Watching Fisherman from the Mountaintop: Weak politics are the result of weak philosophy

Why are so many voters ignorant as to how they should vote?  Well, have a look at two of the reasons, pop culture and professional politicians brought together in a collection of imagery that appeases the senses.  Oh, its bait in the water……

In the wake of the 2011 Election, whether we are talking about the various school levies, the dysfunction of Cincinnati and their new city council along with the street car, or the loss of Issue 2, it is apparent that many people just don’t understand the higher concepts of how things connect.

Most people are too busy with their lives, too busy to pay attention to the critical issues at play, and it shows in the way they’ve voted. In Lakota our NO LAKOTA LEVY campaign placed the information on the doorstep of the voters and over 18,000 of them sided with our viewpoint, because the information was provided. But the weaknesses of our social fabric became very apparent when most of Ohio failed to understand the importance of Issue 2, or why they voted for a school levy, or why they voted for a street car, and countless other issues. It is not so simple to proclaim that those voters are simply stupid. It’s not even correct to suggest that it’s a matter of Republicans or Democrats, Progressives or Constitutionalists, it is a matter of failed philosophy at a basic, fundamental level and that failure is the social error of our day.

In the wake of the election and my performance many have asked me to run for one of the various political offices around town. It is difficult to explain to them I have no interest in such a thing. My intention is to return back to my mountain as described in my favorite book, Thus Spoke Zarathustra and return to philosophy, because that’s what I’m interested in. This is why it is so clear to me where society is failing. It’s not so much in their politics, it’s in their philosophy. They are fundamentally broken and therefore cannot understand how and why their politics reflect this fragmented structure. My politics and philosophy is that of the American Transcendentalist. My friends are Henry David Throreau and Emerson, not the person at the Friday Night Football game whom I might secretly seek approval. It is clear that such people who harbor such desires have consumed their minds computing power on tasks that are worthless, and thus do not understand the importance of political topics. Right before the election as I finished up an interview with Channel 5 and Channel 9 TV I was also in communication with my editor to turn in my manuscript as promised before she had to catch a long flight to a far away place. She wanted the second draft to work on while at the airport, and the flight itself and as I sent it, a surge of importance radiated from the task which far exceeded any of my political involvements embarked on that same day.

When a friend of mine requested why I don’t take action on my talent for speaking and articulating arguments I replied, “The world does not need one more politician, a school board member, a trustee, a mayor, congressman, senator, or even president.” I know several people who are good for these jobs and I am fine to let them do it. But to my eyes from my mountaintop perspective which I will not surrender, the world needs to think again because all the elections from now till the end of time will fix nothing if people act purely with emotion instead of intellect, as they did with Issue 2, and many of the school levies.

Emotion is that silly lure which the fish bites down on a hook as a worm sacrificed of its life wiggles from to attract the fish. The fish bites on the hook out of the emotion of being hungry, and the fisherman to capitalize on that emotion and weakness uses that emotion against the fish in order to catch it, and consume it. I do not wish to be consumed by the fisherman of politics. And I would advise my friends and neighbors against it as well. But I do not invest much of myself into those who wish to bite down on hooks and allow themselves to be caught. It is these types that I see voted against Issue 2. It is these types who voted yes for school levies. They are hungry fish too busy to study the conditions around the bait, and therefore are easy pray for the fisherman.

The fisherman in this case is the labor unions and the politics of that structure. They are a ruthless hunter who simply wants to fill their bellies. As a politician I would be at the disadvantage of being in the water with all the other fish to simply tell hungry fish not to bite on the hook, which they would anyway. This would lead me to a life of frustration and would result in me simply being wet.

The answer is in the kind of material I sent back to my editor as she climbed on her plane and sent me a text. “WOW, so much is here! This is fantastic!” I nodded to myself with a satisfaction that far exceeded any victories gained on election night. No amount of drink and women in skimpy dresses would equate to the satisfaction of a compliment given from a higher plane of reality. For a book contains within it the power to elevate the mind of the fish into explaining to it that there is a world outside the realm of the pond from which it resides, a world that it can then develop tools to explore and use to it’s advantage. So if my editor’s reaction to this first edit is an indication, my mountain top musings will have more influence in the realm of the human race than an election result, or a political office. And this is the path of the American Transcendentalist, and that path leads to the mountaintop cave of Zarathustra. (My favorite book)

From that mountaintop where I desire to spend ALL my time, it is easy to look down to the pond and see the fisherman casting their polls into the water. Those fishermen have government shirts on, and many have AFL-CIO on them, so I can see what they are up to easily. When I see this I will climb down, get into the water and try to keep the poor fish from biting down on the hook to feed those fisherman that I see ruthlessly overfishing the pond at the foot of the mountaintop.

If I had my way however I would encourage those who swim in the pond that they are not fish, but a higher life form, and that there is room for them on the mountaintop with me. So rather than play the games of the pond, I chose to stay in the mountaintop to write from there so that others may be encouraged to leave the pond behind all together and join me on those lofty peaks, where life is much more interesting, and the content of things become much clearer. It means nothing to the people who come to realize such concepts to become a big fish in a small pond or even a small fish in a large pond, or better yet a big fish in a large ocean. That is the realm of politics at all levels. I would say that being a fish at all is the wrong way, because all are prone to the bait of the fisherman. The best thing to do is to leave the pond all together and become bigger than what you were so you aren’t even tempted by the bait on a hook.

The solutions to politics are not in the pond, it’s on the mountaintop. So any effort applied to the pond is a waste of time. This is why I played Wii Golf during the election results and did not celebrate, because the effort was simply a temporary fix to a larger problem. The long-term fix though is in my manuscripts, and whether or not people understand it now, or 100 years from now matters not. The process of thinking is the key to leaving the pond to higher plains of thinking and if I can do that for one, I consider it a far greater triumph than simply avoiding the hook of a fisherman cast into the water on November 8, 2011.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

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Indicted West Chester Police Officer made $70,032.20: Yet the apologists think that’s not enough

The West Chester Police did a good thing and that’s act quickly on an internal investigation of one of their own.  The nine-year veteran 37-year-old David Busemeyer was investigated and indicted by a grand jury of three felony charges, obstruction of official business, obstruction of justice and attempted tampering with evidence. Busemeyer is of course innocent until proven guilty, but this entire internal investigation is a reminder that public servants are not perfect. And I don’t expect them to be. What I expect is for West Chester to do exactly as it did, and that is bring about justice even when it involves their own.

However, in light of Issue 2, where the rhetoric has been turned up, and those pandering types use public servants to prop up their own political positions, I keep hearing that public servants do not make very much money, that police start at 35K a year, and that firefighters make 55K per year, and that teachers are not getting rich off their jobs. Well, I’ve shown at this site that teachers at Lakota make an average of $63K per year and are doing very well relative to the rest of the community. The police and firefighters in my community are also doing quite well, which I wasn’t aware of till the last levy was approved. After the approval of that levy I started looking at the numbers which resulted in the below spreadsheet.

Because this officer had been named and indicted by a grand jury, I was curious how much this particular police officer made, because according to Bill Cunningham and many others who are supporters of collective bargaining and union labor, these guys don’t make very much money. So I took a look at the spreadsheet below and sure enough, David Busemeyer is on there. At only 37 years old and nine years on the force he is making $70,032.20 as of 2010 numbers, since I received that information during the winter of 2011.

That’s not bad money. In fact, that’s quite a bit more than the average tax payer, even in West Chester. Have a look at my list.

To see my original article on this spreadsheet click here:

The trouble with “collective begging” which is the union term that Cunningham has adopted to refer to the “collective bargaining” reform bill of Issue 2 is that “collective bargaining” is not practical, is expensive, and allows employees who can’t achieve large wage levels under their own merit to make excellent wages under that system. Using West Chester purely as an example since it’s my community it’s not a big deal if David Busemeyer makes $70,032.20 if there was some sort of evaluation procedure that delivered him that type of wage. Maybe he does a lot of high risk work, or maybe he can speak in several languages and act as a translator for illegal immigration busts. But under collective bargaining, EVERYONE makes that kind of money. All a public employee has to do is show up for work, do what they are told within the union rules, and keep their nose clean, somewhat, and they will receive an automatic increase based on their collective bargaining contract. And instead of one employee making great money, you have hundreds making that kind of money and every bit of it must come from the tax payer.

Cunningham’s comments are the same as the typical politician. He’s pandering to the masses, which is no different from when Barry Obama does it, or Jessie Jackson, or Bill Clinton. Cunningham knows that many of his listeners during the day are public servants. Cops have on 700 WLW in their cars as they sit on the side of the road watching for speeders. Teachers have it on in the teacher’s lounge, and firefighters having it on in the firehouses. Cunningham seems to have always cared more for pandering than the actual truth which used to make me mad, but like one of my readers told me the other day, Willie Springer has no credibility. He lost that a long time ago.  It’s important to know that Willie is a brand name to a creation.  He is a lawyer.  He has a restaurant in West Chester where many teachers, PTA members, and coaches of sports teams for Lakota attend, so there is profit in pandering.  That seems to be why he supports a levy in my district even though he doesn’t live there.  He’ll pay the extra tax for his business because the school pandering will fill the seats at his sports bar.  I often assumed that what he said he believed, because I would, but he’s no different from an actor in a movie or on a TV show.  He’s a radio personality who has attached his role as a lawyer to the public sector worker as his listeners, the “voice of the common man” even though he is wearing a Mercedes shirt, which tells much of the story in itself.  It’s a cute gig until he starts taking official positions, where he comes out sounding as foolish as Sean Penn or some other radicle actor.

I hired Willie about 15 years ago to be my spokesman for a line of T-shirts I was producing to help get out a message I had which stated, “TAKE AN AX TO OUR TAX.” We were making the shirts at cost during the 1996 election season to bring high taxes to people’s attention. Rob Portman actually bought one from me, and I took one down to city hall and gave it to Roxanne Quals, the mayor of Cincinnati at the time. Willie was hired to do our commercial which we ran on 700 WLW.

I was set to go on with Bill Cunningham during his 9 PM show on a summer Friday night. As I was headed to the station Cunningham had on a segment where he had strippers on doing a live strip show while Cunningham did play-by-play commentary. My wife told me, “This is the guy you’ve hired to be your spokesman?”

I said, “No, he’s a conservative. Willie is just doing this for ratings.”

My wife said, “And you’re going to go on behind this?”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Doesn’t this compromise your message?” My wife said. “You hate Howard Stern because he has no ethics. You hate Jerry Springer because he’ll do anything for money. How is this guy any different? And you’re going to go on his show and let him pretend he’s a conservative. You’re going to acknowledge his existence? You’re going to even give him the time of day?”

I knew she was right, so we turned around and went home. I called his producer and told him that I wasn’t going to go on behind a room full of strippers. So Cunningham kept the girls in the studio till midnight, and they had a grand old-time laughing and carrying on. And from that day on, I knew that Cunningham the personality was not the same as Cunningham the man, which was very disappointing, because I wanted to believe in him.

In the video above, Cunningham has fantasies that his words actually carry weight, and there is a certain percentage of the population out there who would listen to advice from Jerry Springer, Howard Stern, or Bill Cunningham. Those types of personalities try to be everything to everybody, and actually believe in nothing. But then again, most lawyers are that way. They’ll believe whatever you tell them to, so long as the money is green.

However, this business of Issue 2 is serious, and people like Cunningham just muddy up the water with the revelation that he has always been a Democrat, and was only a conservative for the benefit of his show. They take advantage of the ignorance of the masses who are too busy with their lives to look into anything for themselves. Yet the spreadsheet above shows what the union supporters don’t want you to know, and that is “collective bargaining” has allowed too many people to make too much money. Getting pay increases in large groups is a concept that could only work in government. In the private sector it puts companies out of business. In government it causes tax increases.

Apologists attempt to pander to everyone so they hope to divert our attention to the corruption of the federal government and the war in Afghanistan which is terribly expensive, rather than what’s going on in our communities.  All they are doing is trying to divert attention from the immediate problems. I can’t do much about those federal issues, but I can in my backyard. And getting these public employee costs under control is my obligation to my community, not to get side-tracked on some diatribe by a radio/television personality. People like that are no different from politicians who will do anything or say anything for a vote.

In the end, whatever happens to Issue 2, the collective bargaining system will collapse on itself. If the unions get their way, they will be solely responsible for the catastrophe that follows. School levies won’t go away, and neither will police and fire levies they’ll keep asking for money to satisfy their collective bargaining contracts while the rest of us suffer through stagnate wages that have topped out. Issue 2 isn’t about fairness, it’s about survival, and those that are trying to get rid of it are no different from those soccer players who crashed in the Andes mountains portrayed in the movie ALIVE.

They ate their dead…………………and became cannibals.


I wonder what that officer really did to have the investigation actually bring about an indictment.  My question was why did that officer make so much money?  What was the evaluation process?  How many times was his life in danger the previous year?  What does he do from the start of his shift to the end?  The answer is we don’t know, because collective bargaining gives pay increases to all employees equally, so the evaluations done are just customary, since they have very little meaning to actual wages.  And that probably had something to do with why this officer wasn’t detected as a potential problem by his management, until something bad happened.  And that system will continue because people like Bill Cunningham are willing to give people like this a blank check of entitlement, which empowers these groups of public workers to believe they are far more important, and valuable than they actually are. 

For the answer to everything click the link below!

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Rich Hoffman Hates Teachers: A stick in the waters of life

Naturally I get a lot of email that is derogatory in nature. Taking the positions I have on issues tends to draw attention from the empire builders who drape themselves particularly from the mantles of public service. A good many of those emails I can’t share, because they are too mindless, derogatory, or simply vile. But one email I received and the banter between this guy and myself I would consider to be an interesting study of psychology.

A guy named, Mike took exception with the comments I had made about Ryan Farhenkemp, the Lakota teacher recently found guilty of child pornography while on his teaching job. Mike didn’t like that I associated the teaching profession in a negative way by insinuating that the perversions of Farhenkemp made other teachers guilty as well. So he sent me an email to “correct” my thinking as I suppose he fantasized his action to be. For two days he and I bantered back and forth on the topic and I thought it was going in a productive direction, only to end unfortunately on a negative.

Below are the contents of this discussion:

Mike Stefanov has sent you a message On Tue, Sep 27, 2011:

You have some good messages but you really devalue them with statements such as this; “When they want to be paid well, they all stick together. But when one messes up and does something stupid, like the pedophile at Lakota, then the teachers act like he acted alone and they should not be judged because of him. So which is it? All for one and one for all………..or, judged by independent merit?)”

Your insinuation that the pedophile may not have acted alone is deplorable. You should be ashamed to equate other teachers with the trash of a pedophile. Your message is getting lost by some of your attacks on teachers. I think that you would have many more sympathizers to your cause if you did not spew the vile hared that you so often do. Putting all teachers in the same basket with the other pedophiles is classless. It would be like someone putting all Catholic priests together because there have been a few that have abused kids. Pedophiles can be found in every walk of life and in every occupation. Keep spewing your hatred and your message will soon be falling on deaf ears.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 12:29 PM, Rich Hoffman wrote:

Don’t count on it but thanks for the comment. In the case of that particular teacher, people knew what he was up to, and didn’t say anything. That doesn’t make them as bad as the pedophile, but they aren’t innocent either. The statement was a general statement on collectivism, but your interpretation is fascinating.

Keep in touch,


Mike Stefanov wrote:


Thank you for the reply back. Just FYI; it was the Lakota SD that brought this particular pedophile to the attention of the authorities. If it were not for some at Lakota that alerted the authorities, this sick teacher may still be amongst the students.

As I alluded to in the other email, some of your messages are good but do not cause them to be viewed as untruthful by distorting the facts that you are presenting. Smart people will see through your distortion of facts. I view myself as a Libertarian but the bending of facts can be construed in the wrong way. Your enthusiasm can be commended but it must be tempered with truthfulness. I do not appreciate your attacks on teachers that actually are honest and hard working. I see through your distorted message. Keep bending the truth and spewing hatred and the message will be lost. History will back me up on this. Ronald Reagan must be turning in his grave when he sees what the GOP has become.

Mike Stefanov

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 5:37 PM, Rich Hoffman wrote:

Good points, Mike. I’ll keep those views in mind and in perspective.



(Now here comes the going south portion)

On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 7:57 AM, Mike Stefanov wrote:

You do that, Rich. Keep those views in mind. I am one that may have given you support but will not because of the manner in which you degrade teachers. I have been fortunate to have had good teachers. Teachers have made a positive influence on my life and they have had a positive role in the life of my children as well. There are some bad teachers but there are many more that are good. Bad and incompetent workers can be found in every occupation. Education is not alone in this.

I have been blessed that I have had a good life and have been able to afford just about whatever I want to. I have an income that is in the 99th percentile. I have a nice home. A lot of this success can be traced back to having quality teachers. From what I can glean about you it appears that you are most likely unemployed and have had bad experiences in school. If you are employed you occupation is most likely menial and you more than likely have a middling income. This misfortune has caused you to become bitter. If you think that the Lakota SD is so poor and you don’t like it, just move to an area that would be more to your liking and more affordable for you. In the meantime, don’t continue your attempts to lessen the quality of the schools. Additionally, you are having a negative impact on the value of my home and that is not welcomed by me. The amount of additional taxes that I will pay is nothing compared to the amount that my home will depreciate by because nobody wants to move to either Liberty Twp or West Chester due to a school system that is subpar.

Believe it or not, I like minimal government. I am a Libertarian. I don’t like any more than you do. However there are no free lunches and paying for a quality school system is money that is well spent.


Rich Hoffman Replied:

You were doing so well, Mike, then you had to come back with that.
I am certainly not unemployed, or underfunded. That’s cute that you’d make that assumption. As for school, I don’t think it does enough and gets in the way of the ambitious. I wouldn’t say I had bad experiences or good ones in school. I think it wastes the time of children to create jobs for the adults. I find it hard to believe that you are in the top 1% with your beliefs.

Bitter, me? I’m not bitter about much of anything. Don’t confuse lack of respect for bitterness.



Mike seemed in the end more concerned about proving to me that he had value as a person, and he sadly associated that value with money. This tells me a lot about the contents of his mind. He represents many of the teachers whom he is defending in this exchange with an assumption that money equals value. He misses completely many of the points I have been making because he does not have a mind to understand them. So he came back to me at the end of this exchange with accusations that I’m unemployed and somehow bitter about the teaching profession as a whole.

The unsettling aspect of this discussion is that Mike believes so strongly in this exchange that he took considerable time to try and convince me that I’m wrong, and even when I gave him an honorable way out, he came back for more.

There are many Mikes out there and they vote. They bounce around life like twigs in a raging river. They go with the flow of popular sentiment even if that direction is one of destruction, and they forget that once they were part of a tree that had broken away from their roots and now find themselves soaking wet and directionless going wherever the river takes them.

Mike obviously wanted to prove to me that he was a person of value, which actually makes me feel for the guy. There are so many people like him that it would be easier to count those who are unlike him.

This doesn’t make him right or wrong, but simply an interesting scientific behavioral study which can provide insight into the kinds of nonsense “thinking” people shake their heads at in contemplation. It must be a terrible thing to have no control over one’s destiny, and to just go with the flow. I personally can’t imagine such limitations, so it never ceases to amaze me to observe the conditions of such types, and the utterances which emanate from their condensed lives as they travel aimlessly down the rivers of life.

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The Answer is “C”: Who runs society the engine or the boxcar?

In this article, which may seem long, but if you take the time to read and watch the videos here, I will promise you a new level of wisdom gained that will give you insight into a world that was once invisible to most of the population. Better than all that, I will tell you why. But for some reference you might want to refer to my articles on Static Intellectualism and patterns by clicking on this hot link.

To provide testimony for everything you will read and see in this article I would like to present to you a simple game called, “The Answer is C,” presented by Doc Thompson of 700 WLW. Listen to this short little contest and study the questions and answers by the public.

The lesson to that game is that the participants, 3 out of 5 were completely unable to see beyond the Static Patterns of what they understood a multiple choice test to be. When the callers were waiting on the line to go on the air they were focused on the hope that they would be able to understand the question and provide an answer so that they could win a gift card to Frisch’s restaurant. What the listeners didn’t consider, because their static patterns would not allow them to see it, was that Doc Thompson told them the answer ahead of time. In fact Doc told the callers the answer at least 20 or more times in that short 6 minute broadcast. The answer to the questions is even in the title of the game! Yet 3 out of 5 people missed the question even when given the answer. WHY? And what does it have to do with our current political trouble? Well everything.

In our fundamental education at public school, our first real experience outside of our parent’s homes, progressive philosophy imported from Europe has taken over the essence of that education, because the Victorians of progressivism marketed those values into curriculums at all levels. The traditions of our daily habits and lives still come from our parents, but our social values are largely shaped by our experience in public education, so in creating a static pattern for all human beings, if the progressive mentality wished to become accepted, it had to do so through education, which is why to this day so many who work in education are considered leftists, democrats, progressives and unionized radicals. It is because the people drawn to that field of endeavor, education, found that to advance in the static patterns of that culture they had to adopt those progressive ideas. This created a large group of teachers at all levels who tend to be progressive thinking people whom every child in America is then exposed to as a competing social idea in shaping the static patterns of the child.

This has created the trouble of young people being liberal leaning when they first leave school. It is after those children live life for a few years and raise a family of their own that they begin to see the error of progressive/liberal thought. Young people are attracted to characters like Van Jones and the kind of speeches people like him make at the below progressive conference. Government dependence is an attractive concept to young people who are uncertain about their ability to compete in a very competitive world.

Progressivism is attractive to the down-and-out also. The illegal immigrant, the welfare recipient, the unhealthy, all are the types who are drawn to the Van Jones message. After all, by looking at the receipt to the right which was found in a Menominee, Michigan grocery store parking lot you will see why. For the non-competitive, life under government security allows them to purchase lobster and steak with food stamps while the competitive fund it. The error of what Van Jones preaches is that the system only works so long as there are competitive people out there willing to produce. I shudder to consider what would happen if the truly innovative, and hard-working decided to do as the characters of Atlas Shrugged did in that classic novel, and that’s stop working just as those people who are collecting food stamps are doing. Progressivism fails when everyone in society just gives up trying. Progressives fail to understand that someone has to be the engine, the producer, the driver. Progressives are simply cars that are drug behind the train engine and the more cars there are just carrying passengers, the harder it is for the rest of the train to pull.

When Van Jones talks about the success of Germany and China taking care of their people what he fails to mention is that China is not exactly a free country. They do not share the same values as the United States. You are not even allowed to have more than one child per family, let alone decide all other aspects of their life. And Germany is just now recovering from the fall of the Berlin Wall where the West was finally able to merge with the Soviet controlled East. Once capitalism was able to work in Germany their country began to produce again. In China it was when Hong Kong was transferred back to China from the Capitalist tendencies of England in the year 2000. Back then there was a lot of fear as to what would happen to Hong Kong under Chinese rule. Would China bring down Hong Kong into a communist province or would the communists attempt to accept Hong Kong and the great economy that was flourishing there? China decided to adapt, reluctantly, and their economy is flourishing.

But Van Jones won’t tell anybody that, and nobody bothers to ask the question, because just like in the game that Doc Thompson put on, where he even gave the answer at the start of the question, the callers still got the answer wrong. The same types of people are at those progressive events. The goal of progressive public education is to make competition less attractive, except in sports which are used to fund the whole enterprise. But for the regular student, competition is being frowned down upon. Progressives have always known that by eliminating the competitive tendencies in a child, who will grow up into an adult and accept their philosophy, that stifling personal ambition was the focus all along, but ambition toward altruistic goals are greatly rewarded. Thus the static patterns of modern society have been shaped, and even when proof that the choices people have made are wrong, they generally cannot see why, for the same reason that people answered the questions wrong in Doc’s game.

But not everyone is falling for it. More and more young people are leaning in the direction of conservatism. I would say that in social representation, they are the 2 out of 5 who answered right. These people have the ability to see that there are serious errors to the social patterns that have formed around them and they are beginning to emerge, which was the topic of a recent discussion on GBTV.

Another young person who has emerged out of this public education static pattern of progressivism is the radio personality Matt Clark who is a freak of nature. He is way ahead of the curve at his young age. He is the type of person who would have gotten all Docs’ questions right immediately. He’d be the first to say, “Why are you asking me this question, Doc, because you already gave me the answer?”

This is the terrible condition people like Matt will always suffer from. Matt is a smart young man, but so are people who are progressives. I would venture to say that George Soros is smart, after all he’s a billionaire so he did something right. Van Jones is smart. Barack Obama is probably smart taken one on one. But all those people are suffering from a failed understanding built within their static patterns. Their failure comes from their education to begin with. So it’s not a matter of intelligence. I know a lot of smart people who are really, socially stupid. Some of them suffer from having traditional parents and a stable household, but try desperately to merge those values with the values they learned in public education and college and what happens is a mess of personal ideology which prevents them from seeing the obvious, because their static patterns are fundamentally broken.

Matt Clark however managed to come out of college recently much like the young people on GBTV, and they are fully aware of what is wrong and can see it clearly even if the rest of the world can’t. Even without a life of experience behind Matt, he can see the error of what Nancy Pelosi’s progressive philosophy is advocating, even though Nancy seems oblivious to her hypocrisy even as she says it.

If you’ll remember back to Doc’s contest, 2 out of 5 callers got the answer right. Well, if you think about it, that same ratio seems to be evident in the nation as a whole. The country leans slightly to the right of center. The people right of center to varying degrees are aware that something is wrong with progressives. The one’s who are close to the center know it, but can’t articulate it. But the further to the right that you get, the more obvious it is. Somewhere out there to the firm right is the libertarian who wants very little government at all, because they simply don’t trust government to do anything right.

This isn’t so much a question of does those on the left have a right to exist or not. People are free to believe whatever they want to believe. But when policy is formed to reflect one point of view over another point of view and the security of maintaining that philosophy requires the looting of everyone to maintain the philosophy of that one side, a big problem emerges. And that is what we have found has happened with the progressive leaning public sector service jobs we’ve created in our American culture.

The trouble here is that many police and firefighters seem to lean in a conservative direction politically, unlike teachers who overwhelmingly are liberal, yet all fall under the category of public service and are all guilty of the kind of explosive growth shown by Nick Gillespie from Reason Magazine.

All states must find a way to deal with this terrible situation. In Ohio the discrepancy of public workers versus private workers is 43.4% in favor of the public workers! Yet strangely people can’t see the answer even though it’s clearly spelled out. Just like Doc’s game, 3 people out of 5 still got the answer wrong, and in this case with public unions, the idea of a union is a progressive position which has been embedded in our culture through education. And when the static pattern of those beliefs are challenged, as they are in Ohio with Issue 2, the public unions even though they are politically represented by conservatives and liberals, all unite under the static pattern of union radicalism to protect the advancements their progressive unions have imposed on society for decades. Ohio passed a law to help close the gap in that huge disparity between public and private workers because after all the burden of paying for everything in the progressive platform requires the private citizen to carry the entire burden of an enterprise. The whole of any public sector position rests on the shoulders of private enterprise, and the same is true for government itself. Yet progressives routinely forget this and believe that they exist as an entity all their own. So police, fireman, and teachers all pulled together to collect 1.3 million signatures to repeal the bill passed by Governor John Kasich to close the disparity gap and make Ohio more economically attractive to outside investment and prospective homeowners (tax payers). Because of the repeal attempt by the unions, Ohio must vote to keep the bill known as Issue 2.

The solution is very easy for those of us who can see, just like many people listening to that broadcast with Doc Thompson were shouting at their speaker saying, “HE’S TELLING YOU THE ANSWER IN THE TITLE!!!!!!” Yet there are others, who are stuck in a learned static pattern who make up the progressive labor unions, which transcends political ideology in this case and have turned into a radical group who are insisting that the answer to our public problem still rest in some progressive solution when it is the progressive platform that has created our trouble to begin with. The equivalent to this would be one of the people in Doc Thompson’s broadcast insisting that the answer to the game was in fact A, B or D, anything but C, when the only correct answer is C.

And that’s the real problem. Progressive thought has devastated our country and 2 out of 5 people are seeing it. Those 2 people are beginning to make up the new group called the Tea Party, they are part of the 2 to 3 million people who make up the Glenn Beck audience, listen to talk radio, and read articles like my 500 readers a day here. They know something is wrong, and like Matt Clark, and the kids on GBTV are starting to look for ways to solve the complicated problem and they are doing it without of any hostility toward progressives. They just want to solve the problem.
But now we see what the real agenda has always been among progressives. Now that progressives see those 2 out of 5 people are starting to question them, the unions are seeking to use the other 3 to form an army to force the 2 to comply with their view of the answer even if their answer is wrong.

That’s where this situation has become out of control. Now that some of us are trying to fix the problem we are learning why progressives want unions to begin with, to not only fund political endeavors, but to use them as a civilian ground force. I think the young, and forward thinking Matt Clark has the situation nailed in this broadcast where he plays clips of the current leaders of progressive politics who are actually saying as much. Matt takes the situation and plays it a bit over-the-top, but I think it deserves to be.

It wouldn’t be the first time a political uprising formed under the nose of a current culture. Such things take place over a long period of time and do not happen quickly, and anyone who has studied the Art of War by Sun Tzu, which I have, understand that the most desirable way to conquer a country is without firing a shot is by using the “subtle” to overtake a culture. In this case it was the infusion of progressive politics almost a century ago which has led to a confused society that on one hand thinks it’s fighting for traditional American rights, like many of the cops and firefighters believe they are doing, but find themselves simply foot soldiers in a civilian army designed to topple American Capitalism. The way you perform the invasion is from within the country, not with planes, tanks and nuclear weapons. You do it while the passive citizens, trained under your progressive institutions paid for with progressive taxes, wave flags of peace in the air and greet those progressive invaders with open arms and perhaps even a place in their beds. Those young students so unsure of themselves won’t believe that the answer is “C” even if you tell them the answer until life proves to them that everything they believe is wrong, and over the course of their lives from age 20 to 50 they finally learn how wrong they were. They finally find out that being conservative was the way they should have always been, because traditional values worked in the past and they will always work in the future.

I can say it now because by the time this hits the net, my wife would have already given the present to my sister who is about to have baby twins. My wife has made a blanket for every baby that is born in our family. She’s done that for 20 years, and these twins are just the most recent. These blankets are unlike anything you could ever buy at a store, and they are intended to provide a sense of security for the young child as they form those crucial static patterns of their lives. It is the static patterns of life that people form their beliefs around and a blanket of security made with love from a treasured family member is extremely important to the life of any child. But when progressives started to attack those traditional values by undermining the family unit to be replaced by progressive education which created an unstable static pattern for these young children to grow up confused and pulled in a thousand different ways only to learn in their 50’s that the whole process was a mess and needs to be reformed completely from the ground up. That rebirth needs to be built upon the static pattern of American Tradition, which is a topic of its own. Click here to see a sample.

But the focus of this all along has been to weaken the United States with progressivism and to use its own people as the army. The recruits of this army are those 3 out of 5 who simply can’t see the truth even when you place it right in front of their face. You can spell it out for them implicitly, but they still won’t see, because their static patterns are wrong to begin with, so they cannot see it even if they tried.

The work rests on the 2 out of 5 to do all the work anyway. They must carry the whole burden of this failed philosophy called progressivism and replace it with what worked before progressives brought their nonsense to the whimsical Victorians of early New York City, to culturally launch the nation into a static pattern of degradation much to the pleasure of our enemies.

And yes dear reader, the United States has enemies. It has since the beginning. The War of 1812 was England’s last attempt to recapture its colony; for fear that the young nation would leave it behind, which it did, in just one short century. And that growth exploded upon the world scene and brought freedom to the far corners of the world, until progressives stopped that growth with litigation, unions, and social reforms centered on civil rights.

It wasn’t the progressives who initiated the civil rights movement, it was the American Transcendentalists, and I’m thinking of Ralph Waldo Emerson specifically. Progressives did what they always do, and that is to loot the idea from those who created the idea to begin with proving that the all-American novel Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand should be required reading for every single child in grade school because it is a work more important than any literary work produced in America since its inception. Because Atlas Shrugged provides the blueprint on how to live in an America free of progressivism and it shows what life would and should be like in absence of that philosophical disease called the progressive.

This entire essay is a sincere hope on my part to share with you, the reader a world that should be obvious. To those who already know that the answer to Doc Thompson’s questions is in fact, “C” thank you for bearing with the length of this article, for it will only confirm what you already know. But to those of you that don’t know that the answer is “C” but instead is “A,” “B,” or “D,” I hope you just learned something that can help you to not be such a drag on the rest of society, and to join the rest of us who are trying to make the whole thing work well into the future.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Rich Hoffman in American Thinker: a voice from the past

One of the questions I get a lot is…………..What right do you have to say the things you do?  Who do you think you are?  The next is, if you’re such a great writer, why aren’t you writing for organizations like American Thinker, or other conservative publications.  Well, the answer to that question is that I have.  My preference however is to have creative control over my content, and when you present that material without a lot of middlemen involved, then the material has the opportunity to be more authentic. 

But, for those readers here who would like to see a sample of my work from before I started this forum, here is an article from American Thinker, from back when Governor Kasich was just getting ready to run for the office in Ohio.  I was reminded of this article recently, and thought it prophetic given the current battles over Issue 2 that we are all facing.  So for brevity, I provide the link below to that article for your enjoyment.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Ancient Aliens and the Tea Party: Koyannisqatsi (LIFE OUT OF BALANCE)

Do yourself a favor, after you read this spend the time to watch these videos then read this again.  After that, pass it to a friend and let them start a journey they will never forget.  I have included the entire film of Koyannisquatsi at this end of this post, which is one of my favorite films of all time.  Enjoy!

Remember the speech that President Obama gave right after the shooting in Texas where he wanted to give a “shout out” at the Native Americans of the area? That was an awkward moment which showed just how out of touch the President really was in that instant of crises. The President exhibited all the typical signs of an out of touch academic which is what he is. He was simply revealing the Static Intellectualism, of which the Progressive Platform is built around, specifically in this case empathy for the plight of the Native American without really understanding the beliefs of the culture they are empathizing with.

The modern academic however, of which Obama is a part is limited in their understanding of many things, particularly the study of mankind’s past. They are stuck in the Static Intellectual culture patterns of which they helped create, and that is all life emerged in one of two ways, through evolution, or creation. One theory is one of science, which the Static Intellectual controls; the other is controlled by the religious institutions which is another type of Static Intellectual control. To the Static Intellectual who created progressive politics no other options exists, because the cultural patterns they established are the rules they are living by. That leaves out one small problem with their love of the Native American; the foundation beliefs of the Native American Culture most likely came from another planet which is represented in many of the rituals of Native American culture which permeates most societies from the Hopi to the Iroquois of New England. It was the Iroquois Five Nations that greeted William Johnston in his frontier fights against the French during the French and Indian war and those Five Nations were unified by a being that landed on Earth and instructed them not to be a war with one another, and to unite their efforts under one nation, of which the Iroquois did. (See the book Wilderness Empire by Allen Eckert)

The problem with this is that through study of the Native American rituals clues to the origins of mankind can and should be studied, but the Static Intellectualism of our modern culture have built their cultural patterns around the history of Europe which does not study the Native American cultures. Instead they study the known regions of Africa and the Middle East as the cradle of civilization and assume with arrogance that it’s always been that way, which Europe and its imperial roots contained within the Roman Empire gave birth to the world. So the scientific premise regarding the origin of the human race which has been controlled by the Roman Catholic Church, as a direct descendent of the Roman Empire refuses to look at all the new scientific archeological evidence coming in from all over the world. See my article on The Secret of Malden Island.

Progressives led by the Static Intellectualism of the Victorian Era, and their love of the Native American culture because of the terrible exploitation imposed upon them particularly by President Andrew Jackson, who was a frontier fighter, a rugged American, it suited their political purpose to smear Jackson, yet in their study of this political history as intellectuals they completely missed the beliefs of those Native Americans and the foundations behind their tribal mythologies.

Chief Standing Elk seen below shares a friendship with a person I know who is a shaman and lives in St. Louis. This shaman is a dream-walker and a spiritual healer and I find her fascinating because her belief system is so completely different from mine. I enjoy conversations with her, she is to my personal Static Pattern belief system a Dynamic which challenges those beliefs that I find valuable. Anyway, this shaman friend of mine invited me to a spiritual meeting at Serpent Mound a few years ago with this Chief who is an active spiritual leader attempting to carry on the beliefs of the tribes who inhabited America before the immigration of the European. Listen to what the Chief believes.

I became interested in Native American cultures through the film Koyannisqatsi, (SEE THE WHOLE FILM BELOW) which is one of my favorite films, and features a haunting Hopi Indian chant that has never left my mind. The word Koyannisqatisi means in Hopi, “life out of balance, crazy life.” I nurtured that understanding through the work of Joseph Campbell’s comparative mythology studies, so I have a pretty good idea of what they are all about and I’ve always been fascinated by the origin of their beliefs. For instance, my wife and I frequent the Serpent Mound Archeological site a couple of times a year for many years now and have watched the perception of that place change dramatically from one of hard archeology based on the Adena Indian culture to this new age Star Culture idea that Chief Standing Elk believes. One of our visits a few years ago had various Indian tribes and shaman types chanting outside the museum and I told my wife that the science of the place was reverting, not advancing. These primitive beliefs and tribal chants seemed silly to me, until I did some reading of my own.

The big mystery of Serpent Mound is that it not only is a mound structure of a serpent, which is a universal symbol of life renewal, but it is particularly designed to be seen from the air, and all over the world such as the Nazca Lines of Peru and several features all over England, this is a common occurrence where societies seemed to be preoccupied with impressing the gods from the air. But the biggest mystery is the location itself in the middle of a crypto explosion event which occurred during the Permian Period, about 248 to 286 million years ago. Read more about the mound here:

Check out this clip, right about the 2:30 mark:

The crypto explosion is mysterious because it was a violent occurrence several miles wide and would usually be a result of a meteor impact similar to the site in Arizona just to the east of the Grand Canyon outside of Winslow, but it doesn’t look like that. It appears that at least half of the force occurred under the ground as well, so it’s quite a geological mystery. The haunting thing about this mystery is why the Serpent Mound is located right in the middle of this very unique spot that occurred hundreds of millions of years before any builders of the Serpent Mound came along. How did anyone from the Serpent Mound Culture know that something extremely unusual geologically occurred in that exact spot, out of all the spots on the face of planet Earth, a so-called primitive culture knew that something unusual and astronomically significant occurred right there in the middle of a wooded area in Ohio, with no visual reference on the surface. You have to do some digging to see the results of the crypto explosion.

Well, the shamans are saying that a seed ship landed on Earth and brought visitors who inhabited this new land. Such comments make me think of how the European encountered the Aztec and Mayan cultures of Central America and also the Polynesian cultures of the Pacific Ocean, where they imposed their religion upon the primitive people they encountered. Those cultures were influenced by the goods brought from Europe and changed forever as a result of this interaction and in the case the Native American; their cultures were almost completely destroyed by this exchange with the European. It is this aspect of the exchange that the progressive celebrates out of guilt so they do not look any deeper.

Our current culture is only about 200 years from being able to jump from planet to planet itself, so such space travel isn’t very far-fetched taken scientifically. Modern human culture achieved this ability in just about 10 to 20 thousand years, so it’s possible there could be many cultures out in space that are many thousands of years more advanced than we currently are. It is starting to appear that Earth has been greatly influenced by much more than just simple evolution or even creationism, which certainly have played a part, but there are other influences which gave rise to the sudden explosion of technology upon the human race, and the Native Americans seem to have a better understanding of that process than the Anglo-Saxon.

But the Static Intellectualism of academia who has built their universities upon flimsy theories based on Darwin and the Archeology of the Middle East refuse to see it. They, like President Obama think only of the suffering of the Native American at the hands of the “white man” because if fulfils the mission statement of their political platform. But if they actually took the time to listen to the Native American mythology, passed the obvious concern for conservation which also fills another political platform of “green technology” the study of Native American mythology and their roots don’t seem to be examined at all.

This is why television shows like the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens are so poplar, because the Dynamic Intellectualism of our current culture sees that the Static Intellectualism of our education institutions are missing the point in their interrelationship with the progressive politics of the Victorians in America. We are beginning to question the basic premise of the whole religious and scientific premise of mankind’s origins and that’s a good healthy process. If our education system is wrong, then it needs to correct that wrong with new understanding and not resort to the methods of the Spanish Inquisition, or burning heretics at the stake for being non-believers.

The Static Intellectuals of Progressive politics will insist that any notations of aliens colonizing planet Earth and bringing technology to the Homo sapiens who already lived here are preposterous. This is similar to when the church was upset with Isaac Newton for declaring that the Earth was not the center of the universe, which seems laughable now considering what we have learned about not only our galaxy but the many galaxies that make up the universe. In fact, through our understanding of quantum mechanics we are now beginning to think of the concept of a multi-verse. So the church was wrong, and the Victorians who built the progressive politics of which the current Static Intellectualism is protecting, are also wrong. In fact they are way off, and the evidence is overwhelming.

And this is where the Tea Party comes into this whole thing. Progressives are the political entity that is holding the world to a Static Pattern that is flawed in it perception of virtually everything. As it turns out, they are not so “progressive” but have been caught assuming that they are the “enlightened” ones and that they would be the ones who teach the world everything. They currently hold an imperial like grip on academia, which we can see is wrong, because Dynamic Intellectualism is using its imagination to ask the hard questions, where did we come from? And the answer is not in the Static Intellectual offering, so the pattern is wrong and must be broken down and rebuilt with new data gathered up by Dynamic Intellectualism.

The same is happening in politics, where the Dynamic Intellectuals represented by the Tea Party are shattering the Static Patters of progressive politics, because those politics are turning out to be completely false and ridiculously naive. This is why both mystics who say that the Earth was influenced by alien encounters and those who say that America should return to the principles of the United States Constitution are kooks. Because it is the Static Intellectuals who are threatened by the Dynamic Intellectuals of interrupting the Static Pattern that modern science has been established on.

I don’t know if aliens did or did not visit the Earth and influence our culture in any way. But I do know that archeology and anthropology along with geology and other sciences are in their infancy of understanding our world history, and a lot of discoveries have not been reasonably explained by anything more than some Static Intellectual politically correct assessment. But Static Intellectual ideas have not explained how temples were built all over the Pacific, or the mystery of Easter Island, or the Temple at Baalbek, Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid, the Sphinx, the city of Tiahuanaco which may be as old as 16,000 BC, and many, many, many, many others. Only Dynamic Intellectuals have ventured into this territory of exploring explanations, and like Newton, they are ridiculed.

The Tea Party too knows that the Static Pattern of America is wrong and it needs to be corrected as they are called names by the Static Intellectuals such as “terrorists, assassins, kooks, radicals, uneducated fools,” and the like. The Tea Party is a threat to the Static Patter of the Static Intellectual who is clamoring to their education empire even in the face of overwhelming evidence that they have been completely wrong about most everything they believe. The path of the progressive is a dead-end and they refuse to see their error even when the evidence is right in front of them.

This is what they have done to the Native American. They took only the parts of their culture that they could use for the progressive political platform, but they rejected the aspects that didn’t support their political platform and this is most obvious in the words of Chief Standing Elk, who is a strict conversationalist, represents the thoughts and beliefs of his ancestors, but he also believes that the world co-exists with “star people.” If the Static Intellectual were honest about their assessments they’d call Chief Standing Elk a kook for his beliefs, but they won’t because he is a Native America and part of the progressive political platform. They’ll just ignore the rest of Chief Standing Elk’s beliefs like they do everything else they don’t understand and will remain just as ignorant as those who were in charge during the Dark Ages, because as Static Intellectuals, they are stuck with beliefs that are fixed to the foundations of their existence, and they lack the courage of the Dynamic Intellectual who will go out on a limb with a scientific theory, because the Static Intellectual is simply too timid to venture in unknown regions of the mind. That is why they call people names, and that is why they always fail in the end as history marches on without them.

Too bad there isn’t a word in the English language that sums of the statement, “life out of balance, or crazy life” like the Hopi have. The reason the Hopi have this word is because in their culture they saw a need for such a term. The European had to invent a series of words to mean the same thing, because their culture wasn’t advanced enough to understand the need for some kind of balance between the various forces that exemplify a culture. Most of the time that out-of-balance state is the war between the Static portions of society and the Dynamic portions, and the Hopi understood this and they invented a word to bring all the aspects of their life into focus so they could advance as a culture, and that word was Koyannisqatsi.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Politicians Damn the Tea Party to HELL: More reasons for voting YES on ISSUE 2

Maxine Waters and many others of her political persuasion are damning the Tea Party to Hell for wanting to undo all the mistakes those progressive politicians have made over the last century. So before I get into Maxine and the rest of this issue please review the following video which I included on my article about WHY PUBLIC UNIONS FAIL (CLICK HERE TO READ AND VIEW THE FANTASTIC VIDEOS ON THAT ARTICLE) This video paints the picture of our current political situation extremely well. So before you do anything else, WATCH THIS!

What is happening in states like Ohio, New Jersey, and Wisconsin are people like myself, who are absolutely sick of politics, tired of the double-talk, tired of new legislation buried in the back of another bill similar to the practice of EARMARKING and PORK BARREL spending, are hiring strong governors who are not in bed with labor unions to bring down the costs of doing business in our states. I don’t care where a governor like Kasich came from, I hired him to do one job, and that’s to balance Ohio’s budget, and I don’t want the public unions to pull him to their side like shown in that video. That has been the problem for many, many, many years and this is the cause of the strong governors we are starting to see emerge, such as Chris Christie in New Jersey who is bringing public sector reforms to his state. Listen to his most recent endeavor here:

In Ohio, Kasich and the House and Senate in spite of being Republican are attempting for the first time in my lifetime to actually fix something in state government. And that something is a tremendous huge fix that to the labor unions may feel far-reaching, but it’s really not. I think Senate Bill 5, otherwise known as Issue 2 is extremely fair and it has infuriated me that people like Bill Cunningham who have claimed to be a Tea Party leaning American have been so critical about S.B.5 and all this so-called “fairness” he keeps talking about. Where was all this fairness when progressives like Maxine Waters, and Barney Frank and Ohio’s own Ted Strickland and Bob Taft have been stuffing new legislation down our throats for years which only strengthened the public sector union against their boss……..the American People! It was a relief to hear Tom Niehaus come on 700 WLW to defend S.B.5 against all the misinformation created by the labor unions to convince busy voters that this bill is somehow “unfair,” that the process from which the bill was written was bad, and corrupt in some way. Listen to that broadcast here:

The facts of the matter are that Tea Party American’s are finally starting to stick up for themselves. They are tired of being pushed around, lied to, manipulated, disrespected, and over-looked because we don’t stuff money in politician’s pockets to get our way. We are sick of it, and people like Maxine Waters doesn’t like it, so she’s doing the manipulative thing and going to her political base, who she is obviously using to her own advantage, taking advantage of a demographic group that isn’t asking the hard questions but is content to sit with their mouths open waiting for someone to feed them. Those are the people who give Maxine power, and make her believe she has a right to damn Tea Party American’s to HELL! What she is really worried about is that those Tea Party Americans are about to discover just how corrupt and terrible her party has been against all Americans under the light of day.

Barney Frank is worried about the same thing; watch him here pretending that he is somehow superior to his bosses, the American People. He knows that it is the labor union empire, that tyrannical beast of complacency that operates like organized crime lords and stuffs his pockets, and those are his masters. And it is his job to eliminate that threat to his bosses. That’s what he’s doing here.

But this game is over. People like me support Senate Bill 5, (ISSUE 2) because I want this empire off my back and out of my tax dollars. I don’t want them infecting my elected representatives in ANY way. I don’t want them manipulating my school board, my trustees, my city councils, my state legislators, my Governor. I don’t want them in my White House. I don’t want them in my life at all; because history has shown me that they are wrong, misguided and dangerous to the American way of life. And already they are declaring that they are willing to go to war with people in the Tea Party. I find that comment laughable.

It is not they who are the silent majority, the sleeping giant as they claim to be with Senate Bill 5. It is the normal people who are in their garages working on their cars on a Saturday afternoon watching NASCAR, it is the farmer, the engineers, the architects, the businessman, the “masses” out there that are the sleeping giant and they are beginning to stir. Senate Bill 5 is just the start of their intentions, and these new politicians are “their” politicians. We are tired of the back room deals; we are tired of being told that more taxes will solve the problem because it never does. We are sick of the light at the end of the tunnel being drug down the hall so we can never catch it. We are tired of the process and Senate Bill 5 (Issue 2) helps us reset the table so real “fairness” can finally play out in government.

Maxine Waters doesn’t know what she just did when she publicly spoke to God Almighty and asked for the Tea Party to be damned to hell because it is desired to take away the corrupt influence of progressives like her upon the states and nation of our political system. What Maxine Waters and her kind are doing is declaring war against America, which reveals what the intentions have always been from her party. So the time for suspicion of their intentions has passed and it is hoped that through legislation we can defeat these foes against our Constitution. But it looks like legislation may not be enough, because these desperate manipulators are willing to fight for all the “progressive” gains they’ve achieved at our expense and that may lead to real violence if it is not suppressed now, before the situation really gets out of control. Because if she will use that kind of language in public, God only knows what she says behind closed doors, and that’s where the real battle plans are constructed.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Learning what a Republic is: The Continued Lessons of Star Wars

I could not help but notice at my favorite book store that many of the works that I used to only find online, are now in stock, on the shelf. Work by Thomas Paine, John Locke, and all the works of Ayn Rand are easy to find, and this is fantastic news because people are hungry for knowledge. The Federalist Papers are even now stocked on the shelf in abundance. Ten years ago it was only law students who bought copies of it, now it’s an older man in his upper 60’s as I watched him thumb through it’s pages prior to purchase.

Political discussion is often not just about the topics on the nightly news. Recently, a friend of mine gave me a copy of The Original Argument, which was endorsed by Glenn Beck as a way to explain in today’s language the meaning of The Federalist Papers. I enjoyed The Original Argument so much that I read it twice while on vacation recently, and it occurred to me that The Original Argument was not a rule book so to speak intended for lawyers, but it is a political philosophy that speaks a truth established by 4000 years of human history. It does not belong in the political science section in a book store, but in the philosophy section.

But as a friend of mine uttered in frustration the other day, “what are we to do about all this!” The frustration of thinking all their lives that everything was OK in the world, and that politicians were sleazy, but not considered downright evil, and finding out that in fact there are many things that have been going on that people are just learning about because they are reading again, can be very overwhelming. Catching up on 200 years of American history in the span of a year or two like many Tea Party enthusiast are doing can send a person to burn out quick. So it’s important that people remember to have fun along the way. It’s even better if people can learn while they are having fun. Fans of Glenn Beck will notice that Beck is an obvious Star Wars fan. It will also be noticed that there are a lot of Tea Party patriots who are increasingly creating Twitter accounts along the lines of “Jedi Patriot” and “Empire Fighter” in an obvious homage to Star Wars. In our modern age, Star Wars has become a form of modern philosophy, not just simply entertainment. Star Wars is a great way to think about all the things that are going on in the world around us, while also taking a vacation from the intensity of those revelations. After all, the film The Phantom Menace was not about a young boy who grew up and became Darth Vader. That is just one of the sub plots. The Phantom Menace was all about a senator who wants to be emperor, and he uses many people in obscure ways to create the circumstances that will allow him to grab power for himself. It’s all in good old-fashioned fun, but the sincerity behind The Phantom Menace is actually incredibly sophisticated, which is the genius of Star Wars.

The films of Star Wars consist of only 6 two-hour movies and that is what a majority of the fans think of when they hear the name of Star Wars. But for fans who wish to dig deeper, Star Wars tackles many of the problems of our modern times using the language of mythology and the latest entry to that mythology is the MMO computer game called The Old Republic due out later this year and it’s something my wife and I are looking very much forward to.

Glenn Beck uses Star Wars metaphors to explain many of the complicated topics of our day because Star Wars is the only work of art in modern times which attempts to tackle the complicated nature of human failure and evolution as a species. Star Wars is a basic tale of good and evil, but it goes much deeper. With over 100 books, the 6 movies, cartoons, video games, comic books, amusement park rides, Star Wars is a formidable aspect of modern culture which I’ve written about in detail at this article: CLICK HERE

What is even bolder within this Star Wars mythology is this whole new path the franchise is taking in exploring The Old Republic. There are now two novels and two videos games with the addition of the computer game being previewed here, which explores what life was like in The Old Republic which takes place over a thousand years before the events shown in the films most people are familiar with. The idea of the Sith, the villains in Star Wars is to explore the influence of evil and this is done not just in a spiritual way in these stories, but also in a political way. It is the first work of art that I can think of which has mass appeal that attempts to do anything like this. It does not limit itself as an examination of religious influence, or political study, but as an all-encompassing investigation through the story lines of what causes the rise and fall of civilizations.

I am a fan of the works of writers like Thomas Mann and his Magic Mountain, and Oswald Spengler’s The Decline of the West, and I will state in that context the collected works of Star Wars are every bit as sophisticated and meaningful. In Star Wars the entire galaxy is part of a republic. Not a democracy, but a republic. This is similar to what planet Earth is facing in whose political philosophy will emerge as the world shrinks, will it be a republic like what the United States has had so much success with, or will it be various degrees of socialism similar to what Europe and many eastern countries have experimented with.

The most important contribution is that in the galactic government of Star Wars, it’s a republic that is pursued, and provides an interesting model for how Earth should proceed. It is the Republic of the United States of America that should teach the rest of the world how to be a free people, produce their goods under the umbrella of capitalism, and interact with one another with respect under that accepted philosophy.

What gives me hope is that Star Wars is the best education device that young people have to counter what they are learning in public education, and politicians who crave socialism where the philosophy of a republic is not taught to them. It is entertainment that is providing the best education to society, and because of the popularity of Star Wars it is evidence that many people are learning about it.

Glenn Beck understands that Star Wars is a modern work of political philosophy and science. When people who love freedom want to know how America is supposed to function, books like The Original Argument are fantastic. But it cannot be disputed that free life will always stay within the confines of the United States borders. As the evidence of illegal immigration have shown, millions of people all over the world want to become a part of the Republic of the United States and we owe it to those people in America to help not just open our borders to them, but to expand the freedom we experience to those far reaches of the globe so that there can be a grand Republic of Earth. And to get an idea of how to do that, Star Wars is the best work of art available to help show how that process should look, and what type of hurdles will stand in the way, so that freedom can be experienced by anything that breathes world-wide.

So before going crazy, choking on all this information that has always been there, but is being re-discovered, it is good to have a device that can give your mind a vacation. For me, it’s a love of pirates, and Star Wars. Star Wars allows the mind to swell without limits without becoming lost in the fantasy. And I look very much forward to the age when the kids who are growing up with this expanded universe of Star Wars start to run the country, because that is a time when things will dramatically change for the better, because they will understand that America is a republic and not a democracy and the only hope the entire world has for freedom.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Liberty Twp Tea Party Turns Two Years Old: The Rise of a New Guard

The evening July 11,2011 sun beat hard upon the converted barn at the Niederman Farm where the Liberty Twp Tea Party met to celebrate their 2nd year.  There have been a lot of battles over the last couple of years, and as we gathered for the pot luck dinner it was evident that there would be a lot more. 

As this meeting was taking place Obama and the local Speaker of the House John Boehner were battling over the budget and the debt ceiling.  Obama is approaching the negotiations as though various sides, Tea Party Republicans, moderate Republicans, Rhino Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Progressive Democrats, and far left radical Democrats all are committed to 100% of their particular positions, and must be prepared to give a little so everyone can agree.  As I scooped up some potato salad that my wife had made I wondered how a person like Obama could ever become president and even say such a thing.  There’s only one right answer, and the president is missing it.  There isn’t money for the programs his party have given away to buy votes.  That’s the bottom line folks.  All those various politicians have for years purchased votes using our tax money, and now those fools are stuck trying to explain why they’ve bankrupted the system. 

The people around me at this gathering are all there for the same reason, we recognize that the government has let us down and taken the nation on a path it doesn’t want to go.  Not everyone has come to that realization yet, because they still hope that somewhere, there is a magical golden egg that will be laid by some golden goose.  Increasingly, these elected representatives are being seen not as leaders, but as con artists and thieves who have stolen from each of us and sold us back bath water claiming it to be an elixir of life. 

While the various ceremonies of this event were going on the Lakota School System was voting for yet another school levy attempt literally right down the road, not more than 3 miles from our location.  In this meeting, everything that is wrong with the government can be seen in the microcosm of public education funding.  Public sector unions, politicians using their education support for votes, and school administrators hoping to use school boards as a political launch pad to become noticed by leaders of one of the two parties have bought into Keynesian economics, like the rest of the government, and they were wrong. 

When John Keynes introduced his Keynesian economics model from the ever-increasing socialist tendencies of the rest of the world, politicians saw an opportunity to exploit that model for their own accents to public supported power.  Keynes was wrong, and every system using it is failing, including schools.  The correct answer is not more of the same theory, but something else completely.  In schools, the task is to convert over to that system without destroying the opportunities of the kids and parents who support the school.  But in education, just like all things in government, the prices of labor, of the services created by labor, and the revenue which supports the entire foundation are artificially inflated, because competition is not allowed to kill off the waste, because government protects those enterprises.  This drives up the costs everywhere for everybody.  And presidents like Obama and school boards like what we have at Lakota, only know to close that inflated value with increased taxes.  They can’t understand any other option because their brains are not wired to accept anything else. 

At Lakota they are going for a tax rate that is less than what they’ve asked for in the past. This is consistent with President Obama’s comments to Speaker Boehner, “You can’t get everything you’ve asked for.”  In the minds of these people bending a little on their political position is what the process is all about. 

But it’s not.  There is only one right answer, not a mixed drink of many tastes.  With something like a budget deficit whether you’re talking about a local school district, or a Federal government, there is a way you got there, and to get out, you must do the opposite of what put you in that position.  That’s the only way.  If you spent a lot of money-making political promises that you didn’t have the authority to commit the tax payers to, or you are a school district that allowed a public sector teachers union to drive up your labor costs recklessly, then you have to admit that you were wrong, that you spent money that wasn’t yours just as a person addicted to gambling must admit that they have a problem before they can get help. You can’t throw more money at the addict, because they’ll never get better.  You have to take away their money so they can’t go to the casino anymore to throw away our money on some jackpot they hope will fix all their problems. 

As I sat among friends and family I thought about the worst issue in the news of them all, and that’s the case of the murdered little girl in Florida, the Casey Anthony trial where the mother appears to have accidentally killed her little girl with an overdose of chloroform and drove around Florida with the body in the trunk for everyone to smell the decomposing body.  The girl was a reckless young woman, and the prosecution went for the death penalty for the severity of the crime.  Last week, Casey was found not guilty; the jurors didn’t have the inner compass of morality to be able to pass judgment on a peer.  Society has lost their ability to judge. 

Most have anyway, except for the people having diner in a country barn with me on that hot July evening. Of American society, these people who the radicals advocating Keynesian economics, progressive global government without borders, and idealists who have never found their way out of the soviet fueled radicalism of the 60’s, those people call my friends here “teabaggers.”  “Teabaggers, meant to be a term of peer pressure, of insult, an attempt by those who are advocating evil openly, to keep society functioning with their eyes closed and hope that somehow their failed theories will somehow come true in the final hour, and if they don’t, they’ll be remembered for their compassion, and not as the thieves they truly are. 

I feel privileged that after two years, the Liberty Twp Tea Party is still here, and it’s growing.  And it refreshes the soul to partake in these events, as the aroma of barn yard animals and community prepared food mixes in a unique waltz of perpetuity.  Because this is how it was in the beginning, and this is the way of the American, to always be ready for a fight, to roll up the sleeves and eat well before a hard day’s work, or the battle that looms on the horizon.  Because only by the path of those in this barn, is the path to liberty and freedom.  And the only right answer in the entire nation is present on the tongues of those in attendance, because they are the last of their kind and Americais waiting for them to fix the nation that has been hijacked by tyrants of good intention.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Overton Window and The Jonestown Tragedy: Richard Trumka’s Progressive Push

I’ve said it many times, I read a lot. A whole lot. And over 2010 one of the books that most jumped out at me was Glenn Beck’s The Overton Window. My daughter had bought it for me for Father’s Day and I read it in one day.

I hear people like Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO talk about the “RIGHT WING” and you hear what comes out of his mouth and you have to wonder about his sanity. As far as a union leader, and a person close to the White House, which he says he speaks to daily, I would be ashamed if that guy where my boss or leader. He clearly doesn’t understand basic economics and its people like him that create the message that millions of union workers chant.

Here is Trumka speaking in March of 2009. He has no idea how the bill he’s speaking about will “expand” the middle class, and he doesn’t have any idea how this will drive up the labor costs. He just makes statements that people seem to blindly following without question. Something he accuses Beck and other people primarily on the political right of doing.

You can read here how he believes the best way to expand the middle class is through further taxation.

America is supposed to be a group of individuals, not a unified collective sum like Trumka speaks about. The Federalist Papers, which went on to become The Constitution were written to protect American from people like Trumka, and Obama. Those people and people like them taken by themselves are not bad people, but they have a dangerous ideology and they disguise it with a message the masses can understand. So it is not a far stretch to say that when I saw Trumka speak on February 26, 2011 that the best way to create jobs was to raise taxes, which I know from economics is false, yet people chant and cheer in approval, and I witnessed the union protests all across the country, it reminded me of Jim Jones, of the Jonestown massacre from 1978. Jones had several thousand supporters that followed him from Indianapolis Indiana, to San Francisco, then to Guyana South America. Jones was an admirer of Marx, Lenin, and Mao. That’s why they chanted this song at their church rallies in the early 70’s.

Jim Jones is a tough story to swallow. Because it is the extreme example of what collectivism can inflict on people. Jones was a proud socialist. What you are about to hear is the actual death tape from the Jonestown Massacre. Jones turned on a tape recorder and gave a final speech while his thousands of followers drank poisoned drink to their deaths. He calls it “revolutionary suicide” to an inhuman world. You will actually hear people perishing in the background, so if you have a soft stomach, don’t listen to this. This behavior is far from a joke. If you listen you will hear several people step forward and speak about the greatness of Jim Jones, their “Daddy,” and of the merits of socialism and communism.
The following clip is from the film The Guyana Tragedy and is a reenactment of what you will hear below.

Here is the actual death tapes. Now consider as you listen to this, these people speaking are just moments from their death. They know it. Listen to their thoughts and what they intend.

So what is the lesson here? Well, madmen have a way of lying to themselves and distorting the reality of the world around them. And such people are attracted to socialism, communism, progressivism and all those collective “ism’s.” At that point it no longer becomes a simple argument about economics and the best way to handle economic issues. It evolves into a struggle between good and evil.

That’s where I start seeing startling comparisons from people in the modern labor movement. What they are saying are simply the words their leaders speak.  Richard Trumka is a powerful union leader and in this recent case involving these labor protests, what he says in public, over a microphone, ends up coming out of the mouths of his followers.

Trumka, like many people attracted to those “collective ideologies” are prone to climb for power. History shows that it happens in every case. I don’t know of a single instance of a collective society that survives outside of a tribal village. The individuality inherit in the human being seems to break down true collectivism, and social experiments to water this tendency down in our youth have failed with terrible results. This is the reason the Tea Party has risen as a permanent movement, because many people are just tired of the “social experiments.” Many want to return to the original blue print that paved the way for the greatest nation on earth.

The Tea Party is a push back against the tendency of “collectivism” that has gotten out of control.

Whether or not he is aware of it or not, Trumka’s actions show that he is power-hungry and idealistic, and is essentially no different from someone like Jim Jones. It is quite possible that if that congressman from California had not went to Jonestown and been killed, Jim Jones and his followers would have lived for years without a mass suicide. But the scary thing about it is that Jones had to retreat to South America to have his utopian society. And the congressman was doing in that society much of what the Tea Party is trying to do in American Society. They are intervening and attempting to break up the dangerous collectivism that is consuming the nation.

Progressives are insistent in the modern age to not leave the country for their utopian society. They instead are intent to change the country itself. Here Trumka reveals what he is all about, which concerns me a great deal. It concerns me because watching his followers on Saturday; they seem to think he truly believes in this whole “middle class” protection. Yet he states otherwise.

Now this doesn’t mean Trumka is just like Jim Jones. Jones when he was in Indiana seemed like a reasonable guy. Thousands and thousands of people wouldn’t have followed him if they thought the path would take them to their sweaty deaths in a South American jungle within a decade. But Trumka’s followers behave almost identically to the congregation of Jim Jones, and that is what is troublesome.

Watch and listen to these clips from the Saturday Protests. And compare the behavior to what you heard from Jim Jones’s Congregation.

This brings me back to the Overton window concept introduced in Beck’s book. People can say what they want about Glenn Beck, but from what I know about the guy, he genuinely wants to get at the truth. His agenda is the truth. And that’s why he wrote his book, The Overton Window.

As I was reading The Overton Window, I realized that here is a guy that Time Magazine called the most dangerous man in American. Here is a guy hated by all these various progressive groups. Here is a guy that has become massively popular in a very short period of time. Here is a guy that has an agent that is very liberal. Here is a guy that knows a few rich people yet has not forgotten his humanity. Here is a guy that has hit the bottom, and realizes that it’s the little things in life that makes things precious. Here is a guy that would never, ever, under any circumstances be a Jim Jones. He might have the power to be, but he would not sub come to it. Glenn Beck is the kind of man who you could put a pile of gold in his lap, ask him to watch it for you till you come back, and when you returned 2 years later, he’d give it back without anything missing. Since he has a unique insight to how the game is played at the level he’s at now, the book, The Overton Window is a particularly rare opportunity for a reader. And I found the book and its concepts uniquely rich. It may not be the most profound literary work in history. But it is very bold in its attempt and it succeeds. What it is successful in doing is capturing the confusing political landscape that we are currently involved with revealing through a cleaver story what drives all the groups involved in creating their own Overton window that will pull society in their desired direction.
Here is the definition and description of what a Overton Window is as described in Wikipedia.

The Overton window, in political theory, describes a “window” in the range of public reactions to ideas in public discourse, in a spectrum of all possible options on a particular issue. It is named after its originator, Joseph P. Overton.

At any given moment, the “window” includes a range of policies considered to be politically acceptable in the current climate of public opinion, which a politician can recommend without being considered too “extreme” or outside the mainstream to gain or keep public office. Overton arranged the spectrum on a vertical axis of “more free” and “less free” in regards to government intervention. When the window moves or expands, ideas can accordingly become more or less politically acceptable. The degrees of acceptance of public ideas can be described roughly as:

• Unthinkable
• Radical
• Acceptable
• Sensible
• Popular
• Policy

The Overton Window is a means of visualizing which ideas define that range of acceptance by where they fall in it. Proponents of policies outside the window seek to persuade or educate the public so that the window either “moves” or expands to encompass them. Opponents of current policies, or similar ones currently within the window, likewise seek to convince people who these should be considered unacceptable.

Other formulations of the process created after Overton’s death add the concept of moving the window, such as deliberately promoting ideas even less acceptable than the previous “outer fringe” ideas, with the intention of making the current fringe ideas acceptable by comparison.

This site has an interesting twist on The Overton Window by describing it in four planes instead of just left and right, which I like.

What these extreme left groups have done over time is they pulled the Overton window radically to the left with key phrases like, “workers’ rights” and “tax the rich.” Or “all conservatives are Hitler.” 100 years ago at the start of the progressive movement these ideas were considered radical. But in the election of 1912, Eugene V.Debs had doubled the Socialist vote from 500,000 in 1908 to 1 million in 1912. This wasn’t some guy from Europe; he was born in Terre Haute, Indiana. In fact, the Socialists had their 1912 Convention in Indianapolis; the same place Jim Jones started his socialist church. Ronald Reagan toyed with joining the socialist party when he was a young man in Hollywood. It was after he traveled to England and witnessed what socialism had done to England through the Labor Party that he turned far to the right, out of fear for his country. But those people, those 1 million people who voted socialist in 1912 are out there, and they attached themselves to progressive ideas, they had children, raised families and found themselves drawn to the Labor Movement in America on the backs of the unions. Now many of those people aren’t bad people, but they are attracted to the collectivism of socialist concepts by their family culture and genetic make-up, because let’s face it, some people are more comfortable hiding in the masses and are not inclined to stand on their own.

Those poor, unfortunate souls are the people who end up following someone like Jim Jones in the extreme circumstance. And to a lesser degree, they find themselves repeating word for word what someone like Richard Trumka utters, without any care as to the relevance of his words. Trumka knows he can’t talk to an economist about how he represents the “middle class” or how “increasing taxes on the rich,” “creates jobs.” Those are just buzz words to stir up the followers. What Trumka is really after is moving the Overton window far to the left as was the trend during the entire 20th century. It happened because people weren’t aware of the threat and it just crept into our culture subtly. Trumka said it himself; he’s not in the labor movement for wages and benefits. He’s using the labor movement as a platform to change society, and that isn’t any different from Jim Jones who wanted to change the world through religion.

The Tea Party wants none of that non-sense. The Tea Party wants people like Trumka off our back, and wants to pull the Overton window back to the far right so that the recoil will leave the political spectrum back in the middle where it belongs. The caution is there because half the nation isn’t drinking the cool-aid of Trumka. Half is, roughly. The problem is that other half are made up of people who have evolved to expect an entitlement culture, so those aren’t the kind of people who will carry a nation by themselves. They’ll need a fanatical leader to lead them. The Tea Party has no such leader. Glenn Beck could disappear tomorrow and someone like Doc Thompson in Cincinnati would just take his place, or maybe the young man in the radio broadcast above. The movement is essentially leaderless, because it is built upon the ideas of self-reliance, which was what America was intended to be.

The real threat and real money being poured into politics isn’t coming from Rupert Murdoch, or the Koch Brothers. George Soros, and all the Hollywood left has poured far more money into political manipulation so there isn’t any room to talk. Yet if Trumka says “the conservative right is for the rich, and we are for the working man!” Look at all these contributors to the radical left! Yet all these people point to the right and say it’s “Wall Street, the rich, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, all are blamed for manipulating the American people when in fact it is these people that have committed the act of their accusations.

“The working man” is another false premise captured by the labor movement and placed into the minds of Americans by the Overton window. In Ohio 655,000 people work for a union, both public and private. That’s only 13.7 percent of the 4,787,000 million people who are employed in the state. That leaves over 4 million people not represented by a union, and don’t particularly want to be represented by a union. And most of those people are not in management. Most of those people are the real workers, and is proof that such extreme rhetoric as exhibited by people like Trumka to an army of people built on entitlement. Yet, because of the Overton window, the media, and the regular everyday people accept that “workers’ rights” represents union work, because that’s how the term was marketed.

The times we live in have these two ideologies colliding before us. And unlike in the past, people will have to choose. One side is the side of life, and one side is the side of doom. So we must choose and choose wisely. Because the time has passed where both sides can’t coexist together now that the radicals have made a move and shown their intentions.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior