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“Shoot Extreme” in West Chester Part 2: Tactical Targeting for Civilians

This posting assumes that my previous article about the new indoor target range Shoot Extreme has been read.  Click here for review.  Shoot Extreme is the tactical indoor target shooting range located in West Chester, Ohio.  It is the first of its kind anywhere in the United States, where real guns can be used in the fashion that has become popular with paintballing.  While paintball can simulate combat, the weapons are unique to paintball.  The huge advantage that Shoot Extreme has over everyone else in the simulated combat training business is that their guns are real, so it allows the shooter to become very familiar with a specific weapon.  

In my trip to Shoot Extreme the genius of the concept was quickly evident. Ownership of Shoot Extreme revealed to me that in its current state, he is at phase one of a multi-phase plan.  Currently there are two lanes (mazes) of interactive targets that a shooter must engage within 3 seconds while in the course.  The two lanes are of two different difficulties, lane one, easy to intermediate, the second is the advanced lane.  The interactive targets in this case happen to be zombies, to simulate human style targets and they are cleverly positioned throughout the simulated interior of a building dressed up like a haunted house.  The lighting is challenging because it’s dim to dark in most places which accurately simulates most situations of nighttime home intrusion scenarios.  The zombie theme is wonderful because it makes it fun and much less serious since replication of human targets crosses the line for many people. 

For even experienced shooters I highly recommend lane one first because I have to admit, my first couple of shots in the course were loaded with mild anxiety at the thought of shooting at a human like target, its one thing to think about shooting at a live target, it’s quite another to actually do it.  In lane one it takes 19 shots to get through to the end.  It takes a “double tap” to kill the final two bosses which appear nearly simultaneously. Additional ammunition is available for $10.  The cost of admission gets you 20 shots and is currently $20 dollars to get two clips of ten shots, a gun rental of your choice, a tactical holster and a run through one of the target courses.  Basically the cost of shooting is a dollar a shot, and most of the guns available are traditional 9mm and .45 simi auto pistols.  Shoot Extreme provides the best training possible with a full staff available and their gun rental department is vast as they maintain many commonly used service weapons, including Glock, Beretta, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, and other arms.

When I went through lane one I picked the Beretta 92F since it is such a reliable weapon and seemed like the one that would be most useful in a zombie apocalypse.  It’s a 9mm and holds plenty of ammunition.  But with a ten round clip, a reload in the middle of the course would be needed.  And this is what makes Shoot Extreme such a treasure for target shooters.  The zombie apocalypse target shoot forces shooters to keep track of their ammunition under duress, just as it would be required in an actual combat situation, which is probably the single most important tactical teaching tool that this course provides.  The second benefit is that it gets a shooter used to shooting at a target that simulates a menace. 

Typically under normal target shooting there is very little urgency to perform, and react to the target.  The shooter is in complete control, however, in an emergency, control is in the command of the aggressor.  So normal target shooting does not properly train the mind to deal with situations of aggression.  In a real hostile situation, if an intruder entered a home and a shooter was commissioned to defend their home with their own Beretta 92F they would have to overcome their anxiety to pull the trigger on a hostile, and they would have to get used to keeping track of their ammunition in low light conditions under duress, and possess the ability to determine a friend from foe while geared up and ready to fire at the first moving target they see. 

To date, only Shoot Extreme in West Chester gives civilians the opportunity to exercise these types of skills.  When a visitor enters the double doors to the Shoot Extreme building located at the intersection of Tylersville Road, and Cincinnati-Dayton Rd, a state of the art, technologically equipped lobby is there to greet. After a release form is filled out, shooters stroll into a room where they are checked by a metal detector to ensure they don’t bring live guns into the facility, so everything is tightly controlled.  From there, a shooter steps up to a counter and selects their holster, and a technician will present dozens of potential firearms converted to fire Simunition, which functions the same as regular ammunition, but fires a plastic round that could easily strike the bare skin of a human being and not penetrate.  It will sting a bit, but will not cause any harm. In fact advanced shooters at Shoot Extreme are organizing four on four matches where they shoot at each other in special competitions.  So there is no danger of death, but this is certainly a step up from paintball.  A BIG step up!  Once a shooter has their guns and holster, a guide takes shooters through one by one.  The guide hangs back while the shooter engages the targets and does not get involved unless they need to.  For instance, while I was going though, my Beretta jammed up, which is part of the shooting experience.  In a real situation, a shooter would have to solve this problem while still in danger.  My guide was able to step in and pause the action while we cleared the gun.  He was able to restore my ammunition level to compensate me for the lost rounds so I didn’t have an unpleasant experience.  The guides are also there to help in case a shooter finds themselves in a panic situation passing out due to the anxiety. 

I moved through my course rather fast and my guide stayed well behind me not interfering.  I had a lot of technical questions which he was able to answer as I thought of them, but at no time did he encourage me to slow down, or speed up.  He just hovered back there in case something went wrong, which for me was only mischambered ammunition after a series of rapid fire targets. 

The environment is decorated just like a haunted house but the thinking is opposite from that experience.  When a monster jumps out, the typical reaction in a haunted house is to jump away from the action.   In this scenario as the walls are smeared with blood, and other chaotic markings overwhelm the senses, the zombies make a bellow noise and growl at you and the must be engaged with aggression.  You have to determine where they are and kill them within the 3 second limit.  If you don’t strike them with a clean hit, within that time, they flash red to let you know you failed to engage that target.  Toward the end of the course are two bosses that require “double-tapping” to bring them down.  They require four shots between the two in about 3.5 seconds.  One is at close range and the other is in the distance and even if you know what to expect, would be a challenging shot. 

If shooters would like to get used to the idea of firing guns at interactive targets, Shoot Extreme features a traditional range that can be viewed from the lobby, and is filled with torso targets that are very similar to the zombies in the course.  I did not shoot on this course before I went through the zombie maze, and I did lose a couple of shots because I went for head shots, and head shots don’t always register completely, since the hit sensor is in the torso.  So a torso shot is the most effective way to bring down a zombie, and that can be practiced in the traditional target range for similar pricing, about a dollar a shot along with the gun rental—so it’s very affordable, and a cheap way to shoot, a really good bargain for such a non traditional target range.  I did shoot on the traditional range after my zombie hunt, because I didn’t want the experience to be over, so I was able to see how the zombies worked in lane one by studying how the targets behaved without all the zombie dressing that makes them look like monsters in a haunted house. 

Shoot Extreme is a happening place, and a palace of tactical shooting.  It is a great benefit to the community of West Chester and the surrounding areas as it gives civilians a chance to do what only military personnel has had access to in the past.  I will emphasize that every gun owner and Second Amendment supporter I know should make a regular visit to this fantastic target range.  This particular venue enhances experiences like that enjoyed at Target World.  It is not direct competition, but is an added enjoyment, and skill set that is designed to take the personal firearm skills of a shooter and elevate them in ways that can only be experienced in such tactical scenarios.  But the competition level is never intended to be intimidating.  There are not in-your-face scores to rub in the face of shooters who don’t do well.  The experience is intended to be personal, and to be done again and again until the skills are mastered, so novice shooters don’t have to be concerned about not stacking up against those who have a lot more experience. 

The time spent at the Shoot Extreme facility can be over within 15 minutes, or shooters can hang around for hours immersing themselves in the environment.  For me, it will make a wonderful business lunch visit from time to time.  There’s no better way to talk business than over lunch with guns present, so I would think once word gets out among the business community, that many such lunches will become commonplace.  Right outside of the Shoot Extreme facility is a wonderful little Chinese restaurant as well as other options that could easily be enjoyed during a lunch hour from work. 

Obviously I can only gush over Shoot Extreme.  It’s the result of a dream from an owner who represents the best in what America has to offer.  He’s an entrepreneur who was able to take his real life service experiences in tactical training and bring it to everyday people, and that is a real gift to our society, especially those who are looking for new ways to enjoy, and protect the Second Amendment.  Shoot Extreme gives shooters a chance to get over their fear of firearms that has been drilled into our society from gun grabbing politicians, and teaches how to properly use a gun in the type of scenarios that it will most likely be used under target acquisition and threat assessment.  Because of Shoot Extreme, our society is well on its way to becoming just a bit more safe, and ultimately free. 


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Speed Traps and the Police: What a traffic citation is really about

Matt Clark was supposed to have The Communist author Paul Kengor on his afternoon radio program at WAAM, Ann Arbor, Michigan but the interview didn’t materialize. So Matt invited me on to fill the empty spot and cover my novel Tail of the Dragon that is a month away from its own release and he caught me at a good time, because I had a lot to say. A week ago on my way back from the whip competitions at Annie Oakley in Greenville, Ohio I received a speeding ticket from a Camden, Ohio cop parked cleverly on the side of the road with his radar facing the blind turn I was rounding. I was only doing 80 MPH at the time so when I saw the cop I let off the gas just a little not thinking I was going too fast. When the cop turned around to pull me over as I stormed into downtown Camden about 4 miles down the road I was shocked to learn that the speed limit along that very open stretch of RT. 127 was only 55 MPH. You can listen to that interview with Matt here:

That citation marked the third time this year that I have been pulled over by the police, which has been the story of my life. I received so many tickets in my youth that I lost my driver’s license until I was almost thirty years old. I rode a bicycle most of those years, partially to save gas, and also to stay out of trouble with the police. But I have even been pulled over for speeding on my bicycle, doing 34 MPH in a 25 MPH zone, so my speeding violations are not just limited to automobiles. I have been pulled over by everything the police have in their arsenal including helicopters, and undercover police. I have been pulled over so many times that the lights of a cop car don’t even faze me anymore. Come to think of it I don’t think they ever did. When the young kid from Camden pulled me over with his female partner sneaking up alongside the driver’s side window, I rolled down the automatic windows to let her know I knew she was there. The kid realized instantly that his “safety” act wasn’t going to work on me when he asked me why I was doing over 80 MPH, I told him, “that I didn’t think it was very fast.”

Camden is known for its tendency to speed trap motorists going through its town. I am very good at spotting cops using speed traps, but his was particularly well placed. The goal of the kid driving around in a tax payer funded cop car on a Saturday night was not to make Camden safer from people like me. There wasn’t another car on the road at that time of night, and I could have easily traveled at over 100 MPH without being unsafe, since my vehicle can do that kind of speed without trying. I wasn’t in any particular hurry, I was simply enjoying a nice drive through the countryside with my wife in the middle of the night and it was none of his business. Speed traps set artificially low, where the speed limit is only 55 MPH when it should be at least 65 MPH have only one purpose and that is to collect fines.

I still get pulled over by the police a lot because I do not acknowledge their scam. Because I have an Ohio driver’s license, if they catch me, I am obligated to pull over. I pay my fines and go about my way. My attitude about traffic violations is that it’s a scam, and I treat them that way. If I get caught so be it. But it doesn’t take away the intent. I do not allow their intent to change my behavior, which is why I get pulled over so much, even to this day. My displeasure at the political system that allows for open extortion of the public through traffic citations is the main driver of the actions which occur in my latest novel Tail of the Dragon.

Within the last 6 weeks I have performed the whip show up in Darke Country at Annie Oakley, I did a whip show down at the Cliffhanger Ranch in Virginia, I’ve been to Louisville twice and been down to Gatlinburg to visit my friends Ron and Killboy at the actual Tail of the Dragon. I have seen a lot of speed traps over those 6 weeks and not a one of them was for “safety.” When a cop is sitting on the side of the road with a radar gun there is only one purpose and that is to make money for his district. The cop is essentially a troll, a measly tax collector. I view them with the same distain as I do an IRS agent, only the cop is worse—they disguise their actions as being a service of public safety instead their real job as tax collectors. Police speed traps are the ultimate violations of taxation without representation. With the amount of laws there are on the books, there is no way a person can know if they are in violation, which makes them perpetually terrified when they see the law pull up next to them in a squad car. Most people freeze up and drive extra cautiously to avoid even the hint of violating a law they may not even know about.

Police as the representatives of the law work with law makers to find new ways to generate “revenue,” which in political speech means creative taxation. For instance, the road I was on outside of Camden was set at 55 MPH by lawmakers, which is set artificially low on purpose, so that the police in various districts can exercise their option to pull people over. The state gets a cut from any fines incurred so they are incentivized to be deceitful in how they collect additional revenue through “creative legislation.”

My book Tail of the Dragon hammers on the Tennessee Highway Patrol so relentlessly that I almost felt sorry for them. But my friend Ron assured me, “they deserve it.” The dirty little secret that my novel exposes is that police budgets are dependent on traffic citations. There are quotas even though it is denied in the open. Cops are expected to pull people over and generate a certain amount of revenue, which is what my novel Tail of the Dragon is all about. The cops in that story pull over the wrong guy, and a civil war begins in America.

The lid was ripped off this ticket writing scheme recently when Brendan Keefe of Channel 9’s I-Team exposed the scam at Arlington Heights in Cincinnati. The speed limit on Interstate 75 through Arlington Heights drops down to 55 MPH after motorists from Dayton and Detroit have been traveling 65 to 70 MPH for hundreds of miles. Arlington Heights police write 20 times more speeding tickets than any other mayors court in Ohio, and their yearly police budget of $1.2 million last year was supplemented by $412,000 generated just in traffic citations. Arlington Heights it was discovered had clerk employees stealing money that was paid in cash from traffic citations and authorities were wondering where all the money generated from the fines was going. A mom and her daughter stole more than $262,000 from the citations generated. The state of Ohio auditor Dave Yost noticed that Ohio wasn’t getting “their fair share” of the loot which prompted an investigation that would have been swept under the rug if Brendan didn’t dig deep into the story to reveal what was happening to the money. If Channel 9 didn’t do that investigation, there would be no prosecutions or scrutiny of the way traffic citation money was consumed in Arlington Heights. The revelation of injustice was so intense by the community after Brendan’s story that Police Chief Kenneth Harper pulled his officers off radar for a couple of days while the heat died down a bit.

Arlington Heights got caught going too far. They took too much money. Communities like Camden will poke a bit here and there and take just enough money not to infuriate the general population. They seek to pull over people like me who are just passing through, and will mail in the money, because they don’t want to upset the locals. The Tennessee Highway Patrol has been known to do that on the actual Tail of the Dragon which is how I came up with the idea for my novel. The police ticket writing business is not about safety, it’s 100% about making money.

When the young cop came to my window after writing my ticket back in his cruiser he attempted to use the “keep the speed down and be safe” line so he could pretend that his job had importance beyond a tax collector. I didn’t let him have it, “How much is the damn ticket, kid,” I cut him off.

His hands started shaking as he handed me the ticket and asked me to sign. After I signed he then gave me a sheet that had the fine amount circled on the back. He quickly said, “Have a nice evening,” and left. He didn’t want to be standing next to me when I saw the ticket amount. The ticket was for $185 dollars because it was 25 MPH over the speed limit. I laughed to myself when I saw that for speeds under 25 MPH the fine amount was $165 dollars. I told my wife that it was worth the $20 extra bucks to go 80 MPH because it’s all the same difference really. If the cop wanted to give me a ticket for going 5 MPH over the speed limit the ticket could have been $165 dollars. It was up to his discretion to pull over whoever he wanted when he wanted to, because the speed limit is impossible to stay under at only 55 MPH. I mean for God’s sake, a bicycle goes almost as fast!

People who disagree with me will say that if I would only follow the rules, then I wouldn’t have any trouble. Well, they are wrong. Most of the rules are created not to make a good and just society but to find a way to wrestle a little more money from the general population. In our public schools, the unions use “the good of the children” to justify a bottomless pit of tax increases. And with the police unions who give heavily to politics, it is “public safety” that is used to scam the public. Police will declare that the 55 MPH speed limit in Camden and Arlington Heights are a result of bad accidents, and that legislators determined the area to be unsafe, and lower speeds are required. But the real intention is to simply collect fines so the police officers can pay their own salaries as tax collectors.

My novel Tail of the Dragon is about a state governor who wants to run for President of the United States and he puts 100 officers on the streets of Tennessee to show his commitment to public safety. His real aim is to win the public union vote with such an act, and he does it without raising taxes on the people of Tennessee by telling those 100 officers that they must pay their own way. What that means is that they must pay for themselves with traffic citations. Many people who first read the book in manuscript form thought my plot line was too conspiratorial. Thank goodness American Book Publishing saw through that, and was willing to take a chance on a story written from a guy who has been involved intimately with the police game my entire life and rather than be broken from the experience I am angrier than ever, because it’s an unjust, and misleading system that paves the way to tyranny. And as Arlington Heights proves, little communities like Camden, Ohio are not about safety, but about tax collection. The reality of most of the police departments is that they are over staffed and have been created to make politicians feel good about themselves, because all they really have to do in society is to pass out tickets to fund their livelihoods like a parasite that is intended to appear as a friend, but in reality is just another IRS agent. That’s why after all this time; I still drive fast and always will. If they catch me, I pay the ticket and get on about my way. For me, the opportunity cost of going slow exceeds the amount of the tickets. But the character Rick Stevens in my new novel Tail of the Dragon isn’t quite so passive, and it sure is fun to ride along with that character as he more than thumbs his nose at the system and openly challenges the law all the way to The White House. For it is in fiction that we see the world the way it ought to be, and in Rick Stevens we see in him what many of us wish for in the deepest recesses of our fantasies. A way to fight back at the law, and to win.

By the way, the Blount County Courthouse you see in the background is the same courthouse that the action in my novel takes place. Sometimes the truth is wilder than fiction, unless you make it “faction.”

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With Tale of the Dragon, Rich Hoffman combines NASCAR, Rebel Without a Cause, and Smokey and the Bandit. If you like fast cars, and hate speed traps, this is the book for you. And just every once in a while, any real American wishes he had a Firebird like the one in Tale of the Dragon.

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The Muslim Brotherhood Goes to Washington: Speaker Boehner needs to stop sleeping

I found it surprising that my congressman Speaker Boehner is not up to speed that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated our government. He along with others appear to be in denial that Muslim extremists are tied very close to progressive politics and are determined to destroy America from within. So to bring Speaker Boehner and many others up to speed on information they may not have had time, or the political stomach to comprehend I am offering a series of radio interviews to watch below. The first is from my personal friend Matt Clark in Ann Arbor, Michigan on WAAM radio where he begins to peel back the layers of just how serious the situation really is.

Speaker Boehner and Senator John McCain has threatened Representative Michelle Bachman that they will remover he seat on the Intelligence Committee if she does not apologize to Anthony Wiener’s wife for a letter Bachman wrote questioning Huma Abedin’s parents ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Anthony Wiener was the former combative progressive congressman who had to leave his seat because he got caught tweeting pictures of his actual wiener to women on the internet. His wife is a Muslim who is a direct aid to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Below, Glenn Beck sets the stage on how much of a storm was created by Michelle Bachman’s simple letter.

Where there is much anger over seemingly trivial issues, there is fire that nobody knew was burning. Whatever deals have been made between network heads and politics are not deals that are conducive to the American population if radicals wish to sing our nation to sleep with siren songs of peace while sharpening their swords on our chins. I would find it hard to believe that Speaker Boehner is on the direct call list of the Muslim Brotherhood. Rather, I would think that he believes he’s playing by the rules of politics. Unfortunately, those rules have been quietly established by those same Muslim infiltrators.

Playing nice politics will not lead America to victory which is what I think politicians like Boehner and McCain believe they are doing. They believe they should take the high road and not subscribe to wild theories. I believe they are simply naïve. But Michelle Bachman as a member of the Intelligence Committee has an obligation to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic, and she is up in arms that known terrorists have been flown to The White House on the tax payer dime to meet directly with the President while she is being attacked from members of her own party for calling attention to the issue.

It is difficult to look at aspects of our friendships and political connections and assess the true value. Not the value we wish it to be, but the actual value. When a man wishes to sleep with a woman just for the sex of it, he might tell her he loves her, he might wine and dine her, he might buy her nice jewelry, but once the man has obtained his sex, the true nature of the relationship will be revealed. The woman may wish to believe the man loved her, but the reality is all he wanted was sex. In the case of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are very pleasant and say all the right things to the people they come into contact with. Members of the American government have been seduced by the charming Muslim Brotherhood radicals.

To people on the outside we can see clearly what’s happening. We don’t care if Weiner’s wife is the friend of John McCain. John may be letting his desire to believe his dear friend is completely clean and wants to be his friend because she genuinely likes him, taint his judgment. Other politicians who have similar friendships with Muslim Brotherhood members no doubt believe they are dealing with friends. But remember the story about the man who only wants to get a woman in bed, and once he does, the relationship goes downhill, and the woman will often find herself on the outside looking in used and abused. The Muslim Brotherhood wants an end to the American way of life and they don’t care how they bring it about. Like the man who simply wants sex, the Muslim Brotherhood will say and do anything to achieve their objective. It is the politicians who find themselves the targets of affection as their social simplicity leaves them defenseless against such charms.

I would suggest that Speaker Boehner not take for granted the evidence that is all around him. And he should not side himself against Bachman who is simply trying to do the right thing which her seat mandates. Playing politics plays into the plans of the Muslim Brotherhood. They count on such predictable behavior to launch their agenda against a sleepy society. But not everyone is asleep. And Speaker Boehner, it’s time to wake up and see things for what they are. These are not peaceful times conducted by peaceful people. And the Muslim Brotherhood is not your friend. All they want from you is your head on a pike, and they will do it the moment they get a turned back, and an open moment.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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More Guns Not Less: The reason we have the Second Amendment

After reading the George Costanza comments about the ‘Dark Knight’ shootings in Colorado chastising gun ownership, it is time to speak the truth about the reason we have the Second Amendment in the first place—the cold hearted truth which cannot be spoken about since progressives have turned the entire argument into an emotional one. Costanza isn’t the only one to say after the tragic shooting that there is no reason common citizens should have access to assault weapons and ammunition clips that allow over 100 rounds to be shot before reloading. Many sensitive types—other actors and politicians in the wake of the shooting were quick to express outrage that the American public should not have access to guns at all, let alone military grade firearms. They reason that we already have a military, and a police force, so the term “well regulated militia” as it’s described in the Second Amendment is already covered. We hire those defensive entities to do “protective” work for us, so the common population does not need to own firearms—in their view.

Pro gun people in reaction to the ignorance of the sensitive progressive types suffering from extreme levels of naiveté have tried not to hurt the feelings of their counterparts in direct argument by saying weapons are needed for hunting and self defense—but that’s not why we need the Second Amendment.

While people like George Costanza wish to believe that the security of our property can be hired out, just as they believe the education of children can as well, they fail to acknowledge a fundamental fact about human nature–the desire to control others. When one human being has more power than another human being, abuses will take place. It happens all the time with sexual abuse cases, and it happens all the time in regards to police officers abusing their right to assert dominance over civilians just because they have a gun. There are thousands and thousands of examples of police abuse over common citizens every year that are covered up because when law enforcement goes bad, there isn’t anyone to police the police.

Most of the actors who speak out against gun control live in social bubbles in the valley of land that rests between the mountains of California dividing Las Vegas with Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. Talking with some of these people as I have in the past, I doubt they know much about the world beyond those mountains to the east except when they travel to Vegas. They are not self reliant individuals, but they don’t have to be. They get paid good sums of money which helps isolate them from the outside world. If they are big actors they probably employ private body guards, so they can’t imagine a world where guns are needed. They use their money as a weapon in a different way, so they don’t need guns.

Politicians in Washington already steal for a living, so it’s to their advantage to have a society that does not carry guns. It makes it much easier for them to steal from the tax payers. Politicians use the civilian police force to enforce the money schemes they enact, so they have no need of guns to carry out their devastating desires. And residents of New York made a concession to their freedom to live on that island of concrete so they could see pretty lights and take their shot at success in the Big Apple. Politicians like Bloomberg who have vast amounts of wealth hire out all their protect duties, and when they need something from politics, they simply grease the wheels with their money, so they have no need of guns.

But for everyone else, the ability to own a gun is the only thing that stands between freedom and total control by an unruly government. The Second Amendment is there to protect the American population from an out-of-control government who can turn our police and military against us with a simple signature. For people like Costanza who was most likely having an enjoyable New Years Eve party in Hollywood with his acting friends, they weren’t aware, or didn’t want to be aware of the NDAA Act President Obama signed in Hawaii while nobody was watching on New Years Eve giving himself the power to call martial law and arrest American citizens for the suspicion of terrorism. In the case of the communist Obama, he could view people who advocate capitalism as a terrorist to his political agenda, so the NDAA Act gives him the power to use police and the military to carry out arrest and detainment of American citizens perpetually. This is a very dangerous situation, and most of our current Congress and Senate signed in favor of the law under the disguise of protecting America from terrorism.

Government cannot be trusted under any circumstances. When given power, they will take more than they are given 100% of the time. Only high quality minded people can handle such temptations without abuse. I believe there are a few such people in our current government, but not many. Our society just does not produce such people, not just in America, but anywhere in the world. When given the opportunity to abuse power, most people will. The only protective measure anyone can have is the ability to be just as armed as the military. That is the spirit of the Second Amendment.

When the people of America lose respect for the law, because the law has abused their rights, the American people are obligated to remove the corrupt from office and re-establish government. When politicians show they do not respect the vote and will lie, cheat and steal to obtain office so they can gain access to all the perks given by the tax payers, then more aggressive measure may be needed to restore the Republic. And that won’t happen with broom sticks and wooden swords. Currently the politicians can use our military against us, and the police now fall under direct Presidential authority because of the NDAA Act. If a United States President goes bad during their term they can use the police and military to keep them in office using martial law to stay in power.

Nobody wants to believe any President would be so bad, that such a thing could happen, but the precedent has been set in the latest trends of Presidents both Republican and Democrat to use Executive Order to by-pass congress. More and more, members of the Executive Branch seem inclined to believe that they are kings of America, rather than people’s representatives.

If America is unarmed, law enforcement would never have to worry about ramifications of abuse. The thought in their minds that a gun may be present when they knock on a door, or pull over a motorist gives them respect to uphold their side of law. If that threat is removed, abuse is a temptation that all too often will show itself, as it currently does on occasion. There are already eminent domain issues that arise where politicians use legal manipulation to obtain property they have no right to in order to build a shopping center or a new highway declaring “the greater good” as their reasons. But the real reason is to take care of a financial contributor who simply wants the property and uses the government and therefore the police to obtain that property so money can be made in the looting of it.

The Second Amendment is in our founding document to ultimately protect our property from foreign and domestic enemies. Domestic enemies are not always the kinds of people who hijack airplanes to run into buildings. They can be in our own government, put there by greedy interests to subtly steal American property and terrorize individual lives. Having a well armed population keeps everyone honest. Without that threat, evil will show itself.

I don’t want to believe it, but the Aurora shooting looks to be a “false flag” situation. We’ve seen it before where the CIA, ATF, and other government agencies get caught trying to manipulate circumstances in order to gain a public outcome designed to manipulate large numbers of people. That is what happened to Randy Weaver in the Ruby Ridge Massacre, and it happened under the direction of Eric Holder with Fast and Furious recently. That’s why Eric Holder has been found in “contempt of Congress.” Holder ignored the charge because he is head of the Justice Department working directly for President Obama. The only people who could prosecute Holder all work under him, so the contempt charge will go nowhere as long as Holder, and Obama are in office. Government has been caught several times attempting to manipulate people through coerced friendships into committing diabolical acts without being directly involved. It would not surprise me that this Aurora shooting is one of those times. The process is very similar to how sex trafficking works, where pimps use women to collect vast sums of money selling their bodies and out of fear; they turn that money over to their pimps. Such coercive measures have been utilized by government officials before and they will be done again. The reason that government must behave in a manipulative political manner is because they fear being caught by an armed public. If the guns are taken away, the actions of coercion will no longer be hidden; they will be out in the open.

The best defense against violence from all domestic enemies, which include the ‘Dark Night Shooter’, is a well armed population. It would have been much better if there were armed citizens in the theater to gun down James Holmes as he unloaded his ammunition into an unprotected audience. Progressives will say that this is not the Wild West, that we are a civilized society that should not be trying to kill each other with guns. But they are wrong, and in denial over the nature of the human being.

The old hippie notion of peace on earth is a utopian wish that is reckless, and stupid. It is that notion of peace that is behind the desire for gun control. Its social engineering which assumes that government can be trusted with complete power and control over the population, and it can’t. The people, who support guns, do not yield their lives and property to the blind trust of government. They want guns so they know that if the absolute worst case scenario comes about, that they can defend their property from an intrusive government. It hasn’t any thing to do with hunting, although that is a consideration. The gun is one of the reasons people are free. Fewer guns mean less freedom, and ironically, less economic activity because government without the threat of violence being present will inject itself everywhere with impunity, and that costs money by way of opportunity cost.

The people who want to ban guns in favor of a safe society are fools who are in denial of basic human instincts. The gun equalizes everyone, and is a necessary check on the many balances that are required in a thriving society. The quality of a country is not measured on how few people die; it is on the quality of life for those who live. The rest of the world does have it wrong, Canada, England and every gun banning nation have created docile civilizations that are easily conquered and do not have worldwide respect. America will not have world enemies if it continues to lose its economic power, but if it hopes to remain a superpower, it will have enemies both foreign and domestic because that is the nature of being the best. And the gun is extremely important to maintaining that superpower status. The gun is the symbol of everything being an America is. Those who wish to remove them from our society are the same who wish to change America into something else—which is not acceptable.


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Atlas Shrugged Part II: The Heroes from Islands of Adventure

The video you have just seen is the most recent trailer for the upcoming film Atlas Shrugged Part II coming this October, about a month after the release of my new novel, Tail of the Dragon. This is delightful, because objectivist leaning stories will fill the fall just ahead of the next presidential election giving the voting public insight into thoughts they may not previously have considered regarding political theater.

I think Atlas Shrugged is one of the most important novels of all time. I would put it up against anything ever written. But specifically, it is the novel of America. It is a result of American culture, and it is the story that defines the success of the American economy. Atlas Shrugged contains within it the skeleton key to solving most of America’s current problems. That is why part two of a three part series is coming out just before the 2012 election.

There is some concern that Part II will not be consistent with Part I which was well received, but blasted by the progressive left for not being motion picture type quality. The first Atlas Shrugged film was true to the novel and came out feeling like a made for television film as opposed to a box office masterpiece, but that was OK, because the story is powerful enough to carry those slight imperfections. But the makers of the Atlas Shrugged series were not happy with that assessment, so they retooled, bringing in new talent both in front of the camera and behind it to make Part II more epic as a motion picture experience. By the look of their marketing campaign it appears that they clearly understand what their objective is.

That very simple preview shown above articulates how I personally feel, and many thousands like me undergo as well. In my life, the world does feel like it is crumbling around me, and I do feel I have a responsibility to hold up everything. I know that if I decided to set the world down thousands of lives that are directly connected to mine will perish. So constantly in my mind is the notion of whether or not to continue holding up the world, or setting it down and saying to hell with it. I fight with that notion every single day.

Progressive minded people hate Atlas Shrugged, and they will say that my feelings about that advertisement are presumptuous, narcissistic, and flat out arrogant. They would say to me as they have all my life, you should share the burdens of living with your wife, you should take assistance from those who offer it, and that holding up the world is a “shared” collective endeavor. Well they’re wrong, it’s not. Every funeral I’ve been too, every furniture move, every game of tug of war, there is always one or two people who do most of the heavy lifting. Other people may grab hold of a corner and pretend they are helping, but most of the time they could be completely removed and the heavy object would still be lifted by the key personnel.

This is how it is in life. In virtually every business, every sports activity, every group activity, only a few people do the heavy lifting of holding everything up. That’s not an attack on all the people who don’t have the fortitude, the intelligence, or the strength to do the heavy lifting it takes to carry society on their shoulders. It’s just human nature. It is in this principle that communism ultimately fails one hundred percent of the time, because it takes away the incentive of someone to do the heavy lifting of making decisions. Without that incentive, nobody picks up anything to carry. That is the disease of our modern society. The strong that do all the lifting are beginning to shrug that tendency because of the parasites who want to take equal credit for all the hard work, when it is the heavy lifter who makes the lifting possible.

Communism, socialism, progressivism and all those weakness centered political philosophies allow the masses to believe they are equally important to the heavy lifters. Obama is the perfect example of a modern political looter, who wishes to maintain the illusion he grew up believing, that he was an important heavy lifter, when in fact he’s simply a leech. He was paid by the political left to spread communism into American culture. They bought his books, and propped him up politically for the purpose of stealing from those who carry the world and allowing those who don’t the belief that they are equally significant in the social tapestry.

On the eve of this posting a dear friend of mine is preparing to take their family to Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, which is one of my favorite places on earth. The reason people feel a certain magic upon entering that fantastic amusement park is because it celebrates the superheroes in our modern mythologies who exhibit the tendencies defined in the book Atlas Shrugged. One of the greatest rides in that theme park is the Spiderman 3D Adventure. There is simply nothing like it anywhere. It’s brilliant. But what makes Spiderman great is the character himself. Spiderman in his fights against crime sometimes gets help, but ultimately, it is Spiderman who is required to save the day when the bad guys show up. Even though everyone who rides this ride does not have the abilities of Spiderman, they can appreciate the heroic traits needed to make such a superhero possible. Another great ride that my friend is particularly excited to visit with their children when at Islands of Adventure is the new Harry Potter ride. In the stories of Harry Potter he sometimes relies on his friends to help carry him when he needs it, but at Hogwarts it is Harry Potter that holds everyone up in the entire story. Without Harry Potter, Hogwarts would lose to Lord Voldemort. When visitors ride the new Harry Potter ride, they are celebrating the mythic premise of Harry Potter holding up the world.

As my friend travels to Florida the new Batman film is being released to a hungry crowd. The movie is successful because Batman is needed. In the new film, Bruce Wayne has retired from fighting crime and tries to live a normal life. This is essentially what Atlas Shrugged is all about. The world of Gotham City falls apart because Bruce Wayne is retired from fighting crime as Batman. If communists had things their way, the movie would be called Gotham City fights crime, not Dark Knight Rises. In my new novel it is Rick Stevens who takes on the entire legal system, and in Atlas Shrugged it is John Galt who is holding up the entire world on his back. A collective sum cannot be relied upon to save the day. Collectivism is a fantasy of the human mind created by the sensitive and feeble types. It is not realistic, or natural.

The special feeling visitors get when they enter amusement parks like Islands of Adventure is the celebration of individual heroics. They do not celebrate collectivism in ANY fashion. There is a truth in the affirmation of heroics even if it is presented in a fantasy setting. There is more human truth in Spiderman than the Devil Rays game being played across town at Tropicana Field. Sports are a collective team activity and most adults identify with that form of entertainment over the magic of Spiderman in the outside world. But once inside the amusement park of Islands of Adventure, they are children again, and for a little while, they remember how the world works. This is why Atlas Shrugged is such a successful and important book. It uncovers the understanding and appreciation of those who hold up the world upon their shoulders. Progressives wish to continue believing they are heroes who hold up the world through shared strength. Progressives are terrified of the message behind Atlas Shrugged, because even in stories like Spiderman, Batman, and Harry Potter, the authors made mild concessions toward collectivism to appease the critics who lean toward communism in their political philosophies. In Harry Potter, Harry sacrifices himself to save his friends which is altruism in a mild degree and rallies the efforts of Hogwarts to fight to the death against Lord Voldemort. It is in endings like this that Harry Potter wins critical praise from a progressive media, even if it is not intellectually completely honest. Yet in the end, the Potter series must stick to the rules of nature and human understanding. Harry is the ultimate victor that all of Hogwarts relies upon. That is why Harry Potter is so successful because it follows the basic rules of all human knowledge, that it is the few who hold up the many. This is why superhero movies are dominating the box-office. In the film industry, directors are making frequent concessions to collectivists to appease film critics, even when they shouldn’t. The intellectual honesty is to show the hero for being strong and as flawless as possible, because that is what is expected in a hero. Atlas Shrugged as a book and a film does not make ANY concessions, and that is why it is so trusted, and considered intellectually honest. It is concerned with determining who holds up the world, the economy and entire nations. Deep down inside everyone understands this, but hate the message because they are in denial. They wish to maintain the illusion of their “help” in a social context. In Atlas Shrugged, the answer to “Who is John Galt” are those who pick up the world in either the microcosm or the macrocosm and carry it on their backs without complaint, without praise, and without fear. They do it because it’s in their nature to be the real heroes of existence from which all else flows. And it is in these ideas that American society either thrives or fails.

The kind of America that could be is what is celebrated at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, and for my friend, the must see exhibits are The Incredible Hulk, The Adventures of Spiderman, The Jurassic Park River Adventure, The Dragon Challenge, and of course the new Harry Potter ride. As for the shows, The Eighth Voyage of Sinbad is well worth it. It’s a GREAT stunt show! And the best place to eat is—–the Mythos Restaurant. This place is a must, but make sure to eat there in the afternoon between dinner rushes. And the close second, that your kids will love is The Three Broomsticks, which is a Harry Potter themed tavern. What makes all this possible is the ideas of which John Galt represents. Without the John Galt principle nothing at Universal Studios happens as there isn’t enough magic in any Harry Potter spell to turn collectivism into a successful enterprise. The new Atlas Shrugged Part II preview is intellectually honest and hints at a film that will be fantastic, and politically important. Ultimately, John Galt is the most powerful superhero and he doesn’t have to sling from a web or fly from a broomstick. All he has to do is refuse to help those who refuse to help themselves surrendering their pride to legalized theft in the form of excessive taxation. At Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure the symbol is a planet that rotates at the entrance. Deep inside the subconscious of every human being upon seeing that symbol understand what it means. The symbol itself is a bit of a concession, since the only thing missing is a statue of John Galt holding it up.


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Moving “Forward” at Lakota, and Moving “Forward” with Obama: Communist propaganda from Chicago

You might have noticed dear reader that the Obama campaign slogan of “FORWARD” is precisely the same campaign slogans used in many public school tax campaigns, most notably in the last Lakota Levy attempts of 2011. The word FORWARD, for those who study marketing and the meanings of non-verbal communication are designed to click in the human subconscious predictable behavior patterns that are induced upon civilization from our collective education in public school.

What many do not know is that through labor unions communist propaganda has been alive in The United States since the mid 1800’s. In the Mary Day Editorial from the “Alarm,” 1886 it states, “Bravely forward! Workmen, let your watchword be: no compromise! The first of May, whose historical significance will be understood and appreciated only in later years, is here.” This was communist propaganda well before the Russian revolution as Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto swept across Europe. In the United States it came behind the curtain of capitalism through the labor movement, and in Chicago it was Frank Marshall Davis who started a communist newspaper called The Chicago Star in the 1940’s advancing the communist agenda in America. Davis was the personal mentor of Barack Obama and was so close to the modern day president that many speculate that Davis is actually Obama’s real father. Frank Marshall Davis was a die hard communist that openly embraced hard core Soviet propaganda during the height of the Cold War. In 1948 David Canter purchased The Chicago Star from Davis. Canter was the mentor to the modern day David Axelrod who is one of the closest Obama advisors to this very day. Axelrod is the man responsible for many of the modern progressive slogans that are tested to invoke controlled responses among voters, and “FORWARD” is one of the most powerful communist key words used in political campaigns.

The Chicago Star used often the word “FORWARD” in its communist articles which labor unions read and copied for their own terrorism activity openly undermining capitalism. The idea of moving “forward” has become over the years to be the term most favorable to the progressive political philosophy which subtly indicates that the silly old concepts that built our county should be advanced forward away from the “old” in favor of the “new.”

Since labor unions were reading publications like The Chicago Star they used the word “forward” to push contract negotiations beyond rational analysis coupled with the threats of labor strikes to win their extortion racket against employers. It was the communist Frank Marshall Davis who resurrected the communist propaganda from pre Soviet Union days to invoke the same type of revolution in The United States as occurred in Russia in 1919. Teachers unions in particular would adapt these tactics to advance public education as the primary teaching method in America so that once the government was primarily influenced by communist thinking, the next generation of children would be taught communist propaganda by a dedicated government endorsed workforce, the public school teacher.

In 1979 The Department of Education was created to solidify this long term plan of the gradual socialization of education, and bringing all the bright eyed teachers under the umbrella of communist thought by disguising it as progressive liberalism. Many of the radical union leaders were openly Marxist thinkers utilizing communist propaganda that was coming out of Cuba, and from the papers of Frank Marshall Davis. Common among these communists are ideas that businesses are bad, taxes should increase progressively, and property is community owned. Once the national teachers unions had control of the newly created Department of Education, they could set the communist agenda and fulfill all the points created in the book The Naked Communist (CLICK HERE TO SEE MUCH MORE). To this day, a majority of the American population has been exposed to communism through their public school to such an extent that communism controls the message completely from the media of people’s televisions to the individual doorways of virtually every home in every school district in the entire country.

When my school district of Lakota paid over $12,000 on a consulting firm to tell them how to pass a school levy in spite of the resistance the group I was working with placed in front of them, the progressive think tanks they hired gave them the campaign slogan “Move Forward” which was stupid. The Lakota Pro Tax people because of their decision would have to replace all their previous signs from their other tax increase attempts, which seemed like a waste of money. But the progressive groups that have studied the work of David Axelrod, and the writing of Saul Alisnsky to run political campaigns in a local school district came up with the term “Move Forward.”

Anytime the word “FORWARD” is used that’s the key declaration indicating your local school is connected to large progressive politics that has its roots in open communist propaganda. When you hear the word “FORWARD” in national campaign, like President Obama, it is used to tap into the communism that has been taught to us in public school.

For proof, Obama and the many public schools that he regards in such high esteem will not deny communism. They will say that accusations like the ones I have made are ridiculous, but they cannot defend their position, since it is communism that they have always advocated. When my home school district of Lakota hired a new superintendent, and that employee advocated her education agenda would be a “global” one, she was uttering her intentions to spread communism. She wouldn’t call her teaching communism, she would most likely consider it progressive, and politically, she may even think she’s a Republican, but her belief system in public education has been shaped by the system of communism which thrives in virtually every labor union in America. Labor unions were not built on patriotism in America, but on the utterances of communism such as the statement from 1886 mentioned above.

The giveaway is in the use of communist key words such as “Forward,” in any campaign literature. Behind every campaign specialists are very aware of every word used to frame their position. With Mitt Romney the slogan is “Believe in America” because they must tap into the revelations that our current president is a passive member of Communist Party USA inspired by his hero Frank Marshall Davis. Romney’s campaign is tapping into the subtle knowledge that “Moving Forward” takes America toward socialist Europe. It would be unlikely that any candidate that is not an extreme progressive with communist sympathies would use the word “Forward” in their campaign. Anytime it is seen, it should be understood that the term “FORWARD” is intended to unmake America into something else. That’s the intention, and the seeds for that transformation were given to every member of society that attended public education. That grim knowledge is a difficult reality to come to terms with, but the facts and history are easy to see for those who do not find it inconvenient to see the world with open eyes.

For more on the term “Forward” check out this Washington Post article:


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20 Reasons Barack Obama is a Socialist: Welcome to Cincinnati the student of Frank Marshall Davis

Before we get into the 20 reasons Obama is a socialist, here is an early review from the new film “2016: Obama’s America as seen on Rotten Tomatoes.

Saw this last night and loved it. Very gripping. And very fair. The facts are laid out and you make your own conclusions. There is no Obama bashing. Much of the film is in Obama’s own words (from “Dreams From My Father”). See this movie.

Angie Hallimore July 13, 2012

As President Obama lands at CVG airport for his Cincinnati fundraiser bashing the rich and declaring to help the poor, it is important to know who he is. Obama’s use of Air Force 1 for a fundraising trip is a disgrace and I’d feel that way even if the president was a Republican. I don’t worry about it too much for the occasional feel good visit, but with Obama, he has consumed millions of dollars in tax money just in fuel to fly him around the country simply to raise money for his campaign which I do not support. So in an inadvertent way Obama through IRS enforcement is taking some of my tax contributions to fund his campaign which I’m against.

But as I think of Obama I am currently ecstatic over the upcoming release of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film “2016: Obama’s America.” The Hollywood Reporter and The Blaze featured clips of that upcoming film which delves into the past of Barack Obama and explores the relationship of Frank Marshall Davis in the life of the future tax abuser, Barack Obama. The Blaze specifically has a wonderful feature on the new Paul Krengor book, The Communist which goes into great detail about Davis. Read that article at the below link and buy that book on Tuesday, July 17th!

Dinesh’s new film is being produced by Gerald Molen who produced Schindler’s List, Jurassic Park, Minority Report, and Rain Man and is based on the book The Roots of Obama’s Rage written by D’Souza. If you have not read the book, you should. To get a sneak peek of what the book is about, and what this film will be about, check out this Forbes article.

The movie will be a very hard hitter, and it will be fair—probably fairer than a person like Obama deserves. Based on D’Souza’s writing style and the very good producer credentials of Gerald Molen who has worked very closely with Steven Spielberg—an Obama supporter and someone I think a lot of in spite of his political beliefs, this film will be well done and balanced.

But that does not mean that it won’t reveal that President Obama is the first president in American history that is a representative of Communist Party USA, and he achieved penetration of the highest office in the world through subversive tactics taught to him by Frank Marshall Davis who was a card-carrying communist who set out in 1931 to spread communism all over the world. Davis using the disguise of civil rights activism set the stage for what many on the political left adhere to today particularly in many media outlets utilizing open endorsements of communism—which is the mortal enemy of the American way of life and capitalism in general which is the life blood of the American economy. Obama was introduced to Davis through his grandfather—the only stable male figure in his young life—Stanley Dunham with the intention of mentoring the young Barack Obama into a subversive communist that they could slide under the protective barriers of American society—which they hated—to undo it from within.

Stanley Dunham raised in Barack’s mother a radical leftist who would spend much of her life hopping from man to man on a quest for Marxist radicals, which Barack’s biological father certainly was. Barack’s mother got naked for Davis on several occasions in what has been documented as wild sexual exploits. It says a lot that the most stable figure in Obama’s youth was his grandfather who was drinking buddies with Frank Marshall Davis. It makes you wonder what kind of man Stanley was to let Davis drink with him then embark on wild sexual adventures with his daughter, Barack’s mother, who was old enough to be Davis’s daughter at the time. If a friend of mine came to my house and wanted to seduce my daughter, there would be big trouble for them. But apparently Stanley enjoyed the activity, enough to encourage his grandson Obama to learn all he could.

Davis had a FBI file 600 pages long due to his communist activity with the National Negro Congress—a communist front organization, and the Civil Rights Congress cited by President Harry Truman’s Attorney General as a communist subversive organization. In fact, in a 1950 FBI report states that members of a subversive element in Honolulu were “concentrating their efforts on infiltration of the Democratic Party through control of Precinct Clubs and organization.” Robert M. Kempa was a Communist Party informant who agreed to cooperate with government investigators back when the government itself was not yet infected with communism and stated, “Late in the fall of 1950 I started contacting Frank Marshall Davis in connection with Communist Party matters, and relaying to him information received from my superior contact in the Communist Party. During a portion of 1950, 1951, and part of 1952, I continued contacting Frank Marshall Davis and also transmitted dues from the Communist Party received from him to my contact above. During the period of my contacts with Frank Marshall Davis, he advised me that his wife, Helen was a member of Group #10.” Frank Marshall Davis was the primary contact in Hawaii for subversive communist activity and this is one of the primary influences in Barack Obama’s young life, so much so that Obama would trace the steps of Davis in South Chicago as a community activist many years after Davis had performed the same role in Chicago. It was Davis who started The Star in Chicago, a labor newspaper that was committed to subtle communist propaganda which was very prevalent in the labor unions.

Obama was surrounded by radicals his entire life, so he never had a chance. If he was not President of the United States, I might feel sorry for him and try to help him find his way, but in his role as president he is a subversive seeking to rob from me a way of life I cherish and I personally don’t take that lightly. One of the strategies that subversive communists used which was partially invented by people like Frank Marshall Davis through his newspaper work and literature was to attack anyone who questioned their activity. For the communist the best defense was an aggressive offense, so if anyone questioned their activity, they would publicly ridicule their attacker as a racist, a selfish mean person, a rich out-of-touch socialite, or a stiff. They of course used other words, but in short, nobody wanted to be called names, since it’s a primal desire that many have to receive some sort of social acceptance from their peers. Communist subterfuge experts exploited this tendency to silence America through their communist advancements out of fear from name calling.

Obama’s presidential ascension was designed by people like Davis, and Bill Ayers to penetrate the White House like a Trojan horse and destroy it from within. They avoided the communist designation by calling themselves progressives and hiding behind the Republican commitment to progressivism started by Teddy Roosevelt. People not privy to history do not understand how these games are played. Most people look for obvious signs they can measure actions to. The communist subversive has denied spectators of this evidence using means developed by the KGB to undermine American culture over a long period of time without obvious signs of antagonism. They literally kill you with kindness behind symbols of “peace.” The Soviet Union hoped that America would crumble from inside before they ran out of money in the late 1980’s. Lucky for America, we hired a radical right-winged president in Ronald Reagan to yank America back to its capitalist ways for a short period of time paving the way for one of the greatest growth spirts known in the world.

When I grew up in the 1980’s jobs were plentiful and economic growth was constant. It was the policies created by Reagan that allowed Clinton to balance the budget and bring down the deficit enjoying the economic relief created by Reagan and the destruction of the Communist Soviet Union. But Clinton after 8 years had brought progressive policies back to the national and international stage, and the progressive George Bush and now Barack Obama have restored the communist dreams started by radicals like Frank Marshall Davis back to America.

Most people do not know that they have accepted communism in their lives, which is by design. Communists like Obama have learned to use careful language to hide their true intentions even from themselves. As agents of communism they have had to teach themselves to believe everything they say. Obama’s grandfather and Davis clearly used the young Obama to carry out their dreams of communist radicalism by teaching the young future presidential plant to slowly seduce the masses into accepting anti-capitalist propaganda.

A communist is coming to Cincinnati to raise money for his intended destruction of American society. He comes with a message given to him from Frank Marshall Davis in a plan hatched in the mid 50’s ahead of the book release The Naked Communist. Davis and his FBI file which will be revealed in the movie 2016: Obama’s America will show to what extent communists worked to undo American society. In Hawaii, Davis successfully avoided arrest by the FBI and used a group called The Democratic Revolution to disrupt industry, organize large strikes and oust “white rule” among the plantations and businesses and was successful. His mentorship of the young Barack Obama would take the same attack mode used in The Hawaiian Dock Strike of 1949 to put a communist radical in The White House and bring the imperial nation of America to its knees forever.

These facts cannot be disputed, and the evidence is overwhelming. This is the person who has been president for 4 years and is looking for 4 more—which the nation we all know and love will not survive. Obama in spite of his carefully crafted charm and pleasant demeanor is a created man by radical communists intent on fulfilling the dreams that climaxed in the 1960’s but fizzled short because of the Reagan Presidency. Communists infected the media; they infected movies and television, book publishing, government and to a large extent—public education. Because of those infestations, communism is a big part of the life of most people reading this whether they know it or not. They cannot see it in their day-to-day lives unless they compare their world view of today with those of their own grandparents. It is only then that they can see how far they have fallen, and how effective Davis and his insurgents were in undermining American society. It is to that ignorance that Obama speaks. It is the message of subtle communism hidden within the Democratic Party under the banner of progressive politics that he advocates unconsciously, because he knows of nothing else. It is because of him that today’s America is facing a financial collapse similar to the collapse of the Soviet Union in the late 1980’s, because like those Russians, America is being led by a devout communist personally mentored by Frank Marshall Davis. Because of his actions, Obama is being more and more referred to as a socialist, which is really just Communism Light. But under the tutelage of Davis, it would appear that Obama and his staff is even further to the political left than avid socialists which the video at the start of this article indicates with 20 points. The undercurrent of his political belief is communism as it was advocated by Davis and the radical insurgents of the Soviet Union to end America and its powerful economy being driven by capitalism. The communist goal was to stop the blood from flowing in that economy, killing the nation. By examining the economic conditions of today, the results are obvious as our nation is near death. Obama’s visit to Cincinnati should be viewed as a dysfunctional family member coming to the nation’s death-bed to visit a loved one that is on life support. But Obama doesn’t come with flowers begging for forgiveness for what he has done to put the nation on that death bed. He’s coming to pull the plug.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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