Graveyards and Government: Why do we need more taxes? Ask The Brakeman!

When I hear the President discuss the details of his Jobs Bill, the same question comes to my mind as it does when a local school or a city discusses their budget demands for raising taxes, and that is, why does the government assume that every job created in government deserves to be funded, and that the funding of that job dictates higher taxes?  Just because some politician in Washington, or some board of education member either at the state level or local level makes a decision and creates a job, the merit of that job never gets questioned……….why?

Why is it our obligation as a tax paying base to subsidize bad decisions made by politicians who have long since left office, leaving in their wake a turbulent chaos of bureaucracy, so that their puny minds could relish in the creation of a job, when in fact the merit of those jobs add little to the overall society? It would seem that politicians like Obama are so emotionally attached to certain jobs like teachers, police, firefighters, BMV workers, administrators and the like that they never measure the productivity of those positions against the taxes it takes to maintain them, and that is a catastrophic error.

If the United States is not number one in the profession of teaching, then why would we spend so much money to maintain that mediocre status. Or why would we spend more money, when other countries which exceed our education statistics, do more with less money spent per pupil? How many firefighters does it take to run a community given that there aren’t exactly fires and emergencies every single day, could much of that staffing be done equally well with a volunteer staff instead of an army of full-time employees, the same with police? What are the measurements as to how many you need to keep criminals in check? Who is asking those questions…………nobody? How many workers does it take to run a Bureau of Motor Vehicles? Couldn’t some of the traffic regulation be reduced to help with staffing of these bureau positions?

The trouble with government is every time someone like Obama wants to make a name for himself, and history has produced millions of those types, they “create” a job and expand government just a little bit more. And the cost of that expansion is what drives our taxes higher and higher in order to maintain the growth. This is why politicians are in such a panic over the sudden desire from the public, of which I am a proud part, to reduce government, because those expansions are part of a politicians “legacy.” To a politician removing a government program is similar to taking away their tombstone once they’ve been laid to rest in a cemetery.

My family explored a cemetery hidden away in the hills of Eastern Ohio a few years ago which was supposedly haunted. As we sat in the dark with cameras and other recording equipment waiting for a ghost to come up out of the ground and dance with the evening mist which engulfed us, I looked at the tombstones laying all about, mostly eroded away beyond recognition. The cemetery itself was about 150 years old and the town which housed the residents had long ago disappeared. This cemetery no longer had relatives who came to visit. These people were simply forgotten by a town that no longer existed. (TO SEE SPECIFICS ON THIS TYPE OF STORY SEE MY ARTICLE ON THE GHOST TOWN KERR CITY) CLICK THE LINK:

To the people of a ghost town, all the activity of the town seemed so important while the town lived. My daughter and I looked at the tombstone of “The Brakeman” in the misty, haunted night where civilization wasn’t even remotely connected. The night air called out no hints of mankind’s existence from this place, as we waited for the ghost of The Brakeman to walk the cemetery at night, as legend said he does occasionally.

The Brakeman worked the railroad of the nearby town and had an affair with the wife of his card playing friend who was in charge of all the freight which left the town. When the friend found out about what the brakeman had done with his wife, he challenged his friend to a card game where he got The Brakeman drunk to the point of passing out. At that point the estranged husband laid his friend “The Brakeman” across the railroad tracks to be killed by the passing train, which happened within the hour, decapitating completely The Brakeman. Now legend has it that the ghost of the headless Brakeman roams the cemetery at night, and that’s what we wanted to see for ourselves in spite of all the reports from people who did exactly what we were doing, but suffered from being driven insane by curses that the angry Brakeman casts upon anyone who disturbs his grave. That’s the story anyway.

Strange things did happen that night, but not the expected “strange stuff.” But as we sat there waiting I thought about how important sleeping with that man’s wife had been to The Brakeman. How important all their jobs had been to the people of the town, even how important the man’s marriage to the cheating wife had seemed to the killer. Now here we were 150 years later waiting for a ghost to appear from that time and show us some hint to a mystery which occurred so long ago. And all the things that seemed so important to the people of this graveyard back when they lived were no longer even relevant to the order of the universe. The people were all decayed away and forgotten. Even the tombstones proving their existence was nearly gone. In another hundred years nobody would even know this graveyard ever existed.

This is the secret behind government expansion, and what is truly behind the words of politicians like Obama. Government programs and created jobs are the “tombstones” of the politician. They hope that when they are long gone, dead to the world that society will remember that they were good people once, and that their legacy will live on in some way. Social Security is the tombstone of FDR. Medicare is the tombstone of LBJ. I am 100% convinced that when those presidents signed those government programs into law that they thought to themselves, “people will remember me when I’m gone. These programs will outlast a tombstone.”

That is what is behind almost every government program created. It’s behind nearly every law created, every building built, every bridge that spans a river; it is in the infantile mind of the spiritually cumbersome which seeks some measure of immortality in the form of something that will carry their memory beyond the tombstones of a cemetery. And this is the mentality behind the President’s Jobs Bill, and the anger of many who think like him that people would “dare” to reduce the size of government by eliminating government programs, or even entire branches of it, because to them, this would be equivalent to desecrating the grave of the dead, for the impact, is the same. The fear is to be forgotten so nobody ever knew they lived. People like Obama understand this at a primal level and will protect those who came before him in hopes that someday someone will protect his tombstones in the form of created legislation. Isn’t that what Obama Care is after all, a memorial to Obama for all eternity?

When I was a very small kid, I actually took a tombstone from a graveyard and hid it in the basement of our house. I wanted to study it. My mother was aghast and demanded I put it back where I found it, which was an old cemetery I had found deep in the woods near our house. She told me the ghost of that man would track me down all my life, that God would be angry with me for desecrating the grave of this poor man. I was confused by her anger so I drug that tombstone the 2 miles back to the graveyard and put it back the best I could, wondering why my mother was so upset about it. I found out later that she had done the same thing when she was a little girl and her parents, my grandparents had put the fear of God into her, and she never did such a thing again. I asked her if she actually believed the Earth would swallow her up and she’d be damned to hell for all eternity if she took a tombstone, a simple rock with writing on it that the process of natural erosion would destroy within a few hundred years anyway. Why did human beings think such things are actually sacred? Well, the only answer she had was that it was wrong to do such a thing. And the rationality is just as simple when speaking about reducing a government program, or a law. All those things are just memorials to the deceased when taken down to their most elementary function.

I’ve explored graveyards all over America since then and seen and done things that many would consider sacrilegious to the religions of the Earth. I have done these things with the view toward science, not just belief, and this lends itself to the proper perspective in understanding the nature of a problem. And this is the case of government. It grows and expands not out of necessity, but out of fear……..fear of the lives that make up that government growing old and dying off to be forgotten by the world. This is the fundamental error behind many of the human beings who roam this Earth. They are living their deaths by planning for it their entire lives, wondering how they will be remembered instead of living the life that is before them one day at a time and when the time comes to leave this world of the living honorably to join with the greater mysteries of existence, most of mankind clambers with the fingers of both hands dug deep into roots of the living and while they hope that there is an afterlife, they don’t truly believe it. So they seek to be remembered for “something.” And this is the catastrophe of politics. It allows the small-minded to use tax money to build memorials in their honor, and that is not the role of government. And it is not the responsibility of the tax payer to make people who view themselves inwardly as “worthless” to project an outward appearance of “worth” long after death robs them of life and confines their Earthly bodies to a cold, decaying grave.

What I learned in my many trips to the graveyards of the world is that many people are dead long before they ever come to these places, and memorials are the most common form of hiding that fact from themselves. But deep inside, we all know the motives, including people like Obama. His ghost already haunts him, and he is doing what politicians all do, he spends money, he runs for office, and he runs, runs, and runs hoping he can outpace his own ghost, because when the ghost finally catches up with him, he will face a crises that no law or memorial can hide him from. On that day, he will be wrecked with that grim reality that his life was no more important than anyone else’s, and that when he dies, he will be forgotten just as everyone is because within a few millenniums all the laws of politics will be gone forever and the Earth will have recycled the human race many times over and the world will be plagued with the ghosts of those who just never understood what happened, like The Brakeman who just wanted to have sex with his friend’s wife in a town in Eastern Ohio in a moment of passion. Death came so quick that the man never knew what hit him and he still roams around sadly looking for a town, for a people, for a world he knew but is now erased from the world except for a few eroded tombstones.

Every politician ever known or yet created will suffer the same fate as The Brakeman, and no amount of money, of government program can protect them from the fact that they are living a death and their ghost will soon come to claim their bodies erasing their footprint from the mind of mankind forever.

So knowing all that, why should the rest of us pay for memorials to those weak-minded fools?

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Rich Hoffman in American Thinker: a voice from the past

One of the questions I get a lot is…………..What right do you have to say the things you do?  Who do you think you are?  The next is, if you’re such a great writer, why aren’t you writing for organizations like American Thinker, or other conservative publications.  Well, the answer to that question is that I have.  My preference however is to have creative control over my content, and when you present that material without a lot of middlemen involved, then the material has the opportunity to be more authentic. 

But, for those readers here who would like to see a sample of my work from before I started this forum, here is an article from American Thinker, from back when Governor Kasich was just getting ready to run for the office in Ohio.  I was reminded of this article recently, and thought it prophetic given the current battles over Issue 2 that we are all facing.  So for brevity, I provide the link below to that article for your enjoyment.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

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Bullwhips and Ohio’s Issue 2: “Those forefathers from the ’70’s?'” LOL

Using a bullwhip to demonstrate the benefits of Issue 2, in Ohio makes perfect sense to me. To many progressive minded people a bullwhip represents abuse, slavery, or S&M. But to me, a bullwhip is one of the rarest items of efficiency ever created. It’s a simple weapon that by calculus standards is quite complex. The function of a bullwhip is such that a focused effort applied at the handle of say 10 to 15 mph of thrust becomes over 750 mph of force within 6 feet of the application. For the crack you hear coming from a whip it is nothing less than the sound barrier being broken. Thus, the crack of a whip is a “sonic boom.” That “boom” was created with a small amount of force of which the tapered design of the whip magnifies the applied force into devastating effectiveness. To become so good with a whip that you can capture that energy and project it into a focused point in space is a grand achievement, so to put out a candle with a bullwhip is extremely rare. I only know of a handful of people in the entire world who can do it.

So when I want to demonstrate precision, power, effectiveness, management of resources, I often use the whip. I’ve used my bullwhips to explain to businesses how to function more efficiently, so it only makes sense to me to use a bullwhip to explain how Issue 2 can be effective in controlling the costs of communities all over Ohio. And I do it by showing that Issue 2 will allow communities to “target” their costs specifically, just as I do by targeting the flame of a candle, putting that flame out without disrupting the content of the candle. In this case it is the wax that makes up the candle and it is the flame that consumes it. If I want to save the candle from consumption by the flame, I must blow out the candle. Putting the candle out with at whip demonstrates how incredible force can be applied “precisely” without harming the rest of the candle. So the political metaphor is appropriate. See for yourself.

Who are the flames in society, the “public employees” who consume the “system?” What flames would I target with Issue 2? Well, what comes to my mind immediately is a situation we had at Lakota where a teacher Ryan Farhenkemp just plead guilty to taking inappropriate pictures of a young student while on an out-of-town field trip. That teacher had a serious case of pedophilia, where he desired sex with children, boys specifically, and should have never been allowed to teach. Because the teachers union is so radical, they prevented a proper investigation into this behavior, and did not allow any management to even investigate the matter, until it’s too late. Read more about this situation here:

Just one school district over in Mason another teacher was having sex with the football team, while her boss, the assistant principal was sending pictures of his penis to the teacher’s phone. Many people, including the Superintendent knew that things were not all well and good among his staff, but the teachers union has made investigations into this kind of business nearly impossible, so the bad teachers out there, “and there are many” are allowed to continue on with bad behavior because they are “protected” by a union. Issue 2 will allow performance based evaluations which will help root out this kind of trouble by “allowing” the discussion to initially take place, where now it doesn’t happen at all, because legally, it can’t. Read more about the Mason situation here:

And to understand how out-of-control the union contracts are, listen to Scott Sloan of 700 WLW read the Lakota Teachers Contract, the more complex something is, the more money it costs. The Lakota contract is not unique, but is pretty standard all over Ohio.

In addition to the lucrative teaching contracts the practice of double-dipping among retired teachers, firefighters, police officers, and school superintendents is so rampant that the projected cost of this abuse is almost unfathomable. It’s a real, significant problem which actually burns our community candle at both ends. In fact I wrote an entire article on just that problem here. Listen to the broadcast there done by an I-Team investigation of which I played a part. The numbers will stun you:

Those are examples of the kinds of “targets” that we as taxpayers must remove from our public employee system to control the out-of-control tax increases that are coming at us. Only in a community do we know what our problems are, and our school boards, city councils, and trustees are there to represent our interests. But often if you go to a community meeting, you will find that even if you speak, those elected representatives won’t listen to you, because the deals are already solidified in the chaos of Columbus. It is the union lobby power that has twisted the arms of legislators and passed legislation like the “double-dipping” provision while the tax payers were busy “working” those lobbyists and politicians, all paid for by us, were having lunch together in Columbus and writing laws to enrich themselves in the chaos they initiated.

I have written a lot about S.B.5, ISSUE 2 specifically. To read what that law does for you, read this article on it:

But the video below will give you a basic understanding:

Those who are in favor of Issue 2 could provide fact after fact, after fact on why it’s a great law. Basically we have a system that is currently in chaos, and there are a lot of people working in the public sector who fully intend to enrich themselves in the midst of that chaos. What you will find is that those groups who wish to take advantage of that chaos against the tax payer will attempt to divert the attention away from the details of an argument to an emotional one. In recent radio broadcasts we have begun to call this the Wookie Defense. Click here to read all about it:

You can see supporters of Issue 2 pick apart the recent “Firefighter” ad put out by We Are Ohio here, which will demonstrate unequivocally just how the system is flawed. If these guys won’t tell the truth about things right out in the open, what will they lie about behind closed doors? The answer to that is why things in government cost so much money, and why Issue 2 is so important. The savings doesn’t come from a literal figure on paper. It comes from decentralization in Columbus so people like me can help manage the costs in our communities, where they should be negotiated.

Now, this next video which was put out by a bunch of Firefighters working with a local school is using the same tactics that most public employees use to pass new levies, shows the kind of game they want to play. Now, when I saw this video I laughed hard for a long time. In fact my stomach still hurts almost 24 hours later from laughing at it. It’s not that the people in the video did a bad job. Actually, I think it’s a good effort at a dance routine. What I laughed so hard at is the level of manipulation they are employing in plain sight. They are basically expecting the voter to vote against Issue 2 because they can dance, and that is hilarious.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My stomach hurts again………………………………………………hold on…………Ok. How are the communities going to be weakened if we give the communities more power to handle their costs? Instead of the fire chief talking to his union people and then the union lobby going to Columbus to create a new law that then comes back to our community as an unfunded mandate, how about that fire chief talk to the people in the community about their staffing levels, their pay, and their equipment. That seems like it would create a stronger relationship, not a weaker one. If taxes needed to be increased, then the community could decide, but as it is now, the tax increases are “dictated” by the state through chaotic legislation, which is just how the union likes it. You see these emotional types won’t deal with facts they’ll instead rely on emotion to convince you to throw money at them.

However, in this next video the firefighters attempt to “look” like they are dealing with facts by letting you listen in on one of their picnics. I laughed hard at this one too but for an entirely different reason. In fact, this has been a running joke among my wife and me now for an entire day. We will probably make fun of this one for years to come.

Oh my goodness! “Our forefathers and firefighters tried to do back in the 70’s?” Thanks for that, Joe. In case you missed it that remark is at the 7:45 mark. Dude, the history of Ohio goes back a lot further than the 70’s! Also, hey, Joe you must not have met the mayor of Toledo. He’s for Issue 2. You should get out more, you’d meet more people than a bunch of bobble heads waiting for you to tell them what to think.



Here’s what’s going on here. The unions are using firefighters because they along with police are supposed to represent authority, and especially in light of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 these union leaders will show that they will absolutely stop at nothing to manipulate the tax payer with emotion and fear. The public is not supposed to question these people, because they have authority over us. Now this video disgusts me, because they are using some “slick” production values to attempt to completely manipulate the public. By allowing the viewer to sit down with those in authority as though it was a privilege, they hope to lure the viewer into a feeling of “entitled” information. It’s simply a variation on Saul Alisnsky’s Delphi Technique. But here’s the trouble, none of the people speaking in this video are speaking about any facts. They are simply speaking about what they fear, which is no more justified than people telling Christopher Columbus that if he sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean, that he’d fall off the side of the Earth. Its fear based on absolutely no foundation.

The next question that arises from this is, even these “honest” firefighters are not willing to address the facts, and instead peck around the parameters of truth, relying on manipulation instead of out-right presentation, then what are they hiding? Well, I published the wage rates of the police and firefighters from my community in the below article. It’s pretty standard stuff all over Ohio. As you will see, they are making very good livings, and as I’ve said before, if the public thinks that level of income is acceptable then fine. But my inclination is that these public workers are very aware that they are making approximately 30% more than the people who are paying their salaries, and they’d rather keep that bit of information out of the discussion, out of fear that the public might turn on them and actually question their actual value. See my article on what these guys make in my community: (the spreadsheet with all the costs is toward the bottom)

I have been in management for a while now so I understand this issue from many angles. I’ve worked at all levels of a company, and I have dealt with unions. I’ve been in actual fights in parking lots with shop stewards so I know the mentality of these people. Taken individually, most people are good citizens who just want to do the right thing. I once worked with a guy who was a major union supporter yet had a fascination with airplanes and considered himself very patriotic. I thought of him when I heard Joe speak in the above video. He used to say to me, “You are building those units too fast. You have a rate of 120%. You are making us look bad.”

I’d say to him, “You make yourself look bad by holding back. We have a contract deadline and you are jeopardizing it by not filling the production requirements. You could build at least three times faster than you are, but you and your friends won’t do it. So I’m picking up the slack so we don’t miss our deadline.”

“Kid, this whole union thing doesn’t work if we don’t stick together. It takes all of us, in solidarity.”

I’d smile at him, because he knew what my reaction would be. We got along in a friendly way because we both shared a love of airplanes even if we differed politically. “Now why would I want to do that when I can work extra overtime, make more money, by doing the work you and your fat ass friends won’t do?”

He’d chuckle and say, “You know back when we walked the picket line we’d call you a SCAB. In fact, I’d tell you that behind your back, they’re calling you a SCAB around here because you are up the ass of management.”

At this point I would turn down the radio and lay down my wrenches and all the guys working nearby would stop to see if a fight were about to break out. “Dude, to me a SCAB is something that heels a wound. When your body is cut open, you better pray a SCAB forms to heal it. If I am a considered a SCAB around here, because I like this company from head to toe, I like the people in management, and I like the people on the paint line, then that’s a compliment. I like them all to some extent, and I’m not picking sides to suit the needs of your unions political position, which I adamantly disagree with. If I’m a SCAB it’s because I’m here to heal all the wounds you union fools inflict upon yourselves with your adversarial relationship with management in an attempt to bleed the company dry in order to garner more money for yourselves.”

He’d put his hands up defensively as the union stewards would come in closer for a listen. “Hey, I’m just trying to help you out. They (management) will use you against us, to break down our solidarity, brother.”

“I’m not your brother or any of you other guys. I’m here to make a living for my family, and if you idiots want to produce at a 40% efficiency rating, I’ll do my work and your work and take your money in overtime so I can take my wife to nice movie, or out to dinner. It’s your loss.”

Then the union steward would step in. He was a guy who clearly didn’t like me and I didn’t like him. So confrontation was inevitable. “You jeopardize everything we stand for.”

“Then you are standing for the wrong things.”

“You are too young to know what you are talking about. We worked hard for every right the people in this company have. You are ignorant, you have no idea. Someday you’ll want us, and we won’t be there for you, because you wouldn’t stand with us, and by then we will have collapsed.”

“Is that the kind of talk you use to get your wife to sleep with you? Because you’re wrong, this contract must be met. If you make yourselves a pain in the ass to the customer, they won’t give you another one, and you’ll be out of a job and all your union bullshit won’t mean anything then. “

At this point the union steward waved me off and said, “Forget it guys. He’s a puppet for management. He’ll never stand with us.” The crowd broke up and went back to work. For that day, all the workers improved their efficiency by about 15% points on average. Then the production values fell the next day back to what they were.

I made about 80K that year in overtime opportunities, picking up the slack of the union work force. The contracts did fall behind, but I made decent money for a while. The confrontations did get more violent after that, but that wasn’t a big deal. Management took my side in the injuries to the employees because they saw that I was trying to help them. But with all my effort, I couldn’t prevent the company from going out of business when the salesmen told me that nobody wanted to give our company a contract because they didn’t want to deal with our delivery times, and our union work force. So once the contracts were fulfilled, the work dried up and the company was sold within two years of that discussion.

The public unions are at that point. They have negotiated themselves out of value. Their services are too costly taken collectively, and they have built a system where much abuse is taking place, such as the double-dipping issues. If they were a private business, they’d be going out of business. But these are public employees, and we need those services. We need teachers, we need firefighters, and we need police, and we will have them regardless of Issue 2 or not. We will have strong communities too. But we won’t be used and abused as tax payers by greedy unions who force upon us a system that is rampant with undisciplined spoils. Ohio is at a point where we must have the ability to remove with surgical precision the trouble areas, and no politician in Columbus can do that. Only the members of the community know where the real trouble is, and Issue 2 gives our communities the tools to remove those trouble spots that are both costly financially, but also ethically.

Issue 2 will change things for the public unions. It will force them to deal with the tax payer more evenly. But this notion that Joe has…..that firefighter who thinks our forefathers are from the 70’s….. that Issue 2 will take away his “seat at the table” he is just sadly mistaken.Issue 2 puts the tax payer at the table equally with the unions, because right now, the only people at the table are the unions and their friends, the people we elect, yet they control, because of how the law was before Issue 2. The public is outside the door and when we ask to come in we get some stupid dance like you saw above. And when we ask what’s going on, we get the Wookie Defense and many of us are tired of it. Issue 2 brings everyone to the table equally, and that is what the public unions are afraid of, because once we get there, we’re going to find out just how much they’ve been screwing management, (ALL OF US). And they know that we will be mad when we find out. That’s what they are really scared of in regard to Issue 2. That is a wrath they aren’t prepared to deal with.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

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Motor City Madness: The chirping birds of James Hoffa

I’ve said before that America was developing it’s own unique philosophy called Transcendentalism in the 1830’s to the 1840’s through the work of Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margret Fuller and many others, who at the time were observing the “American” experience and articulating it into a philosophy of a new nation. After all, that was the intent of a new country, and that was to come up with something “new.” It was in that march that American’s had the debate about abolishing slavery, which made it the first nation in the world to do so.

But in the middle of this awakening came “European” ideas from Germany, and London in the form of Marxism. This occurred in the 1850’s and involved several American newspaper editors who were the emerging “Victorians” and loved with homesick yearning the secure psychological blanket of Europe and rejected Transcendentalism in favor of Marxism. And instead of the two ideologies playing out against the American consciousness in the 1860’s, America had a Civil War which stopped all thinking in a positive direction. In the aftermath of this war which ended the terrible act of slavery, but at a cost to national pride which would recover in time, Marxism grew in power with the same motivations that English kings hired privateers and pirates to sabotage Spanish vessels in the 1670’s, to stop a competing nation from exceeding beyond the reach of the almighty England. In this spirit Marxism was pushed into America in the same way that it was pushed throughout Europe and into Russia. Lenin grabbed hold of Marxism and used it in the Bolsavik Revolution to overthrow the rulers of Russia and turn it into the Soviet Union, a communist nation. In America there wasn’t a Lenin, but communist though came to the United State during the rise of the Industrial Revolution on the backs of the labor movement. The founders of unions in America were Communists inspired by the work of Karl Marx and this was the birth of the “labor movement.”

The Labor Movement is Anti-American because of this history. It is because of this history that I suggest America return back to the principals of Transcendentalism, a philosophic period prior to the Civil War and the chaos perpetuated by the labor movement. All those current leaders associated with the labor movement should be rejected, because their path is the incorrect path completely for America’s direction.

It is nothing against the unions to say that they don’t have a “right” to exist. In America, any idea should be able to be explored. But failed philosophies do not have a right to be artificially propped up such as what is happening in America currently with the public sector unions. And the essence of that failed philosophy is in the union workers insistence that “somebody” create a job for them. This is a ridiculous notion and rests on the foundation similar to a little bird freshly hatched from an egg which “chirps” for the mother bird to drop food into its mouth. When these union leaders cry out for someone to “create” jobs that’s what they are doing.

This is why I do not have any respect for labor unions or their leaders. Their actions show me that they do not have what it takes to be an American, which is a foundation of self-reliance. They are “dependent” on a third-party to care for them and they preach this philosophy of dependency as if it were a “good” thing.

To provide an idea of the type of people who run these modern unions, have a look at the invitation letter that was put out to the labor unions up in Detroit where the President was scheduled to speak. Have a look at the people on that list and measure their worth against what you know about the state of the world. I will make the statement ahead of this analysis to proclaim that every one of them are technically a social “looter” as defined by the great American novel, Atlas Shrugged. They are looters because they exist by taking from others. This includes President Obama who is only wealthy now because of what he was able to loot from public sector service. This looter mentality is common in Europe, but it was rejected during the Transcendentalist movement of the 1840’s.


Dear Friend,

Michigan is honored to have the President of the United States in Detroit on Monday to celebrate Labor Day. All are welcome to be part of this important tradition. In addition to the President, speakers will include Labor Secretary Hilda Solis, national AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, UAW President Bob King, Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa, SEIU President Mary Kay Henry, Members of the Michigan Congressional Delegation, and special musical performances by the fabulous Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and the Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit.

Downtown events begin with the actual labor day parade at 9am, followed by the rally at the GM Parking lot next to the Renaissance Center on Atwater Street, between St. Antoine and Beaubien. Gates will open at 10am and guests can enter at the corner of Rivard and Atwater Streets. The events is free and open to all. Do be aware that all attendees will go through airport-like security and should bring as few personal items as possible. No bags, sharp objects, chairs, umbrellas, liquids or signs will be allowed inside the venue. Cameras and cell phones are permitted.

Join Deborah and me as well as our friends, family and other community members in honoring the working men and women who make America strong! Hope to see you Monday.

With every good wish,
Sincerely yours,

John Dingell


The only person on that list who has achieved anything on their own was Aretha Franklin. All the rest of those people are “social parasites.” That means their existence is completely dependent on the labor of someone else to support their livelihood, just like a baby bird in a nest. And if you think about it, the yelling and screaming that the labor unions are doing is done for exactly the same reason as the baby bird, to convince someone to feel sorry for them and drop food into their mouths because they are hungry.

When people who are marketed as “significant and important people” such as what those on that letter are made out to be yet completely live off the labor of the public, how can they be determined to have any kind of “self worth” in regard to their ability to produce work. How can the baby birds be looked to for leadership? Because that’s the indication, that we are supposed to look at these “dependents” for leadership, none of those people have any new ideas, not a single one is producing anything. The only production they are speaking of is by taking resources from one place and then turning it into something else for which they will take the credit for. But who created the labor to begin with? Not the people on that list. They took it from someone else just like a baby bird takes a worm from the mouth of an adult bird and converts it into something else. In the baby bird’s case, it converts the worm into “shit.” In the case of the union minded president and union leader like Trumka they create a “government job.” Both things are essentially equal in the metaphysics of science, the bird shit and the government job.

Now many will question how I can say such a thing, that this whole notion of Transcendentalism is a step backward, that society has advanced beyond all that nonsense of the 1800’s. Well, no it hasn’t. You see, this whole progressive mentality that rides on the back of the labor movement has it’s roots with Karl Marx who wrote the Communist Manifesto in 1848 and the roots of much of what’s wrong in American Philosophy today, and if you want to fix it, you have to go to the root problem. The foundation of that labor union mentality is flawed from its root. And there are better ideas in existence from that same period that could work better for America and should be explored.

When the union movement says they are fighting for their very lives, they are right in some respects. But the life they are fighting for is one that was never theirs to begin with. They exist off the collective lives of others and such a philosophy is doomed to fail, and a nation should never build itself upon a collective premise which requires the looting of some people in order to support other people. If America had begun the nation with such a mentality it would have never made it passed a couple of stump speeches in a city square. Europe knew this, and this is why they slid the notion of communism under the door to weaken America as a world power that they didn’t have the personal ambition to compete with in the world market place. Europe planted the seeds in the 1800’s and that idea grew into it’s own entity by the 1940’s to the 1960’s to give us what we have today, a bunch of wanna-be leaders chirping like little baby birds shitting all over themselves and looking for more to eat. And the more they eat the more shit they make. During this process they never stop being hungry and because they are dependent on others to feed them, and lack the courage to fly from the nest from which they reside, they just continue to “chirp” insistently irritating us all with the utterances of a failed philosophy from a failed continent and supported by social looters.

The American Worker is not what the labor movement is all about. The American Worker is simply the soil from which the tree that is the labor movement grows. If the tree were removed by its roots the soil which produced the tree would still remain. And when I look at the ugly tree that has become the labor movement, I would think a better tree would be much more attractive to the soil of the American Worker. That is why I look to Transcendentalism for that next species of tree from which to plant, because the tree of the labor movement is dying and hollow, and when it collapses it may fall down and wreck the house we live in, and nobody wants that, including the silly baby birds that live in the tree chirping for more food to eat.

Who declared war on whom James?  The peaceful Tea Party or the mobster driven teamsters known for roughing up people who won’t cough up their “protection” money.  Hey, you’re a lawyer.  It’s all in the wording, isn’t it?  : )

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

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Thank a Feminist: What is Lingerie Football and why Playboy is involved?

Doc Thompson talks to Lisa Richards from Women Fighting Sexism on 700 WLW in what turned out to be a very revealing discussion that I think spills over into many other aspects of society. Ms. Richards represents a portion of the human population that has “other” problems and seeks to fix them through activism. It is evident by listening to her in this broadcast that she has a real dislike for men, who unfortunately for her make up half of the population.

My thoughts are that women like this are suffering, and I think they need help. I covered this syndrome in another article so repeating it here would be redundant. Have a look to review:

I personally think that feminism has been very destructive to women. I wrote an entire article on that topic as well which can be seen here:

Lisa Richards is not alone, and I frequently see the footprint of her type in the radical dialogues of organized labor, particularly teachers unions and that’s where the opinion of these lost souls becomes costly. It’s not against the law to have a flawed opinion, but when you follow the origin to destructive human behavior which costs money to fix, which we find in the education profession, it is people like Richards who brought about the unintended consequences from which many suffer.

For instance, let’s look at Lisa Richards’s militant hatred of men, and her desire to prove that women can be every bit superior to men. That is the platform of her position, and has been the foundation of the women’s movement for 100 years of progressive politics. What has it given women?

I’d say women have now become every bit as disgusting and sexually driven as men. They are just as aggressive and selfish too, so from that aspect, feminists have achieved their objective which can be seen in the new football league called Lingerie Football, which airs on the progressive television network MTV. (What this has to do with music is nothing. MTV is simply the ‘progressive’ channel, designed to prepare the minds of the young in all manners of progressive politics.)

In male football, the men are well-built, they show their assets anytime they can, and they behave the same way. Football is meant to be attractive to the opposite sex. With women, they are attracted to small waists with narrow butts of men, as I pointed out in my article on sign stimuli:

Women like large shoulders and narrow hips because in the role of sex, these are the parts of the mating ritual that will hold a woman down and allow the man to enter without difficulty. A man with large hips just doesn’t fit so well, and makes sex less desirable for the woman. So women like these things, the shoulder pads and uniform of men are designed to be appealing to women as much as ad protection in the game play. That’s one of the reasons the NFL is successful, it appeals to men’s aggression, and the sign stimuli of women, so men and women can share the game together.

The Lingerie Football League must do the same if it wishes to elevate women to the same level of game play and public approval as the men in the NFL. So the LFL has learned what the WNBA never learned, and that there must be some sexual attraction to the players for people to accept the sport, because sports are a primal activity rooted in sex. At a subconscious level, sports is a way of determining who wins, and that determines the best genes which indicates who is suitable to reproduce with, so without those elements, sports loses much of its appeal. For a sport to be successful, it must appeal to both men and women to have market value. So feminists have achieved equality, because men in the NFL market their game exactly the same way.

Women are hitting each other just as hard as men do, but yes they must wear less clothing because if they are to appeal to men’s sign stimuli, which they must to be successful, the women can’t cover up their sign stimuli. So the breasts must be exposed as well as the entry points for the penis in the woman’s pelvic region. For the women, the feminists the get the satisfaction of knowing they are just as fast, just as strong as men, that they can hit hard and be respected just as men are. But for men to stay interested the costume designers for the LFL knew what they were doing and applied scientific reason to the process.

That’s how the men do it. In fact if these women didn’t look like women, I think I might even forget that they are women, but just gladiator warriors in the arena of battle. That means they have achieved social equality. The LFL is smartly marketing itself with this in mind and in just two short years it is taking on the qualities of legitimacy from its origins as a publicity stunt.

The LFL game looks like football and the pace is the same. Without the big hits, the LFL would never get away with “equality.” Flag football attempted for years to achieve what the LFL has achieved, because women can’t respect themselves as equal unless they are willing to take or give a big hit, or even fight brutally, the way men do.

So to women like Lisa Richards, you have achieved your success, you have brought women down to the same level of men, instead of goddesses to be aspired to, you and the feminist movement have made them equal to men, and your march to exceeding that mark is well on its way.

You can hear the same feminist wrangling in the labor movement, and there can be no question that much of the perceived value, and cost along with the budget breaking pay increases that society has thrown at feminists for years to help them feel “equal” in society have not placated them. They just keep asking for more.

These are the results of the feminist equality as launched by progressive politics. Like many progressive policies, there are unintended consequences. I’m sure Lisa Richards and her kind despises the LFL Football games, but it is they who made the LFL possible. And the whole process of “man hating” which launched the feminist movement and has brought women down to the level of men, and actually wrecked budgets because financial decisions are made collectively toward women as a whole, and not as individual performers. I’ve seen these feminist types littered with abundance in the Pro School Levy advocates I’ve had to deal with in many political fights. They fully expect that because they are women, that logic should not apply to them. Most of them sound just as off their rockers as Lisa Richards did. It is their psychological problems at that point that they become social pariahs, because logical discussions are no longer within reach with these broken women.

People are often shocked when they learn that my wife and I have been married for over 20 years. While most of the time it wasn’t easy, much of the trouble we have had in our marriage was due to the fact that when we were married, we made a decision to reject progressive politics, and that meant everything related to feminism. My wife has never had to work, she raised our children and when I came home each day my dinner was waiting on me. We share our household obligations in the traditional sense completely, because it is my observation that feminism doesn’t work, and deep down inside, most women don’t want it to work either. Most of any trouble my wife and I have had in our marriage were a result of family members attempting to impose upon our marriage the progressivism of the age, which I rejected as destructive very early in my life, and I would not budge, and at times those expectations from family members was very overwhelming. They did not see as I did, what the whole movement added up to, and that’s creations like the LFL. So when I raised my two daughters, I taught them the same thing, don’t listen to progressive politics even if it comes out of the mouths of treasured family members. Just look at them as sick, or senile concoctions of regressing social evolution, it will lead you down an unhappy life of unfilled expectations. I told my daughters that one of the reasons so many men are selecting women from other countries to marry and not America is because women from other countries, especially economically impoverished countries, are that foreign women tend to still believe in traditional marriage responsibilities.

I explained to my daughters that men want a partner in their life, not some radical short-haired vigilante. Men want to be pampered; they like to be cooked for. And they like a woman who stays interested in sex, and not some social “equality” thing. Once equality takes place among the sexes, a man would just as soon have sex with another man because if the whole activity of sex for them is simply ejaculation, they can do that with a man the same as a woman. But it is the woman who is the traditional “goddess” figure in culture, who thinks of the things men don’t and encourage the man to be a better human being, that challenges a man to always improve that drives society. The feminist movement has turned that whole social structure upside down and ruined it in America. That’s why men are looking for wives in other countries, where those women still believe in a traditional family structure.

So I’d say the same thing to Lisa Richards and almost every woman who chants for “equal” rights in the labor movement, what I told my own daughters, that men don’t want the kind of woman the feminists want to be. And guess what, because of this new globalism, you will have to compete with “other” women from other cultures who still believe in traditional values. In fact my oldest daughter had to go to England to find a man who still thought the way I do about family, valor and being an honorable man, because the United States isn’t making them anymore.

Ultimately, that is the anger you hear in Ms. Richards voice, that her beliefs have led her down a path of loneliness, and her life will always have a lack of fulfillment in it. Her only real option will be to find companionship in another woman, which will always lack real sexual fulfillment because even with sex toys and other techniques, the experience just isn’t the same. And she will never find a man of any real passion because men who have passion are either already taken by another woman, or a man will simply grab a plane and fly to another country to get a nice looking woman who doesn’t have a bunch of stupid hang-ups.

Meanwhile, as America finally achieves “equality” in the 100 year war of feminism, men who just want to have sex with other women, it’s never been easier, so they are happy. They can now watch football and see plenty of the fine attributes of a woman without even having to do any work to see it. And this cheapens the whole ritual of sex for men, which makes them lazy, and less of a man. I would never advocate an age where men were free to beat on a woman with impunity like what happens in the Muslim culture, which these same feminists are advocating mysteriously due to their beliefs in progressive politics. There was a time where men in American culture played straight into the feminist hands with binge drinking and treating their wives badly, which is a crime in and of itself. But the baby in this case was thrown out with the bath water. Feminism has been terrible for American culture and the people who advocate feminism are extremely expensive as public servants because they expect to use money to fill aspects of their lives where a penis is missing. And that’s a shame, because every woman should have the honor of experiencing the wonder of sex with a man who truly loves her. And every woman should witness the benefit of watching a man work all day and all night just to have the honor of pressing himself and his pheromones upon her, and to know that he had to earn that right and does not take it lightly, which brings added meaning to the entire ritual, and actually elevates the consciousness of the human race in the bliss of an enchanting evening.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Circus of Lakota: My Debate with the Pro Levy People

The most accurate emotion to articulate when schools ask for more tax money is one of humor and can be seen in the following video.

Before I get into the details of last my recent debate with the Pro Lakota Group remember our buddy Ryan Fahrenkamp, the Lakota teacher busted for child pornography and being a pedophile? See my article that I broke back in January here, the one that all the Pro Levy people accused me of being such a “rush to judgment,” “unfair,” and “inaccurate.” Read what I said……………..way back then.

Now read what happened on September 1, 2011 while I was preparing for a small debate with Sandy Wheatley of the Yes Lakota Group at the Lakota West Freshman building.

I will deal with Fahrenkamp in a separate article because the debate with the Pro Levy faction at Lakota deserves an extensive mention here. I only bring up the Fahrenkamp case because Sandy Wheatley chose not to deal with facts and figures in her debate with me, but with bible quotes, taking the high moral ground, as though money spent equaled quality. As she spoke I couldn’t help but wonder why she was placing the entire teaching profession on such high moral ground when one of Lakota’s ex-teachers had just confessed to taking “inappropriate pictures” of a child during an out-of-state trip.

“Ryan Brant Fahrenkamp, 42, of Mason, plead guilty to child pornography charges in U.S. district court, according to court records. Fahrenkamp was arrested at his home by FBI agents and local police in January. Fahrenkamp was a teacher at Lakota Schools for 14 years, most recently teaching at Endeavor Elementary School in West Chester Twp.

Fahrenkamp admitted to keeping child pornography on his school-issued laptop and also to taking inappropriate photos of a former male student during an out-of-state trip, according to court documents.”

I would have thought that Mrs. Wheatley would have taken some sort of position on this activity since she showed her extensive knowledge of bible verses, but instead she focused her whole speech on attempting to use the Bible to disqualify the “facts” she knew I would present. I was extremely disappointed by this approach, because taking the high road and using the Bible for some sort of political advantage seems cheap, but then not attempting to separate the levy campaign from Ryan Fahrenkamp on the day of his admission seemed either naive, assuming she didn’t know the news yet, or manipulative in that she attempted to talk around it. Because when the statement is made that we need to invest in our schools, someone on the Pro Levy side needs to articulate a plan for how to detect and remove people like Fahrenkamp in the future. Because there are others out there, just look at the Stacy Schuler case in Mason, the district next door.

You can see that debate between Mrs. Wheatley and myself here:

Sometimes the only way to see the clowns of society is to go to a circus, and in a lot of ways these kinds of political forums are just that. People often think that they are worthless exchanges, so intelligent people tend to stay away from the circus of politics. But like I’ve said recently to a friend of mine who was questioning the validity of these types of events, you go to the circus to see the clowns, and that’s how you learn what they’re up to. If intelligent people don’t get involved and actually go to the circus sometimes that leaves the clowns free to not even put on a show, so they come up with other schemes to fill their time. The game in the circus act is this, when a politician doesn’t have an answer, they seek to attack the data and inject emotion into the argument, and this can be seen by the efforts of the Pro Levy group. This is precisely why education is so expensive, because many of the decisions are not based on facts, but on emotion. We are asked to suspend all logic and not apply the same rules that we might apply to paying our electric bill or some other serious matter. We are just supposed to pay the increased tax but not question how the money is spent.

My biggest rage of the evening came from Jamie Green one of the school board candidates during the Q&A phase. (I’ll have video up of that soon.) Jamie, a former school board member from back in 2005, attacked my data too. I submitted a question to ask her how, but there wasn’t time to get to it in the forum. “You have to be careful what information you get out there,” she said of my material.

So Jamie officially eliminated herself from my support, in fact I’d say that if Lakota had someone like Jamie Green on the school board that would be the event which what would take Lakota backwards. It’s certainly not my charts.

Why is Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley upset with my “FACTS,” those elusive numbers that speak some strange language from a far-away land called “reality.” Why did they sit in the audience and huff and puff as I spoke flustering about like fish out of water, well, because those facts show that more money does not make a better school. As shown in this spreadsheet, which came from the presentation shown in the video, money spent does not amount to quality. Here is a list of many school districts in Southern Ohio all with different rates of spending per pupil and of many different ratings.

This next graph is the same date but shown differently, it takes away the names but instead plots their position in relation to the cost spent and the results gained. As shown, there is no behavior which indicates more money is justified. If what Jamie and Sandy are saying is true, then Princeton who spends $15,922 per pupil should easily be an Excellent with Distinction district, because they spend the most money. But they only rank at “Effective.” On the other hand Bethel-Tate Local spends $7,167 per pupil but they have the same ranking as Lakota. Lakota spends $9,806 to get that same rating. By the logic of Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley all the schools at the top of their per pupil cost should be Excellent with Distinction, yet many aren’t. Look at Winton Woods who is spending $12,636, they are spending a lot of money, near the top of the list, yet they are at the bottom of the category rating.

Instead, Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley will say,“don’t pay any attention to Mr. Hoffman’s facts. It’s all a matter of ‘interpretation’” and graphs can be made to say anything. Really? What these apologists are doing is hope that they can capture people’s minds with Bible quotes and some kind of former school board “experience” where the typical behavior is to bow to a labor union who behaves like a bottomless pit in funding demands. They are doing the same thing with this levy issue that they did when Ryan Farhenkamp was busted for child pornography. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. When a child pedophile, who worked 14 years in the school system, ironically under Jamie Green’s watch while she was a board member, pleads guilty to the charges, the Pro Levy people say “you can’t assume all teachers are bad because of the actions of one teacher!” Then they turn around and say, “Teachers need to collectively make ‘X’ amount of dollars to qualify your school district to be an ‘Excellent with Distinction’ school. They will then say that all teachers should be taken as a collective unity of quality. So which is it, independent assessment or collective altruism, because they can’t have it both ways?

As Sandy Wheatley basically said in her presentation that anybody can take selected sections of some information and paint it anyway they want to, which is what she was accusing me of doing with my “mysterious” graphs and “technical data.” She picked the story of when “Judas hanged himself,” from Mathew 27 then another quote of the “go and do likewise” portion of the Bible which is from Luke 10:37. She picked totally unrelated parts of the Bible to make her point, but she also sought to use that body of work to claim a moral high ground which is traditionally beyond refute. Well, I’ve read Biblical Archeology Review for over thirty years and I have about 21 volumes of the Biblical Encyclopedia of the Holy Bible, so I know a bit about the Bible myself. I read the actual book about 5 times before I was out of high school, and I have seen this kind of thing done many, many times by politicians, even within the Bible itself, where they think they have a right to use a Holy Book to shield some kind of truth, and that makes me VERY angry. Of course those stories aren’t even related to each other and that was her point. This is great insight into how the Pro Levy people and the school system in general operate. They do just as Sandy Wheatley did, they select the stats they like and ignore all the rest, just like those completely unrelated sections of the Bible, and they assume that I am doing the same thing, which I would consider unspeakable. This is precisely what they did with Ryan Fahrankamp, news that broke the same day they were pleading their case why they needed another tax levy. Instead they gave an emotional appeal that just dealt with the facts they are prepared to deal with. I would think that anyone who wishes to use the Bible in a political position would also take a hard stand against the extreme “sin” of one Ryan Fahrankamp. But in this circus of politics, that’s not what the show is about.

I would say further that it is this very tendency that gets Pro Levy Supporters into trouble with the labor unions and puts the district in a weak position with those labor negotiations. The union does deal with facts and employee mass and they routinely out-maneuver the more emotion Pro Levy types every time and to hide their sins, the Pro Levy people resort to words like “morality” and “good for the community” without ever defining how throwing more money at an obviously broken education system ran by a public union empire can somehow be redeemed through the sacrifice of yet more tax dollars.

The reason is because their foundation arguments are corrupt with the premise that the school itself is the guiding light in a child’s life, instead of just an important social and cultural aspect. If you go back to that chart and see which schools are failing, even with extraordinary amounts of money spent, you will see districts that are statistically high for single parent households, welfare recipients, and other “entitlement culture victims” and the children coming from those communities cannot be saved by the school. That is the real crime and the solitary fact that the Pro Levy people do not wish to answer. Just like they can’t face themselves in a mirror and take responsibility for not detecting that a pedophile was allowed to take a child on an out-of-state school sponsored event which put the child in danger, because the school itself failed to recognize the danger. There was not a value system put in place to assess teachers by merit, so administrators didn’t even bother with the frustrating task of posing the question to the labor union. The mountain is too steep to climb, so everybody avoids it. That’s how someone like Fahrankamp falls through the cracks.

The failure in all of this is not being able to diagnose the problem, because the Pro Levy people have a system of belief which rejects hard data in favor of emotion, because it is emotion which allows them to overlook the hard data that is all around them to detect the Ryan Farhankemp’s of the world before the danger ever happens. For the same reason they won’t look at the data I present, because the reality of what that data tells them is something those people are not emotionally equipped to deal with, so they hide their beliefs in the scattered quotes of a Bible without understanding the meaning of the whole body of work, and they’ll insult the intelligence of those of us who know better by suggesting that nobody look at the man behind the curtain. They want you to stay focused on the image, not the content and that would be fine if this were all just a visit to a movie theater where we are supposed to suspend belief for a couple of hours. But this is millions of dollars, and the lives of many, many people and such seriousness requires detailed analysis and honesty, even when mistakes are made, so that the entire community can move forward without the infantile desires of former school board members to have once again a “name plate” which bears her name in some illusionary honor.

All this amounts to is that you are not supposed to ask any hard questions or even look at the facts. But you’re supposed to sit quietly and watch the clowns in the circus do their silly tricks and not question the motivations of the personalities behind the face paint, or even why so many of them are packed into one car in some comic diatribe. Because what the real show is truly about is money, and protecting that money with some mild entertainment to keep the audiences placated as to the bona fide show that is going on behind the scenes. Such behavior has been the act for decades, so it won’t change overnight, but for me personally, I’m tired of all the clowning around that has been going on, and I’m ready to see the school walk a tight rope instead, and display the ability to balance themselves in a more serious portion of the show that is ultimately a circus.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Ancient Aliens and the Tea Party: Koyannisqatsi (LIFE OUT OF BALANCE)

Do yourself a favor, after you read this spend the time to watch these videos then read this again.  After that, pass it to a friend and let them start a journey they will never forget.  I have included the entire film of Koyannisquatsi at this end of this post, which is one of my favorite films of all time.  Enjoy!

Remember the speech that President Obama gave right after the shooting in Texas where he wanted to give a “shout out” at the Native Americans of the area? That was an awkward moment which showed just how out of touch the President really was in that instant of crises. The President exhibited all the typical signs of an out of touch academic which is what he is. He was simply revealing the Static Intellectualism, of which the Progressive Platform is built around, specifically in this case empathy for the plight of the Native American without really understanding the beliefs of the culture they are empathizing with.

The modern academic however, of which Obama is a part is limited in their understanding of many things, particularly the study of mankind’s past. They are stuck in the Static Intellectual culture patterns of which they helped create, and that is all life emerged in one of two ways, through evolution, or creation. One theory is one of science, which the Static Intellectual controls; the other is controlled by the religious institutions which is another type of Static Intellectual control. To the Static Intellectual who created progressive politics no other options exists, because the cultural patterns they established are the rules they are living by. That leaves out one small problem with their love of the Native American; the foundation beliefs of the Native American Culture most likely came from another planet which is represented in many of the rituals of Native American culture which permeates most societies from the Hopi to the Iroquois of New England. It was the Iroquois Five Nations that greeted William Johnston in his frontier fights against the French during the French and Indian war and those Five Nations were unified by a being that landed on Earth and instructed them not to be a war with one another, and to unite their efforts under one nation, of which the Iroquois did. (See the book Wilderness Empire by Allen Eckert)

The problem with this is that through study of the Native American rituals clues to the origins of mankind can and should be studied, but the Static Intellectualism of our modern culture have built their cultural patterns around the history of Europe which does not study the Native American cultures. Instead they study the known regions of Africa and the Middle East as the cradle of civilization and assume with arrogance that it’s always been that way, which Europe and its imperial roots contained within the Roman Empire gave birth to the world. So the scientific premise regarding the origin of the human race which has been controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, as a direct descendent of the Roman Empire refuses to look at all the new scientific archeological evidence coming in from all over the world. See my article on The Secret of Malden Island.

Progressives led by the Static Intellectualism of the Victorian Era, and their love of the Native American culture because of the terrible exploitation imposed upon them particularly by President Andrew Jackson, who was a frontier fighter, a rugged American, it suited their political purpose to smear Jackson, yet in their study of this political history as intellectuals they completely missed the beliefs of those Native Americans and the foundations behind their tribal mythologies.

Chief Standing Elk seen below shares a friendship with a person I know who is a shaman and lives in St. Louis. This shaman is a dream-walker and a spiritual healer and I find her fascinating because her belief system is so completely different from mine. I enjoy conversations with her, she is to my personal Static Pattern belief system a Dynamic which challenges those beliefs that I find valuable. Anyway, this shaman friend of mine invited me to a spiritual meeting at Serpent Mound a few years ago with this Chief who is an active spiritual leader attempting to carry on the beliefs of the tribes who inhabited America before the immigration of the European. Listen to what the Chief believes.

I became interested in Native American cultures through the film Koyannisqatsi, (SEE THE WHOLE FILM BELOW) which is one of my favorite films, and features a haunting Hopi Indian chant that has never left my mind. The word Koyannisqatisi means in Hopi, “life out of balance, crazy life.” I nurtured that understanding through the work of Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology studies, so I have a pretty good idea of what they are all about and I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of their beliefs. For instance, my wife and I frequent the Serpent Mound Archeological site a couple of times a year for many years now and have watched the perception of that place change dramatically from one of hard archeology based on the Adena Indian culture to this new age Star Culture idea that Chief Standing Elk believes. One of our visits a few years ago had various Indian tribes and shaman types chanting outside the museum and I told my wife that the science of the place was reverting, not advancing. These primitive beliefs and tribal chants seemed silly to me, until I did some reading of my own.

The big mystery of Serpent Mound is that it not only is a mound structure of a serpent, which is a universal symbol of life renewal, but it is particularly designed to be seen from the air, and all over the world such as the Nazca Lines of Peru and several features all over England, this is a common occurrence where societies seemed to be preoccupied with impressing the gods from the air. But the biggest mystery is the location itself in the middle of a crypto explosion event which occurred during the Permian Period, about 248 to 286 million years ago. Read more about the mound here:

Check out this clip, right about the 2:30 mark:

The crypto explosion is mysterious because it was a violent occurrence several miles wide and would usually be a result of a meteor impact similar to the site in Arizona just to the east of the Grand Canyon outside of Winslow, but it doesn’t look like that. It appears that at least half of the force occurred under the ground as well, so it’s quite a geological mystery. The haunting thing about this mystery is why the Serpent Mound is located right in the middle of this very unique spot that occurred hundreds of millions of years before any builders of the Serpent Mound came along. How did anyone from the Serpent Mound Culture know that something extremely unusual geologically occurred in that exact spot, out of all the spots on the face of planet Earth, a so-called primitive culture knew that something unusual and astronomically significant occurred right there in the middle of a wooded area in Ohio, with no visual reference on the surface. You have to do some digging to see the results of the crypto explosion.

Well, the shamans are saying that a seed ship landed on Earth and brought visitors who inhabited this new land. Such comments make me think of how the European encountered the Aztec and Mayan cultures of Central America and also the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean, where they imposed their religion upon the primitive people they encountered. Those cultures were influenced by the goods brought from Europe and changed forever as a result of this interaction and in the case the Native American; their cultures were almost completely destroyed by this exchange with the European. It is this aspect of the exchange that the progressive celebrates out of guilt so they do not look any deeper.

Our current culture is only about 200 years from being able to jump from planet to planet itself, so such space travel isn’t very far-fetched taken scientifically. Modern human culture achieved this ability in just about 10 to 20 thousand years, so it’s possible there could be many cultures out in space that are many thousands of years more advanced than we currently are. It is starting to appear that Earth has been greatly influenced by much more than just simple evolution or even creationism, which certainly have played a part, but there are other influences which gave rise to the sudden explosion of technology upon the human race, and the Native Americans seem to have a better understanding of that process than the Anglo-Saxon.

But the Static Intellectualism of academia who has built their universities upon flimsy theories based on Darwin and the Archeology of the Middle East refuse to see it. They, like President Obama think only of the suffering of the Native American at the hands of the “white man” because if fulfils the mission statement of their political platform. But if they actually took the time to listen to the Native American mythology, passed the obvious concern for conservation which also fills another political platform of “green technology” the study of Native American mythology and their roots don’t seem to be examined at all.

This is why television shows like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are so poplar, because the Dynamic Intellectualism of our current culture sees that the Static Intellectualism of our education institutions are missing the point in their interrelationship with the progressive politics of the Victorians in America. We are beginning to question the basic premise of the whole religious and scientific premise of mankind’s origins and that’s a good healthy process. If our education system is wrong, then it needs to correct that wrong with new understanding and not resort to the methods of the Spanish Inquisition, or burning heretics at the stake for being non-believers.

The Static Intellectuals of Progressive politics will insist that any notations of aliens colonizing planet Earth and bringing technology to the Homo sapiens who already lived here are preposterous. This is similar to when the church was upset with Isaac Newton for declaring that the Earth was not the center of the universe, which seems laughable now considering what we have learned about not only our galaxy but the many galaxies that make up the universe. In fact, through our understanding of quantum mechanics we are now beginning to think of the concept of a multi-verse. So the church was wrong, and the Victorians who built the progressive politics of which the current Static Intellectualism is protecting, are also wrong. In fact they are way off, and the evidence is overwhelming.

And this is where the Tea Party comes into this whole thing. Progressives are the political entity that is holding the world to a Static Pattern that is flawed in it perception of virtually everything. As it turns out, they are not so “progressive” but have been caught assuming that they are the “enlightened” ones and that they would be the ones who teach the world everything. They currently hold an imperial like grip on academia, which we can see is wrong, because Dynamic Intellectualism is using its imagination to ask the hard questions, where did we come from? And the answer is not in the Static Intellectual offering, so the pattern is wrong and must be broken down and rebuilt with new data gathered up by Dynamic Intellectualism.

The same is happening in politics, where the Dynamic Intellectuals represented by the Tea Party are shattering the Static Patters of progressive politics, because those politics are turning out to be completely false and ridiculously naive. This is why both mystics who say that the Earth was influenced by alien encounters and those who say that America should return to the principles of the United States Constitution are kooks. Because it is the Static Intellectuals who are threatened by the Dynamic Intellectuals of interrupting the Static Pattern that modern science has been established on.

I don’t know if aliens did or did not visit the Earth and influence our culture in any way. But I do know that archeology and anthropology along with geology and other sciences are in their infancy of understanding our world history, and a lot of discoveries have not been reasonably explained by anything more than some Static Intellectual politically correct assessment. But Static Intellectual ideas have not explained how temples were built all over the Pacific, or the mystery of Easter Island, or the Temple at Baalbek, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the city of Tiahuanaco which may be as old as 16,000 BC, and many, many, many, many others. Only Dynamic Intellectuals have ventured into this territory of exploring explanations, and like Newton, they are ridiculed.

The Tea Party too knows that the Static Pattern of America is wrong and it needs to be corrected as they are called names by the Static Intellectuals such as “terrorists, assassins, kooks, radicals, uneducated fools,” and the like. The Tea Party is a threat to the Static Patter of the Static Intellectual who is clamoring to their education empire even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they have been completely wrong about most everything they believe. The path of the progressive is a dead-end and they refuse to see their error even when the evidence is right in front of them.

This is what they have done to the Native American. They took only the parts of their culture that they could use for the progressive political platform, but they rejected the aspects that didn’t support their political platform and this is most obvious in the words of Chief Standing Elk, who is a strict conversationalist, represents the thoughts and beliefs of his ancestors, but he also believes that the world co-exists with “star people.” If the Static Intellectual were honest about their assessments they’d call Chief Standing Elk a kook for his beliefs, but they won’t because he is a Native America and part of the progressive political platform. They’ll just ignore the rest of Chief Standing Elk’s beliefs like they do everything else they don’t understand and will remain just as ignorant as those who were in charge during the Dark Ages, because as Static Intellectuals, they are stuck with beliefs that are fixed to the foundations of their existence, and they lack the courage of the Dynamic Intellectual who will go out on a limb with a scientific theory, because the Static Intellectual is simply too timid to venture in unknown regions of the mind. That is why they call people names, and that is why they always fail in the end as history marches on without them.

Too bad there isn’t a word in the English language that sums of the statement, “life out of balance, or crazy life” like the Hopi have. The reason the Hopi have this word is because in their culture they saw a need for such a term. The European had to invent a series of words to mean the same thing, because their culture wasn’t advanced enough to understand the need for some kind of balance between the various forces that exemplify a culture. Most of the time that out-of-balance state is the war between the Static portions of society and the Dynamic portions, and the Hopi understood this and they invented a word to bring all the aspects of their life into focus so they could advance as a culture, and that word was Koyannisqatsi.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Dynamic Intellectualism and the Tea Party: The battle between the Spider and the Wasp!

I have spent a lot of time explaining the troubles of finance in education, the disparity of truth propelled by the organized labor elements, and the general failure of progressive politics on this site. Generally society as a whole is happy with general assertions as to those failures because once they understand what they are, they can act correctly in understanding the danger and how to avoid it. I see pointing out the danger of progressivism and all that falls under it, such as public education models, communism as a governing body, and the lack-luster ambition the hippie-generation has propelled upon American society, the same as I might warn a spider that it is the nature of the wasp to stun a spider into paralysis, inject a wasp egg into the spider to live as a parasite using the body of the spider as food for the young wasp before emerging forth from the carcass of the spider to live a wasps life. Looking to nature in understanding the behavior of our current society is an intelligent thing to do, because all living things are following the innate laws of cellular biology. In human society the more intellect applied to creating new rules from which to live, the less of a tendency for human beings to behave in such a raw biological form, such as can be seen in this following video of the spider and the wasp. But when intellectualism fails by picking all the wrong things to think about for all the wrong reasons, and the default for the human mind is to resort to biology, then it is entirely possible to suggest that there are elements in our current society that will inject other elements of our society with an egg, to feed off our collective bodies for sustenance until those host bodies are dead completely giving rise to the parasitic infant which will seek to procreate using the same destructive methods.

Needless to say what I refer to throughout this article may require a foundation understanding of the principles of quality discussed with elementary terms in my previous article Why Public Unions Fail: The Science of Stagnation, where I provide some basic foundation concepts that will assist the reader on this next exploration of thought. The following article will explain why our society is failing, and the paralyzing force behind racism as the primary concerns of our age, and why it is necessary to return to a new foundation built from the Constitution and what role the Tea Party plays in this. The goal of this article is not to simply point out what’s wrong but to properly diagnose the trouble much the way one would diagnose the failure of an automobile, so that the car can be fixed. Society cannot be fixed if we do not diagnose it correctly, and that’s what we’re about to do.

Unique to the 20th Century was a human effort to place intellectualism as the foundation principle of our society. Through public education and colleges, this has been the great leap attempted by the human race. Intellectualism was intended to usher in the values of the Victorian Era morality taking individuals above their biological natures in their mere social class natures to function from a grand new intellectualism built upon science. However, as pointed out in my article The Secret of Malden Island, science is far from perfect. It often fails when objective observations alone are its foundations and mode of operations, so the intellectual is already handicapped, right out of the gate. This is why progressivism has failed and will always fail, because intellectuals require a “dynamic” component, which they are missing and often reject.

The joke that intellectuals can only see what’s right in front of their face and nothing else is actually quite serious. Such an observation is completely true. This is why they are reluctant to speak outside their field of study citing that they do not have the authority to speak on a topic for which they are not trained properly. That notion is a distant result of the old Victorian era beliefs which were also flawed. To put it in terms easy to understand the Victorian, who essentially built up New York city into the type of society it is today and left behind the type of culture most easily found on the East Coast of the United States who look to Europe with those homesick eyes function in a similar nature as the spider in the video shown. Their job is to cast a web and hunt other insects to eat. They are clearly the superior species and they considered it best for the rest of the world to make all living things more like them. That is the foundation of their morality. But they are not wired in their brains to defend themselves from the wasp, a more aggressive creature than they are who is able to sting them and plant their eggs within the spider’s bodies to provide growth and sustenance to the larva of the young wasp.

The wasps of our current American culture are those aggressive religions, such as what Glenn Beck was attempting to point out in his Restoring Courage speech in Israel. It is also in allegations of racism where societies built upon their biological natures can poke holes in the intellectual approach that science has not observed, and therefore cannot pass judgment on one cultures belief system or another’s because all cultural beliefs are relative to that culture. So the intellectual scientist will not see, much like the spider will not see, that they are in danger of being stung by a wasp to provide host to its young by devouring the spiders body. The spider is helpless because its cultural conditions do not provide protection from a wasp, so the spider won’t see the danger, and is therefore always vulnerable.

This is what happened in the Hippie Movement of the 1960’s. Intellectualism, built on many poorly conceived premises failed. The intellectuals led at first by Woodrow Wilson then followed by many, many others were not able to stop poverty, they created more of it. They could not end racism, they simply did as the typical scientist does, and they pointed it out, allowing different cultures to take advantage of other social cultures with a kind of paralysis of observation. They tried to imitate communism which has halted America’s competitive advantage. They tried to eliminate the need for a parent, because it was thought that the biology of child rearing could be better achieved with Victorian intellectuals who could provide the young with more perspective than the biological parents. What the intellectuals really achieved was providing the wasps of the world, (the communists, the radical religions, the social reformers) bodies to carry their larva. Of course the consequences were completely unintended.

Intellectuals did not mean to usher in millions of young people into the sting of a wasp. They intended to save those children from the ignorant biological impulses of their parents, but it didn’t work. It failed massively which led to the hippie movement of the sixties, which our American society has never recovered.

Intellectuals fail over and over again because the foundation of everything they believe is built upon static social patterns constructed by objective observation. But as explained, this form of science is just one step in scientific observation. There must be creative thought applied to the process as well. This is why NASA has been successful as a government organization. All the static patterns of traditional science are present. But at NASA they can also dream, brainstorm, and reason out the gaps between what is observed and what they have yet to discover. NASA functions with the needed element of Dynamic Intellectualism.

When I went to college I saw that the intellectual culture there, of which the education institutions were attempting to sell to me as “fact” was flawed because the foundations of their teaching was rooted in static observations and did not readily allow for dynamic adjustments. This is why so many dynamic personalities just drop out of the college experience because there really are only a few choices. You accept at face value the teaching the intellectuals are providing, which is flawed to begin with, or you reject it in favor of your own life experiences, your own dynamic impulses. Most people chose the former, they allow the Static Intellectual to “teach” them, but those people only grow up to be stung and paralyzed by a wasp to carry the egg of a parasite which uses them as a host. Look into the eyes of many parents who look at their children covered in tattoos, living failed lives of two and three marriages, children out-of-wedlock, severe psychological trouble. Those parents realize by age 40 or 50 that they were simply consumed like a spider by the larva of a wasp. Their bodies are used up and wrinkled and death is the next step and all they can cling to is their flawed beliefs that static intellectualism will save those children. So they save up all their money and send their children and grandchildren to more college to get more Static Intellectualism hoping that somehow the results for the next batch of children will be different. All it does is allow those children to become host of a wasp larva much quicker. That’s great if you’re a society of wasps, but not if you are a society of spiders.

As seen in my article on The Most Successful People Who Did Not Go to College,

 many of those people became Dynamic Intellectuals at some point in their lives. They either did not go to college at all as in the case of Walt Disney and Henry Ford, or they dropped out, such as in Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Richard Branson, the list goes on and on at great length. The Dynamic Intellectual has an education that never stops, they push scientific observation to the limit with creative thought and are always seeking to reach beyond the static patterns of Static Intellectualism without shattering those previous patterns, but bringing new information that will build upon the static patterns. This has worked incredibly well, and makes one wonder why colleges have not picked up on this trend and made adjustments to their educational style. Even worse, why public education has not realized its failure and done the same…………………………well, they can’t. You see, the Static Intellectuals who cling to their static patterns are also some of the more timid of the human species. It is under this new idea of Static Intellectualism created by Victorian Intellectuals that these timid creatures have been revered so highly in our current society, and if America were to return to a society where actual bravery, and valor were the values of that culture, the Static Intellectuals would suddenly be looked upon as frail and meaningless. So the static pattern motivation of the modern intellectual is no different from a typical politician, and that’s to be viewed as meaningful by their peers, to be accepted, which is not an intellectual trait at all, but a biological one of basic human essence. So the ultimate failure of the Static Intellectual is that they are falsely propped up socially, and provided no incentive to be anything larger than their primary biological impulses for social acceptance. This makes them spiders in a cage run by wasps with full intention to use their bodies as a breeding ground.

The way to correct this entire situation is to return to a social static pattern that worked then rebuild society from that static pattern using a combination of Static Intellectualism with Dynamic Intellectualism to allow for expansion of that static pattern. This is what the Tea Party is doing by going back to the Constitutional principles of America’s foundation. The Constitution is a static pattern for the creation of a country, and it worked. So the Tea Party wants to reset the pattern. That is equivalent to teaching a spider how to defend itself from a wasp. Back when the Constitution was written it was designed to protect the spider from a wasp, the New America from the Old Europe. That is good if you are a spider, bad if you are a wasp. Good if you are American, bad if you are from Europe.

To understand who the wasps of our society are, all one has to do is look at the various sectors of our society who are upset with the Tea Party. Those are your wasps, and now you know their intentions. They may not actually want to inject your body with larva. But they do seek to paralyze you in the form of Static Intellectualism so that they can inject your children with ideas that will grow up and serve their purposes. This process is not some grand design of the types of world builders like George Soros and the super wealthy. They are simply the nature of parasites, and the human race is filled with them.

American society used to know how to detect parasites, back in the days when frontiersman had to understand the dangers of the world in order to live, back before the time of the Victorian Static Intellectual. Once those Static Intellectuals came to be, those timid creatures were paralyzed by their own intellect to be easily stung by wasps which gave birth to more parasites which are now ravaging our culture at an alarming rate and a war between spiders and wasps is underway.

The answer is to return to a static pattern that works and in going forward to lean on the insight of the Dynamic Intellectual to grow society properly, not in the manner we currently see. The Static Intellectual has failed on their own, and should have never been given so much power as to determine the fate of our species, for they are not the most dynamic of our society and can only hold us to a static pattern like a spider caught in its own wed, only to be consumed by a wasp.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Devil of Public Education: The Mask of School Pride

I was on the air with Doc Thompson of 700 WLW to discuss the meeting at the Lakota School Board from August 8, 2011 where a 4.75 mill levy was placed on the November ballot. Click below to listen to that electrifying broadcast where I reveal that many people within the school district consider me the “Devil of Public Education.” So I returned from the confines of my hellish existence to have a lively discussion about the state of public education in Ohio with Doc.

(There is about 2:40 of this recording that overlaps toward the end. It’s not your computer; it’s a defect of the original recording. Just stay with it, because it will pass.)

There has been a lot of tension at Lakota over the last couple of levy battles, and now that Lakota is attempting to pass yet another levy, that tension is returning. I spoke to quite a few people from the education side of the school district after this particular meeting and tension was the general atmosphere. The fights of the past have been contentious to say the least. That was when it was revealed to me that many of the employees in the district consider me the incantation of the devil himself because I hate public education!

Well, I’ve heard that kind of thing before. The most obvious circumstance under which I’ve heard that kind of rhetoric is at football games where the Cleveland Browns come to play at the Bengals stadium or worse yet, the Pittsburg Steelers. For me the emotion is even greater when my favorite team the Tampa Bay Buccaneers plays New Orleans or the Atlanta Falcons. In fact when I heard that Troy Evans the linebacker for the Saints was providing busing to residents of Lakota, which is an idea that I think is great, my first thought was “darn” why did it have to be a guy who played for the Saints!!!!!! I HATE THE SAINTS!!

But why do I hate the Saints or the Bengals hate the Browns or Steelers? Because emotion is what sports is all about. The drama of a sporting event is all about picking a side and rooting for your team to win.

Schools do this also. The game between Lakota East and Lakota West is always a big game. It used to be that a game against Princeton, or Colerain was always a big game. There’s always been a lot of rivalry in these games. Fights occur between players in movie theater parking lots and parents will fight with other parents from other districts in the stands. It’s an innate response to the human desire for competition.

So it is only natural that a school district will use “School Pride” to unify the students and parents to the goals of the school, and will use that same pride to pass a school levy and make those out who are against the increased spending of taxes as “The Devil.” Such relative generalizations are indicators of a frail psyche. I indulge in them for competitive events like football games, or any other type of conflict, but in the grand scheme of things, I keep focused on the “big picture,” where my counterparts cannot.

The organized labor element of public education has a cleaver little scheme going, of which they are entirely aware of, they use this “School Pride” issue to drive up the wage levels of their personal incomes, because while human beings participating in that school as employees, students and parents are functioning under the spell of “School Pride” no amount of money is too much so long as their school system WINS. Rational discussion that might otherwise occur in any other business environment are ignored in favor of the passion for the fight!

This is how school levies have migrated out of control. Organized labor has used “School Pride” to pass tax increases which has translated to exceptionally high incomes for the members of those unions. Administrators strapped by legislative rules negotiated by organized labor cannot manage the costs of the organized labor, so they resort to “School Pride” to sell the public and cover up their weakness of administrative influence.

This is the state of all schools, and “School Pride” to the people outside the functioning mechanisms of the school doesn’t work so well, and now that wage levels have reached a “diminishing marginal return” on the tax payer investment, people are turning down school levies, because they see no end in sight from schools asking for more money. That is why 85% of all school levies across the State of Ohio failed in the August elections of 2011, because “School Pride” as a spell doesn’t work when the pockets of the people supporting school are empty.

With the Cincinnati Bengals, Mike Brown has obviously taken advantage of the taxpayers and he makes no apologies for it. His contract is bankrupting the city, yet he doesn’t care. And he continues to put a terrible product on the field giving fans very little to cheer for. Yet like mindless fools, there are still fans that show up and tailgate for the Bengals when the Steelers or Browns come to town and will proclaim that the Bengals will be victorious! The facts don’t matter at that point, because the game is about emotion.

And that same emotion is at play at Lakota and schools all across Ohio. The LEA (Lakota Education Association) has negotiated a contract for itself that is bringing extreme financial hardship to the district. And they, like Mike Brown, don’t appear to care one bit because their actions prove so. And all Lakota can do is make a guy like me, appear to be the “Devil of Public Education” because they have no other card to play. The truth is too painful and admitting that they are helpless to control their costs is just embarrassing. Calling me names is far easier, so that’s what they resort to.

That is also why schools fail time and time again. Because the solution is not in the emotion of the fight, it’s in the business of the numbers. And once the game is done, the reality is difficult to deal with. So like a drug addict needing another fix, those in education who rely on emotion to manage their business find themselves always in need of more, because the reality has not been addressed properly and never will while those in charge use “School Pride” as a mask to cover the real problem.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Symposium of Justice: The gamble of Rich Hoffman

If it is once again one against forty-eight, then I am very sorry for the forty-eight.
Margaret Thatcher (b. 1925), British Conservative politician, prime minister. Quoted in: Daily Telegraph (London, 25 Oct. 1989), referring to the 1989 Commonwealth Conference.

That quote from Margaret Thatcher accurately sums up my reasons for putting out the book, The Symposium of Justice back in 2004. Recently at the Annie Oakley Wild West Showcase in Greenville, Ohio many of my friends from there had been talking about my 2004 book and how prophetic it now seemed in 2011, and it took me on a journey down memory lane about the content of that artistic work. As I ate Chinese food from a fairground vender my wife and I had a discussion about just how crazy many of the things I wrote about in The Symposium were at the time of its publication, and ironically how true many of those things had become in a world that is clearly headed in the direction of events written about in The Symposium of Justice.

My publisher back then was against the entire book. There were many arguments about content, which resulted in a rushed publication date. The editor who was working from an office in Paris quit altogether leaving the entire editing process to my wife, who can read and edit basically, but she wasn’t a professional editor but she stepped in to meet our deadlines. The conflict basically went like this, “Mr. Hoffman, what are you thinking? You open the book with the attempted rape of a young girl by a disgusting pedophile. You have old women who are terribly rude dissected by some future race of aliens thousands of years in the future. You go off on some tangent where there is a dragon slayer hunting dragons! Then you have a group of rebels launching an attack on Washington D.C. with flying cars! ARE YOU CRAZY! You’ll get no positive reviews within the United States. No paper will provide an endorsement. No TV station will touch this material. I mean you’re main plot point is that you have this vigilante running around in the night like some kind of Batman character using bullwhips to punish criminals, and trying to free society from a mind control device that is emitted in radio waves which affect the brain and make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do! Mr. Hoffman, we advise you to rewrite this material, to stick with the primary storyline of the vigilante and expand on that character arch. You need to make this novel much more contemporary (progressive). As it is now, it belongs in a dime store saloon in Nevada, 1890. This type of pulp literature won’t even resonate with young people in the comic book market! The main character, this CLIFFHANGER/Fletcher Finnegan has absolutely no weaknesses. He seems to be a superman able to fight off thousands of enemies all by himself! Where is the conflict in that? What is he afraid of? Even Superman had Kryptonite which gave him human appeal. Your character is the perfect man, and there are no perfect men, so how can the audience relate?”

I remember that conversation so well because I was standing on the phone in the middle of Comp USA at the time buying a new computer and the French editor, exasperated with me put her boss on the line, another French guy who spoke good English, but definitely had a French accent as he spoke, every word had a kind of accentuated thrust at the beginning of each sentence. My publisher at the time was a Canadian company. Being my first book, I couldn’t get the big New York publishers interested, so I turned to Victoria, Canada, capital of British Columbia to a publisher who would carry the title if I put up the upfront cost of publishing, which I did. My editor and company contact however was in the Paris, France office which is why they even took the time to speak to me, because I was paying them upfront. That company was purchased by an American firm a few years ago and they are now located outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and they still carry the title only under different ownership. But even under those conditions, the publisher of my book had serious concerns. They hadn’t seen anything like it and weren’t sure what to do about bringing it to the market place.

In duress prior to a rewrite my wife and I took a trip to Niagara Falls and stayed at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa to get away from our normal environment for the weekend and talk about what to do about the book. We went to Canada because the publisher was in Canada and I wanted to put my mind in a unique setting so I could think clearly on the issue, and Clifton Hill like Gatlinburg and International Street in Orlando, Florida is a hotbed of commercialism, audaciousness, and imagination. Walking around the commercial districts targeting an international audience which seemed appropriate since The Symposium of Justice was an international publishing effort my wife told me, “It’s your book, your vision. I think it’s great. It’s our story, it’s about our struggles. It’s your autobiography, your heart, your soul. If you want to change it to match the publisher recommendations it’s your call. It’s also your writing career.”

I remember looking at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit as she said this and thinking what a monstrosity of commercialism it was. “If I stick with it, my writing career may be a short one.”

She looked at me, the blinking neon lights of Clifton Hill glittering in the slight chill of an October, Canadian evening and said, “it was you who ran around in the night with your whips trying to catch that rapist and protect your family, it was your family the police targeted because you wanted to expose that drug trade they were covering up, it was you who worked that second job as a cook to make up the financial difference of what we needed as a family, so you could spy on the local teenagers and find out who the dealers were, it was you who have spent nearly two decades reading mythology and philosophy in your “spare” time. If you want to listen to some French chick that’s about five years older than your own kids, just so you can sell more copies of the book, then do it. It’s your writing career. But think about what you admire, the artists you’ve enjoyed who society sometimes takes a century or even more to appreciate because the writer is so far out ahead of the rest of the world. The ideas you stick by in this book will follow you all your life and then some.”

We returned from that trip and I had decided to throw all the dice out there and keep the book pretty much the way I had written it.

Chapter 1: Scarface the Rapist: A convict is released from jail and encouraged by law enforcement to harass the pubic with fear by raping a young girl, so the public would support more law enforcement. The rape is interrupted by a vigilante named Cliffhanger who beats the rapist to near death with two bullwhips leaving the community split on how they feel about it. Cliffhanger gives the young girl a manifesto called “The Symposium of Justice” to be published in the local newspaper which includes Cliffhanger’s Ten Rules for living, and numerous stories written by Cliffhanger to make the argument publicly on the merits of the vigilante versus the rule of law.

Chapter 2: Stereotypical Reality: is the story published in the town paper of two vain women who are contemplating why they should live forever. One of the women is extremely wealthy and is considering a new technology called cryogenics, to freeze her body upon death to be awaked at some future time when technology can revive her. This woman realizing that she is virtually immortal becomes audaciously arrogant and rude to other people as the natural wisdom of age is interfered with the illusion that death is not on her horizon, so she reverts to a teenage mindset. When the public has had too much of her rudeness she is killed and revived in the distant future to find an alien race has found her body and is using it to perform genetic engineering to build slaves for themselves.

Chapter 3: The Veil Master: The mayor of the town hires an assassin to kill Cliffhanger for interfering with his plans with the rapist. The assassin is an arm of “The System” a progressive global group of which the mayor is attempting to climb in political power. The mayor reveals that the entire town is under a scientific experiment he is developing for “The System” which emits a radio wave that directly affects the pituitary gland in the human brain and makes citizens behave impulsively in ways they can control. The mayor explains to the assassin that if the results of his town are positive, then “The System” will be able to employee the same “mind controlling” methods all over the world.

Chapter 4: The Perilous Bed: Another story published in the town paper which Cliffhanger introduces his Ten Rules for Living to the community, hoping to fight off the mind control methods of “The System.” It’s about a young knight who wants to marry the daughter of a much respected noble. He thinks that by cutting off the head of a dragon, it will earn him the right to ask the noble for permission. The noble turns the dragon head offering down, but invites the kid to attempt to stay on a magical bed, in a magical room that will hurl three perilous tests at the young man. If the kid survives, he earns the right to ask the nobles daughter to marry him. (This was a story intended for my son-in-law which he understood)

Chapter 5: The Overman: A grill cook, the fastest man around who is mysteriously wealthy and married to the much respected town council woman Misty Finnegan, works with the local teenagers at a popular restaurant in town. Fletcher Finnegan has frequent duels with the local teenagers who respect the older man very much, but consider his thoughts “out dated” for the times. Fletcher seems to be particularly interested in a young girl who works at the restaurant as a cashier, who is the older sister to the little girl who suffered the rape attempt. The cashier is currently dating a kid who also works at the popular restaurant called, Republics. That kid is a known drug dealer and argues often with Fletcher Finnegan about morality.

Chapter 6: Return of the Flying Tigers: Another story published in the local paper to justify the vigilantism of Cliffhanger. America is in a civil war. The coastal regions have turned against the interior of the nation. A group of video game freedom fighters are recruited by an old man to lead a rag-tag offensive against the nations forces stationed over Washington D.C. Using M400 Skycars, the old man hopes to have a tactical advantage over the best defense the military has in scoring a psychological battle for the resistance by bombing the air craft carriers stationed at Annapolis Military Academy.

Chapter 7: Fran Calls: A follow-up story in the newspaper is about Hurricane Fran when it hit Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a group of tree trimmers head to the region to help with the clean-up and get rich over the insurance claims. As the work dries up, fights break out among the workers that could lead to death as everyone fights for the remaining money left as civilization returns to the region in the wake of the disaster.

Chapter 8: The Veil of Knowledge: The town mayor takes the assassin and the assassin’s personal army of specialized killers to the location of the mind control device, which is hidden in a water tower just outside of town. They are all given medallions which absorb the invisible radio waves leaving them immune to the effects of the powerful impulses. A plan is set to capture and kill Cliffhanger brutally by setting a trap.

Chapter 9: Tabernacles of Joyless Lust: A newspaper story about a real-estate agent trying to repair a deal gone bad. The agent is in an affair with her boss who is using the relationship against the woman plunging her into a law suit against her clients whom she is particularly fond of.

Chapter 10: River Dual: The mayor and his assassins raid the riverside home of a local gunsmith for two reasons. They want to make an example of the man for his support of firearms, and they hope to lure Cliffhanger out into the light of day for an epic battle which is exactly what happens. The mayor and all his assassins, except for the primary one, are killed in the battle. The primary barely escapes with his life.

Chapter 11: The Other Side of the Fence: The last newspaper story to be seen by the public, a young divorcee has found herself in the arms of a very abusive man. The man appeared to be everything a young woman dreams of until she leaves her husband and lets the new man move in. Once the man is in her home she finds he’s not what he advertised, and is now in fear of the man not only for herself but her young child.

Chapter 12: Salad Bar Goddess: The assassin is sent to an upscale restaurant near the town where his career took a nose dive. This “hit” given to him by “The System” is a chance at redemption for his failure at the river. His target is the outspoken Fletcher Finnegan who has been all over the newspapers and television recently speaking out against the policies of “The System.” The assassin’s job is to locate the man, kill him in a highly public place in front of his family, and send the subtle message to the town that resistance is futile. At the restaurant where Finnegan is reported to be at, the assassin sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen at the salad bar. He recognizes the woman as Misty Finnegan, whom he remembered the slain mayor had been trying to get into his bed, and was denied much to his frustration. The assassin is then shocked to find that the woman is strangely unconcerned about his presence as she returns to her table where her small children are eating with her husband, making eye contact with the assassin several times with pity on her face. Then the assassin makes eye contact with her husband and discovers it is he who is the target of his assassination. It is Fletcher Finnegan himself, and he is aware of the assassin’s presence also, as he stares him down from across the room. The assassin looking into the eyes of Finnegan is startled to see absolutely no fear there, which is an emotion he is not prepared for. He had never met a man without any fear behind his eyes of any kind. It was at that moment that the assassin had seen that same look in the eyes of Cliffhanger, and that the two men were one in the same.

The assassin is filled with envy, at the direction of his sad and pathetic life. He suddenly realizes that his entire life has been nothing more than slavery to “The System.” He is jealous of Finnegan for being enough of a man to be able to have a woman like Misty Finnegan, because such a woman could have her pick of any man. And she didn’t pick Finnegan because of money, prestige, or any level of power. She picked him because he was good. And no woman of any worth would ever want the assassin for anything other than being a thug, a brute, a mere puppet to his masters.

The assassin realizes that if he wanted to do one good thing in his life, he’d let Fletcher and his family live, because he was on the wrong side, clearly. He nods to Fletcher and proceeds to leave the restaurant where he throws himself in front of a truck on a highway to commit suicide. The assassin knows that “The System” will hunt him for not completing the contract so he’ll be killed eventually anyway. At least this way, he can do it on his terms.


I remember when the Pulse Journal came to my house to do an interview about my book when it came out in the spring of 2004. He wanted to talk about my whips but wasn’t sure how to make such depressing topics appealing in a newspaper article to the general population. I had the same trouble at book stores and other media events, where the focus of the story was on my use of bullwhips, but nobody wanted to touch the content of the story, rape, murder, civil war, mind control, drug trafficking, spies, global conspiracies, it was just too much for the general public to accept, and the media was lost in how to cover it.

The book was obviously extremely anti-progressive, which was well before anybody was talking about what a progressive was. It sold to my friends in the Western Arts community who bought it because the hero had a whip and it reminded them of Zorro, but they were uneasy with the heavy political overtones and scientific basis behind the mind control plot, as were many people who weren’t prepared to deal with such things.

I reminded them that the old Republic serial called Zorro’s Fighting Legion had a similar story line. It was over the top stuff and fun, but it also taught kids valuable lessons about fighting for what they believed in. But as many of them told me then, society has “outgrown that kind of entertainment.”

It took me a while to get over some of the self-criticism I had about the book because every aspect of it was uphill. But as my wife had told me, “why are you writing this? Is it to become wealthy, is it to have a career as a writer, or is it to create a work of art that will stand the test of time?” I picked the later.

It has been only recently where people who have bought it have made excited comparisons to Atlas Shrugged and other kinds of art work that has direct appeal to those in the Tea Party movement. Well, I didn’t even know about Atlas Shrugged when I wrote Symposium. I wrote Symposium based on observations I had been making about the direction of the world, and I wanted to put those observations into a format of “pulp fiction” that people understood and could relate with to articulate that message.

A cowboy friend of mine approached me at The Annie Oakley Festival last weekend and told me, “I thought you were a little off the deep end when I read that book 7 years ago, but you know what, it don’t seem so crazy now.”

I smiled at the guy. “Who would have ever thought?” He was there when I did book signings of that book all those years ago and the public bought it because they saw me performing and wanted something of mine to take home to their friends with my signature in it. Most people didn’t understand the book at all, and told me as much the following year. But the people who did were people many would consider “conspiracy theorists.” I had people travel the length of the country to meet me the following year just to shake my hand because my book, “spoke to them.” But in talking with these people, it was obvious they were the social extremists out there and while I appreciated their support, I was frustrated that the general population just didn’t get it.

At a film festival a few years ago Gery Deer laughed at the small line of people who seemed to follow me everywhere I went, he’d call them “Hoffman’s radical groupies.” He knew the obsessive type; they were similar to those who frequent Star Trek Conventions, and Star Wars events. Only these were “conspiracy theory nerds” and they would line up to have their picture taken with me.

“I feel like an idiot posing for pictures with these guys,” I’d say to Gery.

“Hey, they’re fans. Be happy you have them. Some artists work their whole life to get one fan that will drive across the country to have their picture taken with them.” He’d pat me on the back. “You have a nice little handful.”

My wife would sit back and smile, knowing that those types of activities were something I didn’t enjoy doing. “I didn’t want to appeal to just the radical fringe,” I’d say to her.

At the hotel in Cleveland, at a film festival where I won a screenwriting award for a different project, but had been receiving a lot of comments about The Symposium she said to me at the pool while I was swimming, “Do you remember the homeless guy in the movie Always, who Richard Dreyfuss as a ghost was talking through. The homeless guy was one of those guys who just saw too much, and was close to the edge of death, so close that he could see beyond his surroundings. You’re like that only you have learned to function in the world like a normal human being. Many of these people haven’t learned to do that. They see TOO much, so they seem crazy to the rest of the world that is really just half asleep. That is the pain of being too awake, is that you run the risk of having your brain fried.”

She was right, and this comment went back to the one that started it all back in Niagara Falls, that time and perception would catch up if I let it. The important thing was to put it down on paper and let the art speak for itself.

This is fresh on my mind now, because more and more people are thanking me for writing The Symposium of Justice and even though I have put that book on the shelf and am moving on to new projects, it gives me great pleasure to know that it is touching people’s lives. So to those of you who wanted to know the story of how that book came to be, and why I don’t talk about it much, it’s because for one, I think it’s cheesy when involved in high-profile cases like I am, to always be pimping a book. That book for me is something that has meaning beyond these current years, so it’s not important to me to have my ego massaged with a boost in sales. It’s more important to deal with the issues of the day, which currently is protecting S.B.5 and fighting school levies which are obvious crimes against the tax payers. But the creative side of me does enjoy knowing that people are touched by something that was extremely difficult, and controversial to create, that fell short of my quality standards because of the circumstances under which it was produced, but the heart of the project remained uniquely in place because I had angered everyone involved in publishing and marketing to bring to being something that was WAY out in front of the political curb.

And for that I’m very proud. When you take on an endeavor where you are outnumbered by a lot, and you stick to your guns because you know in your heart that you are right, it feels wonderful to have that weight lifted off your shoulders as the times prove that the numbers against you were wrong, as usual.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior