The River Link Scam: Louisville’s theft of the innocent through a toll bridge to depraved economic activity in Clarksville

What a scam I ran into in Louisville Kentucky! It was a few weeks before Christmas and my family was going south to celebrate early. This year my kids were going with their grandparents and cousins to a dinner theater over in Clarksville which was across the river from Louisville and just upstream from the Falls of the Ohio. My wife and I were going to watch their kids while my kids went to the show. So we dropped off everyone, kept the kids, then went back across the river to keep the little ones busy so their parents could enjoy the show. As we approached the 1-65 bridge over into Clarksville we saw signs indicating that it was a toll bridge, but I never saw a booth for collection, so we figured being out-of-town that the toll had expired some time in the past and that the local government hadn’t taken down the signs. That’s the way it’s worked in other places in the country, so we just went about our way doing our business and figured the issue was over. 6 weeks later, on the night of the government shut-down ironically, we received this letter in the mail from some loser outfit called River Link saying that we owed $16 for our use of that bridge that day which I thought was astounding. They sent an invoice with a picture of our car on it and our license plate demanding payment and my first thought was—where were the pricing indications so I could have made a decision? If I had known the price, I would have found another way across the river. But it was clear that this River Link organization with the politicians behind them meant to use that bridge as a revenue trap—and that their information postings were deliberately vague, because they wanted nice families like mine to do just as we did—and pay for the mismanagement of Louisville’s resources with a bunch of lazy losers who let intrusive street cameras do the work of toll collecting to satisfy their inflated budgets and scandalous activity politically over the years.

My wife wanted to just pay the fee, and I imagine that there are many thousands, if not millions of people just like her who are willing to say “it’s only $16 dollars, let’s just pay it.” But I told her that we should shit in the envelope and send that to those bastards because what they did was deliberately deceitful and a practice which tells a story about our greater needs as a nation as we debate how to fund all our infrastructure projects. This River Link organization and the toll on that bridge is only a few years old as of this year of 2018—so it’s a very new thing this idea of a toll booth free collection racket. I suppose from their point of view its better than backing up traffic on a bridge, so the local government can pay for it. Such contemplations have been going on in Cincinnati where there is a tremendous need for a new bridge serving I-75 going from Cincinnati to Covington, Kentucky—and a toll has been one proposal for funding it. But the problem of stopping traffic to collect the toll is not attractive because of the volume of traffic that goes through that region. It was essentially the same situation in Louisville, the main artery north out of the city is the I-64/I-65 bridge. The bridge looked nice, but I was surprised how few people were using it—now I understand why.

While we were waiting for our kids to finish their show we had a lot of time to kill. We were getting hungry but didn’t want to miss the pick-up time so my wife and I drove around Clarksville to grab a bite to eat, and I was pretty shocked at how run down and swanky everything was. I could see downtown Louisville literally just a mile or so away yet there was nothing in Clarksville worth doing. We found a Hardees restaurant—which was the only place off the highway to eat for several miles and it was in such bad shape that we passed. For me that’s a big deal because I never remember passing on a good hamburger. The condition of the building and the look of the people inside sent enough alarm bells that we drove away hungry and happy to avoid the experience—and no the workers were not black. They looked like toothless Appalachians that had the sanitation of a dirty diaper. I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why several exits of a nice highway that is the main artery out of the city of Louisville didn’t have more to offer consumers. I mean wasn’t there a lunch crowd and dinner rush that would leave the city for a break? After I received the invoice from River Link I understood what the locals already knew. The toll to go across the bridge and come back into the city was too great—it would exceed the cost of lunch—so nobody was using the bridge or buying food in Clarksville—which is why there were so many undeveloped storefronts everywhere we drove.

When I picked up my kids we all had a laugh at what a dump the dinner theater was. It was pretty nice inside but on the outside, it looked like the whole building was about to fall over. Across the street was a campground that had a bunch of hippie losers sitting around a fire in the dead of winter so I had to ask if this was Louisville’s idea of “social life.” My wife’s parents live in a million-dollar home on the east side in Oldham County where a lot of horse breeders live. My past impression of Louisville was cast by that part of town, I don’t typically get to see the results of all the liberalism that has destroyed the inner loop of the I-264 band around the downtown area. But it was obvious going across the river and looking south back into the city and the results of the surrounding communities like Clarksville what had happened to them—liberalism had destroyed their opportunities and robbed them of a future. The hippies outside of the dinner theater where just one result—those people were reserved to give up on life and sit by the fire making smores on a Saturday afternoon ahead of Christmas—and that was all that was going on in Clarksville. My wife and I drove down to the river and along it and noticed several developments that had been attempted, but were left unfinished, likely because the toll bridge had destroyed their opportunities for profit. We drove down to the Falls, and there was still nothing, just a bunch of empty opportunities—an economy in decline.

To us, my wife and I, $16 is a typical tip for a dinner—but I remember very well when it was like a million dollars to us. On principle, I consider that toll to be a major rip off in Louisville. As I told my wife not to pay the fee I was certain that the issue could be fought in court and that my state did not have an agreement with Kentucky to collect such horrendous abuses of authority. Indiana and Kentucky have such agreements with each other, but Ohio does not as of yet. Fighting that in court however would cost more money than the stupid fee and that’s what these liberal toll collectors are counting on, nice people like us to just pay the fine and go about our business while they mismanage the undisclosed tax under the guise of “paying for a bridge.” What did they do with all their federal and state dollars which should have built that bridge without a toll? They wasted it is what they did. Louisville is a liberal city ran by liberal losers and those types of people are always starving for money—because they lack discipline and a basic understanding of value. To a liberal empathy is a value. To a conservative—its an emotion. Emotions don’t pay bills, value does. This toll across Louisville’s main bridge over into Indiana is a theft of value to fund those who don’t have it. It’s that simple. Clarksville is the proof and as long that toll bridge is in place—they’ll get more and more of the depraved conditions for which I have described.

Rich Hoffman
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Go Ahead, Shut Down the Government: Why we need Trump’s wall

Everyone did what they were supposed to, the House passed their resolution to keep the government running, President Trump supported that effort, but the bottom line was that the Democrats needed to gamble everything to attempt to hurt Republicans for the midterms, so they needed a shutdown. They needed to create some blame that might hurt the Republicans, so they can win majorities in the House and Senate this fall, and this shut down is their last chance to do it. As we sit and wait for what the Senate does, which will likely lead to a shut down at this point, I am excited. Whether it’s this time or the next, Trump is the right guy to have in the White House for this tough negotiation. Finally, we have a guy who will call the bluff of the Democrats and put the blame back on them for a change, which is a first. For just this kind of budget battle was another reason I have been supportive of Donald Trump for president from the beginning—because I grew tired of losing these battles with the standard kind of Republicans we had at the federal level.

I’ll go a step further, there is no way that Democrats will win a budget battle with Donald Trump. They don’t have it in them. The key to the bluff which Trump understands, is that most of the government is nonessential. If they can be shut down, and the business of the country can go on, then they aren’t needed positions, which is exactly what Trump will point out daily. The Democrats cannot afford to let the masses learn of this—so they’ll have to blink first, and by then it will be too late. They will lose seats this fall as a result and Trump will further solidify his coalition. In this kind of battle those who communicate best will win, and nobody is better at articulating an issue than Donald Trump on Capital Hill. A shut down works best for the GOP, so let them do it. It is an excellent opportunity to tackle the most basic aspects of our bloated government.

There is no other way to reduce the size of our government than to prove to everyone how little it really does for us, and a shut down will illustrate it perfectly. Once we get beyond the emotional aspects of the military and closing of the state parks, which is an extortion racket designed to flow countless billions into Belt Way fantasies, the real meat and potatoes of our budgets are in the non-essential employees who make huge salaries for essentially playing on Facebook all day. If there is a shut down, life will go on, the sun will still come up, people will still shop, live and love. People will see what little the government really does for them and the bluff will be called—and it will be Democrats who will pay for insisting that the world would have ended if a shut down happened. Just like the people who predicted the world would end when Trump became president, people will see who told the truth, and who didn’t.

Of course, the right thing to do is to try to reach a compromise, and the Republicans did, but everyone understands that this is a last stand for the Democrats. They have only in mind to try to stop this president and capture seats in the House and Senate and traditionally, this is how they understand to do that. Additionally, it doesn’t really matter that the Republicans control the House and Senate because they really don’t. Unlike Democrats, Republicans are not united collectivists, there are various degrees of conservatives and many traditional GOP types are actually closer to Democrats than they are Republicans like Trump, or Ted Cruz. In my way of thinking Trump is a bleeding-heart liberal, but he does have a conservative platform which I support. However, Trump I can live with, but people like Lindsey Graham don’t even register on my conservative scale. He like John Kasich—the governor of my state—are essentially liberals.

There is no other way to unite everyone under a common flag of America than to destroy these little separatist groups that want DACA or higher taxes before they’ll build a border wall to secure our nation from the Marxist nation to the south. Mexico became impoverished through their revolution at the turn of the last century where they took on a platform of social justice politically which destroyed their nation, like every other nation south of America’s border. When you have a country with little economic value next to a country of enormous wealth functioning under capitalism, of course you need a wall to protect one from the needs of the other. A wall isn’t needed in the north along the Canadian border because essentially that nation has adopted many American ideas, and they are not a direct threat to overtake our capitalist system. Although they are socialist by nature, their population isn’t nearly as out of control as they are in Mexico where desperation is everywhere except for the tourist spots, which are very small in comparison with the rest of the country. If Mexico wants to improve their situation, they need to become capitalists, or even perhaps become new states in the American way of life. But to be a sovereign nation of conquered people hell-bent on Marxism—that’s just not a possibility. We need a wall between America and Mexico to make sure that protections are there for the people who have value as opposed to those who don’t.

The money for a border wall will never come from the current House and Senate, so those members against it literally must be destroyed. The way to destroy them is to embarrass them right out of office with a catastrophic shut down like what we are about to face. Republicans have never done well in these kinds of fights. I remember the optimism I felt when Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich faced down Slick Willy Clinton back in the 90s. I thought Newt was going to be a tough guy, but he was the first to blink and while Clinton was getting his famous blow job in the White House, the Democrats beat on their chest in victory which essentially lasted for the last 20 years. Republicans have come close to trying a stand-off over the years, but they never had the heart for it. Until now. When I cast my vote for Trump in 2016 this was one of the reasons I did it—I was very eager to return to another one of these stand offs. This time I expect the Republicans to win—and for those who call themselves Republicans but are really Democrats, this battle will expose them fully—which needs to happen.

I’m fine with the government shutting down. It doesn’t do much for me, nothing I couldn’t do myself through the private sector. I’d even go so far to say that with the Second Amendment, that the military is a secondary concern. If a bunch of rice popping North Koreans want to attack my home town, I’ll enjoy the opportunity to defend against them. I don’t need a military to protect my home. It’s nice to have, but I consider it a luxury. It’s Democrats who need the government so the way to beat them all is to shrink it, cut their budgets and force them into self-reliance. In that game, the Republicans can win if they follow behind Trump and do what he tells them too. It’s time to break the vicious cycle of Democratic extortion to continue funding inflated budgets for every little thing. It’s time to destroy the Democrats with their own tactics and for a change let them take the blame for all the things they so adequately deserve.

Rich Hoffman

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What We Learned from the White House Meeting with the Press over Trump’s Health: Our education system is a total failure in need of major reforms

Rush Limbaugh was on to something when he made his observations of the media uproar over President Trump’s medical exam—which was the most open that any president had ever offered. At 71 years old, Trump is a healthy guy and that seemed to destroy any last hopes that this media culture had of getting rid of his administration over the next seven years. As if Obama, the chain smoker who had to sneak out of the White House to get a Five Guys hamburger—because his wife wouldn’t let him otherwise—were the standard—Trump at an even older age showed a medical examination that many 30 years olds couldn’t have passed, and the president was proud enough of the report to let his doctor take questions for roughly an hour and let the media make jokes of themselves. It was really a pathetic display that has far-reaching implications into the quality of our overall culture. Limbaugh was right in his first hour of a show played on January 17, 2018—the deeper concern is that the reporters asking these questions represent the best of their fields, they are the top reporting prospects from the various media outlets—the brightest that our colleges have produced, and given their line of questions and the nature of their delivery—we are in real trouble as a society. They behaved with a great lack of intelligence and sophistication.

I can’t help but think back to when I was in studio at 700 WLW with Scott Sloan, over eight years ago as of this writing talking about the outrageous salaries of the Lakota school system and how that mismanagement of resources was causing dangerous property tax increases. After the show aired came a parade of levy supporters who called the station to complain about my appearance, mostly women who worked in real estate that were using the school system for easy sales transactions. They declared we were all products of the public education system and we owed it to the next generation to keep everything intact to pay back what we had been given. Well, that was a separate problem that I became more involved in as time went on. At that particular time the philosophical issue was the cost of public education, not the quality of it. However, after a few years of this debate, the quality was something I spoke about more and more until finally everyone was so far apart on agreement that we were ready to kill each other over it. But the fact remained, the public education system that we were working so hard to find money for, and charging property owners with enormous tax bills wasn’t doing a good job with our next generations and now things were terrible. We have an entire generation of grownups—who were kids at the time—who don’t know or understand the basics of life—they are pampered, spoiled, brats.

I was fortunate in a lot of ways, I was one of the last kids in my generation to have a mom who stayed home in the traditional sense to raise me and my siblings. We had a very traditional home and a mother who worked a lot harder than most to make life good for us. We had a father who worked in the traditional way as well, he was an executive who brought home the resources for us all to live a decent middle-class life—which to me always seemed like a put down, but it was a good life compared to the rest of the world. My dad grew up on a farm so he had a very strong work ethic which he taught to me. His parents operated a farm their entire lives and were so dedicated to it that they only left the state of Ohio one time in their 80 plus years of life, and that was to take a family vacation to Virginia Beach. On my mom’s side her parents were traditionalists who came up north from Appalachia looking for work in the Fairfield General Motors plant called Fisher Body. He worked third shift and very hard. She was a housewife and very dedicated to her family. They had a farm too and when they weren’t making money at the “shop” they worked hard on that farm. So I was fortunate to be surrounded by people who worked very hard and it rubbed off on me.

But I hated school. From the first moment I attended kindergarten I felt I knew more than my teachers—and this was more than just me being a rebellious kid. It came from me having a good family that provided me with lots of resources to learn from and I was too far ahead of my classmates who didn’t have such stable families. School was boring and unimaginative for me. I saw it as an uninteresting daycare and my parents believed that the system of education was more important than what they could do themselves, so I had to endure it. Back then we didn’t know what we do now, it was common to trust that the authorities knew more than the rest of us—so there was trust. This was at a time before there was a Department of Education and all these Marxist fantasies that were later revealed during the Reagan years for which was the whole purpose of creating the Department of Education in 1979 to begin with. My perspective allowed me to watch the destruction unfold year by year without the psychological attachment of really caring about my school experience. I hated it, so there wasn’t any emotion about what I was able to witness. If I had enjoyed it, I might have found reasons to ignore what my eyes and mind told me about the experience. But since I had a hate for it, it was easy to see the parasites which worked behind public education to destroy our society from within.
I went to college because everyone told me I had to, and I hated that too for all the same reasons. I had hoped that college would be different—more intellectual, but it was just more liberal propaganda. Not the kind of things I learned on the farms of my grandparents and in my traditional home. The whole process seemed more concerned about creating Democratic voters. I remember a particular fight my brother and I had when he went to college, he was five years younger than me. We of course grew up pro-gun. Back in those days we could shoot guns out our back door so he had a lot of exposure as did I. But in his first year of college he had become noticeably anti-gun which caused a major rift in our relationship. Its taken him nearly 20 years to start to untangle some of what he learned in those years, and I suspect it will take 20 more to completely wash it away—but the bottom line is this, our education system has not been about learning, its been all about programming us as a society into a liberal aimed philosophy–and that is counter to everything it should have been.

I’ve warned about it for many, many years. People used to think that my objections were due to some hatred of authority figures or a lack of scholastic aptitude. Nothing could have been further from the truth. I read more and have went further in my own education than most people do in their entire lifetimes. My favorite books tend to be those written prior to the 1980 as a point of note, because everything after has a little bit of social taint as the publication houses in New York became activists for the progressive trends of our times—and I trust them a lot less than I do when editors at those publication houses were people in the prime of their careers after the World War II generation. The quality of people intellectually has declined a lot over the last forty years and now we are seeing it really on full display during the Trump administration.
The clash between Trump and these kids in the media basically come down to this, the president is an old school guy from America’s good past, before the destruction of our people took place intellectually. He is one of the last of his kind—and he is trying to inspire a return to that type of America that existed before the creation of the Department of Education—people like my parents and grandparents, because back in those days they weren’t that uncommon. People had good, functional educations and they were smart enough to vote, and read the newspaper to keep up on things. They were the kinds of families we see and love in Christmas time televisions shows like A Christmas Story. We might make fun of the grumpy dad who is a little out of touch with the rest of the family while mom took care of all the little details, but it worked in America and we still yearn for that kind of stability in our lives. What we have now is what those reporters reflected, broken families, broken lives, false belief systems, negative outlooks about life. They are a mess and there is no way our society will last with people like them in charge of it. Globalists love it, they want an end to America so of course they are anti-Trump. But people like me, who were fortunate enough to be cognizant of the whole process along the way to be able to speak about it confidently even though it has gone against the stream of social concern—we’ve identified the issue correctly and now at least can point to history and demand a second look with hindsight being 20/20.

We must reform our education system, now. We cannot allow another generation of people to have their minds destroyed to populate our culture. It’s probably already too late, the evidence can be seen in the reporters of that White House briefing. Those are the best that our culture has produced, so imagine what the average people are like out there? I have kids in this age group and let me tell you this—its not looking good. Not good at all. We better change things quick, or there will be no return.

Rich Hoffman
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An Example of Great Police Work: What could have been a tragedy in Liberty Township, Ohio turned out well for everyone but the gunman

I took some time to consider the case of the 10-year-old boy who was held hostage by a drug crazed gunman just down the road from my house for 30 hours over this past weekend because honestly, I felt bad for the kid. He certainly didn’t deserve what happened to him. It’s not his fault the adults in his life put him in that kind of situation. His mother and her brother are at fault for even answering the door at 11:30 on a Friday night during a snow storm—one of the coldest nights of the year. His mother is even at fault for knowing the gunman—who conducts a relationship with a loser just let out of the state penitentiary six months prior—and expects things to go well? But after hearing the mother talk about the terrible ordeal, I felt sorry for her too. She made a mistake and she was at least taking some responsibility for it. However, this case which became nationwide is such a good example of positive police work that it would be terrible not to talk about it, so let’s do.

Sheriff Jones and I have had a less than positive relationship over recent years. The Issue 2 initiative in Ohio where public sector unions were to be stripped of their power, Jones was obviously for preserving the way things were, and I was against it. Our relationship never really healed since. We were both on WLW almost daily at that time. He wanted to preserve the power of public sector unions obviously as a sheriff, and I wanted to see an end to collective bargaining of anyone on a government payroll. We have seen each other here and there and haven’t spoken much since that election of 2012. Additionally, I think he should have a much stronger stance on illegal drugs than he does. I understand the political difficulties from his point of view, but I don’t respect those restrictions so that is an issue of contention as well. It’s not that he’s a pro-drug Butler County Sheriff—but his position is not as passionate against it as I’d like it to be.

However, I have to say that I was very proud of the temperament of the law enforcement that engaged in the standoff at Liberty Springs townhouses just down the road from Liberty Center. That’s when Donald Tobias Gazaway came to the door of a single mom and her brother Rodderick Trammel to ask for money after a drug crazed party earlier that night had left the convict depleted of his mental faculties and an empty wallet. When the mom refused the scum bag took her little ten-year old boy hostage and from there a 30 hour stand-off ensued. The mom and her brother left the apartment for some mysterious reason to call police and the SWAT team arrived to settle the incident. I must say at this point I would expect the mother or her brother to have a concealed carry permit and to have shot the gunman at the point of danger, when Gazaway moved to take the little boy hostage. Gazaway wouldn’t have been able to do that if the mother and her brother had been armed—and the situation would have been solved right then and there.

The great thing about the police in this case is that they did have access to a large armored vehicle shown in the tweet by Craig Bucheit, Chief of Police. Having that vehicle allowed the police to barricade themselves safely behind it while the gunman holding the kid hostage inside the home shot over 20 rounds of bullets at them. The police at that point had every right in the world to use deadly force, but they didn’t. Instead, they let the gunman run out of gas allowing the standoff to end peacefully. The difference maker in the whole ordeal was that armored car. I thought it was a remarkable level of police work to utilize it to the full effect instead of becoming a bunch of panicky cops shooting at the slightest provocation. Even though Sheriff Jones didn’t take credit for all the good police work he did create a culture around the various police forces which allowed them to use their strengths against the weaknesses of Donald Tobias Gazaway.

Even greater than that, the police kept a good relationship with the community turning the whole thing into a very positive experience, even as bullets were flying around. The police brought the kid and the criminal McDonald’s meals and gave them water to keep them hydrated and the neighbors allowed the law enforces to get warm in their homes and use their restrooms during the long hours of contention. If something like this had happened anywhere else in the country, I can’t say that it would have turned out any better. The combination of good leadership from Sheriff Jones and all the various police departments that fell under his jurisdiction was phenomenal. He deserves a lot of credit for setting the proper modes of success for which everything occurred, even after the arrest of the gunman. Jones could have really turned up the media heat, but he kept things even and cool which is a lot harder than many people think.

I’m not ready to go pass a police levy after all this to feed collective bargaining agreements with excessively high wages for all cops, but I am much more supportive of the kind of armaments that the police can have to take care of situations like this one. I’m a big fan of the SWAT armored vehicle which gave the police such an overwhelming advantage in the frigid cold of a January night during a snow storm. The fear of giving the police such powerful weapons is that they might turn that against us all—but in Butler County the tools were used properly, and to great effect. The little boy gets to live a hopefully good life. The mother gets to skid past a possibly much more dangerous situation and should consider herself lucky. Hopefully she learns from this. And a bad guy goes back to jail where he clearly belongs.

I often show great pride for the community I live in—I’m very proud of it. I could live anywhere in the world that I want to, but I chose to stay in Liberty Township because I think it is the best place to live. Sure, sometimes we get in little political squabbles, but we generally all get along most of the time, and the quality of life reflects it. Its very unusual to have scum bags like this Donald Gazaway hanging out in our community—at least out in the open. I would point to the tendency of past feel-good politicians who endeavored to make Liberty Township accessible to even the poorest and those of low ambition—so they could live the “good life,” and show them that their sentiments were pretty stupid in hind sight. You can’t mix people of poor quality with people of high quality and expect things to go well. I don’t think anybody out there would say that losers like Gazaway should be hanging out around the children of Four Bridges, or Wetherington so the social experimentation when it goes bad has a cost. Thinking back several years I remember when a friend of mine wanted to go into a partnership with me on that exact piece of property where this standoff took place. I wasn’t crazy about the idea because it was too far from the highway and I never thought it would produce much of anything in value. As it turned out they built these townhouses which attracted renters and people who have a tendency to be unstable. Many people are good, but some are not in those types of places and in this case we had a mom who wanted to walk on the wild side with a convicted felon—and it cost her and that entire community a lot in reputation. I’m glad my money wasn’t involved. But I am glad that our police department was in tip-top shape to handle a tough situation very well, and give a 10-year-old boy a new day to live, love and be free in the great community of Liberty Township, Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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Men Crying in Hawaii: Its embarrassing how valor has left some in America

This is the problem with the feminization of men in our current culture—where it has been encouraged for men to be more like women in the great global progressive strategy to cut down birth rates in first world nations to present a more egalitarian world for tomorrow’s society. That is the reason for all the gay rights advocacy among progressive groups. For all the young men out there with a very poor attitude toward women, a “bros before hoes” thought process that has evolved out of the hip hop culture of the 1990s and the video game Grand Theft Auto—they think that lesbian sex with their wives and girlfriends is the ultimate fantasy—until they have to deal with the aftermath of the behavior, the lack of trust that comes after from a shame they can never run from in the context of those relationships. You’d be surprised dear reader how common these thoughts and actions are these days among young people, especially men. Instead those same men are encouraged to wear skirts as a new fashion trend and that has brought us to this current time where men are no longer interested in valor—but are instead reserved to crying like babies when danger is afoot. That crises has never been more embarrassing than the news alert in Hawaii in which the public address system announced that nuclear missiles were on their way from North Korea and the men cried for their very lives–pathetically. Here is the news release from MSN:

Like hundreds of thousands of others, Jim Carrey thought he was about to die.

Shortly after 8 a.m. on Jan. 13, Hawaii residents and visitors were awakened by a frightening text alert warning: “Emergency Alert: BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL,” the message read.

No one knew that it had been triggered accidentally. It took 38 minutes for a follow up alert to reveal that it was a mistake and that lives were not in imminent danger.

The actor, like so many others, however, was prepared to face the end.

“I woke up this morning in Hawaii with ten minutes to live. It was a false alarm, but a real psychic warning,” he tweeted later in the day, blaming Donald Trump and his political party for fueling tensions in the region. “If we allow this one-man Gomorrah and his corrupt Republican congress to continue alienating the world we are headed for suffering beyond all imagination.”

When I saw the alert on my phone I didn’t think anything of it. If I had been in Hawaii at the time I would not have left the beach. I would have stayed put and enjoyed the lack of people around me. I wasn’t concerned, and wouldn’t have been if I had been there because the THAAD missile system is defending the American islands in the Pacific. There won’t be any nuclear missiles striking the American mainland, even out in the middle of the ocean—because the THAAD system is in place to blast those things out of the sky before they put anybody in danger. It’s a bit of a secret, but I believe enough in it to not panic when there is some alarm like what happened in Hawaii. Sure it can be scary, and I can certainly understand women being concerned, but men have a role in the world to help in these kinds of situations, and they should have stayed calm and provided logic when the crises was at its highest.

Instead we ended up with big babies like Jim Carry who cried about the whole ordeal in a very embarrassing way. In the old days, we accepted that women and children might be terrified for their lives as they were the future of our species. If a man is killed, a woman can find another and procreate again furthering our species, so we understood that they had a special right to be fearful in the face of danger. We built up in the minds of men that valor was an important ingredient to their lives and that it was noble to put their lives in front of the sanctity of women and children. But with all the confusing equality that has been going on, we’ve destroyed that notion and when there was a crisis in America such as a nuclear threat, everyone ran around screaming in a very neurotic fashion which was entirely unbecoming.

Instead of contemplating his death in a matter of minutes, Jim Carry as a fellow man should have offered console to the people around him. If he were about to die—so what. He’s lived a good life, don’t leave it crying like a baby. Further, he should have known that the THAAD systems were well in place around the island of Hawaii and even off the coast of North Korea and that no aggression launched from North Korea was really going to cause any harm. This isn’t the 1950s after all, we have technology that can stop pretty much anything we want to—Hawaii is quite safe from any threat. People in general have an obligation to be smarter than they were in this crisis—especially the men.

The fashions of the day, where men are supposed to act more like women and women are supposed to act more like men won’t hold. Humans have needs, and the sexes play their part in those needs. This desire to preserve mother earth by destroying the human race is a fantasy that progressives have not thought through. They’ve spent all their time trying to inject gayness, abortion, and the feminization of men into social patterns that they have not considered what might happen if they succeeded. Most liberals that I know are very stupid, they live shallow lives obsessed with feel good measures such as sex, drugs, and altruism—so their philosophic perspective is almost always in the moment of whatever century we happen to be in. They are a broken people lost in their own delusions. And the impact of their poor conduct was obvious in Hawaii as missiles that were never coming revealed what a bunch of losers they were. No man should have been crying for their lives, and the women no matter what they say publicly, mostly desire the kind of men I’m talking about. Women have enough to worry about in life without having to deal with pussy men.

As to the incident itself, I am not believing that a government worker just hit the wrong button during a shift change. If it was that easy to do, it would have happened before. And if it was that easy to do, the people who designed the system are complete idiots—and I don’t think they were that stupid. Rather, we are likely dealing with more radical liberals working for the government—in very blue Hawaii—who wanted to send a message and make Trump look bad for his success in dealing with Kim Jong-un. Everything is going great with the economy, terrorist threats, and international politics and liberals are starting to get scared. For them the worst thing in the world is for Trump to have success because it means it will change fundamentally all the mechanisms they have put in place to weaken America and the human race in general. One way to weaken our civilization is to feminize men into dress wearing weaklings who cry when there is danger and are the first to throw women into the fires of contention to preserve their pitiful lives of nothing. Even the most accomplished man is nothing compared to the importance of a woman—men and women are not equal. Women are much more important, and men should endeavor to protect them. Losers like Jim Carry should have at least offered a little comfort to the people around him instead of being a big pussy like he was—and in that act of foolishness, revealed just how weak and pathetic some of us Americans have grown to be.

Rich Hoffman

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Ethnocentrism: The precise reasons America is the new definition for excellence in the context of history

There is a term, ethnocentrism–which postulates that a culture might consider itself superior to all others because the perspective is strictly from the vantage point of the one-sided observer.  This is generally a problem when looking back through history and assuming that a farming culture was superior to a hunting and gathering society—in that one produced more food while another may have had greater success in regards to religion.  The vantage point of supremacy usually falls on the side of history with those best able to record it—such as an ancient culture that had expanded their society to incorporate agriculture so to feed many thousands of people instead of a tribe of hunters.  Farmers might have developed a common language and ability to write for which the masses could understand–and thus record their experiences.  The modern observer would naturally think that the society that could write their thoughts down would be superior to the tribe that might only have communication skills that a small group of people understood—so the assumption would be that one was superior to the other.  That is the nature of ethnocentrism.

Modern academics try to play with words assuming that given their specialized skills that they might resonate across all platforms of thoughtful endeavor, but that is not the case. In a modern context the mode of emphasis given that so much of society these days have their own forms of communication and that the important thing to consider is the egalitarian aims of the most progressive of our world leaders.  Thus it is considered that the America first suggestions by President Trump are beneath consideration and barbaric in nature.  The world according to the academics of institutionalized thought is concerned with global equality—so these claims of a superior American culture are ethnocentric in nature and are rooted in ignorance.  After all, the Nazi’s (created by Democrats) were an ethnocentric culture—and look how “racist” they were to believe that the Aryan race should dominate the world.  But the world (lead by the United States) stood up to the Nazis and defeated them paving the way for the United Nations to bring to the world an egalitarian order which would stop all wars—and also all forms of judgment as well.  Nobody would be ethnocentric any longer—everyone would be equal.

This past week when Trump supposedly said that Haitians were not desired to be American immigrants and that talent from Norway might be more desirable a cultural rift took place that went deep into the follies of our modern age, and perspective.  I heard even Glenn Beck on his show bloviate about how racist Trump was and that he had a tendency to view superior breeding among those of his “own kind” to be more desirable over the poor from back water countries from people of different color.  And I was listening to this thinking, “so if we have daughters whom we’ve cared for since they were little girls and we’ve loved very much, we are supposed to be OK with it if they marry a drug lord from Hezbollah because the value judgment is that they are of a different color, and culture and that we should just blindly respect their intentions in spite of what we see of their culture?  Should we endorse such a marriage to a ghetto bum with gold teeth and tattoos all over their neck just because they happen to be black?  I should think not.

The fact of the matter is this, America is a superior nation—it has a culture that has better endured the challenges of diversity than any country on planet earth ever has—in the history of the world.  It is not uncommon in America to go to the grocery store and see people from all over the world from many different religious backgrounds shopping together without wanting to kill each other.  What joins them culturally is the American Constitution—which is a rather good work of philosophy that started with the Magna Carta in England along with the Scottish Enlightenment of Adam Smith’s economic theories.  It’s not like America rolled over one day and became what it is—it took a lot of time, it took debates from Plato and Aristotle, it took the yearning of the pilgrims to throw off the confines of Catholicism and to put protestant winds in the sales of the Mayflower to start a colony free of European inquisition in a far away land.  It took the warring Vikings to settle in America and to breed with immigrants from China to become the first American Indians—and to bring those Norse gods together with those of ancient China to create mythologies of war and peace for which the American cowboy ran up against during the great Westward expansion.  It took the slaves from Africa who were freed for the first time in history to mix their cultures and gods with those of the white European to settle an American south that is unlike any place on earth.  It took a lot to bring America into being, and it was born of a unified desire from everyone around the world to be free and it is safe to say that the concept of America as a superior nation is not ethnocentric—it’s a fact.

America is the first place in the history of the world to take all the mistakes made throughout the ages of mankind and to come up with a unified method for living and growing as a species of mammals that happen to think.  So it is superior to the jungle shaman who ingests opium to have a vision quest, or a communist war lord stealing wealth, raping young girls, and destroying their young boys in El Salvador, or Honduras—so they can sell drugs to America to fund their crusade of destruction.  America is superior to a bunch of penguins hopping around in Antarctica with the primary concern of breeding as their life goal.  It’s ok to look at all these societies and to have empathy for them, but they certainly aren’t equal to life in America.  There is no place better on earth than America, for no place has created the opportunities for freedom than what has occurred on the North American continent over the relatively short period of time of just the last 400 years.  It doesn’t matter who was slaughtered in the process—that the Indians lost their land to a superior culture, or that slaves were taken from their homes in Africa because in the process their freedom was started which would have never happened otherwise.  The practice of ending slavery started in America due to the foundations of thought which formed this unique nation—and the mistakes of the past were learned from, and advanced into a very diverse culture which everyone should be proud of.

When academics and political hacks consisting of lawyers, thieves, and intellectual slugs propose that the world should be more egalitarian and that the cries for nationalism are inferior suggestions by a less sophisticated and racist culture limiting their perspective to the ethnocentrism of their known ideas—they are wrong.  What makes those American enemies angry is that they still hold that old desire for segregation and chaos which ran the world before America came to the stage.  Whether it be the institutions of Europe, the communists of Asia, or the spear chuckers of Africa and South America—America is the dominate culture on planet earth and everyone should learn from it to make their countries better off for that knowledge.  We are certainly not equal.  Our daughters should not have to marry scum bags and losers with no ambition—because we love them, and that value judgment protects them from bad decisions which will ruin their lives.  And we should not teach our children to be like the topless sluts of France who will sleep with anybody anywhere just to pass the time in their dreary, boring days in a socialist country.  Nor should we feel guilty for destroying the American Indian, or for the culture of slavery which we inherited, because we did better with the land, and the people than any previous culture has in the history of the world.  As cruel as slavery was, we should all be proud that the battle for freedom was conducted on North American soil—because a whole race of people were freed in the process.  Indians were not a great and wondrous people; they were at war with each other.  If anything happened during westward expansion it was that it brought peace to regions that had for many thousands of years previously seen only war from one tribe against another.  Sure, they worshipped the earth and all its creatures—because they were too stupid to think of anything new.  But in America we did—and we did it all together for the first time in all of human history—after more than 200,000 years of trying—and it started in 1776 when the minds of mankind decided to try something different—something better, and something that would improve the lives of everyone who accepted it.  This is why America is a superior culture from any vantage point not limited to the mundane old definition of ethnocentrism.

Rich Hoffman

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The High Crimes of the Obama Administration: From Hezbollah to the Disney Company, they all want the same thing–an end to America

For those who think my position on drugs pouring into the United States is too harsh, that drug consumption is just a personal choice of free people exercising their right to destroy their minds, than feel free to use this article for the evidence in why you are an idiot and a contributor to domestic terrorism.  Additionally there are also people—usually the same kind of people—who think that now that President Trump is now in the White House that we should forget about the past—believe all these stupid anti-Trump stories—and live happily ever after forgetting about the many prosecutions that are due to members of the Obama administration including the former president himself, his DOJ operatives—both his attorney generals who are currently involved in serious anti-Trump activity.  Hillary Clinton, CIA director John Brennan, James Clapper, and of course James Comey—they should all be on trail defending themselves from prosecutions that may take them from their freedoms for the rest of their lives—not out signing book deals.  There have been massive crimes committed under that previous administration and we either have justice, or we have chaos in a banana republic. Before I go on dear reader remember what the gun smuggling operation was all about called Fast and Furious—which had the finger prints of Eric Holder and Barack Obama on that tragedy directly.  Then consider what Oliver North featured in the video below was up to with the Iran Contra Affair and how much trouble the Reagan administration got into over that.  Then consider that this deal that Obama’s administration cut with Iran to let Hezbollah sell drugs to the United States by scaling back the arms of justice from the DEA to allow the terrorist organization to continue funding itself by poisoning the minds of American youth in the process—then tell me that we should let all this go.  The deal Obama had with Iran isn’t much different from the MO of the Fast and Furious deal—which still hasn’t been dealt with—and we are all supposed to buy into all this crime just because some of the players are minorities, blacks, women and people from other counties—and that by saying anything about the crimes they committed makes us all racists?  Hey, I have an invisible bridge to sell all the people who believe that crap.

Look, if we have no law and order in America than I’ll gladly put together a team of vigilantes to strap on some guns and attack some of these villains directly.  The only reason I haven’t yet is that I have a hope that there is some justice left in the world.  I still respect the law enough to participate in the election process.  Wasn’t it Barack Obama who told us years ago that elections had consequences?  Well, he’s right, and he’s going to have to deal with getting his hands caught in the cookie jar of the most explosive scandals and crimes ever committed from such an abuse of a high office in the history of the world.  Talk about draining the swamp, well we have found the hairy mess that has been clogging the pipes and once it is removed, you’ll be surprised how quickly all the water disappears, and you’ll also be shocked how much the water hid.  We are talking about really bad people who have been involved in these things.  It’s not just because most of them are Democrats—it’s because they are criminals who have been willing to kill and destroy anybody to protect their tentacles of injustice. What has been done demands action by the good people of America and there really isn’t any live and let live—they have forced us to make the hard decisions that are in front of us—so the fault is completely on them.

So in that context let’s consider my thoughts about how terrible drugs are for our country—I said recently that anybody who supports drug use in America—especially among our youth are participating in domestic terrorism.  I would say that many people who support the reckless use of illegal drugs—including marijuana in the United States are on a sadistic pilgrimage to destroy the next generations so that the population on earth will decrease thus preserving the planet for the future by wiping out the humans which inhabit it. If you sit down to dinner to speak to some of the richest and most powerful progressives currently in existence, when you get down to it, their intention is to use drugs as a Trojan horse to destroy the cultures of capitalism around the world so that there isn’t anyone to resist their Marxist sentiments for the world—with the ultimate goal of protecting the earth from human invention.  I would go so far to say that 100% of the villains of our modern age think some variation of that accusation.  But taken literally, most of the money made off the illegal drug trade goes to fund the terrorist activities of anti-American forces around the world.  That illegal drug transaction that takes place on so many street corners within the United States directly funds terrorism from the source countries—Hezbollah being just the tip of the iceberg.

The debate will rage on, do people have a right to destroy themselves with drugs—including alcohol if the by-product of that behavior affects the happiness of everyone else?  Should I have to put up with a couple of stupid kids vaping weed in the car in front of me at a traffic light?  I’d say no because it has an impact on my happiness because the smoke blows back toward me when the wind kicks up.  I have to breathe that air, so their action has an impact on me.  I should have the right to step up to their car window and drag them out of it beating the shit out of them until they no longer have the strength to “vape.” But that is a more complicated debate that we can all have.  What we know is that in most cases that “weed” purchase put money in the pockets of some anti-America force.  The pot advocates will say that the solution to that is to make it all legal so that we can tax it, regulate it, and create jobs in the states.  But you see, here was the objective all along—by doing so you legalize poisoning the next generation of our society which fulfils the aims of the terrorism to begin with—the bringing down of a capitalist culture.  The terrorist doesn’t care if they give the poison or if someone else does, so long as the objective of destruction occurs.  By forcing the issues, if America legalizes it they don’t need the terrorist funding, because their aim has already been accomplished—a stoned society of American kids ill prepared for the fights of tomorrow leaving the Marxists to crash the gates of our republic without anybody so much as raising a fist against them.  That is what the terrorists ultimately want—a defeated society without having to fight them directly.

And why would any terrorist organization fear America when such high crimes from the highest offices have gone unpunished?  What do they care about the might of the American military as long as they continue hiding in the caves of Afghanistan, or the slums of Mexico City?  Do you dear reader know to what extent the Chinese are willing to impose their will on the world just to remain an exclusive supplier of the world’s garlic—a legitimate crop that is in high demand in the United States?  Consider what they are willing to do with the unregulated opium that pours from their borders headed for American dance clubs filled with sex starved capitalist youth?  Don’t kid yourself.  The world is filled with bad people and they have their guns pointed at the United States—and the Obama administration with the help of MOST of the Beltway culture—including the media, opened the door to allow all that terrorism to prosper.  The executives at Disney should go back and watch their own movie, Pinocchio.   They are teaching our youth to make “asses” of themselves right now with their progressive programming at ESPN, the Disney Channel, and liberalizing every product they put up on the silver screen.  They are no longer the innocent little puppets proclaiming they “have no strings on me”, but are the stinky kids smoking and playing pool—literally turning into donkey’s before our eyes—then being sold into slavery as a result of their ill lived lives.

Hezbollah is an enemy of American ideas and Obama himself got involved in all this activity using his DOJ to put money in the pockets of the terrorist organization.  That same DOJ that met with Bill Clinton in a plane just a few days before the FBI decided not to charge Hillary Clinton with crimes she committed so to protect all this crime committed by the Obama administration with a friendly next administration.  When that didn’t go as planned and Trump won anyway, Obama’s personal terrorists involving Brennan, Clapper, and Comey moved to unmask Trump’s campaign during the transition in a last-ditch effort to derail the new president before he could get to work in “draining the swamp.”  So they committed even more crimes with this Russian dossier and the Fusion funding of it—to produce FISA warrants to create a cover story for all the crime in case they got caught—which they did.  These are really bad people and they deserve to be punished.  They’ve given us no choice.  And it either happens “legally” or it happens in less desirable ways—but it will and must happen.  I personally won’t accept anything less.

Rich Hoffman

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