No Conservative Can be a Racist: Understanding the nature of merit based exsistance

We need to clear something up about our present time, it is impossible for those who are philosophically aligned with conservatism to have any remnants of racism in them. No real conservative could be a racist. Its impossible in every way imaginable. When a Democrat or some 26-year-old reporter writes an article explaining how Donald Trump is a racist due to his border policy, they are expressing their own vast ignorance at the meaning of such a word—they simply don’t know what it means, or how its applied. Racism is a very ancient form of stupidity and is a left-over remnant of mankind’s past in experimenting with superstition and religion. It’s the ultimate group think, to assume that all Jews think this way, or that all Germans think another way, or that people from the continent of Africa have limits of this kind or that kind—all those thoughts are rooted in a misunderstanding that cultural behavior is directly connected to genetic structure—which its not. For anyone who believes in individual rights, it is disingenuous and ignorant to chain people to the group association of their past. It just doesn’t make sense.

To get to the roots of this debacle examine the nature of the type of people who are doing all this genetic research these days, into their own family trees. I have listened to many crazy lunatics over the years go into extreme lengths to discover who in their family’s past was a rug cleaner in the court of some European king, or some great, great-uncle cleaned the gun of a letter carrier in some great American war. Or that their grandfather or father knew a guy who knew a guy who was friends with a guy who knew the agent of a popular rock band and managed to get back stage passes—and for that the entire family is supposed to be proud of their association with touching celebrity in their lives and to actually brag about it. Such thoughts are the foundations of racism, and people who believe in any way that the genetic fortunes of some family member from their past equates to some rubbed off merit passed down through the ages are simply wrong.

You can see this same type of behavior when people inherit unearned wealth after a powerful character dies in a family and the less intelligent descendents try to figure out how to manage the wealth that was left behind. Often those direct family members didn’t have to work hard and learn intellectually how to manage wealth, so millions of dollars that took a lifetime to build are squandered away in months or years by the relatives who inherit it because they do not possess the skills that built the wealth just because of their genetic makeup, or that they happened to marry into a powerful family. The world functions off merit-based intelligence not whether or not a person becomes great and just because they have a son or daughter that all that greatness magically rubs off on the offspring. What does rub off is the access to such greatness and for people within a circle of influence to learn from some older person, but to assume that magically success will just happen because of genetics is a preposterous concept that has long left the minds of anybody intelligent. Those types of thoughts might have had a place in primitive times, but they are long outdated and have been proven wrong and are not part of any conservative movement. The very concept of conservatism puts values on individual behavior, not group assimilation and racism is all about group identity.

Those on the political left do not think in individual terms so everything they see has some primitive form of group association. For instance, there are actual discussions about President Trump’s Supreme Court pick and what school of law they might have attended as if the school itself might make a Supreme Court Justice better than another from a different school. The failed assumption is that it is the school as a group that is responsible for a brilliant legal mind, not the actions of the student in becoming great through hard work and perseverance. It is in the mind of the liberal the association with groups that deserve the credit for excellence. We hear the same type of comparisons in sports, a team that wins a lot often umbrellas the credit for frequent victories on “team philosophies” not the individual efforts of the team members themselves who are responsible. Even with the great play of LaBron James the other individuals on the 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t very good and they could not beat the Golden State Warriors for the championship. Just because LaBron James was on the Cleveland Team, the entire team wasn’t suddenly good as a whole. The team sucked and only found themselves in the playoffs because of LaBron James. When they had to play teams with other talented NBA players, they couldn’t match the effort and they lost. A school, a team, or a family lineage cannot make someone great, only individualized hard work and effort.

Knowing all that, it is impossible for a race of people to lay claim to any level of intelligence or aptitude. There are brilliant people born along the shores of the Congo River and in the mountain tops of the Andes. They can occur anywhere at any time, and it is up to them to develop those skills as individuals. America was never a racist nation. There is no place on planet earth that has such a diverse and successful assembly of individuals achieving greatness. A successful American is not a person of any kind of color, not even white. Such concepts are entirely made up by people who are liberal in their thinking because they don’t understand the basics of individualized achievement. People aren’t successful in America because they inherited some business from their father or that they went to a certain school. They are successful because they worked hard and developed themselves as individuals to do what others could not, or would not. But once done, the achievement doesn’t carry over into all the children and grandchildren. Doing a heredity search two hundred years from now won’t automatically make some future person more successful just because someone in their family was successful once. It takes the actions of an individual to brew success and that comes from a well-developed mind, not skin color or sex.

The misconceptions of the ignorant, which most liberals are, do not make reality a defined state. Their ignorance and lack of philosophic understanding does not change the rules of the universe. All existence is merit based. A success today does not make a success tomorrow and it certainly doesn’t hide in the genetic makeup of a human being. Only really dumb people would think such a thing. Conservatives are by their basic epistemology those who believe in individualized achievement, and that goes for a person of any color or sex. If a person is good, it doesn’t matter what their background, and it doesn’t matter who their parents were or if their family lineage at some point in the past touched greatness. All that matters is whether the individuals who make up the human race are working to become exceptional in some endeavor and whether or not they manage to have success. There is no racism in the conservative political parties because they are all based on individual behavior, and that knows no genetic limitation. Only the effort behind the mind of individuals.

Rich Hoffman
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Everything You Need to Know About the G7 Summit, and Peace with North Korea: Han Solo and ‘The Fountainhead’ tell the whole story–the Wicked Witches of Globalism are melting

Well, the Wicked Witch of Globalism is melting before our eyes, first uttered at the socialist G7 Summit where Justin Trudeau now famously complained about President Trump’s domestic trade politics only to be slapped down by Trump while in route to Singapore to meet with Kim Jong Un. I thought John Brennan’s comments in the wake were most alarming, which represent globalists from John McCain to Barack Obama, we are now seeing just how far their roots of ideology have permeated our intellectual foundations, and it’s a little alarming. Not that we didn’t know what was there, but its kind of like pulling out a huge snake that has been parasitically feeding off a sewage pipe coming out of our house. You know it’s there but removing it and seeing how big and ugly it really is can be alarming. What we are seeing from these globalists is truly alarming and is specifically why those of us smart enough to understand the complexity of these matters supported and voted for Donald Trump very early in the election process.

When people say they couldn’t predict what would happen at the G7 Summit, or that nobody could believe that North Korea would be unified with the rest of the world, they are wrong. I predicted all these things well in advance. Even as Kim Jong Un was launching missiles over Japan, I was saying it, and only I outside of the White House, that North Korea didn’t have any real threat that they proposed to throw against the world. They were always drowning in communism and it was obvious when the reports that Dennis Rodman was becoming best friends with the North Korean dictator that the kid wasn’t such a scary person. If Kim Jong Un didn’t have a private plane in his country that could take him 3000 miles away to anywhere in the world, how was he going to launch nuclear missiles into the heartland of America? Simply put, Trump knew that all the missile launches were a bluff and he called the kid on it, and now there is nowhere but toward peace for North Korea, and Trump smartly is giving the dictator a way out into the great world of capitalism.

This of course has the globalists very terrified. As I’ve said before I look at lots of indicators in our social fabric to tell the truth about what is really going on in the world and as many readers here know I was particularly interested in the box office numbers of the new Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie has done decently, not what Disney expected, but it’s not a failure in any regards, critically or economically. Yet I thought it was strange that there was so much fury and hope from the print media around the world, especially overseas, that the new Star Wars movie fail. It took, me a few weeks to figure it out, but I have, and its related to all this news about North Korea and the G7 Summit ironically. Solo: A Star Wars Story is essentially a kid’s version of The Fountainhead. I know the Kasdans who wrote that recent Star Wars film will deny such a thing, but there is quite a cult in Hollywood emerging, especially on the Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan side of the business toward the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Anne Hathaway is a part of it—(notice she hasn’t been working so much over the last few years, she did do the new Ocean’s movie, but not much else)—and there are many actors, producers and directors who secretly enjoy Ayn Rand’s work. Well, globalists hate Ayn Rand essentially because of the basic premise of the philosophy of Objectivism that counters their notions of collectivism. The many hit pieces done unjustly against Solo: A Star Wars Story were to essentially isolate the film from the fans and to take a shot at Disney for even daring to produce such a movie. But, Disney had to come to terms with the currents of the world for which the Trump presidency were unlocking, so they made their Han Solo movie with those factors in mind.

For those who don’t know the great American novel, The Fountainhead, probably the most powerful part of the book for me anyway is when the architect Howard Roark was invited to be a part of the World’s Fair team to design a new pavilion. Through the entire book Roark had been struggling to become an elite architect and here he was being given an opportunity to have his name next to the best in the business at the World’s Fair project. But Roark always demanding out of himself personal authenticity could not allow others to loot the value of his good work under the guise of collective assimilation. To his view the other architects were not at the same level of him, they were not as advanced and no matter what he did individually, his work’s value would be associated with the board of architects as a collective value they all shared, and to him that wasn’t fair, or accurate. Much of the same thing was going on in Solo: A Star Wars Story where the character of Han Solo was looking for that same kind of authenticity. His girlfriend in the film was very much like the Dominique Francon character from The Fountainhead. Qi’ra is a young woman looking for security in a scary galaxy. She has been raised and believes that the way to stay alive is to cozy up to the most powerful—so she ends up being the head of a gang. Throughout the whole movie she is torn between Han and her protection under gang rule. Much like Dominique throughout The Fountainhead had many relationships with men trying to find happiness, but always putting security before her own personal sanctity, Qi’ra in Star Wars is playing that same type of role, and critics noticed it and slammed the film hoping that the public would reject the story. That same type of intensity is now being thrown at Donald Trump for doing in real life what much of these rogue art pieces are attempting to do, and have been for over a century now, starting really with Ayn Rand during the golden age of cinema.

Globalist have been using that big scary North Korean threat as a reason to scare everyone into some big joint global unification where the values of socialism could be assimilated with capitalism. At the G7 Summit the GDP of all those countries put together if the United States is removed from the mix hardly adds up to an equal share. The unspoken value is that without the capitalism of America, the socialism of Canada, Mexico, Germany, France—essentially all of Europe cannot match. It is essentially the Howard Roark scene in The Fountainhead where Roark quits the World’s Fair board, or when in Solo: A Star Wars Story Han tries to get Qi’ra to go against her boss at the end of the film and run off with him to live a life of freedom, which she of course turns away from tragically in a pursuit of security.

When Trump told Justin Trudeau to take a hike on Saturday while climbing on Air Force One to fly to Singapore to make peace with Kim Jong Un the world went into a panic, the globalists who need everyone to recognize that the path to everything means that individuals must toss away their personal values in favor of the collective sum of eternal assimilation—the age-old question, are we the bulb or the light that emits from it emerged without a cover to hide it. For globalists, the light bulb can be changed it’s the light that comes from it that matters. But for individualists, if there is no bulb, there is no light. Without America, there is no economy. Without America, the socialist’s failures can’t hide behind anything. And without war with North Korea, there are no villains to hide all the maliciousness of groupthink—such as in China, Russia, and all of Europe to camouflage their intentions. That is in essence what The Fountainhead is all about, what comes first, the fountain which gives forth the water, or the water. Without the fountainhead, the water cannot spring forth, it remains locked in a state of nature. It takes the brilliant mind of individuals, not boards of collectivists to unlock that potential and that is what has everyone in the global community terrified.

With Trump’s brilliant response at the G7 Summit and the wonderful actions taking place presently in Singapore the world just changed in favor of the fountainheads, and the globalists are melting. For them it’s a far bigger problem than just political ideology, it’s a scary ripping away of the covers for which they have been hiding. We now know that John Brennan as the former director of the CIA was a communist and is comments over these past few days reveal everything that I have just said. He knows that this is the end for his movement. With peace in North Korea there is no cover story for which the world stays on the board of the World’s Fair and allows the few to give value to the many when it isn’t deserved. And in Canada, a country with the amount of population of one American state, they have no economic power without the capitalism of America. Like the situation in North Korea Trump is calling their bluff and refusing to sanction the socialism of Canada—and panic is now in the air because now people will see the truth. And that truth is a wonderful thing for which many of us will see for the very first time. America has always been the world’s fountainhead. Globalists have worked really hard to hide that notion from the world insisting that we all join hands and share in the wealth. But the truth is, without America, there is no world—without the merits and values of capitalism, nobody does anything. North Korea is learning that, and now, so will everyone else. And that is the miracle for which we are currently observing.

To see the whole picture, we must observe how entertainment reflects politics, because epistemologically they feed each other. We can make observations about entertainment media that directly correlate the situation at the G7 Summit for instance or the miracle of North Korean peace. Only in the case of North Korea, as I said I predicted this a long time ago, and without question, Trump knew it too. The difference between individuals making decisions and watering down the effect of thought through collective assimilation is what we are talking about here. How can Trump just step into a meeting with Kim Jong Un without armies of people to prepare him for the task? The answer, because he’s good, and individually, he knows more and is more effective than the collective assimilation of the masses which call themselves experts. It’s why Howard Roark quit the board of architects in The Fountainhead. “No man can live for another. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. But the second-hander has used altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reversed the base of mankind’s moral principles. Men have been taught every precept that destroys the creator. Men have been taught dependence as a virtue.” Chapter XVII Part 4 p. 738. This to the collectivists who call themselves globalists these days is the most dangerous phrase in the vocabulary of mankind, for people to realize this nature in themselves and to act on it. That’s why Robert De Niro used curse words on a big award show on NBC during live television, and its why John Brennan is literally having a panic attack. Because people are learning the truth, and the fall of North Korea is not good for them. It’s the worst news in the world. But for the fountainheads, it’s the first time in the history of the world that a big name political figure has stood for them and defended their right to exist free of the assimilation of collectivists. And that is a real game changer.

Rich Hoffman

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3.8% Unemployment: Great news and what we all must do in this changing economy

We talked about this prior to Trump’s election, that if he took the restrains off capitalism that were artificially placed there by the previous administrations to make labor unions and other progressive groups happy, that the economy would take off. 500 days into Trump’s first term that is exactly what has happened with a remarkable June posting of unemployment nationally at 3.8% and adding 223,000 jobs in the month of May. That is quite remarkable and is an indicator of many good things to come, but also comes with it problems that need resolutions. If we are going to continue to have economic expansion at a rate of 3% to 5% which is the objective of the Trump White House, then we must find creative ways around the unemployment challenges. At 3.8% that basically indicates that anyone who wants a job has one, so further economic expansion requires a more creative use of that traditional work force number, and that opens up lots of exciting opportunities.

Recently as public-school teachers across the country were striking and demanding higher pay because there is a teacher shortage, the management of those states where these strikes were occurring caved to the pressure and gave the public employees what they wanted so that a physical teacher could resume their place at the front of a classroom essentially baby-sitting children. Fast food restaurants are in the same situation with many radical groups demanding $15 an hour to perform entry-level skills positions in the employment sector—and even the film industry is top-heavy on labor due to their union contracts which demands certain parameters for their members which studios must adhere to, which prevent innovation and actual job fulfilment in other sectors of the economy where people could be used more efficiently. And that is the danger—a good one—that a rapidly expanding economy with low unemployment unleashes. Traditional jobs will have to be consolidated and more automation must be introduced to fill the easy jobs while the thoughtful creative minds of humans must adapt the more complex positions.

What that means is that as a society, we can’t afford to waste a good human mind on a babysitting job in public education or throw a bunch of young workers at a fast food position when a machine could easily and more rhythmically do a better job at mediocre tasks. We need to cut staff in many of these unionized positions and reassign the personnel to market sectors that are emerging with the expanding economy to fulfill the needs of growth. And to do that our global workplace needs to make a decision that is currently at an impasse, to reject the basic foundations of progressivism and to fully embrace the wonders of capitalism so that we can all do what needs to be done in the coming years.

Reportedly Kim Jong Un wants to put a McDonald’s in North Korea—which is a sign of what I have always suspected. Trump is a great strategist and many things are happening rapidly that are not being reported on the nightly news because honestly the reporters don’t have a mind to see all these exciting developments for what they are. When the Korean peninsula is united once again ending a 70 year war, and capitalism from South Korea flows into the borders of North Korea, China is going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Yet Trump has agreed to hold the big summit between the United States and North Korea to facilitate this wonderful event so that the Chinese can say that they were a part of that miracle. However, China as a communist country does not want or need a free North Korea. It’s not good for them and their static hold on a huge economic sector of the Asian corridor to see capitalism win over communism. A McDonald’s in North Korea is a big deal. It means rapid economic expansion for a part of the world that has a lot of pent-up energy, a lot of workers very eager to participate in the fruits of capitalism for the benefits of their families—for the first time in many of their memories. And once the world watches North Korea become a region of capitalism from its former dim communist, overly regulated social trends, they’ll all want to join in the game.

Part of Trump’s plan to stop all the immigration into the United States is to make other places in the world better for its people preventing them from wanting to come in the first place, and that starts with economic expansion of those countries so that there are more opportunities in North Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, South America, and Africa—which will make life much better at home and help the United States with their massive immigration problems, because we just can’t afford to keep putting all the immigrants on a tax payer funded social safety net. There is no reason to do that if people have opportunities in their home countries which then have an impact on American domestic policy because it frees up cash to do other things with.

However, that means that the United States also won’t always have fresh bodies coming into America looking for jobs. So while there is low unemployment in America presently, the situation will get even better than that. That means that unemployment numbers will have to go backwards quite a bit more under the zero threshold and that jobs and unemployment measurements will have to be redefined, and repurposed. That doctorial science teacher wasting their days in a classroom needs to be working at Space X, or on the latest nearby Hyperloop while something like Alexia works the classroom with artificial intelligence handing out homework assignments and giving lectures to the students. There doesn’t need to be a hallway full of teachers in a government school, those employees could be doing something else. Let droids and robots do all those average tasks while the humans step up their game to meet the needs of an emerging economy.

We are all about to hit a very explosive renaissance of science and technology met with an infusion of wealth creation because of the fall of communism and the spread of capitalism to places like North Korea and many other places that will follow. It’s not an accident that progressive sectors of our current political system are weary of robots and A.I. technology because they are pushing to keep caps on our economic development to stick with the employment matrix that has currently been established by labor unions in the 20th century. However, no longer will that be acceptable. Who says we have to stay within an economic framework of only working 5 days a week one shift a day. Why not work 7 days a week all shifts of a day—especially if we open up the technology sector to robots and artificial intelligence. Just think how great it is to get money from an ATM all hours of the day no matter what day it is—even on a Sunday morning. Waiting for a live teller to handle bank business just isn’t practical in our fast-moving economy—and that situation is about to explode. Why wait for a hamburger when a machine could make it for you better than a human and they’d work all day every day always serving customer needs. And why have a static education system that takes 12 years to finish when it could be done in half the time and the college level education started much sooner so that workers could help the market earlier than later? And why have a physical teacher when you can have Alexia? The answer is that we don’t need to do things the way we have. We can be very creative and meet these exciting challenges with boldness because that’s what it’s going to take. Timidity has no place in such a rapidly expanding economy. Opportunities are lost to delay and apathy, and under the Trump White House, the stage has been finally set for the bold and the adventurous. And that is good for everyone!

Rich Hoffman

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The American Embassy in Jerusalem: Uncovering our true human roots as Palestinian radicals throw their bodies in front of an effort to keep it hidden

It usually comes down to either Marxism or capitalism in modern societies where ideological differences stand in the way of a peaceful exchange of social values. That is one of the reasons I find movie box office sales indicators so fascinating, because it informs us of the shared values of the average ticket buyer, where they enjoy a particular kind of movie enough to see in story form a set of idea at a movie theater with perfect strangers. In relation, regarding the unrest in the Middle East, nothing could be more fascinating than the problems between Israel and every other country in the region. Israel has been part of that region since well before the Islamic religion came to the Middle East, and even long before the Romans and Greeks had their empires which helped shape all the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. But after the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916 it was Marxist revolutionaries who channeled their anger at the western nations that were the victors of World War I and then those United Nations powers which formed up the borders of the Middle East further after World War II that took over the governments of Iran, Syria, Iraq, and everywhere else to exact revenge on the creation of Israel. The border between Palestine and Israel today is not much different from America and Mexico—on one side is a capitalist nation—on the other is a Marxist one choking on failed socialism. It really is that simple—economic opportunity versus economic limitations based completely on political ideology hiding behind masks of religion to sell it to their people.

That is why it was so significant that President Trump moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem today—to proclaim to the world that America had made a choice in the matter where it has been fashionable to play the middle ground. I am a huge supporter of this move by Trump and would add further that there could have never been peace in the Middle East until this occurred. Now we can say that a move toward peace has been made by the United States and further advancements toward peaceful enterprise in the region, and an expansion of capitalism into the Middle East for the benefit of everyone is now about to take place. That is a wonderful thing.

Of course, there is more to the story, as there always is. One of the aspects of a peaceful Middle East that I am most excited for is the restoration of proper archaeological research into the cradle of civilization that is behind the wars in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, even down into Egypt, and Libya. The greatest tragedy of this past century has been that wars over religious beliefs and political ideology have made those regions unstable and prevented proper archaeological research I would argue is necessary to understanding our own history as a civilization. For those who want validation of the great Biblical stories which have driven the most popular religions the world has ever seen, proper archaeology of the great sites of the Middle East is absolutely necessary. But there are other religions which came before Christianity that are also there for all to see and the relics from those collections have been sold all over the world into private ownership and that evidence has been alarming to those who pay attention to those types of attributes, and its time that the rest of the world is let on to that evidence.

I say it often, wars are created by those who truly want to be in power and that is certainly the case in the Middle East. There are very wealthy people who have an eye on history who know what is to be uncovered in the Middle East—evidence that mankind is much older than the Biblical accounts can chronicle, and those parties do not want mankind to know that information—because so long as most of the world’s populations fall under one of the known present religions, then those same people can easily control those people under current political assumptions. By introducing two opposites to the Middle East, Marxist revolutionaries and the capitalists behind the Jewish faith the Middle East has had much of the evidence of its vast past destroyed by war, and very little archaeology has been able to transpire due to the perpetual conflicts.

As 52 Palestinians died in protest during the opening ceremonies of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem it served as a grim reminder of as to why that region has always been unstable, and why the other side is so desperate to keep it that way. The American Embassy is a stabilizing factor and the Palestinians know that if they don’t sacrifice themselves to some degree that their end is coming anyway, and nobody up until President Trump has been willing to make that move. But Trump has an advantage in understanding the real nature of the Palestinian conflict from the side of the wealthy collectors that most people never hear about—because they get all their news from the constructed media accounts which say that the entire conflict is one of religious differences—which couldn’t be further from the truth. On the political side of things, the Middle East conflicts are between capitalism and Marxism. But even deeper than that, it is of the origin stories of civilization as a whole, and to prevent those stories from getting out, war has been used as a cover to prevent proper scientific research into the world of the Middle East which has always had the secrets just a few feet under the sand.

Honestly anywhere in the world where there is great conflict you will find a similar situation—the current governments wish to keep their citizens in the dark to the realities of the world which came before them. That is certainly the case in North America where it is now well-known that the Indians were just another come-lately group of humans who migrated into a region that had a rather sophisticated empire that rose and fell long before Columbus ever sailed to the Americas. Mexico had an advanced culture that was destroyed by Spain. To cover up that past the Spanish built Mexico City on top of the ruins to hide it for all time. All over the Central and South American regions are countries drowning in Marxism making it nearly impossible to have western universities set up shop to conduct long archaeological surveillance to uncover the true nature of ancient civilizations. What policy and rules can’t limit, the economic conditions of the region frustrate real efforts at science. There are still tremendous opportunities for archaeological research to be conducted in the great continent of Africa, but almost every country there is a Marxist regime and westerners tend to end up dead in their tents deep in the back country of the “Dark Continent.” Then of course there is Russia and China, some of the largest land masses in the world yet they are as covered as anything ever could be anywhere, because under totalitarianism politics, science is run by the state—and the states don’t want people to know what came before them. They need to create the illusion among their people who all there ever was that illuminated power and influence were their regimes—not some culture that rose and fell centuries ago, or even tens of thousands of years ago. How many Göbekli Tepes are hiding out in the deserts of the Middle East? My guess would be hundreds, if not thousands—and what would they tell us about the world before Christianity? A lot. But modern politics doesn’t want that information known to the people they wish to rule.

I am all for peace, and in order to get it, the Marxism that is driving the anxiety of the Middle East has to be conquered and driven out of the region. For that to happen, the American Embassy in Jerusalem is a good place to start. There is a need to conduct archaeology in that great city immediately that cannot occur because of the unrest that the Muslims bring to the conflict which prevents it, and the politics behind that anxiety is happy to prevent that research as long as they can. But mankind cannot allow such a thing to continue, so moving the American Embassy has more meaning than in just supporting the Jewish people of the region—it truly is the first step in peace, and in the greater understanding of our own histories as revealed through proper science. The mysteries behind so many wars are waiting for us to uncover them, and its about time. After the Embassy opened, I can say that my enthusiasm for learning these facts over the upcoming century just became much more feasible, and was a tremendous effort on behalf of science, which demands thoughtful research to be conducted free of war and turmoil.

Yes, Israeli snipers killed scores of Palestinians and wounded 1,300 as 35,000 protesters rallied against the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem overseen by Trump’s Middle East envoy of Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka. It was the Palestinians who decided they wanted to dispute the territory of Jerusalem and follow the philosophy of Marxism into such a desperate strategic position. As I have said many times, he who has the gold, rules. And it determines who will win in this conflict, and why there will be peace in the Middle East. Because finally America picked a side, and that’s all it will take.

Rich Hoffman

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Observational Realities: What the premier of ‘Solo’ in Los Angeles tells us about the future

I am the type of person who could write a novel about the reason that a person might change the way they hold a fork. Observational changes in nonverbal communication are an obsession with me and are a constant companion. I would have to say that nothing happens that I don’t notice. I am always on the lookout for why someone might have changes to their eye movement, or the tip of a head as it’s positioned on the shoulders, does it drop more than usual, or is it cantered off to the left or right more than typical. Is there an unusual emphasis on words when somebody is speaking and if there is, what does it mean—those types of things. So I enjoy big pop culture events because of all the mass information available to the way I think. I love going to baseball games where there are lots of people, because it tells me so much about the temperature of our culture, and I love big entertainment movie premiers—especially for projects that I am excited about like this new Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story because there are always important things that can be learned about the nature of our society. And the thing that I thought was most compelling at the Solo premier in Hollywood this past Thursday wasn’t the usual fanfare that comes from most Disney productions that they know going in will turn in big box office numbers—it was that Bob Iger wasn’t there. I would encourage you dear reader to watch the whole red-carpet coverage. It was quite impressive.

Going even further was the lack of VIP formality at the event, even after the premier. The after party mixed cosplayers and celebrity actors together in ways that were very unusual for Hollywood which is kind of a theme with this new Solo movie. Freedom from social pretension is the underlying message of this new Star Wars movie and the absence of authority figures in our lives is the goal of Han Solo, and Disney wisely embraced that during this premier. This Star Wars movie is quite different from any other in the past, and it reaches back to recapture that feeling so many people had in 1977 when the first film came out where a much younger George Lucas put out a very unusual movie he had made with his wife in what were some very happy days for the fledgling filmmaker. Not happy on the business side, or the marital side, but from the ideological position where observations made were translated into unique characters placed into the Star Wars movies, like Han Solo—maybe one of the most independent characters ever put into film. That revulsion for authority figures was actually quietly part of the Disney movie premier. There were no special speeches by anybody from Disney or Lucasfilm before the three theaters started playing Solo: A Star Wars Story—all that happened were that the lights dimmed, the movie started, people had a good time, and afterwards everyone mingled together no matter what their social standing was. If you were at the premier, you were someone and therefore welcome to interact with anybody, anywhere within the scope of the premier. It was all very unusual. The richest person in the world was at the premier, but nobody made much mention of it. At the after party mixing with fans dressed in their favorite Star Wars outfits was a bald guy introducing himself as, “HI, I’m Jeff.” No pretension what-so-ever.

What these movies about Han Solo do for the Disney franchise of what is coming in 2020 and thereafter is that they use the main character to open up the entire galaxy to new stories. Solo is the thread that is connecting the massive mythology that is being planned by Lucasfilm and that is important in many ways. Lately I have been talking a lot about the scientific changes that are coming to us in real society, like the Uber Elevate sky cars, the missions to Mars by NASA and Elon Musk’s Space X, and just yesterday The Boring Company finished digging a tunnel under Los Angeles meant to carry traffic under the busy city with car pods and Hyperloops. Currently there is a video from Boston Dynamics that is freaking people out displaying a robot running across a park and jumping over a log in much the way a human does, so we are seeing a competitive species of a living thing that humans have invented moving into our world and it is causing some anxiety. There are a lot of things changing and what I see in pop culture are ways to intellectually deal with them that are emerging in our art, like in these Star Wars movies. For many people they need science fiction and fantasy to open their minds to the explosion of new ideas that are coming to the human race in a very rapid fashion and companies like Disney are trying to embrace their role in the whole thing in a proactive way.

Humans need conceptual tools to help them navigate ideas—in much the way that Star Wars needs Han Solo to open up the context of future stories, the elements of the films—the space travel between planets, the way that space travel is conducted, the type of people who will do it, and even the tools that humans use while doing all these things—like robots, religion, and even the type of “can do” spirit that everything takes are part of movies like Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie exists to make money for Disney and all the merchandise retailers, but of course there is a deeper meaning that people like Bob Iger may not be consciously aware of, but the greater purpose is certainly part of the overall strategy. I watched very carefully the interview with the two Kasdens who wrote this new Solo movie and just like Larry was when he wrote the great film Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Empire Strikes Back, he knew what he was doing with his son on this latest film. It is just the kind of movie that people are looking for at this particular time in our lives where technology once again, as it was in 1977—is taking over and we are wondering what our place is in all of it. The original Star Wars movies told us it was OK to embrace the future and what we ended up with was the fabulous 1980s. I think the Donald Trump presidency had a lot to do with why the original Solo movie directors were fired, because Disney had planned a certain kind of Guardians of the Galaxy Star Wars film featuring Han Solo, but that wasn’t going to work in a post Donald Trump world and Kathy Kennedy wisely made the change to more of a traditional western as opposed to a color popping change that might have been a much more progressive film. I noticed that Disney has been very careful not to put Woody Harrelson on the red-carpet interviews, because he is a major pot supporter. He’s done a few interviews, but not much—he’s not even featured in the Denny’s cards from the promotional tour—and that says something.

Everything means something and there is a lot going on with Solo: A Star Wars Story. Disney is giving fans what they want in a Star Wars movie even if they don’t personally like the direction the franchise is going, because they have their eye on the bigger prize—the furtherment of human civilization as a whole, and the part they play in it as artists. While the company of Disney may not want to do a modern cowboy movie with hot rod spaceships, the fans want it, and that’s what drives merchandise sales and brings people into the parks where the real magic happens for Disney. That’s also where new technology gets its cutting-edge tests for public consumption, and directly leads to the world we are all stepping into. We are all going to space and our daily lives are changing with all this new technology. As humans we are looking for ways to process all this information into the context of stories, which is what we have always done when processing new observational realities. And it’s all very exciting!

Rich Hoffman

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Vote For Jim Renacci Tomorrow: Maintaining a republic means more than just flying flags, you have to make educated votes–even in primaries

It’s not enough to fly American flags in your front yard and to make sure your NRA membership cards are in your wallets. Voting in the primary, especially these days, is a big part of the battle for our modern Republic and it requires your participation. With that said, Donald Trump has been a very active president in moving around the chess pieces for his administration, which I think is a good thing strategically for the Republican Party. Just today one day ahead of the Tuesday vote Trump has come out against Don Blankenship in West Virginia because he’s thinking ahead to the fall elections in unseating an entrenched Democrat. Yet over the weekend Trump came to a roundtable discussion essentially to throw his full weight behind Jim Renacci for the U.S. Senate seat that is designed to unseat another entrenched Democrat in Sharrod Brown. I am a supporter of Jim Renacci, a very enthusiastic supporter in fact, so I was particularly impressed with all that is going on with Donald Trump in his very active presidency that he took the time to come to Cleveland to help Jim out.

I don’t think Renacci needs help, but in a primary election that typically has a low turnout, you never know. It’s best to take nothing for granted. Renacci is really the only person running for the Senate not only in Ohio, but all around the country who could beat someone like Sharrod Brown who is as progressive as they get. He’s equivalent to someone like Elizabeth Warren and the recently ousted Al Franken. Brown has his hooks deep into the Ohio labor unions and they will do as they typically do, show up to support politicians willing to toss huge amounts of money at them. Although I did notice in northern Ohio a drastic change in 2016, those labor unions were supporting Donald Trump for a change, and with Renacci in the race, there is a chance to divide that labor vote getting some to support a Republican for a change. That by itself would be a phenomenal undertaking.

I had a chance to listen to Mike Gibbens on 55 KRC who is challenging Jim Renacci and seems like a nice guy, but he obviously doesn’t have the horsepower to do much in the Republican Party and the Trump administration overall. I admire that he touts himself as an outsider and a business guy, but he’s a bit too naive to fight in the hard battles that are coming to a head for that particular Senate seat. He certainly doesn’t have the Republican Party behind him which if that were a few years ago, I would say would be to his benefit. But a lot has changed, and that Republican Party is Trump’s to lead now, and he’s a guy who knows how to lead, and he’s building his team and Mike Gibbens isn’t on it.

That is the same kind of deal with Don Blankenship in West Virginia. I personally like Don, but Trump knows what he needs, and Blankenship is a little too crazy to win in a standard election. If he were as charismatic as Donald Trump, then some of that craziness would work to his advantage, but like Roy Moore who had made a splash when he touted his gun on stage at one particular event, he was never able to come out from under the pressure of the sex scandal that the Democrats unleashed to destroy him as a person—true or not. Trump has been aggressive in supporting certain kinds of candidates because he’s building a team within the Republican Party and his track record so far has been very consistent.

Also in Ohio is the big decision between Mike DeWine and Mary Taylor for governor. I’m a Mary Taylor kind of guy, it could be argued that DeWine knows how the government works, but that he is also a creature of the swamp. I think if the ballots were cast right now that DeWine would win with the conventional vote, so if you are looking for a change, then Mary will need your vote. If the turnout is low, Mike will likely win. If Mary’s people get out, then she has a chance to win and to challenge the Democrat for the Governor of Ohio this fall. In that election, I think Mary will have the advantage, but to get there she must win tomorrow. As I said, if you stay home and don’t participate, you won’t have a say in how this election turns out—so it’s really important to vote so that a properly elected representative of our Republic is put in place to do what is needed, instead of just an active sector of the Republican Party either defending the swamp or in looking for a pump to dump it.

Yet don’t kid yourself when it comes to Trump. When he gets behind someone as he has with Jim Renacci, he means business. Strategy is the operative word here and after these fall primaries you can bet that Trump is trying to get the seats in congress up over what he needs for votes on his agenda—and Renacci is part of that plan. As usual, Ohio is playing a tremendous role in national politics so voters there play a bigger part in the grand scheme of things and that is something to take very seriously. Don’t assume that the next person will do the job for you, you must assume that your vote may be the deciding factor in many ways, so don’t take it for granted in the least. When the smoke clears, the person you vote for, or the policy you throw your support behind may not win, but you can at least say you did what you had to do by voting. While elections are very emotional things, the essence of the participation is what is required to maintaining a proper representative Republic.

Personally, I am very, very proud of Jim Renacci to have been handpicked by President Trump to go after the Brown seat and that it is important enough for the president to take time out of his weekend to throw his full support behind Renacci. I’ve watched Jim’s campaign from the very start and he has a quiet way of dominating whatever he does, whether it’s in business or in politics and he plays a good compliment to the character of Donald Trump. So I’m very excited for Jim to win the primary and move on to the bigger challenge of beating Sharrod Brown. As I said, I think Mike Gibbens is a pretty good guy, but he just doesn’t have it in the tank to beat someone like Brown. In the primary against Renacci, Jim never really went negative on his opposition whereas Gibbens did. Usually a loser in a race is the one who has to go negative unless they are counter punching, and that wasn’t the case with Gibbens. He was an outsider who needed to make a splash and it never really worked out. I’d like to see Mike Gibbens somewhere in politics in the future, but not for this senate seat in Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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The Millennium Falcon Experience was SOLD OUT: What everything tells us about what type of society we want to be

In case you hadn’t noticed dear reader, there is a lot going on out there in the world. Even as the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend of April 28th showed truly how much we are living in a society well declined, a large number of really big Supreme Court cases are about to have decisions made that will shape American society for the next century. Primary elections are happening in May that will have a major impact on the midterms this upcoming fall, and the Korean peninsula is uniting for the first time in over 70 years. I’ve been writing on this blog site for around a decade now and things are happening so fast that they have defied intellectual saturation, but I have noticed one thing lately that simply amazed me and the start of it came as we were having Millennium Falcon waffles at my house before leaving to visit again the Millennium Falcon Experience at NKU. The new Avengers movie called Infinity War made over $250,000 domestically breaking all kinds of box office records and that was important for a number of reasons in relation to the grand scheme of things. If Jim Cameron was hoping that superhero movies were about to fizzle out, this news would upset him greatly, and many who have tried to use the film industry as a propaganda arm of the liberal left.

The plan was always to take the larger part of my family down to see the Millennium Falcon Experience on Sunday morning at 9 AM—which is why we scouted the event on Friday to figure out how we could take a large group through it. My family was very excited to go see the reproduction of parts of the Millennium Falcon and get some good pictures. One of my daughters is a professional photographer so we wanted to get some great pictures at the Millennium Falcon Experience since we are all Star Wars fans—its seemed like a good opportunity for us. Plus, the character of Han Solo has always been my favorite and without him in a movie, Star Wars has never really been Star Wars. I have been very critical of the new Star Wars movies, except for Rogue One, so I have been nervous about what Lucasfilm and Disney would do to my favorite Star Wars character. Han Solo certainly isn’t a liberal character by any measure, so my concern was that Disney would push to water him down to make it part of their overall liberal agenda at the company these days. However, indications are that the exact opposite will be happening. It appears that Lucasfilm has been listening to their fans since the Force Awakens problems in killing off the character, and the direction they had taken him. This new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story looks like they understand what the character is supposed to be and to what impact that will have on our society as a whole.

Like I always say, my favorite topic isn’t politics, funding challenges, or even scientific endeavor, although I do talk about those things a lot—my favorite topic is mythology. I am mildly obsessed with the way cultures form and what mythologies are used to bring people together, what themes work and which ones don’t. Han Solo is the most popular character in the Star Wars series for a reason, he is a very traditional alpha male who is reckless and in pursuit of his own independence often at whatever cost. I’m sure the progressives within the Disney Company and at Lucasfilm have discussed Solo at great length, and I think much of the reason that Ron Howard was brought in to take over the directing duties was because Donald Trump was elected and wisely Lucasfilm knew they needed to change a few things that were becoming obvious about the world after President Trump moved into the White House.

I was in London while Solo: A Star Wars Story was shooting at Pinewood and I was watching the protests against Donald Trump in those opening months and I listened carefully to the two original Solo movie directors show great support for the movement against Trump. While I don’t think that Kathy Kennedy is a conservative by any measure, the tide of movies that were going to make money certainly had to accept that Trump voters were going to decide if a film succeeded or failed at the box office. So they made some adjustments on the Solo set and brought in Ron Howard who understood that this movie about Han Solo was more about American Graffiti meets A Fistful of Dollars than a space version of 21 Jump Street. Han Solo actually means something to a lot of people, not just me, and Lucasfilm recognized that and decided to make the movie that needed to be made to pay respect to Han Solo, not the movie they wanted to make about Han Solo as a bunch of social progressives, and that is a very important distinction.

This Millennium Falcon Experience was meant to tour city to city with three sections of set reproductions from the Solo movie to generate interest in the film. My wife and I along with two of our grandchildren went to the opening of the event on Friday April 27th and I was impressed with the crowd. I saw what was going on pretty fast, on the public relations side, the event had printed a limited number of tickets that they gave out for free and when they were gone, they were gone which would get people talking about the whole thing on social media, sharing pictures, and generating interest in the new Han Solo movie that would come out on May 25th. The Millennium Falcon Experience would start in Northern Kentucky at NKU, then travel the following weekend to Atlanta, then to Denver before settling in Los Angeles ahead of the premier for the movie. My scouting report, which is seldom ever wrong, which I conveyed to my two daughters was that the big Star Wars geeks would hit this event on Friday and the thing would fizzle out by Sunday after a weekend of being open. After all, there were only so many Star Wars fans out there. Our plan was to show up at 9 AM on Sunday morning when the tickets would be issued, and we’d walk onto the exhibit, get our pictures, then go somewhere nice for breakfast. That’s not what happened.

We arrived at precisely 9:07 AM and found out that all the tickets were gone. People had started lining up at 4:30 AM that morning and the line had wrapped around the building of the BB&T Arena and the whole day sold out well before the event even started. The crew hosting the event wasn’t prepared for such a large crowd, so they issued the tickets so that people could get their tour times and leave, since there were no bathroom facilities. The event was open from 9 to 5 PM and tickets were given at intervals that would allow for about ten minutes of personal touring for each ticket which was good for five people. So doing the math, a lot of people didn’t get a ticket who wanted one. If we hadn’t gone down to the exhibit on Friday, we wouldn’t have been able to see it at all, which just mesmerized me. The opposite of what I thought was going to happen, happened. The Millennium Falcon Experience had more interest in it by day 3 than it did on day one, which I thought was remarkable given the fact that it was a free exhibit for a movie about Han Solo that didn’t come out for another month. There are many in the industry who think that people are going to get Star Wars saturation given that this is the second Star Wars movie within a year, the first was The Last Jedi. But like the Avengers Infinity War, audiences were hungrier than ever for mythological products like these movies—and that said something very important.

Both films talked about here are products of the Disney Company and while the overall movie industry is declining, Disney at least has kept their ear to the ground to give audiences what they need in the characters produced in these movies. There is a theme which all these movie characters represent that speaks to the yearning people have for individualized freedom. Han Solo is certainly all about that restless lust for personal freedom and that Millennium Falcon Experience spoke to that yearning directly. People weren’t just watching it in a movie, they were able to put their hands on it and that hunger surprised even me. I pay really close attention to these kinds of things and this went well beyond the passion I thought was out there. With that in mind I think that by the time this Solo movie hits at the end of May, after Infinity War had been out for over a month, there will be some cultural influences from these movies that will percolate into our society as a whole, in the fields of science, fashion, art and entertainment—in everything, and those things will be happening at a time when the Supreme Court will make decisions on some big cases that will affect us all. I think we are in a world that is changing dramatically, and not for the worst. I think we have been there already and are on the way out of it. But more than that, I think the movies reflect more about what we want to change into than what we just want to participate in as escapist fantasy. And that is a very interesting occurrence for our modern-day experience.

Rich Hoffman

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