The Poker in Red Dead Redemption 2 Online is Great!

I had a nice talk with a friend recently while we were reflecting on the Tea Party days and the direction of today’s youth. By normal visual standards, the socialized instruction in public schools, and PC counterculture has everyone strapped to the body of Moby Dick at the end of that old story. And the drug use that has permeated everything that young people do, by conventional measure things look pretty hopeless. But two things happened over the weekend that I continue to be impressed with and they will certainly have an impact on how our culture is measured.

The first was a visit to Kings Island where the Festhaus was hosting a professional video game tournament. The place was packed to the brim and young people were everywhere and were quite happy competing on stage against each other with popular titles like Fortnite, and other video games that are part of a culture a lot of people over 30 don’t even understand. As I watched the activity I was thinking of a report that friend had said to me about Mason schools going even further into removing competitive events and statues from their public school—the everyone gets a trophy or none of them do type of thinking—and it was obvious that the politics might be moving in that direction. But the video game culture gets it. There are more opportunities for competition there than when I was a kid. Traditional sports are not the only ways to compete in life, or to learn to. Video games are all about capitalism and they are the preferred medium of young people’s entertainment experiences.

For instance, one of my favorite video games not just of last year, but ever is Red Dead Redemption 2. When that game first came out I was so excited about it that I took a week off work to play it, and for me it was a kind of vacation. It’s a western by Rockstar Games and for me it was like going to the West World of the popular HBO series. These video games are so immersive that they begin to simulate reality. They are different than the passive experience of movies so their impact on culture is something we just aren’t measuring yet. But in the case of Red Dead Redemption 2, it sold 24 million copies in just three days which amassed $725 million, and is still climbing. The earnings report for these video game companies are actually higher than many movie and television studios. Take-Two which is involved in Red Dead Redemption reported a Fiscal Year 2019 earnings report confirming so far $2.66 billion. Those are Disney type of numbers so this is not a market of entertainment that is obscure by any measure.

Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in October of 2018 and I played it several times a week through the turn of the year. I spent about a hundred hours playing it on story mode then I played the Beta development mode for the Online portion of the game. I had to capitalize that because their online concept for the game is a thing of itself. It’s quite an extraordinary attempt at hosting a very brutal and capitalist natured arena. In that meeting with the same friend we reflected on the near elimination of dodgeball from our society deeming it politically toxic. Dodgeball for us when we were kids was something that happened every day. Well for the kids of today, its these online arenas. A great video game must at least have online content where players can compete against each other in player versus player situations which are much more intense than dodgeball. The biggest difference is that one is virtual while the other was physical. But the mentality is the same.

I played the Beta for a while but I couldn’t give the game the kind of time it demanded to be good in that mode so I backed off and moved on to other things. Well, this past weekend Rockstar Games finally finished with their Online offering for Red Dead 2 and put it up on their latest update, which meant the official game went live, around six months or so after the original release, which of course keeps people buying copies of the game and keeping it going which is something to say about how video games tell their stories, over much longer periods of time than movies or other forms of entertainment. So I played the game again to see how things were going and was very happy and surprised to learn that the many bars of gold that I had during the Beta phase and all the money I earned carried over into the official release. And also I was very happy to learn that they had opened up the ability to play poker with other live players which is really the purpose of me writing this article. I was immensely pleased with the way the game was set up and I spent most of the weekend playing just that game mode.

I would not call myself a gambler or even a card player the way that people think of such things. I’m not a drinker, a womanizer or any of the things that are associated with the game of playing poker, which in my understanding of history has been advanced by socialists to attempt to demean the games of the Western frontier so that culturally people would be inspired to move away from those activities, so not to celebrate them. But I do love poker. I love watching it. I love playing it. And I love its history as an American game developed in the frontier days of New Orleans and spreading westward with the gunfighter culture. The game and the mind of gunfighting in the American West are synonymous and I love it for that attribute. Playing poker is a fun game that is uniquely very American, and I love it and including it so prominently in the online version of Red Dead Redemption was a technical feat that really impressed me.

Playing poker was part of the original game, the story mode as they call it these days. And I enjoyed it immensely. I am not the kind of guy who likes to gamble money so I’m not a guy who enjoys hanging out in casinos at all. But I do enjoy the function of the game and the way its played so just gambling the chips is enough for me. I like the way poker chips feel in my hands and how they are used strategically to win or lose the game. It’s a very fascinating game and I spent many, many hours playing it against NPCs in the story mode. But having an online poker game is a whole separate situation. You have random players always coming and going and everyone has to play their hand and getting all that rolled into a fluid video game experience is difficult. The way that Rockstar set up their poker games in actual saloons in their various towns and cities was visually stunning and functionally very satisfying. I played a lot of poker over the weekend and I didn’t even have to leave my home.

As I played and saw how many people were playing the Online Red Dead Redemption 2 game, from poker to all the PVP combat that is involved it was obvious to me that this is where the world is at. Many kids wouldn’t even learn how to play poker if not for a game like this, or would they learn anything about westerns since they’ve been nearly eradicated from American culture. But in the world of video games, the western is alive and well and millions of young people are participating in that world and enjoying it. And with billions of dollars at stake in this growing industry, I don’t think anything that is politically underway to dismantle the American way of life is going to stick. Capitalism is alive and well, especially in the saloons and towns of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Rich Hoffman
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If Trump Paid Zero in Taxes I would Respect him Even More

It’s interesting how new people come in and out of your life over the years and what they think of you as. A few decades ago if someone said bullwhips, my name was synonymous. Then it was my nickname of “Taxkiller” that carried with it a celebrity status that was inescapable, because of my work in reducing taxes in Ohio in the pre-Trump days of the presidency. And these days its more of a suit and tie relationship that I have that is a strange combination of guns, golf, and grandpaisms. Each decade had its own priorities and people come and go from your life, yet I have always been essentially the same person. But the world and the priorities of living in it do change and people do tend to define their memory of you based on some limiting definitions. In my “Taxkiller” days it was considered taboo to even talk about tax cuts, or in not paying them and I certainly did my part to change that culture for the better. Yet in all honesty, the moral conditions of taxation have always remained the same and the issue has returned to the surface now that congress has no other means of getting at President Trump but through the billionaire’s tax returns.

Paying taxes is like playing golf, which is why that game has sort of evolved into the game of the business person, the goal is to get the lowest score possible. Not the highest. To win at business and in life, you don’t want to over pay for things because to do so you are endorsing the value of it. Paying taxes means essentially that you are endorsing the way government spends money since they are the managing parties involved in the exchange. But we all know that’s not how it is, politicians are not good stewards of money and the only thing they really know to do is to ask for money like some chocolate bar obsessed child in a candy store always asking for more because they spend it like its going out of style. This is a well-known attribute in politics, that politicians do not spend money well, so it is inconceivable for a smart businessperson to throw money at those types of people knowing that the money will just be flushed down the toilet anyway.

What congress is trying to do to President Trump is hold the ridiculous position that there is some kind of moral rule that paying taxes is a duty to country and our system of government. So whatever is in Trump’s tax returns as a billionaire, which probably reflects the way the game is played in business, is to pay as little as possible, just like the game of golf requires the lowest score, the assumption of congress is that because Trump is rich, and because he sits in the executive branch that he is tied to some notion that government be fed tax money in measures of whatever they demand. And especially if you are rich, that a high percentage of that income be tossed to altruistic purposes that are managed by exactly the same kind of stupid people. Either way, the government view on taxes is to feed the machine infinitely and to like it.

My view on these things is that when you pay taxes you are endorsing the behavior of the management handling the money. If you continue giving government money they will grow proportionally. So if you are a small government guy, like I have always been—even from the time that I was a fetus—then paying more in taxes is an abomination. You should always seek to pay as little as possible, no matter how much money you make. I have been very active in the business world for all those decades mentioned above. Before the decade of my bullwhips I was known as something of a very reckless entrepreneur and I had a reputation for doing things that nobody else would even try. I was very young, something like 25 years old at the time—when I was in the Mayor’s office in Cincinnati working out solutions to complicated problems and I learned that the majesty of politics was simply left over garbage from our cultural inheritance from Europe, that it was too expensive and rather useless. The mayor at that time was the very liberal Roxanne Qualls so it didn’t take long for me to realize that all the tax money we would spend on people like her was just wasted anyway, so why should we work so hard only to throw it away on their governments. Not smart, so I learned very early to look at taxes as a waste of money and any intelligent person would always seek to pay as little to that vile system of government as possible.

I would be disappointed if Donald Trump paid too much on his taxes. It doesn’t matter to me that other presidents were elected but first submitted their tax returns. The only standard that measures is to what degree people blindly throw money to government, and very few prior presidents were like Trump, who came straight out of the business world. Measuring the value of a president based on his tax returns is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. But in the case of congress it’s the only thing they have left to shoot after all their past efforts have failed against the President. However, and this is how it should be in all aspects of government, more businesspeople should be managing the money sent with taxes because the old system has failed. I didn’t just wake up one day and was known as the “Taxkiller.” My opinions about taxes formed over a very long period of time with great experience on the matter. And my books and other work that have taken me through other reputations were about themes formed while learning about how much waste government actually produces with our hard-earned money. I mean I like roads; I like the idea of an education—certainly not the way it’s done now—and I like police, military and even NASA. But not much else. Government wastes a lot of money and the more you know about the process the sicker you become about it. Any reasonable businessperson would find it reprehensible to consider how the IRS works as a strong arm of government to confiscate private property just to fulfil the spending zeal of the government. It’s a reprehensible process. So in business it is considered smart to pay as little as possible, because in over paying, you are essentially announcing to the world that you don’t know how to manage money. And in business management, that is the name of the game, not to overpay, but to keep costs down.

Who knows what other names I’ll be remembered for in the decades to come, but one thing will always be consistent for me, taxes are bad and inflate a government that I consider to be dangerous due to its size. I am proud to have a president who doesn’t think we should all pay the maximum amount of taxes as possible and that his means of generating revenue is in production. The world is a lot better with Trump in the White House. I don’t care if he paid zero in taxes over his past decades. It would tell me that he is as smart as I think he is. Only an idiot would think otherwise.

Rich Hoffman

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The NRA Meetings in Indianapolis–All is right with the world

It was a great day, the temperature outside was ideal, the sun positioned just right in the sky. I had met my family at Kings Island for dinner and to have some of their great potato wedges by the train at Rivertown. Then to end it all I was able to watch President Trump give a magnificent speech at the NRA Annual Meetings in Indianapolis. Additionally, a few days ago my latest edition of American Rifleman arrived in the mail and I was eager to read it, so I did as Trump gave his speech to cap off the evening. It was a version of a perfect day that was like a warm blanket to wrap in that let you know that all was right in the universe.

I can understand that a love for these kinds of things is regional, and traditional. I came from a family of farmers in a part of Ohio that is essentially the buckle of the Bible Belt. Everyone I ever knew had guns, shot guns, cleaned guns, and traded guns, so to me they are a fundamental part of American life. Critical even which is why liberals are so eager to get rid of them. If you want to redefine America and make it into something else, you must take away this whole concept of a 2nd Amendment. Liberals after all want more than anything to have a ruling class that centrally controls everything, and gun ownership is all about individual liberty. Those two things don’t go together. That makes it exceptionally joyful to have all those liberal elements removed if just for an evening so that you can just enjoy the things that make life better, and the culmination of the Trump speech in Indianapolis at the NRA event was just such an occasion.

Its one thing to be accepting of other points of view. Most NRA members that I know are very accommodating of other sentiments. Personally, I have been around the world more than once and know people from many countries and I understand their beliefs and cultures where guns are not part of their daily thought patterns. It is inherit in most cultures to believe theirs’s is the best based on their own point of view because they are functioning from a lack of knowledge which paints their world view. However, as I’ve said there is a right way and a wrong way of thinking. Not all concepts of thinking are correct or lead to a successful civilization. So my joy of the NRA events have more weight behind them than just hometown sentiment. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it thousands of times, guns in a culture are the means to freeing it from the tyranny of the mistakes that have plagued mankind from the beginning of time. They are a philosophic contribution to the mechanisms of freedom which ignite all culture as an original thought, not some reflective diatribe passed down through the ages. What is needed in all life-giving exercises is imagination and the platform to think freely. A culture of guns takes away the premise of oppression and paves the way for a mind not concerned about authority figures, but for its own survival and fruition, which therefore becomes the boost for cultural contributions. Therefor, the gun and the ownership of them are a basic epistemological necessity for any successful culture not living off its warlike past but building a bridge into the future with new ideas and approaches to the challenges of the universe.

They usually don’t explore these needs at the NRA events such as the one that President Trump spoke at. Mostly they tip toe around them and it comes out in their need to rebel against static government approaches to culture building. Slogans toward such efforts are sufficient to rally up the crowd but it is never really considered just how important guns are to the creation of a free society and that is where the real value of civilization resides most. It’s not the back in the train government types, Plato’s philosopher kings which universities promise you can be if only you pay over $100,000 in tuition to their liberal professors to get the Oz certificate that says you have a brain and therefore ruling power over the earth. In order for that scam to work guns have to be removed from society so that those types of people can then rule, and justify all the cost they spent to acquire that leverage. The hatred of the gun by such people traces back to their basic problem. The gun is the great equalizer and if all things are equal, those types of people just can’t compete in the world and that is their real fear. That’s why they want guns removed from society, so that their world view can have a chance. But they need the power of government to give them that leverage. They don’t get it from the natural world.

Trump is the right kind of president to have such a speech at just that type of event. Trump isn’t exactly the kind of conservative that was born in Ohio, he’s from liberal New York. Like a lot of people who are successful in life he has learned along the way what works and what doesn’t. Not all thoughts are equal, there are right ways to think and wrong ways, and through his life he has come to the right way of thinking. Because to be successful at life he has had to. There are liberals who have done well. They have managed their businesses conservatively and turn toward socialist action to prevent competition from nipping at their heels, but at some point in their life they had to think correctly about things to become successful. And that is Trump’s story. He wasn’t lucky like I was to get a head start in correct thinking by being born in a place where they had it right all along. President Trump had to get there on his own, which is a common occurrence for most aging people. There aren’t many people like Bernie Sanders out there who arrive at old age as bleeding heart socialists who just never learn the right ways of thinking in life. During the speech Trump announced that he was withdrawing from the UN Arms Trade Treaty which was a pretty big deal symbolically. Doing so assured an artificial value system from a global perspective would not be adopted in the United States, but that a recognition of gun rights would be solidified in legislative thinking which then would be implemented domestically. In short, we would rule ourselves as a country and not revert back to the Vico Cycle of global mess which is plaguing the world currently with all that hinders it.

As a gun owner and advocate I naturally have to spend a lot of time putting up with people who don’t yet get it, and it does wear you out. It’s not nice to rub people’s face in it, I think its good to let free minds be free, which means they need their time to come to the values of conservatism the way that Donald Trump obviously did over the years. Sometimes it takes them many decades to arrive there, but I believe in letting people figure it out on their own. If they want a guiding light, I’m happy to help them. But I’m not willing to yield value for conformity to a system of thinking that clearly is wrong in its foundations. So personally, an evening with President Trump and the NRA is a welcomed treat, a chance to be free of all the slow thinking dysfunction which swallows up so much global potential by following the paths of the past back into the hells of Dante. For one brief day and just a few hours at that, all was right with the world.

Rich Hoffman

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The Losantiville Dining Room at the Cincinnati Museum Center

I wouldn’t say that it was the fanciest room in Cincinnati or that the food was the best, although it was certainly good. But the meal I had recently at the new Losantiville Dining Room off the main rotunda at the Cincinnati Museum Center turned out to be my favorite dining spot in the southern Ohio area and was quite a treat. I had never been in that room before, even though the Museum Center is a place my family has gone often to over the years. There have a been a few times that I had been invited to fundraisers held in that room but didn’t quite make it, and other events, but I had always wanted to go inside. Now, after the two and a half-year restoration which just had reopened the museum known for its massive rotunda and murals part of their new restoration strategy was to making dining at the museum not such a cavernous exercise. Previously the only way to grab a bite at the Cincinnati Museum Center was to eat in the large rotunda that captures every noise acoustically known to mankind. It’s nice to look around, but not very relaxing. Opening up the new part of the museum to dining was a nice surprise for me, and to top it off, the food was good and the whole event very relaxing.

It’s taken a few weeks for it all to settle in. As has become a tradition, for my birthday this year my family went with me to a museum. Last year it was the Children’s Museum in Indianapolis, this year it was the newly restored Union Terminal in my home town of Cincinnati. We had taken the grandkids to the Children’s portion of the museum during the restoration, but not much else over the last two and a half years, and I had been missing it. I’ve spoken before about my love of the Natural History and Cincinnati History Museums that have always been a part of the Center. And I like the Omnimax Theater and occasionally enjoy a movie there. More than anything I enjoy the art deco style of architecture, the entire place reminds me very much of the great Ayn Rand literary classics, Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead. So more time in those environments are nothing but good for me, and going there for my birthday with my family was something I knew I would enjoy. The surprise came from discovering the new opening of the Losantiville Dining Room.

The room is absolutely wonderful, the décor quite stunning. The room feels intelligent, and majestic. It’s the kind of place that I would just visit to grab a hamburger, not even to go to the various museums. It was a good move by the Museum Center to improve their dining options, and the food wasn’t overly expensive. It was nothing fancy, but the tater tots were exceptionally tasty, not sure why they were so good, but they were. I was happy to be somewhere comfortable with my family on my birthday where we could relax between all the walking around but I didn’t expect such a nice room. I am proud to say that my expectations of a good museum are the British Museum in London and The Louvre in Paris which I have attended while my hometown Museum Center was under renovation. While those big European Museums were bigger and had more to show, I don’t think for a second that they are better than the Cincinnati Museum Center. But certainly the food options which are important when you are at a place you plan to stay all day, is needed. For us my wife and I ended up eating outside at the British Museum and all that was offered were sandwiches and cold cuts. And I’ve reported my extreme displeasure at The Louvre’s lack of bathrooms and proper dining. They do have restaurant options, but the seating is terrible and crowd control atrocious—they behave like a socialist country, terrible service, terrible movement of people, and the efforts at imaginative offerings were despicable. I found it stunning that some of the best tourist attractions in Europe had such bad food offerings. Now I understand that food, especially big carb offerings are not European priorities. The people in Europe are smaller and skinnier than their American counterparts largely due to diets of excess which are common in the States. But for a global museum you’d expect more.

All the museums at The Museum Center were not even 100% yet, and still we arrived at the opening and were leaving as the place was preparing to close around 5 PM on a Tuesday afternoon. We were there a long time and during long visits like that food certainly becomes a priority. While the British Museum and the Louvre might argue that they are there to exhibit great works of antiquity and art, people get hungry and want to take a break. That is where the Cincinnati Museum Center has done so well. Even in the United States, the Field Museum in Chicago and the Natural History Museum in New York this Losantiville Dining Room is just a real treasure with now good food options and beer availability that sets it at the top of museum going experiences. I was even hoping for a better deal at the Children’s Museum at Indianapolis which turned out to be way too much cafeteria like in its approach. It wasn’t the kind of place that you’d want to buy a book in the gift shop and sit down there just to read it. But the Losantiville Room is just that, a place conducive to intelligent discourse, and it was built that way from the beginning as first a train station hold over room, which has evolved over the last century into a fine dining room.

Intelligent is the key word for the place, it was built as a testament to the best that the human race had to offer architecturally, and it fits well with the intention of museums as the most basic foundation of assumptions. I like a place that doesn’t insult your intelligence. Even at Jags in West Chester, I’m not a fan of the phony library look of some of the rooms. I like the intent, but it comes off as cheap to me, even though I enjoy eating at Jags quite a lot. I enjoy more a place like the Losantiville Room more even with the plastic chairs and standard tables to sit at. The room was intelligent and was far from phony, it wasn’t trying to be something that it wasn’t and I appreciated that. It was a great decision for the Museum Center to use that room for something other than occasional fundraisers. It was definitely a good idea to build off their natural assets.

I’m not a big fan of tax payer bailouts and the way that places like the Museum Center renovation was funded. Cincinnati as a whole needs to do a lot of things management wise to get better and to better distribute their revenue. But the Museum Center was certainly not a waste, they did the most with their money and it shows. It is certainly a treasure for the city and southern Ohio in general worth a trip from many miles around to attend. And honestly, I’d go to the museum now just to grab a bite to eat, just to sit in that room and relax. Just as it is nice to speak to intelligent people, it is every bit as nice to sit in places that exude intelligence and hope, and that is certainly the case at the Museum Center.

Rich Hoffman

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Beating Bad Guys

Personally, I think the best way to deal with scum bags like Adam Schiff is to beat the shit out of them and to leave their bloody husks begging for one more breath. Culturally, which drives all moral conduct in a human society, it is the rise of the Beta Male that is causing all this corruption in the world, allowing people like Adam Schiff to cause so much trouble because they know they only have to survive legal problems because nobody will physically beat the crap out of them. The reason there are so many of these losers running around these days causing trouble is because they don’t fear getting their asses kicked. Since they are dishonest losers who count on manipulation to survive, the real solution is to just smash their faces into pulp. That would save a lot of money and teach them and those around them some hard lessons that they obviously need to have bestowed upon them. This is why it’s dangerous not to have manly men part of the balance of power in the world, because it allows weak people to behave as the strong using their powers of manipulation and malice to wreak havoc in the world. If they worried about getting the shit beat out of them, they likely would behave much more civilized.

However, we have President Trump and he’s willing to use the legal system in the proper way to balance out power. This supposedly prevents the need to beat the shit out of bad guys when they show their ill intentions. So long as there are people like Trump functioning in our government I’m willing to let the process play out toward justice. And in this case justice isn’t defined by social justice where the weak take from the strong to level out equality. Usually the strong are the way they are because of the work they have put into whatever endeavor in life that has made them that way. The weak are usually weak for one primary reason, because they are lazy and won’t put for the effort to better themselves. This holds true even for those born with handicaps, physical or mental. Anybody can become strong, it’s a matter of effort that makes some better than others. No, when we talk about justice we are talking about the protections of individuals to live their own lives free of the forceful imprint of others. In order to have real justice a person must be restored to their ability to function as an individual without fear of group imprint by force.

There is no such thing as a poor person. There are people who lack opportunities, but there is no such thing as a poor person. There are lazy people and there are people who are achievers. In the United States with all the public libraries that there are, the public education opportunities that were all built with good intentions and the many, many, many job opportunities that there are, nobody needs to be poor. Being poor is a choice, especially in America. The big crime people like Adam Schiff are guilty of is in exploiting people from a position of power into staying within the parameters of social behavior that allows for class warfare to be conducive the winning of elections. Schiff and his fellow Democrats can’t win elections unless they keep people performing in a victimized state, below the line where they feel they don’t have control of any of the aspects of their lives but through government. And they only get away with it because we live in an age where ass kicking is not a normal form a behavior. I would argue that when it was, people didn’t behave this way, because they might end up getting killed for it. The victimizing and exploitation of other people for the effort of gaining political power is a big no, no.

One thing is very clear after the Mueller investigation is now over, the failure to punish evil people when they attempt to suppress people for the efforts of trading power to themselves has unleashed many bad characters into our political system, and we have to put an end to it. You either have to kick the shit out of all them one by one, or you have to use the long arm of the law to throw them in jail and take from them all that they’ve gained by acting as such malicious characters. Schiff is just an obvious example because with the investigation over his attempt to use our justice system as a personal weapon for his own power grabs has left him vulnerable to the world. Even stupid people can see now what he has been up to all along. But we can’t stop there. The election of President Trump has exposed so many bad characters and it forces us to enact justice on them legally through the measures that our republic dictates. Or we beat the shit out of them. To my mind the Adam Schiffs of the world have deliberately attempted to live in a lawless fashion so why not beat the shit out of them? The only thing that protects them from ass kickings is the respect for the law that we all have. Yet that same law they seek to subvert so that they can gain power. Their intentions have posed the problem. It forces us to react to it, and we cannot do as we have done, and that is to just let it go unchecked. The amount of bad behavior they conducted as aggressors against the election of President Trump is a shot at all of us who supported his election. It’s not about Trump himself, but in the people who put him in power. President Trump was put in place by people like me and you so that we could have a proper representative in place who covers our interests. Not to allow defenders of the lazy and corrupt to have power over our government to serve their own selfish interests by means of villainy.

Now that people know the truth, which I have been saying from the beginning, they are outraged. But what are they going to do about it, just sit on their hands? In the case of the Beltway insurgents, corrupt people like Comey, Clapper and Brennan who have allowed people like Schiff to have a platform to stand on to enact much vile behavior. They have provided us all with a gift of obvious injustice where punishment is not even up for debate. Their crimes are so obvious that even the blind could see them. They should be in jail, not on CNN attacking our president and his administration because the attack is not on the Executive Branch, its on us, and quite deliberately. And if we don’t have a legal system that has the stomach to punish the bad for the sake of the good, well then lets just admit it to ourselves so that we can then resort to physical violence. Because allowing the behavior to continue is simply not an option. Allowing the bad guys to function as terrorists from the land of the Beta Males is not conducive to a world of justice and opportunities for all. It’s just a cesspool of the malcontents intent on evil, and when thus so confronted, it needs its ass kicked one way or the other, for the justice of all.

Rich Hoffman

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‘The Post’ Was a Pretty Good Movie, but what do you do when the media helps the powerful?

I had been holding off on watching the movie, The Post, directed by Steven Spielberg because it was an obvious attempt to link the press in our modern age to the liberalized impression of Donald Trump in the White House. The argument based on the 1971 case where the Washington Post published the Pentagon Papers after a court injunction prevented The New York Times from going public with their sources. The Pentagon Papers cited of course that America could not win the Vietnam War all through the sixties but committed troops anyway through many presidential administrations. Spielberg following the liberal lead in Hollywood rushed the film into production to make an argument as to why the press was needed to preserve America from tyranny making obvious comparisons of Nixon to President Trump, at least from the bubble perspective of Hollywood in Los Angeles.

However, and this doesn’t happen often, I found that the movie, The Post actually made the argument which supports the Trump Administration, that the media has become the enemy of the people, not its champion, and that the press is very guilty of buddying up with powerful people and even taking activist stances in an attempt to conceal information from the public, not the other way around. I thought the film was wonderfully shot, and was quite good, which anybody would expect from Spielberg. But like the film Lincoln, The Post was honest with itself. It showed exactly how the Beltway culture operates behind the scenes and from the perspective of this film it’s not hard to imagine the characters replaced by modern counterparts such as Lois Lerner, Barack Obama, James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

I thought it was an odd choice however to end the film on the raid of the Watergate Hotel of the DNC headquarters as if the future of The Washington Post had survived the Pentagon Papers only to report such a minor crime that would eventually lead to Nixon resigning, because it snapped me right back into the reality of our day. As I watched the movie, I was waiting for more details of the Mueller investigation to become clear. I watched The Post as a kind of celebration to the Mueller investigation being over vindicating Trump on all charges, so I was feeling good enough to watch a liberal film that I had been wondering about. So as details were emerging, I watched the Spielberg film without any defensiveness because it was clear that the liberals had lost yet again. So there was no harm in trying to understand their perspective.

If the argument, which was made by liberal Hollywood’s best and brightest, of The Post is to be accepted, then the major newspapers and news outlets of our current circumstances are truly just as bad as President Trump has said they are. There is far more evidence of crimes being committed by the Democrats in the 2016 election than anything Republicans are guilty of, even in their worst-case scenario of Watergate. If that is the standard, then Democrats have a lot of trouble on their hands. Imagine what a movie about The Dossier would look like? It would be much more vicious and conspiratorial than anything in The Post, that’s for sure. If that is what liberals think justify the content of such a movie, imagine what they’d feel if they considered the present reality.

The Pentagon Papers are an interesting debacle they are the opinions of a government that did not have the will to defeat communism in Asia and Southeast Asia. So they are true, there wasn’t a way to win the war in Vietnam, but the public expected to win as America always had. They didn’t understand and couldn’t that the Vietnam War was a front for all the changes the government had been working behind the scenes, for a communist transition in America that would unify the world. So while the Vietnam War was a front to appease the appetites of Americans to fight communism, the government wanted it to advance in Southeast Asia and to become a global powerhouse. Of course, the Vietnam War could not be won. The objectives of the fighters and the government were different. The premise of the movie The Post were that even if it was illegal, the American people had a right to let the public know about the intentions and assessment of the government of its own ambitions in Vietnam. On that I agree, I think it was a bold and proper move for The Washington Post to publish the Pentagon Papers.

But apply to that the sudden mandate to insist that the Mueller investigation be published in full as if some conspiracy existed there for which nobody has yet uncovered, but to then not insist on the same transparency when it comes to the Hillary Clinton email scandal, or the cover-ups at Benghazi. Or the tragedy of Fast and Furious along the Mexican border. Or the Iranian payoffs, the money that was funneled into Hezbollah from the Obama administration in South America. Pick any one of those cases and you have a much bigger story than the one told in the movie The Post, which was supposed to be the liberal calling card into why the press needed to be free to do its job to keep the powerful in check. Yet the powerful were buddies with the press as was obvious in The Post, and that problem is likely much more serious today than it was then. So who is really watching the powerful and keeping order in our government? Certainly not the press.

It would be my argument that the election of President Trump is that checks and balances system. Those of us out of the Beltway see how the game is being played and we wanted to go in a different direction, so we elected Trump—a guy who had been there and done everything and wouldn’t be lured to evil by shiny lights and other government plundered temptations. He already had all that, so he couldn’t be toyed with. That is what was needed to extract the evil that is in our current government and that is precisely what has been happening. If Trump had not been elected the ruse would continue and many of us who have understood from the beginning how the game is really played would be still frustrated and looking for alternatives to a violent rebellion. Like the Pentagon Papers, our current government has been committed to a global rise of socialism and communism. They tell us what we want to hear, but they do the opposite to rub shoulders with the interests that are not American in their roots. I thought The Post showed quite well how that process occurred with the dinner parties and after-hours correspondence of the liberals involved in the media and government. Based on what we know, the situation is much worse today.

So The Post is worth watching and it makes a good argument I think in favor of the Trump administration for truly rooting out the evils of our current government and why it’s necessary to root out the powerful who have built their reputations on the backs of confiscated wealth and not actual merit. It certainly reminded me of why I voted for Donald J. Trump. I don’t think that was their intention, but Spielberg is an honest filmmaker with a big eye on history and even when trying to make a love letter to the liberal base of the Democrat party, he couldn’t help himself but to tell the truth. If the story of The Post is noteworthy of an Oscar, then just consider the stories of this modern age. Someone needs to tell those stories, even though they are still being written. We can’t trust the press obviously. But we can trust President Trump because it was “we” who put him in a position to help the situation truly, and for all time.

Rich Hoffman

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The Elephant in the Room, a History Lesson for those who need it on why President Trump is Desperately Needed

We need to talk about the nature of cooperation for a minute, especially in regards to political debate. The assumption has been that gental professionals could argue out issues without things coming to gunfire and violence within the framework of the republic, and to a large degree that has worked well through the first 200 years of America as a nation. But modern Democrats and some Republicans of a more progressive nature aren’t interested in preserving the American republic into the future, but they entertain leaving their own mark into the foundational emergence of a new Constitution. Let’s just talk about the elephant in the room. In modern politics, they are actively seeking to make government, for which they are a part of that managing body bigger and more powerful, so their hostilities toward the American Constitution is quite obvious. And that has never been more obvious than in this year’s crop of Democrat hopefuls for the American presidency. They, and the party that supports them are openly hostile to the kind of American government that we’ve had. They are only interested in changing it, not living with it and those of us who have been in this country all our lives and love it the way it is. They want to take from us to fill themselves. They aren’t interested in getting along or being respectful. They are by every definition domestic enemies of our Constitution and need to be treated that way, not rationed with.

The position that many Republicans have taken over the years has been embarrassing, and I have seen this up close on more than one occasion. Conservatives wanting to make that mind-numbing tight rope walk between their churches and the foundations of conservative values have made themselves into lots of Dr. Jekylls and Mr. Hydes. Christianity, especially how it emerged into the Roman Catholoic Church is very much an oriental concept that has from the beginning sought to bring an end to western civilization, the kind of advances which gave birth to Greek and Roman society. And the tide of aggression that has moved from east to west has been full throttle since Alexander the Great stopped his eastward conquest with some Buddhist monks in the vicinity of India. Since then western civilization has been attacked by the orient not with weapons but through their ideas as the church took over kingdoms and Europe fought over those ideas for the next 2000 years, even up until this very day where it is being counted on by Islam to become the next dominate religion so that all then nations of the world can unite under a theocracy and a system of communism very similar to what is currently in China. Republicans were taught to turn the other cheek in a fight and they have been getting their asses kicked regularly ever since.

Protestants fled the church in England to seek religious freedom in America. The Indian nations encountered were very much of the oriental religions but they were unorganized and on a declining path socially so the effects were not the same as they had been in Europe where confusing mixed messages about religion and politics were prevalent. The kind of Christians who emerged in pursuit of freedom were a far cry from the docile church goer in Europe who had conservative personal values but was taught by the church that there are many more things in life bigger than the self and that sacrificing that to the needs of the many was a very Jesus kind of thing to do. The more civilized America became in the years after the American Revolution, the more those confusing European ideas of conservative values emerged, which is what Protestants were running from in the first place, so those old oriental ideas about church and state have returned to our present world and the battle is quite vicious.

Don’t kid yourself, the battle is obvious. I have known for a long time that for conservative values to survive in the United States that we needed a spokesman in the White House like a Donald Trump, a person who would hit back when struck in the face, and not turn the other cheek. It is a dumb idea to not hit back when someone hits you. Who cares if its not a “Christian” thing to do? Christ in his early years obviously encountered the eastern religion of Buddhism and he brought that into his teachings which of course jostled the control the Roman Empire wanted for the west bank of the Mediterranean. The Jews had things under control there so the churches were very much part of the control mechanism of keeping the Empire united, even though the Romans themselves had many ancient gods they worshipped. The ideas of conquest are to allow those acquired territories to worship whoever they had before so long as the control of the churches paid homage to the greater power of government. That is after all the theme of the great book, The Canterbury Tales written in 1483 by Geoffrey Chaucer, in the years after Saint Thomas Becket was slaughtered by the King’s men in the Canterbury Cathedral. The idea of rebellion proposed against the tyranny of the state was to visit the spot of Becket’s murder, but to not drift outside of the control mechanism of the relationship of the church and the state, but to function within it. I consider The Canterbury Tales to be one of the most important works of European literature and it shows quite effectively this dysfunctional relationship that western culture has with itself, for which the concept of America was the solution. I had with me a copy of the American Constitution and to read the words of that little book while standing on the spot where Thomas Becket was slaughtered was for me quite an experience because I understood all the relationships that occurred in that spot and what led up to them and what the eventual answer was. Western expansion in America was the ultimate fight between east and west and as we all know, the “west” won. And I am very glad they did. I spent several days in the streets of Canterbury after my visit to Becket’s murder marked in the floor of the Canterbury Cathedral and read through my copy of The Canterbury Tales to let it all wash over me in a very intellectual way. I wish I could take every member of congress on that little intellectual journey so they could see how the pieces fit together, but most of them have no idea. They lack the intellectual fortitude, so they are victims to what they have been taught.

There is no making peace with the enemy and the modern Democrats are the enemy, they are the latest representatives of eastern culture that want more than anything else to wipe away the very concept of an American republic built on individual freedom as opposed to sacrifice to the gods of state control. For liberals that control of religion could be anything from Islam to global warming—an entirely made up new age religion to unify the minds of the youth movement to the causes of sacrificial liberalism—obedience to the state. Thomas Becket as a representative of church control was killed by his friend Henry II as the battle between church and state raged on in Europe, between individual value and those of the institutionalized opinion of a king or emperor. The orient had not had this philosophical battle, for them everything was yielding toward the end of personal existence so it was proper to let the self go into a rapture of selfless existence, therefor the citizen of the orient, which persists to this very day is happy to yield their thinking to a ruler because they’ll be dead soon anyway, so why not. But in the west it was a different story. What was the meaning of life but to have an individual life developed by a personal journey and to unleash the gifts upon the world that resulted from that journey? That is the battle being fought today in modern politics, especially in America. Around the rest of the world, most of them have already fallen to the diatribes of eastern philosophy through their various religions. If people have lost their way with Christianity, they can find themselves in Islam. But for the leaders of those societies, they want people to pick one of the two, just so long as they learn to take orders and instruction from a higher power. On earth that is the regional governor, or politician.

Democrats in that regard want to destroy what is left of Western Civilization that has been doing extraordinarily well in America. But make no mistake, they don’t want to live with the effects of that effort, they want to destroy it. They don’t want to have tea with people who think differently than they do. They don’t want to live in harmony. They want to destroy the American Constitution and bring oriental concepts into western culture by any means so to fulfill a long sought after goal that really extends back to the roots of human history. East and west cannot live together in harmony, the ideas are just too radically different, in the west it is individual merit that is valued, in the east, its sacrifice to the state with the state being the ladder to god. If you want to get to Heaven then you better obey the state. And that is where our modern conservatives fail, they are supposed to fight that assumption, not turn their cheek to surrender. They have been tricked by their own ignorance and lack of historical perspective. Most of them have probably never read The Canterbury Tales, which isn’t an easy read. But it’s a kid’s book compared to James Joyce in his great book Finnegans Wake, which is concerned with the same kind of problem—the role of the individual in an increasingly collective based culture that repeatedly spins on itself with the Vico cycle. The values of our day are not to get along, but to fight—not just the concept in America of Republicans and Democrats, but the values of eastern ideas and western. Both can’t coexist, because the east doesn’t have any intention of doing so. They have intended conquest since the Roman Empire decided to be united by Christianity because it was their last hope of unifying their people. But to do so they had to surrender to the whims of the eastern religions that had always threatened their control west of the lands along the old Silk Road into the orient. This fight isn’t new, its as old as time. But modern Republicans who don’t understand why President Trump is important to the preservation of Western Civilization either need a history lesson or they need to just shut up and get behind us who do. But no longer are they going to be allowed to pull that Trojan Horse into our American culture only to have radicalized Muslims, communists and Eastern religion soothsayers sneak out into the night while we sleep and end our society one rule at a time. That just won’t be permissible.

Rich Hoffman

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