 of them have suffered similar harassments in the past and knew instantly what Justin was going through. And we’re not just talking about mild harassments, but extended jail time—deliberate arm twisting to gain testimony. The same practice the IRS is using to send a “subtle” message to liberty groups using Justin as the sacrificial victim.

Well, I think the IRS is completely illegal according to the principles established by our country. It’s a degrading, tyrannical force that should be abolished completely. It is used to steal money from everyday American’s to redistribute into enterprises that I would term evil, funding abortion, funding corruption, paying high salaries to worthless federal officials who in turn spend back on K-street prostitutes advancing the sex traffic industry and I personally don’t want any of my money to go to those activities, but the more money I make, the more those thieves take, and they use the IRS audit and strong-arm tactics to do it granted to them by the law—laws created by the thieves who have made theft legal for their benefit. You can read my thoughts about the IRS and my friend Hickory who simply refused to participate in any of these extortion measures at the link below. Things didn’t go well for him, but he also exposed their true intentions. (Very interesting story.)

Just because a person is your neighbor and wears business attire when they go to work, it doesn’t make them less of a thief if they work for an organization that openly harasses citizens using the tax code to beat people into compliance. And that is what the IRS is, a money grabbing entity designed to perform legalized theft, and enforcement of their ability to steal through force and intimidation if necessary. Again, nobody would ever admit so much in a court of law, but their actions demonstrate their intentions.

People ask me often why I don’t sell commercial space on this site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, since it is rather popular and could probably generate a healthy revenue if I so desired. My reason is that once you bring money into the mix, the IRS gains control of your ability to produce. That’s why they are called The Internal Revenue Service. Its revenue for the government—revenue for the looters and moochers, the legal thieves and the scum bags who hide behind the laws they create to extort money from our wallets. And I will not give them access into my life by making more money than I need to live because in my experience with them in the past, they only seek to steal it anyway. So working to make more money serves them, not me. And the moment I take revenue from this site, you can bet they will be at my door looking for their take, just like a mobster. Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is not about money, it’s about philosophy, an American philosophy, and the IRS has not yet figured out how to tax—philosophy—the ideas that come from our minds. If they could, they would. That’s why at meetings like the one we had where I spoke to Justin we took no money for donations, we accept no money for the web work, we don’t even discuss generating revenue, because the moment money exchanges hands in a donation of any kind, the IRS has legal rights to your organization and are free to enforce the power of the government against you at their discretion.

I think Justin Binik-Thomas is being used as an example of what can and will happen if the liberty groups do not evaporate back into the shadows. That was my first thought when I heard Justin’s story over a month ago, and now hearing it from Justin himself—I’d bet money on it. The IRS is flexing its muscle and showing what its functioning patterns are. It’s showing what it believes, and who it works for. It’s also showing its future intentions.

When a robber holds up a victim at gunpoint and says, “Hands up where I can see them, give me all of your money,” the robber wants to know that the victim will not attempt violence to defend themselves or their property. They want to see an act of compliance and eliminate the danger of defensive action. The robber wants unmolested access to the victim preferably without violence so they can take the money and leave unharmed. The IRS is doing the same thing to liberty groups using Justin as the gun. They are saying that if you continue, you will be harassed and we will come after you and your families. See—we are doing it to this nice, young man who is one of your leaders. We’ll do it to you too.

It is for these reasons that any president who supports the IRS as it is now are part of the problem, every senator, congressman, lobbyists, intern, news reporter, stripper, prostitute, pimp daddy, (they’re all the same to me) who work in Washington and support the coercion methods of the IRS is supporting open tyranny of the American people by theft they legalized under penalty by law—law they created to means they created—for their personal benefit. And the IRS thinks nothing of ruining the lives of anyone who stands in their way to get what they want, even if it’s a nice young man like Justin Binik-Thomas who is simply asking questions, writing books, and desiring reforms that don’t run up the national debt to over $15 trillion dollars ruining the lives of his children’s future. If a person like Justin is the enemy of the IRS and the federal government—then we’re all in trouble.

But we know who the bad guys really are.  And we’re not it.  Unlike other groups, the IRS won’t be able to do anything to this one, and that’s a reality they better get used to.   So no matter what happens Justin, we have your back.  You can count on that much in this life.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

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Doc Thompson Still Lives: You can catch him on WXYT Detroit

JOB UPDATE:  Doc is now at WXYT Radio in Detroit, in the #11 radio market in the country.  He has afternoons between Glenn Beck and Laura Ingram which will fit him perfectly.  His job there will begin on Monday, March 12th.   You can listen live at this link.

The rest of this article is as it was during the first announcment that Doc was leaving Clear Channel Radio.

Everyone in Cincinnati knows how much I love Doc Thompson. And without question when the sun rises at WLW on Monday, January 30, 2012 people will wonder what happened to Doc Thompson at 9 A.M.

The answer is, Doc had a wonderful wedding in Richmond, Virginia with his wife last week and like a romance novel things sometimes change under the lights on a dance floor. Richmond is the town of their courtship.

Doc is a straight shooter and sometimes changes are needed for everyone’s benefit. So for those who miss Doc Thompson in Cincinnati, you will be able to hear him at WRVA in Richmond, Virginia. And I will still feature his work on this web site. All that has changed is his studio location and the demographic audience.

It’s easy to listen, all you have to do is click on the live feed at WRVA, or catch his podcasts. But rest assured, Doc Thompson is alive and well, and is in a better position to pursue his brand of radio in a time slot that is more appropriate for his changing circumstances.

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