Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Heroes from Islands of Adventure

The video you have just seen is the most recent trailer for the upcoming film Atlas Shrugged Part II coming this October, about a month after the release of my new novel, Tail of the Dragon. This is delightful, because objectivist leaning stories will fill the fall just ahead of the next presidential election giving the voting public insight into thoughts they may not previously have considered regarding political theater.

I think Atlas Shrugged is one of the most important novels of all time. I would put it up against anything ever written. But specifically, it is the novel of America. It is a result of American culture, and it is the story that defines the success of the American economy. Atlas Shrugged contains within it the skeleton key to solving most of America’s current problems. That is why part two of a three part series is coming out just before the 2012 election.

There is some concern that Part II will not be consistent with Part I which was well received, but blasted by the progressive left for not being motion picture type quality. The first Atlas Shrugged film was true to the novel and came out feeling like a made for television film as opposed to a box office masterpiece, but that was OK, because the story is powerful enough to carry those slight imperfections. But the makers of the Atlas Shrugged series were not happy with that assessment, so they retooled, bringing in new talent both in front of the camera and behind it to make Part II more epic as a motion picture experience. By the look of their marketing campaign it appears that they clearly understand what their objective is.

That very simple preview shown above articulates how I personally feel, and many thousands like me undergo as well. In my life, the world does feel like it is crumbling around me, and I do feel I have a responsibility to hold up everything. I know that if I decided to set the world down thousands of lives that are directly connected to mine will perish. So constantly in my mind is the notion of whether or not to continue holding up the world, or setting it down and saying to hell with it. I fight with that notion every single day.

Progressive minded people hate Atlas Shrugged, and they will say that my feelings about that advertisement are presumptuous, narcissistic, and flat out arrogant. They would say to me as they have all my life, you should share the burdens of living with your wife, you should take assistance from those who offer it, and that holding up the world is a “shared” collective endeavor. Well they’re wrong, it’s not. Every funeral I’ve been too, every furniture move, every game of tug of war, there is always one or two people who do most of the heavy lifting. Other people may grab hold of a corner and pretend they are helping, but most of the time they could be completely removed and the heavy object would still be lifted by the key personnel.

This is how it is in life. In virtually every business, every sports activity, every group activity, only a few people do the heavy lifting of holding everything up. That’s not an attack on all the people who don’t have the fortitude, the intelligence, or the strength to do the heavy lifting it takes to carry society on their shoulders. It’s just human nature. It is in this principle that communism ultimately fails one hundred percent of the time, because it takes away the incentive of someone to do the heavy lifting of making decisions. Without that incentive, nobody picks up anything to carry. That is the disease of our modern society. The strong that do all the lifting are beginning to shrug that tendency because of the parasites who want to take equal credit for all the hard work, when it is the heavy lifter who makes the lifting possible.

Communism, socialism, progressivism and all those weakness centered political philosophies allow the masses to believe they are equally important to the heavy lifters. Obama is the perfect example of a modern political looter, who wishes to maintain the illusion he grew up believing, that he was an important heavy lifter, when in fact he’s simply a leech. He was paid by the political left to spread communism into American culture. They bought his books, and propped him up politically for the purpose of stealing from those who carry the world and allowing those who don’t the belief that they are equally significant in the social tapestry.

On the eve of this posting a dear friend of mine is preparing to take their family to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, which is one of my favorite places on earth. The reason people feel a certain magic upon entering that fantastic amusement park is because it celebrates the superheroes in our modern mythologies who exhibit the tendencies defined in the book Atlas Shrugged. One of the greatest rides in that theme park is the Spiderman 3D Adventure. There is simply nothing like it anywhere. It’s brilliant. But what makes Spiderman great is the character himself. Spiderman in his fights against crime sometimes gets help, but ultimately, it is Spiderman who is required to save the day when the bad guys show up. Even though everyone who rides this ride does not have the abilities of Spiderman, they can appreciate the heroic traits needed to make such a superhero possible. Another great ride that my friend is particularly excited to visit with their children when at Islands of Adventure is the new Harry Potter ride. In the stories of Harry Potter he sometimes relies on his friends to help carry him when he needs it, but at Hogwarts it is Harry Potter that holds everyone up in the entire story. Without Harry Potter, Hogwarts would lose to Lord Voldemort. When visitors ride the new Harry Potter ride, they are celebrating the mythic premise of Harry Potter holding up the world.

As my friend travels to Florida the new Batman film is being released to a hungry crowd. The movie is successful because Batman is needed. In the new film, Bruce Wayne has retired from fighting crime and tries to live a normal life. This is essentially what Atlas Shrugged is all about. The world of Gotham City falls apart because Bruce Wayne is retired from fighting crime as Batman. If communists had things their way, the movie would be called Gotham City fights crime, not Dark Knight Rises. In my new novel it is Rick Stevens who takes on the entire legal system, and in Atlas Shrugged it is John Galt who is holding up the entire world on his back. A collective sum cannot be relied upon to save the day. Collectivism is a fantasy of the human mind created by the sensitive and feeble types. It is not realistic, or natural.

The special feeling visitors get when they enter amusement parks like Islands of Adventure is the celebration of individual heroics. They do not celebrate collectivism in ANY fashion. There is a truth in the affirmation of heroics even if it is presented in a fantasy setting. There is more human truth in Spiderman than the Devil Rays game being played across town at Tropicana Field. Sports are a collective team activity and most adults identify with that form of entertainment over the magic of Spiderman in the outside world. But once inside the amusement park of Islands of Adventure, they are children again, and for a little while, they remember how the world works. This is why Atlas Shrugged is such a successful and important book. It uncovers the understanding and appreciation of those who hold up the world upon their shoulders. Progressives wish to continue believing they are heroes who hold up the world through shared strength. Progressives are terrified of the message behind Atlas Shrugged, because even in stories like Spiderman, Batman, and Harry Potter, the authors made mild concessions toward collectivism to appease the critics who lean toward communism in their political philosophies. In Harry Potter, Harry sacrifices himself to save his friends which is altruism in a mild degree and rallies the efforts of Hogwarts to fight to the death against Lord Voldemort. It is in endings like this that Harry Potter wins critical praise from a progressive media, even if it is not intellectually completely honest. Yet in the end, the Potter series must stick to the rules of nature and human understanding. Harry is the ultimate victor that all of Hogwarts relies upon. That is why Harry Potter is so successful because it follows the basic rules of all human knowledge, that it is the few who hold up the many. This is why superhero movies are dominating the box-office. In the film industry, directors are making frequent concessions to collectivists to appease film critics, even when they shouldn’t. The intellectual honesty is to show the hero for being strong and as flawless as possible, because that is what is expected in a hero. Atlas Shrugged as a book and a film does not make ANY concessions, and that is why it is so trusted, and considered intellectually honest. It is concerned with determining who holds up the world, the economy and entire nations. Deep down inside everyone understands this, but hate the message because they are in denial. They wish to maintain the illusion of their “help” in a social context. In Atlas Shrugged, the answer to “Who is John Galt” are those who pick up the world in either the microcosm or the macrocosm and carry it on their backs without complaint, without praise, and without fear. They do it because it’s in their nature to be the real heroes of existence from which all else flows. And it is in these ideas that American society either thrives or fails.

The kind of America that could be is what is celebrated at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and for my friend, the must see exhibits are The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures of Spiderman, The Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Dragon Challenge, and of course the new Harry Potter ride. As for the shows, The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad is well worth it. It’s a GREAT stunt show! And the best place to eat is—–the Mythos Restaurant. This place is a must, but make sure to eat there in the afternoon between dinner rushes. And the close second, that your kids will love is The Three Broomsticks, which is a Harry Potter themed tavern. What makes all this possible is the ideas of which John Galt represents. Without the John Galt principle nothing at Universal Studios happens as there isn’t enough magic in any Harry Potter spell to turn collectivism into a successful enterprise. The new Atlas Shrugged Part II preview is intellectually honest and hints at a film that will be fantastic, and politically important. Ultimately, John Galt is the most powerful superhero and he doesn’t have to sling from a web or fly from a broomstick. All he has to do is refuse to help those who refuse to help themselves surrendering their pride to legalized theft in the form of excessive taxation. At Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure the symbol is a planet that rotates at the entrance. Deep inside the subconscious of every human being upon seeing that symbol understand what it means. The symbol itself is a bit of a concession, since the only thing missing is a statue of John Galt holding it up.


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Lakota Mismanages Taxpayer Money: The reason behind pay-for-play sports

Listen to this teacher from Wisconsin in the clip below right before the recall election of Governor Scott Walker. It is these kinds of public employees that have driven up the cost of education at every school in the United States and is what they more often than not seek to teach our youth.

It is those kinds of employees who have created a situation in my home school district of Lakota that are devastating for the parents sending their children to the school. At Lakota over $160 million dollars of tax payer money is already allocated toward educating the students of the community, however, according to the teachers union, that’s not enough. The average wage per employee at Lakota is $63K per year and makes up approximately 80% of the total budget. Yet the Lakota School Board along with superintendent Mantia has said that they don’t have enough money, so they seek to twist the arm of the tax payers in a hope to pass a school levy. They do so at Lakota by cutting busing for students, and have been charging to participate in sports programs. This has enraged many in the community who expect participation in sports to be part of the public education experience. The fees at Lakota during the school year of 2012 will be the highest in the State of Ohio at $550 per student per sport with no cap for families. You can read in more detail the article from the Cincinnati Enquirer about this issue in case you missed it.

I have spoke with many parents in Lakota, many of them upset that the cost of passing a school levy for them individually is far less than paying $550 per sport for their child. If the parents have 2 children in school and each of them play two sports, that particular family is out over $2000 a year, so they have said to me that they will vote in favor of a school levy so they can save money, even though they don’t agree with the politics.

I have told these parents that the system is rigged this way by the OSBA to push school boards like the one at Lakota to place the financial pain back on the parents so that union contracts can be satisfied without interruption. I told them that if they allow themselves to vote yes for a school levy because they want to save the $2000 in fees, then they are simply tools of organized labor.

The cause of the school fees is not lack of money; it is mismanagement of the money given to the districts by the tax payers. Cutting sports is proportional to the cuts of busing in that sports costs are somewhere between 1% and 2% of the total budget. When a school board cuts their support of funding sports, they do so in order to cover the expense of heavily padded labor contracts, and they hope the imposition on parents will force tax increases on the community to cover the labor demands.

In Southwest Ohio 82 percent of the 49 school districts are charging pay-to-play fees for high school sports yet just across the river in Kentucky such fees are rare. The strategy is designed by the Ohio School Board Association to extort money through financial hardship to force tax increases. In Kentucky union membership is not required, but in Ohio it is. Public schools in Ohio are a closed shop, and this forces labor costs up through collective bargaining who seeks to gobble up all the tax dollars for their union interests. This leaves no money left for sports, leaving children struggling to pay for their fees. It’s a dirty trick organized by teacher unions to manipulate taxpayers, and it’s rather disgusting.

The public sector unions at their heart are socialist organizations intent on open communism. That is why so many of the radical teachers who advocate leftist policies are drawn to big labor public sector jobs, because it keeps them out of competitive work environments which is the only place that communism works– in theory—in the minds of the extreme liberal, in their utmost fantasies. Communism in real life does not work, and it never works—and that is what the cause of the sports fees are. Parents are forced to accept small bits of communism from radical teachers because they don’t want to pay the extraordinary fees to play sports. The extortion tactic forces upon the family trying to give their children the best of everything, higher taxes that go on forever, so to avoid the school fees they must accept the taxes. It’s a dishonest practice that should be viewed with the same anger that the theft by a common criminal is viewed, because the intentions are the same—theft, extortion, and coercion through financial torture. What else is it?

Personally, I do not want to pay for teachers who think the way that educators shown in the video above think. I would seek to terminate their employment from my district because they are just creating trouble for our nation to solve later with incorrectly educated students. Many political looters speak of the need for education, but they always leave out the most important part of education, and that is getting a “quality” education. A district that does not manage the extraordinary taxes that the Lakota district already pays is yielding to the radicals of the unions at the expense of parents and children. School boards are not in pursuit of quality, but simply a lottery ticket of hope that if the district pays for a teacher that they are going to get the desired results. Most often, they do not. All too often the money buys a left-winged radical intent on bringing communism to the minds of our children and teaching them failed economic policies, and that is not acceptable.

The proper reaction to the extortion measure of school fees is to force the district to pay the money where the district desires it. If the voters wish for their money to be spent on busing, then the school board should do that. If the desire of voters is to have their money spent on sports, then the school board has an obligation to do so. But what has happened at Lakota, and 82% of all schools in Southern Ohio is they take direction from the OSBA to protect the labor contracts of teachers with gold plated benefits that the tax payers do not enjoy themselves, and that is why the children and their families are made to suffer. There is no other reason, and the public reaction to these extortion methods are the task of our day to define for generations to come. Appeasement today only leads to tyranny tomorrow, and for the parents who would rather pay the tax than the fee, that is exactly what they are choosing, which their children are watching—and learning.

The solution is not to yield and allow the mismanagement to occur, because it does not solve the problem. Letting it go, only delays the problem for some future time for a future family, which is how we arrived at this situation in the first place.


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Sycamore Fire Fighters Want Lawsuit Against Tax Payers: The meaning behind the IAFF

The Sycamore Twp Fire Department is threatening to sue the people of Sycamore due to the elimination of 14 full-time firefighter positions and 70 part-time positions. The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3907 threatened suit against the township aimed at the trustees—who in fact are the representatives of the tax payers for violation of the union contract.

This is an old game and these public sector unions were warned that if Issue 2 was repealed in last years election that this would be the result. There were going to be layoffs of public employees, and trustees and school boards needed to have the option to eliminate jobs that allowed them to balance their budget instead of reducing their work force from the bottom up by seniority. This is the exact same problem that we have in our school systems, where employee costs and job security is the primary concern of the unions. In the case of the firefighters of Sycamore, they want to see the trustees go to the public with another tax levy, which is how many of these fire fighting positions have ended up paying over $60K per year exceeding what’s reasonable. The union contracts pushed off on administrations represented by the tax payers do not account for changing economic conditions, and in the case of Sycamore and many other townships, home values have plummeted, incomes have dwindled, and state money has been cut. The looter unions of the public sector expect their contracts to be honored by someone, they don’t care who, so they can continue to breeze through life playing video games between emergencies and having plenty of disposable income to live by. In this case the friendly neighborhood labor unions of IAFF are threatening with coercion action that would force yet another tax increase against the community or they will take the money from the community with a law suit, but they fully intend to get their money one way or the other. This reminds me of a line I read from The Fountainhead recently, where the villain of that fantastic novel stated, “We’ve fixed the coin, heads—collectivism, tails collectivism. Fight the doctrine which slaughters the individual with a doctrine that slaughters the individual.” What that means is that no matter which decision is made, individuals will be crushed by the will of collective salvation. This is the motive behind the labor movement—one which the average worker has no idea they are participating in, yet they are there, part of that double sided coin to invoke pressure against a community for the aims of international communism, and it’s all done with American flags flying from the back of the fire trucks and the illusion of patriotism.

This may come as a shock to many, but the IAFF 3907 has a very recent past. It was founded on January 5th, 1999. Prior to this move by fire departments to move into the international union backed by the AFL-CIO fire houses were backed by volunteers from the community. These days they still maintain that illusion, but since the 9/11 tragedy firefighters have been placed on a pedestal as heroes because of the valiant acts of those involved in the terror attacks of the World Trade Center. Promoted to the level of the military careers of soldiers, firefighters were given a free pass socially to do as they pleased, and for an entire decade during the Bush years, fire, police, and education levies were passed without public refusal driving up the labor costs of those employees to a level unprecedented in American history. Nobody questioned the union push by the progressive oriented AFL-CIO during this period because of “No Child Left Behind” as no politician wanted to be called anti-education, and certainly no politician wanted to go against the heroes of 9/11, the firefighters and police. So the two sides of the two sided coin of collectivism was played against the American people to arrive at a time where the tax payers can no longer afford the mentioned public employees, because those employees simply expect too much financial compensation.

This is all by design. The roots of every labor union, as are the roots of the ACLU, many newspapers, and most large organizations that have sprung up in the United States during the last 100 years of progressive influence, are openly rooted in communism. Not the kind of communism that became the USSR, or Red China, but the kind that started those countries on their current path. The influences of communism were also spreading in America due to the books by Karl Marx from the period just prior to the Civil War. Keynesian economics from England rooted in European socialism took political hold in the United States which greatly advanced communist thought in a capitalist society. It took some time to take hold, but by the turn of the last century, it was spreading. The way you can see its influence is by the term, “workers rights,” which is taken directly from the work of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Many of the firefighters in the IAFF 3907 in Sycamore won’t understand this history—they’ll say they are not communists, they are—–capitalists? But they have forgotten, or do not understand the meaning, and thus serve the evil of communism without knowing it.

By virtually every chart viewed, public employees since they were granted collective bargaining rights in 1983 to today have increased their tax burdens on society dramatically. From the time of these public union formations of firehouses like the IAFF 3907 in 1999 to now, a very steady increase in the cost of public employees has taken place, particularly during the Bush years because of the conditions mentioned above. Communists disguised as political progressives layed in wait until a major crises before unleashing the full force of their social intentions—which is the complete socialization of education, police and fire departments so to fulfill the aims of communism as small encroachments over time gradually replacing American capitalism with world-wide socialism, which is the doorway to complete communism.

The reason people do not see communism for what it is, is because they have been breed to not understand how history connects. Collectivism is a seductive tune for the masses to sing, because many people lack personal courage, and the strength to stand on their own. Public education has encouraged this trend making it so the sensational are trivialized, and the mediocre are promoted. The only place for “heroes” in public education is in sports, because team sports are a form of collectivism. Notice that when people think of the NFL they assume that Super Bowls have always been around, but in fact the very first Super Bowl was January 15th 1967. At first glance I would say that football is the game of capitalism, but the team concept as it’s taught in public school is pure socialism. It’s the double sided coin of collectivism again, individuals are propped up to satisfy people’s needs for individuality, but entire schools and their students, parents, and staff are pulled into a form of collectivism, to gain their acceptance of the deeper concepts of collective salvation. Ever notice at a football game how often fans say “WE.”

Of course much of this talk is too sophisticated by a population that has been deliberately reduced intellectually to conceive of these thoughts, so they will simply rationalize their social positions by calling people like me “old-fashioned” and an extreme right-winged radical. But consider this, if Walt Disney was alive today and he and I were talking, he would agree with virtually everything I’m saying right now. It is not people like me who are wrong, it is those who have allowed their perception of reality to be swept so far to the political left that even the political right is left of center compared to the foundation of America. I use Disney as an example, because even to this day, his company is considered a mainstream company, his amusement parks are still the top destination in the world for people who want to get away from their daily lives. What do you think people are trying to get away from? Disney World is as close to pure capitalism as there is on earth right now and look at it. Costco, the store, is a very close second. My ideal society would be the world of the Epcot Center, in Florida. There communism is a distant thought and freedom of thought is encouraged.

But we’re not talking about amusement parks; we’re talking about the difference between communism and capitalism and the slow erosion that has been injected upon our culture and how people forget their history and have changed over time because they have been individually destroyed by the two-sided coin of communism. My position is to reject the coin flip all together. I reject both options presented to me by the communist infiltration of public employees and their mentality. I don’t want their service, and I don’t wish to pay for them under any circumstances. I could personally do better or organize a better system without the union “professional.” I reject the union end game of gradual communism and social supervisors. They can keep their double-sided coin of which they always win. The best way to win is simply not to even flip the coin.

This is where Sycamore Twp, Ohio finds itself. Doesn’t anybody question why an international labor union is heading up a local fire department? What does “international” have to do with Sycamore? The answer is nothing unless the taxpayers decide to flip the coin, and once they have, they find themselves trapped with a greedy labor union demanding payment. The communists who formed the union knew that by draining the wealth and value of the private property of American citizens that their love for possession would gradually erode away, opening their minds to communism. And that’s what the IAFF in Sycamore is offering to the tax payers, “pay us—or pay us, but staffing levels cannot be cut.” It’s the same argument of our public schools, pay us, or pay us. “Refuse, and we’ll take away your buses, we’ll take away your sports which will cost a $1000 dollars instead of just a $100 if you had paid the tax increase in the first place.”

Communism is the root of this mentality and you can tell who they are by those who say, “Worker rights.” Those are the dirty rotten communists of our day, the parasites who offer a coin flip of which they win either way—if they can trick you into playing their game—which most do. My advice to the people of Sycamore is to not allow the coin flip, to not allow themselves to be pulled into an emotional argument that allows fear to drive the logic of the tax payer. The way to get rid of an international union from your neighborhoods is to cut off the head of the beast and let it die of starvation. And if you have a fire, or emergency, take care of it yourself or with a volunteer group that you form yourself in your neighborhoods. Save your money for your own use, and never commit to higher taxes, because they will never stop asking, until you are simply broke and overcommitted. Playing the coin toss game with communists will always lead to a failure because the communist will cheat to make their point every time, and their overall strategy is to end your way of life using your friends and family to carry out the attack.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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More Evil Coming from the NDAA: The band of thieves known as the Federal Government

I had the opportunity to listen to KrisAnne Hall speak recently about the implications of the recent signing of the NDAA law by President Obama which received bipartisan support—meaning most of the Federal government is guilty of a serious infringement of the U.S. Constitution.

KrisAnne was an attorney who was fired from her job for teaching Tea Party groups about the U.S. Constitution, which is apparently an unacceptable practice these days from the gate keepers of tyranny. The implication of such a firing is that the legal minds of our country are quite well aware of the scam they are perpetrating upon the American landscape, as many of their brethren run for elected office. The system is built by lawyers, exploited by politicians, and manipulated by would-be-tyrants intent to rule their own little sector of the world. But that is all known; especially to the crowd who turned out to listen to KrisAnne speak about the NDAA.

The NDAA is the most obvious power grab I have seen the Federal government attempt in my lifetime, and its implications are very far-reaching. To review, the NDAA gives the President of the United States complete power of interpretation over what constitutes a terrorist or a terrorist facilitator and allows for suspects to be detained indefinitely. And the most troubling aspect of the NDAA as if that weren’t bad enough is that the President can transfer a U.S. citizen outside of the United States to a foreign country, or military base where American courts have no jurisdiction. What this means is that if the President wants to, he or she could arrest any citizen in the United States under the NDAA Act and ship them to a Siberian prison, or even trade to North Korea to disappear forever from the face of the earth based exclusively on Presidential suspicions.

The intentions of course are short-sighted and focus on the current known terrorist network in the world. But like all laws, twenty years from now, some unknown president will use the NDAA Act to take complete control of the United States as a dictatorship, eliminating their political enemies at will without any checks and balance system of power. We’ve seen Presidential administrations do these kinds of things in the past even though it’s illegal and subversive to indulge in such activity. In fact, during the Clinton years many people associated with that administration that were known political enemies, or had become that way found themselves dead. There are many deaths of politicians that I can think of right off the top of my head, Sonny Bono is one of them, the Vince Foster “suicide” is another, that were deeply suspicious, and were in fact most likely political assassinations. It happens every day.

With the NDAA someone like President Obama now thinks he has the right to arrest his political enemies and get rid of them, which of course violates the entire concept of “checks and balances” we have in the United States, and it’s not at all paranoid to believe that such things are possible.

The trouble with the NDAA is that it’s just plain un-American. It is the kind of law we’d expect from a socialist country, or a heavy communist country, such as China, or Russia, but not in the United States. If there was any doubt that politicians in The United States are in bed with members of the United Nations to execute the implementation of Agenda 21 that doubt is gone, otherwise there would be no law in the United States that would allow the export of American citizens to a foreign country by the whim of a future President.

As predicated, only a handful of the American people are concerned about the NDAA Act, and those were the people showing up to hear KrisAnne Hall speak. The domestic enemies who wrote the NDAA Act could care less about this comparatively small group of people who are openly questioning what’s happening. They calculate that they should be easily be able to suppress such a small voice, as the rest of society has long forgotten about the law signed on New Years Eve just prior to 2012. Most of society is happy to take the word of the majority of politicians who voted in the tyrannical law completely trampling the 5th Amendment of the Bill of Rights, because the aim of many globalists are to eliminate The United States Constitution completely anyway.

But much to the dismay of those politicians who voted for the NDAA Act, and their deals they’ve made with global politics, there will not be a “consensus” on suppression. I know many people who will not go quietly into the night to be shipped off to Siberia, or a dirty Mexican prison south of the border just because a President doesn’t like us. So the NDAA Act and those who voted for it will be accountable when all hell breaks loose, because it will. Because they broke the law of The Constitution and they did it with malicious intent. They are wrong, and someone must pay for their insolence. And it won’t be targets of the NDAA Act. It will be those who authored the law in the first place, they are domestic enemies in the United States and must be treated as such.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Rich Hoffman Loves Women: The tricky business of rejecting a progressive platform

(In the letter included below there is mention of the tears that have fallen by the cuts made to the Lakota school budget. The letter in context deals with the hypocrisy of this statement, because if reality were taken fully for the truth, it would be discovered that there is much to cry over. But the article from Saturday of which the letter writer referenced, I’ve included here for comparison. The attempt of the article was to paint a picture of a district that should vote for a tax increase to prevent these tears. It’s about time that we stop making decisions because people cry, and that we begin to actually think—just an observation. Crying costs a lot of money and doesn’t solve any problems. Now–onto the meat of this particular article.)

My daughter and I had a wonderful time reading the various Facebook comments from the ignorant specimens who were so quick to judge me following the salacious Enquirer article provoked by a swarm of angry Lakota residents who see me as their number one opposition to passing their next tax increase. The comments were funny because as she said, “you are anything but a sexist woman-hater. You raised me and I’m one of the most independent women I know.”

I told her that what those accusers were trying to paint me as would not stick once people dug into my life, which I have been very open about here on these pages at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I told her that I hoped to lure the radicals of our community to that bait because my character could withstand the accusations and that I hoped to show the hypocrisy and ignorance of their position so people could see that radicals jumped to the same type of elementary conclusions when promoting school levies or any other taxes. The comments were funny, and the way that people adhered onto a collective band wagon to believe something even when overwhelming proof otherwise is abundant for all to see, was quite astonishing and a wonderful experiment in political science.

What my accusers of hating women neglected to account for is that my view of women is much, much higher than what the feminist movement has given to women, and I live by that heightened state every single day. In fact, the women who know me, and there are many, knew instantly what garbage the things being said about me where which allowed me to show how the other side manipulates the facts to suit their version of reality.

My daughter has been present when I’ve had many fights with other people so she understood the context of my comments and how they were directed. But to say that I hate women is an absolute joke.

Where the breakdown begins is that feminists believe that unless you buy into their version of women and their social roles, then they say you hate them, so that they can control your behavior. Once they put you into a defensive position, they can control the argument. This is how they have as a group advanced many progressive topics, by using the collective nature of some women to appear as though they could massively shape worldwide perception.

Since I personally reject most aspects of progressive political platforms my views will drastically contrast with those who subscribe to those progressive theories and I will say that liberal feminists have it wrong and for me to endorse their views even though they are wrong would be dishonest to my personal observations, which I will not entertain. People who wish to advance progressive policy attempted to use on me the same strategy they’ve used on many to shut down an enemy to their ideas because I said things that they thought gave them the right to pass judgment on me to build a case that I hate women.

In my personal life I have so many instances that display how much I value women that I could write an entire book on just this topic, but for simplicity let me address one of my beliefs that will probably insult 99% of my readers here, but I will say it because this belief of mine is based on my observations of reality. I’ll say it because it is my belief system, and has been well-known in my family for years.

Typically there are bachelor parties for the groom before his wedding. This tradition eludes me as to its value and I’ve thought about it in great detail. When I had my own wedding 24 years ago the members of my wedding party watched a movie. And I’m not talking about a dirty movie where drinking was involved……we watched The Empire Strikes Back, because we all wanted to watch something we all enjoyed, and that was my bachelor party. To do the usual thing and go out on the town to a strip joint, or have members of my wedding party purchase a stripper for me would have been an insult to my bride. If I desired to do such things as be with another woman, or see another woman naked, then why should I get married, and why should some whore gain the ability to rob from my bride the gift of sex on our wedding night? Why should it be cheapened with a stripper who will take her cloths off for just money and for anybody?

When my brother was married he and his wedding party flew out to Vegas for one of those bachelor parties glorified in the film The Hangover. I did not go nor was I even invited, because the answer was known before the question was even asked. He knew what I thought about those types of activities so we avoided the discussion and just agreed to disagree. When my brother-in-law was married every man in my family went to a bachelor party involving the typical fair except me.

When I’ve had to marry off one of my daughters the bachelor party we had for him was at Target World and the women of the wedding party were invited also. We rented the place for the evening and shot up a storm with all the members of both families present. No strippers to insult the bride. Only guns and lots of ammunition fired off.

Last summer my nephew was married and he wanted me to be his best man, so that meant I was in charge of the bachelor party. Instead his brother handled the duties because they knew better than to ask me, because I feel so strongly about disgracing a man’s bride by indulging in a cheapened slut the night before a man’s wedding. I believe these things because the sanctity of the woman’s sexual offering on the night of the wedding should have epic meaning. The sex on a wedding night should not involve images of a painted up hussy on the mind of the male, but the gift of his bride and that’s all there is to it. The woman should be put on a pedestal and treated as though she were the most important woman in the world, and it’s the man’s job to do this, to make her feel this way.

Progressive feminism has robbed women of this experience, and has cheapened marriage to such an extent that nobody even tries anymore and this is a tragedy on our society and I don’t participate in those social activities because I see where it’s taking us.

This is just one example, but it’s a big one because it reflects my views across the entire spectrum. I will say that the feminists are wrong. Their focus is on the wrong aspects of their plight because the essence of their argument is false right out of the gate and our entire society has just adopted those failures without question. The feminist focuses on “the collective whole” and this is why they are an intellectual failure. And if their movement had legitimacy they would work together to help Arab women and the abuses they suffer, (CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE) but they don’t. Instead they are used by political machines to purchase bloc voting and nothing more.

The people who know me best are ashamed to tell me they flew out to Vegas with “The guys” for a wild night of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” They don’t tell me and I don’t ask, but I hear about them bragging about such experiences when they think I can’t hear.

I live by my own morality, not one created by Margret Sanger or some other feminist progressive. I think for myself and my opinions are sometimes very strong. But the people who know me best knew instantly how ridiculous the accusations made about me in that Cincinnati Enquirer article truly were. And those people were able to see how a group of progressive activists were able to shape a lie into something the masses wanted to believe so easily. This was valuable because the same tactics are used to paint anyone who doesn’t want to pay higher taxes to a school a “child hater.” The same strategy is used against a person who rejects progressive feminism which is why I worded my statements the way I did, to provoke those activist radicals so we could have names to place next to their actions.

My comments were artistically rendered and intentionally graphic on purpose. I didn’t say them on the radio, I didn’t send them in an email, I said them on my personal blog posting and given the things I have seen on the screen shots I collected about the people who most criticized me, I’d say my comments were a lot more tasteful, and respectful then what I received in return. I personally don’t have much respect for people who sell themselves cheaply even if the act is not sex and that’s my opinion that will not be shaped by some pathetic progressive thinker, whom I reject. My daughter knows this because she’s heard it from me for 22 years. And everyone who knows me understands as well.

After the Enquirer article some of my friends were so enraged that they felt they had to come to my defense. Some of them came to my defense here on these pages; some of them called me, or sent me personal emails. Some of them wrote articulate letters like the one below, which has special meaning because a year ago this person was one of those who might have believed what they heard about me and added to the pile of accusations. He certainly wasn’t a fan of Rich Hoffman a year ago–quite the opposite. He asked me to include his letter on my site which you can see below.

I have taken time to read the blogs and the enquirer article. Taking time to reflect is important because emotion just gets in the way of the objective facts. But what I have to say has nothing to do with the content of the above.

Passing judgment is a dangerous and tricky undertaking. It cannot be achieved thru one moment in time. You need to look at the full body of work in one’s life.

So, those of you who shared your feelings; do you really know Rich Hoffman. Have you seen him outside the blog, listened to his feelings, experienced his actions or witnessed his family values. I have so I believe I can pass judgment on the real Rich Hoffman.

I know your voices in some way are defending a person or persons. Or you are speaking for a certain group of individuals (Hint: they make decisions for us). My question is do you really know them, their agenda or what their motives are. You see I have experienced that side also, and put my trust in them. But what happened; I felt the impact of intimidation, silence or humiliation. I know which person cares about my family.

On Saturday I read about the tears that were shed. I ask were where the tears for my family as our life was being crushed. Ask Them!

I tried to do everything the right way. I do not like being backed into a corner especially when it involves a friend. A friendship not born from a blog but from a time of need. Your actions did not just affect Rich but his family. I know that feeling all too well.

Maybe it is time to share the facts, name the names and let everyone decide who the destructive force really is.

When you are ready to share, contact the man who was there and will always be there for us, Rich Hoffman.
As far as the two most important women in my life, my wife and daughter (remember them) just ask them about Rich. They will say without hesitation that he is welcome in our home anytime. Until next time: be well.

Grateful friend

At no time in what I wrote did I say I hated women. I just made an observation and stated facts as I see them. A majority of the hate directed at me from that Enquirer article was all assumptions where the advocates offered their translation of my thoughts based on their deformed political opinions, framed for them by progressive politics. I feel comfortable saying such things because I have a personality that can withstand those types of misjudgments because in no aspect of my life is there a woman who can come forward and honestly proclaim that I’m a sexist or a woman-hater. So I was able to provoke from those school levy advocates their tendency to completely lie and manipulate the masses to serve their own selfish agenda.

So remember when a fool tells you that Rich Hoffman is a woman-hater, it’s most likely the same fool who will tell you that you are selfish for not paying more in tax, and that if they don’t obtain the right to rob you of more of your money, then the kids will suffer. The only thing that makes our kids suffer is having lying, manipulative, progressive radicals in charge of their lives. That in itself is a tragedy many people aren’t willing to deal with—yet. But they will. It was not me who said such bad things about the women of my community. My comments were directed at a select few who have attempted to smear my name with rhetoric for years now. It was those advocates, those who placed those falsehoods on their Facebook accounts and added the statements “woman hater” and many other terms using a progressive definition that is less than my personal standard. Because my opinion differs from theirs they felt entitled to attempt to ruin my name in behalf of their selfishness. That is why they are dangerous and should not be in control of any additional funds. It’s also why nothing they say can be believed because they have shown that they will go to great measure to out-right lie.

The lesson here is that no group or gender should allow themselves to be pulled into a political argument just because they believe they are assimilated all for one, and one for all. And they certainly shouldn’t be so quick to accept comments without verification, making them instruments of evil. And there are few evils in this world more severe than the thoughtless diatribes of a group who is too lazy to think for themselves and would rather destroy the life of another to preserve their existence of mediocrity.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Home Schooling Under Attack: Government schools are for lazy parents

I certainly understand the tendency for parents to believe that they must send their children to public school in order to be a good parent. After all, our current culture has instructed us through those same government schools that going to a publicly run school is important to our lives. So I support my local public school grudgingly even though I believe that home schooling is far superior to public school. My kids went to public school. They attended Mason for the first half of the school lives, and then they graduated from Lakota. But for one year in between those transfers they were home schooled by my wife, and I think that was the most important year of their lives. It was hard at the time, and the choice was difficult. The decision to pull our kids out of school came from a battle over sex education in the fourth grade that we disagreed with. The school retaliated at our lack of “consensus.” My wife had been a room mom and helped the teachers three times a week and loved it. She dedicated enormous amounts of her time to not just my kids, but my kid’s classmates, which is how it is supposed to be.

But the school could not tolerate our family’s position against the sex education policies as they feared more parents might follow our rebellion, so they went after us in an aggressive way as a family, which was a really bad idea on their behalf. The school let my wife know that she was no longer welcome to be a room mom and my kids became targeted by bullies as soon as my wife was no longer in the building. That decision by the school led to unnecessary violence and a lot of hurt people climaxing in a fight between me and 22 teenage boys in front yard of our house.

The boys were encouraged by teachers in the school to pick on my kids and the police took the side of the teachers because of the union “brotherhood” which led to the massive fight. The boys made it so my kids could not ride their bikes on the sidewalk in front of our home, openly challenging us to a confrontation. And I was not going to allow my children to be bullied by a bunch of rough-looking 10th, 11th and 12th grade Mason students. It is now a family joke that when the movie Gran Torino came out a few years ago, it was that last role by Clint Eastwood that reminded them of life in our house during that time, because I was at war with the entire neighborhood. Instead of being an old man at the end of my life like Eastwood was in that film, I was a young thirty something that seemed oddly misplaced among others in my age group who preferred to just keep the window curtains pulled and do what the thugs told them to. Instead I dug down and was in constant confrontation everyone which can be most closely explained in the clips below, which is why this film is a personal family joke.

The fight was unexpected. The calculation was that like every other family we would stay inside our locked up house and hide from the scary teenage boys. They didn’t think I would go outside and confront the mob with my bullwhips and fight them squarely because many of them were under aged, only a few were over 18. But that’s what I did and it caused quite a ruckus that lasted for an entire year and involved the police force of Mason all the way up to the chief of police. But this whole mess started in our kid’s elementary school and I finally convinced my wife that the best way to teach our kids was to home school them, so we pulled them out of school, and that caused our entire family to turn on us. So not only did the community turn on us but our family did as well. In that year we learned that there wasn’t anyone we could trust but ourselves. And that was the year that my kids learned more than any other, and most notably shaped them into the adults they now are. During that trying time I heard every one of the points that Glenn Beck discussed here from his GBTV episode on home schooling. He is 100% right! My family has been there and done it and can testify completely to what he is saying.

Now in hindsight, with my kids both grown and living their lives I can say honestly that I wish we had done home schooling for more than a year. Both of my kids finished their high schools with online courses and nearly two years early, because they wanted to travel and see the world, which is what they did. When their peers in school were graduating high school and getting their diplomas my kids were touring the London Museum of History and taking pictures of Big Ben. They followed the path of their mother who also left school early after her credits were finished. By the time my wife’s graduating class was putting on their robes to graduate she was married to me and we were on a cross-country trip traveling anywhere fast at over 100 MPH. Out of my core family I’m the only one who actually walked the stage in a robe with my friend Hickory who I’ve stated here sold his Honors Society Robe to a fellow student for a hundred bucks. CLICK HERE to review. My wife and I have lived very full lives and the whole graduation experience seems petty and stupid to us compared to other things we’ve done, and we would have done our kids a better service if we had home schooled them earlier and for more years.

I always viewed public education as education propaganda. It started for me in kindergarten. My teacher was an idiot and I remember thinking that at the time. My mom was always very active in my life and she like my wife was a room mom who took care of not just me, but my class mates. I remember watching lots of movies with my mom and know for a fact that I learned more from watching movies and documentaries with her and spending time around my grandparents than anything I learned in school.

Public school always felt like a waste of time. I spent most of my time getting into trouble with the teachers, getting into fights with other students, or drawing on my papers and writing stories. The art teachers and English teachers tried to capture my talent and steer me and I shut them all out. If I had listened to those teachers it’s quite likely I would be working for a newspaper somewhere as a reporter making a fraction of what I make now, and I wouldn’t be about to release my second novel. That’s not a knock against my reporter friends who read here every day, but they know it’s the truth. Advice is only as good as the person who gives it, and I wanted no advice from a teacher who worked for public education because I saw no value in their job. I felt that way as a child and I feel more strongly than ever as an adult. To me teachers were mind numb soldiers for something I wanted nothing to do with. I did not want them to impose on me the limits of their thinking.

When my kids were 5 and it came time for enrollment my mother was especially concerned when she heard my wife and me arguing about getting my oldest daughter ready for school. My wife enjoyed school until she met me, and saw nothing wrong with it. For her it was a bench mark, a natural progression to adulthood. For me it was like sending my kids to a death camp of propaganda. There was never a question that I was always radically independent compared to others around me, so I bent on my position because my entire family thought I was the one who was wrong. Of course as it turned out, I was the only one who was right. But you live and learn.

I told my daughter before she got on the school bus for the first time not to worry, that I’d deprogram her when she got home. Of course at age 5 my wife thought my daughter wouldn’t remember me saying that but at age 22 she still does, and luckily she listened to what I said. Now after all those years of raising our kids and seeing all the problems up close I was excessively right at age 25 about the intention of public education. The goal is not to make the best and brightest. It is to make kids average. Home schooled kids do better even with parents teaching them because those parents care about making their kids exceptional, and setting the bar high makes the children respond accordingly. That’s what’s missing in public education, it’s the expectation level.

Home schooling as an option is good because it brings competitive forces to public education and forces them to adjust their costs. Teachers are not worth 50K to 60K per year when they produce such complacent results next to the home schooled child taught by a parent with maybe only a high school education or college at best. Having home schooling as an option helps break up the monopoly of public education which is the intention of the government-run schools, it always has been. I knew it when I was a kid, even if I didn’t know why. I knew it when I was raising my own kids. And I know it now. My kids have had much improved lives because most of their socializing occurred outside of public education. They have done more in their first 25 years than most of their classmates will do in their first 50 and that’s a real shame. Social limits in life are started in public education. The chains are placed upon a child’s mind in government-run schools and I am even surer of it now than I was when I was younger. When I was a young man, I only had a feeling about it. Now I have facts.

There hasn’t been one day that my wife has woke up and wished she went to her graduation ceremony. She doesn’t ever feel like she missed something, because the activities we were doing were much larger in scope of experience. But many of the family that ridiculed us for home schooling our kids used those experiences in public education as bench marks of social development, getting a class ring, a jacket, and a cap and gown. It turned out that those family members were still stuck in some perpetual 15-year-old mentality and even at age 40 and 50 years old looked fondly back to their high school days with yearning. And I think that’s pathetic.

I outgrew public education within two weeks of starting kindergarten. My wife outgrew it at age 17. My kids did by second grade. The rest of the way they learned most of their information from me and their mom at home. They whizzed through school and were routinely on the honor role every single year, because it was easy for them, because I set the bar high at home. Public education is simply a bad product. It’s a failed social experiment and needs complete reform. It certainly doesn’t need additional funding. It needs less, and it needs competition to keep it honest, and all the unions should be made illegal. Unions have no place in public education.

So use public education if you want. Have your kids play the sports and socialize with the other kids. But in my opinion if you rely on public education to teach your kids exclusively, you are a lazy parent and a fool. You are surrendering your child’s life to an institution that will mentally confine the thoughts of your child to a life of social slavery and mundane misery. If you really want your child to learn and to be a good person, then you’ll home school them and you’ll do it as soon as humanly possible. In my eyes, it’s your obligation as a parent. And those who don’t at least try it I have no respect for.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

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Perhaps it’s part of Superintendent Mantia’s Global Education program, or maybe it’s just sheer stupidity, but for some reason, Lakota is promoting the work of Ron Henrich, a social studies teacher at Hopewell Junior School at Lakota and his recent trip to China to help teach there. You can read the story for yourself on Lakota’s website at the link below.

I can understand if Quanyu Huang enjoyed Henrich’s teaching to such an extent that he wanted to feature him in a book published in 2000 called Quality Education in America which was the number one best seller in China, and that has led to an invite to fly Henrich and his family to Beijing to teach the Chinese students and teachers how he educates in America. What I can’t understand is why a local teacher and a Miami University professor are so vaulted in China, a country of over a billion people, and a society that is notoriously communist.

Lakota for its part is obviously looking at its staff and picking success stories so that they can market another levy to the public for a fourth tax increase attempt and they see this relationship between Henrich and Huang as a successful one that will impress the community. Lakota is very image conscious because they know the merit of their services have almost nothing to do with their actual work, but the perceived value the community surrenders to their cause. In fact, to understand just how much thought Lakota puts into its public image, and what types of manipulations of the public go on behind the scenes, have a look at the obtained documents shown in the linked article below to read for yourself how the process of manipulation is conducted for perspective on this Ron Henrich story. (I highly recommend you read the entire document)

So knowing that Lakota is attempting to place a perceived value of importance on the exploits of Henrich in Beijing, China is a calculated public relations feature designed to impress the public–Ron Henrich, Social studies teacher is a star in China. Well sorry Lakota, but that is not impressive. In fact it points sadly to the truth that critics like me have been uttering for years now, that public education run by government is teaching American children too much of the values of socialism in a global push toward communism, and they are doing it with our tax dollars.

I see that the typical administrator and teacher in these public schools do not bother to look at the big picture. They are simply behaving based on their training—within the same system. I doubt when Superintendent Mantia or the school board President Joan Powell—and yes Joan is still the president even though the board has attempted to take the light off her by voting Dibble in as the new president—think about such things as communism, socialism or capitalism when they think of themselves in the center of that debate. They just think about government jobs created and obtaining revenue to pay for their institution. They get their teaching content from the Department of Education, and do not consider it their place to question those of “higher” authority. But I do, because I have to pay for all this, and I have made the observation that kids don’t seem to be getting the kind of education that launches them into a successful life. Seeking answer’s I have discovered women like what is featured in the article at this next link, who used to be second in command at the Federal Department of Education. If you care about this issue at all, you should watch every video on that link. (Bet you didn’t know half that stuff dear reader)

So news flash Lakota—it is not a good idea to promote the value of your teachers as being stars in a communist country when the accusation by critics like me is that public education teaches too much socialism and not enough capitalism. China is at war with the United States right now, but just not the kind of war we are accustomed to with tanks and troops. The war we are fighting right now is an economic one and if Quanyu Huang director of the Confucius Institute at Miami University; specialist on Sino-American cultural and educational comparison is as brilliant as he lets on, he knows that virtually every executive, every government member and mind of strategy in China looks to Sun Tzu and understands the merit of that great literary classic, The Art of War, defeating your enemy without conflict. Huang and Hemrich might believe that their invite and embrace into the Chinese culture is one that is an innocent blending of the two cultures, American and the Chinese into a global attempt at peace where we will all hold hands and sing songs around campfires. I’m sure these two believe that if America would just let go of some of its isolationist principles and China would drop some of their communist tendencies then the world would be far better off. Educators believe that their participation in such education opportunities might bring the world peace, and Lakota believes that it can ride on the backs of these two to obtain tax funds to pay for their poorly negotiated union contracts.

But here is the danger….I tried to buy this best seller of Huang’s but was unable to find it on Amazon, this best seller in all of China in the year 2000. That means the book is out of print, which is odd for a best seller—by the way, I know just a bit about the book business—so a publisher of such a highly regarded best seller would make the book more available, especially if millions and millions of Chinese think local teacher Ron Henrich is such a star in China. My guess is that the Chinese government sees Huang and his work as being so close to the communist philosophy of China that this is why they have embraced his efforts by allowing him to be a guest Professor at Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University, and visiting professor of the Training Program for High School Principals at Peking University while maintaining his regular instruction at Miami University.

The Chinese want to learn how American public schools are able to control such large sectors of the population and they want to learn from people like Ron Henrich and Quanyu Huang. How does that make you feel dear reader? Doesn’t it make you want to get some Chinese food?

Contrary to what some might think, I am not against Chinese culture. I agree with one of my favorite generals of World War II, that China is a culture that should have been nurtured under American supervision. But, we let China slip under communist rule, and until China no longer embraces communism of any kind, I see them as an enemy of America.  I have a deep sympathy for Chinese Americans and I routinely visit several local Chinese restaurants because I admire the work ethic of the owners, and their courage for leaving their homeland to find freedom in America.  (For context read my article on Chinese communist occupation and the struggle for freedom there in the late 1940’s.)

So no Lakota, it is not good to promote this global awareness unless in so doing, the goal is to prepare our children for rule under a Chinese flag. Because that is China’s intention, even if the academics are too pretentious to see it. If the teachers at Lakota want to go to Beijing and teach, maybe you should keep that off the radar, because that is not an asset to the Liberty Twp, West Chester community. And you should consider it an insult that out of all of China and America, it is Lakota that is considered the kind of school that a communist country wishes to emulate.

If the Lakota School Board wishes to disprove my accusations as to their ineptness, political naivety, greed, and arrogance, by publishing the exploits of Ron Henrich and his close association with Quanyu Huang, then they have proven themselves beyond help. Communism is NOT a good thing, and collaborations with countries that embrace it is not something to brag about. It certainly isn’t something which mandates even more tax dollars from the community so that we can help fund the teaching methods that China wishes to copy for their own benefit in the difficult task of controlling over a billion people to march under a communist flag.

It is not wise to fund our own demise, then brag about it as though it were a benefit of great merit. To learn more about China, I suggest you watch this very good film by Richard Gere called Red Corner (1987). I present it here in its totality. So grab a snack and enjoy a peek into a country run by communists who are seeking Lakota teachers to help educate their society.

By the way, Red Corner is banned in China. You can’t even see it on YouTube. And the execution scene was real, provided to the director at great risk to themselves. 1987 was not that long ago folks.

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