Public Education Sucks: If President Trump really wants to drain the Swamp, make government unions illegal

Part of the solution to the public education nightmare is to elect good local school board members who take the job seriously and truly want to help children become smarter with a proper education. In my local district of Lakota I will be voting for Lynda O’Connor who has been in that position for a while and needs a critical third vote to have proper management authority to do anything productive, like at least keep the budget in check. And to get that third vote I will be voting for James Hahn who is a savvy business figure offering his talents to help solve some of the public education problems. Those are the conventional measures that can be taken at a local level to help provide a solution. But as many know by now, my involvement in the public education system has shown me that the entire thing needs to be scrapped, which Betsy DeVos stated quite nicely on a segment with Bret Baier on Fox News Friday evening, October 18th, 2019. The problem isn’t money, public education has been well funded for many years. The problem is all about performance. Public education has been terrible for our children and it needs a complete overhaul. Local elections might slow down some of the spending bleeding that goes on, but it can’t change what kids learn, only competition can do that.

Most of the things that President Trump would like to do with education is a second term thing, Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos has been setting the stage for quite a long time and for a good reason as she stated on Bret’s show. America, a first world country of considerable resources is ranked around the world #24 in reading. #25 in science. And #40 in math. 40! For me only a top ten measure would be acceptable. And I personally would expect a ranking of #1 in all the categories if not just a few of them. Based on those measures, public education isn’t working and every other week we have another school district somewhere going on strike demanding more money using those kids as hostages to get it. The madness has to stop and until it does, we need to call it what it is, an unmitigated disaster that is only a very expensive publicly paid babysitting service for busy parents who aren’t managing their children and are committed to raising a generation of idiots.

I know Lynda personally and respect her commitment to education, she has dedicated a considerable amount of her life to it. And I have come to know a bit about James Hahn, he really, really cares about education. I have had countless people ask me to run for a school board position and I have had to decline time and time again simply because I can’t do what they want to do, and that is beat my head against an emphatically broken system. They are willing to save what they can of it. I’m not, I’m with Betsy DeVos, School Choice is really the only way to fix the system. Attach the money to the kids and keep the unions out of it. I would go so far to push for making union membership illegal in any government entity. If you want to drain the swamp in D.C. that would be a good place to start. And in education, the evidence would quickly present itself of just how bad the labor unions are for the education system. There are likely few people who care as much about education as I do at my age. I still endeavor to learn things every day like a 6-year-old child does naturally. Books and education are a part of my daily life, and not just a little bit—but a lot. I still read at least one book a week and push to learn something new every day, so it is quite insulting to me to listen to a bunch of stupid people telling me we need to spend more money on education just to inflate government employee’s paychecks, and that we will still be ranked so low by international standards. I know what education and a life with a mind on fire should look like for young people and the public education system we have now does not get us there, and it never will.

All the performance standards we have now are baked into protecting the labor union employees. The goals of those employees is not to train a bright mind to become brighter, but to train them to be good stewards of the state and to care more about fictional climate science and gay rights then learning to engineer the next great thing. Luckily in America through our free market system we develop great talent in spite of such a disastrous public education system, but we could do so much better. Light years better! What we have now is garbage, even in the best of cases. My district of Lakota is considered one of the top destinations in the country, great neighborhoods, great business inputs, great infrastructure yet with the kind of budget that could fund a Fortune 500 company they still got a “B” on their state report card. Anybody who thinks that’s good enough is part of the problem and no matter how much you try to help solve the problem, until you change the way it functions, it will continue to fail.

We should not allow labor unions to control regionally the quality of an education institution with one bland choice after another. Lakota just had a debate about transgender bathrooms, that is the kind of garbage that these loser teachers are pushing down our kid’s throats on a daily bases. But guess what, move out of the district to the east part of town or even worse yet, down into the city and you’ll get the same crap because the teacher unions are progressive organizations set on an agenda that is very much anti-American and they take our property taxes and use that money to advance that line of thought. If we completely dismantled public education and replaced it with nothing, we’d be better off than forcing kids to unlearn for the last half of their lives all the garbage they learned in their formulative years when learning was easier. We are graduating not contributors to the greatest economy of the world, but little monsters that want to use anarchy to topple our entire system, and spit on our flag. That’s what we are getting for our money spent in public education.

Our public education system does not work for anybody but the teacher unions. And we must change that to have a shot at any significant improvement in our national and international test scores. People might argue that the entire world is following the same basic education standards. But the problem is, American society is based on free will and when given a bad choice, like many of our kids do, they choose not to learn where other countries will not give such an open option. America needs competition in its schools to bring about the kind of performance that is expected. And to then give school board members something truly beneficial in managing a school system. Until then, work with what you have. But understand that in the very near future, public education is going to have to be completely overhauled down to its very foundations. And until then, it sucks.

Rich Hoffman

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The Secret to Toyota: Guns’n’Stories in VR and the benefit of play

I’ve had a lot of interesting conversations with people this week wondering about me and they seem surprised that I know so much about Toyota manufacturing systems at a holistic level and that I play so many video games. And as I explained, I see the two as the same, not separate endeavors. To understand why the Toyota company did so well culturally in the realm of business is not in reading and understanding some magic book, or a three day course given in Tokyo where someone stands over you with a cane to beat you with it if you get the incorrect answer to a question, as many believe is necessary. You won’t get it from an MBA program from any college, its one of those things you either get or you don’t. In Toyota outsiders call it the Toyota Kata, which is doing something over and over again until the task is second nature. In their organization managers were successful in establishing a “kata” of success as defined by the target conditions management sets to achieve superiority in the marketplace. Simple. Yet the world struggles with this concept so it is my hope to help it out a bit with this little article.

Playing video games is an excellent way to develop an internal “kata” to use the Japanese word, for training yourself to get used to winning. To identifying what the target conditions for victory are, then learning the rules for getting there. Every video game may be different just as every workplace can have its challenges, but the idea is the same for everything. Once you learn and expect to win, by nature of instinct you’ll get used to identifying what target conditions need to be found to support victory. Once you can do that in a video game, you will train your mind through a kind of kata to finding it everywhere, in relationships, in business, with your children, in society—everywhere. So, it should not be such a surprise that I play many hours of video games per week. The byproduct of that behavior pattern is to constantly push myself to complete those games and to win whatever the parameters of victory are. Knowing what victory looks like is half the battle and so many people just haven’t trained their minds to measure reality in that way, especially adults.

I have a new VR game for my PlayStation called Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof which was an absolute delight to me. It is an amazing virtual reality shooting gallery type of game where animated villains attack you from all directions while you stand in the middle of various wild west towns gunning them down with a multitude of very fun weapons. I completed the story mode of the game over this past week and found it wonderfully enchanting, a nice vacation from the rigors of daily life. And I was replaying several of the levels last night while I had the television on listening to Fox News and the reports that the Democrats stormed out of the President’s office over the troop pullout in Syria. I took a moment to think about how much information was pouring into my brain, between the VR headset and furious action from the game as hundreds and hundreds of bad guys came at me to shoot down as fast as I could, then the news broadcast going on in the background as my wife was telling me about all the events of her day, it was a lot. But I’ve trained my mind to deal with all that, and that isn’t that much more unique than a typical day at the office.

The difference between Toyota, or most Japanese companies, is that they have not forgotten how to play with ideas as a culture whereas we have in the West, from Europe to North America. We look at work as, well, work, and the Japanese don’t, its just another part of their life. They enjoy the work most of the time and that is one of the key ingredients to Toyota’s success as a company. Playing a lot of video games over the years allowed me to do much the same with my own life, there isn’t always time to play a football game with a bunch of people, or to go shooting somewhere that you can actually shoot targets by the hundreds of thousands, or fly around in some vessel engaging in dogfights. All of that is play, but more seriously all those games have objectives toward winning the game and in playing them the target conditions for victory are always occurring. You as the player must discover them through playing the game. And the benefits continue long after the game is over because the process has wired into your brain the ability to discover target conditions in everything, even when you aren’t playing video games.

I watch so many adults struggle in life over this very basic misconception. They wonder why their wives don’t love them or find them attractive anymore as they complain that their car is in the shop again, their house isn’t big enough, and that they are overlooked in their jobs for the next big promotion. They ponder why their kids seem indifferent to them as they grow up because they have sacrificed so much as the parent to give them a good life and they feel unappreciated, and of course all those behaviors show up in their work. At 5 PM on the nose they are leaving for that long drive home where they are met in the kitchen by an indifferent spouse with their own version of the same problems. Then when talking to me, they say, “video games are for kids. I’m busy making a living and living in reality.” Of course, to that I say, “reality is defined by your interpretation of it.” If you don’t have the tools intellectually to make reality work for you, but rather against you, then its no wonder you are miserable.” In truth, by playing games, video games or some sport for fun, you are actually helping train your mind to identify target conditions for success, which is what Toyota as an organization does for all the employees that work for it. They know how to define success and getting there becomes a kind of game instead of feeling like just more pointless work. Give people that autonomy, you give them more than a good job, but a good life.

It is always a treat to me to play a cool game like Guns’n’Stories: Bulletproof in a virtual reality environment. After all, to me for that time that the headset is on, that is reality. And to take a break in that kind of world is a real treat. Whether its actual reality or virtual reality the objective is the same, to define target conditions and endeavor for a win. By achieving victory, the mind gets used to seeing and striving for the parameters of victory, and if truth be told, that is the key to the Toyota Kata. Knowing how to win and learning to strive for the ways to do so. Empowering people to win and share in the ownership are the keys to any success. So, from that vantagepoint, video games aren’t so silly, but a good tool for training the mind in how to learn to win.

Rich Hoffman
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The Meaning of Life: It is to grow as an individual, not to hide behind collectivism–the real cause of both World Wars

It is coming up more and more, largely due to the kind of president that we have in the White House these days, but the understanding of individualism as opposed to collectivism is quite the topic. As I have been saying, much of the consternation about President Trump is that he acts on his own, without a bunch of consultants and his own political party guiding him on the decision-making process. This is not at all unusual in the private sector where a CEO may answer to a board of directors and the shareholders, but as far as running a company, they tend to be front of the train decision makers by default and very secure in their personal considerations. Its particularly an aspect of American business to produce those types of people to lead companies. This of course stands as a stark contrast to the way our political system operates, especially under the umbrella of government employment. And is a topic of considerable importance.

Not to provoke a lot of unnecessary conspiracy theories, and the research will come clean with time, but I have a nagging feeling that it was Thus Spoke Zarathustra from Frederick Nietzsche that provoked both World War 1 and World War II—the second world war being caused by the sanctions of the first. But the first being driven by a European hatred of the kind of individually based thinking that was coming out of Germany by way of the anti-institutionalist Nietzsche. It’s essentially the same kind of hatred that is being leveled from the same type of people toward President Trump. That does not mean to conclude that Trump is a Nazi, far from it. At that time of that very powerful book by Nietzsche the works of Karl Marx was also coming out of Germany and the governments of Europe loved the idea. It gave them a chance to level the playing field where a political class ran by the traditional power brokers could issue out fairness. But Nietzsche was saying something else that went against all that, and the concept was not welcomed. They wanted socialism in Europe not individualism. That left Hitler to rot in jail stewing on all these complexities only to mix the various German philosophies into madness resulting in a dark period of history.

However, going back to the ideas of Thus Spoke Zarathustra there is something very revolutionary going on, which can be seen for the first time in the presidency of Donald Trump. It’s the idea that the fully developed individual has great power over the masses, and that the attempts to teach those masses the benefits is a fruitless exercise, usually. And that those best equipped to rule themselves and others are those best able to think on their own, far away from the kind of group think that is so common today. President Trump is showing that the concepts of self-rule, self-thought, and self-action are very much alive and were not destroyed by the wars of Europe which pulled the entire world into their rebellion against the basic premise that it is individuals who hold the meaning of life, not self-sacrifice to the void of existence.

My happiest state is when I’m alone free to think what I want as long as I want to. It is hard to see just how much I am in love with that state because I seldom get that kind of time to myself. I do believe that I could spend decades completely alone with just my thoughts, but that is me speaking from a vantage point of only a few hours a week. There is always someone who needs something of my time and that comes from being a good, competent person. People need you and I am the type of person who will always try to help, much like Zarathustra did at the beginning of that famous book. Only I don’t get frustrated and go back to my cave like he did, but I have the energy to try and try again even if it looks to be fruitless. But truth be told, I am happiest when I am alone, and this is not the condition of most people. Most people are terrified to be alone and they will go way out of their way to find companionship and to talk to people about something, anything. For them contacts with other human beings fills them with energy they wouldn’t otherwise have. For me, it robs me of sustenance. I never feel good after speaking with a large group of people. Its always work. But for most, it’s the goal of their existence.

In that way, I would say that the meaning of life is to overcome this shackle to needing others. We were never meant to be born, learn over our lifetimes only to die into some primordial goo back to the dirt we came from. We were meant to start off as a blank slate driven by DNA programming, then to take that and to construct a self-thinking individual, because it is from there that all creation springs forth, and thus the furtherance of existence. Nietzsche figured this out leading to madness at an early age and the concept was so terrifying that the governments of the world declared war on Germany to suppress such thoughts, and what came forth was the spread of Marxism which benefited the governments. What was pushed deep down into our culture with the stigma of being affiliated with the racist Nazi’s was Nietzsche’s ideas on individualism, much distorted by Nietzsche’s sister after his death.

And now that we have President Trump who has emerged essentially straight out of the pages of Zarathustra, we have the deep fear and hatred emerging that has always been there and had killed millions and millions of people in the hopes of surpassing the concept. Ayn Rand, the American author would go much further than Nietzsche and write better books about individualism and how it fuels the world of creation taking mankind away from the primitive notion of sacrifice, yielding to the forces of the universe, and essentially surrendering everything we were meant to become at the moment of death to the forces of nature, instead of using it to make something new. And that hatred has remained and will until the human race makes a decision on the matter. In any democracy, where most of society is of the type who needs the companionship of others, and the pursuits of individualists are demonized, it is clear that the conflict will ensue in spite of the odds of success not being favorable. Just because most of the world is populated by group thinkers it doesn’t mean they are the best or brightest, only the most numerous. Take the situation with every mass shooter where their three proper names are given to better illustrate their individual nature, and their tendency to be loners. The attempt by the masses to deal with the carnage is to seek affiliation with the evils of self-rule. Standing on your own leads to madness “they” will say, when actually it is the other way around. Going crazy is to follow the masses back into their deaths of dust and sand erasing from the earth everything they made to brand. And that is not a new story, but one that has different endings and is culminating in our present time in ways that nobody ever thought possible.

Rich Hoffman
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Trump’s Minnesota Speech: A new class of leaders only America could produce

Well of course it was OK to enjoy the Trump speech in Minnesota a few days ago. I certainly did, and most of the people I spoke with in the aftermath did. Trump is saying what we all have been feeling for a long time, and it feels good to hear someone else say it. I would go on to say that if you have the opportunity to support a business candidate on your upcoming ballot, like I do for our local school board in Jim Hahn. Its not that you’ll get someone like Trump, but the differences between a battle-hardened representative from the private sector and someone just looking to be part of the government employment network is quite clear at this point. And when I say that I’m not talking about a person who has learned to navigate corporate America as a mere employee, but a business owner or member of top management who has learned to work under pressure and great risk to be successful, and to bring that swagger to management in government. The real truth to the reason that so many in the Beltway culture hate Trump is not because of what he says or does, but its simply because they can’t compete with him due to life experiences. You can’t fake it until you make it at the level Trump is at as a person, and that drives people who do crazy, because they can’t hold up.

The wonderful thing about President Trump and all his independent wealth is that it has given him a freedom the rest of us have around our dinner tables and among our peers to vocalize his true passions where others who gained their status in life by licking the boots of someone higher on the steps of life then gaining access to new opportunities. Trump is and has been for all his life free of that behavior and it has given the world a unique personality to deal with these government problems and I think its just wonderful. Trump is a product of what kind of person can be produced in America. Running businesses certainly help mold that type of person, then gaining independent wealth is an attribute that is quite rare in the world.

The adage that we all answer to someone is one of those statements that was created to prevent people like President Trump from ever seeing the light of day and is a falsehood. The truth is, and most successful people know it, is that once you show that you have something special in the world, people don’t control you, you control the people who want what you have. That power can be hard to deal with and it can wear on you that everywhere you go that somebody want’s a piece of your time and energy. That is a byproduct of success. But it’s a truth about the way the world works that government bound politicians do not understand and are quite terrified of, the self-reliant person who does not fear their legal bureaucracies, the leverages over corporate America with more rules and regulations, and other shackles placed upon independence to prevent people from knowing that it is they who make the world tick, not the political class. When you are truly free and at the point of the spear the way Trump has been for all of his life, due to his family giving him an obvious leg up in life, then the understanding of how to manage circumstances where lesser people are involved becomes much easier. That is why Trump can go up on a stage like he did in Minnesota and throw back color to his accusers and have a lot of fun at their expense, because they don’t own him, and therefore, when he makes himself available to us, the voters, for representation, it’s a rare opportunity.

The roots of that adage about control is that really, until the United States emerged, no matter how successful you may have been in life, you had to bend the knee to someone somewhere, likely a king or queen. Perhaps even a religion. Nobody was self-reliant to the point Trump appears to be. But in American culture bending the knee to anybody isn’t a requirement. Having some special skill is what gives you that freedom, and once people know you have it, you find yourself in command of your circumstances. Circumstances don’t control you. Trump could have been another rich kid who just sagged his way through life jumping from one Lamborghini to another with beautiful women hanging on his arm, a different one every night looking to use their looks as capital to secure a better life for themselves using their assets while they could, before their flower wilted. But Trump took big chances and had won at life and he has emerged as a person forged from those risks, and that has given him the kind of freedom and confidence that it took to stand in that 20,000 person arena even as the House threated impeachment, and to stick it to all the lesser people quite spectacularly. Sure, he was saying what most of us have been thinking, but we often don’t get to say it from such a platform. And to hear such a thing to people who have spent their lives licking boots to get their promotions, their sexual partners, and their material assets is one of the most terrifying things they will ever hear. Because here was a person not afraid of what “others” might do to him, because he knew they were powerless to do it. And in the audience were people who felt the same way and wanted that level of freedom for themselves. What would become of those who did live that way, that is the root of their fears.

Particularly the way that Trump talked about the Joe Biden scandal and the FBI attempted coup against his administration was the difference between a person who truly had independence in life from their own personal wealth gained not through favors, but through honestly earning the money. Nobody else in Washington D.C. can claim such a benefit. They do owe somebody something everywhere they go. The politicians are always begging for money and trading favors, the attorneys are always trying to get a good case arranged through those connections, and the government employees on payroll learn to toe the line so that they don’t lose their cushy jobs that they know they wouldn’t get anywhere else. People who live their lives in such a way, which is most people, don’t have the kind of freedom Trump has to say what he thinks whenever he wants to say it. But America as a country is designed to produce people like Trump. And they are out there, some of them occasionally want to run for public office, perhaps more now than before Trump came along. But whatever their status, watching Trump give his speech under a lot of pressure, and to see him have so much fun as the heat of the pressure cooker was obviously being turned up, is something that only a seasoned veteran in business could relate to and it was obvious that due to that success we have a rare opportunity to get more Trump types in elected positions. Nothing would be better. Trump’s speech was more than just a defense of his positions and a strengthening of his base for a 2020 election. It was a spit in the eye for centuries of aristocratic controls that are coming to an end in our lifetimes for the chance at freedoms few have ever realized. And that is what the accusers of Trump are really afraid of. Their world is changing rapidly, and they know they won’t be able to hack it in the new one, for which we should all enjoy immensely.

Rich Hoffman

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To Hell With the Chinese Government: There is a lot more money to make once the communist regime is removed

This year feels like a greatest hit of “I told you so” euphemisms and that is certainly true of the situation in China. I suppose I’m a little surprised that people are just now discovering that China has been a communist country and is very much an oppressive regime. They have used corporate extortion with companies like Disney, Nike and Apple to hide their treachery behind capitalist goods sold back to the United States with a nice big smiley face. But it was never an illusion to me that they were a murderous blot of communists that needed to be destroyed at some point in time for their many injustices. My position on China has been always the same because I do know history and it has been appalling to me that so many American companies wanted to do business with China and actually bend to their will for a shot at their population as expansion of an emerging market.

As much as I support corporations, usually by the time they mature, they are not much different from socialist dictatorships ran by a board of directors as opposed to the innovative techniques that made them great in the first place. At the point of a company like Nike, The NBA or the movie industry looking for more and more people to consume their products its not a big deal to cave into the demands of China’s communism because as corporations, they are already thinking the same way within their organizations. Its all about brand protection, Nike has their image to protect that they’ve built over a long period of time. China also has an image to protect, so its not hard to see why they are such good bedfellows.

The good thing is that through the trade war, President Trump has forced the economy of China into a dire situation and they have lost their ability to project superiority as a culture. Taking away their buffer cash reserves has exposed China to the kind of dirty dealers they have always been, and its left this uncomfortable relationship between all these massive American corporations exposed. Seeing their chance for freedom under the protection of the Trump administration, the people of Hong Kong are making their move to stand up for themselves and it is really pissing off China to see all those American flags and protestors uttering American sentiments wherever they can.

China in response is trying to close off their culture to western ideas, which blows the plans of the Hollywood industry out of the water as they count on China to cover their bottom line these days. Naturally China is blaming America for a lot of the riots in Hong Kong and they are angry that they are losing their grip on the world both as a brand and financially. So, they are putting up their walls and trying to disconnect from the world as a reaction, which is really too late to attempt to do now. China culturally has oppressed their people so a stand off is ripe. And now, due to Trump, they don’t have the financial resources to deal with it. They have no choice but to make a deal with President Trump to make the pain go away. And that’s where things are today.

I learned what I needed to know about China from the Joseph Campbell book Oriental Mythology as it reported page by page how the communist government took over in 1949 and inflicted upon the good people there tyranny beyond belief. We all have a lot to be enraged about when political leftists and corporations want to turn a blind eye to the terror that is the Chinese government and has been for many years now in favor of making a few bucks. And they think they have a right to then lecture us on the evils of capitalism. Its all been a not so funny joke.

Yet our education system and our own government in general has looked to communist China as the way to do everything, which is appalling. We could have over a billion people if we wanted to, but the same leftists who support China with a desire to market products to their billions of people are the same who support abortion and the mass killing of millions and millions of potential Americans. The same leftists who preach to America about tolerance for Muslims and other aggressive religions is the same one that promotes China where religion is illegal unless you are worshiping the government. The political left has been pointing us all toward China for most of a half century and telling us that this was what was coming to us and we better get used to it.

And what did we ever get out of China? Nothing really, our trade relationship allowed them to loot off us and gain what they could as a tyrannical regime of communist advocates. The way to weaken them was to prevent them from cheating off our homework and let them fail on their own without propping them up. The only way Chinese communism was going to work was if they could loot off the United States corporations to validate their climb to power. All they had to bargain with was their billion people. Other than that, they had nothing. Yet the political left went all in on that gamble and now it is lost, crumbling before their eyes.

Yet what’s so astonishing is that so many people don’t know that China was and still is such a hostile power, that their communism was so evil, and vile. And that the Trump administration has exposed all this treachery without firing a single shot in aggression. Because honestly, its not bullets that make war work these days, its economics. In a lot of ways, it always was. The governments of the world wanted socialism, so they used China as a way to advance it around the world, they were propped up to succeed and corporate America forgot about the value of a strong nation and bought into the global brand. Why market to just Americans when the whole world was open to them, so it was an attractive proposition.

However, what everyone missed was that those Chinese markets do not have to be limited to us, as they have been. Think how much money could be made by these same corporations if you topple the communist government and free those markets in China along with Hong Kong? Most of those billion people who live in China are poor. Dirt poor. They don’t have money to go see NBA games, to see movies, or buy Nike tennis shoes. But once the communist government falls and the doors of capitalism open, there will be a lot more affluent people in China who could. So pandering to the communists was not the smart thing to do. Getting rid of them is, and with Trump’s tough stance with tariffs, it is exposing that communist government complete with all their weaknesses. They are going to have to change, they have no choice. Then, and only then will markets really be open to American companies. Pandering to evil will not help the bottom line, it just gives the illusion for a short-term gain at long term losses. Those losses are now being felt as they damn well should.

Rich Hoffman

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The Fighter Donald J. Trump: He’s what I want as a president, impeachment is not an option

When people asked me why I was supporting Donald Trump way back even during the early days of the Tea Party, when he was just flirting with being president, it was because I knew two things had to happen in the Executive Branch, which would then cascade down into our overall government as a change agent, first whoever would run would need to be self-made and wealthy, to resist all the temptations that Washington dangles in front of people. The second is that they’d have to thrive off the chaos that was associated with Beltway culture and be essentially an overman, beyond the reach of peer pressure and the worm tongues that are associated with the Beltway culture of consultants which are as common as raindrops in a hurricane. My thoughts on this go way back into even the Reagan days of the 80s and have shown up in both of my published novels, The Symposium of Justice and The Tail of the Dragon. I knew it had to happen and Donald Trump seemed perfect for the job, so I supported him very early in the process for all the reasons we are now seeing. Very few people in the world could stand up to the bullies of Washington the way he is and enjoy it. We elected the right guy and I am very happy about it.

When you know you need to make a change, because things were not obviously working, then a change agent is essential. In all future elections due to this Trump presidency, more battle-hardened executives should find their way into school boards, trustee positions, and congressional seats which will change the nature of our political system for many years. As it has been it was largely washed up lawyers who couldn’t hack it in the private sector who ran to public office to pad their resume and perform law without the burdens of true competitive markets. And that is what’s wrong with most of what we have in politics, we elected the wrong people for all the wrong reasons because essentially, we didn’t have a choice. People like Donald Trump never really made it to a ballot, and if they did, they didn’t want the public pressure that usually comes with it. Trump did, in fact he thrived on it. And now that Democrats are throwing everything but the kitchen sink at him with this impeachment attempt, I trust that he will throw back at them an entire house. I will back him on that 100% because they deserve everything he can and will throw back at them to win. Yes, winning means everything, even if it destroys an entire political party, which I suspect may very well happen.

This is why I picked supporting Ross Perot over George Bush way back in 1992. Perot was a self-made person and had all the battle-hardened sensibility that business tends to carve out in people. But he didn’t care much for the chaos and fights that were required. He had a lot of fight in him, but he didn’t thrive off it like Trump does. Ultimately, that’s why he only acquired 19% of the vote and we ended up with Bill Clinton. Even then what we ended up with was better as a change agency because it was starting to root out the soft Republicans from those who were truly conservative, so in that way, party politics was on a track to what ended up being the Tea Party. It took a few decades and people thinking about these things long and hard, but we ended up better than before. Not even the media sees that change because they have been in a bubble for that entire time marching to some viewpoints that started way back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. For example, due to Ross Perot shaking things up in the Republican Party we ended up with the Newt Gingrich Contract with America, which everyone generally thinks started moving things in the right direction. Gingrich was and still is considered a rough and tumble conservative by the standards of the Beltway culture. But to a lot of people he’s not nearly strong enough. A few years ago my wife had a chance to meet Gingrich and shake his hand. She embarrassingly refused because he wasn’t nearly conservative enough for her and she walked away leaving him uncomfortably standing there with his hand out with no reception. That’s how it really is in politics.

Many of Trump’s supporters are like my wife. I can wine and dine with people and find common ground with anybody in spite of my strong opinions on this literary exchange. I could make a friend out of the devil and have him wash my car while he was at it, so naturally I have no problem shaking the hand of people like Newt Gingrich. I’ll take an alley who wants to play tough in the Republican Party even if he does disappoint me from time to time. But not my wife. She’s either there or not and many people who pull the trigger for Trump at the ballot box are similar. They don’t care for politics, they want someone who will fight, and they don’t answer their cell phones for polls. If they don’t know the caller, they let it go to voice mail making modern polling nearly impossible. And now with a few years under his belt, Trump’s change agency is much more mathematically persuasive than anything Ross Perot did. The effects will be felt for years which is why Democrats are freaking out now. As bad as impeachment might end up looking for them, they simply have no other means of beating Trump in an election. They see the crowds, they know William Barr is sniffing around conspiracies they are in the middle of, and Trump has held his cards until this election year anticipating their moves. They are in deep doo doo, and I’m happy for Trump to go scorched earth on Washington D.C. which I suspect he is about to do because that’s his nature. Do anything to win, and he will which is just the kind of guy I voted for.

Even in 2012 when I wrote Tail of the Dragon reviewers and blurb contributors were pessimistic at my thoughts about government. But they can now see that it was every bit as bad and scandalous as I proposed. The coordination of the so-called “deep state” is scary. The way the media and the FBI have had their relationship exposed has been truly terrifying as its been unleashed to the public and that is just the tip of the iceberg. I always knew it was ugly and whoever was going to clean it up was going to have to do it from the Executive Branch and would need to be financially comfortable by other means besides what government provided, so that they were free of the levers of power that have corrupted Washington D.C. from its inception. President Trump is exactly what we needed when we needed it, and I am behind him completely hell or high water. We need him as a change agent, which is more important than any other factor if America is to survive for the next few hundred years. It will take the Democrats longer than that to pull themselves together after this upcoming election year, which is the best news of all.

Rich Hoffman
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‘Joker’ Movie Review: The best movie that should have never been made, Todd Phillips owns the next mass killing

My impression of the Joker film by Todd Phillips is that it is the best movie that should have never been made. It was brilliantly directed, edited, and written. The acting was fantastic. The cinematography, the soundtrack, all the technical parts of the movie were just superior. And from the vantage point of the Hollywood bubble it was an interesting insight into how they view the world, so its worth seeing. I think everyone should see the Joker, especially since it is now out there in the world. To put it mildly, I loved hating it. At the end of the film I felt as if Hollywood had slapped me in the face and tried to steal from me and I wanted to lash out at them. But I was grateful for the insight into their minds, because that was very valuable. Joker is that kind of film. It was the most articulate exploration in film of mental illness that I can think of in any movie, and it stacks up with some of the great movie classics in film quite boldly. But with all that effort to tell the story of a mentally ill person who has fallen through the cracks the way countless homeless people do in real life, the point of the movie was to insight revolution on the scale that launched communism in the streets of St. Petersburg in 1917. The film is quite bold in making that announcement and the way Todd Phillips presented the movie, it was a cry for action into other mentally ill people who are out there stuck between the cracks. He made this movie for the anti-Trump ANTIFA types and was trying to do nothing short of provoking an insurrection of anarchy in our city streets using this movie as the guidepost. The next mass shooting that happens I personally will place the blame at the feet of Todd Phillips, the writers and director of this masterpiece of chaos and destruction.

A few years ago, a movie like this would never have been made, and most studios would have inserted some logic into the director’s view of this story to protect the corporate image of Warner Bros. But in these Trump hating days of the Hollywood bubble, the producers and studio executives hate President Trump as much as Todd Phillips obviously does. When Madonna threatened to blow up the White House with Trump in it during her famous speech that got her into all kinds of trouble, Hollywood allowed Phillips, Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro to make their anti-Trump films exactly the way they wanted to without restriction, and to make a splash around the world that would put an end to elections where people like Trump were getting elected. At the end of the Joker, Joaquin Phoenix is dancing on top of a police car as ANTIFA type terrorists dressed in Joker masks are burning everything in the city streets with a mob worshiping him while all the action was in slow motion and playing to a seventies inspired soundtrack trying to tap into the hippie days of that volatile period of American history. They weren’t shy about it, kill the rich, because they have it coming.

Yet I saw in it beyond the brilliance of the story to the real mental illness of the Democrat Party itself which was on full display. The story of the Joker complains about inequality and government funding for mental health to extreme degrees, and quite effective from their liberal perspective. I will say not to embarrass her, but my wife cried hard at the end of the movie and she spent a considerable amount of time talking to the theater attendants about how she couldn’t believe that people hated America so much as the filmmakers of the Joker. They of course were kids and had no idea what she was talking about. But she couldn’t stop herself. The hatred shown in this movie was just too much for her and she couldn’t believe people were so deranged from reality. Most people I observed left the theater not in such a state as they were better at concealing their feelings, but they weren’t happy. One of the best examples of that mentally ill view of the world was where Zazie Beetz’s character knocked on the door of Arthur Fleck’s apartment wanting to know if he was following her around the city stalking her. She was a very pretty woman and the fantasy of the left is that such a young lady would be in such a dire straight and even asking out such a loser as Fleck on a date. In the real-world Sophie Dumond would use her looks to land a nice mate with a good job, not some stringy haired loser without any money. In the real-world beautiful women like Zazie might care about people like Fleck, but they certainly wouldn’t date them. The movie Joker is filled with these little idealistic homages that if analyzed correctly show the true insanity of the movie’s viewpoint.

Every liberal assumption about the world was revealed, an extreme hatred of the rich, the need for social programs made by exploring not only the mind of Arthur Fleck but his tragic mother Penny Fleck. And the film goes on to essentially say, there are more crazy people in the world than the rich, contrite, sane, and we outnumber you. Only in reality the mob at the end of the movie comprised of thousands of protestors all dressed in clown masks and in real life, it would be a fraction of that amount. Most of those dumb kids would be home playing Playstation, not out performing Antifa violence. And that radicalism certainly doesn’t have any power to flood over into outside the city limits where space allows people to get away from the rats of mismanaged cities and liberal policy failures. Like the Joker’s girlfriend in the movie, the hope for a mob is just a fantasy, in real life only the real losers would be participating, which is the future of ANTIFA, the Trump impeachment attempts, and the election of 2020. It all makes sense to Todd Phillips and his filmmaker buddies from within the Hollywood bubble. Joker is for them the Democrat fantasy unleashed, and it is good for the rest of us to see it so that we can know how they think.

Even though much of what is in the Joker is interesting, and a fantasy from the liberal point of view, the call to hate filled action cannot be mistaken. To try to hide such intentions behind a comic book character and to call it as a “character study” is beyond reckless. I think people will die because of this movie and violence will become standardized, even justified by real life Arthur Flecks roaming around out there in the world who watch this movie, put on a clown mask and kill people by saying, “you have it coming.” Because you’re rich, beautiful, or even sane and that because they want a world of equally insane people, they have a right to kill you the way the Joker did. A movie like this is dangerous because there was no good guy there to stop the Joker the way that type of insanity is handled in a traditional Batman film, even as it was in Suicide Squad where Batman made a small appearance in the film. This movie had the future Batman only as a victimized little boy, the Joker was unchallenged, and presented in a very romantic fashion that mentally deranged people would certainly find attractive. And I felt it was all very intentional, and an attack on me personally as an American. And for that, I’m just a little pissed off. Yet, happy to see a truth through film that was not quite so obvious before I saw this movie. Its nice to see how the enemy thinks and by his own actions, Todd Phillips made himself an enemy of America with a sheer hatred that not even many terrorists would feel. Which made him the perfect director for this diabolical work of art that is even more vicious than maybe he even intended but was truthful in all its derangement. While its true this movie should have never seen the light of day, it ultimately has, and you should see it. It is what the political left has in mind for our world, and we should all know the truth of that ambition.

Rich Hoffman
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