The Hate for Democrats is Intense: If not Trump, then someone else–it won’t go away

Now you can see the obvious dear reader, especially after the last presidential debate of 2020, which clearly shows a dominate President Trump poised for re-election.  The disaster that the debate was for Democrats was on clear display, a terrible moderator and a terrible candidate in Joe Biden  who at this point is completely disqualified for even running for office after the results of the emails found on his son’s laptop.  Perhaps now you won’t be so surprised to hear my confidence in Trump’s re-election.  Things are happening just as I told you they would.  The polls were made up samplings of a small group of people, many of whom would only make up the front row of one of Trump’s big rallies.  They were flawed and used to shape public opinion.  In fact, that was the entire gamble of the entire election, that Biden could sit hidden away somewhere while the media—the “deep state” ran the ticket and captured the office once again, as they have since only Ronald Regan challenged them a little bit many decades ago.  Before Regan, perhaps you’d have to go back to Calvin Coolidge or Teddy Roosevelt to find a more authentic person to sit in the Oval Office.  The Deep State wants what they think is theirs in the White House and they truly believe they can capture the hearts and minds of people they consider to be as stupid as they are.

As I said the weeks just before the election would tighten up because all these people who do these polls want to work the day after the election and if they have to concede that Trump won in spite of them, at least it won’t be so embarrassing if the polls show some version of reality before the election actually happens.  And everyone on the inside knows the game, which is why there is a panic stirring about now, where even the Biden people are warning that the race is too close for comfort.  They see the internals, and the trends show an American election where people have been locked up most of the year under global control by the WHO, the sell-outs to China and a Democrat party that has actually sought to destroy every American value that there has been for several centuries.  And those people are going to now get to vote.  The anti-Democrat engagement is high, and its furious.  People want to express themselves against that machine that has tried for four years to suppress them every way that anybody could imagine starting with trying to impeach their elected representative, Donald J. Trump.

This is what everyone who is anti-Trump forgets.  They think that if only they could get rid of Trump, that they would have control over the world.  If only this or that, then the left could implement these “truth panels” ran by pee wee losers like Robert Reich the communist economist.  Just think of how ridiculous the political left has developed their strategy where they actually think people would go along with the truth panels.  I can tell you what happens if they visit me.  They won’t be doing so well after.  The political left can cry and whine about President Trump all they want, but what they have never admitted to themselves is that yes, he won in 2016 and he did so because we voted for him.  We are angry at the America hating Democrats.  We don’t like them, and that includes losers like the NFL announcers Troy Aikman and Joe Buck before the Tampa Bay game last week commenting on the military flyover being a waste of gas, and that if Harris/Biden were elected, the flyovers would stop.  We hate these people and with or without Trump, we will still hate them.  Even worse for them, they should praise the ground Trump walks on because if not for him, people may actually turn to violence to overthrow the Deep State.  Trump keeps people hoping for a lawful solution.  If that hope is taken from them, then there is no guarantee for the safety of Deep State members.  Little boy Robert Reich won’t stand a chance when dealing with real Americans who do not live in the cities and won’t.   

Let’s call the Deep State what it is, a machine of corruption and scandal designed to enrich the participants with legalized theft.  And they are the ones running old man Joe.  They tried to prop him up the best they could on a stage with Trump, but the show can’t live bigger than the showman.  Trump easily dominated the stuttering loser who is more corruption than thought, and there was so much to dodge in the debate that Joe couldn’t think of what he could say.  Trump is not so encumbered, which is why he is hated so badly for the things they want to hide.  But what has been missed in all this tracking and polling is how much people hate Democrats and are willing to vote for something else to stop their perilous plans for the takeover of America.  Those are not the kind of questions that have come up in polling questions, and that is why Facebook and other media giants are trying to edit people’s opinions so vigorously.  After all, they sold themselves as being able to control society’s thoughts and feelings and the evidence is that they haven’t come close.  They have not been able to control the hate and contempt for Democrats into civility and now the election results are obviously trending toward Trump, and they can’t hide it anymore.

Now you can see that the polling game was always a horse race for the networks, and they milk it for all its worth.  Without question Democrats have hoped that they can steal the election through Facebook censoring, and phony mail-in ballots, but now they doubt if they even have a chance of doing that because the hate is so intense against Democrats.  Democrats have attacked the American way of life and people are pissed off about it.  Trump is the vehicle for that anger, but if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. The bottom line is there will never be truth panels, house to house searches for dissidents, or even mass riots.  Once Trump supporters no longer believe in law and order, there is nothing keeping them from using their 300 million guns to defend the Constitution.  So even if they managed to get rid of Trump through an election, or some other means, the feelings toward Democrats won’t change.  It only puts the shoe on the other foot and that foot is looking for an ass to kick.  I would say that after that debate, everyone should just pack it in and get back to work.  The election results are obvious, the machine can’t beat the people who want to turn it off, and that is what Trump voters want of the Democrat party.  Which is why the polls are tightening and the political left is showing the strains of another failed coup attempt.  But just remember, it wasn’t us who started this fight, but it will be us who finishes it, and with that frame of reference, they deserve everything that they have coming.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Joe Biden the Pimp: The cost of being one of the most corrupt politicians in the world

The most disgusting revelation about the influence peddling that Hunter Biden had been conducting with his father Joe—the VP of the United States at the time, it wasn’t the illicit sex practices, the raunchy use of drugs, or even the mass cover-up by the FBI and Big Tech media such as Google, Facebook and Twitter—but rather the way Joe Biden acted as a pimp for his son whoring him out to the highest bidder routinely and for many years.  No wonder Hunter Biden is a crack addict and sexual pervert.  Look how his mom and dad treated him.  Its not as if Joe Biden didn’t know what he was putting his kids into.  Over a 47 year career its quite obvious that kids like Hunter Biden are routinely prostituted out to those with power and influence to extract from their customers great wealth, and of course “pop” gets his 10% cut of the dirty deeds, just like any whore provides to their pimp.  The gig went like this, Joe Biden—“pop” would get elected into an office, such as senate, or the vice president of the Executive Branch and the family would whore themselves to those seeking to pay for influence with Biden.  That all by itself is enough to provoke a visual assessment into the evils of swamp life in Washington D.C., but think of the kind of person Joe Biden is in knowing what he is selling and by whom, and the kind of parenting that he provided to Hunter Biden reveals quite clearly just how deranged Joe is as a person.

How many kids are there like Hunter working as prostitutes for their parents who are selling influence in the same way?  Its bad enough to know of this one instance, but the evidence states that there are many, many more.  I remember in the beginning of the Trump campaign trying to explain to people why I thought Donald Trump was the best candidate for such a high office, and my reasoning was that he was independently wealthy and couldn’t be tempted with temptations to sell away influence the way Joe Biden obviously has.  That one thing was enough for me, a person who doesn’t look at a few million dollars as something worth selling your soul away to, but rather its just a tank of gas for their private airplanes.  It takes that level of thinking these days to be a good president I think, because of the vast scale of all the decisions.  But for Joe Biden, the greatest gift he could have received was to become the VP to the first black president and to be at the top of the food chain in influence peddling.  And Joe had just the right kind of son to perform the deed, a reckless derelict who would do drugs with anybody and show himself as a compromised person easy to reveal weaknesses to, or a guy who could set up sex with anybody and everyone.  Also, a kid who wasn’t afraid to give up dirt on himself which China loves, a kind of blood brother oath that could be used as an extortion tactic later should a relationship falter.

Yet how could any father look at such a son and not feel sorry for him, or to want to help him?  How could anybody love someone and not try to help them at the most foundational level?  Well, Joe didn’t love his son Hunter.  He saw him as a meal ticket, the way a lot of parents do who try to push their kid too hard in sports to get a college scholarship, saving them in the process a lot of money.  Or giving the parents social notoriety by the actions of the kid instead of earning it themselves.  Joe Biden used his kid to bridge the contact between his offices and would be buyers of influence and it was up to the kid to do all the dirty work.  Just as a pimp provides protection to his whores, but the whores are the ones who have to get naked and do all the dirty work, Biden got his money by providing the platform.  And no matter how bad it was for Hunter, no matter how many teeth he lost to drug binges, or how many crack whores he became entangled with, it wasn’t Joe Biden’s objective to fix the kid.  But only to keep him well enough to hit the streets each day to keep the racket going, to make “pop” millions and millions of dollars selling access to the office no matter what it did to Hunter in the process.

Hunter has been kept out of the public spotlight even through this whole election season, not to protect Hunter but to suppress the exploitation that has gone on for most of his life.  I can think of only the one interview when this story first broke while the primaries were still going where Hunter tried to set the record straight, but the kid was too wrecked as a drug abuser to sell the story, so they put him back in hiding.  Hunter Biden might as well have been a homeless derelict if he didn’t happen to be the son of one of the most corrupt people on planet earth.  Knowing what we do now about Joe Biden, who could think anything different.  Granted, Joe doesn’t see the corruption because he’s a swamp creature.  Everybody does it.  At least from his perspective.  Only for the first time that I can think of we finally have a choice in Trump, someone who has great kids because he was a good father.  You can tell a lot about a person by the kids they have.  One thing that you cannot do is cheat in the raising of kids.  If you suck as a person, your kids are going to suck.  They pick up everything you do and say and mold their lives to your behavior.  People like Joe think they can hide that stuff behind fancy media and a complicit lifestyle, but you can see it in the eyes of a kid like Hunter Biden.  Who you really are comes out in the children you produce; you can’t fake it. They either turn out to be good people, or they are disasters—because they learned from their parents. 

Hunter is who he is because of the way Joe and his wife treated him throughout his life.  They taught Hunter that value is created in how you can connect people, not in what you do as a person.  So for Hunter, crazy sex practices and drug abuse was acceptable so long as he brough home the gold to “pop.”  And that is what is so disgusting about the Hunter Biden story created by Joe Biden himself.  Then consider if he will do that to his child, what is he willing to do to our nation?  We all know the answer already, but perhaps now there is a bit more context to why its so evil and malicious.  It’s not just election year politics, or an October Surprise.  The Hunter Biden story up and down the elements is just evil, and it points back to terrible parenting by Joe Biden.  He was willing to whore out his kids to prop up his political career and likely the old man will outlive his children because of what he’s done to them.  Which is so terribly sad, and why its so relevant to this election.  If Joe will destroy his own kids for the things he wants in life, just think of the next deal with China led by Joe Biden.  Well, we’ve seen enough to know that, but who in their right mind wants more of that?  Nobody who thinks correctly.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Democrats and Big Tech are Pretty Stupid: They are easy to beat if only you have the courage to do it

Do you see what liars they are dear reader; we’ve been talking about it for a long time?  Think back to the congressional impeachment of President Trump, and think about it, the FBI after all the problems with James Comey, and the Lisa Page/Peter Strzok text messages, the little insights we were able to get into their world where it was obvious there was massive corruption—and know that they had this Hunter Biden laptop, and that there were threats of violence against the shop owner who had it.  Compare that to the arrest of George Papadopoulos by the FBI essentially because he worked for the Trump campaign.  The intimidation, the abuse of authority—it is all consistent.  So was the treatment of General Flynn, which Joe Biden himself was a part of by suggesting the Obama White House use the Logan Act to destroy the life of the American Patriot—just because he’s a Trump supporter.  Or what about the morning arrest with CNN’s cameras rolling, an obvious tip off, of Roger Stone.  Hey, many of us have been there for a long time, we know our government has been corrupt—deeply corrupt—for many, many years.  And we sent Trump to the White House to take it back for us without having to resort to guns and violence.  To my mind that is a more ethical way to defend the Republic.  But don’t think for a second that accepting this criminal conduct was ever an option.

Then there is the social media.  I was on YouTube many years before Google bought it, and since then I have used it only sparingly.  Twitter is the same deal, as well as Instagram.  They are picture hosting services for me essentially, and a window into how the rest of the world is seeing things through a news feed.  But I’ve been shadow banned heavily before anybody even knew what the word meant.  There is nothing about what is happening now that surprises me.   I’ve always despised Facebook and have drawn the line with them—at a great cost to myself I might add.  But these tech giants are corrupt too, they have built their entire platforms to push us all into a global society led by the Chinese.    My old friend Doc Thompson who worked for Glenn Beck used to talk to me exhaustively about these things, but most people just wouldn’t let their mind go there.  Its ironic, Doc was hit by a train a few years ago while jogging.  That is still a fishy story to me, but we’ll accept the official story that it was an accident.  But he knew better, I did, and others did also, well before there was ever a President Trump.   I have never trusted Mark Zuckerberg with anything.  To me he’s just a bratty little boy.  But now finally people see to what extent the Democrats have been investing their hopes and dreams into the corruption of the FBI to take out political rivals, or sit on evidence, or the tech companies to take a dud like Biden and actually carry him over the finish line of an election—which of course they can’t. 

Recently I’ve been talking more and more about how stupid these people really are, how their view of the world is limited to their wine circles and academic viewpoints.  The evidence is long into how they think, I did read Comey’s book and many of the others as much as it was almost choking me on puke to do it.  My conclusion is that they are stupid, yet they think they are the smartest people in the world—because they only interact with other stupid people.  I’ve worked with the media for years up until about 5 or 6 years ago.  I used to do a lot of talk radio and that kind of thing but I stepped away once it was clear how dumb many in the media industry was, and how I didn’t want to play within their limited scope of thinking.  I’ve decided to go a different way and use this platform to do much more than those single point interactions, but honestly, it was the sheer stupidity of the people involved that I had no time for.  And I know many people feel the same way I do.  Yes, I watched the Social Network on Netflix and thought it was one of the dumbest movies I’ve seen in a while.  The first 45 minutes of it was insightful.  But the second 45 minutes were just an exposé of how they thought they created Donald Trump and a divided country.  They were so stupid that they think they created the problems we are seeing today, as if they molded it from the hands of God himself. 

I know a lot of people who are much smarter than those stupid kids running the Silicon Valley companies that are trying to win this election for Joe Biden, and they are certainly smarter than the losers going to work in the FBI.  I know Sean Hannity wants to think that the foot workers of the FBI are good people, but they’re not.  I know President Trump wants to think so to, even as his own picks for heading the FBI and the CIA have proven to be huge supporters of the kind of SWAMP that Joe Biden was exploiting for his own personal profit.  They think we are suckers who want to believe they’ll follow the rules, but of course, all these power players don’t because they are stupid and resort to titles and social positions to bring value to their existence, which makes them dangerous tools in a statist society.  They have no interest in learning about how or why people like us live or think things, they only want to make us as dumb as they are—and if they have to use mass intimidation to do it, they will.  Of course, what we have discovered about them is that they will use a lack of choice to steer us where they want us to go, like herding cattle to the slaughterhouse.  If we step out of line, they threaten to beat us if we don’t follow their line to our own eventual deaths at the slaughter of their design.    

Oh, and yes, they are all in.  Another Trump election will be too much for them.  They won’t know how to handle it, but that is their problem.  But in their plans is a fatal flaw, they are not as smart as we are, and they have no desire to learn.  They insist on limiting their vision to their inward looking friends in the Deep State and want to continue believing they are the masters of the universe, which is how they justified sitting on those Biden emails and severe pornographic images tied to Joe Biden himself even while our current President Trump was being eviscerated during a phony impeachment trial in congress.  That’s because they are all in on the scam, the big tech companies, the FBI, the CIA, even a DOJ who is supposed to report to the President and do what he needs done.  Attorney General Barr isn’t up for the death threats and the underlings of Obama holdovers who would just as soon cut off his head than obey his orders.  The Deep State is deep and full of villains.  But for our benefit, they aren’t very smart, and they are easy to beat if only you will see them in the reality of their true form—which is pretty pathetic. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Don’t Be Scared: The action you can take against massive corruption

I wouldn’t be so animated to say you should be scared dear reader.  You know my policy is not to be afraid of anything and to often throw caution to the wind for fame, fortune, and vengeful satisfaction.  There’s no room for fear in those values, however, I would say that action is needed and reality demands understanding in regard to this tip of the ice berg that has shown itself as the Deep State clutches into Joe Biden that we are discovering through the revelations of his son Hunter’s lap top.  We’ve talked about it here for years, but Joe isn’t alone.  There are likely many members of the senate who do the same kind of thing on both the Republican and Democrat sides.  But the truth is, now that we know, there simply is no way that Joe Biden can be president, and in other years where the media wasn’t so corrupt, this story would have sunk him.  But astonishingly, in the two townhalls that took place by the Disney owned ABC and the Comcast owned NBC this issue wasn’t brought up at all even though it is the most relevant and jaw dropping story in the world.  And immediately Facebook and Twitter were found to be editing the contents of the story to drive a narrative far from the truth, but only in the direction of their future investments—globalism or bust!

Even worse, it was President Trump’s friend, Rudy Giuliani who came across Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop and started to float around the contents right before the election.  Now think about it, all these people have been coming after Trump with everything imaginable since before he won the election in 2016.  The only language those types of people understand is force, so Giuliani has released this damning information just a few weeks before the 2020 election and that’s just the kind of hard ball you have to play with these guys.  We didn’t elect Trump to go to Washington and play nice with Mitch, or Nancy, we sent him there as a free man to pull the plug on the corruption we knew was there and now we see it plain and clear in the Biden laptop.  And yes, its bad.  Poppa Joe received kickbacks from influence peddling sent through his children, and he’s done this for a long time.  If anybody uses the impeachment attempt by the House of Representatives against President Trump over the Ukrainian phone call what they accused the President of doing is minor league stuff in comparison.  But even worse, the Biden family was guilty of doing all the things they were trying to put on Trump.  Just as our own intelligence departments were trying to say that Rudy Giuliani was getting fake, misleading information from Russia to harm Hunter Biden.  Yet it was the Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton who invented the Russian story with full knowledge of the White House at the time when Joe Biden was the VP who was doing the dirty deeds.  What has been astonishing was to the level that up and down the media chains how willing people were conducive to playing along to keep the system alive.

Now think of it, how the Tech media was willing to ban people from Twitter and Facebook over any reference to using hydroxychloroquine to fight Covid-19 because they were obviously in on that scam as well, in using the coronavirus to create a change state around the world toward United Nations political needs, such as global warming, an open border society, and a reset of the economic global platform.  They didn’t care if hydroxy worked, they wanted people sick so they could use the statistics to harm Trump’s chances at re-election. But many thought that nobody in their right mind would be so malicious.  After all, Facebook allowed them to exchange pictures with their families, they couldn’t be all bad.  That is until a real bomb of a story hit quickly with this Hunter Biden thing and the tech giants had to act quickly exposing to the world their ability and intentions to censor meaningful content that went against their intended media platform.  Yet, that turned out to be precisely true.  Obviously once we come through all this mess we will have to take action, we can’t allow trust in a free media to be so malicious and intentionally terrorist in their aim.

But there’s more coming, the crack smoking, the buy offs, the crazy women and sex scandals are just the surface stuff.  In some ways I am willing to give the Durham Report and Bill Barr a little slack on what they’ve discovered.  They have a lot of people who want to kill them now and that can have an impact on those who aren’t so tough.  Being smart after all isn’t enough in life, you also have to be willing to kill those who want to kill you, and Barr the Attorney General isn’t that kind of guy, and that is the game that is being played.  Both Giuliani and Trump have stood up to the mobsters of New York and know what its like.  You can’t play patty cake with these people, and we’ve allowed this animal to grow for many years, and its out of control.  Joe Biden was promised a free ride to the office, that the media outlets would carry his water because they were all set to preserve a system that enriched them all greatly.  And Facebook, Google and Twitter have placed their bets on globalism and are just as in bed with China as Hunter Biden was.  They are all of a like mind and are willing to destroy America to profit from the aftermath.  That is why they have been burning down our cities, enjoy that the NFL players won’t stand for the National Anthem, and that they support an end to the constitution because they have gone too far in life down the criminal road, their only path to redemption is a reset.  They see us and our representative, President Trump as a serious threat to their plans and they are ready for a fight.  So this has all been coming for a long time, and I’m glad of it.

Yet, it can be overwhelming how deep it all goes, and how fast they can act.  It can also be hard to look at just how evil so many people are.  Everyone who reads here knows that I love Disney as a company.  But its not for what they have been doing, its for what they were when Uncle Walt ran the company.   When I think of them I think of Liberty Square in Disney World, The Fort Wilderness Campground—an obvious nod to our frontier past, Tom Sawyer Island, the Hall of Presidents, Ayn Rand’s dedication at the Epcot Center—things like that.  But that’s not what the company is now.  These days they have moved the entire focus of the company not in preserving American ideas, but in yielding to China and their billion plus people—something they consider an “emerging market” the way corporate pin heads see the world.  And you’d get the same story at Google and Facebook.  Now you can see why Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 21.  He’s no different than Hunter, a slut for money he didn’t earn, but was willing to sell away influence not through a powerful father, but through the information he extracted from people to sell to malicious participants.  And that is the fight we are in.  Its not time to be scared dear reader.  Rather, its time to do something about it, and you should thank God that at this point, all you need to do is vote.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer Didn’t Suddenly Become Sane: They are preparing for the day after

I’ve been listening all week to the support suddenly for the very liberal journalists Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper by conservatives, but nobody has pointed out why.  Only that it is suddenly there, where those two mainstream news guys are now asking harder questions of the Biden campaign and specifically Nancy Pelosi.  Well, it’s not because suddenly they found a conscience.  Rather, they know that the polling has been lying, they see the lack of voter engagement for Joe Biden, and they want to still be working on the day after the election instead of being snuffed out as fraud news people attached to the losing party.  And you know what else dear reader, you will find many more suddenly getting on the same bandwagon as we get closer to November 3rd.  For those who know how to read the writing on the wall, it’s as clear as day that Democrats are in a lot of trouble.  Now don’t underestimate them, they are going to cheat, they are going to try to steal the election any way possible.  They honestly can’t afford to lose, because part of the reason they want power is to hide their crimes over the years.  Just a little bit has been released recently—but the depth of the crimes goes very deep.  I would say its party wide like a massive mafia full of organized crime villains.  However, the gap they needed to create doubt in the outcome isn’t there and they don’t have the cover stories they required, so there is a panic forming that tells the results now.

When the rats start to jump off the ship, or distance themselves from the Party line that is how you can tell who is losing.  Sure, Trump is a showman out on stage every night dancing to the song “YMCA” and is extra positive.  Biden on the other hand looks like someone’s grandpa who has about 24 hours to live.  Everyone understands by now, even the most mind numb Democrat that Joe Biden is a vessel to put the radical Harris in the presidential seat so progressives can mark off that check mark, the first black woman to be president.  That’s all they are interested in, is hoping their control of the media will get their plan across the finish line. They counted on Trump to be harnessed by Covid-19 all the way up to the election.  They were planning that way back in March, there was never a thought that Trump would be out every night doing his rallies.  The rules of engagement were to let Covid set the parameters and the presidential candidates would yield to them letting the media manipulate the Democrats to the presidency.  Democrats were never prepared for a fair fight.  So now that they have an unleashed Trump and a lot of positive press over Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation the smart money sees where things are going.  The speculators have placed their bets.

I spelled all this out moment for moment even before the shutdowns started in March of 2020, what the Covid-19 virus was meant to do to the election.  I also pointed out that the virus would last until the election was over, and we can see also now that the communist World Health Organization has revised their advice on lockdowns.  Whoever wins the election, they understand the world has to get moving again and all the sucker politicians who bit on the Covid-19 CDC guidelines, all the Dr. Fauci doomsday scenarios, the Bill Gates manipulation with China to stop the world then blame it on President Trump because they went into his office to tell him he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the economy, it’s all coming to a close.  Trump had to hold his hand until the right cards came up and you’d think that smart people would have understood the game, like Mike DeWine from Ohio.  But too many people were suckered and scammed by the liberal media into believing everything and everyone went all in to destroy Trump and his supporters.  They bet everything on it, and it all culminated into when Trump and most of the White House staff came down with Covid-19.  That was the game plan and it had worked, Democrats were celebrating, including the media—even to the point where they thought Trump might die.  You could hear the eagerness in their reporting.  The liberal media went ahead and published a bunch of phony suppression polls to drive the dagger home and the rest was going to be a cruise to the election.  Covid-19 would have done what they expected it to do.

However, a week later, there was Trump dancing on stage, smiling and promising everyone that if he was re-elected that Covid-19 would be gone.  My prediction is that Covid-19 ends on November 4th by noon where Trump declares an end to the emergency orders.  That is the writing that is on the wall and who isn’t going to vote for a guy who will end the lockdowns and all the stupid masks for a phony pandemic?  Biden has already said that he’d continue the lockdowns and the poor economic choices coming from all the failed businesses.  When the media saw all this, they had to start distancing themselves from the obvious result of a Trump victory—clean by November 4th.  I’m so sure of it that I think California might even be at play.  The media hasn’t been reporting all these things because they hoped that they could hold a lead, but in so many ways this is like a football game where the home team looks about to lose in the fourth quarter and they start heading for the parking lots because they want to beat the traffic.  When Covid failed to stop Trump the game plan was blown.  Democrats had no other plan.

That is why Nancy Pelosi blew up on Wolf Blitzer from her favorite television station, CNN.  She has done everything she could to destroy Trump and all indications at this point show a big win for him.  And that day after with a boot on her neck is going to hurt.  It’s going to hurt for all of them.  That’s also why we will see more reporters like Tapper and Blitzer coming out to try to appear objective, because there will be life after the election, and they want a place in it.  So, fear not Trump supporters.  Go vote.  Don’t take anything for granted.  Don’t let up or get into some kind of victory formation until the last ballot is counted.  But get ready to dance on their graves, because they deserve it.  Make it hurt.  They have come after our throats and meant to kill our nation.  Remember that and don’t hesitate to rub it in.  We deserve to.  Don’t let them up for air.   Their frustration, what Nancy revealed in her interview with Blitzer shows what people about to lose power they greatly covet know is their sealed fate.  You can’t lie, cheat and steal reality, and with Trump surviving Covid and promising an end to it once elected, it pretty much sealed the Democrat party who put it all out with everything they had, and are still losing.  For them, the cost will be enormous. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Where Polling Fails: How Trump rallies show voter engagement better than traditional measures

There are several things that must be understood regarding polling in 2020 and dividing hopeful illusion with the reality of changing ways we have to measure engagement.  The concern that President Trump is down in the polls as of this writing is to point to a specific problem in measuring engagement which has changed.  Not to mention that many of the media companies have not been reporting their “over and unders” on sampling statistics out of their own desire to shape election results, the truth of the matter is that most of the polling is sampling potential voters by quantities of 1000 or less.  The math on such an approach then figures that among a roughly similar demographic base over a mass population that those numbers will hold up.  Facebook and other social media also measure in such a way engagement through like buttons and their own carefully worded surveys.  The results of those polling attempts of course are why they have been clamping down on Trump engagement on their sites and starting to ban those they consider “influence leaders.”  A huge example of this has been Bill Mitchell on Twitter—banned for life essentially for being so right about Trump.  Yet for all their attempts at shaping the message in this election, the Trump administration this time, even more so than last time in 2016 has found a better way to measure engagement than anybody has yet discovered, and that is with these mass rallies that he has especially this week in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Engagement is one of the most difficult things to measure in any business.  Everyone has their little tricks, especially in marketing.  Facebook has built their entire business model on their ability to predict engagement based on the data they collect.  Google collects massive amounts of data on all of us so that they can predict engagement to better target ads to specific interested parties.  Every company in the world is looking for some way to unlock engagement in their employees.  Many turn to “Lean” techniques to inspire engagement with top management and the paid hourly worker organizationally.  Engagement is the key to any success in life and everyone wants to predict it in some fashion or another so they can measure and act on it.  Back in the days when the media was a few city newspapers and three primary networks which controlled pretty much what people could see and hear, polling in the way we do now, with a phone call to a likely voter was a fairly accurate way to measure voter engagement.  And most of Washington D.C.’s lobby culture is still using those methods to predict results in elections and legislative movement.  But times have changed, and people have more choice than they’ve ever had before, and those methods are no longer valid.  The measure of voter engagement has had to change in order to more accurately predict outcomes of anything.  Which is why the Trump rallies were always the target in the election. 

I don’t want to derail a legitimate argument with a slowly revealed conspiracy theory that will in time become a known fact.  But as of the present, people have been made fearful of Covid-19 as an exception to the common cold through lots of media fear and false measurement designed to inflate the samplings, just as the media has done with the Trump/Biden poll numbers.  Such as getting hit by a car equals a Covid-19 death.  Or a question worded as such, “will you vote for Joe Biden—yes or no, rather than are you better off today than you were in 2016.”  Words matter and can skew the results of what you are measuring to the effect that the sample size can be thrown off if the statistical swing is only less than 1000 measured.  Of course, if measurements were in the 10,000s or 50,000s like a lot of people assume would be the case, any slight statistical mistakes in the question variations would be smoothed out.  Such as the mortality numbers at the beginning of Covid-19 that were well over 1% when testing was still in its infancy.  But with more testing of course the case size increased but the mortality decreased to almost nothing.  If the measurement was to show that people are getting Covid, testing helped make the case.  But it didn’t show that people died of it.  The same forms of testing apply to elections as well.  Its all in what you are measuring and whether or not its relevant to the circumstances. 

Which of course brings us to the Trump rallies.  I would argue that they are more accurate than polling statistics because they are showing up in much larger quantities than the average polling samples.  There are 5000 to 10,000 people at these things waiting all day to see the President give the same speech over and over again.  What that shows us is that all those people are not only likely voters but committed voters—each one of them representing a vote for Trump.  Then if you do a little math, those participants represent a percentage of likely voters who would have liked to have gone to the rally but had other things to do.  So, they watch online, or engage in some other way.  Perhaps we give that number a multiplier by 10.  Then there are the people who support the president already but aren’t willing to stand in such a long line.  That could have a multiplier of up to 50.  And these are regional so very quickly you can have a view of how 100,000 to perhaps a million people will vote by the indication of a rally size.  Then you can observe that the rally sizes are equal no matter where Trump has them, whether its California or Florida.  That says a lot about the strength of his candidacy that the normal polling isn’t picking up because the physical observation is a better measurement of engagement than the math sample of telephone polling that ran the culture since the invention of the telephone. 

The plan from the beginning for Democrats was to use Covid-19 to attack the economy and force Trump to hide like Biden was, and to stay away from these massive rallies—essentially to hide the public engagement with the President in hopes that the message could be controlled by the media.  But obviously that isn’t working.  Since Trump did come down with Covid-19 and was able to recover and show everyone that coronavirus was not a death sentence, it has blown the entire Democrat strategy completely out of the water and they have no answer.  For a guy who was supposed to be on death’s door a few weeks ago and out of the presidential race, having Trump dancing to the YMCA song in front of 15,000 people isn’t going to allow Joe Biden to win.  The polling has not captured all this and is therefor unreliable.  Democrats and their partners in media had hoped that by measuring only the aspects of the election they controlled, that they could shape the outcome.  But as we can see from the Trump rallies, which is a new measurement in political engagement which will stand for many years to come, the measurement was false and so will be the results.  Its not that people can point to the polls and declare that they are all conspiracy and be delusional about the outcome.  Rather, the Trump rallies are a more appropriate measure of engagement which can then point to real results in elections.  With that in mind, Trump is headed for a very successful win on November 3rd.  Take nothing for granted.  But mark it on your calendar. 

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George Lang’s House Bill 242 Passes: Make him a senator so he can do so much more!

It has made news all over the country as its only the second state in America to do such a thing, but as this election comes to a close understand that it was Representative George Lang who sponsored House Bill 242 along with Don Jones.  Below is the press release from George.  Its good to see some positive things happening in Columbus, Ohio in spite of a rough 2020 to help businesses get back to action once again.


COLUMBUS – State Rep. George Lang (R-West Chester) today announced that Governor DeWine has signed House Bill 242 into law. The bill prohibits local governments from imposing taxes and fees on the sale, use, or consumption of auxiliary containers for 12 months. 

“Ohio businesses need stability as our economy continues to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Lang, who attended a virtual bill signing this afternoon. “I’m proud to have sponsored this legislation that will protect our state’s businesses and families from unnecessary taxes and fees.”

Under the bill, auxiliary containers are considered single-use or reusable packaging designed to transport food, beverages, and other merchandise from a restaurant, grocery store, or other retail establishment.

“Many businesses have utilized single-use containers in order to help stop the spread of COVID-19, and this bill will ensure these health and safety measures can continue,” added Lang.

The legislation is supported by the Ohio Grocers Association, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, Ohio Council of Retail Merchants, Ohio Manufacturers’ Association, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and Ohio Chemistry Technology Council.

H.B. 242 also clarifies that existing law prohibiting the improper deposit of litter applies to auxiliary containers under the state anti-littering law.

The bill will take effect after 90 days.

George Lang is well poised to be the next senator in Ohio for the 4th district.  He’s a great person for that job but take nothing for granted.  Make sure to vote for him by November 3rd.  Earlier if you can make it.  But make sure to do so!

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Don’t Let Thugs and Lowlifes Steal your Trump Signs: Hurt feelings now are better than an ass-kicking later

A few weeks ago I noticed along my daily travel route that all the voluminous Trump signs that I could see along it were gone, overnight.  Additionally, my son-in-law reported to me that all the Trump signs I had given him were also stolen out of his yard during that same time period.  I went down to the Trump Victory Center in West Chester to get more and learned from them that the same thing had been happening all across the region.  Of course, they had just received in a new shipment from the Trump campaign and had plenty to replace what had been stolen, after all, this was war.  Luckily not yet with bullets, but with messaging.  This isn’t my first rodeo; I’ve been through this sign stealing endeavor before.  In fact, lots of times.  What it means is that the other side who steals the signs is losing, and they know it.  When Facebook, Twitter, or some local group of thugs are trying to steal the message of the other side, it means they believe that by taking away the message, that they can then control what other people think about.  The belief that political sentiment is so easily controlled shows an extreme naiveté in the process of elections, which we would think the smart people at Google and Facebook would know.  Yet there are enough local thugs who will pack up in a car in the middle of the night and hit the town trying to steal signs of the opposition so that they might think their side will gain an advantage.

Well, just saying, my reaction to all this is to express my fury properly by replacing all the signs stolen and going overboard in my own personal way.  The Trump flags at the end of my driveway are shown here and I like them quite a lot.  I’ve spent the past few weeks passing out hundreds and hundreds of signs to the people who want them, and making sure people could get all the Trump gear that they desired.  The result has been that for all the signs stolen in our area, many more were replaced just to show those stealing them that their efforts were wasted on trying to contain the message.  The way to beat these people is to suck up their time and make them chase their tails.  Good luck in going out and stealing all these replacement signs.  For every attack they make, we need to make a point to punch them back three to four times harder.  Even more than that if you can!  Message controlling is simply not allowed.  Personally, if I hadn’t seen the ugly side of this sign stealing up close, I probably wouldn’t have put out those big flags.  But for people who have been scared into keeping their opinions to themselves it is my intention to urge their emotions to speak their mind by seeing my flags as they drive by my home.  Now is not the time to be shy, we must fight this way so that we don’t have to fight with a more violent way in a few months.  So get some flags, let people know where you stand so that we can have a peaceful resolution to this election season.

Controlled messaging is an attempt to manipulate the outcome of an election and is far worse than anything Democrats tried to accuse the Russians of doing, or of Facebook trying to sell influence to assure their corporate backers that they can control messaging during elections.  My position has always been even when I’ve hated the other side politically is to let the messaging do the talking and see what happens when people vote.  If it doesn’t go your way, try next time.  But when people try to steal your signs, they are doing something far worse than just the theft, they are trying to steal away your opinions.  And that counts when you speak to friends or family who don’t quite understand what the hell is going on and you feel that little tugging in your mind to watch your mouth out of fears of insulting them.  That push to shut down your opinions is just as bad as stealing signs because that’s just another form of censorship—and thus, the political tides of our times.

I’m not against polling, I’ve talked to a lot of people this past week on polling and I generally believe the results mathematically.   But the media polls against Trump are just ridiculous, who in their right mind thinks that Joe Biden is leading nationally.  The samplings they present are usually Democrat and they try to sell it as a balanced proposal, when Republicans are dramatically under sampled.  It’s the same trick in stealing signs, it’s a fantasy that if they can control the messaging, they can control the election.  The pollsters working for these big media companies who have invested in the kind of globalism that the Democrats represent these days hope that by stealing the message, they can steal the election.  Buy lying on the polling or pretending that the other side doesn’t have a candidate if only all references to them are stolen or sabotaged only cheats the thieves.  Because the energy that created that candidate in the first place is still there.  And if you really want to crush them, you remind them that no matter what the efforts they put forth, that you are in control.  In the case of the Trump signs, you can really destroy your enemy by putting out two signs for every one that they steal from you.  And if they want to steal those, you put out four replacements the next time.  Or eight thereafter.  You never surrender to the intentions of the enemy.  What you do is quite the opposite.  Make them work until they have nothing left in the tank and then push them beyond that.  Don’t let them have their way.

Signs are fine, but for me, the Trump flags are nice and audacious, and they need to be.  This is the most important election so far in the life of America and we need to make our voices heard.  I would recommend putting signs in your yard, ordering flags for your house, or even putting them on your car for the next few weeks.  Don’t feel bad about it.  Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of the other side.  Do it now, so you don’t have to hurt them physically later.  Their feelings can recover.  Do it now for their own good.  I have spent the last few weeks carrying around a lot of signs to give out, but we could be more effective if everyone picked up their own. 

The response time would be faster.   I would recommend in Butler County visiting the Trump Victory Center in West Chester which is close to Jags and Skyline Chili.  In fact, its just a few doors down from Sushi Monk.  And the other good place to get signs is at the Republican office at Bridgewater Falls.  Its behind Party City facing highway 129.  The Trump campaign has been keeping their Victory Centers stocked.  The Republican Party has been printing their own at their expense.  There are similar options in every county across the country.  But remember, putting a sign in your yard or hanging from your car is much better than an armed insurrection.  I would advise you to put all your efforts into fighting this fight to avoid the meaner fight.  People’s feelings will recover, whereas the other options, they won’t.  So lets do what’s right for everyone now, and get that messaging out there, be proud of it, and lets let the system do its thing for the betterment of all.

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Dummy DeWine’s Stupidity and Failure in Dealing with Covid-19: People are done with waiting for government to present solutions–hiding is not a strategy

Hey, listen Dummy DeWine.  You need to shut your mouth on the whole Covid-19 virus.  More and more people every week are getting sick of the government reaction to coronavirus.  There are few things worse in life than being lectured to by an idiot like DeWine did over the weekend as he reported what the “experts” have been saying about the spread of the disease among families  and friends gathering without social distancing or a mask.  The government decision to run from the virus now for most of a year is stupid and people have lost faith in the government’s ability to solve the problem.  Running from Covid-19 is an un-American approach to the whole problem, the contact tracing to avoid getting the virus and hiding for 14 days like some loser while the government figures it out is just not acceptable.  For myself, I thought Covid-19 was a massive attack by the Chinese on our culture with a human manipulated virus to increase its spread from the beginning and consider that the whole thing is 10% actual virus and 90% politics meant to trap Americans into undoing themselves to save China from the Trump presidency.  But after many months of this nonsense, other people, mainstreamers are catching on now too, and they are done with you Governor DeWine and politicians like you who have either been suckered with the virus because your stupid, or because you are in on the attack with the Chinese, which would not surprise me.

There are other articles that I have written and will write about China’s role in the Covid-19 lockdowns, which have been one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a human civilization do at any point in history on such a scale.  Its beyond dumb.  But this article is about the stupid proposal that government has had, including with Trump when he came down with Covid-19 along with 50+ staff members in the White House—which I would blame Democrats for spreading there.  There are too many coincidences to ignore the possibility. Its also no coincidence that Cam Newton came down with it essentially at the same time and the media was broadcasting each story like it was Orson Wells playing his War or the Worlds radio  trick on an unsuspecting audience where people actually thought the world was coming to an end.  People don’t want to hear that there is nothing we can do to combat coronavirus—they want to know that there are solutions and that government plans to solve the problem.  After most of a year of running and hiding from a ridiculous measurement of cases—without any plan to end the virus—people are beyond sick of what government has done to their society, and Mike DeWine has been one of the worst.

Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Andy Beshear from Kentucky are joining Dummy DeWine as being some of the absolute most tyrannical along the I-75 corridor.  For them the Covid-19 virus has been a power grab, and its not surprising that people are starting to think of a government overthrow just to shut these idiots up.  The attempt by Whitmer to make her problems Trump’s problems once the Supreme Court ruled against her is just stupidity on her part.  One of the ring leaders in the Wolverine Watchmen group obviously was a supporter of Antifa and thought of President Trump as a tyrant—so he was no fan.  Their plans to kidnap Whitmer are now well known, but what isn’t are the many others who hate her just as bad but at least have that extra gear in the back of their minds to say, “maybe I shouldn’t.”  After all there is still an election coming up and a chance to end all this without violence.  But any result that comes out of that election where Trump isn’t part of the story to get our economy back on track and stop the government action of running from the virus will lead to massive scaled violence that I don’t think anybody is prepared for—and not coming from the left. There are many people to the right politically of the Wolverine Watchman who just aren’t going to put up with a stupid out of control government that wants to deal with the coronavirus with further lockdowns, masks, and social distancing.  People are done with those methods, especially after the government after all this time failed to come up with any solutions in 2020.

Trump has had solutions and he has presented them, including accelerated vaccinations (which I’ll never take), hydroxychloroquine, and now the steroid Dexamethasone. Those are reasonable approaches to dealing with a virus that has not been well studied.  But waiting for a bunch of bureaucrats to revise their CDC recommendations to a combination of actions that will attack Covid-19 is not a proper option.  The CDC obviously has no idea what they are doing and pulled the whole mask thing out of their ass along with the theories of social distancing.  We know now that Covid-19 can spread through the air at much greater distances than 6 feet so why continue doing that stupid thing just because government’s safest measure is to control their liability in the future with more ridiculous, untested rules.  Government to assume that they can continue to require people to destroy their lives in order to take the pressure off government to solve the Covid problem is not sane.  Essentially, this is the real world folks, if the CDC hasn’t put their arms around this coronavirus thing by now, people will look elsewhere for solutions, which is what is happening and will continue to erode with each week to come.  America is not China.  People listened to the “experts” for a while, until it was obvious, they had no idea what they were doing. 

For Dummy DeWine to lecture anybody on his timid view of the world is beyond an insult.  He should be telling us what he is doing to kill the virus, not what we must do to empower it by running and hiding from it.  We’ve all seen many people get Covid-19 by now, including the President and his staff at the White House, and now they are all returning to work.  If Dexamethasone is the thing that restores order to our society, then let’s get moving with it.  We don’t have time to waste on a bunch of 9 to 5ers who work in the medical industry who expect us to wait on their slow asses to come up with a solution to Covid-19, while the rest of the world sits around waiting.  That is the dumbest thing in the world.  And it is beyond audacious to expect that people will behave and listen to a stupid governor at the expense of their own lives.  Government works on behalf of the people, not the other way around.  Government has failed to deliver results, so people are ignoring the government mandates and finding other ways to deal with the virus.  This communist approach of we are all in this together and we must do dumb things for the good of all people, like wearing masks, is not acceptable.  The days where these governors could rule as tyrants is over.  They may not realize it yet, but they have lost their audience, and life is moving on, with or without them.  

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Trump Unleashed: The Mega MAGA Rally in front of millions and millions of people that nobody will forget

In a lot of ways I have been waiting for the conversation that occurred between President Trump and Rush Limbaugh all of my life.  The two hours of live radio uninterrupted without any commercials was an extraordinary event and I couldn’t help but think during the whole thing that we are still the same society that killed Socrates for corrupting the youth.  Those are the forces that have been hard at work our entire lives, yet a few people sometimes emerge who can challenge the status quo with straight talk and commonsense.  Both men are now elderly, one is coming off what the world considered a death sentence in Covid-19, the other is coming out of treatment for advanced lung cancer.  And both have had very successful lives and were together like a couple of guys talking on the golf course in the way that people speak to each other when they know one another and have for a long time.  I liked President Trump a lot before hearing this spectacular broadcast, but after, I found he is a person I really like.  This event with Rush Limbaugh was better than any debate and was a very unique way to speak directly to roughly 40 million people all at the same time with the kind of intimacy of a couple of guys just having a chat about the state of the world, the way many of us do among our confidants.  You can hear that broadcast here:

As many know, I have done my fair share of talk radio, and I always liked it.  My work there has sort of migrated into my work here.  There is more freedom in writing these articles because there are fewer people to get in the way of getting whatever message I want to get out, out.  But I will say, you have to be pretty smart to host a talk show on radio, with no visual cues to drive the time, and only your voice to make the show interesting enough to compete with the millions of other things that people might otherwise do with their time.  I was able to do it because I have read a lot over a lifetime.  Having a lot of things floating around in your brain is crucial to keeping up a conversation that is interesting to a listener who is depending completely on you to entertain them.  Many find it a daunting task.  I would say that it takes an excessively intelligent person to host a radio show speaking from personal experience, and after listening to President Trump and Rush Limbaugh speak for a solid 2 hours on a Friday afternoon, it was clear that these two were giants of intellect who had so much on their mind that they could have spoken like that for days.  I doubt there are many politicians anywhere who could have done the show President Trump did with Limbaugh.

They covered just about everything that a person could think of very fluidly and without a lot of pauses for thought.  Trump was just unleashed with the kind of topics that no newspaper or television interview has time to flush out and Limbaugh was an expert in setting up the table of discussion to seamlessly unleash Trump from topic to topic.  It was a live event that came out as fluidly as a well edited book on tape kind of recording that was simply the result of a very active President of the United States speaking with a top level professional radio talent who has been doing this kind of thing for many decades.  Without question most everyone in the media was listening, yet they hardly acknowledged it afterwards because the content was just leap years away from anything any of them could have done.  My take was that I felt very close to Trump, I understood that guy even better, and it was quite clear why he has such resonance with his supporters and defined quite clearly why he is such a threat to the shackles of institutionalism.  Here too was a guy who had spent his life being at the top of his game in communication.  He will be remembered for a lot of things, but what few have really credited him with presently, which time will come to understand, he is the best communications president in American history and he has backed it all up with great honor and valor.   He was able to put himself out on the table for all to see without coming across as a phony person who just wants to win an election to continue to have power.  But rather, he’s a guy who really does love the idea of America and wants to do all he can to leave it in the best shape possible while it’s in his power to do so.

What became clear during the interview was how the forces who intend his destruction want it that way for all the malicious reasons that history has reported voluminously.  Yet Trump said it best when he properly identified the real fight before us, in how Republicans just aren’t built to play the killer game, which is the game that Democrats are playing, and they are playing for keeps.  That after all is why Rush Limbaugh has been so successful over the years, and that is precisely why Trump was elected president in the first place.  If he hadn’t been, or if Rush hadn’t lasted as long as he has, there is a lot that is happening now that would have never seen the light of day, such as the massive corruption between the previous White House and the Justice Department being revealed.  The criminal conduct of the FBI.  How corrupt and anti-American the media really is.  The corruption runs deep, and with Trump we have been able to pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz so to speak.  Yet what we found there was not a shy old man trying to fluff up his feathers to look more important than he really was, but a vile and malicious monster from the nightmares of H.P Lovecraft.

The brilliance of the event can’t be overstated, while the media has been trying to stuff the Trump message of freedom for all into 30 second soundbites and 6 minute interviews with a barrage of print media who hates him for all the reasons they hate themselves with self-loathing despondency in the way that young girls hate a mirror after they’ve spoiled their diet and eaten too many doughnuts before a big date, Trump stepped over them all and took his very deep thoughts about things straight to the people who wanted to hear those thoughts, and it was just brilliant.  It was revolutionary actually.  I have thought for a long time that it has been talk radio which has kept America alive.  Even though the political left of communism and socialism has sought to take over Hollywood and the media in general, the difficulty in speaking thoughts alone and to an audience has its own way of fleshing out the good from the bad.   Democrats don’t do very well on talk radio for that very reason.  But a person with great thoughts and a lot to say does, and this format of communicating was just the right thing.  It was unique for sure, and likely will be quite impactful for many elections to come.

MEGA MAGA! The Largest Radio Rally in History

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