Hyperloop is Coming to India: How to prepare for it in your neighborhood soon

It’s been going on for a good part of the summer and is increasing in urgency now that India is going to be the first Hyperloop line built by Virgin Hyperloop One, but the roadshow for that same company has been soft selling the high speed next generation transportation system to Ohio, Pittsburg and of course Chicago heavily as the next logical step. Virgin Hyperloop One has taken their test vehicle which has successfully completed their testing just outside of Las Vegas and they are showing it off to various sites along the proposed path so that people can start to get their minds around the concept, because they are ready to dig dirt and built the thing. As I have been saying for a few years now, this is a game changing transportation system that will be well in place by 2030, but will start coming online in the 2020s with the first destination in India. The United States will need to embrace this concept so we can take the lead because this is the future, Pittsburg to Chicago roughly a half hour.

My job in these kinds of things is perspective, the future is certainly here and the desire for technology expansion is at the doorstep of the human race. How we manage it will largely dictate how successful it is, but the technology is there, billionaires with an imagination like Elon Musk who first came up with this Hyperloop concept not very long ago are coming up with the means leaving it up to us to figure out how to embrace the options. I personally think we have an opportunity to unleash hundreds if not thousands of Elon Musk types in the coming century and that a great many things could change for us all for the better. This is why I am against medicating children with hyperactive disorders, it’s a mistake because evolutionarily speaking, the speed for which young people are thinking, especially with the use of video games, is an evolutionary attribute that will help them live in that new world where such travel times offered by Hyperloop will really shrink the world in a good way.

I have also been suggesting that since Ohio is being considered as one of the hottest spots in North America for one of the first Hyperloops, that a Hyperloop station find a home along the I-75 corridor that is so explosive currently in the West Chester area—(hint, Monroe by the Outlet Mall). The ability to get around the world fast is the prime recipe for economic expansion and with a term 2 of the Trump administration understanding how the game is played and not having Democrats standing in the way of everything, this would be just the ticket. Speed is the key to growth, all growth in business sector measurements. The speed that we can extract information and do something with it, and the speed for which we can communicate with other people in collaborative efforts. And when dealing with supply chains, the speed that we can resolve issues up and down the line. A plane ticket is still an all-day affair, to visit a supplier in New England or the upper portions of the United States you can get there in a day, but the journey still takes most of a day with time zone adjustments taking entirely too long. Hyperloop will speed all that up dramatically.

We are becoming a faster world and the ability to think fast is the key. I would say that subconsciously we all understand this, which is why video games have been moving into our culture so persistently. I have been watching NFL football games lately differently with the understanding that the game is changing so rapidly due to most of the fans becoming so involved in Madden which is much more satisfying than just passively watching a football game on a Sunday afternoon. People don’t have time to waste on a 3-hour experience when they could do it in one and share that endeavor with friends all over the world through the internet. Consumers of the NFL product have so many other things to do these days, like watch a new series on a streaming service, or listen to a book through Amazon’s Audible, we just don’t have time to waste an entire Sunday watching two or three games like we used to, and those cracks are starting to show in the NFL business model.

People look at our 3% unemployment rate under the Trump administration and they wonder who will occupy all the new jobs that will be created by something like a Hyperloop. I would contend that air travel will still be important, especially internationally, and regionally. Hyperloop is a solution, but its still a fancy railroad, although if you have rode the monorail system in Disney World, Hyperloop would be more like that across a region of a country than just a train station that takes forever to get started and even longer in getting there. The speed of the Hyperloop makes up for the stagnant line that they present. Air travel will still remain important, and the competition should go a long way to bringing down prices with options, which is always a good thing. But who will do all these future jobs? Well, that answer is A.I. which is also coming along quickly. With birthrates being so low in the United States and places where birthrates are high, like India and China, matching economic growth to high population centers will require speeding up the travel and reach of people to ride the economic growth. But there are limits that artificial intelligence and robotics will have to fill.

Old timers will say, “well why would I want to get from Pittsburgh to Chicago in a half an hour with a few stops in between? Part of the fun of a journey is in getting there.” Well, those types of people can still drive a car or fly in a plane. But if you need to get somewhere, and this is certainly true for me, I don’t want to waste the time in getting there. I want to go do what I want to, then return back to my life as soon as possible. Such a transportation system would allow someone to live in Pittsburg or out in the country anywhere along Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana, but to work in the city without having to pay the extraordinarily high cost of living of such a job. This would really help in the city of New York, San Francisco and even down in Mexico City. A Hyperloop traveler could live a thousand miles away from their job and make the commute daily without having to move to a dangerous city, or an expensive one choking on limited resources. It would then force cities to compete with the suburbs for safety, cleanliness, and other general quality of living measures.

How we embrace this technology will largely determine the kind of world we could have, but first we have to solve some basic problems regarding the temptation to retreat back to anarchy and to run away from growth because its too scary, or too fast. A fast world is harder to control from the vantage point of politics. As I said, a second term of President Trump would totally understand how to make Hyperloop travel in the United States a common practice within five years of this writing, almost as common as a highway system. But we still live in a world that thinks there something wrong with having the G7 Summit. Would we want world leaders to see how nice we can build something like a Doral or stay in some gutter? Our political left doesn’t want the expectation of something so nice, so they protest against it. They want victimization for their political ambitions and that is one of our greatest challenges of the modern age. The challenge is in getting people to think in that proper, “big” fashion, which to me, is a problem with a solution that is clearly in front of us that can be solved with just a few good elections.

Rich Hoffman

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Should we be Sad about Elijah Cummings: The death of an impeachment leader

It was a little weird that one of the leaders of the Trump impeachment push, Elijah Cummings died suddenly at the age of 68 just a few hours after signing subpoenas for the effort, and that it wasn’t the lead story for every news outlet. Not to suggest a conspiracy of any kind other than the story was seriously underreported. Cummings sat on just about every panel against Republicans for a very long time, and suddenly he was gone and nobody was really talking about it. It was nice that Trump made a nice statement about Cummings showing that he was clearly taking the high road. I can’t say I would have done the same. Regardless, I would have thought it would have been more of a breaking story than it was. Likely, he was one of the leaders of the Trump impeachment and now with is passing, a lot of wind went out of the sails of the Democrats, and nobody was all that happy about it.

I’m not one to spit on the grave of anyone, but I’m not at all an Elijah Cummings fan, not in life or death. Just because he died doesn’t suddenly make him a martyr for justice, he was a loser and a big government advocate that was attacking the way of life that America offered, and a real problem. The political left lost an important part of the chess board with the Cummings death and it should be understood that way. After all, we aren’t playing pattycake here, Cummings was trying to impeach our elected President, and I’m not happy about it. I don’t really care what his intentions were, it was the results that we should have always been concerned about and the sudden loss of him will be a serious blow to Democrats and their impeachment efforts.

Honestly It wouldn’t bother me at all if all the Elijah Cummings types, the impeachment provocateurs and general liberal protestors of victimization over productivity would go away in a similar way. I don’t like the way they view the world and I really don’t want to share my country with them. It has nothing to do with color, but of values. People like Cummings are in the way of an otherwise great country and all they contribute to a national dialogue is a lot of complaints. And rather than compete in the marketplace of ideas, when they can see they cannot win, they instead seek to impeach our President and attempt to take the rest of over a cliff to our own demise. So you won’t find me losing any sleep over his sudden death. I thought President Trump’s words were nice, too nice.

It’s not that Democrats ever really had a case for impeachment that causes some mild relief that one of their biggest advocates has now died, its that I just get tired of listening to their version of the world—perpetual victims helpless to think and do things on their own, leading people into worse lives than they might otherwise have just to prove a political point from their long standing points of view. A politician like Cummings was on television all the time saying the worst things, so its not unsavory to be a bit happy for the relief. Listening to Democrats is a real chore, their outlook on life is so bleak and painful. Like Cummings most of us only put up with it because we feel sorry for them, but to me, that’s not enough of a reason. If they are so unhappy, then they can just leave.

I don’t care what Cummings did for civil rights, or what he put his name on during his long run as a politician, he was a loser by all definitions of that measure. His thoughts and actions imprisoned countless people to the politics of his advocacy which ruined countless lives instead of helping them as he suggested. And in the end all he had to show for it was to try to create a case for impeachment that just stood in the way of doing good things for America. If his ideas were so good, then why was he trying to impeach the President during an election year? Well, because he and the other Democrats leading the effort had no offering that could compete with President Trump on the world stage. They were all small thinkers being overshadowed by the big think of the president and for that they had no answer other than to try to undo him, ruthlessly. How are we supposed to feel about his death? Relieved is the only word that comes to my mind.

It is possible to imprison people with a mode of thinking, and Elijah Cummings certain did that. The people who followed him were doomed due to his small thinking. Then to prevent that thinking from being challenged by competitive ideas, they sought to destroy that competition so that their loser mentality could permeate our society with lackluster effort and victimization. If another country tried something like that with us we’d call it a provocation of war. That definition doesn’t change just because Cummings was a person of color from the Baltimore congressional district representing the poor. What he was trying to do to the rest of us was pretty unforgivable. And the media knew it upon his death. Once the realization set in that he did in fact die, there were a few articles here and there, but it certainly wasn’t the kind of coverage that we’d typically expect. The world ticked on rather quickly on the Republican side and the Democrats were licking their wounds knowing that one of their champion impeachment advocates was no longer on that chessboard, and they didn’t want to think about that prospect.

Because other than complaining, the Democrats have no plan or ideas. They have no candidates to offer in this 2020 election to the point where none of the networks can offer them up in the horse race as a viable contender. All they have as they look at their options is embarrassment. That is why they turned to Cummings and his friends to impeach President Trump—because they know they can’t beat him in an election. And the rest of us are supposed to be OK with it all and just go about our business? No, I don’t think so. Cummings was a hostile agent intent to overthrow our nation into becoming something that looks more like Baltimore today, and that was never a potential acceptable likelihood, so people outside the Beltway didn’t want to hear from him. And now we don’t anymore. I don’t wish damnation of his soul or any ill will toward his family. But I won’t miss him, not one bit. It won’t hurt my feelings to turn on the television and to no longer see his face on it yacking on and on about his victimized status. He didn’t bring anything to the table that we as Americans should be considering. His arguments were bad, his views terrible, and with his low thinking he held down many more people than he ever could have helped from his office. And with his sudden death, maybe now they can be just a little bit freer.

Rich Hoffman

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Hunter Biden is a Loser: Giving the “Rich” a bad name as a typical government looter

My favorite part of the Batman movies is the wealth and justice aspect of the hero and how he uses his resources to do good in the world. A world that would otherwise be bleak if not for his efforts. That is the story of Bruce Wayne, a kind of modern Zorro, who did the same during the American expansion period in film. And so it was in the most recent story telling exercise of the Batman movies where the villain Joker was emphasized that my favorite character by far in that film was Bruce’s father Thomas, presented in the blockbuster film ‘Joker’ as the rich mean villain. Thomas was the kind of rich person that I understand, as most of the people I know best in the world are all rich and millionaires by status. They are not the villains that Karl Marx and his followers would make them out to be, they are examples of what people should strive to be. They are only villains to those too lazy to do the work of becoming one themselves.

Just like in real life, all rich people are not equal. Some make their money by working hard, smart, and better than their rivals. Some loot off those efforts and become wealthy by providing access to other people. So not all people making over $200K a year are equally part of the 1% that movies like the Joker seek to attack. There is no place in America where a room full of wealthy people dressed in formal attire watch movies together while the poor protest outside. That thought might exist on college campuses and liberal bastions of panic and anxiety, but they do not happen in America where everyone, no matter how educated, how poor, what their family name may have been, has a shot at success based on the merits of their life. Yet the very kind of people who are most demonized for their improper allocation of money are those like Hunter Biden who was the son of a powerful Vice President who was paid for access to the American government as opposed to Don Jr and Eric Trump. The Trump kids were put to work by their father to earn what they made where-as Hunter Biden was just a nameplate and leverage for the clueless Joe Biden and his power given to him by the most villainous means possible, political leverage of a fictional aristocratic brokering firm called the United States Government.

You can almost feel sorry for Hunter Biden who appeared on Good Morning America this week in an attempt to answer Trump’s criticisms of his family. Looking at his face and general non-verbal impressions, I couldn’t help but think “drug abuser” with his sunken eyes, and his timid personality. Not exactly the kind of guy a woman would want to marry if they wanted a reliable husband to cut the grass and bring home a steady paycheck to keep the refrigerator stocked. Hunter Biden is a player and now at this stage in his life he is looking over his back more than he’s looking forward, because everything he has done in life has been given to him, so he fears that someone will take it away.

But what would anybody expect from a father who looted from people his whole life and gained power because of the threats of his regulatory burdens that he could otherwise place. For Hunter Biden to sit on so many boards and be paid so well for them is an obvious payoff to allow those companies to function without the threat of a senator to leverage them for some loot like a pirate on the choppy seas of capitalism. People like Joe Biden don’t make things and do things to make their money, they are simply government pirates who steal from those who do, and that’s where their power comes from, in the regulatory power we give them as a government. Companies looking to mitigate their risks with intrusive governments solve that problem by putting the kids of powerful people on their boards to keep that regulatory burden from happening. John Kerry’s kid comes to mind as well, it’s a common practice in what we call “the swamp.”

The type of wealth that the Trump kids come from is earned and built. It doesn’t come from stealing from those who do things in life, but it is the type that comes from hard work and efforts at expanding the economy. When President Trump built his wealth, he used to put cash in the pockets of people like Biden to keep government away from his businesses, just like everyone else feels they need to do. But that type of wealth is far different than being paid 50K per month to sit on a board of directors and sniff cocaine all day with loose women to appease a senator who loots for a living. That’s a far different thing, you don’t see the Trump children just getting jobs on boards because their dad is the president. They made all their money before he became president. Him sitting in the Oval Office actually costs them a lot of money in opportunity cost. But they have decided that the long-term vision of the Trump name is more important than a few million more dollars from a foreign hotel deal.

Yet the question of wealth value is to demonize it all and to prop up the losers who perpetually come up short in life due to their low ambitions. In the movie the “Joker’ it wasn’t an accident that Thomas Wayne was confronted by a person who thought he was the illegitimate child of the billionaire while he was taking a piss in the bathroom. They could have framed the scene anywhere, but the filmmakers chose to do it in the bathroom in a vulnerable position for Wayne. Wayne was disgusted at the future Joker for all the reasons many people who work hard to overcome obstacles are when confronted with those who give in to anxiety, weakness, and laziness. The kind of people that Thomas Wayne represented in that Joker story do work hard and use their ambition to overcome obstacles, so they are naturally offended when some loser comes up to them begging for money and trying to use victimhood to extort resources from them through guilt or a threat of violence. They know that the way to appease those types is to put their kids on a board of one of their companies to placate the politics. In the case of Thomas, he was just planning to run for office and solve the problem himself, like the real-life Donald Trump did.

Trump was famous for saying that he would fire his own kids like a dog if he thought they were lazy, so he instilled in them a work ethic that is obvious to this day. They would be somebodies with or without their father being in the White House. But Hunter Biden would be a big time nobody if his father was not a senator for his entire adult life. That is the difference between a winner and a loser, and the value of the wealthy and the wealth acquired by a looter. They might both have money, but not all of them contribute to the betterment of civilization. But all are demonized by the Karl Marx anarchists and big government socialists who want everyone under their thumb for threat of reprisal. And for Hunter, that is why he is a loser. It’s not because he was unfortunate enough to be born into the Biden family, but because he was too lazy to build his own way, and instead rode on his dad’s coattails. He is rich, but he’s still a loser and everyone can see it.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump’s Illustrious Base: Why the President’s pull in Syria is a great thing

Several of the weekend commentators on Fox News seemed spent after a few days of President Trump’s efforts where they were astounded at some of the things he had been saying. Even Republicans were showing their frustrations as Trump was pulling troops out of Syria to let Turkey and the Kurds fight it out and allow the region to do what it needed to. America is the number one energy producer in the world, the global oriented despots can no longer justify such troop movements to “protect” oil in other lands. We have our own thank you, so why else would we send troops all over the world to stabilize other countries? Trump managed to piss off everyone, yet his approval numbers don’t seem to be moving no matter what anybody tries to do to him, which is mystifying all the dirty tricks that politics knows to play. So, both sides grudgingly admitted that Trump was playing to his base as if that diminished the efforts, and it is there that our present topic is concerned.

When I talk about our education system, and I mean the global education system, the teacher in the front of the room preaching about things from the vantage point of a democracy, where the many rule, it is quite clear to me that it has been wrong for the human race. It doesn’t work, and when the adults of our lives try the same tactics, they used in grade school to push people into doing things, it becomes embarrassingly clear that it was always the wrong method of igniting young minds to life. The headlines on Monday morning regarding Syria were that several Republicans were breaking with the president over troop withdrawal and that this was dangerous in the middle of an impeachment hearing that was set to doom the president with an official congressional witch hunt to remove him from power. President Trump seemed completely unfazed, even angry and this left a mystified reaction to his critics on both sides of the political theater.

We are taught in our grade schools that if you want to go further, then you can only get there by bringing other people along. That you can’t accomplish much as an individual, that the key to all power, prestige and truth can only come by holding the hands of other people. So, in that regard, the perception of power is therefor in how many friends you have, how many people you can get to agree with you, and even the validity of a thought is based squarely on how many people join your alliance. The value is in people and their buy-in to your concept. However, that is not how it is in actuality. For many people not skilled in leadership, they have no choice but to make alliances with the masses. They may not be the strongest, so they make peace with people who might beat them up. They may not be the smartest, so they must find a way to acquire information they are not capable of obtaining. Yet true innovation and leadership do not come from such places, and our education system should strive to make more people self-reliant in their thoughts and actions to build more leaders for which the world is starving.

Trump like all great people of instinct listens to people and measures their reaction to things, but he is able to make decisions as a self-reliant human being. The trouble with the Beltway culture is that everything was built as a “go further together” type of endeavor, so very few people do anything on their own, including using the restroom. “I have to go to the bathroom; would you like to come too?” That is the kind of world that our education system has created, and it is short of what reality requires. Trump is that type of individual who does not need validation for his opinions. He doesn’t need a bunch of generals to tell him whether or not we can get out of Syria. He can make that decision based on his observances. He doesn’t need the threat of impeachment to control him into the warm arms of his political party for support, because he knows he can beat both fronts. So why yield? They need him more than he needs them.

Our education system, and thus everything that comes after, our adult lives, our business conduct, our politics, philosophy, everything is built on the childlike state of needing the approval of our peers because as young people that is the only measure we have to learn from. However, a good confident person quickly learns that society can only go so far. The true innovators must go into the scary depths alone, because groups and their opinions are slow, and the weakest link then decides how far into the dark you can travel. The greatest treasures in life come from individual experiences and the leadership that comes after. The masses are always willing to follow the brave soul who goes into the scary places, so that they don’t have to match that level of insecurity. And that is the way the world works. Its not to take the strong and make them as weak as the weakest links, its to encourage more people to become stronger and more independent, and for those who never develop such a level, to learn to be a good steward as a follower, which most are happy to live with.

Those assumptions are why the Beltway types just can’t admit to themselves what President Trump’s base really is, they refuse to see it, even though it is right in front of them. That base is very powerful, and most politicians would dream to have it. The Democrats certainly don’t have it and they want it desperately. So, all they can do is criticize it. And older Republicans who have bought into that liberalized education system of everything must be done together is reluctant to accept the premise that the reason for the folly was so that the weak could feel part of the process. And when I say weak, it’s not so much a criticism as much as it is a reality. Some people are lazy, and not naturally intelligent. They lack the drive to become the most they have the potential to be, and that’s fine. They can be the followers, because the world needs them too. But they don’t have a right to cripple our existence so they can feel equal to the most ambitious, such as President Trump obviously is. Their hatred of him is not because of anything he did, but it’s because he has made it clear that he doesn’t need them and that is a very insecure position for them to be in. And they aren’t happy about it. But there is a base of American opinion out there who would support someone like a Donald Trump regardless of whether or not he was a Republican or a Democrat, but because he is a free person who can stand on his own reckoning. And that’s who we want in the Executive Branch. Not the politics as usual antics of poor education philosophies and group think. But the lone, solitary thinker who can act without the influence of institutionalized contributors. And for that reason alone, he will win again in 2020, and neither side of the political spectrum will understand why.

Rich Hoffman

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Deregulate Electric Power with Thorium: California goes back in time as the fires rage on

The ultimate failure of a liberalized, toxic government is the exhibit A of California where the regulation mandated power company PG&E has been shutting off service to millions of customers so to avoid their aging infrastructure from causing wildfires, which have started anyway. So not only did people have to go without power to run their air conditioners, traffic lights, and basic needs such as gas pumps, but it was to no effect because wildfires started regardless. It was only PG&E who could this time say, “It wasn’t us” because we shut off the power and couldn’t be blamed. During the last round of wildfires, lots of lawsuits went toward the power company so this time the response to the danger was to just shut off power. The whole event is just as I say about all liberal causes including environmental issues, it’s a climb backwards in time to unlearn what mankind has advanced. These are not the solutions of a first world superpower but rather a back-water village disconnected from the future.

The solutions are obvious, energy should be deregulated as I said many years ago. There are options such as the mini thorium power stations that every home in America could have like a current air conditioning unit that would take care of all the power needs of that household independent of the power company. (CLICK HERE TO REVIEW MY PREVIOUS ARTICLES ON THIS TECHNOLOGY). Additionally, wildfires are a choice, especially in California. Drought conditions are well known, and the events that cause them. Otherwise PG&E wouldn’t know enough to even think to shut off power during this time of year to their customers out of “safety.” We have complicated sewage systems that traverse the state, the same kind of infrastructure could run water from the ocean to areas where dry conditions cause wildfires and the ground would be too wet for wildfire breakouts. A first world solution is to have a giant sprinkler system to guard against the conditions in the same way we remove our sewage. Those are ways forward and well within reach of today’s technology. And when people complain about the expense, well nothing is more expensive than doing nothing as the world ticks on.

But the key is in reducing government interference and forcing a monopoly like PG&E from running electric power distribution. Power deregulation would be as transformative as it was with the phone monopolies prior to the explosion of the cell phone. Remember those days where you had one phone company running everything and they could charge you

extraordinary fees for calling long distance—like to the next county over. Today we make calls all over the world for pennies on the dollar, its almost not even a thought and that is because of internet capability giving us communication independence. The same kind of deregulation would bring forth more options for power. Not having power is a choice and as much as the current progressive governor of California claims he’s against what PG&E is doing, his kind of government supported monopoly has given them the keys to this type of terrorism, and a bus back to the past when power was not an option to homes and businesses. The next step of course will not be to cut power off for wildfire prevention, but to save the planet, or to cut power to the districts of political opponents. The writing is on the wall for all to clearly see now that PG&E has done the deed.

PG&Es poor management was empowered by the government regulatory committees who allowed that power company to be the single source of power distribution in that part of the United States, and such a thing knowing the kind of pent up options that are out there is ludicrous. In this day and age, there is no reason to ever only have one source of power. Ultimately the problem is a liberal one because they don’t want people to have those kinds of independent options, because they want to micromanage the power options people have because that kind of control is part of their political platform. They never plan that one of these monopoly power companies like PG&E will do the unthinkable and just shut off power. It is expected that after a major storm when powerlines are down and service is cut off, that the government backed monopoly of a power company will head out into the heavy winds and rain to restore power to everyone. There is never a plan for the day where that lazy power company says, “to hell with this. We’re tired of getting blamed. Fix it yourself.”

The action that needs to happen after this PG&E incident is deregulation at the federal level to allow states to make decisions on their electric consumption and supply. It would not take long for mini thorium generators from becoming as common as iPhones. It would solve a lot of problems. It would be harder for government to control the situation, but as pointed out, the California problem is clearly a debacle of intent. Too much control by the government and the power companies has created a situation where mismanagement has led people to not having power taking them to a time before the 20th century which is a major step backwards. And it shouldn’t be tolerated. Energy is the key to further human progress and without question many liberals don’t want to see that expansion of imprint across the world, so they will be against unleashing any such future technology. They like the gifts of technology, their iPhones, iWatches and many other wonderful devices, but only so long as they can pull the plug on them literally to exert control over the masses at will. They don’t want people to discover that hundreds of millions of homes could be supported in North America, and the world for that matter without government mandated monopolies in the form of power companies.

The California power problems, and wildfires are ultimately the problem of government created to maintain control over those people, not to make them safe. The goal was in compliance, and to let the rest of the world see that even as a first world, America has its problems. Yet the problem is completely artificial. Think of all the voters in California who would right now vote for a Republican who gave them deregulation of power and allowed for an end to this madness. I understand the complications of the union vote coming out of the power companies, but that is a minority voting bloc compared to the people who are suffering right now and could be won over very easily with some options. No company of any size should have the power to literally distribute energy to anybody. And to hide that desire for power behind “safety.” In this case it was to no point, only to throw a fit from the last round of lawsuits which the company responded poorly to. This year they said, “oh yeah, we’ll show you, you can’t get your power from anybody but us, so take that!” The solution is to tell them, “well, yes we can get our power from here, here, here, and there. We don’t need you.”

Rich Hoffman

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The Anti-Trump Joker Film: Todd Phillips activism will be rewarded by a Hollywood culture that wants terriorism

Now that I’ve seen the Joker there is no question in my mind that Todd Phillips made the film as an anti-Trump message and his anti-capitalist message will be rewarded with Oscar nominations, and awards. I’ve said it before in regard to how Hollywood operates and the kind of social activism they sponsor. Its not so much the box office that many actors regard as their highest honor, it’s the path to get an Academy Award. Most actors don’t think they can ever be taken seriously until they’ve won one and it is that yearning which keeps Hollywood marching along the lines of social activism. So when we talk about mass shootings and generally bad behavior that we see in society, yet no responsibility is ever placed at the feet of those who are actually responsible, the path to get there is just in the types of projects that brought Joker to be. For women in Hollywood, the message to them is that they must present themselves on screen in the nude, and it is then and only then that they will be taken seriously. For the men, they must show themselves to be disasters of imperfection and flawed to the core of their being. And that is why actors who have played the Joker in the various Batman movies have done so well with awards and this latest one starring Joaquin Phoenix is no different. It would not be surprising to see him get a best actor award for his performance in the Joker. He did a fabulous job, no question about that. But why we consider it fabulous is where the disagreements are and how actual terrorism is usually at the heart of that decision-making process.

Most of the actors in Hollywood have received awards of some kind for dressing as a terrorist clown and updating the mythology. Actors like Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger, and even Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill have all done praised work of the super villain of the DC Comic universe and that attention does not go unnoticed. The message clearly to actors is, especially white, male, actors is that if you want to get attention, you must do acting not in the moral stewardship of John Wayne, for which Hollywood was built, but on the deranged lunatic, like the Joker villain. This trend goes a long way in Hollywood including in one of the best westerns I think has ever been made in Once Upon a Time in the West. In that film, it was a big deal that Henry Fonda, the perpetual blue-eyed good guy, was the crazy killer and ultimate villain. Hollywood loves and always has loved, to make good people into bad people, even though box office numbers favor good guys who stay good guys. In this world of the “woke” it is the villains that are getting all the attention because to be entirely honest, the people who make movies in that culture want more people like themselves in the world so they don’t feel so lonely.

The giveaway to the Todd Phillips Joker is that it wasn’t the Joaquin Phoenix character who killed the future Batman’s parents, it was an inspired mob. And in the grandiose way that the film ended there was a quiet message to the masses to go out and conduct themselves as the Joker had because the world from the liberal eyes of Phillips is so unjust. But he’s not alone, most everyone working in Hollywood feels the same way, and so does the media. They would never admit in the light of day, but at the bars of Glendale under the warm night air with their arms around their dates, they will say quite openly, “F**k those Trump voters out there over the mountains, in that 2000 miles beyond to the shores of the Atlantic. Let’s kill them all the way good ol’ Charlie did. We won’t have the blood on our hands, and we’ll hide the terrorism behind free speech and destroy them all with their own Constitution since they love their guns so much.” But in their media events, on the show with Ellan, or The View, they will be called artists of great consequence and be told how compassionate they are for the plights of the poor and downtrodden. And after the next mass shooting, which they had inspired by their “artistic” work, they will be quoted for their positions on more gun control managed by the same government that caused all the tension.

It’s the same lunatics that have called Robert Mapplethorpe’s work “art,” while praising The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a true representation of the human soul. Most working in Hollywood are not good at anything else in life so they hate the good family man, the business leader, the titan of industry. Most of the rejects who fled to Hollywood the way gold panners headed west during the Gold Rush was to make money any way possible. They will prostitute themselves in any fashion to get a shot and their moral ethics is part of what ends up getting hired by studios built by the same types of people. People who left their families to make a lot of money in show business, to be whatever someone told them to be so they could get an invite to the nice parties of Los Angeles social life. It isn’t the clean-cut moralist who gets their script bought by a studio ran by people who would rather put hundred-dollar bills in the G-strings of strippers at gentlemen clubs than hang out around the house raising their children. Most producers want writers and actors around them who think the way they do, and much like the Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix they are lonely and would love more company. So they make movies to recruit more people to think the way they do and if it leads to killing people along the way, there is a secret little smile that they have in the back of their minds every time it happens, because for them its revenge.

To provoke that activism the Academy of Arts and Sciences gives out their Academy Awards to social activists and actors who help them sell degeneration to the masses, ultimately so that they don’t have to be alone in life. They truly do want a world like the end of the Joker where Antifa types are running around terrorizing those who want to hold onto that traditional idea of America. They of course don’t say they want to kill anybody, but look at the silence given to Antifa when they physically beat up Trump supporters just for wearing a red Make America Great Again hat in public. Where did that antagonism come from, that spark for violence? It came from Hollywood and its products, in attitudes evoked from the Academy of Arts and Sciences and from filmmakers like Todd Phillips.

Like Charlie Manson they don’t do the killings directly. But they inspire them and while Phillips was cutting together this Joker movie, you can almost hear his voice calling out for people other than him to go out into Trump country and do the work of the Joker. Recently Mark Hamill, the nice guy Luke from the Star Wars series but occasional Joker in the animated series put out a really ugly Tweet toward Ivanka Trump for letting her kid dress up as a stormtrooper. His hatred for the Trumps was truly remarkable and was insight into how these Hollywood types really think of the people who voted for Trump in the last election, and who continue to want an America built by the Constitution. Actors who play characters like the Joker get praise because Hollywood wants more of that type of character because deep down inside they want the school shootings, they want the violence in Chicago, and they want the destroyed families for all the same reasons that Arthur Fleck did. Because they are hurting and they don’t know how to articulate it, so they want to lash out at those they think have victimized them. And in Hollywood, that behavior gets awarded, so they get a lot more of it.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine Caving into the Real Life Jokers: When evil gets their way on gun control and the good cower with appeasment

One of the reasons I continue to be angry at the Joker film is precisely due to the way the media and even Governor DeWine has attempted to advance gun control in the state of Ohio. For all the artistic sentiments of the Joker, and why I have been talking about it so much is because it clearly tells the story of how liberals view the world. In it, Arthur Fleck is given a gun by a co-worker for free, because this friend supposedly wants to keep the professional clown from getting beat up so much. The gun then ends of getting Fleck fired from his job when it accidently falls out of his outfit while performing for cancer kids. Then while being beat up on the subway by rich, Wall Street types, Fleck uses the gun, because he has it, to kill the three attackers which puts him on a path of psychopathic violence and murder. The short story is that it was access to the gun that made the Joker, and very little else. Then of course when such things happen in real life we expect pink Republicans like Mike DeWine to side with liberal mayors like the gun control advocate that claimed fame after the recent mass shooting there to push for more gun control—and the media applauds as all that activism takes place right under our noses and is sold to the stupid with films like the Joker.

I expect the Ohio House to destroy Mike DeWine’s “Strong Ohio” gun control measures which go way to far in expanding background checks and trying to create a path to removing guns from people who may be harmful to themselves or others as defined by friends and neighbors. With the amount of gun shots and bullwhip cracks that come from my house on a daily basis, DeWine’s gun control bill could mean trouble for me from nosy neighbors and family members who may be “concerned” about my sanity—because I believe strongly in the Second Amendment and like to shoot guns a lot. The spirit of the law does nothing to cause mass shootings because the real issues that inspire such terrible conditions were actually displayed quite brilliantly within the story of the Joker—an activist Hollywood culture that takes no responsibility for the violence of their films and hides their political activism behind “art.”

There was a scene in the Joker at the end where a murderous Arthur Fleck told Robert De Niro’s late-night comedy commentator that his murders weren’t political, that he was just doing them for the enjoyment of it. Yet moments later the Joker was being placed on the hood of a police car after he shot De Niro point blank in the face on live television making him a hero of the downtrodden. A riot broke out and it was the Joker who was its leader through his murderous actions, and it was clear that the message of the film to all the troubled souls out there like the real life Arthur Fleck might follow in his footsteps stepping from fiction to reality. Such a story could certainly be told of the extreme gun hating mass shooter in Dayton Connor Betts.

I certainly let everyone I know close to the Governor, which is quite a few people by the way, know how I felt about the intentions of his red flag law proposal and to his credit he did back off. Not just because what I said on Monday October 8, 2019, but thousands of people like me who enjoy shooting and make guns a fundamental part of our American lifestyle based on good legal necessity. But it wasn’t enough for USA Today, The Dayton Daily news or The very liberal Cincinnati Enquirer, the headlines against the governor was that he wimped out and didn’t go full “red flag” but instead proposed a “pink slip” system which places mentally ill Ohioans in hospitals for up to 72 hours. Well, why would we do that, especially if we’ve seen the Joker.

The core of the problem is in how we define mental illness, which I would seriously indicate could involve every single person who calls themselves a Democrat. Then of course if Democrats were in power, they would call every single Republican insane. The definition of such a thing largely then becomes defined by perception and it is a means to taking guns from citizens, then it becomes very dangerous. The trouble with everything that Mike DeWine proposed is that it is anti-Republican and it hurts me to say it, but he should have never even put his name next to a proposal of Democrat radicalism. Any gun control measure is a suggestion for more government expansion, more money for mental illness, more hospital care, more cops, more monitoring agents when the ones we have now don’t do enough as it is. It doesn’t deal with the real problem which is liberalization as defined in the movie Joker.

When liberals empower others to blame their issues on society, or “fairness” in general, the are creating a path to action for the next mass shooter. By studying all the recent mass shooters, we can see that most of them were outright Democrats, or just plain anarchists. Most of them abused drugs and came from homes without a father. Clearly those are the kinds of things that we should be thinking about, but we aren’t instead the violence is provoked by the left, especially in movies and political positions shown in the Joker, and it is they who advocate for the gun control to fulfill their aims of eradicating the American Constitution into a more United Nations friendly document. The political left is completely invested in this topic and it shows in their products. To see the level of hatred that Hollywood and the mainstream media in general has for gun ownership in America just go see the Joker. People might say that the messages are subtle, but to me they are as obvious as Chevy Chase’s Christmas lights on his house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The Joker movie was an outlandish example of liberal viewpoints against guns and how to manage mental health and was an open call to send other psychotic dissidents into the streets to do as Connor Betts did, and that is to kill people with guns so that governors like DeWine would cave in against their base and create laws liberals want.

Honestly, I’m tired of all those losers trying to step into my life and to change it with feelings of guilt, shame and the subtle threat of violence. Movies like the Joker and the countless hours of victimization programing we see on CNN, NBC, ABC and many others cause these problems. While seeing the Joker I noticed another Harley Quinn movie was coming out, which is the Joker’s girlfriend, and Disney is doing Maleficent 2. Hollywood continues to try to make the bad guys good and with it they give truly disturbed people an excuse to snap and go on mass killing sprees, then when it happens, they don’t apologize and ask for forgiveness. Instead, they take their money to some tropical island and demand for more gun control where losers like Mike DeWine get suckered into trying it. I guess I’m grateful that in Ohio we have a strong Republican House and Senate. Because if not for them, Mike DeWine would be a runaway train of liberalism and big government expansion.

Rich Hoffman
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