Tail of the Dragon Update: A note from the copyeditor

Among the many things I am involved in, especially this past week in the middle of a lot of chaos is the final draft of my new book Tail of the Dragon which has been in editing and rewrites since June of last year.  I have spent the last week going over the pages of notes, remarkably all good.  I have developed a good working relationship with my editor, like people who go to war with each other usually do, but this copyeditor is a person whom I’ve never met–which is on purpose, because the intention is that the publisher wants a fresh set of eyes looking at the manuscript before it goes to print. 

This is always a nerve-racking experience because in many cases the copyeditor will be brutally honest, which is the point, and pleasant comments are not normal.  So it gives me great pleasure to report the note that this copyeditor left for me at the end of the manuscript.  I didn’t even see it till I went through the entire document and accepted the changes under the tracking format. 

It is as follows first from my editor, then the copyeditor.

Rich, here’s a lovely comment from the copyeditor to you:

 Mr. Hoffman:  It was very much an honor to work on your book, which I found to be fascinating, thrilling, and insightful.  I found myself pouring through the book, wanting to know what would happen next.  Your book is wonderful on its own, and on top of that, it reminds me of my own parents; I can’t wait to have them read the book once it is printed.  Thank you for the pleasure of being part of such an enjoyable and rewarding process;
I wish you the best of luck! 

Let me tell you something–after the week that I’ve had, that message was a very welcome note.  I LOVE SMART PEOPLE!  I’ll have to admit, because I spend so much time in books, writing them, or thinking about them that I sometimes forget how some people might think of me.  I’m not a politician even though I can speak well and can sound like one.  I wouldn’t even say I’m an activist, even though I have very passionate thoughts and ideas about what society should be doing.  If I had to call myself anything it would be a writer who paints with words what I see deep inside and I form my thoughts upon these pages for characters not yet written.   I am most happy in those written realms and it’s nice when someone else appreciates it.

Once I send this manuscript back to the publisher, which I will after another complete reading, it will be in print within months.  Which is exciting.  This book is a long time in the making and represents a deep plunge for me into a unique work of philosophy that I hope will endure for many years.  The comments from this neutral person eases my mind in ways that are impossible to articulate.

Rich Hoffman



Cuts, Cuts, and More Cuts: Protesting “Target” for trying to open on Thanksgiving

Doc Thompson on 700 WLW covered a topic which demonstrates the epic clash of ideas in our modern-day. There is a man who is circulating a petition to prevent Target, the department store, from opening on Thanksgiving Day; because he’s concerned that it will interfere with his Thanksgiving dinner, since he will have to head in to work early to prepare for the late night opening. My first thought about the man is that he can choose to work for Target or not to. Those are choices within his control. But he does not have a right to alter the business strategy of Target to suit his Thanksgiving dinner. It is his job to alter his schedule around his employment. For Target to open on Thanksgiving is a market driven need. Target’s existence is not employee driven its market driven. That is the key discrepancy of our modern problems. Listen to that broadcast at the video below:

This discussion about Target’s Thanksgiving plans comes as the smoke cleared from the Middletown City Council 4-3 decision to lay-off nine of their firefighters. The money just isn’t there. So the decision was to cut those jobs. What makes the decision worse and more impactful to the community of Middletown is because of Issue 2 being repealed, city council must lay-off the last hired, who also happens to be the cheapest. If Issue 2 would have held, the fire department could have let go of an employee who is just milking their way to retirement, who has obviously declined in performance over the years who might make 80K per year and must instead let go of two firefighters who only make 40K to attack the budget deficit goal. It’s nothing against the older employee, but they are simply too expensive, and if they are not performing at a 80K a year level, they should be let go so the fire department can keep the two firefighters who only make 40K. So Middletown had to cut 9 firefighters to meet their budget demands.

Of course there are more costs associated with these public employees besides just raw wages. At the Lakota School District the No Lakota Levy group figured out that the average employee at Lakota makes over $67 per hour of employment or $130,000 per year by the time all their benefits are factored in, and that is how a savings is made when lay-offs are implemented. The front end salary makes up a huge difference and when that is applied across a workforce of 20 to 200 it adds up to a very large number. Have a look at the math in calculating the public employee costs at Lakota here:


Yes the firefighters showed up like all those other crazy public employees usually do and protested the lay-offs, but they forget that they are not management. They do not have a right to manipulate the management structure. They do have a right to find another job if they don’t like the conditions of employment, but they don’t have a right to scream like a bunch of little children to keep their job, just like the protestor at Target does not have a right to dictate when Target opens for business. Of course members of management hate to do it, nobody likes to lay off a worker, and nobody likes to fire employees, but it’s a reality of any management when the budget dictates. I’ve had to do it more times than I can remember and they all hurt. But when the money isn’t there, that is the grim reality. Check out video and the story from Channel 19 here:


But Middletown isn’t the only city going through this kind of thing. Monroe City Schools is having public meetings to try to figure out what they can do to close a $2.7 million dollar deficit. Monroe is looking to their southern neighbors in Lakota and Mason and seeing the tremendous tax increase resistance going on in those districts and is trying to avoid that same controversy.


Of course the clueless public worker who believes that all the jobs in society were created for their convenience will simply propose that taxes be increased to meet the budget deficits. This is the response at Lakota where the superintendent who is supposed to manage the finances of the district simply stated after the third levy defeat, “But the teachers have already taken a pay freeze.” Well………so much for management letting the employees know how hard-nosed the superintendent will be in reducing costs. Instead of exploring possibilities of approaching the teachers union to reduce their employee costs on the district, which are currently ridiculously high the superintendent says the teachers have accepted a “wage freeze,” as if that were enough! I’ve shown you at the link above how much those Lakota employees cost the taxpayers, and the obvious next step would be to reduce those costs to balance the budget approved by the community. That would be the next step if public workers thought the way the rest of the world does. No, instead, they only know how to lay-off workers or ask for more taxes to pay for their distorted view of reality. Management is virtually non-existent in public service and that’s how everything got out-of-control in the first place to deliver us upon this current crises.

But that’s not all; Cincinnati City Council which is now largely liberal because of the protest vote against supporters of Issue 2 will have to solve a much larger budget gap than they did a year ago. Here’s how it went exactly one year ago when the previous city council attempted to solve their budget problems. Council never solved their problems from then till now. Check out this link!


Postal workers are now protesting the closing down of a sorting station in Cincinnati, because the Postal Service is also broke! They think somehow by their chanting money will magically appear in their budget. They like the Target worker in Doc Thompson’s radio broadcast think that their jobs exist for their livelihoods, not the public they are supposed to serve. It seems beyond their reasoning to conclude that higher taxes to pay for their extraordinary benefits are not an option. Somewhere at some time someone told them that government creates jobs and since they now worked for the government, then they’d be cared for all their lives. Nobody told them that the utopia would collapse on itself when the money ran out and the pension payments were due. The politicians who made those promises are most likely in the Bahamas drinking pina coladas through a straw, living out their lives of looting off the public sector in relative security and comfort. Now all the promises that were made by those thieves are expected to be kept, and that means that some people will have to lose their jobs to fulfill those promises.

I think back to all the commercials that aired during the Issue 2 campaign when it was said that if we wanted to keep our firefighters, our police and our teachers then we needed to repeal Issue 2. People like me declared such statements as an outright lie.

Now, unfortunately people are learning who was telling the truth and who wasn’t, and they’ll come to regret what they’ve done to themselves. Chants, protests, and magic wands will not place money in your pockets and solve the problems. Only good management and strategic thinking will, and those who cling to the old ways will undoubtedly perish in the aftermath.

Things are about to get very, very ugly.

Rich Hoffman

Rich Hoffman in American Thinker: a voice from the past

One of the questions I get a lot is…………..What right do you have to say the things you do?  Who do you think you are?  The next is, if you’re such a great writer, why aren’t you writing for organizations like American Thinker, or other conservative publications.  Well, the answer to that question is that I have.  My preference however is to have creative control over my content, and when you present that material without a lot of middlemen involved, then the material has the opportunity to be more authentic. 

But, for those readers here who would like to see a sample of my work from before I started this forum, here is an article from American Thinker, from back when Governor Kasich was just getting ready to run for the office in Ohio.  I was reminded of this article recently, and thought it prophetic given the current battles over Issue 2 that we are all facing.  So for brevity, I provide the link below to that article for your enjoyment. 


For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman

The Circus of Lakota: My Debate with the Pro Levy People

The most accurate emotion to articulate when schools ask for more tax money is one of humor and can be seen in the following video.

Before I get into the details of last my recent debate with the Pro Lakota Group remember our buddy Ryan Fahrenkamp, the Lakota teacher busted for child pornography and being a pedophile? See my article that I broke back in January here, the one that all the Pro Levy people accused me of being such a “rush to judgment,” “unfair,” and “inaccurate.” Read what I said……………..way back then.


Now read what happened on September 1, 2011 while I was preparing for a small debate with Sandy Wheatley of the Yes Lakota Group at the Lakota West Freshman building.


I will deal with Fahrenkamp in a separate article because the debate with the Pro Levy faction at Lakota deserves an extensive mention here. I only bring up the Fahrenkamp case because Sandy Wheatley chose not to deal with facts and figures in her debate with me, but with bible quotes, taking the high moral ground, as though money spent equaled quality. As she spoke I couldn’t help but wonder why she was placing the entire teaching profession on such high moral ground when one of Lakota’s ex-teachers had just confessed to taking “inappropriate pictures” of a child during an out-of-state trip.

“Ryan Brant Fahrenkamp, 42, of Mason, plead guilty to child pornography charges in U.S. district court, according to court records. Fahrenkamp was arrested at his home by FBI agents and local police in January. Fahrenkamp was a teacher at Lakota Schools for 14 years, most recently teaching at Endeavor Elementary School in West Chester Twp.

Fahrenkamp admitted to keeping child pornography on his school-issued laptop and also to taking inappropriate photos of a former male student during an out-of-state trip, according to court documents.”

I would have thought that Mrs. Wheatley would have taken some sort of position on this activity since she showed her extensive knowledge of bible verses, but instead she focused her whole speech on attempting to use the Bible to disqualify the “facts” she knew I would present. I was extremely disappointed by this approach, because taking the high road and using the Bible for some sort of political advantage seems cheap, but then not attempting to separate the levy campaign from Ryan Fahrenkamp on the day of his admission seemed either naive, assuming she didn’t know the news yet, or manipulative in that she attempted to talk around it. Because when the statement is made that we need to invest in our schools, someone on the Pro Levy side needs to articulate a plan for how to detect and remove people like Fahrenkamp in the future. Because there are others out there, just look at the Stacy Schuler case in Mason, the district next door.

You can see that debate between Mrs. Wheatley and myself here:

Sometimes the only way to see the clowns of society is to go to a circus, and in a lot of ways these kinds of political forums are just that. People often think that they are worthless exchanges, so intelligent people tend to stay away from the circus of politics. But like I’ve said recently to a friend of mine who was questioning the validity of these types of events, you go to the circus to see the clowns, and that’s how you learn what they’re up to. If intelligent people don’t get involved and actually go to the circus sometimes that leaves the clowns free to not even put on a show, so they come up with other schemes to fill their time. The game in the circus act is this, when a politician doesn’t have an answer, they seek to attack the data and inject emotion into the argument, and this can be seen by the efforts of the Pro Levy group. This is precisely why education is so expensive, because many of the decisions are not based on facts, but on emotion. We are asked to suspend all logic and not apply the same rules that we might apply to paying our electric bill or some other serious matter. We are just supposed to pay the increased tax but not question how the money is spent.

My biggest rage of the evening came from Jamie Green one of the school board candidates during the Q&A phase. (I’ll have video up of that soon.) Jamie, a former school board member from back in 2005, attacked my data too. I submitted a question to ask her how, but there wasn’t time to get to it in the forum. “You have to be careful what information you get out there,” she said of my material.

So Jamie officially eliminated herself from my support, in fact I’d say that if Lakota had someone like Jamie Green on the school board that would be the event which what would take Lakota backwards. It’s certainly not my charts.

Why is Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley upset with my “FACTS,” those elusive numbers that speak some strange language from a far-away land called “reality.” Why did they sit in the audience and huff and puff as I spoke flustering about like fish out of water, well, because those facts show that more money does not make a better school. As shown in this spreadsheet, which came from the presentation shown in the video, money spent does not amount to quality. Here is a list of many school districts in Southern Ohio all with different rates of spending per pupil and of many different ratings.

This next graph is the same date but shown differently, it takes away the names but instead plots their position in relation to the cost spent and the results gained. As shown, there is no behavior which indicates more money is justified. If what Jamie and Sandy are saying is true, then Princeton who spends $15,922 per pupil should easily be an Excellent with Distinction district, because they spend the most money. But they only rank at “Effective.” On the other hand Bethel-Tate Local spends $7,167 per pupil but they have the same ranking as Lakota. Lakota spends $9,806 to get that same rating. By the logic of Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley all the schools at the top of their per pupil cost should be Excellent with Distinction, yet many aren’t. Look at Winton Woods who is spending $12,636, they are spending a lot of money, near the top of the list, yet they are at the bottom of the category rating.

Instead, Jamie Green and Sandy Wheatley will say,“don’t pay any attention to Mr. Hoffman’s facts. It’s all a matter of ‘interpretation’” and graphs can be made to say anything. Really? What these apologists are doing is hope that they can capture people’s minds with Bible quotes and some kind of former school board “experience” where the typical behavior is to bow to a labor union who behaves like a bottomless pit in funding demands. They are doing the same thing with this levy issue that they did when Ryan Farhenkamp was busted for child pornography. They talk out of both sides of their mouth. When a child pedophile, who worked 14 years in the school system, ironically under Jamie Green’s watch while she was a board member, pleads guilty to the charges, the Pro Levy people say “you can’t assume all teachers are bad because of the actions of one teacher!” Then they turn around and say, “Teachers need to collectively make ‘X’ amount of dollars to qualify your school district to be an ‘Excellent with Distinction’ school. They will then say that all teachers should be taken as a collective unity of quality. So which is it, independent assessment or collective altruism, because they can’t have it both ways?

As Sandy Wheatley basically said in her presentation that anybody can take selected sections of some information and paint it anyway they want to, which is what she was accusing me of doing with my “mysterious” graphs and “technical data.” She picked the story of when “Judas hanged himself,” from Mathew 27 then another quote of the “go and do likewise” portion of the Bible which is from Luke 10:37. She picked totally unrelated parts of the Bible to make her point, but she also sought to use that body of work to claim a moral high ground which is traditionally beyond refute. Well, I’ve read Biblical Archeology Review for over thirty years and I have about 21 volumes of the Biblical Encyclopedia of the Holy Bible, so I know a bit about the Bible myself. I read the actual book about 5 times before I was out of high school, and I have seen this kind of thing done many, many times by politicians, even within the Bible itself, where they think they have a right to use a Holy Book to shield some kind of truth, and that makes me VERY angry. Of course those stories aren’t even related to each other and that was her point. This is great insight into how the Pro Levy people and the school system in general operate. They do just as Sandy Wheatley did, they select the stats they like and ignore all the rest, just like those completely unrelated sections of the Bible, and they assume that I am doing the same thing, which I would consider unspeakable. This is precisely what they did with Ryan Fahrankamp, news that broke the same day they were pleading their case why they needed another tax levy. Instead they gave an emotional appeal that just dealt with the facts they are prepared to deal with. I would think that anyone who wishes to use the Bible in a political position would also take a hard stand against the extreme “sin” of one Ryan Fahrankamp. But in this circus of politics, that’s not what the show is about.

I would say further that it is this very tendency that gets Pro Levy Supporters into trouble with the labor unions and puts the district in a weak position with those labor negotiations. The union does deal with facts and employee mass and they routinely out-maneuver the more emotion Pro Levy types every time and to hide their sins, the Pro Levy people resort to words like “morality” and “good for the community” without ever defining how throwing more money at an obviously broken education system ran by a public union empire can somehow be redeemed through the sacrifice of yet more tax dollars.

The reason is because their foundation arguments are corrupt with the premise that the school itself is the guiding light in a child’s life, instead of just an important social and cultural aspect. If you go back to that chart and see which schools are failing, even with extraordinary amounts of money spent, you will see districts that are statistically high for single parent households, welfare recipients, and other “entitlement culture victims” and the children coming from those communities cannot be saved by the school. That is the real crime and the solitary fact that the Pro Levy people do not wish to answer. Just like they can’t face themselves in a mirror and take responsibility for not detecting that a pedophile was allowed to take a child on an out-of-state school sponsored event which put the child in danger, because the school itself failed to recognize the danger. There was not a value system put in place to assess teachers by merit, so administrators didn’t even bother with the frustrating task of posing the question to the labor union. The mountain is too steep to climb, so everybody avoids it. That’s how someone like Fahrankamp falls through the cracks.

The failure in all of this is not being able to diagnose the problem, because the Pro Levy people have a system of belief which rejects hard data in favor of emotion, because it is emotion which allows them to overlook the hard data that is all around them to detect the Ryan Farhankemp’s of the world before the danger ever happens. For the same reason they won’t look at the data I present, because the reality of what that data tells them is something those people are not emotionally equipped to deal with, so they hide their beliefs in the scattered quotes of a Bible without understanding the meaning of the whole body of work, and they’ll insult the intelligence of those of us who know better by suggesting that nobody look at the man behind the curtain. They want you to stay focused on the image, not the content and that would be fine if this were all just a visit to a movie theater where we are supposed to suspend belief for a couple of hours. But this is millions of dollars, and the lives of many, many people and such seriousness requires detailed analysis and honesty, even when mistakes are made, so that the entire community can move forward without the infantile desires of former school board members to have once again a “name plate” which bears her name in some illusionary honor.

All this amounts to is that you are not supposed to ask any hard questions or even look at the facts. But you’re supposed to sit quietly and watch the clowns in the circus do their silly tricks and not question the motivations of the personalities behind the face paint, or even why so many of them are packed into one car in some comic diatribe. Because what the real show is truly about is money, and protecting that money with some mild entertainment to keep the audiences placated as to the bona fide show that is going on behind the scenes. Such behavior has been the act for decades, so it won’t change overnight, but for me personally, I’m tired of all the clowning around that has been going on, and I’m ready to see the school walk a tight rope instead, and display the ability to balance themselves in a more serious portion of the show that is ultimately a circus.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman

Ancient Aliens and the Tea Party: Koyannisqatsi (LIFE OUT OF BALANCE)

Do yourself a favor, after you read this spend the time to watch these videos then read this again.  After that, pass it to a friend and let them start a journey they will never forget.  I have included the entire film of Koyannisquatsi at this end of this post, which is one of my favorite films of all time.  Enjoy!

Remember the speech that President Obama gave right after the shooting in Texas where he wanted to give a “shout out” at the Native Americans of the area? That was an awkward moment which showed just how out of touch the President really was in that instant of crises. The President exhibited all the typical signs of an out of touch academic which is what he is. He was simply revealing the Static Intellectualism, of which the Progressive Platform is built around, specifically in this case empathy for the plight of the Native American without really understanding the beliefs of the culture they are empathizing with.

The modern academic however, of which Obama is a part is limited in their understanding of many things, particularly the study of mankind’s past. They are stuck in the Static Intellectual culture patterns of which they helped create, and that is all life emerged in one of two ways, through evolution, or creation. One theory is one of science, which the Static Intellectual controls; the other is controlled by the religious institutions which is another type of Static Intellectual control. To the Static Intellectual who created progressive politics no other options exists, because the cultural patterns they established are the rules they are living by. That leaves out one small problem with their love of the Native American; the foundation beliefs of the Native American Culture most likely came from another planet which is represented in many of the rituals of Native American culture which permeates most societies from the Hopi to the Iroquois of New England. It was the Iroquois Five Nations that greeted William Johnston in his frontier fights against the French during the French and Indian war and those Five Nations were unified by a being that landed on Earth and instructed them not to be a war with one another, and to unite their efforts under one nation, of which the Iroquois did. (See the book Wilderness Empire by Allen Eckert)

The problem with this is that through study of the Native American rituals clues to the origins of mankind can and should be studied, but the Static Intellectualism of our modern culture have built their cultural patterns around the history of Europe which does not study the Native American cultures. Instead they study the known regions of Africa and the Middle East as the cradle of civilization and assume with arrogance that it’s always been that way, which Europe and its imperial roots contained within the Roman Empire gave birth to the world. So the scientific premise regarding the origin of the human race which has been controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, as a direct descendent of the Roman Empire refuses to look at all the new scientific archeological evidence coming in from all over the world. See my article on The Secret of Malden Island.


Progressives led by the Static Intellectualism of the Victorian Era, and their love of the Native American culture because of the terrible exploitation imposed upon them particularly by President Andrew Jackson, who was a frontier fighter, a rugged American, it suited their political purpose to smear Jackson, yet in their study of this political history as intellectuals they completely missed the beliefs of those Native Americans and the foundations behind their tribal mythologies.

Chief Standing Elk seen below shares a friendship with a person I know who is a shaman and lives in St. Louis. This shaman is a dream-walker and a spiritual healer and I find her fascinating because her belief system is so completely different from mine. I enjoy conversations with her, she is to my personal Static Pattern belief system a Dynamic which challenges those beliefs that I find valuable. Anyway, this shaman friend of mine invited me to a spiritual meeting at Serpent Mound a few years ago with this Chief who is an active spiritual leader attempting to carry on the beliefs of the tribes who inhabited America before the immigration of the European. Listen to what the Chief believes.

I became interested in Native American cultures through the film Koyannisqatsi, (SEE THE WHOLE FILM BELOW) which is one of my favorite films, and features a haunting Hopi Indian chant that has never left my mind. The word Koyannisqatisi means in Hopi, “life out of balance, crazy life.” I nurtured that understanding through the work of Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology studies, so I have a pretty good idea of what they are all about and I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of their beliefs. For instance, my wife and I frequent the Serpent Mound Archeological site a couple of times a year for many years now and have watched the perception of that place change dramatically from one of hard archeology based on the Adena Indian culture to this new age Star Culture idea that Chief Standing Elk believes. One of our visits a few years ago had various Indian tribes and shaman types chanting outside the museum and I told my wife that the science of the place was reverting, not advancing. These primitive beliefs and tribal chants seemed silly to me, until I did some reading of my own.

The big mystery of Serpent Mound is that it not only is a mound structure of a serpent, which is a universal symbol of life renewal, but it is particularly designed to be seen from the air, and all over the world such as the Nazca Lines of Peru and several features all over England, this is a common occurrence where societies seemed to be preoccupied with impressing the gods from the air. But the biggest mystery is the location itself in the middle of a crypto explosion event which occurred during the Permian Period, about 248 to 286 million years ago. Read more about the mound here:


Check out this clip, right about the 2:30 mark:

The crypto explosion is mysterious because it was a violent occurrence several miles wide and would usually be a result of a meteor impact similar to the site in Arizona just to the east of the Grand Canyon outside of Winslow, but it doesn’t look like that. It appears that at least half of the force occurred under the ground as well, so it’s quite a geological mystery. The haunting thing about this mystery is why the Serpent Mound is located right in the middle of this very unique spot that occurred hundreds of millions of years before any builders of the Serpent Mound came along. How did anyone from the Serpent Mound Culture know that something extremely unusual geologically occurred in that exact spot, out of all the spots on the face of planet Earth, a so-called primitive culture knew that something unusual and astronomically significant occurred right there in the middle of a wooded area in Ohio, with no visual reference on the surface. You have to do some digging to see the results of the crypto explosion.

Well, the shamans are saying that a seed ship landed on Earth and brought visitors who inhabited this new land. Such comments make me think of how the European encountered the Aztec and Mayan cultures of Central America and also the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean, where they imposed their religion upon the primitive people they encountered. Those cultures were influenced by the goods brought from Europe and changed forever as a result of this interaction and in the case the Native American; their cultures were almost completely destroyed by this exchange with the European. It is this aspect of the exchange that the progressive celebrates out of guilt so they do not look any deeper.

Our current culture is only about 200 years from being able to jump from planet to planet itself, so such space travel isn’t very far-fetched taken scientifically. Modern human culture achieved this ability in just about 10 to 20 thousand years, so it’s possible there could be many cultures out in space that are many thousands of years more advanced than we currently are. It is starting to appear that Earth has been greatly influenced by much more than just simple evolution or even creationism, which certainly have played a part, but there are other influences which gave rise to the sudden explosion of technology upon the human race, and the Native Americans seem to have a better understanding of that process than the Anglo-Saxon.

But the Static Intellectualism of academia who has built their universities upon flimsy theories based on Darwin and the Archeology of the Middle East refuse to see it. They, like President Obama think only of the suffering of the Native American at the hands of the “white man” because if fulfils the mission statement of their political platform. But if they actually took the time to listen to the Native American mythology, passed the obvious concern for conservation which also fills another political platform of “green technology” the study of Native American mythology and their roots don’t seem to be examined at all.

This is why television shows like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are so poplar, because the Dynamic Intellectualism of our current culture sees that the Static Intellectualism of our education institutions are missing the point in their interrelationship with the progressive politics of the Victorians in America. We are beginning to question the basic premise of the whole religious and scientific premise of mankind’s origins and that’s a good healthy process. If our education system is wrong, then it needs to correct that wrong with new understanding and not resort to the methods of the Spanish Inquisition, or burning heretics at the stake for being non-believers.

The Static Intellectuals of Progressive politics will insist that any notations of aliens colonizing planet Earth and bringing technology to the Homo sapiens who already lived here are preposterous. This is similar to when the church was upset with Isaac Newton for declaring that the Earth was not the center of the universe, which seems laughable now considering what we have learned about not only our galaxy but the many galaxies that make up the universe. In fact, through our understanding of quantum mechanics we are now beginning to think of the concept of a multi-verse. So the church was wrong, and the Victorians who built the progressive politics of which the current Static Intellectualism is protecting, are also wrong. In fact they are way off, and the evidence is overwhelming.

And this is where the Tea Party comes into this whole thing. Progressives are the political entity that is holding the world to a Static Pattern that is flawed in it perception of virtually everything. As it turns out, they are not so “progressive” but have been caught assuming that they are the “enlightened” ones and that they would be the ones who teach the world everything. They currently hold an imperial like grip on academia, which we can see is wrong, because Dynamic Intellectualism is using its imagination to ask the hard questions, where did we come from? And the answer is not in the Static Intellectual offering, so the pattern is wrong and must be broken down and rebuilt with new data gathered up by Dynamic Intellectualism.

The same is happening in politics, where the Dynamic Intellectuals represented by the Tea Party are shattering the Static Patters of progressive politics, because those politics are turning out to be completely false and ridiculously naive. This is why both mystics who say that the Earth was influenced by alien encounters and those who say that America should return to the principles of the United States Constitution are kooks. Because it is the Static Intellectuals who are threatened by the Dynamic Intellectuals of interrupting the Static Pattern that modern science has been established on.

I don’t know if aliens did or did not visit the Earth and influence our culture in any way. But I do know that archeology and anthropology along with geology and other sciences are in their infancy of understanding our world history, and a lot of discoveries have not been reasonably explained by anything more than some Static Intellectual politically correct assessment. But Static Intellectual ideas have not explained how temples were built all over the Pacific, or the mystery of Easter Island, or the Temple at Baalbek, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the city of Tiahuanaco which may be as old as 16,000 BC, and many, many, many, many others. Only Dynamic Intellectuals have ventured into this territory of exploring explanations, and like Newton, they are ridiculed.

The Tea Party too knows that the Static Pattern of America is wrong and it needs to be corrected as they are called names by the Static Intellectuals such as “terrorists, assassins, kooks, radicals, uneducated fools,” and the like. The Tea Party is a threat to the Static Patter of the Static Intellectual who is clamoring to their education empire even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they have been completely wrong about most everything they believe. The path of the progressive is a dead-end and they refuse to see their error even when the evidence is right in front of them.

This is what they have done to the Native American. They took only the parts of their culture that they could use for the progressive political platform, but they rejected the aspects that didn’t support their political platform and this is most obvious in the words of Chief Standing Elk, who is a strict conversationalist, represents the thoughts and beliefs of his ancestors, but he also believes that the world co-exists with “star people.” If the Static Intellectual were honest about their assessments they’d call Chief Standing Elk a kook for his beliefs, but they won’t because he is a Native America and part of the progressive political platform. They’ll just ignore the rest of Chief Standing Elk’s beliefs like they do everything else they don’t understand and will remain just as ignorant as those who were in charge during the Dark Ages, because as Static Intellectuals, they are stuck with beliefs that are fixed to the foundations of their existence, and they lack the courage of the Dynamic Intellectual who will go out on a limb with a scientific theory, because the Static Intellectual is simply too timid to venture in unknown regions of the mind. That is why they call people names, and that is why they always fail in the end as history marches on without them.

Too bad there isn’t a word in the English language that sums of the statement, “life out of balance, or crazy life” like the Hopi have. The reason the Hopi have this word is because in their culture they saw a need for such a term. The European had to invent a series of words to mean the same thing, because their culture wasn’t advanced enough to understand the need for some kind of balance between the various forces that exemplify a culture. Most of the time that out-of-balance state is the war between the Static portions of society and the Dynamic portions, and the Hopi understood this and they invented a word to bring all the aspects of their life into focus so they could advance as a culture, and that word was Koyannisqatsi.

Rich Hoffman

Public Unions Should be Illegal: They are simply too expensive and too demanding


Leslie Ghiz of Cincinnati City Council goes ballistic on 700 WLW while talking to Doc Thompson about the lack of interest in dealing with the Diana Frey case, the public union president accused of stealing over $750,000 from her members. The source of the complacency she is upset about is the very reason why public positions simply cost too much money to the tax payer. Click here to listen to that broadcast:

There is a disconnect between the reality of the public union leader and the rest of the world. Doc Thompson recently did another show where the average tax payer would have a lot of difficulty coming up with $1000 if they needed to without going into debt. Yet the public union expectation when their contracts demand more money is just to raise taxes to fund their demands, and they don’t care at all that they are draining the communities of their wealth, who simply don’t have the money. You can listen to that broadcast here:

The public sector unions have shown no restraint, no sense of economic understanding, no compassion for their employers, which are the tax payers. They have been excessively greedy, corrupt (Diana Frey and she’s not the only one), manipulative, and perfectly willing to walk off the job if management doesn’t see things their way. Their behavior has driven up the cost of their employment simply to the point of being very unattractive as a labor option.

When the public union representing the teachers at Lakota in 2008 went on strike, and a deal was made to appease them, to keep the teachers from walking off the job, I decided that I would not support another school levy until the public sector union was out of the equation. They simply drive up the cost of education too much. The unions make it impossible to have an intelligent conversation about cost controls, because the direction of the negotiations always migrates back to the welfare of the employee, and not the product they create.

I have noticed that the television stations lately are focused on the catastrophe of public funding and are resorting to the feel-good stories of emotion, which plays straight into the kind of manipulation the unions have used to extort massive sums of money, (tax money) for themselves. It is never asked by the established media why all these public employee jobs are going bankrupt, because the answer is simply too painful. Public employees, particularly teachers are too expensive. They cost too much money to employee, and they did that to themselves with extreme labor practices such as threatening to walk of the job with strikes.

The legislators who made it law that a teacher should have a master’s degree to keep their teaching certificate helped perpetuate the situation with legislation. They did as they always do; they created laws without considering the cost of compliance. That is the problem with electing small-minded people into positions to create laws, because they are unable to take in the whole picture. Since they too are public employees and not responsible for creating the funding, they don’t make the connection but simply take money from the public in the form of taxes, so they bare no responsibility.

Public employees do not exist for the benefit of job creation. They are not there for the convenience of the employee. But that is the expectation. The tax payer is expected to jump through hoops to figure out how to appease the high expectations of these out-of-touch employees.

If I were the superintendent of a school, which I could never be because there are actually laws to keep people like me from being hired by a district, the unions have covered their tracks in every direction, I would simply let the teachers walk the next time they attempted a strike, and I’d hire cheaper labor. It is the cost of labor that is the problem and is creating the demand for more taxes in every sector of government service. Government in no capacity should ever be paid more than the average wage of the public, because it creates an incentive for people to attempt to become a government worker that will do anything to become employed by the government because it’s simply too lucrative.

Teachers should be paid fairly, and if they want to make a lot of money, they should work for a private institution that will pay them according to their expectations. If the United States were the best in the world, I might buy into the union argument that we need to pay for the best to have the best, but the United States education system is not the best. It’s average and that’s being generous, and I think it fails in entirely too many ways. It certainly isn’t worth the amount of money we are pouring into it.

Politicians and news organizations looking to simplify their stories focus only on dollars spent equals’ value to the child, but that simply is not true. We could pour all the money the United States produces into education and the result would still be a flat line. Education is an elusive quality that comes from the strength of a family and the mentors that surround a child. Children just do not learn on an assembly line and making the factory more expensive won’t improve the results.

I’m not against public education. I think it’s a good thing for people who come from broken homes, or poor families. In those conditions, it is possible for a teacher to have a major influence on a child, because the teacher can fill the role that the parent is neglecting. But in families that are strong where there are two parents, grandpa’s and grandma’s and the family has a middle to upper income, there isn’t much a public school has to offer in the development of a child but a baby sitting service. I know that hurts the feelings of many “sensitive” guidance councilors and teachers, but those are the facts. As a tax payer, I’m happy to employee some of those people in my district for some of the underprivileged, but having hundreds and hundreds employees all making extremely lucrative incomes is simply not good business.

But it is the unions who have high-jacked the entire process, allowed no management control on a run-away train that just goes faster and faster requiring more and more money to fuel. To me, they are not worth the money. They are guilty of being too greedy and out-of-touch. To be honest, I have never seen a system so screwed up, as wrong as you find when you lift up the rocks of public sector unions. The entire situation is terribly out of control which directly affects the overall cost. I believe the teachers for the most part believe they are in the profession for the kids they teach. But the union leaders are clearly out for the greed of the position and have shown no restraint on their demands. And the teachers who have voted to keep those types of leaders in place are all guilty of putting themselves over their job to the children and the more I learn, the angrier I become.

Being foolish is not against the law. If the union leaders wish to be so foolish as to be out-of-touch with the rest of the world, that’s their prerogative. But when they ask me to fund their foolishness, that is passing the fool baton to me, and I’m not going to carry it. They make it my business when they ask me for more money to support their folly, and I know better. Therefore, I will not support public sector unions with any more additional taxes until they remove themselves from the process. They are getting in the way of proper management of public employees and should be outlawed. We have tried that little public employee union experiment started by President Kennedy and it has failed, and needs to be abolished as a practice.

The unions will call it union busting. I call it practical. I do not recognize the authority of any union to take my money out of my pocket and do what they please with it. Such a practice is simple robbery. It’s nothing else and needs to be outlawed at every level in government. Until that happens, there will never be any management of government costs which is just plain foolishness when money is the primary concern.

Rich Hoffman

Matt Clark and the Sails Filled with Adventure: Slaying the beasts that reside under the surface

If there is one aspect of human endeavor that absolutely disgusts me, it is that of the politician. I can’t stand them! I hate politics. I hate family politics. I hate corporate politics. I hate neighborhood politics. And I hate elected politics. I hate the entire concept. Politics is the ultimate failure of Greek society. It should not be celebrated in any fashion. It should not be endorsed, propped up, or even passively accepted as a human attribute. Politics is far more dangerous than all the guns in the world, nuclear disasters, or environmental catastrophes.

So my comments about politics radiates from these pages, and the things I say in a fashion that is more aggressive than what is generally accepted. There aren’t many people who understand my extreme dislike of politics, because most people find themselves wrapped up in the political system to one degree or another and may agree with me, but in practice they simply can’t because their lives are built around politics, even if it’s just within their family structure. However, like minds are naturally bound to find each other in this vast sea of human experience because unlike politics which hides their true intentions below the surface, to sneak up upon their victims like carnivorous sea creatures just trying to feed their bellies, men of thought, of history, of philosophy prefer to sail upon the open sea, above all that nonsense. And such vessels at sea can easily spot each other upon the open water, above the murky depths of politics. This is how I met Matt Clark, a young man more youthful than me, so he is a newer vessel of a similar design, but none-the-less he is another vessel of knowledge sailing the seas of life, studying the depths below him, and pursuing life as an adventure with his sails open to the world and the wind that propels it. As fate would have it, he invited me on his weekend show to discuss the dangerous sea creatures that are eating each other below our vessels and we discussed the balance of power that is emerging in politics.

Matt is running that WAAM show out of Ann Arbor, Michigan from 1 to 3 on Sunday’s as tens of thousands of listeners grill out in their back yard, men change the oil of their cars in their garage, and avid boaters sail the open waters of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie and contemplate the musings of a young historian uttering the ridiculousness of the politicians who just insist on eating each other in the murky water of politics. The Clarkcast, as Matt has named it is competing for air time with the big radio names of Glenn Beck, Laura Ingram and many others on the Fox Radio Network and he’s holding his own. But what Matt has that the others don’t is the freshness of his voice, of his experience, of his generation. He is not a fallen star, but a rising one, and if he’s smart, he can stay that way. There is simply no reason for thinking men to be failures at some point in their life in order to gain wisdom. Wisdom comes from the observance of experience, and experience does not have to be earned from the murky waters of the deep.

So many young people in their twenties these days believe they have not lived until they’ve gotten a tattoo, or colored their hair, or had vicious and promiscuous sex with strangers in some dirty dungeon. Or gotten drunk with friends and shared indiscretions which they believe bond their friendships for life. All that activity is in reality simply the life of sea creatures, the acts of the underworld beneath the surface of life in those murky depths of politics. It was the politician who invented this perception, and created for themselves food to feed on. It is their desire for the masses of society to remain small fish so they always have a food supply. Those same predatory fish eye those vessels like Matt Clark sailing on the surface of the water with jealousy because Matt is traveling where the politician cannot go. Matt and all the other people of the mind are above them and free of their power and intimidation.

I always have felt this way about politics. Even as a young boy with barely any memory, at 4 and 5 years old. In kindergarten, my teacher Ms. Mays, an old sea hag, most likely former siren of the sea chastised me for not following her specific instructions on an art assignment. I remembered thinking even then, that her way looked wrong, and I couldn’t bring myself to do the wrong thing, especially in art. Art doesn’t have definite rules. I didn’t know that at the time, but I felt that there was something wrong with what she was telling me. It was politics. Ms. Mays was so furious with me that she called my mother in and chastised her for my insolence to her instructions, a process that would be repeated until I was too big to stand over in a chair sometime in the 8th grade when my English teacher noticed one of my drawings in the newspaper from a contest I had won and cut it out and showed it to the class admiring my artistic ability.

I learned from Shakespeare that humans were essentially broken beings at heart, obsessed with politics. Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth, all the Henry’s, The Tempest, Romeo and Juliet, and my favorite of all, Titus Andronicus, spoke to me of the depths of human failure, and my love of history told me that this behavior wasn’t specific to the late 1500’s to the early 1600’s. Shakespeare had learned to be one of those vessels in his life who rode upon the surface and observed the bizarre tendencies of the creatures of politics and how they pray on one another. I rejected politics because of Shakespeare, having no desire to swim with the sharks of this world. I’d rather catch them like a hunter and display their savaged jaws upon my headboard to look at when adventures in bed are called for.

What I see in the young Matt Clark is one of those thoughtful people who have discovered the joy of fishing into the depths of politics and exposing those treacherous creatures to the light of day, of cutting them open to expose all that they’ve eaten, and studying them the way a historian examines all of history, with curiosity and wonder at what motivates such barbaric tendencies. There is always a bit of sadness that those beasts of politics cannot be taught the merit of life above the depths, and Matt has that same compassion. But at an early age he is not fool enough to jump in and attempt to save them from themselves for that is not his job. His job is to catch them and eat them himself, and possibly save the smaller beasts from the larger ones, so they can have a chance at living even if their life is limited to the treacherous depths of ignorance and politics.

All adventurers young and old hold reverence for one another when they meet on the open sea where Matt Clark and I shared a few stories on a Sunday afternoon, then parted to our separate ways to go hunting and observing once more the behaviors of those tyrants of the deep, those ignorant fools of politics, who hide in the darkness and consume everything in their path with mindless abundance, until they are caught by someone like Matt Clark and his Clarkcast radio program during the hours of 1 to 3 pm every Sunday, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The winds of adventure fills his sails and the revelations permeate the minds of others who desire life above the sea who might wish to quit that tragic life of politics and live the life of a thinker and enjoy the freedom of the open sea where wisdom has the answer to everything and the fate of mankind is clear to the Earths horizon.


Rich Hoffman