Cliffhanger’s Exopolitical Theater: Giants, a galactic alliance, and human immortality coming to ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’

While I was on the air with Matt Clark during his WAAM radio broadcast recently he wanted me to talk a bit about my latest Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  However, time ran out and we couldn’t get into the details.  Actually, I don’t think I could cover all the details in an hour show, or a 10 hour show.  For me, what started as a simple pulp fiction series has evolved into something I would term as a philosophy for the 22nd century.  The below videos will help with the context but essentially what I’m doing is this: over the next one hundred years we are going to discover that we are not alone in the solar system, let alone the galaxy.  We will learn to defy death.  We will unlock all the potentials of a Type 1 civilization and that will require us to completely revisit our current political and religious philosophies—because the present ones just won’t be sufficient.  That’s not a knock on anybody, but the discoveries of the next century will just unlock a massive amount of potential that isn’t even forecasted on the horizon as of yet—and people will need some means of thinking about those things if they want to survive.

I have been pretty adamant about my hobbies and positions.  I essentially grew up studying mythologies and religious cultures, but I like to make money, so I chose professional endeavors that I could raise a family on—but there is a lot about me that is very sympathetic to the Nathan Drake video game character.  The people I most admire these days are people like Josh Gates and his friend Erin Ryder.  If I did not love family as much as I do, I would have loved to live the life that they have—and believe me I have no regrets.  But I do read and watch a lot of what those fantastic people have put out as far as discovery over the years.  When they tackle some crypto mystery much of it comes out to nothing, but it’s the asking of the questions that I find absolutely amazing.  There are a lot of people, many whom are featured in these videos who have committed enormous amounts of time and resources to asking hard questions about mankind’s origins—and I’ll be honest—I love each and every one of them.  When I listen to their lectures and read their books I think in the best case scenarios, they may be getting 50% of any given idea correct.  But even 1% of what these people are saying they are major game changers for the entire human race and the world at large.

In spite of my love of guns, capitalism, business entrepreneurial activity, innovation and pop culture, I am most at home with books, museums, and very smart people.  One of my best friends growing up had an IQ of around 170 so I know those types of people excessively well, and I love being around them.  Some of the people in these videos like Steve Quayle remind me of that friend.  They are too smart for mainstream society, and they are usually defined as lunatics by a society which embraces too openly—sheer stupidity.  As long as I’ve been on earth, I have asked similar hard questions and sought the answers and I have a general theory about the reason that ancient cultures collapse—actually all cultures including recent ones.  I published my thesis in a screenplay, which won a few awards along the way called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.  While most archaeologists and anthropologists will point to environmental conditions and say that the reason that a culture fails is related to a loss of water, or of food supply—usually those opinions are corrupted by their left leaning educations.  My theory is that cultures fail because of the human inclination to the Vico cycle—where they just can’t seem to get off the treadmill—and they have been like that for their entire existence.  That screenplay would probably make a good movie and I should probably push it more toward production—and maybe I will.  My goal in writing it was to get the thesis down in an entertaining way that people could enjoy—but come away from the story asking hard questions like—what is the primary driver of a successful culture—then offering the answer as the climax amid the usual expectations of exciting storytelling.  After I shopped that script around it became obvious that I’d have to produce the picture myself to do it right, and honestly, I didn’t have the time or patience to “collaborate” the way it takes to make a movie.  So I shelved it and offered it as a legitimate thesis about the rise and fall of civilizations.  On the surface, it was an action adventure horror story, underneath was something that meant a lot to me which was based on many thousands of hours of reading and personal discovery—traveling all over the world checking things out for myself—a little the way Josh Gates has—only with fewer frequent flyer miles.

Lately, there has been an explosion, likely because of the Internet, of conspiracy theories and examinations into a hidden past that does not agree with the Leaky evolutionary theories.  The latest revisions are probably driven more by Jurassic Park’s DNA examples and the popular Lord of the Rings movies about Middle Earth—art has helped our society ask new questions from a fresh perspective—and the answers to those questions might just be explosive.  If only 1% is true, mankind is in for some startling revelations.  The best movies and books are the ones that make you ask, “what if,” and as the videos included here surmise, there are some very smart people who are asking lots of questions tainted by their personal backgrounds.  But it is what they agree on that has stimulated my thinking and focused my mind on the hard evidence that is rapidly pouring in.

I wanted to write another Cliffhanger novel but I wanted it to be relevant to the world 100 years from now the way I read Jules Verne, Ayn Rand, H.P. Lovecraft or even Shakespeare.  My favorite play of his is Titus Andronicus.   His use of extreme violence to tell the moral story of love and loss—as well as dedication are the kinds of things I find infinitely fascinating and it doesn’t matter when in history we read such a story—they still communicate a truth which is valuable.  Having these kinds of interests I couldn’t just write some average piece of fiction reviewers of today would like—I wanted to write something that people a century from now would marvel at and would still draw inspiration from.  Yet I also wanted to make the argument that the values America had from around 1870 to about 1900 were the best the world had ever seen, and that those values should be captured in a bottle and examined in actually a scientific way—as having merit on culture building itself.  The economic means of the country was explosive during that period, morality was respectable, and collectivism was being defeated wherever it was encountered—namely during westward expansion.

For about forty years I have had in my mind a really terrible antagonist and a concept for painting it into a story against the ultimate protagonist—but I needed to collect a lot of information to tell that story.  Finally, I feel like I’m there.  Once I had all the details worked out, I went to work writing it—and as I thought, it has turned out to be the byproduct of a hyperactive imagination, a technical background, legitimate scientific investigation and all the life experience learned in every hard way imaginable.

Knowing that over the next couple decades history will have to reflect what we are learning now—and that we will learn that not only are we not alone, but that we are currently in a relationship with thinking beings not from earth’s origin story and that the essential ingredient to a successful society resides within individual behavior as opposed to collective salvation—and that once that process begins—where democracies run by a mob take over the individual input of actual leaders—that all civilizations stop functioning and regress back to their beginnings.

Even as my protagonist, Cliffhanger fights bad guys with flaming bullwhips all in the name of justice—it is important these days to define the merits of that justice.  It is not enough to simply show bad and good—it has to be defined by actual universal rules of engagement as defined by the observable conditions of our cosmos.  To do that we have to step beyond our veil of politics and modern philosophy and take the next step.  Taking that step is what and why I’m committing so much time to this new Cliffhanger story.  Similarly to that Cannibals of Cahokia story—this Curse of Fort Seven Mile has the benefit of an additional twenty years of hard living and earned observation.  Like H.P. Lovecraft I have a love for pulp fiction written in a romantic fashion—and on the surface that is what these new Cliffhanger stories are.  But, my protagonist, Fletcher Finnegan in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is actually named after one of my favorite literary figures of all time, the giant in Finnegan’s Wake from the James Joyce classic.  My goals with the work are not to reach the New York Best Seller’s list, or even to get reviews from Publisher’s Weekly.  It is to offer a useful philosophy for people grappling with real significant challenges to everything they believed was true for over 10,000 years and to provide them a softer landing philosophically—so to maybe for the first time in human history to provoke a change in mankind’s propensity to always revert back to the Vico cycle.  Thus Spoke Cliffhanger.

If you want a preview of this work they are available on the sidebar.  But the real meat is yet to come and why I am dedicating some specific time and resources to completing it.  To get a sense of it, just watch all these videos and you’ll get your mind ready to read what I’m putting into a story intended for readers of the next century.  I’m not giving up on politics.  But rather it is too small of a shoe for me now.  The next obvious evolution is exopolitical theater and the vast changes it will bring.  Currently it is a bit on the fringe side, but that will change rapidly—and when it does–well, people will want a point of reference and fiction is a good place to begin—by bridging what we know with what we will come to understand.

Rich Hoffman


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Old Dan Tucker: A New Year promise to progressive parasites and victims of Stockholm’s Syndrome

My wife was getting some items for our family New Year’s Eve Party, as she proudly showed me a bottle of bourbon called Old Dan Tucker distilled in Kentucky. She told me she had gotten it because it reminded her of Mr. Edwards from her favorite television show, Little House on the Prairie when she was a little girl. That brought to my mind the thought of Mr. Edwards in that old show about westward expansion and remembered that Mr. Edwards used to sing the song Old Dan Tucker whenever he was happy:

Old Dan Tucker was a fine old man
He washed his face in the frying pan
He combed his hair with a wagon wheel
And died of the toothache in his heel

My wife showed me the bottle and read off the list of menu items she planned to prepare then went delightfully back into the kitchen to begin cooking. She had a pop to her step that was fun to watch and I realized that it was part of her personal culture from her childhood that had put her in such a good mood.
Thinking of Old Dan Tucker requires me to explain a bit further what I alluded to yesterday in my declaration of the difference between a producer of wealth and a simple whore. Not that Old Dan Tucker was either one, but rather it’s that spirit behind such characters that can either create a person of self-reliance or a social parasite. The video below best exemplifies what I have been saying for quite some time regarding the real solution to most problems that exist all around us right here, right now, and that most of the peril the human race faces is self-induced and rather silly. To review my article from yesterday click here:

The video you are about to see puts in perspective just how much a hundred million dollars is and how it can dramatically improve the life of one individual person. It should be noted that the video is a campaign video from a fan of Ron Paul and is advocating the political beliefs of the person running for Paul’s congressional seat. And like or hate Ron Paul’s foreign policy views, Paul is certainly the only politician on Capitol Hill, besides his son, who grasps the concepts uttered in the classic book Atlas Shrugged. And like the plot line of that great book, much of the money supply that America and the rest of the world is fighting for is being held up not by the rich, and not by an over burdened middle-class, or even consumed by the welfare class. Money and people’s access to it are being controlled by the “political class” simply to keep class warfare intact, war perpetuated so that the citizens of the earth are distracted enough to look for a leader to guide them through the turmoil. But before we can examine why and how, the understanding of how much money one hundred million dollars is must be comprehended.

The hold up of this wealth is what triggers massive conspiracies like the Bilderberg Group and the Illuminati and pawns like Communist Party USA leader Jarvis Tyner to play right into the hands of these speculative conspiracies by executing their designed role. Tyner stated over the recent Christmas break that he draws a clear right/left battle line and the communist’s commitment to Party ‘friend’ President Barack Obama and to the Democratic Party cause by saying:

“2012 is a big election year and as we know the stakes are very high. The right-wing Republican opposition unashamedly defends the wealth and privilege of the 1% over the 99% that includes tens of millions who are struggling to survive. These self-proclaimed patriots are willing to wreck our country in order to defeat Barack Obama in 2012 elections. Our party and youth league are an active part of the great democratic mass that is standing”

You can read the rest of that article for yourself at this link:

So what’s the solution to all this…….chaos instigated by the few to spread disparity across all social classes? What creates social classes to begin with? How can a political class execute these restrictions without weapons or force? Well—it’s rather easy, and if you have ever spent time studying world cultures like I have, you defeat your enemies by eliminating their culture. If you do that, you take away their will to fight, and their entire perspective to what their living role is in life. If you take away a society’s culture you will leave its people in a rudderless existence looking for someone to lead them.

So when it is said that the so-called “middle class,” the “working class,” the “welfare class,” the “One percent,” all these designations are at war with each other, they are at war for one reason, to keep the political class in power. And the political class stays in power by keeping the world fighting in needless skirmishes so that they have something to do. That is really all there is to it. This is why Ron Paul comes under such scrutiny over foreign policy when he states that America should take care of itself as a sovereign nation. What happens to most of the world’s wealth can be understood by the microcosm of African aid where millions upon millions of dollars are sent to the poor countries of Africa only to be consumed by the tyrannical dictators of those countries who purposely keep the people poor and under their control. The donors all over the world feel good about themselves for sending something, but they unknowingly perpetuate the evil by not ensuring that the intended victims get the rations, instead of the thugs who rule countries like Ethiopia. By sending money and food they actually feed the tyrants who confiscate the resources so as to keep people hungry, and educationally deficient so they are easy to control.

This sort of control isn’t isolated to small countries in Africa, but are easily seen in places like North Korea as the death of Kim Jong Il spawned worldwide concern over what kind of “leader” the son would be, who is not yet 30 years of age.

What makes people stand along those snow packed roads mourning the loss of a man who controlled every aspect of their lives? What keeps them in line while just a few soldiers guard the funeral procession? What prevents the people from overrunning the government from the communist elite and taking their freedoms back? The answer is the static pattern of culture. The people you have seen in Ethipoia and the people of North Korea are a beaten people because their culture was taken from them and is controlled by their rulers.

This is what we see happening slowly in the United States. Because America and it’s revolution from England set off a blaze of attempts throughout the world and to this very day remains the only beacon of freedom available to the hopeful who might one day come here, it is the United States Constitution that provides that freedom and is being attacked slowly through education, occupation, and propaganda so to remove that tool and bring America closer to the ruling parties of the rest of the world. Notice how Obama here says that America is a “democracy” which it isn’t. But in saying such things, he plays his part in eroding away the American culture just a bit at a time so that American’s can be much more compliant and less freedom loving in the future. Is Obama aware that he plays this role? I’d bet not. Barack Obama just does what he’s taught and told, and his static pattern is that of a socialist, so he doesn’t understand anything else. And as for the quality of person that he is, I doubt he could even manage a gas station. He’s simply a figure-head that reads what his speech writers prepare for him. And the speech writers construct their documents to appease the administrations financial contributors. That’s how the process begins. Obama is not a ruler or a leader of any kind. America doesn’t have rulers, even though we are told constantly that we do. American has public servants and that is what Obama is. His actual importance is that of a servant. Would you let the maid of your home tell you how to live your life, of course not? So why do you let a president?

The method that all these rulers and would-be leaders use to implement their aims is called The Stockholm Syndrome by modern science. It is what allows the very few to rule the masses and they do so through depravity. When governments use regulation to prevent freedom, they are using The Stockholm Syndrome to covert in people’s minds that it is government who provides, not the people themselves, and therefore government must be treated with respect. This is why politicians and thugs insert themselves between the people and the wealth that occurs through personal initiative. This is why we are not wealthy by the majority, because if government got out-of-the-way, we all could be, easily—as shown in the first video above. The video below teaches you how The Stockholm Syndrome works.

You see, governments of any country do not want personal initiative, and they certainly do not want people to understand that they are free. Those highest in government got there because they are a looter in some way or another and willing to climb those ladders of power and are no different from simple whores who will do anything for money. But once there, these same whores find they can use The Stockholm Syndrome to not only stay in power, but to gain more. This is why American culture is under attack. And this is why my mind is on Old Dan Tucker and my wife’s delight over her childhood memories of Little House on the Prairie, a show that was all about American culture. While that show played on prime time TV, every Saturday night another show called Hee Haw played and my grandparents used to watch it religiously, and since I was around them often, I had no choice but to watch also and in the back of my mind I remembered that Grandpa Jones had a rendition of that song that was popular back then.

In my own youth I would shoot guns and practice with my bullwhips while my grandfather played a banjo on his back porch and my grandma would cut the head off a chicken and cook it for dinner. During dinner we’d watch Hee Haw so I understood my wife’s nostalgia for that song and as I went back and found the video you just watched it became evident that our American culture has been under severe attack by progressives for nearly two straight decades now. That video would never be on prime time television these days, television executives wouldn’t stand for it. Progressivism (this tendency toward The Stockholm Syndrome) has actually been going on for 100 years, but it wasn’t until fairly recently that they gained majority power at networks and newspapers to begin to implement their long-term strategy which is to rob America of its independence by making us all “interdependent” to the nations of the world, many of whom are ruled by whores like Kim Jong Il, even if to lesser degrees, it is The Stockholm Syndrome that is intended.

Want to see The Stockholm Syndrome at work right now? Go to Washington D.C. and visit K-Street. The prostitutes there, many are victims of human trafficking and it is The Stockholm Syndrome that keeps them attached to their pimps. Think about it, after a night of sex, what keeps one of those women from taking her $500 to $1000 and leaving town to work somewhere far away as a waitress or factory worker? Fear. So at the end of a night letting men spew all their goo all over and inside them, they bring their money to their pimps out of blind obedience. And what about the customers, the lobbyists and politicians who roam up and down K-Street till 4 and 5 AM picking up these prostitutes, cheating on their wives back home in their districts, what possesses them to do such a thing? Their low quality nature, their destroyed cultural perspective, their enslavement to progressivism, to The Stockholm Syndrome of party rule, pick one side or the other and play by the rules. If they step out of line they get their noogies cut off…….fear, just like the K-Street prostitute.

Culture is the key to success or failure of a nation. Without a firm understanding of what it is, people are easy to conquer and manipulate. So on this eve of a new year I can declare one thing, which is in evidence here…..I will not let American culture die. And I’m not alone in that declaration, but I have decided over this past year of 2011 to make a career change and I’m in the middle of it now. My goal of 2012 is to help resurrect the America that I remember from my own youth where banjo pickin’ was common in the country and rock and roll roared in the suburbs. The music and culture of America is about rebellion from any form of tyranny and the government is intended to be minimal as established by The Constitution. So my new career is to provide the young people of American culture something to slap their knee to and give them the willingness to fire a gun and keep in their minds fresh a culture that is the best opportunity for the entire world to be wealthy, healthy and wise, and free of government parasites whose small meager minds can only be lofty at the expense of the human race.

And as to Old Man Tucker—oh he’s alive as Bruce Springsteen will show you here from a 2007 concert in Italy. Listen to the audience, they know the song……and I think it’s about time America stop apologizing for being good and focus on playing Old Man Tucker to the people of Ethiopia, North Korea, and the girls on K-Street and hang the tyrants of communism, progressivism, and the political class atop a flag pole by their pant legs.

Happy American New Year! Save the world by destroying progressivism! But not before I eat some of this good food I smell coming from the kitchen.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

NO MEANS NO: The ghost of my friend Henry David Thoreau

One of the most disgusting sentiments of the weak parasitic big government types is how they have not only made legalized robbery fashionable in their never ending quest for more and more taxes to feed their incessant bellies, but they have taken segments of great classic literature and distorted them to suit their purposes, much like they have done with everything else. This is one of the most obvious evils that they have done with my favorite transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and his very short work Civil Disobedience.

Civil Disobedience is only about 30 to 40 pages long. It’s really not much more than an essay and in its opening line comes the famous phase, “That government is best which governs least.” Just a few sentences later Thoreau states, “That government is best which governs not at all.” Yet, civil rights leaders and union socialists have used Thoreau as a kind of hand book to protests and how to engage in them. It was the 60’s hippies who have used the words of Thoreau to lie down in the street and fill the jails of their location with their body’s protest, in order to overwhelm the police and their human cages. The big government progressives seem to only have read the words in Civil Disobedience that pertain to slavery, and war with Mexico, which were the hot button issues in 1849, and they missed the true point of the book!

After the rash of school levy defeats in Southern Ohio after this past election I went back and read Civil Disobedience on the morning after to reign in my thoughts on the matter. The work that Thoreau intended was an anti-tax protest. Thoreau says in his short work, that to pay taxes to an unjust system is a weak acceptance of that system. And that if a citizen does not like what his government is doing, then do not pay the tax. Civil Rights activists point to Civil Disobedience and say this is where they got the idea to allow activists to be placed in jail as a kind of badge of honor. But the fools that many of them are missed the point entirely. Thoreau was put in jail himself for not paying his taxes, and he belittled the entire concept of jail as something that was beneath him in his book. It wasn’t the act of going to jail that was the aim of Civil Disobedience, but in cutting money off from an unjust, oppressive state. He wasn’t even protesting the United States; he was protesting control of the state over his individual sovereignty, and then proclaiming that a state of cowards who refused to acknowledge the individual rights of all men, including slaves, deserved not to have their coffers refilled by the tax collectors. Civil Disobedience is actually a much shorter version of the same thing explored in Atlas Shrugged, that the way to defeat a tyrannical government is to simply not endorse its existence with more resources. By giving it money, you endorse the behavior, even if it’s through your taxes.

That seems fair enough to me and makes sense. Generally, if I don’t like a restaurant, I don’t spend my money on it. If I don’t like a movie, I don’t go to the theater to pay money to see it. If I don’t like a particular brand of car I don’t buy it. And in government, if I don’t like the service or what they spend my money on, it only makes sense that I not be forced to spend money on it. Well, there is a lot in government that I’m not happy with. I do like the roads and highways, but I pay for those with my gasoline tax. I like the post office so long as a stamp can cover the costs. I like the military. I like NASA. There are probably a few other things I like………………but the rest, I don’t support. I don’t support a dictator type president. I do not support a looting congress and senate. I don’t even support a bunch of Supreme Court Justices who look at the Constitution and proclaim that within it there’s a Supremacy Clause. For my money they are a bunch of moochers and looters who do almost nothing productive. And the biggest looters of all are the education system.

I’ve made it no secret that I think our education system is pathetically under equipped to handle the problems of the modern day. The entire structure of the education beast seems motivated to social cause’s not actual individual education. I have noticed that public education from the top to the bottom is a complete failure. The kids in high school are missing all the important lessons, case in point I first heard about Thoreau in high school English and it took me nearly a decade to get the bad taste out of my mouth so I could revisit the material properly. I had the same experience with Shakespeare; teachers absolutely butchered the material so it was unattractive to an inquisitive mind. And kids seem even more out-of-touch now than they were back when I was in school. There are so many tools available to students, yet Departments of Education, school boards, labor unions and finally the teachers themselves are hanging on to an old expensive model that simply doesn’t work. Yet we are forced to continue to pay for this failure with tax levies imposed on the property owners every 6 months.

Lebanon was a local Southern Ohio district that had defeated their levy in May of 2011, but yet was passed 6 months later with less than 200 votes in the November election. The Little Miami School District finally passed their tax levy after the 9th attempt by only 70 votes out of thousands. Lakota, my district failed for the third time in 18 months, and Mt. Healthy failed for the second time in 6 months. In fact at Mt. Healthy the school put the issue on back on the ballot the very next day after the previous vote! In the election of November 2011 there were 611 public school districts in Ohio and out of those 180 had a levy on the ballot this past November. Of those 180 levies, only 87 were successful. Of the 87 that were successful, only 27 were for new funding, the rest were for renewals of existing funding. So what do these numbers tell us?

Those numbers indicate that tax payers are tired of the game, that they’ve spent all the money they care to on education, and that the government needs to loosen its control over education, and privatize it. When 10K per kid is not enough money to provide an education something is wrong and that something is that government education is more about being a big business than teaching children. Those numbers tell us that people are tired of the game, and they want something else.

Those numbers do not indicate however that the voters who said no mean to be disrespected, blown off as though there were children. Yet that is what each of those schools who failed their levies intends to do, all 103 of them. When the voters said NO at the polls they did so for the same reason that Thoreau said no to his taxes, because he didn’t like the product and he wanted a change. No means NO! But an intrusive government run institution such as public education does not take no for an answer. Instead they put the issue back on the ballot again, and again, and again until voters say yes and they do so because they, the government, believe that your money is theirs to loot and plunder for all it’s worth, and they will do so until you either run out, or die trying to keep up with the increases in taxes. Those who ask for more and more taxes to run government care not a bit about individual lives, about whether or not the tax payers suffer. They only care about the survival of the institutions they serve. They are mindless soldiers taking orders from an omnipresent greed driven government of socialist tyranny!

When I said no to further taxation I did not mean to come back to my door for more! I pay enough tax and the services I get for those taxes are not of quality, and I don’t wish to pay more to an entity that does not value individual rights, and for the same reasons as my good friend Henry David Thoreau, I view paying more taxes to be the same as committing an evil act because it feeds institutionalism that is breaking the soul of America.

The evidence comes from the academics themselves, that their system is an utter failure. They read the same book as I, yet they took from it collectively, thousands upon thousands of those academic idiots one meaning, and that is that Thoreau told them to go to jail to protest an injustice. But the jail was the byproduct of not paying taxes, which was the original message those pretentious cowards ignored. And if they missed that one very important point in one book that is only 30 pages long, who on earth are they to be expected to get anything more complicated correct! This is why I do not trust the Department of Education to instruct our children to brush their teeth, let alone guide them on a life quest that will take them through the adventure of existence. No more taxes means just that, and for every one of those 103 schools that come back again to the public for yet more taxes, they are nothing but robbers with the weapon of force, with the political machine at their backs to empower them to take and take and take until the money is taken out of your pocket and placed into theirs with a smile on your face. And you will smile and like it because they will tell you to. Oh, if you are good and kiss their ostentatious asses enough they may smile and shake your hand at a football game on Friday night! Of course you are too stupid if you believe such things to see that they are using your children as a gladiator to the same effect as Rome did, to help sell the evils of their politics with patriotic uniforms and cheering masses. And the games also sell a few soft drinks and pop corn as well as a bit of admission to help the slush funds.

It is for this reason and a host of many others that I believe that education funding is among the most evil endeavors currently entertained by government, and it needs to be eradicated in its current state and reborn as something else that actually works. And it needs to happen while there are still people capable of individual thought who can make it so. Because without action, eternal, blind compliance is the next step into an abyss America will never recover.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Topless Wall Street Protestors: WE ARE AT WAR! And public eduction built the soldiers

There were only two occupations I ever considered worth while when I was growing up, first was a film director, the second was an archeologist. Both required extensive study of the human condition to be successful and I was fully on the course to be very good at either one. However, starting a family early made the first option nearly impossible because of the networking required, and the lack of income made the second unaffordable, not in obtaining a degree, but in the field work involved and level of income provided overall. But along the way I have learned a lot. At 14 years old I was reading college text books on Pre-Columbian Archeology in North America and this type of reading regiment continued to the present.

So what I am about to present to you dear reader is a conclusion that you will not enjoy. This is my assessment of the condition of our culture and the factors which add up to the present. In studying any society, as archeologists and anthropologists do, the conditions which add up to a social collapse are considered, and usually conclusions are fairly straight forward. A culture might fail because they over grazed, their water supply dried up, they lost in a war with a competing culture, or collapsed under their own apathy. In America, our culture is on the verge of collapse, and I don’t say that in a frivolous way, or in a way to insight fear toward any political system of beliefs. A culture simply cannot continue under any system of government if a majority of the people making up that culture believes as this poor 20-year-old girl does. The videos which follow are designed to complement the text, so be sure to watch them. The nudity you will see is not designed to stimulate you in any sexual sense, but to bring the journalistic integrity required to view our cultural conditions which is revealed in this young lady who I use here as the unknowing spokesperson for her generation.

As a twenty year old, she seems to think she has reached a level of maturity and wisdom needed to make assertions of spiritual value. The heartbreaking reality this poor young lady is clueless to is that even though she believes that she is functioning from an authentic standpoint, she is in fact created by the radical movements of the last couple generations. What I am about to declare hereafter may require some understanding of what Charlotte Iserbyt has been warning for years. Charlotte was second in command at the Department of Education during the Reagan years, so she is hardly a nutcase. She is simply a woman who woke up in the middle of a nightmare and has been trying to warn the rest of us ever since. I encourage you to thoroughly examine the videos done with her at this link for context:

The most alarming aspect of the Occupy Wall Street protestors is their ability to be turned on with little provocation, and the young girl in the video above is uttering the same idealistic nonsense that has been explored since the hippie movement of the 60’s. She has been taught not by her parents to think such things. She has not been taught by her grandparents to contemplate the social issues she pontificated upon. She was taught these ideas by government-run public education, an institution millions upon millions of blind, foolish people bet their entire lives upon, which has turned out to be a major oversight in culture building judgment.

The people in this next video represent the failures of the hippie movement alive and well in 2011. These young people are programmed “sheeple” to serve the idealism which we have never vanquished from the American idea. Our American culture never dealt with the socialist temptations of the 60’s and we have allowed those radical elements to run our public schools, and our colleges and we wanted to believe it was OK, because the football games were fun, and we wanted to believe that we could buy our kids a good life. What we are learning is that it was a trap, sprung on us by old communist foes.

It is astonishing how quickly these young people were called to action by the radical unions, but when it is considered that virtually every public school in America is run by a union and the unions were brought to America by socialist sympathizers, then it should not come as a surprise. Like a Trojan Horse we have allowed socialists to instruct our children. Heck, we have even allowed them to instruct us! This isn’t new! We just got caught taking it for granted.

When my little girls who are now older than the 20-year-old in that first video were in the 4th grade they brought home a permission slip to be instructed in sex education. My wife of course being a room-mom within the Mason School System, one of the best schools in our region, went to the school and spoke to the teachers, all of whom she had an excellent relationship with. The teachers were very sweet and everyone got along marvelously, until we said no to the permission slip. The teachers were told by the state that they were to provide sex education to 4th grade students and for the girls this involved putting a condom on a fake penis, so the little girls would know how to do it. My wife and I discussed it and my kids weren’t even close to being sexually interested at this time. It wasn’t even something they wanted to think about and I didn’t want their minds clouded with that kind of garbage until their minds were ready for it, under the normal course of things. So we said no. Suddenly, the nice teachers weren’t so nice, and the administration began to treat my wife differently. Needless to say, our good relationship with the school went downhill very quickly over just the decision to not allow our children to learn how to apply a condom to a fake penis.

A social agenda had been established by minds from far away, in the Department of Education just as Charlotte had said, and this trickled down through the state of Ohio under many unquestioning politicians and parents who simply accepted the decisions of a higher authority, and the sex education was implemented quietly, with only a few protests from parents like us who suddenly found ourselves on the outside looking in. So given that knowledge, where young girls are taught to be sexual very early, and young boys are taught to lower their standards to a raw primitive energy in a surrender to their urges by the 5th grade that these young people in this next video are so willing to take off their cloths to protest the kind of political aims that are important to their teachers?

We have cast our children into a vat of socialist stew and the teachers are the cooks. Individually, the teachers do not see that they are a problem. They don’t see it because they are living their lives completely absorbed in these ideas. There are a few that don’t think with a socialist mindset, but the education system as a whole is a cease pool of socialism. My wife and I became very angry at the school system and when the teachers started to treat our kids badly, because we wouldn’t let them take the sex education class, we took them out of school and home-schooled them for one year while we moved to a different school district to start over fresh. My wife and I were shocked once we had the kids home every day how much social programming had come from their mouths almost like an exorcism. Removing our kids from that daily regimen of standing in line, taking orders from a leader of the class, social classes in the lunch room, the hallways, etc, that a light came back on in our kids eyes that we had noticed was slowly diminishing.

Oh, my wife and I caught 100 kinds of hell from our extended family members for what we had done. Nobody understood why we were home-schooling our children and why over time I was beginning to hate public education more and more, even more than I did when I went to school. My mother and father were always disappointed in my severe independence which got me into a lot of trouble in my own school days, starting in kindergarten. I had a teacher that I later learned had been committed to a psyche ward eventually, who fought with me over and over again.  I was only 5 years old at the time. I refused to do what she asked because then, as now, I was unwilling to take orders from anybody. So I spent most of my childhood standing in corners, being placed next to the teacher in the front of the class, being sent to the principal’s office, having my parents called for fighting in school, not following instructions. I was paddled every year by some teacher or principal in a way of beating acceptance to a higher authority into my brain. It was nothing short of legitimized torture. I can’t think of any other word for it and with each one, I got angrier and angrier and carried less and less fear until they could no longer control me in any way. I had detentions routinely, in short and this is not exaggeration, every single day of my public education existence was miserable. Why, because God bless my mother, she gave me a hook into independence before I ever stepped into a classroom, and I wasn’t about to surrender it. Even though my mother regretted it later when I had such a contemptuous relationship with public education and society was telling her that I’d be a failure at life, the foundation had been set in me early on, and I wasn’t going to allow that to happen to my own children. So my wife and I pulled them out of school to make sure the lights didn’t go out in their eyes forever. 

Now, most people who read what I just said will declare, “Well, you made it hard on yourself not doing what you were told.” My reply is that learning to do what you are told is NOT a good trait to have. Learning to do as you are told is BAD. Not being a free-thinker is a terrible imprisonment and I regret NOTHING from my past even with all the violence. My relentless grip on my own individuality has benefited me greatly, and my family as well. And it has given me clear perspective into the failures of our modern institutions because I’m not in love with them and willing to overlook their short-comings to justify my memories. Since I have no love for them, I can look at them with the objectivity of science. Besides people like Charlotte and a few others, Glenn Beck as seen below almost duplicates my opinions verbatim on this whole education matter and the Wall Street protestor situation.

One of the things I’ve always fought against is the tendency to not question the merit of an order because to my mind unless the instructor is superior to me, they have no right to command me. There isn’t any circumstance where I could be a private in the military where a commander orders me to my death. I could handle being the commander, but certainly not the soldier. And this was even worse in public school. I can’t think of a single teacher who surpassed me in intellect, even when I was a kid, and I never trusted that what they told me was true. I’ve felt this way for as long as I’ve had a conscious thought. When the structure of things is not questioned, and people just learn to take orders, as our society is currently structured, the soldiers don’t see where the real orders come from. Well, since I’m not committed to any system of thought, let me show you how it goes down, and how your public education system has been corrupted by socialism even if the individual parts of that system cannot see it, because they were taught not to question orders from a superior.

Every teacher who is in a union gets a monthly newsletter full of socialist oriented subject matter, and is part of a network that is run by the more radical elements of that group. The teachers put up with it because the pay is good, and they get summers off, so for the ones who aren’t radical left winged socialist fruitcakes, they shrug off the propaganda and don’t realize that subtly they help do their part in promoting the effort through their union dues. But many teachers, especially the ones who love life within the world of academia openly embrace the socialist leanings of their college professors, and this makes them willing conduits of socialist communication from their superiors in the union to their students.

This system has been built for decades. It prevents adults from understanding the connection between the Wall Street Protestors and the real force behind them which is socialist radicals embedded in the labor movement. They don’t see it because they are taught from their pubic education days not to question authority figures, so they don’t. Meanwhile, the unions such as SEIU reveals just how embedded they are in this movement. Meet Mary Kay Henry, current president of SEIU.

Mary and her fellow socialists have used their union network to call upon the unquestioned submission to authority of foot soldiers they have built over three decades to create a modern 60’s revolution movement. The design is to create distractions from a seriously flawed president in Obama, who Mary, Richard Trumka and many other labor leaders hell-bent on a severe progressive political platform needs to keep money flowing in their directions, so they need Obama re-elected. Using these student mobs to attack the President’s “Fat Cats” the 1%, they hope to effectively divide up the nation into political affiliations that will help the unions grow as a socialist organization, not just in America, but worldwide, and to hide the flaws of the Obama presidency behind the noise.

These mobs were called upon by people like Van Jones, endorsed by former President Clinton, and openly pleaded for by Francis Fox Piven. They are the strategy of the 60’s by the same socialist sympathizers who made up the unions back then. Now it is the hippie radical from the 60’s who are embedded into all levels of public education that have been instructing our current kids their values. So is it any surprise that these young people are so confused, aimless, yet ready to inflict violence when called upon by their superiors.

The media of course has been involved in attempting to legitimize these protests into the mainstream. The common factor in all this is all these participants were heavily instructed in the university system which also instructed the current radical teachers. Reporters have been all too willing to collect their short sound bites and to fall into line based on their editorial commands.

Mysteriously, Anne Hathaway found herself heavily photographed when she joined the protestors which was a move the naive little Anne Hathaway most likely embarked on from the advice of her agent. No question having Anne being caught supporting the protesters helps her in the progressive Hollywood community as it drives up her market value, but it also bridges a credibility gap between the public and the radical protestors. Hathaway made over $50 million last year, so she is not one of the 1%, but Anne doesn’t know she’s being played by her bosses for public image.

I wrote extensively about Anne’s latest films after the recent Academy Awards where progressive politics is using her image to advance their cause.

I think Anne is just another clueless actress who is doing what those around her tell her to do, and those people get their orders from the radical literature that circulates around the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) information they get every month, same as the NEA newsletters the teachers get. What they all have in common is radical union influence. Again, most actors who are in the guild, or writers who are in the WGA or any of the other unions, are fairly well paid, so they put on the rose-colored glasses just like the teachers do, and overlook the obvious socialism in favor of their independent wealth. After all, it’s a system they benefit from, and they see no reason why the rest of the world couldn’t benefit like they have. People like Anne are sweet people in person, but they don’t understand how the dots connect. Anne would love it if everyone in the world made as much money as she did, and I think she really thinks that’s possible. She’s also the same actress who got VERY naked in her last couple of films so she could be considered for an Academy Award.  I think it’s a shame she has allowed herself to be steered into these directions.  She had a very promising career that would have stood the test of time.  Now she has been cheapened, and quite on purpose. 

Have a look here at all the actresses who have had to get nude in a film to win Best Actress from the Academy, which is a VERY progressive organization with an agenda.

If you have any doubt about the role universities and public education has played in the radicalism of our modern time, and serves as an agent for global programming toward socialism have a look at this short video which shows universities all over the world acting in this same radical fashion.

The trouble with college is society has accepted that the university system is essential to career development, and this is the same mistake Anne Hathaway is making who ignores the agents behind the message and thinks she can bring more wealth to everyone if she participates in the protest. Many are guilty of just supporting their universities because they had a good party experience while attending, or because they enjoy the sports programs. This is how monsters of a different sort are created such as in the Sandusky case at Penn State. This system is so embedded in our social static patterns that their authenticity is often beyond question.

When all the levels of this whole system are looked at in their entirety it is clear what is going on. However, since we are trained not to question authority figures, socially, we have allowed ourselves to become programmed. A perfect example of this is this poor woman, standing topless and stripped of everything she could have ever dreamed about as a young girl, uttering exactly the same dialogue which came from the president of the SEIU. This woman displays how the information trickles down to the common people through the various media networks to find itself part of her personal, collective identity given to her by her public education, probably her college experience, and her experience with media, I’m sure she’s seen a few Anne Hathaway movies.

To sum up all these influences and where they come from here is Glenn Beck who has figured out what the poster that many of these Wall Street Protestors are rallying behind means and he connects the dots between what is happening in America with what is going on globally. By the way, remember what I’ve said about Bill Clinton and his attempt to become President of the United Nations. Keep in mind that America cannot qualify to nominate a president to the UN so long as it’s one of the superpowers. To qualify the United States would have to lose its superpower ranking.  To see what I’ve said about Bill Clinton click this article for more detail before you jump into Beck’s video.

Beck sums up N17 Day and the whole movement.

So what are you supposed to do with this knowledge? Because if you have read this and watched these videos, you know that action on your part is surely necessary. Well, first you have to look in the mirror and wonder how corrupted you have become yourself by your own education, and you have to be willing to unlearn what you were taught.

The next thing you need to do is stop that behavior from hurting your current children. The current batch of children that are currently protesting can’t be saved. They will learn the hard way, and hopefully they will find strength in your newfound wisdom, because you cannot save them from the pain that is coming, for we are currently at war, and we have allowed public education to train our children as soldiers to use against our way of life. We allowed this to happen by sleeping, by trusting, by being good little servants who did what we were told to do.

I have spent my whole life going against the current, fighting for the right to do as I please, and not taking orders from ANYONE, not even my family members. Yes, I have been a real pain in the ass for a great many people, but my intentions were never malicious, or even pompous. I just want my life to be my own. From that vantage point of freedom, it is very clear to me, probably not so clear to you dear reader, that social failure on an epic scale is imminent. I’m sure realizing that everything you ever believed in is actually a sinister socialist dream of which you are simply a pawn is a difficult realization, but whether you discover it now or on your death-bed, the reality is no different.

I suppose this leaves you with a decision to make. I can tell you that I seek to rid my community of any union influence. Perhaps you should do the same. I don’t want a union in my schools teaching the next generation. I don’t mind public education as long as it’s productive, but I don’t want to pay for a socialist army to march in my country’s city streets demanding socialism to the beat of a union drum. So I don’t plan to give those unions any of my money to produce children like these protestors. If you want to put a stop to it, you have to cut off their supply of money.

But you can’t just sit back and do nothing. If nothing is your plan then give the unions no money. Armies like this who are trying to take over our country need money to do it, and like a bunch of fools, we’ve been giving it to them. We give the colleges massive sums of money to program our children into the ways of socialism, so if you want to change the behavior, take away their money. We do the same in public education. If you want to change the behavior, take away their money. Don’t give it to them! Do you like the product it’s producing!!!!!!!

Look at the videos above and tell me that our public education system is producing good quality adults ready to tackle the world. No, all it’s producing are topless derelicts holding out their hand waiting for someone to drop money in their laps. I would say public education is a dismal failure if it produces one such person as the topless protestor in the park. But we have seen MANY such people. The social decay is at an epic low and one of our ex presidents who is endorsing this behavior is the same guy who allowed Monica Lewinsky to give him oral sex in the Oval Office, then lie about it! And nobody thought it was a big deal.

The reason nobody thought it was a big deal was because they have been trained in public education to accept such things, so our moral obligations to ourselves are gone. This is why so many progressive soldiers are ready to march, strip off their cloths and partake in violence to bring down the rich, because the goal of the progressive socialist is to eliminate America as a world power. And if you can’t see that, you are already too far gone to help, and are simply part of the problem!

Look at the person who says drugs are OK to take. Look at the person who says sex in public is fine, and with perfect strangers. Look at the person who says that the rich should pay for the poor. Look at the person who is willing to consume those around them so that they can live, and I will say that you are looking at an enemy to the Republic of America. And they should be treated as such!

If this trend is not corrected, than I can promise that future archeologists will look at the events of this time and our lack of ability to recognize the threat from within us and declare that the greatest country in the history of the human race failed because socialism had migrated too far and it was too late to stop before people finally woke up enough to stop the spread of that terrible cancer that hid behind the mask of organized labor, because nothing about the progressive movement adds up to a successful future for America.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Don’t Be STUPID: Vote all school levies down, and VOTE YES on ISSUE 2

Darryl Parks of 700 WLW had a marvelous show on Saturday, November 5, 2011 just before the election where he covered all the different aspects involved in passing school levies and whether or not the funding is actually needed at the levels public education is demanding. When talking about school funding it becomes quickly evident that school districts all over America, particularly in Ohio have no idea what they are doing and are not functioning from any laws of business sense that the rest of society lives under. In public education the tail wags the dog and the dog reacts to that movement. And that behavior reminds me of the kind of man Al Gore is, an out-of-touch, big government liberal. So Darryl ahead of the election was discussing all the reasons people are stupid if they vote for a school levy. I came on with Darryl at 21:30. In fact this segment is so good you should listen to the entire broadcast which is 1 hour 19 minutes, so grab a snack and prepare to listen to the whole thing.

In the very contentious year of 2000 when George W. Bush ran against Al Gore for the presidency and liberals for the next 8 years could not forget about how close the election actually was and accused Bush of “STEALING” the election, a more startling statistic jumps out at us. Al Gore had 84% of the nation’s college professors cast a vote for him as president. Only 9% voted for Bush. So if the nation was evenly split between Bush and Gore pretty much 50/50, then what segment of society are producing members of the “education class?”

This isn’t a question of Republican against Democrats, because to me there wasn’t much difference between Bush and Gore regarding political philosophy. Both were big government advocates, which drew the split of the country’s opinion. But it is the perception of what Gore stands for that put him over the top among the very liberal-minded members of the “Education Class.” And in the year 2000 those college professors were providing bachelor and master’s degrees to the teachers who are in our schools today. Some of those teachers have become administrators and even superintendents, and show the footprint of that learned liberalism in virtually everything they do.

When I first started looking in to the whole school funding problem a year ago and applied the same rules I have used on myself when dealing with budget issues the very first thing that jumped out at me were the wages. They were just too high for the amount and skill level of those employees. Lakota, my school system was trying to maintain a wage structure that had no regulation. The school board meets twice a month to manage a $250 million dollar budget and they are the only guard against excessive spending. When the superintendent of the school makes more than the governor of Ohio, you have a major problem in importance perception, and that distortion permeates all the ranks of the administration. To see how much superintendents make, read and watch the videos at these two articles.

If after listening to Darryl’s broadcast and watching the I-Team investigations on those two links, and reading all the information I’ve put down here for your convenience, and you still vote for a school levy, then you can’t be helped. I would simply write you off as a contributing member of society by classifying you as a derelict of thought. You were obviously instructed by the same kind of people who voted for Al Gore and you left your brain in college where it was offered to the Al Gore quest to rid the world of Man-Bear-Pig and his “super cereal” efforts to save us all portrayed wonderfully by the cartoon South Park.

Because only people who have fried all their brain cells in some hippie diatribe of drug induced infestation would vote for a school levy. Only a brain-dead, tie die, pot smoking, pony tail wearing, over-weight, thin-skinned, overly sensitive, pimple popping, Marxist, tweed jacketed, Greenpeace loving, fool would vote for a school levy. Only an Al Gore voting, Clinton apologist who looks at Barack Obama as the second coming, and could name all the contestants of Dancing with the Stars but would fall short of naming a single one of their state reps would vote for a school levy. Only a person who completely sucks as a parent, and tries to cover up that suckiness with money would vote for a school levy. Only a person who believes in Man-Bear-Pig would vote for a school levy. In short, if you vote for a school levy………….AT ALL………………………you are STUPID!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Because as Darryl and I discussed, in the real world costs are regulated daily. I could never sit down in front of the owners who hire me and tell them that their payroll would just increase in an uncontrolled fashion infinitely, without any control. If I told an owner of a business, “You must increase your sales, (REVENUE) to meet your payroll, my life as a manager would be over in about 1/10th of a second. What the owner hires a manager for is to maintain the profit margin while driving down the costs. I would personally use the 10-80-10 rule.

I talk about that rule in this article in case you don’t know what it is:

Public schools do nothing close to this. What happens is the union lobby pushes to get school board members elected who work against a sleepy public not paying attention. Those school board members provide almost no management of community resources. The union negotiates great benefits for their members which lowers the resistance to paying union dues so that money can be used to purchase political lobby power. And when the district needs more money, they simple pass another levy. And there are a whole set of manipulations that the union lobby has embedded in the community from their radical teachings provided by groups like the NEA which instructs them. TO SEE THE RECOMMENDED READING LIST OF THE NEA CLICK THIS LINK:

Some of those radical tactics are to cut busing, even though it’s a small cost of the whole budget. Cut electives because parents want those for their children. Cut sports, because many parents hope to obtain a scholarship to help pay for college. The union knows that by taking away what parents want, they can control the behavior of the parent. It’s done for the same reason that a parent might take away the favorite toy of their own child to control the behavior of the child. And for the residents of a community who don’t have kids in the district, the union lobby attacks them with guilt. “Can’t you pay the tax? Someone paid for your education, now you need to pay that back,” or sometimes outright vandalism. SEE SOME EXAMPLES HERE:

In fact with all the evidence provided here for your benefit, if you have not made use of it, and learned the game and how it’s played and you still vote for a levy, to feed this insane system that is out-of-control, then I would go so far to say that you are not only STUPID, but are in fact a DUMB ASS!

Sorry, I don’t mean to hurt your feelings. But you are. Anyone who votes to get rid of Issue 2, is also a DUMB ASS. It makes me weary to know that some of the air I have breathed into my lungs may have been exhaled from yours. It makes me weary because the same disease that has eaten your brain may enter my blood stream and infect me with the same slow-growing illness. I feel sorry for the children of these stupid people because they will also grow up and become stupid, and that is unfortunate. And when these stupid people are senior citizens, God forbid the imposition they will become on society. Can you imagine a stupid person who doesn’t even have the intelligence to care for themselves when they’ve lost their physical characteristics and muscle mass is a thing of the past? Will they just sit on a couch and hope Man-Bear-Pig will drop food in their mouths? Will they hope their children will care for them, because they won’t have the ability, because they too will be too stupid to move?

This election is about a lot more than just votes cast. It’s a measure against how stupid we have really become as a society, and the results will show us if we’ve already went beyond the point of no-return.

I know I’ve put the information out there, so I feel OK about it. But I worry as I look at some of my friends and neighbors who appear to be no different from a Zombie from some horror film, as the drool falls out of the corner of their mouth, as they say they will support a school levy. Such people are a menace to society and are ills to the future of the human race, and that in its essence is what this election in Ohio represents.

So, one last time, DON’T BE STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vote every single school levy down. Every ONE!!!! And vote to keep Issue 2. And teachers, firefighters and police who have less than 5 years on the job, you better Vote YES on ISSUE 2. Don’t listen to your union buddies on the force. Because when the layoffs come, you’ll be the first to go. If Issue 2 holds and we can engage in merit based pay, management will be able to keep you, the young employee, and let go of that fat-ass superior of yours who is just milking the system. YEAH, you know who they are, and so do I. So for your own protection, make sure you VOTE YES on ISSUE 2. Once you get in the voting booth, those slugs will never know, so you’ll be safe. If you don’t do that and you find yourself on the unemployment line in February it can be for only one reason YOU ARE…………………………….Well, you know the rest!

For the answer to everything click the link below!

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

“The Tea Party is Racist”: But they like Herman Cain, how can they be both?

The comments from the actor Morgan Freeman over this last weekend citing that the Tea Party are racists and have a sole purpose in removing President Obama from office because he’s black proves how little so many people who vote truly know. Click this HOTLINK to see a recent article of mine where I play the video from Freeman. Without extrapolating further the authority by which any value in Freeman’s opinion dictates, let me just say, Morgan Freeman is looking for a convenient outlet for his lack of understanding.

Herman Cain is my pick of the Republicans so far running for the 2012 election and I think he’s black. I didn’t consider his skin color until Morgan Freeman made me think of it. As I watched the Freeman interview I said to the TV, “Hey, wait. That’s not true, Herman Cain is black. The Tea Party is trying to replace a black progressive with a black conservative. It has nothing to do with the word, ‘blackness.’” It’s more like replacing someone who can’t do the job with someone who can.
I like Cain because he has more experience than our current president and he seems to understand the concept of limited government. Virtually everyone agrees that our tax system need reforming, including President Obama, and Cain has a plan. It’s called the ‘9-9-9’ tax plan. Check it out!

Saturday Night Live did a skit involving Herman Cain as an “unelectable” candidate. They also made fun of the fact that Cain was the CEO of Godfather Pizza, as if that “small” amount of experience did not qualify Cain for the Presidency. As I watched and considered the two weekend comments together I could not help but conclude that the “Progressive Machine” was functioning with full steam applied. Many in the media are afraid of Cain, because he is a black man, and he’s articulate, quite intelligent and he has a plan to straighten out an actual chaotic situation of government with solutions. That makes Progressives nervous because they need chaos to survive.

President Obama had virtually no experience at doing anything when he ran for President. Herman Cain has actually had success as the head of a company. The implication is that because it’s a pizza company, somehow the effort contains less merit. The media considers “community organizing” much more valuable, apparently.

I was happy to see that Herman Cain won the Florida Straw Pole. The reason for these debates is to show who the strong candidates truly are over time, and Cain is emerging as one of the stronger candidates even though the orthodox media and political machines wish those candidates to be Mitt Romney or Rick Perry. You see, the static patterns of society know what to do with people like Perry and Romney, and the media has already decided they will not allow Ron Paul a seat at the table even though Paul is a fantastic candidate. But Herman Cain is fresh, and Presidential. And he’s a black man. The only knock against Cain (according to the media) is that he’s a conservative.

What would the Progressive Community do if Herman Cain turned out to be the Republican Nominee? They would not be able to say that conservatives are racist because they nominated a black man. And the Tea Party likes Herman Cain. So how could the Tea Party be racist yet at the same time support Herman Cain?

Herman Cain proves the hypocrisy of our modern society. I don’t care what color Herman Cain’s skin is. I really didn’t think much about it. I simply thought Cain was the best of the offered candidates. I have heard that many people would support Herman Cain but are afraid to because he’s “unelectable.” What does that mean?

There is a belief that if the media will not endorse a candidate, that a person running for the Presidency cannot become President. So even though people may think Herman Cain is the best guy for the job, somehow the good people of the United States must settle for someone like Mitt Romney because the media will support them. It would seem the media has too much power and have themselves become a corrupt nobility who view their role on the world stage as reformers, not reporters.

The media does not create policy, even though they did create President Obama, the empty promises behind their strategy is immediately evident in the collective media’s utopian naïveté, because Obama is lost when it comes to any kind of management. Obama’s economic plan is one concocted by a small army of fools displaying an unprecedented ignorance and evidence that America’s education system is a failed institution—because it produced these fools.

Herman Cain’s ‘9-9-9’ plan will raise about $1.768 trillion in raw tax revenue and economic growth using numbers similar to the Obama Administration’s own estimates, will bring in an additional $1.4 trillion more creating $2.17 trillion which matches the $2.16 trillion in tax revenues collected this year, and it takes away all the corruption and lost money that thrives like a virus in the chaos of our current progressive tax system.

That’s a much better system than President Obama’s plan of taxing the social minority of 235,000 millionaires and billionaires, (you know, people like Obama) that already pay 40% of all Federal taxes. Obama seems to leave all the trouble of the current tax code on the shoulders of the “rich,” such as the fact that the bottom 50% of all wage owners pays just 3% toward taxes. And about 47% of all American households pay no federal income tax at all. Those are the Obama supporters. Of course they will endorse a candidate that will steal money on their behalf…..and it’s legal. “Go after the rich Mr. Obama and loot us some of that Obama money!”

Cain’s plan makes taxes fair for everyone, and it just makes sense. It solves a problem that progressives created, and this is why the progressives will not support Herman Cain even if he is a black man. Because the issue is not about the color a man’s skin, the color is just a deterrent from the real issue which is that progressives need chaos so they can have excuses to expand government even more and with each encroachment for American society to become less free.

The agenda is not to have a black president, but to use the guilt of racism to advance a political philosophy supported by the intellectual elite, which make up the media.

For myself, I will support Herman Cain to the ends of the Earth because I believe in the man, and I think he has the best plan I’ve heard for reforming the tax code and starting the country on the right course. And I believe Herman Cain will support American’s more than Agenda 21 and that makes him the ideal guy in my book to take America to the next plateau of greatness which it deserves after a waltz with the demons of discontent. (CLICK HERE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT AGENDA 21 IS)

Clearly we are two America’s and a confrontation is inevitable. Hopefully, that confrontation will stay at the ballot box. That’s why I will be voting for Herman Cain in 2012.

For the answer to everything, CLICK THIS LINK:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Answer is “C”: Who runs society the engine or the boxcar?

In this article, which may seem long, but if you take the time to read and watch the videos here, I will promise you a new level of wisdom gained that will give you insight into a world that was once invisible to most of the population. Better than all that, I will tell you why. But for some reference you might want to refer to my articles on Static Intellectualism and patterns by clicking on this hot link.

To provide testimony for everything you will read and see in this article I would like to present to you a simple game called, “The Answer is C,” presented by Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. Listen to this short little contest and study the questions and answers by the public.

The lesson to that game is that the participants, 3 out of 5 were completely unable to see beyond the Static Patterns of what they understood a multiple choice test to be. When the callers were waiting on the line to go on the air they were focused on the hope that they would be able to understand the question and provide an answer so that they could win a gift card to Frisch’s restaurant. What the listeners didn’t consider, because their static patterns would not allow them to see it, was that Doc Thompson told them the answer ahead of time. In fact Doc told the callers the answer at least 20 or more times in that short 6 minute broadcast. The answer to the questions is even in the title of the game! Yet 3 out of 5 people missed the question even when given the answer. WHY? And what does it have to do with our current political trouble? Well everything.

In our fundamental education at public school, our first real experience outside of our parent’s homes, progressive philosophy imported from Europe has taken over the essence of that education, because the Victorians of progressivism marketed those values into curriculums at all levels. The traditions of our daily habits and lives still come from our parents, but our social values are largely shaped by our experience in public education, so in creating a static pattern for all human beings, if the progressive mentality wished to become accepted, it had to do so through education, which is why to this day so many who work in education are considered leftists, democrats, progressives and unionized radicals. It is because the people drawn to that field of endeavor, education, found that to advance in the static patterns of that culture they had to adopt those progressive ideas. This created a large group of teachers at all levels who tend to be progressive thinking people whom every child in America is then exposed to as a competing social idea in shaping the static patterns of the child.

This has created the trouble of young people being liberal leaning when they first leave school. It is after those children live life for a few years and raise a family of their own that they begin to see the error of progressive/liberal thought. Young people are attracted to characters like Van Jones and the kind of speeches people like him make at the below progressive conference. Government dependence is an attractive concept to young people who are uncertain about their ability to compete in a very competitive world.

Progressivism is attractive to the down-and-out also. The illegal immigrant, the welfare recipient, the unhealthy, all are the types who are drawn to the Van Jones message. After all, by looking at the receipt to the right which was found in a Menominee, Michigan grocery store parking lot you will see why. For the non-competitive, life under government security allows them to purchase lobster and steak with food stamps while the competitive fund it. The error of what Van Jones preaches is that the system only works so long as there are competitive people out there willing to produce. I shudder to consider what would happen if the truly innovative, and hard-working decided to do as the characters of Atlas Shrugged did in that classic novel, and that’s stop working just as those people who are collecting food stamps are doing. Progressivism fails when everyone in society just gives up trying. Progressives fail to understand that someone has to be the engine, the producer, the driver. Progressives are simply cars that are drug behind the train engine and the more cars there are just carrying passengers, the harder it is for the rest of the train to pull.

When Van Jones talks about the success of Germany and China taking care of their people what he fails to mention is that China is not exactly a free country. They do not share the same values as the United States. You are not even allowed to have more than one child per family, let alone decide all other aspects of their life. And Germany is just now recovering from the fall of the Berlin Wall where the West was finally able to merge with the Soviet controlled East. Once capitalism was able to work in Germany their country began to produce again. In China it was when Hong Kong was transferred back to China from the Capitalist tendencies of England in the year 2000. Back then there was a lot of fear as to what would happen to Hong Kong under Chinese rule. Would China bring down Hong Kong into a communist province or would the communists attempt to accept Hong Kong and the great economy that was flourishing there? China decided to adapt, reluctantly, and their economy is flourishing.

But Van Jones won’t tell anybody that, and nobody bothers to ask the question, because just like in the game that Doc Thompson put on, where he even gave the answer at the start of the question, the callers still got the answer wrong. The same types of people are at those progressive events. The goal of progressive public education is to make competition less attractive, except in sports which are used to fund the whole enterprise. But for the regular student, competition is being frowned down upon. Progressives have always known that by eliminating the competitive tendencies in a child, who will grow up into an adult and accept their philosophy, that stifling personal ambition was the focus all along, but ambition toward altruistic goals are greatly rewarded. Thus the static patterns of modern society have been shaped, and even when proof that the choices people have made are wrong, they generally cannot see why, for the same reason that people answered the questions wrong in Doc’s game.

But not everyone is falling for it. More and more young people are leaning in the direction of conservatism. I would say that in social representation, they are the 2 out of 5 who answered right. These people have the ability to see that there are serious errors to the social patterns that have formed around them and they are beginning to emerge, which was the topic of a recent discussion on GBTV.

Another young person who has emerged out of this public education static pattern of progressivism is the radio personality Matt Clark who is a freak of nature. He is way ahead of the curve at his young age. He is the type of person who would have gotten all Docs’ questions right immediately. He’d be the first to say, “Why are you asking me this question, Doc, because you already gave me the answer?”

This is the terrible condition people like Matt will always suffer from. Matt is a smart young man, but so are people who are progressives. I would venture to say that George Soros is smart, after all he’s a billionaire so he did something right. Van Jones is smart. Barack Obama is probably smart taken one on one. But all those people are suffering from a failed understanding built within their static patterns. Their failure comes from their education to begin with. So it’s not a matter of intelligence. I know a lot of smart people who are really, socially stupid. Some of them suffer from having traditional parents and a stable household, but try desperately to merge those values with the values they learned in public education and college and what happens is a mess of personal ideology which prevents them from seeing the obvious, because their static patterns are fundamentally broken.

Matt Clark however managed to come out of college recently much like the young people on GBTV, and they are fully aware of what is wrong and can see it clearly even if the rest of the world can’t. Even without a life of experience behind Matt, he can see the error of what Nancy Pelosi’s progressive philosophy is advocating, even though Nancy seems oblivious to her hypocrisy even as she says it.

If you’ll remember back to Doc’s contest, 2 out of 5 callers got the answer right. Well, if you think about it, that same ratio seems to be evident in the nation as a whole. The country leans slightly to the right of center. The people right of center to varying degrees are aware that something is wrong with progressives. The one’s who are close to the center know it, but can’t articulate it. But the further to the right that you get, the more obvious it is. Somewhere out there to the firm right is the libertarian who wants very little government at all, because they simply don’t trust government to do anything right.

This isn’t so much a question of does those on the left have a right to exist or not. People are free to believe whatever they want to believe. But when policy is formed to reflect one point of view over another point of view and the security of maintaining that philosophy requires the looting of everyone to maintain the philosophy of that one side, a big problem emerges. And that is what we have found has happened with the progressive leaning public sector service jobs we’ve created in our American culture.

The trouble here is that many police and firefighters seem to lean in a conservative direction politically, unlike teachers who overwhelmingly are liberal, yet all fall under the category of public service and are all guilty of the kind of explosive growth shown by Nick Gillespie from Reason Magazine.

All states must find a way to deal with this terrible situation. In Ohio the discrepancy of public workers versus private workers is 43.4% in favor of the public workers! Yet strangely people can’t see the answer even though it’s clearly spelled out. Just like Doc’s game, 3 people out of 5 still got the answer wrong, and in this case with public unions, the idea of a union is a progressive position which has been embedded in our culture through education. And when the static pattern of those beliefs are challenged, as they are in Ohio with Issue 2, the public unions even though they are politically represented by conservatives and liberals, all unite under the static pattern of union radicalism to protect the advancements their progressive unions have imposed on society for decades. Ohio passed a law to help close the gap in that huge disparity between public and private workers because after all the burden of paying for everything in the progressive platform requires the private citizen to carry the entire burden of an enterprise. The whole of any public sector position rests on the shoulders of private enterprise, and the same is true for government itself. Yet progressives routinely forget this and believe that they exist as an entity all their own. So police, fireman, and teachers all pulled together to collect 1.3 million signatures to repeal the bill passed by Governor John Kasich to close the disparity gap and make Ohio more economically attractive to outside investment and prospective homeowners (tax payers). Because of the repeal attempt by the unions, Ohio must vote to keep the bill known as Issue 2.

The solution is very easy for those of us who can see, just like many people listening to that broadcast with Doc Thompson were shouting at their speaker saying, “HE’S TELLING YOU THE ANSWER IN THE TITLE!!!!!!” Yet there are others, who are stuck in a learned static pattern who make up the progressive labor unions, which transcends political ideology in this case and have turned into a radical group who are insisting that the answer to our public problem still rest in some progressive solution when it is the progressive platform that has created our trouble to begin with. The equivalent to this would be one of the people in Doc Thompson’s broadcast insisting that the answer to the game was in fact A, B or D, anything but C, when the only correct answer is C.

And that’s the real problem. Progressive thought has devastated our country and 2 out of 5 people are seeing it. Those 2 people are beginning to make up the new group called the Tea Party, they are part of the 2 to 3 million people who make up the Glenn Beck audience, listen to talk radio, and read articles like my 500 readers a day here. They know something is wrong, and like Matt Clark, and the kids on GBTV are starting to look for ways to solve the complicated problem and they are doing it without of any hostility toward progressives. They just want to solve the problem.
But now we see what the real agenda has always been among progressives. Now that progressives see those 2 out of 5 people are starting to question them, the unions are seeking to use the other 3 to form an army to force the 2 to comply with their view of the answer even if their answer is wrong.

That’s where this situation has become out of control. Now that some of us are trying to fix the problem we are learning why progressives want unions to begin with, to not only fund political endeavors, but to use them as a civilian ground force. I think the young, and forward thinking Matt Clark has the situation nailed in this broadcast where he plays clips of the current leaders of progressive politics who are actually saying as much. Matt takes the situation and plays it a bit over-the-top, but I think it deserves to be.

It wouldn’t be the first time a political uprising formed under the nose of a current culture. Such things take place over a long period of time and do not happen quickly, and anyone who has studied the Art of War by Sun Tzu, which I have, understand that the most desirable way to conquer a country is without firing a shot is by using the “subtle” to overtake a culture. In this case it was the infusion of progressive politics almost a century ago which has led to a confused society that on one hand thinks it’s fighting for traditional American rights, like many of the cops and firefighters believe they are doing, but find themselves simply foot soldiers in a civilian army designed to topple American Capitalism. The way you perform the invasion is from within the country, not with planes, tanks and nuclear weapons. You do it while the passive citizens, trained under your progressive institutions paid for with progressive taxes, wave flags of peace in the air and greet those progressive invaders with open arms and perhaps even a place in their beds. Those young students so unsure of themselves won’t believe that the answer is “C” even if you tell them the answer until life proves to them that everything they believe is wrong, and over the course of their lives from age 20 to 50 they finally learn how wrong they were. They finally find out that being conservative was the way they should have always been, because traditional values worked in the past and they will always work in the future.

I can say it now because by the time this hits the net, my wife would have already given the present to my sister who is about to have baby twins. My wife has made a blanket for every baby that is born in our family. She’s done that for 20 years, and these twins are just the most recent. These blankets are unlike anything you could ever buy at a store, and they are intended to provide a sense of security for the young child as they form those crucial static patterns of their lives. It is the static patterns of life that people form their beliefs around and a blanket of security made with love from a treasured family member is extremely important to the life of any child. But when progressives started to attack those traditional values by undermining the family unit to be replaced by progressive education which created an unstable static pattern for these young children to grow up confused and pulled in a thousand different ways only to learn in their 50’s that the whole process was a mess and needs to be reformed completely from the ground up. That rebirth needs to be built upon the static pattern of American Tradition, which is a topic of its own. Click here to see a sample.

But the focus of this all along has been to weaken the United States with progressivism and to use its own people as the army. The recruits of this army are those 3 out of 5 who simply can’t see the truth even when you place it right in front of their face. You can spell it out for them implicitly, but they still won’t see, because their static patterns are wrong to begin with, so they cannot see it even if they tried.

The work rests on the 2 out of 5 to do all the work anyway. They must carry the whole burden of this failed philosophy called progressivism and replace it with what worked before progressives brought their nonsense to the whimsical Victorians of early New York City, to culturally launch the nation into a static pattern of degradation much to the pleasure of our enemies.

And yes dear reader, the United States has enemies. It has since the beginning. The War of 1812 was England’s last attempt to recapture its colony; for fear that the young nation would leave it behind, which it did, in just one short century. And that growth exploded upon the world scene and brought freedom to the far corners of the world, until progressives stopped that growth with litigation, unions, and social reforms centered on civil rights.

It wasn’t the progressives who initiated the civil rights movement, it was the American Transcendentalists, and I’m thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson specifically. Progressives did what they always do, and that is to loot the idea from those who created the idea to begin with proving that the all-American novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand should be required reading for every single child in grade school because it is a work more important than any literary work produced in America since its inception. Because Atlas Shrugged provides the blueprint on how to live in an America free of progressivism and it shows what life would and should be like in absence of that philosophical disease called the progressive.

This entire essay is a sincere hope on my part to share with you, the reader a world that should be obvious. To those who already know that the answer to Doc Thompson’s questions is in fact, “C” thank you for bearing with the length of this article, for it will only confirm what you already know. But to those of you that don’t know that the answer is “C” but instead is “A,” “B,” or “D,” I hope you just learned something that can help you to not be such a drag on the rest of society, and to join the rest of us who are trying to make the whole thing work well into the future.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Attack Watch: Brought to you by Dictator Obama

One of the great things about Glenn Beck is that he’s spent the money he’s made off his books, his subscriptions, and his shows and reinvested it back into the message he’s been committed to. You won’t find Glenn Beck running around with some stripper in a New York hotel, or find that he has used any of his money to abuse anybody in society. Regardless of whatever mistakes he may have made in the past, I sincerely believe the person he is today is a good person who just wants the truth, the same as me, and millions of other Americans who simply don’t like the progressive direction of our country.

When Glenn Beck launched his new GBTV network I wasn’t sure what to make of it. So far what I’ve seen I like a lot. I am very impressed with the $20 million dollar set he built, and better yet, he has no boss, no middleman to steer his topics into the “collective” direction of an editor or even a network owner. Glenn Beck is the owner and he has used his success to purchase his freedom from the grid of politics and he is truly free in a way that few people ever achieve to function authentically, and to use his gift of insight for all it’s worth.

A sign that Beck is achieving that success can be seen in President Obama’s new Attack Watch website, which I find disgusting, but also revealing, for it shows just how juvenile politicians as high-ranking as The President of the United States truly is. Listen to Beck discuss it from the set of his new show, totally free of any editorial censoring, which I believe has triggered this move by the president and his staff.

After I saw this episode with Beck I checked out the website for myself and the very first thing that came to my mind was the way that East Berlin used to engage in similar propaganda to prevent its people from trying to escape over into West Berlin. Obama is actively looking for dissidents to his administration so those dissidents can be targeted. Of course people like Beck will be targeted, but as I read the intent of that website it became clear that the goal of Attack Watch wasn’t so much after Glenn Beck, but it’s intended to target people like me and the material I publish on this site, which I stand behind proudly. But the nature of this type of information set my blood into a boil, so I contacted Attack Watch and turned myself in with the note shown below, which is the exact text that I sent to Barack Obama and his minions running Attack Watch.

Dear Attack Watch:

I will have to report myself. I am embarrassed at this administration and his support of public unionized labor. And he has put himself on the front line of Ohio’s Issue 2 and is very responsible for his own attacks and false information. The fact that he supports this site says everything about the guy.


Shortly after I did this I heard that Doc Thompson was covering this very issue on 700 WLW so I called in at about the 11 minute mark and confessed what I had done, that I had turned myself into Attack Watch. Doc and I had some fun at the expense of the President over his Jobs Bill and this tyrannical Attack Watch website, which the President deserves. CLICK TO LISTEN:

The parody that Doc and I were talking about can be seen in it’s entirety below. I am proud to see it produced but sad that the humor of it isn’t too far off from reality. For it is an accurate representation of the mentality of this President. This isn’t a new tactic by would-be-dictators. The Gestapo similarities are undeniable. If the President and his staff wanted to confirm everything “crazy” that critics like Beck have said about him, he just confirmed it with that website.

I would recommend that everyone take the opportunity to turn themselves in to our own American Gestapo by dropping a comment into Attack Watch and let them know what you think about a President who spends an enormous amount of money on theory, big labor support, and massively expanded government built with a theory of altruism that is naïve in its foundations, yet is sold to America with the same fast talking nonsense that we might see from a used car salesman. If I thought the Obama Presidency was a joke before the advent of Attack Watch, I am more convinced of it now than ever. If such a thing had been around during the Bush administration, the progressives would have taken Bush out of office with a posse and a rope. Yet Obama supporters write him a blank check on intelligence, of which they have all shown to be bankrupt, and not worth the paper the check is printed upon. Because this whole experiment has nothing to do with race or even party, it’s all about a massive progressive who believes just like the charismatic tyrant that if you “LOVE” him you’ll vote for anything he says. Well, only a fool does that, and I suspect that anyone who isn’t a fool will end up on the Attack Watch list at some point in time, because this is not the action of a President of a free country. This is the actions of a dictator, and that is the harsh reality.

Now, to make it simple for all those silly people who are willing to feed the Gestapo Dictator of Attack Watch information about me, which I have no doubt will happen, I have listed links to a small sample of the dozens and dozens of articles I have written about this President whom I do not believe is qualified to manage a McDonald’s, let alone a country.  The evidence speaks for itself.

Enjoy……………….and there’s a lot more where that came from. 

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Bullwhips and Ohio’s Issue 2: “Those forefathers from the ’70’s?'” LOL

Using a bullwhip to demonstrate the benefits of Issue 2, in Ohio makes perfect sense to me. To many progressive minded people a bullwhip represents abuse, slavery, or S&M. But to me, a bullwhip is one of the rarest items of efficiency ever created. It’s a simple weapon that by calculus standards is quite complex. The function of a bullwhip is such that a focused effort applied at the handle of say 10 to 15 mph of thrust becomes over 750 mph of force within 6 feet of the application. For the crack you hear coming from a whip it is nothing less than the sound barrier being broken. Thus, the crack of a whip is a “sonic boom.” That “boom” was created with a small amount of force of which the tapered design of the whip magnifies the applied force into devastating effectiveness. To become so good with a whip that you can capture that energy and project it into a focused point in space is a grand achievement, so to put out a candle with a bullwhip is extremely rare. I only know of a handful of people in the entire world who can do it.

So when I want to demonstrate precision, power, effectiveness, management of resources, I often use the whip. I’ve used my bullwhips to explain to businesses how to function more efficiently, so it only makes sense to me to use a bullwhip to explain how Issue 2 can be effective in controlling the costs of communities all over Ohio. And I do it by showing that Issue 2 will allow communities to “target” their costs specifically, just as I do by targeting the flame of a candle, putting that flame out without disrupting the content of the candle. In this case it is the wax that makes up the candle and it is the flame that consumes it. If I want to save the candle from consumption by the flame, I must blow out the candle. Putting the candle out with at whip demonstrates how incredible force can be applied “precisely” without harming the rest of the candle. So the political metaphor is appropriate. See for yourself.

Who are the flames in society, the “public employees” who consume the “system?” What flames would I target with Issue 2? Well, what comes to my mind immediately is a situation we had at Lakota where a teacher Ryan Farhenkemp just plead guilty to taking inappropriate pictures of a young student while on an out-of-town field trip. That teacher had a serious case of pedophilia, where he desired sex with children, boys specifically, and should have never been allowed to teach. Because the teachers union is so radical, they prevented a proper investigation into this behavior, and did not allow any management to even investigate the matter, until it’s too late. Read more about this situation here:

Just one school district over in Mason another teacher was having sex with the football team, while her boss, the assistant principal was sending pictures of his penis to the teacher’s phone. Many people, including the Superintendent knew that things were not all well and good among his staff, but the teachers union has made investigations into this kind of business nearly impossible, so the bad teachers out there, “and there are many” are allowed to continue on with bad behavior because they are “protected” by a union. Issue 2 will allow performance based evaluations which will help root out this kind of trouble by “allowing” the discussion to initially take place, where now it doesn’t happen at all, because legally, it can’t. Read more about the Mason situation here:

And to understand how out-of-control the union contracts are, listen to Scott Sloan of 700 WLW read the Lakota Teachers Contract, the more complex something is, the more money it costs. The Lakota contract is not unique, but is pretty standard all over Ohio.

In addition to the lucrative teaching contracts the practice of double-dipping among retired teachers, firefighters, police officers, and school superintendents is so rampant that the projected cost of this abuse is almost unfathomable. It’s a real, significant problem which actually burns our community candle at both ends. In fact I wrote an entire article on just that problem here. Listen to the broadcast there done by an I-Team investigation of which I played a part. The numbers will stun you:

Those are examples of the kinds of “targets” that we as taxpayers must remove from our public employee system to control the out-of-control tax increases that are coming at us. Only in a community do we know what our problems are, and our school boards, city councils, and trustees are there to represent our interests. But often if you go to a community meeting, you will find that even if you speak, those elected representatives won’t listen to you, because the deals are already solidified in the chaos of Columbus. It is the union lobby power that has twisted the arms of legislators and passed legislation like the “double-dipping” provision while the tax payers were busy “working” those lobbyists and politicians, all paid for by us, were having lunch together in Columbus and writing laws to enrich themselves in the chaos they initiated.

I have written a lot about S.B.5, ISSUE 2 specifically. To read what that law does for you, read this article on it:

But the video below will give you a basic understanding:

Those who are in favor of Issue 2 could provide fact after fact, after fact on why it’s a great law. Basically we have a system that is currently in chaos, and there are a lot of people working in the public sector who fully intend to enrich themselves in the midst of that chaos. What you will find is that those groups who wish to take advantage of that chaos against the tax payer will attempt to divert the attention away from the details of an argument to an emotional one. In recent radio broadcasts we have begun to call this the Wookie Defense. Click here to read all about it:

You can see supporters of Issue 2 pick apart the recent “Firefighter” ad put out by We Are Ohio here, which will demonstrate unequivocally just how the system is flawed. If these guys won’t tell the truth about things right out in the open, what will they lie about behind closed doors? The answer to that is why things in government cost so much money, and why Issue 2 is so important. The savings doesn’t come from a literal figure on paper. It comes from decentralization in Columbus so people like me can help manage the costs in our communities, where they should be negotiated.

Now, this next video which was put out by a bunch of Firefighters working with a local school is using the same tactics that most public employees use to pass new levies, shows the kind of game they want to play. Now, when I saw this video I laughed hard for a long time. In fact my stomach still hurts almost 24 hours later from laughing at it. It’s not that the people in the video did a bad job. Actually, I think it’s a good effort at a dance routine. What I laughed so hard at is the level of manipulation they are employing in plain sight. They are basically expecting the voter to vote against Issue 2 because they can dance, and that is hilarious.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stomach hurts again………………………………………………hold on…………Ok. How are the communities going to be weakened if we give the communities more power to handle their costs? Instead of the fire chief talking to his union people and then the union lobby going to Columbus to create a new law that then comes back to our community as an unfunded mandate, how about that fire chief talk to the people in the community about their staffing levels, their pay, and their equipment. That seems like it would create a stronger relationship, not a weaker one. If taxes needed to be increased, then the community could decide, but as it is now, the tax increases are “dictated” by the state through chaotic legislation, which is just how the union likes it. You see these emotional types won’t deal with facts they’ll instead rely on emotion to convince you to throw money at them.

However, in this next video the firefighters attempt to “look” like they are dealing with facts by letting you listen in on one of their picnics. I laughed hard at this one too but for an entirely different reason. In fact, this has been a running joke among my wife and me now for an entire day. We will probably make fun of this one for years to come.

Oh my goodness! “Our forefathers and firefighters tried to do back in the 70’s?” Thanks for that, Joe. In case you missed it that remark is at the 7:45 mark. Dude, the history of Ohio goes back a lot further than the 70’s! Also, hey, Joe you must not have met the mayor of Toledo. He’s for Issue 2. You should get out more, you’d meet more people than a bunch of bobble heads waiting for you to tell them what to think.



Here’s what’s going on here. The unions are using firefighters because they along with police are supposed to represent authority, and especially in light of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 these union leaders will show that they will absolutely stop at nothing to manipulate the tax payer with emotion and fear. The public is not supposed to question these people, because they have authority over us. Now this video disgusts me, because they are using some “slick” production values to attempt to completely manipulate the public. By allowing the viewer to sit down with those in authority as though it was a privilege, they hope to lure the viewer into a feeling of “entitled” information. It’s simply a variation on Saul Alisnsky’s Delphi Technique. But here’s the trouble, none of the people speaking in this video are speaking about any facts. They are simply speaking about what they fear, which is no more justified than people telling Christopher Columbus that if he sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean, that he’d fall off the side of the Earth. Its fear based on absolutely no foundation.

The next question that arises from this is, even these “honest” firefighters are not willing to address the facts, and instead peck around the parameters of truth, relying on manipulation instead of out-right presentation, then what are they hiding? Well, I published the wage rates of the police and firefighters from my community in the below article. It’s pretty standard stuff all over Ohio. As you will see, they are making very good livings, and as I’ve said before, if the public thinks that level of income is acceptable then fine. But my inclination is that these public workers are very aware that they are making approximately 30% more than the people who are paying their salaries, and they’d rather keep that bit of information out of the discussion, out of fear that the public might turn on them and actually question their actual value. See my article on what these guys make in my community: (the spreadsheet with all the costs is toward the bottom)

I have been in management for a while now so I understand this issue from many angles. I’ve worked at all levels of a company, and I have dealt with unions. I’ve been in actual fights in parking lots with shop stewards so I know the mentality of these people. Taken individually, most people are good citizens who just want to do the right thing. I once worked with a guy who was a major union supporter yet had a fascination with airplanes and considered himself very patriotic. I thought of him when I heard Joe speak in the above video. He used to say to me, “You are building those units too fast. You have a rate of 120%. You are making us look bad.”

I’d say to him, “You make yourself look bad by holding back. We have a contract deadline and you are jeopardizing it by not filling the production requirements. You could build at least three times faster than you are, but you and your friends won’t do it. So I’m picking up the slack so we don’t miss our deadline.”

“Kid, this whole union thing doesn’t work if we don’t stick together. It takes all of us, in solidarity.”

I’d smile at him, because he knew what my reaction would be. We got along in a friendly way because we both shared a love of airplanes even if we differed politically. “Now why would I want to do that when I can work extra overtime, make more money, by doing the work you and your fat ass friends won’t do?”

He’d chuckle and say, “You know back when we walked the picket line we’d call you a SCAB. In fact, I’d tell you that behind your back, they’re calling you a SCAB around here because you are up the ass of management.”

At this point I would turn down the radio and lay down my wrenches and all the guys working nearby would stop to see if a fight were about to break out. “Dude, to me a SCAB is something that heels a wound. When your body is cut open, you better pray a SCAB forms to heal it. If I am a considered a SCAB around here, because I like this company from head to toe, I like the people in management, and I like the people on the paint line, then that’s a compliment. I like them all to some extent, and I’m not picking sides to suit the needs of your unions political position, which I adamantly disagree with. If I’m a SCAB it’s because I’m here to heal all the wounds you union fools inflict upon yourselves with your adversarial relationship with management in an attempt to bleed the company dry in order to garner more money for yourselves.”

He’d put his hands up defensively as the union stewards would come in closer for a listen. “Hey, I’m just trying to help you out. They (management) will use you against us, to break down our solidarity, brother.”

“I’m not your brother or any of you other guys. I’m here to make a living for my family, and if you idiots want to produce at a 40% efficiency rating, I’ll do my work and your work and take your money in overtime so I can take my wife to nice movie, or out to dinner. It’s your loss.”

Then the union steward would step in. He was a guy who clearly didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. So confrontation was inevitable. “You jeopardize everything we stand for.”

“Then you are standing for the wrong things.”

“You are too young to know what you are talking about. We worked hard for every right the people in this company have. You are ignorant, you have no idea. Someday you’ll want us, and we won’t be there for you, because you wouldn’t stand with us, and by then we will have collapsed.”

“Is that the kind of talk you use to get your wife to sleep with you? Because you’re wrong, this contract must be met. If you make yourselves a pain in the ass to the customer, they won’t give you another one, and you’ll be out of a job and all your union bullshit won’t mean anything then. “

At this point the union steward waved me off and said, “Forget it guys. He’s a puppet for management. He’ll never stand with us.” The crowd broke up and went back to work. For that day, all the workers improved their efficiency by about 15% points on average. Then the production values fell the next day back to what they were.

I made about 80K that year in overtime opportunities, picking up the slack of the union work force. The contracts did fall behind, but I made decent money for a while. The confrontations did get more violent after that, but that wasn’t a big deal. Management took my side in the injuries to the employees because they saw that I was trying to help them. But with all my effort, I couldn’t prevent the company from going out of business when the salesmen told me that nobody wanted to give our company a contract because they didn’t want to deal with our delivery times, and our union work force. So once the contracts were fulfilled, the work dried up and the company was sold within two years of that discussion.

The public unions are at that point. They have negotiated themselves out of value. Their services are too costly taken collectively, and they have built a system where much abuse is taking place, such as the double-dipping issues. If they were a private business, they’d be going out of business. But these are public employees, and we need those services. We need teachers, we need firefighters, and we need police, and we will have them regardless of Issue 2 or not. We will have strong communities too. But we won’t be used and abused as tax payers by greedy unions who force upon us a system that is rampant with undisciplined spoils. Ohio is at a point where we must have the ability to remove with surgical precision the trouble areas, and no politician in Columbus can do that. Only the members of the community know where the real trouble is, and Issue 2 gives our communities the tools to remove those trouble spots that are both costly financially, but also ethically.

Issue 2 will change things for the public unions. It will force them to deal with the tax payer more evenly. But this notion that Joe has…..that firefighter who thinks our forefathers are from the 70’s….. that Issue 2 will take away his “seat at the table” he is just sadly mistaken.Issue 2 puts the tax payer at the table equally with the unions, because right now, the only people at the table are the unions and their friends, the people we elect, yet they control, because of how the law was before Issue 2. The public is outside the door and when we ask to come in we get some stupid dance like you saw above. And when we ask what’s going on, we get the Wookie Defense and many of us are tired of it. Issue 2 brings everyone to the table equally, and that is what the public unions are afraid of, because once we get there, we’re going to find out just how much they’ve been screwing management, (ALL OF US). And they know that we will be mad when we find out. That’s what they are really scared of in regard to Issue 2. That is a wrath they aren’t prepared to deal with.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Barbarians at the Gate: The Hypocrisy of Progressives

“Barbarians at the gate!” Shew, that’s what the Vice President of the United States of America thinks about people like me, and Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. In fact, those barbarians seem to be all those radical people who make up the Tea Party. Those crazy Tea Party people like Sarah Palin when she was heavily criticized for using “targets” on her website regarding congressional races. It was people like the VP who proclaimed that we all return to a level of “civility” and drop the war mongering rhetoric in favor of a peaceful exchange of ideas. Well, that sounded fine till over Labor Day Weekend 2011 the VP and union leaders like James Hoffa declared war with the Tea Party. (SEE MY ARTICLE ON THIS SPECIFICALLY AT HOW THE MOB IS CONNECTED TO UNION LABOR, SEE THE DOCUMENTARY ON JIMMY HOFFA)

Well, Doc Thompson was thinking much what I was on his September 7th, 2011 broadcast where he played clips from those two labor speeches where those so-called “powerful” politicians really turned up the rhetoric hoping to march “Obama’s Army” in behalf of labor interests against those “dangerous” Tea Party people. Listen to that broadcast here:

While those labor leaders were declaring war against the Tea Party, a group called Starvingeyes released their new online game called Tea Party Zombies Must Die. Here is the link to the site.

The game allows a player to shoot zombies who look like Glenn Beck, Sara Palin, and other popular figures on Fox News, complete with stereotypical sets at the Fox Headquarters and “redneck” oriented “confederate flag” brandishing hillbillies. I looked at the game with some humor, at the perceived thought of what the typical “Tea Bagger” is by definition of the extreme left.

It cannot be mistaken that all these events unfolding over Labor Day weekend was part of a grand attack on behalf of those left-winged interests to protect the Empire that they’ve built over many years using our tax money. And their frustration is evident in their rhetoric. Their battle cries are obvious and they are lashing out at those figures they perceive to be the ones who want to dismantle their Empire.

And their Empire is coming apart, quickly, but the blame for it is misplaced. They only have themselves to blame for the folly of their actions. I woke up this morning to the stat update from this site which told me that my article Most Successful People Who Didn’t Go To College had over 177 hits already in the day. That article tends to get 50 to 100 hits a day, but for some reason it had seen an explosion of interest as this war was declared by the Vice President and James Hoffa, along with the new video game. See that article here:

So what does that mean? Well, here it is in a nut shell. Normal every day Americans are figuring out that they’ve been lied to, and have been used for a long time to perpetuate a “progressive” political agenda when in reality they thought they were just being good tax paying citizens. Some of these people have decided that they felt “used” by these progressive politicians and decided to join together to wrestle back from those progressives control of their country. The power grab was initiated by the progressives, the Tea Party came together to stop being bullied by the progressives, not the other way around. The progressives advanced their political platform into public education and into college where they sold their services as “essential” to a better life and created a society of “enlightened” human beings who would care for planet Earth, spread the word of peace, and become a “global community.” The progressives gained control of the entire media because everyone in the media was trained by the same centralized institutions, college. Meanwhile, the labor movement advanced into the public sector and gained power as more and more college graduates took executive service oriented jobs. Private Unions drove up the cost of labor to the extent that companies decided to move their jobs to other countries, which almost entirely destroyed America’s manufacturing ability.

This was bad for the progressive leaders in the labor movement, so they advanced their efforts behind their public sector unions which allowed the expansion of government at unprecedented levels. But the real effort behind the progressive idealism has been ultimately the simple looting of the American people. The public unions have greatly enriched themselves with this Progressive Empire they have built and this has driven up the cost of education proportionally. Public education have raised personal property taxes to incredible levels where taken by themselves don’t seem like much, but when the progressive empire collects taxes from property, fuel, income tax, death tax, sales tax and on and on and on, the ten cents here, the forty cents there add up to hundreds, even thousands of dollars looted from the American people who just want to live their lives month to month.

But the costs have not escalated anywhere like they have in college institutions however. Tuition increases have climbed ridiculously in the last 20 years where parents of children start saving hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on their children’s education almost before the fetus leaves the womb and what businesses have learned is that the college graduates they are hiring aren’t so great. The college educated employees businesses are hiring are having a hard time thinking outside-the-box, which makes sense, because the function of traditional education is to teach people to color in the lines. So it shouldn’t be any surprise that the results of a heavily college educated society is a failure in innovation. College does produce great doctors, and other science oriented individuals. Engineering needs college, but progressives in their vision of an “educated” “enlightened” society learned that they needed to have “everyone” go to school to pay their college institutions the extraordinary amounts of money that progressives promised those employees in the beginning of this whole socialist dream.

Now that manufacturing jobs have left America, this leaves a society heavy with lawyers, doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, and the like; all those people are looking for ways to survive off public service, so genetic medicine is being ignored in favor of protecting the traditional jobs in that industry. This is why Health Care Reform was so important to the President and his progressive friends. (SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE)

Meanwhile the real jobs, in manufacturing, are gone and the fault is on the progressives who drove up labor costs with radical behavior and their “looting” mentality. It is also their fault that colleges taught everyone to think inside-a-box during the college years, which has limited innovation, and college has simply created a high priced service mentality that cannot compete with places like India, and China who will work for much lower wages and perform the same job. SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE GREAT COLLEGE SCAM:

The large unions recognizing this trend have now looked at expanding their unions globally, so they can eliminate this trend of foreign markets doing labor at less cost, but that foundation has cracks from the outset. Many of the cultures they are trying to penetrate have strong cultures who won’t participate in the radicalism required to maintain a union. So the progressive unions are in real trouble, all of it their own making. For the first time in over 100 years people are actually questioning the validity of college because college is not giving people what they thought it would, and it’s costing entirely too much to get it. Higher education have priced themselves out of existence and a massive rebellion against the college experience is about to be unleashed and when that happens, the progressive political stranglehold on society of which that collection of empire builders currently enjoy will collapse under it’s own weight.

So the progressives in these unions and these video game makers and the apologists in the media are scared of what they’ve done. And for them it is far easier to blame the people who are beginning to refuse to participate in their Grand Empire by continuing to feed it with more and more taxes as we watch them enrich themselves at our expense. So they are lashing out like a common thug, a thief who demands money with violence and they are seeking to ridicule anyone who disagrees with them under a threat of violence or peer pressure.

The proof that this Grand Progressive Empire exists, and that it is beginning to crumble can be seen in the hypocrisy of how their rhetoric is covered versus how the Tea Party is covered, if anyone doubts that the media is not locked arm-and-arm in that Empire can be witnessed in their actions. Nobody but a progressive could get away with creating a video game where people like the Vice President could be dressed up like a zombie and shot in the fantasy of a game. Think what would happen if Richard Trumka were treated the same way, or James Hoffa? The media would come after anyone who did such a thing with a vengeance. In fact, there would most likely be congressional hearings going after anyone who promoted violence of any kind toward a progressive person or institution.

Unfortunately for Progressives, they have nobody to blame but themselves. They cannot manipulate their way out of this mess, of which they committed. In Ohio, it is because of progressive recklessness that created the law behind Issue 2. Progressives know that their ability, their power, will erode away if Issue 2 remains law. What they fail to recognize is that it’s all coming down with or without Issue 2 staying in tact. Because the people who have been looted against are aware of it now, and it is they who have a right to be angry, yet it is those people who are being called “barbarians” by the Vice President of the United States.

The Tea Party has to do nothing to help this process along. All the people have to do to end this Progressive Empire is to stop giving the Empire money. The leaders of that Empire will complain and call people names, like they have been doing. They may try to provoke a fight with video games and other social jabs, but the results won’t change. The Great Progressive Empire of the United States is collapsing, and they know it. The real barbarians at the gate are not the Tea Party, it is their own guilt which is bringing that Empire to its knees, and they have only themselves to blame. Those of use who have made a decision not to go down the drain with them are not the guilty party. The only thing we’ve done is made a decision not to feed those “tax addicts” our hard earned money of which they built that empire, and that money was never theirs to begin with.

For more about how Progressives “think” and defend their actions when guilty see my article on “The Wookie Defense.”

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior