UFOs, Giants, and Covid-19: How Trump got suckered and why “experts” are so destructive

When people call something a conspiracy, what they are usually saying is that they are too lazy to get the facts so they are prone to just listening to what they think is a trusted source has to say about something, and to stick with it. That source in the case of the Covid-19 virus is the government, which we are seeing has lots of conspiracies that are largely true to some degree or another. But other conspiracies are those such as the UFO outbreaks, which the Pentagon recently released a very mysterious video that has been out for a while now. Before the release of that video, UFO talk was very conspiracy based, but obviously, the government knows there is something to it that is going to be revealed as we move out into space and they can’t hide it from the public any longer. Another conspiracy that I am quite certain is true is a topic I have long talked about on this site, the species of giants in Ohio who predated modern Indians with advanced culture in the Miami Valley and up into New York, who likely are connected to the people who built Stonehenge in England. The big news there was that it wasn’t Christopher Columbus who discovered America, it was many people going back tens of thousands of years who were seafaring long before our history credits them, and that is something that academic institutions have been slow to accept.

The point here is that just because an academic class of people who like to be called “experts” say something, that doesn’t make it true. And when a society begins to point to experts and say we should listen to them, then that is a start to a problem. We saw this coming when it came to Covid-19. The political class who wanted to change presidents this fall blamed Trump on not listening to the “experts” enough, goading him into finally listening to Dr. Fauci during an election year, which opened the door to the “Plandemic” that has become Covid-19, a socialist grab for power that has unleashed all the leftists dreams they had been dreaming for many years. I saw it clearly for what it was from the outset, it was Plato’s Republic, his cave analogy, where experts knew what caused the shadows on a cave wall but didn’t want people to see for themselves what the causes were. To keep people from seeing for themselves what’s going on “experts” want to remain in power so they do whatever they can to keep everyone focused on the shadows of life, not the actual elements that cause the shadows themselves. To do that, they call anybody who wants to see the cause of the shadows in our lives conspiracy theorists.

I have always had a problem with institutional style learning because to see the big picture of things, which is really all I’m interested in ever, you need to study all categories of thinking, all topics—everything from aviation to philosophy. From biology to physics. From mathematics to literature. I for one could never be bored in life, my head turned and saw what caused the shadows on the cave walls many years ago, while I was still a child and I have never had much faith in “experts.” While they were studying to be “experts” they missed all the other things in life that contribute to the things we see and experience. So while what they say may have relevance to a very narrow field of observation, they miss the big picture every single time and that was never more evident than the massive disaster that has been Covid-19. Trump’s mistake was that he gave them a seat at the table and look what they did with it. But if Trump hadn’t, he would have had much more trouble by the press who has been advocating an “expert” class for over a hundred years in the United States. Most of the members of the media obviously haven’t read Plato’s Republic, and they should. Because there is a lot more going on in life than the drivel they report and the scope of existence is far beyond the limits of what any “experts” can tell us about anything.

Just like the problem with the species of giants who once ran massive empires in North America, often rivaling Greek and Roman society in sophistication, there are many “experts” who have written doctorial thesis papers on standard archaeological pre-Columbian theory and they can’t have new evidence destroy that academic criteria. To admit that the North American Indian was not a native, that white people didn’t take their land from them but that they simply took the land from others who came before them for tens of thousands of years would have major political and historical consequences. The information is getting out anyway, just as we are learning quite painfully that we are not alone, that likely our current government has been interacting with other species of interplanetary lifeforms, perhaps from the beginning of time. The government doesn’t trust us with the information, and we don’t trust the government because they don’t trust us—it becomes a vicious cycle and the mud in the middle becomes “conspiracy theory.” Like the academic “experts” government too wants to be the one that stands between people and knowledge just as the “experts” did in Plato’s cave analogy.

And that brings us to Judy Mikovits and her experiences with Dr. Fauci way before there was a coronavirus outbreak that has been talked about in the Plandemic video that Google, Facebook and the rest of the Silicone Valley tech companies are censoring on their platforms. The goal is to keep the rest of society asleep at the wheel, just like the Giants of Ohio conspiracy and UFOs, the desire for “experts” to remain experts has driven the discussion and created mistrust on both sides. In the case of Covid-19, the conspiracy was that the virus was used by the “experts” as a launch vehicle for their needs for funding, and the cooperative governments saw it as a push for outright socialism. Trump tried to make the “experts” happy by listening to them during an election year and that’s how they stuck him. But to see all this, you can’t be looking at the shadows, but the cause. For those willing to see, its easy. But the people who have lots of things to hide will discourage you by calling you a conspiracy theorist.

Obviously, knowing something is different than speculating, and when it comes to the UFO situation, we are seeing a movement toward full disclosure, where we will learn what the government knew and for how long. The world is too small and moving too fast to hide it anymore, so that is likely why the video was released now rather than years ago when the event actually happened. And that is the fate of these other issues too, the Giants of Ohio, the truth behind Covid-19, its all going to come out in time. What matters now is to understand why any “experts” would want to keep people from that information. The answer of course is power, and the weight of their reputations which means everything to them. New evidence or contrary opinions make them no longer experts on a topic, if people can see other views for themselves. The point of keeping everyone focused on “expert” opinion is to keep the experts in power and valuable and nothing else. Yet the truth is needed to actually solve problems and understand where we need to go and why. So in that context, that is why “experts” are so destructive to our society. They are not valuable, and so long as we allow them to stand between us and information, there will always be conspiracies and the false power they get from getting in the way.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Judy Mikovits and Plandemic: They want you to think its a conspiracy, but in truth, its all too real

To understand all the controversy regarding the anger surrounding the doctor Judy Mikovits just look at Dr. Doom himself, the well-known Dr. Fauci and in context it will all be clear. Mikovits is the conspiracy theory advocate that Google has a personal war with because what she is saying goes against their strategy of contact tracing every human being on earth, much the way their Google Maps works by casting a GPS chart wherever you are anywhere at any time, even in the most remote part of the world. Free-will is not conducive to their objectives so they have put out a well-documented smear campaign against Mikovits for daring to question the recent outbreak of Covid-19. There is a very controversial documentary that is constantly being removed from YouTube and every other social media platform.  Below is a guy talking about it, in a negative way, which are the only videos not being banned.  Michelle Malkin also has a great interview that is very much worth watching.  Its right now the most banned video in the world, and that should tell you something.  Even the website PandamicMovie.com has been shut down.  I don’t see anything controversial about any of the information, and Mikovits herself is a pretty smart lady.

I’ve read both her books, one called ‘Plague: One Scientists Intrepid Search for the Truth about Human Retroviruses and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS)’ and the other, which is new and very hard to get, ‘Plague of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science (Children’s Health Defense.)’ I read Plague well before the Covid-19 virus, a few years ago, and it made sense to me. That’s part of the reason I saw Covid-19 coming out of China as a weapon of Marxism rather than any real threat of death from the outset. If you know what’s going on, it’s not a surprise or a conspiracy theory. And that’s why the organizations pushing Covid-19 danger hate Judy Mikovits and have tried to paint her as a tin-hatted conspiracy theorist when in reality she is simply a fallen angel who used to be one of “them” but fell from asking too many questions. Judy is a disgruntled employee, not a conspiracy advocate, in spite of what “they” want you to believe.  And the story she has to tell is a very good one.

Like most professions the medical profession, especially at the level Dr. Fauci operates is all about getting funding for research. Understandably, some of that research works, some of it doesn’t and even the best vaccines with the intent of immunology goes bad. It might fix the targeted ailment, but the side effects might cause permanent cell restructuring and lead to even deadlier diseases—like autism, ME/CFS—or many other things. It’s not that the medical community shouldn’t keep trying new medicines in the lab with an intent toward human conquest of all diseases, but the path to Hell is paved with good intentions and by default a lot of patients do end up in Hell far worse off than if they had never sought out a doctor’s help at all. That was the point of Judy Mikovits’ books. She’s certainly not anti-science, quite the opposite. But her problem is in the process itself, of the medical industry as a whole, and the culture that springs forth.

People tend to think of Doctors as highly educated people who are beyond fail, and people put their blind trust in them, to a fault. In reality, they are just as bad as anybody else in society, and the higher up you go in the food chain the worse. Such as Doctor Fauci, who has a tendency as a used car salesman for selling pandemics to society starting way back in the 1980s with HIV. Fauci may not be a good doctor, what he is good at is scaring the hell out of people with big words, which then tricks politicians into funding his projects. In the medical community other doctors suck up to Fauci because he is a means of bringing money to their projects. Fauci is a salesman and that’s about it, and Covid-19 was never about danger, it was about selling a New World Order. For Fauci that was to bring in money to scientific research which taken by itself might be a noble endeavor. But for all the boot-lickers off Fauci’s efforts, such as Google’s need for contact tracing all diseases, or Facebook’s need to sell itself as an official government censor of propaganda, or communist China’s desire to spread their power and influence to every corner of the world, the salesman of the whole effort fell on Doctor Doom and it was all about money for him. Not for his projects, but to be that rockstar at the dinner parties from everyone who did get the money. Doctor Fauci is in love with the celebrity of being that kind of doctor and its not a conspiracy theory for Judy Mikovits to point that out.

But “they” certainly don’t want you to know what’s behind the curtain dear reader, because once you find out that they really have no idea what they are doing and that most of the science we are talking about is still in its infancy, you’ll stop trusting them and that will really hurt their funding. If it becomes politically liable to take controversial positions, then politicians won’t fund some of the science that people under Fauci’s control want to conduct. And that is clear in both of Mikovits’ books, especially Plague, the first one. Reading that book you could easily see how dangerous all the assumptions of Covid-19 were. They don’t know what they are doing, they certainly have no idea if social distancing would have any impact, or wearing masks in public—or any of the measures they’ve suggested. They are just playing in a lab with viruses with often good intentions but their alignment with politics makes them dangerous, because it is there that they get their funding. So doctors often do whatever they need to so to make a political class happy. And the political class they were trying to impress was that coming out of communist China. Bill Gates has a big check book and they are willing to do whatever to impress him to continue funding for their projects. And that of course has led to the global disaster we are seeing now.

I sometimes forget that people don’t read much anymore and just take whatever they hear on television or through Google searches for their information. I would recommend reading Judy Mikovits’ books. The second one, Plague of Corruption is very hard to get, its constantly sold out these days. Lots of people are reading it which is bad news for the government censors. People get it and that’s exactly why we have a First Amendment in the United States, even if Google, Facebook, and the government itself wants to get rid of it so they can hide their vile plans from us. But the info is out there and people are getting angrier by the week. When I read the books, my thought was that I know a lot of people like Judy Mikovits. If you can overlook the obvious hurt she has of being cast out of the medical community for just asking the right questions, you’ll learn a lot about the medical industry in general, which is just as screwed up if not more so than every other industry. When dumb people are in charge, this is what happens, and when good people are cast out, you get people like Judy Mikovits. But take comfort in this, she is not a conspiracy theorist. Rather, she was and is a front-line reporter who knows how we got where we are presently, and voters need to understand it so they can change it, for the better. Don’t trust what “they” tell you, read it for yourself and use your mind to solve the problems independently.

Rich Hoffman

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George Lang on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW Radio: Defending Senate Bill 1

It was great to hear George Lang, who is running for the 4th District senate seat in Ohio as the Republican representative give an update to House Bill 1 on the Scott Sloan Show on WLW. Currently George is the 52nd representative of the House in Ohio so he was part of the instigation of that bill which intends to put some shackles on the lunatic health director of Ohio, Amy Acton who has essentially led all states in America with her draconian lockdowns. You can hear that great interview on that show below at the 18:30 mark of the 5/6/20 broadcast. The interview was actually on the 7th but whoever set up the podcast put in the date for the previous day. Now a word of warning to my longtime readers, this is not the same Scott Sloan that used to put me on all the time over school levy issues. That guy is long gone, and he left when Darryl Parks lost his key position as the program manager for the station. The physical guy is the same, but people do change over time and this Scott Sloan is a much softer version. Hearing him tell the story, it has something to do with his wife who is on Clear Channel radio often these days. But the interview is still good and worth listening to in order to understand what needs to happen to Ohio government in the wake of the lockdowns that we have all experienced which have destroyed the economy.

Its also no secret that I like George Lang an awful lot. But we are not carbon copies of each other. George clearly has his own thoughts about things. It is my mind that Governor DeWine should be impeached for what he did under the Covid-19 CDC mandated pandemic, especially how he let a liberal Obama health director in Amy Acton take over and run our state straight into the ground with all the terrifying liberal activism that was straight out of that previous president’s administration. George is much more willing to give people a fair shake and to assume the best in people, which is why he is a fantastic politician who represents Butler County, Ohio wonderfully. What George and I agree on is the fundamentals of governance, which was on clear display during the interview, people don’t need government to tell them how to wipe their ass, how to buy food, and to act like their mom every day telling them to wash their hands. Government should not micromanage people, even in a crisis. And George is one of the most articulate members of the Ohio House in that regard, he gets “it” philosophically and is a real treasure in Butler County.

Of course Scott Sloan is all about fairness these days and he questioned the political motives for why the Ohio House moved forward this past week with the bill that became Senate Bill 1, to pull back on the draconian powers that give Amy Acton so much abusive power during a health crises. Sloan wanted to believe the move was purely political particularly since Governor DeWine has promised to veto the bill the moment it hits his desk. That is a fight that will now rage quite long and this is just the start of it. Under emergency powers in Ohio the law gives someone like Amy Acton way too much power, it goes back to legislation that is over 100 years old when representatives couldn’t move to the capital to vote so easily. What Senate Bill 1 does is cut down the time of those emergency powers to 14 days instead of the infinite time that is currently allotted. Nobody in their right mind would ever figure there would be an Obama abortion/climate activist on the administration of a Republican governor, but there’s a first time for everything and now that we’ve seen it, we have to act on it. To answer Sloan’s question, why now, well, this was the first opportunity for the House to convene since the emergency health directive locked everyone in their homes for months, and much of that was Mike DeWine playing politics with the matter. So long as he held emergency powers, he was safe from these kinds of reprimands from congress, he is not eager to give back that power, because there will be lots of hell to pay for many years to come because of the bad decisions he has made which led to this point.

Also from Sloan’s point of view, he represents a large part of the population that doesn’t know what to think about the Covid-19 virus. People like me are way too far in front of it to talk about how people feel about it, which Sloan is one of those members. Most people out there want to believe in “leaders” to tell them things. They don’t want to be leaders in their life, so they put a disproportionate trust in authority figures and it is quite a shock to them that someone like Amy Acton might have had malicious intentions behind her lockdown measures. George of course gives her the benefit of doubt just as he does the Governor. The biggest crime Acton committed was that she’s a liberal, she thinks like one, acts like one and solves problems like one. George blames DeWine for putting her in that seat to begin with, especially knowing her manner of thinking. Scott Sloan looks at her as doing the best job possible under the difficult circumstances. I look at it all as a vast scheme from China to destroy our American economy. That is a platform of thought that is well beyond where WLW is willing to go these days. To accept that is a bridge too far for most people’s daily lives, and most people just can’t handle that lack of trust for any authority figure.

But that comes back to the heart of why Senate Bill 1 is so important. We just can’t have health directors running our economy for longer than 14 days. If a governor can’t articulate a state of emergency in that period of time, then there are bigger problems. The worst part of the coronavirus was that nobody in leadership anywhere in the world could put a timetable to when the virus was going to be contained. Once they had a taste of the power, few governors wanted to give it back. This bill forces a legislative evaluation to renew those powers which is why DeWine is against it. It’s a check on his power that he doesn’t want. Hopefully there are enough votes from Democrats to override his veto, because if there was ever clear evidence that there needs to be checks on power, it comes out of this whole Covid-19 mess. And that should be something that everyone can agree on. Senate Bill 1 is not a political stunt, it was the first opportunity for the legislature to stick up for themselves and get Ohio moving back in the right direction after clearly bad decisions by the DeWine administration. Sure we know now in hindsight that the reaction to Covid-19 was overblown. Yet DeWine needed help in making decisions that could have saved more lives and minimized greatly the impact to the budget that are about to become far worse than the Covid-19 virus. As George put the blame for Amy Acton on Mike DeWine’s shoulders, we must all prevent such single points of failure in the future, especially when liberals get so much power so quickly and end up running all our lives. And that is what this whole story is all about no matter where people are on the political spectrum. In the future, someone needs to hit the brakes faster, and Senate Bill 1 is all about that, and the House couldn’t have introduced it faster.

Rich Hoffman

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Mike DeWine’s Administration Supports Pro Abortion Activism: On a call with WLW, the Governor lets out the truth

I had suspected it for a long time, even going so far to articulate the details, but it was this week where Mike DeWine himself spilled the beans without meaning to about his relationship with his Ohio Health Director and why he made a monster out of her to ruin Ohio’s economy. I doubt he’ll ever admit it, but I think he likes Amy Acton’s “ta tas” and she is the girlfriend he’s never had. After all, he’s been married to Frannie his entire life, they’ve known each other since their school days, and here is this younger woman who kisses up to him, flirts with him in all the ways a man likes to be talked to, and he’s into her. He thinks she’s brilliant because she flirts with him. And because of that he ignored her pro Barack Obama radicalism and very pro-abortion stance. Most of that went unsaid until April 30th where Bill Cunningham was talking about the article that came out in December of 2019 discussing Amy Acton’s history as a pro abortion supporter even going so far to use her position under the DeWine administration to help abortion clinics out with scandalous behavior. Fran, Mike’s wife was listening to the radio broadcast as she was driving around that day and reported to the Governor that his friend, Bill Cunningham was talking about Amy and that set him off to call into the station to set the record straight, only what he ended up doing was opening up a whole new list of questions. You can hear the very interesting discussion at the 12:45 minute mark of the April 30th podcast (Cunningham and DeWine back and forth) shown below.

Now, at the heart of the issue is why Mike DeWine is allowing Amy Acton to have so much power over the Ohio economy under the umbrella of safety. The kind of flirting that is going on between Acton and DeWine is something the Governor would deny until his dying breath, yet his actions tell another story and his wife Fran is in on the act. So much so that the DeWine family monitors WLW radio in Cincinnati to see what people are saying, and to control the message. After all, there are some noisy members of congress in Southern Ohio, Bill Seitz and George Lang who have the ear of Larry Householder, the Speaker of the House and the Governor knows he needs to keep them at bay in order to keep this fun little thing with Amy Acton alive. You have to remember, Mike DeWine is a little fella, he’s been in politics all his life, he’s made a lot of money, he’s very religious and has been a pretty uneventful figurehead doing as he was told to get where he is, and for him, its nice to be in the top job picking up the phone and calling the president, and to have a flirty cabinet member reporting to him licking his boots the way he has in the past. Only because she’s a girl, it feels better and makes him feel good. Those are all human emotions and it’s his business to keep them in check, except when he makes us all compliant to the enterprise by dragging us into it with the Covid-19 nonsense.

So Frannie calls the Governor, Mike DeWine then calls Bill Cunningham to defend his Health Director’s reputation from the scrutiny that 700 WLW was placing on her. DeWine insisted that Amy Acton was beholden to him and that the “buck stopped with him” as to the responsibility for what happened under the state lockdowns over the coronavirus. Only DeWine never answered the question that was asked of him by Cunningham, “did you know about her abortion background when you appointed her to the DeWine administration?” DeWine’s two major concerns he wanted to address by calling in was to throw the public outcry over Amy Acton’s tyrannically leftist activism in shutting down the state and to place that burden on himself just as a boyfriend would defend his girlfriend in a traditional way, then it was to defend his administration from any accusation that it had an abortion activist on its staff.  Of course, after the Governor called into the show, Cunningham does what he always does, and that is change direction and double speak. He after all doesn’t want to lose his friendship with the Governor over the matter. Cunningham went on to defend having Democrats on Republican administration positions so that other sides could be heard and that all parties should work together for Ohio’s future, and all that kind of nonsense. Yet the smoke that was still in the air that nobody addressed, which was critical to the entire exchange was the state of Amy Acton’s abortion activism and how she managed to end up in a very pro-life administration.

The controversy over Acton working under the DeWine administration is that she granted a license to a shut down abortion clinic in Dayton that used to be called the Women’s Med Center of Dayton. That center had gone through 4 years of litigation which culminated twice in the Ohio Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal to deny the facility an abortion license for failing to meet the licensing requirements. What Amy Acton did was to step in and help the facility operator, Martin Haskell change the name of the facility to Women’s Med Dayton with a little paperwork shuffle and grant a new license under the changed name. So when Mike DeWine says that members of his administration serve his prolife agenda, he obviously must understand that this is what his Health Department Director is up to—under his watch. The question is why? I offered my opinion based on experience with these kinds of things, and normally it would be his issue to deal with. Relationships and friendships are between him, Amy, and his wife in whatever context they convince themselves has merit. But when a pro abortion activist, a registered Democrat and former Obama activist is in charge of the Ohio economy and all our lives essentially even down to how we dress are part of the story, well that’s a problem and DeWine knows it. By calling in to the station that day he was trying to get in front of the story before it took a life of its own. Yet the question remains, how much did he know about Amy Acton before he appointed her. I think he knew everything, including her abortion background. I think he picked her not for her brain, but because she might become the girlfriend he never had. And that’s a problem.

So long as Amy Acton is on the DeWine administration roster in any capacity, the Governor cannot be said to have a pro life approach to anything. If Acton is helping abortion clinics the way she did with Women’s Med Dayton, she is trying to undo prolife measures and is not serving the needs of DeWine’s administration. It takes more than going on prolife walks and talking about it to be considered prolife. You must live it, and so long as he has Amy Acton on his staff, he is empowering the pro-abortion movement with legitimacy and activism. And he’s putting up with it for all the reasons men put up with trophy wives, expensive girlfriends, or any type of scandalous relationship. Its not always about sex, most of the time its about power and it becomes our business when they inject their relationships into our lives directly, which they have done. Why else would DeWine call in to Cunningham to defend Acton when its obvious she’s destroying the state and he’s been letting her do it. Does he really think its all for our own good, or is it about what makes him feel good? The answer is obvious, but what isn’t is why DeWine is willing to put up with Acton’s pro-abortion activism, even under his watch, and look the other way if he is really so prolife? Well, if you listen to his voice, you will hear a man caught in a scandal and trying to put the lid back on it while he still can. And that is not the kind of person we should be listening to when billions of dollars are at stake and all our lives are in jeopardy.

And Mike, this First Amendment means of communication is a way to fight what you have done to our state.  You have personally cost my family hundreds of thousands of dollars and many people I know millions, and millions, and millions of dollars that you can’t pay back.  I’ll happily fight you in the front door, the back door, the side door, the door from another dimension.  I’ll fight you legally.  I’ll fight you in a cage match.  I’ll fight you and your administration anywhere you want because you are not acting as the Republican I elected, and you put us all in jeopardy with appointing an Obama activist into an important position.  What you do as a person isn’t my business, but when you inject yourself into my life, then you carry the responsibility for that imposition.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Aren’t We Using Far UVC Light to Kill Covid-19: Its all about the Rod of Aesculapius

Ahhhhhhh, I would have thought that before we moved to the lockdown measures and wrecked our economy with trillions of dollars of cost that the all knowing doctors on President Trump’s staff would have advised that we should be using this technology of Far UVC to kill the coronavirus in its tracks as far back as January. I mean, I know hindsight is 20/20 but this technology is not new. Hospitals use it all the time to disinfect their facilities, and it has been gaining momentum with mass transit companies to more thoroughly and more rapidly to clean seats and vehicles before turning them back over for another round of passengers. I would have thought that using Far UVC light to kill the Covid-19 virus while the thing was still being leaked out of China to pillage the world would have been the very first measure to take to combat it. So let’s put it this way, I was more than a little pissed off when President Trump brought the issue up during the Thursday press conference and Dr. Scarf Lady acted surprised, as if it were the first time anybody had discussed it. That’s when it was obvious to me that Trump knew of the technology and was continuing to look for solutions and he brought it up when he did to put the doctors on his staff on the mic in front of everyone, because if he didn’t do it that way, his ideas would have simply been discarded as the press had with hydroxycholoriquine. Trump as the CEO was doing what he was supposed to do, bring up ideas, but in so doing, he revealed the deeper layer to what has been going on which should severely make you and everyone else extremely angry. Here’s why, and please do refer to the videos on this article for a deeper understanding.

The solution to any pandemic obviously by the science of our times is coming not out of medicine, but from physics, which is where the research and development emerged to use a third kind of UV light to kill viruses in a mass disinfection type of way without destroying the body tissue of people in general due to exposure. More aggressive UV light, such as those that come from the sun of course can cause cancer and cataracts if people are exposed to them for too long. The Far UVC light is a weaker version of the light that typically does not penetrate the earth’s atmosphere so viruses in our biological cultures have not developed a defense to it, and are easily killed when exposed. I didn’t think much of the rivalry between physics and the medical industry in regard to using UVC light to fight Covid-19 until the extreme backlash against President Trump was unleashed at that press conference because if the plan had been truly to fight the virus, the media, the doctors and the politicians would have been happy to have another option. But as I have been saying, and the proof was in the medical community’s reaction to the science, that the virus was always meant to be used as a vehicle for a “big pharma” solution such as Bill Gates’ vaccine and the Google tracking system meant to get chemicals in all of us so that the entire human population could be regulated and monitored in the way that doctors have wanted for years. This crises was made up, because the real solutions were coming from other sciences, but as solutions to the pandemic were suggested, the old Rod of Aesculapius refused to listen.

I have never trusted doctors, when I see the Rod of Aesculapius I think of stupidity and corruption. The symbol of the medical industry is based on the Greek mythology from around 300 BC of a cult that formed at that time to create healing temples where it was believed that the God and son of Apollo himself, Aesculapius was the father of modern medicine. Well, Aesculapius had a thing for snakes and was very skilled in the use of drugs and surgery and had developed a reputation for raising the dead. Zeus was so concerned that Aesculapius might make mankind immortal that he killed the father of medicine with a lightening bolt. When people discovered the body in the temple they also found dead serpents inside. When those creatures were picked up to be examined, they slithered away when dropped and so it was thought through the cult that followed that there were healing powers involved and that’s how the snakes ended up being the symbol of medicine. But over time, its not Aesculapius that was the aim of the industry, it was that of Zeus, to keep immortality from emerging from the cult of medicine, but to slowly kill mankind and send them back to the house of Zeus, never to emerge independent of the very jealous Greek god. Even to this day as we think of doctors as some of our highest orders of intelligence, because of the massive amount of schooling that is involved, their goal is not to make us better, but to keep us under control to the forces of nature as the “gods” designed them many centuries ago. So I don’t trust doctors, I never have, because their very foundations are corrupt and wrong.

When critics of President Trump say he should trust what scientists tell him, well, this whole Rod of Aesculapius story is precisely why nobody should trust them. Doctors should always be questioned because they look first toward pharmaceutical options as opposed to true science that overcomes even death to solve problems for mankind. Our medical industry isn’t really looking for solutions, but to stay within the parameters of Zeus, so that we too won’t be struck down early in life for clamoring too close to immortality. But if you speak to someone from the other sciences, such as physicists, they will talk about immortality and evolving sciences with an emphasis on growth for the human species. All the sciences do not have the same goal. As I’ve said many times the medical industry wants to carry a life from birth to death in a predictable way that falls under the care specifically of the Rod of Aesculapius, but not from Aesculapius himself, but from his murderer, Zeus. That is why Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx have been avoiding any talk about using Far UVC light to solve the Covid-19 problem. It should have been the first thing we did instead of all this social distancing nonsense and stay at home orders to stop the spread of the virus. It was always from the beginning about controlling people, not helping them. Trump has obviously figured it out, but he’s now on the hook for trillions of dollars and millions of wrecked lives because he listened to the medical professionals. He wants out of the problem, where the doctors want the problem to persist because it gives them power over life, much the way the serpents slither around the symbol of their industry. Dr. Brix’s reaction to a solution from physics was obvious, she was not comfortable with it at all, and that said everything. If she’s so smart about medicine, how could she not have heard about Far UVC light?

In truth, we should have Far UVC lights everywhere that there are mass gatherings of people, such as in our businesses, amusement parks, sporting events, everywhere. Getting more Far UVC lights into our public places should be part of reopening our states so that we never have to go through this mess again. But the panic over Covid-19 was never a problem the doctors wanted to control. They instead wanted to use it to change behavior around the world and they abused the trust that people have in their industry on purpose. They didn’t want to kill the Covid-19 virus and save people from death. They simply want testing to jack up the cases so more people would be afraid of a death that might come, and push people into their homes and off the streets for far left political strategies such as collapsing the price of oil, saving the earth from pollution by getting the cars off the roads, and implementing every kind of Agenda 21 fantasy that the World Health Organization could slide under the door. Far UVC light could kill this Covid-19 virus and anything else that comes along, but the scientists of the medical industry didn’t want that. Instead, like their god Zeus, they worry that mankind is getting too far away from nature, so they sought to kill us all by sending a lightening bolt into our global economy. And of course dear reader, you know the rest of the story. It was only the snakes that slithered away, and those snakes are in our media, in our doctor’s offices, and in our politics. And now you know the significance of that and why you can’t trust a thing they say.

Rich Hoffman

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Calling Their Bluff: Go on out there, back to the world–its not as dangerious as they are telling you

The big secret that many of these politicians, both Republicans and Democrats are trying to hide about the terrible economic impact they allowed themselves to be tricked into believing over Covid-19 is that they need you to think that every dumb thing they did was for a good reason. Yet it wasn’t. That is the reason for the drive for testing after all, to justify their failure with some data that looks scary. And for all their idiocy in bypassing the state legislators into creating law through governor directives regarding social distancing and stay at home measures, all which were completely unconstitutional and massive intrusions on all our lives. They must justify all their failure by something otherwise we might just march onto our capitals and rip all their lame asses right out of their office seats. They need you to believe that reopening America will be dangerous and that you might “die,” if you do so too early and don’t follow the doctor’s orders—we might have a reignition of the virus outbreak and have to shut everything down again. All this fear has nothing to do with reality of course, it’s about control of the message and keeping people believing that all this damage that the politicians caused by following the World Health Organization to our dooms was a good idea. It has nothing to do with reality, but everything to do with justifying their panic. So the way to beat them the correct way is to not be afraid, reopen our businesses and prove to the world that we aren’t a bunch of chicken shits—and that the virus was never really deadly. We need to call their bluff. Life needs to get back to normal without social distancing, masks and social isolation—and we need to rub it in all their faces to drive the point home—because Covid-19 was always a scam meant to drive the world toward communism.

All this was of course reported in the great book Plato’s Republic with the analogy I use often of the cave. The doctors of our present society are the people in that story who have learned to predict the shadows on the cave walls and they want to keep that power over mankind. But some of us are free of our tied-up position where we must get our information by those experts, and we are free to get up and look around to discover what causes the shadows on the cave wall. If you know the story, you understand what I’m talking about, but for those who don’t, the story of the cave is a warning from thousands of years ago Greek society about listening too much to experts, because they are often wrong and crave to keep a people stupid and facing the cave wall where they have power in predicting what the shadows mean. That is what Covid-19 is all about, it’s a power grab to support Agenda 21 United Nations strategies from academia to force mass society to look at the cave wall where they control the images with fear, and the cost has been horrendous. They deserve what happens next, which is to challenge their fears with bold audacity.

If this information is unfamiliar to you dear reader then perhaps it would be easier for you to watch the great movie, THX-1138 from 1971 by George Lucas before he made the Star Wars series. It is essentially a futuristic version of Plato’s cave analogy, where the main character wakes up from his controlled state where the authorities of that time keep everyone overly medicated and focused on the efforts of that government completely. What the World Health Organization has been proposing due to the coronavirus are obvious steps in the direction of the concepts explored in that movie. It should come as no surprise that the leader of the World Health Organization is Tedros Adhanom who has in the past been a Marxist revolutionary, which is key to understanding what the real intentions of the Covid-19 reaction was all along, it was never that the virus was dangerous. But it was meant to control people’s thinking to the level where centralized change agency could take place and a Marxist revolution erupt once people’s daily lives had been conditioned to accept the authority of the state by eroding individual rights due to the actual fear of death. If you are trained to see the signs, which are abundant in literature, art and history, then anybody could see from the beginning what was behind the Covid-19 pandemic as the World Health Organization called it, to trigger what we have seen all around us, a surrender of capitalist values to those of outright authoritarian Marxism.

It is the responsibility for instance of governors like Mike DeWine of Ohio to know these things so they can be leaders. He should know that these kinds of things have happened in the past, such as one demonstrator at the capital tried to point out about the Nazis in Germany. The protests in Ohio were not from Neo-Nazis which are always leftists in their gatherings, but from people concerned that Ohio under the directives of Amy Acton were following in the footsteps of Germany toward their Third Reich activism prior to World War II. And to answer the governor regarding the use of swastikas and the Nazis, it was abundant from indigenous tribes in Ohio to use swastikas often. It was the Nazis who copied the Celtic cultures of yesteryear who put a bad name to them with their own authoritarian abuses, its not the swastikas themselves that were the problem. Because the cultures of North America had a very intimate relationship with swastikas well before any formal European outpost was established in the New World. DeWine is supposed to understand history and art so that he could make good decisions about the present as a leader of the state and the Republican party. Instead he has shown himself vulnerable and shallow and easy for crazy radicals like Tedros Adhanom to exploit from the World Health Organization. Instead of a communist revolution with physical troops like Mao had in China, or Castro had in Cuba, or wherever your favorite communist erupted on the world scene, Adhanom controlled the message through health policy, which the American CDC picked up, whispered in the President’s ear with the exploitation of millions of lives lost. Then state health directors overly educated in Marxist colleges—and yes, Ohio State is one of them—so that people advising governors like Amy Acton could utilize Marxist strategies behind good will health advice to ruin the American economy.

It was always a military incursion hidden through the Trojan Horse of health concerns and to see it, we all must have an understanding of the past and the thoughts that emerged from them, or even the warnings of our artistic culture from films like THX-1138. It is unlikely that George Lucas would make that movie today, in many ways, he’s one of “them” now. Its just too pleasant to plug into the Matrix and enjoy life at that level of the celebrity in San Francisco. But as a younger person he saw authoritarian danger clearly and made a great movie about Plato’s cave analogy—which is exactly what the WHO and the CDC are using to attempt a global coup of capitalism in an election year to disrupt the direction of the world economy back to one where the communists stay in control. Nothing about social distancing, wearing masks in public, and house arrest was ever about safety. It was always and continues to be about controlling our behavior and breaking us like a horse to a new normal of environmental communism instead of our raw independence that we have known up to this point. Its all about messaging and to understand that, Plato’s Republic was written 2500 years ago. Yet its as contemporary as the latest Fox News broadcast. Nothing much has changed in human thought from then until now. And the same enemies are trying their tired old schemes, only this time they did change the approach. They used the literal fear of death to convince us to listen to them. And in so doing, give over control of our individual lives to maniacal communists in global organizations who truly and without pause, want to rule the world.

Rich Hoffman

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Rule through Peer Pressue: Understanding how our society got suckered by Covid-19

I often feel like I’m pretty well synched up with people like Rush Limbaugh. I have often felt that people like him and Glenn Beck got some of their ideas for their shows off my blog site, because usually I write things before they talk about them on their shows. Rather, reality indicates that they arrive at their own conclusions but their process toward the truth is similar to mine, and that is where the coincidences occur, in the same deductive thinking manifesting at similar times without direct contact, but through rational thought. But it did surprise me that Rush Limbaugh admitted last week that he had been trying to solve the reason that conservatives are so easily shamed through name calling, while Democrats typically stick together and are so good at defining a social narrative. Well, to me the answer is extremely obvious, and it can be traced back to the liberalized educations most of us get in public schools. As adults those foundation experiences freeze our minds into compliant action and that is the driver of most modern problems. I know Limbaugh understands the problems of modern public education, but it seems clear that the depth of that trouble is just now becoming aware for him. It seems he is having a kind of epiphany as a result of the Covid-19 virus that is finally helping him solve that long standing problem.

The question at hand was how good Republican minded people were suckered in to this whole Covid-19 scam which was a liberalized platform to use a real virus to bring about leftist platform needs. Such as President Trump being convinced by medical terrorists acting on behalf of the World Health Organization into closing down the American economy due to a fear of having massive amounts of dead people stacked on his presidency. Bill Gates was one of those terrorists, as was Dr. Doom of the CDC. Amy Acton from Ohio, attached to Governor DeWine was another, their input of doom and gloom froze Trump and DeWine and once frozen, they were paralyzed to act, as was the rest of us. Then as the efforts to reopen the economy were advanced, suddenly anybody not believing in the social distancing measures, or in wearing masks to stop the spread of the virus, anybody wanting to step away from those methods were attacked by mass groups of people in the media, in the political class, and activists on social media. Literally, the argument was made, if you leave your house until medical officials declared that it was safe, you would be responsible directly for killing people. For the first time on a mass scale, liberals were able to convince most Americans that their desire to act independently was going to cause the death of other people and that it was selfish to have such a desire. Well, of course this is absolutely absurd, yet many good people were falling for it, so the question as to how and why such a method was effective at all has been the topic of the day and nobody really seems to have a good answer, so I’m happy to explain it.

The problem isn’t in some modern context but in the roots of our learning as children. First you must understand that all public schools are set up wrong from the start. Public education was always a lofty social idea, but it has never been right in how and what it teaches. The liberal terrorist Bill Ayers understood the nature of public education always and has been very open about it. He’s important because he remains to this day as a big advocate, especially in the Chicago area for public education and teacher unions listen to his socialist style propaganda. The readers here might remember the controversy that Obama’s presidential campaign was started in Bill Ayers living room, of course we were all told this was a vast right-winged conspiracy—but as we know now 13 years later, it was all quite true. Anyway, Ayers has always said correctly that public schools were sorting machines. People say that public education is broken and that kids come out of them not very smart, well that’s because the goal of any government school is not to actually teach kids anything. Public schools are sorting machines that produce people of different classes for their adult lives and the thought processes learned in public schools literally do last a lifetime.

Public schools are very psychologically organized to herd people into various classes which are always driven by very liberal thought. For young males, the pretty, popular cheerleader types of girls are dangled out in their very short skirts to steer those youth into sports where they learn team concepts and other rules of social discourse so that they can be “popular” and date the “popular” girls. The band chicks are the second tier, they pull in the band boys and that becomes another class of people. Then there are the social outcasts who smoke cigarettes while at school and are in the various shop classes. The making fun of other students to herd them into one of these three classes isn’t punished by the administrators, its encouraged. Its part of the culture itself and as we see, children quickly develop friends to protect them in a herd-like fashion from the peer-pressure that the various classes inflict. Those patterns for friends then sets up a lifetime of such a desire which then allows governments to easily control people for their entire lives psychologically. That is why this Covid-19 thing worked so well, and why very maniacal people were audacious enough to try it. It was driven by the same peer pressure that kids in school suffer under only on this scale it was that social distancing was going to save lives once the World Health Organization told us that millions of people would die. Why didn’t we question that premise, well because we psychologically accepted that the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control were populated by smart doctors and that class was above our own—or at least above our pay grade. So, it was assumed that we would follow them because they were a superior class of intelligentsia.

I could write a book bigger than War and Peace on this topic alone, but unfortunately, nobody would read it because such a realization is just too difficult for most people to overcome. They see the results every day, but they have to admit a whole lot of things that are uncomfortable about why they believe the things they do before they can solve the problem of the present, as to what they actually believe. That fear gap is what keeps everyone’s mouth closed and allows the liberal activist always to have the upper hand. Because they don’t have such a sense of self, so they cannot be shamed into behavior, they have long ago yielded to it as the popular kids, so as long as they believe what is popular, they never worry about being on the outside looking in. They just agree and go along which is what Covid-19 exploited in our culture by global terrorists trying yet another method to destroy the American economy, even if they had to use the world as their shield in acting out the aggression. It was stunning to hear people like Sean Hannity, Matt Drudge and even in the beginning Alex Jones behave in lines with the World Health Organization and believe that Covid-19 was going to kill us all, because they had a natural respect for the classes of people who ignited the fear. That respect wasn’t placed in their minds with merit, but by their public educations as children. Under duress, they quickly moved into a default mode and made decisions based on that position. The same thing happened to President Trump and Mike DeWine certainly got suckered into it.

But to answer the question as to why, well, there you have it. We are programmed from youth to think certain ways and to trust certain people. We may have thinking minds that question things, but peer pressure often overtakes logical thought because we have accepted as a species that majority opinion is more important than the truth. The way to move up in life, which is also taught to us in public schools is to get a good grade, agree with your teacher, don’t make waves, and good things will happen to you. You get to date that pretty, popular girl. You may even get to be the homecoming king or queen if you do everything correctly as defined by the public school. And if you are a rebel, they’ll throw you out into the smoking pit and put you in shop class to ensure that you never make more than $35K per year. The way to move up in life is to do what “they” tell you, and that is why these global terrorists tried this stay at home order method and encouraged social distancing. People ostracized from their peer groups and being addicted to friendships and associates would seek a replacement, and that is why the daily reports from governors became so quickly important to us. Stuck in our homes, and removed from our peer groups we sought to trust a new peer group, government. And they became our new religion and sought to bring down the American way of life. That dear reader is how we found ourselves in this situation and why liberals feel they can dish it out, but never expect to take it. Because we are all wired to accept these social class methods as a means to control our herd mentality. Few see it for what it is, except for those who never fit in any of the classes and rejected the premise from the start of their lives and have fought it all along. Those people are rare, but they are out there, and they saw the truth from the very beginning. It was easy for them. Rush Limbaugh is one of those people, but he needs to see the bigger picture for the programming that public education played in all our lives to really see the truth—which I think he is coming to now.

Rich Hoffman

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