Ron DeSantis is Preparing for Mobs Correctly: Violence from the political left is their only option

I think Ron DeSantis is on to something very responsible and proactive.  He is moving forward with what he’s calling an “Anti-Mob” bill that is an extension of current Florida “Stand your Ground” laws that will allow concerned citizens to shoot left winged mobs who provoke riots in the streets, as they are promising to do if Trump is successful even moderately with his court challenges over the election of 2020.  And given what I know about the case from people who have been whispering to me through many open windows, the political left has a lot of reasons to be very concerned.  In a lot of ways, it’s sad that many, many, many criminals working on behalf of the Democrats decided to stop counting on election night in six states to overthrow the election of President Trump.  But that’s water under the bridge.  They went all in, and they got caught and lots of people are guilty.  Considering what we now know about Russia Gate and FBI corruption in attempting a coup against Trump the first time, and so far nobody has gone to jail, its hard to see how this many criminals will find justice when many of them are in charge of justice and the rules.  It’s going to get pretty ugly.  And of course we know that the political left will do anything they have to do to shine the light off their criminal actions, so we know that there will be a lot of ANTIFA attacks and the racial antics of Black Lives Matters that will hit our streets and threaten our homes and businesses.  So now is the time to address that future occurrence because the violence is coming—they have promised it and they have no other option at this point, especially as these court cases shine a light on exactly what happened.

I’d say we are all better off now, knowing what we learned by the election.  It was a big climax of crimes that the Deep State was willing to commit against us all and they must win the election in the minds of people even if its illegally, because they can’t afford another Trump administration and all the investigations that could be possible by the Trump DOJ.  Obviously, the pressure is great as Bill Barr has lost his confidence and given the type of people who have infected our government these days, he likely has good reason to fear for his own life.  That seems to be the way of our government, which is run by thugs, socialists and goons who never accepted our pick for president in Trump from the outset.  They have fought us for the change we have demanded and acted against us.  It hurts to see the level of corruption that many of us have talked about for years, but it is better to know what needs to be done to put a stop to them.  After all, its our government, not theirs so there will be a fight to sort it all out in some way or another.  We’d like to not have the situation turn violent but surrendering our country to global communists certainly isn’t an option.  The timeline of these election challenges is going to be tough, as I have been saying.  Many of the cases will take months, even years to sort through, and nobody in the media wants to see the results, because it will reveal their complicity.  However as the results are released and its looking bad for the Democrats, (real bad) the threats of violence will become a very real problem and the communist thugs that are embedded in our government now will be unleashed as weapons against us, and we need a legal acknowledgment to use force to stop it. 

That is why it’s good to see DeSantis out in front of this in Florida.  All red states should implement similar legislation because in these times it might be the only military force we can use to meet the violence.  With federalism in flux with a presidential race unsettled—and this one will be unsettled for a long time regardless—we can’t count on police and military force to bring peace and justice, because we are not presently a United States.  And the radical leftist domestic enemies like ANTIFA know there is a power void, and they will exploit it for their own intentions.  I think violence will be the only way to stop it, which is sad, but its what you get when an insurgency force tried to take over a nation from outside the country and forces us to accept it with surrender.  When the surrender doesn’t happen, they have nothing left to convince us but force.  And now we’ve seen the level of criminal conduct they are capable of, with just the little evidence we learned about on the Biden laptop, and the behavior of the FBI recently, and historically, we must prepare knowing what they are capable of. 

I heard some of the dumbest stuff I’ve heard in a while on the Glenn Beck radio show this week as he commented on the ANTIFA violence that attacked Trump supporters in Washington D.C. at the Million Mega Stop the Steal march.  Beck suggested that we behave as Martin Luther King did, by not fighting back, by letting people beat us up and taking a non-violent approach to getting out thoughts conveyed.  He also pointed out that Gandhi did the same.  His reasoning is that the media will ignore the left-winged violence but would blow out of proportion any right of center actions.  Well, who cares what the media does, we have seen that almost nobody can be trusted in this new civil war from the media and we have to accept that.  They aren’t our friends; they are domestic enemies against the constitution.  No, violence I think is the only way they will be beat back.  Maybe Trump can maintain federal control before all hell breaks loose and we can use the military to stop the door to door violence.  But we must prepare for the storm that is coming and it would be helpful if we could get some help from government while we still can.  We don’t need to deal with any Soros purchased District Attorneys like Mark and Patricia McCloskey have had to deal with in St. Louis when they attempted to defend their home from the mob.  The anti-American forces that have seeped into our legal system want the mob to take your homes, or your life, or the life of your family.  So before they can prosecute you, good governors like DeSantis should protect that last line of defense the American home of a gun owner who is ready to use them to defend good from evil, our constitutional republic against a communist incursion. 

Going back to the way they lied to us on the political left on Obamacare, the IRS spying on Tea Party groups going through the years to this election fraud, I can say I’ve seen enough out of these criminals to expect violence.  The crimes and the connections are so extraordinary and the way they cover for each other we really are at a kind of impasse that we would have never seen if Trump hadn’t worked as hard as he did to expose the crime of the Democrats with 10 million more votes than he received the last time, which forced the government criminals to go overboard on their vote counts to cheat a higher number.  And when that doesn’t put Trump supporters back into a bottle they were in before 2008 when the Tea Party movement first started emerging there will be massive panic, and a desire to destroy their opposition.  And that’s where we are today.  Everyone state and community should be doing what Ron DeSantis is doing with his expansion of Stand your Ground laws aimed literally at rioters and anarchists looking for trouble.  Any enemy at this point who is burning an American Flag or is advocating anti-American ideas should now be considered a domestic enemy and we have constitutional obligations to defend ourselves and our country accordingly.  That means specifically that guns are more important than votes because our attackers have no respect for the law.  So we must plan for that kind of world and DeSantis is. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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America Needs to Get Back to Making Men: China wants to dominate and they want no resistance

As we witnessed yet another attempted coup of President Trump, this time coming from the election theft that is turning out to be massive in the 2020 election cycle, many are wondering as they watch ANTIFA thugs and Black Lives Radicals riot in the streets and harass the innocent where the men are in American society to stop the violence.  Well, I would point to the fine book by Sun Tzu, The Art of War as to how the Orientals primarily from China has sought openly to invest into American companies with the caveat that they listen to suggestions from the hive mind of communism into how to function as a corporation, and that over the decades the primary focus was to tame American men so that when the invasion came to be, there would be nobody to defend The United States from the invaders.  Orientals do not like to fight directly, they would rather attack culturally, which isn’t how Americans are trained to fight.  And Orientals will take decades to fight a battle, so slow that nobody even knows they are doing it.  The goal of the Oriental is to win the fight before the fight even happens and for many in the United States, that is what they are seeing happening in the 2020 Election.  The Oriental way of beating the West is to take out their opposition culturally, in this case through the men.


We have been watching for many years the increased divorce rates, the alarming number of homes where there isn’t a father to help raise the children and if there is, it’s a step father.  In a child’s life there may be several step fathers leaving children always feeling uprooted.  We have seen the movement of the state replacing a husband for mothers and wives and this cultural switch was not created organically, out of a social need.  It was created as a weapon of war from one culture to another, from the East to the West.  Not to get too complicated but if you follow the money of legal maneuvers, politics, corporate investment, media slanting, it will all eventually point back to China and their hive mind of communism.  Over many years they have managed through their financial investments to alter American mindsets into destroying the concept of maleness so that it would be easy to undermine our culture.  One easy way to explain how such a thing was done was an obvious example in the Star Wars franchise where Han Solo was one of the most manly men in modern film history.  For the 2015 new generation Lucasfilm led by the very progressive Kathy Kennedy wanted a big piece of the Chinese market so they softened Han Solo played by Harrison Ford from a man who had it always together and was someone everyone could count on to a guilt riddled fool in The Force Awakens, who had left his son and become basically a deadbeat dad.  And that was what gave rise to the terror that was the film’s villain.  That corporate decision was made to appease the Chinese so that the film could play to the plus billion potential filmgoers there.  In that way, China was able to control American corporations over many decades forcing companies like Google, Nike, Apple and so many others to give up their American ideas in favor of those that China was advocating for especially when it came to ideas of masculinity.

China has wanted the destruction of American men since before many of us were born.  It has come out in the kind of television shows that were developed, the kind of music that was published, the kind of books, movies and even Broadway plays that we enjoyed.  If you wanted a job in show business, there would be no more John Wayne types.  And if a manly type like Bruce Willis wanted to stay working, every now and then he’d have to take on a role that humbled him so that the movie going public would know that he didn’t think of himself as a tough guy.  Arnold Schwarzenegger fell into this trap by doing films like Jingle All the Way where his tough guy persona was satirized into complete destruction of his brand for the long haul.  All it took was the failed Republican governorship of California and an exposed sex scandal with his maid to destroy him forever, because he had refused to give up on the manly man persona he had in movies.  The Chinese were and always have been heavy investors into the Hollywood studio system and it is there that they make or break actors, and ultimately what they give young boys to look up to.  Without a strong father in the home which was created through political investment and the legal system, and by controlling the entertainment culture through the same kind of investments, America had let in an enemy with the mask of friendship but the intention for our complete destruction.

Now we have been told that men can’t be men, or that women can be men, or that people can be anything they want.  Of course, in the orient these kinds of ideas would be preposterous.  But China advocates for this confusion in the United States so that they can divide and conquer starting with the traditional role of men in holding families together and solving problems.  Or defending the nation.  When you have a society of men who don’t even know what sex they are, or what they should be doing and thinking about, its easy to beat them if conquest is the goal, and you better believe it, that is the goal of China.  If you really got down to the reasons that so many globalists hate President Trump, its because he’s a classic American man, and it goes against everything they have been trying to do to America to let him exist.  So it has been their intention to destroy President Trump completely because he might be a strong male figure to many watching him.  China has been committed to this Beta Male investment for a long time, the bow tie wearing guys who scramble in their cars for an umbrella to walk 10 feet in the rain so not to wet their precious little hair.  Trump wasn’t just a political pick for many wanting to drain the swamp, he was always a classic American man who undid a lot of the damage the Chinese wanted to inflict on men from the West.

We saw the benefit of men on the night in Washington after the Stop the Steal rally there where Proud Boys and other militia type groups hit the streets to retaliate ANTIFA violence.  ANTIFA is very much a creation of China and they want those lost boys and girls to destroy America at will, they certainly don’t want a fight in the streets.  And there was a fight and ANTIFA didn’t do so well.  Ultimately, there needs to be a resurrection of American maleness in society before anything can really be solved.  I’m sure women want men again in spite of what the media has been saying.  Now that the masks are off, things are much clearer than there were before the election and people can admit as much.  Women if given the choice between a man child and a real man, would pick the real man.  I see it too often where a pretty girl pulls up in a beat up Honda Civic to a fuel pump.  You can tell she’s either single or she’s married to a dud and is unhappy about it because she’s got tail lights that are out, she has dents in her doors from hanging out at some club looking for something better, but ending up drunk and missing parts of her clothing somewhere the next day.  Either way, she is a disaster, she’s not the “empowered” woman that the Chinese have promised through the American media.  She’s desperate and looking toward big daddy government for relief which is part of the plan.  Contrast that to the woman who pulls up in her husband’s monster truck.  She knows her man can fix anything; he works and makes money.  And if a bad guy comes to their house, he’ll kill them.  So she’s generally happy, dresses and acts that way and has little to fear in life.  The Chinese hate people like that, so the best and first way to attack the attackers is to make more solid American men.  And it all starts with naming the beast, then moving in to slay it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Doctor Dumbass and the Governors of Chinese Communism: Of course they want to get rid of Thanksgiving and Christmas–they want to kill America

We’ve talked about it for a long time, the Covid-19 virus was all along a communist insurgency plan intent to install globalism into American politics and to use the crises to change western society during the Great Reset as United Nations liberals have come to term the movement.  If anybody ever doubted it, now that we’ve had the Election of 2020 there is no longer doubt.  We’ve now seen the lying and cheating that has been going on, the censorship at Facebook and Google to start, we’ve seen how deep the deep state is.  They had to reveal themselves in an attempt to beat President Trump but in so doing had to expose who they were and what they were always up to.  Yes, our media is already deep down the road of full communism and has essentially become state propaganda no different than what we’d see in China.  We have been under attack for a long time and Covid-19 was the Trojan Horse meant to bring communism into America and now that the election is over and many of the politicians who have bought into that communism through their educations or political experience are exposed.  Before the election many were willing to give all these deep staters a free pass and consider their opinions relevant to discussion.  But now, many people can see that the deep staters are enemies to us all and must be fought as such.

Take for instance the knowledge of Covid-19, there are several treatments that can manage the virus without a vaccine, such as Regeneron and hydroxychloroquine.  But with the same level of censorship that was displayed during the election of 2020 where Twitter and Facebook were actively taking down messages and accounts that represented President Trump, even Trump’s own account, any mention of hydroxychloroquine was censored in the same way.  That is because the goal of Covid-19 was to scare people into compliance and if they knew there was a cure they wouldn’t panic.  When President Trump came down with Covid-19 himself and was able to get treated and released quickly, that blew the public narrative of the long term plan, which deeply upset the attackers of America—especially the many domestic enemies who work in our media, our schools, and our government.  Now, still following the script of the United Nations through the World Health Organization, and believing that Biden will be allowed to institute lockdowns and mask mandates as a president, many blue state governors and RINOs of red states like Ohio have gone to the next level, lockdowns for Thanksgiving and Christmas just days after the presidential election to pour on the oppression before American society could have any chance to get back on its feet.

The urgency out of Michigan and Chicago specifically to go back to lockdowns of our economy to slow the spread of the virus couldn’t be more obvious, it’s to attack specifically American holidays and to further establish control over the American population.  And the media is fully in synchronization with the effort.  When Kristie Noem, the governor of South Dakota announced that she would not comply with any national shutdown under a proposed Biden administration, the media jumped in to attack the Covid-19 cases in the Dakotas putting pressure on North Dakota to break from Noem, as other states announced they would comply to avoid the scrutiny.  To her credit, Kristie didn’t buckle, and I suspect that she won’t.  She’s one of the good ones, there will be many legal challenges in the years to come, but it will take many like her to fight back and she’ll need our support to do so.  But to the point, Covid-19 isn’t dangerous, especially with the knowledge that there is a vaccine coming.  Not that I’d take the vaccine, but for those who are afraid of Covid-19, the vaccine is just another manageable element that should open up the nation, not to provoke any kind of ridiculous shutdowns.

On this particular Sunday morning of this writing there was an article making its way around the front page of the internet talking about how the FBI had tried to shove Martin Luther King into committing suicide.  Of course King would be killed eventually as many were killed in the 60s who were threats to the Deep State as we call them now.  And instead of killing literally as many who were threats in the 60s, 70s, and 80s used to be, the media is now part of the Deep State and can destroy people in other ways without having to get all messy with deaths.  Such was certainly the case with Judy Mikovits which has been for all of 2020 a subject of incredible scrutiny, almost as much as President Trump.  But many haven’t heard of her because she has been attacked relentlessly over the internet and press because her book Plague of Corruption which came out in April of this year threw cold water on Covid-19 before it even got started. 

The book has been sold out most everywhere for months despite its almost burned book status. I wouldn’t say it’s the best book I’ve ever read but Mikovits as an established deep state medical researcher working in the circles of Doctor Dumbass himself, Dr. Fauci, let loose many of the conspiracies that the government has involved themselves in by experimenting with various vaccines and destroying people’s lives in the process by giving them cancer and other toxic diseases.  It was in that book that I learned about this FBI plot to drive King into wanting to commit suicide.  She published the FBI letter to King in her book as an example of how the process happens.  The FBI has been doing these kinds of bad things for a long time, it didn’t just start with trying to throw Trump out of office with many coups over his term—including this recent one of voter fraud which is being explored as you read this.

It should be obvious by now what Doctor Dumbass and the rest of the deep state medical community across the world is trying to do with Covid-19, they want to control the American population with fear so that we will give up our capitalism and accept global communism.  This past week feeling haughty over the media declaration of Joe Biden winning the election Fauci pulled off his mask expecting to remain as a top doctor for the deep state and announced that these lockdowns must happen.  He actually said, “America has an ‘independent spirit’ but it is time to do what you’re told.”  Well, those are fighting words, especially knowing how these same doctors have been advocating against management of the virus and rather to let the virus manage us, so that the global takeover of our economy can take place.  As audacious as the statement was from Doctor Dumbass, it is valuable to understand what is driving the decisions of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio who was quick as a so-called Republican this week to point out that we should be calling hiding, lying, Joe Biden “president-elect.”  Otherwise from DeWine, “bend the knee.”

By the looks of things it seems obvious that we’re going to have to fight these losers in the streets.  They are looking to subvert our constitutions at the level of the state and at the federal level as well.  None of them, especially DeWine and Witmer in Michigan want to give back their emergency powers to subvert the legislature, their plan now that the election looks to be a media conquest in favor of Biden is to keep the emergencies going forever so that they never have to give that power back.  By reading the Mikovits book Plague of Corruption, you can see quite easily that has been the plan by the deep state for many decades, to hide government mistakes behind massive grabs for power to control the population by force or death if necessary.  These are a criminal class of people who are poised for a good ass kicking and its long overdue.  But certainly not, are they credible.  The lockdown proposals by these criminals is nothing short of an attack.  The solution to Covid-19 is well known and getting better by the day.  The scam that has become what the virus really was truly an attack on our American way of life, and people like Doctor Dumbass are guilty as sin for not only killing people who get in the way of the deep state, but for attempting to undermine our nation politically.  The only good thing to come out of all this is that people can now see it more clearly so that action can be taken. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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CIVIL WAR: The United States of America versus The Socialist States of America

I’ve been a Lin Wood fan for a long time, the big time attorney in Georgia who most recently has been known for the massive law suit against CNN for Nick Sandman of Covington Catholic.  His position on this Election 2020 is something I share as he told Hugh Hewitt what he thought about what he has learned as he is now defending President Trump from the massive levels of fraud that has been uncovered giving Joe Biden a fake victory.  Its much more than being a sore loser, that would mean we accept the results were fair and square and that we agree to the circumstances of the election.  Lin Wood has made his position quite clear, he thinks there will be massive arrests and punishments based on what he knows now.  I have my doubts because the government isn’t going to put itself in jail.  I hope the bad guys go to jail, but I think we’ll have to fight them in the streets, perhaps even kill them.  I’m much less of a turn the other cheek kind of guy than Lin Wood is and there are many Christian members of the MEGA movement who would much prefer a prayer to God rather than grabbing guns and fists to seek a good thumping of the evil that is on full display.  But what we have in common is that we accept that a vast evil just attempted to invade our country through our government and media and that we consider the perpetrators “domestic enemies” as established by the U.S. Constitution.  There is no way to unify under these conditions, and yes, we do have a war on our hands.

The proof of cheating that is obvious to me is that President Trump won a tremendous amount of support, much more than any GOP president in history and we’re supposed to believe that Biden obtained millions more in addition.  That is what we would call in any business of analytics, a “statistical anomaly.”  Statistical anomalies do occur but not often in a predictable way and to get the amount of statistical anomalies that Joe Biden had to get to win this election is just outrageous, and nowhere near the realm of reality.  Most of this should be flushed out in the recounts, and in the Supreme Court.  But regardless of the outcome, both sides of a very divided country are ready to hit the streets and mean to conduct violence. 

As is obvious from the Trump MEGA response over the weekend to the “Stop the Steal” rallies in Washington D.C. and other places, they are certainly the less deadly of the two groups.  The forces that cheated in this recent election do mean to kill people if needed to protect the criminal class that make up that party. As is clear now the forces behind Joe Biden are outright big time white collar crime criminals attempting to supplant communism directly from China into our country.  It was an invasion, and the fight will likely go beyond the courts.  Accepting that invasion is not in my vocabulary, or many other people from the MEGA movement so things are likely to get very nasty.

As many know, I used to do a lot of media and talk radio.  I haven’t for a while partly because of the election of President Trump.  I figured I had my representative in the Executive Branch of our government and that I could largely do other things letting the Republic do its work.  To do media you had to deal with the wishy washy types who helped make this invasion of our country possible, those “we all need to come together types.”  The people who said that Democrats had a point of view too and that we should give them the time of day. That we should go to lunch with them, make friends with them, that we should value our relationships with them.  Well, now we know how dangerous that kind of thinking has been.  Why would we do that if we are going to have to beat the crap out of them or even kill them to save our country.  That’s what we are talking about here.  The political left isn’t the only side who can make lists intending to destroy people’s lives whether they mean to dox you and bring great harm to you or your family, or wreck your career and use the “PARTY” in power as a means to overcome your life in every way. 

I have a list of my own and there are a lot of people on it.  This Civil War isn’t the kind where General Grant sits on his horse on a big hill and calls out commands on a battlefield for troop movement.  This Civil War literally is everywhere and anywhere.  Right now its nonviolent.  But it could turn that way quickly.  Either way, its here.  It’s the United States of America against the Socialist States of America.  Its sovereignty against foreign invasion and it will take a long time to play out.  Its nationalism against globalism and those viewpoints won’t easily be reconciled, but they must be fought, yet only one side can win.  The two mentalities can’t live together as many have suggested over the years.  A Republican capitalist and a Democrat socialist cannot live and play together in the same government and that’s where we are at.

Speaking of troop movement for a moment, there is a lot to be happy about for Republicans.  Holding the Senate has already occurred for the most part and the recovery in the House has been so far very good and looks to get better before all is said and done. Without the cheating that went on in the Presidential election Republicans would be commanding all three houses of congress and Nancy Pelosi is poised to be a thing of the past.  But even if judicially the election fraud is not resolved quickly enough to keep Trump in the White House this year, he will begin running for president again and the MEGA movement will be quite strong to put tremendous pressure on the Democrats that taking a long view of things will likely end the war faster. 

We will have an opportunity to body slam in the media everything Commie Harris does, we’ll make fun of her daily slamming her Avon Lady looks and phony communication, and lying.  Biden won’t be able to open his mouth without having torrents of criticism leveled at him.  The other side did it to Trump, we’re planning to give it back many times over.  We’ll make it hard for them to get up in the morning and do anything.  Everyone involved in this invasion of our country is going to be scrutinized deeply and the crimes that have been left undone that have occurred against Trump over the last four years will continue to be untangled from the mess of Swamp politics.  There will be no “unity.”  The invaders figured out how to steal an election.  But they didn’t figure out what to do on the day after, or how to keep the power they stole.

Anybody who thought the very peaceful Tea Party movement was the limit of defense in America was sadly miscalculating.  I among many see the writing on the wall, the Democrats are losing power fast, and it showed in this election even with all the cheating they have openly participated in.  They can’t win unless they threaten violence and cheat.  But now, people are done being threatened by them.  If they go to the streets to fight and threaten us, then there will be blood spilled.  Given how things are going, Republicans will retake back the House in 2022 and in 2024 another Trump will likely be running. It may be President Trump again or a member of his family.  Either way, the socialism that is coming out of Joe Biden and the media culture is going to be rejected and fought openly.  The networks and corporate media are going to feel the financial hit.  Facebook and Twitter will be dealt with and the landscape will change politically very dramatically now that we know what we are dealing with. But accepting Democrats as equals or at the seat of power intent to overturn America from a capitalist country to a communist one, well that’s just not going to happen without lots of people getting hurt.  And that’s where things are at.  The bad guys in this plot are going to either be destroyed, or they are going to jail and will be prosecuted by justice.  But we aren’t going to share a country with them, and we sure as hell won’t be joining them.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Understanding What Happened with the 2020 Election: Democrats had to cheat because they no other option

By now I have explained this easy way to understand what happened on the Election of 2020 to many hundreds of people.  Many people are truly scared of what they are seeing, but I would argue that its better to see what we are dealing with than living an illusion of patriotism that is only surface deep.  What we have discovered through the Trump presidency is a Deep State that was only rumored about in the year’s past, and now we know how deep it really is, and how dangerous.  Also, we have learned how the wars of the future will be fought, such as in this present civil war.  Its not fought on terms of noble battles where the goal is to bleed out the other side with deaths and carnage until one side gives up.  No, this is a different kind of fight that involves the subtleties of corporatism and its obvious alliance with communism and will have to be fought on terms that they are not equipped to deal with.  But we’ll get to that. For now, let me explain to those who are not political addicts who watch every bit of news like I do, and get right in their minds what happened on election night and where it has put us today, many days after the election and not really knowing what will come next.

Everyone understands football, at least most do so I’ve been telling this story to assure people of the important aspects of this voter fraud issue involving the last resort coup attempt by domestic enemies of America, the Democrat Party and their partners in China and Silicone Valley tech companies, Facebook, Google, Twitter and others.  It can be confusing if there isn’t a grounding for perspective.  So look at the situation like this, President Trump was a wide receiver going for a deep ball on election night.  He had pulled a move on a deep route and had the defensive back beat.  He caught the ball cleanly and was headed for a touchdown.  The DB knowing that Trump was about to score grabbed hold of the President and fouled him with pass interference.  The refs had to throw the yellow flag and the play was stopped dead.  The hope when this kind of thing happens is that it might buy a little time for the defense to find a way to keep the other team from scoring which is what we are seeing now.  The refs are now under the hood reviewing the play.  It’s a pretty easy throw to get a touchdown from the spot of the foul.  But the defense has kept the score off the board while they attempt to find other ways to prevent the next play from happening too hoping that they can run out the clock before that happens.  Trump was winning convincingly in the vote totals on election night and he still is.  But there is a lot of politics going on with the refs under the hood reviewing the play.  Just following the rules isn’t such an easy thing for them.  The football organizations have bet everything on the other team to win, not Trump, and they can’t afford to lose this game.  So they are taking extra time under the review to make their decision one way or the other. 

The cheating is massive and as I said, it will take years to sort out.  The easy path to a Trump victory is in the recounts.  But the states in question are under time constraints to certify the election and to deal with the massive amount of fraud we are dealing with, it doesn’t match up to the reality of announcing a winning president by January.  So by stopping the vote count on election night, that is where the crime started, and that side of the political spectrum knows that the courts can’t process the sheer amount of crime that was committed in that duration.  It wasn’t a hard decision for them to stop the game with a foul even if it was committed against them, because it kept the points off the board as the time on the clock was continuing to run down.  There is no doubt that the voting machines were switching votes from Trump to Biden.  There is no doubt that there are major security issues and foreign nationals involved in our election.  There is no doubt that dead people voted, that there were activist vote counters tossing out Trump votes.  The mail-in ballots from unsolicited sources was an astronomical problem that we will still be sorting out in the next election 4 years from now.  There are far too many problems to resolve in a few months.  It’s likely there were be Supreme Court cases that emerge from all this, but from the perspective of the Democrats they knew they couldn’t win a straight election so they set traps everywhere to stop Trump, and when none of those worked, they simply pass interferenced him into stopping the election so they could keep the Trump points off the board and run out the clock so they could win the game.

My advice to everyone is to keep all this in mind and maintain perspective.  The Democrats could not win legitimately, and I think everyone understands that many millions of ballots had to be manufactured to make it look like Biden won.  Because Trump did so well, the Democrats were fouling everywhere, and in a very uncoordinated way, they had people filling out fake ballots, they had people actually tossing out Trump votes, they had the vote switching on the machines going on, they literally did everything on a large scale that involved thousands and thousands of people—so there is lots of evidence.  But what good is the evidence if the entire court system is as dirty as the Democrats and the FBI who is supposed to investigate these things?  I think what we have learned about the Deep State after this election is more important than anything right now.  I remain encouraged by the recount opportunity with the refs under the hood, but I see a far more sinister problem afoot that needs to be dealt with, and that is our next task. 

Trump has shown what is possible and is still possible.  But the Democrats are too dirty to deal with as equals.  They aren’t willing to play a straight game because they know they can’t, and their desire to cheat is disrespectful to us all.  They knew they were going to cheat on election night as they telegraphed it for weeks leading up to the election and they knew they had the refs all bought off, so they didn’t care how they won, so long as they could keep the Trump points off the board, even though he was well poised to score big on election night.  So they had to grab his jersey and pull him down before he could cross the endzone.  The real crime that occurred that night wasn’t the massive level of cheating that occurred over several states, but it was the coordination of 6 battle ground states that just stopped counting, all ran by Democrats at the same time so that they could buy enough time for their ground thugs to manufacture votes for Biden and in doing so they way overdid it.  As the count goes on for years, we will find that there weren’t that many voters available to give Biden 77 million votes.  They didn’t exist, but were counted through the chaos of the weeks after the election hoping to run out the clock with pressure before the refs could make the right call under the hood.  But we wouldn’t know any of this if Trump’s lead wasn’t so great, if he hadn’t caught the ball so well, and had beaten the defense so spectacularly.  In that sense, fret not.  We are better off seeing the scum that has been clogging the drain of the swamp.  Its ugly to look at, but we needed to see it.  And everyone playing this game knows Trump won that election and that will be the greatest weapon we have going forward. 

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The Government Mob’s Massive Corruption: What to do now that we know

By now everyone can see just how much corruption was involved in the 2020 Elections up and down the ballots of President Trump and the mob of Joe Biden.  The behavior of Democrats was so outlandish because the vote numbers were so great for President Trump that they had to go way over their plans to cheat Biden over the perceived finish line.  It would be a big deal for anybody to get the 73 million votes that President Trump got during the election, which is going up still.  But we are supposed to believe that Joe Biden who hardly made any public appearances during the campaign won over 77 million votes to pull away in the last 7 contested states which froze in unison on election night to stop counting and recalibrate their targets in the middle of the night once everyone had given up and gone to bed.  The Democrat Party led by the governors of each state went to work in manufacturing votes for Biden to close the gap to Trump in all those states and they had to produce so many votes that they ended up getting caught this time.  As of now we are starting to see what a massive organization it was, one that even involved the mainstream media people and heads of their organizations.  A mafia of government that we always knew was there had to get sloppy to beat Trump, and that’s how we caught them.  So now what?

We need to know who was on the phone calls which shut down voting in 6 states virtually at the same time.  We need to know who the Fox News election desk was talking to among Democrats on the ground to call Arizona and Virginia early hoping to suppress the voters still in line.  We need to know why Nancy Pelosi was telegraphing that Joe Biden would have the votes to win before the election as if she was sure of it, even smiling about it to suggest that nothing we could do would elect Trump to a second  term.  The governor of Pennsylvania projected the same type of behavior, indicating that Joe Biden would have the votes he would need to win the state.  All the arrows of their arrogance are pointing to these Dominion voting machines made in China and connected to the internet during the election which were flipping Trump votes to Biden magically.  That connection is obviously something we will be very troubled by.  It’s obvious these Democrats have been doing this kind of thing for years, obviously during the 2012 Presidential election where Obama won 100% of Philly.  Not one single vote for Romney back then.  And like suckers, we just moved on.  They obviously didn’t have their ground game in place when Trump ran against Hillary in 2016 and they got caught flat footed.  They weren’t going to let that happen in 2020, obviously.  But Trump had such a high vote count that the Democrats had to leave footprints in the wet paint to avoid getting caught in the corner they had boxed themselves in to.  We’d have to say that the fix was in against John McCain too in 2008.  Democrats knew that McCain and Romney were soft and wouldn’t fight back, so they got away with it.

You could likely trace back this cheating on such a massive scale back to 2000 where Al Gore almost beat George Bush with the famous Florida recounts.  The internet was new back then, so a sophisticated ground game wasn’t so smooth for the criminal Democrats.   But that isn’t the case any longer.  We must question everything for the past 20 years based on what we’ve seen on this latest election, which we are just dealing with the tip of the iceberg presently.  We also must question whether or not the Democrats ever really won a majority in Congress—ever over that period or whether they used these election fraud tricks to win just enough seats to get some majorities.  They seem pretty confident in their actions and have obviously been doing these things for a while.  However, because of Trump, they had to manufacture more votes than they had ever tried, and in their haste, they made way too many.  Statistical anomalies were obvious leading Trump lawyers straight to the corrupt areas.  But what’s really been disconcerting is to the level that all our media outlets virtually, endorsed the behavior.  They were all against us in every way you can be, and that has been the most valuable revelation of this election season.

What we have uncovered, which many of us already knew, or suspected, is that our federal government is a big, organized crime racket and the media is in the bag with them—completely.  We know it because of the FBI conduct in setting up a coup of President Trump.  Lots of people knew the details yet they let it go anyway.  Lots of people knew Hillary Clinton started the Steele Dossier and John McCain himself played a part in making it part of the public record—validating it.  We see how the government was used to destroy the lives of friends of the president hoping to push Trump out of office with fear for himself and his children.  And we’ve seen how the media has sold the China coronavirus to the public hoping to create just enough chaos in many ways to cheat this 2020 election with unsolicited ballots harvested for Biden and variable election validation dates for counting them.  It was even used to hopefully suppress voter turnout.  There will be cases in court for years to come over all this.  But we know enough now to flag the behavior as excessively corrupt.

Good for us, Trump is still president and as far as I’m concerned, he’ll remain president.  Courts don’t move fast, so there is bound to be a clash of cultures before there is a resolution.  Personally, I think the recounts alone will take care of the issue.  But if some of the states ran by Democrats don’t cooperate, then we might have some constitutional issues to resolve by January 20th.  The media is trying to pressure us all into accepting the fake Biden presidency, which of course we can’t do.  So we don’t know really what will happen.  But what we do know is that they have been caught, Democrats committing election fraud on a massive scale and the bad guys in the media are the ones covering for them.  And we can’t allow that to happen.  The best thing we can do with that knowledge is to go to other places for our media and make those guilty pay with lost dollars and market share.  That is already happening with Fox News.  But it needs to happen with Facebook and Twitter too.  It needs to happen with the cord cutting of NBC News and ABC, and all the rest of the networks.  There are good alternatives emerging, and we need to help them grow.  But if you want to kill off this government mob, you must have a clean divorce from the services they hook into you.  And from there, everything else will evolve in a more positive way.

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Context Over Talk of Violence Against the Government: Election Voter Fraud and Covid-19 Legal Abuse

For context it seems that a reasonable explanation as to why we are now in a Civil War is rational and understandable.  I continue to hear about it, even 5 days later that my comments on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse recently indicated possible violence against the Biden presidency was crazy or radical, even dangerous.  The people most upset about it for some reason were members of the media who have obviously openly come to think of our American society as a culture of mankind (people) instead of a society of laws which we all agree upon to function.  For instance, the biggest violation of this tendency is Covid-19 where many rules are made up on the fly willy-nilly by chaos, like a state governor under emergency powers such as Ohio’s DeWine did just today with more panic driven responses to coronavirus that do not involve the legislature in the decision making process.  That same mentality was used over changing voting rules prior to the Election of 2020, using chaos and the courts to overturn the legislature laws that were in place to make it easier to cheat at elections, which were clearly done as a means to attempt to put Joe Biden in power and remove Trump in a coup that has been attempted literally since the President announced that he was running.  Well, with all that in mind it is my position that if we consciously switch from a society that functions to the laws of man (or women, don’t get stuck on identity politics) from a society that functions from a nation of laws, then it is inevitable that there will have to be a conflict to preserve what we’ve built over what domestic enemies are trying to destroy.  Presently I am functioning in the world as an American who is well respected in society, is a great family man, has as perfect of a credit score as there can be.  I accept the American Constitution as the nation of laws I’m willing to follow and I live well with my neighbors and members of society.  But, I will not accept the chaos of the made-up laws of man (and women) as they are now using Chinese style control tactics to loom over social life, and we have plenty of evidence that is precisely what is happening presently as everything has culminated into what we’ve seen as the Election of 2020.  And any attack against the aspects of my life that I listed above would have to be met with violence because there is no way to compel myself into accepting the laws of man except force which clearly is the strategy of the political left.  So yes, I said what I said and will continue to say it. That is why I mentioned the credit score because that is a thing in China, if you don’t show the proper affiliation to the proper political party, your “social score” will impact what you can do in life, such as buy a house or car if you are not aligned with “the party.”  Google and Facebook have been building that infrastructure here in the United States and we have seen the start of it during this election cycle with the audacious censorship just about every Trump supporter has experienced.  A lot more, and worse than that is planned for us by the domestic terrorists running the big tech companies, especially Twitter.

The real challenge here is President Trump and the certification of election dates are not going to match the nation of laws that we are used to by January 20th.  I would say that we will still be having court cases over the next several years as to what we witnessed tragically on the night of November 3rd.  The attack on our system of government has been going on for a long time, but given what we now understand, now that we know the Obama administration openly abused our intelligence agencies to spy on the incoming Trump administration, that we know Hillary Clinton paid for and advocated the Steele Dossier to distract from her own illegal email problems.  That the Mueller investigation was a complete abuse of government resources to not only put one political party over another, but to destroy the lives of people when they knew from the outset that the Trump team was innocent.  Then we had the impeachment to start off 2020 for crimes we know Joe Biden himself was guilty of, yet Trump was put through the ringer as an innocent man.  The Democrats were playing for blood and using any bit of chaos they could utilize to switch America from a nation of laws to the laws of man.  With that in mind there are literally thousands and thousands of people in on this next coup attempt during the election of 2020 so the legal burden is extremely large, and it will take years to unravel.  That is also part of the plan and the Democrats with their friends in the media are using January 20th as the chaos to make the switch, just as Covid-19 was used for the same.

As things stand now, based on the affidavits that were published by the Trump team, Pennsylvania and Michigan will go to Trump due to hundreds of thousands of known fraudulent ballots that are obvious.  There will be many more illegal votes discovered over the coming years, and many election fraud issues, everything to faulty voting machines that had been tampered with, to worker activism, to the USPS actually destroying ballots.  Even with all the tampering it is amazing that President Trump still had such great margins that the cheating needed to put Biden over the top was too extensive to not get caught.  The footprints through the wet paint is very obvious.  The same rules will be applied to Georgia, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada.   Once all that settles, Trump wins easily.  It is possible that all that could happen by December and the date of January 20th might not interrupt the date we need to have a president constitutionally in place.  But this case will be far from over and the details will be litigated for many years to come.  However what isn’t known, given to the level they have acted against the health of America as a nation are the forces behind the Biden camp and what they have been willing to do to act as the Constitution would term them, “Domestic Enemies” and of course the burden we now have as to what to do with them.  If they don’t function from the Laws of our Nation as expressed clearly in the Constitution, and insist on the Laws of Man, such as what Governor Mike DeWine is doing holding onto emergency powers over Covid-19 to function without the legislature to make social policy then violence is likely the only way to police the difference.  Of course that would be unfortunate, but if you don’t have law and are a society driven by chaos, which we currently are, what other choice does a lawful society have?

Should Joe Biden end up in the White House, I don’t know that this Civil War would involve organized battles of guns in the streets, at least initially.  I certainly don’t want that.  Likely more probable would be a war of words, where Trump supporters would give hell to everything the Biden government would attempt.  Anybody who thought Obama had it rough hasn’t seen anything.  The disrespect of a Biden administration would be persistent and justifiably audacious.  As far as I’m concerned, when the last seven states stopped counting on election night so they could go find enough votes to put Biden over the top, that’s when Trump won.  He was projected to win, the cheating was obvious.  The evidence is now being assembled and will be litigated in stages, from easiest to prove to the more difficult.  Democrats and the media are counting on chaos to shove everything under the rug, but that’s not going to happen.  The truth is, we either have Trump in the White House after a fair election, or there will be war.  There isn’t a scenario where people just allow a switch from a nation of laws to the chaos of the laws of man running things on a whim.  And the domestic enemies who have set all this up aren’t going to let it go easily and they have already indicated there will be fights.  So if there is violence as a result, it will be their fault and any attack against our present society who built their lives around the laws of our nation will be defended properly with the intention to return to the Constitution.  Nothing else will be acceptable.    

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A Strategy For Trump and the MAGA Movement: Be the one doing the shooting instead of being shot at in the “Corner Office”

Based on what we know about the most massive cheating scandal in the history of the world over this recent election, because its really a global cabal that is conducting the attack, the strategy of the attackers is to use the pressure of time to force the legal issues into a rushed state.  It is obvious that there has been so much crime in the election of 2020 that it is highly unlikely that they can be resolved by January when a president elect is supposed to be Constitutionally sworn into office.  I can sympathize with how Trump feels right now.  It’s a lot of mixed feelings about not wanting to host any transition team with Biden, not wanting to be run out of town with the media throwing rocks at him on his departure.  Then mixing up those anxieties with the slow as molasses movement of the court systems that will drag ass all these cases well past the January deadline.  With that in mind I’m directing this toward the Trump campaign people I know who read at this site, and for the many fans of MAGA who are trying to puzzle all this together.  I have a book I’ve been working on for quite some time, an American strategy guide to business and warfare.  I’ve been waiting until the election has concluded to publish it because I needed to see what kind of world we would be dealing with, but for this kind of problem, I think one of the chapter’s contents would be useful now.  It’s called the “Corner Office.”

In every corporate climate and business enterprise there is some prized piece of real estate that the big bosses within a company usually fight over to show their power.  The book I’m referring to is The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business as it seeks to explain the strategy of business in the way The Book of Five Rings and The Art of War from the East have, but using the American mentality of gunfighting to frame the issues.  And in this case of the Trump election he’s currently fighting for a kind of corner office, The White House and the pressure from that is obscuring the real issues that are at play.  In a corporate environment whoever is in the corner office is the target of all the types of people who would love to attack whoever sits in their as their quests for power point them in that direction.  My advice to such people and to Trump in this situation is to not spend much time in that office because those who want to kill you metaphorically or literally will always have leverage over you because they know where you are, they know you want to keep that status symbol of power so that they can fight at you without worrying about you coming after them because they have natural leverage over you knowing they have more freedom to act than you do.

My position in these kinds of situations is to not fall in love with the corner office, but to remain like a gunfighter, being in position to snipe at those who do love the prestige of that valued real estate.  If I were Trump I would pick up the presidency and move it to Mar-a-Lago, the “Winter White House.”  A place where Trump controls and something that can’t be taken away from him by rules and regulations.  And by staying there through the court proceedings he would not have to play nice with the Biden transition team or any ceremonial proceedings that will be forced down his throat in the coming weeks.  When the bad guys know that you are in the corner office they can shoot into it all day and all night long knowing you can’t cover every direction at once.  Already the Rino Republicans are joining in the media frenzy to punish Trump any way they can, so the enemies are mounting up.  That is where I suggest in any situation, whether in a corporate environment or in being President of the United States to not always fight the bad guys with metaphorical pistols, but to grab a rifle and position yourself in a far distant location on the outside and pick them off as a sniper as they try to go through the front door of the corner office.  They expect you to fight to keep something they technically own always putting you at a disadvantage.

Trump and all MAGA participants need to separate their worries.  I would argue that knowing what we do about the Deep State now, from what they did all of 2020 really and especially with the election that the best thing to do is trap them in their quest for the corner office and turn the tide on them.  It is much easier, and more effective to be a sniper than to sit in a chair and have them shoot at you.  The best thing to do to them is to have the legal system destroy and embarrass them utterly and completely by giving them the keys to the front door of their own trap.  In this way Trump can still be president and still lead the MAGA movement and the burden of performance would then fall on those attackers who are now trapped in the corner office, as Trump is now.  The symbolism of getting Trump out of the White House is all the attackers can think of at every level.  But we should learn from history, we don’t need this court fight to be the Alamo.  We need to get our guy somewhere that he can function as he has, but in shooting into the corner office instead of always being shot at.

I can’t tell you dear reader how many times I’ve been in a similar position.  Not on such a large scale, but the malicious participants have the same intentions.  They see you as a powerful figure who must be overcome before they can take what you have.  When people wonder why Lean Manufacturing doesn’t work so well in American companies, or really anywhere in the world in a sustainable way, its not because the tools don’t work, but they don’t account for the nature of human beings.  Right now, all anybody can see is the White House being removed from Trump.  The best thing Trump could do is show that he is bigger than some publicly owned real estate and is his own creation.  And that the MAGA movement isn’t confined to the White House.  They want to see him slump shouldered into a helicopter and ran out of Washington.  What they don’t want however is for him to shoot back at them from a vantage point he controls.

There are a lot of fights that must be fought, big tech censorship and their direct connection to the intelligence community.  The power of the swamp generally and the stacks of crimes they are doing in front of our faces audaciously.  Then there are the globalists funding it all for a flip of our country from a capitalist one to Chinese communism.  While all this is going on, Trump needs to be in a place where he can use the long gun and not the closed quarter combat of a pistol.  It is going to take time to work out all the legal issues and while that is going on, Trump needs to remain President.  He can decide to continue using Mar-a-Lago, as the “Winter White House” while outshining the actual White House and avoiding the embarrassment of letting them run him away like being fired in a corporate setting by some bureaucrat.  And in that way, Trump would never have to concede because there is literally nothing they can legally take from him.  The leverage would all go to Trump and from there, while the courts settle everything out, we’d all be free to take potshots at that corner office and the stacks of enemies who are now clamoring to bust in and take over.   Its always good to know where your enemies are and to see what they are doing, and this is a perfect chance to do just that.

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Threatening Lying, Hiding, Dummy Joe Biden and Commie Harries with Violence?: Quotes from the media at “Stop the Steal” in Columbus Ohio

I went to the “Stop the Steal” rally at the Ohio Statehouse and spoke there just a few minutes after the AP called the election of 2020 for Joe Biden, just as the Trump team was giving their press conference on massive voter fraud in Pennsylvania which caused the AP to think it was safe to make the controversial call.  We were watching the theft of our election system by dirty Democrats and a media culture tied to foreign nationalism and people weren’t willing to take it.  We’ve all been willing to play by the rules, and the Democrats ignored the rules then expected us to accept outright theft.  So when it came my time to talk, I addressed that issue to the large crowd that had gathered and the report by WOSU radio went something like this:

Rich Hoffman came in from Cincinnati, and was the first to directly address the AP’s announcement that Biden had carried Pennsylvania and reached the 270 Electoral Votes needed to win the presidency. The news brought a chorus of boos from the crowd, and Hoffman suggested the AP called the race to distract from a press conference held by Trump’s legal team in Philadelphia.

He urged the crowd to reject reports that Biden won, and made vague suggestions toward opposing the president-elect with violence.

“There are two options,” Hoffman said. “We can win this with the rule of law and court, it might take a few months, it’s going to be a long process but we can handle it, right? Or, we play the game a different way, and we don’t want to talk that way right now, but I think we all know what we’re talking about.”

From <>

I didn’t have video organized to record, I’m sure someone will put it up somewhere, there were lots of cameras there.  But the mood of the moment was people needed to get their thoughts right.  There were lots of hurt people there and the Biden supporters, not many of them, but the ones who were there were openly gloating and egging people into a fight.  There was a socialist rally around the corner on the North steps, again much smaller than the Trump group which was organized and banned from Facebook making it difficult to get everyone together so quickly.  But all the Trump supporters were down in the dumps not really knowing what to do next. 

So my purpose was to remind them that Trump was still president and that he had every legal right to keep being president which obviously made the media there angry with me.  Some of the big stations looked at me with open distain after I finished my speech.  I would say I gave a very good speech and people appreciated it.  But obviously, the Biden people wanted to hear more praying to God for help, and sulking from the Trump people, not any talk about legal challenges or what happens if our legal system fails completely.  Then what?  I said we’d deal with that when the time came.  To understand what that means, read the Constitution.  My oath of legal grounding is the United States Constitution.  Nothing coming from some foreign entity, like the United Nations will be accepted.

I think all the Trump people all across the country were incredibly restrained as the AP called the presidential race for Joe Biden even as evidence of massive voter corruption was pouring in from all over the country, and a media we have trusted was clearly in on it.  Nobody was killing anybody or making such threats which is a stark contrast to what happened when Trump won four years ago.   There were death threats to the president everyday, one of the most vicious was Madonna saying she wanted to blow up the White House, and Kathy Griffin holding up the bloody head of Trump making an obvious reference. 

Johnny Depp also made such references and of course for the next four years we shouldn’t have been surprised that there were so many attempts by Antifa and Black Lives Matters to throw threats of violence and even death toward Trump supporters—and we’ve put up with it kindly, and without violence largely.  But now after all that we were supposed to accept the very dishonest theft of our president by illegal activity with more proof than anybody can comprehend because it was so voluminous?  Ahh, no.  It is time to start talking about what happens if we discover there is no rule of law where even the state of Pennsylvania will ignore orders from the Supreme Court.  Well, I trust the law until we discover its not there, and if we have to wrestle it back through some other means, then we’ll have to do that.  But accepting the media narrative of a Joe Biden win is not an option and it certainly wasn’t as I spoke on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse.

I spent the day walking around after the rally was mostly over and saw some of the Antifa people and Biden supporters up-close.  The media tries to make them look tough, like we are supposed to be scared of their potential for violence.  I saw three little boys dressed in camo with their Antifa gear try to walk through me.  Well, that doesn’t happen, anywhere.  The tallest of them was about 5’7,” they were clearly couch potato types who have not been challenged much in life.  They came to the rally to pick on the good Christians who were kneeling and praying for God to guide them through this constitutional crisis.  And those Antifa kids were looking for a fight.

They did go around me and I watched them as they uneasily walked away more quickly than they had come and drifted around the building headed to the socialist rally that was singing praise for Joe Biden, their savior for socialism.  I followed them at an easy pace and stood next to them where they stopped.  They moved after a few minutes to another location in the middle of the crowd.  I moved to their new spot.  Nobody wanted me there with my cowboy hat and boots, and other things, but they clearly weren’t so tough without a mass crowd of like-minded people breaking out windows and overturning police cars.  It was a nice day and they weren’t so tough when exposed to light.

After all that my daughter took me to The Loft which is a famous bookstore in Columbus and I had a nice time buying more books.  But Columbus is a college town, and I was a little surprised to see stacks of the ANTIFA Manual in the philosophy section and in the history section.  And of course there were lots of copies of The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital.  Much more than you can find in my Barnes and Nobel at home, and people have been reading them.  Silently the left has been preparing for this war and their plan is to offer an olive branch of peace—only if you consent to their complete takeover of your life.  And if you don’t consent, then they are coming for our heads. 

There is already The Trump Accountability Project that is floating around before Biden was even confirmed by the AP.  So don’t be fooled dear reader.  They aren’t playing around.  And that’s what I told the crowd.  I always point to the rule of law and say to stick by that.  But if the Democrats want to overthrow that, then don’t be a fool.  The Bible says to turn the other cheek and many Republicans get caught in that trap.  I won’t be doing that.  If you can trust anything in this world, its that if there is no rule of law and a Supreme Court that makes sure everything stays civil, well I’m fine with turning the tables on Democrats in ways they won’t expect.  And they won’t like it either.

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Joe Biden Did Something Amazing: He managed to get more dead people to vote than in all American history–that is a true “get out the vote” campaign success

Well, its true, Joe Biden if we were to believe the mainstream media—which we have all wanted to—brought to life more dead people to vote for this election of 2020 than any other political figure in the history of the world.  We are just now starting to get our hands around just how many dead people voted for Lying, Hiding, Joe Biden in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin and it looks to be something that Jesus Christ himself would have been proud of.  Joe to believe the election results has raised legions of dead people to vote for him, which he is bragging about, won the most votes of anybody in the history of the United States.  Yet there is a problem with this statement.  It’s a statistical impossibility for one, there just weren’t that many voters, voting.  So votes had to be made up from somewhere, one source looks to be involved in these Dominion Voting Systems, which we use in Ohio.  I have been wondering about these for a long time.  You’d assume that a 3rd party couldn’t get into the encryption and tamper with the information, but it looks like that is precisely what can happen—that votes can be flipped by some controller outside the voting system, like a radical Democrat governor or secretary of state.  Still we wouldn’t assume that this would be the case unless we’ve seen how some of these people have acted under Covid-19 crises management and their radicalism certainly paves the way for voter fraud.  The other issue that has become very obvious are the dead people that have shown up on the voter rolls upon just a brief investigation.  And it looks like the amount of people who rose from the dead to vote is historic, and if they did vote, then Joe Biden has done something miraculous!

However, as fun as all that might be to think about, raising people from the dead, we are viewing something far more sinister, which looks to have come up in Kentucky during the last election cycle there where Matt Bevin lost to Andy Beshear by such a slim margin.  It looked suspicious to me and I tucked it away for reference later.  The issue was that Matt was doing well, then some counties started reporting late.  Then suddenly lots of votes started pouring in for Andy Beshear and he ended up winning.  Everyone accepted the election results at face value because we generally do in the United States, and Andy went on to be one of the leaders of the Covid-19 lockdowns continuing up to the present, which of course ushered in a communist style approach to managing masses of people in the heart of America.  It was a kind of socialist experiment which we have been talking about and the study of our behavior has been crucial to some of these next steps of an obvious media driven incursion that we witnessed in the 2020 election.  Trump was winning, clearly.  The vote counts were stopped, and the Democrats running the election in a lot of these states simply went to find votes for Joe Biden.  The media was in on the whole thing for a whole lot of reasons that we’ll explore in future articles.  But to understand what’s going on you have to look at the pressure applied on Pennsylvania from the Supreme Court.  Pennsylvania has been defiant on any court rulings against them and have been willing to break the law to get the results they wanted in that state.  They erased something of nearly a million-vote surplus for Trump to push Biden over the top with made-up votes, openly breaking the law, and showing outright defiance against our legal system to do it.  So now we see that all the dead people suddenly voting wasn’t some miracle, but it was an act of open criminal activity by a complicit media culture who is looking to crush a Populus movement in America any way possible, even if the laws get in the way.


Here is the irony, these conspirators in our government and media couldn’t do these actions working under current election laws and they are assuming that there isn’t anybody in the world who is going to come down on them with punishment.  These are progressives in all cases which means they are not functioning from the laws of the United States, not even the Supreme Court.  They are poised to only respect a government coming from the United Nations, so any domestic laws they are inspired to ignore, which is why stealing an election through this massive fraud is no big deal to them.  They don’t recognize American law or the Constitution as having any influence over their actions because it will be international law which governs conduct in their future so everyone might as well get used to it.  That is their attitude.  Trump represents a step back from that so they just couldn’t have that, and on election night when the president was poised to win yet again by huge margins, the Democrats and their conspirators in the media—such as Arnon Mishkin at Fox News who was obviously working with Democrats toward their objectives on election night.  Again, none of these people respect American laws, they are looking at international law as their bases for action and as we learned through Covid-19, those laws have been shaped by China, enforced through their media purchases in the United States over the years, and that is how so many dead people ended up voting for Joe Biden who with all his lying, and hiding somehow managed to get the most votes of any presidential candidate—ever.  LOL

I’m not saying to get your guns and go defend the Constitution, yet.  In this process we have learned who these people are.  Trump’s wonderful election night performance forced them to hit that nuclear button and all that was hidden to attempt to push Biden over the top in the national election was revealed—and is still being uncovered day by day. That is why the media wanted to rush an announcement that Biden had won.  But the media doesn’t determine who the president is, the courts do when they certify the results.  That’s the way its always been done.  So we have a lot to work with that shouldn’t involve violence.  But keep your guns close, because if these people at the top of these media organizations—including Fox News, and who run our government are going to break the law, even when the Supreme Court gets involved, then we’ll have to break their laws too when they start trying to make them from the vantage point of the United Nations.  The way our tech companies behaved during the 2020 election with censorship, they are full on communist already.  I would suggest moving off Google and Facebook as much as possible and finding other ways to communicate, and to punish Big Tech by walking away wherever you can.  Don’t complain about it, just hit them in their pocketbook.  And trash their public image whenever you can.  Don’t let them think they have you comfortably in their corner.  There are plenty of ways to fight back without shooting anybody, and we should use those options until those options aren’t there.  But surrender to these insurgents isn’t an option and that’s how we have to look at this.  Trump has all the legal grounds to win the presidency.  However, if we can’t trust the courts, then we have a lot of work to do and it could get messy.  Right now I think we don’t need to add any more dead people to the voter rolls.  But if the laws are coming from the United Nations and not the American Constitution, well, maybe more dead people will be voting in the future which may be needed to keep everyone honest.   If we are going to have a lawless society, that’s fine, so long as we understand that’s the world we are living in.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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