Kepler — 22 is Discovered by NASA: The pivot point of human history

A marvelous discovery was made by NASA, a new earth like planet called Kepler -22 was discovered by the $600 million Kepler observatory and is the first hint of what is to come regarding space exploration.  It has long been suspected that there are many unknown planets in space that will be discovered by this new space oriented observatory.  To date it appears that there are 2,326 potential planets that have been discovered within the first 16 months of Kepler’s observations.  Darryl Parks of 700 WLW discusses this exciting planetary find in a very fun broadcast on his radio program where he makes the information of how this planet impacts the everyday person understandable for those who don’t normally pay attention to news of a cosmic significance. 

To see the original press conference from NASA you can watch it below.  NASA is a government organization that I believe is the only one that actually is a good investment of our tax dollars.   Where I complain and point out the many discrepancies of all other government programs and how they are inclined to always fail, NASA is the one really big bright spot that gives back to our society much more than we put into it.  For an article about just how much NASA has given us refer to the piece I wrote around the time of the last Space Shuttle mission:

The rest of government seems obsessed with socialism which permeates virtually every activity and causes government to fail as a workable organization in virtually every capacity.  The reason governments enjoy socialism is because it benefits their ideology of being members of a superior political class.  Capitalism does not benefit career politicians.  Socialism does and that’s why they have been using it to virtually rob the wealth and resources of every organization they touch. 

I have reported to you dear reader many exciting developments in the realm of science that are very beneficial to a much brighter tomorrow for all of us.  The reason I am so angry with public education and the socialism that it teaches, as well as how government also subscribes to that failed political philosophy is because socialism is very corrosive to innovation, which are the needed components to continue with the kind of discovery that delivered us to this age of exploration and made Kepler observatory a reality in the first place.  To my mind socialism on a global scale is holding back Skycar travel which I have spoken in great detail about.  It is preventing regenerative medicine because socialism has made deals with the current pharmaceutical companies to maintain the current profit structure.  I have reported wonders in horticulture only to have socialism prevent food supply in agriculture.   I have spoken about the future of space travel and how deregulation at the level of NASA will create an explosion of off-world industry.  I have spoken at great length of the education options in innovation but the socialism of the teachers unions prevent innovation from being discussed.  I have spoken about how the archeology of our age is completely wrong and new discoveries are begging for attention, but the socialism of the university system prevents new information from being accepted into the fossil record.  I have demonstrated completely unexplored islands in the Pacific Ocean that hold keys to human civilization’s past, that are not even officially explored scientifically, I have brought to light the fossil record of just my home state of Ohio and how a species of giant human has been unearthed, yet the socialism of the universities and museums are not sure how to report the new findings since they don’t fit into established theories.  You can read some of these articles below for review.  (YES, I WROTE THEM ALL)











Even though many who read here know this site as an anti-tax site, as an education reform site, as a whistle-blower site, my anger at all those government entities which are the targets of my complaints are because they stand in the way of scientific understanding and invention.  I see them as standing in the way of where mankind is, and where it needs to go and I am at war with their ignorance.  Even if I am the only member of that war on my side I will gladly take on every ignorant socialists there is because they are in my way to arriving at the human evolution that is our destiny. 

The discovery of Keplar – 22 is a big deal.  To put it in perspective, Keplar – 22 demonstrates that there are other earth-like planets out there, and the human race can continue on when earth ends, which it will eventually.  There is no question in my mind that much of the strange archeology our society has discovered, has it’s roots in a civilization much like ours who around 100,000 years ago saw earth from one of these sister planets that we share in this small arm of the Milky Way that is 600 to 1000 light years across and decided to attempt to explore our planet.  To understand how big everything really is and to begin to wrap your mind around inter-dimensional travel, watch this video:

Those other planets sent beings to check out earth, to land and interact with our culture at that time just like we are planning at this very moment to visit Kepler – 22.  If we could, we would.  There is no doubt in my mind that these other planets who are probably 2000 to 10,000 years more advanced than we are now have figured out how to travel to deep space and were able to visit us.  They explored us for their own benefit and returned back to their home planet to report what they saw here.  But while they were here, just like we will when learn to travel in the same fashion, they have a natural effect on the cultures they study just by being there. 

If you want to understand how space travel will evolve you can learn a lot by this documentary.  The last quarter of that documentary talks specifically about interstellar travel, the kind of travel that we will have to uncover before we can ever entertain traveling to places like Kepler – 22.  And it is possible, and we will figure it out, as sure as you are reading this.  In the documentary they introduce tachyons which are a hypothetical subatomic particle that always moves faster than light. In the language of special relativity, a tachyon would be a particle with space-like four-momentum and imaginary proper time. A tachyon would be constrained to the space-like portion of the energy-momentum graph. Therefore, it cannot slow down to subluminal speeds.
You can read more about tachyon’s here:

There is no question in my mind that civilization in our own past used anti-gravity devices to build massive structures all over the earth.  Somewhere along the line of human evolution we lost this knowledge.  If we understood it once, we can relearn the skill and uncover it once again.  When this happens escape velocity off earth will no longer be a problem.  And once we can perform science in space and travel becomes cheaper there, exploration into tachyon technology will be within reach, and from there, we will be able to travel to Kepler – 22 and all the new planets that the Kepler observatory is about to discover. 

The reason that societies fail however is they generally collapse on themselves when they become too top-heavy with government power, and the thief of science is always some variation of socialism.  The fact that anti-gravity technology existed on earth at one time and has been lost to all future science, probably in the burning of the library in Alexandria which I spoke about during the recent riots in Egypt demonstrates how artifacts and ancient understanding can be erased forever by the vandals of war.  See that article here:

The decision of our day is are we going to look forward to even more scientific discoveries like we are experiencing in Kepler – 22 or are we going to worry about the pensions of public workers who simply expand government?  Are we going to continue to work all our lives for an opportunity to retire and finally become free once our bodies are broken beyond repair, or are we going to embrace regenerative medicine and live for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years?  Are we going to focus on global warming for a planet that is going to be gone in 5 billion years anyway, or are we going to start the process of leaving mother earth and finally move out on our own as a human race………..I mean isn’t it time? 

Socialism is that overprotective mother who never wants her children to leave home, and progressives are those spoiled children who still cleave to their mothers breasts for milk, even though they are fully grown adults.  If left to socialism, no child will ever leave their mother and they will die still cleaving to their mothers warm embrace, never to have lived, never to have explored, never to have loved, never to have sorrow, but they will be safe in their mothers embrace.  Those who act in such a way are socialists and they do not speak for people like me who want nothing to do with that mother.  I want with every essence of my being to jump into space; to capture the mysteries of the tachyon’s so I can travel to far away stars and see what adventure awaits us there.  And for those scared children called progressive socialists who cleave to mother earth and say, “but you will die soon…..why worry about such things?”  My response would be, “I don’t want to live forever, but why can’t I live for 500 to 1000 years.  Noah was 950 years old.  Moses was 120 years old, it is obvious that human beings knew something then that they have forgotten as empires rose and fell around the concept of socialism.” We are on the cusp of being able to repair our bodies indefinitely, so why wouldn’t we?  And why would we not reach for the stars instead of a pension check and a slow death in retirement in a Florida condo? 

All that really is holding us back is socialism and other collective oriented philosophies.  Subscribers of those political theories are short-sighted scared children who wish to keep the world at a constant that they are comfortable with.  And such people do not have the right, or obligation to hold me to their lack of vision.  There are many Kepler – 22’s out there and I want to see human kind explore them all, even if it takes 5000 years to do it.  Our society is on the cusp of that kind of breakthrough.  The pivot point from which we all rest in the other direction is the kind of social de-evolution that will erase all the breakthroughs we’ve experienced of late and drift back into the mentality of the dark ages, which is what progressive socialism intends, to the demise of us all. 

The assumption of our day is that human kind will always advance forward, but that is not the case.  The evidence of modern archeology shows that our distant relatives actually knew more than we currently do about a great many things, and it is the cultures of empires that erased those sciences under the rule of tyranny.  And as we have just discovered or rediscovered a new planet very similar to our own earth, that same tyranny of the past is upon us again and threatens to halt our progress into a slow regression of thought and innovation.  The decision is ours to make, and the merit of that decision will determine thousands of years of future human existence.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Terror of the One-Trick Pony: Thoughts from a frozen roadway

The stars were unusually clear as I left for work on my motorcycle during the predawn hours of November 18, 2011.  With the temperature in the mid twenties, all the moisture in the atmosphere was frozen into solids which had fallen back to earth leaving a clear view of the sky above.  And with such clarity comes thinking of equal visibility.  The movie The Immortals came out last weekend.  That film had a production budget of roughly $75 million and as of November 16th, was just shy of grossing $40 million.  So the film is on its way to at least being considered profitable.  It won’t be a run-a-way success, but it will pay the bills of everyone involved and then some, which is good.  The reason The Immortals was on my mind during this crisp morning ride was because I had a hand in that film.  To see how, watch the fire whip section of the preview below. 

People close to the situation wondered if I was upset that the production team of The Immortals used film clips of my work on the Peter Facinelli short called The Delivery produced by Real D 3D in the footage shown at the link for the Daily Motion, instead of bringing me out to Hollywood to do the stand-in work.  Real D 3D was involved in both The Delivery and The Immortals.

(EVERYTHING YOU SEE IN THIS CLIP THAT INVOLVES A BULLWHIP IS ME, EXCEPT WHERE PETER IS JUST HOLDING THE FLAMING WHIP–and you may have to watch a 30 second commercial before the actual video plays.  Also, remember the whole purpose was to shoot the short with Real D 3D’s new camera system to show what it could do as a sample of 3D for studio investment)
Peter Facinelli’s The Delivery Movie Trailer by CullensNews

I also wrote about that experience at this link.

Facinelli was on my mind because this upcoming weekend the new Twilight film is coming out where Peter plays Dr. Carlisle in that series so the two films share a bit of history together.  It was Peter who brought me out to Hollywood for the Real D 3D project.  Should I be upset that Real D 3D used my clips from that footage shot on The Delivery to allow CGI artists to create the whip effects digitally in The Immortals instead of doing the footage in live action?  Well, the answer is consistent with the rest of my comments stated at this site and just because it pertains to me, or some special little talent that I may have, the rule still applies.  No, it does not bother me if technology can replace my physical work.  In fact, I am happy that my footage was able to be used as reference for the animators to pull off such a feat.   

The typical response, especially in Hollywood is to carefully guard their crafts, just as most union oriented occupations are concerned in other fields.  The joke on the set during the making of The Delivery was that Hoffman is the only one guaranteed to get work off that feature.  At that time, before the first Twilight film was released, it was speculated that even Peter may be overlooked when actual casting took place, because in Hollywood, that’s the way it goes.  But the thought was that I was the only guy on the set who could do the whip stunts, and in the country there are only a handful of people to choose from, so I was certain to make a pretty penny off that film when it came out of development and went into production. 

But as I told the 6’8” former offensive tackle Mat Willig who was also on the set, “No, even the work I’m doing on this film can be replaced.  They’re getting great reference shots off what I’m doing here.” 

The first thing most people ask about such projects are, “How much does it pay?”  While doing work and getting paid is important, many of the best people I have known in life do not do things for money.  Money simply comes as a byproduct of being productive.  I seldom ever consider money, and I have often done work completely for free because it gives some little passion of mine an outlet.  So when people on that set and in other aspects of the entertainment business encouraged me to keep my talents close to the vest, or to fight the production companies in using CGI animators for live action whip work, such a thought is completely foreign to me and I do not participate.  If a production company wishes to not fly me out to a film shoot, pay my fee, my hotel, my travel expenses and all other associated costs, which is the normal expense for such a thing, and would rather hire an animator to sit at a computer and view my material from stock footage and interpret that to a CGI shot, then I’m happy to have provided the footage.  Because if a cost savings is achieved, then maybe more production companies will use more whip work in films, and that might encourage more of the public to take up whip arts as a sport, which is my ultimate desire anyway.  My goal is not to buy a new car, or take a trip to some foreign country with the money made on such a project.  It is to share the art with people who don’t know about it.

“But what if they put you out of business?  What if film companies never need a live stuntman to work a bullwhip in front of a camera ever again?”  Well, so what.  I’ll invent a new talent to use.  I’ll evolve into something else as I’ve done many times over my lifetime. 

I’ve heard the same type of comments about this site, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom.  “You should charge money.  Who’s paying you to do all this?”  Well, people who ask such questions have missed the point. I do not write hundreds of thousands of words at this site to make money.  I do it to help educate my friends, neighbors and enemies.  My hope is that by sharing my knowledge and life experience that people MIGHT COPY IT.  In fact, I hope they do!  I have noticed that people who think like I do tend to charge money for their services, so the cost might be a prohibitive factor in obtaining the knowledge.  If my goal is to make society just a little bit smarter, just like with the whip arts it might be to create awareness to the art itself, I am willing to give away my talent so that others might be inspired to grab on and develop their own versions. 

Most of the activities I’ve spent my personal time on lately have been like this.  Companies do hire me to help them cut costs or find a savings.  When a publisher puts out a book I’ve written, like the one that will come out next summer, I will promote it because the book is not just a Rich Hoffman work, it’s the product of a company staffed by the publisher and editors, promotional departments, production divisions, book stores and the rest of the literary industry that are counting on my work to fuel their endeavors.  So I will have to focus on money during those times and I will fight to make money for them because money is needed to make the whole industry go forward.  But when it’s just me, I do not factor in money when I do something.  I do things because I feel a passion for those activities. 

I do not understand the union worker who holds back on their production output in order to drive up their wages.  I do not understand teachers who make too much and do too little.  I do not understand labor strikes, of any kind.  I do not understand the concept of stealing content from someone else so that I may profit.  I do not understand the whole back-stabbing behavior that goes on in Hollywood where writers hold every idea close to their vest in fear that someone else might steal it.  My experience is that the thief will screw up the idea anyway, because the quality of the project is a direct result of the quality of the people working on the project, and if a bunch of thieves and losers pour $60 million into a film idea they stole from another writer, while drinking at a bar in the Americana shopping complex outside of Burbank, the movie will still suck if the people who make the film suck.  It’s a very simple formula

My anger at politicians who cut deals with unions over money, or unions who protest over a 2% to 5% yearly increase forever, and any organization who seeks to put the light of attention exclusively on themselves make me absolutely sick.  They behave in this fashion because they have allowed their lives to be one-trick ponies, and they fear being exposed for their lack of adaptability and skill. 

If it has been said that I have more talent than I know what to do with, the reason is that I have always adapted to the world around me and constantly learned new skills.  I have never dug my fingers into the side of a talent and attempted to force the world to stop at my feet and embrace my talents.  I have always learned and adjusted and pushed to become better.  I’ve invented, I’ve managed, I’ve politicized, I’ve written, I’ve explored, I’ve fought, I’ve entertained, I’ve loved and I’ve hated.  I had chances to be wealthy for the rest of my life several times, and turned it away to maintain my freedom on a daily basis.  So as the cold of the morning passed through my cloths and the stars shown above which I observed at the many stop lights on my commute I thought about the hundreds of thousands of light years that light traveled to reach me upon the frozen vista of West Chester—-I silently rooted for the film The Immortals to have a strong second weekend while it competes with the new Twilight film, which I also hope has a strong box office showing.  I hope this even though it may mean I never have the opportunity to perform with a fire whip in Hollywood again. 

My thoughts simply go to the next project, and the next one after that, because once the mind stops leaning forward, it stops all together.  Life isn’t about retirement accounts and medical plans.  It’s about living, loving and fighting for the next great idea, which never comes when comfort is the focus of the human mind. 

Why do you think I ride a motorcycle in the cold and rain where only the stars can see me?  It’s not for my health………………….it’s for the ideas! 

The way to avoid being a one-trick pony is to learn more tricks, and that doesn’t just happen on its own.  It takes work and commitment, which is something that socialism does not account for, and is why all who live by that “ISM” is doomed to a frail, sickly, pathetic, life limited by the comfort of their personal illusions.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Truth behind Anger: The lonely path of a patriot

“In the beginning of change, the Patriot is a scarce man, brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot.”
Mark Twain.

That quote comes from a friend of mine and it’s something I’ve been contemplating in some detail because it fits much of the wave of animosity that has been thrown in the direction of the Tea Party and accurately describes the elusive quality of true patriotism versus popular patriotism. Another friend of mine, Matt Clark is onto the same “elusive” threat that is perculating in our current social order. Matt addressed some of that elusive quality in a broadcast done shortly after an interview with me over Labor Day weekend.

After a recent school board meeting one of the board members, whom I have grown to enjoy speaking with, even if I don’t agree with everything they do, accurately answered for me when another person standing nearby asked me “So are you with the Tea Party? Are you a leader or something of that group?” The school board member looked at the woman and said, “I think Rich is doing his own thing. I don’t think he’s with any group. He speaks for No Lakota Levy, and at times he does for the Tea Party, but I think Rich is on his own crusade, his own personal war.”

I looked at the school board member and wondered if it was a derogatory “shot” at me, or just a general comment, and I determined that there was sincerity in the statement so it was the later assessment. So I added, “Not everyone wishes to go as far down the rabbit-hole as I am.” I then addressed the original speaker. “I believe that for an idea to be authentic, then you must remove the politics, the ‘group oriented’ portions of the argument before the truth can be seen, and once seen, that truth can then be brought to the larger organization. Those who chose to stay within the safety of the confines of a group will not explore the parts of a problem which reside outside the group. Regarding many of the problems of our day, the source of the trouble resides outside the many social groups, so to fix them one must leave the group.” I received the usual empty nod feigning understanding, which I let go because I’m used to that. The conversation was a polite one, and it simply isn’t possible to educate people in one sitting. They have to want to understand and many people just don’t want to.

When people ask me about my daughters the first question is, “What sports did they play when they were in school? Are they in any sororities now?” Often in those moments I have to deal with the conversation in the same way I did with the board member and their friend, knowing that many of the things I may say will come as a shock to them, so I generally find that I must explain it like I’m teaching someone a concept they are just now learning. “No, I encouraged my kids to stay out of organized sports.” “No, I would consider their membership into a sorority as a slap in the face to everything I ever taught them.”

“WHAT!” “WHY!” “OH MY, That’s so anti-social!” They don’t say those things of course, but you can see the words scrolling across their eyes.

My wife and I were going to dinner the other night at one of our favorite restaurants, we were on our motorcycle and we pulled up behind a mini-van stopped at a traffic light which had three stickers on the back window. The first sticker said, “FOP member,” the second “WCBO West Chester Baseball Organization,” and third was a “Masonry” sticker.

“Boy that guy is really, ‘connected’” I told my wife. “Look how proud he is of it.”

And here is the fundamental difference between me and that guy. He would look at a guy like me and say, “That guy is an anti-social, isolationist. He’s a stone thrower.” And I look at a guy like that and say, there is a coward, a person who is hiding from his personal demons by participating in group oriented behavior. Groups are to the adult what bedding covers are to a small child. The child believes that the covers will provide protection from the monsters which reside in a bedroom closet. And the adult believes that memberships will provide security to the harsh realities of daily living.

In the “patriotic movement” of the last couple of years, suddenly being a patriot has become fashionable, like wearing a popular name brand item of clothing that will come in and out of fashion. The same people, who scamper to the store to buy the latest brand of Under Armor, or Nike tennis shoe, are now joining the Tea Party because it’s become fashionable to do so. And that makes me happy to suddenly have all these new people who are interested in the things that I have always been interested in. However, I keep my distance, because I know that many of those people are only committed to the cause so long as it’s comfortable.

The reason that progressives are attacking the Tea Party the way they are is to let those people know that if they do not toe-the-line, then they will be cut-off from the established society. As I watched the Presidents speech on Thursday September 8, 2011 I was keener on observing John Boehner during the speech then the president himself. Boehner is wavering in his position. He only understands politics as usual, and the political community is threatening to cut him off if he follows the Tea Party, and Boehner likes to have a sense of “belonging.” So the threat is very real to him. His face told the whole story, and I can see that he is willing to “buckle.” The President and the rest of the progressives are about to win him over.  (Check out Boehner in this clip.  Does that look like someone who is willing to fight on our behalf.)

This is the essence behind “country club” memberships, political parties, sport organizations, motorcycle clubs, fraternities; all those groups exist for networking, as a hedge against the troubles of living. And in politics, even if it’s on the other party side, it is essentially a culture that provides safety to the individual, in group behavior.

Most of the Tea Party people I know are just nice people who are learning about their nation’s history. Once they learn that history, they will tend to vote differently. But I don’t see many people among them who are truly willing to “fight” the system itself, because they want the security of the “system,” flaws and all.”

In my life, I let very few people close to me. I have a lot of “friends” people whom I like and they like me. But I let very few people close to me except those who wish to exist without the security blanket of “belonging” to others in the form of a group. As I’ve taught my kids, “don’t be a follower, be a leader. Make your own path through the forest where no path exists. If you take the paved roads of life you will have an easier time, but you will not learn anything unique. You will see nothing that everyone else who has taken that same road has seen already, so your life may be mildly enjoyable, safe, but you will always have a feeling of yearning for the mysteries that reside far away from the paved roads of life. It is better to get ‘cut-up’ by thorn bushes and branches as we carve our own path in life. There will be dangerous animals and snakes that hide in the tall grass that are scary, there will be thousands and thousands of dangers that reside away from the safe paths in life, but the treasures of life are always where people do not go, for the act of discovery is in this constant push into the unknown. So if you want to play sports, play it. But avoid the mentality of the group who stays on those “paved roads” of life. Because they will not discover anything unique and they will be controlled throughout their lives by the orientation of the road. That means that the architects of their lives are those who built the road in the first place, which means that their lives are not authentic to their own experience.”

And that comes back to Twain. He knew as many intelligent people have discovered over time that the visionary, the patriot, the scientist who brings forth a new idea, that are ridiculed by the groups who wish to protect themselves, just a child pulls up a blanket to hide their faces from the monsters in a closet, that new “dynamic” ideas are a threat to the foundations of any group, even a simple sports organization. Because groups are built upon static patterns and the “leaders” in every group wish to remain “leaders.” So they will always attack a “dynamic” in order to preserve the “static.”

All advancement of the human race come from “the dynamic” so I see very little use from participating in the “static” except to be “friendly” with my fellow community members, because the way I see it both sides of the philosophical position need each other. But the true patriot will find the road a lonely one, so looking to your neighbor for reassurance is wrong, because it will never come.

As the real patriot explores the world away from those “paved” roads and discovers all the treasures that are hidden from the rest of the world, the patriot will soon find upon returning to the safety of civilization that there will be no shortage of “patriots” who wish to suddenly be affiliated with the patriot, and they will seek to make “patriotism” a new group in which to belong. This is the success of Glenn Beck and the rise of the Tea Party. Beck found a philosophical treasure and shared it with people at 5 pm on The Fox News Network and people clamored to that new-found truth, which was always there, but it just wasn’t lying along side the path society was on. (By the way, good luck on GBTV. I hope you blow the networks out of the water, an actual broadcast from off the path, what a concept!)

What I could have told the school board member and their friend was that I’m on an eternal “treasure hunt” always looking for new ideas from which to bring back to the safety of society. But I personally have no interest in safety, or blankets to hide my eyes from worldly dangers. Instead, I along with my daughters and every member of my family who has listened to me walk to the point wherever it is most dangerous, because it is there that the worlds treasures hide from those on the paved roads built by social groups. So it’s not that the groups of humanity aren’t nice, or the people in them aren’t just. They just aren’t looking for the same thing in life that I am. On those paved roads, I get bored quick because there is nothing there worth seeing if my aim is uniqueness.

It is in all this explanation which reveals the genius of Mark Twain’s statement and provides a key to understanding why those other patriots out there, those who wish to be truly so, feel so alone and hated. It’s Ok, the hate tells you that you are doing the correct thing, for if everyone loves what you are doing, then you are on the wrong path. The louder and more violent the hate, the closer you are to a discovery of something that has always been hidden to the eyes of everyone else, that which is buried in plain sight but far away from the paths built by human groups to protect their fixed perceptions of existence.

The anger thrown in the direction of the patriot and innovator is of two sources. First it is the leader of a group who wishes to maintain the static patterns which empowers them, so they attack any threat to their power. That much is obvious. But the second is much deeper, and psychological, it is a genuine jealousy that the attackers lack the courage to forge their own path and seek to hide that fear from themselves, so they lash out at those with the courage to live on their own terms. The root of the anger is more about what they know about themselves, and less about you, the patriot. For in that role, the patriot is but a mirror of what the attacker wishes in the depths of their souls to be, which left unfulfilled become the monsters of nightmares, where not even the sheets of a bed can protect from as sleep ceases to be a safe-haven from the realities of living. Life on the safe path after all has its cost. It may save the physical body from harm, but the mind rots during the journey.

For the answer to everything as to why labor unions fail, check out this link:

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Thank a Feminist: What is Lingerie Football and why Playboy is involved?

Doc Thompson talks to Lisa Richards from Women Fighting Sexism on 700 WLW in what turned out to be a very revealing discussion that I think spills over into many other aspects of society. Ms. Richards represents a portion of the human population that has “other” problems and seeks to fix them through activism. It is evident by listening to her in this broadcast that she has a real dislike for men, who unfortunately for her make up half of the population.

My thoughts are that women like this are suffering, and I think they need help. I covered this syndrome in another article so repeating it here would be redundant. Have a look to review:

I personally think that feminism has been very destructive to women. I wrote an entire article on that topic as well which can be seen here:

Lisa Richards is not alone, and I frequently see the footprint of her type in the radical dialogues of organized labor, particularly teachers unions and that’s where the opinion of these lost souls becomes costly. It’s not against the law to have a flawed opinion, but when you follow the origin to destructive human behavior which costs money to fix, which we find in the education profession, it is people like Richards who brought about the unintended consequences from which many suffer.

For instance, let’s look at Lisa Richards’s militant hatred of men, and her desire to prove that women can be every bit superior to men. That is the platform of her position, and has been the foundation of the women’s movement for 100 years of progressive politics. What has it given women?

I’d say women have now become every bit as disgusting and sexually driven as men. They are just as aggressive and selfish too, so from that aspect, feminists have achieved their objective which can be seen in the new football league called Lingerie Football, which airs on the progressive television network MTV. (What this has to do with music is nothing. MTV is simply the ‘progressive’ channel, designed to prepare the minds of the young in all manners of progressive politics.)

In male football, the men are well-built, they show their assets anytime they can, and they behave the same way. Football is meant to be attractive to the opposite sex. With women, they are attracted to small waists with narrow butts of men, as I pointed out in my article on sign stimuli:

Women like large shoulders and narrow hips because in the role of sex, these are the parts of the mating ritual that will hold a woman down and allow the man to enter without difficulty. A man with large hips just doesn’t fit so well, and makes sex less desirable for the woman. So women like these things, the shoulder pads and uniform of men are designed to be appealing to women as much as ad protection in the game play. That’s one of the reasons the NFL is successful, it appeals to men’s aggression, and the sign stimuli of women, so men and women can share the game together.

The Lingerie Football League must do the same if it wishes to elevate women to the same level of game play and public approval as the men in the NFL. So the LFL has learned what the WNBA never learned, and that there must be some sexual attraction to the players for people to accept the sport, because sports are a primal activity rooted in sex. At a subconscious level, sports is a way of determining who wins, and that determines the best genes which indicates who is suitable to reproduce with, so without those elements, sports loses much of its appeal. For a sport to be successful, it must appeal to both men and women to have market value. So feminists have achieved equality, because men in the NFL market their game exactly the same way.

Women are hitting each other just as hard as men do, but yes they must wear less clothing because if they are to appeal to men’s sign stimuli, which they must to be successful, the women can’t cover up their sign stimuli. So the breasts must be exposed as well as the entry points for the penis in the woman’s pelvic region. For the women, the feminists the get the satisfaction of knowing they are just as fast, just as strong as men, that they can hit hard and be respected just as men are. But for men to stay interested the costume designers for the LFL knew what they were doing and applied scientific reason to the process.

That’s how the men do it. In fact if these women didn’t look like women, I think I might even forget that they are women, but just gladiator warriors in the arena of battle. That means they have achieved social equality. The LFL is smartly marketing itself with this in mind and in just two short years it is taking on the qualities of legitimacy from its origins as a publicity stunt.

The LFL game looks like football and the pace is the same. Without the big hits, the LFL would never get away with “equality.” Flag football attempted for years to achieve what the LFL has achieved, because women can’t respect themselves as equal unless they are willing to take or give a big hit, or even fight brutally, the way men do.

So to women like Lisa Richards, you have achieved your success, you have brought women down to the same level of men, instead of goddesses to be aspired to, you and the feminist movement have made them equal to men, and your march to exceeding that mark is well on its way.

You can hear the same feminist wrangling in the labor movement, and there can be no question that much of the perceived value, and cost along with the budget breaking pay increases that society has thrown at feminists for years to help them feel “equal” in society have not placated them. They just keep asking for more.

These are the results of the feminist equality as launched by progressive politics. Like many progressive policies, there are unintended consequences. I’m sure Lisa Richards and her kind despises the LFL Football games, but it is they who made the LFL possible. And the whole process of “man hating” which launched the feminist movement and has brought women down to the level of men, and actually wrecked budgets because financial decisions are made collectively toward women as a whole, and not as individual performers. I’ve seen these feminist types littered with abundance in the Pro School Levy advocates I’ve had to deal with in many political fights. They fully expect that because they are women, that logic should not apply to them. Most of them sound just as off their rockers as Lisa Richards did. It is their psychological problems at that point that they become social pariahs, because logical discussions are no longer within reach with these broken women.

People are often shocked when they learn that my wife and I have been married for over 20 years. While most of the time it wasn’t easy, much of the trouble we have had in our marriage was due to the fact that when we were married, we made a decision to reject progressive politics, and that meant everything related to feminism. My wife has never had to work, she raised our children and when I came home each day my dinner was waiting on me. We share our household obligations in the traditional sense completely, because it is my observation that feminism doesn’t work, and deep down inside, most women don’t want it to work either. Most of any trouble my wife and I have had in our marriage were a result of family members attempting to impose upon our marriage the progressivism of the age, which I rejected as destructive very early in my life, and I would not budge, and at times those expectations from family members was very overwhelming. They did not see as I did, what the whole movement added up to, and that’s creations like the LFL. So when I raised my two daughters, I taught them the same thing, don’t listen to progressive politics even if it comes out of the mouths of treasured family members. Just look at them as sick, or senile concoctions of regressing social evolution, it will lead you down an unhappy life of unfilled expectations. I told my daughters that one of the reasons so many men are selecting women from other countries to marry and not America is because women from other countries, especially economically impoverished countries, are that foreign women tend to still believe in traditional marriage responsibilities.

I explained to my daughters that men want a partner in their life, not some radical short-haired vigilante. Men want to be pampered; they like to be cooked for. And they like a woman who stays interested in sex, and not some social “equality” thing. Once equality takes place among the sexes, a man would just as soon have sex with another man because if the whole activity of sex for them is simply ejaculation, they can do that with a man the same as a woman. But it is the woman who is the traditional “goddess” figure in culture, who thinks of the things men don’t and encourage the man to be a better human being, that challenges a man to always improve that drives society. The feminist movement has turned that whole social structure upside down and ruined it in America. That’s why men are looking for wives in other countries, where those women still believe in a traditional family structure.

So I’d say the same thing to Lisa Richards and almost every woman who chants for “equal” rights in the labor movement, what I told my own daughters, that men don’t want the kind of woman the feminists want to be. And guess what, because of this new globalism, you will have to compete with “other” women from other cultures who still believe in traditional values. In fact my oldest daughter had to go to England to find a man who still thought the way I do about family, valor and being an honorable man, because the United States isn’t making them anymore.

Ultimately, that is the anger you hear in Ms. Richards voice, that her beliefs have led her down a path of loneliness, and her life will always have a lack of fulfillment in it. Her only real option will be to find companionship in another woman, which will always lack real sexual fulfillment because even with sex toys and other techniques, the experience just isn’t the same. And she will never find a man of any real passion because men who have passion are either already taken by another woman, or a man will simply grab a plane and fly to another country to get a nice looking woman who doesn’t have a bunch of stupid hang-ups.

Meanwhile, as America finally achieves “equality” in the 100 year war of feminism, men who just want to have sex with other women, it’s never been easier, so they are happy. They can now watch football and see plenty of the fine attributes of a woman without even having to do any work to see it. And this cheapens the whole ritual of sex for men, which makes them lazy, and less of a man. I would never advocate an age where men were free to beat on a woman with impunity like what happens in the Muslim culture, which these same feminists are advocating mysteriously due to their beliefs in progressive politics. There was a time where men in American culture played straight into the feminist hands with binge drinking and treating their wives badly, which is a crime in and of itself. But the baby in this case was thrown out with the bath water. Feminism has been terrible for American culture and the people who advocate feminism are extremely expensive as public servants because they expect to use money to fill aspects of their lives where a penis is missing. And that’s a shame, because every woman should have the honor of experiencing the wonder of sex with a man who truly loves her. And every woman should witness the benefit of watching a man work all day and all night just to have the honor of pressing himself and his pheromones upon her, and to know that he had to earn that right and does not take it lightly, which brings added meaning to the entire ritual, and actually elevates the consciousness of the human race in the bliss of an enchanting evening.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Public Unions Should be Illegal: They are simply too expensive and too demanding


Leslie Ghiz of Cincinnati City Council goes ballistic on 700 WLW while talking to Doc Thompson about the lack of interest in dealing with the Diana Frey case, the public union president accused of stealing over $750,000 from her members. The source of the complacency she is upset about is the very reason why public positions simply cost too much money to the tax payer. Click here to listen to that broadcast:

There is a disconnect between the reality of the public union leader and the rest of the world. Doc Thompson recently did another show where the average tax payer would have a lot of difficulty coming up with $1000 if they needed to without going into debt. Yet the public union expectation when their contracts demand more money is just to raise taxes to fund their demands, and they don’t care at all that they are draining the communities of their wealth, who simply don’t have the money. You can listen to that broadcast here:

The public sector unions have shown no restraint, no sense of economic understanding, no compassion for their employers, which are the tax payers. They have been excessively greedy, corrupt (Diana Frey and she’s not the only one), manipulative, and perfectly willing to walk off the job if management doesn’t see things their way. Their behavior has driven up the cost of their employment simply to the point of being very unattractive as a labor option.

When the public union representing the teachers at Lakota in 2008 went on strike, and a deal was made to appease them, to keep the teachers from walking off the job, I decided that I would not support another school levy until the public sector union was out of the equation. They simply drive up the cost of education too much. The unions make it impossible to have an intelligent conversation about cost controls, because the direction of the negotiations always migrates back to the welfare of the employee, and not the product they create.

I have noticed that the television stations lately are focused on the catastrophe of public funding and are resorting to the feel-good stories of emotion, which plays straight into the kind of manipulation the unions have used to extort massive sums of money, (tax money) for themselves. It is never asked by the established media why all these public employee jobs are going bankrupt, because the answer is simply too painful. Public employees, particularly teachers are too expensive. They cost too much money to employee, and they did that to themselves with extreme labor practices such as threatening to walk of the job with strikes.

The legislators who made it law that a teacher should have a master’s degree to keep their teaching certificate helped perpetuate the situation with legislation. They did as they always do; they created laws without considering the cost of compliance. That is the problem with electing small-minded people into positions to create laws, because they are unable to take in the whole picture. Since they too are public employees and not responsible for creating the funding, they don’t make the connection but simply take money from the public in the form of taxes, so they bare no responsibility.

Public employees do not exist for the benefit of job creation. They are not there for the convenience of the employee. But that is the expectation. The tax payer is expected to jump through hoops to figure out how to appease the high expectations of these out-of-touch employees.

If I were the superintendent of a school, which I could never be because there are actually laws to keep people like me from being hired by a district, the unions have covered their tracks in every direction, I would simply let the teachers walk the next time they attempted a strike, and I’d hire cheaper labor. It is the cost of labor that is the problem and is creating the demand for more taxes in every sector of government service. Government in no capacity should ever be paid more than the average wage of the public, because it creates an incentive for people to attempt to become a government worker that will do anything to become employed by the government because it’s simply too lucrative.

Teachers should be paid fairly, and if they want to make a lot of money, they should work for a private institution that will pay them according to their expectations. If the United States were the best in the world, I might buy into the union argument that we need to pay for the best to have the best, but the United States education system is not the best. It’s average and that’s being generous, and I think it fails in entirely too many ways. It certainly isn’t worth the amount of money we are pouring into it.

Politicians and news organizations looking to simplify their stories focus only on dollars spent equals’ value to the child, but that simply is not true. We could pour all the money the United States produces into education and the result would still be a flat line. Education is an elusive quality that comes from the strength of a family and the mentors that surround a child. Children just do not learn on an assembly line and making the factory more expensive won’t improve the results.

I’m not against public education. I think it’s a good thing for people who come from broken homes, or poor families. In those conditions, it is possible for a teacher to have a major influence on a child, because the teacher can fill the role that the parent is neglecting. But in families that are strong where there are two parents, grandpa’s and grandma’s and the family has a middle to upper income, there isn’t much a public school has to offer in the development of a child but a baby sitting service. I know that hurts the feelings of many “sensitive” guidance councilors and teachers, but those are the facts. As a tax payer, I’m happy to employee some of those people in my district for some of the underprivileged, but having hundreds and hundreds employees all making extremely lucrative incomes is simply not good business.

But it is the unions who have high-jacked the entire process, allowed no management control on a run-away train that just goes faster and faster requiring more and more money to fuel. To me, they are not worth the money. They are guilty of being too greedy and out-of-touch. To be honest, I have never seen a system so screwed up, as wrong as you find when you lift up the rocks of public sector unions. The entire situation is terribly out of control which directly affects the overall cost. I believe the teachers for the most part believe they are in the profession for the kids they teach. But the union leaders are clearly out for the greed of the position and have shown no restraint on their demands. And the teachers who have voted to keep those types of leaders in place are all guilty of putting themselves over their job to the children and the more I learn, the angrier I become.

Being foolish is not against the law. If the union leaders wish to be so foolish as to be out-of-touch with the rest of the world, that’s their prerogative. But when they ask me to fund their foolishness, that is passing the fool baton to me, and I’m not going to carry it. They make it my business when they ask me for more money to support their folly, and I know better. Therefore, I will not support public sector unions with any more additional taxes until they remove themselves from the process. They are getting in the way of proper management of public employees and should be outlawed. We have tried that little public employee union experiment started by President Kennedy and it has failed, and needs to be abolished as a practice.

The unions will call it union busting. I call it practical. I do not recognize the authority of any union to take my money out of my pocket and do what they please with it. Such a practice is simple robbery. It’s nothing else and needs to be outlawed at every level in government. Until that happens, there will never be any management of government costs which is just plain foolishness when money is the primary concern.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Secret of Malden Island: Why public education is hiding history

I’ve read a lot of books, and they are all special in their own way. But every now and then a book comes along that provides information so compelling that it changes your world view and makes you see things in a broader spectrum. For me, one such book was Forbidden Archeology. Click here to see an article I wrote about this book complete with video from the author. Well worth your time and investigation.

Recently a school board member upset with me on my stance with public education, where I question the merit of college education, and the seemingly infinite amounts of money educators ask for public education without any proof of results, I thought of that book and realized that this professional education specialist, who holds a master’s degree and considers themselves, “enlightened” wouldn’t begin to understand my point of view because they simply haven’t explored the same topics about cultural studies that I have. For a lot of people, the book Forbidden Archeology is a life shattering event, because not only does it challenge the beliefs of those in the education industry but the religious assumptions that people hold dear. So they won’t read Forbidden Archeology because they aren’t willing to accept new scientific data that may challenge their current belief system, which is unfortunate, because it is that trait which holds back our society exclusively.

Yet the fossil record established in Forbidden Archeology is stellar. The book tells the story of various universities who have openly suppressed archeological evidence because the discoveries simply don’t fit into the facts their schools have published. Colleges who fund excavations usually do so with a mind for results just like businessmen who look for profits. The selection for funding a dig usually has an intended result, such as digging up the city of Troy to prove the ancient stories, and biblical archeology to satisfy the biblical references, because such excavations have a similar effect on a university as does a college sports program. Scientific discoveries are selling points for the university just like a sports program, they attract new enrollment which is revenue. I have watched the struggle for archeological funding for many years since I maintained a subscription to Biblical Archeology Review at 10 years old till the advent of the internet. In that magazine scientists offer cruises and group trips to find ways to fund their excavations outside of the college funding structure, but there simply isn’t enough money to do proper investigations all over the world. The political climate in the Middle East is a serious determent to scientific discovery. So when a university makes a significant find, they hang onto it with everything they have, even if it means they ignore new evidence that invalidates their previous finds. That’s what Forbidden Archeology is all about. The politics of science are holding back proper understanding of human existence. It is exactly the same problem as we see in the school funding structure itself. The high pay rates they’ve given themselves dictate high enrollment, which drives up taxes, and also incentivizes the educational institutions to mislead any factors that may not allow the institutions to continue to grow or sustain their financial expectations. I suppose my anger, and “anti education” position has its roots in the simple fact that I know that education institutions routinely have lied to protect their interests.


They cheat in sports to maintain their excellence, and they will cheat in academic accomplishments for the same reason. Forbidden Archeology as a massive book of fossil records that simply are ignored by the establishment proved to me that institutional scholarship cannot be trusted as a soul provider of scientific understanding, or the funding representation needed to supply it.

There are many mysteries all over the world that do not have logical explanations behind the cultures that built them. I am convinced that there is a lot more history to the human race than what we currently accept and this evidence is coming in fast and furious.

Malden Island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is a remote, desolate place which costs about $10,000 for a one way ticket just to get there, so archeology there is very difficult to explore because the sheer cost of the enterprise is cost prohibitive, so only casual observations have been made. There are 40 stone temples on Malden Island that are described as similar in design to the buildings of Nan Madol on Pohnpei, some 3,400 miles (5,475 km) away. In fact, there is a basalt road that runs along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean which connects these islands under hundreds of feet of water. This suggests a culture that is more than 50,000 years old and that this entire land mass was once above water supporting a civilization that had no trouble moving around tremendous stones to build very large, complicated societies which we know absolutely nothing about, other than the fact that someone built them and they are older than biblical history. Yet, nobody discusses them because they don’t fit into our understanding of the human race and their origins. Scientists have their diffusion theories of how migrants arrived in North America using the land bridge of the Bering Straight and they are sticking with it.

Source articles

But there are more discoveries of strange, “very old” archeology spread all over the world that don’t fit nicely into conventional explanation. Here’s just a few from source link:

• A pyramid explored by Dr Ray Brown on the sea floor off the Bahamas in 1970. Brown was accompanied by 4 divers who also found roads, domes, rectangular buildings, unidentified metallic instruments, and a statue holding a “mysterious” crystal containing miniature pyramids. The metal devices and crystals were taken to Florida for analysis at a university there. What was discovered was that the crystal amplified energy that passed through it.

• Ruins of roads and buildings found off Binini Island in the 1960’s by the photographed and published expeditions of Dr Mansan Valentine. Similar ruins were also photographed off Cay Sal in the Bahamas. Similar underwater ruins were found off Morocco and photographed 50 to 60 feet underwater.

• A huge 11 room pyramid found 10,000 feet under water in the mid Atlantic Ocean with a huge crystal top, as reported by Tony Benlk.

• A 1977 report of a huge pyramid found off Cay Sal in the Bahamas, photographed by Ari Marshall’s expedition, about 150 feet underwater. The pyramid was about 650 feet high. Mysteriously the surrounding water was lit by sparkling white water flowing out of the openings in the pyramid and surrounded by green water, instead of the black water everywhere else at that depth.

• A sunken city about 400 miles off Portugal found by Soviet expeditions led by Boris Asturua, with buildings made of extremely strong concrete and plastics. He said “the remains of streets suggests the use of monorails for transportation”. He also brought up a statue.

• A marble acropolis underwater across five acres of fluted columns raised on pillars.

• Heinrich Schilemann, the man who found and excavated the famous ruins of Troy (which historians thought was only a legend), reportedly left a written account of his discovery of a bronze vase with a metal unknown to scientists who examined it, in the famous Priam Treasure. Inside it are glyphs in Phoenician stating that it was from King Chronos of Atlantis. Identical pottery was found in Tiajuanaco, Bolivia.

The discoveries of the strange and unexplained could fill libraries of text books, and the reason for the suppression of this information is the monopoly of academia on scientific understanding and religious politics.

Of all the articles I’ve written here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom one of the most popular is Giants in Ohio. Click here to read that article. Since I produced that article it has seen over 10,000 hits alone! That surprises me greatly, but shows that people are very hungry and desiring to understand these strange entities. Giant bones of a hominid type of species standing between 8 to 10 feet tall are found everywhere on Earth, but Ohio has a fair number of burial sites. There are bones, so we know something lived that was excessively large, yet nobody has an explanation, because it doesn’t fit into our understanding of Native American migration and evolution. Modern scholarship is focused on the Mound Builders and why they built the mounds, without having any assumption of a culture older than those mound cultures. It’s kind of like looking for the keys to your car that you lost under a parking lot light at night because you can see. But where you really lost the keys were someplace else entirely out in the darkness. Our study of human history is along the same type of theory. Our education institutions find and publish the artifacts that fit best into the preconceived notions of the scientific discoveries of which they’ve built their reputations. All the other ones are put into a back room someplace or sold to a private collector as a conversation item. You can find more evidence of this history in Indian Hill, Cincinnati or Beverly Hills from the fireplace mantles of private collections than in any museum, because the museums sell these treasures away to their foundation supporters rather than let them sit in a drawer collecting dust and making the museum no money.

When I first came out against the increased taxes of our local tax levy, because my thoughts are that as a society we are spending too much on education to get only very basic results, we are not getting a bang for our buck. The education culture believes we don’t spend enough, because they simply live in a different world than everyone else, and I don’t see much value in that world because even where they should excel, such as in the realm of science, they have proven they cannot be trusted. A president of a local union sent me a very nasty email because I had went on WLW and discussed the salaries of the personal that was demanding more money, and they called me a “tin hat” because I entertain these scientific notions that there are mysteries out there that we don’t understand, and I recognized instantly the same type of character assassination that I read about in Forbidden Archeology, which angered me greatly. In fact, and you can read my response to that person here: CLICK. I started Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom shortly thereafter because I realized that these “education types,” are more concerned about protecting their income than finding the truth about anything finance or otherwise, and they use intimidation and character assassination mixed with peer pressure to control criticism of their behavior.

I fight people like that union person openly because unless they’ve done the work I have to get at the truth of the matter, unless they’ve read even a fraction of the books I have, done one tenth of the exploration that I have, and they haven’t, they have no authority from which to speak. They are simply mouth pieces of corruption attempting to mislead civilization. My love of life is not for any transitory age of the present and the rituals of that culture, such as we find in the education monopoly of this current age. The education culture is pretentious and vastly corrupt and approach the world with their eyes straight on the subject to the point that it is all they can see and even that is out of focus, when what is required is to pull back and see the world for all it’s vastness, and the depths of the history which created it.

This education class can’t even understand the nature of the planet earth while they stay hell-bent on explaining global warming from a former hippie like Al Gore. When a guy has smoked as much marijuana as Al has how much credibility could he possibly have? But that same education class gets behind the uneducated rants of Al Gore because he brings money to their universities and just like a K-Street prostitute, the education class will say anything, support any theory they are told to believe so long as the money is good. And religion will fight over a singe spot in Jerusalem for which religion can claim possession of that spot on the ground from which “sacred things” happened. But to one who studies with open eyes, the entire world is a sacred spot of which only a fraction of the mysteries of the past have revealed themselves in a blossoming understanding of the true history of the human race that is opening before our eyes.

When that understanding blooms the education class will find themselves on the outside looking in because they were slow to adapt to that new understanding. They will be on the outside because they have lost all credibility to the public once it is revealed that they are more interested in their own enrichment than the sacred pursuit of science.

If you want to know the truth the start of that path should be in the book, Forbidden Archeology. From there the evidence will lead the way.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

American Air Supremacy: But do we have the courage to keep it?

Zero’s Kates and Vals appeared over the crowd as explosions went off everywhere in the blistering July heat. The heat index was 115 degrees on the runway and the sun was relentless as the roar of World War II piston engine craft filled the sky with an unmistakable pulse. The re-enactment of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was underway by a group of stunt pilots flying restored fighters in a pyrotechnic reminder of just how badly governments of the world have desired to extinguish the power of personal liberty known as the United States. The show known as Tora! Tora! Tora was just one of the many shows displayed at the 2011 Vectren Dayton Air Show, but for me it was the best because of my love of piston engine aircraft. You can see my personal video of that show and other highlights here:

I’ll have to give Michael Emoff (Chairman U.S. Air and Trade Show Board of Trustees) credit; the seats from The Chairman’s Club were as good as it gets for a show of this magnitude. The catered food all morning and into the afternoon was wonderfully refreshing, as was the constant supply of 6 different beer selections. But the truckloads of bottled water were essential, and made the show a comfortable success. I cannot argue that the entire show took place in my lap from that vantage point, and it was a delightful endeavor. On the other side of the fence, the massive hoard of a crowd packed in close to see the action, and it looked hot over there, with no room to breathe for many people.

The Chairman’s Club is a section set up for exclusive guests and many in the aviation business comfortably packed the tables in front of the gigantic mess hall tent, which did lower the temperature considerably with its high vaulted ceilings that allowed the hot air someplace to go, and to cool. It was a good design. The ice cream prior to the Thunderbirds show was a nice touch even if it did melt in a matter of minutes. As is the custom, many of the pilots and parachutists come to The Chairman’s Club to refresh after their portion of the show and meet some of the guests who help put their planes in the air. It is a chance for both sides of the aviation business to meet each other up close and personal. I told one of the guys who had drug his parachute into the area to repack after he had landed just moments after falling from 16,000 feet, “Bet you wish you were still up there.”

He looked at me and laughed, “It’s about 50 degrees up there. It’s a scorcher down here.” Sweat dripped off his forehead as he folded his pack over tightly.

The F/A-18 pilots came and took turns taking pictures with many of the GE employees present. For many of them it was a moment of pride to see the Super Hornet’s take off from the tarmac and go almost instantly vertical. The clouds dotting the sky prevented long runs at the airstrip, so the F/A-18’s kept their speeds under the speed of sound, but the vibration and roar of those F414-GE-400 engines brought a line of high level employees to the pilots when they showed up for some relief from the heat and to provide the customary pictures and autographs.

It was obvious that even from the pilots faces that The Chairman’s Club was an oasis upon that landscape of blistering heat that was closest to the flight line and the first stop to recharge their bodies.

But even with all the high performance displays of the F/A-18’s, the Thunderbirds in the F-16’s, The B-1B Lancer with its 30,780 pounds of afterburner thrust, the fantastic modified stunt plane by Oracle called the Oracle Challenger, specially built for Sean D. Tucker and his fantastic aerobatics with jaw-dropping stunts, it was the World War ll era fighters that I found the most attachment to.

There was a Corsair in the air which set my mind back to the heroics of Tex Hill, after Hill completed his tour of duty with General Clair Chennault and the Flying Tigers over China. There was a B-25 Mitchell that I’ve always loved, the sound of the 2 Curtiss-Wright Twin Cyclone engines pushing out 1,700 hp each punching the air with American brutality. It was the B-25 that made up the 16 bombers who took off from an aircraft carrier to bomb Tokyo five months after Peril Harbor on a mission known as The Doolittle Raiders. I had the opportunity to get up close and personal with this plane during the show which I included in my video because of the distinctive sound of its engine. The plane is the prototype of what would become the fantasy of The Millennium Falcon in Star Wars, and it’s a favorite of mine. It was the display of Tora! Tora! Tora! That captured my attention the most.

During that re-enactment of the bombing of Peril Harbor the planes flew in multiple trajectories, crossing each other in complicated ways through smoke and explosions. Many of the planes made bombing runs 20 to 30 feet over the runway multiple times, which was impressive. A reminder of what governments are capable of cannot be ignored when anybody attending this air show can witness firsthand the power at play through the machines of aviation in defense of freedom.

America without any question invented aviation, and that birthplace was Dayton, Ohio, which gives the Dayton Air Show added meaning. It was the Wright Brothers who using good-ol’ America horse-sense invented flight with a kite like plane built on the principles of a bicycle. It was the bravery of people like Chuck Yeager, Tex Hill, The Doolittle Raiders and Howard Hughes who pushed what flight could accomplish in war to advance aviation to the levels seen in this show. Case in point, the B-2 Bomber made an appearance; it took off from Arizona that morning, arrived at preciously the correct time just a few hours later in Dayton. It made two passes of the air field blasting its engines on the second pass, then heading to Peoria, Illinois for another air-show just 45 minutes away for that craft, on schedule of course. The B-2 would then land back at its home base, it’s pilots home in time for dinner after traveling all over the United States in the course of the day. The B-2 is the culmination of years of bravery and technical innovation. It is evident when attending air-shows like this, that if an enemy of the United States wanted to attack America, like the Japanese did at Peril Harbor, and the Soviet Union attempted to do in the space race economically, and failed, that the heart of America, the spirit that advanced aviation to the modern levels of the B-2 bomber would have to be removed. No country in the world can compete with the United States because of America’s development of aviation.

If one cares to understand the mind of the enemy, and America will always have enemies, they will read what the enemy does. The most recent is the radical Islamic elements in the middle-east, those old empire builders of the Persian Empire who still despise America for its role in dividing up the Middle East after the Treaty of Versailles, or the Chinese communists who fought America in Korea through support of North Korea, and Vietnam with Russian support. There is no question that in many palaces and luxury meeting rooms all across this world the topic comes up, “How do we get rid of America.” It is clear in the Sun Tzu classic, which I personally studied for over 10 years, The Art of War, that the best way to destroy your enemy is by prevailing over those who have already lost. That is the essence of that classic piece of literature which is currently studied aggressively by Chinese and Japanese military, government and business leaders. And the way to beat America is to convince Americans to strap themselves down in debt, so they do not have the money to spend on their wonderful aviation and technological development.

The Space Shuttle Program just ended. Under the Obama administration NASA along with the Joint Strike Fighter have both been targeted for elimination because America has spent itself into catastrophe, and is no longer making investments into aviation like it has over the last century, culminating into the B-2 Bomber.

The F135 Joint Strike Fighter has also hit the chopping block, at least it’s back-up GE/Roll Royce engine. It is easy to see who America’s enemies are because they are against the construction of this next generation aircraft.

It is interesting to hear what people on the political left think are appropriate in debating budget negotiations. Listen to this simple-minded person talk about the budget battle taking place, and what is appropriate in that conflict. Obama and his people are big union supporters, and Lockheed Martin, GE and most in aviation that are behind the Joint Strike Fighter are giant unions, yet there are many who subscribe to the theories of cutting defense spending and NASA to pay for the destructive entitlement programs created by politicians to purchase votes. Those same people believe that the right thinks just as devious as the left. They are all off the mark in my opinion, but aviation to me expands America in every possible way, and should not be negotiated with by either side as some type of bargaining chip. Everyone wins in aviation no matter what the political affiliation left, right or middle. The only losers are other competing countries.

What is the RT? That’s an English-speaking progressive channel that stands for Russia Today. That’s why the temperature in Moscow is listed in the bottom corner. They are a propaganda arm of modern Russia, and if you think they don’t still have a grudge against America, they were one of the few countries to not accept the full title of the recent Hollywood film, Captain America.

As I watched the Dayton Air Show it was apparent to me that many of the enemies of America are now attempting to destabilize the United States not with stealth weapons, or even spies. They are trying a much more sinister weapon called progressivism, which is designed to lower American defenses, drain our wealth and keep us from spending money on the kind of technology on display at the air show, because the enemies of the United States cannot reach that level of technology. All they can really do is corrupt our youth into becoming lost adults who don’t remember Pearl Harbor or people like Tex Hill.

Progressives are attempting to inspire the youth culture to live aimless lives with an un-heroic pretense. Those enemies will do everything they can to topple the United States from the inside out, because that is the only way they can rule the planet, and their respective portions of the world. For now, they’ll use the United Nations for their own agenda, but once America is gone, and the money it puts into supporting world peace with it, the tyrants will have a new day and chance at spreading their tyranny across the face of the plant.

How can I say such a thing? Entertainment is always a great measuring stick to the values of a culture who produces it.

In some future air show, people will attend and wonder how a civilization who built such fantastic ancient machines like the Joint Strike Fighter, and the B-2 Bomber simply disappeared and stopped the technological advances that America seemed poised to create.

As I watched the F/A-18F pilots stand with a group of people in The Chairman’s Club under the elite protection of all the elements present, the people who build the planes and the pilots who fly them, I wondered how many of those people really understood the fight that was really happening outside those protected confines, out beyond the crowd of burnt up citizens scanning into the heavens at the fantastic aerial display going on in the sky, or the small children buying toy air planes from a vender proudly holding the toys as if they were treasures more valuable than gold, because the toys themselves represent power, and freedom. Who among anybody really understood the games being played and the stake of the games, which with all the proud patriotic celebration of the past that the future is in such jeopardy, did anybody really know?

I don’t believe many of those people out of the thousands around me really put much thought into it. As long as the beer was cold, the catered chicken and beef cooked to perfection, and the side dishes were immaculate, the politics of the day were other people’s problem. The air show was to be enjoyed and once over, we would all return to our VIP parking spots right outside the fence and be on Highway 75 before most of the other people would be headed to the vast parking lots packed with cars over a half a mile away. And of all those masses, the focus was on the past, at what we had done in that past both distant and recent. But the future is in jeopardy if that same American spirit that put those planes in the air does not survive the peril of progressivism, given to the United States from foreign enemies by spies and double-agents using the long proven instructions spelled out in Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Liberty Twp Tea Party Turns Two Years Old: The Rise of a New Guard

The evening July 11,2011 sun beat hard upon the converted barn at the Niederman Farm where the Liberty Twp Tea Party met to celebrate their 2nd year.  There have been a lot of battles over the last couple of years, and as we gathered for the pot luck dinner it was evident that there would be a lot more. 

As this meeting was taking place Obama and the local Speaker of the House John Boehner were battling over the budget and the debt ceiling.  Obama is approaching the negotiations as though various sides, Tea Party Republicans, moderate Republicans, Rhino Republicans, Blue Dog Democrats, Progressive Democrats, and far left radical Democrats all are committed to 100% of their particular positions, and must be prepared to give a little so everyone can agree.  As I scooped up some potato salad that my wife had made I wondered how a person like Obama could ever become president and even say such a thing.  There’s only one right answer, and the president is missing it.  There isn’t money for the programs his party have given away to buy votes.  That’s the bottom line folks.  All those various politicians have for years purchased votes using our tax money, and now those fools are stuck trying to explain why they’ve bankrupted the system. 

The people around me at this gathering are all there for the same reason, we recognize that the government has let us down and taken the nation on a path it doesn’t want to go.  Not everyone has come to that realization yet, because they still hope that somewhere, there is a magical golden egg that will be laid by some golden goose.  Increasingly, these elected representatives are being seen not as leaders, but as con artists and thieves who have stolen from each of us and sold us back bath water claiming it to be an elixir of life. 

While the various ceremonies of this event were going on the Lakota School System was voting for yet another school levy attempt literally right down the road, not more than 3 miles from our location.  In this meeting, everything that is wrong with the government can be seen in the microcosm of public education funding.  Public sector unions, politicians using their education support for votes, and school administrators hoping to use school boards as a political launch pad to become noticed by leaders of one of the two parties have bought into Keynesian economics, like the rest of the government, and they were wrong. 

When John Keynes introduced his Keynesian economics model from the ever-increasing socialist tendencies of the rest of the world, politicians saw an opportunity to exploit that model for their own accents to public supported power.  Keynes was wrong, and every system using it is failing, including schools.  The correct answer is not more of the same theory, but something else completely.  In schools, the task is to convert over to that system without destroying the opportunities of the kids and parents who support the school.  But in education, just like all things in government, the prices of labor, of the services created by labor, and the revenue which supports the entire foundation are artificially inflated, because competition is not allowed to kill off the waste, because government protects those enterprises.  This drives up the costs everywhere for everybody.  And presidents like Obama and school boards like what we have at Lakota, only know to close that inflated value with increased taxes.  They can’t understand any other option because their brains are not wired to accept anything else. 

At Lakota they are going for a tax rate that is less than what they’ve asked for in the past. This is consistent with President Obama’s comments to Speaker Boehner, “You can’t get everything you’ve asked for.”  In the minds of these people bending a little on their political position is what the process is all about. 

But it’s not.  There is only one right answer, not a mixed drink of many tastes.  With something like a budget deficit whether you’re talking about a local school district, or a Federal government, there is a way you got there, and to get out, you must do the opposite of what put you in that position.  That’s the only way.  If you spent a lot of money-making political promises that you didn’t have the authority to commit the tax payers to, or you are a school district that allowed a public sector teachers union to drive up your labor costs recklessly, then you have to admit that you were wrong, that you spent money that wasn’t yours just as a person addicted to gambling must admit that they have a problem before they can get help. You can’t throw more money at the addict, because they’ll never get better.  You have to take away their money so they can’t go to the casino anymore to throw away our money on some jackpot they hope will fix all their problems. 

As I sat among friends and family I thought about the worst issue in the news of them all, and that’s the case of the murdered little girl in Florida, the Casey Anthony trial where the mother appears to have accidentally killed her little girl with an overdose of chloroform and drove around Florida with the body in the trunk for everyone to smell the decomposing body.  The girl was a reckless young woman, and the prosecution went for the death penalty for the severity of the crime.  Last week, Casey was found not guilty; the jurors didn’t have the inner compass of morality to be able to pass judgment on a peer.  Society has lost their ability to judge. 

Most have anyway, except for the people having diner in a country barn with me on that hot July evening. Of American society, these people who the radicals advocating Keynesian economics, progressive global government without borders, and idealists who have never found their way out of the soviet fueled radicalism of the 60’s, those people call my friends here “teabaggers.”  “Teabaggers, meant to be a term of peer pressure, of insult, an attempt by those who are advocating evil openly, to keep society functioning with their eyes closed and hope that somehow their failed theories will somehow come true in the final hour, and if they don’t, they’ll be remembered for their compassion, and not as the thieves they truly are. 

I feel privileged that after two years, the Liberty Twp Tea Party is still here, and it’s growing.  And it refreshes the soul to partake in these events, as the aroma of barn yard animals and community prepared food mixes in a unique waltz of perpetuity.  Because this is how it was in the beginning, and this is the way of the American, to always be ready for a fight, to roll up the sleeves and eat well before a hard day’s work, or the battle that looms on the horizon.  Because only by the path of those in this barn, is the path to liberty and freedom.  And the only right answer in the entire nation is present on the tongues of those in attendance, because they are the last of their kind and Americais waiting for them to fix the nation that has been hijacked by tyrants of good intention.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Home Away From Home: Beach bums, hippies, and strippers with their socialist dream

The difference between those who love capitalism and those who love socialism are displayed vividly while I stood on the balcony of our condo in Florida at Cape Canaveral. In our unit and units all along the coast are people who own the units to rent out to NASA personnel, or own them outright as second homes, a place to visit away from their primary residence. In some cases, the owners of the condos have made these paradise palaces their year round homes.

This year we had to be in Gainesville for a wedding anyway, and I was up against a writing deadline for my Tail of the Dragon novel, where my editor wanted a chapter breakdown with intended themes spelled out for production meetings, to make it easy for all the people who haven’t read the book to understand the direction of the editorial content. So the decision was to combine a sort of vacation while I accomplished that editorial task down at the condo.

The following video is something I shot while at that fine place, as a rolling storm moved in.

I spent a lot of time on this trip working on my tasks while looking out over the Atlantic to the south where frequent storms were brewing over the horizon of the Earth in the proximity to the Bahamas. It is easy to put things in perspective from such vantage points. I know many of the people who are in these units all up the coast experience similar emotions, that’s why they come, and that’s why they work hard to have a second home, because they want to have these perspectives, to relax from the rigors of their professional lives.

These condo units are only a building deep in this particular location. Down the coast at Cocoa Beach where hotel chains take over, there are more tourist oriented shopping along the primary roads. But up at the Cape, the area between the condos and the main road is a complex grid of single story homes and much smaller, less luxurious, residences. Typically the people who live in these homes are the people who work in the service of the various restaurants, hotels, and shopping centers. Some of those people are just beach bums, and they are that way by choice. They chose to spend their day surfing, riding skate boards around and smoking cigarettes.

All over this resort area are stores that sell memorabilia that have the “peace” sign on them. T-shirts, medallions, stickers for cars, magnets, you name the merchandise, there are plenty such items with the peace sign on them. If you look closely, and a lot of the people who stay in our condo unit don’t, as is the general rule all up and down the coast, these beach bums, skate boarders, strippers who are working at the gentleman’s clubs and sun themselves professionally all day long, that share the beach with the rest of us, are open socialists.

Many of those people don’t know they are socialists. Most of them don’t even know what country they are in. Most of them don’t even know much about the NASA space program except for the occasional rocket that takes off roaring into the heavens. What they know is that they have bought into a “hang loose” life style that is popular at all beaches. They like to “party” which involves frequent intoxication, and they like carefree sex. They despise commitments, and steady jobs.
From my balcony I watched these people pass beneath me to gain access to the beach, and I savored the fact that our condo kept me above all that activity. I couldn’t help but think that if the government offered these people free government jobs, free college, free housing, free food, they’d all take advantage of the programs and they’d freely vote for the politicians that gave them those things. They don’t want to work for nice things, but they are happy to receive nice things if someone in the government wants to give them something. I also noticed the jealous looks up at our balcony as my wife and I would look down upon them, or as my daughters would walk passed them in their journeys to the beach. They would look at my daughters like hungry dogs knowing that the women were well out of their league, and desiring to be equal in some way.

Studying these people for a couple of days it was very obvious that these beach bums were socialists. They would be very attracted to a government that came and told them they could also have a nice condo with a beach front view, that somehow they could be elevated to the level my family was experiencing because somehow they deserved to have the same thing we had by some socialist default.

It doesn’t matter to a socialist what it takes to have a home like those condos. They simply have nothing to lose. When they purposely make decisions in their lives to have nothing, to have no commitments, to have a “hang loose” attitude toward life they cannot expect to have the same things in life as a person that works 60 to 100 hours a week. Yet they do expect to be equal. And by experience, most people have some streak of laziness in them, which is why at this beach front property, the ratio is clear. There are more of the lazy types than the people in the condos. Because there are fewer people who want to work hard so they can have their own condo.

Now if they chose to live their life in this fashion it’s not for me to judge them. But the problem occurs when it comes time to vote, because these people will vote for candidates that will give them something for nothing just to purchase their votes. And that something given is something generally taken from someone like me, and to me that is robbery.

Personal decisions will lead a life to the sum of its exploits. But political tampering artificially props up people who would otherwise fail miserably at life, and would be forced to alter their lifestyle into something more constructive. I couldn’t help but notice in those jealous eyes the desire for welfare, and health care while they rot their days away as beach bums wearing the “peace sign” and singing hippie songs on the beach at night while smoking marijuana and thinking the whole of their existence is authentic. It’s not. Those lives can only continue because the government takes from those in the condos and gives it to those in the shacks even though the people in the condo’s worked hard to earn it, and the people in the shacks chose to live the life of the poor and un-ambitious.

Back home these differences aren’t so obvious. The people in the suburbs generally work harder so they can have a small palace outside of city limits. The un-ambitious tend to take up residence where the government gives them things and usually that is far enough away from the ambitious to not cause too much analysis. This is why there is a dispute with Hamilton County at expanding public housing, because nobody wants to live near public housing, just like people don’t want to live near a dump. And this is why we should have school choice because a parent who doesn’t want their kids to be surrounded by kids with parents who lack ambition should not imprison children trying to work their way out to a better life, so they can have a house in the suburbs some day, or maybe even their own beach front condo. But government won’t do that for them, and it won’t do it for the beach bums either. Government will only succeed in robbing those who live in the suburbs and the condos by giving that wealth to the socialists so that politicians can maintain their addictions to power in public office.

Remember wherever there is the sign of peace; it’s indicative of a political socialist. Like all sinister things in life, the truly dangerous are camouflaged with good intentions, like the idea of world peace that the hippies, beach bums and strippers find so appealing.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Wild West Heroes: The Foundations of America!

The following clip was taken from the Annie Oakley Wild West event that I frequent each year with some of my friends. When David P. Little a political consultant hired to attack me saw this video he attempted to take the confederate flags in this video as a way to portray me as a racist. What progressives who think like Little  simply don’t understand is that these Wild West events are important to American culture. Each year that I’ve participated in the Annie Oakley event it has been a way that I reset myself.

I consider the people in that video to be some of my best friends, even if we only see each other once a year. They are good people who know what America is supposed to look like. In American culture, the cowboy is very important. I like to use cowboy metaphors to explain complicated topics because using the premier symbol of individualism in the world, the cowboy; it helps put everything else in perspective.

Here are some examples of what I consider to be some of the best that America produces. Guns are very important to Americana. The six-shooter is as important to the United States as the Samurai Sword is to Japan.

Progressives and their globalist views, have sought to destroy American heritage which I find repulsive. I appreciate the beauty of a gunman that can handle a six-shooter effectively.

It is sad that progressives have successfully turned even the sight of a gun into a symbol of death.

Knife throwing is another heritage that is essential to American culture. I know several knife throwers personally and every one of them are wonderful people who appreciate life more, because they routinely dance with death.

So when you see a person that is keeping the Old West alive with a cowboy hat, guns, or a knife, thank them. They aren’t just paying homage to a time when people didn’t wear deodorant, had to kill their food daily just to eat, and water was hard to come by. They are keeping the spirit of liberty alive, a time that individuals sought freedom so badly they’d risk life on the frontier to have it. They despised the world of Europe so intensely, that all the discomforts known to man was more preferable.

You might recognize this guy from the first video. I’ve known Chris for a while, and he’s the real deal. He travels the world as an ambassador of the Western Arts.

That is what I think of when I think of the Wild West. And that’s why I enjoy events like the Annie Oakley Festival. In such places, America is alive and well, and simplicity reveals the truth behind the progressive deceptions that has sung our country to sleep like a patient on the operating table under anesthesia.

Here’s another guy from the video above. This is another one of my close personal friends. You may have seen the newscast Gery and I did for a Dayton TV station.

It is in fact quite healthy to consider that if the government proves too big to replace, as it is needed, and those who crave power so diligently refuse to take their hands off that power, as is proper in our republic, then it will be the very law enforcement and military that we have which will be turned against us. And in such times should they unfortunately come to pass, that the skills of the cowboy will come into play. So keeping those skills alive is essential to preserving the nation we call home.

Here’s an exhibition I did for the World Stunt Organization at a film festival.

If it all falls apart and the law is turned against us, then, well that’s the plot of The Symposium of Justice, a book I wrote several years ago. Back then, it seemed far-fetched. These days, not so much, but that is a story for another time.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior