Everything You Need to Know About the G7 Summit, and Peace with North Korea: Han Solo and ‘The Fountainhead’ tell the whole story–the Wicked Witches of Globalism are melting

Well, the Wicked Witch of Globalism is melting before our eyes, first uttered at the socialist G7 Summit where Justin Trudeau now famously complained about President Trump’s domestic trade politics only to be slapped down by Trump while in route to Singapore to meet with Kim Jong Un. I thought John Brennan’s comments in the wake were most alarming, which represent globalists from John McCain to Barack Obama, we are now seeing just how far their roots of ideology have permeated our intellectual foundations, and it’s a little alarming. Not that we didn’t know what was there, but its kind of like pulling out a huge snake that has been parasitically feeding off a sewage pipe coming out of our house. You know it’s there but removing it and seeing how big and ugly it really is can be alarming. What we are seeing from these globalists is truly alarming and is specifically why those of us smart enough to understand the complexity of these matters supported and voted for Donald Trump very early in the election process.

When people say they couldn’t predict what would happen at the G7 Summit, or that nobody could believe that North Korea would be unified with the rest of the world, they are wrong. I predicted all these things well in advance. Even as Kim Jong Un was launching missiles over Japan, I was saying it, and only I outside of the White House, that North Korea didn’t have any real threat that they proposed to throw against the world. They were always drowning in communism and it was obvious when the reports that Dennis Rodman was becoming best friends with the North Korean dictator that the kid wasn’t such a scary person. If Kim Jong Un didn’t have a private plane in his country that could take him 3000 miles away to anywhere in the world, how was he going to launch nuclear missiles into the heartland of America? Simply put, Trump knew that all the missile launches were a bluff and he called the kid on it, and now there is nowhere but toward peace for North Korea, and Trump smartly is giving the dictator a way out into the great world of capitalism.

This of course has the globalists very terrified. As I’ve said before I look at lots of indicators in our social fabric to tell the truth about what is really going on in the world and as many readers here know I was particularly interested in the box office numbers of the new Star Wars movie Solo: A Star Wars Story. The movie has done decently, not what Disney expected, but it’s not a failure in any regards, critically or economically. Yet I thought it was strange that there was so much fury and hope from the print media around the world, especially overseas, that the new Star Wars movie fail. It took, me a few weeks to figure it out, but I have, and its related to all this news about North Korea and the G7 Summit ironically. Solo: A Star Wars Story is essentially a kid’s version of The Fountainhead. I know the Kasdans who wrote that recent Star Wars film will deny such a thing, but there is quite a cult in Hollywood emerging, especially on the Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan side of the business toward the philosophy of Ayn Rand. Anne Hathaway is a part of it—(notice she hasn’t been working so much over the last few years, she did do the new Ocean’s movie, but not much else)—and there are many actors, producers and directors who secretly enjoy Ayn Rand’s work. Well, globalists hate Ayn Rand essentially because of the basic premise of the philosophy of Objectivism that counters their notions of collectivism. The many hit pieces done unjustly against Solo: A Star Wars Story were to essentially isolate the film from the fans and to take a shot at Disney for even daring to produce such a movie. But, Disney had to come to terms with the currents of the world for which the Trump presidency were unlocking, so they made their Han Solo movie with those factors in mind.

For those who don’t know the great American novel, The Fountainhead, probably the most powerful part of the book for me anyway is when the architect Howard Roark was invited to be a part of the World’s Fair team to design a new pavilion. Through the entire book Roark had been struggling to become an elite architect and here he was being given an opportunity to have his name next to the best in the business at the World’s Fair project. But Roark always demanding out of himself personal authenticity could not allow others to loot the value of his good work under the guise of collective assimilation. To his view the other architects were not at the same level of him, they were not as advanced and no matter what he did individually, his work’s value would be associated with the board of architects as a collective value they all shared, and to him that wasn’t fair, or accurate. Much of the same thing was going on in Solo: A Star Wars Story where the character of Han Solo was looking for that same kind of authenticity. His girlfriend in the film was very much like the Dominique Francon character from The Fountainhead. Qi’ra is a young woman looking for security in a scary galaxy. She has been raised and believes that the way to stay alive is to cozy up to the most powerful—so she ends up being the head of a gang. Throughout the whole movie she is torn between Han and her protection under gang rule. Much like Dominique throughout The Fountainhead had many relationships with men trying to find happiness, but always putting security before her own personal sanctity, Qi’ra in Star Wars is playing that same type of role, and critics noticed it and slammed the film hoping that the public would reject the story. That same type of intensity is now being thrown at Donald Trump for doing in real life what much of these rogue art pieces are attempting to do, and have been for over a century now, starting really with Ayn Rand during the golden age of cinema.

Globalist have been using that big scary North Korean threat as a reason to scare everyone into some big joint global unification where the values of socialism could be assimilated with capitalism. At the G7 Summit the GDP of all those countries put together if the United States is removed from the mix hardly adds up to an equal share. The unspoken value is that without the capitalism of America, the socialism of Canada, Mexico, Germany, France—essentially all of Europe cannot match. It is essentially the Howard Roark scene in The Fountainhead where Roark quits the World’s Fair board, or when in Solo: A Star Wars Story Han tries to get Qi’ra to go against her boss at the end of the film and run off with him to live a life of freedom, which she of course turns away from tragically in a pursuit of security.

When Trump told Justin Trudeau to take a hike on Saturday while climbing on Air Force One to fly to Singapore to make peace with Kim Jong Un the world went into a panic, the globalists who need everyone to recognize that the path to everything means that individuals must toss away their personal values in favor of the collective sum of eternal assimilation—the age-old question, are we the bulb or the light that emits from it emerged without a cover to hide it. For globalists, the light bulb can be changed it’s the light that comes from it that matters. But for individualists, if there is no bulb, there is no light. Without America, there is no economy. Without America, the socialist’s failures can’t hide behind anything. And without war with North Korea, there are no villains to hide all the maliciousness of groupthink—such as in China, Russia, and all of Europe to camouflage their intentions. That is in essence what The Fountainhead is all about, what comes first, the fountain which gives forth the water, or the water. Without the fountainhead, the water cannot spring forth, it remains locked in a state of nature. It takes the brilliant mind of individuals, not boards of collectivists to unlock that potential and that is what has everyone in the global community terrified.

With Trump’s brilliant response at the G7 Summit and the wonderful actions taking place presently in Singapore the world just changed in favor of the fountainheads, and the globalists are melting. For them it’s a far bigger problem than just political ideology, it’s a scary ripping away of the covers for which they have been hiding. We now know that John Brennan as the former director of the CIA was a communist and is comments over these past few days reveal everything that I have just said. He knows that this is the end for his movement. With peace in North Korea there is no cover story for which the world stays on the board of the World’s Fair and allows the few to give value to the many when it isn’t deserved. And in Canada, a country with the amount of population of one American state, they have no economic power without the capitalism of America. Like the situation in North Korea Trump is calling their bluff and refusing to sanction the socialism of Canada—and panic is now in the air because now people will see the truth. And that truth is a wonderful thing for which many of us will see for the very first time. America has always been the world’s fountainhead. Globalists have worked really hard to hide that notion from the world insisting that we all join hands and share in the wealth. But the truth is, without America, there is no world—without the merits and values of capitalism, nobody does anything. North Korea is learning that, and now, so will everyone else. And that is the miracle for which we are currently observing.

To see the whole picture, we must observe how entertainment reflects politics, because epistemologically they feed each other. We can make observations about entertainment media that directly correlate the situation at the G7 Summit for instance or the miracle of North Korean peace. Only in the case of North Korea, as I said I predicted this a long time ago, and without question, Trump knew it too. The difference between individuals making decisions and watering down the effect of thought through collective assimilation is what we are talking about here. How can Trump just step into a meeting with Kim Jong Un without armies of people to prepare him for the task? The answer, because he’s good, and individually, he knows more and is more effective than the collective assimilation of the masses which call themselves experts. It’s why Howard Roark quit the board of architects in The Fountainhead. “No man can live for another. He cannot share his spirit just as he cannot share his body. But the second-hander has used altruism as a weapon of exploitation and reversed the base of mankind’s moral principles. Men have been taught every precept that destroys the creator. Men have been taught dependence as a virtue.” Chapter XVII Part 4 p. 738. This to the collectivists who call themselves globalists these days is the most dangerous phrase in the vocabulary of mankind, for people to realize this nature in themselves and to act on it. That’s why Robert De Niro used curse words on a big award show on NBC during live television, and its why John Brennan is literally having a panic attack. Because people are learning the truth, and the fall of North Korea is not good for them. It’s the worst news in the world. But for the fountainheads, it’s the first time in the history of the world that a big name political figure has stood for them and defended their right to exist free of the assimilation of collectivists. And that is a real game changer.

Rich Hoffman

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Lost Chicken Nuggets and Killing Ants: How the UAW are parasitic attackers of Tesla Motors Inc.

I’m usually pretty considerate about all life, even little insects. If I see a little spider in the corner of my house or a little beetle caught in my swimming pool I fetch them up and take them outside someplace safe so they can live for about five more minutes, because I consider all life precious. But I had a situation today, I was working at my computer area and it looks like one of my grandkids had dropped a chicken nugget under a table where it was hard to see and ants were crawling all around the area I work. If it were just one ant or two, I would have taken them outside, but when it became hundreds, I had no choice but to kill them and smash them into oblivion so that their little friends got the message, they didn’t want to set up shop in that location because that would end their lives. I found the old nugget and threw it out, but it would take a while for the ants to get the message, and I didn’t have a while to let them crawl all over my stuff. So I killed them all. And as I was doing it I thought of the story where Elon Musk was being attacked in a similar way by the United Auto Workers at his Tesla plants.

One thing I don’t agree with Donald Trump on his was love of union workers. As a New York business guy, he has learned to deal with them—and as a good negotiator he knows how to talk their language. Trump is willing to work with them, I’m not. I think labor unions should be illegal because of their roots into socialism. They have no place in an American economy. They are the idiots who have dramatically limited the amount of productive work each American now thinks they must commit to in order to make a living and those ideas have made the value of American workers to not be competitive in a world that is more than willing to work more than forty hours a week and into the weekends The opportunity cost of the American labor unions has been enormous, and now they are doing to Elon Musk what they have done to so many American companies, they are trying to move in and take over the management of his company, and he’s not happy about it.

Because Musk didn’t just lay down and let the UAW attack his company like all those vile ants I was talking about attacking that chicken nugget, UAW president Dennis Williams led his organization to do what all progressive Democrats do, they used thuggish tactics to attempt to change the behavior of the company. In the case of Tesla the company provides their employees stock options which have the potential of being a lot more valuable than just cash on a weekly pay check. It’s a chance for those workers to become truly wealthy. But that’s not what the union wants, they want membership dues so they can convert that cash to political activism—and when Musk pushed back on their premise, the UAW filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. That is like those ants filing a complaint that they had a right to occupy my work space and that I couldn’t just wipe them out so I could get back to work—because they wanted that stupid chicken nugget that had fallen on the ground by my grandchildren. The thing wasn’t even supposed to be there in the first place.

The assumption was that collective masses of people in a labor union are valuable just because they exist, but to a business owner, they aren’t. Once a business owner loses management of their company to a bunch of loser labor union members who try to run everything on a vote, companies quickly have two things happen to them, they must raise their prices to pay for the collective bargaining of those employees, or they go out of business to companies who don’t have to deal with those restrictions. Musk said as much in a Tweet recently where he warned workers that it was the UAW that destroyed over 200,000 jobs at General Motors and Chrysler. The government had to sweep in and bail out the automakers because they were too big to fail. The mentality of the labor unions is to latch themselves to industry and milk everything dry until there isn’t anything left causing any company that didn’t want to go out of business to pick up their enterprise and move it to some other country with less labor union influence.

Labor unions are a creation of the Karl Marx philosophy of public ownership of everything, which was outlined clearly in the pathetic book The Communist Manifesto. Such people do not take into account the value of what management does for a company, in the risks that are taken that justify larger pay checks for the front of the house. Everyone is not equal in such an arrangement, once a labor union takes over a company like Tesla, then its all over for the innovation such companies provide. Once everything takes a vote from the same people who would rather spend their time smoking joints at lunch and looking at pornography on their phones, nothing good happens again, so Musk is smart to fight back against the UAW.

Not everyone is cut out for management, believe it or not, the ambitious people who typically run companies think about other things than the usual needs of biological flesh pleasures and filling their fat stomachs with food—and that makes them better positioned to decide what work hours will be, who the company does business with, and what the value of pay for employees will be based on market conditions. The UAW destroys the companies they move into—just like the ants wanting to eat that left-over chicken nugget that my grandkids dropped, the UAW sees a new company that is making new things and they want to suck off it until everything is gone. Of course, they think things will go on forever, because they don’t understand market conditions, they don’t read about the industry they are in and are constantly making decisions as the captain of the ship to keep everything pointed in the right direction, workers just want to know when they get paid and to make sure that everything is fair. Lazy workers get paid the same as productive workers, smart people get paid the same as dumb people—dumb being defined by people addicted to substances—food, alcohol, cigarettes, or even drugs who don’t take the time to develop their minds toward the needs of strategy and imaginative growth potential.

Unionized workers don’t make America great, they are parasites looking for opportunity off the backs of those who take chances and start businesses and do all the really hard work of making something from nothing. If Musk hadn’t created the Tesla car company to begin with the UAW workers would have nothing to try to loot from, there would be no chicken nugget to consume as the parasites I described in the ants flooding my computer desk. They only care about money when there isn’t any to loot off any more unlike the entrepreneur who has to go to the bank and put their life on the line to get the startup capital to put the whole show on. But they look at Elon Musk and figure that he’s a rich billionaire and that they are entitled to some of his money just because they exist, and that is the real danger.

Elon Musk has been able to do neat things with the money he has made relatively free of labor union disputes, because much of what he has built arrived faster than the normal business cycles. It takes labor unions a while to realize when a chicken nugget has fallen on the ground because they are busy thinking about everything else in life but work. But once they do hear that someone like Tesla is doing something they might be able to latch on to then they arrive like insects to take everything over and destroy the vision that came from the risk takers—people like Elon Musk. The real damage comes when legal fights start consuming the life of Musk from parasites like the UAW instead of him trying to figure out how to colonize Mars, or how to build Hyperloops under major American cities to alleviate ground traffic—the opportunity cost to our nation is enormous.

The average labor union employee just wants to get paid each week so they can purchase their vanities, deposit their sexual needs into some other person, and buy clothes off the bargain rack at Wal-Mart and that’s fine if that’s all they want out of life. But when they start seeking to have an impact on the opportunity cost of new American businesses, like Tesla, that is already propped up by the government for its seed money, the UAW is taking a shot at all of us, not just Elon Musk. And I personally find each and every one of them offensive, parasitic, and destructive to the American economy. They sure aren’t patriots—just bottom feeders.

Maybe I’ll buy a Tesla today.  I love that they are a non-union plant in California!!!!  That status should be rewarded by the marketplace.

Rich Hoffman

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The Miracle of Capitalism: Why every country should try to be like the United States

The solution to helping others in the world is not to keep throwing money at them, or in letting them live in the United States as immigrants—its to help them make their own countries better than they are now by exporting American ideas that could help them become better. Let me tell those people a little story about life near my house this week so that they can understand why capitalism is such a wonderful thing and why they should adopt it in their own lives for the great improvements that it could bring them. In telling this story I have to start with the gun shop at the end of my street, Right 2 Arms which is located on Rt 4 in Liberty Township, Ohio that I use often, especially when I make a new gun purchase because everything about capitalism starts and ends with gun possession. It is the reminder to the government that they should tamper with the American economy as little as possible and to let the free market determine successes and failures and it is what made for a pretty remarkable day that I had recently.

I had hit one of those milestones in my life where it justified the purchase of a gun I’ve wanted for a very long time, a .50AE Desert Eagle from Magnum Research. I first decided I wanted it way back in 1988 when I was a newly married 19-year-old, and the guns have only gotten better over the years. It was something I have wanted for a whole bunch of reasons, manly the technical value of it. I’m looking for a good concealed carry gun that can deal with the unique challenges of our modern age and for me it’s just the right thing, a seven shot semi-automatic pistol that shoots like a high-powered rifle within the tight confines of a pistol frame. Why would I ever need such a thing? Well, thugs, goons, radicals and terrorists these days wear body armor and should there come a circumstance, having the ability to neutralize them is what would be the strategic objective. So when it came time to buy it, I went to the gun store at the end of my street and purchased the .50AE Desert Eagle to add to my assets.

But that wasn’t all I needed to do that day. I additionally had three trees that I needed to cut out of my yard and I had a major brake job that was pressing me on an older vehicle we have. The 12-year-old Town and Country has been a workhorse in our family since we bought it new, so I’ve kept it running nicely all that time with occasional repairs. But my dilemma was that I was concerned that the new rotors I needed to fix the brakes were just too old to be on the shelf at the O’Reilly auto parts store I go to often across from the great Elk’s Run Golf course. So after I bought my new Desert Eagle, I swung by to see if the O’Reilly guys could track down some new rotors for me to put on that old van.

Like gun stores one of my favorite places are auto parts stores. One thing about American culture that is unique in the world is their personal automobiles. The ability to own two or three vehicles per household is unique in the world and are directly attached to our insistence on personal freedom. If firearms keep politicians honest in America cars give us the freedom to use our time for whatever use we choose. We can literally go anywhere, any time of day any time we want and that is a big deal that is not common elsewhere in the world. So to have auto stores so common in the United States is a real treat because that’s how we keep our vehicles running and I love going down the aisles and looking at all the different products intended for that purpose. I go to an auto store about twice a month, I love the way they smell, I love the colors, and I like talking to the people working there who know things about cars. We always have a car in our family that needs an oil change, spark plugs replaced, or fluids topped off, and I enjoy doing the work. But I had no hope that O’Reilly’s would have the rotors I needed on the shelf in their inventory.

But guess what, I inquired about the rotors and the clerk went to his computer to check the status and I was quite shocked to find that O’Reilly’s had them. So I bought two for $40 each and left amazed that I was going to be able to get that brake job done that day instead of having to wait for an order to come in. I continue to be surprised that O’Reilly’s most always has the things I need for auto repairs—even items that given the number of different cars on the road, they seem to always have for both new and older models. The inventory control to always have that type of stock is amazing, and you would only find it in a capitalist country that has a lot of wealth to justify the personal investment by the store itself. I can’t imagine there are many Town and Country cars left that need major brake jobs as most of them are headed for the scrap heap now—not being rebuilt from the suspension outward. Yet they had them proudly on the shelf when I needed them, and it amazed me.

However, I wasn’t done for the day. The last time I used my Huskvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw was during the previous fall when I did some tree work. After I put it away that day I knew the chain was dull so the next time I used it I’d need a new chain. My philosophy on these types of tools is that I like big and mean so that they have all the force needed and then some for whatever I’m doing. My Desert Eagle is part of that philosophy. Most of the time you’d never need a semi-automatic .50 caliber magnum bullet to stop a problem, but if you do need it, it’s there. That’s the same philosophy behind my Huskvarna 455 Rancher chainsaw with a 20-inch blade. When I first bought it most everyone said that it was too big to work with, which I disagreed completely. It’s big and known to be a bit of a beast. My wife has been after me to cut out a tree stump of an old ash tree that was on our property which fell victim to the Ash Bore insects that killed it a few years ago. It was a big mature tree so it had a large stump. Just big enough for my big chainsaw with a 20-inch blade. To do that type of job, you really need a sharp chain because you have to keep the saw horizontal without hitting the ground while making the cut so once you get started you don’t want to pull out.

I literally pulled out of the parking lot of O’Reilly’s and drove a few hundred yards down Rt 4 to Tractor Supply which is another store I love going to for similar reasons as the auto stores. That’s where I was able to get everything I needed for my chainsaw job. Of course, Tractor Supply had everything I needed as they have a nice Huskvarna chainsaw section and all my blades where there along with the oil I needed. For that big chainsaw I need the 20” 72 drive chains which are the largest they carried, but I found a two pack for about $37. I was able to get home and do all my jobs within about three hours of buying all that and I still had time to enjoy my evening. Would you believe that everything I described was within one mile of each other, including the gun purchase?

Part of being a wealthy country means that there are options like this near most of our homes, and the things I described are more specialized than the average types of things that might be needed typically on a Saturday afternoon. That is the magic of capitalism—those things were all there for me when I needed them because of the free market system and because I didn’t have to waste a lot of time looking for all those items, it made my time much more productive which is always the name of the game. If my time is not wasted, it provides more opportunities for me to make money so that I can do more things like buy guns, fix cars and do landscaping in my yard. Most places around the world can’t do one of those things, let alone all three in the same day and still have time to binge watch a show on Netflix later that night. Life in America is the best and other countries would do well to adopt what we do here for their own benefit, and that all starts with embracing capitalism. To really improve the lives of people around the world, capitalism is the magic trick they all need to learn. Its something we take for granted in America because we are used to getting what we want when we want it, but on days like I have described I realize just how special all those abilities are. And I’d like to see that for everyone.

Rich Hoffman
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The Trump Campaign Spy Stefan Halper: America’s biggest scandal, so why is Jimmy Kimmel talking about gun control?

Jimmy Kimmel is in the minority in our American republic and he’s frustrated by it. There are more NRA members in America than Kimmel and his other late night comedy hosts have together for their television shows and they can’t understand why they can’t move the bar on gun control with truly disgusting emotional influences such as Kimmel displayed after the latest school shooting in Santa Fe. Look people, I have explained to everyone what creates school shootings, I’ve outlined the issue explicitly, and others have as well. I think my offering, not because its my own, but because it goes further than other people have, is the best and should be looked at by everyone concerned about school shootings. The solution is rather easy, but it will require people like Jimmy Kimmel to give up their liberal approaches to the problem so that the real complications can be addressed. I don’t think Kimmel really cares about the school shooting issue—I think he’s just a liberal man who says what he has to so he can impress liberal girls and Hollywood types who live in their ridiculous coastal bubble of intellectual stagnation. But if he really cares about stopping school shootings, then he needs to listen to what I’m saying. CLICK HERE for the real answer to school shootings. However, giving up our guns, or weakening the Second Amendment is not going to happen—and here’s why.


The biggest scandal in American history just occurred over the last two years and people like Jimmy Kimmel are a part of it—because they have used their hatred of President Trump to justify the necessity of what happened which goes far beyond any rationalizations that were ever made about Watergate. This scandal is so big that all people no matter what party they came from should be worried about it. No matter what people think about Donald Trump, they will have to admit that if he didn’t run his presidential campaign the way he did—essentially as a one-man road show with his own airplane and money to fuel it, we would have never discovered just out deep the “Deep State” truly was. The FBI and the DOJ under President Obama put a spy into the campaign of a political rival for the purpose of undermining it. The name of the spy was Stefan Halper from Cambridge and was working on behalf of traditional institutionalism to subvert the efforts of change that were taking place under a presidential candidate whom had survived all the proper primaries and delegate acquisitions to eventually win the presidency fair and square.

The FBI on many levels was conducting illegal activities to support the reigning president, Obama at the time, and attempting to hand the election to the representative of a rival political party. Traditional conservatives for which Halper was were attempting to subvert the efforts at reform for the protection of Washington D.C. institutionalism as defined by the type of politics that has gotten America into so much trouble, ultimately creating the kind of climate that produced that Santa Fe shooter culturally. The FBI and the DOJ was using the powers of government to serve a sitting president for the benefit of a candidate that was running against Trump and the whole thing would have worked if Trump had been a traditional candidate that needed advisors, money, and media resources. Because Trump could give himself all those things there wasn’t anything that the institutionalists in the FBI could do—and Trump won anyway despite all those efforts.

All this didn’t happen overnight, it’s been going on for decades likely, going all the way back to World War II. We cannot trust our government and we sure as hell can’t trust the press. So under what line of insanity does anybody think that we should be giving up our guns and our Second Amendment? That would be insanely stupid. The Second Amendment does not exist so we can hunt rabbits or go target shooting—its there to keep our government in check from just these types of problems. Liberals like Jimmy Kimmel are so intellectually lazy that they want to believe that there are countries who are performing better than the United States in the realm of governing, and that their gun control laws should be followed as a guiding light to the school shooting problem, and that’s just ridiculously stupid. Nobody is doing things better than the United States in general, more layers of government are not a solution. Making the mess that we know of in current abuses of the FBI and DOJ more exacerbated with more rules, regulations and government personnel would be insane. The world Jimmy Kimmel and his fellow liberal gun grabbers wants does not exist and it never will because logic does not accompany reality.

Even with all the evidence right there in front of our faces our nation is locked in indecision as to what to do next. How do we prosecute this case, who goes to jail? Just about everyone in Washington D.C. is guilty, and several former presidents are guilty of the cover-up as well, because this has all been going on far longer than just the Trump campaign. It probably happened to John McCain and Mitt Romney while they were going around the nation telling the rest of us to be civil—because advisors like Halper advised them to run their campaigns based on the needs of the institutions, not the real needs of our republic. Remember when Romney changed his tune after that fierce debate where he tore up Obama and was rising in the polls? Who told him to change-up his game, who told him not to go on the night-time shows—Obama certainly did. This kind of internal campaign manipulation has probably been going on since before Bob Dole’s campaign. Remember when George Bush said “no new taxes,” then he raised taxes. Who told him to do that? Probably someone working from the Shadow Government like Halper who was working both sides of the political landscape for objectives that were wanted at the FBI thinking they were a fourth branch of government and not direct employees of the Executive Branch. This entire situation is as messy as anything our country has witnessed since the War of 1812.

There are no conditions that Americans should ever give up their guns. I would say that we should make public education illegal before there are ever any considerations against the Second Amendment. There is no evidence that we can trust the FBI. They are our employees, but they think they rule as elected representatives and have become drunk on the power we gave them to act on our behalf. Instead, they have acted on interests that don’t appear to be American in any way, but rather some other source not focused on domestic affairs, but more global ones. When celebrities like Jimmy Kimmel are more than willing to use children as hostages in the gun debate but fully support abortion, criminals like Hillary Clinton, and a trust in the Deep State when the evidence shows us clearly that we should never fully trust them under any circumstances, you must ask lots of questions. This spy in the Trump campaign story is the biggest scandal in American history and should be the lead in every newspaper, and on every late-night show. We know what causes school violence and we could fix everything tomorrow just by putting guns on teachers in schools stopping them from being gun free zones. But for Kimmel to use the sadness of the school shooting to mask the much bigger problem of corruption at the highest levels of our Republic indicates how much trouble we really are in. And if not for Trump and our guns, the situation would already be far out of our grasp and irredeemable without a violent revolution. Thankfully, because of guns, we can still have an election that takes power away from people who shouldn’t have it, and if not for Trump, we wouldn’t know any of this.

Rich Hoffman
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The Millennium Falcon Experience was SOLD OUT: What everything tells us about what type of society we want to be

In case you hadn’t noticed dear reader, there is a lot going on out there in the world. Even as the White House Correspondents Dinner over the weekend of April 28th showed truly how much we are living in a society well declined, a large number of really big Supreme Court cases are about to have decisions made that will shape American society for the next century. Primary elections are happening in May that will have a major impact on the midterms this upcoming fall, and the Korean peninsula is uniting for the first time in over 70 years. I’ve been writing on this blog site for around a decade now and things are happening so fast that they have defied intellectual saturation, but I have noticed one thing lately that simply amazed me and the start of it came as we were having Millennium Falcon waffles at my house before leaving to visit again the Millennium Falcon Experience at NKU. The new Avengers movie called Infinity War made over $250,000 domestically breaking all kinds of box office records and that was important for a number of reasons in relation to the grand scheme of things. If Jim Cameron was hoping that superhero movies were about to fizzle out, this news would upset him greatly, and many who have tried to use the film industry as a propaganda arm of the liberal left.

The plan was always to take the larger part of my family down to see the Millennium Falcon Experience on Sunday morning at 9 AM—which is why we scouted the event on Friday to figure out how we could take a large group through it. My family was very excited to go see the reproduction of parts of the Millennium Falcon and get some good pictures. One of my daughters is a professional photographer so we wanted to get some great pictures at the Millennium Falcon Experience since we are all Star Wars fans—its seemed like a good opportunity for us. Plus, the character of Han Solo has always been my favorite and without him in a movie, Star Wars has never really been Star Wars. I have been very critical of the new Star Wars movies, except for Rogue One, so I have been nervous about what Lucasfilm and Disney would do to my favorite Star Wars character. Han Solo certainly isn’t a liberal character by any measure, so my concern was that Disney would push to water him down to make it part of their overall liberal agenda at the company these days. However, indications are that the exact opposite will be happening. It appears that Lucasfilm has been listening to their fans since the Force Awakens problems in killing off the character, and the direction they had taken him. This new movie Solo: A Star Wars Story looks like they understand what the character is supposed to be and to what impact that will have on our society as a whole.

Like I always say, my favorite topic isn’t politics, funding challenges, or even scientific endeavor, although I do talk about those things a lot—my favorite topic is mythology. I am mildly obsessed with the way cultures form and what mythologies are used to bring people together, what themes work and which ones don’t. Han Solo is the most popular character in the Star Wars series for a reason, he is a very traditional alpha male who is reckless and in pursuit of his own independence often at whatever cost. I’m sure the progressives within the Disney Company and at Lucasfilm have discussed Solo at great length, and I think much of the reason that Ron Howard was brought in to take over the directing duties was because Donald Trump was elected and wisely Lucasfilm knew they needed to change a few things that were becoming obvious about the world after President Trump moved into the White House.

I was in London while Solo: A Star Wars Story was shooting at Pinewood and I was watching the protests against Donald Trump in those opening months and I listened carefully to the two original Solo movie directors show great support for the movement against Trump. While I don’t think that Kathy Kennedy is a conservative by any measure, the tide of movies that were going to make money certainly had to accept that Trump voters were going to decide if a film succeeded or failed at the box office. So they made some adjustments on the Solo set and brought in Ron Howard who understood that this movie about Han Solo was more about American Graffiti meets A Fistful of Dollars than a space version of 21 Jump Street. Han Solo actually means something to a lot of people, not just me, and Lucasfilm recognized that and decided to make the movie that needed to be made to pay respect to Han Solo, not the movie they wanted to make about Han Solo as a bunch of social progressives, and that is a very important distinction.

This Millennium Falcon Experience was meant to tour city to city with three sections of set reproductions from the Solo movie to generate interest in the film. My wife and I along with two of our grandchildren went to the opening of the event on Friday April 27th and I was impressed with the crowd. I saw what was going on pretty fast, on the public relations side, the event had printed a limited number of tickets that they gave out for free and when they were gone, they were gone which would get people talking about the whole thing on social media, sharing pictures, and generating interest in the new Han Solo movie that would come out on May 25th. The Millennium Falcon Experience would start in Northern Kentucky at NKU, then travel the following weekend to Atlanta, then to Denver before settling in Los Angeles ahead of the premier for the movie. My scouting report, which is seldom ever wrong, which I conveyed to my two daughters was that the big Star Wars geeks would hit this event on Friday and the thing would fizzle out by Sunday after a weekend of being open. After all, there were only so many Star Wars fans out there. Our plan was to show up at 9 AM on Sunday morning when the tickets would be issued, and we’d walk onto the exhibit, get our pictures, then go somewhere nice for breakfast. That’s not what happened.

We arrived at precisely 9:07 AM and found out that all the tickets were gone. People had started lining up at 4:30 AM that morning and the line had wrapped around the building of the BB&T Arena and the whole day sold out well before the event even started. The crew hosting the event wasn’t prepared for such a large crowd, so they issued the tickets so that people could get their tour times and leave, since there were no bathroom facilities. The event was open from 9 to 5 PM and tickets were given at intervals that would allow for about ten minutes of personal touring for each ticket which was good for five people. So doing the math, a lot of people didn’t get a ticket who wanted one. If we hadn’t gone down to the exhibit on Friday, we wouldn’t have been able to see it at all, which just mesmerized me. The opposite of what I thought was going to happen, happened. The Millennium Falcon Experience had more interest in it by day 3 than it did on day one, which I thought was remarkable given the fact that it was a free exhibit for a movie about Han Solo that didn’t come out for another month. There are many in the industry who think that people are going to get Star Wars saturation given that this is the second Star Wars movie within a year, the first was The Last Jedi. But like the Avengers Infinity War, audiences were hungrier than ever for mythological products like these movies—and that said something very important.

Both films talked about here are products of the Disney Company and while the overall movie industry is declining, Disney at least has kept their ear to the ground to give audiences what they need in the characters produced in these movies. There is a theme which all these movie characters represent that speaks to the yearning people have for individualized freedom. Han Solo is certainly all about that restless lust for personal freedom and that Millennium Falcon Experience spoke to that yearning directly. People weren’t just watching it in a movie, they were able to put their hands on it and that hunger surprised even me. I pay really close attention to these kinds of things and this went well beyond the passion I thought was out there. With that in mind I think that by the time this Solo movie hits at the end of May, after Infinity War had been out for over a month, there will be some cultural influences from these movies that will percolate into our society as a whole, in the fields of science, fashion, art and entertainment—in everything, and those things will be happening at a time when the Supreme Court will make decisions on some big cases that will affect us all. I think we are in a world that is changing dramatically, and not for the worst. I think we have been there already and are on the way out of it. But more than that, I think the movies reflect more about what we want to change into than what we just want to participate in as escapist fantasy. And that is a very interesting occurrence for our modern-day experience.

Rich Hoffman

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Support Allegiant Airlines: Don’t let panic driven people ruin everything for the rest of us

Let me just say in defense of Allegiant Airlines that I would have no problem flying on them with my entire family anywhere they are going, be it Las Vegas, Orlando, or anyplace else. As a discount carrier I think they do a fantastic job and provide a wonderful service. Being able to fly to far away destinations for under $100 per seat—in many times much less than that—helps bring down the prices in an industry obsessed with attempting higher and higher costs on the consumer. I was personally disgusted with the hit job 60 Minutes conducted against Allegiant this past week and how it set off a subsequent parade of negative aviation stories—especially after Southwest Airlines actually had a CFM-56 engine blow up at 30,000 feet killing a passenger. Let me tell everyone something, the FFA does not need more regulations for god’s sake, accidents happen, especially in an aging fleet of planes that have been flying for a while. What happened with Southwest Airlines is an extreme rarity, the containment case should have captured that shrapnel from the exploding engine. It certainly doesn’t mean that every exploding engine will produce the same effect as the panicky people on the 60 Minutes episode by Steve Kroft articulated based on their experiences with Allegiant.


What I see happening in general toward Allegiant is a similar hit that CNN did against Sea World—an attempt to bring down a company using the media by competitors. In this case Allegiant puts a lot of pressure to bring down costs in the airline industry, which is desperately needed. The unions and other airlines all have an intense desire to use every excuse to drive up prices, so the safety record of Allegiant is attacked so that it forces them to comply with industry regulations designed to appease the labor unions. It’s no different from when panicky moms and school teachers use “children” as an excuse to raise taxes in a local school district, because it presents an indefensible position that is emotionally driven. Allegiant Airlines is providing a low-cost service using planes that have seen a few miles without all the luxury that other flights might offer to get customers to faraway places without breaking their bank accounts, and I think its wonderful. I don’t care if the planes shake, rattle and roll a bit in flight, they are safe enough to fly reliably. The only thing they are doing wrong in relation to the industry as a whole, is that they are forcing other airlines to lower their own prices.

Listening to those losers on the 60 Minutes segment was utterly disgusting. Flying is supposed to be something of an adventure. The way flight was invented in the United States always had with it a bit of living on the edge where the pioneers of flight endured the many unknown dangers associated with flying with valor and a confidence that anything could be overcome. Passengers had the same type of spirit. A rickety craft over the South Pacific or the jungles of the Amazon carrying some business to faraway lands was a positive experience in every way. The lives of the passengers were never in much danger at the hands of a competent pilot and the ambition that kept aircraft going into the sky by ground crews inventing everything as they went with duct tape and glue.

The larger problem of today isn’t the fault of the airlines, it’s the type of people they are dealing with. There are always a percentage of the population that have been raised on panic television, who watched the Jerry Springer Show entirely too much that are looking for every available lawsuit, and those people ruin life for the rest of us. It is their fault that there are too many regulations, too many stop signs, ridiculously low-speed limits—because they bitch and complain about everything which forces companies to waste money trying to appease them. It made me sick to see that big girl interviewed by Steve Kroft talk about how she feared she wouldn’t see her children again when the engine blew on that Allegiant flight. Let me say that if I had been on that flight I wouldn’t have even stopped reading my book. It is disgusting that such panicky people are out there complaining about every little thing and are so terrified about basic things in life. Just because somebody cries about their fears about something doesn’t mean the entire industry should change what it’s doing for everyone else.

Airlines like Allegiant allow big girls like that 60 Minutes complainer to fly to Vegas and have access to all those bottomless pit buffets because they offer cheap flights. Without those cheap flights most, people wouldn’t be able to afford going to places like Vegas for the weekend. People like that lady want Allegiant to go out and invest in a new fleet of aircraft that aren’t so worn and rickety but they don’t expect to have to pay the higher ticket prices associated with new aircraft investment. It’s just like that idiot Jessie Jackson coming to Cincinnati to protest Kroger for not keeping failing stores open in poor neighborhoods because they were losing their ass due to theft, vandalism, and poor-quality clientele. The expectation is that companies have an altruistic obligation to society to give all their profits to the poor and needy. Well, people who think like that are completely wrong. Go see how that mentality has been working in Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Go visit Africa and tell me how that “profit sharing” is going. The truth is, profit drives ambition, which drives industry. Vegas thrives off cheap flights and buffets. It could be argued that Vegas is a sinful place that brings no good to the moral condition of society. I would say that Vegas is a lot of bad things but it’s also a lot of good—they have great shows in Vegas and great food. We have a better society because there are places like Vegas in the United States and Allegiant does a great job of getting people there who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to go.

Sea World is still reeling from the hit job CNN did to them way back in 2014. That same hit job media is in full court press attack mode against President Trump. And now it’s after Allegiant for all the same reasons. The competition doesn’t like change or a society that has options, so they use the media to exploit the fears of stupid, panicky people to give them a competitive advantage over a rival. Essentially when something is good these days some parasitic cape rider will seek to jump on for a free ride and use the anxious sentiments of federal regulators to attempt to slow down the best to the cumbersome exploits of the weak—and its utterly disgusting to see. The TSA has been much better under President Trump, but they are still a laborious unionized organization of make work efforts designed to appease a panicky public. Every time someone complains about something like exploding engines—which are facts of life in aviation—or terrorists, or smelly buffet participants fresh from a trip to Vegas, someone writes a new law that slows down the entire industry and that is much more destructive than some occasional mechanical failures. It costs a lot of money to run an airline and people are lucky that there are companies like Allegiant out there. Without them the ticket prices would be so high that few could afford to travel—which wouldn’t be good for anybody. I would encourage everyone to book a ticket on Allegiant and take a weekend vacation to some exotic destination, and to support them in this time of bad publicity. They deserve the support.

Rich Hoffman

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Comey’s Crime is in Being a “Yes Dear”: The reason for the political divide in America

I had more than a few friends tell me this week that they just can’t take the political divisions in their country anymore, and that they were going to seek more positive things to do with their lives. As they said, the rhetoric is just too divisive to have proper discourse between people, and they were checking out. These are media people who work in the business and it is ironic that we heard pretty much the same thing when James Comey gave his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s 20/20 Sunday night. As book stores opened today, the day of this writing, I picked up Comey’s book and read it just to make sure my thoughts about the guy were correct—and of course they were. Essentially James Comey is like a lot of my friends in the media who were proclaiming that the world had shifted in a direction they didn’t understand, and they were refusing to participate. Comey after all had thought of himself as a reasonable person even though his wife and kids were rather radical leftists. If it had been Jeb Bush who was running against Hillary Clinton the only division in the Comey household would be whether or not a woman would become president, because institutionally, the two candidates were the same. But since it was Trump, there was nothing in James Comey’s background to prepare him intellectually for what that meant. And many people find themselves in the same quandary at this point of time and they are distressed by it.

James Comey protecting the way things were took it upon himself to alter the political landscape of the 2016 election. He meddled far more than any Russians, or fat slob hacker in the middle of Kansas—as Director of the FBI he tried to walk a fine line of keeping Hillary Clinton in the candidacy for president even though she essentially disqualified himself with the email scandal. Thinking in hindsight, Comey should have suggested prosecution of Hillary Clinton and let the DOJ refuse it. At least the DNC could have put up another candidate before the convention process. That would have been the right thing to do, but then Comey would have been blamed for eliminating the first woman potentially for president, which is what got him into trouble. That pressure likely came mostly from within his own home. Reading what he has said about the matter I am completely convinced that he did all that to make his wife and kids happy. To them, the first female president was far more important than the law, so Comey put himself in a bad spot based on family pressure. But it didn’t help that he was surrounded at the FBI by the same kind of Washington Beltway types who were ideologically far to the political left from the average American. They all thought the game they were playing was a different one from which produced Donald Trump as the head of the Republican Party and James Comey had no way to navigate that reality. That is clear in his book which is devastating for him personally. If these were normal circumstances, he’d be put in jail just for his testimony given in his book. But there is a long line of people who are in that line with him and I don’t know that there are enough jails for all of them, so who knows what will happen.

Comey obviously hated Donald Trump, but not for the reasons he has managed to articulate. After reading Comey’s book it is obvious from a psychological point of view that he resented Trump for not being as pussy whipped as he was, where his wife controlled him too much. Comey views his role in his marriage as a sacrificial sanctuary that takes precedence over his personal desires and here was a Donald Trump who did what he wanted, when he wanted to, who doesn’t appear to answer to anybody—even his wife, and to Comey this was something he just couldn’t get his mind around. So he developed a disdain for Donald Trump from the outset. Of course Trump’s hands were smaller than Comey’s. Comey is around 6’ 8.” But to Comey he had to build up his lack of inferiority to Trump any way he could justify so to preserve his own relationship with his long-time wife. Using his marriage to show moral superiority to Trump was the only way he could protect himself from the reality of Trump’s election and justify his radical behavior to attempt to impeach him. For Comey, that was the only way he could protect the world he understood it to be—even though that is obviously not the reality.

I can say that the palatable anger that my media friends are talking about come from a realization that many have not yet come to terms with—just as James Comey hasn’t. For at least 32 years, through all of Bill Clinton’s presidency, then George Bush, then 8 years of Barack Obama normal Americans quietly sat by and let the system work to the best of its ability. We didn’t protest every little thing. We didn’t seek the impeachment of the president every five seconds. I did take a case for the impeachment of Barack Obama down to John Boehner’s office where his people laughed at it—like it was such an impossibility that it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on. So we worked really hard to put a change candidate for conservatism into the White House—after waiting all that time, and once the deed was done we did not receive the same respect for our guy. Now we see the political left pushing so hard against our choice with a constant barrage of disrespectful aggression that we are angry about it. And some Republicans that we thought we could trust have joined the left to preserve the institutions that we have come to hate due to our sudden mistrust.

Facebook is on fire with discontent, Twitter is rhetorically divisive, the comments sections of online newspapers are being shut down everywhere because the discourse is so volatile, and the reason is a good one. Normal Americans, for which I am one, have been lied to, manipulated, and used by people like James Comey for most of our lives and we aren’t happy about it. Jeb Bush and his brother were never our kind of Republican. James Comey was entirely too liberal for us, but we put up with him out of polite discourse and now that we have someone who truly does represent our part of the nation the same respect is not provided to our decision as we gave to the other side for three decades.

I announced on these pages many years ago that America was in a new civil war so none of this is a surprise to me. I think the hatred that is on display toward the political left these days is better than armed insurrection. It took a reality television star to really break down the ultimate reality television show—that which was driving our society politically at every level. Through Trump we have seen behind the scenes all the ugliness that was always there and we don’t like it. We always knew it was there, but we couldn’t be certain until Trump was elected. Then and only then did he metaphorically pull down the curtains, so we could all see the characters hiding there who were running everything we loved essentially into the ground. James Comey was one of the villains—a Boy Scout like figure who used his image to hide his political radicalism—which was largely formed by his “yes dear” relationship with his liberal wife. The same could have been said about the entire Hollywood industry, our favorite stores, and our music industry. Our country was being drug in a direction we didn’t like and when we put a stop to it we really saw the fangs of the other side and now instead of polite discourse, we have a fight. What did anybody really think was going to happen? Were we expected to stand down forever? We believed in the election process and now that appears to be in jeopardy, what are we to do—be happy about it and say, “yes dear?” No, that’s not how things work, especially in my world.

All that’s happening now is that my side is fighting back, they aren’t taking it any more the acceptance that the other side from Comey all the way over to the most radical leftist of the Communist Party USA have been very disrespectful to our part in the great Republic of America. Comey didn’t respect our “democracy” he tried to use his position as head of the FBI to pick his new boss—even if she grossly broke the law. He expected us to be civil about it? If you can’t trust the FBI, who can you trust? As we’ve seen the FBI has been weaponized against normal Americans, just as the IRS has been. Then to make matters worse, we elected our kind of guy into the most powerful position in the world and the FBI was audacious enough to break into the lawyer’s office of the President and steal information, so they could leak it to the press to instigate an impeachment case and we are supposed to be alright with that? If they’ll do it to the president, what would they do to the rest of us? So yes, we are mad, and no, we’re not going to take it anymore. And to those in charge within the media and in politics, you should all be extremely happy that its words and not bullets that we’ve chosen as our vehicles of justice. That could change in an instant if the political left continues to push it—which it seems obvious to me they are intent to attempt. That is their fault, they chose to disrespect us. Respect goes both ways; one side can’t give it all while the other pisses all over it. So they should expect to get everything they are getting and worse, because it’s what the political left chose. Yes, the situation has plenty of room to escalate. The lefties, for which Comey is a part, better decide if they really want to play at this bloodsport. Politeness should have never been identified as weakness. We simply waited for our turn and now that we have it, we aren’t going to put up with getting pushed around and lied to.

Rich Hoffman

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