The Life of Julia: How free are women after progressive policies?

Oh, how wonderful the Obama administration is, the ultimate parent mother government. The disgusting slide show shown as the campaign rhetoric of the new Obama presidential platform is a summary of why public education is a complete failure and why the women’s movement of progressive Victorian escape velocity from traditional values has very nearly destroyed our civilization after just 100 short years of nonsense.

Thankfully for voters all over the United States the true nature of the socialist Obama presidency is revealed for all to see with tremendous arrogance, and a lack of respect for American intelligence in the slide show presentation known as, “The Life of Julia.” Look for yourself:


The slide show featured on the Obama website features a young girl aged three getting a start in her life with the Head Start government program then traveling through her life as she gets Pell grants, free health insurance coverage, government loans, Medicare, then Social Security. In the Obama plan Julia dies sometime after age 65 and the whole process starts for the next generation. The premise is that Julia requires government help during her entire life, from the cradle to the grave.

The vision—or should I say lack of it—is disgustingly narrow and pathetically reminiscent of all the European socialist countries that have been licking the heels of America since the Industrial Revolution, and I am thankful that the Obama Administration showed openly this time that they are socialists with this disgusting assault against the American Woman.

Here is the real life of Julia as seen through the eyes of reality.

Obviously Obama and his band of looters are attempting to appeal to the women vote in the upcoming election. After all, this is not the Life of “John,” but of “Julia.” Men typically don’t look to daddy government to care for them, at least this is the implication of what the Obama administration states in this slide show. Watching this presentation by a sitting American president has really brought to question how far women have really come as independent suffragettes at the start of progressive politics.  What have women really accomplished in their so-called independence?

Julia as a young woman in the world of Obama is not raised by her parents. There is no reference to a mother, or a father. There is the implication that it is government who cares for the young Julia, and her parents are simply caretakers for her life. Yet all through Julia’s years she is always holding out her hand to government to get her through to the next phase.

I thought the women’s movement was all about breaking free of the grips of those “stinky,” “filthy,” “womanizing,” men who couldn’t keep their pants on, trapping thousands of women in a kind of prison while they slaved over a hot stove cooking for their monstrous husbands? At least that’s what the short-haired, bell-bottomed women of feminism have always said—that women deserved equal pay, equal treatment, so that they could be free of being slaves to men.

But what has that given to women? Weak minded men—loveless lives of loneliness, broken families with so many step parents that nobody even knows whose kids belong to whom. Those are the gifts of feminism, and of progressive politics. Women today are free of a man to run their lives, to oppress them into slavery as the head of their families. Instead, progressives like Obama have freed women of the chains of their families and traded in those for the shackles of a bigger, meaner force in her life–that of Big Daddy Government.

If women were truly free, would they need government to stand over them for protection, to enforce the rule of law destroying families in the process? Is a woman free who must look to Big Daddy Obama to care for them—because that’s what Obama is selling on his slide show—he’s literally saying that he will care for American women from cradle to grave with his governmental policies? All a woman has to do is elect him so he can steal from the tax payers and give to all those poor, helpless Julia’s in the world who can’t do a thing unless Big Daddy Government sweeps in to care for Julia’s life.

Yes Julia—who’s your daddy? Who’s the big man in your life? Are you free all you Julia’s reading this now? Can you care for yourselves or do you need Big Daddy Obama to equalize the world for your fragile sensibilities? Is this the freedom the feminists fought for, to break free of the chains of their alcoholic, abusive husbands and to attach themselves to the fingers of many such monsters as are typical in modern government?

And before anyone says that my comments here are “women hating” it wouldn’t be the first time, and it certainly won’t be the last.  (Click Here). But I did raise two daughters and I’ll tell you dear reader what I taught them, that if you look to anyone in your life to care for you, then you are a slave. That includes your parents, and it certainly means other family members, friends, neighbors but especially government. If you take money from those thieving losers, then you have signed away parts of your own soul to a life of servitude. To me, “The Life of Julia,” as proposed by President Obama’s vision of the future is slavery of a different kind—it is socialism put kindly and is a sharp march toward “RED” communism. It is the worst kind of social engineering experiment indulged in by any mass society, and it is destructive to the human soul. The life of Julia is one I would never recommend for my daughters, or my wife, mother, or anybody else. The life of Julia is a tyranny that is scandalous to the personal sovereignty of every human being that breathes, and should be rejected by all Americans, no matter what their sex or race.

But the Obama administration knows what magic tricks work behind the progressive push for feminism, a blind collectivism that unifies women everywhere to a feeling of inequality which is simply a hoax designed to get all women to jump away from the tyranny of their families into the tyranny of Big Daddy Government. In the end, the women are not free, just used for political purposes and tossed away to the careless indulgence of bureaucrats and their parental rolls of a New World Order where parents will become obsolete, and all citizens are but brothers and sisters to their guardians in government—those obese, comb-over politicians of corruption and name plates. That is the life of Julia. 

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Perhaps it’s part of Superintendent Mantia’s Global Education program, or maybe it’s just sheer stupidity, but for some reason, Lakota is promoting the work of Ron Henrich, a social studies teacher at Hopewell Junior School at Lakota and his recent trip to China to help teach there. You can read the story for yourself on Lakota’s website at the link below.

I can understand if Quanyu Huang enjoyed Henrich’s teaching to such an extent that he wanted to feature him in a book published in 2000 called Quality Education in America which was the number one best seller in China, and that has led to an invite to fly Henrich and his family to Beijing to teach the Chinese students and teachers how he educates in America. What I can’t understand is why a local teacher and a Miami University professor are so vaulted in China, a country of over a billion people, and a society that is notoriously communist.

Lakota for its part is obviously looking at its staff and picking success stories so that they can market another levy to the public for a fourth tax increase attempt and they see this relationship between Henrich and Huang as a successful one that will impress the community. Lakota is very image conscious because they know the merit of their services have almost nothing to do with their actual work, but the perceived value the community surrenders to their cause. In fact, to understand just how much thought Lakota puts into its public image, and what types of manipulations of the public go on behind the scenes, have a look at the obtained documents shown in the linked article below to read for yourself how the process of manipulation is conducted for perspective on this Ron Henrich story. (I highly recommend you read the entire document)

So knowing that Lakota is attempting to place a perceived value of importance on the exploits of Henrich in Beijing, China is a calculated public relations feature designed to impress the public–Ron Henrich, Social studies teacher is a star in China. Well sorry Lakota, but that is not impressive. In fact it points sadly to the truth that critics like me have been uttering for years now, that public education run by government is teaching American children too much of the values of socialism in a global push toward communism, and they are doing it with our tax dollars.

I see that the typical administrator and teacher in these public schools do not bother to look at the big picture. They are simply behaving based on their training—within the same system. I doubt when Superintendent Mantia or the school board President Joan Powell—and yes Joan is still the president even though the board has attempted to take the light off her by voting Dibble in as the new president—think about such things as communism, socialism or capitalism when they think of themselves in the center of that debate. They just think about government jobs created and obtaining revenue to pay for their institution. They get their teaching content from the Department of Education, and do not consider it their place to question those of “higher” authority. But I do, because I have to pay for all this, and I have made the observation that kids don’t seem to be getting the kind of education that launches them into a successful life. Seeking answer’s I have discovered women like what is featured in the article at this next link, who used to be second in command at the Federal Department of Education. If you care about this issue at all, you should watch every video on that link. (Bet you didn’t know half that stuff dear reader)

So news flash Lakota—it is not a good idea to promote the value of your teachers as being stars in a communist country when the accusation by critics like me is that public education teaches too much socialism and not enough capitalism. China is at war with the United States right now, but just not the kind of war we are accustomed to with tanks and troops. The war we are fighting right now is an economic one and if Quanyu Huang director of the Confucius Institute at Miami University; specialist on Sino-American cultural and educational comparison is as brilliant as he lets on, he knows that virtually every executive, every government member and mind of strategy in China looks to Sun Tzu and understands the merit of that great literary classic, The Art of War, defeating your enemy without conflict. Huang and Hemrich might believe that their invite and embrace into the Chinese culture is one that is an innocent blending of the two cultures, American and the Chinese into a global attempt at peace where we will all hold hands and sing songs around campfires. I’m sure these two believe that if America would just let go of some of its isolationist principles and China would drop some of their communist tendencies then the world would be far better off. Educators believe that their participation in such education opportunities might bring the world peace, and Lakota believes that it can ride on the backs of these two to obtain tax funds to pay for their poorly negotiated union contracts.

But here is the danger….I tried to buy this best seller of Huang’s but was unable to find it on Amazon, this best seller in all of China in the year 2000. That means the book is out of print, which is odd for a best seller—by the way, I know just a bit about the book business—so a publisher of such a highly regarded best seller would make the book more available, especially if millions and millions of Chinese think local teacher Ron Henrich is such a star in China. My guess is that the Chinese government sees Huang and his work as being so close to the communist philosophy of China that this is why they have embraced his efforts by allowing him to be a guest Professor at Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University, and visiting professor of the Training Program for High School Principals at Peking University while maintaining his regular instruction at Miami University.

The Chinese want to learn how American public schools are able to control such large sectors of the population and they want to learn from people like Ron Henrich and Quanyu Huang. How does that make you feel dear reader? Doesn’t it make you want to get some Chinese food?

Contrary to what some might think, I am not against Chinese culture. I agree with one of my favorite generals of World War II, that China is a culture that should have been nurtured under American supervision. But, we let China slip under communist rule, and until China no longer embraces communism of any kind, I see them as an enemy of America.  I have a deep sympathy for Chinese Americans and I routinely visit several local Chinese restaurants because I admire the work ethic of the owners, and their courage for leaving their homeland to find freedom in America.  (For context read my article on Chinese communist occupation and the struggle for freedom there in the late 1940’s.)

So no Lakota, it is not good to promote this global awareness unless in so doing, the goal is to prepare our children for rule under a Chinese flag. Because that is China’s intention, even if the academics are too pretentious to see it. If the teachers at Lakota want to go to Beijing and teach, maybe you should keep that off the radar, because that is not an asset to the Liberty Twp, West Chester community. And you should consider it an insult that out of all of China and America, it is Lakota that is considered the kind of school that a communist country wishes to emulate.

If the Lakota School Board wishes to disprove my accusations as to their ineptness, political naivety, greed, and arrogance, by publishing the exploits of Ron Henrich and his close association with Quanyu Huang, then they have proven themselves beyond help. Communism is NOT a good thing, and collaborations with countries that embrace it is not something to brag about. It certainly isn’t something which mandates even more tax dollars from the community so that we can help fund the teaching methods that China wishes to copy for their own benefit in the difficult task of controlling over a billion people to march under a communist flag.

It is not wise to fund our own demise, then brag about it as though it were a benefit of great merit. To learn more about China, I suggest you watch this very good film by Richard Gere called Red Corner (1987). I present it here in its totality. So grab a snack and enjoy a peek into a country run by communists who are seeking Lakota teachers to help educate their society.

By the way, Red Corner is banned in China. You can’t even see it on YouTube. And the execution scene was real, provided to the director at great risk to themselves. 1987 was not that long ago folks.

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A CURE FOR CANCER: So why does the FDA want to kill us?

I do not go to the doctor except when I have tissue repair that is beyond the ability of superglue, or there are internal structural problems. I never go to the doctor for a sickness; I require my body to heal on its own, to work out the puzzle and rally to defend it from diseases. I do not take drugs. I consider pharmaceuticals to be welfare for the body. It makes the body weak and dependent on assistance just as it does for whole groups of people. Drugs make the body a slave just as welfare makes people slaves to government. My love of freedom does not just exist as a political philosophy, but is dominate in my personal philosophy as well. I do not trust medicine, or doctors for the same reasons I don’t trust politicians, and educators subscribing to a greenie weenie philosophy. And I do not trust the government divisions like the FDA, the EPA, the Department of Education, et cetera because they are simply monopolies who control the free exchange of ideas to protect the empires they build. Anyone who knows anything about lobbies in Washington knows that the pharmaceutical lobby is one of the most powerful lobbies on Capital Hill.

The Food and Drug Administration was created obviously with good intentions, as all ideas are, but the trouble is like the EPA, they are a monopoly with too much power, and this makes them corrupt since lobby power bypasses the checks and balances of our Republic and causes those government agencies to act against the American people instead of protecting it, as they were intended. As it stands now the FDA is a corrupt organization that is standing in the way of free enterprise, which can bring to the world new developments in science to greatly improve the health of all people, but instead serve to advance a political agenda that is set by lobbyists. At the FDA, it is controlled completely by the pharmaceutical lobby which desires for people to become sick just enough to become addicted to the drugs they manufacture. Pharmaceutical companies desire for people to become sick, so they can profit off of a prolonged death. They stand very much against any medical techniques that sponsor regenerative growth, reversed aging, and elimination of cancer, because those pharmaceutical companies are using the FDA as their personal arm of authority to crush competition before they ever get off the ground. To get a taste of just how bad the situation is, have a look at this video.

To the reader who thinks this proclamation is too far into the realm of conspiracy, I bring to your mind the situation of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who has developed a cancer fighting method called Antineoplastons which has successfully treated cancer patients of some of the most incurable forms of terminal cancer without chemotherapy or destructive surgeries. His methods have shielded his patients from becoming addicted to drugs for the remainder of their lives. That’s a wonderful discovery—right? Well, if you’re the FDA and you want to maintain the monopoly that pharmaceuticals have over society, then Dr. Burzynski is your enemy. That is why even though Dr. Burzynski saved many lives and cured them of their terminal cancers, the FDA attacked him with 4 Federal Grand Jury trials over a decade attempting to indict Dr. Burzynski to stop his practice of healing patients using Antineoplastons.

In 1995 a fifth relentless Grand Jury attempt by the FDA finally indicted Dr. Burzynski resulting in two federal trials with two sets of jurors pursuing a maximum sentence of 290 years in prison and $18.5 million dollars in fines. Both sets of jurors in the end found Burzynski not guilty of any wrongdoing. Burzynski has prevailed and has now completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and is beginning the final phase testing. To help cover the $300 million dollar cost of funding the final phase of qualification Burzynski put out a film called Burzynski, The Movie. It covers the 14 year journey of Dr. Burzynski and his patients to bring to the market of free enterprise a cancer fighting technique that will save millions, upon millions of lives. But anyone can see how difficult the FDA made if for a Dr. in the medical field who had a slam dunk method of solving much of the worlds major health concerns, to not only prevent Antineoplastons from becoming a legitimate medical option, but to put Burzynski in jail for the rest of his life so the good doctor would not be a threat to the pharmaceutical lobby who wanted to protect their empire.

To understand how evil the FDA is behaving in the Burzynski situation, or the deliberate restriction of energy methods used by the EPA, or the ATF, or the Department of Education, the labor unions, virtually every government organization who seeks to protect their jobs with constant harassment of new ideas I can report a lunch conversation I had just the other day with a group of people who work for the defense industry, and are hoping for a war with Iran. These men I had lunch with weren’t bad men. In fact, I’d call some of them distant friends. However, the desire to inject into their lives a secure government contract was the dominate thought on their minds. They like everyone else worry about bringing home money to their families and having a good life. So they wish for war with Iran to keep money pouring into the defense of the United States. This is why the super secrete Skull and Bones society at Yale has WAR as it’s mantra, and why many of the wealthy friends of these people invest their money in defense oriented businesses. War gives governments reasons to make new laws, and spend money on government employees and technology. War is good for the defense economy. And just the same, sick people are good for pharmaceutical business. People who have cancer are good for the millions of nurses, doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, grocery stores who sell drugs, the countless American employees who work in the industry of maintaining a gradual slow death of American citizens. They do it because they wish to stay employed, not for the ultimate goal of restoring life.

Human beings because they are essentially selfish creatures do not think of the mangled bodies war causes. They only want a pay check so they can live. And the people who work in the business of pharmaceutical companies do not consider that their drugs are slowly killing millions. They simply want to make a living, and the FDA is there to protect those jobs from threats like “INNOVATION.”

Oh yes dear reader. You do not have to die. You do not have to be sick. You do not have to drive a car down the road at a pathetic 70 M.P.H. You do not have to attend a government school to become intelligent. You do not have to worry about Green Technology and limited power on earth. You do not have to worry about running out of money. All the problems above are issues created by government with the sole intention of maintaining their monopolies. Free enterprise has all solutions to every problem with infinite wealth building possibilities. The only reason we do not have them is because of the world’s push for socialism, which is just a way to maintain their monopolies of control. Just like the FDA going after Burzynski because the Doctor had a better method of curing cancer, the FDA and the larger congressional and presidential administrations behind those government divisions were concerned about the jobs lost if the pharmaceutical companies lost their monopoly on sickness. Because lost jobs mean lost votes, the thieves of government want the ability to continue to loot from the tax payer, so they will do anything to maintain that easy revenue, even if it means stopping the solutions to cancer to do it.

I have written much on this topic of government standing in the way of innovation. For just a few examples of what the government is holding us back from I invite you to view some of those articles for more information which collaborates with the information shown here, just to show that it’s not just the FDA who acts against good ideas to protect monopoly power of its lobbyists. You can see many of them collected at this posting. ENJOY!

This is why I do not go to the doctor. I do not seek guidance from inferior minds who serve monopolies of death. I look to myself to solve problems and when I discover them I’m inclined to share, because I believe the world is full of infinite ideas. In fact, I write here everyday not out of fear that someone will take my words. I do not write here to make money. I can always come up with new ideas because I’m an idea factory. I do not understand the term “writers block,” I do not understand sickness. I do not understand regulation of power, because to me, everything can be solved. I do understand Dr. Burzynski, Paul Moller, (referred to in the linked article) and many like these men who have the ability to think outside the box and bring society a never-ending supply of whatever it desires. And when we run out of room on earth for all the people, we can take our act into space, to the moon, to Mars and maybe even Keplar 22. The only reason your loved one must die is to fulfill the prophecy of the looters in government who are so short-sighted that they cannot see the forest for the trees. Death, war, sickness, and scientific limitations will always permeate our lives with darkness and evil, so long as the restricted minds of thought and imagination rule as thieves in government.

Men like Dr. Burzynski are the men of the overman, and should be the ones who set the pace for all that humanity requires without the restriction of the looter to waste their time and energy with the troubles of the mediocre. It is those like Burzynski who carry atlas on their backs as the government looters of the FDA, EPA, DOE, DOT, Congress, The Senate, The White House and all others clamor on to be carried about by the sheer strength of the overman, yet offer nothing to help but the burden of their weight.

The difference between the two modes of thinking, the looter and the overman, are simply ones of philosophy. The looter looks for collective salvation even if death is the cost. They see themselves as but a cell on the planet earth. The overman sees no problem that does not have a solution, and the universe is their playground. The earth is just one planet out of millions, and to restrict the mind to one small planet in the scheme of the universe is a foolish notion that is a quantum neglect, just as is cancer and the sicknesses that kill for no reason but the maintenance of a feeble empire.

A more extensive examination of the behavior shown by the FDA against Dr. Burzynski I believe has a greater revelation behind simple short-sightedness displayed in the microcosm of reality. Because in the macrocosm, I believe the many thousands of employees and lobbyists who act as cells in the arm of government known as the FDA attached to the body of government called America are more out of jealously than anything, for they identify at a primal level with the correct assumption that the FDA are very much like the cancer cell who lives by killing the health of a good cell. This is what comes to my mind as Obama rejects the Keystone Pipeline in spite of the wealth it would bring to North America by way of energy. The goal of the cancer cell is to kill, to destroy everything in its way till the body dies. And the FDA knows that they are a cancer cell to the medical industry and the wealth of the nation, and they sought to combat Dr. Burzynski in defense of their own in the cancer cells that would be killed in the treatment of Burzynski’s cancer fighting cures. The FDA sought to kill off the good Doctor before the Doctor killed off their friends.

Lucky for us they failed………………

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Philosophy, Politics, and Religion: The U.S. Government thinks you are a fool

The two things that we are told not to speak of are politics and religion. Yet it is those two topics that affect virtually every endeavor of human thought. If you want to know who the villains are in our society look at those who tell us not to speak of these things, and you will see your enemy. Those who advocate not speaking of politics and religion are those who are attempting to maintain a monopoly on thought, and seek to be the rulers of your life. For myself, I question everything, and am in love with nothing but the idea of being left to my own devices. So the social mechanisms of the human race are all up for revision. Nothing is sacred if it is not producing the very exceptional at the maximum capacity capable by the human mind.

The current philosophy of America, the one that has been infected with socialism, does not work for the majority of the population. It is an unmitigated failure virtually beyond measure. In fact, the examination of the ineptitude that our current American philosophy is pursuing is so grand that most people just tune it out and leave the matter of adjustment to the very thieves who have perpetuated the candor to the lowest in our society—the politician. To understand just how serious these politicians have infected American society with a philosophy of looting which serves nobody but themselves watch carefully this video which will spell out the situation wonderfully for your inquisitive mind.

At this site there are many radio recordings and videos which show that a majority of the public servants currently serving the United States citizens at Capital Hill have enriched themselves greatly by insider trading. In my opinion these are simple thieves who using a wage provided by the American citizen to do the work of the country have squandered that task away because they function from a looter philosophy that they inherited from this infection of socialism they were raised on in our public schools, and media culture. These con artists ran for office under the premise and promise to uphold the United States Constitution, but once there show the weakness of their inner philosophies, and quickly become common looters of the public treasury. It is because of these types of people of poor quality that communism will never work and the socialism that leads to total communism slowly erodes away the philosophy of every nation with the plague of altruism. Because the human being from even the first moments of life is concerned with its own survival, and an economy that is built upon self-interest will thus be stronger because it was built by people who care for themselves. Those who attempt to pretend that their life has value because of self-sacrifice are fools who lack real life experience as to the motives of mankind.

Beware of the altruistic prophet, the looter of luxury who pretends that they are there to help. They only care to take from you to gain what they lack the ability to make for themselves. A good example of this is Michelle Obama, the current first lady. She is one of those altruistic prophets who says one thing, but does another. A poor quality mind is always easy to spot in such people who believe they are better than they are because the value they apply is derived from what they have managed to loot from public money.

For some insight into this let’s have a look at the first lady’s behavior in the White House, of which we all fund with our taxes. Michelle Obama has more personal staff than any first lady in history. She currently has 22 personal staff to care for her every need and fantasy. Here they are and while reading them, consider what you learned in that first video.

Michele Obama’s personal staff:

One.. $172,200 – Sher, Susan (Chief Of Staff)
Two.. $140,000 – Frye, Jocelyn C. (Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of Policy And Projects For The First Lady)
Three.. $113,000 – Rogers, Desiree G. (Special Assistant to the President and White House Social Secretary for Mrs. Obama)
Four.. $102,000 – Johnston, Camille Y. (Special Assistant to the President
And Director of Communications for the First Lady)
Five.. $100,000 – Winter, Melissa (Special Assistant to the President and Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Six.. $90,000 Medina , David S. (Deputy Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Seven.. $84,000 – Lilyveld, Catherine M. (Director and Press Secretary to the First Lady)
Eight.. $75,000 – Starkey, Frances M. (Director of Scheduling and Advance for the First Lady)
Nine.. $70,000 – Sanders, Trooper (Deputy Director of Policy and Project for the First Lady)
Ten.. $65,000 – Burnough, Erinn (Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Eleven.. $64,000 – Reinstein, Joseph B.(Deputy Director and Deputy Social Secretary)
Twelve.. $62,000 – Goodman, Jennifer R. (Deputy Director of Scheduling and Events Coordinator For The First Lady)
Thirteen.. $60,000 Fitz, Alan O.(Deputy Director of Advance and Trip Director
For the First Lady)
Fourteen.. $57,500 – Lewis, Dana M. (Special Assistant and Personal Aide to the First Lady)
Fifteen… $52,500 – Mustaphi, Semonti M. (Associate Director and Deputy Press Secretary To The First Lady)
Sixteen.. $50,000 – Jarvis, Kristen E. (Special Assistant for Scheduling and Traveling Aide To The First Lady)
Seventeen.. $45,000 – Lechtenberg, Tyler A. (Associate Director of Correspondence For The First Lady)
Eighteen.. $43,000 – Tubman, Samanth a (Deputy Associate Director, Social Office)
Nineteen.. $40,000 – Boswell, Joseph J. (Executive Assistant to the Chief Of Staff to the First Lady)
Twenty.. $36,000 – Armbruster, Sally M. (Staff Assistant to the Social Secretary)
Twenty-One… $35,000 – Bookey, Natalie (Staff Assistant)
Twenty-Two.. $35,000 – Jackson, Deilia A. (Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady)
(total $1,591,200 in annual salaries)

The looters of our American philosophy wish to strip away our religion and replace it with one of their own design so that they can control us, so that we are easy to steal from. They strip away our philosophy so that they can replace it with their own altruistic example so that we will give up our money to their cause and not cast our eyes in their direction and discard those politicians as useless. As long as they convince us to think in fashions of sacrifice, we will give our wealth to them so they can spend $447.39 on luxurious foods at a New York hotel for an afternoon snack. The looters do this because they are thieves who have no value for the funds they stole, because stealing it is easy. They provide no service that couldn’t be done by you dear reader. But they have stolen your philosophy from you in public education, so you cannot reason for yourself the folly of your ways. They have stolen from you a religion, so that you look to politicians who will spend $150 on Iranian Osetra Caviar as the provider of both religion and philosophy. They will sell to you their image as the prophets for the prices of the taxes that come out of your hard-earned check.

Looters do not have your interest in mind. They simply wish to give you a job to keep you happy and voting in their direction. They wish to hit that magic number of 50% by using your greed against you for their gain. You see, they do not believe in altruism themselves. Not in the least. They wish you to believe it so that they can control you. So you will take your government job, make twice what is made in the market controlled private sector, and you will trade away your freedom for comfort and a vote for their politicians so they can maintain their power base as prophets when in reality they are simply clowns. Want more proof? Look at these connections of nepotism among the political elite centering on the new green initiative. This is just a fraction of what is really going on.

• The Tonopah Solar Company in Harry Reid’s Nevada is getting a $737 million loan from Obama’s DOE.
• The project will produce a 110 megawatt power system and employ 45 permanent workers.
• That costs U.S. Taxpayers just $16 million per job.
• One of the investment partners in this endeavor is Pacific Corporate Group (PCG).
• The PCG executive director is Ron Pelosi who is the brother to Nancy’s husband.

Yes, they think you’re stupid because they stole from you the ability to think. They did this by pilfering American philosophy which can be found in the work of The Federalist Papers and authors John Locke and Ayn Rand. The real criminals are not these politician looters; it is those who do not take advantage of the book store down the road, the television on the History Channel, C-Span, and Discovery Channels. It is those who forgo talk radio in favor of the sweet melody of social propaganda. (Listen to Lady Ga Ga and gawk at her outrageous outfits. She is selling you a philosophy and you accept it with your ears and the glitter of her fashion. She is designed to control your philosophy by album producers who wish to make a profit. The producers and agents of her songs are driven by self-interest, not gay rights, or political splendor. They are driven by self-interest disguised as altruism.)

Working philosophies and religions are out there for your use dear reader, and when you allow the looters to not only rob you of your wealth but of your mind too, you have committed a sin against your legacy.

When death finds you, and you lay in your casket and the small gathering of your family and friends show up to say a few nice words on your behalf, without a strong philosophy they will only have to say that you were a good person who did what people told you to do. You held a government job, paid your bills, and voted for altruistic political candidates who brought joy to the world. But your departed soul and a few wise men and women will know the truth, that you perpetuated tyranny by assisting the looters of America into a crime against mankind that made kings of the weak and victims of the strong.

The death I’m speaking of is not you dear reader, for you are only a cell in the greater body that is sick. The body I speak of that resides in the mentioned casket is America. A country that let it’s philosophy be stripped away from it so that it could become sick and die from within. For anyone who studies sickness knows that for a virus to kill a life, it must destroy first the body’s immune system, and for a country, that immune system is its religion and its philosophy. That’s why both must be discussed often, so that the body can fight off the diseases of looters which seek to plague it. And fear not, philosophy does not need to be laborious and out of your reach. I have went to considerable effort to make philosophy obtainable for a public that are current victims of a looter ruling class, so that those villains might find themselves shortly extinct.

Stay tuned for much, much more.

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Who is Roger Tallblocke: UK Police seize computers from a blogger–America’s future in action

Want a sneak peek into the future of socialism in America? England is about 20 years ahead of the United States politically and just a few short days ago police raided a bloggers home in the United Kingdom and confiscated his computers because he wrote about an issue called Climategate. You can read about that story here:

After the police took Roger Tallbloke’s computers from his home after knocking on his door with a search warrant and arriving with 6 officers, they gathered up his computers and later informed him that he was not a suspect of anything. They would clone his computer hard drives and return them to him. Isn’t that nice?

Tallblocke is a blogger who covers a lot of science information and apparently the greenie weenies of Europe do not like the facts he’s putting out, so they came up with a search warrant, took his computers and harassed him to the furthest extent of their laws. This story is proof that if there are laws on the books that allow for law enforcement to impose itself upon a population, then they certainly will. England has never enjoyed the kind of freedoms that we have in America, so this kind of behavior may not seem too appalling to most Europeans but they certainly are to those of us who live in America. And we must be cautious of any politician who professes that they wish to make America more like Europe, because what happened to Roger Tallblocke is not acceptable under any circumstances, and is the destination if America follows.

Yet that is what is going on in America. Politicians seem to desire with great lust to send us all into European care once again after leaving that socially stagnate, pretentious cesspool over 200 years ago to fight for freedom, become the most dominant economic powerhouse on the planet with a relatively small country, only to give all that back again and join the European Union under the political affiliation of socialism, because in England the Labour Party is in essence the representative of Socialist International. The recent NDAA Act that passed the American Senate overwhelmingly to allow the military and police to apprehend Americans indefinitely comes from the same mentality of European law.

It is the political platform of the Labour Party to endorse all the “green initiatives” and hijacked sciences as a way to spread socialism to every country on earth. That is their goal. And there are many politicians addicted to power who seek to make a living as part of the political ruling class who openly embrace socialism as the wave of the future. It doesn’t matter to those power-hungry looters that socialism stagnates economic growth and limits the spirit of its people into something that is best resembled in history by The Dark Ages. The ruling class will always have money, so the condition of the rest of society is a trivial matter that they don’t consider.

In America our academic types are notorious for their desire to return to the motherland of Europe, to the age of Victorians. Barack Obama is one of those academic types. It is easy to see how his mind works as he travels extensively and quite elegantly on the tax payer dime to do very little as a manager of the country’s affairs simply to campaign for his next election. His wife has shown a tendency to embrace the role of a queen. Her vacations are extravagant and her personal staff is exquisite.

By the way, Socialist International is currently the dominate government in Spain. Check out the map of countries that are under the influence of that particular group.

America was never supposed to be a land where politicians sought to make a living in politics. America was never supposed to be a land where lawyers who spent a lot of money on becoming a lawyer and failed in private practice used public office to enrich themselves by writing laws that nobody understood so they would be required to translate those obscure laws. America was meant to have politicians who served a term or two and would then retire back to the world from which they came turning over the reins of government to someone else who would sacrifice their time and wisdom to a term of public service.

I was recently at an event with John Kasich and I spoke with people there who have put their names on some bold legislation that many Rhino Republicans have deemed will put an end to John Kasich’s political career. To those who say such things I say, “What makes you think John Kasich as governor of Ohio wishes to run for governor again? Why would he? I wouldn’t.” The very presumption that a politician should have a “career” in politics is the first and most devastating black flag that an electorate should consider when evaluating a potential candidate. NO POLITICIAN should seek an office to become wealthy, secure, or even use it as a networking tool as a lobbyist once their term is done. Such people are just low quality citizens who function in only one service, and that is machine politics. And machine politics does not want a representative republic that votes members out every election cycle. Machine politics desires candidates that can hold their seats so one party can dominate another party in what becomes something more reminiscent of a football game, not a meeting of logic and philosophy.
Machine politics on both sides is attracted to socialism because in socialism there is a place for a ruling elite. Obama clearly sees himself this way, and most members of the House and Senate do as well. Most academics feel that they are the illuminated populace that Plato spoke about in The Republic and it is they who must use their minds to rule the masses. So socialism is for these types, which are as numerous as the stars in a desert sky.

That is the reason the politicians are attempting to push American in the direction of Europe. They desire to keep their power indefinitely so that they are sheltered from the real world with an insulation of invented nobility. That future is not shrouded in secrecy, with unknown elements. We know how socialism has affected other countries, and they are not nearly as prosperous as the United States has been. There is no mystery as to that destination and we are headed there.

Recently the school in my community hired a new superintendent who specializes in Global Education. She promoted this benefit to the residents of our community as though it were a positive thing. But what it really means is that she plans to continue a stronger agenda of teaching socialism in our public schools so that the children we send to her will learn and be ready for the world of tomorrow that politicians like Obama are giving us, by handing America back to Europe like a child who ran away from home and was caught again by the authorities to be dropped back off to their mother to be punished for their youthful rebellion.

With the passage of NDAA, Net Neutrality, Health Care, more commitments to Medicare and the money eating public education system, America will very soon become the place where a simple blogger will receive a visit from the police to have their possessions confiscated, analyzed, and returned only by the discretion of the police state. And we will have this lack of freedom for the simple reason that the politicians we elected into service did not understand the Constitution of the United States and instead sought European refuge for a fruitful career as a ruling elite.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

NO MEANS NO: The ghost of my friend Henry David Thoreau

One of the most disgusting sentiments of the weak parasitic big government types is how they have not only made legalized robbery fashionable in their never ending quest for more and more taxes to feed their incessant bellies, but they have taken segments of great classic literature and distorted them to suit their purposes, much like they have done with everything else. This is one of the most obvious evils that they have done with my favorite transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau and his very short work Civil Disobedience.

Civil Disobedience is only about 30 to 40 pages long. It’s really not much more than an essay and in its opening line comes the famous phase, “That government is best which governs least.” Just a few sentences later Thoreau states, “That government is best which governs not at all.” Yet, civil rights leaders and union socialists have used Thoreau as a kind of hand book to protests and how to engage in them. It was the 60’s hippies who have used the words of Thoreau to lie down in the street and fill the jails of their location with their body’s protest, in order to overwhelm the police and their human cages. The big government progressives seem to only have read the words in Civil Disobedience that pertain to slavery, and war with Mexico, which were the hot button issues in 1849, and they missed the true point of the book!

After the rash of school levy defeats in Southern Ohio after this past election I went back and read Civil Disobedience on the morning after to reign in my thoughts on the matter. The work that Thoreau intended was an anti-tax protest. Thoreau says in his short work, that to pay taxes to an unjust system is a weak acceptance of that system. And that if a citizen does not like what his government is doing, then do not pay the tax. Civil Rights activists point to Civil Disobedience and say this is where they got the idea to allow activists to be placed in jail as a kind of badge of honor. But the fools that many of them are missed the point entirely. Thoreau was put in jail himself for not paying his taxes, and he belittled the entire concept of jail as something that was beneath him in his book. It wasn’t the act of going to jail that was the aim of Civil Disobedience, but in cutting money off from an unjust, oppressive state. He wasn’t even protesting the United States; he was protesting control of the state over his individual sovereignty, and then proclaiming that a state of cowards who refused to acknowledge the individual rights of all men, including slaves, deserved not to have their coffers refilled by the tax collectors. Civil Disobedience is actually a much shorter version of the same thing explored in Atlas Shrugged, that the way to defeat a tyrannical government is to simply not endorse its existence with more resources. By giving it money, you endorse the behavior, even if it’s through your taxes.

That seems fair enough to me and makes sense. Generally, if I don’t like a restaurant, I don’t spend my money on it. If I don’t like a movie, I don’t go to the theater to pay money to see it. If I don’t like a particular brand of car I don’t buy it. And in government, if I don’t like the service or what they spend my money on, it only makes sense that I not be forced to spend money on it. Well, there is a lot in government that I’m not happy with. I do like the roads and highways, but I pay for those with my gasoline tax. I like the post office so long as a stamp can cover the costs. I like the military. I like NASA. There are probably a few other things I like………………but the rest, I don’t support. I don’t support a dictator type president. I do not support a looting congress and senate. I don’t even support a bunch of Supreme Court Justices who look at the Constitution and proclaim that within it there’s a Supremacy Clause. For my money they are a bunch of moochers and looters who do almost nothing productive. And the biggest looters of all are the education system.

I’ve made it no secret that I think our education system is pathetically under equipped to handle the problems of the modern day. The entire structure of the education beast seems motivated to social cause’s not actual individual education. I have noticed that public education from the top to the bottom is a complete failure. The kids in high school are missing all the important lessons, case in point I first heard about Thoreau in high school English and it took me nearly a decade to get the bad taste out of my mouth so I could revisit the material properly. I had the same experience with Shakespeare; teachers absolutely butchered the material so it was unattractive to an inquisitive mind. And kids seem even more out-of-touch now than they were back when I was in school. There are so many tools available to students, yet Departments of Education, school boards, labor unions and finally the teachers themselves are hanging on to an old expensive model that simply doesn’t work. Yet we are forced to continue to pay for this failure with tax levies imposed on the property owners every 6 months.

Lebanon was a local Southern Ohio district that had defeated their levy in May of 2011, but yet was passed 6 months later with less than 200 votes in the November election. The Little Miami School District finally passed their tax levy after the 9th attempt by only 70 votes out of thousands. Lakota, my district failed for the third time in 18 months, and Mt. Healthy failed for the second time in 6 months. In fact at Mt. Healthy the school put the issue on back on the ballot the very next day after the previous vote! In the election of November 2011 there were 611 public school districts in Ohio and out of those 180 had a levy on the ballot this past November. Of those 180 levies, only 87 were successful. Of the 87 that were successful, only 27 were for new funding, the rest were for renewals of existing funding. So what do these numbers tell us?

Those numbers indicate that tax payers are tired of the game, that they’ve spent all the money they care to on education, and that the government needs to loosen its control over education, and privatize it. When 10K per kid is not enough money to provide an education something is wrong and that something is that government education is more about being a big business than teaching children. Those numbers tell us that people are tired of the game, and they want something else.

Those numbers do not indicate however that the voters who said no mean to be disrespected, blown off as though there were children. Yet that is what each of those schools who failed their levies intends to do, all 103 of them. When the voters said NO at the polls they did so for the same reason that Thoreau said no to his taxes, because he didn’t like the product and he wanted a change. No means NO! But an intrusive government run institution such as public education does not take no for an answer. Instead they put the issue back on the ballot again, and again, and again until voters say yes and they do so because they, the government, believe that your money is theirs to loot and plunder for all it’s worth, and they will do so until you either run out, or die trying to keep up with the increases in taxes. Those who ask for more and more taxes to run government care not a bit about individual lives, about whether or not the tax payers suffer. They only care about the survival of the institutions they serve. They are mindless soldiers taking orders from an omnipresent greed driven government of socialist tyranny!

When I said no to further taxation I did not mean to come back to my door for more! I pay enough tax and the services I get for those taxes are not of quality, and I don’t wish to pay more to an entity that does not value individual rights, and for the same reasons as my good friend Henry David Thoreau, I view paying more taxes to be the same as committing an evil act because it feeds institutionalism that is breaking the soul of America.

The evidence comes from the academics themselves, that their system is an utter failure. They read the same book as I, yet they took from it collectively, thousands upon thousands of those academic idiots one meaning, and that is that Thoreau told them to go to jail to protest an injustice. But the jail was the byproduct of not paying taxes, which was the original message those pretentious cowards ignored. And if they missed that one very important point in one book that is only 30 pages long, who on earth are they to be expected to get anything more complicated correct! This is why I do not trust the Department of Education to instruct our children to brush their teeth, let alone guide them on a life quest that will take them through the adventure of existence. No more taxes means just that, and for every one of those 103 schools that come back again to the public for yet more taxes, they are nothing but robbers with the weapon of force, with the political machine at their backs to empower them to take and take and take until the money is taken out of your pocket and placed into theirs with a smile on your face. And you will smile and like it because they will tell you to. Oh, if you are good and kiss their ostentatious asses enough they may smile and shake your hand at a football game on Friday night! Of course you are too stupid if you believe such things to see that they are using your children as a gladiator to the same effect as Rome did, to help sell the evils of their politics with patriotic uniforms and cheering masses. And the games also sell a few soft drinks and pop corn as well as a bit of admission to help the slush funds.

It is for this reason and a host of many others that I believe that education funding is among the most evil endeavors currently entertained by government, and it needs to be eradicated in its current state and reborn as something else that actually works. And it needs to happen while there are still people capable of individual thought who can make it so. Because without action, eternal, blind compliance is the next step into an abyss America will never recover.

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Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

“On Tuesday, Senate Bill 5 was rejected throughout Ohio as draconian overreach. Now they are trying to reach into the private sector,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of Ohio Democratic Party. “They’re inviting a challenge.”

Source article:

This comment came on the announcement that a group not associated with Governor Kasich, not associated with the Koch Brothers, not even associated with the Republican Party is seeking to place on the ballot the ability for Ohio to become a right-to-work state. See the press conference for yourself here.

Now, I know those guys pretty well, and they are a group of fair and balanced guys. They truly desire to give to the state of Ohio a level of freedom that has been uttered from the silent parties within these unions for quite a long time. These union members who are tired of having their union dues translated into funding for the Democratic Party want out of their imprisonment, which is but one of the issues addressed in Issue 2. When opponents of Issue 2 said that the law was too “far reaching” people like Chris and Mike listened. So they are seeking just one small little measure that was in Issue 2, originally designated for the public union employee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not go after employee wages, does not ask them to pay more for their health care, and does not affect seniority or any of the union concerns debated in Issue 2. All the right-to-work amendment proposes to do in the above press conference is give people the option to be in a union or not to. It’s that simple.

But wait……………………..the unions are already upset? I thought they said they could “compromise” and be reasonable. Listen to Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio.

“Just two days ago, Ohioans spoke with one clear and emphatic voice, and voted by an overwhelming margin to support our everyday heroes and their right to collectively bargain. Yet, today their voices are already being ignored, even after Gov. (John R.) Kasich and legislative leaders have promised to listen and reflect on Tuesday’s vote.”

Well, this statement requires comment since it is obvious that the opponents of Issue 2 seem confused as to what is happening in the world around them. And that comment will not come from the good people who are proposing this constitutional amendment, or any other group. They are a fair-minded assemblage who truly wants what is fair and good for the majority in Ohio. Instead the comments made below are exclusively mine and they are addressed specifically to the public and private sector unions. This is Rich Hoffman Speaking.

People who are not in a union do not take their marching orders from politicians like you in the unions do. John Kasich is not our commander as Richard Trumka and Barack Obama are yours. We do not bow down to an authority figure that takes money from us and gives it to progressive politics. We are a people who desire freedom, even if we are in the minority.

My take on the Issue 2 debate is that only 39% were able to comprehend the contents of that very good bill, the rest were simply too stupid to wrap their little minds around the idea. I would say the same if it was only 1% who voted, because I read the bill and thought it was fair, and believe it or not, I did so completely on my own. No union steward told me to read it. I did it on my own. That’s called self-responsibility. I witnessed the union machine, which I am forced to help fund, scare Ohioans into voting the union way. I watched money pour in from out-of-state and saw the influence all the way up to the White House taking part in being a gear for that machine. And even with all your efforts 39% still voted against you.

I said all along that the Yes vote would need 2 million voters to win at the polls and only 1,321,494 showed up. During a presidential election 5 million voters usually turn out, so a lot of people stayed home and watched TV, so by no means the 2 million who voted to repeal Issue 2 represent Ohio’s wishes. It represented the 350,000 public workers their moms and dads and wives, girlfriends and children, grandmas and grandpa’s, and the rest are people scared of their own shadows. This landslide is not what you think it is. All it means is that Issue 2 was too hard to understand, so those who might have voted against you stayed home and ordered pizza.

I have watched school levy after school levy get voted down on Tuesday, and go right back on the ballot on Wednesday. That is the union way, if you don’t get what you want the first time through, then push it through again and again until it passes, till the opposition is so worn out they no longer have the will to fight. Why then should not the same tactic be applied to the unions? Did you think that those of us who want to be free of you would just go away? Why would people like me not wish to drive the measure back down your throats, once, twice, or twenty-five more times? It would be my hope that instead of Issue 2 being passed in one large bill as it was that it will be passed as 15 separate bills and that the unions will spend themselves into oblivion defending each and every one of them. Did you think that this would all just go away on the day after the election? No, welcome to our world where taxes are constantly proposed to fuel your tyranny! Those of us who have defeated our tax levies know the fight will never end till the unions are out of the business of government. You did it to yourselves. I do not hate you because of your two legs, two arms and one head; I hate you because you are an instrument of tyranny and your higher taxes are an imposition to my freedom. You ask more of me so that you my live and I demand of you to do for yourself and to leave me alone.

Your nature is revealed in your opposition to becoming a right-to-work state. You wish simply to hold the paychecks of your member’s hostage so they will turn out and vote your way. You want the membership numbers for reasons of extortion, and force. You care not that some of your members seek freedom from your clutches. You only care that they send you a check! THAT IS YOUR NATURE! You are parasites who consume the world around you. You will do anything to win no different from a sleazy thief picking pockets in a Las Vegas casino. I watched you hide behind the firefighters to gain support among the mushy minded masses. Do you think you will be so successful if the firefighters and police were not involved? You should be thankful that the Republicans at least attempted to be honest and fair from their stand point. Me………I would have attacked each union separately, starting with the teachers and severed the flow of money from the NEA into our state politics. Then I would have reformed the FOP and their connection to the AFL-CIO, then maybe the firefighters and their connection to the Trumka gang. I would have also have done so with 20 different bills and forced those groups to fight on every front! Spend 30 million dollars fighting the ability to strike. Spend 30 million dollars fighting the right to collectively bargain. Spend 30 million fighting the insurance premiums. Spend 30 million fighting the right-to-work. Spend 30 million fighting the issue of step increases. Yes unions, you were right, Issue 2 was too sweeping for one swallow. Only 39% of the voters were able to swallow, and the rest sat on their hands in indecision. My plan would have emptied the 1 billion dollars that Obama is sitting on in his election bid and forced him to save his union brothers and sisters in an attempt to win Ohio leaving him with no money to win any other state. You should be thankful that John Kasich and his Republican friends did not attempt to be so malicious. I would have.

Fair? I heard that term over and over during the campaign. Is it fair that one dollar of my money goes to support an organization that I consider detrimental to America? I don’t want my money sent to my local school to pay a teacher to then be converted by union dues and used by the teachers union to fund candidates who are progressive and out to rob my country of its freedom loving nature. Look at the child with a helmet on his bicycle riding 5 MPH as his frightened mother looks on afraid that her little one will splat his brains all over the sidewalk. This is the result of your unions and their attempts to justify their existence by overreaching their authority in the class-room and among the police authority. Look at the fat-fingered politician who creates legislation due to the union lobby in trade for campaign contributions that find themselves in the G-strings of a local stripper, the politician and his comb-over slicked over with French fry oil is using campaign money so his wife doesn’t find out about it. Look at the cops on a Saturday night setting up DUI checkpoints to “rid” society of drunk drivers. What they are really doing is showing that they are overstaffed and need something for those officers to do. The MAD mothers who created much of that “drinking” legislation played right into the hands of the union lobby, and gave them an excuse to mandate insurance, which gave cops something to do, mandate drunk driving laws, which gave cops something to do, and revenue to generate, and gave police the right to pull people over even if they were only on their way to the video store, to take away freedoms of the citizens using safety as the guise. Is it fair that your existence is eroding away my freedoms?

Is it fair that my quality of life is diminished because your mind is like a rock; it absorbs nothing, gradually becomes smaller over time with erosion, and sinks to the bottom of anything it’s tossed in to. Is my life to be attached to yours out of some altruistic fantasy? Am I chained to your lack of ambition for life? Is that what you think?

If I were to bring a company to Ohio, I would not want some parasite union attempting to corrupt my workforce with socialism. I would locate in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and other right-to-work states. In those places, if someone wants to organize a union, they can. But the members aren’t forced to join. Unions are a form of cronyism that involves fathers employing their sons, and uncles employing their nephews. It does not guarantee the best employee for the job and performance on that occupation. I have traveled extensively, and I have toured many manufacturing plants, and common to the union facilities are employees who watch TV during their shift. Cross-training is nearly extinct, and there is always a fear that the whole workforce will walk off the job if they become unhappy. Why would Boeing want to locate to South Carolina? TO AVOID LABOR STOPPAGES THAT AFFECTS THEIR ORDERS!

I have never met an enemy of the American system that is as clueless as the typical union worker. And I want no part of them. I will gladly support workers who are not part of a union. If there is a right-to-work option I could see who I can trust and who I can’t. I should have that option! And so should the employee! The only reason a union would be against an employee right-to-work option is to force them into a marriage they can control. What happens to the man who attempts to control his wife by forcing her into a marriage with intimidation and control? The woman may play along for the benefit of her family, but secretly she is scheming against the husband. Secretly she is looking for lovers. Secretly she plays the husband’s friends against him. Secretly she spits in his food when she prepares it, and she denies him sex except when he forces himself on her in a drunken splendor. That is what your employees who want out of the union are doing to you behind your back. Believe me, I know, I hear from them! They are praying that someone come and help them, to break the chains which shackle them to tyranny so that they may spring free!

Unions, you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system constructed on extortion and your members are addicted to the income you’ve stolen on their behalf. But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to the ballot box. That is not a task I’d be slapping any back about. It is hardly a mandate to your existence. You could have obtained 2 million votes with only one dollar spent, because it was your internal network that showed up. Not one person more!

So I think it is more than fair to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that allows every employee the option to decide if they want to join a union or not. The option should be there for them to make, which is a form of transparency that is much-needed. For all the reason above and many, many more Ohio is a state in need of options. And I personally want to be free of the radicalism of the unions, and I want to support employees who elect to also be free of those tyrannical organizations.

Making Ohio a right-to-work state is a long, long way from what I want, but it is a reasonable concession for the other 99.9% of the state who might not feel as strongly as I do. I would think that all parties involved, unions and non-union would at least honor the right to American freedom, unless I am right about the union intentions, which is to be a dictatorship of socialism that is anti-capitalist in their nature. Because that would be the only reason they’d stand against Ohio becoming a right-to-work state.

For the answer to everything click the link below!

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Indicted West Chester Police Officer made $70,032.20: Yet the apologists think that’s not enough

The West Chester Police did a good thing and that’s act quickly on an internal investigation of one of their own.  The nine-year veteran 37-year-old David Busemeyer was investigated and indicted by a grand jury of three felony charges, obstruction of official business, obstruction of justice and attempted tampering with evidence. Busemeyer is of course innocent until proven guilty, but this entire internal investigation is a reminder that public servants are not perfect. And I don’t expect them to be. What I expect is for West Chester to do exactly as it did, and that is bring about justice even when it involves their own.

However, in light of Issue 2, where the rhetoric has been turned up, and those pandering types use public servants to prop up their own political positions, I keep hearing that public servants do not make very much money, that police start at 35K a year, and that firefighters make 55K per year, and that teachers are not getting rich off their jobs. Well, I’ve shown at this site that teachers at Lakota make an average of $63K per year and are doing very well relative to the rest of the community. The police and firefighters in my community are also doing quite well, which I wasn’t aware of till the last levy was approved. After the approval of that levy I started looking at the numbers which resulted in the below spreadsheet.

Because this officer had been named and indicted by a grand jury, I was curious how much this particular police officer made, because according to Bill Cunningham and many others who are supporters of collective bargaining and union labor, these guys don’t make very much money. So I took a look at the spreadsheet below and sure enough, David Busemeyer is on there. At only 37 years old and nine years on the force he is making $70,032.20 as of 2010 numbers, since I received that information during the winter of 2011.

That’s not bad money. In fact, that’s quite a bit more than the average tax payer, even in West Chester. Have a look at my list.

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The trouble with “collective begging” which is the union term that Cunningham has adopted to refer to the “collective bargaining” reform bill of Issue 2 is that “collective bargaining” is not practical, is expensive, and allows employees who can’t achieve large wage levels under their own merit to make excellent wages under that system. Using West Chester purely as an example since it’s my community it’s not a big deal if David Busemeyer makes $70,032.20 if there was some sort of evaluation procedure that delivered him that type of wage. Maybe he does a lot of high risk work, or maybe he can speak in several languages and act as a translator for illegal immigration busts. But under collective bargaining, EVERYONE makes that kind of money. All a public employee has to do is show up for work, do what they are told within the union rules, and keep their nose clean, somewhat, and they will receive an automatic increase based on their collective bargaining contract. And instead of one employee making great money, you have hundreds making that kind of money and every bit of it must come from the tax payer.

Cunningham’s comments are the same as the typical politician. He’s pandering to the masses, which is no different from when Barry Obama does it, or Jessie Jackson, or Bill Clinton. Cunningham knows that many of his listeners during the day are public servants. Cops have on 700 WLW in their cars as they sit on the side of the road watching for speeders. Teachers have it on in the teacher’s lounge, and firefighters having it on in the firehouses. Cunningham seems to have always cared more for pandering than the actual truth which used to make me mad, but like one of my readers told me the other day, Willie Springer has no credibility. He lost that a long time ago.  It’s important to know that Willie is a brand name to a creation.  He is a lawyer.  He has a restaurant in West Chester where many teachers, PTA members, and coaches of sports teams for Lakota attend, so there is profit in pandering.  That seems to be why he supports a levy in my district even though he doesn’t live there.  He’ll pay the extra tax for his business because the school pandering will fill the seats at his sports bar.  I often assumed that what he said he believed, because I would, but he’s no different from an actor in a movie or on a TV show.  He’s a radio personality who has attached his role as a lawyer to the public sector worker as his listeners, the “voice of the common man” even though he is wearing a Mercedes shirt, which tells much of the story in itself.  It’s a cute gig until he starts taking official positions, where he comes out sounding as foolish as Sean Penn or some other radicle actor.

I hired Willie about 15 years ago to be my spokesman for a line of T-shirts I was producing to help get out a message I had which stated, “TAKE AN AX TO OUR TAX.” We were making the shirts at cost during the 1996 election season to bring high taxes to people’s attention. Rob Portman actually bought one from me, and I took one down to city hall and gave it to Roxanne Quals, the mayor of Cincinnati at the time. Willie was hired to do our commercial which we ran on 700 WLW.

I was set to go on with Bill Cunningham during his 9 PM show on a summer Friday night. As I was headed to the station Cunningham had on a segment where he had strippers on doing a live strip show while Cunningham did play-by-play commentary. My wife told me, “This is the guy you’ve hired to be your spokesman?”

I said, “No, he’s a conservative. Willie is just doing this for ratings.”

My wife said, “And you’re going to go on behind this?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Doesn’t this compromise your message?” My wife said. “You hate Howard Stern because he has no ethics. You hate Jerry Springer because he’ll do anything for money. How is this guy any different? And you’re going to go on his show and let him pretend he’s a conservative. You’re going to acknowledge his existence? You’re going to even give him the time of day?”

I knew she was right, so we turned around and went home. I called his producer and told him that I wasn’t going to go on behind a room full of strippers. So Cunningham kept the girls in the studio till midnight, and they had a grand old-time laughing and carrying on. And from that day on, I knew that Cunningham the personality was not the same as Cunningham the man, which was very disappointing, because I wanted to believe in him.

In the video above, Cunningham has fantasies that his words actually carry weight, and there is a certain percentage of the population out there who would listen to advice from Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, or Bill Cunningham. Those types of personalities try to be everything to everybody, and actually believe in nothing. But then again, most lawyers are that way. They’ll believe whatever you tell them to, so long as the money is green.

However, this business of Issue 2 is serious, and people like Cunningham just muddy up the water with the revelation that he has always been a Democrat, and was only a conservative for the benefit of his show. They take advantage of the ignorance of the masses who are too busy with their lives to look into anything for themselves. Yet the spreadsheet above shows what the union supporters don’t want you to know, and that is “collective bargaining” has allowed too many people to make too much money. Getting pay increases in large groups is a concept that could only work in government. In the private sector it puts companies out of business. In government it causes tax increases.

Apologists attempt to pander to everyone so they hope to divert our attention to the corruption of the federal government and the war in Afghanistan which is terribly expensive, rather than what’s going on in our communities.  All they are doing is trying to divert attention from the immediate problems. I can’t do much about those federal issues, but I can in my backyard. And getting these public employee costs under control is my obligation to my community, not to get side-tracked on some diatribe by a radio/television personality. People like that are no different from politicians who will do anything or say anything for a vote.

In the end, whatever happens to Issue 2, the collective bargaining system will collapse on itself. If the unions get their way, they will be solely responsible for the catastrophe that follows. School levies won’t go away, and neither will police and fire levies they’ll keep asking for money to satisfy their collective bargaining contracts while the rest of us suffer through stagnate wages that have topped out. Issue 2 isn’t about fairness, it’s about survival, and those that are trying to get rid of it are no different from those soccer players who crashed in the Andes mountains portrayed in the movie ALIVE.

They ate their dead…………………and became cannibals.


I wonder what that officer really did to have the investigation actually bring about an indictment.  My question was why did that officer make so much money?  What was the evaluation process?  How many times was his life in danger the previous year?  What does he do from the start of his shift to the end?  The answer is we don’t know, because collective bargaining gives pay increases to all employees equally, so the evaluations done are just customary, since they have very little meaning to actual wages.  And that probably had something to do with why this officer wasn’t detected as a potential problem by his management, until something bad happened.  And that system will continue because people like Bill Cunningham are willing to give people like this a blank check of entitlement, which empowers these groups of public workers to believe they are far more important, and valuable than they actually are. 

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Playing in the Mud on Issue 2: Why is so much TAX needed?

A controversy erupted over a new ad regarding Issue 2. The grandmother of a young girl named Zoey did a repeal ad for Issue 2 asking people to vote No so there will be firefighters available to save future Zoey’s. The pro group who wants a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 took the contents of the ad and used it in a different cut to explain why keeping Senate Bill 5, by voting YES on ISSUE 2 will also help future Zoey’s. Well, the grandmother didn’t like having her words used out of context. She was giving an interview in the ad which precisely articulated the bullet points of the repeal campaign of the pro union movement, so the Better Ohio marketing people felt that ad was fair game to turn against the repeal attempt.

Doc Thompson did a segment about this controversy and I came on toward the end of it to provide some background about how S.B.5 was born and why all public workers were placed under the umbrella of Issue 2, which Doc felt was causing much of the problems that are starting to emerge. Both sides are getting furious and undermining each other with dirty tricks.

I explained that part of me understood why the people who want to keep ISSUE 2 by voting YES enjoyed punching back at the union rhetoric for a change. After all, the repeal campaign was attempting to exploit the older woman and the catastrophe of her granddaughter. The unions have a long history of distorting facts to play off the emotion of the public in order to negotiate for themselves results to their liking. But I also explained that this wasn’t needed, since the ISSUE 2 YES people of which I represent don’t need to stoop to the level of the unions, since the facts work in our favor. So I thought the ad was unnecessary. You can see the original ad at the link below.

Obviously, the repeal attempt is attempting to manipulate the public, and they haven’t even thought about what will happen if Issue 2 gets repealed. The overwhelming amount of selfishness exhibited by the Repeal People is even bewildering to me. Collective bargaining has never been a “right” yet the government employee culture has come to expect disproportionate benefits from the tax payer and they have shown they will do anything to get them, even if the benefits come at the expense of their co-workers who are under them in seniority. Without Issue 2 there will be no legal way to balance our budgets, and massive layoffs will occur, and we will lose teachers, firefighters and police. So the YES ISSUE 2 people put together the ad you see below which turns the first ad back around on that same group with truth, which caused the controversy.

To make matters even worse the issue is very confusing as it’s worded on the ballot. I spoke to many people who think they are quite intelligent who thought they were supposed to vote NO to implement the collective-bargaining reform, and I spoke to people who thought they were supposed to vote YES to get rid of it. So who knows what will happen on Election Day.

At the core of this problem the union leadership knows that most people don’t care very much about anything to truly understand any situation. People are lazy, let’s face it, and politicians and unions have taken advantage of lazy people for years.

What many people don’t realize is that if their taxes were less, they’d be quite wealthy. Because the taxes come out of their checks without their knowledge, they don’t see how much they actually spend. They of course lose money each week in their pay checks, but they also pay tax every time they buy something. They pay tax on their properties if they own them, and they pay tax when they die. For virtually every movement they make, they are taxed, and they never take the time to contemplate the merit of the taxes. Is the money actually needed, or could the organizations that consume our tax money do more with less? Why should we do with less, so others can have?

A few days ago I spelled out my thoughts on taxes, and you can read them at the link below. I use almost nothing in government service, and would be happy if government stayed out of my life. I don’t want what the bureaucrat creates.

I was at a GameStop the other day buying a new video game and a woman about my age was at the counter talking to the staff member who was trying to explain to the woman who if she used a special promotional offer that GameStop was offering, the woman could save $15 dollars on the game she was buying for her son. To my shock the woman said, “Do I look like I need to save money!” I took note of her large diamond rings, her very nice attire, her manicured hands, her hair, and her ear rings. I had heard her say earlier that she lived in Blue Ash so it was important to her that people saw that she made a lot of money. I have heard the same thing from parents who want me to support the school levies. “Can’t you afford $40 more a month? What’s wrong with you?” It is the same mentality.

I see such a thought process as a disease. Insecure people who use their income as a way to prove their worth to the world have helped create the terrible problem we are currently facing, because it is those people who these union ads target, and traditionally, people like that woman voted YES for everything over many years as far as tax increases. The motive was to prove how much money she made, and people like her have been taken advantage of.

I have asked many people, why does you wife have to work? Why do you work such long hours? Why do you work two jobs? Why do you give up a night on the town with your wife or husband? Most of the time, the answer is, “I can’t afford it.” But these same people feel they must approve another tax levy so they don’t have to admit that money is short. I’ve actually seen people take on extra jobs just to pay their taxes.

But with the economy being what it is, the easy money is gone, so there are far fewer people than that woman these days, and the taxes have finally caught up to all of us. We are all working far too hard to pay taxes that we can see with our own eyes are wasted. The money is consumed like logs on a raging fire and we are continuously asked to make more logs to burn.

The much better ad about Issue 2 can be seen below. To my experience, this is what I see to be the state of our situation regarding public employee finance, and there is a real risk of those services being dilapidated because those at the top of the public pay scale will destroy it for those at the bottom.

In my own life, I have always watched where every dime goes. That’s why paying taxes to me is a painful experience, because I watch where the money is spent and how much comes out, and don’t numb my mind with senseless television shows and pop music to make me forget. I actually enjoy asking the hard questions. I enjoy being awake. And it is frustrating to me to see so many people asleep, willingly asleep. I don’t wish to run on a tread mill like some gerbil on a wheel of taxation, for the amusement of government. I do not wish to put my wife to work in order to pay our taxes; rather I’d have her shop at Victoria Secret at the Kenwood Mall to buy something to greet me at the door with. And that’s our business, not the affairs of anyone in government. I do not consider it a badge of honor to “afford” my taxes because that is the position of a fool. As of now I can do both, but if at some point the looters of government continue to take, and take and take my money and the money of my neighbors and friends, then such an option may not be possible in the future.

And many people are already at that point. My wife and I were dining at Chili’s recently and I studied the people at the bar while we ate. Many of the couples there were watching the baseball playoff games being shown and were drinking large quantities of alcohol. I knew a few of them, and knew that they were putting the bill on their credit cards and that their wives secretly resented their own jobs and wished they had the ability to stay home as my wife does. But those couples came to Chili’s to meet with other friends and keep up appearances because it’s important to them to be able to say they dined out and did some socializing. I’ve told those same men that you are working too hard to pay too much tax that if you paid less tax, you could enjoy coming to Chili’s and have the money to pay for it without worry.

“But I have plenty of money. I’ll pay of the American Express in full when it comes. No problem.”

Meanwhile the large government advocates, progressives, and unions seek to feed off this tendency with misleading ads like the Zoey clip. The entire ad contains virtually no truth, but does appeal to the greed in everyone, the greed in taking too much, and the greed in those who want the world to believe they can afford anything. That leaves the rest of us who actually pay attention to shake our heads. Yes, we want to lash-out when we have the chance, and our side should have taken the high ground and not stooped to that level of the union advocates, because we don’t need to. But, for a moment in time, it felt good to give back to those thieves and tax moochers a bit of their own medicine, even if it was the wrong thing to do. However, as we go forward, I suggest sticking to the facts and not wallowing in the defecation from which such corrosive minds preside. Keep the argument on the high plains of truth instead, because that’s where we are trying to lead people anyway. Getting in the mud with them doesn’t accomplish that.

The way I see it, for every tax increase, the quality of life for all people, except a government worker, goes down just a little bit each time. Because decisions must be made to either make more money to pay the tax, or to give up things you enjoy to pay the tax, and such a decision should not even be considered. And those who expect us to consider it are simply selfish, and are out for their own lifestyle increase and don’t care one bit what it costs us. It has nothing to do with safety, children, or future security, but has everything to do with losses in quality of life. Without a YES VOTE on ISSUE 2 we will have to make the hard decision to see those public services decline, because we won’t have the opportunity to legally keep them and afford them at the same time. Issue 2 gives us the ability to do both, which is what this whole fight comes down to in the end.

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911 Panic Calls, Rule by the Weak: Bill Cunningham stuck on his roof

I can understand a society needing public workers to handle policing activities, firefighting and emergency services, but only to a limit. I have been in many dangerous situations yet the only time I have had to call 911 was for employees I had to provide first response care to, and that was simply procedural. Every time I’ve ever found myself in a fix, even when death seemed like the next option, I worked the problem out myself.

But apparently, there are people out there who aren’t so self-reliant, and these are the types of people who when danger breaths deathly whispers into their ears, they dial 911 for emergency services to save them. These are the types of people who the ads for Issue 2 are targeting, because the fear tactics work on these people since they are prone to be the next 911 call.

Who are these people, these emotionally shaky individuals who cannot muster enough strength to solve problems on their own? Well, the video below contains a few of these apparently fragile people who have called 911 over issues that most of us would never consider. One is from a couple who became lost in a corn maze, and needed help getting out. The other is from Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW who became stuck on the roof of his house. After listening to these calls, it is easy to have sympathy for the type of individual who might typically vote for against Issue 2 in Ohio. Such people can’t fathom life without a safety net no matter what the cost of that net, because these types of people will throw infinite amounts of money at public workers to ensure their safety. It’s not enough for these types to have police and firefighters nearby for assistance in matters of catastrophic circumstance. The trouble is that seemingly minor incidents to the fragile mind constitute catastrophe. Listen for yourself! (CLICK THE VIDEO)

I truly feel sorry for these people since it is obvious their parameters for danger are much, much, much more narrow than my own, and it is because of people like this that government has expanded to the levels they have. It is these types of people who vote for politicians who will provide safety to them. It is these types of people who burden down our public employees with needless endeavor. But it is also these types of individuals that public workers prop up when their unions are looking for more money. It is these people who are exploited at my expense, which drives up taxes on the self-reliant who do not wish to pay the extra fees for services they will never render.

I had a very fragile individual write me the other day very upset over my work with the Lakota School Levy, and Issue 2. His argument was “What about that special teacher who helped you become who you are today? What about that police officer who keeps criminals from your family? What about the nurse who cares for you in the hospital or the professor who leads you through college?” The man writing me was obviously like the people in the 911 recordings heard above, and to answer him would have required a book of explanation because his view of the world and mine are much different from one another. But in the context of the above 911 calls I believe I can now provide a summary reflecting my displeasure at having so many members of society, my neighbors, community members and fellow countrymen that are prone to identical panic attacks, let me now pontificate my frustration at your burden:

• No, I never had a teacher that guided me through a tough time. They tried, but I rejected them, so not to rob me of the benefit of self-reliance. If they helped me, I did not get the benefit of discovery. They get the benefit of teaching, so the act is more about them, which becomes a selfish gesture. I have been that way my entire life and have never once felt lesser for it. Too often moochers in life do things like building a road, or forcing through law that you take their education class, even if you are already beyond them, and then when you are successful, they attempt to take credit for your success as if to justify their work, which they imposed on you to begin with. I have little tolerance for this behavior. I put up with it for the good of my community, because not everyone is able to see things as I do, and I understand that. I pay my taxes to support those activities for my neighbors, but my children and grandchildren will be taught by better instructors under my tutelage, and that is in the instructions of self-reliance.

• I have never in my life turned away from a dangerous situation when it was in front of me. I’ve been shot at, hunted, threatened in just about every conceivable way, schemed against, virtually every human folly that the imagination can produce has found its way against my wits. And all of those attempts were initiated by the other party in anger because I would not subscribe to their system of doing things, but instead relied on self-reliance. I have seen the fury of those who claim to be brave, but still seek the safety of peer numbers which consciously justify their meager existence (thus my hatred of unions and all collectivism). I have been trapped in cave on my belly unable to move in any direction but forward into a darkened abyss with no light. I have been trapped in a tree of great height (over 50’) alone as the extended ladder fell to the ground and the trunk was so large I couldn’t even begin to put my arms around to shimmy down. The branches of the tree alone were the size of a large man’s torso. I have been in several severe car accidents. I’ve suffered broken bones, severe lacerations, and much blunt trauma such as concussions and skin that ripped open because the pressure of the blood beneath could not move away fast enough but to explode upon impact. Yet you can count on two hands the times I’ve been to a doctor or surgeon. I only attend medical professionals to patch me up or fix an ailment which I have diagnosed. Most of my serious injuries I’ve fixed myself including a broken ankle I suffered in Panama City jumping off a 20’ peer onto a not so sandy beach. My health is supreme, my blood pressure, and all such concerns stout. I take absolutely no drugs of any kind, except when they are needed to finish a work day and I need the boost to complete the task at hand. I’ve been to some of the most remote places on the plant yet never, ever been lost. In fact, I couldn’t get lost if I were dropped into the middle of Siberia blind folded. I do not need a compass, GPS, or even a map to find my way anywhere in this world. When I hear from the people of the world that they are doing something to save me, to help me, I say back, “I do not need your help. You are not more qualified at anything than me. You mind your business and leave me to mine. If you need help ask, but you will never hear me ask for it.”

• Most of the taxes I pay are not for my benefit. If there was no road, I’d make my own or not use one. I would walk, ride a bicycle, or build a helicopter in my back yard to take me where I wish to go, because if I want to go someplace, I’ll go. Terrain or other terrestrial objects will not stop me. Government builds things with my money and I use them because they are there. But my life is not dependent upon them. As to my safety, I have the Second Amendment. I pity the person who attempts to bring harm to my family or to me. It’s been tried before, and it will be tried again and those that discover the wrath of that ill-fated enterprise have been warned. I have represented myself in court more than once since I do not trust lawyers for the most part, and I have been successful many more times than once. So virtually every tax dollar I spend is not for me, it is for mankind and I cringe to watch them waste my money on neurosis. I will never take a Social Security check yet I pay it. And Medicare is not an option. I’d go bankrupt first before accepting Medicare. I’d be willing to do that because I know that as long as I breathe, I can always rebuild myself. I’ve lost everything only to start completely over again at least three times and I’d do it 30 more times before I took a government check, a government job, or help from a neighbor.

Needless to say I do not understand the mind of the people who call 911 to get out of a corn maze, or to be rescued from their roof. If a broken leg was the cost of jumping from the roof I’d take it as payment for putting myself in a foolish position, but I’d never call to be rescued. Never!

Now to many my position appears extreme, but that is only relative to the rest of society, who has bought into this whole collectivism thing. They have forgotten to look first to themselves to solve their problems because it has been taught out of them by those same public workers.

I’ve stated that I put up with it for the sake of societies majority, whom I view as weak, mentally reduced, impudent, and hopeless, I pay my taxes so those people can have their care, their social welfare. To those people I appear as “anti-social” or even “cold hearted,” because they measure social success in acts of weakness, or masked kindness. The proof that society is wrong in its measure can be heard in those 911 calls, collectivism as shown in the video below disgust me because they produce future 911 callers and higher taxes to support their public safety net philosophy.

When a couple, especially where the man is 42 years old can bring a young child into this world and then cannot lead his family out of a corn maze because he’s “scared” becomes an issue of so much media coverage I would say a social breaking point has been achieved. I know what causes such a condition as those fearful people suffer yet I am constantly asked to spend more and more tax money to fund producing more of these people. And more money will not solve the problem, it makes it worse. For each time you place something easily in front of a human being and keep them from working for it, you make them weaker physically, and their minds go to mush. All you’ve done in your compassion is making them dependent on you, which is devastating to the human soul. My point is made at the 10:40 mark of the below video. Words from a person who doesn’t get it. If he wasn’t president he’d be another 911 call.

So utter dear reader how “cold hearted,” “selfish,” and “anti-social,” I am relative to
your position. But ask yourself why you spend so much time at Walgreens for prescriptions you do not need, or becoming intoxicated for the sake of mind-numbing euphoria, (getting drunk) why you eat till you are fat, or spend money on things you don’t need. Why you work a job that provides only money, and watch television shows that are foolish. When you’ve done to your mind and body a thousand dumb things then find yourself stuck on a roof, or in a corn maze unable to process a way out but to call 911, the fault is yours. And you make yourself my problem when you ask me to pay for your incompetence since it was your responsibility not to allow your mind to become mushy. It is you who drive up taxes by asking for things you do not need to satisfy the insecurity you have breed within your timid bodies. And it is because of you that government grows, and why people like me despise you. I take care of my business, but you haven’t done the same.

It is those types of people, the helpless, the meek, the unimaginative, who support repealing the reform bill Issue 2. Those are the people who won’t risk injury to remove themselves from a roof because it “might hurt,” or are afraid to walk “through the corn” because they have a little baby in their arms. These are the union members who lack personal courage and walk arm and arm for collective bargaining, the neurotic mother hauling around a mini-van full of kids to sports games in hopes that one of those kids will win a scholarship and save their parents the high cost of college tuition. These are the same people who go to the doctor for a note to get them out of work so they can sit on their ass and watch some silly program on television or play on their computers while the world marches by through their windows. When an emergency happens, these timid creatures are not ready to face danger, instead they call 911. They are not the people who will VOTE YES on Issue 2, as they fear the very concept of change, because doubt lingers in their minds as to their own ability which they seek to supplement with tax dollars on services provided at the expense of the self-reliant.

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