The Great Middletown Mound: A proper excavation is needed to discover the giant humans inside

IMG_4365Before there was ever an Indiana Jones movie my teachers were telling me through those scholastic aptitude tests you take in elementary school that my three most likely occupations that I was most suited for were as an archaeologist, a test pilot, and a daredevil.  Of course those last two they didn’t take very seriously, but the first came after watching me with the other kids at COSI in Columbus where I often went off by myself to study things that interested me and I asked questions from the workers that were unexpected.  Over the years my wife talked me away from being a professional daredevil which has cheapened the cost of owning a car—so that’s a good thing.  Being a test pilot required training in the military and that is way too conformist for me.  On the skill side, it would be no problem, but on the taking orders side—forget it.  And archaeology didn’t pay enough.  I wanted a family and I like to spend time with them, so running all over the world getting dirty all the time for very little money wasn’t appealing as a career.  But I do enjoy it as a hobby and have never really put it away.  As a kid I grew up in Liberty Township and watched many neighborhoods develop over top of Indian burial mounds which didn’t bother me much because I like seeing new things come from the human race.  But the land that I grew up on always seemed to me to be holding some key to civilization that needed to be unlocked, so when opportunities came for me to live in different places around the world like New Zealand, New York, Los Angeles and Florida came up—I passed because I honestly feel like I live in one of the best places in the world—and I’ve traveled plenty to know the difference.

But it was only after reading Fritz Zimmerman’s very good book, The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley that I noticed that the so-called Middletown Mound that I’ve read about before was actually across the river from my house quietly hiding in plain sight.  It was only then that I realized that the mound was actually about the same size as the Miamisburg Mound which I just revealed to everyone who reads here–contained the skeleton of a species of ancient giant.  That skeleton measured in length to around 9’ tall.  After that discovery the excavators packed up and never returned—which to me is an enormous mystery.  It is my challenge to the scientific community to return to that site and conduct a proper modern excavation and learn all they can about the culture that built the thing and discover where they came from—because likely the roots go way back to the British Isles and even further to the times of the Sumerian—pre deluge times if you believe in that kind of thing.IMG_4370

Thankfully, because of Indian Jones movies archaeology has seen a tremendous uptick in interest for the last three decades and a lot of very good discoveries have been made around the world and things are starting to become quite clear.  Of course the stubborn old academics are grudgingly holding onto their old theories about things, and modern politics has built a tremendous industry around the victimization of Indian tribes using those beaten people as a platform to win elections—but we are discovering that ancient giants lived in North America well before Columbus ever sailed the ocean blue to “discover” the New World.  It was new to Europe, but the rest of the world including the Chinese were already there and thriving.  And the evidence is in these mound building cultures which has been acquired by many inspired professional and amateur archaeologists that have set the stage for new conclusions about old things and their origins.

So as I was reading through Fritz’s travel guide I noticed that the Middletown Mound wasn’t just some little thing like the ones that many Liberty Township neighborhoods were built over—it was 88’ tall originally which made it as large as the Miamisburg Mound and nearly as tall as the Silbury Hill at Avebury in England.  And the thing was literally sitting right within my site—but nobody knew about it.  Even the people living near it would just point at it and say—“yeah, that’s where them there Indians have some ‘ingines’ buried.”  In reality, and its hiiiigglly likely, there are 8’ to 9’ people buried within the Middletown Mound given what we know about the one in Miamisburg and the surrounding gravel quarries along the Great Miami River.

Of course I went down to see it and you can see the results from the pictures shown here, it’s a location protected as an archaeological site of Historic Places beginning in 1971.  So thankfully, nobody can build on it, but otherwise it’s just sitting there waiting for us to discover and give it some attention—which it clearly deserves.  It is clear that archaeologists had dug an exploratory trench through the middle of it and that the top had been pulled away, but the incomplete nature of it is incomprehensible to me.  How could anybody call themselves an institute of science and leave something this significant sitting in such a dilapidated state?  It is beyond me that politics and religion would be allowed to hinder us from proper scientific discovery of facts sitting right in front of us.

If this Middletown Mound site were in England the English Heritage people would have built a theme park out of the mound and used the money to fund their excavations and trickle their excess funds into museums like the Museum Center in Cincinnati.  Looking at the site there is enough to work with to conduct a significant dig while hosting it to the public for families to visit and get to know better.  And if giants are found in the mound—they need to be properly woven into our historical record.  If not, we still need to know more about the people who built it and not just rely on some raw assumptions that it served as a high point for communication upstream.

And honestly, this is why I have never left Liberty Township.  I think this area, and in general Ohio, hold a key to life on planet earth that is still preserved from wars which have destroyed the Middle East—where I think these mound builders originated.  Fritz Zimmerman’s books confirm much of what I’ve suspected with hard evidence of rather intricate ancient ruins and the Middletown Mound is more than just a high spot built by an extinct people.  It’s an ancient ruin likely dating back to before Christ and it needs to be understood clearly—not half cocked with speculation by underfunded grave robbers.  After visiting the site of the Middletown Mound I think there is at least 80% potential that what could be discovered inside would change the very nature of archaeology forever—and drive infinite amounts of money in new funding toward the science.  And we’d be crazy not to do something about it—which is why I’m writing this.  The people who read here know who I’m talking to.  Let’s get our thoughts together and do something about it.  Such an important archaeological contributor is in Butler County, Ohio and we should do it justice for the benefit of everyone.  I saw what they did at Stonehenge recently, which was very impressive.  Some might say that this kind of thing isn’t as cool as Stonehenge, but let me say this—I just came from that mysterious place, and the Middletown Mound holds its place in the category of mystery that is equitable.  We should be doing more with it than just letting trees grow on top of something so potentially significant.  But forget about the whole argument about the site being a “Native American Graves” site, because as I’ve stated, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Pub. L. 101-601, 25 U.S.C. 3001 et seq., 104 Stat. 3048, the United States federal law enacted on 16 November 1990 needs to be repealed so that proper discovery can take place of such sites—because “Native American” is not a proper term for the people who lived in North America unless you count the Giants of Ohio who lived here well before Europeans arrived after Columbus.

And we can’t properly do that work if we are always apologizing for the sorrows of westward expansion.  That is mostly why that great Middletown Mound is sitting there in limbo—and we are compelled to change that status.  The lineal descendants of the relics found in the Middletown Mound won’t be the Shawnee, Adena, or the Hopewell Indians, likely they will be the members of the current Middle East who have a heritage with Sumer. So don’t worry about tracking down whatever Indian tribe might own the relics found in the Middletown Mound to Oklahoma or South Dakota, or wherever.  The lineal descendants who have proper heritage possession of the mound’s contents are those of us still alive in the United States to tell this global story for the benefit of all mankind.

Rich Hoffman


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Cliffhanger’s Exopolitical Theater: Giants, a galactic alliance, and human immortality coming to ‘The Curse of Fort Seven Mile’

While I was on the air with Matt Clark during his WAAM radio broadcast recently he wanted me to talk a bit about my latest Curse of Fort Seven Mile series.  However, time ran out and we couldn’t get into the details.  Actually, I don’t think I could cover all the details in an hour show, or a 10 hour show.  For me, what started as a simple pulp fiction series has evolved into something I would term as a philosophy for the 22nd century.  The below videos will help with the context but essentially what I’m doing is this: over the next one hundred years we are going to discover that we are not alone in the solar system, let alone the galaxy.  We will learn to defy death.  We will unlock all the potentials of a Type 1 civilization and that will require us to completely revisit our current political and religious philosophies—because the present ones just won’t be sufficient.  That’s not a knock on anybody, but the discoveries of the next century will just unlock a massive amount of potential that isn’t even forecasted on the horizon as of yet—and people will need some means of thinking about those things if they want to survive.

I have been pretty adamant about my hobbies and positions.  I essentially grew up studying mythologies and religious cultures, but I like to make money, so I chose professional endeavors that I could raise a family on—but there is a lot about me that is very sympathetic to the Nathan Drake video game character.  The people I most admire these days are people like Josh Gates and his friend Erin Ryder.  If I did not love family as much as I do, I would have loved to live the life that they have—and believe me I have no regrets.  But I do read and watch a lot of what those fantastic people have put out as far as discovery over the years.  When they tackle some crypto mystery much of it comes out to nothing, but it’s the asking of the questions that I find absolutely amazing.  There are a lot of people, many whom are featured in these videos who have committed enormous amounts of time and resources to asking hard questions about mankind’s origins—and I’ll be honest—I love each and every one of them.  When I listen to their lectures and read their books I think in the best case scenarios, they may be getting 50% of any given idea correct.  But even 1% of what these people are saying they are major game changers for the entire human race and the world at large.

In spite of my love of guns, capitalism, business entrepreneurial activity, innovation and pop culture, I am most at home with books, museums, and very smart people.  One of my best friends growing up had an IQ of around 170 so I know those types of people excessively well, and I love being around them.  Some of the people in these videos like Steve Quayle remind me of that friend.  They are too smart for mainstream society, and they are usually defined as lunatics by a society which embraces too openly—sheer stupidity.  As long as I’ve been on earth, I have asked similar hard questions and sought the answers and I have a general theory about the reason that ancient cultures collapse—actually all cultures including recent ones.  I published my thesis in a screenplay, which won a few awards along the way called The Lost Cannibals of Cahokia.  While most archaeologists and anthropologists will point to environmental conditions and say that the reason that a culture fails is related to a loss of water, or of food supply—usually those opinions are corrupted by their left leaning educations.  My theory is that cultures fail because of the human inclination to the Vico cycle—where they just can’t seem to get off the treadmill—and they have been like that for their entire existence.  That screenplay would probably make a good movie and I should probably push it more toward production—and maybe I will.  My goal in writing it was to get the thesis down in an entertaining way that people could enjoy—but come away from the story asking hard questions like—what is the primary driver of a successful culture—then offering the answer as the climax amid the usual expectations of exciting storytelling.  After I shopped that script around it became obvious that I’d have to produce the picture myself to do it right, and honestly, I didn’t have the time or patience to “collaborate” the way it takes to make a movie.  So I shelved it and offered it as a legitimate thesis about the rise and fall of civilizations.  On the surface, it was an action adventure horror story, underneath was something that meant a lot to me which was based on many thousands of hours of reading and personal discovery—traveling all over the world checking things out for myself—a little the way Josh Gates has—only with fewer frequent flyer miles.

Lately, there has been an explosion, likely because of the Internet, of conspiracy theories and examinations into a hidden past that does not agree with the Leaky evolutionary theories.  The latest revisions are probably driven more by Jurassic Park’s DNA examples and the popular Lord of the Rings movies about Middle Earth—art has helped our society ask new questions from a fresh perspective—and the answers to those questions might just be explosive.  If only 1% is true, mankind is in for some startling revelations.  The best movies and books are the ones that make you ask, “what if,” and as the videos included here surmise, there are some very smart people who are asking lots of questions tainted by their personal backgrounds.  But it is what they agree on that has stimulated my thinking and focused my mind on the hard evidence that is rapidly pouring in.

I wanted to write another Cliffhanger novel but I wanted it to be relevant to the world 100 years from now the way I read Jules Verne, Ayn Rand, H.P. Lovecraft or even Shakespeare.  My favorite play of his is Titus Andronicus.   His use of extreme violence to tell the moral story of love and loss—as well as dedication are the kinds of things I find infinitely fascinating and it doesn’t matter when in history we read such a story—they still communicate a truth which is valuable.  Having these kinds of interests I couldn’t just write some average piece of fiction reviewers of today would like—I wanted to write something that people a century from now would marvel at and would still draw inspiration from.  Yet I also wanted to make the argument that the values America had from around 1870 to about 1900 were the best the world had ever seen, and that those values should be captured in a bottle and examined in actually a scientific way—as having merit on culture building itself.  The economic means of the country was explosive during that period, morality was respectable, and collectivism was being defeated wherever it was encountered—namely during westward expansion.

For about forty years I have had in my mind a really terrible antagonist and a concept for painting it into a story against the ultimate protagonist—but I needed to collect a lot of information to tell that story.  Finally, I feel like I’m there.  Once I had all the details worked out, I went to work writing it—and as I thought, it has turned out to be the byproduct of a hyperactive imagination, a technical background, legitimate scientific investigation and all the life experience learned in every hard way imaginable.

Knowing that over the next couple decades history will have to reflect what we are learning now—and that we will learn that not only are we not alone, but that we are currently in a relationship with thinking beings not from earth’s origin story and that the essential ingredient to a successful society resides within individual behavior as opposed to collective salvation—and that once that process begins—where democracies run by a mob take over the individual input of actual leaders—that all civilizations stop functioning and regress back to their beginnings.

Even as my protagonist, Cliffhanger fights bad guys with flaming bullwhips all in the name of justice—it is important these days to define the merits of that justice.  It is not enough to simply show bad and good—it has to be defined by actual universal rules of engagement as defined by the observable conditions of our cosmos.  To do that we have to step beyond our veil of politics and modern philosophy and take the next step.  Taking that step is what and why I’m committing so much time to this new Cliffhanger story.  Similarly to that Cannibals of Cahokia story—this Curse of Fort Seven Mile has the benefit of an additional twenty years of hard living and earned observation.  Like H.P. Lovecraft I have a love for pulp fiction written in a romantic fashion—and on the surface that is what these new Cliffhanger stories are.  But, my protagonist, Fletcher Finnegan in The Curse of Fort Seven Mile is actually named after one of my favorite literary figures of all time, the giant in Finnegan’s Wake from the James Joyce classic.  My goals with the work are not to reach the New York Best Seller’s list, or even to get reviews from Publisher’s Weekly.  It is to offer a useful philosophy for people grappling with real significant challenges to everything they believed was true for over 10,000 years and to provide them a softer landing philosophically—so to maybe for the first time in human history to provoke a change in mankind’s propensity to always revert back to the Vico cycle.  Thus Spoke Cliffhanger.

If you want a preview of this work they are available on the sidebar.  But the real meat is yet to come and why I am dedicating some specific time and resources to completing it.  To get a sense of it, just watch all these videos and you’ll get your mind ready to read what I’m putting into a story intended for readers of the next century.  I’m not giving up on politics.  But rather it is too small of a shoe for me now.  The next obvious evolution is exopolitical theater and the vast changes it will bring.  Currently it is a bit on the fringe side, but that will change rapidly—and when it does–well, people will want a point of reference and fiction is a good place to begin—by bridging what we know with what we will come to understand.

Rich Hoffman


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Life on the Moon: The ancient past and modern activity of alien life above our heads

I don’t say things until I’ve considered the evidence intently and one of the reasons I’ve been most insistent to write The Curse of Fort Seven Mile with an emphasis of late is because of a realization that I’ve discovered through quite a lot of research.  These rumors of some type of life on the Moon of our earth have some weight to them.  From the 1976 book written by George Leonard Somebody Else Is on the Moon (linked below) compelling evidence from actual NASA photographs open the topic profoundly.  It’s an expensive book to get, but well worth it.  Additionally I think it is the remarks of the astronauts who have actually walked on the moon, people like Edger Mitchell and Buzz Aldren who have provided such virtuous testimony—some intentionally, some not so much so.  The evidence points more to the fact that there are constructions on the moon that shouldn’t be there and that there is presently, or has been, an alien race active on its surface.  If you can’t afford the old Leonard book feel free to watch these following videos for some supportive evidence to the fact.

One of my first big memories as a kid was visiting the Neal Armstrong museum at Wapakoneta, Ohio while my family went on a trip to Put-in-Bay—I was around four years old.  Years after that, my class went on a field trip to the museum there while in grade school and I oddly enough remembered  most everything because I had been there before.  I was the kid who always read the literature on the exhibits, so I felt very much at home compared to the other kids who had seen the place for the first time.  Armstrong was a professor at the University of Cincinnati—which was in my hometown and his life occurred very much around me—and I was aware of that growing up.  Aviation was born around me as well, so I’ve always taken some pride in the Wright Brothers and old test pilots like Neal Armstrong who was obviously the first person to walk on the moon—at least that we know of.  What always bothered me about Armstrong was that he had turned inward after the experience.  He wasn’t like Buzz Aldren—Armstrong didn’t relish the celebrity of being the first man on the moon—he had a secret which he avoided talking about and obviously took to his death.

Given Armstrong’s Midwestern roots, I think the guy didn’t like lying to people about what he saw on the moon when NASA switched to a private broadcast while he and Buzz were standing on the surface in July of 1969.  I was one year old at the time and my parents were standing me up in front of the television to see the event.  All I remember of the occurrence was the shape of the ship and the sounds of the transmissions which I recognized at the museum years later in Wapakoneta.  I didn’t understand the context at the time, but the layers of memory solidified it in my thinking for years to come.  While everyone was impressed that mankind was standing on the moon, Armstrong had confirmed much of what NASA wanted to see, which wasn’t filmed with cameras that were made public.  We were not alone—not by a long shot—and it haunted him for the rest of his life—apparently.

I’ve talked about the moon before, there are several things not right with it—it’s a little too perfectly positioned and it is locked in a type of orbit around the earth that never shows its far side.  That is a little weird as well.  And apparently on the far side there are even more strange photographs of things that should not be there if Neil Armstrong was truly the first life form to ever walk on the surface.  This of course has led to a lot of speculation through science fiction but those entries into are rooted in fact.  For me the most compelling evidence is that we have not returned—and neither has any other country.  The technology is clearly available to us now, yet we aren’t going back after those initial Apollo missions.  Some of the astronauts involved in the Apollo missions are now very supportive of alien life in space even if they do preserve their disclosures agreements with NASA which is after all a government agency which thinks it knows best how to preserve the religions and social order of the society it is supposed to serve.

Just a few miles south of where the Wright Brothers ran their bicycle shop which invented aviation the bones of an undocumented giant species of man was found in Miamisburg—one very large skeleton at a gravel quarry near the Great Miami River and the other under a large tree which was uprooted at a farm which bordered the mysterious Miamisburg mound complex.  Strangely enough, Hanger 18 which housed the wreckage of the Roswell crash was also nearby and to prevent proper excavation of the Miamisburg site by archaeologists and anthropologists a nuclear weapon facility was built on the land called Mound Laboratories.  That certainly stopped any real research into the region by credentialed scientists.  I currently live on the banks of the Great Miami River south of that Miamisburg site, so all these conspiracy stories have been with me for my entire life—and nobody wants to give any real answers to the probing questions—which feeds the conspiracies.   My conclusion is that there is much more to the story which is why everyone is so tight lipped.  The authorities in this case would rather not confirm or deny—they’d just prefer to avoid the topic.  But the evidence is rather compelling–it’s is all around us—we just need to look at it.

Given all that evidence, it’s just a matter of time before we have to go to the moon and discover what NASA has been avoiding to tell us.  Private space companies are headed to the moon and within just a few years of now, there will be hotels on the surface—and by then we’ll learn the hard truth—it won’t be a secret any longer.  There is a presence of some life other than our own on the moon right now and they watch us from there for reasons that we’ll discover.  I would propose that it’s a kind of interplanetary base camp and they find our civilization interesting and likely some kind of social experiment that they check up on frequently.  Just yesterday I drove by the Serpent Mound site in eastern, Ohio and scientists are no closer to figuring out the reason for that strange mound than they were twenty years ago.  In fact, they have more questions now than answers.  If our science cannot figure out the meaning of things in our own back yards, then they surely aren’t prepared to deal with what’s on the surface of the moon—an entire celestial body that has not had any of its history covered yet by modern development.  It’s an open text-book of mankind’s past and whoever was a part of helping to shape it from inception.  And it floats there above our heads—all the answers we seek—yet we do not dare to uncover.  Actually, you and I might dear reader—but our governments want to hold onto their power for just a while longer.  The evidence is there for us to investigate and when we do we have a lot of hard questions to answer about ourselves.  Of course the first step will be in returning—and I can’t wait for that to occur.  I’d rather know the truth than live with illusions.

Europeans did not discover America–the giants in the Ohio mounds prove that.  They were in North America before there was ever an Indian or a Christopher Columbus voyage.  And we did not first walk on the moon.  Someone was there before us and they are still there. ………………………………

Rich Hoffman


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The Moon is a Study of Archaeology, not Geology: An artificially created-life sustaining mystery

Ever since I read the Jim Marrs book Alien Agenda  way back in 1997 I have had a problem every time I look at the moon………I wonder if it was manmade.  I read Marrs book for fun, not intending to take it very serious, but I will have to say that he made some compelling arguments about the moon that I found shocking.  In fact, for those who aren’t used to this kind of information, the videos provided here are worth listing to.  Listen to them fully before arriving at a conclusion.  With Marrs Alien Agenda work most notably for me is the fact that the moon never reveals the backside of itself to Earth’s surface.  The same side of the moon always faces our home planet and this is because it is linked in perfect timing rotationally to the Earth with tidal locking where the two masses pull on one another in a perfectly symbiotic fashion.  If not for the moon, weather patterns, tidal energy and many other aspects of life on Earth would not occur.  Additionally, many of the facts about the moon just do not add up as a random celestial rock that was capture by Earth’s gravity drifting through space.

-The age of the moon is done by examining radiation scars from rocks on the moon. “Harvard’s respected astronomy journal, Sky and Telescope, reported that at the Lunar Conference of 1973, it was dated that one moon rock dated at 5.3 billion years old”(3).

-The moon is supposed to be completely dry, yet on March 7, 1971 instruments left behind by the Apollo missions sent a signal to Earth indicating a “wind of water had crossed the moon’s surface”(4). Also Apollo 16 astronauts found moon rocks with bits of rusted iron.

-Another anomaly is that the moon’s inner temperature of only 1800 degrees (Earth’s is between 3600 and 900 degrees) would suggest that the moon has never been hot enough for volcanic eruptions.  On the moon are large dense circular masses, about 20-40 miles below the surface “centered like bull’s-eyes” in the middle of each”(6).

-As for the hollow moon theory: the density of the moon is only about 3.34 grams per cubic centimeter is significantly less than the Earth’s mantle of 5.54 gram density. This discrepancy would suggest either a much less dense core or no core at all. Even more evidence came on November 20, 1969 when the Apollo 12 crew “sent the lunar module ascent stage crashing back onto the moon, creating an artificial “moonquake”.

The LM struck about 40 miles from the Apollo 12 landing site, where ultrasensitive seismic equipment recorded something both unexpected and astounding–the moon reverberated like a bell for more than an hour. The vibrations took almost eight minutes to reach a peak, then decreased in intensity”(9). This happened once again when the Apollo 13’s third stage was sent crashing to the moon by radio command.

Even though equipment was 108 miles from the crash site they recorded reverberations for 3 hours and 20 minutes. “According to NASA, this time the moon “reacted like a gong””(9). More conclusive evidence occurred on May 13, 1972 when a large meteor hit the moon with the force of 200 tons of  TNT. Shock waves traveled deep into the moon and never reflected back. This indicated there is something unusual about the moon’s core. What’s even more shocking about this is that in Intelligent Life in the Universe, by Carl Sagan, he says, “A natural satellite cannot be a hollow object.”

-Another mystery of the moon is the presence of processed metals. “Experts were surprised to find lunar rocks bearing brass, and mica, in addition to near-pure titanium”(10). Also, according to Argone National Laboratory, Uranium 236 and neptunium 237 (elements not previously found in nature) were discovered in moon rocks.

-Now for stories about a time before the moon. Aristotle told of a people called the Proselenes who lived in Arcadia long before the Greeks. Selene is the name of the god of the moon and eventually became the name for the moon itself. The term Proselenes means “before the moon.” “According to legend, the Proselenes held claim to Arcadia because they lived there “before there was a moon in the heavens”(17). Also Plutarch spoke of people who lived in Arcadia before there was a moon. The Roman author Ovid said Arcadian “folk is older than the moon”. Tibetan texts mention people on a lost continent of Gondwana who were civilized before the moon shone in the sky.

See more of the above information at the following site:

Also discussed in the book Alien Agenda is the Spaceship Moon Theory, also known as the Vasin-Shcherbakov Theory, is a theory that claims the Earth‘s moon may actually be an alien spacecraft. The theory was put forth by two members of the then Soviet Academy of SciencesMichael Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov, in a July 1970 article entitled “Is the Moon the Creation of Alien Intelligence?”.[1]

This is the reason I wrote about the destruction of Alexandria in a previous article, because there is no way to know how true these theories are, since much of the documentation that might have cleared this issue up was destroyed during the 500 year period of The Dark Ages.  Given some of the scientific relevance that are quite evident, the types of stories about the moon that have been passed down through folklore, along with the fact that NASA and the American government have given upon visiting the moon completely, it is obvious that there is something amiss that could possibly shatter the mind of the human race upon learning it–and that something may very well be that the Moon was built-in much the same way that artificial harbors are built against the forces of nature, and irrigation brings water to baron deserts—the Moon may have been built to make life on Earth habitable—to allow the kind of stability that would be required for life to thrive on Earth.

Jim Marrs is a conspiracy writer, but he is also a journalist who knows that his theories will be attacked intensely by the establishment, so he goes to extra care to ensure that his statements are backed with facts.  In the case of his Alien Agenda book, the evidence points that the moon is not what our schools and religions have taught us that it was.  The evidence is so compelling that when I now look at it I think of the moon as a remarkable piece of engineering that was built by a society that has long since left Earth leaving in their wake all the stories of superstition that generations who followed tried to duplicate with primitive rituals and sacrifice.  The moon is archaeological  not geological evidence that needs to be explored by the human race so that our future society can connect with the past in a way that has not been possible since the Library of Alexandria was destroyed.  The revelations discovered on the moon will shatter man’s concept of science, of religion, of even time and space but it is there in the sky for everyone to see, and it is not what we have always thought it was.  The moon holds on it and within it the secrets to world history and it won’t be proven one way or the other until it is visited and studied again in much greater detail than the handful of manned missions NASA has sent to its surface.  There are too many coincidences that the moon functions from to be accidental.  Rather the more logical explanation is that the moon was built by a society beyond our modern understanding with tools that defy comprehension and the evidence sits in the sky and makes life on Planet Earth possible holding secrets that must be unlocked before the human race can take the next great step.

Rich Hoffman


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An Indroduction to Objectivisim: The Power of Ayn Rand’s Philosophy

Since it is obvious that our culture has been virtually destroyed through public education, then the task before us is to rebuild ourselves so that intelligence can once again become a foundation within our society. After viewing a recent school board meeting for my local school system and countless trustee, city council, and commissioner meetings, knowing many legislators, participating in countless hours of conference calls, audits, and general business relations, I see there is a clear need for society to step up and perform at a new level of interactivity. Wisdom and intelligence needs to be a part of human interaction once again, because what’s going on today isn’t working.

As I listened with patience for probably the last time, parent after parent speak to the school board hoping to raise taxes yet again to cover their budget short falls I realized that the minds of these poor souls are simply broken. I was not angry at them. My feelings were no different than one would be angry at a child for falling down because the child was learning to walk. The feeling was pity in hoping that they might someday learn to walk and comprehend the world in a similar fashion as I can so that I might be able to have a conversation with them at some future time.

It is in that spirit that I offer the following. I hope with this post to teach those who are stumbling how to walk, how to think, so that we might someday have a conversation and actually achieve something productive.

For my readers here who are fans of the great book Atlas Shrugged you already have the foundation to crawling back into a society that is built on reason. If you understand Atlas Shrugged, then you have the first brick in place for rebuilding your life and society at large. If you have not read that book, then you should. If you want to understand the problems of our day and how to fix them, you should start with that book.

However, that book alone will not do it. We know as human beings that there is an inherit truth in Atlas Shrugged, but we do not know why. We just sense it. Well, Ayn Rand actually had the details of why Atlas Shrugged as a philosophy called Objectivism worked and she constructed her novel as a way to display the mechanisms of her philosophy. That leads the next book that should be studied which is the Leonard Peikoff classic Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand, which I’ve referred to on a few occasions. That book would be the next step in understanding how to fix the problems that are in front of us as a nation.

But to more easily understand some of the ideas portrayed in that book by Peikoff, The Culture of Reason Society has produced several lectures to help introduce the ideas discussed in Objectivism. You can see them at their home web site.


For the ease of my readers though, and for use in understanding some of the things I discuss at this website, I am putting the entire lecture series offered by The Culture of Reason Society here for easy study. So grab some popcorn and give yourself some time. What follows while be the equivalent of a semester of college level philosophy and you can have it for free so that you can learn and share with your friends.

Enjoy the lectures and take plenty of notes. And make sure to send this link to someone you care about. This stuff is very important and required for correcting our lopsided society. It’s powerful stuff. If you find some of this difficult, that’s OK. It may challenge your beliefs. I agree with most of it, not all of it, but in essence the goal of the material is designed to make you think which is the primary goal of reason. So keep an open mind and relax and let the material soak in. Don’t try to learn it too quickly, but a bit at a time. If you want it in MP3 form, they sell the material which can be downloaded onto an iPod or similar device which I’d recommend in addition to this format.

Hearing the same material a second or third time with a different media device is the best way to absorb the material before jumping into the ultimate goal which would be to read Peikoff’s book found in the philosophy section of your local book store.

To understand why this objectivism is important for modern society to learn read David Deming’s paper called “The Noble Savage.”  It is how we arrived at this place in time where we must relearn how to be thinking beings, and not the result of a primate progressive marketing effort.


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A Woolly Mammoth in Siberia: Attacks, Mystery and Obama sings

Early in the morning as the Archie Wilson story was breaking my imagination was temporarily sparked by the urgent news that a Woolly mammoth was spotted in Siberia. Being personally interested in cryptozoology such a discovery ignited my imagination in the cold morning hours of February 8, 2012.

However, the source of the news drew my skepticism, it was from The Sun, a tabloid newspaper and as I watched the video featured on the article below, I became more and more disappointed. Have a look for yourself.

The trouble I have with the video, and this comes from a great deal of experience, is that it is too blurry, and the cameraman doesn’t attempt to cut the animal off as it leaves the river. If I had been shooting this video I would have at least moved in for a closer look. There is no way I would have let that animal out of my sight with a short shot of it crossing a waterway.

I believe that such creatures still roam the earth. A Woolly mammoth in the extremely large land mass of Siberia is entirely believable. But footage gathered up from a paranormal investigator should be expected to be heavily scrutinized. So the cameraman owes it to his investigation to get the best shot possible. These days video cameras are more than capable of getting a better, much less fuzzy shot than the one seen in this Woolly mammoth video. So it must be concluded that the poor film quality is on purpose, to mislead the viewer into believing they are seeing something they aren’t.

Visual effects are both fortunately and unfortunately much easier for even low tech equipment to produce these days so a video confirming a Woolly mammoth requires much higher quality video. In fact, I wouldn’t believe it unless I saw the cameraman actually touch the animal. Standing at a safe difference with a fixed location just won’t cut it these days.

This Woolly mammoth video reminds me of another hoax video of a killer whale attacking a kid on a Mexican beach. This video is actually quite good as it replicates accurately how killer whales attack and eat seals. They do slide on shore and grab unsuspecting mammals in this fashion. Have a look for yourself.

Special effects are a part of our lives and we can no longer trust what we see at face value. In this whale video everything about it is accurate as it would happen in nature. The waves actually break against the victim’s feet and the whale’s body as it eats the human with arms flailing about. We are inclined to believe it. Yet we don’t. The problem with the video is that it violates the rules of cognitive recognition.

Cognitive recognition is the ability to learn the meaning of words and develop the ability to combine those words so that images can be formed in the mind as the words are read. In order for this to happen a mind has to accept the meaning of the words. We do this in life also, we accept the meaning of certain events, the way rain falls from the sky, or how the sun feels on a summer day. Our collections of these cognitive recognition patterns help us determine reality. They might tell us that a politician is lying to us even if what they say sounds and looks good to our eyes. Our experience might tell us that something is amiss if the cognitive recognition of a given experience does not add up to our understanding of reality. In the case of the whale video the biggest problem is that the cameraman would have naturally ran to help the victim in some way. The victim waves to the camera then within seconds is eaten. All the while, the camera remains steady. This behavior violates what we know through cognitive recognition to represent reality.

Here’s another video that is even stranger than the Woolly mammoth or the whale, it’s the President of the United States trying to convince the crowd that he is a good, and legitimate president. When watching this video the cognitive recognition patterns bring about pleasant memories of experiences we might have had as the president smiles, and even sings to a crowd. Everything about this video says that this president is a good man—yet there is something wrong.

Vacant from this video are the facts that the behavior avoids. Like the Woolly mammoth that was filmed from a distance and not captured leaving the water, or the whale being betrayed by the calmness of the cameraman, the Obama video says more about what is missing than what it shows. In this case there is no resemblance of the 6 trillion dollars in debt that has been added during his three years as president, or the multiple infractions he has committed against the United States Constitution. These things are known in our cognitive understanding of the world, yet they are noticeably missing in the Obama video leaving us with the feeling that something isn’t quite right when we watch the President sing to a screaming crowd. We enjoy what we see, but understand that something I wrong.

With all three videos we can prove that they are fakes based on our cognitive recognition patterns. Even when our eyes want to believe what we see through special effects, sound, or even camera lightning, blurriness, or distance, the fraud is revealed when the behavior seen betrays our understanding of how things truly behave.

It looks like the search for a Woolly mammoth will continue on. The video from Siberia does not prove that any have survived to our modern age. I will still have fun looking for these creatures from the campsites of remote locations. And when I find one, I will not let the camera betray the reality of the situation. I will film plenty of footage that is perfectly clear. And I will get so close that I could crawl on its back if need be. Because seeing is not always believing when there are tricks available to manipulate our senses into what we are seeing. At times like that, we must rely on our cognitive recognition to help us discover the elusive truths based on our experience and not what we desire. I might want to see a Woolly mammoth, but just having the wish is not enough. Reality must be measured by our cognitive recognition.

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Old Men Wondering What Happened: The Payday of The Great Society

Even though I am still angry over the coverage by the two guys in the video below, and their involvement in repealing Issue 2 in Ohio, I couldn’t help but be a bit touched by these two men who are both in their 60’s and are wondering now in 2012 what happened to America. What happened to the Great Society of Lynden B. Johnston and the dreams of John F. Kennedy? What happened to the America of the late 50’s and 60’s when Bill Cunningham of 700 WLW and Sheriff Jones of Butler County where just starting out in their adulthoods? Where are the promises? Where are the benefits? What happened to America? Listen to their very heartfelt discussion here.

Millions upon millions of college graduates are discovering that they were lied to. In the early 1990’s when Ross Perot was declaring that there would be a “giant sucking sound” when NFTA was signed is the America we are currently in. Taxes and regulations have pushed businesses to other countries. America has been positioned by several globalists’ presidents starting with George Bush Sr., then Bill Clinton, then George Bush Jr., and now Obama to pull America into a world ruled by the U.N., and that has taken away the paper factories in Hamilton, that Sheriff Jones was talking about. The unions killed the automotive industry too, which also used to be in Hamilton. In fact, most of the technical jobs that America used to be good at are gone, now overseas while the foolish government schools encouraged an entire generation represented by Cunningham and Jones to become doctors, lawyers, and politicians.

And America shows what a country made up of lawyers looks like as litigation is at an all time high. There are so many doctors that they’ve had to invent diseases to convince people to use their services. And politics is a travesty upon the American philosophy and for all practical purposes is a complete joke that has no respect of the people the politicians represent. Greedy professors at universities have demanded higher and higher wages, many of them making over six figures and for doing what? Then to pay for these dangerous, ideological academics, public colleges have had to increase their tuition rates to extraordinary amounts breaking the back of the parents who just want to send their kids to the colleges to get a decent education. But that’s not what’s happening. All the creation jobs are moving overseas, America only has service jobs to offer these students coming out of high school and college, and those service jobs do not pay what the kids were promised when they racked up a $100K tuition bill.

The Great Society of the LBJ’s and FDR’s were an incomprehensible failure and the results are pouring in. Only one generation of that Great Society did well with the inventions against the Constitution that those Presidents engaged in to deliver our society to the circumstance it is currently in. The jobs are gone because the looters and lawyers drove them away. The high expectations of all the college graduates who want their own office in a plush environment, and end up in a cubical working for yet another financial firm selling 401 K plans that are virtually worthless in a market controlled by socialist tendencies, have proven irrefutably catastrophic. There are not enough skilled workers now who know how to weld, how to turn a wrench, or to tap a bolt. America let The Great Society and the liberal teachers of government education to teach our young to not change their own oil in their cars, to not put roofs on their homes, or even fix a dishwasher. We have an entire generation of young people who don’t even know what to do with a hand tool. In fact, it’s considered fashionable to not know how to handle a hammer, or drive home a nail. We have social engineering in public education to thank for that. Young people are more interested in their sexual orientation rather than being concerned about developing an actual skill they can use.

I was working with group of engineers the other day, young people right out of college and we were pulling a threaded bushing out of a tooled surface. The thing had wedged in place and could not be removed with any idea passed around the group. I approached and wondered what the holdup was and they told me of their dilemma. I pulled out my Leatherman tool off my belt and grabbed hold of the bushing after tapping it a few times with a brass hammer, and twisted in increments with a technique I learned years ago in a machine shop. The bushing came loose and the young engineers were looking at the Leatherman like I held some thunderbolt from the heavens. They were utterly perplexed at how easy it was to remove the bushing.

That is why America is failing. Kids have learned all the wrong things. Their values are wrong. Their intentions are wrong. And their ability to adapt is severally handicapped with an education given to them by the same greenie weenies who wish for America to become just another state in the United Nations. America has been robbed of its wealth in money, technology and business. But it has also been robbed of its common sense, and has trained its youth to be service oriented instead of skilled. Sadly those things happened to America on the watch of the two guys speaking above. Their conversation is like the many thousands of similar conversations going on all over the country right now among the same demographic age group, they are asking, “What went wrong. Why didn’t we see this coming?”

The generation of The Great Society didn’t see it coming for the same reasons that we go to a magic show and try and figure out the illusions. The Great Society was intended to deceive and so it did. But the cost of the illusion was not a simple ticket to a show. It was our country, our economy, and our very souls. We have been lied to, and now it hurts to realize it.

I look angrily at this group of people who voted for and supported this Great Society, because they left my generation with a mess to clean up. We have to be the bad guys who must point out all the faults of those foolish presidents who gave away what wasn’t theirs and made promises they weren’t equipped to keep. And people will suffer as a result. Young people will not have the jobs they expected. Going to school will not guarantee a good and stable life where everything that breaks can be hired out to a specialist. Tomorrow’s American will have to be more like the American’s who built the country. They’ll fix their own cars and dishwashers. They’ll grow their own food. They may even make their own cloths. Because the lie of the Great Society that promised a utopia for all the unskilled to gain through academics a respect that would carry them through life has come up for payment, and the debt will prove painful.

America can and will be good again, but not until the young engineers, the grocery store clerk, the banker, and the waitress can learn to use a Leatherman tool to fix a simple problem. It is not in the education and transformation into an academic that makes America strong. It was, and will always be, the ability of the American mind to figure out the solution to problems that leave the overly educated academic reeling for weeks, because their minds were destroyed by the illusions of The Great Society. In the meantime, the old men will ponder what changed in the years gone by, and will feign astonishment at the circumstances of modern America. But the solutions will not be in more of The Great Society, but much less of it, so that individualism can return to the theater of American ingenuity and the skilled hands that manipulate a Leatherman.

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“DOG SEES”: The Ghosts of Bobby Mackey’s and my mechanical bull

What goes through the mind of a slaughter-house worker in the days before the modern electric shock that is applied to animals prior to slaying them? Imagine hour by hour, day by day, week after week in a turn of the century slaughter-house slitting the throat of thousands of animals listening to the turbulent frightful last moments of an animal’s life and what that might have done to a mind over a period of time. Imagine that same slaughter-house with its troubled souls who died of natural causes but were so warped psychologically from their production line slaughter-house methods that the ghosts of those lost souls in anger at their eternal captivity on earth made a deal with what they believe to be the devil and coaxed a man to cut off the head of his pregnant girl friend and throw it down the well in the basement as a sacrifice to the devil. Maybe they did it just to see if they could, to vent their anger at their eternal captivity at the slaughter-house. Then a few years later, for those who know the history of Newport, Kentucky as Sin City, that served as the model for Las Vegas because of the prostitution, gambling and virtually every sin known to man. All the decadence a mind could conger up could be found on Monmouth Street and just up the Licking River in Wilder along the railroad tracks, a hot spot gambling house where a show girl named Johanna committed suicide back stage in that popular building formally known as the slaughter-house. The building would sit empty for many years after these tragedies until a country singer known as Bobby Mackey came along and bought it so he could open a country western bar and play live music every weekend. However, his music would reflect the haunted past of his new bar, as he discovered that his tavern was inhabited by two centuries of turbulent souls who had died and refused to move on to the next phase of life embedding themselves to the building now known as Bobby Mackey’s Music World. (OFFICIAL WEB SITE

Is Bobby Mackey’s haunted? Yes. Without question. My family, particularly my youngest daughter and my wife have a connection with haunted beings that eludes the logic of my mind. I do not have the same experiences that those two do. My oldest daughter is like me; she’s a bit too skeptical to believe in such things and based on my own observations I will have to determine that it’s because our minds aren’t tuned to see those things that live in between the cracks of reality. To satisfy my youngest daughters interests we have embarked on several ghost hunting adventures and could tell plenty of stories that would curl your toes, that defy scientific explanation, leaving me to conclude that something living in some form that exists outside of our visual, and hearing spectrums does roam the earth in abundance and does play a part in the daily lives of human beings. My family has visited the Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Moonville out in Athens, Ohio. We’ve crawled through some of the most haunted cemeteries in the small hours of the morning known, and seen a lot of strange stuff, the most violent entity we encountered was a “Shadow Man.” (Click the link to learn more)

My family has chased down UFO’s with our car only to have the things vanish in the sky right in front of us. Locally at the Screaming Bridge in Liberty Twp, I recently shared my personal stories with a group of Overmanwarriors over lunch to not so much conclude spiritual presence at that place but added to the stories, the preponderance of some places on this planet that are filled with violence for no apparent reason. Some may call them demons. Some may call them ultraterrestrials. Some may call them troubled souls trying to move on to the next life. Whatever they are, they are there, and Bobby Mackey’s is filled with them. That’s why this episode of Ghost Hunters about Bobby Mackey’s attracted my attention because I like the way TAPS does paranormal investigations. They approach each case with logic and try to debunk claims, which 80% can almost always be explained away. When I watched this episode it brought back some thoughts to my mind that I had while visiting Bobby Mackey’s and it is the dog that fixates on the pole that has stuck with me. Later at the end of this show, if you’ll take the time to watch it, an EVP recording picks up the voice of something that says clearly, “DOG SEES.”

“DOG SEES” what? I suppose that scene strikes my interest because I recognize that animals see and hear things beyond human sense perception so what that dog was so interested in at the pillar in the middle of the bar is a mystery, then to have a EVP voice acknowledge that the dog sees something they think is hidden is a bit disturbing. My experience at Bobby Mackey’s is not from one of the ghost tours he offers on the weekends after the place has closed, or even that of a paying customer. Back in 1993, before it was well-known that the place was haunted to the general public, I bought a mechanical bull from Mr. Mackey for a business I was working on, and his staff took me and a friend down into the basement where the well was, supposedly in the heart of the haunted aspects of the place. That’s where the extra mechanical bull we were buying was. We paid $400 for the mechanical bull and left to get a truck to come back and pick it up as a series of catastrophes prevented us from ever being able to come back and pick up that damn bull. I refused to acknowledge it at the time, but it almost felt as though something followed us home and wrecked everything involving that mechanical bull for weeks thereafter. It was as though we had picked up at Bobby Mackey’s an unusual string of bad luck that defied logic.
I have been to Bobby Mackey’s as a customer listening to Mr. Mackey sing his country songs as patrons dance, drink beer and ride the mechanical bull in his popular country night club, and I’ve been there as a business interest in the bowls of the place, and yes, there is some unsettling emotions that come and go from your mind while there. It seemed to be much less when the place was full of people, than when the place was empty. And the basement had almost a wall of energy that seemed unusually aggressive. I’m a person that could have a bomb go off right next to me and I wouldn’t flinch. So I stay pretty calm even under the most troubling circumstances, and there was something about that basement that made me consciously have to fight back an overwhelming sense of doubt.

My experience with ghosts are that they are very much like everyday people, except more primal in nature. If you ignore them, you will find they won’t interact with you very much. If you pay attention to them and try to befriend them, then you could have some trouble. Because for whatever reason, these beings are stuck as a collection of spiritual energy that do not have bodies, and they are stuck for a reason. If you provide them with an emotional vehicle to latch on to and gain some attention, then you’ve given them what they were looking for. I prefer the TAPS method of paranormal investigation that is very scientific as opposed to the Ghost Adventures methods of Zack and his crew. But watch this next episode of Ghost Adventures where these guys return to Bobby Mackey’s and attempt to provoke the ghosts there, which appear to be up to 7 at a time with these guys. Picking a fight with a ghost is the same as picking a fight with a human. If you watch this episode you’ll see the ghosts react the same when called out to a fight. As I listen to the dialog between these ghost hunters and the ghosts I think of the numb to death slaughter-house workers who can’t seem to move on, who are stuck to that building in a primal state of defiance, and think nothing of killing and harming the living, simply because they are jealous of those who have bodies.

It is without question that there are many forces on our earth that science has not yet figured out, that only religion has attempted to touch. I don’t fear any human being, so I surely don’t fear a creature that doesn’t even have a body. And my mind is too secure to be penetrated by them, so there is little to be concerned about in my personal life from disembodied entities. But they are quite manipulative, and they do enjoy interrupting the minds of the naive, or intellectually challenged. They do visit often the drunk, the stoned, the human with vacant brain activity, and they do seek to live out their frustrations at being stuck to a region for an indefinite period of time.

For me—the most haunting clip in the above episodes is that dog, “DOG SEES.” Dog sees what? What is in that pillar that the dog sees and these spirits are so concerned about? That is a perplexing mystery that has me fascinated and might just call for another trip to Bobby Mackey’s so I can see if my mechanical bull is still in the basement. Sure, it’s been twenty years, but so what, maybe the ghosts have been riding it down there and kept it maintained. Who knows, but one thing is for sure. Something is going on at Bobby Mackey’s Music World that exists between our world and something else. It can be seen and felt now, even if science struggles with an explanation.

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