The Next Day Part 2: LAKOTA LEVY DEFEATED by 18,788 VOTERS!

(To see The Next Day Part 1 from last year click here):Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and I talked about the election results as the smoke cleared on the “Day After” the Election of 2011.

Many of the reporters I spoke with on Election Day wanted to know what I was going to do to “celebrate” on that very contentious night. “I’m going to play Wii Golf with my wife,” I told them, which garnered some strange looks.

While we did just that I did watch the numbers come in off The Butler County Board of Elections web site, so my mind was on other matters. Issue 2 failing demonstrates how the public unions have managed to garner 43.4% higher wages than the rest of us. They are an organization of deep radicalism that is prepared to yell, march, and even mislead to protect their hive just like a swarm of insects. I’ll have much more on that later, because my focus as the smoke is clearing upon the rising sun of Wednesday, November 09, 2011 was on the school levies.

Issue 2 was the fix to the school levy problem, and I saw that as the results came in, that the same “machine” of the public unions that we saw in the Issue 2 debate had taken its toll on the school levies. Little Miami on the ninth time passed its levy and Lebanon did also, both by margins of less than 200 votes. Both of those schools are on their second attempt within the same calendar year, and show clearly how school systems controlled by radical union elements seek to beat down the tax payer until the taxpayer just says yes.

To see coverage from Channel 5, Click the link:

I was also dismayed to hear that Fairfield passed their levy. Fairfield like Lebanon has the very unfortunate situation where they have many apartment dwellers that do not pay taxes, but can vote. So they are prone to vote for school levies because by the time their landlord raises their rent, they’ll most likely move on to a new residence. But out of all the public schools in Southern Ohio, it was Lakota that was the focus and it was the third time that the No Lakota Levy group had organized to shoot that levy down. As the evening closed and I was on the 15th hole our Wii Golf game, it was apparent that Lakota’s Levy wasn’t just going down to defeat, but was going down soundly 54 to 46 percent. That means from the last levy attempt to this one, even after the district cut busing, cut electives, made sports pay-to-play, and even lowered the levy amount that the defeat margin actually gained 1% to spread the margin of victory from 6% one year ago to 7% now. Even with all the dirty tricks that get played, especially the massive sign theft and vandalism that went on during this campaign, voters saw through it. You can listen to Doc Thompson and me discussing this very issue right after I returned home from voting on Election Day.

Gaining a whole percentage point said a lot from a community who had seen all the dirty tricks in the OEA/NEA handbook, the same dirty tricks that are being applied to all the other schools, especially Little Miami. The goal is to wear down the opposition gradually by attempting levy after levy after levy until the people standing up against the measure just give up. That is the way the unions operate, and is exactly why Issue 2 should go right back through the legislature, for a relentless pursuit to jam it down their throats till they run out of money and energy. That’s what the unions have done to the public after all. Make the unions defend against it next spring and summer, like we have to defend against tax levies every 6 months, and let’s see how long they last. They taught us this game! But in the case of Lakota, with a new superintendent, nearly $30,000 spent to shove another tax initiative down the community throats, Lakota lost ground. $12K of that $30K was spent just on consultants who advised Lakota how to garner positive public reaction to their message, which even as the closing minutes of the election ticked down, Sandy Wheatley pictured here laying on the ground at a party for the Move Forward Campaign was having to celebrate their efforts…………?????????????……….stated, “We said all along this was the community’s choice and it appears that the community said it is not ready to move forward.”

That wasn’t the worst comment. Here’s another, “I just don’t think people, who don’t have children in school, think about what the ramifications really are. They just don’t want to pay more money. Trust me, I don’t want to pay more money, but I have to make a commitment to the community I live in,” said Felice Fishman parent of two children in the Lakota school district.

“It is very frustrating,” said Chiqui Aull, who is a parent of two in the Lakota school district. “It doesn’t make sense to vote against it because everyone who owns property in West Chester just had their property go down.

“It is sad because people moved to West Chester for Lakota because of the school system and they could end up choosing Mason or Fairfield, who just passed a levy.”


I find it absolutely amazing that all those statements from people who seem intelligent are all taken straight out of the union playbook of prepared emotional statements intended to manipulate the public, just like the unions did with Issue 2. As my wife and I finished up our golf game I wondered if those people even knew that they were “programmed” to believe such things. Probably not, their static patterns are so intrinsic to their state of consciousness that they utter things from their mouths which are not their own, which they’ve simply heard from someone else. They are unknowing foot soldiers to tyranny, a system that uses our kids, and our community in service of a larger system, an organism onto itself called unionized labor.

By gaining the extra point this time it disrupts this union plan created by the OEA and maintained by the OSBA in Columbus, with smiles of course, which uses incremental cuts to services in order to extort more tax money from property owners, and the residents of Lakota stood up for themselves, and that is good to see. To the parents who are in fact the selfish ones in this matter because they allow union radicalism to cloud their thinking, and have their entire focus on their little child within the bubble of public education, they fail to see the bigger picture. They forget that there are other elements to a community that make it great, with Lakota just being one element.

To paint the picture let me direct your attention to the spread sheet shown here which will give you some idea what a good friend of mine who owns nine local businesses ranging in value from $1 million each to $1.5 million pays in taxes. On Election Day he is already paying a substantial amount of money in taxes not only for his personal residence, but for his business properties listed in the spreadsheet. If the Lakota Levy had passed, he would owe roughly an additional $72,413.79 in taxes because commercial property is assessed at the same amount as residential property. Many of the parents, teachers and administrators who have large sums of money dumped in their lap because they work in the public sector and are accustomed to making 43.4% more than the rest of us, simply don’t fathom what that means, because they live in a bubble of their own reality. They would be inclined to say that my friend is wealthy, so he should “pay his fair share.” I can tell you what my friend says, “Why should I locate a business in Butler County if they are just going steal my money.” Short-sighted parents who only care for their little children don’t understand that it is the excellent commercial development along with the residential development that makes a community great, and the Lakota District is a reflection of that balance, not the creation of it.

People move to Lakota for the schools as one factor, but other factors include highway proximity, job creation, entertainment options, and tax rates. When tax rates are high, commercial property moves elsewhere and parents who have their kids raised sell their homes and leave to avoid the high taxes. That is the essence of the problem that all those people pictured in that party picture simply don’t comprehend. Those Move Forward supporters don’t see it because they are in an education bubble that we fund, and have lost touch with reality.

That is why the No Lakota Levy says that before there is ever another levy attempt that the administration at Lakota should sit down with the teachers union (LEA) and require them to bring their compensation costs into the range of the approved budget. That’s what the election was all about, what is the “approved budget.” This community is not in the mood for the silly union games of extortion, of inconvenience in order to force higher taxes. It is the responsibility of the employees of the Lakota School District to maintain the high level of service we expect. And we expect our management to control the costs. Not for the costs to control management! If there are members of the LEA who don’t want to comply with this fact, then look for a job in a different district and see if they are willing to pay for the bloated salaries. Those employees could be replaced easily with more affordable and eager young professionals.

So Lakota drop the union radicalism and play ball, or we will do this again, and if you think this effort was more aggressive than last time, I’m sitting on information that will make the next time even worse. So be smart, understand your role in the community, and don’t be ridiculous in your compensation. What you do next will determine much.

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Macrocosm and the Microcosm: It’s a math problem displayed in art

I had a beer with my son-in-law at The Polo Grill in Mason and we discussed our thoughts of the upcoming election and people in general. The video below articulates perfectly my current mood. As I speak to my constitutional purist friends in the Tea Party, my Wild West traditional arts friends, and my conservative political friends, and even my artistic friends who almost agree with nothing politically with me, I continue to be amazed at how willingly we place upon ourselves chains of social bondage. The first comment I received last night from a person I respect a great deal about the sexual situation I described in the article at the link below was “What’s the big deal? It’s sex between consenting adults.” Clearly the message was lost in the importance of the story:

The artist who assembled this painting accurately portrays my current feeling about virtually everything. Have a look.

I spend a lot of my time thinking about life in the macrocosm and that video shows the condition of the American macrocosm.I am infinitely fascinated with the conditions that add up to that macrocosm so events in the microcosm are things I pay a lot of attention to. And one of the conditions which add up to those people in chains shown in that artistic rendering begin in public education.

Many people inaccurately assume that I have a hatred of public education because I don’t want to increase taxes on the community to pay for it. At one level, public education is simply too expensive. The cost of it needs to come down. But personally, I am not happy with the product that public education produces, mainly because they are largely responsible for the willingness of the people in that video for putting on those chains.

I have listened to many stories come at me from acts that go on within a school system. Since I live in the Lakota district, which is considered one of the best in the country, there are still plenty of stories of bullying between class types among students. It seems to happen more to the children of parents who cause trouble. It’s almost as if unconsciously the participants in these schools have a collective defense mechanism against threats to the system itself. Parents who have problems with the school, whether it be a case where a teacher comes on to the mother of a student to engage in sex, or if a parent is one of those people who come to school board meetings and try to make sense of the numbers, those people are labeled as trouble makers, and they are targeted as well as their children. Bullying isn’t just happening on the playground or on the school board as Linda O’Conner stated recently, where she felt she was being bullied off the school board for being a dissenting vote too often.

Last year prior to the levy attempt I was shocked to learn that the very treasured band teacher William Thomas was told his job was on the chopping block if the levy didn’t pass. This caused the parents and students who adore him to become very upset and rally to pass the levy. The whole scene was a scare tactic started by the administrators to manipulate the public into passing the levy, just like cutting busing is to create fear and anger in the parents so they will pass a higher tax on themselves.

A parent who had a controversial issue that involved many people within the school found that his child was singled out by other students and picked on aggressively. What made those students pick on his child? A teacher whispered in their ear to initiate the behavior indirectly. Of course all this behavior is hearsay; it’s just words in a hallway, or in a classroom, or a subtle message on Facebook. It’s the same subtle message that came from the labor unions, and ultimately George Soros to start the Wall Street Riots. It’s whispers in the microcosm to affect the macrocosm because small events add up to big events and manipulators know it.

I saw on my way to work today that virtually all of our No Lakota Levy signs had been stolen. We’ve lost over 700 signs over the last week and a half. Why? The reason was to shut down the message, to protect the collective whole of the school system, and it took a pretty large effort to collect that many signs, so it’s not just one or two people.

So at one level my anger is at the audacious costs these public schools expect from the community to operate. But secondly, it’s what they expect people to take as they maintain an “education class” which instructs their “product,” the students themselves, to enter life already in chains, and as a lover of individual freedom, I find it appalling I am required through my taxes to contribute to such a poor “product.” What they are making is something I don’t want to deal with in the future because it is all the little events in the microcosm, the bullying, the subtle manipulations to secure funding, the political imbalance in philosophic collectivism, the radicalism of the public unions, the product public schools create that is terrible! They prepare the mind of mankind to fall for the utterances of half-baked presidents and live life in chains just as that artist portrayed.

So it is not my fault if you dear reader cannot connect the dots. If you read what I put here and wonder, “what is he after?” “He just hate’s public school.” “He wants attention.” You are making those assertions from your perspective in the microcosm of your existence and the static patterns of your life will not allow you to see beyond. That fault is your own. The way I see such people are simply as links in the chains that bind us all to a mental slavery started in the games played in public education.

I am thankful that there are artists out there who can so accurately capture the macrocosm of the problem even if our society is powerless to stop it because of the foundations that are established in the microcosm and propelled by those who are simply blind.  I am also thankful for cold beer in The Polo Grill and the company of people who” get it.”  Because as long as the beer is cold and the hamburgers are that good, the rest of the world can drown on its dept and ignorance as far as I care.

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Come On a Ride: Herman Cain, Stacy Schuler, and the NEA–fear, terror and Halloween

I love Herman Cain. Now here is a guy who gets it, and his new smoking ad punches through invisible barriers to a double-standard radicalism that is breed into our culture. In fact, it is so deeply ingrained that few people even realize that they have been radicalized or that their daily behavior reflects it.

I’m going to ask you for a moment to sit down as though you were about to get on a ride, because I had the rare privilege of riding the Diamondback in the front seat during the Haunt event at Kings Island. As I stood in line and watched all the zombies, alien creatures and crazed side-walk skidders I pieced together various, seemingly unconnected events that had been nagging me. So make sure you are strapped in securely and come along for the ride. The source of all these seemingly unconnected events is something you won’t like, and will challenge your belief system, and it will all come back around to the station in the end, to the ad above about Herman Cain, Barack Obama, our cultural failures reflected in the Stacy Schuler case and the epic battle between traditional values and progressives. Hold up your hands and enjoy the ride.

I received a call earlier in the day from one of my No Lakota Buddies early while I was in a meeting. Seeing who it was, I took the call. Apparently the Butler County Sheriff caught some kid from Batavia stealing one of our big No Lakota Levy signs from the corner of Liberty Way and Cox. Since we put our signs out last week there has been a barrage of students stealing campaign signs against the levy. This has not just been happening at Lakota, but at Lebanon, and Fairfield in large amounts. Have a look at this link which shows pictures:

While we were dealing with massive sign theft over in Lakota I received several reports, one from a very credible source that the journalism teacher at Lakota East, Dean Hume had been bad-mouthing me, and one of the school board candidates openly to his class. Some of the kids came home and reported this and the principal at Lakota East had to be spoken to about the incident. I know some of the kids who take Hume’s class and I angrily inquired about what was going on. I received a series of emails from a parade of students and former students explaining what a great teacher Hume was and how my opinion of Hume being a Walter Lippmann activist type was incorrect. These students went on to explain the merits of how Hume had impacted their lives in so many positive ways. Two of the kids who wrote me I like quite a bit, so I let the issue go and took their word for it. Still, something didn’t seem right about their lack of critical assessment of Hume. Hume certainly crossed the line, but I was happy to leave the issue to the principal at Lakota East to deal with. After all, if I tracked down every comment made against me, I would be perpetually tracking down people and I wouldn’t get a whole lot done. So I simply filed the event away to contemplate later while I rode roller coasters.

I ride roller coasters so much in fact that when my publisher accepted the manuscript to my latest novel, they commented on how intense the action was, and wondered how I could write such a thing. I explained that much of the original manuscript had been sketched out on my hand while riding The Stunt Track at Kings Island, which I road again will thinking about the Hume story at Lakota East. There is something soothing in that catapult launch, and the run through the police cars that gets my blood boiling in a positive direction and organizes my thoughts. The faster the roller coasters, the more clear things become for me. And as for settings, strange creatures, gothic music, and smoke machines actually provide context for the metaphors they represent in the real world. My wife and I grabbed some steak fries from Rivertown and I pondered more of the perplexing quagmires percolating in my mind from the week. I think I like this time of year at Kings Island best simply because they don’t play all the pop music throughout the park. I prefer symphonic pieces most of the time as a musical choice, especially playful pieces themed around horror films.

As I stared through smoke at the dim lights and navigated through hoards of teenagers giggling and screaming within moments of each other, I thought of the most truly terrifying apparition that was behind the entire structure of everything I was concerned with. For there is a unifying factor, an aspect that tied all these individually small situations into a collective problem, and the hint to just how much influence that unifying factor is to my concerns came to me just hours before I held in my hands the steak fries that my wife and I were sharing.

A reporter called me, “Rich, not too many people like you do they?”

“No, and I like it that way,” I replied.

“You like it that way?”

“Yes, because if you are good and fair to people, yet they still don’t like you just because you are asking legitimate questions, it’s because they have something to hide. So the more people who hate me means we’re uncovering things they want to hide and their anger is the mask for which they use to hide it,” I said. “Did you call to tell me that?”

“I received a strange message from someone who didn’t leave their name or number. They were furious that I spoke to you about the school board story.”

I thought about the story that had broken earlier in the week, along with everything else mentioned. You can see the article that started the rift on the Lakota School Board at this ink:

“What else did they say,” I asked.

“They said you weren’t qualified to speak about school board matters and that we shouldn’t talk to you.”

“Well, there’s your answer, it’s one of the school board members themselves. What do you think?”

“You’re the one who gave us the flyer,” the reporter said. “If you hadn’t done that there wouldn’t be a story.”

“So because I’m not a school board member I’m not qualified to look at a flyer from a school board president and see what she’s up to, trying to stack the board in her favor, and therefore the position of the union? So because you interviewed me, they are trying to put pressure on you to not speak to me in the future. Is that how you take it?”

“Sounds that way to me,” the reporter said.

“Well, do you regret talking to me?”

“Hell, no!” the reporter said. “You are a fun guy to talk to. I just thought it was funny is all.”

I laughed. “Well, if they are pissed off, it means I’m doing something right. And before I’m done, there will be a lot more pissed off people, you can count on that. Sounds like mafia tactics to me. What do you think?”

“That’s the first thing I thought of,” the reporter added before we went into another interview for a story being prepared for another article.

What do all these stories have in common? Unions! Radical, manipulative, destructive, socialist unions paid for with our tax money to work against all us at every turn. It is because of the unions that I fully support ISSUE 2. I want to support teachers who elect to remove themselves from union membership. Because what I know about their activity is far scarier than any of the haunted houses at Kings Island or the thrill rides catapulting you into the darkness as you ride them. The teachers unions at their heart are a socialist organization created by enemies of America.

Their work is subtle and has been for years. Even many of the teachers who belong to their organization aren’t aware of the slow cooking employed upon their minds to create a radicalized soldier for progressive causes, and those teachers, because the pay is good, and the benefits are unlike anything in the private sector will swallow whole the message of their parent unions and teach those same radical methods to our children. This doesn’t happen in one school year. It happens over decades and the true intentions are disguised with careful language so not to tip-off the public as to the real aim. But it’s been going on a long, long time. For evidence, feel free to view these links in great detail.

In Ohio the NEA (NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION) contributed $1 million to defeating Issue 2 and they are a radical organization. Look at their reading list, shown on their website. These are the books that the NEA wants the teachers you pay for to read. The NEA is the parent union to the OEA (Ohio Education Association) and specific to Lakota the OEA is the parent organization to the LEA (Lakota Education Association.) These books are listed as they appear on the NEA website.

Rules for Radicals
Saul Alinsky, Vintage Books, 1989
The classic book about organizing people, written by one of America’s foremost organizers.
Organize for Social Change

Midwest Academy Manual for Activists
Third Edition, Kim Bobo et al, Seven Locks Press, 2001
This is one of the best books about collective action and putting the screws to decision-makers. It’s about winning battles.

Building More Effective Unions
Paul Clark, Cornell University Press, 2000
Penn State Professor of Labor Studies Paul Clark applies the latest in behavioral sciences research to creating more effective unions. His insights are both astute and highly practical.

The Trajectory of Change: Activist Strategies for Social Change
Michael Albert, SouThend Press, 2002
Z Magazine’s Michael Albert has assembled a collection of thoughtful articles on ways to overcome various obstacles to social change.

Roots to Power: A Manual for Grassroots Organizing
Lee Staples, Praeger, 1984
This is a good nuts and bolts guide to organizing. It is especially good on recruiting, developing action plans, executing them, and dealing with counterattacks.

Taking Action: Working Together for Positive Change in Your Community
Elizabeth Amer, Self Counsel Press, 1992
Written by a Toronto community activist, this book is easy to read, full of examples, and sprinkled with how-to-advice.

Organizing: A Guide for Grassroots Leaders
Si Kahn, McGraw Hill, 1981, Revised 1991
This book is well organized. You can find relevant material for your situation without reading the whole book.

Ethical Ambition: Living a Life of Meaning and Worth
Derrick Bell, Bloomsbury, 2002
A gem of a book that delves into the question of “Why become an activist?” It is both thought-provoking and energizing.

Soul of a Citizen: Living with Conviction in a Cynical Time
Paul Rogat Loeb, St. Martins Press, 1999
Provides solace for the activist‘s soul and juice for the activist’s battery

And this week, the NEA announced that it was awarding a $5,000 grant to two Wisconsin teachers for helping create union activists in 1st and 2nd grade students. Have a look for yourself. Here’s a screenshot from the NEA website, before they remove it.

Source article:

What’s happening is through radical union activity and small little rewards like higher wage compensation and benefits, grants and other perks, the radical unions are nudging their teachers to embrace radical ideas camouflaged behind carefully planted smiles and a public image. School boards are constructed to maintain that façade to the public, as the direction of the school boards is then controlled by the OSBA, the Ohio School Board Association who also reads the same types of books. School board members who don’t play nicely are pushed off the board, because the aim of a school board is to achieve public consensus. The game is a very subtle one, and for people who are more interested in watching Dancing with the Stars or picking up a magazine which features Jennifer Aniston’s newest love interest, they probably will think what I’m saying is a bunch of crazy talk. In fact, many school board members and even some superintendents might think so because their thinking is so specialized and focused on a specific task that they fail to see static patterns outside of their own experience. (TO UNDERSTAND STATIC PATTERNS AND WHAT THEY MEAN TO YOU CLICK THE LINK FOR REFERENCE.)

The reason they can’t see what is right in front of their face is described in that article. That is why they get angry with me, because they are either aware of what I’m saying or they are afraid of what I’m saying and they don’t want to believe it. But what I’m saying is not wrong. The only question is how long does it take for everyone else to learn and accept it so they can change their behavior.

As I looked at all the costumes around Kings Island on the Haunt night I saw that it is the masks that the unions show us. The education institutions themselves are all wearing them and they want you to buy into the product they are selling, care and education for your children with service and smile. But what the larger organizations of union control want are teachers to pay them dues so they can use that money to inflict social change. READ THIS ARTICLE TO UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY ARE AFTER.

So it is the masks that we see when dealing with public education, and it is the masks the kids are learning to shape their minds around. The process is so subtle that it happens like a slow cooker, but the results of that stewing process are absolutely evident in the Stacy Schuler trial. I think I am more alarmed at the casual behavior and lack of morality in the kids than I am in a teacher who had sex orgies with 5 of her students while helping the Mason School System pass their tax levy in the fall of 2010.

And see video of the trial and get a hint at what dirt is still under the rug in her wake. (SHE’S NOT ALONE IN THIS)

Behind the masks of these monsters running around Kings Island are simple teenage kids just like many of the customers in the park. The only difference between the customers and the dressed up monsters is the roles they play in the experience. If everyone stripped down to just a swimming suit and put the masks away, we are all the same. It’s the roles we play which differentiate the participants.

I don’t jump or get startled when I go through a haunted house. I enjoy going through them to see what level of imagination the people who build them can come up with, but I don’t allow my mind to suspend my belief system to accept what I’m seeing. However, many students, and parents do, and they are willing participants in the masks of public education which is constructed by the radical elements of the union movement. Those organizations are intent not just to scare our society, like the monsters in a haunted house. They actually want to change society and they are using our tax money to do it.

Oh……the ride is almost over and we’re pulling back into the station. Wasn’t that fun? Do you want t ride again? Well, ride this ride as many times as you’d like. Go back to the beginning and read it again, and again and again, because as we pull into the station to end this ride for the moment we have to study what we learned. Herman Cain understands what is at work behind the scenes and he sought to exploit that hypocrisy with his new ad and I love it! Because the message does not speak to the masks we wear in society, but to the soul behind the mask who knows that everything is an illusion. When the funding structure of an education institution is in jeopardy, seemingly sane people, young and old, who have been carefully trained over many years to believe radical concepts of change implemented by an aggressive teachers union, will flock like insects to protect that funding structure. Kids will steal and vandalize signs. They’ll apologize for their teaches radical behavior, they’ll call up reporters and attempt to gain control of the media, they dress up in the scariest mask they have to frighten you along in a haunted house on a path they have established. They’ll take away busing to “nudge” parents into passing another levy, because the cost of fuel alone exceeds the cost of the tax. They’ll threaten the safety of the community; they’ll attempt to create anxiety over property values, over emergency services, over lack of college opportunities. They’ll do all this to frighten you along in a haunted house of their design.

I can see in Cain’s eye that he’s seen it all and done it all and he is not willing to suspend his beliefs to become frightened. In fact, he’s inviting the thugs, the creeps, the zombies and every political terror imaginable to attempt to scare him with that ad and I absolutely love it! Because what it does is force people to analyze their own behavior and ask the question, why do I believe what I believe. Do I really think that and if so…………..why?

As we pull into the station and you get off this ride, ask yourself, what do you believe, and why do you believe it. Do you choose to allow masked zombies to frighten you because you are bored and want the entertainment? Or do you really believe that they are the monsters they appear to be? Because when you’re ready for the truth, you can join me in line to enjoy the spectacle for the show it is, enjoy having some steak fries in the cool evening air as people relish in the festivities. But you don’t take it too serious because it’s really only a show, and when you understand that, you can then begin to consider the true value of what it costs to put on such a show. Once that happens, a level of truth can finally be explored.

So…………….what’s it gonna’ be. Want to ride again? Go ahead……………………………………………

Before we step out of this car let me share with you a video from 24 years ago just to let you know I am acquainted with what I’m talking about. My wife and I first bought a mobile home instead of doing the usual thing of renting an apartment as our first residence. The idea is we wanted to own our home, not rent it. Every year the trailer park had a huge trick or treat night on Halloween and I loved it. Several hundred kids would come to our residence so I’d set up a haunted house and make kids “earn” their candy. I’d sit in a chair in my living room and make them come and get the candy out of my lap. Under the bowl of candy I had an air hose that I shot at the kids when they took the candy. It was all in fun, except for the smart mouthed girls that I threw out of my house. Some things never change not only on my end, but on the other side as well.

I still do things like this, but it was never as fun as in that mobile home park because our homes after this period of time have always been outside of neighborhoods so I never had that many trick or treaters again. But it’s also fun to see that some things never change and that people behave the same no matter how young or old they are. If I had my wish, I’d ask that everyone in society be like the last kids in that video, where they willingly suspended their beliefs to have a little fun, but they never lose themselves in the act. And when it’s over we all go our separate ways with an appreciation of the show and don’t try and impose change on one another for the act of control. That’s where the line gets crossed and the threat of violence isn’t just in some Halloween fun, but to alter the freedoms and income we are all entitled to enjoy without tyranny.

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Robert the Bruce of Issue 2: Looking for WARRIOR POETS in Ohio

When I hear Bill Cunningham anymore I can’t help but think of Robert the Bruce, the noble who left William Wallace on the battlefield in the film Braveheart. In that film Robert the Bruce made a deal with the political establishment to leave William Wallace in the middle of the battle, an act intended to defeat Wallace. Robert the Bruce, who was a wealthy land owner wasn’t ready to give everything up in an alliance with Wallace, so he took the deal and left Wallace to die. You can see here where Bill Cunningham knows he’s doing the wrong thing turning against his friend John Kasich when he speaks with Ed Schultz. Cunningham, as a wealthy lawyer himself is not ready to speak out against a system he helped build. Pay close attention to the words Cunningham speaks. It’s scripted and you will hear it again later in this post.

While Cunningham and Schultz were talking on MSNBC an epic debate was underway in Ohio between, Sen. Keith Faber and former Ohio Congressman Dennis Eckart over Issue 2. Faber without question won the debate. He answered every question thoroughly, and as completely as possible. Eckart used the position of the unions which is all emotion to answer virtually every question. You can see the complete debate for yourself here. Part one is the first video, part two, is the second video. Watch it and make the decision for yourself.

It’s interesting that Eckert used exactly the same metaphor regarding the mother-in-law as Cunningham did. That means that both men are reading the talking points created by the union interests that runs deep in our culture, and is responsible for much of the corruption that goes on in politics. Remove the union influence, and aspects of government that are corrupt would be greatly illustrated. The unions are spending upwards of $60 million dollars on manipulating the citizens of Ohio into a moment of self-doubt, to preserve their empire.

This morning an employee came up to me and said, “You’re for Issue 2, right?”

“Yes,” I said. “I’m a tremendous supporter of Issue 2.”

“Well, I think it’s just terrible. They want to take away our collective bargaining rights.”

I said to them, “Nobody has a right to collective bargaining. What makes you think it’s a right?”

“It’s in the constitution!” They were very angry when they said this.

I took a breath. “No, it’s not in any constitution either federal, or state wide. Collective bargaining for public employees was created by corrupt, progressive politicians to ‘purchase’ voting blocks for themselves. It has nothing to do with actual rights. FDR started this discussion and Kennedy finished it off as a favor to the mobs in 1962 with Executive Order 10988. That’s when public unions were allowed to form and it was a mistake. Unions have NO natural rights to anything I have. They do not have a right to collectively bargain for the tax money I toss in the pot to spend on our government services.”

“But they pay taxes too!” They said.

“Yes, but the difference is for the public employee, they pass the hat around, they all contribute and at the end, they divide up among themselves what they put in, because their wages come out of the hat. I put money in the hat and it never comes back to me. I don’t get money back out of the hat. It goes around, I contribute, and I get back an employee for public service, and I have a limit on what I’m willing to pay for those services. Collective bargaining in my opinion should have been abolished in Issue 2, along with the idea that public employees should be in a union. It doesn’t go far enough in my opinion! I see Issue 2 as a very fair reform that is ESSENTIAL to the future of Ohio.”


Here’s the deal, Governor Kasich did balance his budget which was $8 billion in the hole at the start of 2011. Issue 2 will not affect his budget. But Kasich turned off the bleeding money that came out of Columbus so there isn’t any money to lobby from the State. That means that the money for all school districts and community services will have to come from higher taxes in those regions. So as the unions are looking to loot state and federal money to cover their budget needs, that money is gone, leaving it to the communities to cover the difference.  (SOURCE ARTICLE FOR PICTURE)

Now I support the move by Kasich, because all that state money is also my money, and I like to see that he’s getting his hands around it. And it’s a lot easier for me to help cover costs in my local community away from the union lobby in Columbus, so I have no problem with what Kasich has done. But without Issue 2 as a tool, tax increases will be an epic demand right out of the gate in 2012 and the money isn’t there. So all these people protesting against it, like Cunningham and Eckert political progressives in function, the money isn’t there to satisfy the “fairness” they are looking for.

The unions claim they have “given back” a billion dollars. Well, it wasn’t enough because the budget demands have not went away. So maybe they need to give back another billion dollars in order to balance our community budgets. And if they don’t want to do that, then find another job. It’s a choice. But under their definition of “giveback” it is equivalent to a ship of pirates considering on whether or not to plunder a town. If the value of a town is $1 billion dollars and the pirates decide not to attack the town, this is how the unions define a “give back.”

I can’t think of a single reason to vote no on Issue 2. I wish it was more aggressive, but as it is, I think it’s fair from the perspective of society. It took a lot of courage to vote for Issue 2, the question is, do you have the courage to keep it? The unions are betting that you don’t, because they are spending millions and millions and millions of dollars on making you feel afraid, and to vote with those fears in mind on November 8th 2011. So do you have the courage to keep it, because as of now, you have it Ohio? This is an issue you cannot leave to other people; you must show up and protect it with your vote. Because the unions will all be there to protect the status quo and ability to take our money without regulation. All you have to do to stop that kind of looting is VOTE YES on ISSUE 2, and have a little backbone in the silent isolation of the voting booth.

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Radicals in Lakota and Fairfield: Vandals steal and destroy VOTE NO signs

Over the weekend the No Lakota Levy group began to put out our signs. We started with 200 beginning Friday afternoon however by Saturday morning, during the darkest part of night, 50 of those signs were gone, some of them ripped out of the ground and thrown all over parking lots. And in the yards of a couple of people who had big 4’X5’ No Lakota Levy signs driven into the ground with 2”X2” posts, those signs were completely taken and in their place hanging from a tree was the sign you see shown in the picture.

“Someone paid for your education, time to pay for ours.”

It would appear that several groups of radicalized students scurried the neighborhoods across Lakota and vandalized our signs and even went so far to plan for the event. They obviously trespassed onto the property of an owner of the No Lakota Levy signs. They had to in order to take the signs and hang that message in the tree.

Now, who believes that these children did this on their own? I can hear their voices now while at Steak and Shake at 2:30 in the morning, “Hey let’s go help our teachers by stealing the signs of the No Lakota Levy people, those selfish, evil, corporate bastards.” See, kids typically don’t think of things like this on their own, because they don’t understand or know what the financial situation is. In the case of the message from these little vandals, “we are paying for your education! Most every house you see in the community, like the ones you trampled through with no respect to their property rights, pay a property tax of $2000 to $4000 a year and that money goes to your education! The community has been supporting a $160 million dollar budget that fleshes out to $250 million in undeclared money. Who’s not supporting your education?”

Well, here’s the problem. It happened last time and it’s happening this time where several teachers are spending time preaching about the levy to students in the classroom, and it is through these radical diatribes that students become empowered to vandalize.  And this isn’t specific to Lakota.  Arnie Engle from Fairfield which is the next district over from Lakota sent me pictures of their destroyed signs as we spent a good part of Sunday replacing our signs.  Arnie has a long history of being harassed in Fairfield because of his push for reforms so he’s documented his vandalism very well.  I’ll put those pictures up to share so it can be seen that this is an epidemic all over the city and has in common a radicle teachers union that is larger than a school district border.  (Is this what public education is all about?  Stacking the school boards with union candidates and trying to intimidate ANYONE who stands up to them?  WHAT DO YOU THINK?)

It’s not just teachers, but administrators play the game equally.  I know personally of principals at some Lakota schools who are encouraging their PTA members to boycott businesses who don’t openly support the school levy. We have proof of principals who sent emails to their staff complaining about the public after the last levy failed. Have a look for yourself. The guy who wrote the letter at the link below left shortly after this letter got out, so he’s no longer at Lakota, but it shows what kind of employees some of these people are and how grateful they are to their employers, THE PUBLIC! (we were paying Mr. Holbrook $98K per year! And if you read his letter, you can see what his attitude was)

And look at this letter from the school board president, Joan Powell, who is blaming everyone but herself for rifts forming on the board. The rifts are forming because The No Lakota Levy group is asking questions and some members are trying to answer. I don’t care how wrong they were in the past, I care that they listen today. As school board members are you more loyal to the OSBA or to the people who elected you as their representatives? Because I don’t give a rats ass about the damn OSBA and their consensus building where all the school board members vote in unison for everything and hand to the unions everything on a silver platter! I want school boards who will do the job, and I have news for you folks, No Lakota Levy isn’t going away. The more you fight us, the more costly to you it will become. (Look at Joan Powell’s letter and who she’s picking for school board)

You can hear the speech I gave on this matter at this link:

The school system itself through the radicalized unions are behaving like a crime syndicate, and those participants in radicalism keep their own noses clean, but they openly complain about opposition to their tax levy using class time to do it, hoping to recruit soldiers among our children to carry out their deeds of destruction. It is the students themselves who find themselves seduced into radicalism by their instructors to do their bidding in the middle of the night stealing political material from the “other side.” At the higher level the administrators are participating in the same tyranny using the radically emotional mothers of the PTA’s to participate in boycotts against businesses. That’s how the mob works people! That is not how a school should operate! Everyone and I mean everyone who has participated in this behavior should be ashamed of themselves. And if I were in charge of the district I’d terminate every single one of you! EVERY ONE!  I find the radicalism present in these education institutions disgusting, small-minded and pathetic! And I can tell you this much, radical union lobbyists are not worth the money we are paying these people. We are paying them to TEACH! Not to become social reformers and advocates of unionized labor!

When I see that children have not been taught how much money the community is spending on their education, when I see the radical stance that the union will allow busing cuts before they dig into their own pockets, even when a teacher was injured in the process, because it’s an extortion tactic to pass tax increases! It’s no different from the mob charging for “protection money” to protect you from them! Those children didn’t get the words they put on that sign from their own minds. Those words came from a teacher because it’s the same garbage we hear in the anti-Issue 2 protests which come from radicalized unions. It’s the same garbage the Occupy Protestors are saying, which comes from radicalized unions via Facebook and other social networking sites. It’s the same garbage that comes from radical progressives like Richard Trumka, and James Hoffa and big union presidents like Obama. And to see it filter down into the children of our classrooms in the sacred land of Lakota sickens me to my core! Is this the education we are seeing our children receive from these highly paid teachers? Is this what we are spending so much money on? Because if it is, I think we should demand a refund.

The message to me is that the union position, which Move Forward (sounds a lot like reflects, can’t argue the problem. All they can do is glaze over it, so they seek to sabotage the message from groups like No Lakota Levy. They think that by stealing our signs and taking away our ability to question them, that everything will be fine and life for them will return to normal.

Last week I received this note from another radical union type. It is sad to consider that this person has children and actual influence over a young mind. With such people in the world it is clear that we understand why kids feel it is OK to vandalize property from homeowners to eliminate the messages they see as unfit. They are their own judge, jury and executioners in a world completely funded by the community, yet they seem to forget that, and believe that they are above us all. They are outrageous. Enjoy the note from one of those people and gain for yourself an understanding into the people who teach our youth:

• Since you are clearly a tea bagger I will assume you have zero intelligence. Kids need a well-rounded educational experience including arts and sports. Hey since you are so smart – google it. I live in Lakota and pay more than my share of taxes. i am sure more than an ignorant SOB like you but my kids and their future are worth it. Go back to your trailer park. By the way YEAH for the kids that took the signs, Kids are aware of the greed of people like you        

Now listen to the WLW broadcast I did one year ago on this very same issue with Scott Sloan! Listen to the whole thing. This recording was before Issue 2, before the busing cuts, before the new superintendent. And it shows the pattern of behavior that is at play here and now.

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Terror from the Ohio FOP: How much workers make in America

This radio ad from the Ohio FOP is to me one of the most disgusting I have ever heard. It’s disgusting because it assumes that the public in general are truly weak, and docile. While there are some who are, there are many who are not, and this ad is an insult to the intelligence and courage of the average Ohioan.

My answer to that ad is, police officers, keep your fat asses home. Stay at the coffee dispenser in Dunkin Donuts talking to the cashier. If some punk comes to my house and duplicates the encounter you recreated in that ad, this will be what that criminal encounters.

It’ll be nice and simple. I’ll even video tape it for testimony in court, so it will be without question within my Second Amendment rights to protect my property. And with that gun, there won’t even be a need for the first responders to show up. All you need is the meat wagon. I wouldn’t want to interrupt your card game around the firehouse. I’ll take care of the whole thing myself. I don’t need you.

I am willing to pay a certain price in taxes for my friends and neighbors who aren’t so self-reliant. But I am not willing to pay too much. I am not willing to support the unions which these employees are a part, because I do not support progressive politics, and the AFL-CIO is a progressive organization as defined by Richard Trumka. I do not want my money in his pocket, and if I give too much money to police, firefighters, and teachers who then give with union dues money to any group backed by the AFL-CIO, my money ends up in his pocket, which is theft from me. I see all progressive groups as detrimental to the kind of America I want to live in.

Read my article on Richard Trumka specifically here. This will explain to all my readers why the collectivism of union behavior is dangerous for America, and is unsustainable.

I am sick and tired of listening to moochers declare what heroes they are because they stand between criminals and the public, how they run into a fire when I run out. Such people are no different from the soldier who says to a naive 19-year-old girl in a bar just before he goes oversees, “I may be killed tomorrow, so will you sleep with me tonight?”

“Oh, you’re such a hero,” says the young girl. “Yes, I would love to be your last time.”

The soldier doesn’t say to the girl who he’s going oversees to be a cook in the mess hall, and will never see any danger. But he uses the mask of hero-worship to get laid. I see many public servants using the same tactic to garner higher wages for themselves. And that type of message doesn’t fly with those who know better, so let me make it clear. Heroes do not consider money before heroics. Heroes do not strike; they do not walk off the job. They do not cry when they are shot at, and they get back on their feet when tragedy strikes, which in dangerous occupations happens often. A mercenary does do work for money, which isn’t a problem, because many people do. But call it what it is.

For instance, when the firefighters of Monroe, Ohio in June of 2011 haggled over a contract demanding a 5% increase in wages for a three-year period, those are not heroes, they are mercenaries. When a union like police and firefighters negotiate over health care benefits, wages, and retirement benefits, they are mercenaries. Not heroes. You are not a hero just because you put on a uniform. You are a hero when you act heroically.

The confusion that society has on this issue is obvious. Click the link below to see how much police and firefighters make in my community and consider how that happened. If you’ll look at that list, there are many employees who make 70K to 80K per year. Teachers in my community make an average of 63K per year. Now compare that to the list below which shows what jobs all across the country make, including teachers, firefighters and police.

This is what people make in America on average by salary range.

Salary range: $20,000-$29,999

1. Personal home and care aides: $20,280
2. Manicurists and pedicurists: $22,150
3. Funeral attendants: $23,880
4. Landscaping and groundskeeping workers: $25,340
5. Dietetic technicians: $28,530

Salary range: $30,000-$39,999

6. Veterinary technologists and technicians: $30,580
7. Travel agents: $32,450
8. Dental assistants: $34,000
9. Police, fire and ambulance dispatchers: $36,470
10. Massage therapists: $39,780

Salary range: $40,000-$49,999

11. Surgical technologists: $40,710
12. Law clerks: $41,960
13. Flight attendants: $43,350
14. Firefighters: $47,270
15. Health educators: $49,060

Salary range: $50,000-$59,999

16. Food service technicians: $50,850
17. Respiratory therapists: $54,200
18. Anthropologists and archaeologists: $57,230
19. Editors: $58,440
20. Public relations specialists: $59,370

Salary range: $60,000-$69,999

21. Zoologists and wildlife biologists: $60,670
22. Insurance underwriters: $63,300
23. Registered nurses: $66,530
24. Audiologists: $66,850
25. Budget analysts: $69,240

Salary range: $70,000-$79,999

26. Microbiologists: $71,980
27. Computer programmers: $74,690
28. Sociologists: $76,190
29. Radiation therapists: $77,340
30. Marine engineers and naval architects: $79,240

Salary range: $80,000-$89,999

31. Chiropractors: $80,390
32. Administrative services managers: $81,530
33. Financial analysts: $85,240
34. Producers and directors: $86,870
35. Biochemists and biophysicists: $88,550

Salary range: $90,000-$99,999

36. Art directors: $91,520
37. Construction managers: $93,290
38. Compensation and benefits managers: $95,230
39. Purchasing managers: $96,910
40. Advertising and promotions managers: $97,670

Salary range: $100,000-$109,999

41. Political scientists: $101,050
42. Astronomers: $102,740
43. Judges, magistrate judges and magistrates: $103,990
44. Air traffic controllers: $106,990
45. Law teachers, post-secondary: $109,150

*Salaries are the according to the National Compensation Survey.

You can see the source link article here:

When I tell some of these local public workers that they make too much, and they used emotion, the heroics of others to get it from the public in the form of tax increases, I hear back that I’m being cheap. “Can’t you afford just $24 a month more to support your local public servants?”

“I would if they were broke, or even making a middle-class wage, but they are doing exceptionally well. They don’t need an increase. I need that money to pay for my Netflix account. That’s more important to me than giving someone who has too much even more.” Is that selfish? No, because for many, some people may not be able to pay their cable bill, or the cell phone bill, or may have to give up Netflix so a public worker can have a 2 to 3% increase on a top salary of over 70K per year. Give me a break!

Even if you take two of the highest paid communities in the country, the cops, firefighters and teachers in Southern Ohio are making an enormous sum of money, which every dollar must be funded with tax money.
The U.S. capital has swapped top spots with Silicon Valley, according to recent Census Bureau figures, with the typical household in the Washington metro area earning $84,523 last year. The national median income for 2010 was $50,046. Silicon Valley has an average household income of $83,944. That’s HOUSEHOLD income. The figures indicated for the public workers are for individual salaries, not households. The only people who don’t think these salaries are out of control are people who have lost touch with reality.

See the source article for those numbers here:

That brings up the next question, why are these salaries so high? Why, especially in the southern part of Ohio? Well, southern Ohio is a particularly conservative part of the country and the people tend to vote in a conservative fashion. So the progressive unions know that to purchase the loyalty of those who would otherwise vote for Republicans they need to provide a service they wouldn’t get any other way, so the AFL-CIO has managed to obtain for their members very high wages, which they collect money in the form of union dues to fuel their progressive organization. The conservative police officers, firefighters, and teachers put on blinders to the progressive direction of the union because the pay is so good. They are mercenaries and the unions know it. The wages are so high to purchase the loyalty of the members, because those employees would not make wages that are so high under natural competition. Only by artificially increasing the wages, which are paid for by us with tax increases, the unions can then maintain a progressive army that they purchase with threats of panic and intimidation.

What else is that ad from the Ohio FOP but a fear tactic? They are declaring that we should vote to repeal Issue 2 so that there is a police officer available if someone is breaking into our homes.

I would expect a higher standard from a police force, and am disappointed that they think in such shallow terms. In my life I have no value for public employees who are so petty, have such high expectations and are assisting a progressive political agenda. I’d rather deal with the cop who has told the AFL-CIO to get out of their life. I don’t want a firefighter employed in my district that is in a group headed by Richard Trumka, and endorsed by Barack Obama. I want no part of these organizations. And I certainly don’t want to pay a teacher to preach disastrous leftist doctrines in a school that I pay for, such as I learned about a few days ago which is covered in greater detail at this article:

I would rather do the job myself than pay too much for a group endorsed by any union. The extremism shown by the Ohio FOP solidifies my distrust in the process which says all public workers should be in a public union. I would say none of them should be. Unions should be illegal in public service, and if there is no Issue 2 this year, the next step is to rid ourselves of unions all together in Ohio. We tried to be nice, and we are given insulting ads such as what the Ohio FOP created. That shows what they think of people in Ohio and that sentiment is not rooted in respect. It’s an insult!

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Playing in the Mud on Issue 2: Why is so much TAX needed?

A controversy erupted over a new ad regarding Issue 2. The grandmother of a young girl named Zoey did a repeal ad for Issue 2 asking people to vote No so there will be firefighters available to save future Zoey’s. The pro group who wants a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 took the contents of the ad and used it in a different cut to explain why keeping Senate Bill 5, by voting YES on ISSUE 2 will also help future Zoey’s. Well, the grandmother didn’t like having her words used out of context. She was giving an interview in the ad which precisely articulated the bullet points of the repeal campaign of the pro union movement, so the Better Ohio marketing people felt that ad was fair game to turn against the repeal attempt.

Doc Thompson did a segment about this controversy and I came on toward the end of it to provide some background about how S.B.5 was born and why all public workers were placed under the umbrella of Issue 2, which Doc felt was causing much of the problems that are starting to emerge. Both sides are getting furious and undermining each other with dirty tricks.

I explained that part of me understood why the people who want to keep ISSUE 2 by voting YES enjoyed punching back at the union rhetoric for a change. After all, the repeal campaign was attempting to exploit the older woman and the catastrophe of her granddaughter. The unions have a long history of distorting facts to play off the emotion of the public in order to negotiate for themselves results to their liking. But I also explained that this wasn’t needed, since the ISSUE 2 YES people of which I represent don’t need to stoop to the level of the unions, since the facts work in our favor. So I thought the ad was unnecessary. You can see the original ad at the link below.

Obviously, the repeal attempt is attempting to manipulate the public, and they haven’t even thought about what will happen if Issue 2 gets repealed. The overwhelming amount of selfishness exhibited by the Repeal People is even bewildering to me. Collective bargaining has never been a “right” yet the government employee culture has come to expect disproportionate benefits from the tax payer and they have shown they will do anything to get them, even if the benefits come at the expense of their co-workers who are under them in seniority. Without Issue 2 there will be no legal way to balance our budgets, and massive layoffs will occur, and we will lose teachers, firefighters and police. So the YES ISSUE 2 people put together the ad you see below which turns the first ad back around on that same group with truth, which caused the controversy.

To make matters even worse the issue is very confusing as it’s worded on the ballot. I spoke to many people who think they are quite intelligent who thought they were supposed to vote NO to implement the collective-bargaining reform, and I spoke to people who thought they were supposed to vote YES to get rid of it. So who knows what will happen on Election Day.

At the core of this problem the union leadership knows that most people don’t care very much about anything to truly understand any situation. People are lazy, let’s face it, and politicians and unions have taken advantage of lazy people for years.

What many people don’t realize is that if their taxes were less, they’d be quite wealthy. Because the taxes come out of their checks without their knowledge, they don’t see how much they actually spend. They of course lose money each week in their pay checks, but they also pay tax every time they buy something. They pay tax on their properties if they own them, and they pay tax when they die. For virtually every movement they make, they are taxed, and they never take the time to contemplate the merit of the taxes. Is the money actually needed, or could the organizations that consume our tax money do more with less? Why should we do with less, so others can have?

A few days ago I spelled out my thoughts on taxes, and you can read them at the link below. I use almost nothing in government service, and would be happy if government stayed out of my life. I don’t want what the bureaucrat creates.

I was at a GameStop the other day buying a new video game and a woman about my age was at the counter talking to the staff member who was trying to explain to the woman who if she used a special promotional offer that GameStop was offering, the woman could save $15 dollars on the game she was buying for her son. To my shock the woman said, “Do I look like I need to save money!” I took note of her large diamond rings, her very nice attire, her manicured hands, her hair, and her ear rings. I had heard her say earlier that she lived in Blue Ash so it was important to her that people saw that she made a lot of money. I have heard the same thing from parents who want me to support the school levies. “Can’t you afford $40 more a month? What’s wrong with you?” It is the same mentality.

I see such a thought process as a disease. Insecure people who use their income as a way to prove their worth to the world have helped create the terrible problem we are currently facing, because it is those people who these union ads target, and traditionally, people like that woman voted YES for everything over many years as far as tax increases. The motive was to prove how much money she made, and people like her have been taken advantage of.

I have asked many people, why does you wife have to work? Why do you work such long hours? Why do you work two jobs? Why do you give up a night on the town with your wife or husband? Most of the time, the answer is, “I can’t afford it.” But these same people feel they must approve another tax levy so they don’t have to admit that money is short. I’ve actually seen people take on extra jobs just to pay their taxes.

But with the economy being what it is, the easy money is gone, so there are far fewer people than that woman these days, and the taxes have finally caught up to all of us. We are all working far too hard to pay taxes that we can see with our own eyes are wasted. The money is consumed like logs on a raging fire and we are continuously asked to make more logs to burn.

The much better ad about Issue 2 can be seen below. To my experience, this is what I see to be the state of our situation regarding public employee finance, and there is a real risk of those services being dilapidated because those at the top of the public pay scale will destroy it for those at the bottom.

In my own life, I have always watched where every dime goes. That’s why paying taxes to me is a painful experience, because I watch where the money is spent and how much comes out, and don’t numb my mind with senseless television shows and pop music to make me forget. I actually enjoy asking the hard questions. I enjoy being awake. And it is frustrating to me to see so many people asleep, willingly asleep. I don’t wish to run on a tread mill like some gerbil on a wheel of taxation, for the amusement of government. I do not wish to put my wife to work in order to pay our taxes; rather I’d have her shop at Victoria Secret at the Kenwood Mall to buy something to greet me at the door with. And that’s our business, not the affairs of anyone in government. I do not consider it a badge of honor to “afford” my taxes because that is the position of a fool. As of now I can do both, but if at some point the looters of government continue to take, and take and take my money and the money of my neighbors and friends, then such an option may not be possible in the future.

And many people are already at that point. My wife and I were dining at Chili’s recently and I studied the people at the bar while we ate. Many of the couples there were watching the baseball playoff games being shown and were drinking large quantities of alcohol. I knew a few of them, and knew that they were putting the bill on their credit cards and that their wives secretly resented their own jobs and wished they had the ability to stay home as my wife does. But those couples came to Chili’s to meet with other friends and keep up appearances because it’s important to them to be able to say they dined out and did some socializing. I’ve told those same men that you are working too hard to pay too much tax that if you paid less tax, you could enjoy coming to Chili’s and have the money to pay for it without worry.

“But I have plenty of money. I’ll pay of the American Express in full when it comes. No problem.”

Meanwhile the large government advocates, progressives, and unions seek to feed off this tendency with misleading ads like the Zoey clip. The entire ad contains virtually no truth, but does appeal to the greed in everyone, the greed in taking too much, and the greed in those who want the world to believe they can afford anything. That leaves the rest of us who actually pay attention to shake our heads. Yes, we want to lash-out when we have the chance, and our side should have taken the high ground and not stooped to that level of the union advocates, because we don’t need to. But, for a moment in time, it felt good to give back to those thieves and tax moochers a bit of their own medicine, even if it was the wrong thing to do. However, as we go forward, I suggest sticking to the facts and not wallowing in the defecation from which such corrosive minds preside. Keep the argument on the high plains of truth instead, because that’s where we are trying to lead people anyway. Getting in the mud with them doesn’t accomplish that.

The way I see it, for every tax increase, the quality of life for all people, except a government worker, goes down just a little bit each time. Because decisions must be made to either make more money to pay the tax, or to give up things you enjoy to pay the tax, and such a decision should not even be considered. And those who expect us to consider it are simply selfish, and are out for their own lifestyle increase and don’t care one bit what it costs us. It has nothing to do with safety, children, or future security, but has everything to do with losses in quality of life. Without a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 we will have to make the hard decision to see those public services decline, because we won’t have the opportunity to legally keep them and afford them at the same time. Issue 2 gives us the ability to do both, which is what this whole fight comes down to in the end.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior