The Great Middletown Mound: A proper excavation is needed to discover the giant humans inside

IMG_4365Before there was ever an Indiana Jones movie my teachers were telling me through those scholastic aptitude tests you take in elementary school that my three most likely occupations that I was most suited for were as an archaeologist, a test pilot, and a daredevil.  Of course those last two they didn’t take very seriously, but the first came after watching me with the other kids at COSI in Columbus where I often went off by myself to study things that interested me and I asked questions from the workers that were unexpected.  Over the years my wife talked me away from being a professional daredevil which has cheapened the cost of owning a car—so that’s a good thing.  Being a test pilot required training in the military and that is way too conformist for me.  On the skill side, it would be no problem, but on the taking orders side—forget it.  And archaeology didn’t pay enough.  I wanted a family and I like to spend time with them, so running all over the world getting dirty all the time for very little money wasn’t appealing as a career.  But I do enjoy it as a hobby and have never really put it away.  As a kid I grew up in Liberty Township and watched many neighborhoods develop over top of Indian burial mounds which didn’t bother me much because I like seeing new things come from the human race.  But the land that I grew up on always seemed to me to be holding some key to civilization that needed to be unlocked, so when opportunities came for me to live in different places around the world like New Zealand, New York, Los Angeles and Florida came up—I passed because I honestly feel like I live in one of the best places in the world—and I’ve traveled plenty to know the difference.

But it was only after reading Fritz Zimmerman’s very good book, The Nephilim Chronicles: A Travel Guide to the Ancient Ruins in the Ohio Valley that I noticed that the so-called Middletown Mound that I’ve read about before was actually across the river from my house quietly hiding in plain sight.  It was only then that I realized that the mound was actually about the same size as the Miamisburg Mound which I just revealed to everyone who reads here–contained the skeleton of a species of ancient giant.  That skeleton measured in length to around 9’ tall.  After that discovery the excavators packed up and never returned—which to me is an enormous mystery.  It is my challenge to the scientific community to return to that site and conduct a proper modern excavation and learn all they can about the culture that built the thing and discover where they came from—because likely the roots go way back to the British Isles and even further to the times of the Sumerian—pre deluge times if you believe in that kind of thing.IMG_4370

Thankfully, because of Indian Jones movies archaeology has seen a tremendous uptick in interest for the last three decades and a lot of very good discoveries have been made around the world and things are starting to become quite clear.  Of course the stubborn old academics are grudgingly holding onto their old theories about things, and modern politics has built a tremendous industry around the victimization of Indian tribes using those beaten people as a platform to win elections—but we are discovering that ancient giants lived in North America well before Columbus ever sailed the ocean blue to “discover” the New World.  It was new to Europe, but the rest of the world including the Chinese were already there and thriving.  And the evidence is in these mound building cultures which has been acquired by many inspired professional and amateur archaeologists that have set the stage for new conclusions about old things and their origins.

So as I was reading through Fritz’s travel guide I noticed that the Middletown Mound wasn’t just some little thing like the ones that many Liberty Township neighborhoods were built over—it was 88’ tall originally which made it as large as the Miamisburg Mound and nearly as tall as the Silbury Hill at Avebury in England.  And the thing was literally sitting right within my site—but nobody knew about it.  Even the people living near it would just point at it and say—“yeah, that’s where them there Indians have some ‘ingines’ buried.”  In reality, and its hiiiigglly likely, there are 8’ to 9’ people buried within the Middletown Mound given what we know about the one in Miamisburg and the surrounding gravel quarries along the Great Miami River.

Of course I went down to see it and you can see the results from the pictures shown here, it’s a location protected as an archaeological site of Historic Places beginning in 1971.  So thankfully, nobody can build on it, but otherwise it’s just sitting there waiting for us to discover and give it some attention—which it clearly deserves.  It is clear that archaeologists had dug an exploratory trench through the middle of it and that the top had been pulled away, but the incomplete nature of it is incomprehensible to me.  How could anybody call themselves an institute of science and leave something this significant sitting in such a dilapidated state?  It is beyond me that politics and religion would be allowed to hinder us from proper scientific discovery of facts sitting right in front of us.

If this Middletown Mound site were in England the English Heritage people would have built a theme park out of the mound and used the money to fund their excavations and trickle their excess funds into museums like the Museum Center in Cincinnati.  Looking at the site there is enough to work with to conduct a significant dig while hosting it to the public for families to visit and get to know better.  And if giants are found in the mound—they need to be properly woven into our historical record.  If not, we still need to know more about the people who built it and not just rely on some raw assumptions that it served as a high point for communication upstream.

And honestly, this is why I have never left Liberty Township.  I think this area, and in general Ohio, hold a key to life on planet earth that is still preserved from wars which have destroyed the Middle East—where I think these mound builders originated.  Fritz Zimmerman’s books confirm much of what I’ve suspected with hard evidence of rather intricate ancient ruins and the Middletown Mound is more than just a high spot built by an extinct people.  It’s an ancient ruin likely dating back to before Christ and it needs to be understood clearly—not half cocked with speculation by underfunded grave robbers.  After visiting the site of the Middletown Mound I think there is at least 80% potential that what could be discovered inside would change the very nature of archaeology forever—and drive infinite amounts of money in new funding toward the science.  And we’d be crazy not to do something about it—which is why I’m writing this.  The people who read here know who I’m talking to.  Let’s get our thoughts together and do something about it.  Such an important archaeological contributor is in Butler County, Ohio and we should do it justice for the benefit of everyone.  I saw what they did at Stonehenge recently, which was very impressive.  Some might say that this kind of thing isn’t as cool as Stonehenge, but let me say this—I just came from that mysterious place, and the Middletown Mound holds its place in the category of mystery that is equitable.  We should be doing more with it than just letting trees grow on top of something so potentially significant.  But forget about the whole argument about the site being a “Native American Graves” site, because as I’ve stated, the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), Pub. L. 101-601, 25 U.S.C. 3001 et seq., 104 Stat. 3048, the United States federal law enacted on 16 November 1990 needs to be repealed so that proper discovery can take place of such sites—because “Native American” is not a proper term for the people who lived in North America unless you count the Giants of Ohio who lived here well before Europeans arrived after Columbus.

And we can’t properly do that work if we are always apologizing for the sorrows of westward expansion.  That is mostly why that great Middletown Mound is sitting there in limbo—and we are compelled to change that status.  The lineal descendants of the relics found in the Middletown Mound won’t be the Shawnee, Adena, or the Hopewell Indians, likely they will be the members of the current Middle East who have a heritage with Sumer. So don’t worry about tracking down whatever Indian tribe might own the relics found in the Middletown Mound to Oklahoma or South Dakota, or wherever.  The lineal descendants who have proper heritage possession of the mound’s contents are those of us still alive in the United States to tell this global story for the benefit of all mankind.

Rich Hoffman


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Life on the Moon: The ancient past and modern activity of alien life above our heads

I don’t say things until I’ve considered the evidence intently and one of the reasons I’ve been most insistent to write The Curse of Fort Seven Mile with an emphasis of late is because of a realization that I’ve discovered through quite a lot of research.  These rumors of some type of life on the Moon of our earth have some weight to them.  From the 1976 book written by George Leonard Somebody Else Is on the Moon (linked below) compelling evidence from actual NASA photographs open the topic profoundly.  It’s an expensive book to get, but well worth it.  Additionally I think it is the remarks of the astronauts who have actually walked on the moon, people like Edger Mitchell and Buzz Aldren who have provided such virtuous testimony—some intentionally, some not so much so.  The evidence points more to the fact that there are constructions on the moon that shouldn’t be there and that there is presently, or has been, an alien race active on its surface.  If you can’t afford the old Leonard book feel free to watch these following videos for some supportive evidence to the fact.

One of my first big memories as a kid was visiting the Neal Armstrong museum at Wapakoneta, Ohio while my family went on a trip to Put-in-Bay—I was around four years old.  Years after that, my class went on a field trip to the museum there while in grade school and I oddly enough remembered  most everything because I had been there before.  I was the kid who always read the literature on the exhibits, so I felt very much at home compared to the other kids who had seen the place for the first time.  Armstrong was a professor at the University of Cincinnati—which was in my hometown and his life occurred very much around me—and I was aware of that growing up.  Aviation was born around me as well, so I’ve always taken some pride in the Wright Brothers and old test pilots like Neal Armstrong who was obviously the first person to walk on the moon—at least that we know of.  What always bothered me about Armstrong was that he had turned inward after the experience.  He wasn’t like Buzz Aldren—Armstrong didn’t relish the celebrity of being the first man on the moon—he had a secret which he avoided talking about and obviously took to his death.

Given Armstrong’s Midwestern roots, I think the guy didn’t like lying to people about what he saw on the moon when NASA switched to a private broadcast while he and Buzz were standing on the surface in July of 1969.  I was one year old at the time and my parents were standing me up in front of the television to see the event.  All I remember of the occurrence was the shape of the ship and the sounds of the transmissions which I recognized at the museum years later in Wapakoneta.  I didn’t understand the context at the time, but the layers of memory solidified it in my thinking for years to come.  While everyone was impressed that mankind was standing on the moon, Armstrong had confirmed much of what NASA wanted to see, which wasn’t filmed with cameras that were made public.  We were not alone—not by a long shot—and it haunted him for the rest of his life—apparently.

I’ve talked about the moon before, there are several things not right with it—it’s a little too perfectly positioned and it is locked in a type of orbit around the earth that never shows its far side.  That is a little weird as well.  And apparently on the far side there are even more strange photographs of things that should not be there if Neil Armstrong was truly the first life form to ever walk on the surface.  This of course has led to a lot of speculation through science fiction but those entries into are rooted in fact.  For me the most compelling evidence is that we have not returned—and neither has any other country.  The technology is clearly available to us now, yet we aren’t going back after those initial Apollo missions.  Some of the astronauts involved in the Apollo missions are now very supportive of alien life in space even if they do preserve their disclosures agreements with NASA which is after all a government agency which thinks it knows best how to preserve the religions and social order of the society it is supposed to serve.

Just a few miles south of where the Wright Brothers ran their bicycle shop which invented aviation the bones of an undocumented giant species of man was found in Miamisburg—one very large skeleton at a gravel quarry near the Great Miami River and the other under a large tree which was uprooted at a farm which bordered the mysterious Miamisburg mound complex.  Strangely enough, Hanger 18 which housed the wreckage of the Roswell crash was also nearby and to prevent proper excavation of the Miamisburg site by archaeologists and anthropologists a nuclear weapon facility was built on the land called Mound Laboratories.  That certainly stopped any real research into the region by credentialed scientists.  I currently live on the banks of the Great Miami River south of that Miamisburg site, so all these conspiracy stories have been with me for my entire life—and nobody wants to give any real answers to the probing questions—which feeds the conspiracies.   My conclusion is that there is much more to the story which is why everyone is so tight lipped.  The authorities in this case would rather not confirm or deny—they’d just prefer to avoid the topic.  But the evidence is rather compelling–it’s is all around us—we just need to look at it.

Given all that evidence, it’s just a matter of time before we have to go to the moon and discover what NASA has been avoiding to tell us.  Private space companies are headed to the moon and within just a few years of now, there will be hotels on the surface—and by then we’ll learn the hard truth—it won’t be a secret any longer.  There is a presence of some life other than our own on the moon right now and they watch us from there for reasons that we’ll discover.  I would propose that it’s a kind of interplanetary base camp and they find our civilization interesting and likely some kind of social experiment that they check up on frequently.  Just yesterday I drove by the Serpent Mound site in eastern, Ohio and scientists are no closer to figuring out the reason for that strange mound than they were twenty years ago.  In fact, they have more questions now than answers.  If our science cannot figure out the meaning of things in our own back yards, then they surely aren’t prepared to deal with what’s on the surface of the moon—an entire celestial body that has not had any of its history covered yet by modern development.  It’s an open text-book of mankind’s past and whoever was a part of helping to shape it from inception.  And it floats there above our heads—all the answers we seek—yet we do not dare to uncover.  Actually, you and I might dear reader—but our governments want to hold onto their power for just a while longer.  The evidence is there for us to investigate and when we do we have a lot of hard questions to answer about ourselves.  Of course the first step will be in returning—and I can’t wait for that to occur.  I’d rather know the truth than live with illusions.

Europeans did not discover America–the giants in the Ohio mounds prove that.  They were in North America before there was ever an Indian or a Christopher Columbus voyage.  And we did not first walk on the moon.  Someone was there before us and they are still there. ………………………………

Rich Hoffman


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Obama and his Monkey God Lord Hanuman: Cleaning the ‘excrement’ out of The White House

The 2012 election measuring the follies of President Obama and his economic catastrophes are not of simple job performance. For those who are working on behalf of the Romney/Ryan ticket pounding on doors trying to get the message out to voters to eject the communist ways of Obama back to the abyss from which he came, traditional election procedures will not be enough. The reason is that the undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman from Hindu faith has blessed the Obama administration with his protection as he seeks to pummel conservative America with its traditional Christian faith into the realm of demons so Obama can continue to reside on his shape shifting throne. Yes, Hanuman it seems protects President Obama from a figurine that has resided in the President’s pocket. Check out the video.

In case that didn’t convince you here is a BBC article on the matter. I’d say the BBC is an exceptionally competent news organization with no skin in the game, and they tend to cover international issues much, much better than the American media does.

To learn more about Lord Hanuman check out the Wikipedia link below:

So what we know about President Obama is that he was personally mentored by the notorious communist Frank Marshell Davis as a young man. Davis was a very sexually kinky guy who appears to have taken several nude pictures of Obama’s mama, which has to be troubling. Obama’s grandparents in Hawaii were open socialists. Obama’s real father was a Kenyan anti colonialist revolutionary who left Obama as a little boy and was married to another woman while he was married to Obama’s white mother. Obama’s step father took him and his mother to Indonesia where Obama attended his most impressionable years in public school, and it is there that Obama discovered the Hindu god Lord Hanuman whom he reverse so intensely that he carries around a small figure of the god in his pocket———–and this isn’t alarming to anybody? Not to mention that Obama started his political life in the living room of a known radical terrorist, and had many other criminal thugs and provokers in his past that appear to guide the President’s hand in matters of economic devastation. To what aim?

Well, if you know anything about foreign Hindu gods and their intentions for the world, Hanuman would like to see the world bow to his feet. According to Obama he was introduced to Lord Hanuman by his step father Lolo as stated in his autobiography, “There standing astride the road was a towering giant at least ten stories tall with the body of a man and the face of an ape. That’s Hanuman, Lolo said as we circled the statue, the monkey-god. I turned around in my seat, mesmerized by the solitary figure, so dark against the sun, poised to leap into the sky as puny traffic swirled around its feet. He’s a great warrior,” Lolo said firmly, “strong as a hundred men. When he fights the demons, he’s never defeated.”

Well, this is a revelation that I did not know, and I’m sure many Americans didn’t know it either as many expect their president to be much more up to date on all things American, and not groveling at the feet of an undefeated monkey-god from Hindu faith. I can’t even conceive of carrying around such a thing in my pocket as Obama does. Such a thing for me might be carrying around a tiny Incredible Hulk  figure for good luck. Yet this information provides much-needed insight, especially in hindsight, into how the President thinks and why he does the strange things he does, and how he gets away with it. You can hear Glenn Beck and his team exploring this further in the video below from a recent radio show.

Obama’s reverence to Hanuman may very well explain why the President has been able to deceive so many people right out in the open. An argument could be made that by praying to Lord Hanuman Obama has gained the Hindu god’s ability to shape shift, which the monkey-god was known to do in order to defeat his enemies.

In the Ramayana Hanuman changes shape several times. For example, while he searches for the kidnapped Sita in Ravana’s palaces on Lanka, he contracts himself to the size of a cat, so that he will not be detected by the enemy. Later on, he takes on the size of a mountain, blazing with radiance, to show his true power to Sita.

Also he enlarges & immediately afterwards contracts his body to out-wit Sirsa, the she-demon, who blocked his path while crossing the sea to reach Lanka. Again, he turns his body microscopically small to enter Lanka before killing Lankini, the she-demon guarding the gates of Lanka.

He achieved this shape-shifting by the powers of two siddhis; Anima and Garima bestowed upon him in his childhood by Sun-God, Surya. Based on this information Obama has been given the power by Hanuman of Anima and Garima to shape shift at will, to seduce to sleep the media and millions of Americans into believing that Obama is not responsible for the economic depression the country is in, he is not responsible for the 16 trillion-dollar debt, he is not responsible for taking America to the doorsteps of tyranny with the signing of the NDAA Act on New Year’s Eve, he is not an open communist with Muslim/Hindu ties, but is a Christian and a free market, capitalist—even though he hates rich people—even though he is himself, rich. The power of Anima and Garima are at work indeed!

Imagine little Obama growing up watching a program like the video below as opposed to Thundercats, or Spiderman on TV. The guy on the ground rubbing the king’s leg is Lord Hanuman.  Can anybody imagine Jesus rubbing the leg of King Herod Antipas?  Progressives for many years have looked to India as having all the answers to their life goals, but few understand what extreme collectivists the people of India are, and to what devotion they sacrifice the self to achieve “enlightenment.” This little production tells the story pretty well. This could be a scene from Obama’s childhood, and speaks loudly of his world view.

People not under the spell of Lord Hanuman can see that Obama is everything but a good president and we can see that he takes on many forms, just like the shape shifting god he reveres so highly in the undefeated monkey-god warrior Lord Hanuman. But to those under the spell of the shape shifting Lord Hanuman, they see a smiling man of honor who can sing them to their deaths without them being any wiser. Such powers are granted by the gods like Lord Hanuman, the ability to appear as one thing, while actually being something else.

So we’re not just fighting a Democratic presidential nominee, a covert Communist Party U.S.A infiltration member hiding behind his race to achieve the highest office in the land on a sea of lies dressed up to look appealing, but we are fighting the undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman from Hindu faith who sees Americans as the great demon, and Obama as his personal soldier for glory who hides his real intentions behind a shape shifting ability that allows Hanuman to conquer America as the great warrior that Obama’s step dad proclaimed the monkey-god to be.

Obama is not a flag waving patriot who has a deep history and respect for The United States. Whether or not he was born as an American citizen is pointless even though it is incredibly relevant by Constitutional standards.  It only matters if there is respect for the Constitution, which there isn’t.  Obama spent his childhood oversees idolizing a father he never knew who was Kenyan, being raised by a kinky anthropologists student who traveled the world and married a dude from Indonesia who thought Hanuman was a great warrior. Years later Obama would carry around a small statue of Hanuman along with a tiny Madonna for good measure. But what Obama is—is not what he sells as the shape shifting president operating under seemingly divine influence of mysterious forces. It is not only Obama who must be defeated in November, but his undefeated demon fighting monkey-god Lord Hanuman. Because The White House is Americas house, and not a palace for Lord Hanuman, and after four years of occupancy, it’s time to clean all the monkey shit out of the house and stop the stank that hovers over Washington before it spreads to the rest of the country.

In America we have freedom of religion for the purpose of keeping it out of creating policy decisions which drive the country. People are free to honor whatever religion they chose. If a court-house wants to have the Ten Commandments to reflect their Christian heritage, they are free to do it. Or if President Obama wants to worship the monkey-god Hanuman with a little figure in his pocket, he’s also free to do it. But what is important is that the people know what they are electing. Politicians should be prevented from selling themselves one way, while actually being something totally different. In the case of Hanuman, the Hindu version of the story Obama was exposed to as a child is one of extreme collectivism, and this explains his thoughts about social welfare in more complicated terms than simply proving him a communist. Hanuman is honored for being able to rip open his chest to show his devotion to the king Ram and his queen imprinted upon his heart. Hindus the world over cherish this tendency has honorable. But in America we don’t have a tradition that honors such blind devotion, yet many feel that Obama believes himself a king, and that Americans should rip open their chests like Hanuman and have pictures of Barack and Michelle imprinted on their hearts, and that is not how Americans roll.

Contrary to what worldwide collectivist think of The United States, it is not that we are godless heathens that are demons to be defeated by the monkey-god Hanuman, but a free people who find more reverence in a Marvel Comics action figure than in a 85 foot tall statue of Lord Hanuman. The reason is we have a diverse and free culture that has evolved under that umbrella of non collectivist thought, and we have advanced, while many in India are still bathing in the filthy Ganges river and riding bicycles down dirt roads hoping that their revered god Hanuman might step off his pedestal and show the world his devotion to his king Ram. Here in America, we don’t honor kings, queens, princes, or princesses, and we certainly don’t worship presidents as sacred. We honor private property and our right to have it, and such psychological investments has made America a superior culture that is the envy of collectivists all over the world, because they have been left behind, and can only hope that infiltrators on behalf of Hanuman can deceive America into reverting back to huts and dirt roads by the shape shifting abilities of President Obama taking orders from the monkey-god that resides in his pocket to destroy any culture that is not collectivists by nature.


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Sharks on Welfare: Why gangs form in poor neighborhoods

The Discovery Channel  is about to celebrate their 25th year of presenting Shark Week on their popular television weeklong event. In front of that celebration a friend of mine suggested that sharks were a wonderful way to illustrate the merits of social engineering failures that have occurred among human beings. His reasoning was that sharks were a brutal prehistoric oriented species of sea life that are born violent hunters which make them a fascinating study. Their desire to hunt and destroy is natural. But what if they could be taught not to eat people? That would be a wonderful thing that would save many arms, legs and lives if only we could convince sharks from wanting to destroy the human population with mindless hunger simply to fill their bellies.

Well, as my friend suggested one possible solution for the sharks would be to go on a welfare program similar to what human beings use in their societies. If the sharks were just given food instead of developing their hunter instincts to track it down themselves, they might become “nicer.” Because looking at the life of sharks the way a progressive does, the reason that sharks are so mean is because they are always hunting for food. If someone just gave them food, they wouldn’t be so angry all the time, and wouldn’t desire to eat people at beaches.

If there were a welfare system for sharks, human beings could just feed them everyday to purchase peace. The sharks would learn that when the boats came, the boats would bring food, so the sharks would be inclined to stay away from the beaches where human beings enjoyed swimming. The sharks wouldn’t have to be so vicious having to compete with other sea life for food because the food would come to them. This would save the lives of millions of other fish and sharks in the ocean and of course the human beings who wished to swim in the ocean.

That makes perfect sense—if you’re a progressive liberal. Unfortunately, the fate of such a program would be the same as what has happened in the areas where welfare among humans occur. On land, the people on welfare become placated and unaggressive. They typically wait for their check to arrive in the mail so they can eat. But in their complacency they don’t tend to pass on good traits to their young. The youngsters not naturally desiring to wait for the check to arrive in the mail try to take their lives in their own hands and develop gangs to fight over the limited resources available in their communities that are built by placated adults fed by government. Much of the violence of gang behavior can be traced back to the creation of welfare, and the limited movement of the human population in ranges of thinking. That is the side effect of the human species that has lost its ability to fight for its survival. A welfare society becomes lazy, and inept.

Among the sharks, the unforeseen tragedy would be that the sharks would begin to travel in packs along the paths of the boats that brought food to them. Sharks being a solitary species would adjust their nature to that of collectivity passively waiting for the boats to bring them food. The younger sharks that hadn’t lost their desire to hunt would gather up in packs and attack the boats on occasion to take all the food destined for the rest of their shark society. But peace would be maintained for the most part, so long as the human population kept the sharks fed.

But what would happen if the food ran out? Or what would happen if the sharks became obese, and developed the need to eat more food than the humans could provide? What if it took two boats to feed a pack of sharks that used to take only one? That’s when the sharks would begin to attack humans again. But this time instead of only being solitary hunters, the sharks would attack in mass. On land in the human communities, this activity is called “protests.” Humans protest when the government doesn’t give them the amount of food they think they should have.

Sharks would do this as well when the boats did not bring enough food to keep them fat, dumb, and happy. It would become increasingly impossible to fulfill the expectations of the shark populations all over the world, because there would not be enough food to give the sharks.

This is what happens when progressives inject their “feel good” theories of social engineering into the natural world. They intend to do well, by feeding the sharks; to keep the human population from being eaten. But instead, the progressive makes the human population slaves to the sharks by spending all their time trying to catch free food to keep the sharks at bay. Inadvertently the sharks become a collective based society that becomes even more dangerous if they are enraged making the risk for future violence much more serious. Also within the shark society the progressive has created a rift within the young and the old. The old are happy to be fed since they have learned to let the food come to them. The young functioning from their youthful instincts wants to catch something and prove their worth, so they incorporate the collectivity taught to them by their parents and mix it with their natural impulse for violence—so they form gangs of sharks that are far more dangerous than what the single sharks used to be.

This is what humans have done to their own society. The creation of welfare was intended to be a helping hand to those less fortunate. But instead, it has created a society of lazy humans that have collected in mass in locations where free things are given to them to appease their natural aggressiveness. Welfare has created the culture of gangs that terrorize inner cities and the drug trade that is the lifeblood of such violence. The gangs created something in a desperate desire from limited resources within the welfare culture to gain something valuable. In a society where the limited resources are driven by how much food is on the feed boats the only way to advance in such a society is by inventing something else that has value. In the human case, it is drugs and illegal activity that creates an alternative economy within the welfare state. The ultimate villain is the welfare system because it is what robbed people of their ambition, and the desire to “create” wealth making them dependents on the suppliers of the welfare checks.

The sharks being dependents on the food supply of the boats would become far more dangerous as a collective unit who could then “collectively bargain” to gain more food from the boats. And if they didn’t get the food, they could protest against the boats threatening to kill all on board. So the humans trying to save the lives and legs of other human beings inadvertently would have created a much more dangerous species of shark by attempting to put the sharks on a welfare system. The appeasement would only be temporary, and might in fact keep the sharks from the beaches where humans like to swim. But ultimately, the sharks would become much more dangerous than they ever were as solitary hunters. As a collective herd of sharks, they could demand all the food they could eat, and if that food could not be supplied, they’d have the power to hunt down and destroy with much greater capacity many more humans than ever before. And it would all have started with the good intention of giving the sharks food for free in the hope that they would become less dangerous.


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1-40 Tunnels: Explaining the next phase

I have to address a couple matters, one is fun, and the other is a clarification. First off, the picture shown here is the twin tunnels on I-40 in North Carolina just 4 miles south of the Tennessee border. For those in the media who are reading the advance copies of my new novel and have read the very exciting scene involving the roadblock at the twin tunnels, that scene takes place on the other side of that mountain at the mouth of those two tunnels. It is easy to see why the gunfire and explosions caused so much trouble when you observe how rugged the landscape is in that region.

I put that picture up because currently road crews are closing that tunnel at night diverting traffic through a service road so that the tunnel can undergo much-needed maintenance. For those who have read the novel, the kind of thing that happens in the story is a serious threat in that area, and requires constant maintenance. For those who have not read that scene, you will soon find out. Loud noises and violent behavior are not good for such areas. But it’s a fun fact of the novel to know that such an extreme occurrence is quite possible, and care must be constantly taken to avoid such catastrophes.

The other thing is attached to my new book as well. Some of my readers here–people I respect a great deal–are concerned that I may lose my credibility with the school levy issues by appearing self-serving because of all my promotional efforts over my new book. This deserves a bit of explanation that is needed at this point for my readers who visit Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom every day. To begin, a reminder of what my life was like before I got personally involved in the Lakota Levy in 2010 needs to be seen. The video below is a sample of the kind of life I lived before joining forces with the people who would eventually make up No Lakota Levy to defeat those tax increases. The efforts of my previous book, and several film festivals along with my other exertion in a professional sense had me constantly on the road, going to award shows, trade shows, and many other adventures that come as part of that life, which I put on hold to help solve community issues.

In 2010 I put aside some of these fun occupational endeavors and took a few years to contribute something to the battle that is raging in our nation. I started helping local liberty groups where I could, as I still do. I started this blog site as a way to offset the information that the newspapers wouldn’t cover, and I took on the Lakota School Levy because it was a lie being told on the backs of children, and looked to be devastating to a community I grew up in, and is currently in my hands to protect. I was between books anyway completing The Symposium of Justice in 2004, and was writing Tail of the Dragon and doing my research to make that manuscript into a saleable story that American Book Publishing would eventually pick up.

Working around progressive entertainment types I knew what kinds of things pro tax advocates would attack in my character, so when the Enquirer did the article about me featuring my whip work, I knew how the politics would play out. Believe me; it was very much by design. The pro tax people ridiculed my use of whips which helped me figure out who was who. I used that information to my advantage. I didn’t fight those levies to be mean, or destructive. I did it because it was the right thing to do. My ultimate message was the importance of traditional values versus progressive values being taught in school, and I didn’t then nor in the future wish to pay higher taxes for a “progressive” education. I could have went around the country doing dozens of whip shows trying to promote traditional values, or I could do the unthinkable and apply those skills to explaining Keynesian economics which is how public schools function much to their own detriment. Of course I chose the latter.

Before the start of the last levy campaign I told my friends in No Lakota Levy that I had a book coming out in 2012, and they needed to find another spokesman for the levy fighting effort. I told them I’d still fight the levy, but I didn’t think it would be right to do media stuff for my book, and do media stuff against the levy, because the mixture would appear self-serving. For that very reason I avoided any elected offices, even though many wanted me to volunteer, because when Tail of the Dragon was ready to come out, I would have to put my effort behind that promotional endeavor, and being formerly involved in Tea Parties and other official positions while promoting a book is tacky. I don’t like it when others do it, so I sure wasn’t about to do it myself. I hoped that after two solid years of fighting levies that other people had learned how to do it, and could become the face of those efforts in the future.

In February of 2012 it was time to make a change which had been talked about ahead of time, so I picked the fight that would bring all the rats to the surface so everyone could see who was hiding where. The pro tax supporters conducted a negative survey against me outside a local Kroger store, so the time to act was then. I let my anger go, because it was well justified and it created the opportunity I needed to take this next step. This allowed new people at No Lakota Levy to pick up the baton and carry on. I of course would continue to cover things as I had, but I needed the freedom to move on to book promotion mode.

I know people who successfully have their hands in everything, but I’m not like that. I enjoy my time to myself, so I don’t like being too busy. If I’m going to promote a book, I’ll put my effort into it, since it’s something I already believe in. When the time comes to fight for another community issue, I’ll be there. If the group we have in place is not ready, then I’ll assemble another one to meet the challenge. It’s that simple. But life is always in motion, and especially at my age, it is very busy.

A lot of people on the inside believe that Tail of the Dragon will do well. They believe it’s a very good book, and I am inclined to agree. But you just never know. The public may reject it, the timing may not be right, there could be problems. Any number of things can happen, and they often do. I hope the book does well, because if it does I will get the chance to write a book I’ve been thinking about for over ten years, called The Trial of Fletcher Finnegan. That book looks to be well over 1 million words. It will be considerably larger than Atlas Shrugged and will be quite an effort. I will need a good showing out of Tail of the Dragon to free my time up enough to be able to write the new book because it will be an exclusive task of mine for a number of years.

So I am putting out a lot of promotional material. These days, that’s how it’s done. For my daily readers, some of which have already read and loved the book, they are getting tired of seeing all my promotional stuff, because they’ve already been there and done it. It’s a good memory for them, but it isn’t new any longer. But for many people every day who come here for the first time, I put those ads up for them. Today alone I have multiple readers from 13 different countries ranging from Sweden, Romania, and Saudi Arabia to New Zealand and Australia. This is pretty normal, and as it would be thought that these readers are tuning in to see what happened in the Colorado shooting, ironically most of the views come from my articles about school levies. All those countries mentioned each had more than 10 hits each, so the Tail of the Dragon ads are important to gaining international exposure. Even though my daily readers are used to the Tail of the Dragon cover and blurbs, many of these international readers are just seeing them for the first time.

If I were in an elected office, or was an official spokesman paid by someone else to represent a product, I wouldn’t cross promote my personal projects with Lakota stories, or political material concerning the presidential election. But the fact of the matter is that I have deliberately made myself free of those obligations so I can do what I have been planning for quite some time. At this time there isn’t a levy at Lakota to fight, and there are plenty of ground troops in the liberty groups to handle the administrative stuff. I do my part in giving a local voice to many contemporary issues that get missed in the mainstream media outlets, stuff the liberty groups need to advance their positions, being someone who can untangle the complicated web of modern politics so it’s easy for others to see.

I offer the work at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom for free, because there is a need for it. If I make money it is not from memberships, or any donation. It will be because someone bought a book of mine. I work through many of the problems that will be in future stories by putting my thoughts and notes up for all to see, so I can refine those thoughts into more articulate works in actual books in the future. A good portion of these articles are my personal notes that I share for the development of ideas. I figure that if I need to resolve my thoughts on a matter than others do as well, so by putting the articles on this forum, I hope they help others.

But I don’t formally belong to any groups so I can have the freedom to pursue my own path, so that I cannot be accused of indulging in self-serving messages. Once the novel comes out, I may change that, but for the time being, that’s the way it has to be due to the nature of public relations. I support many groups, and I may attend their meetings. However to avoid the accusations of being self-serving, I keep my involvement limited to a supportive role. For me the most supportive role I can think of is to help frame the argument so others can see it clearly, and act on it. I had an open window between projects to offer myself publicly to controversial subjects, and I will have an open window again. But as of now that window is closed. That does not mean I will not write and contribute articles for analysis as I have, but my official spokesman roles for those endeavors will have to be on hold till my window opens once again.

I hope that clears things up for those who were wondering. It is much easier to answer the question this way as opposed to separate emails. When it comes to these kinds of things, constant reinvention of roles is very important so that stagnation does not set in. When you get a chance to work on a project that has national exposure, you take it, because the results will be useful later.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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The Banality of Evil: Why Joe Paterno is just as terrible as Barack Obama and Adolph Eichmann

Hannah Arndt upon witnessing the trial of Adolph Eichmann, one of the Holocaust organizers against the Jewish people, was shocked that Eichmann did not appear in public to be a vile monster oozing desire for death and mayhem. Instead, he maintained an apparent, “everydayness” that shocked her, leaving her to conclude that evil does not come from malevolence or a delight in doing wrong. Instead she suggested the reasons people act in such a way is that they fall victim to failures in thinking and judgments. In Eichmann’s situation he allowed himself to believe that by killing Jews, he was doing good-by the Nazi Party. Killing a millions of Jews made tens of millions of Germans happy, so he rationalized his sinister actions as party loyalty. As ridiculous as that sounds such evil is not regulated to an event long ago, in a far away land. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh, recently released a report that shows Penn State coaching legend Joe Paterno and the rest of university leadership knew that former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky was anally raping young boys and they conspired to cover it up from the public to protect the university.

The crimes against children advocated by a major college university is a very serious crime. Yet, Penn State is not alone. At this very moment, many such crimes are being committed right now, and many people know about it, and like Joe Paterno, they will put the good of the institutions they serve ahead of their individual sense of right and wrong. This essentially is no different from what Adolph Eichmann was doing as a founder of the Holocaust death camps. When Joe Paterno spoke, people listened, and to this very day hundreds of thousands of people are shattered to learn that a person they looked up to let them down, and they are seeking to rationalize Paterno’s evil with the same observations that Hannah Arndt observed.

The evil at Penn State began with a sick lust for pedophilia by the defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. The Freeh report shows that the entire university knew about the crimes, yet their approach was to cover it up and quietly remove Sandusky from the public eye allowing him to retire hoping the scandal would disappear. The leadership at Penn State was afraid of the loss of enrollment into their school if such a public relations nightmare escaped their control. It is well-known that colleges depend on college sports to justify their extraordinary social costs in tax money consumed and actual services offered to society. Through sports, colleges unify their students, the parents and the communities who pay the taxes into a sense of collectivism that rationalizes evil in favor of the institutional success.

Unforgivable evils are committed when institutions and their sanctity surpass the value of an individual. Paterno no matter what he felt about the anal rapes of young boys in the showers just outside of his office placed the value of Penn State above the value of the boys being raped. Every member of Penn State leadership contributed to the evil by seeking ways to cover up Sandusky’s acts instead of helping the young boys, because to them, they were following the concept of Marxism, the needs of the many out-weigh the needs of the few. It was Spock who said that in the Star Trek film The Wrath of Khan, which is the contemporary example of Jeremy Bentham’s 1789 book The Principles of Morals and Legislation where he states all social and political decisions should be made with the aim of achieving the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people. Bentham’s premise is collectivism, Spock’s premise is collectivism, and Paterno’s premise is collectivism. All believe that the evils committed against individuals do not outweigh the survival of the collective institution.

In the Penn State case officials had been taught all their lives to regard such examples of collectivism as an honorable thing and are dumbfounded as to how to respond Sandusky’s antics. Do they suspend Penn State from the juggernaut Big Ten football participation? If they do that what will happen to all the revenue attached to Penn State Football, or even the Big Ten? Even officials in the NCAA are willing to look the other way to save their institutional commitment to Big Ten Football. They will do something now that the FBI forced their hand, but prior to all this, they looked the other way. Everyone knew about Jerry Sandusky’s obsession with little boys, that’s why nobody offered him a football job after he retired. ESPN is in the same boat. They make their livings talking about the great distraction of sports, and such scandals might turn people away from sports, which could seriously harm revenue.

Right now It’s well known that President Obama is undoing America. Since he took office American wealth has declined by 40%! Obama because of a commitment to his biological father’s beliefs in anti colonialism is committed to the big idea of leveling America from a wealth standpoint so that Brazil, Venezuela and other small countries can thrive. Being a globalist, Obama trusts the institution of government as the means to equalize the world. He does not consider the impact on individual American lives, or even the life of America as a country. He is a global citizen, who is concerned about the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people.

Coming back around to why Obama is evil for destroying America, or Paterno is evil for hiding crimes to preserve the university, or Eichmann was evil for killing Jews, they all share in common a commitment to collectivism where their evil is justified by their dedication to making the greatest number of people happy. For Paterno, what made people the most happy, a football win on a cool Saturday afternoon against a Big Ten rival or seeing one of their beloved icons going to jail for raping little boys. The answer is in his actions, and because he tried to make people happy, they loved him for it—even to the extent of being in denial that one of their personal heroes committed evil.

Evil is seldom ever as pronounced as the villains we see in our movies and read in our books. It would be nice if they wore scary masks and spoke with sinister tongues so we could know that they are evil people. Hannah Arndt believed that she would see in Eichmann a monster during his trial, but instead she saw another human being eerily similar to herself, which was a frightening prospect. It’s frightening because we all want to know we’d be able to identify evil if it confronts us, and when people we think are good turn out to do evil, vile things, it leaves an unsettling feeling that disrupts our happiness greatly.

The unlikely indicator of evil is not to look for it in menacing social features, but in the actions of the people being observed. The chances are very great that if a person tends to serve institutions before their own interests, they have a tendency toward evil. If a person rationalizes the sins of singular acts by placing focus on a collective whole, then evil is the motivator. Evil lives and breathes in collectivism. Jerry Sandusky had a charity not for the sake of helping young men, but as a way to bring young men to his pedophilic desires. And Joe Paterno knew about Sandusky’s exploits and chose the happiness of the greatest number instead of rights of individuals. That’s why Joe Paterno is just as evil as Adolph Eichmann, or Barack Obama—because all these evil people seek personal redemption through collective salvation—which is the pathway to hell, paved with good intentions.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Arlington Heights Police Hide: Crimes hidden behind a veil of fear

If there was any doubt that the whole intention of the Arlington Heights Police force was to make money for the cronyism being conducted at the mayor’s court, then those suspicions can be put to rest. Within hours of Brendan Keefe’s I-Team report on the money being robbed from the mayor’s court generated by traffic citations, Arlington Heights announced that they would be suspending their radar enforcement along I-75. Such a move is the clear indicator of what the purpose of speed enforcement had always been—and that was to generate extra money that Arlington Heights used to balance their community budget, and to skim some off the top for personal use.

The same tricks that the public employees of Arlington Heights used in the wake of this announcement are the same ones that the public employees use in our local schools. Arlington Heights police have declared that due to the public outcry over the corruption going on within the police department and mayor’s court, that the highways would be “less safe” without the aggressive speed enforcement that has taken place in that area for many years. Such a comment sounds exactly like the statements made by public education officials when they come under fire for a controversy.

Suddenly public employees working for Arlington Heights and the other satellite districts are concerned that the same light of investigation might shine their way and were angry at Brendan Keefe for telling the story declaring that he was intentionally trying to place innocent people in danger by removing cops off the street. These fear tacticians of public employment always use the same methods, and when they get caught doing something wrong rely on “public safety” as their reason for existence. They will argue that without their work society will somehow fall off the face of the earth. They imply that they should be immune from public scrutiny because their jobs are “essential” to public welfare.

When that method does not work the public employees and their supporters will refer to their critics as “angry” people. They will say that Brendan Keefe is angry at the police which was why he did the investigation to begin with. They hope to apply pressure on him to not conduct such investigations in the future. I have personally heard every version of the “angry guy” defense from public employees due to my constant pressure over public education issues that cost a lot of tax money and hide many crimes putting institutional credence of the collective over individual liberty with often devastating results. For a sample, check out the City Beat article they did about me recently and notice the tone of their article, the slant they chose to use as a way to paint me in a negative way.

It is unlikely that the writers at City Beat working closely with Michael Clark at the Cincinnati Enquirer read from a progressive playbook when they wrote their article about me. Instead they worked from their cultural understanding which is in part shaped by the types of public employees working in Arlington Heights, or virtually any public school. The intention of the City Beat article was to point out to the more “progressive” thinkers in our society that I am a crazy out-of-touch cowboy wearing, whip cracker who has crossed the line and lost all his friends. The belief of those who wrote and participated in that article was that I’d be labeled a lone loon for all my days. Of a particular note, many of my political enemies describe my articles as “rants” that are too long winded. The truth to their comments is that they cannot match those articles with equal thoughts of their own, so they resort to calling them “rants” in an attempt to diminish the content and steer people away from the material I present.

The truth behind many of these news organizations both legitimate and entertainment oriented like City Beat is that they HATE Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom because they cannot dispute the articles I write there. They also cannot compete. People have asked me if I was angry at Michael Clark for the way he attempted to portray me and I replied that I’m not. All the parties behaved exactly as they were supposed to, and was planned out well in advance.  Clark was under pressure from Lakota Schools to not give me so much media coverage because the school could not match me in interviews. With all the changes at the Enquirer, Clark is fighting for his job. Unfortunately traditional papers view my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom as competition, and their writers get frustrated that they are not allowed to cover the news aggressively. They cannot do as I do which is report the wages, and corruption that has went on in the schools, because the editorial department is more concerned about covering up the ugly stories in favor of telling the happy ones. This is why The Enquirer and City Beat is seeing declining readership because more and more people are getting their news from internet sources—like my blog site. So they took a shot at me, and they missed terribly.

The gamble from The Enquirer and City Beat working with the Lakota School System was to cause me so much embarrassment that I would reel from the public pressure. What they didn’t know was that most people in my community thought the exact same things as I did, and had been waiting for many years for someone to say what they were already thinking. Once I had put words to the thoughts of over 20,000 stressed out tax payers, the realization had come that the plan had backfired. For many reasons related to the events of the City Beat story, Lakota pulled their levy plans in much the same way that the Arlington Police Department pulled their patrols cars from continuing with their controversial speed trap.

The goal of the social ridicule is to prevent people like Brendan Keefe from investigating the crimes that are committed right under everyone’s nose. Most people know these crimes are being done, but they have been conditioned by ridicule to keep their mouths shut, because they don’t want to be scorned the way I was in City Beat, or the Enquirer. I was told when I wrote my controversial articles that “they” would come after me. I was told this by my friends who were very politically savvy. My response was that I invited the attack, because I was tired of dancing around the issue and wanted to strike first for a change instead of reacting to the acts of others. I estimated that people would appreciate my comments because nobody says things like that, but everyone thinks them. I thought it was time to put the thoughts on the table so the levy advocate people would know what society thought about them. The news articles attempted to paint me as a crazy radical in the hopes that the people who read me would feel the guilt of their own thoughts and would push deep down inside their own opinions, which mirrored my own. As it turned out, I was right and my political opponents were wrong.

If Brendan Keefe at Channel 9 News had not had the guts to investigate the story at Arlington Heights, the cops would still be pillaging motorists with immunity, just as they have for over a decade. Thankfully, Brendan is taking the criticism from the public employee out-cry over safety boldly. The public employees involved in this Arlington Heights case hope to knock Brendan down as a warning to other reporters who might dig too deeply. If Channel 9 sticks behind Brendan’s reporting they will discover that more viewers will tune in to 9 News than will turn away, and politicians will suddenly run for cover when they see Brendan coming. That’s how you know who the bad guys are, and what they’re up to—they are the ones who hide when someone turns on the lights. They are also the ones who declare foul when someone calls them on their crimes. The network of sinister nepotism is revealed when the cries for public ridicule erupts as it is now in Arlington Heights. The guilty parties are the ones who cry foul the loudest.

I have given just a couple of examples of what happens when corrupt organizations are revealed for what they truly are. Those who are up to no good will avoid the questions and attempt to attack the investigator with social disgrace. But if the investigator does not care about the public disgrace, they will find that corruption cannot defend their positions and must surrender. This power has always been in the hands of the press, but they have not used it. Instead they have climbed into bed with corruption by allowing it to continue without doing their jobs. They elected to play nicely with those who are up to no good, instead of holding their feet to the fire. Bad politicians, bad companies, and bad people have been allowed to feed off the good and innocent for too long because people in general—particularly in the press—lack personal courage, and care too much what others think of them. They do not want to suffer through the unpleasant ordeal of not being “liked,” so they stay away from controversy. But, the rewards in this life are in the controversy as long as the investigator is moral, and after the truth for the sake of truth.

The world would be so much better if there were more people like Brendan Keefe. Politicians wouldn’t be so quick to openly steal from tax payers, and cops wouldn’t feel they can use speed traps as their personal ATM machine. Bad people would not be so quick to exploit the weak and innocent. In the case of our modern times, all it takes for evil to prosper, is for good people to do nothing, which is how Arlington Heights and other public organizations for generations have openly looted the American public making government the joke of social conversation. But that conversation stayed away from public discourse because most people feel they weren’t allowed to say as much for fear of being singled out with derision.

My advice to everyone reading this is to break the unspoken rules of “proper” behavior and let the scum bags of this world know what they are. Don’t let them hide behind fancy titles, and thick office doors. Don’t listen to their lies, and be angry at yourself latter for not having the courage to say something when it mattered. As shown all it takes is a demand for the truth to take the cops off the highways of their extortion racket in Arlington Heights. The truth can stop a public school with a multi-million dollar budget and the thick claws organized labor running deep within it. The truth can bring down presidents, Department of Justice employees, company CEO’s or even the highest ranking military official, because the truth is more powerful in a society of scum bags than all the guns of the world. Yet people don’t use the truth because they fear being made fun of—or being called names in public. And they don’t tend to rant with long blog postings of their own because they are afraid some punk 25-year-old bar hopping kid at City Beat might put the Latin word (sic) after the improper use of ‘s in the word “husband’s” instead of “husbands.” They worry that someone might say they cannot write, or that their opinion is silly, and “uneducated.” They do not trust their inner most thoughts that scream for action when society has said to contain those emotions. It was society that created these laws so the unjust among us can escape their crimes as they did in Arlington Heights for decades openly stealing from thousands of people without a single person standing up for themselves until Brendan Keefe came to the small town with his microphone and his TV camera and wasn’t afraid to use it. Once he did, the guilty scrambled for cover and attempted to hide their actions from the eyes of the public, but discovered too late that they were already caught. If more good people acted this way, it would only take a fraction of them to remove from all of society most of the evil that currently thrives like a parasitic organism against all that is right in the world. All that is needed to defeat the kind of corruption going on in Arlington Heights is the truth, and for people to not be afraid to speak it, or act on it.

Oh, and Danny Cross, author of the City Beat article against me I can use the word (sic) too. Danny wrote:

Local angry guy Rich Hoffman should have stuck closer to the Glen (sic) Beck style that made Butler County Tea Partiers like him — too much Rush Limbaugh got the bull whip performer ousted today by the local organization he helped start.

Just in case you didn’t know it Danny, you spelled Glenn’s name incorrectly. And you can’t be ousted by an organization that you run. People may turn away from you, but you can’t be fired. That’s why all the information I put up on the school levies are still online and I have more supporters behind me now than I did before that Enquirer article came out. That’s what you call, “smart” marketing, kid.


This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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Highway Robbery in Arlington Heights: Thank goodness for Brendan Keefe

Not all cops are bad.  But a fair percentage are, and for over 10 years in front of everyone’s eyes the small community of Arlington Heights, Ohio—the land between the north and southbound lanes of I-75 just south of the GE Evendale plant–have been handing out 20 times the number of traffic citations for a Ohio community and employees of the police and court system have been pocketing the money to take elaborate vacations and buy expensive cars.  In some cases the money went to buying girl friends large rings and other extravagances all on the backs of traffic citations.  Brendan Keefe of Channel 9 News did an I-Team investigation on this issue which can be seen at the video and link below.  The information I just stated are leaks of the kind of items that the money stolen from traffic citation money was spent on.  Some of that information will soon come out from a special audit conducted by David Yost which is now in the hands of Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters who will bring the case before a grand jury at the end of July.  Based on early indications a mother and her daughter who worked as the clerk of courts will be charged for the theft.

It is because of a few courageous individuals that this case is even being talked about.  Most of the time, a crime of such open theft of public money is not as egregiously abused as it has been in this case in Arlington Heights. Every community has its share of bad apples and crooked cops.  But the important thing to understand is that society must always be on the lookout for these scoundrels and understand that they are a constant menace to society.  It is because of these “bad apples” that government can never be trusted completely to do anything, because there will always be a number of employees who work within any system who will lie, cheat, and steal to feather their own nests at the expense of others.

Because of the threat of such people, good people must always keep a watchful eye out for these scum bags so that they don’t abuse their power.  Often however, even the good are powerless to do anything about such crimes as is the case in Arlington Heights where the theft was participated in by many public employees, so there was no desire to stop the thieving behavior.   Way back in 2002 police Chief Mark Groteke began questioning where all the money being taken in from traffic citations was going—because it wasn’t making it to the Mayors Court bank account.  He attempted to blow the whistle in a letter to the mayor at the time, but there was no desire to investigate the crimes.  The obvious reason was because the traffic court in Arlington Heights was using fines collected from traffic citations as their personal ATM machines, and simply pocketed the money as supplemental income. 

The irony for me upon hearing this story is that the Arlington Heights case virtually mirrors the plotline of my newest book Tail of the Dragon which deals with this very issue of police abusing motorists in order to raise money for their personal interests.  In my story they pick on the wrong guy, and all hell breaks loose.  But in real life, it appears that the people who live in Arlington Heights were too afraid of the local police to call them out on the scam, because it seems the entire neighborhood knew about the situation and did nothing about it. 

Thousands upon thousands of motorists were pulled over by Arlington Heights police, showed up to pay their fines with cash, check or credit card.  Most people suspect that the citation scam on most any roadway in the nation is simply designed to generate revenue for the local courts, but the proof is often hard to validate because it is law enforcement that would have to carry out the investigation.  In Ohio a portion of all fines generated go to the state and according to records state auditors noticed that $40,654 was missing.  Based on the knowledge of the state share in the potential fines, this is how it was discovered that $262,000 was completely missing from the Arlington Heights Mayors Court accounting.

According to former police chief Groteke Arlington Heights officers would take the deposits collected from the mayor’s court to the bank.  Most of the time the money was in the form of checks and money orders, but sometimes it was in cash.  He discovered when he would issue arrest warrants for suspects he had on record who had not paid their fines, that when arrested, they would declare that they were innocent and had paid their tickets in cash.  That’s when he realized that the cash had been stolen by public employees with access to the funds from the mayor’s court. 

The situation in Arlington Heights is one of the most grotesque in the entire nation.  The abuse is obvious, and everyone has known about it.  It’s a story breaking now because Brendan Keefe went to the trouble to do a very good investigation.  But even in this very obvious situation, public employees from the mayor all the way down to traffic cop covered it up for over a decade.  In most small towns, and big cities, crimes every bit as audacious as what has been happening in Arlington Heights are going on right now, and the crimes happened because there is nowhere to turn, no law to trust—as cops are for most people the highest authority they deal with.  So when a cop pulls over a driver for a traffic violation under the guise of safety, the driver has no choice but to pay the money if they are told.  If the driver refuses they will be forced to pay the money one way or the other because the legal system will turn its might against them until they get their money from the driver. 

The Arlington Heights situation is proof that traffic court is not about safety, and it is not about law enforcement.  Traffic court is about generating revenue for the court system, the attorneys, the insurance companies and the politicians who write the laws that are meant to be enforced.  The law enforcement officers can then pull over anyone they wish since no one person can possibly know if they are in violation of a law or not, so virtually all people everywhere are potential targets of this massive extortion scheme.  In Arlington Heights the law enforcement officers took the whole process one step too far too many times for too many years.  They actually took money out of the bank deposits so that the parasites upstream didn’t get their take of the loot.  It appears that when police officers needed more money for a new car, or a vacation, they simply pulled over more people so they could collect fines on the record or off the record in the form of pay-offs. 

The worst aspect of this story is that the evidence of power abuse is obvious, yet it is these very same people who would go door to door under issues of martial law and are supposed to be trusted with our lives and property who have committed these acts.  It is obvious that law enforcement cannot be trusted with such responsibility and should never be given authority under any circumstance.  This is what the NDAA Act does which President Obama signed into law on New Year’s Eve this past year, he gave law enforcement complete authority over every American life upon his command—and it is these types of people who will abuse such a power without fear.  In this case the primary thieves appear to be a mother—daughter team employed as clerks in the court.  But the police officers are the ones who did the pulling over, and the courts processed the citations even when alarms were being raised by the police chief. 

In the end it isn’t just a mother and daughter clerk of courts who robbed thousands of dollars from the citizens in and around Arlington Heights.  This case is about the crimes that come wherever the money tree of taxes grow.  Everyone wants to shake that tree of everything it has and they expect new fruit to always appear no matter how hard they shake it.  Without question this story goes well beyond the clerk of courts employees who will be charged.  They are simply the parts of the story that can be proven in the paper trail.  No prosecutor in their right mind would dig too deeply, since similar scandals are most likely happening right in their very offices right now.  So in this Arlington Heights case it will be the employees in the clerk of courts office who pay most dearly, perhaps even the mayor.  Everyone else will cover their ass and lay low for a while before attempting to take to the streets yet again to churn up the money machine that is the traffic writing citation industry. 

This story would have went nowhere if not for Brendan Keefe at Channel 9 news and the very good I-Team reporting that they do there.  It would be wonderful if every reporter was like Brendan.  (SEE HIS GREAT STORY ON SUPERINTENDENTS HERE) If there were more reporters doing the kind of investigative reporting shown in that I-Team report, corruption in government would be a rarity, rather than a common activity.  Instead, corruption is rampant as a majority of society—reporters included—hide in the shadows and allow sinister behavior to perpetuate unchecked.  That is how Arlington Heights has managed to use traffic citations for over a decade as their personal ATM machines using unjust taxation to supplement their very lucrative public employee incomes.


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Why Americans Love the Bald Eagle: The crows, buzzards, and ducks of our government

I have always had a conflict when watching air shows at the concept of formation flying.  Of course this idea of formation flying comes from watching birds like geese flying in a triangular pattern.  Mankind wishing to fly adopted this tendency, so when airplanes were invented, we executed the practice in reality.  The trouble is flying; or rather the romance of it is a solitary endeavor.  It’s an achievement of mankind’s success to be able to take to the skies and reach for the heavens under the power of a machine invented in the mind of man. 


But as any game hunter will tell you who are hunting ducks, or geese, they love the tendency of those collective oriented birds to fly in formation because it makes them easier to shoot down.  When I look at a duck, or a goose, I do not think of independence or the freedom of flight.  I just see a stupid creature that travels in packs blindly following a leader and I despise such creatures.  When I look up into the sky and see a flock of birds flying about I do not have envy of any kind for them, even though they have the added dimension of flight in their physical abilities.  I see them as unintelligent, just as I do when I see human beings behaving in flocks on the ground. 

This is why America adopted the American Bald Eagle on June 20th 1782 as its national symbol.  The bald eagle was a large creature that had a solitary nature and once they found a mate they stayed together until one died.  Eagles are strong, they can fly up to10,000 feet and are at the top of the food chain regarding the bird species.  They resembled the idea of what an American is.  Because of these traits they were adopted as a national symbol for America.

Eagles are not collectivists.  They don’t even migrate with their young, and often not even with their mates.  Eagles tend not to nest near other eagles unlike buzzards and other collective oriented raptors.  Eagles spend most of their time alone and like it that way.  It would simply be an insult to come to a tree full of eagles hanging around socializing and waiting for something to eat.  Such a thing just does not happen in nature.   If such a thing were to be seen it would cheapen eagles dramatically. 

The reason we do not respect crows, buzzards, geese, ducks and dozens of other bird species is because we innately see them as a weaker class due to their tendency toward collectivism.  If an eagle were to be shot by a hunter with the same gun that had just killed a buzzard even though both raptors are large and majestic, we would feel a profound sadness for killing the eagle, and probably nothing much for killing the buzzard.

Human beings see such creatures as buzzards and crows as predatory scavengers who wait for something to die so that they can swoop down and eat a carcass.  They are nature’s welfare recipients.  They are collectivists and we tend to look down our noses at them.

But the blad eagle is a creature that hunts their prey and kills it cleanly—with work and superior speed.  We admire the eagle because they are the best at what they do, and they don’t look for help in doing it.  It is for reasons like this that we admire the bald eagle as representatives of American citizens.  Bald eagles are what Americans know they should strive to become, individual predators for their own welfare.   

This is why I think it is disgraceful to see a flock of American warplanes flying in formation.  When I met the Thunderbird pilots a few years ago at an air show, I did not look at them with awe.  I admired their piloting abilities, but as I shook their hands, I realized that they were simply collectivists who followed orders from their military superior.  They flew in formation like geese and did what they were told.  Because of that, I had less respect for them. 

It is for these reasons that the old Tom Cruise movie Top Gun is still revered as a classic American film.  There’s a bit of Maverick in all of us—the kind of person who wishes to go it alone and march to the beat of their own drummer, to thumb their nose at authority and give them the finger while doing it.  Americans were never intended to fly in formation.  They were not intended to cooperate with the crows, the buzzards and the geese of the world.  Can anyone imagine an eagle sharing its food with a group of buzzards?  How about an eagle sharing its kill with a flock of crows?  What about an eagle plucking off little bits of flesh from a slain fish to feed to a flock of ducks swimming around helplessly on the surface of a lake?  Such thoughts are absurd.  Yet our modern government of ducks, buzzards, and crows proclaim that all the American Eagles of society should do just that. 

In nature, which the tree hugging parasitic hippies seem to worship, the bald eagle would eat the ducks if they got in its way.  They’d slaughter a whole tree of buzzards because the buzzards are individually cowards who do not know how to fight.  And a whole flock of geese could be slain by one eagle should the eagle desire to do so.  This is why Americans are the eagles of the world and why they tend not to be politicians.   Buzzards and crows become politicians, and they have tried to bend nature with rules of their own requiring eagles to hunt for them as they sit in the tree and wait for a dead carcass to be delivered to their feet in the form of taxes. 

No matter how politicians attempt to frame the issue, or Hollywood tries to glorify collectivism, Americans do not like collectivists.  Their favorite movie stars are individuals.  Their favorite movies promote individualism.  And their military heroes are solitary, not collective.  At air shows it is not the acrobatic collectivism that amazes audiences, but the one Marverick in those planes that would break out of formation and shoot down 5 of the enemy all by themselves.  The thought of such a thing are what puts smiles on the faces of the young and old alike.  The reason for it is the same as why America selected the bald eagle as its national symbol.  It is also why progressives would like to change the national symbol from an eagle to a flock of ducks. 

Enjoy your Fourth of July, and honor the eagle with a special respect as you fire off your fireworks defying the law—which has proclaimed them illegal in most states.  The Fourth of July is about honoring the eagle in each of us, and that is not to be taken lightly. 


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The Evil of Obamacare: Insurance actuaries conduct a parasitic symphony

The reality of Obamacare is not that it will help poor people have health insurance even though that’s the way it was sold. It’s about creating more government jobs at the IRS. It’s about creating more college degree positions as insurance actuaries. And it’s about giving near monopoly power to insurance companies. To hear the numbers for yourself listen to Nathan Bachrach from the show Simply Money on 55 KRC speaking with Darryl Parks on 700 WLW.

Government healthcare is about job creation and using tax money to create those jobs. It has nothing to do with healing the sick, but in keeping more people sick longer so that the medical profession can profit off that sickness. Insurance actuaries are one of the fastest growing professions in the United States right now. By looking at the link below it can be seen what they are projected to make each year, and the year to year growth of that industry. The reason for the growth is the government takeover of healthcare or rather the threat of it over the last 20 years.

I personally seldom claim against my insurance. When I get a cut on my skin, I fix it myself. When a tree falls on my house, I take care of it. When my cars are in accidents, I most of the time handle it myself. I do not go to the doctor unless something is really wrong, and I seldom ever get sick. To an insurance actuary I am a gift to the insurance company because I never use it, yet I pay for the service. Insurance companies make most of their money off people like me. Insurance works by having more people pay into a service than they actually use. If more than 25% of the contributors file claims, the insurance company has some serious problems since the payout often well exceeds what individuals have contributed unless they’ve participated in the insurance for a decade or more.

Insurance actuaries help the insurance companies assess these risks so that they can hedge their finances and make a profit. If the insurance provider has too many customers who are high risk, the insurance company will go out of business. When government gets involved such as they did in the 80’s when they mandated car insurance for all drivers, they did not do it for the good of the people, but for the job security of the insurance actuaries who were concerned that the risk of driving a car placed numerous unforeseen statistics into their equations and made profit nearly impossible for the insurance companies who had to compete with other companies in the free market for business. To compete insurance companies had to lower their rates to dangerous levels that did not give the insurance actuaries much to work with on profit forecasts. A good driver could randomly be hit by a bad driver, which completely wrecks the work of the insurance actuary with unpredictability.

Government mandated that all drivers who wished to have the “privilege” of driving in their state purchase insurance so that insurance companies would no longer have to drive down their prices to compete with each other to lure customers. Insurance companies were given an oligopoly of power by state and federal government to guarantee insurance companies a share of all drivers on the roadways so insurance actuaries would have stable numbers to work with in their statistics analysts.

Because the insurance was mandated by the state, insurance companies were able to charge whatever they needed through their oligopoly power. If a high portion of the drivers on the roadways had too many accidents then insurance rates could increase collectively upon the advice of their insurance actuaries to maintain their profits. One insurance company did not have an advantage over another because they were all guaranteed a portion of a state’s driving population. This made life predictable and profitable for insurance companies, and the state governments were also able to make money through their court system by imposing fines (taxes) they otherwise wouldn’t have had—such as the DUI laws designed to generate so much revenue from the courts. All this was the result of extensive lobby power in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. The original villain was insurance actuaries attempting to get stable statistics for the companies they worked for.

Now, as to healthcare, government through public sector unions already has their hands in the nursing profession. They already use Medicaid and Medicare to inject money into the system that it might not have through natural competition which has artificially propped up the level of medical activity. Because of Medicaid and Medicare people use medical services because they can, which really screws up the life of the insurance actuary by wrecking statistic models. On top of that, doctors have been involved with false billing that has really put stress on Medicaid and Medicare since the money is easy to get through the government bureaucracy.

Government has went to a lot of trouble to encourage citizens to take up occupations in the medical industry such as nurses, doctors and everything in between through the university system set up by the Department of Education, and government now has to guarantee that there are jobs for all those people even though it would appear that medicine is moving away from the traditional pharmaceutical treatments and more to regenerative health. Insurance actuators do not like that prospect. They need people to use their service and regenerative health would mean that high cost medical treatments might be a thing of the past. After all, doctors need to have patients, and nurses must care for the sick, otherwise there isn’t any job for those people to do. So insurance actuators aware of this situation have informed their company CEO’s of the danger, and those CEO’s have lobbied congress on K-Street to help bring stability to their industry in these changing times. After all, with the avalanche of an aging United States population coming, they want to keep traditional medicine rolling along to support the financial empires they’ve built the industry into. So they want government to do what they did for auto insurance—they want the government to bring stability to the market for their benefit—so their actuaries will have stable numbers. Once the entire population is mandated to have health insurance, the actuaries will have real numbers to access risk and will be able to adjust their rates according to the demand.

Obamacare is essentially about manipulating the market with “crony” capitalism which is a long way off from the pure capitalism that I talk about all the time. It’s about creating more government jobs that are propped up with tax dollars those jobs would not have access to any other way. And it destroys competition by creating powerful oligopolies in the insurance industry. Insurance companies have traded their independence from government for financial stability and a guaranteed portion of the future business of the aging nation in America. And it all started with insurance actuaries, then lobby power in Washington to manipulate the situation to their advantage using government to do it.

Progressives like Obama have a goal of global government control so the deal works out well for them. By the time the government power is out-of-control within the decade; the people who operate these insurance companies will have taken their money and ran, leaving the mess to the next generation. And it will be done on the backs of people like me who despise insurance, never use insurance, and act out of self-reliance by using preventative medicine that does not require the current medical system who will pay the most.

Obamacare is a scam that takes away competition, takes away innovation, and will create a society of dependent drug induced derelicts seeking to fulfill their prescriptions at Walgreens in massive herds. Obamacare was created by the pharmaceutical lobby in Washington while holding hands with the insurance industry. And greedy politicians seeing a power grab bit down on the trap enslaving the rest of us for centuries to come, all because of the inadvertent evil conducted in the cubical of insurance companies all across America from the computers of the insurance actuary and their desire for safety, security, and “clean” statistics.

Yet again the path to hell is paved with good intentions and a desire for “safety” to help sell to the American population a concept that will ultimately lead to the destruction of everything we value. Insurance is a collective money racket that kills freedom and forces collective salvation. It hides the grim reality that if none of us were forced to purchase insurance of any kind, or pay for Social Security, or Medicare, that we would more than double our yearly incomes and gain the ability to pay cash for those tragedies that come our way instead of relying on predatory insurance companies to do it for us, which is simply a cleverly disguised form of social contract that attaches the weakest of society to the work of the strongest in a vain attempt at utopia leaving us all victims to the very greedy.


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