How the Kardasian’s Saved Their $20 Million Mansion from the Wildfires: Decentralization of all services is the trend of the future

I don’t know much about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Celebrity gossip and trivial nonsense is a massive waste of time and I contribute nothing to that enterprise. I did recently learn that I liked Kanye West because he has emerged over the last few years as a Trump supporter. Other than that, I know they are celebrities and they make their mark in the world on social media. They are of course rich because they serve a role in society of making regular people occupied with foolish behavior so they won’t truly look at the world as Democrats attempt to steal even more counties in California for the House of Representatives, flipping those previously conservative seats. While crimes occurred people marvel at the Kardashian sisters and their beauty and controversy and forget about the low bar nature of their personal lives, which seems to be the only goal of magazines like “People” and other tabloid acts. But I did hear something interesting involving Kim Kardashian and her husband, that they avoided having their $20 million dollar mansion destroyed by the California wildfires in Hidden Valley by employing and maintaining their own fire department. Honestly, I had never heard of this but learned that out of all fire departments in existence a small single digit percentage of them are privately employed. But any would be something I’d consider an extraordinary revelation.

I have been a tremendous critic of public employee tax payer funded centralized organizations culminating with the Senate Bill 5 that Sharon Jones and John Kasich tried to get passed back in 2012. I went all in even though it was dangerous supposedly to piss off your local fire department, police and teachers who were all targeted in that bill to break up the collective bargaining agreements they have as public employees to suck off all our tax money in extraordinary ways without any real management to control the out of control costs. When their obvious banter came back to me that only they had the courage to run into a fire or toward danger while I slept well at night my response was to call bullshit. If I see danger I run to it every time. I love danger, actually I’m obsessed with danger—I go looking for it ever waking hour of my life, so what they were saying to me just didn’t stick. They were doing what they always do as public employees, they tried to use sentiment and a natural fear of danger to asset that we should pay them infinite amounts of money for their public service. Then we are supposed to worship them in every parade and memorial ceremony. And if you feel differently they really develop a bad relationship with you, almost like they’d love to teach you a lesson for daring to challenge their role in society.

I’ve had the same fallout with teachers. When I questioned their ridiculous budgets at my home district of Lakota I had some of those union activists approach me and declare that I couldn’t teach their classes because the effort was too hard. My response to them was that I’d be happy to take them up on that challenge. In fact, I took it even higher, I volunteered to teach four classes all by myself to prove my point, which nobody took me up on. I was quite serious about my proposal. I’m not one of those people who will say, teaching kids in a class is too hard, or that charging a gunman as a police officer is either. And in fighting fires, I think it would be fun to save people and put out fires. I wouldn’t think of it as work, more as a human obligation. So I’m not one who thinks there is great value in those occupations. I think there is value in the tasks, but as large labor unions attached to tax payer money, I think there are better ways to do it.

I’ve often said about teachers that the decentralization of information these days has made them pretty irrelevant. Once children learn to read, write and do math, the public education system pretty much just drags out their baby-sitting service for the next ten years mostly ruining the ambitions of young minds in the process. And police have their role, but more guns in the hands of responsible people is the real answer to crime and punishment. But I never really considered fire fighting as an option to decentralization. I can say that when I’ve been in situations to put out a fire, I’ve always done it myself. And some of them were quite big. I’m not a call the fire department and stand outside and wait kind of guy. I never have been and I never will be. But they do have good equipment and expertise in basic medical care that saves lives, so I have sympathy for their efforts as first responders. They fix a lot of cut up people and people who suffer heart attacks and that can be a tough job to show up at a site and have people always in a state between life and death. But do these people have to work for an international labor union and do they have to be centralized in a community?

So we’ve heard so much about the California wildfires, and how they are destroying so much property. We’ve heard they were caused by global warming and other gods of disaster by liberals who still think that rain dancing and wearing the severed head of an animal as a mask is a viable option to solving problems of drought. And we watch on the news as constrained resources fight these massive fires that just spawn out of control. But then we learn that the Kardasians had their own fire department who built a fire break around their property and kept the fires from destroying their home. Why does a constrained resource have to be so, why can’t such services be decentralized so that quick action can be taken when danger arises? If you can afford it, why limit yourself to a constrained, publicly funded service? Seems kind of dumb to me and obviously most of the wealthy people who lost their homes in places like Malibu could have done the same. Instead, like a bunch of idiots they evacuated and let the professionals do the work of letting everything burn down because they were trying to fight fires everywhere at once and doing very little to actually solve the problem.

This Kardashian example is just another glimpse into the correct future, where public utilities are decentralized, where every home generates its own power, where every home can get anywhere in the world from their driveway, where even food is brought to your door without the added complexity of having to waste time going out and getting it. Already information has been decentralized in our relatively new phones which are essentially not just communication devices with anybody in the world any time of day, but are vast libraries of information and surveillance right in the palm of your hand. I often think of my iPhone as being as powerful as a typical television station was as I grew up. That is also the trend for all these public services. If you have the money, why not have your own fire fighting department to protect your property? It makes sense to me.

But that of course isn’t the message liberals want people to hear. They want more centralized authority and they use these positions, police, fire departments and teachers to make their arguments for more government that they control. But if they were so effective, California wouldn’t burn to the ground the way it has. Most of that damage was quite avoidable and the Kardasians proved it. While the fires were hard to put out, their path can be diverted out and away from valuable property. But because their efforts were too centralized, places like Malibu just burnt to the ground leaving a bunch of celebrities to stand crying in the streets and reminding America why more centralized authority was needed in all fields of endeavor. That is until the Kardasians showed that the whole thing really has been a ruse to sell more socialism from the beginning and that is a very important observation to consider.

Rich Hoffman

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House Bill 228: No more singing in the rain for bad guys

I am extremely proud of the current congress in Ohio as the gavel dropped in the affirmative on House Bill 228. I wasn’t too excited at first as several people were quick to let me know that the vote had been taken and passed as it happened. My response to them all was that we still had a liberal governor in Kasich so he’d veto it. The bill would arrive dead essentially. But over the last couple of days many from Columbus told me much better news, that they fully expected Kasich to veto Ohio’s new Stand Your Ground law, but that they had the votes to override the veto. Now that became an entirely different matter all together and the fact that the Ohio congress acted so boldly at the end of the session spoke a lot about what’s to come for the positive. Stand Your Ground laws are needed everywhere and they reinforce the Second Amendment in ways the Bill of Rights was always philosophically designed. I consider The Anti Federalist Papers and the Federalist Papers to be some of the most joyous reading I’ve ever done in my life and there can be no understanding of American Constitutional law without accepting that the paramount epoxy of a proper structured society is the decentralization of law enforcement using the gun as the symbol of order. And for Ohio to take that proper step in making Stand Your Ground legislation the law of the land the state takes that critical step forward in raising the bar for a state that was being tempted to go purple to turning a nice bright red.

With a vote of 64 to 26 House Bill 228 passed comfortably showing great conviction. I know the House has had to sit on their attempts for a long time knowing that Kasich would prevent its advancement. But what was a surprise was that the House proved they could get the three fifths of the total vote count needed to override a veto, which in this case is 60 votes out of 99. With the 64 House of Representatives members who voted in favor o House Bill 228 they are already there. Then of course it will take 20 of 33 Senators to get passage of the bill without the governor’s signature. “Isn’t this exciting!” I learned from a good source that the senate was on board as well which was a stunning revelation. Of course, this boldness comes after the election before the newly elected congress takes over but its more than symbolic in nature. Kasich has prevented many of these conservative advancements and because many members of the House and Senate were up for election, they couldn’t afford to have Kasich pulling resources away from their re-elections. But it is refreshing to see that the moment they could, this congress acted and they did so boldly on legislation that is far from the type of change agent progressivism that has taken over Columbus in recent years like a vast sickness.

Stand Your Ground in Ohio is a big deal. The “duty to retreat” laws that have been in place were always dangerous and a real impediment to continued growth in both a population sense and in relation to business. With a “duty to retreat” it has added an unnecessary layer of burden to gun users when faced with hostile adversity. If something is going on that is hostile in nature a person acting in good faith should never have to worry about hesitating when faced with eminent threats. I can say I’ve been in those situations more than once and have not elected to use a gun because I did not want to go through the legal mess that always comes after. I have the fortune to have other tools to stay out of trouble and I use them more than I’d care to admit. But I do worry often about those tools not working and having to resort to a gun, and with Stand Your Ground, one less layer of concern has now been removed. House Bill 228 doesn’t allow people to have shoot outs in a Wal-Mart parking lot over parking spaces. But it does give gun defenders the ability to use deadly force to resolve a situation at the point of a threat. Under the “duty to retreat” obligation not only was a gun owner under a burden to diffuse a threat before using deadly force, but they had the burden on them to prove it. When some criminal loser is acting aggressively they don’t care often what happens next. They only live in the moment whereas their targets are at a tactical disadvantage of having to be put in a circumstance to think of the future while facing the possibility of everything coming to an end right then and there. If you do survive those moments, you might lose everything you own in law suit after lawsuit and many years in jail. “Duty to Retreat” favored a progressive vision of society where dissemination of activity, high taxes and massive government welfare has spawned sharp increases in criminal activity putting good people at a burden to deal with the conduct.

The way things have been reminded me of the book and movie, A Clockwork Orange, where young criminal gangs terrorize innocent people because they know that people who have built value of themselves in society are always at a disadvantage. A person who has nothing to lose always has leverage against people who have everything to lose. And progressive legislation, (regressive in human nature) favors the down and out of society, the criminally inclined and inherently lazy. Their premise is that all people are equal, and that property should be redistributed to all, so the criminal element helps them achieve this goal through open crime and theft. Obviously, they don’t want people of value to be able to defend themselves from people of little value with a gun so that is why there has been legislation in Ohio that favored “duty to retreat.” If a criminal wants what you have, then you have a duty to retreat to save the lives of everyone involved. These are the same kind of people who wanted to lower the criminalization standards in Ohio with Issue 1 over the last election. Their goals are to grow criminal conduct that redistributes property to those who need it—the down and out, and the poor—essentially the Robin Hood effect. Clockwork Orange was an interesting observation of the trend of these redistributive thoughts and in how they unleashed the worst elements of society. For the anarchist the criminal is a saint, to the builder of a republic, the criminal is a detriment, a cancer that must be eliminated.  The singing in the rain scene from that film shown above is specifically what I’m thinking about.  While the scene is a dramatized version of rape violence the behavior of the criminal mind I think is captured all too well in that Stanley Kubrick classic.  So the essence behind all such legislation is what kind of society we really want to have, a republic or a anarchists paradise that puts power in the hands of the criminal and ties the hands of the law binding and hard-working behind their backs while their assets are stolen from them. Before Ohio voted for this Stand Your Ground law, that was the philosophic premise of the previous progressive legislation.

The trend of our society in every American state is moving in the direction of the gun owners. Gun ownership is part of American life—its at the core of our philosophy. While pockets of our society are still functioning from European progressivism and the noise they leave behind sounds bigger than it really is on the nightly news, the real trend is toward more individual liberty and the protection of that liberty with a gun. If you plot out legislation history not just in the Ohio statehouse but also in Washington D.C. the trajectory of what guns mean philosophically to our society is headed away from confiscation and more gun control and toward more freedom, and many more of them in the hands of hard-working people who have something to defend. And that is great news for the good, and terrible news for the bad. While progressives hate judgements of people into such categories the gun then becomes the judge. If a bad person seeks to inflict harm on a good person who is just minding their business, now the gun can rectify that conduct. The burden is not on the good to prove that they didn’t suddenly become bad the moment they pulled the trigger. And that is historic in how humans deal with each other. Because good people don’t go around creating gun violence, but bad people do. And now we have a situational judgment that can root out the unnatural paradox. Which is a wonderful thing to behold. Nice job in the Ohio House! That is truly something to be proud of.

Rich Hoffman

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Those Murdering Wagners from Pike County, Ohio: The reason guns make society safer

As it turned out, I know people who know people who know people who knew the Wagner’s, the four family members who slaughtered the marijuana producing Rhoden family in Pike County, Ohio a few years ago. It didn’t surprise me to learn that the heavily tattooed George Wagner III and his wife Angela along with their two sons George the Vth and Edward were responsible for the execution style killings of eight people. Pike County is rural, everyone knows everyone, and almost every house has someone’s ex-wife in it and when it comes to child custody which is always a problem of high turnover divorce situations, or loose sexual ethics, tempers flare. It doesn’t matter what courts decide, particularly among people who have the IQ of a potato, when raw, primitive instincts are unleashed, things like this grisly murder happen.

When people were slow to back Mike DeWine for governor, now they get to see why many of us supported him. DeWine may not be flashy, but he certainly didn’t back down from this horrible case as Ohio’s Attorney General and thank goodness he didn’t. There was plenty of wrong to go around when the bodies of Christopher Rhoden Sr., 40; his ex-wife Dana Manley Rhoden, 37; their three children, Hanna May Rhoden, 19; Christopher Rhoden Jr., 16; and Clarence “Frankie” Rhoden, 20. Frankie Rhoden’s fiancée, Hannah “Hazel Gilley,” 20, were found badly beaten, butchered, and killed execution style, along with the brother and cousin of Christopher Rhoden Sr., Kenneth Rhoden, 44, and Gary Rhoden, 38. The nation has been shocked not just once due to the nature of the murders, but in seeing the pictures of the Wagner family. The shock that such normal people, “so to speak” could do such a thing has captured the terror that resides in most everyone, in wondering who among the people they know might be capable of something similar.

What always shocks me about cases like this is how the family could have lived since then. The Wagners obviously were a close family who talked to each other and had at least great passion for the kid that was at the center of the killings, but what did they think would happen after they killed the Rhoden family? Imagine the dinner conversations after they killed eight people in a Ohio county where if someone sneezes, every house knows about it. Feeling the pressure the Wagners moved to Alaska where they actually had conversations with their landlord about coming back to Ohio and clearing their name, so they were professing innocence. Imagine living with the knowledge that you had been involved in such a terrible crime then trying to tell people you knew about it and declaring innocence. You would either have to be terribly stupid or just manically evil. Regardless, it was great work by Mike DeWine’s office and law enforcement to put all the pieces together and make the arrests of the Wagner family this past week. And watching them appear in court I just have to shake my head in wonder what they were thinking and what life for them must have been like over the past two years. I mean did they sit down as a family and stream movies off Netflix and live like normal people? How didn’t the crushing weight of what they had done destroy their happiness in their every day life? Then looking at them and watching their courtroom conduct, I think they were just too stupid to know that what they did was wrong and they were likely too thoughtless to quell their emotions in the first place which is how these killings happened originally.

There will always be George Wagners in the world, dumb people acting on animal instincts who tattoo themselves up to look like a menace to society to earn respect that they can never get due to their limited intellectual abilities. And when their ruse doesn’t work, they will seek to enforce their emotions through physical dominance, these problems are as old as the human race itself. We can create laws to stop it, but marijuana is against the law yet the Rhoden family had a major growth operation, they weren’t completely innocent in all this. This is precisely what happens when we have a lawless society filled with people who have not pushed themselves intellectually interacting with each other. What you end up with is a society obsessed with sex and death and in that context, the Wagners were functioning at the level of the average animal, and nothing more.

We like to think that we have a civilization where public education and a structured society might avoid making people like the Wagners and the Rhodens. But I can tell you that through massive parts of rural America and well within the inner cities, a lot of people aren’t very far off from these primitive emotions. They are all one power outage away from becoming mass murderers themselves. All it would take is a lack of access to bread and water for a few days and they could easily become serial killers. There is only one thing that keeps these people in check, just like why animals don’t go near campfires or the sound of a gun shot can scare off predators, and that is their own fear of death. For the very stupid and unsophisticated, most people, even the Wagners as dumb as they appeared to be, have a basic instinct for self-preservation. That’s why after they committed the crimes, they fled to Alaska to hopefully outlast Mike DeWine’s investigation. Some states with less tenacious attorney generals might have given up after a few years of investigation, so the Wagners came back to Ohio expecting that to be the case, but obviously that wasn’t what happened.

This is why I say often, more and more these days, that gun ownership is an intellectual pursuit, because it provides protection from the lawless and stupid that structured society fails to provide. A structured, respectful society only exists when people like these Wagners are diffused from action out of their own preservation. But if they think the target of their anger or anxiety is unarmed, they will all too often function from raw emotion. They have no respect for the law as life in Pike County tends to be. There are a lot of marijuana growers there who live too far away from the city to have a steady job. Once the premise for law breaking is established then more advanced law breaking becomes more and more of an option. Murder is against the law but so is running through a stop sign, or speeding, or selling drugs. Once you rationalize one thing, the door to everything else is opened and chaos erupts. In such a world, which no law can prevent, the gun is the only thing that normal people can use to keep the villains of the world safely away.

This is why I propose that more guns not less are the essential element to a more civilized society. Gun possession and the will to use them against assailants triggers in people like the Wagners at least a measure of self-preservation that may well prevent senseless murders over raw passions such as in the Rhoden case. I’m sure the Rhoden’s had guns, but they likely weren’t readily available. I think guns should be worn or be near their owners most times of the day. At any point in my 24-hour day I am never very far from mine ever. It’s not that I plan to shoot anybody, but when your enemies know you have them, it causes them to take an extra measure of planning before they try to kill you. Often that is a variable that they are too lazy to sift through, and when those enemies are as dumb and unsophisticated as the Wagners, they are likely to turn on the television and forget about their flared tempers when given the option of a possible death among themselves. And that is the only real way to have a peaceful society.

When you carry a gun, even around your house you aren’t conducting your life-like some gun crazed lunatic, the way gun control advocates would like to portray such people. You are saving lives by detouring many attempts that would otherwise occur. That is exactly why gun free zones are so dangerous and why many of our gun free cities have the highest crime rates. Guns are the fabric of a structured society and they keep losers like the Wagner family from showing up on your doorstep wanting to kill you because you looked at their “ol’ lady,” or that you took their parking space at a Dollar Store. By having the gun with you at all times in your life, you keep those types of losers from becoming murderers and you keep crime from happening and that is the only method of real law enforcement that works.

Rich Hoffman

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Red Dead Redemption 2: Defining the meaning of an American

There are so many things to talk about, but I consider the new video game Red Dead Redemption 2 on the big console home game systems to be one of the most paramount issues of our day. Not just because I love westerns and video games, but because the story itself is really at the core of our modern world and the confusing philosophies that we contend with every day—is big government better or small. I’ve always loved the “Red” games as the producer Rockstar has published them over vast amounts of time. The first Red Dead Redemption came out in 2010, and its sequel just this recent year of 2018, so a lot of time, money and effort goes into these things and they are truly epic for any scope of entertainment venue. But as I was playing Red Dead Redemption 2 I couldn’t help but think a thought I had been thinking for a long time, that the game was essentially Game of Thrones only set in a western instead of some unidentified middle ages of Europe. The essence of the game is to ask the question, “what does it mean to be an American.” The conflict of the game is when many different sectors of society unleash their understanding compared with the natural human tendency toward greed and violence. The result is a very compelling story that could easily fill up several seasons of a Netflix drama.

You can tell that the game is upsetting the progressive elements of our present society, they have lots of problems with some of the themes of the game. Red Dead Redemption 2 is set in 1899 just as the progressive movement is getting underway. In the game there are random characters that you meet many whom are part of the suffragette movement. As a player you can choose to help those people or harass them and many players are picking up these screaming feminists and putting them on railroad tracks to be run over by an oncoming train. And the game is providing awards for those actions, so the real progressives in our entertainment culture have serious problems with that. Additionally, the character you play in the game, Author Morgan is in a gang as kind of the heavy. The leader of the game is a guy named Dutch who is essentially a socialist philosopher. I don’t like the guy but it is a very interesting experiment in the fallacies of socialism that his vision is being destroyed moment by moment in the game driving him to lunacy because he can’t get socialism to work without being a criminal element in the larger context of society.

I thought Rockstar Games went out of their way not to insult progressives as many of the storylines within the game treated them fairly. But as the player you decided how relevant they were or weren’t, and that is what has progressives so angry. By the end of Author Morgan’s story in Red Dead Redemption 2 I had my good meter tapping out as high as it could go. That is a meter you get for doing good deeds for people, and mine was as good as it could get. And it was rewarding to do good as opposed to doing bad things which many players might be tempted to do. The whole thing is a very interesting experiment in human behavior that I thought went well beyond any previous entertainment exploration, whether it be a novel, a movie or a television show. This form of story telling I thought was very revolutionary, and powerful. I wouldn’t go so far to say that it is the literary equivalent to a Dicken’s novel, but Rockstar Games put a lot of effort into the whole presentation that there really has never been anything quite like it anywhere yet. I think of it as I often do with these massive video games, like its taking a resort vacation to an exotic place. On my 70” 4K television with a Bose sound system, its easy for me to forget that I’m just in my living room. The world is vast and well rendered in Red Dead Redemption 2, almost to the point of ridiculousness. That makes investing yourself into the stories that much more compelling, and powerful.

And again, by the end of Author Morgan’s storyline anyway, with the good meter at the highest point, because the character and those he interacts with changes depending on that meter, Author came to the point of what being an American really was. The game sifted through all the various elements of turn of the century North America and found the real heart and soul of American life quite wonderfully. It was a shame that his realization came all too late, but the point of the game is the tapestry that everything is set in more than the lives of the characters. I found the whole thing extremely refreshing. Its one of those things that everyone who can find the time should endeavor to experience.

I have always been around guns, but the first time I played Red Dead Redemption back in 2010 I had not yet purchased or became involved in Cowboy Fast Draw. But at the end of that game I decided that when things called down for me in life that I would. A few years later when an open window came I took 2K and had a custom fast draw holster made for myself and I bought my Ruger Vaquero. Since then I have been practicing Cowboy Fast Draw almost every day and I have become proficient. That is important because I see the gun, especially the way it was presented in American westerns to be even more symbolic to the life of free people as the samurai sword is to Japanese society—which is saying a lot. I usually dig a lot deeper into things than most people do so the first Red Dead game was something that built on thoughts I had been having for a long time. By the time this new game came out, I had a very good understanding of what Cowboy Fast Draw was all about so it was even more meaningful to me to be able to go around that vast world and gun fight other characters. I think any player would find the experience meaningful but for me and the kind of things I do in real life, it was even more so. It’s a world you simply don’t ever want to end.

That is why I think there is real opportunity here. We keep hearing about all these socialists that have been trained in our public-school system and are now making moves into larger official government positions. And that is in a class with the Trump economy and there is a lot of consternation about what will happen as a result. But the social experiment has already been simulated in Red Dead Redemption 2. And the socialists, like Dutch in the game, have no choice really when confronted with reality. Now, not to give too much away because Red Dead 2 is actually a prequel to the first Red Dead, but Dutch eventually has to jump off a cliff to kill himself because his views of the world just don’t match the reality of a new American idea. People followed Dutch because he was intelligent and well read, but that couldn’t solve his basic problem with his corrupted philosophy. And in a very complex story about many, many people, somehow Rockstar Games hit the nail right on the head, and it is truly a remarkable achievement in art and entertainment. And one that carries directly over into the politics of our modern times, in haunting ways that were quite intentional. There were moments in the game that were like the climax of every movie I’ve ever seen, only in the context of this game, they were better.

Rich Hoffman

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The Tree of Global Warming: California’s schizophrenic relationship with exsistance

I have to give President Trump credit for doing the unpopular thing and that is criticizing forest management in California while the wild fires were still blazing and destroying massive amounts of property and killing people in live time. Many thought it was insensitive to the firefighters who were still battling the blazes and sentiments quickly retreated back into the patriotism and sacrifice of those fighting the fire, but to Trump’s point, there shouldn’t have been wildfires to begin with. Like most things that he is dealing with in his presidency, everything from empowering North Korea and Iran to be boogeymen in the world to be feared to insurmountable debt attached to socialist legacy costs, Trump with his business background looked at the wildfires and determined the cause, which most people aren’t used to hearing from the political arena.

The cause of the multiple wildfires in California isn’t just the dry conditions due to extended droughts toward the end of each calendar year, its in the regulations that California has put on itself to preserve the habitats of plants and animals but allowing way too much underbrush to exist in forest regions which then become kindling for any fire that might arise. The environments for the species the laws were meant to protect end up killed anyway, but with it millions of dollars of property and lives who have built homes in those tree hugging regions only to be removed from the connection to begin with. We live in the modern world, wildlife management, especially near populated areas should be removing all the underbrush under a forest canopy to remove the fuel for any potential wildfires. That they didn’t is the cause of these massive fires ultimately. And regarding the dryness of the plant life, there are underground aquifers that could be tapped in to in order to act as a natural sprinkler system should the need arise in population centers. Not taking those proactive measurements is precisely what President Trump was talking about.

Even though part of me felt sorry for them it was almost comical to listen to the governor of California insist that the cause of the problem was global warming as celebrities stood among the ruins of their homes in Malibu. I mean they are the ones who built their homes in an area known for wild fires, and they are the ones who have taken positions favoring the preservation of nature against the efforts of mankind. You can’t have it both ways. If you build homes in the paths of hurricanes, earth quakes and forest fires, eventually you are going to get bitten. Especially if no measures are taken to prevent the tragedies in the first place. It’s insane to have regulations against preventative action because California is trying to preserve wildlife when by the lack of prevention causes more death and destruction not just for the humans involved, but the wildlife they were trying to save. The situation is an insane approach built by a schizophrenic society.

Like most backward thinking people who ironically in this case call themselves “progressives” they have regulated logic back to the actions of mystics, the blame they contend is the mythic realm of the gods, in this case “global warming.” That is the only way that California can get away with trying to have their cake and eat it too, by building their homes and businesses in areas where they are always in danger of natural disasters. And I say natural even though accidents often start these fires because they do exist in nature. If it isn’t a careless campfire or power company that starts the fires its often lightning. In their most primal function, forest fires exist to destroy competing undergrowth in a forest. It’s an act of nature and sometimes nature can be cruel and lots of innocent plant life and animals get caught in god’s often tragic stage play. But to build in an area and put mankind’s stamp on the effort but refuse to manage the volatile elements is a recipe for disaster.

This whole issue is nearly as stupid as when the media tried to make an issue of the poor people in Hawaii who had their homes destroyed by lava flows when a volcano erupted on the big island and destroyed so much property. Hey, they built their homes on a volcano. What did they think was going to happen? This is what progressives do all the time, they test the temper of nature then when they feel the sting of the mistake blame it on a lack of appeasement to the gods. Mother nature in the world of liberal politics is just another god coming from mankind’s mystical past. Rather than accept that mankind was put on earth to tame nature, we are told that we are to live in harmony with the rules of nature. But those rules are brutal and unsentimental. Nature doesn’t care if Lady Gaga’s home burns to the ground in a forest fire, especially if the wildlife growth is allowed to grow out of control.

Trump gave credit to the firefighters and other supporter services that were fighting the fires, but to Trump’s point, the fires should have never started to begin with. They should have been managed so that if a fire started, it would never have spread so quickly and out of control. Part of what makes those fires so deadly is that they simply have too much fuel to drive them, and if forest management had done their jobs, that undergrowth would have been removed well before a danger ever occurred. As forest management employed by the government, they aren’t used to hearing criticism which is quite common in private industry, but they need to get used to it. What Trump is saying is that they didn’t do their jobs and that caused the loss of life and the destruction of a lot of property, not some god of global warming. Its one thing to believe in supernatural entities because humans want to neglect their responsibilities to existence, but it’s quite another to let those beliefs actually kill people, and that is what has been happening in California, not just this year, but every year over many decades now.

If humans are going to build a house in a region known for wild fires, then preventative action is part of the process. You can’t impose yourself on the land then back off and call yourself a preservationist. If you make the decision to do something, do it. Do it all the way, not half in and half out. A large part of the problem with everything in California is that they want to be everything, they want to be the occupants of one of the world’s largest economies, but they also want to be a leftist utopia, a literal Garden of Eden. But if you remember that story, Eve listened to the snake and that was what got her, and Adam cast from the garden. And in politics there are a lot of snakes always trying to get people to eat from the fruit of their trees. The Tree of Global Warming is one of them and California has eaten from it and thus have lost their ability to live in paradise because they refuse the responsibility of managing it. So thus, they have the problems that they do, and it certainly wasn’t President Trump’s fault for pointing it out.

Rich Hoffman

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The Media and Me: Why all the hate?

I generally am not a vindictive person, I let people do what they want and think what they will so long as they don’t try to impede on my life. Generally. And this is certainly true of the media. About ten years ago I was friendly with most of the media in both Cincinnati and Dayton and I did a lot of radio on WLW and was on television quite often. Back then also I was going to film festivals and doing some work in Hollywood because at the time I still thought I might end up doing work in the entertainment industry. I was always a conservative and everyone knew it, but there wasn’t a need to be contentious and fight about everything. After all, these were the days of a soft George Bush presidency and the early years of Obama, so the political left largely propped up and controlled by our media culture felt comfortable, and even entitled. So a guy like me wasn’t a threat to them. Newspapers would quote me often, television news outlets would seek my opinion and I’d write occasional pieces for national magazines and everyone was happy—except for me. One thing I never liked about that system was that I had a lot more to say about everything and editors and producers would never give me enough time to put together a complete story on a given topic. So in 2010 I decided to become my own publisher so to speak and start this blog, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. I never meant for it to become an endeavor of consternation, but what I have found out over the eight years since is that all media outlets hate it, and therefore don’t like me as a result.

I especially heard about how much the media doesn’t like me during this 2018 election. I’d get reports from people who associate with the press and elements close to the press who actively want to discredit everything I do, as if they were the gatekeepers of knowledge. But in reality, I write about so many things in so much detail that essentially nobody can keep up and that is the root of their anxiety. Media types are like any other worker out there, they are held to very confined standards and are certainly not free to write what they want. In the beginning I never thought of this as being a problem, but after talking to a Cincinnati Enquire reporter way back in 2011 just a year into it I realized just how jealous they were over my blog. It didn’t make much sense to me because anybody could start a blog, even them. Blog sites were free, anybody in the world could do one, so I didn’t consider what I was doing to be a threat to anybody. Just supplemental material. People would read what I’d say in newspapers and on the radio and they’d come to the blog to get more information. Since in media they don’t give you unlimited time to make your point, but just skim the highlights of any given topic.

And that is where the problems started and ended, the media never wants to solve a problem, they are perpetually the old Don Henley song “Dirty Laundry” where they need chaos, panic, and mayhem to generate the ratings they feel they need to survive, and my blog offered more than that to readers. As a writer I don’t think anybody in the United States or Europe can touch me for content and volume. I can write about more topics in quantities that often rival published books than anybody else, and that makes Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom very unique in any published venue. I didn’t set out to do that on purpose, I just let my natural inclinations take me where I felt things needed to go and I turned loose the ideas. If I want to publish articles about a reptile civilization that controls global politics and to deal with the pros and cons of that conspiracy theory, I do it and people enjoy the material. Or if we want to get into the weeds of actual political occurrences, we can do that too. Information and ideas are never bad, yet the media culture that we have had only want the headlines, never the substance. They never want a solution, only to ask the questions to provoke emotional results.

It is for that reason that I stepped gradually away from most of my media contacts. This blog did it for me. All I ever wanted to do was communicate ideas that were interesting to people who might enjoy exploring those concepts. Whether one person likes the topic or thousands really doesn’t make a difference to me. But that is also why reporters generally do not like my blog site, because it contains in it a freedom they simply don’t have. I love to read and write and I contribute to my blog in the old-fashioned way that any writer would, out of love and passion for the topics. But I would say that my efforts are similar to personalities from the past like Benjamin Franklin who did lots of things in his life, including being a publisher. I do other things in my life for money, so I have no reason to sell my published works. And that makes what I do vastly different from what all other media do and there resides the rub.

It was bound to happen sooner or later; the old modes of media would have to give way to the new. And within the new, if some publisher such as myself might come along and provide vast amounts of content out of the passion of doing it as opposed to prostituting it out like most media personalities must, then so be it. I have written millions and millions of words on a vast array of subjects but to me they all connect in very precise ways. Yet to the traditional media that can’t keep up with someone like me jealousy is their dominate emotion and that kind of thing came out dramatically on several fronts after the election of 2018. Feedback I received was nothing short of hate—that publishers like me are “ruining” the world. Well, I would ask, “from whom.” The world as we have all known it is going away, and I’m happy to see it leave. I never liked it to begin with. The age of Trump has been propelled by many people like me, but in the sheer effort of content offerings even though I am heavily restricted by Facebook, Google and Twitter, and have been for many years, the work still gets out to the people I intend for it to. If not a mass audience, a very targeted audience of people who are thinking people who are very smart. Popular mass media just have no control over this new age and they hate it. Information has been decentralized and that is a reality for the future. They could have embraced it, but they didn’t. Instead the have decided they hate me, which is their prerogative. But in the end it’s no skin off my back. I don’t need them, but they do need people like me and it was they who alienated themselves. The world will march on without them in it, and that is purely their choice to make.

Rich Hoffman

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How Republicans Should Address Health Care: Dealing with the future to have a real plan

Warning, this may be the most important thing you read and see in your life, proceed with that understanding:

Now that the election is over its time for Republicans to announce to the world what their health care plan is, which of course in the short-term will have to be a more competitive free market option. But everyone knows that the old days of drug induced medicine are over, just as stage coaches were replaced by automobiles. We are at a point where the medical industry is under a complete overhaul, as provided in the example in the video below by the Japanese proposal of using AI to produce new healthy cells to replace damaged or diseased tissue within a body. The solution to all medical problems is in cell repairs, not surgeries or chemical medicines. So, any health care plan must look at where human civilization is headed, not where it’s been before anything can be seriously considered, so the Republican plan needs to incorporate that reality. If you want to make the heads of Democrats explode, tell them that you want to solve health care as a detrimental condition instead of just throwing drugs at people. Tell people who you can actually fix them instead of just numbing their pain and the leverage of the whole health care issue changes.

The trouble with regenerative medicine is purely in human psychology and this is why politicians have not yet touched the issue, but they ultimately will have to. President Trump is just the kind of president who could do it, but what must be overcome by the public is the desire of approximately 85%, maybe more, of the population to believe in the cycle of life and death which has been with us since the beginning of all recorded history. I would argue that like the Vico cycle, the themes of life and death were always meant for human minds to solve which is why specifically it is our species with their vast imaginations that have been born and have evolved to solve these types of complicated problems. Death and disease are literally solvable problems and they are at our doorstep in this current time to carry mankind well into the future. Yet because most people don’t know any better, they are resistant to change. Like most dysfunctional sentiments, they would rather die than change their minds about things, because they have literally been programmed from their birth to always look for an end to it all at some point.

I would not call myself a transhumanist, but as people who know me understand, the name of this site is “Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.” There has never been a part in my life where just being human was acceptable. Even in my earliest memories I have always wanted to be superhuman. I never have said, I am too tired to work, too tired to think, care for my family or anything. I often stay up all night working and reading and all day working without any sleep at all and I love every day of my life. If I lived for the next ten thousand years, I can say that I would never be bored for one minute of that entire time and I would be very happy to do and learn and live for even longer than that. If the Vico cycle politically states that humans have always went through various cycles of theocracy, aristocracy, democracy then anarchy, all elements that we see today around the world at various stages always in combat with each other, then all our lives and the religions we have invented to deal with the problems of life and death are essentially the same. There isn’t any mythology or philosophy that properly deals with the possibility of a life stimulated by regenerative medicine. Humans just didn’t see the possibilities of regenerative medicine coming and the artists and philosophers that still construct our social context are still rooted in ancient ways of viewing death.

I was reminded of my twenties lately while watching an episode of Josh Gates’ Expedition Unknown where he took a vision quest with some shaman in Peru using ayahuasca to induce the hallucinogenic journey of what they call the journey of life and death. I was very hungry to learn more about these shaman trips while I was reading Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell in Waffle Houses at 4 am in the morning when I was around 23 years old. I was always impressed with how shaman were able to step into the mind of the sick and help them recover from whatever it was that had a grip on their souls, so I think there is some merit to these techniques. But what Josh Gates went through is a supercharge on his brain and all the experiences and thoughts he had experienced over his lifetime. The shaman were able to journey with him on a kind of quantum realm that they had learned to tap in to. But the nature of a soul and life itself does not need to be defined by life and death, only by existence and the amount of contribution that it makes to higher dimensional realities, whether on the very small-scale such as those that shaman likely tap into by using the artificial stimulant ayahuasca or on the scale of the huge, where entire universes are as common as cells in our body, and the one we live in is just one. All those realities intersect with each other in ways we still don’t understand and I think the key to grasping them is that humans need to step away from the cycle of life and death to help in some way the reasons for our birth. Obviously there is a reason for intelligent life, for beings like us who can think and conceptualize and to solve the riddles of the universe and all the quantum realms that connect it we must step away from the cycle of life and death that requires each generation to learn just a little from the previous one, but only gives professional observers about 50 years to crack a code, which isn’t enough time.

What is coming out of Japan and the Mayo Clinic in America are options for a completely new way of living and understanding our role in the universe. While ayahuasca may stimulate a brain in hyper charged ways typical shaman and other religious leaders view the results in the context of their religions which are formed around observations of birth and death. While the observations are interesting, the context is the variable, and that is essentially the case behind the health care debate. If we are talking about keeping a system in place that supports pharmaceutical companies and the economy they have built on delaying death as long as possible that’s one thing and is at the heart of the Democrat desire for a single payer socialist system. As we know from history, politicians whether they be church leaders or village shaman use their connection to the afterlife to control populations. And Democrats are attempting to control people’s fear of death and the pain that leads to it as a way to control their voter base. And like most people, many people are willing to die if at some point in their life they can hold great power over others. That is why health care is the number one election issue. But think of what Republicans could do in the future if they could change the view of healthcare without the conservative base getting too freaked out about it? It’s only a matter of time before politics, art and science catch up to the ambitions of the imaginations of the human race. The question is, who will do it, and what benefits will come their way as they redefine the entire game? If anyone can do it, Trump can and these new Republicans coming together under his leadership. Truly, the future is what we make it and that reality is happening much sooner than most people realize.

If these concepts are new to you, feel free to watch all the videos contained here in their entirety.  This is the future, we might as well align ourselves with it now rather than later.

Rich Hoffman

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