How to Find a Leader: Joe Biden is not one

It is one of the most misunderstood concepts of our society.  I am going through the editorial process with a publisher on a book on this topic called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business. Still, we need to address the difference between a leader and a politician for our case here today.  Because obviously, most people don’t know the difference.  Every day in the news, somebody talks about Joe Biden as if he’s our “leader,” even Tucker Carlson on Fox News.  There is a treacherous psychological mind trick going on here that is costing us a lot of national bandwidth that we need to straighten out because we are different in America than other places globally, and we need to understand why.  We don’t elect leaders into office in the United States.  We don’t make an effort to be led by titles.  Remember, unlike what everyone tells us, we are not a Democracy; we are a Republic.  And we elect people to represent our views in America.  Not to lead us, leadership is scarce, and when we find them, we like them.  But we can’t limit our scope to always waiting for some leader to emerge before leaving the campfire and exploring the nearest cave the way leader-driven cultures tend to do.  We built our country to assume that leadership would be hard to find and was very rare, so leadership wasn’t needed in the political class.  We just needed representatives to carry out the interests of the people who elected them, which is a vast difference from what we are told. 

As I talk about in my upcoming book, leadership is forged like gold from the massive pressures of the universe.  Not everyone has the stomach or the heart to be a leader.  Typically we don’t see leaders emerging in our political circles because the conditions for making a leader do not exist there.  We see them come about in military life to some extent, we see them in sports, but most of our leadership in America comes about in the business world.  The percentage of authentic leadership is noticeably low; it’s a fraction of the total percentage of an overall population.  For example, Tom Brady is a prominent leader in sports.  He makes his coaching staff better with his leadership and teammates no matter what team he’s on.  Tom Brady manages always to find success.  You can see that type of leadership in CEOs, such as Steve Jobs.  Modern-day Elon Musk has excellent leadership.  It’s not the money he has which exhibits it, but it’s in his long string of successes and how he can communicate complicated vision to many people.  Of course, when we think of leadership, we think of General Patton.  I think of Claire Lee Chennault, who created the great Flying Tigers.  But these are all names unique to the history and within our populations.  They are far from commonplace. 

The health of any culture should always be measured by the number of leaders it produces.  But for that to occur, you have to understand what a leader is, and by calling politicians leaders by their titles, or worthless CEOs who expect to lead by title, then we are kidding ourselves toward the objectives of success, in a healthy culture that proportionally, America is the best globally. We have our Tom Brady types coming out of leisure activities and our Elon Musks in science and industry.  Other countries don’t have those people.  It’s not because the skills aren’t in the population.  But those cultures do not have a means of emerging them from obscurity into change state contributors, just as Indians of the Wild West spent much of their lives walking over gold but having no means to bring it out of the ground. And even if they did get to it, what would they have done with it?  They had no economy to make money.  They had no concept of money, so they never extracted gold for sociological use.  There needs to be a means to bring about the treasures of existence, and if that culture does not develop those means, you will never get to the prize. That is what leadership is; it’s a treasure of human endeavor that can advance a society when it is found and utilized.  But it is not created by silly titles, which is the prevailing belief by those too lazy and ill-equipped to develop a culture that produces leadership.

If we recognized that simple leadership trait, we would eliminate much of the corruption we see in politics currently and in the past and future.  Because we have by default given out leadership designations to people by title and not merit, we have prevented authentic leadership from emerging and improving our lives and circumstances.  Back to Tom Brady, think of all the professional football players we have seen over the years.  But not until Tom Brady came along was the whole leadership package developed into a guy who had taken his football teams to so many Super Bowls and won when the surrounding players were all different, and even the teams were different.  Tom Brady is proof that it’s not teams that win big games; it’s one individual who is a true leader.  Socialist and Communist countries always fail because they have no interest in finding leadership.  They have built their entire societies around collective consensus instead of leadership.  That is undoubtedly the case of our institutions of learning and our government of today in general.  They think leadership comes out of group behavior when it is forged from the pressure of success and failure—through much pain and turmoil and a refusal to take the loss as an answer to living. 

By calling any political person a leader, we are cheapening the word for its true meaning and use.  It is worse than all that it is a general punt by a declining society to be so quick to call worthless people leaders because the culture desires to shift away responsibility for leadership to people with titles instead of hashing out the problems themselves.  They might fail in the task if they did try, but by not trying and giving the responsibility over to a titled person who does not have leadership, but is like Mitch McConnell, a politician in a high office, then a failure shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Mitch McConnell will never be a leader of anybody.  Joe Biden will never be a leader, nor is Vice President Commie Harris.  Skin color can’t make a person a leader.  Bootlicking doesn’t make a leader.  Diversity training won’t make a leader, so globalism will ultimately fail because they seek to suppress leaders in favor of a system that makes politicians by title into positions of authority without earning the right through the pressures of living and becoming the best, thus creating leadership. 

Not understanding leadership has led to many of the problems we see today and destroys the lives of those unable to see leadership for the value it brings.  But make no mistake, just because someone wins an election, it does not make them a leader.  Just because someone gets a promotion, it does not make them magically a leader.  Not even a Super Bowl can do it; in the case of Tom Brady, he has shown that you must win many Super Bowls under many different conditions to show the power of leadership.  But without these tests and high expectations, you get sorry performance and a culture destined for failure.  And that is the danger of calling worthless politicians leaders when they are only haphazard politicians who represent us in politics at best.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump took out the Queen: Understanding the politics of Iran

For those not familiar with the liberal playbook they can clearly see it now. For all the things many of us said was wrong with Benghazi, where the liberals in control at the time completely handled the situation wrong and emboldened terrorist to attack the embassy, President Trump wasn’t about to allow the same to happen in Bagdad. So, he made the order when hostilities were escalating and the big general from Iran himself Maj. Gen Qassim Suleimani was in a car headed for trouble, Trump made the order to blow the guy to pieces, which is what happened. Immediately, those same people who want our society disarmed, who support the killing of millions of babies with abortion, and have been involved in attempting to use American intelligence agencies to overthrow the 2016 election, and ironically were involved in appeasing Iran, and had their fingers in the Benghazi mistake in Libya many years ago were stating that Trump just invited World War III and that we must all brace for impact.

For those who think there isn’t a plan in this attack by the United States against a very hostile foreign agent, there is, and it’s really quite brilliant. We have yet to hear much about that brilliance because apparently most people just don’t understand the situation well enough. The losers late to the party, the liberals as usual are blaming the attack on the impeachment timing saying that its purely political, which if you think about it, when are they not attacking or blaming Trump for something? When would be a good time? The accusation is laughable. Accusers are also calling it reckless, as if the liberal approach of appeasement has worked for all the past presidents involved in emboldening Iran over the years. Ali Khamenei the supposed “supreme leader” of Iran just a few days ago taunted Trump that he “can’t do anything” in the region letting it be believed that violence and mayhem would continue in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other places no matter what. Trump’s response was to target the leader of many of the problems that have been occurring and to stop him from doing it again at the U.S. Embassy in Bagdad.

It was liberal policies all along that have destroyed the Middle East just as they have in American cities. Ali Khamenei is just another gang leader no different than some drug dealing thug in Baltimore or Los Angeles. When the communists took over Iran back in the 70s many in our own government attempted to prop up their government just as they had been doing in Cuba and in China even up to the days before Trump’s trade war has chilled the ambitions of the largest country with the most people on earth by far, yet with very little resources to work with. Even Russia with its multi decade rule by Vladimir Putin was propped up by weak liberal policies over a large span of time. And when we say weak, we are talking about even the Bush presidents. They didn’t understand the game so they have been getting played.

This is yet another reason why we elected Trump in 2016 and will do it again in 2020. Previous presidents embarrassed us when dealing with these big regional gang leaders like Ali Khamenei. The issue really isn’t much different from the Second Amendment issue in the United States, we don’t want to be afraid of our own shadows, as the political left wants us to be. We want to carry weapons so that we don’t have to fear some regional thug that wants to break into our homes. And on the international stage, we don’t want regional thugs like those in Iran to start little fires everywhere that we have to put out. The person most responsible for that activity was Qassim Suleimani. Why not blow him up and make him no longer a threat?

The brilliance of the timing is that Kim Jong-un from North Korea has been beating on the war drums looking for attention, and this action in Iraq should give him an answer that he has been looking for. It’s not Trump’s fault that Qassium Suleimani gave him an easy target heading from the airport in Bagdad to the U.S. Embassy. When the shot comes open, take it. But Trump has needed to send a message to all those lunatics around the world who are looking to make noise as Trump goes into an election year with their allies in our own government trying to impeach him.

If they were going to make a move to get him out of office and embarrass him in front of the American people, this would be the year. So Trump took decisive action the way we hired him to. Its not that anybody is sad that Suleimani was killed and is no longer a threat in the Middle East as he has been for many years, its that now Trump will get the credit for it, which will make him more popular in the upcoming election. Not the reason that Trump did it for sure, but he will benefit from the timing. Again, it’s a liberal problem on both sides of the Atlantic. Iran’s regime are communist crusaders left over from that original revolution and that is why our American left supports them with money and regulatory policy and the only reason they have a leg to stand on.

So lets talk about retaliation, the truth of the matter is that Iran doesn’t have anything to work with. This is not a “war” that will involve troops on the ground as Nancy Pelosi has stated. It is amazing how many people are just stupid about war and strategy in general. Once you take out the king or queen in chess, the game is over. Trump took out Iran’s queen and now only pawns protect the king with no resources to speak of. The United States is now an exporter of oil leaving the Middle East to be a secondary market, taking massive amounts of power away from Iran. And the Iranian people are tired of the socialist and communist rule of their nation and have been revolting. Iran’s biggest threat is to protect itself from its own people, just as there are protestors in China’s Hong Kong wearing Trump masks and clamoring for freedom. Trump is a symbol of freedom throughout the world and he just gave all of them hope by taking out one of their greatest menaces. Even in China the rebels there have hope that if the tyrants crack down too hard to destroy them, that Trump will come to their rescue. So there is a lot more going on than just blowing up one car with one killer in it to stop an attack on the U.S. Embassy. Trump has been playing the chess game well, and after killing Soleimani the game is pretty much over.

Iran doesn’t have the resources to fight a war. Liberals want us to always fear that they must be appeased to keep nuclear weapons out of their hands which is the same strategy they want us to utilize with domestic gang leaders. Just make them happy and tip toe around their anger. Let the government protect you, don’t try to do it yourself. Trump’s message to the world is to allow people to protect themselves. He’ll use the American military to take away the threat to their lives, but its up to them to take back their government. He’s not going to do it for them. And that is the difference between Trump who has been successful in business and all the other political losers who came before him who didn’t have a clue. Changing a culture requires the people of the culture to do the work. You can’t come in and strong-arm people to get them to abide. Iran is poised for a revolution back to the kind of freedom it had before the communists took over. And that is what the political left is worried about with the killing of this Iranian terrorist. Its not cyber warfare or attacks on anything American that we should worry about. But now with their “queen” taken out, the game board is much better for the Iranians wanting change to advance and now its only a matter of time before they overthrow Ali Khamenei. And he and the political left know it.

Rich Hoffman

Why So Angry: The Jeff Spicoli America

The entire world minus a few exceptions seems directly inspired to become the Spicoli character from the movie Fast Times at Ridgemont High.  Those who are the exception are categorized as “angry” and treated much the same way the teacher who took away the pizza from Spicoli’s character in that movie was.  As a continuation of my article yesterday on leadership this one addresses the impact of what happens when leaders are removed from families, business, communities, and politics being replaced by a mindless push into oblivion precluding any judgment what-so-ever about anything (CLICK TO REVIEW).  The modern push by virtually every sector of society is to be “cool” and be a complete douche bag like Spicoli–have fun, live life, make no judgment assessments, and have pizza.  Those who are angry about the destruction of the American family, the failed education system, the corrupt politics, the leeching effect of lawyers in our society, the failed fiscal policies of nations, the attempt at religions to reignite the “crusades,” the mask of the civil rights movement to hide bad behavior behind racism and further encourage the disintegration of entire races of people, the merged sexual relationships of people and a loosening of the boundaries between right and wrong—are termed in a negative connotation as though they were somehow diseased and sick.  Even the national media has bought into this notion—anyone who has strong opinions is to be feared, ridiculed, and treated as a menace.  After all, what they learned in their colleges was not journalism—but how to party—and live the life of Spicoli.  Visit any college in America right now—and what you will find is a swarm of Spicoli’s that number the drops of water in the Atlantic Ocean—and those are tomorrow’s “leaders,” as termed by Liberty Township’s Leadership 21 classes.

Anybody who casts an opinion contrary to the flow of progressive society has been deemed as “unhealthily angry” and treated as an old fogie stuck in the past.  It is as if those who are being robbed of values that they desperately wish to see implemented in the world around them are supposed to enjoy being looted of everything they enjoy and not to be angry about it.  The classic confrontation between Jeff Specoli and the teacher Mr. Hand has become the battle cry of our day—who owns your time, your opinions, and your life—is it you—or the collective will of society?  Is it best to know things like the fogie Mr. Hand or to fall out of a van stoned like Jeff Specoli taking life as it comes without any sense of responsibility or direction?  The world has made its decision—and it has chosen Jeff Specoli.

This is why it is important to understand that if you crave values dear reader—then you must be willing to stand alone—society will not back you.  You will be alone in virtually every sector of society—and if you chose to stand for something these days—you will be considered a diabolical menace to the “surfer life” of the modern partier fresh from their campus adventures mired in marijuana smoke and valueless endeavor.  If you want values, you will have to step away from those people to have them.  You will have to stand against the current of the entire world who desires desperately to live the life of Jeff Spicoli and it will be a painful experience.  Anger will be a dominate emotion.

Spicoli is part of a surfer culture that was brought to America in a time when communism was being marketed to a conservative public.  The surfer life is a very socialist existence and in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, it was shown to have merit compared to all the capitalist failures that the coming of age kids were experiencing.  The parents were all goofs, the teachers stuffy caricatures of human bodies, and the main characters had to learn to let go and loosen up to fulfill their journeys through the plot.  Jeff Spicoli was the creation of that pre-hippie lifestyle introduced to America through communist infiltration and KGB influence at a time where the actions were denied, but later proven factual. Our nation was invaded—our youth converted into Jeff Spicoli’s, and yet we are told that we aren’t supposed to be angry about it—that we should buy some weed–party—and loosen up.

But the real reason for the accusation toward anger is that those like Spicoli want to live off the efforts of collective society and to keep the interaction civil—they prefer that society gives them no resistance.  They want to loot value from your back pocket dear reader and consume it from moment to moment without an eye to the future where all value runs out.  A bank robber simply wants you to put your hands up and they wish to rob you without any fight.  They simply want your money.  They don’t want you to fight to keep it.  And so it goes with the modern thief of social value, they don’t want to fight—they just want what you have—and if it is value—they want to consume it then “party” with you so that they can pass by you in the street without guilt.

For those who need social assimilation—they are at a disadvantage when it comes to a world run by Spicoli wanna-bes.  They will always have the upper hand when it comes to a public setting because what they stand for is comfort.  Today’s real leaders who stand alone for social value must be willing to sit alone in the rain—to distance themselves from the social pressure to be Spicoli and to defend values when the current of ancient communism wishes to wash them out to sea forever hidden by the ocean depths.

The problem is so grand that we now have Spicoli types in the White House and IRS.  When the explanation is provided as to why all the IRS emails were destroyed, it sounds like Jeff Spicoli telling Mr. Hand why he was late to class.  When the White House gives a press conference, it sounds like the dream Jeff Spicoli had about being a top-tier surfer partying with the Stones in London.  And for those who find those explanations repulsive, we are just supposed to accept that Jeff Spicoli will be late to class, doesn’t care about any personal ambition for anything, and is a model citizen who just wants to smoke a joint and eat pizza.  To such people of course anyone who finds that lifestyle repulsive will seem angry—because it is disgusting to see such people leech off the public with no ambition or curiosity about life outside of getting high and filling their bellies.

Jeff Spicoli will always be the role that the actor Sean Penn will be known for.  Penn is an unapologetic communist and that personality came out so flamboyantly in the Fast Times of Ridgemont High role. The KGB may have created the hippie and surfer culture in California—but they could never have dreamed of what impact the Jeff Spicoli character would have on American youth and that virtually every young person who has seen that movie has in some way adopted the stoned beach bum into their lifestyle.  Sean Penn did more to spread the valueless utterances of communism than most of the Russian efforts during the Cold War.  And to those who see this erosion of value—they are not supposed to be angry—but accepting and ready to party.

That is why the road to a life of value will be a lonely one—and will be shouldered alone for quite a long time.   It is more important than ever that those who are leaders—naturally—will separate themselves from these Jeff Spicoli types and remake the world.  Of course we will be called “angry” but consider the sources—and be ready to shrug their opinions away for the value they really have.  And it is also important to understand that our local Chambers of Commerce and the political machines of doom are now filled with Jeff Spicoli admirers and that their ideal of leadership is equivalent to ordering a pizza during Mr. Hand’s class.

Rich Hoffman


Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Heroes from Islands of Adventure

The video you have just seen is the most recent trailer for the upcoming film Atlas Shrugged Part II coming this October, about a month after the release of my new novel, Tail of the Dragon. This is delightful, because objectivist leaning stories will fill the fall just ahead of the next presidential election giving the voting public insight into thoughts they may not previously have considered regarding political theater.

I think Atlas Shrugged is one of the most important novels of all time. I would put it up against anything ever written. But specifically, it is the novel of America. It is a result of American culture, and it is the story that defines the success of the American economy. Atlas Shrugged contains within it the skeleton key to solving most of America’s current problems. That is why part two of a three part series is coming out just before the 2012 election.

There is some concern that Part II will not be consistent with Part I which was well received, but blasted by the progressive left for not being motion picture type quality. The first Atlas Shrugged film was true to the novel and came out feeling like a made for television film as opposed to a box office masterpiece, but that was OK, because the story is powerful enough to carry those slight imperfections. But the makers of the Atlas Shrugged series were not happy with that assessment, so they retooled, bringing in new talent both in front of the camera and behind it to make Part II more epic as a motion picture experience. By the look of their marketing campaign it appears that they clearly understand what their objective is.

That very simple preview shown above articulates how I personally feel, and many thousands like me undergo as well. In my life, the world does feel like it is crumbling around me, and I do feel I have a responsibility to hold up everything. I know that if I decided to set the world down thousands of lives that are directly connected to mine will perish. So constantly in my mind is the notion of whether or not to continue holding up the world, or setting it down and saying to hell with it. I fight with that notion every single day.

Progressive minded people hate Atlas Shrugged, and they will say that my feelings about that advertisement are presumptuous, narcissistic, and flat out arrogant. They would say to me as they have all my life, you should share the burdens of living with your wife, you should take assistance from those who offer it, and that holding up the world is a “shared” collective endeavor. Well they’re wrong, it’s not. Every funeral I’ve been too, every furniture move, every game of tug of war, there is always one or two people who do most of the heavy lifting. Other people may grab hold of a corner and pretend they are helping, but most of the time they could be completely removed and the heavy object would still be lifted by the key personnel.

This is how it is in life. In virtually every business, every sports activity, every group activity, only a few people do the heavy lifting of holding everything up. That’s not an attack on all the people who don’t have the fortitude, the intelligence, or the strength to do the heavy lifting it takes to carry society on their shoulders. It’s just human nature. It is in this principle that communism ultimately fails one hundred percent of the time, because it takes away the incentive of someone to do the heavy lifting of making decisions. Without that incentive, nobody picks up anything to carry. That is the disease of our modern society. The strong that do all the lifting are beginning to shrug that tendency because of the parasites who want to take equal credit for all the hard work, when it is the heavy lifter who makes the lifting possible.

Communism, socialism, progressivism and all those weakness centered political philosophies allow the masses to believe they are equally important to the heavy lifters. Obama is the perfect example of a modern political looter, who wishes to maintain the illusion he grew up believing, that he was an important heavy lifter, when in fact he’s simply a leech. He was paid by the political left to spread communism into American culture. They bought his books, and propped him up politically for the purpose of stealing from those who carry the world and allowing those who don’t the belief that they are equally significant in the social tapestry.

On the eve of this posting a dear friend of mine is preparing to take their family to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, which is one of my favorite places on earth. The reason people feel a certain magic upon entering that fantastic amusement park is because it celebrates the superheroes in our modern mythologies who exhibit the tendencies defined in the book Atlas Shrugged. One of the greatest rides in that theme park is the Spiderman 3D Adventure. There is simply nothing like it anywhere. It’s brilliant. But what makes Spiderman great is the character himself. Spiderman in his fights against crime sometimes gets help, but ultimately, it is Spiderman who is required to save the day when the bad guys show up. Even though everyone who rides this ride does not have the abilities of Spiderman, they can appreciate the heroic traits needed to make such a superhero possible. Another great ride that my friend is particularly excited to visit with their children when at Islands of Adventure is the new Harry Potter ride. In the stories of Harry Potter he sometimes relies on his friends to help carry him when he needs it, but at Hogwarts it is Harry Potter that holds everyone up in the entire story. Without Harry Potter, Hogwarts would lose to Lord Voldemort. When visitors ride the new Harry Potter ride, they are celebrating the mythic premise of Harry Potter holding up the world.

As my friend travels to Florida the new Batman film is being released to a hungry crowd. The movie is successful because Batman is needed. In the new film, Bruce Wayne has retired from fighting crime and tries to live a normal life. This is essentially what Atlas Shrugged is all about. The world of Gotham City falls apart because Bruce Wayne is retired from fighting crime as Batman. If communists had things their way, the movie would be called Gotham City fights crime, not Dark Knight Rises. In my new novel it is Rick Stevens who takes on the entire legal system, and in Atlas Shrugged it is John Galt who is holding up the entire world on his back. A collective sum cannot be relied upon to save the day. Collectivism is a fantasy of the human mind created by the sensitive and feeble types. It is not realistic, or natural.

The special feeling visitors get when they enter amusement parks like Islands of Adventure is the celebration of individual heroics. They do not celebrate collectivism in ANY fashion. There is a truth in the affirmation of heroics even if it is presented in a fantasy setting. There is more human truth in Spiderman than the Devil Rays game being played across town at Tropicana Field. Sports are a collective team activity and most adults identify with that form of entertainment over the magic of Spiderman in the outside world. But once inside the amusement park of Islands of Adventure, they are children again, and for a little while, they remember how the world works. This is why Atlas Shrugged is such a successful and important book. It uncovers the understanding and appreciation of those who hold up the world upon their shoulders. Progressives wish to continue believing they are heroes who hold up the world through shared strength. Progressives are terrified of the message behind Atlas Shrugged, because even in stories like Spiderman, Batman, and Harry Potter, the authors made mild concessions toward collectivism to appease the critics who lean toward communism in their political philosophies. In Harry Potter, Harry sacrifices himself to save his friends which is altruism in a mild degree and rallies the efforts of Hogwarts to fight to the death against Lord Voldemort. It is in endings like this that Harry Potter wins critical praise from a progressive media, even if it is not intellectually completely honest. Yet in the end, the Potter series must stick to the rules of nature and human understanding. Harry is the ultimate victor that all of Hogwarts relies upon. That is why Harry Potter is so successful because it follows the basic rules of all human knowledge, that it is the few who hold up the many. This is why superhero movies are dominating the box-office. In the film industry, directors are making frequent concessions to collectivists to appease film critics, even when they shouldn’t. The intellectual honesty is to show the hero for being strong and as flawless as possible, because that is what is expected in a hero. Atlas Shrugged as a book and a film does not make ANY concessions, and that is why it is so trusted, and considered intellectually honest. It is concerned with determining who holds up the world, the economy and entire nations. Deep down inside everyone understands this, but hate the message because they are in denial. They wish to maintain the illusion of their “help” in a social context. In Atlas Shrugged, the answer to “Who is John Galt” are those who pick up the world in either the microcosm or the macrocosm and carry it on their backs without complaint, without praise, and without fear. They do it because it’s in their nature to be the real heroes of existence from which all else flows. And it is in these ideas that American society either thrives or fails.

The kind of America that could be is what is celebrated at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and for my friend, the must see exhibits are The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures of Spiderman, The Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Dragon Challenge, and of course the new Harry Potter ride. As for the shows, The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad is well worth it. It’s a GREAT stunt show! And the best place to eat is—–the Mythos Restaurant. This place is a must, but make sure to eat there in the afternoon between dinner rushes. And the close second, that your kids will love is The Three Broomsticks, which is a Harry Potter themed tavern. What makes all this possible is the ideas of which John Galt represents. Without the John Galt principle nothing at Universal Studios happens as there isn’t enough magic in any Harry Potter spell to turn collectivism into a successful enterprise. The new Atlas Shrugged Part II preview is intellectually honest and hints at a film that will be fantastic, and politically important. Ultimately, John Galt is the most powerful superhero and he doesn’t have to sling from a web or fly from a broomstick. All he has to do is refuse to help those who refuse to help themselves surrendering their pride to legalized theft in the form of excessive taxation. At Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure the symbol is a planet that rotates at the entrance. Deep inside the subconscious of every human being upon seeing that symbol understand what it means. The symbol itself is a bit of a concession, since the only thing missing is a statue of John Galt holding it up.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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20 Reasons Barack Obama is a Socialist: Welcome to Cincinnati the student of Frank Marshall Davis

Before we get into the 20 reasons Obama is a socialist, here is an early review from the new film “2016: Obama’s America as seen on Rotten Tomatoes.

Saw this last night and loved it. Very gripping. And very fair. The facts are laid out and you make your own conclusions. There is no Obama bashing. Much of the film is in Obama’s own words (from “Dreams From My Father”). See this movie.

Angie Hallimore July 13, 2012

As President Obama lands at CVG airport for his Cincinnati fundraiser bashing the rich and declaring to help the poor, it is important to know who he is. Obama’s use of Air Force 1 for a fundraising trip is a disgrace and I’d feel that way even if the president was a Republican. I don’t worry about it too much for the occasional feel good visit, but with Obama, he has consumed millions of dollars in tax money just in fuel to fly him around the country simply to raise money for his campaign which I do not support. So in an inadvertent way Obama through IRS enforcement is taking some of my tax contributions to fund his campaign which I’m against.

But as I think of Obama I am currently ecstatic over the upcoming release of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “2016: Obama’s America.” The Hollywood Reporter and The Blaze featured clips of that upcoming film which delves into the past of Barack Obama and explores the relationship of Frank Marshall Davis in the life of the future tax abuser, Barack Obama. The Blaze specifically has a wonderful feature on the new Paul Krengor book, The Communist which goes into great detail about Davis. Read that article at the below link and buy that book on Tuesday, July 17th!

Dinesh’s new film is being produced by Gerald Molen who produced Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, and Rain Man and is based on the book The Roots of Obama’s Rage written by D’Souza. If you have not read the book, you should. To get a sneak peek of what the book is about, and what this film will be about, check out this Forbes article.

The movie will be a very hard hitter, and it will be fair—probably fairer than a person like Obama deserves. Based on D’Souza’s writing style and the very good producer credentials of Gerald Molen who has worked very closely with Steven Spielberg—an Obama supporter and someone I think a lot of in spite of his political beliefs, this film will be well done and balanced.

But that does not mean that it won’t reveal that President Obama is the first president in American history that is a representative of Communist Party USA, and he achieved penetration of the highest office in the world through subversive tactics taught to him by Frank Marshall Davis who was a card-carrying communist who set out in 1931 to spread communism all over the world. Davis using the disguise of civil rights activism set the stage for what many on the political left adhere to today particularly in many media outlets utilizing open endorsements of communism—which is the mortal enemy of the American way of life and capitalism in general which is the life blood of the American economy. Obama was introduced to Davis through his grandfather—the only stable male figure in his young life—Stanley Dunham with the intention of mentoring the young Barack Obama into a subversive communist that they could slide under the protective barriers of American society—which they hated—to undo it from within.

Stanley Dunham raised in Barack’s mother a radical leftist who would spend much of her life hopping from man to man on a quest for Marxist radicals, which Barack’s biological father certainly was. Barack’s mother got naked for Davis on several occasions in what has been documented as wild sexual exploits. It says a lot that the most stable figure in Obama’s youth was his grandfather who was drinking buddies with Frank Marshall Davis. It makes you wonder what kind of man Stanley was to let Davis drink with him then embark on wild sexual adventures with his daughter, Barack’s mother, who was old enough to be Davis’s daughter at the time. If a friend of mine came to my house and wanted to seduce my daughter, there would be big trouble for them. But apparently Stanley enjoyed the activity, enough to encourage his grandson Obama to learn all he could.

Davis had a FBI file 600 pages long due to his communist activity with the National Negro Congress—a communist front organization, and the Civil Rights Congress cited by President Harry Truman’s Attorney General as a communist subversive organization. In fact, in a 1950 FBI report states that members of a subversive element in Honolulu were “concentrating their efforts on infiltration of the Democratic Party through control of Precinct Clubs and organization.” Robert M. Kempa was a Communist Party informant who agreed to cooperate with government investigators back when the government itself was not yet infected with communism and stated, “Late in the fall of 1950 I started contacting Frank Marshall Davis in connection with Communist Party matters, and relaying to him information received from my superior contact in the Communist Party. During a portion of 1950, 1951, and part of 1952, I continued contacting Frank Marshall Davis and also transmitted dues from the Communist Party received from him to my contact above. During the period of my contacts with Frank Marshall Davis, he advised me that his wife, Helen was a member of Group #10.” Frank Marshall Davis was the primary contact in Hawaii for subversive communist activity and this is one of the primary influences in Barack Obama’s young life, so much so that Obama would trace the steps of Davis in South Chicago as a community activist many years after Davis had performed the same role in Chicago. It was Davis who started The Star in Chicago, a labor newspaper that was committed to subtle communist propaganda which was very prevalent in the labor unions.

Obama was surrounded by radicals his entire life, so he never had a chance. If he was not President of the United States, I might feel sorry for him and try to help him find his way, but in his role as president he is a subversive seeking to rob from me a way of life I cherish and I personally don’t take that lightly. One of the strategies that subversive communists used which was partially invented by people like Frank Marshall Davis through his newspaper work and literature was to attack anyone who questioned their activity. For the communist the best defense was an aggressive offense, so if anyone questioned their activity, they would publicly ridicule their attacker as a racist, a selfish mean person, a rich out-of-touch socialite, or a stiff. They of course used other words, but in short, nobody wanted to be called names, since it’s a primal desire that many have to receive some sort of social acceptance from their peers. Communist subterfuge experts exploited this tendency to silence America through their communist advancements out of fear from name calling.

Obama’s presidential ascension was designed by people like Davis, and Bill Ayers to penetrate the White House like a Trojan horse and destroy it from within. They avoided the communist designation by calling themselves progressives and hiding behind the Republican commitment to progressivism started by Teddy Roosevelt. People not privy to history do not understand how these games are played. Most people look for obvious signs they can measure actions to. The communist subversive has denied spectators of this evidence using means developed by the KGB to undermine American culture over a long period of time without obvious signs of antagonism. They literally kill you with kindness behind symbols of “peace.” The Soviet Union hoped that America would crumble from inside before they ran out of money in the late 1980’s. Lucky for America, we hired a radical right-winged president in Ronald Reagan to yank America back to its capitalist ways for a short period of time paving the way for one of the greatest growth spirts known in the world.

When I grew up in the 1980’s jobs were plentiful and economic growth was constant. It was the policies created by Reagan that allowed Clinton to balance the budget and bring down the deficit enjoying the economic relief created by Reagan and the destruction of the Communist Soviet Union. But Clinton after 8 years had brought progressive policies back to the national and international stage, and the progressive George Bush and now Barack Obama have restored the communist dreams started by radicals like Frank Marshall Davis back to America.

Most people do not know that they have accepted communism in their lives, which is by design. Communists like Obama have learned to use careful language to hide their true intentions even from themselves. As agents of communism they have had to teach themselves to believe everything they say. Obama’s grandfather and Davis clearly used the young Obama to carry out their dreams of communist radicalism by teaching the young future presidential plant to slowly seduce the masses into accepting anti-capitalist propaganda.

A communist is coming to Cincinnati to raise money for his intended destruction of American society. He comes with a message given to him from Frank Marshall Davis in a plan hatched in the mid 50’s ahead of the book release The Naked Communist. Davis and his FBI file which will be revealed in the movie 2016: Obama’s America will show to what extent communists worked to undo American society. In Hawaii, Davis successfully avoided arrest by the FBI and used a group called The Democratic Revolution to disrupt industry, organize large strikes and oust “white rule” among the plantations and businesses and was successful. His mentorship of the young Barack Obama would take the same attack mode used in The Hawaiian Dock Strike of 1949 to put a communist radical in The White House and bring the imperial nation of America to its knees forever.

These facts cannot be disputed, and the evidence is overwhelming. This is the person who has been president for 4 years and is looking for 4 more—which the nation we all know and love will not survive. Obama in spite of his carefully crafted charm and pleasant demeanor is a created man by radical communists intent on fulfilling the dreams that climaxed in the 1960’s but fizzled short because of the Reagan Presidency. Communists infected the media; they infected movies and television, book publishing, government and to a large extent—public education. Because of those infestations, communism is a big part of the life of most people reading this whether they know it or not. They cannot see it in their day-to-day lives unless they compare their world view of today with those of their own grandparents. It is only then that they can see how far they have fallen, and how effective Davis and his insurgents were in undermining American society. It is to that ignorance that Obama speaks. It is the message of subtle communism hidden within the Democratic Party under the banner of progressive politics that he advocates unconsciously, because he knows of nothing else. It is because of him that today’s America is facing a financial collapse similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s, because like those Russians, America is being led by a devout communist personally mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. Because of his actions, Obama is being more and more referred to as a socialist, which is really just Communism Light. But under the tutelage of Davis, it would appear that Obama and his staff is even further to the political left than avid socialists which the video at the start of this article indicates with 20 points. The undercurrent of his political belief is communism as it was advocated by Davis and the radical insurgents of the Soviet Union to end America and its powerful economy being driven by capitalism. The communist goal was to stop the blood from flowing in that economy, killing the nation. By examining the economic conditions of today, the results are obvious as our nation is near death. Obama’s visit to Cincinnati should be viewed as a dysfunctional family member coming to the nation’s death-bed to visit a loved one that is on life support. But Obama doesn’t come with flowers begging for forgiveness for what he has done to put the nation on that death bed. He’s coming to pull the plug.


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Highway Robbery in Arlington Heights: Thank goodness for Brendan Keefe

Not all cops are bad.  But a fair percentage are, and for over 10 years in front of everyone’s eyes the small community of Arlington Heights, Ohio—the land between the north and southbound lanes of I-75 just south of the GE Evendale plant–have been handing out 20 times the number of traffic citations for a Ohio community and employees of the police and court system have been pocketing the money to take elaborate vacations and buy expensive cars.  In some cases the money went to buying girl friends large rings and other extravagances all on the backs of traffic citations.  Brendan Keefe of Channel 9 News did an I-Team investigation on this issue which can be seen at the video and link below.  The information I just stated are leaks of the kind of items that the money stolen from traffic citation money was spent on.  Some of that information will soon come out from a special audit conducted by David Yost which is now in the hands of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who will bring the case before a grand jury at the end of July.  Based on early indications a mother and her daughter who worked as the clerk of courts will be charged for the theft.

It is because of a few courageous individuals that this case is even being talked about.  Most of the time, a crime of such open theft of public money is not as egregiously abused as it has been in this case in Arlington Heights. Every community has its share of bad apples and crooked cops.  But the important thing to understand is that society must always be on the lookout for these scoundrels and understand that they are a constant menace to society.  It is because of these “bad apples” that government can never be trusted completely to do anything, because there will always be a number of employees who work within any system who will lie, cheat, and steal to feather their own nests at the expense of others.

Because of the threat of such people, good people must always keep a watchful eye out for these scum bags so that they don’t abuse their power.  Often however, even the good are powerless to do anything about such crimes as is the case in Arlington Heights where the theft was participated in by many public employees, so there was no desire to stop the thieving behavior.   Way back in 2002 police Chief Mark Groteke began questioning where all the money being taken in from traffic citations was going—because it wasn’t making it to the Mayors Court bank account.  He attempted to blow the whistle in a letter to the mayor at the time, but there was no desire to investigate the crimes.  The obvious reason was because the traffic court in Arlington Heights was using fines collected from traffic citations as their personal ATM machines, and simply pocketed the money as supplemental income. 

The irony for me upon hearing this story is that the Arlington Heights case virtually mirrors the plotline of my newest book Tail of the Dragon which deals with this very issue of police abusing motorists in order to raise money for their personal interests.  In my story they pick on the wrong guy, and all hell breaks loose.  But in real life, it appears that the people who live in Arlington Heights were too afraid of the local police to call them out on the scam, because it seems the entire neighborhood knew about the situation and did nothing about it. 

Thousands upon thousands of motorists were pulled over by Arlington Heights police, showed up to pay their fines with cash, check or credit card.  Most people suspect that the citation scam on most any roadway in the nation is simply designed to generate revenue for the local courts, but the proof is often hard to validate because it is law enforcement that would have to carry out the investigation.  In Ohio a portion of all fines generated go to the state and according to records state auditors noticed that $40,654 was missing.  Based on the knowledge of the state share in the potential fines, this is how it was discovered that $262,000 was completely missing from the Arlington Heights Mayors Court accounting.

According to former police chief Groteke Arlington Heights officers would take the deposits collected from the mayor’s court to the bank.  Most of the time the money was in the form of checks and money orders, but sometimes it was in cash.  He discovered when he would issue arrest warrants for suspects he had on record who had not paid their fines, that when arrested, they would declare that they were innocent and had paid their tickets in cash.  That’s when he realized that the cash had been stolen by public employees with access to the funds from the mayor’s court. 

The situation in Arlington Heights is one of the most grotesque in the entire nation.  The abuse is obvious, and everyone has known about it.  It’s a story breaking now because Brendan Keefe went to the trouble to do a very good investigation.  But even in this very obvious situation, public employees from the mayor all the way down to traffic cop covered it up for over a decade.  In most small towns, and big cities, crimes every bit as audacious as what has been happening in Arlington Heights are going on right now, and the crimes happened because there is nowhere to turn, no law to trust—as cops are for most people the highest authority they deal with.  So when a cop pulls over a driver for a traffic violation under the guise of safety, the driver has no choice but to pay the money if they are told.  If the driver refuses they will be forced to pay the money one way or the other because the legal system will turn its might against them until they get their money from the driver. 

The Arlington Heights situation is proof that traffic court is not about safety, and it is not about law enforcement.  Traffic court is about generating revenue for the court system, the attorneys, the insurance companies and the politicians who write the laws that are meant to be enforced.  The law enforcement officers can then pull over anyone they wish since no one person can possibly know if they are in violation of a law or not, so virtually all people everywhere are potential targets of this massive extortion scheme.  In Arlington Heights the law enforcement officers took the whole process one step too far too many times for too many years.  They actually took money out of the bank deposits so that the parasites upstream didn’t get their take of the loot.  It appears that when police officers needed more money for a new car, or a vacation, they simply pulled over more people so they could collect fines on the record or off the record in the form of pay-offs. 

The worst aspect of this story is that the evidence of power abuse is obvious, yet it is these very same people who would go door to door under issues of martial law and are supposed to be trusted with our lives and property who have committed these acts.  It is obvious that law enforcement cannot be trusted with such responsibility and should never be given authority under any circumstance.  This is what the NDAA Act does which President Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve this past year, he gave law enforcement complete authority over every American life upon his command—and it is these types of people who will abuse such a power without fear.  In this case the primary thieves appear to be a mother—daughter team employed as clerks in the court.  But the police officers are the ones who did the pulling over, and the courts processed the citations even when alarms were being raised by the police chief. 

In the end it isn’t just a mother and daughter clerk of courts who robbed thousands of dollars from the citizens in and around Arlington Heights.  This case is about the crimes that come wherever the money tree of taxes grow.  Everyone wants to shake that tree of everything it has and they expect new fruit to always appear no matter how hard they shake it.  Without question this story goes well beyond the clerk of courts employees who will be charged.  They are simply the parts of the story that can be proven in the paper trail.  No prosecutor in their right mind would dig too deeply, since similar scandals are most likely happening right in their very offices right now.  So in this Arlington Heights case it will be the employees in the clerk of courts office who pay most dearly, perhaps even the mayor.  Everyone else will cover their ass and lay low for a while before attempting to take to the streets yet again to churn up the money machine that is the traffic writing citation industry. 

This story would have went nowhere if not for Brendan Keefe at Channel 9 news and the very good I-Team reporting that they do there.  It would be wonderful if every reporter was like Brendan.  (SEE HIS GREAT STORY ON SUPERINTENDENTS HERE) If there were more reporters doing the kind of investigative reporting shown in that I-Team report, corruption in government would be a rarity, rather than a common activity.  Instead, corruption is rampant as a majority of society—reporters included—hide in the shadows and allow sinister behavior to perpetuate unchecked.  That is how Arlington Heights has managed to use traffic citations for over a decade as their personal ATM machines using unjust taxation to supplement their very lucrative public employee incomes.


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Lakota Mismanages Taxpayer Money: The reason behind pay-for-play sports

Listen to this teacher from Wisconsin in the clip below right before the recall election of Governor Scott Walker. It is these kinds of public employees that have driven up the cost of education at every school in the United States and is what they more often than not seek to teach our youth.

It is those kinds of employees who have created a situation in my home school district of Lakota that are devastating for the parents sending their children to the school. At Lakota over $160 million dollars of tax payer money is already allocated toward educating the students of the community, however, according to the teachers union, that’s not enough. The average wage per employee at Lakota is $63K per year and makes up approximately 80% of the total budget. Yet the Lakota School Board along with superintendent Mantia has said that they don’t have enough money, so they seek to twist the arm of the tax payers in a hope to pass a school levy. They do so at Lakota by cutting busing for students, and have been charging to participate in sports programs. This has enraged many in the community who expect participation in sports to be part of the public education experience. The fees at Lakota during the school year of 2012 will be the highest in the State of Ohio at $550 per student per sport with no cap for families. You can read in more detail the article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about this issue in case you missed it.

I have spoke with many parents in Lakota, many of them upset that the cost of passing a school levy for them individually is far less than paying $550 per sport for their child. If the parents have 2 children in school and each of them play two sports, that particular family is out over $2000 a year, so they have said to me that they will vote in favor of a school levy so they can save money, even though they don’t agree with the politics.

I have told these parents that the system is rigged this way by the OSBA to push school boards like the one at Lakota to place the financial pain back on the parents so that union contracts can be satisfied without interruption. I told them that if they allow themselves to vote yes for a school levy because they want to save the $2000 in fees, then they are simply tools of organized labor.

The cause of the school fees is not lack of money; it is mismanagement of the money given to the districts by the tax payers. Cutting sports is proportional to the cuts of busing in that sports costs are somewhere between 1% and 2% of the total budget. When a school board cuts their support of funding sports, they do so in order to cover the expense of heavily padded labor contracts, and they hope the imposition on parents will force tax increases on the community to cover the labor demands.

In Southwest Ohio 82 percent of the 49 school districts are charging pay-to-play fees for high school sports yet just across the river in Kentucky such fees are rare. The strategy is designed by the Ohio School Board Association to extort money through financial hardship to force tax increases. In Kentucky union membership is not required, but in Ohio it is. Public schools in Ohio are a closed shop, and this forces labor costs up through collective bargaining who seeks to gobble up all the tax dollars for their union interests. This leaves no money left for sports, leaving children struggling to pay for their fees. It’s a dirty trick organized by teacher unions to manipulate taxpayers, and it’s rather disgusting.

The public sector unions at their heart are socialist organizations intent on open communism. That is why so many of the radical teachers who advocate leftist policies are drawn to big labor public sector jobs, because it keeps them out of competitive work environments which is the only place that communism works– in theory—in the minds of the extreme liberal, in their utmost fantasies. Communism in real life does not work, and it never works—and that is what the cause of the sports fees are. Parents are forced to accept small bits of communism from radical teachers because they don’t want to pay the extraordinary fees to play sports. The extortion tactic forces upon the family trying to give their children the best of everything, higher taxes that go on forever, so to avoid the school fees they must accept the taxes. It’s a dishonest practice that should be viewed with the same anger that the theft by a common criminal is viewed, because the intentions are the same—theft, extortion, and coercion through financial torture. What else is it?

Personally, I do not want to pay for teachers who think the way that educators shown in the video above think. I would seek to terminate their employment from my district because they are just creating trouble for our nation to solve later with incorrectly educated students. Many political looters speak of the need for education, but they always leave out the most important part of education, and that is getting a “quality” education. A district that does not manage the extraordinary taxes that the Lakota district already pays is yielding to the radicals of the unions at the expense of parents and children. School boards are not in pursuit of quality, but simply a lottery ticket of hope that if the district pays for a teacher that they are going to get the desired results. Most often, they do not. All too often the money buys a left-winged radical intent on bringing communism to the minds of our children and teaching them failed economic policies, and that is not acceptable.

The proper reaction to the extortion measure of school fees is to force the district to pay the money where the district desires it. If the voters wish for their money to be spent on busing, then the school board should do that. If the desire of voters is to have their money spent on sports, then the school board has an obligation to do so. But what has happened at Lakota, and 82% of all schools in Southern Ohio is they take direction from the OSBA to protect the labor contracts of teachers with gold plated benefits that the tax payers do not enjoy themselves, and that is why the children and their families are made to suffer. There is no other reason, and the public reaction to these extortion methods are the task of our day to define for generations to come. Appeasement today only leads to tyranny tomorrow, and for the parents who would rather pay the tax than the fee, that is exactly what they are choosing, which their children are watching—and learning.

The solution is not to yield and allow the mismanagement to occur, because it does not solve the problem. Letting it go, only delays the problem for some future time for a future family, which is how we arrived at this situation in the first place.


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Coffins in Atlanta: Alex Jones discovers the end game of a massive government extermination plan

Many people these days will say that Alex Jones is out of his mind and is a radical conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, many of the people who say those things have decided in their own lives to choose the lethargic path of complacency and blind trust in what government tells them. They find it inconvenient to believe that politicians like John Edwards was openly lying to many around him for many years over his mistress, and Obama is currently lying about his birth certificate. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

It’s not to say that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, but he’s hiding something, because his birth certificate that he offered the public is a fake—without question. So we know that politicians will lie and mislead even those closest to them, so why do the masses of society chose to believe that such personalities would be truthful, even when you stare into their eyes. Bill Clinton lied to the entire nation on every single network on prime time television, he lied to a federal prosecutor, and then he twisted the truth every which way but loose once he got caught in the mountain of lies that were stacking up in the 90’s. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.

Politicians will tell the American public to their faces that the NDAA Act was done for their safety, yet there is evidence that some factions of our own government are preparing for a mass extermination of American citizens right now. Below Alex Jones has visited the site where massive amounts of generic coffins have been placed in a field near the Atlanta airport. Listen to Alex’s report carefully, because he addresses many of the questions you might have as a natural skeptic.

A logical person upon hearing this will ask, “but why would our government want to kill it’s citizens? And why would they be preparing for thousands upon thousands of deaths by stock piling these coffins all over the United States?” Well, that would be a good question. But like most people reading this we were taught in public school to follow our assignments and not to question things too much. We were taught to stand quietly in line and do what we’re told, so it should come as little surprise that millions upon millions of Americans chose not to see coffins being stationed for some future catastrophe near a major metropolitan area.

The question everyone should ask is that “what proof is there that we SHOULD trust what government officials tell us about NDAA and the FEMA coffins shown in Alex’s investigation.”  The track record of honesty is not good between government and the people they serve, so by nature of logic, there is very little we should trust—and we should demand to know why our tax money is spent on such things, instead of just looking the other way because the reality of such a sight is unbearably grotesque. I personally do not find it hard to believe that members of our government would use FEMA to exterminate massive amounts of Americans with a deadly virus, or even under martial law using the NDAA to justify the violence. I say this because I also know that there are many well-known philanthropists who have their fingers in politics and believe that the world is over populated and needs to be reduced to protect the planet from evil human beings.

To me, those types of comments are far more extreme than Alex Jones walking around a field in Georgia wondering why there are so many containers made by a coffin company sitting around with no place to go. The evidence adds up to something sinister that can only be indulged in by speculation.

That brings us back to our original question, why would politicians in government be willing to kill Americans? Corrupt politics are one thing, but to commit mass murder is another? If history is known, as I know it, mass murder of political dissidents by tyrannical government is not new. You can see how many countries and how many deaths have occurred in just the 20th century that are documented at the Wikipedia link below. God only knows how many there have been under governments that hid a majority of the deaths from official counts.  Members of the Obama administration have shown that they openly endorse the governments of Stalin and of Mao Zedong which is extremely alarming considering it was Mao who during the land reform and counterrevolutionary campaign in communist China envisaged that one tenth of the peasants would have to be destroyed to facilitate agrarian reform.  That meant the death of 50 million people.  In the Soviet Union under Stalin that number was 20 million.  Those are the results of communism which many thousands of current college students, labor leaders, and university professors are begging for now.  And to put those numbers in perspective, consider that there are just over 11 million people in the entire state of Ohio.  There are members of the intellectual elite in America right now, within the circle of associates that surround the President willingly who also believe as Stalin and Mao have, and are willing to destroy American lives to facilitate their version of social reform, because their focus is not on the individual lives of American citizens, but on the “collective body” of America as a whole, where sacrifice is acceptable as “collateral damage.”

What all the mass deaths have in common in the world is communism as the fundamental political intention. While American citizens will laugh at the idea that their lives could ever be infected with such concerns they do not see the phantom threat that is right in front of their faces—communism is alive and well in the United States and it is thriving in our public schools and our government, and it is a significant threat to the capitalism that built the America we all consider to be unsinkable.

At this site I have covered many statistics which indicate that the United States economy has been deliberately sabotaged by communist sympathizers working in our government. This is not a far-fetched notion, as President Obama is in love with communism. His policies are publicly sold as socialism disguised under the term “progressive” but he governs like a communist reminiscent of Lenin paving the way for a future Stalin. Knowing how these extreme progressives think, I do not find it far-fetched to believe they wish to repeat history in America by subterfuging capitalism with communism. Such insurrections always mean death to those who don’t accept communism so by looking at history and studying the policies of our current government, it is not at all a reach to understand what Alex Jones is trying to bring to public awareness. Such thoughts are not convenient, but they are a reality.

Still, many Americas will still refuse the evidence. They will still want to trust that such a massive insurrection will be stopped by the checks and balances system in our government. But that would be a serious folly. Many of our politicians have committed so many crimes that they lack any moral will to do anything about this communist build-up. The most trustworthy politician I have ever met in my life is Rob Portman, the current leading man for the vice presidency, and the eyes of the man I sat with in a WLW studio debate 20 years ago bright-eyed and forward-looking are not the same eyes I see today, beaten down and withered by machine politics. So many of these good men become lost in the maze of chaos that is Washington politics designed exclusively to enrich the politicians who have designed it, that those wealthy looters are prepared to abandon America in a whim and flee to a Switzerland and plead their allegiance to the United Nations to escape the wrath of the American people once it’s realized that the game is over. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

The protection is gone America. You have communists who are ready to wipe capitalism off the face of the earth functioning in our highest offices. You have politicians who have stolen so much money from the public treasury that they will abandon their American loyalty to avoid prison sentences in a moment. And we have highly motivated enemies all over the world licking their chops to see America fall from grace so they can rise to power in the void left behind. Make no mistake about it dear reader. There are sinister people right now planning your death. They have the ability to lie to your face because they do not believe in your God, so they can look into the camera and lie. Placing their hands on a Bible means nothing when the content of the symbol lacks meaning to them so sincerity even under such oath is negligible. And these people do hate Americans. In their minds, destroying capitalism is the same as eradicating a devil in the eyes of a devil. The battle ground is truly formed along a line of ideology, and adopting their way will not save your life. They will still try to kill you even if you decide to play nicely. The “they” in this case are all the radicals of the world who wish to see capitalism wiped from the earth. They hate capitalism to such an extent that they will do anything to remove it from their eyes, so the guilt of their own ineptitude doesn’t drown them in sorrow.

There will come a day when the meaning of those coffins will become known, and on that day, you better know what you’re willing to do to preserve your life. If you choose today to eradicate socialism and its roots of communism from your life, you stand a chance of not having to deal with those coffins. But if you let the enemy any closer, there will come a day when every one of those coffins and more are filled with the bodies of your friends and neighbors, and you will wish you had more courage when it really counted and cared less about what Kobe Bryant did in last nights basketball game.


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More Evil Coming from the NDAA: The band of thieves known as the Federal Government

I had the opportunity to listen to KrisAnne Hall speak recently about the implications of the recent signing of the NDAA law by President Obama which received bipartisan support—meaning most of the Federal government is guilty of a serious infringement of the U.S. Constitution.

KrisAnne was an attorney who was fired from her job for teaching Tea Party groups about the U.S. Constitution, which is apparently an unacceptable practice these days from the gate keepers of tyranny. The implication of such a firing is that the legal minds of our country are quite well aware of the scam they are perpetrating upon the American landscape, as many of their brethren run for elected office. The system is built by lawyers, exploited by politicians, and manipulated by would-be-tyrants intent to rule their own little sector of the world. But that is all known; especially to the crowd who turned out to listen to KrisAnne speak about the NDAA.

The NDAA is the most obvious power grab I have seen the Federal government attempt in my lifetime, and its implications are very far-reaching. To review, the NDAA gives the President of the United States complete power of interpretation over what constitutes a terrorist or a terrorist facilitator and allows for suspects to be detained indefinitely. And the most troubling aspect of the NDAA as if that weren’t bad enough is that the President can transfer a U.S. citizen outside of the United States to a foreign country, or military base where American courts have no jurisdiction. What this means is that if the President wants to, he or she could arrest any citizen in the United States under the NDAA Act and ship them to a Siberian prison, or even trade to North Korea to disappear forever from the face of the earth based exclusively on Presidential suspicions.

The intentions of course are short-sighted and focus on the current known terrorist network in the world. But like all laws, twenty years from now, some unknown president will use the NDAA Act to take complete control of the United States as a dictatorship, eliminating their political enemies at will without any checks and balance system of power. We’ve seen Presidential administrations do these kinds of things in the past even though it’s illegal and subversive to indulge in such activity. In fact, during the Clinton years many people associated with that administration that were known political enemies, or had become that way found themselves dead. There are many deaths of politicians that I can think of right off the top of my head, Sonny Bono is one of them, the Vince Foster “suicide” is another, that were deeply suspicious, and were in fact most likely political assassinations. It happens every day.

With the NDAA someone like President Obama now thinks he has the right to arrest his political enemies and get rid of them, which of course violates the entire concept of “checks and balances” we have in the United States, and it’s not at all paranoid to believe that such things are possible.

The trouble with the NDAA is that it’s just plain un-American. It is the kind of law we’d expect from a socialist country, or a heavy communist country, such as China, or Russia, but not in the United States. If there was any doubt that politicians in The United States are in bed with members of the United Nations to execute the implementation of Agenda 21 that doubt is gone, otherwise there would be no law in the United States that would allow the export of American citizens to a foreign country by the whim of a future President.

As predicated, only a handful of the American people are concerned about the NDAA Act, and those were the people showing up to hear KrisAnne Hall speak. The domestic enemies who wrote the NDAA Act could care less about this comparatively small group of people who are openly questioning what’s happening. They calculate that they should be easily be able to suppress such a small voice, as the rest of society has long forgotten about the law signed on New Years Eve just prior to 2012. Most of society is happy to take the word of the majority of politicians who voted in the tyrannical law completely trampling the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, because the aim of many globalists are to eliminate The United States Constitution completely anyway.

But much to the dismay of those politicians who voted for the NDAA Act, and their deals they’ve made with global politics, there will not be a “consensus” on suppression. I know many people who will not go quietly into the night to be shipped off to Siberia, or a dirty Mexican prison south of the border just because a President doesn’t like us. So the NDAA Act and those who voted for it will be accountable when all hell breaks loose, because it will. Because they broke the law of The Constitution and they did it with malicious intent. They are wrong, and someone must pay for their insolence. And it won’t be targets of the NDAA Act. It will be those who authored the law in the first place, they are domestic enemies in the United States and must be treated as such.

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The ACLU: Black Knights disguised as galliant freedom fighters

The ACLU advertises itself as being an organization that fights for the rights of the people and protects free speech. But the true nature of the ACLU agenda has roots that run deep into the gardens of society. And those gardens as they exist now are full of weeds pushed up by the ACLU.

A representative of the ACLU, an earnest man from the Ohio chapter, not too long ago spoke at a Tea Party event in southern Ohio, for the Liberty Township group, a satellite of the Cincinnati Tea Party. In his talk he was questioned about why the ACLU was suing Arizona for its new immigration law. The man then danced vigorously on the stage, even though there wasn’t any music.

He was of course not literally dancing, but was dancing with words which infuriated the Tea Party group, because it had become obvious he couldn’t give a straight answer. The audience wondered why a group named, the American Civil Liberties Union, didn’t represent the Americans terrorized by illegal immigrants and border violence, but chose to take a position in favor of people who weren’t even American citizens.

The credibility of the ACLU will always be in question. This is a group that gives legitimacy to groups like NAMBLA, the North American Man/Boy Love Association, but is shy to take up positions which favor the Second Amendment, hiding behind the Supreme Court case of United States v. Miller in 1939. In that case, the right to own a gun transported across state lines was attacked because it wasn’t a gun that could be used in a militia and the gun fell under commerce because it was transported from Oklahoma to Arkansas. Such legal dancing is routine, and is the embodiment of how our current case-law has drifted far from the original constitutional intentions. If the ACLU put the same energy into defending Second Amendment rights, or 10th Amendment rights instead of groups like NAMBLA, we might have a much different country that more accurately represents what the founders envisioned.

But the ACLU has chosen to walk down the road that has had more influence on our constitution than most any organization, and they’ve done it by forming case-law around issues like homosexual rights in the military, or the right of a man to lust after a young boy. As a group of only 500,000 members it generates over $85 million in revenue. This makes it a cleverly disguised lobby group for some of the more radical members of our society that have indirectly attacked the principles of our constitution. And this lobby group is attacking elements of our country like cancer cells do to the human body.

The ACLU has been routinely affiliated with communists. In 1940, they formally banned communists from the organization, even though the founder, Roger Baldwin was a former supporter of communism, in order to give an appearance of neutrality in legal cases. Bernadine Dohrn, leader of the Weather Underground and wife of Bill Ayers was a legal researcher in 1990 and 1991. She is one that took a stand of support for the violence of Charlie Manson during the Helter Skelter issue. With such people in the ACLU, is it any surprise that the ACLU opposes capital punishment because of its ultimate denial of civil liberties? Charles Manson’s trial expenditure came to over $770,000 and his cost of imprisonment has cost tax payers more than $644,000. In such a clear-cut case, such as the Manson issue, why has he been allowed to burden our tax system, along with thousands like him? The ACLU is proud that it takes on any client without judgment. But what the ACLU leaves in its wake is a path of destructive case law that cripples our legal system.

Was it such a great victory for free speech to have the Ten Commandments removed from the courthouses of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky, when so much of our country was founded on principles of divine trust and guidance? The ACLU successfully attacked The Ten Commandments, but is silent on the violation of the 10th Amendment over the Health Care Bill. Our Constitution is a uniquely profound document. It has produced the greatest country on the face of the earth in known history. However, it allows groups like the ACLU to exist because of the Constitution, even if the intent of the ACLU is to subtly attack the founding document and reshape it into something more akin to The Communist Manifesto.

Beware of those white knights that proclaim to help, such as how the ACLU portrays itself. They may actually use the guise of goodness as a way to get behind our defenses and destroy everything from within. And the well-intentioned speaker from the Ohio Chapter, bright-eyed and believing that he is the champion for the weak, and defender of the Constitution…..that is why we have the Second Amendment. We don’t need the ACLU. It’s time to tend to our garden and start pulling the weeds, so the flowers can bloom. And it’s time to spread some mulch so the weeds can be choked off from the sunlight, and stop growing. Once all the weeds are gone, and we can see our garden again, we’ll be surprised at how robust that garden flourishes.

In the garden of America it is groups like the ACLU, NAMBLA, Teacher’s unions, lawyers in general, multi-term politicians and presidents who want to be remembered as kings who are our weeds, and it’s time now to remove them from our landscape.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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