Why to Buy a MyPillow Product: Mike Lindell’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Lindell did great on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

I can understand why Mike Lindell went on Jimmy Kimmel to face an obvious hit piece against him. I’ve been there myself on a more local issue, but I can certainly relate to the danger of doing so.  Mike has had a rough life, mainly because of his actions.  He has an addictive personality which he filled with crack and cocaine abuse.  I was turned off by Lindell for a long time and resisted buying any of his MyPillow products because of it.  But because of all the excellent work he has done with and for President Trump, I have let him in, and I now have lots of MyPillow products in my home and RV. They are excellent products, they do make me sleep great, and I want to keep supporting Mike Lindell in his efforts because what he has done with his new wealth is some great good.  He has been one of the leading advocates of election fraud that has cost him a lot.  Most of the box stores have removed MyPillow products from their inventory which is a standard action that liberals all have.  They mean to destroy any company that does not agree with them, and that was what culminated in Jimmy Kimmel inviting Lindell on his show to attempt to make a fool of the MyPillow inventor.  Mike Lindell did the one thing he could have done to deal with such a challenge.  He went on the show and attacked the problem rather than let the problem attack him.  I think he did such a great job that I’m going to buy a few more pillows from the former drug addict, the now-born again Christian, and leading voice of redemption for the 2024 Trump presidential campaign. 

Watching the interview with Kimmel, which Lindell features on the front page of his new Frank Speech.com social media site, is the standard to make friends with the guest so that you can lower their defenses yet attack and make fun of them as some extreme personality.  Kimmel meant entirely to shame Lindell into some admission that he’s a freak with a fried brain that couldn’t be believed of anything regarding allegations of election fraud.  But Kimmel is part of a larger story, the corporate story of an attempted coup where they took over our election process and put a puppet in place that they moved the mouth and expected us not to notice. Kimmel’s job, which is why he has a late-night show anyway, is to establish cultural norms through comedy to build social consensus.  Lindell has been funding the efforts to root out election fraud, and now things are getting hot, particularly in Michigan and Arizona.  The plan was to be well past all this by now.  Because of the wealth of Mike Lindell, he has the financial resources to have these investigations.  Since the government won’t audit themselves, Lindell has used his new power and influence to get the message out on his own through his funding and launch of the latest social media site to compete with Facebook and Twitter.   Now that he has, many millions of people are now seeing what they suspected was always there, fire under the smoke of election fraud. 

So it was Kimmel’s job as a member of that corporate media to bring Mike on his show and ridicule him into hiding.  You would be surprised how common all this is.  It’s not the kind of thing that gets discussed in everyday conversations, but most of us are well aware of its presence in our lives.  It’s one of those over-the-shoulder things that haunts most people in everything they do.  Kimmel, during the interview, went well out of his way to paint Lindell as a person still affected by crack addiction which is why he couldn’t accept the election results of the 2020 presidential coup.  There isn’t any other way to talk about it.  The election was an attack that should insult all of us.  It certainly wasn’t a fair and honest election.  But much to his credit, Mike Lindell was slick and very optimistic, and he was able to overcome all the opposition against him on that remarkable show. I’d advise anybody concerned with these kinds of things to study how Lindell handled himself with great humor and humility. I’ve been in that exact kind of spot before, as I referred to earlier. I’m not a very humble person and never plan to be.  I don’t do drugs, I have never done drugs, and I work my ass off every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, before the sun is up and well after it goes down.  I don’t have room in my life for losers like Jimmy Kimmel, and if put in the same situation would have had a confrontation with the comedy host.  However, due to his past, Lindell is very humble, and it was just the right formula to turn the tables on Kimmel and keep the interview very positive.  Mike won supporters, which wasn’t the plan of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The Proof is Clear on Election Fraud

Over the past week, Lindell continued to do well for the cause by hosting a rally at Mitchell, South Dakota, in the famous Corn Palace.  It was a great event with thousands of people who showed up to support the launch of the Frank Speech social media site, which is coming on after a lot of trouble launching.  The media reviews of the event were horrendous; they are worried that Lindell will disrupt their plans, nothing seems to be stopping this born-again religious Christian, and I am having fun watching it.  They can’t seem to find anything to take away from him.  Usually, with these kinds of big-time business owners, they (meaning the villains of election fraud) find some weakness, something you care about and exploit it socially to keep you from doing more of what you do that makes them worry.  But what can you take from a guy who puts 100% of his trust in God and feels that the money he has made from MyPillow is a tool to bring justice to the world?  What can they take from Mike Lindell when only a few years ago, he was looking for crack crystals in the carpet of his apartment for one more hit that he was desperately craving because he had lost it all?  He knows what losing everything means, and he’s not in fear of it now.  Mike Lindell isn’t about the opulent lifestyle his new wealth could give him; he’s about justice, which has these evil people in the government and the media very worried.  There may be only 1 Mike Lindell out of millions of people, but that’s the truth of all these things.  It only takes one to bring it all down.  It only takes one sperm to conceive a baby.  It only takes one person to give birth to a revolution, local, national, or globally.  From my position, I see Mike Lindell as one of the most critical people on the face of the planet.  The least anybody could do is to buy a MyPillow product from the guy and keep this new revolution of justice going because it is the future wave of freedom and liberty.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Bounty Hunter Frank the Duntz Luntz: How consultants really run our government

Who Really Runs Our Government?

Well, I didn’t know it until the story broke that Kevin McCarthy was sharing an apartment with Frank Luntz, the pollster and what I call in my upcoming book The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, a “bounty hunter.” Frank Luntz in the Washington D.C. beltway swamp is undoubtedly one of those.  The rest of the world has known him as a consultant, which I think is a weak word for what he does.  Consultants in business and politics are there to mitigate risk from the real stakeholders of an enterprise, whether it’s a CEO of a large company or the House Leader for the Republicans in congress.  Those with the most risk to shoulder are often hiring bounty hunters to do their dirty work for them. It’s a common practice and is really at the heart of much of what is wrong in the world of commerce, which is why I have a special designation for those types of people.  I dedicate a whole chapter to this enterprise, and when people want to know why our government is so swampy, it’s because of people like Frank Luntz.  And when we look specifically at our current situation, such as the consensus-building against election fraud in the 2020 election, which allowed our tax payer funded intelligence agencies to conduct a coup against a sitting president who was massively re-elected.  (For proof the results in the Arizona audit are headed in that direction) That’s terrible news for bounty hunters like Frank Luntz, so there is a lot of doubling down that is going on because the villains are exposed, and they don’t want to be.

I never cared much for Frank Luntz.  He gathers information and uses it to shape strategy and opinions on politicians and the media’s topics.  He doesn’t just work as a bounty hunter for political characters but corporations as well.  So when it is wondered how policy gets shaped that often looks completely un-American, it is because of bounty hunters like Frank Luntz.  When we put people like Kevin McCarthy into power as voters to run the Republican Party in Congress, we expect to get him as our representative.  Not Frank Luntz.  But as Frank often does as a bounty hunter is sample opinions of some losers here and there then give the sum result to people like McCarthy, who ends up listening to them more than voters.  And that’s how a few bounty hunters end up running the entire town and is precisely why the Swamp, as we call it, has ended up being so corrupt.  Trump was so effective because he didn’t use consultants, had an excellent instinct for getting to the right decisions with his methods and didn’t hire it out or solicit it. During his administration, the bounty hunter types were far less valuable.  And they didn’t like that. 

Bounty hunters make their money by shouldering risk away from those with a lot to lose.  I have often said the primary effect of the modern CEO is not to have opinions and stand for anything at all as the head of a company.  The marketing people take care of the branding. Usually, a tradition for a big company has already established market reliability.  What the CEO does is keep risk from destroying what was built in the company. That’s why they hire bounty hunters to do their dirty work of opinion-shaping for them.  And that’s how Frank Luntz has gained a lot of power even though technically he’s pretty much a Duntz; he’s not very wise about things.  Bounty hunters like Frank Luntz only do one thing: to create advice that keeps their clients away from risk that might harm them politically or economically.  Yet here’s the catch, Frank Luntz is a Democrat, or he thinks like one.  So as a bounty hunter to the rich and powerful, he can then shape their actions to politics that he supports, which means that he controls our government.  Our votes are not. 

I have despised Frank Luntz for two occasions, first the way he set up Trump in 2015 toward the presidential election over John McCain.  It helped Trump more than hurt him when Luntz asked him if John McCain was a war hero.  Trump said his famous “I like people who don’t get caught.” Luntz, the bounty hunter, thought he had a way to knock off Trump at that moment, so he made a big deal about it.  But what do you know, Trump thrived off the negative coverage because voters enjoyed that the then presidential hopeful wasn’t just another phony hiring people like Frank Luntz to advise him on public policy, as so many Republicans had at that time.  The other time I wouldn’t say I liked Frank Luntz was on the night of the 2016 election, where the bounty hunter was very arrogant about what little chance Trump had about winning.  But guess what, Trump won easily, leaving egg on the face of Frank Luntz in a big way.  Yet like a bunch of idiots, the politicians kept hiring bounty hunters like Luntz, and the Swamp itself buckled down to establish a coup against our pick for president.  By the time we got to 2020, Luntz and many like him who make vast amounts of money steering our elected representatives toward leftist cultures and positions beneficial to them worked hard to talk about polls favoring gun control among the American people. He also spoke about polls saying people want to move on from accusations of election fraud, when in fact, the true polls Frank is talking about are him talking to two bald men and a goldfish to get the “feel” of the American public. 

McCarthy doesn’t know any better; he’s sharing a toothbrush with Luntz, so he has trust in Luntz, not so much in what the voters are thinking. That’s the bounty hunter game, to do what they were hired to do, let the chaos of the aftermath drive the sheriffs to fund another posse for the next villains.  Yet as bounty hunters have always done, whether in the Old West or the modern-day Beltway culture, they make friends with the bandits to encourage them into trouble so that the politicians will hire them again.  The bounty hunters never seek to solve the problem. Otherwise, they’d be unemployed.  They only want to take the risk away from someone like Kevin McCarthy when questioned about the GOP position on voter fraud or guns. Or even illegal immigration.  Frank will give advice that takes away the risk while steering Kevin in a liberal direction for the actual future strategy.  The bounty hunters need villains to make money, so they always nurture them along behind the scenes.  They don’t want to solve the problem. That’s why they all hated Trump because he wanted to solve the issues, and that meant he wasn’t calling bounty hunters to do the dirty work for him, which is where the real fix is in all politics. 

It’s just as big of a problem in companies as it is in politics, bounty hunters are everywhere, and they charge a lot of money to take the risk away from those most burdened by it.  But when you are a brash, battle-hardened CEO who didn’t pawn off the responsibility of risk to a bounty hunter, well, then things can get done, which is why Trump was so successful.  It’s also why Frank Luntz hated Trump so intensely and is working every day to restore his grip on politics in Washington and within the media. But people are getting wise to it, and that’s why I dedicated a whole chapter in my book to the matter.  It’s one of the most corrosive things in a mass communication culture, where bounty hunters are running things because everyone who should be in charge is too frightened by risk to do the job themselves.  If we want to fix our politics, we will have to get rid of the bounty hunters that are in it.  Then and only then can we expect things to improve.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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No Gun Control: We can’t trust this government especially after what they did to Rudy Giuliani

No Gun Control, we can’t trust this government

I’m not making threats when I say the FBI raid of Rudy Giuliani on the same day as Beijing Biden’s “state of the union” is why we can never give government rights to regulate guns.  The harassment and confiscation of the electronic devices Giuliani had by the FBI shows the massive corruption that the DOJ is capable of and how willing they were to break the law.  Of course, we know, as I said in the video above, that there are lots of strategic reasons for the raid from the big-government types using the FBI for political terrorism.  We are all big boys and girls, so we don’t need to talk about how unfair it is.  It is what it is.  The least talked about portion of the attack was digging up dirt on Trump, hoping to find something to build a case against his re-election.  The Democrats, who are the bosses of the FBI, know history.  Many times, a “great leader” was exiled out of their homeland only to gain strength and return for conquest.

Vladimir Lenin comes to mind before the Russian Revolution of 1917.  Except for this time, the communists are worried about Trump coming back into power. Many Democrats are concerned about Trump helping Republicans win back the seats within the House and Senate.  And even worse, they are worried that those Republicans won’t be Frank Luntz Republicans, the wishy-washy weak John Boehner types.  But more those like Ron DeSantis and Kristie Noem.  The risk to Democrats is genuine.  They expected complete conquest of Republicans after the election of 2020, but that hasn’t happened.  And now there is panic, so they used their pals in the FBI to harass President Trump’s attorney, the long-time well-respected figure Rudy Giuliani, Mr. Law Enforcement himself, and former mayor of New York.

I mentioned guns because it’s evident that we have a lawless society, and the Democratic party is in power and has control of our three-letter intelligence agencies.  What other conclusion is there?  Yet I have no plans to submit to their takeover of our country and their desire to undo America from within so that their financiers in China can conquer us for a greater good that only they think is good.  Just as China wants to do everywhere, especially in Taiwan and Japan, they mean eradicating us any way possible, and the Executive Branch represents that attack.  That leaves us needing guns to protect us from the lawlessness that this current government exhibits audaciously.  I don’t want violence, but this administration certainly does, and they attacked Giuliani as a warning to us all to submit to their power and authority.  If Rudy Giuliani can be attacked the way he was by the FBI and Biden Justice Department, then they can and will do it to any of us at any time.  Their intentions have been made known.  So why in the hell would we listen to these corrupt government types when they say that we should trust them with gun control?  That is like following instructions from a robber to leave your house unlocked so they can pillage you and your family whenever they feel like it.  Gun control is off the table in every way it could be.  Suppose we can’t trust elections, and we can’t take back our government from these riotous thieves? In that case, we’re going to need those guns for proper management of our government because it’s evident that the FBI doesn’t work for America; it’s for the corporate influences and the Chinese government behind the Biden presidency.

Additionally, various audits are going on regarding the election fraud that occurred in the election of 2020.  Rudy Giuliani has been one of the leading figures regarding questioning the election results.  Mike Lindell has been another as well as Sydney Powell.  All these people are being proven to be right about their accusation of voter fraud.  That is yet another reason to attack Giuliani, shut him up and find some dirt that might destroy his credibility.  If only they could get to Giuliani before the Arizona audit gets leaked.  When that happens, and everyone will realize that there were large amounts of fraud in those five states that shut down in the middle of the night to steal the election and that Fox News had the inside gaff, which is why they called it so early.  Many people at all levels of government could and should be in big-time trouble over that election.  Democrats have no choice but to deny, deny, and deny, attack, attack, and attack all those who might point out the crimes committed.  We are dealing with massive corruption here by the government that controls the FBI, so what does anybody think is possible with this situation?  That we might ask them to stop being so mean? 

What was done to Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, really all the Trump people who have been harassed and abused from well before his administration ever started was more than enough to justify a complete armed revolution.  We haven’t yet as Americans because we still have hope that the system might work yet.  But when we see a current president going after a former president and using the FBI to do it, then that is the Democrats begging for a war they think they will win.  Because Frank the duntz Luntz told them so.  We should all be insulted that this government has gone this far.  They are going for blood, and they intend to scare us all so far that we will comply without defending ourselves, just as they do in China.  That is where this playbook comes from.  The raid of Rudy Giuliani was unprovoked, illegal, and the sheer evidence of foreign influence over our current government that is as anti-American as conceivably possible, and it’s all reprehensible and cannot be accepted. 

We must deal with reality and not hopeful dreams; we are dealing with a vast evil that has no problem abusing people, even to their destruction.  And they aren’t doing it in the darkness of night; they raid these high-profile figures at 6 AM to show their command of our days.  They go for lower-profile people too, but they don’t make the news.  Our court system does not work anymore.  Wokeness has infected our corporations and entertainment culture to the point where they are trying to corral us all into the slaughterhouse pen for our projected destruction.  Then to seal the deal, they promote gun control as a fix to all the problems they caused for their very mechanisms of evil.  And the greatest insult is that they expect to get away with it because they always have.  To my mind, this means that when Republicans gain control over the Department of Justice, which Trump had, but he was too good of a guy to use that power—the next time, we better use it.  Otherwise, there will be nothing but blood to spill to regain our government and not find ourselves sold to China while sleeping, which looks to be the case now.  But there is no room for gun control of any kind.  There is no trust in this government because of the FBI’s behavior as political operatives for the Democrat Party.  That fault is their own, and they have not been shy about flaunting that power.  So, for our right, neither should we.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Rick Santorum was Correct: Indians deserved to lose in the context of history

America was correct to fight and beat the Indians

I have nothing at all against Indians.  There are many admirable traits that they have that speak well of them as a culture.  Yet my thoughts about them in the scheme of Westward Expansion is that they lost the war.  And they deserved to.  I can’t agree with the modern interpretation of these events.  Like 9.999999% out of ten, most people do not know history enough to have an opinion, and that includes the professionals who teach at our universities.  I have a unique relationship with history, and I can say that Rick Santorum was right about his comments in April of 2021 when he said that “there isn’t much Native American culture in American culture.” He has since walked back those comments due to intense pressure by the progressive elements of our society. They have made Native American worship just another political strategy to undo America as a country. Like their attempts to paint slavery as an excuse, North America should have never gone independent and, for unwarranted reasons, sought to destroy our Western culture with great effort using Indians as an excuse.  Yet some profound things happened that fully justify Westward Expansion and America’s founding as the correct and moral necessity that it was. The world of politics is entirely wrong in its approach.  For instance, if not for the real Pirates of the Caribbean, slaves today would have never been freed.  It took the pirates of the time to invent the concept of freedom in the world, and as pirates raided merchant vessels from England, France, and Spain, they freed black men being stolen from Africa whenever they could.  A democratic process was then created for the first time in human history that was directly learned by our Founding Fathers a century later.  That effort then translated to America’s Westward Expansion, which destroyed the culture of the Indians.  For the name of freedom, they deserved to lose. It should be celebrated, not regretted, for all the same reasons that it was Republicans who freed men and women of color upon studying the pirate movement.  The quest for humans to free themselves from an ominous past of king worship and imposition of radical religious movements which hindered the human mind for thousands of years was necessary.

You must know who did what to whom regarding slavery or the conquest of “Native Americans.” The desire for freedom from cultures of oppression, which England, France, and Spain were in the world of that time, before them, it was the Chinese coming straight out of the Ming Dynasty where they roamed the earth in their giant treasure ships procreating with cultures everywhere. At the same time, they spread the wealth of China liberally.  You likely didn’t hear about all this because they certainly don’t teach any about it in school. Still, there was trade going on globally between various cultures going back before Christ. As Spain was building little ships to send Christopher Columbus across the ocean to look for new trade routes to India, the Chinese for many centuries prior had floating cities bigger than anything previously seen on earth.  Their goal was to promote the might of China.  What we know about the modern Indian was directly attached to this effort.  Many Indian tribes were created globally and were hardly native to the continent from its inception.  The idea of diffusion from hunters and gathers coming down from the Bering Strait and settling the North American mainland first is preposterous.  Before known history, even a few thousand years before Christ in the Middle East, Phoenicians show evidence of trading in North America looking for vast copper mines in the Great Lakes region.  

I say all this for context because people upset with Santorum’s comments about Indians have pointed out the great societies of the Aztec and the people of Cahokia.  The massive pyramids just outside of St. Louis are just off the highway there as millions of people drive by every day and do not notice them at all.  Yet that is evidence of the extraordinary sophistication of global cultures trading all over the world.  That is the same kind of story as the Mound Builders of the Ohio and Mississippi Valleys.  We know now that these people were very large, some as big as 8 feet and 9 feet tall.  We call them giants now who came from the culture that built Stonehenge and were mixed with red-haired Vikings and migrants from Germany and perhaps even Egypt again well before Christ was born in a manger.  Lazy scientists who work in the Marxist university system over the very young fields of archaeology and anthropology are just beginning to scratch the surface of any global natural history.  There is so much that isn’t known. It has been way too soon to judge any culture anywhere regarding slavery, native status, and the like.  There is yet so much to learn.  They typically associate mound-building cultures as Adena and Hopewell Indians, but nobody knows.  With all the research that we have done, nobody knows anything about the Cahokia people who built those massive pyramids right in the middle of North America. It was all along a known trade route of the Mississippi River to the rest of the world, the pre-Mayan people, people in South America, and Africa, and beyond.  It is agreed that Cahokia supported a cityscape larger than London at the time. 

The Lakota, the Sioux, the Shawnee were not ancient cultures who built all these North American relics but were primitive offshoots of sophisticated societies that fell apart under the standard Vico Cycle.  I always talk about the Vico Cycle and people who turn back to the primitive under a necessity for the ambitious to rule over the lazy who are glad to follow.  So they became warring factions of hunter and gatherer tribes which is what met the first Americans.  The Five Nations of the Iroquois were not ever going to form a great government and shape the nature of human civilization. They had a chance, and they blew it long before Americans ever arrived to create a great republic.  Interpreters of history have it all wrong and did from the beginning turning the entire analysis into a political weapon instead of fact.  And when the two cultures met, the Indians were beaten as they should have been.  Their deep past was relatively shallow, and they felt the human need to be free of rule over tribal leaders and bloodthirsty kings.  Of course, the pirates were made out to be terrible.  Look at who interpreted history, the English, the Spanish, and the French, who were destroying the cultures at the time in South, Central, and North America for gold.  But Americans evolved and fought them all off, and freed the slaves, and stopped the long history of tyranny in the world for the first time. The Indians as we knew them were run over by the process, but that had been going on for many centuries, and if it hadn’t been Westward Expansion, it would have been themselves.  They would have destroyed each other as they were known to do.  Indians weren’t peace-loving victims. They indeed weren’t the ideal utopia of Sir Thomas More and other liberal contemplators of the human condition.  They were savages and muts from the world after tens of thousands of years of migration and global trade set to fail as all cultures typically do.  And in that regard, Rick Santorum should have never walked back his comments—because he was and remains correct.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Sycamore Fire Fighters Want Lawsuit Against Tax Payers: The meaning behind the IAFF

The Sycamore Twp Fire Department is threatening to sue the people of Sycamore due to the elimination of 14 full-time firefighter positions and 70 part-time positions. The International Association of Fire Fighters Local 3907 threatened suit against the township aimed at the trustees—who in fact are the representatives of the tax payers for violation of the union contract.

This is an old game and these public sector unions were warned that if Issue 2 was repealed in last years election that this would be the result. There were going to be layoffs of public employees, and trustees and school boards needed to have the option to eliminate jobs that allowed them to balance their budget instead of reducing their work force from the bottom up by seniority. This is the exact same problem that we have in our school systems, where employee costs and job security is the primary concern of the unions. In the case of the firefighters of Sycamore, they want to see the trustees go to the public with another tax levy, which is how many of these fire fighting positions have ended up paying over $60K per year exceeding what’s reasonable. The union contracts pushed off on administrations represented by the tax payers do not account for changing economic conditions, and in the case of Sycamore and many other townships, home values have plummeted, incomes have dwindled, and state money has been cut. The looter unions of the public sector expect their contracts to be honored by someone, they don’t care who, so they can continue to breeze through life playing video games between emergencies and having plenty of disposable income to live by. In this case the friendly neighborhood labor unions of IAFF are threatening with coercion action that would force yet another tax increase against the community or they will take the money from the community with a law suit, but they fully intend to get their money one way or the other. This reminds me of a line I read from The Fountainhead recently, where the villain of that fantastic novel stated, “We’ve fixed the coin, heads—collectivism, tails collectivism. Fight the doctrine which slaughters the individual with a doctrine that slaughters the individual.” What that means is that no matter which decision is made, individuals will be crushed by the will of collective salvation. This is the motive behind the labor movement—one which the average worker has no idea they are participating in, yet they are there, part of that double sided coin to invoke pressure against a community for the aims of international communism, and it’s all done with American flags flying from the back of the fire trucks and the illusion of patriotism.

This may come as a shock to many, but the IAFF 3907 has a very recent past. It was founded on January 5th, 1999. Prior to this move by fire departments to move into the international union backed by the AFL-CIO fire houses were backed by volunteers from the community. These days they still maintain that illusion, but since the 9/11 tragedy firefighters have been placed on a pedestal as heroes because of the valiant acts of those involved in the terror attacks of the World Trade Center. Promoted to the level of the military careers of soldiers, firefighters were given a free pass socially to do as they pleased, and for an entire decade during the Bush years, fire, police, and education levies were passed without public refusal driving up the labor costs of those employees to a level unprecedented in American history. Nobody questioned the union push by the progressive oriented AFL-CIO during this period because of “No Child Left Behind” as no politician wanted to be called anti-education, and certainly no politician wanted to go against the heroes of 9/11, the firefighters and police. So the two sides of the two sided coin of collectivism was played against the American people to arrive at a time where the tax payers can no longer afford the mentioned public employees, because those employees simply expect too much financial compensation.

This is all by design. The roots of every labor union, as are the roots of the ACLU, many newspapers, and most large organizations that have sprung up in the United States during the last 100 years of progressive influence, are openly rooted in communism. Not the kind of communism that became the USSR, or Red China, but the kind that started those countries on their current path. The influences of communism were also spreading in America due to the books by Karl Marx from the period just prior to the Civil War. Keynesian economics from England rooted in European socialism took political hold in the United States which greatly advanced communist thought in a capitalist society. It took some time to take hold, but by the turn of the last century, it was spreading. The way you can see its influence is by the term, “workers rights,” which is taken directly from the work of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. Many of the firefighters in the IAFF 3907 in Sycamore won’t understand this history—they’ll say they are not communists, they are—–capitalists? But they have forgotten, or do not understand the meaning, and thus serve the evil of communism without knowing it.

By virtually every chart viewed, public employees since they were granted collective bargaining rights in 1983 to today have increased their tax burdens on society dramatically. From the time of these public union formations of firehouses like the IAFF 3907 in 1999 to now, a very steady increase in the cost of public employees has taken place, particularly during the Bush years because of the conditions mentioned above. Communists disguised as political progressives layed in wait until a major crises before unleashing the full force of their social intentions—which is the complete socialization of education, police and fire departments so to fulfill the aims of communism as small encroachments over time gradually replacing American capitalism with world-wide socialism, which is the doorway to complete communism.

The reason people do not see communism for what it is, is because they have been breed to not understand how history connects. Collectivism is a seductive tune for the masses to sing, because many people lack personal courage, and the strength to stand on their own. Public education has encouraged this trend making it so the sensational are trivialized, and the mediocre are promoted. The only place for “heroes” in public education is in sports, because team sports are a form of collectivism. Notice that when people think of the NFL they assume that Super Bowls have always been around, but in fact the very first Super Bowl was January 15th 1967. At first glance I would say that football is the game of capitalism, but the team concept as it’s taught in public school is pure socialism. It’s the double sided coin of collectivism again, individuals are propped up to satisfy people’s needs for individuality, but entire schools and their students, parents, and staff are pulled into a form of collectivism, to gain their acceptance of the deeper concepts of collective salvation. Ever notice at a football game how often fans say “WE.”

Of course much of this talk is too sophisticated by a population that has been deliberately reduced intellectually to conceive of these thoughts, so they will simply rationalize their social positions by calling people like me “old-fashioned” and an extreme right-winged radical. But consider this, if Walt Disney was alive today and he and I were talking, he would agree with virtually everything I’m saying right now. It is not people like me who are wrong, it is those who have allowed their perception of reality to be swept so far to the political left that even the political right is left of center compared to the foundation of America. I use Disney as an example, because even to this day, his company is considered a mainstream company, his amusement parks are still the top destination in the world for people who want to get away from their daily lives. What do you think people are trying to get away from? Disney World is as close to pure capitalism as there is on earth right now and look at it. Costco, the store, is a very close second. My ideal society would be the world of the Epcot Center, in Florida. There communism is a distant thought and freedom of thought is encouraged.

But we’re not talking about amusement parks; we’re talking about the difference between communism and capitalism and the slow erosion that has been injected upon our culture and how people forget their history and have changed over time because they have been individually destroyed by the two-sided coin of communism. My position is to reject the coin flip all together. I reject both options presented to me by the communist infiltration of public employees and their mentality. I don’t want their service, and I don’t wish to pay for them under any circumstances. I could personally do better or organize a better system without the union “professional.” I reject the union end game of gradual communism and social supervisors. They can keep their double-sided coin of which they always win. The best way to win is simply not to even flip the coin.

This is where Sycamore Twp, Ohio finds itself. Doesn’t anybody question why an international labor union is heading up a local fire department? What does “international” have to do with Sycamore? The answer is nothing unless the taxpayers decide to flip the coin, and once they have, they find themselves trapped with a greedy labor union demanding payment. The communists who formed the union knew that by draining the wealth and value of the private property of American citizens that their love for possession would gradually erode away, opening their minds to communism. And that’s what the IAFF in Sycamore is offering to the tax payers, “pay us—or pay us, but staffing levels cannot be cut.” It’s the same argument of our public schools, pay us, or pay us. “Refuse, and we’ll take away your buses, we’ll take away your sports which will cost a $1000 dollars instead of just a $100 if you had paid the tax increase in the first place.”

Communism is the root of this mentality and you can tell who they are by those who say, “Worker rights.” Those are the dirty rotten communists of our day, the parasites who offer a coin flip of which they win either way—if they can trick you into playing their game—which most do. My advice to the people of Sycamore is to not allow the coin flip, to not allow themselves to be pulled into an emotional argument that allows fear to drive the logic of the tax payer. The way to get rid of an international union from your neighborhoods is to cut off the head of the beast and let it die of starvation. And if you have a fire, or emergency, take care of it yourself or with a volunteer group that you form yourself in your neighborhoods. Save your money for your own use, and never commit to higher taxes, because they will never stop asking, until you are simply broke and overcommitted. Playing the coin toss game with communists will always lead to a failure because the communist will cheat to make their point every time, and their overall strategy is to end your way of life using your friends and family to carry out the attack.


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Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

While you wait for Tail of the Dragon, read my first book at Barnes and Nobel.com as they are now offering The Symposium of Justice at a discount which is the current lowest price available.

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Environmental Terrorism from Naomi Klein: Green is the new red of communism

Evidence that progressives will completely lie to advance their “green movement” can be seen in the video below. (Check out the size of the driver!)

Many wonder why I picked public education as my target strategy to beat back the international terrorists called progressives who have decided to invade my country The United States. The answer of course is to protect the property rights that are pillaged by high taxes from labor unions operating under government schools. But the more fundamental issue for me is the content of the education itself—what are our teachers instructing our young about and why. The answer to that question set my target, because of an article I read in The New Yorker way back in 2008 promoting Naomi Klein’s second book Shock Doctrine.


If you don’t know Naomi, she is an articulate, well-meaning spokesman for her cause. She is typically soft-spoken and very profession in her presentation of facts. She’s also a radical progressive, which is the new name for communism these days. In that New Yorker article I realized that socialists were a very real threat to the United States and that people like Naomi—who is Canadian working aggressively with global greenie weenies to destroy American forms of capitalism with the concept of carbon credits and other regulatory infringements on a mission to save the world from mankind. You can see a bit of Naomi Klein’s work and beliefs in this video from the Copenhagan Climate Talks.

In the New Yorker article from back then it is easy to see now in hindsight what was going on, as President Obama hadn’t even set foot in the White House yet. At a speech Naomi Klein gave at the Bloor Cinema in Toronto, Canada copies of Socialist Action were being sold for a dollar each to the line that stretched to the end of the block and around the corner. As 850 audience members took their seats Klein took the stage and gave her speech that migrated from topics of fighting racism and poverty, working for education, international solidarity, justice for immigrants and solidarity with Palestine. But most notably in the New Yorker article was the picture of Naomi wearing a pin, “MOVE THE CENTER.” This nice young woman was truly a radical in disguise openly advocating war against America and promoting moving the political center more to the left. Now, four years later we have seen every one of the issues she mentioned in that Toronto speech played out in the administration of Barack Obama to a fault, and the political center has been moved very, very far to the left—in favor of the greenie weenie religion of climate terrorism.

School teachers would be one of the first since the year 2000 to begin to implement all those speech topics into the class rooms of our public schools in an effort to teach our children to become crusaders for climate terrorism and the success of that endeavor can now be seen in our young people—especially the Occupy Wall Street crowd. The progressive platform advocated by Naomi Klein and thousands just like her have corrupted America from within by an aggression nobody saw coming. And it started in our schools.

That is why I first went after public education in my efforts, because it is in these palaces of government protection and union mob rule that progressivism is passed onto our children like a disease ingested through uncooked chicken. Naomi Klein is one of the terrorists who advocate protecting mother earth while disguising her real intentions of creating global mixed economies that feature progressive socialism as control mechanisms. One of her featured targets in The New Yorker article was Milton Friedman as she went to great measures to explain why pure capitalism as Friedman advocated were so destructive to the world of mother earth. Her audience gasped in horror as Friedman’s beliefs were subjected to her scrutiny—beliefs such as no government interference of markets, no tariffs, no subsidies, no minimum-wage laws, no public housing, no Social Security, no financial regulation, no licensing requirements, including those for doctors. In short, I saw out of Naomi Klein and her minions of doom an attack on everything I believe as Milton Friedman advocated decades ago what I know is the only course America should be on, and I decided that I would refocus my energy to moving that Progressive center shown on her button not to the left, but clean off the chart back toward the right—but completely off the scale—because I’ve had it with greenie weenie, progressive socialists who wish to impose themselves on my life with their antics of destruction.

The attack by these progressives has not gone unchecked. In 2009 the Tea Party formed to push back against these progressive encroachments and I greatly support the cause of those organizations and other liberty groups that formed under this uprising. But I saw a need for more. So I set out to create Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and to refocus my literary intentions in a way that would counter the strategies of the progressive terrorists like Naomi Klein who are intent on destroying a way of life that I enjoy—the American way of life complete with cowboy hats, work boots, motorcycles, and guns. I don’t want what the socialists of Copenhagen want for me. In fact, I reject their lifestyle and beliefs completely, and I want their influence out of American government schools.

Now over four years later the greenie weenies are beginning to show themselves as “watermelons” which Naomi Klein addressed in a recent article from 2012 where she openly advocated that if society is going to take climate change seriously, then the free-market playbook must be thrown out the window. In the article link shown below Naomi addresses her concern that the progressive platform is failing. In 2007—back when The New Yorker article appeared 71 percent of Americans believed in climate change. In 2009 only 51% did and now in 2012 the number is down to 41%. That is the result of the blow back created by the rise of the Tea Party and other patriots who have grabbed hold of Naomi Klein’s extreme left political center and yanked hard to the right.


Progressives like Naomi Klein have acknowledged that people like me who are climate deniers are not crazy—our worldview is under attack. I know many people who feel just as she stated in The Solution Journal, that any government intervention does lead to serfdom, and will bring about a socialist world, and yes—we have to fight it off. And that fight starts first at your local school where progressive teachers and administrators are right now using your tax money to turn American children against the culture of our country, and then it is at the voting booth where a whole nest of cockroaches have been allowed under our slumber to run up our national deficit to over $15 trillion dollars while they seek to control every single part of our lives. Their most recent excursion is, H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act of 2011 (CISPA) which authorizes internet service providers to share customer communications and other personally identifiable information with government agencies. Bills like that require action immediately to prevent looting politicians from taking away the freedom of the internet as they have with virtually everything involving liberty that exists. Left unchecked, a looter like Naomi Klein will attempt to tax us all just for breathing air and causing carbon dioxide.

No matter how compelling the presentation is from environmental terrorists like Naomi Klein they can’t overcome one small problem—they need people to buy into their scam in order to succeed. But for the patriot movement, we only need to no longer feed them with tax money. All the progressive organizations of the world and their radical agendas require funding, and they get that funding by stealing it through taxation. Progressives need us to survive, we do not need them. So to get them out of your lives, the first step is to cut their funding so they can no longer use your money against you. And the very first place, and most immediate result you can gain from your denial of funding is to your local school where there are thousands upon thousands of environmental terrorists teaching our children every day how to grow up and become tree hugging hippies and social parasites with their highest aims in life to live off of welfare. Sorry, but that’s not the life I want. It’s an American life for me complete with big cars that burn lots of fuel and go really fast. The greenie weenies of this progressive assault against America can shove their carbon credits from Copenhagen straight up their “collective” assess and drive their smart cars to the nearest dump. The youth in The United States need to learn what being an American really is and not learning to become a global citizen praying to the goddess “mother earth.”

Oh, and this is the reality of the progressive movement’s stupid “green cars.”

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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License to Murder: What I think is behind the death of Andrew Brietbart

I am sorry to shatter the world of many of my readers with this revelation, but as promised upon the announcement of Andrew Brietbart’s death I would get into the “conspiracy theory” side of that sudden death.  Upon revealing this information which hard facts are nearly impossible to come by, it is more important to study what observable conditions we do know to understand the surroundings that led to Andrew’s death.  Before getting too far into these thoughts that I will reveal to you here you will need to understand a technology called Nanorobotics and you can read about that at the below link for a basic understanding.


Alex Jones thinks the way I do about this issue.  While those who point at Jones, and me as advocating dangerous conspiracy theories, it wasn’t us who did anything wrong.  But the circumstances around Brietbart add up logically to an assassination if the facts are observed rationally.  The same methods that first discovered black holes in the darkness of space can be used to ascertain the murderers in this case.  When black holes were discovered they were noticed by what they didn’t show to a telescope by eating light and bending space around them.  And the death of Brietbart can be understood by seeing what is being covered up.  Have a listen to Alex.

Within hours of the death Media Matters was very conciliatory, quickly offering a statement that bridged political differences.  On the surface this seemed appropriate, but under the surface, it was a bit too quick for a group that has displayed so much hatred for people like Brietbart. That’s not to say that it was Media Matters who ordered the hit, but that they were following the orders of the company line which came straight down from its owners who also have their hands into the executive branch of our current government.  The push recently from the progressive media empire has been in 2012 to hit back at the liberty groups and Brietbart was a large, symbolic target.  His recent speech at CPAC was the push that took Brietbart over the edge and called out the hit.

Since 2012 was ushered in it was on New Year’s Eve that the President of the United States signed into law the NDAA act that was the offensive launched by these progressive tacticians to bend the world into their direction.  Fox News has come under vicious attack to water down their content focusing almost exclusively on the details of the Republican candidates for president, while quite sinister news has transpired unreported by the media.  Just two weeks ago the highly respected Judge Napolitano had his show FreedomWatch cancelled as other media personalities have found themselves suddenly fired from large companies that are publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange. 

“He who has the gold rules,” is what a very evil, and vile man once told me as he sold me out to the political machine to save his own skin nearly two decades ago.  His decision very nearly ruined my life, and put me on a path that was intended to kill me many times over.  And if I did not die, then I would rot away in jail for the rest of my days.  The only thing that saved me was my brain.  So I know a lot about what I’m talking about here.  The evil man was right, whoever has the gold does rule, and large companies publicly traded will pull the plug on controversial people so they can be removed as a threat, and this has been happening in abundance.  It’s a global push, not a local one.  Many people locally have seen it in newspapers being shifted around, coverage being a bit different on their nightly news, and radio stations taking noticeably “neutral” positions.  The employees of these organizations don’t know what’s going on.  They are simply responding to corporate memos.  And those memos come from those who hold the gold.  People like Andrew Breitbart, Glenn Beck, and Alex Jones have learned to carry the news without putting the control in such hands, and this has infuriated those with the gold. That’s why people like Jones are particularly dangerous to the gold rulers, because they have lost editorial control over such media personalities.

In my 2004 book The Symposium of Justice I put into fictional context what years and years of being followed, wire tapped, and harassed by every legal mechanism available could muster.  My simplified conclusion in that book was a government organization called “The System” had developed a mind control device which affected the pituitary gland in the human brain with a radio wave activating it in a similar fashion as a brain wave does.  This would cause people to become overly sexed, and impulsive consumers—and made them easy to control.  The villain in the novel was named the Magic Man, because he had a unique way of making people disappear.  Killing people with a gun or another Hollywood type of assassination is a crude way to remove enemies.  A bullet has traceability, and actually touching a body has fingerprints and DNA that can be left behind, so the modern assassin must find ways around these traditional assassinations. 

If you haven’t read The Symposium, I’d encourage you to pick it up.  I keep the Amazon link off the right of the page.  I wrote it to get people thinking about the improbable, and to give them hope.  The money is used to fight back against these progressive losers so it’s for a good cause.  That book comes to my mind because 10 years ago it was obvious to me that this type of assassination was going on and I wanted people to understand how the game was played against them.  And the game is quite serious. America is under attack—not directly, but indirectly.  Just listen to the remainder of Alex’s broadcast. 

These days it’s not subtle mind control being employed through television broadcasts, radio waves and public relations conditioning.  Now for those rich enough to afford them, the modern assassins have nanobots.  Nanobots are real, but are very expensive so you won’t find them at Walgreens.  Nanobots are not science fiction and a thing of conspiracy theory.  They are machines that are built at a molecular level and can be so small they would be undetectable with anything but a powerful microscope.  So a coroner performing an autopsy would have to look in the specific region of the damaged tissue upon death to even see a nanobot. 

A nanobot could be programmed to attack a specific region of the body, such as a heart and weaken the cellular structure that supports the organ.  This could be done through the nervous system or actually by breaking down the actual tissue.  Once the target is assassinated and death is prescribed, the nanobot could then move to another region of the body and hide so that it will not be detected by the autopsy when tissue samples are taken and sent to the lab. 

Based on my personal experiences with law enforcement, big business, and politics, I can say with confidence that if I were hired to perform a high-profile assassination I would not use poison, because it’s detectable in an autopsy.  I would not use a gun, because that is simply too messy, predictable, and has way too much traceability.  The only reason one would use a gun is to take credit for the kill.  Not good for such a high-profile assassination.  I would use a nanobot if my client had the money to supply them.  And in Andrew Brietbart’s case, the enemy clients do have the money and access to technology. 

When I heard that Andrew Brietbart just collapsed after walking his dog in the middle of the street subsequent to being invited to a Superbowl party at Bill Ayers house where a known terrorist had cooked for Andrew it was the very first thing I thought of—nanobots.  There is means, there is motive, there are all indicators that this was a homicide.  The only reason such a statement would be regulated to conspiracy theory is because nanobots are not widely known to the science community yet, and they certainly are not part of the forensics world at this time.  There are probably only a handful of people on the entire planet who even have access to them.  Of course twenty years from now when nanobots are mainstream science and are being used to repair organs, damaged nerves and severely broken bones, this murder case of Andrew Brietbart will have long been forgotten.  The murder weapon will have dissolved away into nothing along with the natural body decay and there will be no trace left.  For all practical purposes, such a murder until that time will be considered science fiction. 

But remember where you heard it.  And know that I will be there to remind everyone that I told you so.  Because the death of Andrew Brietbart was not by natural causes, it was made to look that way by a progressive movement who will stop at nothing to achieve their objectives.  You can see their movements by observing the vacuums left in their wake, at what isn’t there.  Once you stop looking for an actual entity, they are easy to see in the shadows they create throughout society.  Andrew’s assassin was probably nowhere near the death when it happened.  The murder weapon was probably ingested in food that Andrew ate at a restaurant or even at someone’s house—maybe even during a party.  And once in the body it worked its way near the heart where it began to weaken the tissue there over the last couple of weeks disguising itself to the body as just another cell.  Until out in the street for everyone to see, he just died.  It was meant to look like natural causes, but more than that it was meant to be a warning to all who oppose the regime of progressivism currently attempting to rule the world. In public we dare not utter such theories otherwise we might be called kooks by the same assassins who do these killings.  But deep down inside we all know that this was a warning kill, that war is declared and there will be more death. 

Alex Jones knows it and many like him.  I certainly know it without even being there.  Because the wake around the killing reeks with motive, means, and a vast network that intend to rule the world at any cost, even innocent lives.  The weakness of this case is in a crime investigation that does not yet know or accept evidence of technology that is not yet known to the general public.  But it will be, and until then how many countless thousands will be terminated in the same fashion? 

For those who doubt what I say here, consider how the NDAA was passed and what it means.  (If you’ve forgotten already CLICK HERE for a review.)  The people involved have no love or morality for the average American, and they have shown they are willing to kill if necessary to protect their intentions.  And that is the strongest evidence at play in the death of Andrew Brietbart.  The assassins know that nobody in the legal system will pursue such a murder, because they don’t want to have the same thing happen to them.  They know like the rest of us do, that “he who has the gold—rules.”  If you want to find the murderer, follow the gold and you’ll have your man.  But nobody in the legal community has the courage to take on the ruler…sadly.  So this death will be pronounced “natural causes,” and life will go on as usual with more mysterious deaths to follow.

So we will remember Andrew Brietbart for all the things he did for liberty and that long fight out of this very black hole.  He can be seen in his finals days at the link below where I have his CPAC speech up to watch again.  And remember when you see it, that the contents of it led to his death.  So don’t let it go in vain. 


To see a primitive test of a nanorobot, you can see one here moving across the surface of a dime. Welcome to the modern age of assassin technology.

Rich Hoffman

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Tail of the Dragon: Press Release

After three years of work, my latest book, Tail of the Dragon is almost complete. As of this writing the novel is at the copy editor and art departments at American Publishing and galleys are soon to follow. The release of this novel still appears to be during the summer of 2012.

The press release below is close to how the final document will look and I am putting it up here at this time to share with my readers as they have followed the process along for many months now.

Tentative press release:

Eschewing authority, one man’s desperate search for freedom evolves into the greatest car chase in American history. It all started with a race to the White House.

In the exhausting presidential-election process, the American people are subjected to candidates’ self-serving hyperbole that threaten freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. The Occupy Wall Street movement, the Tea Partiers, and ordinary voters from every walk of life all want the same thing: freedom from a dishonest government.

But what is freedom?

Nicknamed “The Tax-killer” for his work in fighting tax increases, author Rich Hoffman uses his own frequent altercations with the law to explore that very question. His latest fast paced novel, Tail of the Dragon, chronicles NASCAR-loving everyman Rick Stevens in his quest for freedom after a mundane lifetime of playing by the rules. One man–who challenges authority and incites the government’s wrath all the way to the White House–will discover the true meaning and price of freedom.

“In Tail of the Dragon,” explains Hoffman, “I found that the best way to get our minds around the concept of freedom is to have the characters break every conceivable law and see what happens. Rooted in a political world mirroring our own, it’s more than fiction, I call it faction.”


For an author interview, contact Jeff at bookpr@american-book.com. Hoffman is experienced in all forms of media and is sure to liven up your venue with wit, knowledge, and large doses of entertainment.


I’m excited about the release of this long-awaited book. The work has certainly been worth it. After reading the book about twenty times now I can honestly say that readers will be in for a unique treat that I’m happy to supply. But to quench the thirst that is building for the book’s official release I am putting links to many of the articles that I have written about Tail of the Dragon during this process to make it easy to review the material that has led to this amazing story.


Art of the Supercar


Heart of an Inventor


Free Meredith Graves: The politics of Tennessee


Legend of the Misty Mountains


Production Notes


The Philosophy of Tail of the Dragon


Rich Hoffman

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The Levy Freaks Have Built a Damn: Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom readers are the Taliban?

I personally believe you are all as radical as the Taliban and as anti-American. I would never consider living in, near or allowing my children attend Lakota because of these types of elements on this site. You are all very ignorant and hopefully you are teaching your offspring Chinese since they will be bearing the slaves for the Chinese people in the future.

Anne Hoffman

With that note, the woman listed there, not related to me, lashed out at all who read my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom articles. It took me a moment to figure out where I had heard her name before. Then at our last No Lakota Levy meeting, one of our guys reminded me who the woman was, she used to work at the Pulse Journal and was moved to the Carolina’s recently. It’s obvious that Anne is still following closely the events happening in the Lakota School system by reading this website, and she doesn’t like what she is sees.

Her comments are specifically startling in that she was a former employee of the Pulse Journal and it shows a definite pro levy bias and confirms what many fear, that there are elements in the media who are bought and paid for by the organized labor elements involved in these tax increases. I can report with honesty that all reporters for the Pulse Journal are not levy sympathizers, but are honest reporters who cut the news down the line and are not the types who lean in favor of organized labor and the emotion of school funding.

It is difficult for the sensitive reporter to put on blinders to the common extortion tactic used in public education and see the situation for what it is. We have been seeing this with the recent levy attempt at Forest Hills in Anderson Township. They are putting up a levy and held a pep rally over the weekend to use school spirit and community pride to sell the true extortion and lack of management utilized in public education to the public. The tactics used now for their March election are the same used everywhere in the state of Ohio, and it is a sickening enterprise to see how manipulative they are.

Reporters must use logic to see beyond these veils of emotion, and it is very difficult to do. And people like Anne Hoffman are guilty of being seduced by the evil of extortion. That is their sin against their communities.

As I write this I have no doubt that the labor movement of southern Ohio is clapping as Doc Thompson will no longer be on 700 WLW and is returning back to his show in Richmond, Virginia. Doc and I did many hours of radio coverage exposing how this game is played and southern Ohio is waking up from the nightmare of extortion that public education has employed for two decades now in part because of those broadcasts. So without question the traditional education advocates are happy that Doc Thompson is leaving. I also know that there are many of those same types who are happy that Steve Mathews of the Pulse Journal has been moved from covering Lakota to covering Middletown, in a maneuver that has separated the two of us from a productive working relationship.

In all the interviews I had with Doc Thompson or Steven Mathews, we never mislead anyone. In fact, we excelled in telling the truth. It is the truth that these public education advocates fear, and it is in their hope of hiding the truth that they applaud the move of Mathews to a different market, and Doc Thompson to a different city.

So why does Anne Hoffman want to call me and the readers here names by saying we are equal to the Taliban, known extremist terrorists? Do the words written here dictate such an accusation? Because it is those like Anne, and others who naively advocate tax increases who fear the truth from not just becoming public knowledge, but from becoming known to their own minds. Levy advocates do not want to know the truth. They don’t want to hear it on the radio, they don’t want to read it in the paper, and they don’t want it to be seen here.

I have first hand knowledge that there were many letters and phone calls made by levy radicals to remove the voices in the Pulse Journal from interviewing me so often. I know that 700 WLW has also been pummeled with requests to boycott the station and silence the voices who are making people everywhere hear the truth behind this extortion game that goes on using our children as tools to pass school levies. And with all the protests, there have been small successes along the way. The levy freaks have managed to convince some members of management in various news organizations to put on the blinders and not cover the truth, and if the reporters don’t tow the company line, those reporters find themselves reassigned to the applause of the establishment.

Well, I am sorry to inform those clapping despots; your successes are short-lived. You don’t like this website and consider me and my readers to be terrorists because we wish to undo your empire, and we will have it. Doc may be in a different city, but I have all those recordings available here for all interested to listen to again and again. The facts have been already displayed and they are preserved here for posterity. And if something tragic were to become of this website, the plans are already in place that if this information should be taken away as a free service to the public that my backup systems will offer them again and again in cyberspace for all eternity. And if that fails we will offer the research here in hard cover form as a book, or a series of books. But one way or the other, the information will be provided to the public.

It must also be remembered that before Doc Thompson and I illuminated all of Cincinnati with the truth involved in public education, it was Scott Sloan who first put me on the radio to advocate that truth. And Darryl Parks and I have also had many conversations on the radio, and still do, so you might want to hold your clapping, because this whole thing is far from over. In fact, I’d say the momentum is irreversibly moving in a direction not to the liking of the levy freaks.

Those in the media like Anne Hoffman can wish all they want that they can hush the voices of people like me in an effort to preserve their extortion. But it’s too late. The education has already happened, and it’s available for all to see. The message is already out and cannot be reversed. The attempts by the levy apologists are akin to a single person trying to stick their fingers in a cracking damn, as they stick their fingers in every hole from which water pours out. Yet the cracks are visibly climbing up and around the damn and more and more sprouts of water are seeping through, and there aren’t enough fingers to plug all the holes.

The water in this case is made up of the truth, and the truth will seep through every crack, every void and probe every weakness looking for a way to free itself. And for those members of the media who have made themselves the damn which holds back all this truth, you cannot escape the fate that is evident. The damn is breaking, and all who are in the way of the truth that rushes forth will find themselves crushed by the force of all that pent-up mass. When that happens it won’t be Rich Hoffman, the readers of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Steven Mathews, or Doc Thompson that will be to blame. It will be those who built the damn in the first place and maintained it with constant upkeep on the backs of children. All a person like me has to do is crack that damn, which has already been done. The rest will happen on it’s own by the force of nature and is at the point of no return which gives me great joy in the midst’s of a heavy heart.

As that damn comes down, I have to smile at comments like Anne Hoffman’s. A terrorist? I suppose that is relative to a point of view, and to those who have used terror to scare tax payers into higher taxes, anything that robs the levy freaks of this method would be considered bad—or evil—-to them. So I take comments like the opening note as evidence that I’m on the right track, and will keep doing it until every last remnant of that damn is down.

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The Mind of a Billionaire: What’s really behind the Keystone Pipeline

There’s a couple of ways that one might go about becoming a billionaire. One is the path of someone I consider to be of the highest caliber of man, George Lucas, who is an inventor, a story-teller, a historian and a reformer. To be a billionaire your influence must touch human kind in a life changing way for civilization and your products would have to be in nearly every household. This is the kind billionaire that is a great benefit to the human race. The other kind of billionaire is the investor who puts their money into others who create things that become household items. These types of men are George Soros and Warren Buffett.

To be a billionaire in investments would require very good inside knowledge and a ruthlessness that is uncommon to people who aren’t billionaires, so it is difficult for people to fathom to what extent an investor would be willing to pursue their goal of making money not off products they produce, but their ability to buy investments when they are very low, and selling them when they are very high. An investor who is a billionaire would also have to find subtle ways to operate a monopoly while making it appear as something less empirical. This might come as a surprise to some, but there are people in the world who are capable of playing many sides against each other in order to obtain a result that is desired by the ruthless investor.

Much has been made of Warren Buffett’s support of President Obama’s tax initiatives against the rich. Buffett has the President’s ear so intently on the subject that Buffett’s secretary was seated next to the President’s wife during the State of the Union speech. Now, I can’t claim to know what Warren Buffett thinks, but I am very good at ascertaining the intentions of a person, or a group of persons. And my take on the behavior of Warren Buffett is this—which I’m sure he will never confirm, he might deny, but the actions speak louder than all the words of the human narrative—Buffett has used President Obama and his looting tendencies to curry favor with the administration. In fact, Buffett is an economic advisor to President Obama so pretending to be on Obama’s political side by supporting an increase in taxes has worked for Buffett.

But why would Buffett do this? Why would he be so interested in drawing attention to himself and throwing his wealthy friends under the bus with tax reform? Well, Buffett made a deal a few years ago using his holding company of Berkshire Hathaway to buy the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co., which has more than 1000 miles of track in the Bakken oil field region. In case you don’t know why that’s significant—this is the oil field that is to connect the Keystone Pipeline to Gulf Coast refineries.

Buffett knows that because of Agenda 21, the President will be against the pipeline, and the oil that comes out of the Brakken region, but the Canadians are set to refine it anyway, because they want the money. So the president is willing to turn his head away, just as he has in Brazil because Agenda 21 is not about preserving the earth, but rather in withering away the wealth of the United States. So if Canada profits off of the Brakken oil fields, it’s an acceptable concession in perspective to U.N. Agenda 21, passed in 1992.

So Buffett has managed to secure his investment of BNSF in a deal that values the railroad at $34 billion dollars, and he has managed to detract the president from looking too closely at his interest in the Brakken oil fields by showing favor for the President’s tax increases. Buffett doesn’t care to pay the higher taxes he’s advocating, for one, because it will tie up more liquidated cash from his rivals and free Buffett to continue to invest his cash in their vacancy. You see, as Obama’s economic advisor, Buffett can target “the rich” who are Buffett’s immediate competition for investment opportunities by using Obama’s socialism training against the hapless president. 2nd, Buffett doesn’t care to pay the extra tax, because he will more than offset the cost in tax revenue lost with revenue gained. How you ask?

Well, since Obama announced that the Keystone pipeline would be cancelled, and the Canadian’s have declared that they are intent to ship their oil anyway, how on earth are they going to get that oil from those oil fields to a refinery, then sell the oil to China and other places with a hunger for oil? Yes—very good—you guessed right, by train. Warren Buffett’s trains of the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway Co. Buffett you see has made a very lucrative investment in the BNSF railway system not because he likes trains, but because he looked at the conditions surrounding the politics, saw that oil was going to flow from those oil fields, and he was determined to get in on the action. That’s why he’s a billionaire.

While the people involved in the Keystone Pipeline are scratching their heads wondering why Obama won’t support supposed shovel ready UNION jobs, they are the types of people who don’t know anything about Agenda 21, and they certainly don’t think in such manipulative terms that would require a billionaire to buy a rail road two years ago and protect that investment by becoming the President of the United States personal economic advisor. Such thoughts are science fiction to most people, conspiracy theories at best. The economic necessity is a no-brainer leaving millions of American’s frustrated and confused as to why they must continue to buy oil from the Middle East through the Strait of Hormuz, and not in their own back yards.

The goal of the global socialists, those of Socialist International is to destroy the United States with a smile on their faces while they embrace us in the chambers of the United Nations. (See my article on Socialist International here):


While I know the pretentious, neurotic mother of a 2-year-old and a 5-year-old will scathe at my comments here and disregard them as literary engineering, the world is quite brutal, and different outside the borders of the United States, in that far away land beyond the oceans horizon. And yes, there are millions of people on planet earth who want to destroy America because they live with governments that don’t give them the same freedoms enjoyed in The United States. So they will not lose any sleep upon our demise. That is the role of President Obama, a puppet president to the philanthropist socialists like George Soros.

And to a billionaire, there are no longer nations. If they need a rule passed, they just purchase a congressman and a few senators to push it through. If they want to get close to the President so they can serve as an economic advisor, they just donate a lot of money then say all the right things like Buffett did with Obama and they can then gain influence to protect their investments. Specifically, in the case of Warren Buffett, who is actually so esteemed now with the Chinese, they featured him on state controlled television singing in the Chinese New Year surrounded by his model trains. Buffett displays here that the value of being an American has little mandate before securing his investments.  In this video, Buffett openly mocks the United States to Red China. Yes, he’s been working on the railroad!  He thinks the world is too stupid to put together all that he’s been up to just like Judge Doom in the opening clip.  (Buffett played this clip the night before the State of the Union speech, just as the Keystone Pipeline was turned down by Obama.)

No, these people do not care about the 20,000 jobs that could have been created with the Keystone Pipeline. No they do not want American to have access to cheap energy, because the goal is to choke America off in the pursuit of the mythical “green energy” while simultaneously using the higher prices to bring down the per pupil wealth of America so they are more equitable to the rest of the world. No the pursuit of the Obama administration and the intent behind Warren Buffett is not to create more economic fairness, but to advance their investments, Obama’s into global socialism, and Buffett into his railroads. The two of them are just two more looters off the energy and effort of the American people. They are part of a political class who think nothing of using us all for their sinister intentions. They sing to us sweet melodies with phrases like, “fairness,” “safety,” and “prosperity” to seduce us into a hypnotic spell in a plot to destroy ourselves while they profit off our stupidity. While we reach for our American flag, the looters will move on to the next target, and with their wealth gained off our naivety the billionaire will just purchase the next regime and use political greed for profit in the best investment on the face of the earth, human foolishness.

If you want to become a billionaire like Buffett and Soros, just capitalize off of human foolishness and you’ll be wealthy beyond your dreams in no time.

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