Trump took out the Queen: Understanding the politics of Iran

For those not familiar with the liberal playbook they can clearly see it now. For all the things many of us said was wrong with Benghazi, where the liberals in control at the time completely handled the situation wrong and emboldened terrorist to attack the embassy, President Trump wasn’t about to allow the same to happen in Bagdad. So, he made the order when hostilities were escalating and the big general from Iran himself Maj. Gen Qassim Suleimani was in a car headed for trouble, Trump made the order to blow the guy to pieces, which is what happened. Immediately, those same people who want our society disarmed, who support the killing of millions of babies with abortion, and have been involved in attempting to use American intelligence agencies to overthrow the 2016 election, and ironically were involved in appeasing Iran, and had their fingers in the Benghazi mistake in Libya many years ago were stating that Trump just invited World War III and that we must all brace for impact.

For those who think there isn’t a plan in this attack by the United States against a very hostile foreign agent, there is, and it’s really quite brilliant. We have yet to hear much about that brilliance because apparently most people just don’t understand the situation well enough. The losers late to the party, the liberals as usual are blaming the attack on the impeachment timing saying that its purely political, which if you think about it, when are they not attacking or blaming Trump for something? When would be a good time? The accusation is laughable. Accusers are also calling it reckless, as if the liberal approach of appeasement has worked for all the past presidents involved in emboldening Iran over the years. Ali Khamenei the supposed “supreme leader” of Iran just a few days ago taunted Trump that he “can’t do anything” in the region letting it be believed that violence and mayhem would continue in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and many other places no matter what. Trump’s response was to target the leader of many of the problems that have been occurring and to stop him from doing it again at the U.S. Embassy in Bagdad.

It was liberal policies all along that have destroyed the Middle East just as they have in American cities. Ali Khamenei is just another gang leader no different than some drug dealing thug in Baltimore or Los Angeles. When the communists took over Iran back in the 70s many in our own government attempted to prop up their government just as they had been doing in Cuba and in China even up to the days before Trump’s trade war has chilled the ambitions of the largest country with the most people on earth by far, yet with very little resources to work with. Even Russia with its multi decade rule by Vladimir Putin was propped up by weak liberal policies over a large span of time. And when we say weak, we are talking about even the Bush presidents. They didn’t understand the game so they have been getting played.

This is yet another reason why we elected Trump in 2016 and will do it again in 2020. Previous presidents embarrassed us when dealing with these big regional gang leaders like Ali Khamenei. The issue really isn’t much different from the Second Amendment issue in the United States, we don’t want to be afraid of our own shadows, as the political left wants us to be. We want to carry weapons so that we don’t have to fear some regional thug that wants to break into our homes. And on the international stage, we don’t want regional thugs like those in Iran to start little fires everywhere that we have to put out. The person most responsible for that activity was Qassim Suleimani. Why not blow him up and make him no longer a threat?

The brilliance of the timing is that Kim Jong-un from North Korea has been beating on the war drums looking for attention, and this action in Iraq should give him an answer that he has been looking for. It’s not Trump’s fault that Qassium Suleimani gave him an easy target heading from the airport in Bagdad to the U.S. Embassy. When the shot comes open, take it. But Trump has needed to send a message to all those lunatics around the world who are looking to make noise as Trump goes into an election year with their allies in our own government trying to impeach him.

If they were going to make a move to get him out of office and embarrass him in front of the American people, this would be the year. So Trump took decisive action the way we hired him to. Its not that anybody is sad that Suleimani was killed and is no longer a threat in the Middle East as he has been for many years, its that now Trump will get the credit for it, which will make him more popular in the upcoming election. Not the reason that Trump did it for sure, but he will benefit from the timing. Again, it’s a liberal problem on both sides of the Atlantic. Iran’s regime are communist crusaders left over from that original revolution and that is why our American left supports them with money and regulatory policy and the only reason they have a leg to stand on.

So lets talk about retaliation, the truth of the matter is that Iran doesn’t have anything to work with. This is not a “war” that will involve troops on the ground as Nancy Pelosi has stated. It is amazing how many people are just stupid about war and strategy in general. Once you take out the king or queen in chess, the game is over. Trump took out Iran’s queen and now only pawns protect the king with no resources to speak of. The United States is now an exporter of oil leaving the Middle East to be a secondary market, taking massive amounts of power away from Iran. And the Iranian people are tired of the socialist and communist rule of their nation and have been revolting. Iran’s biggest threat is to protect itself from its own people, just as there are protestors in China’s Hong Kong wearing Trump masks and clamoring for freedom. Trump is a symbol of freedom throughout the world and he just gave all of them hope by taking out one of their greatest menaces. Even in China the rebels there have hope that if the tyrants crack down too hard to destroy them, that Trump will come to their rescue. So there is a lot more going on than just blowing up one car with one killer in it to stop an attack on the U.S. Embassy. Trump has been playing the chess game well, and after killing Soleimani the game is pretty much over.

Iran doesn’t have the resources to fight a war. Liberals want us to always fear that they must be appeased to keep nuclear weapons out of their hands which is the same strategy they want us to utilize with domestic gang leaders. Just make them happy and tip toe around their anger. Let the government protect you, don’t try to do it yourself. Trump’s message to the world is to allow people to protect themselves. He’ll use the American military to take away the threat to their lives, but its up to them to take back their government. He’s not going to do it for them. And that is the difference between Trump who has been successful in business and all the other political losers who came before him who didn’t have a clue. Changing a culture requires the people of the culture to do the work. You can’t come in and strong-arm people to get them to abide. Iran is poised for a revolution back to the kind of freedom it had before the communists took over. And that is what the political left is worried about with the killing of this Iranian terrorist. Its not cyber warfare or attacks on anything American that we should worry about. But now with their “queen” taken out, the game board is much better for the Iranians wanting change to advance and now its only a matter of time before they overthrow Ali Khamenei. And he and the political left know it.

Rich Hoffman

The Muslim Brotherhood Goes to Washington: Speaker Boehner needs to stop sleeping

I found it surprising that my congressman Speaker Boehner is not up to speed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government. He along with others appear to be in denial that Muslim extremists are tied very close to progressive politics and are determined to destroy America from within. So to bring Speaker Boehner and many others up to speed on information they may not have had time, or the political stomach to comprehend I am offering a series of radio interviews to watch below. The first is from my personal friend Matt Clark in Ann Arbor, Michigan on WAAM radio where he begins to peel back the layers of just how serious the situation really is.

Speaker Boehner and Senator John McCain has threatened Representative Michelle Bachman that they will remover he seat on the Intelligence Committee if she does not apologize to Anthony Wiener’s wife for a letter Bachman wrote questioning Huma Abedin’s parents ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Anthony Wiener was the former combative progressive congressman who had to leave his seat because he got caught tweeting pictures of his actual wiener to women on the internet. His wife is a Muslim who is a direct aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Below, Glenn Beck sets the stage on how much of a storm was created by Michelle Bachman’s simple letter.

Where there is much anger over seemingly trivial issues, there is fire that nobody knew was burning. Whatever deals have been made between network heads and politics are not deals that are conducive to the American population if radicals wish to sing our nation to sleep with siren songs of peace while sharpening their swords on our chins. I would find it hard to believe that Speaker Boehner is on the direct call list of the Muslim Brotherhood. Rather, I would think that he believes he’s playing by the rules of politics. Unfortunately, those rules have been quietly established by those same Muslim infiltrators.

Playing nice politics will not lead America to victory which is what I think politicians like Boehner and McCain believe they are doing. They believe they should take the high road and not subscribe to wild theories. I believe they are simply naïve. But Michelle Bachman as a member of the Intelligence Committee has an obligation to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, and she is up in arms that known terrorists have been flown to The White House on the tax payer dime to meet directly with the President while she is being attacked from members of her own party for calling attention to the issue.

It is difficult to look at aspects of our friendships and political connections and assess the true value. Not the value we wish it to be, but the actual value. When a man wishes to sleep with a woman just for the sex of it, he might tell her he loves her, he might wine and dine her, he might buy her nice jewelry, but once the man has obtained his sex, the true nature of the relationship will be revealed. The woman may wish to believe the man loved her, but the reality is all he wanted was sex. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are very pleasant and say all the right things to the people they come into contact with. Members of the American government have been seduced by the charming Muslim Brotherhood radicals.

To people on the outside we can see clearly what’s happening. We don’t care if Weiner’s wife is the friend of John McCain. John may be letting his desire to believe his dear friend is completely clean and wants to be his friend because she genuinely likes him, taint his judgment. Other politicians who have similar friendships with Muslim Brotherhood members no doubt believe they are dealing with friends. But remember the story about the man who only wants to get a woman in bed, and once he does, the relationship goes downhill, and the woman will often find herself on the outside looking in used and abused. The Muslim Brotherhood wants an end to the American way of life and they don’t care how they bring it about. Like the man who simply wants sex, the Muslim Brotherhood will say and do anything to achieve their objective. It is the politicians who find themselves the targets of affection as their social simplicity leaves them defenseless against such charms.

I would suggest that Speaker Boehner not take for granted the evidence that is all around him. And he should not side himself against Bachman who is simply trying to do the right thing which her seat mandates. Playing politics plays into the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood. They count on such predictable behavior to launch their agenda against a sleepy society. But not everyone is asleep. And Speaker Boehner, it’s time to wake up and see things for what they are. These are not peaceful times conducted by peaceful people. And the Muslim Brotherhood is not your friend. All they want from you is your head on a pike, and they will do it the moment they get a turned back, and an open moment.


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“The Blaze” Exposes Brett Kimberlin: Domestic terrorism paid for by the political left

The Blaze recently did a wonderful job of covering the story of Brett Kimberlin. When I read the very detailed history of this apparent domestic terrorist I will have to admit it got my dander up excessively. Check the story out for yourself below.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a bully. I really don’t like people who attempt to control others with fear, and when that doesn’t work, they resort to the courts using the bureaucracy to gain leverage to silence dissidents who have the superior argument, but wish to avoid conflict so yield to thugs. Fear works both ways and people who use it deserve to feel it in return.

I suspect as the truth continues to be revealed over these types of cases that there are armies of bullies who have been suppressing voices for years, and are directly responsible for helping the very corrupt take control of our society with sheer force. This is how the labor unions have done it, this is how Larry Flynt has done it, and this is how the mob does it. So it does not come as a surprise that there would be hired mercenaries like Kimberlin who would be commissioned to go after conservative bloggers in an attempt to shut down the truth.

The mistake that many have made is that they trust the legal system to be honorable and that the truth will always pave the way to justice, which leaves them vulnerable to domestic terrorists who hide their maliciousness behind the rules of society. Honest—good people do not think of attempting to send the SWAT team to their political enemies to create embarrassing arrests, or tell another man’s wife they want to take a “crap” on them because they wish to scare the man away from covering the truth.

Kimberlin’s bully behavior needs to be eliminated from the debates of freedom that are transpiring in a republic struggling to sustain itself by the forces which seek to destroy it–forces that hire out their intimidation for profit to political reformers intent to end America. Allowing the thugs to silence the truth is the same as participating in evil, since it empowers the bully to thrive, and to profit at the expense of others.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Coffins in Atlanta: Alex Jones discovers the end game of a massive government extermination plan

Many people these days will say that Alex Jones is out of his mind and is a radical conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately, many of the people who say those things have decided in their own lives to choose the lethargic path of complacency and blind trust in what government tells them. They find it inconvenient to believe that politicians like John Edwards was openly lying to many around him for many years over his mistress, and Obama is currently lying about his birth certificate. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW.

It’s not to say that Obama wasn’t born in the United States, but he’s hiding something, because his birth certificate that he offered the public is a fake—without question. So we know that politicians will lie and mislead even those closest to them, so why do the masses of society chose to believe that such personalities would be truthful, even when you stare into their eyes. Bill Clinton lied to the entire nation on every single network on prime time television, he lied to a federal prosecutor, and then he twisted the truth every which way but loose once he got caught in the mountain of lies that were stacking up in the 90’s. CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW.

Politicians will tell the American public to their faces that the NDAA Act was done for their safety, yet there is evidence that some factions of our own government are preparing for a mass extermination of American citizens right now. Below Alex Jones has visited the site where massive amounts of generic coffins have been placed in a field near the Atlanta airport. Listen to Alex’s report carefully, because he addresses many of the questions you might have as a natural skeptic.

A logical person upon hearing this will ask, “but why would our government want to kill it’s citizens? And why would they be preparing for thousands upon thousands of deaths by stock piling these coffins all over the United States?” Well, that would be a good question. But like most people reading this we were taught in public school to follow our assignments and not to question things too much. We were taught to stand quietly in line and do what we’re told, so it should come as little surprise that millions upon millions of Americans chose not to see coffins being stationed for some future catastrophe near a major metropolitan area.

The question everyone should ask is that “what proof is there that we SHOULD trust what government officials tell us about NDAA and the FEMA coffins shown in Alex’s investigation.”  The track record of honesty is not good between government and the people they serve, so by nature of logic, there is very little we should trust—and we should demand to know why our tax money is spent on such things, instead of just looking the other way because the reality of such a sight is unbearably grotesque. I personally do not find it hard to believe that members of our government would use FEMA to exterminate massive amounts of Americans with a deadly virus, or even under martial law using the NDAA to justify the violence. I say this because I also know that there are many well-known philanthropists who have their fingers in politics and believe that the world is over populated and needs to be reduced to protect the planet from evil human beings.

To me, those types of comments are far more extreme than Alex Jones walking around a field in Georgia wondering why there are so many containers made by a coffin company sitting around with no place to go. The evidence adds up to something sinister that can only be indulged in by speculation.

That brings us back to our original question, why would politicians in government be willing to kill Americans? Corrupt politics are one thing, but to commit mass murder is another? If history is known, as I know it, mass murder of political dissidents by tyrannical government is not new. You can see how many countries and how many deaths have occurred in just the 20th century that are documented at the Wikipedia link below. God only knows how many there have been under governments that hid a majority of the deaths from official counts.  Members of the Obama administration have shown that they openly endorse the governments of Stalin and of Mao Zedong which is extremely alarming considering it was Mao who during the land reform and counterrevolutionary campaign in communist China envisaged that one tenth of the peasants would have to be destroyed to facilitate agrarian reform.  That meant the death of 50 million people.  In the Soviet Union under Stalin that number was 20 million.  Those are the results of communism which many thousands of current college students, labor leaders, and university professors are begging for now.  And to put those numbers in perspective, consider that there are just over 11 million people in the entire state of Ohio.  There are members of the intellectual elite in America right now, within the circle of associates that surround the President willingly who also believe as Stalin and Mao have, and are willing to destroy American lives to facilitate their version of social reform, because their focus is not on the individual lives of American citizens, but on the “collective body” of America as a whole, where sacrifice is acceptable as “collateral damage.”

What all the mass deaths have in common in the world is communism as the fundamental political intention. While American citizens will laugh at the idea that their lives could ever be infected with such concerns they do not see the phantom threat that is right in front of their faces—communism is alive and well in the United States and it is thriving in our public schools and our government, and it is a significant threat to the capitalism that built the America we all consider to be unsinkable.

At this site I have covered many statistics which indicate that the United States economy has been deliberately sabotaged by communist sympathizers working in our government. This is not a far-fetched notion, as President Obama is in love with communism. His policies are publicly sold as socialism disguised under the term “progressive” but he governs like a communist reminiscent of Lenin paving the way for a future Stalin. Knowing how these extreme progressives think, I do not find it far-fetched to believe they wish to repeat history in America by subterfuging capitalism with communism. Such insurrections always mean death to those who don’t accept communism so by looking at history and studying the policies of our current government, it is not at all a reach to understand what Alex Jones is trying to bring to public awareness. Such thoughts are not convenient, but they are a reality.

Still, many Americas will still refuse the evidence. They will still want to trust that such a massive insurrection will be stopped by the checks and balances system in our government. But that would be a serious folly. Many of our politicians have committed so many crimes that they lack any moral will to do anything about this communist build-up. The most trustworthy politician I have ever met in my life is Rob Portman, the current leading man for the vice presidency, and the eyes of the man I sat with in a WLW studio debate 20 years ago bright-eyed and forward-looking are not the same eyes I see today, beaten down and withered by machine politics. So many of these good men become lost in the maze of chaos that is Washington politics designed exclusively to enrich the politicians who have designed it, that those wealthy looters are prepared to abandon America in a whim and flee to a Switzerland and plead their allegiance to the United Nations to escape the wrath of the American people once it’s realized that the game is over. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

The protection is gone America. You have communists who are ready to wipe capitalism off the face of the earth functioning in our highest offices. You have politicians who have stolen so much money from the public treasury that they will abandon their American loyalty to avoid prison sentences in a moment. And we have highly motivated enemies all over the world licking their chops to see America fall from grace so they can rise to power in the void left behind. Make no mistake about it dear reader. There are sinister people right now planning your death. They have the ability to lie to your face because they do not believe in your God, so they can look into the camera and lie. Placing their hands on a Bible means nothing when the content of the symbol lacks meaning to them so sincerity even under such oath is negligible. And these people do hate Americans. In their minds, destroying capitalism is the same as eradicating a devil in the eyes of a devil. The battle ground is truly formed along a line of ideology, and adopting their way will not save your life. They will still try to kill you even if you decide to play nicely. The “they” in this case are all the radicals of the world who wish to see capitalism wiped from the earth. They hate capitalism to such an extent that they will do anything to remove it from their eyes, so the guilt of their own ineptitude doesn’t drown them in sorrow.

There will come a day when the meaning of those coffins will become known, and on that day, you better know what you’re willing to do to preserve your life. If you choose today to eradicate socialism and its roots of communism from your life, you stand a chance of not having to deal with those coffins. But if you let the enemy any closer, there will come a day when every one of those coffins and more are filled with the bodies of your friends and neighbors, and you will wish you had more courage when it really counted and cared less about what Kobe Bryant did in last nights basketball game.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Emperor Obama Mason Office Opens: Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom COVERS THE TERROR!

Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom had a reporter on hand at the opening of the Obama headquarters in Mason, Ohio. The patrons to this event can be seen in the pictures below. As expected, the bleeding heart former hippies, the welfare recipients, the progressive socialists, the meek, the socially awkward, the school teachers, and the union types showed up to pledge their allegiance to Emperor Obama as his most recent artistic portrait drew a resemblance to Chairman Mao in Tiananmen Square, only with more primary colors.

The event was intended as a meet and greet, to partake in some casual refreshments as talk of petition drives and giving rise to another term for his majesty permeated the otherwise stuffy room. The great hope of these patrons is that socialism will continue to thrive under four more years of dictatorship, congressional subversion, impeachable offenses, unconstitutional executive orders, Supreme Court arm twisting, more White House orgies with big labor, more wrecked economic conditions, further advances of a mixed economy, more bowing to the leaders of the world, more advocating global riots, more bail outs of companies over committed to employee pensions, more jobs created with government positions, more socialist education in public schools, bail outs of college loans so to continue communist teachings in universities, more commitments to the greenie weenies, the rich globalists, the U.N. dominators, the freedom infringers, the radical domestic terrorists of the Weather Underground, the socialist preachers, the gay advocates, the down-trodden feminists, the sidewalk derelict, the PETA nudist, the KGB spy network, the Kenyan hut dweller, the Muslim Brotherhood and many, many others clamoring together to undo all that is good in this world with a commitment to destroy capitalism with the tyranny of socialism.

Behind the pleasant talk of the evening were the sinister plans of the modern progressive. “Yes, we’ll make the suburbanites of West Chester and Mason, Ohio look the supporters of Obama in the face. They moved out of the inner cities into the suburbs to flee from the social reforms of government and the high taxes that come with them, but we’ll send Obama supporters door to door in the world of suburbia and make them lock up their doors and hide—and on election day they’ll stay home, because they’ll know we know who they are.” This is the intention of those who opened this office in Mason; this is the strategy, just a few miles down the road from Speaker Boehner’s office. The move is literal, purposeful; its Chicago style mob politics. The Obama administration knows he doesn’t have the votes in Southern Ohio, particularly Butler and Warren County, so the next step is to weaken the will of those voters to stay home with a demoralizing presence, and an audacious move to bring communism to the streets of Mason by another method besides the public school system.

It is disheartening to see a handful of people seduced by Emperor Obama and his legions of minions preaching doom for those who loved capitalism. To have only two would be a catastrophe for America, but as can be seen in these pictures, there was a roomful willing to walk door to door in favor of Emperor Obama.

The evening wrapped with promises of commitment over the summer into the fall to help their socialist leader regain four more years of office. Their reasons for supporting Obama mirror those of a recent interview given on the streets of New York. Watch this video to listen to the typical Obama voter and why they wish to see the dictator remain in The White House.

It is that world these Obama office party goers wish to strengthen, not weaken, and the fight in this election is truly a fight for the soul of America. The threats to American existence are not coming however from those New York bums, but from the men and women snacking in Obama’s new office in Mason, Ohio. Those are the Benedict Arnolds of our day, and the quiet advocates of social tyranny attempting to squash forever the message of freedom that built our nation. It is in those eyes, of those people that the threats to America come from most, because it is the naive socialist, who doesn’t even know what or why they do things that is not only a danger to themselves, but to all around them.

The battle lines are drawn, and complacency will not be acceptable this time. Sorry progressives if this vitriolic rhetoric is too much for you, if the implication of consequences are terrifying. We relied on the law to protect us from tyranny, and we’ve watched for four years now that mob violence, intimidation, and constitutional manipulation is the strategy of these power-hungry government expanders. The thuggish behavior has been done with smiles on their faces masking their sinister intentions. But it’s not going over well, and the victims of this tyranny have an obligation to strike back once struck, pleading for peace while intending to stick a knife in our backs is not an acceptable policy of politicking.

What happens next will define our country and all our lives for the next century. And with those stakes tension is inevitable. I certainly hope the snacks were tasty. Our Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom reporter thought so. Enjoy it while it lasts, and you’re not the only ones who have infiltrators on the opposite side. Watch out who’s next to you in your union, school board, and Obama’s progressive meetings. They may very well be there on behalf of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom feeding me all the dirty tricks you wish to sweep under the carpet.

It works both ways, and I learned it by watching the other side for many years.

To see just how much of a joke Emperor Obama is check out this fine little gem of his long list of manipulative endeavors shown at the link below.  Every President and their list of accomplishments listed are essentially wrong, and Obama is comparing himself to each one.  It’s really a hoot and worth the laugh.  Check it out!  A pathetic attempt to justify himself that is a typical looter strategy that only fools believe.  And in Obama’s case 50% of the nation are fools or radical parasites listed and shown above.

 And now, here is the official notice of these activities as sent to me from the Obama camp:

Friend —

Mitt Romney has all but locked up the Republican nomination, and he’s already campaigning hard. So it’s time to gear up.

Together, we’ve been building a strong grassroots organization, but this is the moment to take the next step — especially here in Ohio, where the outcome could decide the election — starting with a canvass in West Chester this weekend. We’ll be knocking on doors, talking with folks about what’s at stake in this election, and building the support it’s going to take to win in November.

November 6th will be here before we know it — so I hope you’ll step up now.

Can you make it? Here are the details:
What: Go door to door in West Chester

Where: 9363 Centre Pointe Dr
West Chester, OH 45069

When: Saturday, May 19th
Shifts start at 11:00 am


Folks like you have done amazing work here in West Chester and across the country. Volunteers have had more than 1 million conversations with voters — on the phone and face-to-face — about protecting the progress we’ve made together.

We’ve spent more than a year building the largest grassroots organization in history. And we’ve done it from east to west, neighborhood by neighborhood, person by person. We’ve got field offices all across Ohio and a presence on the ground in all 50 states.

Mitt Romney runs a different kind of campaign. While we’ve been steadily growing at the grassroots level, he’s been pouring money into negative ads. As Romney turns his attention to the general election, he and his allies are going to take over the airwaves in key states like ours to try to tear down the President and his record.

We have the edge in the ground game. That’s why it’s so important we build our grassroots strength here in Ohio right now.

So if you’ve been waiting to get involved, this is the perfect time to join fellow supporters in West Chester — and if you’re an old hand, you already know why it’s important to pitch in now.

Come join the canvassing event in West Chester on Saturday:

See you out there,


Jenn Brown
Ohio Field Director
Organizing for America


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Hiding the Crimes of the Obama Administration: D.O.J. sues Sheriff Joe with machine politics

The young people in the video below who think that they are worldly women of eternal knowledge speak through the piercings on their lips and tattoos on their arms as the authority of progressive youth, bred in the age of public education socialism. They see absolutely nothing wrong with the William Holder’s Justice Department as it converges down hard against Sheriff Joe Arpaio with a law suit because the popular Arizona Sheriff refused to be monitored like a child for the accusations of racial profiling involving illegal immigration. Without question in bars and nightclubs all across the nation youth from 20 to 30 are speaking just like these too unfortunate girls who have no idea that they are cheerleaders for socialism and striking out against a bastion of wisdom, and freedom in the gallant Sheriff Joe.

I would wager vast sums of money that in any jail, or police department all across this country, there are abuses similar to what the Justice Department is calling out against Sheriff Arpaio. I am not a fan of excessive police powers; in fact, I am very much against it. But this law suit is not about justice for the victims in the jails, the women who requested clean sheets, the derogatory names called to the illegal immigrants who are flooding Arizona with impossible waves of crime and violence associated with immigration and the drug trade. No the Justice Department is filing suit against Joe Arpaio for one simple—unequivocal reason—revenge, and sustaining cover-ups.

The Justice Department and its illegal methods of obtaining justice are very well-known by those mature enough to see it, which the progressive youth of today have been robed of in their public educations. In fact as this law suit by the DOJ is aimed at Arpaio, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa is renewing his effort to drum up bipartisan support for a contempt of Congress resolution against Attorney General Eric Holder, despite little enthusiasm from GOP leaders who’d rather wallow like pigs in the mud of their illustrious, uncourageous design.

According to Roll Call, the California Republican is still angry over Holder’s failure to turn over documents related to the committee’s investigation of the federal “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program. Obviously, Holder is dragging his feet to avoid the legal trouble that will happen when the documents for Fast and Furious are known to the public. For review, Fast and Furious is not the popular movie, but in the Fast and Furious Federal case in front of congress, ATF agents secretly encouraged gun dealers to sell to suspected traffickers for Mexican drug cartels to go after a so-called “big fish.” But ATF whistleblowers told CBS News and Congress it was a dangerous practice called “gunwalking,” and it put thousands of weapons on the street. Many were used in violent crimes in Mexico. Two were found at the murder scene of a U.S. Border Patrol agent which caused the death. The tampering of the DOJ in the criminal workings of Mexican drug cartels had backfired, and somebody must be held accountable.

Read more on Issa Still Wants Contempt Citation for Holder



The DOJ has shown clearly what they were after in that case, which was to create border violence so the Obama Administration would gain the ability to push for more restrictions on The Second Amendment. They did this knowing the risk of causing harm against Americans, yet they did it anyway in order to achieve tougher gun laws—one of the progressive party’s most cherished social aims–the disarmament of America. CLICK HERE TO REVIEW WHY GUNS ARE NEEDED TO PRESERVE FREEDOM.

The DOJ is so involved in using illegal immigration on the border to push for more progressive policies eroding the US Constitution desired by the Obama Administration that they go after any organization that opposes them. They are so aggressive to this aim that they actually sued the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer for attempting to crack down on illegal immigration back in 2010, back when the girls in that video were probably looking for a prom date in high school—a whole two years ago, which everyone in the media has already forgotten—because the have the intellectual capacity of a nat. In that case the Justice Department accused Arizona of trying to “second guess” the federal government. Ironically it is Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is carrying out the desires of Governor Brewer who are both public officials elected by the people of Arizona to protect the state, and they are using the 10th Amendment to exercise their Constitutional Rights. But the Obama Administration does not respect Constitutional Rights, and is openly looking to rewrite them as a “living” document determined by their globalist wisdom, which people like me, and Sheriff Arpaio view as domestic terrorism.

But the worst of it all is that none of the new age youth with their body piercings, broken families, and wisdom as deep as a bowl of water understand that it was Sheriff Joe Arpaio who just a few months ago proved that Barack Hussain Obama presented a forged birth certificate as proof of his American citizenship. You see dear reader; this situation with the DOJ is not just a case of investigating racism, or prejudice charges against a hard-line Sheriff in Arizona. If one wished, the same charges could be made against Eric Holder himself who is currently in contempt of Congress for crimes of his own. It’s only been two weeks removed that the President’s own Secrete Service agents fought with a prostitute in Columbia for refusing to pay for services rendered, so there is plenty of bad behavior on all sides of the government payroll, so the discrimination in Arizona is not about rights for Latinos, it’s about mob rule, it’s about intimidation—it’s a war between the federal government and the state government of Arizona, and Sheriff Arpaio is the targeted general of the Obama Administration.

Young people like the girls in the first video do not know that they are being used as instruments of war as they casually intoxicate themselves on the weekends and pierce their bodies with signs of “independence” while their political philosophies have been shaped by big government types like President Obama in public education to advance a complicated socialist agenda. The young people without thought or sense, but armed with the right to vote, are used by the enemies of America to protest against those who are truly right, and are defending the last remnants of the American Constitution like Sheriff Arpaio.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, all these strategies by the enemies of America such as Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the sad little progressive youth like the girls just a few years out of high school who are so highly regarded in progressive politics because of their sheer naïveté–these enemies cannot rely on facts to advance their cause. They cannot rely on the rule of law, because the law is against them. All they have are name calling and law suits, which they use like the mob in twisting the arm of the good of this country to yield to the evil of progressivism. Holder and his boss Obama know they are law breakers themselves, but they control the law from the top office, and they need to keep the good work of Sheriff Arpaio out of their affairs, so they can continue to commit sheer evil upon the American people.

I have been called every name one can imagine by progressive advocates and have seen every tactic being played against Sheriff Arpaio time and time again. The evidence that Arpaio is on the correct path in his quest for justice can be seen by just how angry the DOJ and Obama Administration are toward him. Cockroaches like all parasitic creatures desire to be kept in the dark so they can commit their crimes. This is what Obama and his minions wish to do, is to squash Americans like Sheriff Arpaio who are shining the light of justice in their direction. And it is the youth and progressive politicians that are used to apply emotional arguments declaring fairness for the oppressed, and to bend the rules of The Constitution to get it.

Sheriff Arpaio is being crucified for one reason, to hide the crimes of President Obama and his band of thugs in an election year. Those who cannot see it but still chant for justice against Sheriff Arpaio are simply facilitators of evil, to which such a word is considered radically extreme. Yet the crimes of this administration and the apologists who support it are truly evil and will stoop to no low too great to advocate it, even if their co-conspirators are cockroaches running from the light when a clear conscious of justice shines it upon them.  CLICK HERE FOR PROOF!


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More Evil Coming from the NDAA: The band of thieves known as the Federal Government

I had the opportunity to listen to KrisAnne Hall speak recently about the implications of the recent signing of the NDAA law by President Obama which received bipartisan support—meaning most of the Federal government is guilty of a serious infringement of the U.S. Constitution.

KrisAnne was an attorney who was fired from her job for teaching Tea Party groups about the U.S. Constitution, which is apparently an unacceptable practice these days from the gate keepers of tyranny. The implication of such a firing is that the legal minds of our country are quite well aware of the scam they are perpetrating upon the American landscape, as many of their brethren run for elected office. The system is built by lawyers, exploited by politicians, and manipulated by would-be-tyrants intent to rule their own little sector of the world. But that is all known; especially to the crowd who turned out to listen to KrisAnne speak about the NDAA.

The NDAA is the most obvious power grab I have seen the Federal government attempt in my lifetime, and its implications are very far-reaching. To review, the NDAA gives the President of the United States complete power of interpretation over what constitutes a terrorist or a terrorist facilitator and allows for suspects to be detained indefinitely. And the most troubling aspect of the NDAA as if that weren’t bad enough is that the President can transfer a U.S. citizen outside of the United States to a foreign country, or military base where American courts have no jurisdiction. What this means is that if the President wants to, he or she could arrest any citizen in the United States under the NDAA Act and ship them to a Siberian prison, or even trade to North Korea to disappear forever from the face of the earth based exclusively on Presidential suspicions.

The intentions of course are short-sighted and focus on the current known terrorist network in the world. But like all laws, twenty years from now, some unknown president will use the NDAA Act to take complete control of the United States as a dictatorship, eliminating their political enemies at will without any checks and balance system of power. We’ve seen Presidential administrations do these kinds of things in the past even though it’s illegal and subversive to indulge in such activity. In fact, during the Clinton years many people associated with that administration that were known political enemies, or had become that way found themselves dead. There are many deaths of politicians that I can think of right off the top of my head, Sonny Bono is one of them, the Vince Foster “suicide” is another, that were deeply suspicious, and were in fact most likely political assassinations. It happens every day.

With the NDAA someone like President Obama now thinks he has the right to arrest his political enemies and get rid of them, which of course violates the entire concept of “checks and balances” we have in the United States, and it’s not at all paranoid to believe that such things are possible.

The trouble with the NDAA is that it’s just plain un-American. It is the kind of law we’d expect from a socialist country, or a heavy communist country, such as China, or Russia, but not in the United States. If there was any doubt that politicians in The United States are in bed with members of the United Nations to execute the implementation of Agenda 21 that doubt is gone, otherwise there would be no law in the United States that would allow the export of American citizens to a foreign country by the whim of a future President.

As predicated, only a handful of the American people are concerned about the NDAA Act, and those were the people showing up to hear KrisAnne Hall speak. The domestic enemies who wrote the NDAA Act could care less about this comparatively small group of people who are openly questioning what’s happening. They calculate that they should be easily be able to suppress such a small voice, as the rest of society has long forgotten about the law signed on New Years Eve just prior to 2012. Most of society is happy to take the word of the majority of politicians who voted in the tyrannical law completely trampling the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, because the aim of many globalists are to eliminate The United States Constitution completely anyway.

But much to the dismay of those politicians who voted for the NDAA Act, and their deals they’ve made with global politics, there will not be a “consensus” on suppression. I know many people who will not go quietly into the night to be shipped off to Siberia, or a dirty Mexican prison south of the border just because a President doesn’t like us. So the NDAA Act and those who voted for it will be accountable when all hell breaks loose, because it will. Because they broke the law of The Constitution and they did it with malicious intent. They are wrong, and someone must pay for their insolence. And it won’t be targets of the NDAA Act. It will be those who authored the law in the first place, they are domestic enemies in the United States and must be treated as such.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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