The Alleged Whistleblower, Beta Boy Eric Ciaramella: It’s all about the ‘Structural Ambiguity in the Georgian Verbal Noun’

It’s not that the alleged whistleblower’s name is Eric Ciaramella, a CIA analyst specific to the Ukraine issue that we should all wonder about, but its his ridiculously presumptuous paper he wrote for Harvard University titled the ‘Structural Ambiguity in the Georgian Verbal Noun.’ Anybody who can make that much fuss over a “noun” in a “Georgian” context is a person who can make a mountain out of a mole hill on any topic, and shouldn’t be employed by any of us to defend our country from bad guys. If this little kid is the kind of people that our government is hiring to defend the world from turmoil, we’re all in a lot more trouble than his role along with his lawyer Mark Zaid, in performing an attempted coup of the American presidency. Ciarmella essentially is the ultimate metro sexual beta male that is so common these days who fight everything with a passive aggressive sissy slap from behind the biggest rock they can find. After reading that academic paper its no wonder he found Trump’s words so disturbing. He would have said the same thing about the way Trump orders food at McDonald’s. The problem isn’t Trump threatening any leadership of Ukraine over an investigation into the corruption of Joe Biden, a political rival. It’s that Trump exists as an alpha male that disrupted the sensibilities of this very soft natured little boy. At only 33 years of age, the kid has barely hatched, yet he is doomed to a life of betahood and lonely nights from women who don’t find such creatures very attractive or good bed mates.

Eric Ciaramella Wiki, Age, Wife, Biography (CIA) Family & More

The name of Ciaramella has been floating around for weeks, and to me he wasn’t relevant, so I didn’t care enough to do an article on it. However, due to the attempts to keep his name covered for all kinds of mysterious reasons, the longer it has gone on, the angrier I have become over the issue. It always bothers me to see the sissified beta males that colleges are producing these days, especially at Harvard attempting to be tough guys in business and politics with passive aggressive games due to their timid natures which is certainly the case with Ciaramella. I would encourage anybody to look up his Harvard paper by the title indicated here and read for yourself the kind of people the CIA values, then it will become clear why they hire such losers, and why they hate Trump in the deep state so much. Why they show up in the early hours of the morning to arrest Roger Stone as CNN was tipped off and filming the whole incident. Or even why so many members of congress want to impeach Trump for doing nothing more than winning an election. Ciaramella is from the same age group as my children, and it is they who came up through the public education system of “everybody gets a trophy,” and the world will think you’re smart if you can have a debate about the use of a noun.

In any other time in the history of mankind the values of valor would have been in how much you could bench press, how far you could hit a golf ball, hit a target with a gun, or out punch the other guy in a fist fight. Ciaramella is from the age where all that kind of maleness was attacked by our public-school system, so the kid entered the world looking to succeed with those parameters of measure taken away, and replaced in stead with pencil pushers and bureaucrats. Without question this Ciaramella kid would be rattled by the sound of the booming Trump voice talking to a goldfish let alone a world leader. But that is precisely why Trump has been successful, because no matter what passive liberals from the far left education institutions like Harvard want to think, biology matters and the means of human interaction will always hold true. They can’t change the rules to fit their timid personalities, which is what the whole impeachment attempt truly is against Trump. It’s a coup against maleness, for which Trump is a fine representative for the human race. Those against him have been trying to change that trait and they are frustrated that it is making a comeback under his administration erasing years of progressive effort to the contrary.

I think we all feel a little sorry for such timid kids as this Eric Ciaramella fellow. Looking over his life it is obvious that he was a timid soul that the leftist educators wanted as their future. Most people like him, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn that he had no strong male figure in his life, use the rules of academia to replace the traditional roles of manhood into a context that has all but destroyed that entire generation, and the Beltway politics along with the media are hell bent to preserve. They want to use this timid person to overthrow maleness and to eradicate it from the earth so that they can have their illusion of supremacy by hiding behind big words in overly complicated Harvard academic papers that only the worst leftist on earth would find valuable, or even enchanting. No wonder Ciaramella isn’t yet married. Who would want to?

But on a more serious note, these types of people are obviously what the CIA and FBI are hiring and find valuable, so its no wonder they are actively working to overthrow the elections the rest of us are engaged in. They don’t see their roles as protecting our nation from the bad guys, they see us as the bad guys, and they want to remake our nation into something that resembles their mode of thinking. It really comes down to what we define maleness as and how that translates to the kind of typical American that makes up our population and character. Do we judge maleness as the beta males do, as sissy slapping intellects who fuss over a latté the nature of a noun in human language, or some brawny men who have pumped up their biceps in their spare time to attract females who replace engines in their cars on the weekends and drive their monster trucks to the gun range to shoot a few rounds before capping off the night with a few beers. The deep state isn’t just attacking Trump because they hate his maleness, but those of us who elected him so that they don’t have to face the facts that the world they were taught would welcome them with open arms still thinks of them as wimps and speed bumps on the ways to the next sexual victory. Chicks aren’t going to be lining up to sleep with guys like Eric Ciaramella. They will always fall for the guy in the Lamborghini with the expensive suit and fat wallet, made that way from many conquests garnered in business.

The political left didn’t want to hide Ciaramella as the whistleblower for his own protection, but for their own. Once normal Americans, men and women learned that this kid was just another wimp produced by our public education system trying to be a big shot off the government dole, they knew their case would fly right out the window. The credibility for their attempts to impeach President Trump would fall flat, as is obviously happening as we speak. With the holidays coming up, the calendar isn’t working toward the favor of House Democrats. Soon they will be in their own primary season and any impeachment attempts will be very distracting to their own efforts. So they needed this kid to look meaner and tougher than he was. Once people learned that Ciaramella was just another metro sexual loser, they’d lose interest and move on. Which is where we find ourselves today. However, what should make all of us angry is that these types of people are trying to take over our system of government, and in a lot of ways already have. We just didn’t know what kind of people the CIA was hiring. But now we do, and its less than impressive.

Rich Hoffman

Ray Murray Thinks it will take 38 Years to Spend Lakota’s $100 Million Surplus: Why people like he and Julie Shaffer should never be in charge of a budget

$100 million is a lot of money to liberals who only see future pay increases for subpar work leading to easy labor union contract negotiations. And clearly one school board member, Julie Shaffer displayed at a recent meet the candidate’s night at the VOA Miami University Campus Lecture Hall how little she knows about money. Her partner in such a perspective was Ray Murray, the former school board member coming back for more and local pastor pontificated that we wouldn’t—couldn’t spend that much money of a surplus for 38 years, so to his utterances why not give it all away. Now you can see dear reader why it’s dangerous to elect these kinds of people into a management of our tax money. Instead of respecting that money and understanding that the surplus wasn’t really one at all, but a debt leverage problem that needed attention, they tried to paint the fiscal conservative on the board, Lynda O’Connor as a Chicken Little for pointing out that deficit spending is not a healthy condition. No wonder the teacher’s union is licking its chops to get Ray and Julie back on the board and managing their contracts a few years out. They already have that money spent whereas Lynda and the newcomer James Hahn understand that $100 million is not that much money, especially when you look at the overall budget needs.

I did get to talk to Matt Miller the Lakota superintendent and the very good treasurer Jenni Logan, recognized throughout the state of Ohio as the very best in her field, and they assured me that they were going to tackle the deficit spending problem. Sure, it’s fun to spend money like there’s no tomorrow, but smart people like Jenni, and Lynda understand that $100 million as a surplus isn’t much when the operating budget is around $160 million per year, where the only product is educating students, (or babysitting them) and they aren’t doing a very good job at that either, getting a recent poor report card from the state that shows money does not improve results. The teachers need to work harder and worry less about transgender bathroom policies.

I was encouraged to see many friends from the business community not sitting this election out, they are not impressed with the $100 million surplus either. They are wondering why Lakota can’t lower their tax burden if they are operating at such a surplus and not considering spending pauses so that they could continue to build up elements of our community that really matter, jobs and recreation that make a community what it really is, and not just a cesspool of employment for a liberalized labor union trying to program our children into future Democrats. Had they not been there this election might have a different tone, but even the spending addict Julie Shaffer had to watch her mouth so not to sound “too” Democrat in such a conservative district even with pro spending liberals showing out in full force to support future contract negotiations. The smart people want to see James Hahn elected instead of Ray or Julie because that would put a third conservative on the board and would help manage that surplus responsibly. But if left to Ray and Julie, to Lynda’s point, the money will all be gone in around 5 years. Jenni gets it. But Matt didn’t look so happy to see me, and not so excited about focusing on the deficit spending aspect. Elections have consequences and a lot of people are waiting to see how this one turns out.

The best thing to do with the money would be to lessen the burden on future taxpayers to inspire more investment and continued growth. What is lost on Ray and Julie as to the role of the school board in the community is that they not only have to manage the quality of the school, but the cost and to understand the balance between the two. The way it has been, which has sickened me to my core, is that school districts leverage their power to tax against future investment. If you want to play in their school district then they expect you to pay, which is something I will be covering much more in subsequent articles. I can understand the tension in the room at that candidate’s forum. I understand idealistic people with a bloodthirsty zeal to support their school system without understanding how the cheese is made behind the scenes. It’s much easier to just focus on kids and transgender bathrooms, whether or not busing is available and the quality of the sports program. But the question remains, what makes a school district good, is the businesses that attract jobs and good quality applicants who need housing, places to eat, and shop. Or is it the schools that we pour millions and millions of dollars into that just go to overpriced teachers teaching our children radical leftist political activism only to have those kids grow up and to move away. I would say it’s the businesses that come first then the schools that reflect the quality of a well-managed community. And that is something no school system wants to admit to, because it would destroy their extortion racket that they have politically on a community, and financially.

There is a reason so many real estate people are involved with pro levy endeavors, or government labor union types. It’s because behind the scenes schools leverage themselves into the business community with subtle threats directly attached to their ability to tax. Pay or be destroyed, or don’t do business altogether. Being in pro education anything groups like I was last night the people are not the risk takers who go out and obtain financing for some next new great thing, they are just average people who want to feel what they are doing by investing in Lakota will make their kids like them when they grow up. They want to think that the education system will fix all their deficiencies as people. That is certainly the case of Julie Shaffer and her past protégé Joan Powell who were part of those upside-down deficit spending habits that almost destroyed Lakota and the community it sits in. The reason there is a $100 million surplus now is because so many kids grew up and away and new kids did not replace them, so Lakota has declining enrollment that will continue into the future, and that took the pressure off our budget tremendously, but the deficit spending has continued and will so long as there is a three vote majority against proper budget management.

As Julie said trying to defer blame from herself, school boards don’t pass levies, they don’t demand further tax increases. They leave it up to the voters. But what school boards do however is mismanage the money we give them. They cave into labor union demands for ever increasing rates of pay that is not connected to any performance standards. And when Julie won’t take her part of the blame for the deficit spending and when Ray, who was there all along thinks it is party time at Lakota, that they have 38 years to spend that $100 million surplus, well there is the problem. We have a chance to fix it with this election, but people are going to have to show up to vote. If they don’t then the same deficit spenders will be in place, the labor unions will love it because Julie and Ray would gladly approve a contract negotiation because they don’t have the guts to deal with a strike or bad press for standing up for the taxpayers. And they will lead the charge against the business community to twist their arms into silent approval or else boycotts from the radical union members will come after their brand with a fury. And none of those questions were asked at the candidate forum because as we all know, it’s something that people just don’t talk about. But it is every bit the core of the problem.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine Caving into the Real Life Jokers: When evil gets their way on gun control and the good cower with appeasment

One of the reasons I continue to be angry at the Joker film is precisely due to the way the media and even Governor DeWine has attempted to advance gun control in the state of Ohio. For all the artistic sentiments of the Joker, and why I have been talking about it so much is because it clearly tells the story of how liberals view the world. In it, Arthur Fleck is given a gun by a co-worker for free, because this friend supposedly wants to keep the professional clown from getting beat up so much. The gun then ends of getting Fleck fired from his job when it accidently falls out of his outfit while performing for cancer kids. Then while being beat up on the subway by rich, Wall Street types, Fleck uses the gun, because he has it, to kill the three attackers which puts him on a path of psychopathic violence and murder. The short story is that it was access to the gun that made the Joker, and very little else. Then of course when such things happen in real life we expect pink Republicans like Mike DeWine to side with liberal mayors like the gun control advocate that claimed fame after the recent mass shooting there to push for more gun control—and the media applauds as all that activism takes place right under our noses and is sold to the stupid with films like the Joker.

I expect the Ohio House to destroy Mike DeWine’s “Strong Ohio” gun control measures which go way to far in expanding background checks and trying to create a path to removing guns from people who may be harmful to themselves or others as defined by friends and neighbors. With the amount of gun shots and bullwhip cracks that come from my house on a daily basis, DeWine’s gun control bill could mean trouble for me from nosy neighbors and family members who may be “concerned” about my sanity—because I believe strongly in the Second Amendment and like to shoot guns a lot. The spirit of the law does nothing to cause mass shootings because the real issues that inspire such terrible conditions were actually displayed quite brilliantly within the story of the Joker—an activist Hollywood culture that takes no responsibility for the violence of their films and hides their political activism behind “art.”

There was a scene in the Joker at the end where a murderous Arthur Fleck told Robert De Niro’s late-night comedy commentator that his murders weren’t political, that he was just doing them for the enjoyment of it. Yet moments later the Joker was being placed on the hood of a police car after he shot De Niro point blank in the face on live television making him a hero of the downtrodden. A riot broke out and it was the Joker who was its leader through his murderous actions, and it was clear that the message of the film to all the troubled souls out there like the real life Arthur Fleck might follow in his footsteps stepping from fiction to reality. Such a story could certainly be told of the extreme gun hating mass shooter in Dayton Connor Betts.

I certainly let everyone I know close to the Governor, which is quite a few people by the way, know how I felt about the intentions of his red flag law proposal and to his credit he did back off. Not just because what I said on Monday October 8, 2019, but thousands of people like me who enjoy shooting and make guns a fundamental part of our American lifestyle based on good legal necessity. But it wasn’t enough for USA Today, The Dayton Daily news or The very liberal Cincinnati Enquirer, the headlines against the governor was that he wimped out and didn’t go full “red flag” but instead proposed a “pink slip” system which places mentally ill Ohioans in hospitals for up to 72 hours. Well, why would we do that, especially if we’ve seen the Joker.

The core of the problem is in how we define mental illness, which I would seriously indicate could involve every single person who calls themselves a Democrat. Then of course if Democrats were in power, they would call every single Republican insane. The definition of such a thing largely then becomes defined by perception and it is a means to taking guns from citizens, then it becomes very dangerous. The trouble with everything that Mike DeWine proposed is that it is anti-Republican and it hurts me to say it, but he should have never even put his name next to a proposal of Democrat radicalism. Any gun control measure is a suggestion for more government expansion, more money for mental illness, more hospital care, more cops, more monitoring agents when the ones we have now don’t do enough as it is. It doesn’t deal with the real problem which is liberalization as defined in the movie Joker.

When liberals empower others to blame their issues on society, or “fairness” in general, the are creating a path to action for the next mass shooter. By studying all the recent mass shooters, we can see that most of them were outright Democrats, or just plain anarchists. Most of them abused drugs and came from homes without a father. Clearly those are the kinds of things that we should be thinking about, but we aren’t instead the violence is provoked by the left, especially in movies and political positions shown in the Joker, and it is they who advocate for the gun control to fulfill their aims of eradicating the American Constitution into a more United Nations friendly document. The political left is completely invested in this topic and it shows in their products. To see the level of hatred that Hollywood and the mainstream media in general has for gun ownership in America just go see the Joker. People might say that the messages are subtle, but to me they are as obvious as Chevy Chase’s Christmas lights on his house in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The Joker movie was an outlandish example of liberal viewpoints against guns and how to manage mental health and was an open call to send other psychotic dissidents into the streets to do as Connor Betts did, and that is to kill people with guns so that governors like DeWine would cave in against their base and create laws liberals want.

Honestly, I’m tired of all those losers trying to step into my life and to change it with feelings of guilt, shame and the subtle threat of violence. Movies like the Joker and the countless hours of victimization programing we see on CNN, NBC, ABC and many others cause these problems. While seeing the Joker I noticed another Harley Quinn movie was coming out, which is the Joker’s girlfriend, and Disney is doing Maleficent 2. Hollywood continues to try to make the bad guys good and with it they give truly disturbed people an excuse to snap and go on mass killing sprees, then when it happens, they don’t apologize and ask for forgiveness. Instead, they take their money to some tropical island and demand for more gun control where losers like Mike DeWine get suckered into trying it. I guess I’m grateful that in Ohio we have a strong Republican House and Senate. Because if not for them, Mike DeWine would be a runaway train of liberalism and big government expansion.

Rich Hoffman
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The US Government Admits to UAPs: Reality isn’t the same for everyone

One of the most persistent criticisms of my work on this site which has permeated over the decades is my legitimate coverage of ancient aliens’ stories, well before the History Channel show was popularized. While its true that I cover lots of mainstream political topics more accurately than any other source, from school levies, to presidential politics my first love in all categories is cultures and the aspects of them that rise and fall on a universal scale. In that regard it didn’t surprise me at all that the Department of Defense and the United States Navy has come forth and admitted that UFOs are real, they are calling them Unusual Arial Phenomenon, but that yes, they are indeed true and are beyond our present technology and are quite perplexing. I would not call them “them” per say however, I would call “them” an aspect of “us.” We all come from the same places and want the same things in the context of things. But we are not all equal, for us reality is a determination limited by the human mind which expands or contracts depending on intellectual fulfillment. In essence, those who have criticized my thoughts on things eventually come to learn that what I have often stated turns out to be true, but it was the limits of their reality which prevented them from seeing it sooner.

I was in a meeting last week with a lot of smart people and there was something of an argument about reality. It was suggested that I wasn’t conveying reality to the people who needed to know something whereas my statement was that reality wasn’t the same for everyone, and that before saying something my version of reality needed to be implemented. The people controlling the reality we were discussing were lazy people not very intellectual, therefor the constraint on understanding reality was limited to their measuring instrument, their own intellects. While those people were happy to name off their Fantasy picks for the upcoming NFL games on the weekend, they didn’t know jack shit about quantum mechanics and the ability to use the mind to move mountains in an intellectual jousting period so we were discussing two different realities in the context of space and time, yet the circumstances hadn’t changed. All the elements were there, it was just limited by our ability to measure it, based on our intellectual limits.

For many, the idea that there is alien life in space flying around in spaceships that behave by unique rules of physics is terrifying, because they worry that they are not the top of the food chain in life forms and it makes them worry about being preyed upon. Of course, the American government worries about revealing what they know because in doing so they would have to admit that they aren’t in control with our physical weapons. And of course, the evidence is quite obvious that the history of mankind goes much further back along the Archaic Period, even up to at least the last Ice Age. Much of what we call history is just now being unveiled and we are shocked by what we are learning. But the essence of that shock is that government fears letting normal people know that they are not in control and never have been—when for most human beings, that illusion of control allowed their lazy minds to feaster through life following some didactic path of unhealthy living without the expectation to do more with themselves.

But nothing about meeting alien life is scary to me. I see them as just another lifeform, like we’d observe in a new species of bird, or an elephant. They are just out there doing their thing. I don’t consider them or anybody who may exist in the universe or multiverse to be superior in thought and action. They just may be on a different reality based on their unique experience. I read four books last week, spoke to hundreds of people on the upper levels of society, and personally worked over 85 hours and I still had time for my family and to enjoy life without feeling wore out. Yet I heard complaints from people who barely worked 40 hours how tough life was and how they couldn’t find time to read the numbers and letters on their television remote. Those are the types of people who look at these UFOs and UAPs and are scared. They are the same people who have criticized my many articles about ancient civilizations in the pre-Columbian North America sphere of influence and in sites predating Europe’s reigns of kings and queens. That well before there was communism in Asia that they had already traveled the world many times over and that the North American Indian was in fact the results of those travels. They were not indigenous people for the modern progressive movement. The reality of these suggestions is limited to the intellect of the proponents. Live a week in my shoes and you will see things vastly different.

And that’s going to be the result of the meeting of minds that will eventually take place once we admit to ourselves that the Milky Way is teeming with life and we are far from the only advanced species functioning within it. I have never allowed my reality to be determined by dumb people and that is always at the core of my work whether we are talking about local and national government, or science and technology. The theme for me is consistent and my support for the Second Amendment even comes into play here. Dumb people who have lazy intellects are not going to be allowed to shape my reality and that is the fight we are all conducting. And we’ll find that the lifeforms flying those UAPs are no different than us in that regard. Intelligent life tends to want to build, not destroy. Dumb people do that. The whole question about life from other places visiting us here on earth has been suggested as a reality by dumb people.

Once we realize that there is life visiting us from space, and that this behavior has been going on for many millions of years, we can move on to other stages of human development that is not chained like a prisoner to our current versions of history that look back 4000 measly years and thinks that is a long time. Humans are much older than that and likely so are the lifeforms in those UAPs. Nothing would surprise me about what we learn there. What is surprising is that people are so lazy in our present age that they can’t wrap their mind around it until they’ve been exposed to the material for a decade or two. It has always been obvious to me. And while it can be frustrating to listen to people try to defend their reality built on lazy assumptions about the universe, I also understand that all thinking people will eventually come around to my version of reality anyway, because while reality can be different depending on how its measured, ultimately, it is what it is. A mind that can handle more reality than a mind that can’t will obviously see more of it and work with a larger aspect of it. And that is what really scares people about the UFO assumptions and why to appease the masses we have always tossed that study into the bin of tin foil hatted conspiracy theory. Let’s just call it what it really has been, lazy, loser people who didn’t want to challenge themselves with thought so they could continue the illusion that they were the only life in the world that mattered. But in reality, it is the mind of the hungry intellect whether it be an alien or a human, that truly thrives in this universe, no matter what level on the history of technology they find themselves on.

Rich Hoffman
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I Want My Money Back: The kids who are claiming “eco anxiety”

If there is anything that should make us all very mad for the billions of tax dollars we’ve poured into our youth only to get some crybaby uttering “eco anxiety” it’s the current examples of their sputtering nonsense. We always hear about the overly paid government schoolteachers who are so invaluable to our communities and our children’s welfare, until we find out what they’ve been learning with that education. And the results are this eco anxiety that so many are now expressing regarding climate change. Its one thing to have political beliefs, but these kids are too young to have such impassioned charges. Rather, they have been programmed like any software to believe in all the nonsense regarding climate change conveyed to them from liberal teachers, liberal scientists and the big government message to maintain control over the masses with ignorance and superstition. Climate change happens naturally whether people were ever to live on earth, but the desire for the political left to make soldiers of radicalism out of our youth, paid for out of our own pockets is an ultimate insult that cannot go without a response.

Many of these young people went directly from playing with Barbie dolls to becoming eco terrorists plagued with this made up anxiety within a few short years. We can’t blame them for what our terrible public schools have taught them. The “inconvenient truth” is that many people wanted to believe that a government education system free to the public would create an educated population who could think and function within our republic. But like most things that are free, there is more to the story, like the difference between owning a condo and owning a time share. The time share owner only gets their property for a few weeks of the year. All other weeks they share that property with everyone else who may also contribute to those expenses. It’s the poor person’s way of having a vacation home without the major expenses of actually owning one. You don’t get to decide what furniture goes in the place, or even how its managed. You just get a key to the door, the real owners take care of everything else.

The condo owner makes all the decisions, what furniture goes where, when they vacation there, whether or not they rent it out to tenants at different parts of the year, but the management falls on the owner. They decide how the property is managed. People who turn to public education to teach their kids about anything are essentially time sharing their children with a radical elements of our society that wants them recruited for left leaning political enterprises. Not all kids get pulled into that mess, but the temptations will certainly be presented to their minds. Parents who don’t want to take any chances own their kid’s educations by sending them to a private school where they at least get to own the course of actions. People by nature don’t respect things that are given to them for free and our public education system certainly displays that truth vividly. They also view our children as a shared ownership, as members of the greater society and that they have a right and obligation to train their minds while the children are in their care, just as a time share vacationer might go around town talking about their “vacation property” when in fact they are only owners for a few weeks out of the year, along with twenty other influencers. Anybody who ever thought that system would be sufficient was fooling themselves.

Not everyone in the world wants to be the next Albert Einstein or Picasso—they are happy to live in the cracks their whole lives and just pay their mortgage, get married, have a few kids and retire into old age playing occasional golf. And for them, a time share relationship with their children’s future is fine, they don’t plan on ever stepping out of the social construct that is a natural byproduct of that limited vision. But when the people who know better are asked to pay for this garbage, well, that’s another thing all together. Don’t tell me that schools need more money and that teachers deserve more respect when their products are these eco-terrorists uttering anxiety at the prospect of the earth dying in their lifetime and leaving them all homeless in a big scary universe. As children they trusted us to teach them correctly so it’s not their fault, we let them down with these loser public schools and their radical environmental utterances.

Anyone who believes in manmade climate change is a person with a small view of the world and the human race in general. People are products of the earth and so is their ambitions. To honor nature is to honor the nature of human existence which do what they do just as a cow eats grass, or a fish swims in the sea. People were created to do what they do, and they are part of nature. Nobody looks at a beaver and decries their building of a damn, we just call it nature. But it is always the nature of the human being to build a skyscraper, or a highway and to put their vast imaginations to use, and to extract whatever resources they can to fulfill the needs of their imaginations. And if that was what public schools were doing, I’d support them. They are like that in the first couple years of an education where children are just being introduced and the teachers are bright eyed stewards of advanced babysitting while the parents are out building careers for themselves. The indoctrination comes one week at a time subtly. It starts with the lines to go to recess, or to eat lunch. It ends with the division of peer groups and the outright leftist indoctrination that comes out of history classes and English these days while kids are in high school. The school systems and colleges distract the busy parents with sports programs which hide the liberal brainwashing that goes on, so long as the home team scores more points than their rivals down the road. Even with that the obsessive emphasis is on team sports as if that makes a person better, when the real aim is to raise the kids to be time share contributors in their own right once the baton is handed over to them.

Its not a matter of believing in climate science, as the question is poised to us. Its what a waste of money building the mind of the kids who are uttering such nonsense is and what an insult that our tax money was used to create such a pathetic creature. Listening to these kids talk about their “eco anxiety,” I want my money back. I didn’t want to pay it before, but now that we have these results, I am even more against public education than ever before. I’m certainly a condo guy, I like to own my stuff. I don’t rent it. I respect that some people are just natural renters, they don’t have high ambitions in life and that is their prerogative. But they don’t have a right to destroy our society with this leftist fascism called eco anxiety created in public schools for their use only. A free education isn’t a high quality one under any conditions. Any school ran by a teacher’s union that is attached to government money is a bad one, and we need to completely rethink the entire system. Because by the evidence of these kids, it was a huge waste of money.

Rich Hoffman

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The Politics of Gun Control: Why Republicans shouldn’t give an inch to Democrats

It’s time that we talk about political strategy for a bit and where we go from hear on gun control issues regarding the Republican Party. It is obvious that the expectation from everyone after the mass shootings in Ohio and Texas recently that it is Republicans who have to come to the center and to move in a gun control direction. And I certainly understand the temptation to act on that pressure which is obvious on President Trump and the Ohio Governor Mike DeWine. In DeWine’s case, I like the guy, but he is not what I’d call a solid conservative. He’s wavered on lots of things over the years including the recent gas tax that he put forth to pay for our roads in Ohio. He’s a generally good person who wants to do something just like everyone else when a mass shooting occurs. For most people a law seems like a good idea even if it would be just a token measure. And for east coast liberals who have learned to be conservatives over the years, like President Trump and his sons, they are thinking like negotiators, where our side gives a little, then their side will give a bit too. But that’s not how this game works and we all know it, especially in the middle part of the country where I live. Rush Limbaugh gets it and he talked about it during his first hour on the show he did on August 9th, and I agree with him emphatically. President Trump and Governor DeWine should not work with liberals to pass even more background checks and to start down the path of “red flag” laws. Authorities should have been doing their jobs in the first place. More laws won’t do anything to save anybody in the future. But it will strengthen the anti-gun liberals who will control the message and for that, it will be a very negative thing for Republicans.

Remember several years ago, I’m pretty sure it was 2016 if you want to look it up in these archives that I predicted on WAAM radio the end of the Democrat Party by 2021. Well, we are right on path. I also said then that the country would split into two more political parties that would come out of the Republican side. You can see now how that party would evolve, with politicians like Mike DeWine becoming the new liberal side of the party where someone like me would be on the conservative side traditionally recognized. As Democrats move further to the left ideologically most people won’t want to go with them leaving the anarchy wing of the party to flounder with little support and an eventual collapse. Joe Biden doesn’t have a chance in spite of what polling is saying. He will struggle through the primaries and if he meets Trump head to head, he’ll implode due to his tired old nature. And he’s the best that Democrats have. When they don’t win back the presidency or the House Democrats will implode as hopeless fanatics.

Not to mention what is coming out of the Bruce Ohr 3025 release. It is going to take most people a while to digest what the FBI did against an American election that saw Trump win in 2016 in spite of their efforts. The bodies are really going to fall in liberal circles on that one because it was the FBI that had become politically active in helping elect them at the cost to Republicans. Democrats are going to have big problems as a party coming out of this next election and the legal reality of the FBI fall out. The Democrats are blowing apart so the history of any bipartisan support will fall on deaf ears. There is no reason to do it. There is nothing politically to gain by working with Democrats this year or next year. The photo opportunities will be a liability not a help and even though it makes sense to Trump and others to give a little on gun control since more than 60% of voters support some measure of it, the battlefield of politics is changing dramatically and it is quite clear that in the aftermath that 60% number won’t mean the same thing. It is far better for Republicans to push for the causes of social failure for which Democrats have played such a large part than to feed them with bipartisan debate to make them feel like they are at a table that they lost long ago.

The problem with gun control is that it is not the right of government to give or take it away. Reading recently the Ohio Constitution again, which I posted one of my favorite sections on Instagram, the right to own guns and to use them not just within my state, but the 2nd Amendment in general is to retake control of our government if it should go asunder. And when the FBI gets caught doing what it did to President Trump the evidence is obvious that we are already there. If our election system doesn’t work and the government employees for whatever reason feel that they have a right to manipulate that election and pick winners and losers abusing the vast power that we have given them, then they aren’t going to give that power back when they get caught. They are going to abuse that power to continue to use it and if they have to kick down the doors of their political enemies to do that while calling CNN so they can record the embarrassing details, as they did with the aide to the President, Roger Stone, that practice will continue and even get worse. Guns aren’t there as a right given by government. They are there to keep an honest government with the threat of taking that power away if they become corrupt. Nobody is going to leave a public office at the end of a barrel of a BB gun. No, we need the kind of guns if not more so that the military uses, because the military operates on behalf of our government that is supposed to be working for us. But if that changes, there is no other recourse but removal from office at gun point, because laws at that point fail to inspire good conduct.

Working with Democrats on gun control only feeds them political power which Republicans have no reason to surrender. I personally blame Democrats for all this violence, entirely. They are always talking about dog whistles that Trump is flashing to his base in speeches, which I understand the psychology behind it. But its not him that’s doing it. Trump reflects his base. Democrats use dog whistles all the time and usually it’s the Hollywood actor community that dispatches it into popular culture through entertainment channels, such as this whole issue on plastic straws and environmentalism in general, or the toxicity of masculinity in the culture of the sexes. It was dog whistles controlled by Democrats that set off those shooters and they know it. The chances of all three of these recent mass shootings occurring as close together as they were in time, and by the age ranges and personality types of the shooters themselves, they are creations of the political left and they heard the whistle. Not to get conspiratorial about CIA mind control devices or anything. But the kind of hateful rhetoric that came from the mouth of Democrats with no answer to Trump’s many victories is enough to push young shooters like those kids over the edge and into a mass killer category. There were plenty of red flags, but when you have an organization like the FBI willing to help Democrats, how can you trust them to do their jobs correctly when we know better now. If we don’t want to look at the evolving case of Bruce Ohr, then lets look at the San Bernadine murderers where the FBI allowed the destruction of that crime scene by the media to cover up the obvious case of domestic terrorism so that the story wouldn’t explode with even more damning evidence that would have been embarrassing to the liberal ledger. Its not just a few people at the top as hard as it is to admit, but all through the organization.

The bottom line is that things are changing, dramatically in politics. We are looking at the end of a political party and DeWine and Trump would do well to let it die. Don’t give them a little false hope by working with them on bipartisan gun control that will be Republicans giving away value where Democrats have nothing to give, and never will. They will not help with the wall, or any infrastructure. They only want to say that they forced Republicans to move on gun control against the warnings of the NRA. That’s all they care about. So forget about them, destroy them in the upcoming election, then lets see how the country settles its new political landscape. The best gun control is to improve the social aspects of our people. Stick with that, we certainly don’t need more laws that nobody cares about or respects. Don’t empower Democrats by showing the world that they still have command of anything. Let them die the death they have made for themselves, then, and only then, can we have a real conversation.

Rich Hoffman

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ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ: Understanding why America has a gun culture and to the level that it needs

Not that I ever questioned the meanings of our various constitutions, the United States one, and the one from my home state of Ohio, but it was good to read them anyway fresh off the calls for gun control that occurred recently in Texas and Ohio, even by members of the Republican Party. In some cases, it was even Trump supporters who were trying to justify new bans for “assault weapons” and mental health red flag laws. I’m glad that I particularly read the Ohio Constitution again because it is written so beautifully and is so clear on the matter. Guns were never gifted out by a nice government for target practice recreation. They are part of our constitutions both state and federal because there is likely going to occur many times in the history of our country a period where we would need guns to take back our government and instill new management. And with them controlling our military, people would need equal firepower to rise up against them and stop them. That is why there are 100 round magazines available for people to purchase and why there are silencers that sell next to beef jerky. Because we may need them to rip our government out of the hands of bad people and return it to a constitutional republic instead of some chaos driven democratic socialism that is hell bent on anarchy then total control of our way of life.

I am not one of those ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ types who are tattooing the words on my body or flying a flag in my garage warning off the government with the words “come and take it,” asking for a fight. The Greek phrase comes from the Battle of Thermopylae, which was recently popularized by the movie 300. It’s the battle where the Persian Empire of Xerxes was attacking Greece out of revenge for the previous defeat of a Persian emperor and they were met with a small force that did well as they were greatly outnumbered but ultimately fought to the death. Our modern equivalent to that statement and sentiment is “Remember the Alamo” for much the same reasons. In both of those cases the emphasis is on death and being outnumbered and I reject both of those ideas. In our present state, we outnumber them by a lot and I have no plans on dying. When you are better than they are, smarter than they are, and all other things are equal, why would we be the ones to die in such an engagement? So I am not one of those who use such phrases to articulate my position on guns. I’d rather them not come and try to take it because I wouldn’t want to hurt anybody.

However, what is being proposed by all sides of the political discourse on gun control as a result of these mass shootings is talk of government buy backs, and expanded back ground checks by the same government that obviously is doing everything it can to get rid of Donald Trump as president just aren’t on the table. For them to be we would have to trust our current government completely and just do whatever they tell us which obviously would be a dumb idea. I would argue that we are in a civil war right now. Donald Trump is the result of that war from my side against the government forces who have been making a joke of America for a long time. I prefer the election method as opposed to the armed opposition to something like what we have learned about the FBI, that they have been dirty cops picking winners and losers in the political theater, and they have been caught only because Trump was president. Many of us have known for a long time that such a thing was possible, but now we have proof. Gun control and more legislative turmoil isn’t even in the realm of consideration. We are one election away from open and hostile conflict similar to the first Civil War, the people against the government forces rather than North and South, so especially now, it is not the time to talk about gun control. We are presently fighting to keep our Republic intact from a socialist incursion. That is essentially the case of the mass shootings and why they are happening more often, the results of social decline similar to what we have seen in Venezuela. The gun violence is there to mask the Democrat failures just as Nicolas Maduro does in Venezuela.

It’s not that a liberal dog whistle was cast to inspire these Manchurian candidate type shooters to go on mass shooting rampages just hours a part in a period where Democrats are obviously losing in a big way to the Trump administration, and they needed to change the story. But all the kids who led these attacks are products of our liberalized public education system and are fringe leftists with limited intellectual development that I would consider deliberately functioning from clipped wings of brain development in our young people with bad educations, addictions to sex, and an over reliance on drugs, illegal and prescribed. Most of these modern victims won’t grow up to be mass shooters, but liberals know a certain percentage will, even if they don’t know them personally. It’s a numbers game and when those kids snap, Democrats are ready to make the tragedy an advantage for their side, and way too many Republicans are willing to share in the guilt and go along with the proposals to look like they are playing a bipartisan game. But its not about cooperation at all, its war and everyone knows that deep down inside. And if our government fails to protect our interests from internal domestic enemies, then we have to rely on our guns to hold our ground and take back what belongs to us—our country.

In my interactions with people, as I’ve said, I can read the Ohio Constitution or the federal Bill of Rights and understand the intent without a supreme court justice telling me what they mean. I get it, and I participate in the political system to keep the peace. I write on this blog and do many other things to do my part to keep things from getting out of hand, but to ensure that my side wins. And when I say my side, I mean the side of our founding documents and a rejection of progressive politics and the generalities of global liberalism. I also know that there are vast amounts of people who are tattooing ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ on their arms and across their backs and they mean it when they say, “come and take it.” Undoubtably when the police come to try to take their weapons away because they may be victims of some future “red flag” law they will turn them over without incident. But some of them will make the Waco incident and Ruby Ridge looking like a preschool coloring book project. There isn’t any outcome where America does like Australia or New Zealand, or anywhere in Europe and just gives over their guns and puts their blind trust into a government when we know better. Its just not going to happen.

What needs to happen as a result of these shootings is an educational issue, not a physical law that puts everyone back to sleep and gradually erodes the Second Amendment. Our founding documents specifically warn against just these kinds of intrusions on our liberties, especially by a political class that is so full of hatred and class warfare as the Democrats are. It was their activism that has turned up the pressure for which these shooters acted, whether we are talking about the psychedelic effects of marijuana legalization, broken homes where the mothers are married to government welfare checks instead of good, solid male role models, or failed liberal policies that have turned up the tension to the degree that potential mass shooters want to do something to help their “people” such as the Dayton shooter did. But their activism becomes our problem when one of these pimple-popping young people takes up guns and tries to kill a bunch of innocent bystanders. When that happens we have an obligation to stop them. And clearly the state is not equipped to protect us from such acts. We need expanded carry laws so that we can all defend each other on a moment’s notice. Because these killers are just getting started. I predict much more carnage rather than less, and the fault is in our education systems, not in the guns themselves. We have a failure of government and we are at a point where we need to replace it. We have taken steps to do so with Donald Trump. But that may not be enough. If that proves to be the case, we will need a lot more guns, a lot more ammunition capacity in our clips, and more power behind them.

Rich Hoffman

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