SOCIALISTS LIVE: Hoffman Lenses on Urban Meyer of Ohio State

Urban Meyer this week was signed to a contract with Ohio State to be their head football coach at a cost of $4 million per year for six years, with milestone incentives of $450,000, $750,000 and $1.2 million if Meyer is still employed as the head coach on Jan. 31st of 2014, 2016, and 2018.

That seems like a lot of money for a head coach in a college football program, but Ohio State would argue that they are committed to winning, and being great, so they will spend the money on the right coach so they can climb back on top in the world of college football.  The trouble is, Ohio State is a public institution and they accept tax money to function.  So isn’t paying Urban Meyer so much money an irresponsible use of tax payer money?  After all, it’s easy to spend other peoples money, so for Ohio State to declare that they must spend so much money on a head coach to be competitive brings up a whole bunch of questions, which Doc Thompson of 700 WLW discusses in respect to all the recent pondering about how much education should cost, and how much tax money should property owners in Ohio be required to pay for it.  Listen to that broadcast here:

Well, I’ve spoke a lot about the ridiculous wages among education officials.  The more I looked at it, the more bizarre the behavior seemed.  Just looking at teachers, they make a very healthy wage for the work they are required to perform, compared to the private sector.  But the administrators, many of them in public schools are making $80K and up.  And in college, it is not uncommon for professors to make in the six figures.  It simply does not make sense that when schools ask for more money, or in Ohio State’s case they raise tuition rates, why people are so willing to pay for the high wages of these employees without question.  Because the cost of education could be driven down if administration costs were lowered.  Makes sense—right? 

But then why are so many educators open socialist?  Why do so many employees who work for education lean to the political left?  That doesn’t make sense.  I mean, I can understand a few, but it would seem that there would be an equal number of conservative leaning educators as well, sinceAmericais divided up down the middle in political ideology.  But no, most educators lean to the left—why? 

Many years ago there was a film I like a lot called THEY LIVE.  It’s a science fiction B movie from the 80’s starring Rowdy Roddy PiperAs a movie it’s very fun, and simple, and a cheap rendition at merging the science fiction and horror genre with action adventure. It’s directed by John Carpenter and makes no attempt to take itself serious.  But the film in all its simplistic narrative is actually quite ingenious, which is why 30 years later people still think of the movie as a “CULT CLASSIC.”  In that film the main character sees that something is terribly wrong with the world, that something isn’t quite right.  He meets a man who tells him that everything is not what it seems, and that if he puts on a pair of special sunglasses, that Piper can see things for how they really are.  Well, at first Roddy Piper thinks the man is crazy, and refuses to put on the glasses.  Ironically, the glasses are produced by a manufacturer by the name of HOFFMAN LENSES. If you want to see what HOFFMAN LENSES look like check out this link:

In that film when the HOFFMAN LENSES are put on, the world as it truly is can be seen.  In the case of THEY LIVE, the world is being run secretly by a group of aliens who are quietly subverting our entire culture.  See the video below to see how it works:

Well, as I have been asking the hard questions about why our culture is behaving in an odd way, I have been assuming that the United States was functioning as a capitalist country and the hippies, goons, freaks, losers, progressives and tree huggers were just a fleeting fantasy of fringe radicalism.  After all, many of their ideas are as alien to me as if they came from another planet, and listening to them speak, they seem to be from a different galaxy all together, so to me, they might as well be extraterrestrials.  So I couldn’t figure out why they seem to be everywhere, in education, in the media, in movies, in magazines, in the government, in music, they seem to be ubiquitously wherever the eye looks, these leftist aliens from some other planet.  It was in doing research about the conditions of Greece that I discovered my HOFFMAN LENSES and I had an epiphany.  

Putting on my metaphorical HOFFMAN LENSES is learned about Socialist International and noted how deeply they were embedded into our world culture, and they are VERY active in penetrating American culture through the progressive Democrats and Republican parties in the United States.  See my article about this epiphany here:

I see through my HOFFMAN LENSES thatAmericais not being governed by aliens from another planet like in THEY LIVE.  We are being governed by even worse—SOCIALISTS!

Yes, look closely at that politician, who pretends to be just a Democrat, put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see that they are open SOCIALISTS.  Look at that college professor with HOFFMAN LENSES on, and you will see a complete SOCIALIST.  Look at your local school board and study their policies of equality, taxing the rich, and fairness and you will see a school board of SOCIALISTS.  Look at the news person who proclaims economic justice with HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see a maniacal socialist.  Look at President Obama give a speech with HOFFMAN LENSES on and you will see a pawn to the SOCIALIST EMPIRE that is spreading across the world.  Look at the Department of Education with HOFFMAN LENSES and you will see the nest of American Socialism, for this is where they landed in this county, and entered our government, in 1979 when Jimmy Carter created that department because the socialist unions put pressure on him to generate it.

Take the HOFFMAN LENSES off and where you used to see SOCIALISTS you will now see Ohio State football, and Urban Meyer leading them to an undefeated season.  You will see grown men dancing in their driveways with the television on in their garage watching college football on a Saturday afternoon drinking and eating grilled hamburgers.   You will see grown men rooting for high school kids to throw a ball under the Friday night lights of their local high school hoping that their kid will win a scholarship to a college and save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in college tuition.  You will see parents showing up to watch their children performing in a band concert in the school auditorium.  You will see charity events, fund raisers, and global awareness all seemingly nice and innocent proposals by an altruistic society.  With the lenses off you will see smiling faces, hand holding and a social push for peace and fairness.  Put the HOFFMAN LENSES on you will see SOCIALISM robbing us of freedom, of individual thought, of liberty which took over a hundred years to win from Europe only to have it slip back away under European control year by year since the 1850’s.  You will see the strings stuck to the legs of the football players at Ohio State and how Urban Meyer dances to them and how ESPN is the curtain on the stage.  You will see how the strings dance off into the Department of Education where policies are set by puppet master socialists and sold to us through the puppet show of sports. 

Without the HOFFMAN LENSES on yet knowing what is actually going on right in front of your eyes you will see how trivial all the discussion about draft picks, coaching salaries, and sports statistics really are.  It becomes quickly evident that the reason education professionals are so well paid is so they keep the HOFFMAN LENSES off, and do not attempt to look too carefully at what policies come to them from the Department of Education.  They are paid so well so they continue to advance the cause of socialism as part of the ruling elite, and play their part in keeping the world blind to the true intentions of world socialism. 

It is not the desire of your local school board to balance the budget to live within reasonable means.  It is their intention to tax the rich, and convert society slowly over time using our children as hostages to a scheme of wealth redistribution.  It is not the goal of college to be affordable.  It is the goal of these institutions to force parents and their children into a debt beyond measure, and keep everyone not working for financial freedom, but eternal debt, so they buy into the scheme of socialism.  They do not question the cost of education because they have bought into the program of sporting events.  They love the football, they love the basketball, they love college sports, and the recruiting process that is built in high school sports.  While society is happy with these nice distractions, they are reluctant to put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and see the truth. 

That is why Urban Meyer was paid so much money to rescue the Ohio State Football program from the mediocrity it currently suffers from.  Because without victory, people might reach for the HOFFMAN LENSES, and begin to see the truth, and that cannot happen if socialism is to continue its world wide domination of which only America stands in the way.   

And it’s not just Ohio State, but it’s the entire education empire.  The dance between education and government is a waltz of socialism that requires viewing with the HOFFMAN LENSES to see.  Until those metaphorical glasses are put on, and the truth can be seen for what it is, all those who refuse the truth are slaves to illusion in a denial that is infections and requires more and more beer to be consumed to subvert the nagging understanding that something just isn’t quite right. 

Have courage!   Put on the HOFFMAN LENSES and SEE for the first time what you always knew was there all along!!!!!!!!

And if you have never seen THEY LIVE, I’ll make it easy for you.  Here is the entire movie.   Enjoy!

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The Key to American Exceptionalism: It’s not what you think it is

Fresh off a full day at my daughter’s house celebrating her 22nd birthday and indulging in a Pirates of the Caribbean movie marathon which was one of her birthday wishes, my thoughts returned to the genius of Walt Disney and his foresight to create the original ride of which that film series is based in his Disneyland amusement park so many years ago. This love of pirate lore has deep roots in American society and for good reason, because pirates are one of America’s parents, and to understand America, you have to understand the role that a pirate plays in the process.

Before indulging in that deep abyss of psychological exploration all one must do to witness the world as it always has been before rebellions of courage have lashed out against tyrannical static patterns of thought, the current Obama administration displays clearly why I have always considered it more important to teach my kids about the value of piracy than the importance of getting a doctorate in medicine, or political science. Because to me, the thieves, the scallywags, and the politicians of this world are those who seek to control others through rules and regulation and they should be fought as an enemy to individuality. President Obama to date has been the worst, yet best example of what such thieves and looters are capable of and why the world should run in the opposite direction of such moochers and social parasites.

Walt Disney knew what few people were ready to acknowledge when he designed Disneyland, then his much larger theme park Disney World. When I was a kid, I marveled at how Disney got away with having a theme ride about rapists, terrorists, and drunken bastards robbing and looting in an aimless life, and placed that ride within a very short walk from the Liberty Tree in Liberty Square as if both sections of his park were equal in some way. I always felt that Walt Disney was trying to tell people something important. Even though he sold the Disney image with Cinderella Castle there was something under the covers he wanted to instruct every American alive of the importance, and the sign posts are everywhere in Walt Disney World.

This became very evident to me about a decade ago when I was at Disneyworld with my wife and most of her family. The Park had closed except to employees and their families at 9 PM after the light parade, so for the next two hours the whole park was ours, since my niece was an employee at the time. So my wife, daughters my niece and two nephews went on a quest of adventure those next two hours that cleared up the whole problem for me. We had free access to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, before Disney reinvented it with the film franchise, and the ghost of Walt Disney spoke to me as we rode that ride 8 times in a row from 9 PM till 10 PM. The line was so short we had it virtually to ourselves. We could get off, get back in line and do it again almost immediately. After 4 times in a row the employees let us just stay in the boat and continue on for the next 4 times.

At this time I was reading a book I knew populated the libraries of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams with considerable respect, and I knew that it was a key to the wording of the American Constitution. It was also the book that created the very first libel law suit in the history of mankind, so the Founding Fathers being interested in the laws of England were very much aware of its importance. The book was called The Buccaneers of America written by Alexander O. Exquemelin who served under Henry Morgan’s command on those Buccaneer exploits that took place on the Caribbean oceans of the 1670’s. Morgan was a privateer serving the kind of England with the profits from his loot in raiding the Spanish and their hold on Central America. To England, Morgan was a privateer. To every other nation Morgan was a bloodthirsty pirate. Since the King of England Charles II was becoming very wealthy under Morgan’s exploits the English Jamaican colony town of Port Royal was left alone from the long arm of English law and the Governor of Jamaica gave Henry Morgan free rein to do as he pleased. This was the birth of freedom, even though the results often ended in prostitution, drunken orgies, and other decadence, freedom from the laws of kings began in this small Jamaican port.

Well, another important figure to the foundation of the United States also played a part in all this. The very young John Locke who was serving as Secretary of the Board of Trade and Plantations for Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury a very close confidant to the king. Locke was in a unique position to see how the behavior in the far away land of Jamaica influenced the politics of England to the highest rank. What Locke learned in these observations became the Two Treatises of Civil Government which Thomas Jefferson and James Madison would use to modal the Declaration of Independence after. You see, John Locke became a philosopher based on all these observations, the most pivotal in America history up to that point, because John Locke and the exploits of Henry Morgan occurred a hundred years before the American Revolution and set the foundation of thought that would become America. The seeds of rebellion had been planted by Locke and nurtured along by patriots like Sam Adams and Thomas Paine. But the ship that carried the seed for Locke to plant was Henry Morgan.

After Charles the II died, England sought to make peace with the French, Spanish and Dutch, so English heroes like Morgan were suddenly cast into the light of piracy and were hunted down for crimes that just a few short years ago made them wealthy. Fortune hunters who sought to live the “pirate’s life” of Morgan took to the seas and found themselves bandits as the governments of the world outlawed the practice of privateering.

But the new world of America had attracted all the adventurers and discontent of the world’s countries, many of them coming to America to settle in the various pirate towns, such as New York, and especially New Orleans to be free of people like Obama’s contemporaries, they were every bit as alive and well back then let me assure you. Pirate captains like Black Sam Bellamy continued on in the tradition of Henry Morgan for as long as they could. Politics being the nature of static patterns attacked the dynamic social patterns of the pirates by settling the new world themselves, and buffering out the effect of the wild outlaws who occupied this strange new world called America.

But some men, the raw adventurers who would rather die than lose their freedom, even if it was the chains of hell itself they fought against continued to pillage and plunder long after the laws of civilization had pulled tight the noose of control. This is precisely the same pattern that occurred in the American West. Politicians used the adventurous spirit of its wild and wooly class to settle the frontier. Then once the blood of their enemies had been shed they turned on the adventurous and killed them. This is how Black Beard came to be. Black Beard just thirty to forty years prior would have been a hero for England. But in 1718, he was an enemy to the world because he refused to acknowledge the laws of politicians, and proved far too difficult to socially control.

The great classic movie The Buccaneer with Charlton Heston playing Andrew Jackson and Yul Brynner playing Jean Lafitte was about the unholy alliance between Jackson who teamed up with the pirate of New Orleans in Lafitte to fight off the English in the War of 1812. Jackson wisely used the unpredictable static patterns of the pirates around New Orleans to defeat handedly the English troops who occupied the city. Did you not know that Mardi Gras was brought to Louisiana by early French settlers and the rituals of wearing masks and bringing single women to elaborate masked balls was started by the French pirates and prostitutes of New Orleans?

This is why Walt Disney recreated a New Orleans town to place his new ride Pirates of the Caribbean into at the very first Disneyland. Being a natural patriot, who had dropped out of high school, and never had any formal education of any kind, Disney had taught himself, and this is what made him a unique thinker. Disney obviously loved The Buccaneer movie, but during that same period of time the great classic novel called Atlas Shrugged came out, in 1957. In that classic book one of the key characters is the pirate Ragnar Danneskjöld who serves as one of the three main protagonist’s who raids and loots the “looters” of society. In the case of Atlas Shrugged the “looters” were politicians like Obama in the very first clip. Ragnar stole back from the politicians the loot they plundered from those who had originally earned the money. There is no question that Ragnar’s character in Atlas Shrugged, Yul Brynner’s adaption of Lafitte in The Buccaneer, and the many stories of Henry Morgan and how the Founding Father’s adored Morgan and his band of Pirates led to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. So as I was reading at the time of traveling down that boat ride for the sixth and seventh times that night the words of Exquemelin and Locke were clearly written on everything I was looking at.

In those two short years, 1957 with Atlas Shrugged, then in 1958 with The Buccaneer the static pattern of the pirate as a villain, as depicted in Captain Hook, or Captain Flint was suddenly shattered and a new way to look at piracy emerged, which was not shaped on Christian values of morality, but on the true intentions of the human soul. This is why the Disney ride is so popular, and why the movies are so enjoyable.

This is also why pirates are the keys to understanding what America was supposed to be, and what it still can be. This is also why films like Pirates of the Caribbean, and books like Atlas Shrugged are absolute keys to dusting off American Excepetionalism and becoming once again what we were in the beginning, when freedom was an idea created on a pirate ship, written down by a surgeon, witnessed by a philosopher, studied by revolutionaries, and translated for us by artists. It is why we root for blood thirsty killers like Jessie James even though publicly we chastise them. Deep in our hearts we know that the key to our inner desires is to not fall in line with what society tells us to do. The key is to cast off the control of the politicians and their rules, their laws, their meager attempts to control human beings as though they were cattle. The key to American Exceptionalism is in being…..well exceptional……exceptionally free, and living with a passion to protect that freedom, at any and all cost.

We like pirates and outlaws because they have the courage to question the rules that bind the human soul. We may call them unholy, unethical, unpatriotic, but deep inside we call them bandits and mean it as the highest compliment. I have yet to meet a man and especially a woman who doesn’t love a bandit in their lives whether they admit it in the light of day or not. Because the bandit seeks freedom as the highest goal, and adventure is but the vehicle that takes them to their destination. It is the rest of the world who watches in envy as those with courage take their freedom and live each hour of the day by the fruit of their valor. For the rest, they just watch Pirates of the Caribbean and fantasize about a world they could have lived, if only they weren’t such gullible fruitcakes with one foot already in their coffins.

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The Empire of Ultraterrestrials: Enemies from a Parallel Universe

When the observation is made and the question is asked, “Why are people so stupid,” I can look at the history of the human being and speculate as to why they behave the way they do, and I can present evidence as to what is happening. The question of “why” does not get answered completely when only the factors of the known world are considered. So trying to explain the conditions of our observable world and all the foolishness witnessed with factors that can be seen and so far catalogued has fallen short of a proper explanation. This is how I became interested in studies of Fortean observations, cryptozoology, and paranormal science and to me; John Keel has done some of the best work in these fields as a journalist that I have run in to. Keel just recently passed away and left behind a body of work that is quite interesting in regard to those studies. Like a lot of people who spend a considerable, and imbalanced amount of time on the strange and paranormal, Keel’s later work reflects a bit of eccentricity that was not present in what I think is the best book ever written on these topics called The Mothman Prophecies, which was made into the popular Richard Gere film. You can see John Keel here in an early interview with David Letterman discussing his field of study.

A college professor who was trying to bring a film version of my novel The Symposium of Justice to reality put me on to Keel about 6 years ago. “You’d love Keel. Your book reminds me of his work.” So I started reading Keel and my family began some paranormal investigations of our own, going into the deep dark places of known haunted locations to examine for ourselves the mysteries behind paranormal activity. You can see some of those adventures in this short collection my oldest daughter put together back then.

In all our adventures I have never seen anything obvious to say that it was a ghost that we saw while we were looking for them. We did see a UFO which we chased down with our car only to have it disappear within seconds. It wasn’t just an illusion, since 5 of us were in the car with me driving like a madman to catch up to it. We did see and experience a “shadow man,” we experienced the battery loss associated with paranormal presence in our flashlights and cameras, but never saw anything conclusive that we could get on film. We captured a few obscure things, but nothing that was definitive, which seems to be the case with most paranormal studies. Seldom is any evidence conclusive. Most of our adventures were to specifically hunt down some of the “bigfoot” phenomena that are common to eastern Ohio, or even a Mothman. We never saw directly the thing we were seeking in all our investigations.

Keel had an interesting explanation for this case.He said in his writing that what was happening was a species of undocumented humanoid called ultraterrestrials, a competing race within the human race who acted as tricksters and could present images to the human mind that the mind was prepared to see, were hard at work on a mysterious task. If a person went hunting for a big foot, they’d see a big foot. If a person wanted to see an angel, they might see a mothman, or the Virgin Mary. If a person wants to see green men from another planet, then they may be visited by those green men. And the reason I never saw anything directly, except for small little ripples of disturbances over time and space is because I’m too analytical to buy what those ultraterrestrials are trying to sell me.

Keel’s explanation of ultraterrestials in The Mothman Prophecies offered a whole host of explanations that are scientific in nature toward the true nature of “demons” voodoo magic and even good luck angels. During Keel’s investigations chronicled with great diligence in The Mothman Prophecies it appears the government is very much aware of these ultraterrestrials and actually has a relationship with them. This relationship has been articulated in fun films like The Men in Black and in Point Pleasant, West Virginia every September during the Mothman Festival, where the whole town gets together to celebrate the mysterious occurrences that terrorized that town in the late 1960’s. But the actual relationship is quite serious if examined at face value. After all, we think we are dealing with a reality that contains all the elements of our known visual spectrum, but in our studies of quantum mechanics, we are learning that there is a great deal that we can’t see, and it appears that we share our space with many influences in our present reality.

The best scientific explanation I have heard to explain the existence of Keel’s ultraterrestrials is in the theory of parallel universes, as shown in this History Channel Universe documentary. It would appear that these ultraterrestrials are inhabitants of a Type 3 Parallel Universe and they have figured out how to tap into our reality to use our resources for the benefit of their cultures in their universe’s reality.

If those ultraterrestrials are exact copies of us in another reality, it is entirely conceivable that those copies of ourselves living in that reality are purposely taking advantage of our blindness to an aim we can only hypothesize about. My daughter and I speculated about this from a hilltop campsite close to a haunted hot spot in eastern Ohio under a full moon a few years back. I suggested that maybe the logic of ultraterrestrials interference with our world has an equal and opposite type of outcome, where a negative in our universe equals a positive in their universe, and if these ultraterrestrials are copies of ourselves then don’t we in some way benefit from our own misery if considered from a multi-verse perspective where all copies of our personalities are united in a collective body serving the mysteries of that unification? We may suffer in the here-and-now, but our ultraterrestrial copies are having wondrous success.

This might also account for “LUCK” in our present world, when mysteriously good things happen to us when by all calculations peril should occur. This might be because without understanding how, we bring bad fortune to our ultraterrestrial counterparts in the Type Three Parallel Universe, so their misery equates to our benefit.

As crazy as much of this may sound, the reason for my quest into these strange worlds was for an answer to why the nature of our current existence is so insanely foolish. For instance, why is it considered fashionable to be a fool, or to become drunk, or less than average in some way? Why do we celebrate the weak and chastise the strong if not to appease some ultraterrestrial gods in another dimension? When I speak to young people none of them take pride in how much they know, but it’s in what they don’t know, or how drunk they became on a Friday night. Women are put on a pedestal for making themselves slaves to sexual fulfillment and bringing children into the world without fathers to help create strong family foundations. It almost feels as though the foolish addiction to altruism and socialism is so that the beings in another parallel universe can live with capitalism and strong individual value.

I told my daughters on some of those haunted adventures that I am not willing to sacrifice my life one bit even to a copy of myself in a parallel universe. I encouraged them to do the same, to live for themselves and if there are ultraterestrials creating around us these strange events where Bigfoots, and Lockness monsters jump in and out of our reality from these other universe’s that intersect with our own reality and that strange whisper in our ears that come when sleep is about to come on is not some demon from hell, but a tempter of ourselves from an ultraterrestrial being that seeks to profit from our misery, and they should not listen. Because no other conclusion can be made when drunkenness is praised, and stupidity is rewarded, but to accept that enemies of our existence reside outside of our present reality to build an empire within their universe by consuming the resources of our own to do it.

Does our government have a deal with these beings to occasionally throw us a bone of good luck with a sacrifice on their end? Perhaps.This may be the origin of the sacrifice rituals that have permeated our planting cultures all during recorded history and has been replaced in the modern age with religious communion rituals and altruism surrounding the “green movement.” There is no way to know for sure with the lack of evidence we currently have, but speculation as to why people like Jerry Sandusky from Penn State have been allowed to exist and the massive amounts of sex trading that goes on in the world must have some logical conclusion, because no God that I learned about in Sunday School would allow evil to thrive so openly unless somewhere with someone, there was a benefit. And that someone seems to be in this species of ultraterrestrials who live outside our reality. That leads to my next question which I will get to the bottom of eventually, who are these Men in Black, and how are they connected to our current government? Time will tell, and along the way we will have marvelous adventures in discovering these facts, but I am not willing to sacrifice any of myself so that someone else can benefit in another city, another state, another country or another universe. I expect competition to prove the victor and it starts by recognizing the fact that there is more to this puppet show of living than we are seeing even in the most extreme versions of our conspiracy theories. Because the truth does not exist in our visual spectrum, but outside of it, at a quantum level hidden in the mysteries of the 11 dimensions, and we have enemies who reside there to bring us misery with whispers in the wind and at the nightmares that come with sleep. And sometimes we go to them willingly by pursuing those demons at the bottom of a wine glass, or that overdose of a drug to gain that so-called moment of elation that comes from intoxication, but leaves our minds open and vulnerable to the empires of invisibility.

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Right-to-Work Announcement in Ohio: This is Rich Hoffman Speaking

“On Tuesday, Senate Bill 5 was rejected throughout Ohio as draconian overreach. Now they are trying to reach into the private sector,” said Chris Redfern, chairman of Ohio Democratic Party. “They’re inviting a challenge.”

Source article:

This comment came on the announcement that a group not associated with Governor Kasich, not associated with the Koch Brothers, not even associated with the Republican Party is seeking to place on the ballot the ability for Ohio to become a right-to-work state. See the press conference for yourself here.

Now, I know those guys pretty well, and they are a group of fair and balanced guys. They truly desire to give to the state of Ohio a level of freedom that has been uttered from the silent parties within these unions for quite a long time. These union members who are tired of having their union dues translated into funding for the Democratic Party want out of their imprisonment, which is but one of the issues addressed in Issue 2. When opponents of Issue 2 said that the law was too “far reaching” people like Chris and Mike listened. So they are seeking just one small little measure that was in Issue 2, originally designated for the public union employee. The proposed constitutional amendment does not go after employee wages, does not ask them to pay more for their health care, and does not affect seniority or any of the union concerns debated in Issue 2. All the right-to-work amendment proposes to do in the above press conference is give people the option to be in a union or not to. It’s that simple.

But wait……………………..the unions are already upset? I thought they said they could “compromise” and be reasonable. Listen to Melissa Fazekas, spokeswoman for We Are Ohio.

“Just two days ago, Ohioans spoke with one clear and emphatic voice, and voted by an overwhelming margin to support our everyday heroes and their right to collectively bargain. Yet, today their voices are already being ignored, even after Gov. (John R.) Kasich and legislative leaders have promised to listen and reflect on Tuesday’s vote.”

Well, this statement requires comment since it is obvious that the opponents of Issue 2 seem confused as to what is happening in the world around them. And that comment will not come from the good people who are proposing this constitutional amendment, or any other group. They are a fair-minded assemblage who truly wants what is fair and good for the majority in Ohio. Instead the comments made below are exclusively mine and they are addressed specifically to the public and private sector unions. This is Rich Hoffman Speaking.

People who are not in a union do not take their marching orders from politicians like you in the unions do. John Kasich is not our commander as Richard Trumka and Barack Obama are yours. We do not bow down to an authority figure that takes money from us and gives it to progressive politics. We are a people who desire freedom, even if we are in the minority.

My take on the Issue 2 debate is that only 39% were able to comprehend the contents of that very good bill, the rest were simply too stupid to wrap their little minds around the idea. I would say the same if it was only 1% who voted, because I read the bill and thought it was fair, and believe it or not, I did so completely on my own. No union steward told me to read it. I did it on my own. That’s called self-responsibility. I witnessed the union machine, which I am forced to help fund, scare Ohioans into voting the union way. I watched money pour in from out-of-state and saw the influence all the way up to the White House taking part in being a gear for that machine. And even with all your efforts 39% still voted against you.

I said all along that the Yes vote would need 2 million voters to win at the polls and only 1,321,494 showed up. During a presidential election 5 million voters usually turn out, so a lot of people stayed home and watched TV, so by no means the 2 million who voted to repeal Issue 2 represent Ohio’s wishes. It represented the 350,000 public workers their moms and dads and wives, girlfriends and children, grandmas and grandpa’s, and the rest are people scared of their own shadows. This landslide is not what you think it is. All it means is that Issue 2 was too hard to understand, so those who might have voted against you stayed home and ordered pizza.

I have watched school levy after school levy get voted down on Tuesday, and go right back on the ballot on Wednesday. That is the union way, if you don’t get what you want the first time through, then push it through again and again until it passes, till the opposition is so worn out they no longer have the will to fight. Why then should not the same tactic be applied to the unions? Did you think that those of us who want to be free of you would just go away? Why would people like me not wish to drive the measure back down your throats, once, twice, or twenty-five more times? It would be my hope that instead of Issue 2 being passed in one large bill as it was that it will be passed as 15 separate bills and that the unions will spend themselves into oblivion defending each and every one of them. Did you think that this would all just go away on the day after the election? No, welcome to our world where taxes are constantly proposed to fuel your tyranny! Those of us who have defeated our tax levies know the fight will never end till the unions are out of the business of government. You did it to yourselves. I do not hate you because of your two legs, two arms and one head; I hate you because you are an instrument of tyranny and your higher taxes are an imposition to my freedom. You ask more of me so that you my live and I demand of you to do for yourself and to leave me alone.

Your nature is revealed in your opposition to becoming a right-to-work state. You wish simply to hold the paychecks of your member’s hostage so they will turn out and vote your way. You want the membership numbers for reasons of extortion, and force. You care not that some of your members seek freedom from your clutches. You only care that they send you a check! THAT IS YOUR NATURE! You are parasites who consume the world around you. You will do anything to win no different from a sleazy thief picking pockets in a Las Vegas casino. I watched you hide behind the firefighters to gain support among the mushy minded masses. Do you think you will be so successful if the firefighters and police were not involved? You should be thankful that the Republicans at least attempted to be honest and fair from their stand point. Me………I would have attacked each union separately, starting with the teachers and severed the flow of money from the NEA into our state politics. Then I would have reformed the FOP and their connection to the AFL-CIO, then maybe the firefighters and their connection to the Trumka gang. I would have also have done so with 20 different bills and forced those groups to fight on every front! Spend 30 million dollars fighting the ability to strike. Spend 30 million dollars fighting the right to collectively bargain. Spend 30 million fighting the insurance premiums. Spend 30 million fighting the right-to-work. Spend 30 million fighting the issue of step increases. Yes unions, you were right, Issue 2 was too sweeping for one swallow. Only 39% of the voters were able to swallow, and the rest sat on their hands in indecision. My plan would have emptied the 1 billion dollars that Obama is sitting on in his election bid and forced him to save his union brothers and sisters in an attempt to win Ohio leaving him with no money to win any other state. You should be thankful that John Kasich and his Republican friends did not attempt to be so malicious. I would have.

Fair? I heard that term over and over during the campaign. Is it fair that one dollar of my money goes to support an organization that I consider detrimental to America? I don’t want my money sent to my local school to pay a teacher to then be converted by union dues and used by the teachers union to fund candidates who are progressive and out to rob my country of its freedom loving nature. Look at the child with a helmet on his bicycle riding 5 MPH as his frightened mother looks on afraid that her little one will splat his brains all over the sidewalk. This is the result of your unions and their attempts to justify their existence by overreaching their authority in the class-room and among the police authority. Look at the fat-fingered politician who creates legislation due to the union lobby in trade for campaign contributions that find themselves in the G-strings of a local stripper, the politician and his comb-over slicked over with French fry oil is using campaign money so his wife doesn’t find out about it. Look at the cops on a Saturday night setting up DUI checkpoints to “rid” society of drunk drivers. What they are really doing is showing that they are overstaffed and need something for those officers to do. The MAD mothers who created much of that “drinking” legislation played right into the hands of the union lobby, and gave them an excuse to mandate insurance, which gave cops something to do, mandate drunk driving laws, which gave cops something to do, and revenue to generate, and gave police the right to pull people over even if they were only on their way to the video store, to take away freedoms of the citizens using safety as the guise. Is it fair that your existence is eroding away my freedoms?

Is it fair that my quality of life is diminished because your mind is like a rock; it absorbs nothing, gradually becomes smaller over time with erosion, and sinks to the bottom of anything it’s tossed in to. Is my life to be attached to yours out of some altruistic fantasy? Am I chained to your lack of ambition for life? Is that what you think?

If I were to bring a company to Ohio, I would not want some parasite union attempting to corrupt my workforce with socialism. I would locate in Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina and other right-to-work states. In those places, if someone wants to organize a union, they can. But the members aren’t forced to join. Unions are a form of cronyism that involves fathers employing their sons, and uncles employing their nephews. It does not guarantee the best employee for the job and performance on that occupation. I have traveled extensively, and I have toured many manufacturing plants, and common to the union facilities are employees who watch TV during their shift. Cross-training is nearly extinct, and there is always a fear that the whole workforce will walk off the job if they become unhappy. Why would Boeing want to locate to South Carolina? TO AVOID LABOR STOPPAGES THAT AFFECTS THEIR ORDERS!

I have never met an enemy of the American system that is as clueless as the typical union worker. And I want no part of them. I will gladly support workers who are not part of a union. If there is a right-to-work option I could see who I can trust and who I can’t. I should have that option! And so should the employee! The only reason a union would be against an employee right-to-work option is to force them into a marriage they can control. What happens to the man who attempts to control his wife by forcing her into a marriage with intimidation and control? The woman may play along for the benefit of her family, but secretly she is scheming against the husband. Secretly she is looking for lovers. Secretly she plays the husband’s friends against him. Secretly she spits in his food when she prepares it, and she denies him sex except when he forces himself on her in a drunken splendor. That is what your employees who want out of the union are doing to you behind your back. Believe me, I know, I hear from them! They are praying that someone come and help them, to break the chains which shackle them to tyranny so that they may spring free!

Unions, you are not as strong as you think you are. Yes, you have many members who are selfish activists to suit your cause. You have built a system constructed on extortion and your members are addicted to the income you’ve stolen on their behalf. But people are waking up. You spent over $30 million dollars and could only get 2 million voters to the ballot box. That is not a task I’d be slapping any back about. It is hardly a mandate to your existence. You could have obtained 2 million votes with only one dollar spent, because it was your internal network that showed up. Not one person more!

So I think it is more than fair to put an amendment to the Ohio Constitution that allows every employee the option to decide if they want to join a union or not. The option should be there for them to make, which is a form of transparency that is much-needed. For all the reason above and many, many more Ohio is a state in need of options. And I personally want to be free of the radicalism of the unions, and I want to support employees who elect to also be free of those tyrannical organizations.

Making Ohio a right-to-work state is a long, long way from what I want, but it is a reasonable concession for the other 99.9% of the state who might not feel as strongly as I do. I would think that all parties involved, unions and non-union would at least honor the right to American freedom, unless I am right about the union intentions, which is to be a dictatorship of socialism that is anti-capitalist in their nature. Because that would be the only reason they’d stand against Ohio becoming a right-to-work state.

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“Dead Men Tell No Tales” : Being the hunter, not the hunted

I love that song and it came to my mind upon the frequent warnings I have received from friends and concerned citizens after the election in November of 2011. After all, I have a lot of enemies, or was that a secret? That song is one that most accurately reflects the spirit I harbor beyond the mask of social convention.

Never-the-less, I am touched by the letters like the one below warning me of the murmurs they are hearing from their circles of associates. For those concerned about my safety just listen to the words of that song and you will hear the ghosts of my past. Yet I do appreciate the concern from the very good people and their prayers sent in my direction such as the one below.


Hi Rich,

I don’t know if you are a believer, but none of this going on is a surprise as the Bible tells us in answer to: What moral conditions will be characteristic of society in the last days?

It’s in the Bible, II Timothy 3:1-5, NIV. “But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with them.”

The real slide came when Roe vs. Wade became law (no, I’m not Catholic) and we care more for the humane treatment of our pets than an unborn human being. Just think what an outcry there would be if dogs and cats were “put down” the way a human being is in the womb. People would go to jail. In the last days “wrong will be called right and right will be called wrong”. That’s a Bible quote but it escapes me right now chapter and verse.

Thanks for your watchful attention and correct assessment of what is going on in our schools and with the unions. You have a real gift. Be careful, Rich, because you will be a target of more than words soon.

Blessings & prayers,


As to that last part, worry not. I have been hunted, and I’ve hunted all my life. When I was younger, my life was very much like that song. Once I was married, my wife was able to calm me down enough to focus my energy intellectually, so if my enemies find that they can’t beat me intellectually, and decide to resort to violence, then that will be to their folly.

Let this post stand to witness that I wish no violence upon those who disagree with me. I am completely confident that all our disputes can be settled in the court of public opinion, in elections and the various activities resulting in debate and politics.


As seen during the Lakota campaign where our signs were stolen and vandalized, I know all too well that the foolish among us, the half-wits, the unsophisticated, the thugs, creeps, goons, punks, losers and so on, will resort to violence when they realize they cannot beat me with intellectual debate. At that time they typically resort to violence or legal action.

Well, there isn’t any violence that I haven’t seen before, and as I’m sure the reports have indicated from those out there who view me as a threat have discovered, I do have a past that is soaked with blood. Also on the legal front, I have also seen much of that as well.  That I am not like that openly now you can thank my wife. She gets full credit for saving many of my foes from a fate that they fully deserve. She has showed me that it can be more fun to beat your enemies with intellect. So give her a round of applause.

But……………………………………………….there is a reason that as much as I’ve said, as much as I’ve put out to millions and millions of people, that tales from those crypts have not emerged. Because………………..

So worry not. It would not be advisable for my adversaries to go down that path. If they aren’t up to the task themselves, chances are I know the people they’d hire. And there aren’t any of them I’m concerned about even if they were all hired at the same time.

The wise thing would be to increase the intellect of my rivals, and I hope that by arguing with them, that they may become better. But if they chose the easy path, the one of violence, then they may learn why more voices from the crypts do not emerge.

Davy Jones locker is sealed up tight.

So to my enemies, enjoy your fantasies, and for your own sake you better keep them that way. And you should send my wife a Christmas card and thank her for being my wife, because if left to my own devices, I would not write, I would not do the radio debates, the stage debates, or the TV. I would do what I’ve done in the past and you wouldn’t like that………………………………………………….

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Legend of the Misty Mountains: The first snow on the Cherohala Skyway

As if the No Lakota Levy campaigns were not enough, my work on Issue 2, my occupations, and my family, I have been working through a critical edit and rewrite on my new book tentatively titled The Tail of the Dragon. My publisher is exploring a title change however to capture the epic quality of the story to something like Legend of the Misty Mountains. But it’s still early. So my mind was spinning late in the night as I was thinking about all these tasks at the same time when a friend of mine from those Misty Mountains sent me the picture you see displayed here.

The Cherohala Skyway received it’s first snow of the year over the weekend and my new book involves a massive car chase upon it’s roads, so my friends from down south who are eagerly awaiting the completion of my novel wanted to send me the lovely site of that first snow upon those scenic wonders where the mind of man and the wonders of nature unite upon the Cherohala Skyway which takes drivers to the mouth of The Dragon along the western frontier of the Great Smoky Mountains.

My editor and I were having the type of banter that writers and editors have. As anyone who reads here can tell, my Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom is more like my personal notes which I share for everyone to see, mistakes and all, because for me it is to capture the ideas as they come and that is the essence of the task. It is the editor’s job to focus those ideas. When you put together a book, which involves many parts of a publishing company, the hand print of others are part of the process, so cuts, re-writes, refocusing key ideas are very important to the end result. So she and I were having this back and forth about what the novel was truly about, because we are at that phase.

I would say, “This book is about how politicians use public officials and legal manipulation to climb into power. That is the essence of how the governor in the story is using the police unions to solidify his bloc voting in a run for the White House.”

She said, “That is certainly an important part of the story, but it’s not the main theme. This is a pirate story. The main character is a pirate, and a violent one at that. This is also a love story, and a journey of self-discovery. It’s much more epic than the political subplot.”

So I mulled her comments around in my mind into the small hours of the morning as I stared at that misty mountain picture. Just a few hours before I had given an interview to The Enquirer over the debacle of Lakota’s school board and all the infighting that is going on. Before that the No Lakota Levy people had one of our meetings and mapped out our ad strategy and assignments for distributing signs. And as I looked at the stat list for this blog site, I noticed that my Stacy Schuler articles had over 4,000 views alone over the last couple of days. The combination of all those elements together sent my mind into a bit of sadness. I have written many, many deeply insightful articles here, and it’s Stacy Schuler which is the most popular. It is quite obvious that the crime of much of my time consumed centers around the lack of participation in most of society to THINK. It is the lack of THINKING from the voters that has allowed the public unions to rule over our politics. It is the LACK of THINKING that has allowed for higher taxes and manipulation of the type of ads which come from the anti-Issue 2 crowd. Those of us who think wonder how people could be so stupid not to see that Issue 2 is a fix, and is fair. But the emotion of the unions works even if they don’t have any facts to back them up. So in many ways my anger at those who don’t think had found it’s way into my novel, even if unintentionally and that anger and rebellion was unmistakable, and my editor had keyed on that emotion by rationalizing that my epic political adventure was actually a modern pirate story.

The roots to this book began ironically in one of my favorite restaurants in the world, and I have dined in some fine places. My wife and I love to eat at the Friday’s restaurant in downtown Gatlinburg. We don’t dine at the one’s here in town, but when in Gatlinburg we like to eat at Friday’s. There is something unique about that particular location, something in the air which I enjoy thoroughly. It may be the large mountains that rise up when you set foot out the front door, or the Ripley’s attractions across the street. Gatlinburg as a place is a thriving center of nearly pure capitalism and I love the area intensely. And I love to sit in the booths at Friday’s in Gatlinburg, where each one has its own flat screen television, and I scratch down notes for future writing projects. It was in this place that this current book was born, this pirate story about fast cars, rediscovered love, and the treachery of politics.

In the south they still enjoy being rebels. They do not pat themselves on the back for bowing down to authority. Down there they still resist, and I think it’s for this reason that so many people from Ohio visit the place each year. It’s not just for the scenic mountains. It’s for the reduced pressure one feels in such a place in political attention. It’s a similar feeling that you can experience in most beach communities and specifically Key West, they all have in common a tendency to look down at authority, with authority being the enforcers of a politician’s goofy ideas. I enjoy visiting places for vacation that embody such qualities and in my entertainment I enjoy the same eminence.

My anger at systems, at orthodox, at wasted money, at stupidity has its roots in this elementary concept. I think we should all be freer as a people, but to be free, it requires people to be somewhat intelligent and to think. It is evident that we are being herded about like animals in a barnyard by masters who consider themselves above us in the political class. If one of those animals declares, “I’m not an animal, I’m a human being” trouble is not far behind that declaration.

As I studied the rift that had developed on the Lakota School Board, due in large part to the information released on this site, which I thought was actually quite insignificant, a higher truth is revealed that I don’t think even the participants understand. The people on the school board want to be taken out of the “herd” and be considered as part of the political ruling class, and that’s why they are so interested in getting elected for a nothing job. The essence of all corruption is present in even a simple job involving no money for the participants, and even then, power struggles will erupt because people desire to be released from the HERD.

Rather than join the political ruling class I turn to writing, and vacations in exotic locations, and I find solace in places like the Cherohala Skyway and the Friday’s in Gatlinburg. My anger at that political ruling class comes out in my writing whether it be here as my personal thoughts and notes, or the more sophisticated and potent new novel that will be released during 2012 which ended up being a modern pirate story.

Such releases are important, especially when you involve yourself in the small-mindedness of the herds who all wish to rule. The clutter and mess they leave in their wake are frustrating and to level with them in an attempt to help them is like speaking to a rock. They do not have the capacity to understand what you are trying to tell them. And to keep from going over the deep end in anger I jot down notes on napkins, my hand, and on the bags of the cloths my wife has purchased, while we eat cheese sticks at Friday’s in Gatlinburg.

So knowing that, and with my editors consent, we will pursue this theme of the pirate against the masses of government, and I will enjoy every word written, every phrase turned and every act of rebellion contained within it, because such a story is needed for all those who have a mind to think and appreciate with sincerity the first snow on a mountain roadway in a land that refuses to bow it’s head in submission to mindless authority.

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Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

The Symposium of Justice: The gamble of Rich Hoffman

If it is once again one against forty-eight, then I am very sorry for the forty-eight.
Margaret Thatcher (b. 1925), British Conservative politician, prime minister. Quoted in: Daily Telegraph (London, 25 Oct. 1989), referring to the 1989 Commonwealth Conference.

That quote from Margaret Thatcher accurately sums up my reasons for putting out the book, The Symposium of Justice back in 2004. Recently at the Annie Oakley Wild West Showcase in Greenville, Ohio many of my friends from there had been talking about my 2004 book and how prophetic it now seemed in 2011, and it took me on a journey down memory lane about the content of that artistic work. As I ate Chinese food from a fairground vender my wife and I had a discussion about just how crazy many of the things I wrote about in The Symposium were at the time of its publication, and ironically how true many of those things had become in a world that is clearly headed in the direction of events written about in The Symposium of Justice.

My publisher back then was against the entire book. There were many arguments about content, which resulted in a rushed publication date. The editor who was working from an office in Paris quit altogether leaving the entire editing process to my wife, who can read and edit basically, but she wasn’t a professional editor but she stepped in to meet our deadlines. The conflict basically went like this, “Mr. Hoffman, what are you thinking? You open the book with the attempted rape of a young girl by a disgusting pedophile. You have old women who are terribly rude dissected by some future race of aliens thousands of years in the future. You go off on some tangent where there is a dragon slayer hunting dragons! Then you have a group of rebels launching an attack on Washington D.C. with flying cars! ARE YOU CRAZY! You’ll get no positive reviews within the United States. No paper will provide an endorsement. No TV station will touch this material. I mean you’re main plot point is that you have this vigilante running around in the night like some kind of Batman character using bullwhips to punish criminals, and trying to free society from a mind control device that is emitted in radio waves which affect the brain and make people do things they wouldn’t otherwise do! Mr. Hoffman, we advise you to rewrite this material, to stick with the primary storyline of the vigilante and expand on that character arch. You need to make this novel much more contemporary (progressive). As it is now, it belongs in a dime store saloon in Nevada, 1890. This type of pulp literature won’t even resonate with young people in the comic book market! The main character, this CLIFFHANGER/Fletcher Finnegan has absolutely no weaknesses. He seems to be a superman able to fight off thousands of enemies all by himself! Where is the conflict in that? What is he afraid of? Even Superman had Kryptonite which gave him human appeal. Your character is the perfect man, and there are no perfect men, so how can the audience relate?”

I remember that conversation so well because I was standing on the phone in the middle of Comp USA at the time buying a new computer and the French editor, exasperated with me put her boss on the line, another French guy who spoke good English, but definitely had a French accent as he spoke, every word had a kind of accentuated thrust at the beginning of each sentence. My publisher at the time was a Canadian company. Being my first book, I couldn’t get the big New York publishers interested, so I turned to Victoria, Canada, capital of British Columbia to a publisher who would carry the title if I put up the upfront cost of publishing, which I did. My editor and company contact however was in the Paris, France office which is why they even took the time to speak to me, because I was paying them upfront. That company was purchased by an American firm a few years ago and they are now located outside of Indianapolis, Indiana, and they still carry the title only under different ownership. But even under those conditions, the publisher of my book had serious concerns. They hadn’t seen anything like it and weren’t sure what to do about bringing it to the market place.

In duress prior to a rewrite my wife and I took a trip to Niagara Falls and stayed at the Marriott Fallsview Hotel and Spa to get away from our normal environment for the weekend and talk about what to do about the book. We went to Canada because the publisher was in Canada and I wanted to put my mind in a unique setting so I could think clearly on the issue, and Clifton Hill like Gatlinburg and International Street in Orlando, Florida is a hotbed of commercialism, audaciousness, and imagination. Walking around the commercial districts targeting an international audience which seemed appropriate since The Symposium of Justice was an international publishing effort my wife told me, “It’s your book, your vision. I think it’s great. It’s our story, it’s about our struggles. It’s your autobiography, your heart, your soul. If you want to change it to match the publisher recommendations it’s your call. It’s also your writing career.”

I remember looking at the Ripley’s Believe It or Not exhibit as she said this and thinking what a monstrosity of commercialism it was. “If I stick with it, my writing career may be a short one.”

She looked at me, the blinking neon lights of Clifton Hill glittering in the slight chill of an October, Canadian evening and said, “it was you who ran around in the night with your whips trying to catch that rapist and protect your family, it was your family the police targeted because you wanted to expose that drug trade they were covering up, it was you who worked that second job as a cook to make up the financial difference of what we needed as a family, so you could spy on the local teenagers and find out who the dealers were, it was you who have spent nearly two decades reading mythology and philosophy in your “spare” time. If you want to listen to some French chick that’s about five years older than your own kids, just so you can sell more copies of the book, then do it. It’s your writing career. But think about what you admire, the artists you’ve enjoyed who society sometimes takes a century or even more to appreciate because the writer is so far out ahead of the rest of the world. The ideas you stick by in this book will follow you all your life and then some.”

We returned from that trip and I had decided to throw all the dice out there and keep the book pretty much the way I had written it.

Chapter 1: Scarface the Rapist: A convict is released from jail and encouraged by law enforcement to harass the pubic with fear by raping a young girl, so the public would support more law enforcement. The rape is interrupted by a vigilante named Cliffhanger who beats the rapist to near death with two bullwhips leaving the community split on how they feel about it. Cliffhanger gives the young girl a manifesto called “The Symposium of Justice” to be published in the local newspaper which includes Cliffhanger’s Ten Rules for living, and numerous stories written by Cliffhanger to make the argument publicly on the merits of the vigilante versus the rule of law.

Chapter 2: Stereotypical Reality: is the story published in the town paper of two vain women who are contemplating why they should live forever. One of the women is extremely wealthy and is considering a new technology called cryogenics, to freeze her body upon death to be awaked at some future time when technology can revive her. This woman realizing that she is virtually immortal becomes audaciously arrogant and rude to other people as the natural wisdom of age is interfered with the illusion that death is not on her horizon, so she reverts to a teenage mindset. When the public has had too much of her rudeness she is killed and revived in the distant future to find an alien race has found her body and is using it to perform genetic engineering to build slaves for themselves.

Chapter 3: The Veil Master: The mayor of the town hires an assassin to kill Cliffhanger for interfering with his plans with the rapist. The assassin is an arm of “The System” a progressive global group of which the mayor is attempting to climb in political power. The mayor reveals that the entire town is under a scientific experiment he is developing for “The System” which emits a radio wave that directly affects the pituitary gland in the human brain and makes citizens behave impulsively in ways they can control. The mayor explains to the assassin that if the results of his town are positive, then “The System” will be able to employee the same “mind controlling” methods all over the world.

Chapter 4: The Perilous Bed: Another story published in the town paper which Cliffhanger introduces his Ten Rules for Living to the community, hoping to fight off the mind control methods of “The System.” It’s about a young knight who wants to marry the daughter of a much respected noble. He thinks that by cutting off the head of a dragon, it will earn him the right to ask the noble for permission. The noble turns the dragon head offering down, but invites the kid to attempt to stay on a magical bed, in a magical room that will hurl three perilous tests at the young man. If the kid survives, he earns the right to ask the nobles daughter to marry him. (This was a story intended for my son-in-law which he understood)

Chapter 5: The Overman: A grill cook, the fastest man around who is mysteriously wealthy and married to the much respected town council woman Misty Finnegan, works with the local teenagers at a popular restaurant in town. Fletcher Finnegan has frequent duels with the local teenagers who respect the older man very much, but consider his thoughts “out dated” for the times. Fletcher seems to be particularly interested in a young girl who works at the restaurant as a cashier, who is the older sister to the little girl who suffered the rape attempt. The cashier is currently dating a kid who also works at the popular restaurant called, Republics. That kid is a known drug dealer and argues often with Fletcher Finnegan about morality.

Chapter 6: Return of the Flying Tigers: Another story published in the local paper to justify the vigilantism of Cliffhanger. America is in a civil war. The coastal regions have turned against the interior of the nation. A group of video game freedom fighters are recruited by an old man to lead a rag-tag offensive against the nations forces stationed over Washington D.C. Using M400 Skycars, the old man hopes to have a tactical advantage over the best defense the military has in scoring a psychological battle for the resistance by bombing the air craft carriers stationed at Annapolis Military Academy.

Chapter 7: Fran Calls: A follow-up story in the newspaper is about Hurricane Fran when it hit Chapel Hill, North Carolina and a group of tree trimmers head to the region to help with the clean-up and get rich over the insurance claims. As the work dries up, fights break out among the workers that could lead to death as everyone fights for the remaining money left as civilization returns to the region in the wake of the disaster.

Chapter 8: The Veil of Knowledge: The town mayor takes the assassin and the assassin’s personal army of specialized killers to the location of the mind control device, which is hidden in a water tower just outside of town. They are all given medallions which absorb the invisible radio waves leaving them immune to the effects of the powerful impulses. A plan is set to capture and kill Cliffhanger brutally by setting a trap.

Chapter 9: Tabernacles of Joyless Lust: A newspaper story about a real-estate agent trying to repair a deal gone bad. The agent is in an affair with her boss who is using the relationship against the woman plunging her into a law suit against her clients whom she is particularly fond of.

Chapter 10: River Dual: The mayor and his assassins raid the riverside home of a local gunsmith for two reasons. They want to make an example of the man for his support of firearms, and they hope to lure Cliffhanger out into the light of day for an epic battle which is exactly what happens. The mayor and all his assassins, except for the primary one, are killed in the battle. The primary barely escapes with his life.

Chapter 11: The Other Side of the Fence: The last newspaper story to be seen by the public, a young divorcee has found herself in the arms of a very abusive man. The man appeared to be everything a young woman dreams of until she leaves her husband and lets the new man move in. Once the man is in her home she finds he’s not what he advertised, and is now in fear of the man not only for herself but her young child.

Chapter 12: Salad Bar Goddess: The assassin is sent to an upscale restaurant near the town where his career took a nose dive. This “hit” given to him by “The System” is a chance at redemption for his failure at the river. His target is the outspoken Fletcher Finnegan who has been all over the newspapers and television recently speaking out against the policies of “The System.” The assassin’s job is to locate the man, kill him in a highly public place in front of his family, and send the subtle message to the town that resistance is futile. At the restaurant where Finnegan is reported to be at, the assassin sees the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen at the salad bar. He recognizes the woman as Misty Finnegan, whom he remembered the slain mayor had been trying to get into his bed, and was denied much to his frustration. The assassin is then shocked to find that the woman is strangely unconcerned about his presence as she returns to her table where her small children are eating with her husband, making eye contact with the assassin several times with pity on her face. Then the assassin makes eye contact with her husband and discovers it is he who is the target of his assassination. It is Fletcher Finnegan himself, and he is aware of the assassin’s presence also, as he stares him down from across the room. The assassin looking into the eyes of Finnegan is startled to see absolutely no fear there, which is an emotion he is not prepared for. He had never met a man without any fear behind his eyes of any kind. It was at that moment that the assassin had seen that same look in the eyes of Cliffhanger, and that the two men were one in the same.

The assassin is filled with envy, at the direction of his sad and pathetic life. He suddenly realizes that his entire life has been nothing more than slavery to “The System.” He is jealous of Finnegan for being enough of a man to be able to have a woman like Misty Finnegan, because such a woman could have her pick of any man. And she didn’t pick Finnegan because of money, prestige, or any level of power. She picked him because he was good. And no woman of any worth would ever want the assassin for anything other than being a thug, a brute, a mere puppet to his masters.

The assassin realizes that if he wanted to do one good thing in his life, he’d let Fletcher and his family live, because he was on the wrong side, clearly. He nods to Fletcher and proceeds to leave the restaurant where he throws himself in front of a truck on a highway to commit suicide. The assassin knows that “The System” will hunt him for not completing the contract so he’ll be killed eventually anyway. At least this way, he can do it on his terms.


I remember when the Pulse Journal came to my house to do an interview about my book when it came out in the spring of 2004. He wanted to talk about my whips but wasn’t sure how to make such depressing topics appealing in a newspaper article to the general population. I had the same trouble at book stores and other media events, where the focus of the story was on my use of bullwhips, but nobody wanted to touch the content of the story, rape, murder, civil war, mind control, drug trafficking, spies, global conspiracies, it was just too much for the general public to accept, and the media was lost in how to cover it.

The book was obviously extremely anti-progressive, which was well before anybody was talking about what a progressive was. It sold to my friends in the Western Arts community who bought it because the hero had a whip and it reminded them of Zorro, but they were uneasy with the heavy political overtones and scientific basis behind the mind control plot, as were many people who weren’t prepared to deal with such things.

I reminded them that the old Republic serial called Zorro’s Fighting Legion had a similar story line. It was over the top stuff and fun, but it also taught kids valuable lessons about fighting for what they believed in. But as many of them told me then, society has “outgrown that kind of entertainment.”

It took me a while to get over some of the self-criticism I had about the book because every aspect of it was uphill. But as my wife had told me, “why are you writing this? Is it to become wealthy, is it to have a career as a writer, or is it to create a work of art that will stand the test of time?” I picked the later.

It has been only recently where people who have bought it have made excited comparisons to Atlas Shrugged and other kinds of art work that has direct appeal to those in the Tea Party movement. Well, I didn’t even know about Atlas Shrugged when I wrote Symposium. I wrote Symposium based on observations I had been making about the direction of the world, and I wanted to put those observations into a format of “pulp fiction” that people understood and could relate with to articulate that message.

A cowboy friend of mine approached me at The Annie Oakley Festival last weekend and told me, “I thought you were a little off the deep end when I read that book 7 years ago, but you know what, it don’t seem so crazy now.”

I smiled at the guy. “Who would have ever thought?” He was there when I did book signings of that book all those years ago and the public bought it because they saw me performing and wanted something of mine to take home to their friends with my signature in it. Most people didn’t understand the book at all, and told me as much the following year. But the people who did were people many would consider “conspiracy theorists.” I had people travel the length of the country to meet me the following year just to shake my hand because my book, “spoke to them.” But in talking with these people, it was obvious they were the social extremists out there and while I appreciated their support, I was frustrated that the general population just didn’t get it.

At a film festival a few years ago Gery Deer laughed at the small line of people who seemed to follow me everywhere I went, he’d call them “Hoffman’s radical groupies.” He knew the obsessive type; they were similar to those who frequent Star Trek Conventions, and Star Wars events. Only these were “conspiracy theory nerds” and they would line up to have their picture taken with me.

“I feel like an idiot posing for pictures with these guys,” I’d say to Gery.

“Hey, they’re fans. Be happy you have them. Some artists work their whole life to get one fan that will drive across the country to have their picture taken with them.” He’d pat me on the back. “You have a nice little handful.”

My wife would sit back and smile, knowing that those types of activities were something I didn’t enjoy doing. “I didn’t want to appeal to just the radical fringe,” I’d say to her.

At the hotel in Cleveland, at a film festival where I won a screenwriting award for a different project, but had been receiving a lot of comments about The Symposium she said to me at the pool while I was swimming, “Do you remember the homeless guy in the movie Always, who Richard Dreyfuss as a ghost was talking through. The homeless guy was one of those guys who just saw too much, and was close to the edge of death, so close that he could see beyond his surroundings. You’re like that only you have learned to function in the world like a normal human being. Many of these people haven’t learned to do that. They see TOO much, so they seem crazy to the rest of the world that is really just half asleep. That is the pain of being too awake, is that you run the risk of having your brain fried.”

She was right, and this comment went back to the one that started it all back in Niagara Falls, that time and perception would catch up if I let it. The important thing was to put it down on paper and let the art speak for itself.

This is fresh on my mind now, because more and more people are thanking me for writing The Symposium of Justice and even though I have put that book on the shelf and am moving on to new projects, it gives me great pleasure to know that it is touching people’s lives. So to those of you who wanted to know the story of how that book came to be, and why I don’t talk about it much, it’s because for one, I think it’s cheesy when involved in high-profile cases like I am, to always be pimping a book. That book for me is something that has meaning beyond these current years, so it’s not important to me to have my ego massaged with a boost in sales. It’s more important to deal with the issues of the day, which currently is protecting S.B.5 and fighting school levies which are obvious crimes against the tax payers. But the creative side of me does enjoy knowing that people are touched by something that was extremely difficult, and controversial to create, that fell short of my quality standards because of the circumstances under which it was produced, but the heart of the project remained uniquely in place because I had angered everyone involved in publishing and marketing to bring to being something that was WAY out in front of the political curb.

And for that I’m very proud. When you take on an endeavor where you are outnumbered by a lot, and you stick to your guns because you know in your heart that you are right, it feels wonderful to have that weight lifted off your shoulders as the times prove that the numbers against you were wrong, as usual.


Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Me………..Too Hard on Cops: The buffoons of politics

The people who have read my early draft of Tail of the Dragon, my new book due out in 2012 all have had a common reaction, “Great story, but wow, you really hate cops!”

No, it’s not that I hate cops. I hate politics, and police officers enforce the law of politicians. I see many of the laws that are currently on the books in any city, state, or federal ledger to be simple work creation measures designed to give law makers something to do, a way to justify the enormous amounts of money we pay them in public office. Sometimes, the police that are hired to enforce, “the law” have legitimate claims to danger such as bank robberies, drug busts, and armed confrontations. But most of the time and we all know this, police offers don’t have a whole lot to do, so they become the minions of the bloated politician and the rules they have created who have lost all common sense. Case in point, the video below is of a group of young girls who want to raise money to go to a water park by selling lemonade. The police shut down the stand because it is against “the law.”

The permit process is largely created under the guise of authenticating an endeavor. The original thinking is that if people will take the time to get a permit, then some measure of control can be enforced by whoever issues the permit, and that is for the public good. But like all things in politics, permits have become a cash cow and a form of abuse culminating into complete breakdowns of rationality, such as what happened to these poor little girls.

But it doesn’t end there. Police are law enforcement created to enforce the law. They are not law contemplators. They take orders like blind machines and do not question the authenticity of their superiors. If a law is bad, they have no opinion. If a prosecutor or some other law-maker wants to twist the wording of a city ordinance for their own ends, then the police can be called in like a private army to wreck the lives of whomever is at fault, whether those at fault are even aware of their illicit deeds. Because nobody can claim ignorance to the law, even if the wording is something you think you understand. If the prosecutor “interprets” the wording differently than you do, then you will be in court to battle out the definition and case-law will be created off your case. This is the situation with the woman in this next video; she is building an organic garden under what she believes to be the law. But a politician looking to make a name for himself doesn’t like it, so he is shutting it down, or trying to.

A common occurrence in dealing with any large organization private or public is that accountability is often less enforced because of the sheer number of people employed. This makes dealing with them a real problem especially when a mistake is made on their end. In the video below the homeowner went to jail and lost everything because of a bank error and it was the police who showed up and put him in jail. Because the interpretation of the law almost always favors lawmakers and those lawmakers are closely tied to those who give them campaign donations for their elected office, the police can be made to completely serve the needs of those with power.

Meanwhile it is all of us who pay taxes that fund the entire enterprise. We are funding our own demise.

Without some sort of check’s and balance system which is what court is supposed to be, the law will grow itself out of control. Small ordinances created with good intentions will shut down the lemonade stands of little girls trying to learn to become entrepreneurs, or people participating in self-reliance by growing their own food. Or homeowners who get stuck trusting the system and being caught in the middle of an error, spending the weekend in jail and having their assets seized while a bunch of public employee buffoons try to figure out what to do and how to cover up their mistake. It is the police that these public officials use to perpetuate their activity. We are headed toward this type of situation which can be seen in Greece, where secret police dressed in plain clothes are able to arrest people from the crowd, because “the law” states it’s for the public good.

So is my story, the Tail of the Dragon anti-cop. No. But it does question the validity of law enforcement and the entire process from which law is created and then used against the tax payers who paid for it. All too often what we discover in any reasonable investigation is that the law was used to make somebody wealthy, and law enforcement was there like a personal army to advance the strategic position of those in power to gain an advantage over those they seek to crush.

Police are needed to some extent to keep some order in the world. But how much is too much, and what power should they be given? For me, as a general rule, if a cop has time to sit on the side of the road and pull people over for speeding, or for not having on a seat belt, then that is one cop too many. If that is all that officer has to do but harass the public for more money, then we are wasting our money on that employee. Because it’s such people who will come to your house to arrest you for some run-in with the law, whether it’s your child setting up a lemonade stand, or you not growing in your front yard what the politicians think you should be, or worse and most likely, you’ll find yourself in the middle of a bank error. It will be the cop who’s doing nothing on the side of the road who will be on call to serve the needs of corrupt politics, and the scam is ultimately on you, the tax payer. Because it was you who put that cop on the street to begin with, with a great salary, and attractive pension under the watchful care of a public sector union, the FOP, which is so closely tied to politics they might as well be the same thing. No, I’m not too hard on the police in my book.

Just hard enough……………………

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Why Progressives Hate Westerns: Red Dead Redemption against Americans United for Change

I had four choices demanding my time Thursday night; one was a School Choice event at Van Gordon Elementary. That’s an event I wanted to attend more for moral support than anything. I am a believer in it, so there isn’t much I could learn from the meeting. The second was an invite to go see the premier of the new film Priest down at the Rave Movie Theater. I enjoy those kinds of things, but my primary occupation had my mind on overdrive, with many problems to solve over the next 24 hours, so a movie on a Thursday night wasn’t the most responsible thing to do when Excel spreadsheets should be filling my vision. The third thing is homework, for that same occupation. Sometimes you need more than 24 hours in a day, and this is one of them. But a person has to know how to manage their time, so I picked my fourth option, I played Red Dead Redemption.


Well, I love the game, I love the songs in the game, and I love what it’s about. For those of you that don’t know what Red Dead Redemption is, let me bring you up to speed. It’s a video game for Xbox that is set in the Wild West as the Progressive era is taking over the individuality that settled the country. The game is wonderfully done, and the action is set up wonderfully. Here is the way the game begins. Pay special attention to the characters on the train. They are wonderfully depicted to illustrate progressive era politics. The lone rider of course represents the main character, a loner, one of the last of his kind that is observing all these changes around him as an introduction to the clash of progressivism and American individualism.

Video games like this one have taken over what films used to do, and that is illustrating complicated themes into entertainment. Red Dead Redemption, while intended to be an action packed shooter, is wonderfully insightful, philosophical, and places the player into the context of history. The game is about, a world that is losing its innocence, and freedom.

What brought up my desire to revisit this beloved video game is a website I ran across in my research today. I discovered Americans United For Change, a very progressive group.


And they produce videos like this.

Americans United For Change is everything that’s wrong with our current country. When I read their mission statement, it reminded me of a letter I received last September from a union leader that accused me of wanting to take the country back to the days of the Wild West after I produced this video that was featured on

This person reflected many of these progressive types that have worked very hard to pull America into a direction of their design, which I completely disagree with. Listen to the mission statement of AUFC in their words.

AUFC has challenged the far-right conservative voices and ideas that for too long have been mistaken for mainstream American values. In the process, we helped create a groundswell for a return to the traditional progressive values that have defined America—economic fairness, opportunity, national and economic security and democratic leadership.

Today we are building on that success through national campaigns that utilize grassroots organizing, polling and message development, earned and paid media, online organizing, grass-tops outreach and paid and volunteer phones to pass the transformational legislation coming out of the Obama White House.

After reading that, I usually have to take a minute to listen to music like this, which is the standard music on my IPod. The following songs are from Red Dead Redemption, which is heavily inspired by the Spaghetti Westerns of the late 1960’s.
Some sample music.

Progressives love to make things more complex then they need to be, that’s how they pull the con game on people. They are like Las Vegas card dealers that hope the pretty lights, easy alcohol and scantily dressed women will alter your judgment. The reason I like westerns is that they seek to get to the bottom of a situation, not to complicate things needlessly.
If I had a nickel for every time a progressive wrote me or left me a comment that “westerns are a simplistic view of existence,” I’d have vast amounts of wealth. My response to these people is, if something is too complex to understand, it’s because the con is hidden in the confusion. Everything in human existence can be explored into its simplest form. If it is not, then the philosopher, the scientist, the mathematician, the teacher, has not done their job correctly. That’s why the westerns done by Sergio Leone, Clint Eastwood and redone by the makers of Red Dead Redemption have a lasting impact in American culture. Those old westerns even to this day are loved by millions, and for good reason. They offer a truth that is hard to get, and progressives are scared to death of the truth. Progressives take great measures to avoid the truth even from themselves. They thrive in chaotic environments. They enjoy drunken splendors where avoiding the responsibility of thinking are honorable activities among their kind. In the western, a drunk is the fool that ends up dead. In the progressive mind, the drunk is the “party animal” that is honored with trophies. Such an example would be the film, The Hangover where four fools have a massive bachelor party in Vegas and end up passed out forgetting what happened. That’s the plot of the movie! That is also the result of progressive ideology. The myth of a culture, the kind of stories it tells, reflects the culture itself. In a progressive culture, such films, like The Black Swan, and The Hangover reflect the values of the culture. It’s quite understandable why people in a progressive culture wouldn’t understand the values displayed in a western. Because the concepts of individuality, and rugged conquest where life and death are only moments apart are far away from the progressive mind, which seeks with every breath in its body, safety. The progressive will trade freedom for safety whenever the two are offered together.

The reason why England has lasted as long as it has is because it has at least held on to its identity. They have their monarchy, and even though I think having a king is an archaic idea, it’s at least something they believe in as a cultural identity. The Japanese are in the same situation, they celebrate their samurai culture. The myths and traditions of the samurai are very sacred to the Japanese. In America, it’s the cowboy. The reality of frontier living isn’t what’s important. But what the cowboy represents to American culture is. Progressives have managed to discredit the myth of the cowboy with the plight of the Native American, just as they have done using the black man against the founding fathers, framing in American minds that the United States began after the Civil War, and not in 1776. Progressives seek to destroy the myths of our culture so they can replace them with new ones created by them.

Mythology is the most important aspect of a culture. Without a societies myths, the culture will fail.

The myths that the progressive propels as honorable is despicable, vile behavior of interdependence. This is why Hollywood is losing money and must resort to all the comic book adoptions to generate fresh revenue. This year it’s Thor, last year it was Iron Man 2. In years past it was Spiderman. Hollywood has tried twice to deal with The Incredible Hulk. The first was a good film by Ang Lee that I enjoyed, but it suffered miserably at the box-office. So Hollywood tired again and did a bit better the second time. But Sylvester Stallone was on to something when he said our action heroes got watered down when Tim Burton’s Batman came out in 1989. Batman fits the progressive model, a hero with some screws loose. So Tim Burton set the pace for future action heroes that didn’t have to have real muscle or strength, but could put on an outfit and become strong through technology. During this mythic journey over the years characters like Superman have become less about the American way, and more of a progressive. Recently Superman renounced his citizenship. I understand that the upcoming Captain America is following a similar path. We’ll see how that turns out.

But where are the fresh, ideas coming out of progressive Hollywood? Is anybody but Pixar, who ironically has the most iconic character in Woody, played by Tom Hanks, who is a cowboy, doing anything memorable? Where are the Davy Crockets, made popular by Walt Disney, or the Daniel Boone’s made popular in novels by Alan Eckert. Who is the modern John Wayne…………….Johnny Depp, who’s most iconic role to date is a drunken fool of a pirate? What about the next Clint Eastwood? Who can do those kinds of myths anymore? Robert Duval? He does a good job with westerns, but he’s also an old timer. Who are the people of the next generation? Gerald Butler?

For that matter, why are all the strongest leading men now in Hollywood these days Australian? Is it because the United States isn’t making men anymore? Why does Hollywood have to look to other countries for “men?” Where are the modern Harrison Fords? Burt Reynolds? Steve MacQueens? Lee Majors?

That’s the heart of the problem, America isn’t making them. Progressives have infected our culture to such an extent that we’ve finally hit a generation of lost children that have forgotten how to be men leaving women hungry in the sheets of their beds for the secret thoughts of a real man to rescue them. Hollywood used to satisfy that market need by putting men up on the silver screen so women would by a ticket. But not any more. Women are going to the movies to watch girly men, as Arnold Swarchenegger calls them. That’s why Arnold dumped his wife recently, to fill that market role as a reemerging action film star as a 60 something year old man. That’s also why Harrison Ford played a 70 year old Indiana Jones for the fourth time, because nobody else can. Spielberg and Lucas tried to put Shia Labeouf in position, practically placing the hero role in his lap with Transformers and Indy 4, but the kid just doesn’t have it in his eyes. He’s a good all American kid, but the problem is; it’s the wrong kind of American kid. He’s a kid from progressive America, and American’s don’t truly like those types of people in their movies.

Young Guns led by all the hot young actors of the day led like Emilio Estevez and music by Bon Jovi tried to resurrect the western with a bit of a progressive spin, but it didn’t hold up in a progressive mythology. People have rejected it after a few years, because westerns must fight the progressive in order for the plot to work. Not the other way around.

People don’t want to honor the weak with the price of their movie ticket. Unless they can justify their own bad behavior with a film like Something About Mary, or The Hangover. As far as the kind of film a family can sit down and watch together, and have the values of the culture ooze into the inquiring minds of the viewers, those kinds of things just aren’t being made anymore.

Except in some video games, where the tradition lives on.

That’s why I played Red Dead Redemption and let everything else fall by the way-side for an evening. It’s nice to roam around in an environment where things make sense, where the progressives are the villains instead of the heroes, and doing good is actually rewarded, and evil is castigated. Red Dead Redemption is just such a place, and I am thankful for it.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Sex Trade in Rio: The World and Motivations behind Eyes Wide Shut

Barrack Obama’s disappearance to South American in a time of extreme crises looks suspiciously contemptuous. His relationship with “big labor” and even the George Soro types in the world that are intent on remaking the world is deeply troubling to the minds of many Americans that are committed to honesty and fundamental American values.

I recently wrote an article criticizing the president on his trip listing all the troubles that are currently on the table and one of them was the NFL lockout. Well, of course this got a reaction, because how is the NFL lockout as important as the tsunami in Japan? Well, it’s not. But in the secret recesses of the human mind, it is. The NFL is the game of the American Economy. The “men of the mind” buy boxes and move and shake the world from those seats on Sunday afternoons while gladiators batter each other on the field of play yard by yard. Taking that game out of the public consciousness will have an impact on our national consciousness in a negative way.

Thinking of sports, each year there are stories of athletes that attempt a competitive edge by use of steroids, or some other method. Well, in business, the same holds true, or in any other endeavor.

A few years ago I wrote a book called The Symposium of Justice that explored through the eyes of a modern Zorro type character the sinister exploits of a secret world that attempts to gain such competitive advantage over others by appeasing “the gods” or “demons” or whatever you want to call them. These rituals, which I can testify to, have their sources in ancient sacrifices where humans were killed to appease those gods. Well, to the American, Christian mind, such things are preposterous and archaic ways of thinking. But those societies that participated in such brutality such as those in central America 1000 AD to 1500 AD particularly, Native American cultures, Mesopotamia, and head hunting cultures of New Guinea all had rituals to appease the hidden elements that exist all around us in a hope that such aid would help grow better crops, or bring water to the community.

I know a few people who are practicing shaman, one that lives in St. Louis and she invited my wife and me to a spiritual gathering recently. Below is a video from her friend Chief Golden Light/Eagle who comes often to Serpent Mound, Ohio for yearly ceremonies to explain some of the mysteries between human beings and the world around us. Now to the untrained ear stuck in the world of the here and now, some of this will sound strange. Remember, just because you don’t understand, does not mean these things don’t exist.

Similar powers are explored often in the culture of voodoo, which you can find easily in the south. In fact, it’s not difficult to find a practicing voodoo priest if you go Hilton Head Island or Savannah Georgia. Many are working as dish washers in the back rooms of restaurants and they live in small trailers or even tents just outside of town, but they can certainly conger up a voodoo doll or reach into the spirit realm for you for a small fee, and bring bad luck on an enemy, or even cause an enemy to get seriously sick.

This is why I find the film Eyes Wide Shut particularly fascinating. Stanley Kubrick, creator of 2001 A Space Odyssey and The Shining jumped into the world of the rich and powerful that attempt to use sex drugs and violence to curry favor with the spirit world. Now, Kubrick was no kook. He was a serious and very talented filmmaker and he spent many, many hours researching the shocking video you will see below. He actually did what the character Tom Cruise did in the film; he snuck into these secret societies and studied what was going on and why. He depicted this action in his film, and he did not live to see it delivered to theaters. Tom Cruise violently protected the final cut of the film with his reputation, which he paid for. The film was delivered to the public as Kubrick intended, but the professional lives of Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman were forever tarnished by the film, proving how deep the influence goes into even the very rich and powerful. In fact, Cruise and Kidman’s marriage didn’t last. They divorced shortly after the film was released. Cruise buried himself into scientology shortly thereafter and lost credibility with the public at large.

Here is an edited clip from the films ritual scene.

You can see the whole ritual scene at this link which I’ll avoid on this page because it contains graphic nudity. Now when you watch this remember that the women brought into this ceremony are common prostitutes bought though the sex trade industry and drugged with aphrodisiacs so they’d be prepared for the mass orgy.

Steve Spielberg even came in for the DVD release and helped maintain the integrity of the film, which appears to have cost him his career as well. Spielberg is only a fraction of what he used to be as a creative talent.

So what’s in the chant? You’d think by watching that clip that it is a demonic chant, but it’s not. Here’s the translation.
Romanian Chant (In the movie, it is played backwards. Here are the normal version, backwards version and translation)

Normal Version

Zisa Domnului catre ucenicii sai…Porunca noua dau voua…Domnului sa ne rugam pentru mila, viata, pacea, sanatatea, mantuirea, cercetarea, lasarea si iertarea pacatelor robilor lui Dumnezeu. Inchinatori, miluitori si binefacatori ai sfantului lacasului acestuia.

Backwards Version

Auov uad auon acnurop ias iicinecu ertac iulunmod asiz… Aiutseca iulusacal iulutnafs ia irotacafenib is irotiulim irotanihcni.
Uezenmud iul rolibor roletacap aeratrei is aerasal aeratecrec aeriutnam aetatanas aecap ataiv alim urtnep magur en as iulunmod. Auov uad auon acnurop ias iicinecu ertac iulunmod asiz…

Pray from India

Parithranaya Saadhunam Vinashaya cha dushkrithaam Dharmasamsthabanarth aya Sambhavami yuge yuge


And God told to his apprentices…I gave you a command…to pray to the Lord for the mercy, life, peace, health, salvation, the search, the leave and the forgiveness of the sins of God’s children. The ones that pray, they have mercy and they take good care of this holy place.

It would appear, much like in the Old Testament of the Bible that many who wish to social climb still believe that the spirit world will appease their earthly wishes if those that have command of the earth will make ritual sacrifices in the name of God’s children. Now those sacrifices aren’t necessarily to Yahweh but to what the Bible might refer to as“false gods.”
Whatever you believe, it is clear that there are many, who do believe such things, and they attempt to monopolize not just our physical laws in our state houses, and federal government, but they do play this game of spirit world appeasement. Whether or not it actually works is up to debate. But for such a long human tradition to endure for so long, results are believed to be promising, even among our current elite, which Kubrick studied in great detail.

My point in bringing this up is that it is obvious that there is more to the story of what is behind the obvious neglect by our elected officials to follow the laws of the Constitution. There are some, although in the minority, that are corrupt and evil to the absolute core of their being, and do believe that they will personally prosper by bringing decadence to the world. And that if anything is to be fixed, it will not be enough to fix only our understanding of the law as established in the Constitution, but we will have to have a spiritual awaking as well, one that does not subscribe to warped religious practices and a hunger for things done in secret in an attempt to get a spiritual advantage.

It is not farfetched to consider such things. Daily, millions of people read their horoscopes, which is a gateway acceptance to this type of ritualistic indulgence.

Case in point, the violence on the border of the United States and Mexico is clearly a situation that should provoke war. But instead we see appeasement so that drugs can continue to flow freely. We see the sex trade industry thriving out in the open even though consciously we all agree that it’s morally wrong.

Not only are drugs encouraged to continue to pour into our country to feed the weak among our fellow Americans with more mind numbing devices but the sex slavery is also endorsed.

The sex trade industry is an epic travesty upon the face of the world and progressives are naive to think of world peace when the hearts of man are corrupt with such black thoughts.

Yet this is how it’s sold to the public. Remember where the UN meets.

To make real and permanent repairs to the human condition, and the laws we live under, it is important to make the distinction into what it is we are actually trying to achieve. We can say with certainty that we want the nation restored, but there are those in the world that are first sexually promiscuous and crave power to have access to sexual deviancy, and those that believe that organizing sex practices are appealing to “the gods” and those gods will give them power and dominion over others.

So in our quests these accounts must be considered for what they’re worth, and if justice is sought, it must be sought for all, sex slaves and child trafficking included.

Consider just in the United States the porn industry generates billions and billions of dollars every year, 97 billion worldwide and that’s the money that is traceable that file SEC statements. That’s more money than Microsoft, Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Netflix, Apple, combined. Just in the United States porn makes more money than Major League Baseball, the NHL and the NFL combined with revenues of NBC, CBS, and ABC.

The question you have to ask is………………………….why?

Now I know why President Obama is going to Rio. He’s going to save all the children from sex tourism that is so rampant there.

Oh……..sorry to get your hopes up. Everyone knows this is going on, just like the people in the room in Eyes Wide Shut, (hence the title) Obama won’t even bring it up because his bosses would chastise him for it. And we all know what happens to people who try to expose this terrible industry rooted in corrupt human sacrifice. Ask Stanley Kubrick, and Tom Cruise, when the name Cruise used to mean something, and Kubrick was still alive.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior