A Dangerous and Ominous Case

The Jussie Smollett case tells us everything we need to know about the FBI and the Andrew McCabe situation where a tendency to lie and fabricate a story without a grain of truth in it is possible and could be accepted at face value. I have said many times that the FBI coup against the incoming President Trump is the worst political disaster in American history and would rank as relevant anywhere in the world so far as corruption and high crimes. But the problem with it is people have a hard time believing people could possibly be so vile and evil, especially when they act like James Comey, as an honest Boy Scout. We live in an entertainment culture where we get our inputs of the world from actors and news anchors, so given the typically lazy nature of the average person, they want to believe what Comey and McCabe were saying about their involvement in overthrowing an American president even before he could even take the oath of office.

Jussie Smollett was riding high on the hit show “Empire.” He literally had the world eating out of his hand, so he had no real reason to become a political activist hiring two fellow actors to stage an attack against him outside his Chicago apartment supposedly yelling “This is MAGA” country while they poured bleach on him and threatened to hang him lynching style. As it turned out he made the whole thing up, but not before going on major news outlets such as Disney owned ABC to give interviews in an attempt to build a case against the Trump presidency by suggesting that it was the MAGA hats that were inspiring violence all across the country and needed to be stopped. It looked phony at the time, but over time it was proven to be a complete hoax giving an insight into just how radical and desperate the political left is. If Jussie Smollett would do such a thing with no real political motivation other than trying to get Democrats fired up against President Trump, then what would the FBI do to cover their own tracks of actual crimes committed in trying to put their favor behind Hillary Clinton over President Trump? The answer is pretty ominous and should be a lesson to us all.

We have to consider how a young kid like Jussie Smollett working successfully in the Hollywood culture could have even put together in his mind that doing such a thing was acceptable, or even needed. He had to know the risks, yet he did it anyway. What does that say about the mentality of the people he works with every day, who he thought would be impressed with his antics? Even when things were turning south on him, it took the media a long time to admit that they had jumped the gun on him and should have kept their mouths shut. But in the scheme of things Jussie Smollett is small potatoes, certainly not a national emergency, but an indicator to what extent a person will lie to support their industry held political beliefs.

However, lets take what we know about Hollywood, the media, and people like Jussie Smollett and apply them to the culture of Washington D.C. which is much more motivated to push out challenges to their way of doing things and would even go to breaking the law to protect themselves. Is it so far-fetched to believe that James Comey, Robert Muller and Andrew McCabe would go much further in lying about things to destroy the presidency of Donald Trump? Obviously not because Andrew McCabe was caught doing it. He was on 60 Minutes this past week trying to put a happy face on the crime of the century, but the essence of what he did was attempt an overthrow of a newly American President by making up a complete fiction about him to justify the action. Anybody could say a person was colluding with Russia for instance and force them to defend themselves in a court of law, especially when the accusers control the law as enforcement officers and policy makers.

If we have learned anything from the Smollett case, which isn’t the first time in human history to be sure, but these days with social media serving as a checks and balance against the liberalized media, we have more evidence than ever that these things go on, routinely. We should then figure that Watergate wasn’t the first time a political party tried to get an advantage over another party through some nefarious means. Then it should not come as a surprise that behind the scenes for many years, a deep state of insurgents who have always thought they knew better than the rest of us have functioned from the shadows to overthrow threats to their existence. And what they tried to do in the modern era with President Trump was an ostentatious display of arrogance and criminal conduct. They tried to overthrow the President the same way the CIA might try to instill some dictator in a foreign land to provoke a regime change. Only this happened within our borders, and against American law with great disrespect and arrogance.

At the very least all those involved in this FBI mess should go to jail. They should be prosecuted to such an extent that nobody would ever try such a thing again. It’s not OK to lie about things to shape public opinion and certainly not to overthrow election results. In the case of election tampering it was the smellers who were the fellers, the FBI was caught manipulating an election in the favor of Democrats. The lie was obvious. It is just as much of a lie as the liberal actor Jussie Smollett attempting to invoke a race war to create public sentiment for his side by forcing MAGA supporters to defend a negative that never happened. Maybe the kid should have watched Scooby Doo more as a child because he should have known that once he went on ABC and started running his mouth that people were going to check out his story, and he’d be exposed. But the FBI was so audacious that they thought they could control the story and that even if they were caught, nobody would have the guts to come after them. Which is how McCabe found himself to be in the situation he is in presently. He’s trying to make a martyr of himself, to sound like the lone rebel standing up for the corruption of an election by people who didn’t know as much as he did. But how is that any different from a typical terrorist who thinks that only they understand the way the world should be and are equipped to protect that vision even from people who aren’t as smart as they are. Andrew McCabe made himself into every Bond villain in movie history, the only guy in the world who knew the right thing to do and took it upon himself to take action against the rest of society. Only in this circumstance, it wasn’t just McCabe, but the culture of the FBI itself. And that is why this is such a dangerous, and ominous case.

Rich Hoffman

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The Enemy Ilhan Abdullahi Omar

After the testimony of Eliot Abrams consistent with the line of questioning Ilhan Abdullahi Omar unleashed, it is obvious that the freshman congresswoman is one of the enemies of America that I have been talking about. The problem with Democrats is that they have all the wrong values about what matters, in Omar they only care that she is a woman of color elected into congress and that she is one of the first Muslim’s to be in that body of government. She is one of those cases where a person was born in a region of the world hostile to American influence and she is now serving in our government to effectively change it into something else and everyone is supposed to just leave her alone because she’s a young kid, a woman, and a person of color. Yet after her over the top aggressive stance with Elliot Abrams, she lost all assumptions of goodness, because her actions could only be considered hostile to American positions and declared herself hostile to our Constitution. Whatever oath of office she may have taken obviously has no meaning, her interests are foreign and hostile to North America serving a theocratic “god” and nothing more, and is one we should all consider an enemy based on her behavior in congress thus far.

It is important to understand why enemies of American ideas want so much to push an emphasis on the Muslim religion and on visual conditions such as being women or people of color, because those value systems support the human trajectory of continued regression and rebirth that follows the Vico Cycle that I’m always talking about. In the Giambattista Vico 1725 book New Science the Vico Cycle of the rise and fall of societies was articulated properly as theocracy, aristocracy, democracy then anarchy are the traditional phases that all cultures go through. Understanding that it should be clear to everyone that the religion of Islam is a very theocratic one and by imposing it on the American nation, which traditionally is Christian, the hope is to take the United States back to a theocracy as opposed to a democracy as viewed by the enemies of the American Constitution. As I’ve explained quite emphatically over many essays, American culture is not a democracy but a Republic which has been a very effective hedge against the traditional Vico Cycles and made life in North America unique against the backdrop of global events. Of course this has spawned hatred by jealous rivals, but the results are unmistakable and extremely positive. The Christian religion has moved from being overly theocratic to much more conducive to the invention of capitalism and that is where change agents have the most problem and are trying to establish the Muslim religion as a more theocratic option. Thus, that is why Ilhan Omar gets a free pass to make an ass of herself in what was supposed to be a respectable hearing with a Trump official.

But Omar wasn’t trying to be civil, she is not in place to be part of the American experience, she simply wants to change it to reflect the views of her foreign experience and that is a hostile act by any measure. Accommodating her Muslim faith within a framework of anti-American sentiment is dangerous and downright insulting. She should never be put on any kind of committee assignment given her obvious hostilities against American values. I would have to think hard at any point in history that a congress person of any kind treated witnesses providing testimony so disrespectfully as she did of Elliot Abrams. Omar to my mind has lost the right to ever ask another question of anybody as a congresswoman and she doesn’t get a free pass just because she’s a young, inexperienced, radical woman advocating for a religion that is not traditionally part of the American legal order established at the start of the country. While part of the American experience is that people from anywhere in the world from any background can make a go at success under our capitalist system the fundamental values were Christian in nature. Any oath of office has to have some resemblance to that context otherwise a hostile agent can put their hand on a Bible and cross their fingers behind their back protecting their hostilities quite openly.

The enemy doesn’t get to hide in plain site just because they have physical characteristics that are suddenly off-limits for discussion, such as visual cues society has decided is more important than intellectual ones. Listening to Omar speak to Elliot Abrams it was clear that the only reason she won an election was the belief people from her district had that a woman of color should hold some kind of office, no matter what her actual beliefs were. It is the Obama complex all over again, people were tricked by the Democrats to electing a person of color into the White House just because he was black and we felt as a country that we had to prove we weren’t racist in our natures, which was again entirely an invention of the Democrat Party, to propose the question so that we were all forced to answer it at the voting booth. We weren’t supposed to really care what Obama believed, that he was a socialist who wanted to change America into something Indonesia would feel more comfortable with. The same is going on with this radical congresswoman Omar. We aren’t supposed to care about what she believes, only what color she is and that she is a “she.”

I don’t discriminate, I think everyone should be judged equally based on their conduct and creed, and for Ilhan Abdullahi Omar she is an obvious menace to the American way of life and its time to think of her that way. To call her a villain is an accurate description of her actions obviously on full display in the way she abused her power to make Elliot Abrams have to sit and take abuses in front of a large audience just for the political points it gained her. She wasn’t trying to uncover any kind of truth about the affairs of Venezuela. She simply wanted to attack the Trump administration any way she could so her party could continue to demonize capitalism and the Christian foundations of our nation so that the enemy could change us all into something else. That something else is why they are, and should be referenced as the enemy. As everyone knows in their hearts, evil can come in many forms and packages—if evil always looked ugly, nobody would follow in its wake. Often evil is presented as attractive and hidden behind taboos which give it strength to emerge into poplar culture. And that is clearly the status of Congresswoman Omar, she is evil trying to hide her malice behind concern for America as an imperialist terror she was taught it was in her youth. And to take action in favor of her original countrymen she has managed to get herself elected to congress so that she can dismantle it from within. And that is the danger most obvious in our republic, when democracies are driven not by intelligence, but visual based stupidity, the path to anarchy, then back to theocracy is clear. And once a society moves back to a theocracy, a strong central government can then take over the affairs of all people as individual rights give way to heavenly ones. But it’s always been a trick, and in the entire history of the world only America broke that cycle, for which the enemy of our nation seeks with everything in their power to put us back on.

It’s great that America was there for her as she came here to get away from where she came from.  But she does not have a right to change us into what she ran from.

Rich Hoffman

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When Fighting Law Enforcement Becomes Neccessary

No matter how you slice it, Andrew McCabe is a dirty rotten scum bag as one of the top insurgents within the F.B.I. who attempted to overthrow the election of President Trump by participating in the 25th Amendment discussion to put a Constitutional end to the new presidency. I think it is also astonishingly arrogant that he admitted this detail in a new tell all book which further demonstrates the level of arrogance that we were all dealing with top officials in the intelligence community. I am proud to say that I was one of the first people in the country to call out McCabe as such a menace well before the F.B.I. found itself in the middle of a political insurrection that it joined completely on their own. And knowing that, I can say with certainty that I am willing to use the First and Second Amendment to stop them from removing my president. That’s where I am these days and why many of my discussions in these essays are leaning more toward legal arguments than just buoyant opinion. After the obvious harassment of Roger Stone and many others, I made the decision that my situation would be different and I’m explaining the legal argument ahead of time, before losers like McCabe stop the information flow as a law enforcement weapon to destroy individual liberty under tenuous conditions.

Sure Andy McCabe was fired from the F.B.I. But how many like him are still there? I am not willing to say as Sean Hannity has that people like this are unique and that all the F.B.I. agents and officers of the D.O.J. are any different. I would say that McCabe represents the general opinion of such people and that most government employees are a potential menace by the nature of their positions and culture for which they evolve. I think we know plenty about how the F.B.I. operated during the opening months of the Trump presidency, we know more about the behavior of their antics than we do about things we’ve studied for a long time, such as the moon and Mars. The evidence that we have by way of text messages just from Lisa Page and Peter Strzok tell us all we need to know, and they were working directly for Andy McCabe and James Comey. These people were tyrants who thought they knew better than we did about who and what should be in the White House and they actively plotted to remove him from office—against the wishes of those who put him there.

I feel quite justified to speak openly about using violence against these people to preserve our Constitutional Republic going forward, because for one, its our obligation as citizens of the United States and two it’s the right thing to do when abuses of power are obvious. As I write this President Trump is working out the details to declare a national emergency to build the border wall shielding America from Mexican crime elements and Nancy Pelosi wasn’t happy about it. She stated that when a Democrat was president in the future then Trump was opening up the possibility to confiscate guns as a “national emergency.” See, that’s how these people think and if such a time does come to pass, that’s when there will be blood in the streets, because I can just say from my perspective, that ain’t happenin.’ The McCabes and Pelosis of the world can be viewed only one way by our own Constitution, as domestic enemies and we are obliged to encounter them and destroy them to preserve our way of life as Americans.

Electing President Trump was part of that Constitutional path to remove such people from the public domain and so far, it has worked. President Trump has done a great job as president. He has certainly done what I wanted him to do. But the arrogance of people like McCabe assumes that he knows more than me as a voter and that he felt perfectly justified to take action against me to remove my president from office by any means available to him and the F.B.I. That’s where this whole thing goes off the rails because the government has never been in charge. I’m in charge of my own life and so are you dear reader. And if Trump has not been so willing to stand in the pocket and take such a beating, I would contend that there would already be a bloody civil war going on right now. Nancy and her domestic enemies won’t be taking any guns under a national emergency. A fight much bigger than anything they can image will happen at that point and things will be very messy. I have said it many times, they are very lucky that Trump was elected president because in many ways it saved them from themselves. I remember the Election of 2016 very well and what I was willing then to do. With Trump becoming president it restored in me some sense of legal means to get the country back on track. But I am keenly aware that there are a lot of people like Andy McCabe functioning in government right now, and likely the only language they will ever listen to is force, and I am ready to go there if need be.

Considering all that think now of the Robert Mueller investigation and all the people who have suffered around the President directly, like General Flynn, and Paul Manafort who is currently sitting in jail just because he was a campaign manager for Trump. Sure, he broke some laws in other endeavors which were looked into because of his relationship to Trump, and that’s why he’s in jail but if he had not been involved with Trump he would be a free man to this day. He’s cleaner legally than McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Clinton, Comey and many others. And the entire investigation which cost many millions of dollars and destroyed so many lives supposedly for national security was all for nothing, essentially to fulfil an original strategy by McCabe and his associates to overthrow an American president with the 25th Amendment by running him out of office under legal pressure. Just that last sentence should send shock waves through every American. If they would try such a thing with Trump, they’d do it to any of us. So why go peacefully when they come to your door with guns pulled at 5 AM in the morning? Why not just engage them as hostiles right then and there because we’ve seen what they are willing to do, even to an elected office holder of the Executive Branch.

I am personally happy to see the Constitution working, and am glad that so far such fighting has not been needed. The system is working. But it’s the intent that concerns me and why I am more than ever looking toward the Constitution and the Founding Documents as my bases for interacting with such criminal conduct among what should be trusted public employees who are obviously corrupted beyond repair. But it would not surprise me before its all said and done that actual violence may be needed to preserve our nation and that is coming from the same mind that knew Andy McCabe was dirty well before the media caught on with all these self-admissions. I hope not, but it would not surprise me in the least.

Rich Hoffman

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The Invasion

There’s no other way to put it, from the very beginning it was an invasion of American soil by enemies of the Constitution and we allowed it to go on far too long. No sane person could say otherwise. The idea that people from other countries should be able to pour into the United States openly and without passports or any kind of identification is insane unless the perspective is viewed from the position of an enemy. Democrats clearly have been willing to play their part as a political party that can’t compete in the realm of debate and must rely constantly on new membership to stay in the game. For them they must have illegal immigration to stay relevant because they have essentially turned their backs on American ideas of ownership and responsibility to advance their causes. That is why anything they propose, such as the current bill in congress to eliminate the sales of private gun transactions, or extended restrictions on gun show loopholes should be considered as a hostile act by a foreign power, because all Democrats by their very affiliation have sided with the anti-Constitutional forces seeking from outside the United States to attack the foundations of freedom which prevent their open molestation of our continental resources.

The invasion was planned long ago, likely before World War II ever started. The Great Depression certainly was a direct result of the progressive invasion where government was seeking to put the clamps on the Roaring 20s open capitalism which flourished after World War I. So this isn’t a new thing but when we talk about making America Great Again, we are talking about an American sovereignty that wasn’t present before these events. We aren’t talking about racism, women’s rights, and immigration policies—these were all conditions that were on path to improvement because of the American Constitution. Meaning, they would have happened regardless of any progressive influence. The Civil War was fought by Republicans to free people of color and the women were on the same trajectory to vote. Democrats didn’t make those things happen, the American Constitution did. The world didn’t pay much attention until two world wars later the economic powerhouse that American capitalism produced showed that the United States was on a path to outpace the rest of the world in innovation, demographic freedoms, and individualized wealth, and the world couldn’t have that.

That’s when it was decided by enemies of the United States Constitution that the very foundation of America had to be scrutinized and challenged. Those enemies sought to take over American companies and institutions in an effort to deface the foundation documents which made so many good things happen. They sought to take over our media, they took over our public schools and embedded themselves in both our political parties with deep tentacles into the lobbying community to fund the effort. And that has now been going on for many decades and was and is currently an invasion—not with guns, but of voting power. The idea of flooding the American border with illegal immigration was to destroy the sovereignty of America and ultimately the Constitution of the United States, and we should all consider that an extreme violation of our good natures.

For every person who now supports the legalization of drugs and other socially disastrous practices it’s not cool to be a loser, and that is precisely what forces against America want, they want the people of America dumb, drunk, stoned and disasters of the human condition because it makes for an easy conquest. They want corrupt lawyers making huge sums of money off Americans divorcing each other over reckless sex antics and other unfocused adult pursuits rather than learning the words and meanings of the American Constitution so they can defend it under assault. The enemies of America want the citizens of the United States to bend over backwards for global approval and a surrender of sovereign values rather than defending themselves from the inevitable tyranny of jealous hostiles from around the world wanting to topple the most successful country in the world.

Anybody who is for open borders, unregulated socialist instruction in our public schools, and evolving legal understandings of the Constitution itself is an enemy of America and is taking part in the invasion, and they need to be dealt with. We have played nice with them for decades and gave them the benefit of the doubt, but they have shown themselves to be what they are, part of the invasion force that has intended to destroy our way of life and impose on us hostile intents from across both oceans—and they are happy about it. None of this was by accident, it was purposeful, and malicious and has been as cold as their proposals to destroy human life in the womb of a mother, and to push mothers out into the world under the banner of human rights just to have the ill intent to destroy the American family so that future bold specimens of freedom fighters defending the Constitution would not even be born, or conceived. The target of these attacks from day one of the invasion was the American family and the mothers who stood at the front of them. They didn’t want to just destroy them, but the children who would never be born.

Viewed in these ways the invasion is every bit as maniacal as any in history, as when Hitler bombed London, or took over Paris. The invasion is as audacious as anything history has ever presented but because it did not come with guns, but with policies and voting numbers, they managed to disguise their intentions and to hide their military maneuvers behind political correction. We blush at even suggesting that such an invasion is even happening because it’s not cool or socially mandated to even speak in such ways. Yet it has been happening before our very eyes. The borders are being invaded, our debt is up to $22 trillion and the global powers who have launched these efforts are wringing their hands together hoping that their plans will hold, that President Trump’s economy won’t turn the tables and that Americans won’t catch onto the nature of the invasion until it’s too late.

Part of the plan was to mire Americans in chaos so that they didn’t take the time to even read the Constitution and understand it, let alone defend it with their very lives. Most Americans today are so distracted by really stupid concerns that they don’t even see the invading forces. They are too drunk and stoned to care, which was part of the plot and it should sicken everyone to the conditions of their countrymen. This is the fight of the millennia and most are too illiterate to even see it. But that doesn’t take away the reality. Truth doesn’t change just because millions of losers believe something to the contrary. This invasion is happening, and the targets are not men, women, minorities or even sexual preferences, they are the protections provided by the American Constitution for the benefit not just of Americans, but to those in the world with no hope but our bright lights and sharp ideas for which they gaze and yearn for. The enemies of America want that light to go out, and its up to us to not let that happen.

Rich Hoffman

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The Enemy

You have to understand that one of my good friends was just killed by a train in Texas. I’m still very twisted over the arrest of Roger Stone, the investigations of President Trump, and the obvious malice of the F.B.I. attempting to tilt the table in favor of Democrats during the 2016 election so regarding affairs of the “republic” I’m not in a very good mood. If it wasn’t so funny I would be even angrier over the proposed Green New Deal. I thought the old New Deal by FDR was one of the most destructive elements of a free thinking society and should have been eradicated long ago, yet here are political elements who want to go much further, so obviously its time to have a hard talk about when its time to have a real civil war again within the United States where violence is the only way to settle disputes, because the intellectual goals of the two sides are just too far apart. I think now is the time to do so, and I offer this article of opinion as a foundation for any legal issues that might take place later. Because personally speaking, I have reached my limit. I’m ready to defend the Constitution with force now, and that means that its time to define who the enemy is and understand why they are such. From now on I’m not going to rationalize how two sides can live together in debate as the republic was designed because the enemy as defined here doesn’t wish to have a discussion, or find truth in debate. They want to destroy us as Americans, and as men of family, and they don’t care who they have to hurt to get there which is why I now refer to them as “The Enemy.”

Many years ago when I first started this “blog” site I did so inspired by two of my favorite literary classics, The Federalist Papers and the Anti-Federalist Papers which were collections of essays written for newspaper publication around the time of the Federal Convention to hash out the details of what an American Constitution should be and what it should do to not only hold the country together, but still maintain the spirit of the Revolution so that individual rights could be maintained. It didn’t matter if the Constitution had been written now or 2000 years ago, what occurred in the newly formed United States which at the time was only 13 states was a giant leap in human thought, the idea of self-rule when for the entire known history of civilization people where always ruled by someone no matter where in the world someone may have traveled. Such a concept was worth the bloodshed of a future Civil War, the eradication of the Indian Nations, or any countries that might have tried to stand in the way, because the effort itself was captured during the formation of The United States and gave rise to a world power unlike anything that had ever occurred in all of history. And the philosophical foundations of this effort were captured in the debates of the Constitutional Conventions expressed in The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers. I devoured both as the Tea Party movement emerged in late 2008 and 2009 and found that I was much more of an Anti-Federalist than a Federalist and that for the coming decade I would offer my thoughts on these pages for others to consider in much the same fashion.

It was obvious to me that our modern society had declined to the point where intelligent debate was necessary, so I did my part and I hoped to inspire enough people to seek wisdom from debate to avoid violence. In that regard the modern Tea Party movement was very successful, the revolution was fought as it should be, through education followed by good elections. On the conservative side of things we rooted out the modern versions of Benedict Arnold, politicians like John Boehner and John Kasich from my home state of Ohio and we replaced them with the Republican Party of Donald Trump, which was very peaceful, lawful, and have launched the country into an era of prosperity that is unequivocal in our young country and have forced the world to look at themselves and make peaceful adjustments just to mitigate the risk of becoming globally irrelevant. Taking the long view, the Tea Party movement in the United States from 2009 to 2015 is the way that revolutions should take place, and it is certainly a testament to the strength of the American philosophy that was formed in The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.

Nothing ever devastates me, I’ve been through everything and seen the worst that people can offer under the worst conditions. So when I found out about the death of my friend Doc Thompson I wouldn’t say that it changed my life or sent me into some shell of sadness. I accept tragedy as part of life and simply moved on to the next thing which for me was an oversea call with some important people. Later that evening after a 20-hour work day was completed I sorted out my thoughts on the matter and decided to re-read for probably the 25th to 26th time in a ten-year period The Anti-Federalist Papers, which took me about 11 hours stopping to eat twice. Doc Thompson I saw was a person who really believed in the American ideas created by the Constitution. As an authentic person it led to his eventual death, not by conspiracy as he was hit by a train, but by the fact that the world of media for which he wanted to work had closed its doors to him and his boss Glenn Beck and they were on the short end of a world that was changing by what I will call the Enemy for the sake of literary distinction.

The Enemy wanted to change the nature of the American Constitution and since Doc was a purist, he was on the outside looking in always trying hard to find a way to get his voice out to speak in favor of Constitutional principles. Unlike his friend Glenn Beck who had made a lot of money in his early Tea Party years at Fox News and was living well off it, Doc had never hit a substantial sum of money and was the living embodiment of what the Founding Fathers would have went through had America not prevailed during the Revolution, English society would have castigated them out of existence. But what occurred to me was that Doc wasn’t supposed to have those effects, none of us were. We had the Constitution and these modern efforts by the Enemy were not supposed to have the impact to our legal and moral system that they were. As I closed the book to The Anti-Federalist Papers for the latest time I realized that violence was inevitable in order to protect The Constitution that was born from that philosophic text written during that critical period of American contemplation.

One thing that really makes me sad however is that when reading those works, The Anti-Federalist Papers and The Federalist Papers it is clear that as a society people are not as intelligent as they once were, our education system has failed, our civilization under guidance of the Enemy has had a destructive influence over our children and neighbors and it really is a tragedy that must be rectified. The Enemy therefore doesn’t just deserve a day in court, they need to be eradicated from existence because they have shown themselves to be a menace. The Enemy are those who want to change the Constitution of America from a document that protects individual liberty to a means of empowering a larger central government to distribute collective salvation even to those who don’t deserve it. Through the actions of the enemy it naturally weakens the strength of The United States as the best light the world has to yearn for and is therefore up to malice that is not forgivable by civil discourse. So from that perspective the Enemy must be destroyed and removed from the political theater and the future of this site will make that case hopefully before bullets start flying. But likely the bullets will be discharged before all is well again because such a measure will be needed to protect the Constitution from domestic enemies who are trying to destroy us all by attacking the philosophic foundations of our very existence.

Rich Hoffman

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Four Officers Shot in Houston: When the state abuses property rights and things go wrong–more consideration of Roger Stone’s case

There are a number of things that still bother me about the arrest of Roger Stone at his home before dawn a few days before this writing. When police officers where shot trying to enter the home of some bad guys the day that Stone was set to appear in court to make a plea, four were wounded by gunfire and even Laura Ingraham on Fox News contemplated how bad it was that often residents have more firepower in their homes than the police. The police officers after all were just doing their jobs and serving a narcotics warrant. For a while there was wall to wall coverage of the action but the key issue was not discussed. What right did the police have to enter the home of suspects? Who decides who bad guys are and how can the state impose itself on the individual rights of its citizens with the assumption that everything the state touches can be taken away in a moment’s notice if that state decides that the greater good is in jeopardy?

I am of the thinking that Roger Stone should have held his ground and retaliated against the FBI agents who assaulted him in the early morning hours. After all, we know the FBI is corrupt so what good is any warrant that they issue. The Bob Mueller investigation is an attempted insurrection of an American President. They are bending the law to use as a weapon against political enemies, so why should Roger Stone go quietly upon being assaulted. He had no record of firearm ownership and there was no reason to attack him the way the FBI did in a predawn raid to show that the “state” had power over the individual which was the real message. It was a forceful exchange to show who was the boss, even over presidents of the United States.

In Houston, Texas neighbors had reported the sale from a home of black tar heroin so the police came to arrest the suspects. Now I’m not a guy who has any tolerance for drugs or their sale. I think drug dealers should be prosecuted for attempted murder, even for the sale of marijuana, so I am not lax in my judgement on drug use and sales. But our own CIA has been very actively involved in pushing drugs into cultures for control reasons, so what makes the two guys who opened fire on the invading police any different from world governments who also sell drugs? Not much in my book, they are all bad people. So with that off the table of consideration what gave the police the right to break down the front door and enter the home of these people in Houston? The shots weren’t fired until the police entered the home. Why would anybody expect any other result?

It was obvious to me that Laura Ingraham on Fox News was a mixed bag of emotions. I had just appeared on one of her shows just last week over the Covington Catholic case and I know she is a very hard-core conservative, but it was she who suggested that it was a shame that bad guys in homes often have better weapons than the police and that its sad that police are sometimes shot just for doing their jobs. Well, doing jobs doesn’t give a free pass to an abusive state government that has forgotten that the purpose of the Constitution is to protect individual rights and property is one of the centerpieces of that argument.

The same approach is used when getting pulled over by a police officer, they shine that bright light on you and approach the vehicle as if they owned it and you inside are required to be a compliant citizen. You are expected to recognize that your rights are subject to the judgment of law enforcement and their protection of the “greater good.” Well, none of that “greater good” talk is in the Constitution. I would argue that law enforcement officers are not capable of such judgments, they are not philosophically equipped and are illiterate in the matter. So what gives them the right to confiscate private property and to kick down doors to homes just because a neighbor called in a report?

I couldn’t help but think that the news coverage of the shooting was part of the problem, immediately the news was reported with a tinge of sadness at how dangerous police work was and how you never know what’s on the other side of a door to a house. That same assumption was made by the FBI in how they set up Roger Stone with an embarrassing CNN recording of the actual raid of his home. Of course, the FBI hoped to tap into people’s ingrained sense of yielding to authorities as they watched Stone be handcuffed and taken into custody. The message of course if it can happen to Stone it can happen to all of us, so you better answer the door and yield to authorities when they come for you. And when the Houston shootings occurred even Fox News jumped on the bandwagon of state rule and decided that the police were sad victims of violence without really knowing the details. Oddly enough, the news story was almost completely gone just 10 hours later.

The Bill of Rights in the American Constitution does not indicate that we must all yield to the authority of the state. The employees of the state make mistakes all the time and just because they issue a warrant against you that does not give them the right to enter your home and arrest you on your property. They do not have the right to take your car if they suspect you of some crime and they certainly don’t have the right to spy on you maliciously. The safety of the state does not supersede our rights as individuals. Only lawyers and judges over time have muddied the waters on Constitutional interpretation with loose case-law that has created a belief that the police have such rights of intrusion. But in reality, they don’t. The police who kick down doors to serve paperwork from the state are just as bad as the drug dealers who generate suspicion to generate such paperwork. Just because police officers have a warrant for an arrest it doesn’t give them the right to kick down doors and confiscate property and rights. Warrants can be served without violence, yet the state requires violence on occasion to build up the public perception of conformity, and that is not the spirit of the American Constitution.

As much as people don’t like President Trump, while I am a very loyal supporter, he certainly is a centrist especially in regard to police and military use. I disagree with him very much when it comes to police and elements of state control of law enforcement. As I’ve said many times, I am very much of an Anti-Federalist mindset when it comes to law and order. I don’t trust people to make the right decisions about their peers. If police kick down the door to your house or violate your independence within your car while traveling about in the realm of commerce, then you have a right to defend yourself, pure and simple. And when that doesn’t happen, arrogant bastards like Robert Mueller get cocky and think they can get away with arresting big names like Roger Stone to not only punish him, but to send a message to all of us—resistance is futile. Obey the state. And that is precisely where our modern times have gone wrong.

Rich Hoffman

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Democrats are “Singing in the Rain”: What Jesus Christ and Roger Stone have in common

To understand just how bad the whole Roger Stone thing is context is required. Trump had four campaign managers during his presidential run and two of them have now had the doors of their homes molested with early in the morning raids by the FBI to be arrested and charged by the Special Counsel generated by the firing of the FBI director James Comey. That is a highly unusual activity that has behind it a deliberate show of teeth from the political opposition that obviously controls a large part of the federal government and is making sure that President Trump knows that he doesn’t have any real power. Trump has access to the classified documents of past experiences, such as the Kennedy assassination and while he may not be concerned for himself, he is for his family. There aren’t too many Kennedys around these days, are there? It took a few years for everyone to crash airplanes or to mysteriously run their faces into trees during sky trips, but Trump can at least see from the classified documents what has been done in the past and can match it up to the present.

To understand just how bad it is someone from the Mueller investigation tipped off CNN to be at Roger Stone’s house as the FBI showed up with guns and body armor to arrest a 66-year-old man just for making a prediction that turned out to be right about the actions of Wikileaks. As I watched the video from CNN of the Stone raid by the FBI, knowing what we do now about the Clinton case, and the DNC paid for dossier against Trump that was used to manipulate FISA warrants, and the text messages from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page I couldn’t help but think that Stone should have been armed with lots of guns in the house and he should have defended himself from a criminal government obviously abusing its power and has gone rogue. The federal government is not abiding by a Constitution, they are seeking a takeover of America and are essentially a corrupt government beyond repair which is precisely why we have a First and Second Amendment in the terrible case that we may need to use them to retake out government back away from tyranny.

For the last two-week I kept hearing from older members of the Republican party to stay the course and have watched the gradual erosion this week of conservative resolve especially in the wake of what happened to Nick Sandman from Covington Catholic at Washington D.C. I happened to be listening to WLW radio with Rocky Boiman and Eddie Fingers the other day and they were talking about how stupid the movie A Clockwork Orange was and how they didn’t understand it. I really like Rocky, I’m not a fan of Eddie because of the role he played in an incident I was involved in during 2012, but I sometimes listen to them in the evening while I finish up my work for the day. Rocky is a jock from a professional football background, so I don’t expect him to be very wise on arts and sciences. I just don’t think Eddie is a very smart guy, which gives the show appeal because everybody listening is smarter than he is and it gives people that assurance as they listen. But their reaction to A Clockwork Orange, which is one of the best movies of its nature and describes quite accurately what we are seeing these days in our modern political activity is very much the way older Republicans are seeing their conflict with Democrats.

Republicans believe in law and order assuming that human nature means well and that everything will work out in the end. They have done for us, and I’m thinking of the Sheriff Jones letter from Butler County that was sent to President Bush and Obama that caused so much trouble, the same of that nice lady in A Clockwork Orange that answered to door and let the crazy youth into her house only to rape her in front of her tied up husband while the criminals sang “Singing in the Rain.” When Trump Republicans like Sheriff Jones sent that letter for which The Washington Post immediately keyed on all Trump could see around him was the menace of the Democrats, the abuse of the Covington Catholic kids just for wearing a MAGA hat, the continued stories of the government shutdown being his fault, the desire for open borders at ANY COST, and the continued harassment from an out of control prosecutor arresting everyone connected to his campaign and their public stripping of all their wealth and power as a warning to others sure to come—perhaps even Trump himself. Republicans like the nice couple in A Clockwork Orange think they can work with Democrats and negotiate with them. You can’t, Sometimes you have to kill them at your front door before they enter your house and destroy everything you have built your life around. A Clockwork Orange isn’t a stupid movie. It’s happening right now and not in some far away land of England. It’s happening in the United States and Roger Stone in some ways was treated worse than the girl who was viciously raped in that movie. CNN was called to watch him publicly humiliated as it was a direct message to President Trump. “We will get you eventually, and everyone connected to you—because we can.”

I say it all the time, people of value cannot negotiate with people who don’t have any. Above the line people cannot have equal negotiations with people below the line. This is why Republicans are always on the bad end when dealing with Democrats, because value cannot negotiate with a lack of value. The empty person has nothing to lose but can afford to do anything to take from others so to fill themselves. Those who have value always have something to lose and that is why bad things happen to good people. Nancy Pelosi has nothing to lose, because her party is always looking to take something. The new socialists in Congress have nothing to lose, because they are takers in society. They are open border abortion supporters who would love to see the destruction of the American family. They don’t have a Trump Tower and lots of children who will inherit a multibillion-dollar fortune in a few years to worry about. As Trump decided to work with Democrats and reopen the government on January 25th 2019 the Democrats just like the rapists in A Clockwork Orange were “Singing in the Rain.” And as conservatives watched the lynch mob pounce on Roger Stone by the corrupt FBI and the collusion they had with CNN, the signal was quite loud. We are all in danger.

I am not a Republican who believes that there is no place for violence. Quite the contrary, I think violence is the only leverage that can be utilized on people functioning from an evil position, and Democrats are clearly doing that. I don’t want to hear stories of cooperation with Democrats when it is quite clear that that political party wants to end America as we know it and change it into something else. I heard that same Sheriff Jones on with Bill Cunningham, which I listened to just so I could hear how the story would be spun talking about the current Speaker of the House in Ohio Larry Householder working with Democrats for a more peaceful union. That is stupid. Older Republicans who chose to believe that kind of garbage are like the woman answering the door in A Clockwork Orange, they are just letting evil into our house to cause death and destruction. What happened to Roger Stone happened because conservatives have allowed our government to get out of control. When they could they did not prosecute Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, they did not defend Wikileaks which has turned out to be the only honest news reporting agency. They did not defend Glenn Beck when he was knocked from power. They did not defend Alex Jones. They did not defend Bill O’Reilly. They did not defend Mel Gibson for God’s sake!  None of this is new.  They just keep hoping that bad people won’t show up to their door to arrest them because they don’t understand what A Clockwork Orange was all about, they don’t understand how some people can just be evil, even if that culture has now taken over law enforcement and sent young kids working in the FBI to arrest an old man before the sun comes up with CNN there to film everything for public embarrassment.

People can tell themselves what they want about Jesus Christ, that he came to earth to wash away all our sins and give us all everlasting life. I don’t care about any of that. What I do care about is that I imagine he felt the way a lot of us are feeling now as he stood before Pontius Pilatet and the crowd picked Barabbas to save. This betrayal is not new, it’s as old as humans have walked the earth. But what is new is the concept of the United States Constitution, and if we want a different outcome from what happened to Jesus, then we better start using it. And my advice is to take care of that at our front doors before the arrest is even made. Because once they take you in, it’s over anyway. Might as well make it count. At 66 Roger Stone would have done well to drop his hope of winning a crooked court battle and just had a fight to the death right then and there—because that is the only thing the political left understands and fears to lose, their own lives and comfort. That is the only negotiating tool they understand—violence.

Watch all the videos above for context.  One thing I promise is that if I end up in the same situation as Roger Stone, I won’t be nearly so nice.

Rich Hoffman

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