Wayne Allyn Root Speaks about Scott Walker: Diana Fray goes to jail

I would have loved to hear from the Bill Cunningham speaking with Wayne Allyn Root on the day after the historic Wisconsin recall election of Governor Scott Walker, as opposed to the same Bill Cunningham who campaigned against Issue 2 in Ohio working against his friend, Governor Kasich who faced a similar battle in Ohio. The good Bill Cunningham had a wonderful conversation with Root on 700 WLW relishing the first major victory against the mobs of public sector unions and the tyranny those groups have inflicted upon America, as Walker emerged victorious with a 53-47 victory.

The big difference between the Scott Walker situation in Wisconsin and the John Kasich situation in Ohio is that Kasich had a law to defend, Walker had to defend himself. The unions targeted the Republican reforms on collective-bargaining in Ohio by seeking to repeal the entire law. The unions spent millions of dollars and collected more than enough signatures to attack the collective bargaining reform law to keep it out of their lives. The cost has been just as predicted, many schools, police, and fire departments have had to layoff workers to meet their budgets, because Issue 2 was repealed in Ohio during the November 2011 election. The unions were fighting on two fronts, as they also had to spend their national time and money fighting in Wisconsin gathering signatures to recall the governorship of Scott Walker removing him from office entirely, just because the unions didn’t like him.

The audacity of this attempt says everything about what union politics represents. Their attempt to remove a sitting governor not for corruption, or unethical violations against the state constitution, but for reforming collective-bargaining and being too aggressive for their liking was the primary motive. The public unions tried to do against Scott Walker what they have done to every governing body for more than 80 years, and that is impose their collective will upon politics to shape legislation to their liking. But Walker stood strong during the entire attempt to remove him from office, and the Republican Party stood with him firmly, which led to the first major victory against the union mob in union history.

Kasich was not so lucky. Republicans did not stand behind Governor Kasich the way they did with Scott Walker because too many Republicans had climbed into bed with the unions over the years, and could not pick a side in the modern civil war going on between public and private sector jobs. When Issue 2 was defeated, it was a sign that the labor unions advocating open communism could not be beat, so the situation looked grim for Scott Walker.

When Bill Cunningham was growing up, unions seemed to be an unstoppable force. My own dad is about the same age as Cunningham and told me before the first time I went on WLW to speak with Scott Sloan about the tyranny of the teachers unions, “The unions will get you. You have to watch what you say.” My dad, like Cunningham saw firsthand all through the 60’s and 70’s how labor unions driven by communist leaders would destroy the lives of people who stood in their way. To speak out against the unions meant conflict, and many people wish to avoid conflict, so they yielded to the unions for many years which resulted in disproportionate budgets favoring the public unions. Politicians seeking to hide their part in the scam promoted tax increases to hide their fear of the unions.

All public unions function in virtually the same way. Whenever a union president faced a city council, township trustees, or a school board, the standard behavior is to use their union members to protest ANY wage reductions, or insurance premium increases with radical displays and public threats. Most recently, it was Diana Fray who just received 51 months in prison for her theft of a quarter million dollars from her union to take vacations and purchase real estate. She went from being a crusader for the collective mob of her union to a criminal within only weeks of being discovered for her crimes. The only thing that changed was a slight shift in public acceptance. Labor union presidents steal money all the time from their employers with the threat of force. They do not earn pay increases based on merit, but upon coercion. This is how unions have managed to extort so much money from the companies they work for, and from the tax payers, is through threats and intimidation. The only difference for Diana Fray is she didn’t just steal the money from the tax payers, but from her own union too, which in a world of twisted reality, finally crossed the line.

The unions threatened Scott Walker with even death during his first year and a half of office, attempting every trick of thug manipulation used since unions began. They chanted, they attempted violence, the issued death threats, they attempted public humiliation and finally they attempted to use the force of law to batter Walker out of office.

But what Walker has been the first to do on a large-scale is to show the formula for beating these collectivists which every state and local government can now see for their own eyes, and that is to show that the power of the individual is more powerful than the collective mob if the individual simply does not care what the mob thinks, feels, or considers. Walker like Kasich was hired to do a job through an election and if people didn’t like the results of that job, they can vote him out in the next election. Kasich had his efforts cut out from under him as a result of the union referendum. Many voters simply did not vote in favor of keeping Issue 2 because they lacked the courage to show up at the polls, which yielded Ohio to the power of collective force represented by the unions. The unions attempted to remove Walker from office because they wanted to stop the reforms he initiated, and did not allow him to run his full term because they knew that Walker’s reforms would solve many budget problems. They knew if people saw this secret for themselves, they would no longer support public labor unions. So the unions attempted to do what they know best and that’s force a man from office because he went against their wishes.

Scott Walker showed as Hank Rearden did in the book Atlas Shrugged, that the coercion of the labor unions, like the coercion of the law, did not have any real power that they did not steal from someone else. The unions do not have better ideas, they are not the best employees, they are not the most efficient–they fail in every conceivable way. They only succeed when they can force others to act against themselves by coercion. Scott Walker did not yield, and because of it, the unions have been exposed for not having any legitimate power or claim to greater portions of the public treasury. All the unions have is the threat of force, of being a potential menace to those who are in love with peace. This has been a profitable formula against conservatives who would rather make money than fight, and would rather appease than argue. In the mind of the conservative, they can always make more money, so they give away their treasures hoping the looting mobs of the public unions will leave them alone, but it only made the situation worse. Each time the mob came, they asked for more and more money until the public had simply had enough.

Now that it has been seen, this resistance to the mob rule of the labor unions will begin to escalate, and organized labor will continue to fail in pockets all over the country, and it should. Taken as individuals, the union members are just the same as the rest of society. They are not evil incarnate. But in the collective body of a public sector union, the mob becomes the most evil entity on the face of the earth. They exist only to rob, and pillage anyone they can so they can secure wonderful communist lifestyles for themselves exhibited so well by Wayne Allyn Root in the broadcast above. The life of the union member requires the looting of others to survive, which is why they are one of the most corrosive forces in politics today. Finally, people are starting to stand up to them, and have realized that the greatest power there is in the entire world that is more powerful than any gun, any protest, any public display against the mob is to simply learn to say “NO.” Saying “no” takes away the power of the union and everything they represent. It stops the ability of the collectivist parasites from further extracting from the taxpayers any more money without revealing that they are actually functioning as a gang of thugs with one purpose, to loot and destroy everything until there is nothing left—and thus fulfill the life of a treacherous parasite.

Yes, it has been a good week, Scott Walker will remain governor of Wisconsin, and Diana Fray will go to jail for several years to live with the other criminals of existence, which is where she and every union member deserves to go who attempts to live off the work of others without a care to the lives they destroy in the process. The only sadness I have is that Ohio had a chance to be the first, but in the final hour, they blinked and the unions prolonged the inevitable for just a few more months until Walker finally beat them. Most of the time the only difference between victory and loss is in the courage of other individuals to rally to the cause of courage. In Wisconsin, there was courage—but in Ohio, there was not—and because of that, many people will lose their jobs in the long run and the misery will be extended because people did not have the guts to make the right call at the right time and instead played politics at the expense of honor.


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Communist China Honors Lakota: Dean Hume and baseball for the “Spark Magazine”

The reason I have very little respect for the modern educator, and specifically, the public education employee is because they have a tendency to support open communism even if they aren’t aware that they are.  Communism in America has gained a foothold through intellectual educator types, which Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnston, and Woodrow Wilson all advocated.  They called it progressivism so to make it appear that The United States was not following the path of their rival the Soviet Union, who was still considered an alley until the 1950’s.  During that entire time, communism seeped under the doors of our borders through our intellectuals’ infatuation with Europe and the concepts of socialism spreading there under the work of Karl Marx. 

I was reading through the West Chester Buzz the other day and I noticed a picture of the outgoing principal of Lakota East Keith Kline sitting at his desk with a flag display of the American flag with the Red Chinese flag and I had to check my eyes.  Then I read the article, which you can see for yourself here. 


The article was about how Lakota participated in a principal exchange program in April where Kline went to China’s Jingman NO. 1 High School in the Hubei Provinceas the Chinese principal Yuan Ye came to Lakota East.  Yuan Ye was amazed at the creativity of the Lakota students and decided he wanted to take 100 copies of the Lakota East’s Spark Magazine back to China for students there to analyze and figure out how to emulate.  This had Dean Hume, Lakota East journalism teacher and Spark advisor elated saying, “I think it is a grand slam in the 9th inning with two outs for the English department.”  Apparently for Dean, it’s very important that a school in China wants 100 copies of the Spark Magazine.  You can see that magazine for yourself here:


I personally like some of the kids who work on that magazine quite a bit, both present and former.  They are intelligent kids full of ideas, and I thought about them as I let my feelings about what Dean Hume and Keith Kline said wash over me.  Last September I gave a 3 hour interview with one of the Spark reporters just prior to the election, and the story was pulled—it appears by Hume so not to give the side of the story of the No Lakota Levy, which sounded like censorship to me.  It made me very angry because I had granted a very detailed interview that was very personal, and the story was shelved because the school wanted to pass the levy.  Several students reported to me that Hume would spend entire classes talking about me to his students and what a right-winged nut job I am, so to discredit me.  One student was so upset that they went to see Keith Kline about the smear campaign.  When I became enraged about it, some of these Spark students wrote to me and told me I had it all wrong, that Hume was a very fair and balanced teacher and that he treated me fairly in his classes.  I felt that they were just covering for their very radical leftist journalism teacher, but I listened to their comments out of respect for them. 

Knowing now a bit more about what Hume, and Kline thinks is a successful endeavor their behavior during the last election makes a lot more sense. China, being a communist country participates in excessive amounts of censorship, and has built their entire society around the concept of collectivism.  The individual does not matter in China.  This is why students are required to begin at 6 a.m. and stay in school until 10 p.m. with only a 3 hour break at 11:30. China does not care about the well-being of their students, only that they serve Red China as cells in a great collective body.  This is precisely why principal Yuan Ye was so shocked that the American students exhibited so much creativity, because in America individuality is still valued, and creativity comes from the individual thoughts of a sovereign soul.  Yet Hume thinks it’s wonderful that communist China wants 100 copies of his magazine so they can study it in a vain attempt to mimic the creativity of the American students, which of course they will fail miserably. 

Kline stated in the West Chester Buzz article “If I could marry their work ethic with our instruction there would be no stopping us.”  That statement alone indicates what educators all across the country have thought for over 100 years looking toward communism as the solution to the worlds problems.  In education circles China is the shining example in the world as to how society should be governed because they are a communist society, and education officials are in love with communism termed in their language as progressivism.  In communist societies, the collective serves the institution, property is “shared,” and censorship is enforced to keep outside ideas from corrupting the communist culture with crazy thoughts of independence and individual sovereignty.

The reporter who interviewed me on that hot September day before the election of 2011 acted as an individual and as they walked me through the halls of Lakota East many teachers and administrators peered at me with anger, since I represented the realization of another failed tax levy and future pay increases for their greedy labor requirements.  Yet the reporter handled the situation with a lot of class, and even as I gave the interview, I suspected it would never see the light of day, because the institution itself at Lakota East is attempting to become more like Communist China in it’s methods.  Kline himself stated, “The Chinese are trying to focus more on critical thinking skills, creativity, and teamwork, and want to get away from their test-driven structure, which is huge for them.  It is interesting because our country seems to be going in the opposite direction.”  He’s right about that.  American educators have been chasing China as the shining example of how to conduct society, and they have been doing it for so long, they don’t even see that it is communism that they are teaching students, not capitalism—the life blood of the American economy. 

There is a reason that China does not produce great films that the world craves to see, or produces music that is on our top 40 music charts—it’s because they lack creativity because they are a communist society serving the needs of the collective.  That is why they will always fail when it comes to creativity.  Their work ethic is fantastic because they have no sense of self—as a culture.  They do not value individualism, and it shows. 

This is the path of even great schools like Lakota East, as the Chinese flag flies proudly on the desk of an American high school principal.  Educators and politicians want communism in America and they are teaching it to our youth.  The evidence is everywhere particularly among the attitudes that the educators exhibit.  For Dean, I’d be more proud if a school in Georgia wanted copies of the Spark to show their students in a world of competitive ideas, not a communist country where even a color photograph would impress them.  That’s the difference.  For an educator to be recognized by their idols in the education system of Communist China is a high honor indeed, and the focus of what they plan to spend our hard-earned tax money on—a path toward Communist America lead by the education elite and their censorship of those who oppose them.

It must be terrible to be so easily impressed.  For more info on China and how it got to where it is, CLICK HERE.  You will see our own future as it’s happening right now because of employees of public education. 


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The Rest of the Story: Who thought I was going away?

As progressive minded collectivists and pro tax advocates celebrated what they thought was my fiery end in the school levy fights around town on that carefully planned March 15th assault, there are aspects to that story that I have not revealed–until now. While the strategy I discussed in calling the levy supporters of Lakota “latté sipping prostitutes” is true, and the results were predictable, but at the same time terribly disappointing, there is as the late, great Paul Harvey used to say—the rest of the story.

In September of 2011 at a No Lakota Levy group meeting I told our members that after this next campaign they should search among themselves for another spokesman who could change up the message if Lakota decided to go for fourth levy attempt in 2012. I suggested this for two reasons—first Doc Thompson and I had covered about every aspect of public school funding issues on 700 WLW, and had gathered nearly 20 hours of audio recordings featured here at my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom site and the message was feeling tired. My hope was that a new face might be able to recharge the campaign efforts to match the musical chairs the Lakota school system utilizes in their campaign efforts. It makes me very proud to see that over the fall of 2011 into the winter of 2012 that No Lakota Levy has three such fresh minded spokesman to pick from on the next campaign. Second—I told our group at No Lakota Levy that I had a new book coming out in the summer of 2012, and that it would require most of my attention. While I would be doing national media events and press obligations, I did not want to be distracted with local political issues, and that I needed a break. Like I told them, writing is how I make a living, and my last book was in 2004, so it was time for me to pay some more bills with my next book that had been three years in the making, which of course they all understood.

A few weeks later I was speaking at a Lakota event with school board members Linda O’Conner and Ray Murray and I told them about my plans in 2012 involving my book. I told them that if this fall levy goes down that they better not think of putting on another one because I would be busy in 2012. When indications from Lakota were the same old games leaning toward a new school levy attempt, I decided to end my spokesman position with No Lakota Levy with a bang, instead of a whimper, because a whimper might send the wrong message to the community if I just backed out and let someone else from No Lakota Levy take over while I went to work promoting my new book. So having a much more colorful ending as spokesman fulfilled many of the strategy needs I had and more importantly allowed me to put my energy into the release of my new novel, Tail of the Dragon. (CLICK HERE)

My political enemies assumed that No Lakota Levy was paying me to be some sort of lobbyist and that if we were separated, then my work at this site would go away, and I would be removed from the political scene. However, what my political enemies didn’t know was that I always operated Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom as a news feed for not just No Lakota Levy, but levy fighting groups all over America. In fact I have daily readers in Europe and Australia, so my levy work has always been separate from my spokesman role for No Lakota Levy. Also, once 700 WLW decided to take more of a middle of the road approach to their broadcasts, there wasn’t as much need for my work in that fashion. And like Doc Thompson and I joked about just the other day—how much more could we say? People by now realize that the public school funding situation is a complete joke that is dominated by labor unions who are clearly not out for the “children.” So it was time to change things around a bit, and it was my chance to make some fireworks.

But that does not mean that I won’t fight the next levy attempts. I will still do as I have below, write and contribute articles exposing what is wrong with the situations surrounding public education, and I’ll do it in the same fashion as I have before. What I needed freedom from regarding No Lakota Levy was the straight jacket of being spokesman for a larger group. I found I could not maintain that confining position while at the same time putting on my sales hat to promote my novel. The two roles are just too opposed to one another that I didn’t feel I could commit myself in the same fashion as I had on the previous three levy attempts.

But rest assured, there will still be daily articles here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, and I will give media interviews when needed. No Lakota Levy should be able to perform those tasks without me, but if I need to I will happily contribute to the next public debate over school levies as I have in the past. In fact the letter below is just an example of such contributions that appeared in the April 19th Pulse Journal. So levy fighters don’t worry, there is more resistance now than there was before and I will not stop doing what I’ve done all along. But while I am working on a national campaign for my new novel, it is disingenuous and overly confining to represent a group of people who simply want to keep themselves from being raked over the coals with tax increases. And also, I need the ability to call my political enemies latté sipping prostitutes. That’s important to me………………..I get tired of all that touchy, feely hand-shaking crap.

Now, enjoy my latest Letter to the Editor as it appeared in the Pulse Journal.

Another graduating class at Lakota will be leaving as the school year comes to a close. Doing a bit of math, it appears that Lakota will have nearly 1000 students leaving our facilities this year and in the years to come. That means Lakota will have declining enrollment for possibly the next two decades since the real estate growth has peaked in our community. That should take the pressure off the budget deficit considerably. That is good news.

But there are still calls by some to push another school levy even with this knowledge of declining enrollment. And to pave the way for a new levy there have been calls for me to apologize to the various PTA groups over things I said about them as evidence of this new levy push emerged. But what hasn’t been discussed was the reason for the anger.

If Lakota had proposed a tax and respected the votes of the people the first couple of attempts, the tension now wouldn’t be so high. But when there are members of the PTA groups and other pro levy factions who actively sought to boycott businesses and bring coercion to individuals they know voted against the school levies to “persuade” them to vote differently on the next attempt, then we’re not talking about simple politics anymore, we’re talking about something much more serious. If an election can’t be won without vandalism, coercion and media domination, then someone should probably check to see if they’re on the right side of things. Yet the only avenue explored besides drastic, punishing cuts, has been tax increases disrespecting the will of the voters over three elections so far.

Lakota should be able to balance its budget with fewer enrollments unless they do something reckless like give all their employees raises just for breathing air, which they might actually try, but not until 2014. If they do attempt another levy, I can promise a much more “colorful” campaign against them than they’ve seen up to this point, because this is getting ridiculous. The path of Little Miami is not the correct one.

This is what people are saying about my new book–Tail of the Dragon

Just finished the book and am sweating profusely. Wow, what a ride !!!  Fasten your seat belts for one of the most thrilling rides ever in print.

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The Shadow Party: George Soros wants to take over the world

Dear reader—you know of people in your own community that have so much money they influence the behavior of the entire population. Where there are such people there are always a string of bottom feeders that follow these people around like dogs hoping to catch some of the table scraps around a dinner table. We call those types “ass kissers” and we despise them because we sense that they undermine an honest society built on hard work and ethical behavior. You also know that in your place of employment, there are always many such types—people who are willing to kiss a little ass, to get into the good graces of their financial superiors. Why then is it so difficult to comprehend that there are billionaire types who wish themselves to be kings, who would inflict these tendencies on a massive national scale?

Well, there are many such personalities in the world who see the United States as the ultimate target to suppress for their twisted aims, and they have the money to buy enough ass kissers to pull off a shadow party of unelected officials to carry out the aims of their desired dictatorships. One such person is George Soros, the New York billionaire and media tycoon who was the focus of the 2006 book Shadow Party by Richard Poe and David Horowitz

I have seen everything that was described in that video happen up close on the local level. I have seen the powerful influence of would be kings and queens pull the strings of perceived power to completely manipulate the media, and large factions of ass kissers against a target in the way of their aims. So I have no problem understanding how George Soros and a small group of philanthropists would desire such a thing on a global scale and actually pull it off. All it requires is a few ass kissers to ignore the truth and play their role in the insurrection. It happens in your community, it happens in your work place, and it happens in your country. All that is required for the evils of these financially powerful dictators to execute their plans of destruction is for good people to ignore their actions and keep quiet. And in our federal government there are so many ass kissers who want the money of George Soros that they will gladly trade the ethics of their personal integrity in for the ease of money that Soros throws on the ground like we might throw food to a dog.

Anyone who blindly trusts that there are not such people who openly advocate complete insurrection and massive enslavement of the human population are naive fools. All one has to do is read a Shakespearian play to understand the level of manipulation the human mind is capable of, because although the plays are fictional, they resonate because there is a truth to them that the human race understands. My favorite among all Shakespeare’s plays is Titus Andronicus. The level of deceit shown in that play is particularly brutal, but much to my experience, entirely accurate. Most people don’t act with the brutality and violence displayed in Titus Andronicus—but they think about it in the quiet of their minds when they think nobody is looking.

George Soros is not alone in his attempt to become a world-wide king where presidents and media personalities dance from his fingertips. He expects such things because his money has bought him the right to “rule” in the European fashion of servitude. And he has stated with his own mouth that he desires the United States to be out of his way. So he has created a shadow party that actually legislates behind the scenes.

This is not so difficult to understand if you know what to look for. Soros became wealthy due to capitalism; however, because he wants to maintain his power base, he seeks to eliminate any competition to his throne of power by eliminating capitalism from his competitors. So Soros is advocating progressivism to the mindless dogs that follow so close to his heels. Progressivism is evil. It’s disguised as “fair,” and “just” but the essence of it is parasitic. The advancement of progressivism by George Soros creates a society of parasites who feed off of him, so he can control their behavior like a king. It’s that simple. It’s a military maneuver and is logical from a strategic standpoint.

Where Americans go wrong is in the belief that people like Soros are not so diabolical and power-hungry, because the typical American isn’t. It is difficult to understand how power-hungry some of these wealthy people are, and to what measure they are willing to inflict their vision upon the world, no matter how distorted or tyrannical. I got a taste of how America sees the world during the recent Kentucky-Louisville basketball game during the Final Four. My wife and I spend entire days without turning on the TV and if we do, it’s the news we watch. I don’t watch much from the big four networks so I don’t often see the commercials, or even the slant of the modern broadcast programming. Most of the time she and I read for 10 to 12 hours in a sitting. In fact yesterday, my daughter left the house at 9 AM to work and do what young people do with their friends, and when she returned at 10:30 PM thirteen and a half hours later, I was in the exact same place doing what I was doing when she left. The 13 hours flew by as my mind was occupied in study and thought, which is how I like it. But apparently the rest of the world doesn’t, because they are watching all the crazy television shows that have obvious messages of progressivism laced within them. While watching that basketball game it was clear how distracted most of America is these days on images of enticement projecting progressive philosophy to a hungry public. It’s easy to see for me, because I don’t normally watch television. But many people do, so they turn on the television, and turn off their brains. That’s when dictators like Soros do their work.

America won’t tend to itself. The ideas that created the United States Constitution came from the 17th century discovery that man has rights and were invented when John Locke observed the behavior of the original pirate of the Caribbean Henry Morgan. That was the time and place that America was born in ideas that fleshed out over the next one hundred years and were captured on paper by the Founding Fathers. People like George Soros wish the world to be like it was before this discovery. He wants to be just another king in a long line of dictators. He doesn’t want freedom for mankind. He wants enslavement. And he is using the progressive philosophy of the parasite to undermine the discovery that man has rights.

To see it you only have to look around at the ass kissers, the suck-ups, the brown-nosing bastards, the back-stabbing diabolical menaces among you. Those who seek to earn their way not with ideas of their own or work of their hands, but of favors built from the table scraps left behind by the rich and powerful, the type of people who will do tricks for their masters like dogs, who simply roll over upon command, play dead, or will leap when told for a tiny morsel of food. Presidents have shown they will do such tricks for their masters, congressman, senators, lobbyists, businessmen, union thugs, media personalities, public school officials, trustees, commissioners and the like have all shown that they will eat out of the hand of the wealthy upon command and do simple tricks like a dog. They will speak when told, and lay at the feat of their masters in exchange for a table scrap.

So why is it so hard to believe that George Soros wants to take over the world and enslave the human race? Dear reader, are you so happy to surrender your rights as a human being in exchange for the tiny scraps of food your master will give you? Apparently—yes.

I watched with great concern last week when the Mega Millions Jackpot went up over $640 million. I had several people approach me about getting in on a ticket pool. One such pool had 91 people in it, and I told everyone no. My reason was that I would actually feel bad getting money for no productivity. I reasoned that I did not see myself as a slave, and that the money would not earn me my freedom from any shackles. It would make me feel cheap and a pawn to a system that is disguised as just another tax. I got the typical blank looks of confusion. On Friday the night of the big drawing, my wife and I went to dinner. On the way, we gassed up at a local convenience store and noticed the tremendous line from people buying their lottery tickets. We discussed it for a moment and both agreed that buying a ticket would be equivalent to selling out, and that we refused to participate. On our way to dinner we compared the people buying those lottery tickets to a dog that has a tendency to run away if the door is left open, or a leash isn’t tied securely to their necks—or the invisible fence is left off. The people scouring to buy those lottery tickets wanted freedom, freedom from the George Soros’s in their lives. They wanted freedom from the suck-ups or from being a suck-up in order to secure a livelihood. That’s why they bought a lottery ticket, because they felt trapped and money was their ticket to freedom.

My wife and I ate our dinner and based on the conversation around us, we were the only people in West Chester to not have a lottery ticket, so if this were a true democracy, we were in the wrong. But thankfully it’s not. I’m not compelled to do something just because the masses are fools. As an American, I don’t have to buy a lottery ticket to generate additional tax revenue for more looters in the system. I don’t owe George Soros anything, not even my time and attention. And there is no amount of money a guy like him could dangle in front of my face to get me to do a trick for him. Soros could literally put a billion dollars in front of my face and I wouldn’t take it. Because by taking the money, you give Soros and those like him power over you. To be honest, I’ve had many bribes placed before me over the years and I have turned every single one of them down. 100% of the time. Bribes to shut up, bribes to comply, bribes to advance, bribes to submit, it’s impossible to be an adult and not have those bribes presented before you at some point. But my life, my time, and my energy are not for sale. I own them, and nobody else. And I have little respect for those who do not have such convictions. And I have even less respect for those who will trade their freedoms away to someone like George Soros for the price of a table scrap—and to me even a million dollars is a scrap, because if it’s not earned with your hands, your mind, or your essence in any way, It’s a handout—and therefore a shackle of serfdom that is unforgivable and a menace to everything it means to be human.  Lessons to be learned for sure from the great work of Titus Andronicus. 

Oh–you want more proof?  You think I’m kidding you?  You think all this is a conspiracy, because the knowledge is not convenient?  Then read what’s at the link below and you’ll see how it was all set up in 1958 to create the world we are finding ourselves dealing with today.  I’ve made it easy for you.  All you have to do is look for yourself. 


Rich Hoffman

Educrats and Public Schools are Useless: Revelations from The New York Post

One of the reasons I dislike government schools so much, especially now that I’ve had the opportunity to see how they function up close, is that they are turning our children into veal—mush minded, overly-compassionate- gray minded slugs. Government schools, otherwise known as “public schools” are advancing progressive politics and have become overly sensitive to political correctness and they’ve done it with money they’ve stolen from us in the form of property taxes. For a bizarre example of one fine case of just such a story check out this New York Post story from Yoav Gonen.


I love Yoav’s use of the word “educrats,” which is entirely appropriate to these times of political correctness. The sum of the tragedy discussed in the New York Post article is that schools can no longer discuss in class references to religion, dinosaurs, Halloween, poverty, wealth, junk food, dancing, divorces, or diseases. There are of course many more terms that cannot be discussed in schools these days, but those are just some of the examples mentioned in the article. The emphasis in education now is to not offend anyone, to make it so everyone has a pleasant experience and that every child understands the merits of “social justice,” so that they will grow up to become nice little tree hugging hippies and slack-jawed patrons at their local sports bar.

When I was a child we spent our recesses pretending to shoot at each other with toy guns that we made out of combs, sticks or even pencils. These days, a child can’t even make the shape of a gun with their hand. Government schools are out-of-control with pretentiousness run by neurotic malcontents serving a clientele that is even worse. And between these adult groups of politically correct, progressive loving ambassadors are the poor children who spend their spare time playing games like Halo, and Call of Duty at home, but find their experience in the government schools to be stifling with overly sensitive politics. If schools can’t teach kids anything useful, then why do we send children to them? Why do we spend so much money on education institutions?

Government schools are functioning along the premise that accreditation has value in the future. The educrats believe that the world will need all the nurses, software engineers, lawyers and doctors that we have now. I even heard so much at a recent school board meeting in my neighborhood where the superintendent swore that the medical industry was where the future was, and that their school needed to fill those market needs. But—the world is changing. We have too many lawyers now. Some of the most brilliant software engineers are computer hackers who possess skills that schools don’t teach, and the future of medicine will not need more doctors and nurses. The future of medicine is in regenerative medicine. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE CURE FOR CANCER. The superintendent didn’t mention anything about the changing technology that will completely transform all these occupations. So what is all the education worth?

When I was in school I took computer classes learning how to program a very primitive Apple Computer. Within four years Bill Gates was mass marketing Microsoft Software that completely made useless everything I learned in two years of computer classes. That information is only good for a nostalgic understanding of how computers think, but it would do me no good for programming a modern computer. The same could be said of foreign language classes—who needs them? If we want kids to learn a foreign language why would we force children to take two years in high school when they could spend 6 months with Rosetta Stone Software and become proficient in another language in a quarter of the time? There are literally hundreds of similar examples of how education could be improved, yet we are continuing to waste the time of our youth because of some strange nostalgic affection with the past.

Government schools headed by “educrats” aren’t producing geniuses like Albert Einstein, or Thomas Edison. They are making activists like Bill Ayers and Barack Obama. They are breeding future union protestors and kids who spend their entire weekends drunk and clueless. That is what happens when educrats teach kids. The kids aren’t allowed to learn about anything because everything has become too political in the government schools, and nothing can be discussed out of sensitivity to “social justice.”

So why is society so hell-bent on a public education? Do parents just want baby-sitters for their children? Why do government schools run by unions want a monopoly on education—so they can drive up the costs? Because the kids coming out of public education aren’t exactly lighting up the world with new inventions and political genius. What is the appeal, because I see almost nothing that makes a government school essential to the life of a child?

Think about it. Why should society send children to a government school? What are the benefits? Because I don’t see any. I hear a lot of talk from schools who want money, and unions who want control about how valuable they are, but how can they be valuable when all they seem able to teach children is how to believe in global warming, and how to be an activist.

I would have gone insane in public school if I couldn’t pretend to shoot at my classmates in games of cowboys and Indians during recess. If not for the fun of running and hiding behind trees and playground props there may have been nothing positive to come out of public school for me. I can’t imagine being a kid now where they can’t even do that. Heck, they can’t even say “Indian,” they must now say, “Native American.”

Government schools have made themselves extinct. There is no modern use for them. The only real benefit they seem to have is as social institutions where kids interact with other kids. But as far as building up the intellect of students—I don’t see it—and I’ve been looking. The accreditation a child receives means almost nothing in a world that is changing so fast, that what is learned today will be out-of-fashion within a few years. It’s the core stuff that children need to learn—all the stuff mentioned in the New York Post article—that can no longer be discussed. And with that in mind, what’s the point of spending $10,000 per pupil of tax money on a system that doesn’t work? Because it makes us feel like we’re doing something? If so, where are the results? Where’s the proof? What is the reason to continue on in the same fashion without serious reform?

The real answers to education are outside of the government schools run by educrats. The sooner we decide to cast those progressive activists out of our lives, the sooner we can actually begin to solve some of our modern problems. And for me, I would start with introducing competition to the education process, so schools couldn’t play it safe by dumbing down their instruction to fit some “social justice” model that is unwanted, but would actually have to teach so that the customer—the parents—would want to keep their child in the school by choice, not by force. The answers are in choices, not more educrats, political correctness, and government schools. CLICK HERE FOR MORE EXAMPLES OF HOW EDUCATION SHOULD BE.

To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.


Rich Hoffman

Julie Shaffer’s Facebook: My response to the salacious Enquirer article

It’s true; when I was with No Lakota Levy we did approach Patti Alderson at the Community Foundation to partnership with them to attempt to heal the community. We had a plan to give substantial amounts of money to help kids and the community as a whole, but within a week of making the announcement public, Patti decided that it wouldn’t be a good idea and pulled away from the community unifying idea. Disappointed our guys went to work to begin our own foundation to be able to help the community in some way.

(To review this story as it personaly affected me CLICK HERE.)

The maneuver to me appeared to be completely motivated by community politics. Word from within the Lakota front who inform me of many things, let me know that a group that fights tax levies cannot be seen helping children, because to their minds the only thing that can help children was passing tax increases. Now, my opinion of Patti is that she does a lot of good in the community for what I see, but she stuck her name on my personal situation, and since her name appeared in probably the most salacious article the Cincinnati Enquirer has ever produced, I have to address her involvement and what led up to the demise of something that was intended to be very good.  (You can review that article here)

Shortly after this collapse of the No Lakota Levy reaching out to help heal the community while the levy fights continue I attended one of the large school board meetings at Lakota East and was shocked at the amount of parents who urged the board to attempt to pass yet another levy for the fourth time, instead of asking the union to take a 5% wage cut to balance the budget. I reported my findings at this article, CLICK HERE.

The more I thought about the situation, the refusal of the pro levy people to work with the anti levy people for the good of the community, and the push by a handful of parents to advance another tax increase on a community that already has high taxes, the short sightedness of it all stirred me into a rage. While all this was going on I was getting comments and messages along with information from my “feelers” within the school that I was anti child, anti education, and bad for the community in an effort to paint me negatively in front of their next campaign. Yet it was the group I was associated with that was reaching across the aisle to bring peace. And that peace was refused because the pro levy factions needed to maintain the public image that No Lakota Levy was a group bad for the community.  Because their message was that if you want to do “good” for the community then a new levy needed to be passed.

This blog site of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom has become over time to be something like a newspaper that many people come to for information. Its numbers compete with small press newspapers daily, so I decided to take advantage of my site to stir the pot a bit and paint the picture of the situation as I saw it using a graphic metaphor. I didn’t hold back, for one, a blog site has an expectation to be a different news source than a traditional newspaper. So my readers like to see passion when I exhibit it, which was genuine. But I also wanted to see if I could smoke out some of these pro levy people who worked behind the scenes to make it so good things couldn’t happen, so the illusion that it was Lakota Schools who held all the cards in doing good things for the community could be exposed.

When I put up the controversial articles, I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get much reaction from the pro levy people. I shrugged it off and moved on. Approximately two weeks later the No Lakota Levy group had our press conference announcing the new foundation to help kids and it felt good to do something positive. The press enjoyed it. But ironically, the pro levy people seemed to become infuriated in a way that I wouldn’t have guessed. You can see some of their comments about me personally here upon this announcement.  (CLICK HERE)  And as you can see when reading those things, people used far worse language than I did in the bit I wrote and it was personalized where my wasn’t.

Within three days of our big press conference, Julie Shaffer went to my articles and took out sections of them and put them on her Facebook as seen below. Keep in mind that Julie has worked on previous levy attempts and she is now a school board member. Her intention here is to fan the flames of her supporters obviously against me. I wanted to see her do this, but what is most telling is that she waited until I was involved in something very good to take the shot.

I didn’t get all the screen shots from the posting, but down the page a bit was Pam Parino urging Julie to send this information to her “friends” at WLW, which she apparently did. Pam is a long time levy activist; you can see how she attempted to extort WLW a few years ago at this link. Now I still get along with people at WLW, but I was surprised at how they turned on me during the broadcasts of March 15th 2012, especially considering how they chose to broadcast. But I was told by Scott Sloan that I am a public figure and that I couldn’t say these kinds of things even if similar statements were made on their very shows. I disagree. I may be a public figure, but I am not a public servant. I can say whatever I want and it’s up to me to decide if voters will reject or embrace it. Not any social standard. It’s my risk to take.

My feelers at Lakota told me that the superintendent was personally sending out links to Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to “community leaders.” My initial response was, “good, maybe they’ll learn something.” Then some of my friends asked me to take out some of the things I said which might affect the good work they were trying to do, which was fair enough, so I put the articles that might cause such trouble on password protect not to protect me, but to protect them. The entire time I saw no reason to not stand by my statements.

Within days the anger mounted and I was getting very heated messages like, “Rich Hoffman, you’re going down!” I knew the pro levy people were mounting an offensive, which I anticipated two weeks prior, so I wasn’t surprised. But once the Enquirer article came out, I was a bit surprised. It was way over the top and made me realize I should have just kept the article up so people could have seen the context of the metaphors I was using to describe the situation. Because the way that Mike Clark assembled his article painted me in such a bad way that there was no way to explain it without a tremendous back-story, which there wasn’t time for. I agreed to do the Scott Sloan show and I didn’t have a problem with the hard nature of that interview, but I was surprised at how he inflamed the situation after our interview, which again was fair play. Their ratings at my expense. When WLW called me later in the day to see if I would do a spot on Eddie and Tracy’s show I said no, because they had put me in a really bad position. Eddie and Tracy tried to call me out on the air knowing I almost said yes to the interview, so they attempted to push me over the edge to get me to come on. But they only had a piece of the story, and openly calling me a sexist all day long broke friendships that I felt for some of those guys, who have used worse language than I did on many occasions. So I elected not to blow my top on the air for 200,000 people to hear, and to calm down. Yet the blood was in the water, and I put it there to learn the lay of the battlefield. When I wrote that quote I wanted to see if Julie would take the bait, I wanted to see how Mantia would react, and who was in the pro levy network so I could figure out how to fight them. Because taking a passive approach wasn’t working. After three levy failures, it was still the minority who sought to impose on the majority their intentions for a levy increase and they had a network that was vast enough to prevent our work with an independent foundation headed by a powerful local personality in Patti Alderson. So I needed to see how these people were connected. When they thought they had me on the fence they emerged with bold words. Patty felt strongly enough about me to speak before the Lakota school board. She wanted to clarify that her group, which also raises money for needy Lakota students, has no affiliation with Yes to Lakota Kids. Alderson told the board audience of more than 200 people, that No Lakota officials had approached the foundation last month but that “we refused to accept their funds.” She said that with a pride that I found fascinating. She also said, “We refuse to accept funds where political statements are attached.” What she should have said is that she refuses to accept funds that had political statements that she didn’t agree with, because by endorsing the pro levy faction she is supporting the political position of the school, and not the entire community.

Out of all the terrible news that came from the Enquirer article the parts that actually made me laugh that day were from West Chester Township Trustee Catherine Stoker who said “the language used by Mr. Hoffman is not only egregiously offensive, but reflects badly on the No Lakota group that Mr. Hoffman supports.” So does that mean the No Lakota group had a good name before all this? If so, then why was our help turned down? And who in the world is Catherine Stoker? She’s a public servant. She should have shut her mouth and done some work instead of trying to grandstand on my head, which is what she was doing as a favor to Superintendent Mantia and the pro levy people. And who decides what’s egregiously offensive? Her? The pro levy people? Or these next two pretentious specimens.

Lakota school mother Kim Hesselgesser said “I was very disgusted by the blog Rich Hoffman posted.” I was also very saddened for this extremely disturbed man. To me it is evident that he has some agenda that goes far beyond increased school taxes. Although I hate the fact that he is getting exactly what he wants – a lot of media attention. I feel it is worthwhile to make the public aware of who they are truly supporting when placing No Lakota signs in their yards. Pro levy or no levy…is that the type of person you want leading a group in our community?” Well, Kim, if you don’t like my blog postings—don’t read them. You refuse to see what’s right in front of your face. You have no right to say that I’m an extremely disturbed man. You have no authority to speak from. You read one thing I said because Julie Shaffer put it in front of your face and you cast a judgment without any thought, just like you do when you support a school levy. If someone like Julie, or Catherine tells you to pass a levy because it’s for the kids, then you do what they tell you without further consideration. And that’s the problem. We will still be paying off the debts your type of people bring to our community decades in the future because you can’t get your mind around the truth. You just listen to what people tell you to do, and you make statements about which you know nothing. I’d respect your opinion if it was yours, but it’s not. You have no right to tell all of Cincinnati that I’m an extremely disturbed man. Based on what? Because I don’t agree with you? You made that comment as a fact, not an opinion, and I’m considering in the back of my mind of what to about it next. I’m waiting to calm down before acting. I can see such things being said in online forums, blogs, blog comments, but it surprised me that The Enquirer printed that quote. That’s very dangerous stuff and yes, I am deeply pissed off about it. If that’s what you wanted, then you succeeded.

And Laura Sanders who has personally emailed me with what I consider to be messages way outside her level of expertise and who I personally addressed at this link (CLICK HERE) said “Mr. Hoffman uses misogynistic and vile language when addressing women and mothers because most teachers are in fact, women and mothers. He wants the public to think that he is merely attempting to rein in public school spending, but his underlying mission is really one of hatred and fear of women earning decent salaries. He alone is the destructive force behind the last three levy failures, and I hope this … convinces the women in our community that he is not a rational or credible source for the counterpoint argument.” Laura—you are out of your mind to paint me in such a fashion. While I am certainly not one who supports feminism, mainly because I think it has destroyed the modern family, it does not give you the right to paint me with the broad brush of stating what I think and making the high salary issue all about hating women. That is a pathetic argument and I can’t believe you said it. Just like Kim you used generalities to explain aspects of me that you know nothing about. If you did just a little research you would know what my number 1 Rule is on my Ten Rules to Live By. You can see those rules for yourself at the bottom of every signature at the end of every post I make. The number one rule is to honor women, because they are the pillars of our society. I believe in it so much that I wrote a book about it, and I made boys who dated my daughters read that book so they’d know my position. Those Ten Rules to Live By are in the back of that book published in 2004! Everyone and I mean EVERYONE who knows me, particularly women, knows how much I love them. I have daughters, I have been married for over24 years to the same person, and I have a lot of women friends. I help women carry heavy objects—always! I hold the door for them when they come in behind me—always! In fact I do a lot every day that doesn’t even begin to articulate the kind of person you and your pro levy friends have attempted to paint me as. And for what, so you could try to destroy me, and get me out-of-the-way so you could have your money!!!!!!! IS THAT WHAT YOU THOUGHT GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO MAKE STUFF UP AND PUT IT IN THE PAPER ABOUT ME WHEN I’VE WENT TO GREAT TROUBLE TO BE OPEN HERE AND SHOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM! That’s what you have told the world through your actions!!!!!! You spoke about nothing of which you had an understanding. You smelled my blood in the water and you crossed the line with made up assumptions!

I had a conversation about you with a man the other day who attends your church. He told me you are just the sweetest girl there is and he tried to calm me down after that email that you sent me which I was still mad over a week after you sent it. I listened to him and took your actions as just political rhetoric and blew it off. But what you said in the paper was not just inflammatory, it was personal, and your type of people believe you have a right to step all over me to get what you want. My comments might have been audacious, but they were left obscure on purpose. I wanted badly to reveal the names I was thinking of when I wrote the salacious blog posting, but I didn’t because that would make it personal, and even if I want to bring my enemies down, that is not the way to do it. There is a difference between political rhetoric and personal attacks and what you, and your pro levy friends did to me on Thursday was a personal attack designed to hurt me in every single way possible, and I had planned for you to do it. But I was disappointed to be right once again. I will tell all of you something. There will be payment given to me in one fashion or another for what happened on Thursday. You can decide for yourselves what that is and I expect at a bare minimum a public apology. Failure to act will dictate action on my part.

This isn’t just about name calling anymore. I am happy to argue back and forth, and even debate on the radio as we have in the past in friendly competition. And when you make yourself a public official you make yourself prone to attacks. And when you work in a government job, you are prone to tax payer scrutiny. But I have made a choice to never be involved in an elected position because I want the freedom to be able to speak my thoughts, even when they are outlandish to get my point across, because sometimes that’s what it takes. But what the people mentioned in this article attempted to do was destroy me for standing in their way, and that WILL not be tolerated or left unresolved!

I stand by my comments that I posted. I wrote it as a metaphor to the type of woman who just don’t grasp fiscal concepts, and their opinions should therefore be discarded in political theater. I spoke in generalities to protect the real people I was thinking of even though I was very angry with them for desiring to drag our community through a fourth levy attempt. But what the women above did was turn me personally into the poster child for progressive politics to attempt to remove me the way they have for many years any barrier that stood in their path. If I had to guess, 80% of all legislation that gets discussed daily in any governmental body has it’s start with these same radical types who came after me so aggressively, so the same blind pro levy supporters who refuse to look at any facts and vote purely on emotion are the same who lobby members of the house and senate to pass all types of ungodly legislation, and pass more rules of every kind in every neighborhood across America. It’s these pro levy types who have made it so a kid can’t just go out and ride a bicycle anymore, but have to arm themselves from head to toe with padding and helmets. I see these radical progressive agenda driven pro levy supporters as being a huge problem on not just our communities but our human race, and I said what I said to call them out on it, to let them know that they aren’t fooling anyone—maybe themselves. I used a metaphor that was taken literally to use against me as a political maneuver which was fine, but everyone mentioned here took it several steps further and for all different reasons. Some of those reasons were strictly economic. Some were political. But mostly it was pure hatred for anyone who thinks different from the pretentious pro levy supporters. And these people felt they had a right to “destroy” me and everything I have ever been, or will be.

And it all started on Julie Shaffer’s Facebook. See what happens when you elect a levy activist onto your school board. And do you see now what kind of school board we have? She’s the Vice-President. What does that say about how wrong the entire situation is and what we have been fighting against? And since they can’t win the arguments against me with facts, they sought with every gun available to them to destroy the mouth piece.

It’s not Lakota as a school that I am fighting. The school will still be there if every employee were removed, and the kids would still be successful because the parents in general of Lakota, as I’ve said many times, will make sure it stays good. I’m fighting the radicalism that has embedded itself into our tax dollars. And to continue that fight, I have to do it my way using my network of Overmanwarrior’s to help get under the covers. This group has always been the force that supplied No Lakota Levy with information, so the attempt to separate me from No Lakota Levy was a lot of energy spent on nothing. I know there is a lot of disappointment because the assumption was that the members of No Lakota Levy were funding me, and if I were cut off from them, I’d be rudderless. But my funding comes from my professional writing endeavors and exemplified by my The Symposium of Justice where my Ten Rules are published.  I wouldn’t bring it up if my integrity had not come into question. It’s my personal projects that allow me to fight like this. That’s also why at the bottom of the book on the front cover it says, “Tyranny has a new enemy.” Did you just think it was silly words on the cover? I meant it literally! So nothing that happened Thursday was unforeseen. I knew what to expect. But my disappointment is in being right and to witness firsthand the destructive nature of my neighbors and the manipulation that can be employed to advance an agenda even if it costs lives.

And if you want to know who I am and what I believe, look at my Ten Rules to Live By. I don’t talk about my books during levy discussions because I don’t want to confuse any messages with the selling of books. So I just put the link out for those interested, and never mention it otherwise. But those are my beliefs and I live by those every single day. I should know them, because in this case—I wrote the book on the subject—so I know the material well. The person that I am and what these reckless characters described in this article tried to paint me as are not even close to the same thing.  The words used to describe me by these people mentioned here are as far from the truth as one could get.  They took small little bits of information because they didn’t want to work for the truth even though I placed it here for all to see.  They did with me what they do with the funding problems at Lakota, saw what they wanted to see and assassinated the characters of anyone who stood in the way of what they wanted. 

 Here are the rules I live by:

1. To honor women, they are the pillars of society.
2. Stand as an example of the highest moral order.
3. Avoid mental depletion such as intoxication, and ignorance.
4. Pursue learning like a person on fire pursues water.
5. Live with integrity, where values are in line with behavior.
6. Live the given life, not the dreams of others.
7. In a crisis handle everything calmly and without confusion.
8. Be capable of firmness in the heart.
9. Sorrow is everywhere, accept it with a smile.
10. Resist hiding in numbers, stand as an individual contributor.

And to add a bit to that, I consider telling the truth even if the names are ugly to be of the highest moral order. That’s why I stand behind my comments.  The truth does not live behind political correctness.  It lives in the facts.


To understand the truth it helps to view the world through Hoffman Lenses.  To understand what those are CLICK THE LINK.  If you can’t handle the truth, then don’t read here.


Rich Hoffman

The Orgy-Porgy of Norma: A Brave New World in the eyes of a loving parent

It’s almost funny how predictable the pro tax levy crowd is. Always shortly after a major school announcement they leave me comments and emails about how bad I am for not blindly approving infinite pay increases to those sacred teachers of public education, and that if I did not support public education with blind obedience I would drive down the property values of my community and ruin the lives of children. They also say that my resistance to infinitely high taxes makes me some kind of money grubbing cohort—serious—they really think these things. There are people like that in the world. You can meet one below. I’m serious, and they are the ones who have ruined America and the idea of “free education.” Read one such note that I received this morning.

This is thanks to you and your other money-grubbing cohorts. We’ll be moving to Mason. Enjoy losing more property values.

Norma Stits
February 25, 2012 at 4:35 AM

That poor woman actually believes what she says. She believes that I am greedy for not wanting to pay more money than we already do in taxes. She also believes that there is no end what current residents of the Lakota School District will pay in higher taxes, therefore ruining their property values forever and making the taxes so high that nobody will ever be able to afford to buy a home in the Lakota District because of the taxes. People like Norma actually believe there is no end. She would pay forever whatever was asked by those extortionists of public education.

Well, sorry to break it to you Norma, but you are wrong. Taxes don’t just affect you in your tiny little world of your tiny little home around your tiny little family. It affects commercial interest too, and commercial business has been dried up for 5 years because of the current tax rates which need to come down, not go up. You know who those “money grubbers” are? Those evil people who build and run the shopping complexes and restaurants you visit. In Norma’s world those people should give away their services for free. They should not seek to make a profit. They should donate any earnings they make to the “youth,” so that people like Norma can have a free education for her little children whom she’s too lazy or insecure to teach herself.

Well, I have two grown daughters who are quite attractive, and because of that I’ve met many young people, particularly males that have come out of the Lakota, Fairfield and Mason school system, and I’ve seen what the schools are teaching first-hand, and I see how stupid many of these kids are when basic things are explained to them. They are future products of stupid parents like Norma, ill prepared to even pay rent, hold a job, let alone—vote. I’ve met kids who show up and attempt to impress me with big words only to see they can’t hardly pull their pants up because they are trying to copy the black culture of their favorite R&B artists, (and I say R&B in an attempt to be respectful and not come loose on a diatribe about the degradation of music). I’ve seen kids who think a fun night out is to get plastered in drunkenness and that somehow I’d be happy to let my daughter wake up passed out in a room full of guys stoned on marijuana. My kids wouldn’t do such a thing, but the boys look at me strangely and roll their eyes when they think I can’t see while I speak about why those kinds of activities are wrong. They really don’t understand! These boys don’t understand either why I expect them to have jobs instead of playing X-Box when there are bills to be paid. Or why I’d be upset that they’d rather take a welfare check so they’d have more “time for themselves.” I’m not talking about poor kids in the ghetto; I’m talking about nice middle-class kids from Lakota and Fairfield.

Through my daughters I’ve had to learn the terrible truth that there are thousands of girls who are on Care Source, which is a form of Medicare that bails out these kids when they have sex, and get pregnant because their schools and stupid parents like Norma tell them it’s alright, that there are no consequences to actions. A boy can get a girl pregnant and it’s alright, the government is there to bail them out.  The boys often claim that the act of sex just happened, that it was beyond their control.  Yet it was.  A boy had to stick a penis into a girl and inject semen into her like some parasitic animal in the wild, without thought or care. Without any thought about the next step, because the schools have taught these kids that the government will pick up the slack and pay for everything. Thousands upon thousands of kids think this way. Twenty years ago it would have been shameful to see a girl in her freshman years pregnant in school. It was scandalous. Today the teacher holds a baby shower for the girl in her classroom. The kids and their welfare mentality are victims of their environment and parents like Norma.

Norma may put her kids on Blue Cross and Blue Shield, but her behavior supports a system that endorses everything and more mentioned above. Ladies and gentlemen—and Norma, we are in serious trouble—culturally. Our youth is broken in ways that no amount of money can fix. They are truly victims of this age of broken homes, divorce, and intrusive public education establishments.

People who tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about are only mad at me because they don’t want to hear what I’m saying. They want to blindly adopt destructive policies of living that will eventually destroy them with the same intensity that a moth attempts to fly into a flame—because they like the bright light. People like Norma are in love with the idea of socialism and they do not want to see the results of their error. Well, I’ve seen it. I’ve been up close to it through my kids because I stayed involved with them even now that they are grown up, because there’s always something to learn. And I have many friends in the business community who are struggling. It’s not for Norma to say that these friends of mine should not be able to buy another restaurant, or a new second home, because people who build and make things are who move the world, and they don’t owe people like Norma an explanation as to their actions. The money they earn by creating things that people want is not Norma’s money, it’s not the money of public education, and it’s not the GOD DAMN governments! It’s their money!!!!! They earned it!!! Money made and generated is not for some group collective.

There are many problems that must be fixed in this year of 2012 that took nearly a century to arrive at. And those problems were perpetuated by people like Norma who voted in politicians like FDR. These same voters also fantasized about sleeping with JFK, and LBJ and like a porn actress swallowing semen from a stranger, these voters accept the policies of THE NEW DEAL and THE GREAT SOCEITY.

I don’t want The New Deal or The Great Society of which this Medicaid culture of welfare has sprung up and created a whole generation of weak-minded youth who have reckless sex and expect society to pay for it. Doesn’t Orgy-porgy from A Brave New World ring a bell with people like Norma, or let me guess—they haven’t read that book!

“Orgy-porgy, Ford and fun,
Kiss the girls and make them One.
Boys at 0ne with girls at peace;
Orgy-porgy gives release.”

That’s a ritual from that classic book where everyone gets in a circle and has group sex so that all sense of possession and individually is erased from their consciousness. “Kiss the girls, and make them One.” Notice the capital letter on the word “One.” That is because the word ONE is an indicator of an entity onto itself. This is the goal of The Great Society created by the womanizing presidents of the sixties. This is the aim of public education; this is the aim of government insurance, Medicare and Social Security! And these are the pathetic creatures that my kids have to associate with as friends in their peer groups, these children of this distorted government experiment. To see what this Great Society is taking us to just read A Brave New World. That book seemed like a fantasy when I read it over twenty years ago. Now it’s a pending reality.

So call me names you orgy-porgy well wishers, you welfare recipients, you apologists for The Great Society. Your opinions mean nothing to me because your path is clear for anyone with eyes to see. Your story ends only one way, in cultural demise leading to complete social destruction. The end game is as easy to add up 2+2+2+2. One thing leads to the next, which leads to the next in a very predictable manner. Only people who add all that up and give any number beyond the answer of “8” are the ones being fooled. And people like Norma will add up all these conditions and declare that the answer is whatever she decides. If she wants the answer to be 10 then it’s ten. If she wants it to be 20, then it’s twenty. She will say these things because she is not giving opinions based on reality. She is ruled by emotion, the orgy-porgy of our day. The collective orgy of thought and action where there are no consequences with the giant safety net cast by mother government.

So with that, have fun moving to Mason, and don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. And until your house sells, and since you obviously lack culture, here’s the movie version of that book since you obviously can’t read.  Maybe you’ll learn something. 

For those who do know better than orgy-porgy Norma, please pass this to a friend to share the classic work of The Brave New World.   If they won’t read the book, maybe they’ll watch the movie. 

Rich Hoffman


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Freedom Watch is off the Air: Censorship by the fools against the truth

Alex Jones spilled the beans on why my favorite television show, Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano is being cancelled from the Fox Business Channel. I have always enjoyed the work of the Judge and it was sad to see the decision by Fox to pull the plug on a successful show. It is even sadder to see that Fox News has been successfully undermined by the powers of control that have successfully implemented the 45 points from the book The Naked Communist. Anyone who thought that such concepts were fiction knows now that the media is dominated by those advocates of political theory, as stated in the book’s publication in 1958 and universally accepted as sacred social doctrine by the educators who taught that media. Control of the media is one of the 45 points, and with Fox News going down, it is obvious that those forces have been hard at work. Click here to read the 45 points for yourself:

I have experienced at virtually every level in my life over the last couple of weeks a push back from the progressive community of which the cancellation of Freedom Watch was simply the final act. In my school district I’ve seen it on the school board and the community at large as they attempt with a fever to suppress any negative stories so that they can make another tax request from the community using all the tricks mentioned in an article from The Blaze discussing how Saul Alinsky taught the unions to use children as propaganda tools in order to obtain funding. As I’ve been stating for years, it is now confirmed that the education unions all across the nation are using Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as a way to drive up education costs, spread a communist philosophy against private property through excessive taxation, and control the flow of leftist political ideology in the education process. Read that story at the following link:


Here is the actual manual that the Michigan Education Association uses for their teachers. Have a look if you don’t believe me or The Blaze article.


Even with the overwhelming proof I’ve provided the crazy PTA moms and their minions of latte drinking despots with diamond rings the size of car tires and asses to match, plot against me with an anger only estrogen can produce. They chant throughout my district’s neighborhoods that Rich Hoffman is their mortal enemy because I hate education and I am trying to rob from them the life they intend for their children. Yet they have no idea that they are just prostitutes to their husbands who do everything they can to be away from them aside from the occasional sex. Their husband’s roll them over at night and insert their manhood into these women of the bedroom and hundred-dollar bills find their way into their purses. The women don’t know what the man does to earn the money, nor do they care. They are busy saving the world one child at a time with howls of safety and more regulations as they rush to the polling places at election time to vote for Obama because he has a nice smile. Those women would do well to read that PDF file, but they won’t, because their minds are filled with shopping and have no room for a serious topic.

And my friend Doc Thompson lost his job at Clear Channel. The real story will be buried forever and the strings that pulled him off his job during his honeymoon are no doubt similar to those who removed Judge Napolitano from Fox Business, or even Glenn Beck from Fox News Channel. It’s not the ratings, it’s the controversy. It’s the rattling of the cage. The howls come from the same women as I mentioned above who plead with perfume still odorous from the previous day because it was stuck between the folds of their skin during showers who tell their executive husbands that the enemies of education, of labor unions, or smiling children are these men and they must be extinguished–cast out of society, which these queens control.

I’ve seen the same attempt in the print media, not by the male executives and their stay-at-home wives, but by the career climbing professional, the women who desire to prove they are every bit as strong as a man, so they too listen to these howling hoards of neurotic women and their estrogen based diatribes. “Shame on that mean Rich Hoffman. We will do more sports stories, and let’s cover the superintendent more—oh how about the new school board member. Let’s help bring the community together.” So the decision is made to put emotion in front of logic to paint a picture that supports the fantasy of the guilt ridden mothers. I speak of these things on the microcosm of my community because they are but elements of a whole that make up the macrocosm.

No, it’s not all women. There are plenty of men who have participated in pushing out entertainment personalities like Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck and Doc Thompson. Those are the men who fear competition because their ideas are small and their brains cannot, or will not be able to keep up. They are too lazy to compete head to head with someone like Judge Napolitano, so they work to get rid of him. I’m sure Stossel is next. Those terrible libertarians are upsetting the Oprah audience, those same damn women and their brigade of latte drinkers. They don’t want a world built by the Constitution, they don’t want independence, and they want big government to take care of them like their husbands do. Or their bosses at work. Because the essence of these people is laziness, and they don’t want to exert the effort to act or make decisions, so they surrender to the parasites of control and advocate on their behalf. That’s why Soros has a contingent of willing participants to follow him on a tyrannical quest to rule the world with his billions of dollars spent to shape the culture of earth into his own image. Because it’s easy to just go with the flow that someone like Soros creates for the lazy, the timid and the mentally deficient.

Do I sound bitter? It’s an old story and I’ve seen it play out perhaps one time too many. I’ve seen it compressed more into the last 5 days then I care to, but that’s life. I’ve found myself in exactly the same position as Judge Napolitano too many times, where it is possible to do TOO good, that the apple cart gets upset and the enemies against quality come out in full force to inflict their fury. It’s because of those types that I write here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom to such an extent. It’s also why I’ve turned down entertainment venues, and other lucrative projects that have come my way in the last 5 years, because I don’t want to put myself in a position to have something taken away by looters. Like Glenn Beck, I have learned that I can do more good on my own than if I have a boss controlling my content–what I can say and when I can say it. And if I do too good, that I might become a threat to the powers that be, I might find myself fired to protect those threatened because they lack the fortitude to compete squarely on the battlefield of ideas.

The evils of the world are not all done by the mad mothers, the Opera watchers, the do-gooder, the church busy body who disguises their treachery with mountains of good tidings. It’s also done by the men of logic who turn away from reason to pursue peace in the household of vaginas who demand to be fed cosmetics and a beefed up ego so they can function day by day. The corrosion of the world is not all done by the mugger in a New York alley, the rapist, the drug addict or the child molester. It’s also done by those who see those characters coming and turn away from stopping them with broadcasts of peaceful perpetuity as displayed in the Michigan Education Association manual. As admitted in that union manual the intent is not honesty, it is not social valor. It is not spiritual sanctity. The intent is malice! The intent is manipulation! The intent is thievery! And we live in a time when millions have been taught that such things are (GOOD)!

Those millions will attack the few among us with the courage to see the activity for what it is, like Judge Napolitano, and Alex Jones, and Glenn Beck and many others. The millions believe that in silencing those voices they can continue to rob blind all of society by using those neurotic chatter boxes of estrogen as their weapons and the insolence of the men with muscle but no gray matter into drunken inaction. The belief from the vile bowels of social consciousness is that if the voices are silenced then the looting can continue infinitely.

Well no it can’t—I’ve personally fought it all my life. Before the invention of the internet I fought it in the darkness of night with bullets and bullwhips, court rooms, and police reports. For those who complain that forums like the old Fox News, or web sites like this one are doing damage to public education, to the network of looters that are out there and seek to put an end to the voices of warning that come from Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Info Wars, GBTV or Napolitano’s Freedom Watch, I don’t think you want the result from not having that voice.

My world before this voice was one that the bad guys will not like if I and these others return to that place. Violence is assured. Because there are people like Judge Napolitano who will not be turned to the evil of “not seeing” the treachery in the world around them. The answer for the good is to remove those who wish to commit evil among us so they are no longer a threat. The best and most obvious method of doing that is through education. But if the means of education are eradicated, then the thieving fools have left violence as the only choice.

I have seen this pretentious tendency first hand for many years so I know the aspects which add up to the sum. I’ve been in the boardrooms, the political offices, the brain-storming sessions and I know the heart of the enemy, and I won’t tolerate them with or without a voice. By removing the voices of reason, the world will not go back to the sleepy carcass that it was. In every human being is the desire to be free, and when tyrants impose themselves upon that desire, war will always break out. It is not for the tyrants like the billionaire Soros to decide the course of the human race and to eradicate all dissidents to his plan. It’s not his right to turn the arm of News Corp with legal proceedings so to put an end to shows like Freedom Watch and the Glenn Beck Program because the hungry public is buying up their books with a voracity which terrifies the looters of the world. Those tyrants are just one more in a long line of fools throughout history who suffered mentally from the ability to reason with the world around them, and comprehend the nature of freedom. And silencing the voices who call for freedom will not eliminate the desire. It only continues to rob young men of their wits and young women of their honor as they grow up in a confusing world designed by the tyrant types who desire to make the globe into their own fragmented images.

Losing Freedom Watch from the Fox Business Channel does not give me pause to despair. It just confirms in me that there won’t be a peaceful end to this reign of terror, this “rule by the stupid,” which is currently the case. Instead it infected me with the desire to run my flag out onto my front porch and look west in contemplation, to clean my guns, to oil my whips, to sharpen my knives and prepare them for a day that is coming, a day the media rulers of our day wish to postpone beyond their pensions–beyond their condo leases, to a day on the far horizon. A day they hope to push beyond their lifetimes by cancelling shows like Freedom Watch.

But that day is closer than they think, and as a western wind blew in my face I had to consider how pointless it is that such tyrants will plunge our nation into war with each other before they allow ideas to fight it out in honor for all to see, and for the winners to shape society. Instead, they have elected censorship of the worst kind, the cancellation of a popular show and the forfeit of financial profits in order to appease the foolish and latte drinkers surrounding public education.

Rich Hoffman


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Why FACEBOOK is Evil: A dad shoots his daughter’s laptop

I’ll have to say that I agree with this father who saw the nasty comments his daughter put on Facebook about him and his wife. Should the father have unloaded a clip from his .45 into the laptop of his daughter for what she said about his family on Facebook? Absolutely!!!!!!!

I still get many questions as to why I do not have a Facebook account. The answer is that I think Facebook is evil, and I don’t care to participate in it. I do put a Facebook “like” button at the bottom of my posts and I see every day that hundreds of my hits come from Facebook where my readers put links to my articles on the Facebook walls to share with their friends. I recognize the upsides to having Facebook, it keeps you in easy touch with family and friends, and provides a timely status as to the activity of a person. As a matter a fact, a co-worker of mine just yesterday was trying to get a flight out of Dallas but it was delayed, so based on his Facebook page he was able to announce to everyone concerned that his flight would be later than anticipated.

But—Facebook does too much, knows too much, and tricks the user into revealing too much about themselves. About ten years ago I read a book by Jim Marrs called Rule by Secrecy. It’s a conspiracy theory book that talked about the Bilderburgers, the Rothschild’s and the One World Order type of stuff as might be expected. It also spoke about the methods the CIA and FBI were employing to attempt to put chips under everyone’s skin so they could track them easily. When I finished that book I wrote in the front, “THIS IS A VERY DANGEROUS BOOK.” I meant dangerous because knowing such things can warp your view of the world and can take the mind down a rocky slope of disillusion. However, at the time of reading that book people were openly angry about the cameras that police were having put up at traffic lights calling them “big brother” and the idea of tracking people anywhere they went was still science fiction. So the CIA and many other organizations found a more subtle way to impose their will on the American and world population so to make their job much easier, they found a way to trick us into giving them all the information they’d have to spend months, perhaps years gathering and allowing our own need for voyeurism to drive a complete end to our freedoms. They put their money behind Mark Zuckerberg and allowed the program of Facebook to do all the work for them. Apparently the CIA is so in love with Zuckerberg that the Facebook founder has earned the ominous nickname from the intelligence community—the Overlord.

Now, it must be disclosed that the segment you just watched is from The Onion which is a social satire show on the Independent Film Channel, which I am a fan of. So the facts shown in that episode are rooted in reality but are not literal. For instance, I don’t think Zuckerberg is an official CIA agent. But, the billions of dollars that came his way came from somewhere and as anyone who works with money knows, “he who has the gold rules.” Zuckerberg didn’t have any money, but he had the ability to make something like Facebook which a whole army of government workers couldn’t fathom, so they took our tax money in indirect ways and gave it to Zuckerberg to purchase his alliance.

Yes—I’m aware that the CIA is reading this. The FBI is too. Go drink another coffee boys, and see if there’s another doughnut in the break room, because I could care less. I know a few agents and my assessment of them are that they are government workers, just like cops, and teachers, and I have made it pretty clear what I think of them. They have a high opinion of themselves that is not based in reality, but on the strength of their pay checks, which to me is just looted money. I don’t value their service and they don’t keep me safe. I’m perfectly capable of doing that for myself. Because of my beliefs my family has been followed, bugged, and harassed for years. It was really bad in the late 90’s up until around 2005. My wife was followed all over town by strange men in white vans. When she’d go to the grocery they’d get out and follow her around the store.

None of this ever got violent. It was just harassment. It started when we took our kids out of the Mason School System to home school them because we disagreed with the 4th grade curriculum of teaching children to put on a condom. We felt that sex education was our job, and our kids were not interested in sex in the 4th grade, so we elected not to participate. The school retaliated by trying to separate my wife from the kids during school events which my wife frequently volunteered for, so we pulled the kids out of school and taught them ourselves. It was one of the best decisions we ever made as parents.

But the social ramifications where ominous, our families turned against us in a radical way, some of that family worked for school systems as superintendents and teachers. The police began to harass our street. Neighborhood kids began to harass my children as they rode their bicycles around the neighborhood. I responded by video recording everything that happened and the police responded by recording everything we did. After a few years of this it became evident that we were recorded everywhere we went about everything we did.

The constant pressure was unsettling to my wife who treasures her freedom and privacy. We’d have conversations knowing that there were listening devices picking up on everything we said and it took her a long time to realize that the idiots on the other end of the line were just mustache men with fat bellies and inflated egos propped up with tax dollars. They were to my mind peons to my overman concept. As I explained to my wife about 10,000 times, “who cares if a fly on the wall sees or hears what we do. Who cares if they can hear us having sex? We don’t mind the dog at the end of our bed as we kick him off, why should we care about some FBI agent, or other law enforcement personnel? What is there to know about us that we don’t want them to?”

So I am aware that these days virtually nothing is private. The scanners at the airport can see through your cloths. Drones can fly outside your bedroom window. And recording devices can pick up everything you say from many yards away. This information is obtained by the cowards of the government who have turned our hard-earned money against us by stealing it from us through legalized theft and propping up citizens like Zuckerberg in the name of safety. I am not troubled that Google watches every email I send and receive. I view such things as information given in a public place. And if people want to see what I put on YouTube have at it. That’s why I posted it. Or this blog site, I put it up to share with people so they might learn something. If it was private, I’d keep it in my head where it’s safe. But Facebook crosses the line for me. It has evolved into a form of behavioral control that I reject completely. It crawls too far into people’s lives and does everything that Jim Marrs warned about in Rule by Secrecy by making people want to behave like herds of sheep, which goes against everything I personally stand for.

Because of Facebook, my extended family often knows things about other family member’s way before my wife and I do. Facebook allows for that voyeuristic tendency, that secret passion to look at what your neighbor is doing from the comfort of your own home. But it’s a trick; your behavior is being plotted and analyzed carefully. Your contacts and the entire network of your contacts are scrutinized by pot-bellied piggies on the other of a monitor. Everyone is watching each other looking for leadership. The herds of Facebook users are being watched by the herds of the government workers in the CIA and none of them have the guts to step away and be independent.

What I mean by independence is doing things in your life without looking to see what your neighbor is doing, as if reassurance is needed. It is that human need for acceptance, which causes us to look at another human being and see if they have done it first before we dare try that is the downfall of our civilization and Facebook perpetuates it by encouraging it.

This is why those who fear to stand on their own two feet and be comfortable in their own lives can be controlled by some master—an overlord if you will. In my family, it took me almost 10 years to get my wife used to the idea that she could and was watched everywhere we went. It was a trip to Cancun where all our cloths were all over the beach and a Mexican security guard patrolling the area was trying to get a peak of the action. My wife saw the behavior of voyeurism that was inherit in all human beings as we dealt with the guard. I treated the guard like he was as useless as a dog at the end of our bed. His eyes and opinion mattered about as much to me as a fly on the wall or the dog at the end of our bed. And what he said to the other dogs at the guard-house mattered as much. It didn’t matter that he had an AK-47 in his hands. Having a gun is one thing, having the courage to use it, or the knowledge, is another. After that, the unnerving sensation that we were constantly being watched and analyzed by weak-minded, fearful human beings had less impact. We had shifted gears as a couple and learned to live our lives from that perspective.

It still doesn’t make this entire tendency toward voyeurism right. It just means that my expectations for the human race must be broke down into another category. And Facebook is a good gage of that. Those who use it to spy on their friends and neighbors, or even those in law enforcement are of the “sheeple” mind-set, which is they are comfortable in the herds of human existence and can easily be steered about by the overlords like Zuckerberg and the CIA.

But these are the same idiots who couldn’t find Osama bin Ladin even though he was right in front of their faces and had a porno addiction. So much for the effectiveness of the CIA, they have been dumbed down like the rest of society to watching for the status of people on Facebook to know what is happening. I know firsthand what it feels like to be watched by these people, even targeted. And it’s no different from the spider that spins a web in the corner of your bedroom. Its eyes and ears mean nothing because it is small and harmless. I’m certainly not going to kill it for being there. I might scoop it up and take it outside if I feel like taking the time to do so, but I’m not going to avoid undressing in my bedroom because the spider can see. But I’m also not going to invite spiders into my house so that they can make a mess with a network of webs all over my bedroom, and that is what Facebook is. It’s a web of voyeuristic spiders that just clutter up your life. And since I don’t wish to be tangled in their webs, or constantly brushing them away from my skin, I keep Facebook out of my life as much as possible.

The necessity for the human being to rise past the need for social reassurance is why I look to the overman as the intended goal of our species. If being human is defined by the weakness for public acceptance than moving beyond those needs would be the definition of an overman. An overman does not worry about the overlords. They do not have power over the overman’s life. The overman does not care about the happenings of those pathetic creatures. The overmen do not care if millions of eyes are upon them everywhere they go, for it is no different in the forest where thousands of insects and the cells on the leaves of trees are aware of a human in their midst’s and they observe carefully for the sanctity of their own survival. The eyes of the CIA, the FBI, of Zuckerberg and all the rest are just that to me, the eyes of insects whose lives rise and fall by the nature of their existence. Their feeble minds are bound to imprisonment for all eternity because they are stuck in a world built by acceptance and believe that by controlling the behavior of the masses that they can ensure the survival of all. But it’s just another web built by just another spider which can be swept away in an instant at the will of the overman, and there’s nothing the spider can do about it.

And as to how Facebook is evil let me refer to the definition of evil by one of my favorite philosophers Ayn Rand from the great book Objectivism: The Philosophy of Ayn Rand. “Evil is not consistent and does not want to be consistent. What it wants is to inject itself into the life-sustaining process sometimes—short-range, out-of-context, at whim. To achieve this end, it needs only a single concession by the good: a concession of the principle involved, a concession that evil is proper “sometimes.” Such a compromise is evil’s character of liberty. Thereafter the irrational is free to set the terms and spread by further whim, until the good—and man—is destroyed.” That is what Facebook is all about. That is why it’s evil.

Click here to see the TAIL OF THE DRAGON press release for an update on my most recent project:

Rich Hoffman

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The Levy Freaks Have Built a Damn: Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom readers are the Taliban?

I personally believe you are all as radical as the Taliban and as anti-American. I would never consider living in, near or allowing my children attend Lakota because of these types of elements on this site. You are all very ignorant and hopefully you are teaching your offspring Chinese since they will be bearing the slaves for the Chinese people in the future.

Anne Hoffman

With that note, the woman listed there, not related to me, lashed out at all who read my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom articles. It took me a moment to figure out where I had heard her name before. Then at our last No Lakota Levy meeting, one of our guys reminded me who the woman was, she used to work at the Pulse Journal and was moved to the Carolina’s recently. It’s obvious that Anne is still following closely the events happening in the Lakota School system by reading this website, and she doesn’t like what she is sees.

Her comments are specifically startling in that she was a former employee of the Pulse Journal and it shows a definite pro levy bias and confirms what many fear, that there are elements in the media who are bought and paid for by the organized labor elements involved in these tax increases. I can report with honesty that all reporters for the Pulse Journal are not levy sympathizers, but are honest reporters who cut the news down the line and are not the types who lean in favor of organized labor and the emotion of school funding.

It is difficult for the sensitive reporter to put on blinders to the common extortion tactic used in public education and see the situation for what it is. We have been seeing this with the recent levy attempt at Forest Hills in Anderson Township. They are putting up a levy and held a pep rally over the weekend to use school spirit and community pride to sell the true extortion and lack of management utilized in public education to the public. The tactics used now for their March election are the same used everywhere in the state of Ohio, and it is a sickening enterprise to see how manipulative they are.

Reporters must use logic to see beyond these veils of emotion, and it is very difficult to do. And people like Anne Hoffman are guilty of being seduced by the evil of extortion. That is their sin against their communities.

As I write this I have no doubt that the labor movement of southern Ohio is clapping as Doc Thompson will no longer be on 700 WLW and is returning back to his show in Richmond, Virginia. Doc and I did many hours of radio coverage exposing how this game is played and southern Ohio is waking up from the nightmare of extortion that public education has employed for two decades now in part because of those broadcasts. So without question the traditional education advocates are happy that Doc Thompson is leaving. I also know that there are many of those same types who are happy that Steve Mathews of the Pulse Journal has been moved from covering Lakota to covering Middletown, in a maneuver that has separated the two of us from a productive working relationship.

In all the interviews I had with Doc Thompson or Steven Mathews, we never mislead anyone. In fact, we excelled in telling the truth. It is the truth that these public education advocates fear, and it is in their hope of hiding the truth that they applaud the move of Mathews to a different market, and Doc Thompson to a different city.

So why does Anne Hoffman want to call me and the readers here names by saying we are equal to the Taliban, known extremist terrorists? Do the words written here dictate such an accusation? Because it is those like Anne, and others who naively advocate tax increases who fear the truth from not just becoming public knowledge, but from becoming known to their own minds. Levy advocates do not want to know the truth. They don’t want to hear it on the radio, they don’t want to read it in the paper, and they don’t want it to be seen here.

I have first hand knowledge that there were many letters and phone calls made by levy radicals to remove the voices in the Pulse Journal from interviewing me so often. I know that 700 WLW has also been pummeled with requests to boycott the station and silence the voices who are making people everywhere hear the truth behind this extortion game that goes on using our children as tools to pass school levies. And with all the protests, there have been small successes along the way. The levy freaks have managed to convince some members of management in various news organizations to put on the blinders and not cover the truth, and if the reporters don’t tow the company line, those reporters find themselves reassigned to the applause of the establishment.

Well, I am sorry to inform those clapping despots; your successes are short-lived. You don’t like this website and consider me and my readers to be terrorists because we wish to undo your empire, and we will have it. Doc may be in a different city, but I have all those recordings available here for all interested to listen to again and again. The facts have been already displayed and they are preserved here for posterity. And if something tragic were to become of this website, the plans are already in place that if this information should be taken away as a free service to the public that my backup systems will offer them again and again in cyberspace for all eternity. And if that fails we will offer the research here in hard cover form as a book, or a series of books. But one way or the other, the information will be provided to the public.

It must also be remembered that before Doc Thompson and I illuminated all of Cincinnati with the truth involved in public education, it was Scott Sloan who first put me on the radio to advocate that truth. And Darryl Parks and I have also had many conversations on the radio, and still do, so you might want to hold your clapping, because this whole thing is far from over. In fact, I’d say the momentum is irreversibly moving in a direction not to the liking of the levy freaks.

Those in the media like Anne Hoffman can wish all they want that they can hush the voices of people like me in an effort to preserve their extortion. But it’s too late. The education has already happened, and it’s available for all to see. The message is already out and cannot be reversed. The attempts by the levy apologists are akin to a single person trying to stick their fingers in a cracking damn, as they stick their fingers in every hole from which water pours out. Yet the cracks are visibly climbing up and around the damn and more and more sprouts of water are seeping through, and there aren’t enough fingers to plug all the holes.

The water in this case is made up of the truth, and the truth will seep through every crack, every void and probe every weakness looking for a way to free itself. And for those members of the media who have made themselves the damn which holds back all this truth, you cannot escape the fate that is evident. The damn is breaking, and all who are in the way of the truth that rushes forth will find themselves crushed by the force of all that pent-up mass. When that happens it won’t be Rich Hoffman, the readers of Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, Steven Mathews, or Doc Thompson that will be to blame. It will be those who built the damn in the first place and maintained it with constant upkeep on the backs of children. All a person like me has to do is crack that damn, which has already been done. The rest will happen on it’s own by the force of nature and is at the point of no return which gives me great joy in the midst’s of a heavy heart.

As that damn comes down, I have to smile at comments like Anne Hoffman’s. A terrorist? I suppose that is relative to a point of view, and to those who have used terror to scare tax payers into higher taxes, anything that robs the levy freaks of this method would be considered bad—or evil—-to them. So I take comments like the opening note as evidence that I’m on the right track, and will keep doing it until every last remnant of that damn is down.

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