The Elephant in the Room, a History Lesson for those who need it on why President Trump is Desperately Needed

We need to talk about the nature of cooperation for a minute, especially in regards to political debate. The assumption has been that gental professionals could argue out issues without things coming to gunfire and violence within the framework of the republic, and to a large degree that has worked well through the first 200 years of America as a nation. But modern Democrats and some Republicans of a more progressive nature aren’t interested in preserving the American republic into the future, but they entertain leaving their own mark into the foundational emergence of a new Constitution. Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. In modern politics, they are actively seeking to make government, for which they are a part of that managing body bigger and more powerful, so their hostilities toward the American Constitution is quite obvious. And that has never been more obvious than in this year’s crop of Democrat hopefuls for the American presidency. They, and the party that supports them are openly hostile to the kind of American government that we’ve had. They are only interested in changing it, not living with it and those of us who have been in this country all our lives and love it the way it is. They want to take from us to fill themselves. They aren’t interested in getting along or being respectful. They are by every definition domestic enemies of our Constitution and need to be treated that way, not rationed with.

The position that many Republicans have taken over the years has been embarrassing, and I have seen this up close on more than one occasion. Conservatives wanting to make that mind-numbing tight rope walk between their churches and the foundations of conservative values have made themselves into lots of Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes. Christianity, especially how it emerged into the Roman Catholoic Church is very much an oriental concept that has from the beginning sought to bring an end to western civilization, the kind of advances which gave birth to Greek and Roman society. And the tide of aggression that has moved from east to west has been full throttle since Alexander the Great stopped his eastward conquest with some Buddhist monks in the vicinity of India. Since then western civilization has been attacked by the orient not with weapons but through their ideas as the church took over kingdoms and Europe fought over those ideas for the next 2000 years, even up until this very day where it is being counted on by Islam to become the next dominate religion so that all then nations of the world can unite under a theocracy and a system of communism very similar to what is currently in China. Republicans were taught to turn the other cheek in a fight and they have been getting their asses kicked regularly ever since.

Protestants fled the church in England to seek religious freedom in America. The Indian nations encountered were very much of the oriental religions but they were unorganized and on a declining path socially so the effects were not the same as they had been in Europe where confusing mixed messages about religion and politics were prevalent. The kind of Christians who emerged in pursuit of freedom were a far cry from the docile church goer in Europe who had conservative personal values but was taught by the church that there are many more things in life bigger than the self and that sacrificing that to the needs of the many was a very Jesus kind of thing to do. The more civilized America became in the years after the American Revolution, the more those confusing European ideas of conservative values emerged, which is what Protestants were running from in the first place, so those old oriental ideas about church and state have returned to our present world and the battle is quite vicious.

Don’t kid yourself, the battle is obvious. I have known for a long time that for conservative values to survive in the United States that we needed a spokesman in the White House like a Donald Trump, a person who would hit back when struck in the face, and not turn the other cheek. It is a dumb idea to not hit back when someone hits you. Who cares if its not a “Christian” thing to do? Christ in his early years obviously encountered the eastern religion of Buddhism and he brought that into his teachings which of course jostled the control the Roman Empire wanted for the west bank of the Mediterranean. The Jews had things under control there so the churches were very much part of the control mechanism of keeping the Empire united, even though the Romans themselves had many ancient gods they worshipped. The ideas of conquest are to allow those acquired territories to worship whoever they had before so long as the control of the churches paid homage to the greater power of government. That is after all the theme of the great book, The Canterbury Tales written in 1483 by Geoffrey Chaucer, in the years after Saint Thomas Becket was slaughtered by the King’s men in the Canterbury Cathedral. The idea of rebellion proposed against the tyranny of the state was to visit the spot of Becket’s murder, but to not drift outside of the control mechanism of the relationship of the church and the state, but to function within it. I consider The Canterbury Tales to be one of the most important works of European literature and it shows quite effectively this dysfunctional relationship that western culture has with itself, for which the concept of America was the solution. I had with me a copy of the American Constitution and to read the words of that little book while standing on the spot where Thomas Becket was slaughtered was for me quite an experience because I understood all the relationships that occurred in that spot and what led up to them and what the eventual answer was. Western expansion in America was the ultimate fight between east and west and as we all know, the “west” won. And I am very glad they did. I spent several days in the streets of Canterbury after my visit to Becket’s murder marked in the floor of the Canterbury Cathedral and read through my copy of The Canterbury Tales to let it all wash over me in a very intellectual way. I wish I could take every member of congress on that little intellectual journey so they could see how the pieces fit together, but most of them have no idea. They lack the intellectual fortitude, so they are victims to what they have been taught.

There is no making peace with the enemy and the modern Democrats are the enemy, they are the latest representatives of eastern culture that want more than anything else to wipe away the very concept of an American republic built on individual freedom as opposed to sacrifice to the gods of state control. For liberals that control of religion could be anything from Islam to global warming—an entirely made up new age religion to unify the minds of the youth movement to the causes of sacrificial liberalism—obedience to the state. Thomas Becket as a representative of church control was killed by his friend Henry II as the battle between church and state raged on in Europe, between individual value and those of the institutionalized opinion of a king or emperor. The orient had not had this philosophical battle, for them everything was yielding toward the end of personal existence so it was proper to let the self go into a rapture of selfless existence, therefor the citizen of the orient, which persists to this very day is happy to yield their thinking to a ruler because they’ll be dead soon anyway, so why not. But in the west it was a different story. What was the meaning of life but to have an individual life developed by a personal journey and to unleash the gifts upon the world that resulted from that journey? That is the battle being fought today in modern politics, especially in America. Around the rest of the world, most of them have already fallen to the diatribes of eastern philosophy through their various religions. If people have lost their way with Christianity, they can find themselves in Islam. But for the leaders of those societies, they want people to pick one of the two, just so long as they learn to take orders and instruction from a higher power. On earth that is the regional governor, or politician.

Democrats in that regard want to destroy what is left of Western Civilization that has been doing extraordinarily well in America. But make no mistake, they don’t want to live with the effects of that effort, they want to destroy it. They don’t want to have tea with people who think differently than they do. They don’t want to live in harmony. They want to destroy the American Constitution and bring oriental concepts into western culture by any means so to fulfill a long sought after goal that really extends back to the roots of human history. East and west cannot live together in harmony, the ideas are just too radically different, in the west it is individual merit that is valued, in the east, its sacrifice to the state with the state being the ladder to god. If you want to get to Heaven then you better obey the state. And that is where our modern conservatives fail, they are supposed to fight that assumption, not turn their cheek to surrender. They have been tricked by their own ignorance and lack of historical perspective. Most of them have probably never read The Canterbury Tales, which isn’t an easy read. But it’s a kid’s book compared to James Joyce in his great book Finnegans Wake, which is concerned with the same kind of problem—the role of the individual in an increasingly collective based culture that repeatedly spins on itself with the Vico cycle. The values of our day are not to get along, but to fight—not just the concept in America of Republicans and Democrats, but the values of eastern ideas and western. Both can’t coexist, because the east doesn’t have any intention of doing so. They have intended conquest since the Roman Empire decided to be united by Christianity because it was their last hope of unifying their people. But to do so they had to surrender to the whims of the eastern religions that had always threatened their control west of the lands along the old Silk Road into the orient. This fight isn’t new, its as old as time. But modern Republicans who don’t understand why President Trump is important to the preservation of Western Civilization either need a history lesson or they need to just shut up and get behind us who do. But no longer are they going to be allowed to pull that Trojan Horse into our American culture only to have radicalized Muslims, communists and Eastern religion soothsayers sneak out into the night while we sleep and end our society one rule at a time. That just won’t be permissible.

Rich Hoffman

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What Did I Tell You about the Mueller Report From the Very Beginning?

So that’s what it all came down to, a report dumped on a Friday night in spring while March Madness was in its most vigorous state. After a few years and many millions of dollars, along with a lot of arm twisting for the first time in history the long arm of a corrupt law enforcement branch hit an immovable spot. Trump never budged and he just endured the most vicious fangs that the Deep State could garner, except for an actual assassination. But literal killings are not how this passive aggressive culture of ours does things these days. Instead they try to build a consensus against you and kill you by cutting off your contact with established society. For people like Trump who understand the game better than most anybody, he had turned everything around against his aggressors forcing an embarrassing news dump hoping that Robert Mueller could get away with a quiet exit from Washington D.C. culture.

Yeah, as usual I predicted everything from the beginning, even from the very first moments of this particular investigation. If this had been the early sixties, sure it would have been a literal assassination attempt, but the FBI and DOJ thought they had complete control over the justice system so they hedged their bets that they could destroy Donald Trump without making a martyr out of him, so they went the legal route of complete destruction. You could hear the panic in Chuck Schumer’s voice demanding that the Attorney General provide them with the first look at the actual Mueller report before anybody else had a chance to see it. He forgets that the Justice Department reports to the Executive Branch, not to some other branch of congress. But the panic says a lot about just how many chips Democrats had put on the complete destruction of Donald Trump by this point in his presidency. Even James Comey had to concede that there was a big nothing story and that it was time to move on. Trump had won the election of 2016 and was going to be president for the foreseeable future, and they were just going to have to come to terms with it.

Yet everyone doesn’t get to ride off into the sunset, there were a lot of crimes committed and many people still need to go to jail. I don’t think its disingenuous to point out how correct about these things that I typically am, even when it comes to things that some people consider outlandish. If I say something its money in the bank. It may be a few years off, but you can bet on it if I took the time to talk about it in some way. I don’t just rattle off nonsense, as much as political and career climbing enemies would like to fantasize about. For instance I knew what James Comey was up to before most everyone else and I put my opinions in front of the world while on CNN, well before this Mueller investigation was formed. It was a hit job from the beginning and I stated it as such. And with the same clarity I will say that if the perpetrators do not find themselves into trouble, a lot of trouble for the attempts against the president, then the credibility of our legal system will forever be tarnished. This whole ordeal won’t just go quietly into the night under the basketball scores and springtime cleaning of garages. This is much more serious and it can’t go without answer.

It is necessary for me to utter how brilliant all my work is, and my tendency to climb way out on a limb to talk topics way before anybody else because that credibility has power, and more people should come to terms with it for their own good. When I say that the entire justice system from our lower courts to the high offices of our nation are in jeopardy because of this investigation into President Trump it’s not just because I support and defend this president. It’s because the future of our nation is at stake when law and order have become so corrupted, and it has. Weaponizing law enforcement for political purposes is a serious crime, and most of the Beltway culture committed it, including some Republicans. They can’t be allowed to just disappear into history.

The McCain family is trying to protect the image of John McCain that has been nurtured by the press, the self-sacrificing POW who would do anything for his country. They are angry at Trump for continuing to shine a light onto the now deceased senator showing what a scumbag he really was. Like most things in Washington D.C. the culture there has learned to run out the clock on people’s attention and the rules state that when someone dies, that everyone should be hands off. That McCain isn’t around to defend himself so the antagonists against President Trump want to keep the McCain legacy intact that he had the last laugh through death. But in life or death a scum bag is still a scum bag. It was John McCain who brought the dirty dossier into the center of this entire story. Without his action there wouldn’t have been a Mueller investigation. They didn’t care how much it hurt Trump and his wife to have such a salacious story revealed to the world at the precise moment that the Trump team had just won one of the biggest free elections in the history of the world. They went for blood and McCain was a leader in that effort, not a passive participant. He was a never Trumper who died his way out of the fight while President Trump gets to continue on. The McCain family is just going to have to deal with the ramifications of what John McCain left behind. He went too far and helped usher in evil by using the dossier to commit illegal actions by our highest law enforcement professionals leaving them in a shambles of corruptions.

And so many people played along hoping that the ruined lives of all the President’s men would scare off Trump from the office itself and seek some hiding place and to stay in it. But that didn’t happen, Trump stayed and fought. Most of us supported him all along and now with two years left in his first term, the opposition is out of gas and there isn’t a gas station anywhere nearby. It’s going to be a long walk and they may not survive. I remember another prediction I made on a radio show several years ago, where I said that the Democrat party might not last into the 2020 years. I stand by that assertion with the same vigor as my other predictions. Without a way for Democrats to stop Trump, which this Mueller Report was all they really had to anchor hope to, that political party is on a path to lose itself, which would be fine with me. These are dirty rotten scum and complete losers who were involved in this conspiracy, especially the former CIA Director John Brennan. No wonder the CIA was so messed up around the world and everyone hates us. He was as guilty as everyone else, maybe more so for this Mueller Report which was designed to overthrow an American election. For all those involved, they have hell coming to them, and they deserve ever lip tick of a flame that they feel as it burns away at their caricatures and reveals what’s been underneath for so long. And I’m glad to see it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Narcissist and George Conway

I’m not done with the whole George Conway, President Trump feud, because it is indicative of so much. Yesterday, I talked about the marriage and how Conway looks to have driven himself off a cliff of jealousy which has thrown him on a national stage of embarrassment. But today I’d like to talk about why he did it and how. As a smart ass, he looked up the definition of a narcissist and used it on Twitter to make a case for the sanity of President Trump, exhibiting that all the traits for such a person were present and that we should all reconsider supporting him as an office holder in the Executive Branch. Well, I share with President Trump those very same definitions, and I know the origins quite well of the word narcissist. But the emergence of that word to describe human conduct has been weaponized, not in favor of advancement, but of degradation. It is a term used by the losers of the world to explain away their failures and it is an easy way to know who is losing once it starts flowing from their mouths.

I do love myself, and President Trump is obviously of the same mind. Only I don’t see it as a problem at all, in fact, quite the opposite. When people use the term “Narcissist” they are unconsciously referring to the figure of Greek mythology, Narcissus (/nɑːrˈsɪsəs/; Ancient Greek: Νάρκισσος Nárkissos) who was a hunter from Thespiae in Boeotia known for his beauty. According to Tzetzes, he was a Laconian hunter who loved everything beautiful. Narcissus was proud, in that he disdained those who loved him, causing some to commit suicide to prove their unrelenting devotion to his striking beauty. Narcissus is the origin of the term narcissism, a fixation with oneself and one’s physical appearance or public perception. Eventually Narcissus fell in love with his own image and as many stories tell, killed himself because he could never obtain that image. It was only at the start of the progressive age, in the late 19th century when the word “narcissist” emerged to describe a condition of personal omnipotence in human interactions.

I view the word’s emergence into human culture as a direct response to Nietzsche’s overman concept from Thus Spoke Zarathustra and it was the academic who stretched back into the past to resurrect the Greek mythology as a way to explain away their own lack of ambition and sheer laziness, so that term emerged as a way to castigate the strong and ambitious so not to get too far out in front of the mundane. It was meant to be a psychological check against individual growth so to yield to the muddy masses of collectivism. Personally, I find the word disgusting. I think everyone should love themselves, maybe not to the degree that Narcissus did, but if people don’t love themselves and invest in their own ambitions, then what do they have to offer anybody else? When someone says to another person, “I love you,” what does that mean if the pronoun I is meaningless? If we say we love you, or love me for who I am, what we are doing is diminishing the world “love” by making it a passive observance rather than an active one. What we are doing is demanding that love lose its power and meaning to the whims of the lazy and unambitious which is a disgusting proposal.

From my earliest memories I have always wanted to be more than just a human. In my school days, I always wanted to be the fastest kid, so I could literally outrun all my classmates because I always had a yearning to be out in front of everyone eles. When I became a teenager and could drive, a condition that persists to this day, I drove excessively fast—everywhere. I do resent that some pinheaded fat slob of a politician decided that I was to drive my car to the speed limit of the weakest in our society. It has always been an issue with me, that on highways we are to be regulated to a speed determined by the weakest served as a metaphor for everything in life. I have never wanted to be just a fellow, I have always wanted to be out in front—as far in front as I can be. Jealous people of my ambition often called me a narcissist. Never to my face of course, but always on the periphery through passive aggressive invasion through the natural gossip chains of the stupid and intellectually crippled human beings flocking to their resident group mentality to hide from the trauma’s of their birth for which they never really get over even as a chain smoking 50 year old wondering where all the years went. I still drive fast for the same reasons, and in everything I do in life, I do it because I love it and I want to be as far away as possible from the limiting conditions of society that outpacing laziness has always been a tightly controlled sentiment to my core personality. President Trump obviously is of the same type and for the same reasons. It’s not his problem that those around him not so motivated throw aspersions in his direction to peel back the effects of his ambition. The problems are always with those who toss out the word “narcissist” to explain away their own lack of ambition.

I don’t think its possible for a person to love themselves too much. Loving oneself is the first step in gaining the ability to love others, so there can never be too much of it. Of course having an unhealthy relationship with excess can always be a problem, but if a person doesn’t love themselves, they can’t really love anybody else. This is essentially the problem that George Conway and many Republicans have these days, they have a political party that is mixed with all kinds of garbage, most of it they get from their churches where they have been taught that love is sacrifice not a gift that keeps on giving. So they see the renewable energy of President Trump and his over the top optimism as a detriment to the sacrifice that they value so much. But that sacrifice is more of a liberal sentiment which is why conservative behavior is split on the issue. Among the “never Trump” crowd is a thinly disguised attempt to hold all mankind to a sentiment of sacrifice rather than personal love of one’s role in the universe.

And I think we can all sympathize with people who look like an elephant’s ass who are naturally stupid, they are the first to fall toward the Christian sentiment of personal sacrifice and social welfare as a value system for all of society. Yet in studying history if there were one thing which indicated the end of a culture it is in the notion of sacrifice as opposed to growth. For those who love themselves, even if they are butt ugly to the rest of the world, but they love who they are and what they can do, the secret to success comes from a love that overflows into those surrounding that person. Not in placing a person on a cross, killing them then drinking their blood for all eternity. That is just stupid. It is those who love themselves and share that abundance of love with others that make the world a better place. The word narcissist was created to attempt to stop that tendency toward individual love and to chain mankind to the religions of the past rooted in sacrifice of the self to others. That is where many conservatives fail in their personal philosophies, for which George Conway has obviously fallen. What he is saying about President Trump when he calls him a narcissist is that he, George Conway does not have a mind for self-fulfillment and is still locked into a sentiment of sacrifice. Of course, his wife will pick the President and his ever fulfilling personal love over the fat little elf who is insisting that the world value sacrifice instead. Love me because you pity me is what George Conway is really saying to his wife who has found in working in the White House a bottomless pit of optimism and energy. Conway has lost his wife to his own lack of ambition, and his own lack of love for himself which of course gives nothing to her but excuses and shame.

Rich Hoffman

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George Conway, the “Total Loser”


People forget in regard to the John McCain story that just because he’s dead, it doesn’t give him a free pass to sainthood. President Trump has every right to express himself on the matter of how the McCain family has treated him dead or not. Nobody gets a free pass in life just because they have died, or because they served in the armed forces. A bad guy is a bad guy no matter how you slice it, and John McCain was a bad guy. And so is Kellyanne Conway’s husband George. President Trump is not obligated into silence just because Kellyanne Conway works for him and her husband has been obviously jealous. I personally like Kellyanne quite a lot, well before she became the campaign manager for the Trump campaign, back in the days when she wasn’t invited on television all the time to pitch the plots of the future administration. Her husband’s comments about President Trump seemed oddly placed, he hasn’t been much of a supporter. Obviously that would make it hard for Kellyanne to go to work each day without the support of her husband so I haven’t had much to say about George Conway. But now the cat is out of the bag so some discussion is certainly merited.

At some point in their life Kellyanne and her husband George obviously liked each other, they have four kids together. With him being a big time lawyer, and her running a little polling outfit it was obviously a deal where George felt fulfilled whereas Kellyanne was not, as a person. She was raising the four kids but children don’t stay little forever leaving yearnings of bigger and better things looming in the back of the mind, which is often the case for most of us. In the case of Kellyanne Conway, she had the opportunity to prove herself and run the Trump campaign to a victory putting her at the top of the political world giving her a step into professionalism all her own, without the help of her husband. What’s good for her isn’t necessarily good for him so his jealous reactions toward President Trump could be understood to a point. He was no longer getting the kind of attention from his wife that he wanted so he was lashing out at her employer. Big deal, until he started publicly questioning the sanity of the president, and at that point, Trump had every right to defend himself, which he did by calling George Conway a “Total Loser.”

Men, especially in regards to a marriage where an obvious dominate other man shares the affections of a wife will often do whatever they can to undermine the other person in the eyes of their wife hoping to steer her mind away from a rival. The other man often can be a father where the newly married young man might seek to erode away the relationship a daughter has with her father so that he can steal away her values so the same expectations he gave her are not placed on the new husband. So the undercutting in that case is quite common and is a means of psychological control, and abuse aimed at relieving the pressure off the spousal relationship. After all, in the mind of the young man, he married a woman and he expects to have her complete attention. And to a large extent this is obviously part of the case in the Conway marriage, only the parental figure has been replaced with an employer which is fulfilling a need that Kellyanne has that is not being obtained in the marriage. But the fault is not hers, its George Conway’s, because he is not doing what he needs to do as a man to fulfill her. It’s not her job to dumb herself down to his limits, its his job to step up and become better so that she might be more fulfilled in the marriage. And that is where he has gone wrong and why Trump has called him quite correctly a “total loser.” What is a loser but a person who plays at life to lose, and seeks to lower the standards of the surrounding world to fit his self-image which is obviously lacking.

Granted, Kellyanne essentially went from being a housewife to one of the most powerful women in the world within just a few short years. To some extent I’m sure we can all sympathize with George Conway. She is obviously beyond his reach and he was lucky to have had four kids with her. But if the couple doesn’t grow together it quickly could become that the kids are all that hold the marriage together. If he’s not there for her and she needs something, she has an obligation to go and get it as a person. It’s not her job to sacrifice herself to the limits of his world view. So she has left him behind by his choice and he has nobody but himself to blame in the matter. President Trump is loyal to those who are loyal to him and Kellyanne has been there with him from day one and stood by him no matter what. So he has given her a high place in his administration, but he certainly isn’t limited to what he can say or do because of her crazy and jealous husband. Kellyanne I’m sure would love to share her life with her husband but if all he has become is a pouty loser at home, then she isn’t obligated to chain herself to his misery. Its his job to step up to where she is in life and he has obviously failed to do that, which is why she took the President’s side in the duel between her husband and her employer.

Every woman hopes that her relationships will get along with each other, life is too short for nonsense. But in that effort of bridging radically different personalities in her life to the peaceful transaction of communication between all parties, if all the players refuse to participate then there isn’t much she can do about the situation but drift apart from the restrictions in her life that is causing all the trouble. From the perspective of everyone they are their own heroes and victims of abuse. But when it becomes public, Trump has no obligation to yield to the feelings of George Conway. Kellyanne doesn’t owe her husband a dumbed down version of herself just so she can stay married to a fat slob who isn’t the best and brightest. George should be happy that a person like Kellyanne had children by him. That is far more than just pity sex, that was quite a commitment by her to him. But it was he who was too lazy and lacking a dynamic personality to fill her mind with yearning. If he allowed himself to be boring and unattractive, he was smoking crack to think that he could rob her of ambition and keep her stuffed in a box all her life. Women always find some way out. The more a man presses, the more the woman develops a hatred which they seek to fulfill by some other means, whether it’s a new job, or some personal hobby. Men when they aren’t happy with their spouses often have affairs. Women find careers. The intent is all the same, to fulfill a blank spot inside them that was created by the failed marriage. And for that, George Conway has only himself to blame. Certainly not President Trump.

Rich Hoffman

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The International Union Conspiracy at Lordstown

There has been a lot of talk about President Trump’s relationship to business and his comments made about them when they fail, such as the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio recently which has closed. Of course the cause of the closing has been the subject of much debate, as socialist minded people think that jobs just arise out of thin air and just always exist without much effort from them. General Motors in general is a company that displays the result of what happens when management of an industry falls to the “workers.” It’s like wondering why putting a wolf in the hen-house results into all the chickens being eaten. Workers are not inclined to the management of their own efforts, in fact the word management isn’t something they are interested in at all. Most people simply want a pay check from week to week and they don’t care about the details of managing millions of dollars in assets. So when they run something like a General Motors organization through their labor unions with straight up and down votes that do not occur at the speed of business, nobody should be surprised when everything falls apart. A wonderful exhibition of this mystifying sentiment can be seen below from an article contemplating the universe and how the latest General Motors plant in the automotive industry has ended up going out of business.

On Sunday, Trump also criticized David Green, the local UAW president at GM’s Lordstown plant, labeling him a Democrat.
Green didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Lordstown Mayor Arno Hill said he disagreed with Trump’s criticism of the local union leader.
Green “is in the same boat as me,” Hill said. “We have no local control, as it is between GM and UAW International. They both have a stake in this now. We will still push for a new product and remain optimistic. I am not going to beat up GM because they’ve been here for 53 years, they’ve been good neighbors.”

Brian Rothenberg, a spokesman for UAW International, said that the union’s focus is on its members and that it “will leave no stone unturned in working to keep the plants open.”

So the union is at a loss of words to understand why they are now out of a job, which I have covered extensively in other articles. Essentially, you can’t remove a brain from a human body and expect the hands and fingers to move. There is no collective force in the universe that can transplant good leadership, and the basic socialist elements of all union membership eliminates the nurturing of good leadership in any business culture. Leaders so inclined toward thoughtful transactions of strategy to tactical implementation go other places to express themselves leaving companies like General Motors to die in the business world like some poor soul in a guillotine from some Dark Ages Biblical conspiracy getting their head chopped off for not agreeing that a goat is their new god of worship.

However, the operative word in that little MSN article was “international.” How can a labor union with international membership and a value system incorporated outside of the United States function properly to represent the needs of a country and their business environment? This has been an issue for me with every trade union especially the government ones such as the International Firefigher’s Union. What does an international union with members in Europe or elsewhere know or care about fighting fires in a local community, yet the charters and values of the union members aren’t to the United States but to the values of global socialism. Sure they typically hang American flags in the firehouse and the local firefighters are paraded around as patriots, even the members themselves think they are the very sentiment of patriotism and danger, because society tells them that to inflate their egos, but their value systems and overall management come from international concerns. Specifically in the case of the Lordstown plant, the UAW had to defer his responsibility for his members to the “international” union values which are far away from any local control in Ohio, as to why the situation in the General Motors plant couldn’t be rectified.

All these labor unions, especially the government ones for which teachers are admitted to are international socialist organizations that have nothing to do with American patriotism or local management of resources. They are chaos bound monstrosities that simply throw money where managers should be and circumstances derive out of the mess until a consumer decides to stop buying the product of the company sieged by such nonsense. Only in the government unions tax payers have no other choice but to support the international trade unions of their local firefighters, police, and teachers, so the costs just go up forever until the society of their origin collapses eventually. That is why everything that has the word “international” associated with it is too expensive and inefficient, because it essentially states that nobody is in charge and chaos is driving the endeavor. To hide that chaos huge amounts of money are spent because the concept of such an approach to anything is rooted in socialism. There are no capitalist labor unions. They were all formed straight from the pages of Karl Marx, not Adam Smith.

Yet we never address the issue as to why all labor unions are failures because we have been trained by them from our inception never to ask the question. We certainly don’t get such training in our public educations, which is completely controlled by international labor union sentiment. Which is the same as saying, nobody. Labor unions are controlled by blobs of socialist hopefuls who have no idea how to manage anything, yet they are in control of the means of production. That is after all the dream of all socialists, to control the means of production. Well, what happened at the Lordstown General Motors plant is that the international UAW union had control of the means of production and the result was a product that was too expensive and couldn’t compete on the open market when buyers had a choice between the piece of crap GM was making and all the other automobiles that were on the market.

What does the Lordstown mayor know about production, as a politician they are typically of the same mind as the union laborer, a hack of bad management hiding their incompetence’s behind vast sums of wasted money. We elect politicians to provide leadership, but very few people really understand what makes leadership possible so we always end up settling for some process driven geek that learned how things should be done by some organizational sentiment. The United States military is a fine example of this, they use mass to crush a fly because that is the nature of their organization, and they often have no competition, so they can function with tremendous inefficiencies and still be considered good. But rarely do they ever nurture along leadership, they produce bosses, but not cutting edge thinkers. There are millions and millions of people who learn to boss people around based on some system derived from tradition, but there are very few leaders who can think on their feet and guide people to greatness for everyone’s benefit. International trade unions simply don’t understand the difference between a boss and a leader. So they drive away the incentives that make great leaders in favor of process driven bosses who enforce compliance to rules established by inefficient people from a far away point of reference who don’t have a clue as to what’s going on. Then when everything fails, they stand around pointing their fingers like idiots looking to blame some invisible force. But the real villains, especially when it comes to international trade unions are the collective approach to problems and the remote elusiveness of the systems that evoked the failure to begin with. And the Lordstown GM plant in Ohio is a perfect example of just such a failure. They did let down America by allowing international influences to control the means of production, and the result was a product that people didn’t want at a price they found laughable.

Rich Hoffman

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The World Needs to be Thanking White, Affluent Men–Not attacking them

As I have said many many times, there are few people who deal with as many diverse people every day than I do, I deal extensively with people of color, people from other countries and I have interactions with lots of women and there is nothing about any of that which makes me anxious as a white, affluent, male in America. I would go so far to say that I have zero insecurities about my masculinity or role in the world. None, perhaps even less than that. But it is ridiculous for progressive advocates to believe that they are going to get away with attempting to attack me because I’m a man and white and not get push back for it, and that I’m going to go sit in the corner and let the world turn. Listening to the Brie Larson controversies over the Captain Marvel film and the media sentiment applied to quickly to the liberal shooter in New Zealand attempting to chain every white man in the world to the terror act, some hard facts about the state of things needs to be articulated.

There is of course a lot more to the story, it’s not specifically white men of any kind of affluent nature that is the real target, not ideologically. They are the tactical target of a much larger strategic desire that is global in its assumption. The hatred that we are seeing right now is essentially global jealousy for the successes of Western Civilization. White males with a tendency toward affluence and the creation of successful economies stand in the way of global socialism so that is the goal of the hatred toward that specific demographic. But that hatred cannot mask reality. There is a reason that Oriental civilizations in the east are always lurking behind western cultures. While the orient has had their share of success, and were likely some of the first in the world to build great ships which navigated the world well before the Vikings or Christopher Columbus ever stepped on a boat, the authoritarian regimes of the east prevented their cultures from achieving greatness.

The idea for America emerged over a great deal of time as Europeans like Martin Luther challenged assumptions of power that were passed from age to age over thousands of years. Such a philosophical push didn’t occur anywhere else on planet earth in a sustainable way. There may have been rebels here and there in cultures in Africa or South America who showed promise of advancing their societies, but their cultures were not stable enough to move forward with a history that could drive it. It took a long time for the concepts that made America into a great country. It didn’t happen by accident. And as to America there aren’t many places in the world where so much diversity in people make up a country. It’s not white males so much who are identified as Americans, but it was them who formed the philosophical concepts that freed so many people and built the world’s largest and most successful economy. It wasn’t the Russians who did that, it wasn’t the Ethiopians, and it certainly wasn’t the Indians. It wasn’t China, less than a hundred years ago they were begging the United States to save them from the aggressions of Japan. Only the Americans were able to do anything to help the world and that trend was started by affluent white males.

America has a chance to teach the world how to have a better life. But to demonize white males is disingenuous toward the nature of reality. It isn’t that white males are superior physically, or spiritually, but culturally, it was their culture who built a western civilization that ignited so many great things in the world. Nobody else has come close. The attempts to repackage successful cultural attributes and apply them to people of skin color or their sex is ignoring the elements that make a successful culture, and is doomed to fail. Success as a country, or as a person is not based on skin color or reproductive designations, but in the behavior and the values of that culture.

The belief is that by attacking white males that the insurgents of socialism can have a chance to try their hand at micromanaging the global sphere of economic means. Currently the United States is moving ahead of the rest of the world culturally and economically leaving those old jealousies to evolve in a raw way that is starting to panic. With the election of President Trump and the ignition of Western Civilization’s commercial space ventures there is a real threat to those old stagnant cultures around the world struggling to keep up. I’ve been around the world a few times and I can say that my own eyes have witnessed a great death all across the earth that doesn’t wake back up until an airplane gets over the soil of North America. That’s not a racist comment, its an assertion of truth. It is not the fault of wealthy white men that there isn’t great horse races in India, or Formula One Racing in China. It’s not the fault of the United States that there isn’t an NFL option in China. It’s not the fault of Hollywood that the world doesn’t rush to the box office to see the latest Chinese and Indian films—or what about that latest blockbuster out of Kenya? Culture is everything and the ideas that build culture are critical to any level of success. And the culture has to be strong enough to last for centuries not just decades. Is it because of white privilege that the three people leading the current space race are all white men from different places around the world? Why aren’t there blacks? Why aren’t there women? It’s a free market? The reason is because it’s the ideas that built the men which gave them the intellect to solve the problems of commercial space travel. It’s the books, the movies, the music and the political beliefs of their culture which propelled them toward greatness, or to yearn for it. The strength of an idea must carry a culture forward to mature into something like the United States which is no easy task. It has to survive wars, philosophic challenges, every kind of adversity and to progress economically into something the world values. For that it was a long string of white affluent males who have that success to put on their resume.

There is room for everyone in the world to have success, people of all color and circumstances. But eliminating white males from the equation is like unplugging the power to a television. Without them the thing just sits there and does nothing. Its not that other cultures can’t do it, its just that their cultural maturity isn’t strong enough to cut through all the opposition that it takes to build a society. Without those affluent white males, the engine of the world shuts down and everyone regresses back to tents and buggies. It’s a fact of reality. It has nothing to do with any other factor than the quality of the ideas of the culture from which people spring forth.

So I’m a little tired of lesser developed people with terrible ideas criticizing white men, I happen to be one and it’s starting to really bring forth a lot of anger. Not only is it irritating, but its dishonest, and unappreciative. Things just don’t happen, it takes individuals functioning within a culture to bring them forth with great effort. And the white men of western civilization have given the world many gifts and continue to do so. Getting rid of them on the world stage won’t suddenly make socialism more successful or give other people a chance at success. Eliminating competition of the best idea makers won’t suddenly give South Africa an opportunity to become inventors of the next great technology. Only an advance culture can do that and the people who make up that culture. If the focus on such cultures are just to survive or bang together a few pots and pans to scare away a demon threatening to overtake a family home, then don’t be surprised when things don’t work out so well when the white men aren’t around to make everything good and exciting for everyone. Success isn’t an element of nature, it is pounded out through lots of hard work and the ideas of people diligent enough to emerge them forth from existence.

Rich Hoffman
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The Loser John McCain and the Memory of his Role in the Russian Dossier

Meghan McCain may be insane, she certainly isn’t a conservative. I understand that she is a grieving daughter of her father John McCain the Rino Senator who was taking up a Republican seat calling himself a conservative for many years. Clearly Meghan is only conservative when compared to the rest of the world which is dramatically liberalized so that is the measuring system used to describe Washington politics, not the reality of the flyover country for which elected Donald Trump president, which that same measuring system just can’t come to terms with, even after two years. John McCain was an anti-Trumper from the beginning and he did what he could to derail Trump’s acquisition of the White House including handing the first 33 pages of the fake Russian dossier written by Christopher Steele to the FBI so to gain leverage over Trump before he was even inaugurated. Now that newly released unsealed court documents have shown that a McCain associate, David Kramer acted on the senator’s behalf to not only give the information to the FBI, but to leak it to the press, which we will get into a bit more in the subsequent paragraphs. President Trump has a right to be angry, but what right does Meghan McCain have to rattle off her mouth which takes up entirely too much real estate, when her family is directly connected to such an epic scandal that will shame her father’s name for life. Meghan is a big girl, so I realize that hiding behind a rock somewhere is a difficult thing to do, but she should at least try instead of getting into a Twitter war with the President over a memory of her father that only she has.

Kramer admitted that it was Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson who decided to have McCain forward the document to the FBI to make it more credible. A senior Republican was needed to give the dossier credibility, so Senator McCain knew the role he played in the scandal and was willing to lend his long developed name to the endeavor, knowing the implications. This information was unsealed because of an ongoing libel case against BuzzFeed by Aleksel Gubarev, a Russian businessman named in the dossier. As part of the newly revealed documents it was revealed that Kramer put the dossier on a table and left the room allowing a BuzzFeed reporter to take pictures of the document for later publication, which was the source of the media leak. The whole intent was to provide damage to the Trump administration right out of the gate true or not. The truth had nothing to do with any of the dossier content, only impressions to harm an incoming president. It was never the Russians that were involved in the Trump administration, it was our own government and agents who were trying to overthrow an American election and John McCain was at the center of it.

Christopher Steele was hired to write the fake dossier by both Clinton campaign administrators and anti-Trump conservatives, so John McCain was involved from the beginning. He knew what the dossier was and what the intent of it was meant to do. He had planned all along to be the guy who took the dossier from obscurity into the mainstream by handing it directly to the FBI and providing cover for the Democrats who would have been much more scrutinized because of the nature of a political attack for which it was. Because people thought of McCain as a Republican, it would mean more if it came from the President’s own political party. McCain handed the dossier to the FBI in December of 2016 as Trump was preparing to take office the following month. The BuzzFeed publication occurred in January ahead of the inauguration. It was James Comey who whispered it into the President-elect’s ear that they had a dossier about some hired prostitutes in Russia that were to perform “golden showers” for Trump in a Moscow hotel room and that the incident had been taped. The whole point of the effort was to control Trump with a sordid plot true or not so that the new President would be forced to buddy up to the FBI for protection. From the very beginning the establishment Republicans and Democrats plotted the Russian story as a means to control President Trump the way they have many other politicians in the past. Only Trump was different. He decided to fight everyone head on and he fired James Comey for his role in the whole thing. That of course set off a panic that continues to this day.

The entire Mueller investigation is now about protecting those involved in the Trump scandal by keeping the President on his heels and not prosecuting the people involved in attempting to overthrow the election of 2016. With McCain now dead his daughter Meghan should consider herself lucky that her family doesn’t have an opportunity to get drug through the mud of a real scandal for which her father played a key role. John McCain was a bitter liberal posing as a conservative and was a detriment to the Republican Party. He was also a loser, his loss to Barack Obama for president in 2008 cost the United States far more in political capital than even the most organized terrorist attack could garner. America moved dangerously close to global socialism during that period and it was John McCain who helped make it happen by first being a loser in an important campaign, but second in befriending Barack Obama and encouraging Republicans to be pacifists toward the hostilities encouraged by the Democrat party, such as open borders, inflated debt, and bipartisan agreements when it was only Republicans doing the compromises.

Largely that is the role that Meghan McCain has on the television show, The View. She plays the conservative angle against the other liberals for overly emotional viewers to obtain their political spectrum from. But Meghan is just a confused girl heartbroken over the loss of her father whom she apparently didn’t know all that well and has filled her memories of him with the ideal images every daughter wants to believe about their daddies. And now that he’s dead, she can’t see the truth for the trees. But the facts are what they are, John McCain was a hostile agent in the American election of 2016 and was working hard to undercut the direction of the Republican party as dictated by voters within our Republic. And he broke the law and helped set the course for many more crimes to be broken, particularly by the FBI itself. The Justice Department of the Obama administration was in on the act as well and McCain knew it all from the beginning and acted against the American election anyway, trying to blame his antics on innocent Russians not even involved. McCain and his accomplices picked the Russians trying to tap into Cold War memories, but in all actuality, they had no power to influence anything in America, so they made an easy target because their economy is so bad that they couldn’t even fantasize about retaliating.

As far as loving Trump, Meghan McCain is severely disillusioned. I love President Trump from a distance quite a lot. I’m sure he has plenty of people close to him in his family who rival whatever affections she might have for her father. She and many of the never-Trump types in both the Democrat and Republican parties want to believe that Trump is this unsavory character who will lie, steal and cheat anybody over anything. But it is they who are perfectly willing to do such things. Just like their Russian hoax, they expect Trump not to defend himself, and to sit on his heels in defense, not attack. But that’s not the Trump way, so they don’t know what to do to appeal to his weaknesses but to attack his family. But obviously, that doesn’t work either. It is unlikely that McCain really loved his daughter the way she wants to remember it. What McCain loved is being a sneaky globalist pretending to be a Republican when really he was out to undermine the concepts of conservatism. And to usher in on the backs of weakness and sentiment an age of liberalism that was deep in his heart and had paralyzed Republican efforts for decades. And that is what he loved, and nothing more.

Rich Hoffman

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