Solo: A Star Wars Story Box office discussion–what it means to everyone–and nobody cares about China

Box office numbers are often a good thermometer into what the world is thinking, and I pay attention to them closely, and sadly the new Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story is falling well short of the kind of numbers its going to need to make. I found it interesting to see how many news outlets were already writing stories on Friday about how dismal the box office numbers were for the new Star Wars movie, like The Hollywood Reporter for instance. Their story was that Solo was bombing big time in China. Well, since when was China the market decider for films, they are communists, more aligned with the villains in these stories? Solo: A Star Wars Story is all about freedom and I’m sure the “state” wasn’t all that happy with the film, and that whether or not people saw the film or even advertised it so that their billion people had access to it is probably a big factor. Asians especially in China are not big on the Star Wars films, but that’s OK, they haven’t been a big part of the box office numbers all this time—who really needs them now? Solo isn’t any different, yet The Hollywood Reporter was almost as happy as a kid on Christmas Day to learn that China was not supporting the new Star Wars picture. There’s a lot going on with this one which justifies a good long discussion.  (CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW OF THE FILM)

First of all, I don’t think the poor box office numbers so far reflect that Solo: A Star Wars Story is a bad movie. If you took the box office numbers of Infinity War and Deadpool 2 and released Solo: A Star Wars Story on a light release month, such as April I think this Star Wars movie would be on track easily to achieve a billion dollars at the box office, but with some competition out there, it would appear there is only so much money on the table to divide up between all the movies, and that’s not a bad thing for theater owners. I often say that Hollywood has let down all the personal investments that theater owners have to shoulder with less than stout productions that drive their concessions. That certainly isn’t the problem currently, there are a lot of movies released right now, and coming up as the summer unfolds which should help theater owners sell lots of popcorn. Hollywood owes them for always being available to display the Hollywood product to the public. That same public has a lot to do on Memorial Day weekend, that’s when the pools open in the states and people typically have things to do outside. In America Memorial Day weekend was pretty nice except for some flash flooding in the eastern part of the country. Everywhere else it was sunny and hot—and people spent time outside. May 25th may have been a traditional release date for Star Wars, but it’s no longer a great weekend for opening a movie because it’s the gateway to summer and people are often doing a lot of things that involve going outside.

Additionally, there are problems for Star Wars to overcome, the entertainment media is trying to do with Lucasfilm and Disney what the general media is trying to do with President Trump, and that is torpedo anything that they do that’s good, because everyone else is struggling to compete. Disney is going to make a lot of money this summer between the Marvel films and Pixar’s Incredibles 2—many in the entertainment business are very happy to see a Star Wars movie get bad press, because it’s a shot at Disney as a media company they are competing with. It’s like how the rest of the NFL teams around the country enjoy it when the New England Patriots lose a game, or Tom Brady throws an occasional interception. The trade media rushes out to talk about how Tom Brady is too old and is losing it. But the very next week Brady will throw for 400 yards and have a quarterback rating over 100 and the Patriots will win by 24 points over whoever they are playing. Disney and its tent pole of Star Wars is a big presence in the marketplace and the second handers love to see trouble happening in the Star Wars universe.

But then there is the very legitimate problem that I have talked about before and that is the mistake that Kathleen Kennedy and her story group at Lucasfilm has made in throwing out the extended universe of Star Wars and pushing very progressive themes in these new Star Wars movies cramming PC culture down the throats of the fans who clearly don’t want those elements in these movies. To me the Lucasfilm efforts with Solo: A Star Wars Story went a long way to fixing those problems with the fan base where some still want to enjoy new instalments, while others want to boycott the films in hopes that Disney will fire Kathleen Kennedy for messing with the elements that made Star Wars great to begin with. Nobody cared that Princess Leia was a bit of a feminist in the original A New Hope. George Lucas tried to make people happy by putting a black guy in the stories with the character of Lando. But in general, the heroes were white people, especially men and Kennedy has been very active to change that. But while doing so she literally destroyed two of the most popular female characters that fans loved, Jaina Solo, Han’s very strong daughter, and the wife of Luke Skywalker, Mara Jade. Fans who read the books went on a lot of journeys with those characters over two decades and suddenly fans were told that those people didn’t exist in Star Wars anymore, and that has caused a lot of consternation. When The Last Jedi failed to reveal who the parents of Rey were—many people were hoping that she was actually Jaina which would at least explain why she is flying around in Han Solo’s precious Millennium Falcon—a lot of fans stepped away from Star Wars at that point and now this second film in only a year has hit theaters and people are ambivalent about it. The Last Jedi was a very progressive movie that really split the fanbase, from not revealing the parentage of Rey, to the killing of Luke and the obvious progressive messages of feminism and sacrifice where everyone was blowing themselves up instead of taking the fight to the enemy, it’s that which made it so the fans stepped away from Solo: A Star Wars Story.

I have been enjoying the new Star Wars stuff the best I could. I have not been a fan of what Lucasfilm has done. I was a big fan of the Star Wars EU and I think Lucasfilm could have easily have just picked up these stories where the books left off and would have done something really special. However, I think the value of the movies and all the merchandise that is coming from the franchise does far more good than bad. I think Lucasfilm and Disney made a major mistake with Star Wars and that they are trying to remedy that now. For me Solo: A Star Wars Story was a huge step in that direction—of making things right with the fans. But its obvious that the fans are going to make Disney and ultimately Lucasfilm earn back that respect which is where things are today. There was a boycott of this latest Han Solo movie and it had an impact on the final ticket sales. As the word is getting out, because Solo: A Star Wars Story is pretty good—I think its one of the best and is certainly on par with the original films somewhere in quality of story telling between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. But the film is more fun like A New Hope was. I like the prequel films but can admit that Solo: A Star Wars Story is better than those films and it is certainly better than The Force Awakens. But these new young actors are making a name for themselves, the young Alden Ehrenreich is earning his respect from the fans little by little. Many fans have been sitting on the fence with Solo: A Star Wars Story because they weren’t sure how to feel about a new actor taking over for the legendary Harrison Ford. If this latest Star Wars film does anything it shows fans that its possible to have a younger actor playing an old favorite, and because of that I think Solo: A Star Wars Story will have good legs into the future of the franchise, and people will come back to the films and forgive Lucasfilm and Disney for their mistakes with the first three films made since the acquisition in 2012.

Alden Ehrenreich is a smart young actor with a good head on his shoulders, and he likes playing Han Solo in Star Wars. He’s good for the franchise and understands that taking less money for the opportunity to do more films like this makes good business sense because it could place him in Hollywood as the next big demand actor—like Harrison Ford was. With all that under consideration I think Disney certainly put the cards down on the table with this one holding nothing back promotionally. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that they spent $500 million on the movie and are worried at this point of making that money back, which I think they will. But they spent the money expecting a billion in return and that could cool them on launching the other projects that are in the pipeline. Hopefully they let Lucasfilm go forward with the budgets on those new films, the Kenobi film, the Boba Fett film, the Rian series, and of course at least two more movies about the young Han Solo—as well as a whole bunch of other films not yet released. It’s not too late to make these films into the kind of successes that were experienced with Marvel—but getting the fan base back on board is the key.

To win back the audience, and this is just my advice, do with it whatever you want Lucasfilm, you have to get Mara Jade and Jaina Solo into Episode Nine as its being directed now with J.J. Abrams. Everyone gets what they want if that happens, Kennedy gets her strong female leads, Luke has a reason for being so distressed in The Last Jedi, and Rey gets a name and a reason for having the Falcon with Chewie as her co-pilot. A new trilogy featuring Jaina could even take things further 30 years after Episode Nine—the possibilities are endless. It took Marvel ten films to build up the kind of anticipation that was seen in Infinity War, Star Wars could do something very similar, but they’ll have to earn back the fans, and Solo: A Star Wars Story was a big first step. Hopefully Disney doesn’t get cold feet after they study these box office results and consider whether fans will support two Star Wars movies in the same year. They will, and they will support three or four a year if Disney will make them and be very profitable with $200 million budgets. But it will take more movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story to earn back that fan trust, not more movies like The Last Jedi or even The Force Awakens. The nostalgia wore off and now reality is there for Star Wars films, going forward, people want to see new ground that pays respect to what they know from the original EU—and fans don’t want to be preached to with gay characters, or black characters, or women. They just want to see a story set in a galaxy far, far away that will endure for centuries—and not fall out of favor with whatever new political movements come in the next few decades. Star Wars fans want their traditions, and they want the long view—and its their money that Disney wants, so it’s up to the giant entertainment company to give it to them.

I think I’ve listened to the new Han Solo theme from the John Powell soundtrack back to back for a solid four days now and I love it, it’s so full of optimism. It reminds me of how it was when Christopher Nolan’s Dark Night series started back in 2008, with a movie that many people didn’t think was needed because at that point Batman had been done so many times. The Nolan trilogy built up a nice audience and earned a reputation by the fans that they trusted and supported. Those films each went on to make over a billion dollars each. Iron Man the first Avenger film also came out that year with a fantastic performance by Robert Downey Jr. The film only grossed around $500 million globally much like I think this new Han Solo movie will make, but it became the glue that built up those next nine Marvel films. Disney purchased Marvel shortly after that film’s release and the rest is now history, and has been very successful. It has allowed Disney to make obscure films like The Black Panther, which I thought was pretty good—which would have never been made unless there was a need for the ever-expanding universe. Star Wars could do better, but the fan base will have to be built and listening to that soundtrack of Solo: A Star Wars Story that new Han Solo theme could serve as a nice light in the darkness for all the Disney executives timid about the next stage of the adventure. The best thing to do would be to support the effort and not panic, there is a lot of good that came out of Solo, and it hints at how things truly could be now that it looks like Lucasfilm is starting to figure out how to make these Star Wars movies without the guidance of George Lucas. The John Williams contribution is absolutely brilliant and I hope that everyone involved can use it to launch something really special, because the opportunity is certainly there.

Rich Hoffman
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The Grinding Hurt of Betrayal: John Aglialor’s ‘Atlas III’ interview with Nick Gillespie

The third and final installment, Who is John Galt? hits theaters on Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 and John Aglialoro sat down with Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie to discuss the completion of the Atlas Shrugged films, their negative critical reception, and the enduring influence of Ayn Rand’s thought. As usual when it comes to Gillespie, it was a good interview and covered a lot of ground. It is a tough task to adopt a film from a novel that means so much to so many people, yet a movie is the perfect gateway to bringing more people into the Objectivist philosophy. Many hard-core Rand fans from the novel want the salacious sex that Ayn Rand wrote about—which was greatly removed from John Aglialoro’s renditions. Personally, I’m grateful as the sex could easily overpower the story in such a movie and I appreciated the tastefulness that it was handled by the Atlas Shrugged trilogy.

Every time I watch Aglialoro in an interview it is easy to see the hurt behind his eyes. Like Rand, who thought that the unspoken and neglected businessmen would flock to her support of them after the release of her 1957 novel, most cowered in the darkness like idiots paralyzed by the political left into silence. Aglialoro during the second film premiered Atlas II in Washington D.C. right before the 2012 election. Not a single politician, not Ted Cruz, not Rand Paul and certainly not Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan showed up for the movie as they tried to maintain their political distance—so not to have people from the left call them names. Ryan had been an open Ayn Rand supporter before being put on the national ticket with Mitt Romney. Nobody from the political class showed up in Washington D.C. to show their support of a conservative leaning movie featuring ideals that the political right should have openly embraced with great enthusiasm. Republicans played it safe and guess what………….they lost in the 2012 elections all across the nation.

I have felt the bite of that kind of pain a time or two, most recently when I was on 700 WLW radio dealing with a controversy—a sexist accusation by my political enemies who were trying to the same smear tactic used against Rush Limbaugh and Mitt Romney at the time. Unlike those guys, I defended my position proudly. In 2012 I was a spokesman for a group standing against higher school taxes, which was a very unpopular position. I had in my circle a number of high-profile movers and shakers and was proud of them for supporting such a controversial topic. My plan with the pro tax people was in full swing, they were attacking our side by calling us greedy businessmen, so I attacked back with the truth—that a majority of the pro tax advocates were fat assed, out-of-touched parents. Of course they didn’t like it—because the truth hurt. I meant for it to. So I was on the air ready to defend our position and those prominent local businessmen and politicians sent a press release to the station while I was on the air distancing themselves from me. The controversy I didn’t mind at all. The betrayal did bother me. I shut off interviews for the rest of the day as I recalibrated my position. It hurt terribly to trust people then watch them fall for the old liberal tricks of guilt abasement. I couldn’t let that hurt come out in my public statements—which is a really tough thing to do when an entire city is ready to pounce on your every word.

The motivations of those fearful dissidents are the same at every spectrum, from Ayn Rand, to John Aglialoro, to me—we have all been left at the alter by those we were trying to help. It feels like being cheated on by a spouse—just as you are declaring your love for that significant other, you learn that they have been doing the horizontal shuffle with the very people you are fighting—and it hurts. It hurts whether it is sex or politics—in both cases you end up screwed. It is that screwed look that Aglialoro has on his face with each interview he does. He was much more hopeful after Atlas I did respectable opening night numbers, but by the time Atlas III hit theaters he had a hurt look on his face from all the betrayals he had experienced over the last couple of years, while making the movie. For him he continued to make the movies even though very few supported the endeavor. The enemies of the movie were perplexed as to why he continued even though the films were box office failures and did not have majority support from the public. What those same people did not understand was that John Aglialoro made the movies for himself, not for the public. He did it to accomplish a task, not to win approval as a second-hander. Since most of society functions as second-handers, they don’t understand Aglialoro, or his movie. So there is sadness when he talks about the films. He knows as the words leave his mouth that nobody really is going to understand why he made the films—yet he does it anyway in a hope that something will change—someday.

Atlas III won’t be any different. People who understand it will love it, various others who have skin in some type of political game, even within Ayn Rand circles, will hate it. They’ll hate it for Aglialoro’s point of view in making the movie—they’ll complain about the lack of sex, the lack of depth, the lack of good actors, the lack of budget, the lack of public support, the lack of technical aptitude, and every lack of anything else they can think of. But what they can’t accuse John Aglialoro of is a lack of heart and determination. What he did was hard and deserves admiration in the face of much hurt which only those who have been betrayed in a similar fashion can understand.

Rich Hoffman


Why So Angry: The Jeff Spicoli America

The entire world minus a few exceptions seems directly inspired to become the Spicoli character from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Those who are the exception are categorized as “angry” and treated much the same way the teacher who took away the pizza from Spicoli’s character in that movie was.  As a continuation of my article yesterday on leadership this one addresses the impact of what happens when leaders are removed from families, business, communities, and politics being replaced by a mindless push into oblivion precluding any judgment what-so-ever about anything (CLICK TO REVIEW).  The modern push by virtually every sector of society is to be “cool” and be a complete douche bag like Spicoli–have fun, live life, make no judgment assessments, and have pizza.  Those who are angry about the destruction of the American family, the failed education system, the corrupt politics, the leeching effect of lawyers in our society, the failed fiscal policies of nations, the attempt at religions to reignite the “crusades,” the mask of the civil rights movement to hide bad behavior behind racism and further encourage the disintegration of entire races of people, the merged sexual relationships of people and a loosening of the boundaries between right and wrong—are termed in a negative connotation as though they were somehow diseased and sick.  Even the national media has bought into this notion—anyone who has strong opinions is to be feared, ridiculed, and treated as a menace.  After all, what they learned in their colleges was not journalism—but how to party—and live the life of Spicoli.  Visit any college in America right now—and what you will find is a swarm of Spicoli’s that number the drops of water in the Atlantic Ocean—and those are tomorrow’s “leaders,” as termed by Liberty Township’s Leadership 21 classes.

Anybody who casts an opinion contrary to the flow of progressive society has been deemed as “unhealthily angry” and treated as an old fogie stuck in the past.  It is as if those who are being robbed of values that they desperately wish to see implemented in the world around them are supposed to enjoy being looted of everything they enjoy and not to be angry about it.  The classic confrontation between Jeff Specoli and the teacher Mr. Hand has become the battle cry of our day—who owns your time, your opinions, and your life—is it you—or the collective will of society?  Is it best to know things like the fogie Mr. Hand or to fall out of a van stoned like Jeff Specoli taking life as it comes without any sense of responsibility or direction?  The world has made its decision—and it has chosen Jeff Specoli.

This is why it is important to understand that if you crave values dear reader—then you must be willing to stand alone—society will not back you.  You will be alone in virtually every sector of society—and if you chose to stand for something these days—you will be considered a diabolical menace to the “surfer life” of the modern partier fresh from their campus adventures mired in marijuana smoke and valueless endeavor.  If you want values, you will have to step away from those people to have them.  You will have to stand against the current of the entire world who desires desperately to live the life of Jeff Spicoli and it will be a painful experience.  Anger will be a dominate emotion.

Spicoli is part of a surfer culture that was brought to America in a time when communism was being marketed to a conservative public.  The surfer life is a very socialist existence and in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it was shown to have merit compared to all the capitalist failures that the coming of age kids were experiencing.  The parents were all goofs, the teachers stuffy caricatures of human bodies, and the main characters had to learn to let go and loosen up to fulfill their journeys through the plot.  Jeff Spicoli was the creation of that pre-hippie lifestyle introduced to America through communist infiltration and KGB influence at a time where the actions were denied, but later proven factual. Our nation was invaded—our youth converted into Jeff Spicoli’s, and yet we are told that we aren’t supposed to be angry about it—that we should buy some weed–party—and loosen up.

But the real reason for the accusation toward anger is that those like Spicoli want to live off the efforts of collective society and to keep the interaction civil—they prefer that society gives them no resistance.  They want to loot value from your back pocket dear reader and consume it from moment to moment without an eye to the future where all value runs out.  A bank robber simply wants you to put your hands up and they wish to rob you without any fight.  They simply want your money.  They don’t want you to fight to keep it.  And so it goes with the modern thief of social value, they don’t want to fight—they just want what you have—and if it is value—they want to consume it then “party” with you so that they can pass by you in the street without guilt.

For those who need social assimilation—they are at a disadvantage when it comes to a world run by Spicoli wanna-bes.  They will always have the upper hand when it comes to a public setting because what they stand for is comfort.  Today’s real leaders who stand alone for social value must be willing to sit alone in the rain—to distance themselves from the social pressure to be Spicoli and to defend values when the current of ancient communism wishes to wash them out to sea forever hidden by the ocean depths.

The problem is so grand that we now have Spicoli types in the White House and IRS.  When the explanation is provided as to why all the IRS emails were destroyed, it sounds like Jeff Spicoli telling Mr. Hand why he was late to class.  When the White House gives a press conference, it sounds like the dream Jeff Spicoli had about being a top-tier surfer partying with the Stones in London.  And for those who find those explanations repulsive, we are just supposed to accept that Jeff Spicoli will be late to class, doesn’t care about any personal ambition for anything, and is a model citizen who just wants to smoke a joint and eat pizza.  To such people of course anyone who finds that lifestyle repulsive will seem angry—because it is disgusting to see such people leech off the public with no ambition or curiosity about life outside of getting high and filling their bellies.

Jeff Spicoli will always be the role that the actor Sean Penn will be known for.  Penn is an unapologetic communist and that personality came out so flamboyantly in the Fast Times of Ridgemont High role. The KGB may have created the hippie and surfer culture in California—but they could never have dreamed of what impact the Jeff Spicoli character would have on American youth and that virtually every young person who has seen that movie has in some way adopted the stoned beach bum into their lifestyle.  Sean Penn did more to spread the valueless utterances of communism than most of the Russian efforts during the Cold War.  And to those who see this erosion of value—they are not supposed to be angry—but accepting and ready to party.

That is why the road to a life of value will be a lonely one—and will be shouldered alone for quite a long time.   It is more important than ever that those who are leaders—naturally—will separate themselves from these Jeff Spicoli types and remake the world.  Of course we will be called “angry” but consider the sources—and be ready to shrug their opinions away for the value they really have.  And it is also important to understand that our local Chambers of Commerce and the political machines of doom are now filled with Jeff Spicoli admirers and that their ideal of leadership is equivalent to ordering a pizza during Mr. Hand’s class.

Rich Hoffman


The “War on Women”: A complete fiction designed to keep progressives in power

I just received an email from The White House that is rather disgusting and is even further proof that the so-called “war on women” is a simply a collectivists push to unite all women into a voting group dedicated to progressive politics. The strategy being used currently against Tea Party Republicans and other conservatives regarding the upcoming election is the same used against me over the Lakota Levy fight where I called my political enemies Latté sipping prostitutes because they so easily sold themselves to their public school for such a cheap price. The levy supporting women in my community were so enraged that they tried to paint me as though I meant all women with my comments. They did what Obama and his White House are doing now, attempting to pull all women into a thoughtless voting bloc of collectivists who can’t think for themselves. Read the email below as I received it from that same White House.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Do you support equal pay for women?

It’s been nearly 50 years since Congress passed the Equal Pay Act, but today a woman who works full-time still earns just 77 cents for every dollar earned by a man.

That’s not just unfair. When women, who make up nearly half the workforce, bring home less money each day, it means they have less for the everyday needs of their families. That’s bad for kids, it’s bad for communities, and it’s bad for the entire country.

So President Obama is supporting the Paycheck Fairness Act, which is designed to update the Equal Pay Act of 1963 and help close the pay gap. Congress is scheduled to vote on the legislation this week.

To help raise awareness of pay discrimination and make it clear that it is a problem with serious consequences, we’ve put together a series of e-cards to highlight the issue.

Pick your favorite, then email it to your friends or share it online:


I could argue those facts in great detail. There are a lot of factors that go into any discrepancies in pay seen. I would say from experience that in today’s world, if a man and a woman are going after the same job and both are equally qualified; the woman will get the job. The world that the White House is talking about where there is a war against women simply does not exist in reality. Only in the minds of old hippies and progressive advocates is there a “war on women.”

The “war on women” is a complete fabrication with no merit. It’s made up to advance socialist political philosophies. It’s that simple. It’s a social desire that belongs on the muddy grass at Woodstock in the 60’s with all the left over drug paraphernalia.

Matt Clark at WAAM covered this “war on women” recently on his radio broadcast in Ann Arbor, Michigan. His broadcast digs deeper into this rather sad political stunt that is simply a distraction designed to stuff ballots at the voting booth.

This kind of garbage will continue until women begin to be honest with themselves, and start to act as individuals instead of a voting bloc. The “war on women” is a complete fiction and is in the same category as the “global warming” movement. Both are progressive platforms designed to distract voters into emotional decisions, and are predatory upon the sanctity of women everywhere. To cast all women into a collective pool is an insult they should be angry with, and to allow The White House to use them for yet another power grab is disgusting. Yet it continues, and will until voters stop it at the ballot box. Because until then, predatory politicians like Barack Obama and his minions of evil will continue to use emotional ploys and reactionary rhetoric to steer a voting bloc they have little respect for, but for a mark in their corner during elections.


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S.E. Cupp versus Larry Flynt: The real story behind Hustler Magazine

If a professional athlete wears an Under Armor muscle shirt in the world of progressive politics they are considered heroes. If I wear the same exact shirt during my whip video titled A Whip Trick to Save America I am called a “wife beater” because the shirt is offensive and reminiscent of the strong types of men who are against feminism and therefore an enemy to the progressive feminists. The term “wife beater” and “woman hater,” are thrown in my direction because I stand in the way of the feminist agenda. When it became known to me that progressive advocates were at my local grocery store surveying people, “what do you think of Rich Hoffman,” in an attempt to harm my reputation I responded by calling them “latté sipping prostitutes.” They responded by pushing the buttons of every media source in the city of Cincinnati to their cause in an attempt to derail me by turning all the women of West Chester against me in one collective blob of bloc voting, in a campaign to paint me as a “woman hater.”

It was the first time I’ve seen the scam of the so-called “war on women” up close, where progressive politicians like President Obama and school board superintendents like Lakota’s Karen Mantia use women as a bloc voting group playing on their emotions to advance private progressive policies. Unlike most conservative commentators, I do not fear the “wrath of the women” as my counterparts do, because I have admitted to myself that the entire movement is a scam, and deserves an eye for an eye. I’m tired of seeing conservatives apologize for being right and being ridiculed as insensitive or called other derogatory names to force them out of the public light leaving the progressive blob unopposed on the battlefield of ideas.

Once again, and quite audaciously the progressive mob has struck again, most notably against the GBTV commentator and conservative author S.E. Cupp. Cupp is a very talented young lady who is extremely strong in her political ideas and personal beliefs. If all women thought as she did, The United States of America would be so much better off as a society. She reminds me of the types of female characters that were popularized by the great novels of Ayn Rand who is another enemy of the feminist movement. Ayn Rand was a strong female author whose philosophy offers a real fix to American ideology. If the feminist movement was truly about strengthening the power of women in the world, women like Ayn Rand and S.E. Cupp would be placed on a pedestal and not attacked as profusely as they are. That is because feminism is not about strengthening women; it’s about weakening them and making them collectively dependent on government services therefore carrying out the desires for socialism in progressive politics.

Cupp was attacked most recently by one of Obama’s biggest supporters Hustler publisher Larry Flynt in a recent fantasy edition where they took images of S.E. Cupp and PhotoShopped in a sexual act to plant in the mind of their readers a deflowered, diminished woman fallen from grace. This isn’t the first time Flynt has done this. He often offers rewards to mistresses of conservative politicians to accomplish the same effect, so Flynt’s role in politics is as an attack dog for the movement. You will not see feminist groups protesting Flynt over the attack on Cupp, because they are on Flynt’s team, even though the most ardent progressives of our day think the attack against Cupp went too far.

I waited to cover this story because I wanted to see if Obama would offer any comment as he did for the woman called a prostitute by Rush Limbaugh. It was that incident that gave the progressive women who push excessive school levies in my community the idea to come after me. They figured it worked against Rush Limbaugh so it would work against Rich Hoffman. Nobody ever asks why these progressive goof balls can’t argue any facts. They can only call people names because their ideas are fundamentally flawed and emotionally based. In Cupp’s case, she’s young, strong, attractive, smart and is virtually unstoppable in a one on one debate. She doesn’t have the easy flaws to attack as progressives did against Sarah Palin when they went against her accent on Saturday Night Live with a vigor. Bill Maher painted Palin as a street walking parasite and just about every publication went after every aspect of her family attacking her children with a fury. The vicious nature of these attacks was covered by Ayn Rand in her novel The Fountainhead. Rand spelled it out in great detail what the progressives were up to in that book written way back in 1943. Cupp is simply the most recent target, and the intention is to frighten her into hiding in the masses, to strip her down and beat her into submission. All these attacks are aspects of mob rule against the mind of the individual and the hypocrisy is more evident when the attacks are against other women by so-called women supporters than when the attacks come at me, or someone like Rush Limbaugh.

S.E. Cupp is a danger to progressive politics because she can punch holes in their ridiculous collectivists’ arguments; she is young and can fill the minds of that demographic group in ways that terrify progressives, because they want empty minds that they can fill with their pornography, just as they don’t won’t women strong and independent, but pregnant and on welfare—dependent on “daddy” government. Progressives don’t want S.E. Cupp, or Ayn Rand–strong women who actually think for themselves and can stand on their own against the world. The progressive’s biggest fear is that these women from the past and present will undo the fear they are attempting to unleash upon the world, a sickness of collectivism driven by the insecurities of the masses.

Progressives like Larry Flynt, and Barack Obama wish to see personalities broken down and crying in a gutter, that is why people like Cupp are made to suffer, to destroy their confidence so they will admit they need the collective body of society. They would place higher in their minds the sluts of Hustler who will undress for money and allow their sanctity tarnished forever because the women yield their honor as deflowered beings who will never challenge the established order, because they sold themselves short. When a personality like S.E. Cupp does not take off her cloths for some scandalous photo shoot, or gets caught drunk and passed out behind a college fraternity house gang rapped by a bunch of drunken fools tarnishing forever a young women, or taking off her top on spring break cheapening herself to thousands of gawking eyes, there is not much one can do to tear down such a person emotionally. The progressive seeks stories of weakness, and doing such things are signs of human weakness, which the progressive seeks out like a plant strives for sunlight. The progressive needs corruption and foolishness to grow and survive. In the case of Larry Flynt, if he can’t get it legitimately, he’ll make it up, as he did with S.E. Cupp. President Obama will not come to the defense of S.E. Cupp as he did the target of Rush Limbaugh’s comments because the standard is assuredly a double one.

The same people who call me a “wife beater” because of a muscle shirt I wore, or Rush Limbaugh as a “woman hater” because of his comments attempt to paint Sarah Palin as “unsophisticated” and Ayn Rand as a “right winged-radical.” These same minds would rather tear down a fantastic young mind like S.E. Cupp into a diminished porn queen because only then can they relate to a woman so virtuous. Now my critics know why I called them “latté sipping prostitutes” because they are all too willing to sell their souls away to public schools to disguise their horrible parenting skills, or their value of money is non-existent because they do not value themselves. True, I could have been gentler with my wording than I was, but I didn’t want to, because I choose not to turn the other cheek from this treacherous behavior. As Hustler explained in their article of Cupp and the pornographic images they created of her:

“S.E. Cupp is a lovely young lady who read too much Ayn Rand in high school and ended up going the dark side. Cupp, an author and media commentator, who often shows up on Fox News programs, is undeniably cute. But her hotness is diminished when she espouses dumb ideas like defunding Planned Parenthood. Perhaps the method pictured here is Ms. Cupp’s suggestion for avoiding an unwanted pregnancy.”

S.E. Cupp is the kind of young woman I raised my daughters to be, self-reliant, strong, and vastly independent. These are the kind of women who should be held up in society as the goals of all women. But Hustler feels it must defame them in a way to lower the bar for the masses so the collective does not feel bad about themselves and the terrible decisions they’ve made in their lives. So far, Cupp has made excellent decisions and she deserves the merit of those decisions. She does not deserve the implication of collective salvation attempted against her sanctity. But the intention of all involved is clear, Hustler, a pornographic magazine headed by a so-called champion of the 1st Amendment Larry Flynt highlighted in the movie The People vs. Larry Flynt starring Lebanon, Ohio’s own Woody Harrelson is on a political torpedo mission against the American way of life.

Larry Flynt himself started right here in Cincinnati, Ohio where he ran a dirty go-go club downtown. To get more customers to come to his club, he published a newsletter that became Hustler Magazine. His magazine took off when he published pictures of Jackie Kennedy in the nude—the former first lady of The United States. Larry Flynt lost his smut peddling case in Cincinnati and narrowly escaped jail time but became a national celebrity in the process. Many years later in Monroe, Ohio right down the road from Woody Harrelson’s boyhood home, Larry opened a Hustler of Hollywood store to rub his “free speech” in the face of the same type of conservatives who attempted to jail him so many years ago. He has made his living tearing down others and is the ultimate political looter. He exploits the weak nature of his audience by peddling sex on the cheapest scale making it easy for all to indulge in their most explicit fantasies. Hustler of Hollywood, which is right down the road from my house is busy at all hours of the day all days of the week, and is filled with pro-government school levy supporters and social degenerates. The average political knowledge of the typical customer is approximately equivalent to a gold-fish. It is these customers who will enjoy the images of S.E. Cupp with erotic joy even though the images are completely made up and falsified by the owner of Hustler Magazine who seeks to smear goodness under the banner of free speech granted to him by his victory with the Supreme Court. The merit of S.E. Cupp’s Hustler picture is the same of progressive politics in general—it’s a complete fantasy of the mind and has nothing to do with reality.

In that fashion, Flynt has become a hero to the progressive community who use his strategies to this very day to eradicate goodness from the face of the planet. And when a person dares to stick their head above the collective masses, they use Larry Flynt’s court battles and naked women as the battle cry to deflower the entire human race so everyone in society is just as disgusting as they are—so the image they see in the mirror does not make the progressive feel guilty in comparison.

S.E. Cupp deserves an apology from President Obama, from Larry Flynt, from every porn lover who reads the Hustler Magazine and visits his Hollywood Hustler store—my friends and neighbors. It was the kind of evil being seen now that people like Sherriff Simon Leis tried to fight back in the 70’s because they could see what was happening even if everyone else chose to turn a blind eye. Progressives like Flynt and Harrelson who came from broken deranged families and were jealous of those who were morally intact and valued themselves went to war against everything that is good in the world.

Cupp will never get an apology because the intention was to destroy her. Progressives do not want to look at her, they don’t want to hear her, and they just want her to go away. They are so vitriolic about their hatred of goodness that they will do anything to remove it from their eyes. But lucky for all of us, S.E. Cupp is not afraid; in fact it looks like she is feeding off it. Because of this episode of Hustler Magazine against S.E. Cupp it is likely that we are seeing the modern version of Howard Roark about to crush all his enemies with his simple will and goodness that occurred in the Ayn Rand classic The Fountainhead. Because the playbook of the progressive is open for all of us to see and it’s full of hypocrites. Not a one of them in progressive politics be it your local teacher, superintendent, politician, actor, porn peddler, president, union leader, or feminist, want individuals like S.E. Cupp to be all they can be. They don’t want freedom for all women at all. They want enslavement and the evidence is in the silence from Obama and his legions of goons, his backers at Hustler Magazine, the latté sipping prostitutes, his “educrats” who are teaching children to have sex in the fourth grade so they are future customers of Larry Flynt’s store and on their third marriages before they are aged 30. Progressives want the complete destruction of individualism and goodness in the world, and they will attempt to destroy anyone to have it, even if it’s a nice, young, attractive lady like S.E. Cupp who is wholesome and full of virtue.

As for Larry Flynt I was watching the below footage and I can’t tell the difference between him and Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.

To me they look just the same.


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The Life of Julia: How free are women after progressive policies?

Oh, how wonderful the Obama administration is, the ultimate parent mother government. The disgusting slide show shown as the campaign rhetoric of the new Obama presidential platform is a summary of why public education is a complete failure and why the women’s movement of progressive Victorian escape velocity from traditional values has very nearly destroyed our civilization after just 100 short years of nonsense.

Thankfully for voters all over the United States the true nature of the socialist Obama presidency is revealed for all to see with tremendous arrogance, and a lack of respect for American intelligence in the slide show presentation known as, “The Life of Julia.” Look for yourself:


The slide show featured on the Obama website features a young girl aged three getting a start in her life with the Head Start government program then traveling through her life as she gets Pell grants, free health insurance coverage, government loans, Medicare, then Social Security. In the Obama plan Julia dies sometime after age 65 and the whole process starts for the next generation. The premise is that Julia requires government help during her entire life, from the cradle to the grave.

The vision—or should I say lack of it—is disgustingly narrow and pathetically reminiscent of all the European socialist countries that have been licking the heels of America since the Industrial Revolution, and I am thankful that the Obama Administration showed openly this time that they are socialists with this disgusting assault against the American Woman.

Here is the real life of Julia as seen through the eyes of reality.

Obviously Obama and his band of looters are attempting to appeal to the women vote in the upcoming election. After all, this is not the Life of “John,” but of “Julia.” Men typically don’t look to daddy government to care for them, at least this is the implication of what the Obama administration states in this slide show. Watching this presentation by a sitting American president has really brought to question how far women have really come as independent suffragettes at the start of progressive politics.  What have women really accomplished in their so-called independence?

Julia as a young woman in the world of Obama is not raised by her parents. There is no reference to a mother, or a father. There is the implication that it is government who cares for the young Julia, and her parents are simply caretakers for her life. Yet all through Julia’s years she is always holding out her hand to government to get her through to the next phase.

I thought the women’s movement was all about breaking free of the grips of those “stinky,” “filthy,” “womanizing,” men who couldn’t keep their pants on, trapping thousands of women in a kind of prison while they slaved over a hot stove cooking for their monstrous husbands? At least that’s what the short-haired, bell-bottomed women of feminism have always said—that women deserved equal pay, equal treatment, so that they could be free of being slaves to men.

But what has that given to women? Weak minded men—loveless lives of loneliness, broken families with so many step parents that nobody even knows whose kids belong to whom. Those are the gifts of feminism, and of progressive politics. Women today are free of a man to run their lives, to oppress them into slavery as the head of their families. Instead, progressives like Obama have freed women of the chains of their families and traded in those for the shackles of a bigger, meaner force in her life–that of Big Daddy Government.

If women were truly free, would they need government to stand over them for protection, to enforce the rule of law destroying families in the process? Is a woman free who must look to Big Daddy Obama to care for them—because that’s what Obama is selling on his slide show—he’s literally saying that he will care for American women from cradle to grave with his governmental policies? All a woman has to do is elect him so he can steal from the tax payers and give to all those poor, helpless Julia’s in the world who can’t do a thing unless Big Daddy Government sweeps in to care for Julia’s life.

Yes Julia—who’s your daddy? Who’s the big man in your life? Are you free all you Julia’s reading this now? Can you care for yourselves or do you need Big Daddy Obama to equalize the world for your fragile sensibilities? Is this the freedom the feminists fought for, to break free of the chains of their alcoholic, abusive husbands and to attach themselves to the fingers of many such monsters as are typical in modern government?

And before anyone says that my comments here are “women hating” it wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last.  (Click Here). But I did raise two daughters and I’ll tell you dear reader what I taught them, that if you look to anyone in your life to care for you, then you are a slave. That includes your parents, and it certainly means other family members, friends, neighbors but especially government. If you take money from those thieving losers, then you have signed away parts of your own soul to a life of servitude. To me, “The Life of Julia,” as proposed by President Obama’s vision of the future is slavery of a different kind—it is socialism put kindly and is a sharp march toward “RED” communism. It is the worst kind of social engineering experiment indulged in by any mass society, and it is destructive to the human soul. The life of Julia is one I would never recommend for my daughters, or my wife, mother, or anybody else. The life of Julia is a tyranny that is scandalous to the personal sovereignty of every human being that breathes, and should be rejected by all Americans, no matter what their sex or race.

But the Obama administration knows what magic tricks work behind the progressive push for feminism, a blind collectivism that unifies women everywhere to a feeling of inequality which is simply a hoax designed to get all women to jump away from the tyranny of their families into the tyranny of Big Daddy Government. In the end, the women are not free, just used for political purposes and tossed away to the careless indulgence of bureaucrats and their parental rolls of a New World Order where parents will become obsolete, and all citizens are but brothers and sisters to their guardians in government—those obese, comb-over politicians of corruption and name plates. That is the life of Julia. 

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The ACLU: Black Knights disguised as galliant freedom fighters

The ACLU advertises itself as being an organization that fights for the rights of the people and protects free speech. But the true nature of the ACLU agenda has roots that run deep into the gardens of society. And those gardens as they exist now are full of weeds pushed up by the ACLU.

A representative of the ACLU, an earnest man from the Ohio chapter, not too long ago spoke at a Tea Party event in southern Ohio, for the Liberty Township group, a satellite of the Cincinnati Tea Party. In his talk he was questioned about why the ACLU was suing Arizona for its new immigration law. The man then danced vigorously on the stage, even though there wasn’t any music.

He was of course not literally dancing, but was dancing with words which infuriated the Tea Party group, because it had become obvious he couldn’t give a straight answer. The audience wondered why a group named, the American Civil Liberties Union, didn’t represent the Americans terrorized by illegal immigrants and border violence, but chose to take a position in favor of people who weren’t even American citizens.

The credibility of the ACLU will always be in question. This is a group that gives legitimacy to groups like NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, but is shy to take up positions which favor the Second Amendment, hiding behind the Supreme Court case of United States v. Miller in 1939. In that case, the right to own a gun transported across state lines was attacked because it wasn’t a gun that could be used in a militia and the gun fell under commerce because it was transported from Oklahoma to Arkansas. Such legal dancing is routine, and is the embodiment of how our current case-law has drifted far from the original constitutional intentions. If the ACLU put the same energy into defending Second Amendment rights, or 10th Amendment rights instead of groups like NAMBLA, we might have a much different country that more accurately represents what the founders envisioned.

But the ACLU has chosen to walk down the road that has had more influence on our constitution than most any organization, and they’ve done it by forming case-law around issues like homosexual rights in the military, or the right of a man to lust after a young boy. As a group of only 500,000 members it generates over $85 million in revenue. This makes it a cleverly disguised lobby group for some of the more radical members of our society that have indirectly attacked the principles of our constitution. And this lobby group is attacking elements of our country like cancer cells do to the human body.

The ACLU has been routinely affiliated with communists. In 1940, they formally banned communists from the organization, even though the founder, Roger Baldwin was a former supporter of communism, in order to give an appearance of neutrality in legal cases. Bernadine Dohrn, leader of the Weather Underground and wife of Bill Ayers was a legal researcher in 1990 and 1991. She is one that took a stand of support for the violence of Charlie Manson during the Helter Skelter issue. With such people in the ACLU, is it any surprise that the ACLU opposes capital punishment because of its ultimate denial of civil liberties? Charles Manson’s trial expenditure came to over $770,000 and his cost of imprisonment has cost tax payers more than $644,000. In such a clear-cut case, such as the Manson issue, why has he been allowed to burden our tax system, along with thousands like him? The ACLU is proud that it takes on any client without judgment. But what the ACLU leaves in its wake is a path of destructive case law that cripples our legal system.

Was it such a great victory for free speech to have the Ten Commandments removed from the courthouses of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky, when so much of our country was founded on principles of divine trust and guidance? The ACLU successfully attacked The Ten Commandments, but is silent on the violation of the 10th Amendment over the Health Care Bill. Our Constitution is a uniquely profound document. It has produced the greatest country on the face of the earth in known history. However, it allows groups like the ACLU to exist because of the Constitution, even if the intent of the ACLU is to subtly attack the founding document and reshape it into something more akin to The Communist Manifesto.

Beware of those white knights that proclaim to help, such as how the ACLU portrays itself. They may actually use the guise of goodness as a way to get behind our defenses and destroy everything from within. And the well-intentioned speaker from the Ohio Chapter, bright-eyed and believing that he is the champion for the weak, and defender of the Constitution…..that is why we have the Second Amendment. We don’t need the ACLU. It’s time to tend to our garden and start pulling the weeds, so the flowers can bloom. And it’s time to spread some mulch so the weeds can be choked off from the sunlight, and stop growing. Once all the weeds are gone, and we can see our garden again, we’ll be surprised at how robust that garden flourishes.

In the garden of America it is groups like the ACLU, NAMBLA, Teacher’s unions, lawyers in general, multi-term politicians and presidents who want to be remembered as kings who are our weeds, and it’s time now to remove them from our landscape.


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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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The Sirens of Doom at Lakota: Gary Cates pushes a levy attempt?

Gary Cates! What are you talking about? I find it hard to believe that Gary said what he said in the below article at Channel 5’s website. Gary for a long time has stood against the outrageous spending tendencies in public education, especially at Lakota, and in the article he actually encouraged the school board to show leadership to the community so they could pass a levy like Fairfield and Lebanon last year.


Well, here’s the news flash—Fairfield’s levy barely passed and Lebanon’s was the second attempt in 6 months, and it barely passed. Both of those districts Gary mentioned have huge populations of apartment dwellers who tend to vote for school levies because they don’t directly have to pay for the tax increases, but they do get to go to the nice schools the taxes pay for.

Lakota’s situation is not the same as those districts, so I am surprised Gary brought it up in the same line of dialogue. Lakota’s problem is self inflicted in that they have not controlled their costs. CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAIL AND FOR THE GRIM REALITY. It has nothing to do with generating more revenue. Such a way of thinking is insane and such propionates of nonsense need to check directly into the nearest mental ward.

The article itself is well done by the AP and shows how Lakota is in the same boat as the rest of Ohio. Education costs are simply too expensive, and the employees of education expect too much compensation for too many employees. They need to completely rethink their business model. But throwing more money into the black hole of public education is not the answer.

Gary…….I’m sure your comments were taken out of context—surely? Don’t let the sirens of doom whisper in your ear guiding you onto the jagged rocks of destruction. Cast aside those filthy beasts and don’t let them seduce you into inaction. That’s how things became so screwed up to begin with, as those who came before you caved into the temptation to make peace with the antagonists while they made off with the loot leaving people like you holding the bill.


Keep your hands on the wheel and watch the rocks.  We are moving through dangerous waters.  Don’t listen to the sirens and their songs of death.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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World War lll Already Started: Russia, China, and The Muslim Brotherhood

World War III began on September 11th 2001 with the aggressive act of Muslim extremists provoked by many forces who desire to rule the world. Similar as to how Japan followed the aggressive tendency of Germany and Italy toward world domination–to be sorted out later, it is Russia, China, and the Muslim Caliphate who is seeking to do the same in our modern age.

I think I may have been one of the few people a year ago to state clearly my thoughts that the KGB had infiltrated our school systems, our government, and our media at all levels to bring about a slow erosion of the greatness that is America—not with weapons of war, but weapons of complacency. When I made those statements back in June of 2011 in a serious editorial, and much earlier with pure speculation, my thoughts about how aggressive American enemies were in destroying our way of life seemed more appropriate for science fiction than journalistic credibility, but as I watched a recent video by The John Birch Society about the rise to power of RT TV—otherwise known as Russia Today News, my doubts about Russia and the other American aggressors have been erased.

I watched that video and chewed on its contents for over a week before sitting down to write this and I do not take it lightly, nor do I intend to provoke unnecessarily the thoughts and fears of others. But it is clear that America has enemies this time who have penetrated our borders and sacred institutions at every single level and desire to put an end to the economic threat of The United States without firing a single weapon, aside from the initial attack on 9/11. To review my thoughts on what brought about this war in the first place, click here.

Through our schools, we have been taught to reject all value. They have placed every American into a straightjacket of doubt. They’ve taken away our war games on the playground by demonizing the gun. They’ve instead provided the distraction of sex to satisfy our aggressive whims. They have taken away our God, so to replace it with their own version. The Muslims have made it clear they will tolerate no criticism of their belief system and expect the world to bow at their feet or be destroyed.

This is a real problem. Speaking with people who tend to be radical Muslims is frustrating, since they chose to be second-handlers to rationality. They have allowed someone from a distant time and place to dictate their beliefs. It’s the same frustrating argument I’ve had with radical Christians who declare that there were never dinosaurs because they aren’t in the Bible. It’s the same argument I’ve had with Mormons who swear that Joseph Smith found the golden plates that founded that religion in his back yard. Or it’s the same argument that I’ve had with Buddhists who believe literally that Siddhartha Gautama fought off three temptations under the famous bodhi tree. All these forms of religion are a form of evasion which take the responsibility of discovery away from the second-handler who wishes for their thoughts to be given to their minds, not earned through observation and reason. Religion certainly has its place in helping a person understand the mysteries of their eventual fates, but the powerful dictators of the world have always used religion to club their subjects over the head into carrying out their tyrannical desires. Religion and its beliefs have been the cause of many wars, including World War lll.

It was only in 622 A.D that the prophet Muhammad performed the Hejira traveling from Mecca to Medina marking the start of the Muslim era. Ironically this is also the start of what is known as The Dark Ages, where religion attempted to suppress any knowledge of anything that didn’t fit their world view. Much like the modern radical Christian will reject science because knowledge threatens their belief system–such as rejecting that dinosaurs walked the planet, many religious fanatics in The Dark Ages believed that by denying science they could carry on the illusion of their evasion. Religious leaders encouraged this behavior because it created classes of second-handlers who were all too happy to allow a religious leader to think for them, and instruct them how to behave.

I’ve worked with several devout Muslims over the years and watched them do their prayer toward Mecca at certain times of the day and I’d ask them why the hell they were always on the ground praying. They would tell me that they’d hope that Allah would notice their obedience and that they’d follow the example of Muhammad, and that if I wished eternal life, I’d pray with them.

They would give me the look of fear when I declared to them that I don’t give my obedience to anyone—living or dead, of the flesh or of spiritual form.

“Americans, you don’t understand,” they’d tell me. I’d then remind them that they were technically “American” and that the reason there was separation of church and state in The United States was so that people could pray on the ground if they wanted to—or not. It didn’t have any bearing on the quality of an American whether or not they are Muslim, Christian, Mormon or anything else, because religion is not what makes an American. It’s the value that a person has that makes them American. Religion is just a reflection of value—it doesn’t “provide” value.

What is typical of most dictators is that they use “religion” or an idea that can unite a belief system into a limited frame of thinking and this is what is being done with the Muslim radicals and how those extremists were pushed into running airplanes into the World Trade Center—the symbol of the American economy. It is that act which caused America to destroy our Constitutional principals in pursuit of safety and spend ourselves into debt while the enemies of The United States licked their lips in delight as a hungry wolf eyes its prey.

Russia Today began broadcasting in 2005 as a propaganda arm of Vladimir Putin resurrecting the crushed and humiliated superpower of The Soviet Union and went on an offensive against The United States under a false flag premise. CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE HAS DONE THIS. To this very day, he is using Russia Today to infiltrate the American mind the way the KGB infiltrated our government to plant the seeds for our own destruction right under our noses, by appearing as a friend until it is too late. Analyzing Russian behavior of late, they already believe that it is too late for America.

China has worked with Russia before, so they are happy to continue their role of using their upcoming superpower status to buy up property all over the world particularly in the Caribbean, at the front door of the United States. Of course all these transactions are with smiles and handshakes, much in the way that Russia Today is catering to Ron Paul supporters to “earn” their trust, while actually planning sinister military maneuvers in the future. America can do nothing about these land purchases, because China holds such a large portion of The United States debt. Go ahead, read about it for yourself at the link below.

Americans have been trained to be second-handles, to be passive, to embrace peace, to turn the other cheek and allow our enemies to steam roll right over us. We’ve been trained by the enemy themselves, under the false flag of “peace” through the music of the Beatles, and the British Invasion, through the hippies, the racists, the feminists, the Neo Nazi’s, the religious fanatics, and the “academics,” to turn away and pass no judgment. “Judge not least ye be judged.” “Do not throw stones in glass houses.” “Turn the other cheek,” this is what we are told to do as radicals took our Ten Commandments down off the wall of our courthouses, and as Muslims showed their desire to build a Mosque on a “conquered territory,” (The World Trade Center Site) We turned away from our aggressors and turned on the television and watched Americas Got Talent. Our youth do not have the heart for war, and our enemies know it. American youth are more concerned about legalizing drugs and whether or not they can marry their same-sex lover, rather than thinking about Russia stealing away the American Constitution with subversion. Yes, many former KGB agents are sipping vodka and congratulating themselves on a job well done.

Yes dear reader—it has already happened and the enemies of America wish to cast the world into another period of The Dark Ages run under a communist flag. There is no question any longer, the intentions are right out in the open. The enemy has used the classic strategy from Sun Tzu’s The Art of War—they have prevailed over those who have already lost. America has already lost because it does not see a need to fight. The will to fight has been breed out of our young like a puppy neutered at birth, and they did it by infecting our minds with passivism. They did it by earning our trust then slitting our throats when we least expected it—metaphorically speaking. Just like those Muslim extremists watched closely by the FBI in Florida failed to act against the suspicious terrorists, because they were too passive, made that way by a radical religion who lashes out at anyone who questions their intentions. This is how airplanes were hijacked and lives were lost, and America attempted to spend money to solve the security breech when the real villain was our lack of ability to determine right from wrong in the first place. America hopes that the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA can do what we’ve all forgotten to do, and that is call a villain a villain. Americans have become evasive second-handlers because in just two generations, we allowed the enemy to destroy our minds, and our will to protect ourselves.

Manipulation of this magnitude is certainly within the realm of the KGB and even our own CIA. And the ramifications have already happened. The war has already started. Your town is already occupied. Your school, your government buildings, your White House no longer listens to the wishes of the voting public, but to those who hold their purse strings, and that money is no longer home grown in America. The new atomic bomb is not nuclear and destructive in its capacity. It’s economic and is aimed at devaluation of the dollar and crushing the standard of living for every American so that their will is broken, and that they will easily eat out of the hand of Putin, or The Muslim Brotherhood.

Yes, World War lll is already over a decade old. We just didn’t know the war started because we had our massive military ready to fight, we had our planes on the launch pad, and we had our missiles pointed where we thought the threat was. But the attack did not come from weapons, but from the destruction of the idea of what being an American is. And for that, no weapons are needed, just a corruption of our ideas, and a manipulation by the spies of the world who work on behalf of their governments—our enemies of war. Our enemies knew they could not beat us head to head in a military fight, so they used the oldest trick in the book taken from the pages of Troy—they used the Trojan Horse. But this time there isn’t just one enemy who has penetrated our ideological walls to get the enemy behind our lines, but many. And one of them is certainly Russia Today.

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Bernardine Dorn and Reverend Jeremiah Wright: The Oval Episode part 2–“commanding fate”

Before we get into the next Glenn Beck episode of The Oval seen at the end of this article, I’d like to show you a clip from my friend Matt Clark’s recent broadcast on his Clarkcast radio show heard on WAAM in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Matt has some wonderful audio that articulates magnificently the current condition of our youth and direction of our nation. Check it out:

As I’ve stated on many occasions collectivism is a disease of the human mind. Like the advocates of destruction so wonderfully stated in the broadcast from Matt, collectivists are philosophic terrorists intentionally provoking the collapse of all growth and human achievement. If left to their own devices, they intend to make all listeners to their diatribes flock like barn-yard animals to the seduction of their collectivism. They are philosophic terrorists because it is philosophy that builds everything that the human mind values. Without a positive philosophy that feeds the mind, the mind falls apart like water out of a container, and just becomes a mess of unorganized water molecules.

The collective terrorists of philosophy will declare that all water molecules are void of any individualism, and that the true state of their being is no different from a drop of ocean water. Collectivists have adopted this thinking from the philosophy of Buddhism and teachings of Confucius, the later who taught that one should never desire to leave their social station in life and climb for power. The teachings of collectivism began in Napal, and China and moved eastward and westward clashing with the individualism of the Occident over the borders of India, and Russia.

It was the hippie movement injected into American culture from KGB agents who sought out nirvana as the highest state of human achievement and this came directly from the philosophies of the East, the land where humble modesty has always been in vogue.

The destructive terrorism occurs when one attempts to combine the philosophy of eastern collectivism with the individualism of western philosophy that is primarily about the individual experience. When the two are mixed together you get the self-destructive, environmental warrior—hippie type. Those are the dangerous collectivists who believe they can do anything they want whenever they want to and that the cost for the behavior will be picked up by the collective society. That is the sickness of the people in Matt’s video. They are a danger to themselves and to the world around them, and they are breeding physically and spiritually.

Their message is seductive to the weak-minded, because there are no consequences for decisions made. The message of the philosophic terrorists is also seductive to those who lack courage, since they are encouraged to ride on the back of the strong and productive making them parasites to the good. This is why the philosophic terrorists are considered the worst kind of evil—because they cannot function on their own—they require the effort of others to function. And when the responsibility for their actions does fall on their shoulders once there are no longer enough of the strong backs to carry the collectivists any longer, they advocate a complete wiping away of the responsibility slate. They profess that someone else must pay for their actions.

This group of philosophic terrorists has grown so large that they now have their own President in the United States White House—in what some might call the first representative of The Weather Underground to occupy the Oval Office in order to execute further destruction of the philosophy of hard work and innovation that made America so great. The philosophic terrorists of collectivism have sought to put an end to America so that their collectivist vision of discombobulated eastern philosophic understanding can become a reality reflecting the fantasy of their minds. Yet it can’t, because reality desires what’s good for the progress of life, and life will seek out the good and reject the bad in every instance.

This is why Glenn Beck sadly has to build his own version of The Oval Office and sit in it to address the American people in the fashion that would normally be reserved for the President of the United States. To American peril the current president was built by the kind of people who Matt Clark featured, and seems determined to carry out the philosophic terrorist policies of a collectivist society—that is fundamentally anti-American. So Glenn presented his recent Oval Office speech with the theme of teaching Americans to take command of their own paths in life, to instruct the government to get out of their lives and not accept the help of the collectivists in government. Every American needs to take command of their own lives and respect themselves first, then in so doing, learning to respect others by acknowledging the value of existence.

The message of the philosophic terrorists behind collectivism is in undoing value. This is why they fail in relationships because they do not value themselves, let alone value others. This is why they fail in economics because they have no understanding of value since they believe that all obligations can simply be erased. This is why their societies fail, because they do not see the values of—values. They believe the world can be a mixed up conglomeration of multiple beliefs with no emphasis on good or bad, and that simply isn’t true and doesn’t even come close to working in reality.

The sad state of our current country can be blamed on the philosophic terrorists who advocate valueless collectivism irresponsibility stated for many years with the identical message covered by Matt Clark. Those types are everywhere in our public education system, they are in our media, they are writing the songs of our culture and making the films and television shows that we enjoy, they have been built within America by the architects of destruction to undermine everything that is good about America, and that must stop immediately, otherwise the last great place on planet earth that stands for freedom and the greatness of human achievement will be gone forever. This is why Glenn Beck is addressing his second episode of The Oval on the topic of taking personal command of American individual lives. Watch and listen carefully then pass on to a friend.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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