The Mad Moms of Biological Socialism: A changing world that is taking root in logic instead of chaos

One thing is for sure, this latest round of local elections around the I-275 loop in Cincinnati has reunited me with many old friends from the No Lakota days. I used to cover education topics all over the city, not just at Lakota. But for the last several years have been more concerned about Second Amendment issues and the presidency of Donald Trump. Honestly, the debates about public education are boring and I have grown to hate many of the people advocating for government schools because I determined long ago that they were up to no good not only in what they were teaching our children, but in what they expected from the community. The fight against them is a needed one and I am glad to see how many people are still out there fighting the good fight, because it is having an impact. The needle has moved, and that has been beneficial.

I was with family members over the weekend who like all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons at Lakota, essentially so that they can have busing and some thought of day care for their children. The whole issue sickens me every time I go through it with people, because they just don’t get it. Just as in Lakota when pro-business forces produced a letter showing proof of anti-business bias from Ohio schools, most people just didn’t make a connection to the story. People sending their kids to these monstrosities of government programming are young socialists themselves. When I listen to a young mother talk, they seem all too often to be little biological socialists by default, and they vote that way. Everything in the world is supposed to yield to the needs of their child and that includes the mother herself who will literally sacrifice every last essence of their lives to give their little child what they need. I call these types of people biological socialists because they behave the same way as political ones. Their child becomes the institution instead of some government entity. But the behavior is the same, which is why government schools constantly tap into that sentiment with rigor, because it matches their overall objective.

Young moms most of the time are enduring a ten year period of insanity because its written into their biological code to do so, and it is those types of people who vote like ravenous wolves every little safety endeavor, and school levy need in government schools, because they are functioning from that train of thought, of a young socialist not much different than the most radical communist supporter of yesteryear. As well meaning as those people are, they are not functioning from logic meaning that they must be met on the battlefield of ideas with resistance, and to that effect I am glad to see so many still out there fighting the good fight even after many years of tough trench warfare that has yielded very little benefit. The important thing to note is that there have been incremental benefits that are changing the dialogue in a positive direction.

What becomes clear is that many of these modern rebellions against the school systems are by the very same women who used to be mothers but are several decades removed from the practice and have regained their minds from the turmoil of the constant needs of a young one. Once their children have grown up and away from those demanding years of childhood, they see the story for what it was all along, and they are standing up to the vast evils that emerge from public education as renewed spirits. No longer are they worried about their child getting to school on a bus, or what the cafeteria is feeding their kid for lunch, but they start to see the big picture of how things work and they aren’t happy about it politically, and want to do something about it. I especially heard from old friends in the Lebanon school district who are fighting a good fight there, as well as Talawanda. Over this last election we have had something of a class reunion, and it has been encouraging.

There is a reason that modern politics put their focus on these young socialist moms who have the depth of knowledge of a fruitcake and the memory of a fly. Because they are up to know good and looking to exploit their depleted natures for the benefit of their party politics, which in the case of public schools is nearly always some form of socialism. You don’t see many of these mad, crazy moms out there advocating for Constitutional concepts, rather, they just want their kid safe from a dangerous world and they turn to these crazy leftist teachers to give them instruction as to what they should be thinking about, whether the issue is transgender bathrooms or the fictions of global warming. When you dig just a little bit into the motives of public education and its supporters it becomes clear quickly how vastly evil it is, and how it exploits the natural biological inclinations of motherhood, especially among young ones who are still babies themselves. I would say anybody under 40 is still a baby who has a lot to learn. Yet those babies are making decisions the rest of us who know better constantly must live with and we get tired of it.

Rather than just taking it, many have been fighting back and that is new. The fights have sustained themselves over the many years that we have all been doing this, and they have formed their own cells of leadership that have not required a lot of maintenance. For me, four or five years ago it was a drain to cover everything for everyone, but now that has not been required. A change agency in the culture of public education has taken its own flight and does not need so much input to sustain a drive. And that has been good for challenging the basic premise of public education in a way it has always deserved. To give it a false value just because it was the only thing, has been a disaster for several generations of young people and we should be angry about it. And for me, its good to see that many are and are doing something about it.

Of course, the elections of November 5th will have winners and losers, there always are. What matters is that the desire to fight back is very much alive and has put directly many issues on the ballots across the nation that are healthy, and different from the narratives from a decade ago. People who have been in the trenches fighting are still doing so and are far from conquered, and the cracks in the other side are showing. While the pro government school types every year replenish their troops with a new generation of mad mothers looking toward socialism to protect their little child from the world, the foundations they use to beat us all over the head with are crumbling, and its about time. We will never have real solutions as long as their screaming voices drown out logic, when they would sacrifice everything to have busing when the more philosophical elements of public education need to be re-invented from the foundation up. It was good to hear from real friends whom I’ve come to know over the years and to learn that their spirits are far from broken. Rather, they are poised to take the fight to the next level where it belongs and to finally wear out the system that has been so destructive to the minds of kids everywhere.

Rich Hoffman

Jorge Masvidal is much more American than Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray: Fighters and good punches in the the face are more honest than politics

It was a little remarkable that President Trump showed up to a UFC fight over the weekend and there was some good things to say by the participants. But then again, maybe not. There is an honesty in fighting that I think is missing a great deal from our modern culture, and the pacifists who have had bad intentions for our country have been critical of. Locally in my school district of Lakota there is a contentious race for school board for instance where the opposition in favor of the teacher’s union is not happy that two of the candidates, Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn are endorsed by the Republican Party. The union activists of course want the board to appear non-partisan—which would of course be a complete lie. The teacher’s union is a very partisan organization. But their intention is to win these fights without having to get bloody. To pretend that there isn’t a fight, when in reality, they are the ones fighting the hardest. It was good to see that President Trump gets it, and he understands it so well that he actually attended a big fight at Madison Square Gardens to support some of his friends from the years before he became president.

As Republicans we have been encouraged to fight with our pinkies out while sipping on tea cups, and to not get bloody, but to participate in “honest” debate, all the while, our opposition has been plotting openly our complete destruction. Fighters like Jorge Masvidal understand much more about politics than what he thinks is a station above his reasoning. As he said, his fists speak better than his mouth, I would say that those fists are more honest than the mouths of thousands and thousands of politicians. That is because there is honesty in the power of being the best and to overtake an opponent. The passive aggressive backstabbing of politics is a much more dishonest business, and its not a surprise that Masvidal is mystified by it. But that he knows enough to be honored by a President who respects his profession enough to attend the event.

As I have been covering all week, for a simple little debate like a school board election there is an amazing amount of deceit that goes on to protect the union candidates for future contract negotiations. Deceitful terminology fills the vocabulary of politics where if we were all honest, warfare would be a better description. That is certainly where I am at on the matter. I have no desire to play the game of politics, even if I may be really good at it. I would rather have the honest fight to find out who has the better idea. May the best person win, not the most dishonest and back stabbing one. In the theater of politics, Trump understood the real nature of winning there than all the passive aggressive losers who have built the entire system around false definitions for things at the expense of truth. And President Trump respects good, honest fights enough to attend a fight to watch young people like Masvidal give it everything in a bloody fight that was literal brutality, but much more truthful than the best of politicians.

I pointed out the value of Trump’s presidency well before he won office by pointing out his experience with WWE wrestling, even getting into the Hall of Fame. Masvidal was right about Trump, he is a “bad mother f**ker” because he did make a lot of money beating many rivals to the prize. He won in entertainment with is top television show, The Apprentice which earned him a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. And he won with his casinos in promoting fights both with Tyson, but with WWE events. Trump has won with championship golf courses. He has won with best selling books. He has done nothing but win most of his life and has beaten everybody who has challenged him. He even won one of the toughest fights that there is, the Presidency of the United States and against all odds. Trump has much more in common with fighters like Jorge Masvidal than he does with some pencil necked lawyer from Washington D.C. And that’s why they hate him in the Beltway, but real fighters love him.

I have watched politics for a long time, and even how business evolution has moved away from capitalist ideas into more of corporate socialism where everybody is equal and fighting is frowned upon, and I have been preaching that conflict is often better than just playing passive aggressive games of getting along for the benefit of appearances, but while true respect is elusive and not part of the conditional decision making process. Its better to fight than to get along when it is good ideas that we need to move forward for a better society. Having a good fight is an honest way of getting everything on the table so we can deal with things rather than playing nice to each other’s faces then turning around and backstabbing each other when really we should be working toward ideas that we all agree on.

Most businesspeople would rather just give a check to a politician to go fight their battles for them so they can focus on conducting business. Trump played that game well when he needed to, but as he learned, it’s not enough, especially if the politicians don’t like to fight, but would rather placate everyone so they can just get elected the next time around. In my district both businesspeople and some of the politicians are learning the value of a good fight. They may not want to do it themselves, but they are starting to understand why I carry a bullwhip around with me everywhere and am never too far from a gun. I personally love to fight and I find that the most honest people there are out there are those who also like to fight. They may not agree with me on everything, but eventually after a good fight, I find more in common with them than anybody else. Trump understands that there is more honesty at that UFC fight than in some Beltway dinner party. And Trump’s supporters are starting to see that comparison for themselves.

Locally, which is no different than any regional political conflict, we have all been tricked into thinking that our fights with extremists like Julie Shaffer, Ray Murray and their mentor Sandy Wheatley were to be debated like respectable contributors to some tea and latte game that was stacked in their favor by misdirection hidden behind politeness. They hide their aggressive political desires behind children and outright lies then wonder why we are so mad at them. But the trend is certainly changing, we now have presidents attending UFC events rather than hob knobbing with members of congress just to suck ass their way into some bill passage that only benefits the lobbyists of K Street instead of the people in rural Idaho. Jorge Masvidal understands America much more than Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray in the Lakota school district. The key is not in getting along while the teacher’s union robs our budget surplus with their easy votes, but in fighting back and telling those with ill intentions what we really think of them. Because they need to know, and so does the rest of the world. We are judged by others based on what we do and think, and I’d rather other countries looking at Jorge Masvidal as an example than the union passivist Julie Shaffer and her pot smoking buddy, Ray Murray.

Rich Hoffman

All Teacher’s Unions are Communist Organizations: Even at Lakota where political endorsments are poised to lift the veil

As it has been covered extensively the teacher strike in Chicago by their labor union has been very disruptive making even the very liberal mayor there appear to have a brain by comparison. What everyone has to come to terms with, is that these teacher unions are outright communist groups advocating the same communism America has been fighting for over a century. Of course they don’t name it with a “C.” Instead when they hold up their signs proclaiming that “This is what Democracy Looks Like” that is essentially their message. They don’t love children, they want to destroy our capitalist society and for anybody who has watched the Chicago teacher’s during their strike, the evidence is more than abundant. And the teachers in these unions are able to hide their true intentions largely due to a community of parents who are too busy to pay attention to their real definitions, which is on full display below for the upcoming election at Lakota, where we are advocating to elect two new “Republican” endorsed school board candidates, Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn. The Facebook page is from a long time tax increase supporter, Sandy Wheatley who used to be the president of the Lakota School Board many years ago and was part of creating the culture of deficit spending that caused a lot of trouble that persists to this day. She is discussing with another person the difference between a union endorsement and an official political party.

The ignorance presented is staggering. Sandy isn’t as stupid as she sounds here, but she has to play dumb to sell the sausage to Lakota parents, something she has a lot of experience doing. And I promise, Sandy is not the reason that her good friend Julie Shaffer is in support of transgender bathrooms. Sandy is actually a girl. I promise contrary to what you might think by some of her pictures. There is a reason her Facebook picture is Julie Shaffer’s campaign sign. However, Sandy is attempting to sell to all who will listen that the Lakota school board is a “non-partisan” position and that all members should not be political. The reason she wants that is so that the labor union, which is just as communist as the Chicago teacher’s union needs to change the name of their intentions so that they can pull off a scam against the voters so they can remain in power.

All the evidence you need can be found in the labor walkouts all across the country, whether we are talking about Arizona, Los Angeles, Chicago or even the one just to the west of Lakota schools at Ross Township, the mantra from the teachers is “red for ed,” or otherwise, the red of communism to control public education. Sandy and the gang within the Lakota school system has had to dress up their public perception largely because in our community there has been considerable pushback against them for which they have had to put on a happy face and attempt to present denials. But make no mistake about it, the Lakota Education Association is just as communist as the Chicago teacher’s union and they are extremely political. What’s dangerous is that they don’t say what their politics is. As Chairman Wheatley says on her Facebook post, she considers the labor union endorsement to be similar to the “Girl Scouts.” But providing an elusive definition for what they stand for, the labor unions have been able to gain great control over our public education system and in Lakota we are looking to stop that with official party endorsements to the contrary. People know what Republicans are, so it provides a clear distinction between the endorsed candidates of Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn, as opposed to the union stooges Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray.

Sandy knows how the game works, she has been at the center of destruction for several decades now. Back when she was on the Lakota school board the big news was that the district had grown to the point where it needed to have two new high schools. They made a huge mistake under her watch, the district financially should have split into two districts, one in each township for which Lakota resides. One school district should have been in Liberty Township and the other in West Chester Township, because one community overloaded itself with terrible zoning that placed too many residential voters to the polls to vote in favor of Lakota schools, while West Chester was able to diversify the heavy needs of the burdensome school district with more businesses. When it comes time to vote, West Chester tends to vote down tax increases while the new residents of Liberty Township vote in favor. Sandy was part of tying the two together forcing West Chester to support Lakota East while Liberty Township does very little to support Lakota West.

One of the goals of communism was always to attack private property and that is precisely what all public schools do, they force property owners in their districts to pay for their property to a school that is hell bent on teaching children not about capitalism, but about all manners of socialist and communist ideas—things that Republicans don’t support. But all that effort is hidden behind “children” and the real names of the activity are avoided and actually deferred by willing little soldiers like Lakota’s Sandy Wheatley so that voters don’t really understand what’s going on, only that they need to drop their kid off somewhere for somebody to watch while they go to work. So they start off by wanting to believe in the system, which people like Chairman Wheatley are all too happy to provide them with some definition they can believe in, “labor unions aren’t political, they are just like the Girl Scouts.” When in reality, they are more political than actual political parties.

I would doubt that Sandy Wheatley has a copy of the Communist Manifesto in her home. What is disgusting about her is that she used to be a school board member yet she is clearly in support of the labor union over the needs of the voters, and Julie Shaffer is a carbon copy of Sandy. They support the union over the voters and when it comes time to negotiate a contract on behalf of the voters, the voters don’t have any representatives. But the union does, on both sides of the table. That is how costs ran out of control at Lakota and Sandy Wheatley was at the heart of the whole mistake, and she is campaigning for Julie Shaffer to do the same presently. And the labor union doesn’t just want a piece of that $100 million surplus that Lakota has right now, they want political activism, such as transgender bathrooms which Julie Shaffer supports. That is how the union keeps its members placated and focused on their communist agenda. Where else would those stupid people make the kind of money that they do in public education? Listening to the Chicago teacher’s talk, who could disagree with me as to their intellect? Contrary to what they say, teacher’s are well paid for their silly little work schedule and their all summer’s off. It’s a good gig that these stupid people wouldn’t get anywhere else, so they will support the communism of public education to get that pay check. Just as parents are willing to overlook the same so they can have the free babysitting. But what is actually happening is very sinister, and expensive. At least with good Republican people on the Lakota school board we can deal with the cost. While time and knowledge will bring people to the other problems by calling them by name, instead of elusive terminology meant to maintain the illusion that all this has been a good thing all along. Taxpayers need representatives on the school board. The Lakota teacher’s union already has their representatives. They don’t need more with Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray.

Rich Hoffman

What they are Doing at Ross will soon come to Lakota: A promise I’ll make if you’ll vote correctly

In case you haven’t heard dear reader, the future of Lakota is actually happening in the Ross Township school system where they just passed a levy a short while ago and now the teacher’s union there is begging for a raise based on the extra revenue. And as reported by the soft taco education writer for the Journal-News, Michael D. Clark, the Ross teachers just rejected the latest offer by the school board even after a federal mediator came in to help resolve the matter. We also have seen nationally that the Chicago teacher’s union have been striking yet again to demand pay increases leaving thousands of parents scrambling to find somewhere to put their kids during their busy workdays. In my world, I would say to fire every single one of them and replace them with brand new employees who are not part of the union. But these are all government schools. We hire a school board through the election process to represent us at the table, but honestly, and they all know it, there is only one eventual resolution, they will have to agree to the pay increases one way or another because all other options to manage the situation is illegal. The government has ensured its employees of that much, and they use it against taxpayers all the time, and to hell with the children. The Ross teachers don’t give a damn about the kids otherwise they’d take the money the school board was willing to give them, and they’d shut the hell up and like it.

And that is precisely why the Lakota teacher’s union is eager to elect Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer to the school board so that when it comes time to have this same negotiation next year with the union, that Ray and Julie will lay down and give them all that they want without a lot of fuss. Because after all, the deck is stacked against management and they don’t want a lot of bloody news in the newspaper hurting their union brand. Ross Township in relation to other schools in Butler County is out across the river in no man’s land. Not really along any big commercial paths. It’s kind of the wild west version of a community in the very Republican county. So its easy to ignore and overlook in the paper. But it has all the same problems that a big school like Lakota has just to the east by ten miles or so. And what is happening there is a mirror reflection of what is coming to Lakota where a lot of people will be very upset when the same conditions are presented to them as voters.

Michael Clark and reporters like him are part of the problem. They are just going through the motions in life, and don’t want to disrupt their contacts on these school boards. So his reporting is soft shelled when it comes to the education beat because his newspaper employer relies on the old system to work, they need the sports pages, the advertising connected to that system and the ankle deep reporting that never gets to the heart of the kind of topics that are really floating around in the depths of all education. When he writes a story, it doesn’t put pressure on the union representatives like Robin Plowman at Ross to get her members in line to the school board demands. It only puts pressure on the school board because all the powers of nature are aligned by the rules and regulations to destroy their position, made worse by the reporters who are clearly aligned politically with the teacher’s union. For school boards its like being trapped in a house surrounded by armed forces and they’ve cut off your power and water and food supply. Eventually you’ll have to come out into a hail of gun fire. And as a school board member, you are expected to like it.

What we need desperately, especially at Lakota are school board members like Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn to hold the line during next year’s contract negotiations and when the teacher’s threaten to strike, which they will, to be willing to tell them to take a hike. But that is only one part of the puzzle. To fight their out of school antics, there need to be people like me willing to fight them with their games. I’m not saying it has to be me, it would be nice if it was a bunch of people like me, but someone has to engage them radical antic to radical position because that’s the way they fight and it’s the only path to beat them. The community has to back its school board and take the fight to the lap of the teacher’s unions knowing that you can’t trust the newspapers or the television reporters to stand behind the community representatives. I am certainly willing to do that and I have under considerable fire which I enjoy. That has been the point of this continued fight over the last decade. What’s different now is that there is a chance to get a real school board in place instead of a lot of those soft-shell tacos that Michael Clark likes so much so he can write those easy stories and not ruffle any feathers with his editors. He has enough ruffled feathers living in that beard of his especially this time of year as birds too lazy to fly south for warmer weather just reside in his beard.

What voters have to come to terms with, and we all have to accept is that teacher’s unions do not put children ahead of their paychecks. They use them as extortion pieces, but they don’t love them at all, and will abandon them in the classroom to put leverage on their contract negotiations without a second thought. There are lots of teachers that I have talked to who will say to me that union membership is a requirement and that they have no choice but to hide within membership and do what the leadership tells them. The union understands that too, they don’t give their membership a choice in the matter, they expect their members to follow their lead and use their numbers as leverage in negotiations. If the teachers go along with it but silently send messages out that they really just want to teach the kids, they are still acting against the children by allowing the union to have all that power. They are contributing to evil every time and its their fault that these negotiations go so poorly. If they are honest with themselves, they just want the pay increase. They aren’t doing the work for the pleasure of teaching children—even if the district can’t afford them. They just want the money and the union gets it through collective bargaining which is stacked against the school boards in every circumstance.

At Lakota things are a bit different. I am personally willing to fight the union if the school board will stick up to them. But first we must have a school board that will do so. The next time there is a strike at Lakota I will take that fight to them building a coalition of our own and to hell with that federal moderator and Michael Clark’s reporting. Put real school board members on the board and I will promise that I will defend that board with whatever it takes to beat that union. But first you will have to vote for James Hahn and Lynda O’Connor on Tuesday November 5, 2019. Do that much and we’ll take care of the rest. Unlike reporters such as Michael Clark I will get the dirt on every member of the teacher’s union, who they are sleeping with, who they didn’t tip well at a local restaurant, even what kind of underwear they are wearing and we will paint the world with their antics. And they won’t like it one bit. That’s what will happen the next time teachers at Lakota try what they are doing now at Ross and ultimately Chicago. It’s a game I’m sick of seeing and I’m not a soft taco kind of guy. I like a lot of hot sauce and there is plenty of it there to consume. Now get out there and VOTE!

Rich Hoffman

Its all about Guns in Lakota Schools: Remember to vote for Lynda O’Connor and Jim Hahn for School Board on November 5th

From the beginning it was always about guns for me regarding the school board candidates at the Lakota school district which we are voting for on November 5th, 2019. Not so much as we use guns to shoot people, but that they sustain ourselves from people who would like to shoot us. The political philosophy being embraced or not really, points to the essential differences of the management system that is up for debate. Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray represent anti-guns on teacher’s points of view, exactly the same position as the teacher’s union and Democrats nationally. The roots of their belief system is that we should all depend on each other, flaws and all for the betterment of a utopian society lacking individual identity and trusting in the system we have invented to sustain us. As opposed to Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn who believe guns should be worn by teachers as first responders in the moment of a hostile crises and that individuals, not systems, are the keys to solving many of the social ills starting with the ownership of firearms in general.

To further break down this parody Julie and Ray want voters to trust their very flawed personalities with the lives of our children, and that also is the position of the progressive teacher’s union politically. Once anybody admits to themselves that guns are in American society, and should be in all American schools, to protect the acquisition of individual possession then the formula for all public education to teach contrary realizations is exposed and ruined forever. So of course, Julie and Ray don’t want guns on teachers, they want everyone to trust the system they represent, and to their specific roles, are terribly underqualified. However, qualification is an individual assessment, so for them, so long as they can blend into the background, their personal faults ethically, financially, and morally can be ignored.

This interpretation of guns is a heady matter that is not conducive to the lazy thinkers and mass collectivists that have transcended from the deserts of the Middle East and migrated along the coasts of the Indian Ocean during the evolution of the many oriental religions of sacrifice and collective salvation. The gun has no place in those cultures because the aim of life is not to acquire individual traits, but to get rid of them. If you study the modern liberal, that is the roots that you will find dear reader, and that is the foundation of all teacher unions and government schools. Every single one of them. And when it comes to managing those school boards with like minded people, Julie and Ray are just the kind of people they want running things, easy to beat, flawed personalities, and not very smart.

In fact, at the core of education as we all assume is the individual attainment of intelligence, after all that is the purpose of education, to acquire knowledge. But that is not the goal of government schools led by these sinister, oriental style forces. They want a breakdown of individualism and an advocacy of social collectivism where the institution is worshipped itself, not the participants. You can see that at any Friday Night Football game at Lakota. The parents in the audience watching their kids play games under the lights of an October sky will say, “we won,” or “we lost.” By attending the game, they feel they are part of the game and therefor, the institution represented on the scoreboard. Individual touchdowns by heroics are lost to the next day news so long as the school gets the credit for individual behavior. And that is the way it is with these people, and it always has been.

So to come to such thoughts is a very individualized process, and for that people arriving at such a state need guns to protect themselves from the advocates of institutionalism, whether the attackers are crazed pot smoking lunatics or Manchurian candidates seeking actual assassination to preserve the status quo. You would be surprised to what extent lazy, dull; people will fight to avoid more work and real thinking. They would truly rather kill you than to step up to the level of thought you might introduce them to with a little effort. To that proof I would offer Socrates as an example, who was poisoned for corrupting the youth of Greek society. Today instead of killing Socrates as a middle-aged man they just kill them before they ever hatch out of kindergarten. The public schools don’t want the next great philosophers, and great thinkers and innovators. They want boring people that they can control easily, and they certainly don’t want them to have guns to defend themselves with.

Ultimately that is why teachers in school must have guns and why we need school board members who support education curriculums that advocate individualized learning and will push back against the tide of state and federal mandates to the contrary. We want kids to learn in school and we want guns to protect what they have learned from villains of old oriental philosophies from eradicating that possession from their minds with the threat of death. Guns protect all individualized possessions, even knowledge. Anyone who knows history well could think quickly of five or six situations where governments, kings, or anarchists have shown up on the doorsteps of a great thinker and killed them so that society would not advance beyond the intellectual reach of the worst and most wicked. For that is the true intention of evil and the reason it is bad.

Guns are about preserving what we teach to individual students so that they can live and carry out the products of their understanding. Not in just saving their lives for the sake of one more statistic sitting in the stands of a football game cheering for the institution when they could be at home reading a book and getting smarter. The goal of a school should not be to accept the perverted sexual understanding of the most obsessed mind with the basic functions of reproduction, but to teach them to think beyond such primitive cravings, to the point where we don’t even think about being transgender, but what is the state of life outside of the universe, or multiverse. It is up to the education system to teach to think beyond limits, not to hold everyone under them.

And that is the subtle message of this election, Lynda O’Conner and James Hahn stand for guns and the protection of individual possession of knowledge, Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray aren’t even smart enough to ask such a question, so they don’t want to be left behind by smarter people than they are, rather they want to keep guns out of the schools, and instead keep the topics of conversation on transgender bathrooms and how to blow $100 million by paying teachers countless amounts of money then asking taxpayers to subsidize their failure at some future time. By voting against guns in schools and in society, anti-gun personalities like Ray and Julie stand with the original masses in disregarding individual behavior in favor of collectivism. And when you see how Ray and Julie have led their lives, you can understand why they are so eager for such a position.

Rich Hoffman

The Losers of Lakota: Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer are the keys to the bank vault the teacher’s union wants to rob

Let’s just say that the election for the local school board members at Lakota has been a miserable experience for me. Not because on the Republican side of the voting selection there aren’t good candidates. There are, Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn are very good candidates whom I am sure if both are elected together would represent us very well on the school board against a hostile teacher’s union that is always looking to wreck the budget we all supply that school with our hard earned tax money. But along the way, doing research of all the positions for all the other candidates, and the people attached to them, it has just disgusted me. That would of course be the plight of Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer. Julie is currently on the board. Ray lost his seat a few years ago and now wants it back. Both Ray and Julie are part of the budget deficits that I have complained about over a decade so I have never been big fans of them personally. But it has only been until this election that I did any real look into the quality of their positions, and what I have learned by asking lots of people, and reading lots of things is that they are just complete losers I wouldn’t hire to wash my car. They are far worse than I thought they were, and it has been depressing to learn.

Looking at all these candidates the way I would in hiring for a new position for some important job, which a school board management position is, it is clear that Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray shouldn’t be anywhere near a job consideration due to their severe ineptness as people. No wonder they are such bleeding-heart liberals. They can’t afford to be anything but, and that is not doing any children in the Lakota school district any justice, which angers me considerably. They should have respect for the rest of us to not waste our time. Now, for me, Julie Shaffer lost me a long time ago when she and I debated school topics on WLW radio. Back then the school board was Joan Powell’s and she was building her little coalition of liberal union suck asses and Julie was part of it. Electing a school board is to hire representatives for the taxpayers to negotiate on our behalf. Not to be stooges for the labor union which already is well represented in school board activities. They don’t need help. But the way Joan operated until she stepped down a few years ago was to be a stooge and Julie was part of that culture, which is why everything operated as a deficit. Of course she couldn’t debate me on anything anywhere, in public forums, on the radio, anywhere, so Joan, Julie, the previous school superintendent along with many mad mom Lakota socialites tried an early version of the “me too” movement on me with the help of the newspaper reporter Michael Clark. I’m still angry about that and likely will be for the rest of my life. It showed me just what lowlifes these people really were who were spending massive amounts of money that we give them so recklessly and maliciously. I can handle people who come after me, which Julie clearly did, but in so doing she showed what she was really about. After the last levy since they stopped asking for money at Lakota due to declining enrollment, I haven’t paid much attention to her or the school, so Julie has been off my mind pretty much. However, after the last debate done this year for this election I was reminded just how bad for the job that she is and to be honest I am embarrassed that she even lives in my community, let alone sits on the board representing me as a decision maker. I saw her recently at Sam’s Club in Tri-County and thought about confronting her about things I had learned about her bad behavior regarding extracurricular Lakota events that were quite embarrassing, but her husband was with her, so I left it alone. I don’t want to be the guy that destroys her family. But I wouldn’t vote for her for anything if there was only one name on the ticket.

And she’s the good one. Ray Murray I have learned is even worse than she is.

Ray Murray I always thought of as kind of the Juan Williams of the Lakota school board. I disagreed with his politics but thought he was a nice enough guy to not run through the ringer. He’s a neighbor of mine, he lives close to me and I see him around. My wife likes him a lot and always has. But I kept hearing things about him from people around the community, especially the business guys that Ray wasn’t such a good guy. Well, I had no reason to think otherwise until he threw his hat in the ring for another run at school board then heard his alarming comments at a recent public forum regarding budgets and his views on transgender politics. So I followed the leads where they went and sure enough found out that Ray has drugs in his past and that he has had some serious financial problems. I don’t want to embarrass him; people go through things in life. Some of those problems were years ago, but some were quite recent. If he wasn’t running for school board, I might slide a $100 bill under the door so he could buy lunch, but I sure as hell wouldn’t elect him to a managing position of millions and millions of dollars at Lakota. He was part of the problem before, and knowing what I do now, I wouldn’t give him the keys to a demolition derby car. I sure wouldn’t let him near my wallet. He obviously has a hard time with money, and we’d be crazy to put him anywhere near some. His comments at recent Lakota school board debates are just the tip of the iceberg. He is a walking financial disaster. Look him up on Courtview for yourself at the Butler County site. You’ll see what I mean.

Then there is the reporting, if we had decent local reporters, we should know a lot of these things. Honestly, a local blogger who is busy with millions and millions of other things shouldn’t be the one covering these stories. I’m not even talking about the partisan angle, which from my point of view, the Journal News reporters, well all the Cox Media people are deeply in bed with all the progressive activism that is going on all over southern Ohio, and they sit on stories that might make their people look bad. A lot of this information about Ray should have been covered by them years ago, and maybe if it had, we wouldn’t have had some of the very contentious levy battles that we did, which was very costly to the community. Their coverage has been and continues to be disingenuous to the community who would like to read their articles but have learned that they can’t trust the content.

I will be glad when the election is over because I simply don’t like seeing and hearing from these losers as much as I have over these last several weeks. These people have not been representing me as a voter but have been serious partisan hacks hidden behind a mask of bipartisanship which was always a complete lie. I’m not sure we can believe anything that comes out of Julie Shaffer’s mouth and certainly not out of Ray Murray. I’m not even sure he ever lived in Chicago at this point, let alone was a cop as he has been saying. I was so disappointed in him that I just stopped looking to confirm. The other topics I learned about left me sick. Its nice that we have some options in this election and we’ll see if people show up and actually vote. However, the process up to this point has just been a disgusting look into a bunch of losers at Lakota who should be hiding in the cracks of society instead of being placed on a pedestal. But of course, those who want to steal from us want a key to the door of the bank vault, and for them, Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray are the incompetent stooges who would let them in and to take everything and then some, then ask for a levy from the tax payers to refill the vault. That is the game that has been going on for a long time and the more you learn about the whole thing, the angrier anybody would get about it. And that’s certainly where I am at.

Rich Hoffman


Bipartisanship on the Lakota School Board is a Fantasy: Why being a Republican matters when managing money is the objective

One thing that is very obvious, especially this time around within the Lakota school district, and specifically Butler County, Ohio is this complete falsehood that any school board is a non-partisan entity sacrificing their time and energy for children. Wrong! School boards, especially the one at Lakota, are extremely partisan and they want to appear that way so they can get elected in Butler County to anything, due to the conservative electorate demographics that are required. When board members past and present like Ray Murray, Julie Shaffer and many others declare that there should never be an “R” or a “D” next to the name of a school board member they are wearing a mask of falsehood meant to deceive us all. They want to project that school boards giving children an education is “bigger” than politics and that people like me are trying to divide our community with partisan bickering. They are liars, and thieves, and no better. I would go on to say that they are scum of the earth because of their deceitful nature. School boards are nothing but partisan because of the liberal element that comes with every government school due to labor union membership. You can’t accept as an endorsement the school labor union but not the endorsement of the local political party and expect to make a case for neutrality on it, which is precisely what those two idiots have been doing.

Think about it, during this election season which ends on Tuesday November 5th 2019 we have continued hearing about this big budget surplus from Lakota of over $100 million, and rising. Ray Murray and Julie Shafer have been critical of the Republican endorsements of both Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn because in their view the school board is a non-partisan collection of community members, yet they were proud to get the endorsement of the LEA labor union. Julie will even say that she is a registered Republican. Well, all those statements are is a trick or treat mask. The labor union wants those two losers (Julie and Ray) on the board to make contract negotiations easier for them as Lakota blows a ton of money on a $200 million long term facilities plan entailing rehab, renovation, and replacements of buildings and much more which is not in that 5 year forecast that everyone has been beating on their chest in regards to that $100 million surplus. Believe me, the liberals on the board, wither or not they call themselves Republicans or Democrats already have that money spent, which is the cause of this emergency prior to the election for proper school board members.

Finally we have a choice to get a three vote majority. If either Ray or Julie get elected, that $200 million project is getting greenlit and that $100 million surplus is gone. If voters stay home that night and don’t vote, the endorsed labor union candidates will get elected and this chance to safeguard the budget will fly right out the window and it won’t take but a short time for us to go into another levy fight. While its true, I’d rather think about other things than this stupid Lakota school issue, because honestly, I’ve never been a big fan of the work government schools do with children. If we are going to have a big, giant black hole of a government taxation agency programming our children into liberal propaganda, then at least we can elect a school board to manage the money with true Republicans who are fiscal conservatives, or at least can read a balance sheet and understand what the treasurer tells them.

I’d rather not dig into the lives of these people, and I call them losers for a good reason. Especially the more I learn about them. Between Ray and Julie, I’ve heard enough. I didn’t have a very high impression of them before this election, and now that we’ve been through a few months of campaigning, I’ve learned enough to be disgusted by them. I have no question that they are liars and completely inadequate in managing any sum of money. Julie Shaffer may be a registered Republican, but she doesn’t vote like one. She is clearly one in name only, and she want’s to keep that mask on to even have a shot at winning anything in Butler County, just like her predecessor Joan Powell and the many others following in her wake who have pretended to be Republicans only to turn into big, sloppy liberals. You bet it matters what political party they are affiliated with, that’s how we measure their basic values and getting the respect of a political party enough to get an endorsement means a lot.

As I’ve said before, school board members are our representatives to protect our interests. How can they do that if it is the enemy of our interests who endorse them? And yes, the teacher’s union is the enemy of our interests. When they negotiate for the next union contract in a few short years the leaders of the teacher’s union aren’t thinking about the kids, they are only thinking of making more money and if they don’t get it, they will threaten to strike. They won’t care one bit if the kids don’t have a classroom to go to or if they are serving a good example as adults while they negotiate with the school board. The teacher’s union want weak people to negotiate with which is why they are endorsing Julie Shaffer and Ray Murray. None of them want Lynda and Jim on a board together, you can bet that because they will vote no against a lot of liberal ideas the teacher’s union wants to do with our tax money, such as implement transgender bathrooms while they blow through that $100 million surplus like gambling addicts at a casino.

The only reason anybody would say school boards should be non-partisan is because they want to wear a mask to hide their true intentions behind. Julie is no conservative and Ray Murray is even less of one than she is, and they don’t want to talk about it because they want a chance to get elected. By making politics a non-issue they can continue to deceive voters into thinking it doesn’t matter, or placate them to stay home on election night while the vermin of the teacher’s union go out in droves and vote for losers so that their next contract negotiation is in the bag along with those $200 million facility improvements that nobody is talking about yet, quite on purpose. Are those harsh words, is it fair to talk about the character flaws of Julie and Ray during an election for a silly school that sticks its nose in our lives in very intrusive ways, all the time? You bet your ass it is. These are nothing but robbers who want to steal money from the rest of us and I get tired of them lying to my face, and to the rest of us. Where is Julie going to find $200 million for those facility plans if she can’t even find her pants? I can promise that the endorsed Republicans on the board, especially Lynda O’Connor and James Hahn would never be involved in such embarrassing situations, you know why? Because they are Republicans, real ones. That’s not to say that they are made of the robes of Jesus, but they are pretty much what they say they are, even in social situations. The politics of any candidate matters and there is a reason the LEA wants people to wear the masks of bi-partisanship—it’s so that they can rob the bank of Lakota and hold our kid’s hostage while they steal from all of us. And if that sounds harsh, I would argue that its not harsh enough.

Rich Hoffman