The American Embassy in Jerusalem: Uncovering our true human roots as Palestinian radicals throw their bodies in front of an effort to keep it hidden

It usually comes down to either Marxism or capitalism in modern societies where ideological differences stand in the way of a peaceful exchange of social values. That is one of the reasons I find movie box office sales indicators so fascinating, because it informs us of the shared values of the average ticket buyer, where they enjoy a particular kind of movie enough to see in story form a set of idea at a movie theater with perfect strangers. In relation, regarding the unrest in the Middle East, nothing could be more fascinating than the problems between Israel and every other country in the region. Israel has been part of that region since well before the Islamic religion came to the Middle East, and even long before the Romans and Greeks had their empires which helped shape all the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. But after the Sykes Picot Agreement of 1916 it was Marxist revolutionaries who channeled their anger at the western nations that were the victors of World War I and then those United Nations powers which formed up the borders of the Middle East further after World War II that took over the governments of Iran, Syria, Iraq, and everywhere else to exact revenge on the creation of Israel. The border between Palestine and Israel today is not much different from America and Mexico—on one side is a capitalist nation—on the other is a Marxist one choking on failed socialism. It really is that simple—economic opportunity versus economic limitations based completely on political ideology hiding behind masks of religion to sell it to their people.

That is why it was so significant that President Trump moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem today—to proclaim to the world that America had made a choice in the matter where it has been fashionable to play the middle ground. I am a huge supporter of this move by Trump and would add further that there could have never been peace in the Middle East until this occurred. Now we can say that a move toward peace has been made by the United States and further advancements toward peaceful enterprise in the region, and an expansion of capitalism into the Middle East for the benefit of everyone is now about to take place. That is a wonderful thing.

Of course, there is more to the story, as there always is. One of the aspects of a peaceful Middle East that I am most excited for is the restoration of proper archaeological research into the cradle of civilization that is behind the wars in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, even down into Egypt, and Libya. The greatest tragedy of this past century has been that wars over religious beliefs and political ideology have made those regions unstable and prevented proper archaeological research I would argue is necessary to understanding our own history as a civilization. For those who want validation of the great Biblical stories which have driven the most popular religions the world has ever seen, proper archaeology of the great sites of the Middle East is absolutely necessary. But there are other religions which came before Christianity that are also there for all to see and the relics from those collections have been sold all over the world into private ownership and that evidence has been alarming to those who pay attention to those types of attributes, and its time that the rest of the world is let on to that evidence.

I say it often, wars are created by those who truly want to be in power and that is certainly the case in the Middle East. There are very wealthy people who have an eye on history who know what is to be uncovered in the Middle East—evidence that mankind is much older than the Biblical accounts can chronicle, and those parties do not want mankind to know that information—because so long as most of the world’s populations fall under one of the known present religions, then those same people can easily control those people under current political assumptions. By introducing two opposites to the Middle East, Marxist revolutionaries and the capitalists behind the Jewish faith the Middle East has had much of the evidence of its vast past destroyed by war, and very little archaeology has been able to transpire due to the perpetual conflicts.

As 52 Palestinians died in protest during the opening ceremonies of the new American Embassy in Jerusalem it served as a grim reminder of as to why that region has always been unstable, and why the other side is so desperate to keep it that way. The American Embassy is a stabilizing factor and the Palestinians know that if they don’t sacrifice themselves to some degree that their end is coming anyway, and nobody up until President Trump has been willing to make that move. But Trump has an advantage in understanding the real nature of the Palestinian conflict from the side of the wealthy collectors that most people never hear about—because they get all their news from the constructed media accounts which say that the entire conflict is one of religious differences—which couldn’t be further from the truth. On the political side of things, the Middle East conflicts are between capitalism and Marxism. But even deeper than that, it is of the origin stories of civilization as a whole, and to prevent those stories from getting out, war has been used as a cover to prevent proper scientific research into the world of the Middle East which has always had the secrets just a few feet under the sand.

Honestly anywhere in the world where there is great conflict you will find a similar situation—the current governments wish to keep their citizens in the dark to the realities of the world which came before them. That is certainly the case in North America where it is now well-known that the Indians were just another come-lately group of humans who migrated into a region that had a rather sophisticated empire that rose and fell long before Columbus ever sailed to the Americas. Mexico had an advanced culture that was destroyed by Spain. To cover up that past the Spanish built Mexico City on top of the ruins to hide it for all time. All over the Central and South American regions are countries drowning in Marxism making it nearly impossible to have western universities set up shop to conduct long archaeological surveillance to uncover the true nature of ancient civilizations. What policy and rules can’t limit, the economic conditions of the region frustrate real efforts at science. There are still tremendous opportunities for archaeological research to be conducted in the great continent of Africa, but almost every country there is a Marxist regime and westerners tend to end up dead in their tents deep in the back country of the “Dark Continent.” Then of course there is Russia and China, some of the largest land masses in the world yet they are as covered as anything ever could be anywhere, because under totalitarianism politics, science is run by the state—and the states don’t want people to know what came before them. They need to create the illusion among their people who all there ever was that illuminated power and influence were their regimes—not some culture that rose and fell centuries ago, or even tens of thousands of years ago. How many Göbekli Tepes are hiding out in the deserts of the Middle East? My guess would be hundreds, if not thousands—and what would they tell us about the world before Christianity? A lot. But modern politics doesn’t want that information known to the people they wish to rule.

I am all for peace, and in order to get it, the Marxism that is driving the anxiety of the Middle East has to be conquered and driven out of the region. For that to happen, the American Embassy in Jerusalem is a good place to start. There is a need to conduct archaeology in that great city immediately that cannot occur because of the unrest that the Muslims bring to the conflict which prevents it, and the politics behind that anxiety is happy to prevent that research as long as they can. But mankind cannot allow such a thing to continue, so moving the American Embassy has more meaning than in just supporting the Jewish people of the region—it truly is the first step in peace, and in the greater understanding of our own histories as revealed through proper science. The mysteries behind so many wars are waiting for us to uncover them, and its about time. After the Embassy opened, I can say that my enthusiasm for learning these facts over the upcoming century just became much more feasible, and was a tremendous effort on behalf of science, which demands thoughtful research to be conducted free of war and turmoil.

Yes, Israeli snipers killed scores of Palestinians and wounded 1,300 as 35,000 protesters rallied against the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem overseen by Trump’s Middle East envoy of Jared Kushner and daughter Ivanka. It was the Palestinians who decided they wanted to dispute the territory of Jerusalem and follow the philosophy of Marxism into such a desperate strategic position. As I have said many times, he who has the gold, rules. And it determines who will win in this conflict, and why there will be peace in the Middle East. Because finally America picked a side, and that’s all it will take.

Rich Hoffman

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The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America: A masterpiece by Fritz Zimmerman

IMG_4354It was a rare treat to come home for the weekend on a Friday and to have a stack of really good books to read on a subject where I had a lot to learn.  My oldest daughter and I had been talking about this problem recently while dining at a very nice restaurant in London—that books were getting harder to read for me as I get older because most of them seem so trite and unimaginative.  I blame the publishing industry on that problem as they continue to put out the same contorted material to fit neatly into the turbulent social conditions of our day—instead of pushing against those limits to actually expand human culture.  But I did manage to find some great books in the literary capital of the world which for me was like a drink of water after walking in the desert for three days.  But the biggest jolt came while I was at the Stonehenge site off to the west of London.  It wasn’t just the stone monuments that had my mind racing—it was the entire area and the way that the English Heritage group had built the new welcome center—which removed the tourists from Stonehenge and put them a mile away giving visitors an excellent overview of the entire countryside.  And to me that countryside felt remarkably like my home in Ohio—so much so that as soon as I returned home I bought three books that I had been thinking about for quite a while—yet didn’t really have the time to give to them.

After my trip to Stonehenge, my mind was racing and I needed more information to connect all the jagged evidence I had been collecting intellectually for more than 40 years.  So I bought the books I wanted from Fritz Zimmerman and they arrived on a Friday and by Monday morning with no sleep to my credit for the weekend, I had read through the one I had most on my mind, his The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America and the result was simply magnificent.  This is a book that should be sold in every museum in North America and be the go-to reference material for all things related to American archaeology.  It’s a great collection of a newly discovered phenomena that is unlocking our true American history and it does what all great books do and that’s expand the dialogue.IMG_4355

It’s been a long time that I started reading a book on a Friday night and literally didn’t put it down until Monday morning with only a couple of half hour power naps to sustain the necessity for slumber put off until I was finished with the many discoveries shown in the book.  I thought it was a fabulous work constructed with great passion for the subject and it’s a real treasure.  Since all this ancient giant skeleton reporting started breaking reluctantly from the scientific community my best reference for all the material had been scattered internet reports from armchair archaeologists hobbled together from reports cuts from newspapers during the 1800s.  The reason for that is that it was during westward expansion that so many farms were constructed all around the nations and while building new homes, all these mounds were discovered and people would find all these really large bones of human beings who had obviously been in North America for many centuries prior—and the mounds that contained the bones were everywhere.  That’s why the reports exploded during that particular time period but died off at the start of the 20th century. The evidence was pretty much destroyed during all the construction that took place building a new nation, and academia had a line of Christianized dialogue that they wanted to adhere to preserving Europe’s claim to this New World.

Readers here know that I have covered many topics related to these Ohio mound builders from an ancient time that nobody in the orthodox scientific community was able to properly articulate.  For instance, I find it just a little disturbing that right in the heart of downtown Cincinnati on the spot where Fountain Square resides today was a very large mound which took up nearly an entire city block and within it was found the Cincinnati Tablet which is on exhibit at the Museum Center nearby and is an object of a little obsession by me.  That story and the artwork that poured from it do not fit the classical idea of the conquered Indian nomads that we read about in our history books. I have also covered the Mothman mystery from up the river at Point Pleasant.  Additionally I’ve covered the Illuminati exploits of the rich, famous, and politically connected all along the Ohio River and told many stories of mysterious frontier life from the Pennsylvania border all the way to the Mississippi River with the mysterious Cahokia culture and it took a lot of reading and collection of obscure bits of information to put it all together.  Much to my delight, all those topics were covered by Fritz Zimmerman in his books—especially the Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants and it fed my mind in a way that sleep couldn’t.

IMG_4356I think most stunning, and surprising for me was in seeing just how many mound sites with very precise earthworks existed, particularly in Portsmouth, Ohio, West Virginia and on up to Marietta.  I’ve been to many of the sites, but seeing them all in the same book really puts a point on the issue and shows what a vast and complex culture we are dealing with here.  That’s the reason I was so shocked at Stonehenge.  I had wanted to go there for years but just didn’t have the time to get there.  So when the opportunity arose, it was at the top of my list because it always felt like a key to something and the reports I read in my books as a youth were coming from very new assumptions.  But I was clearly able to see that the culture at Stonehenge was precisely the same culture that had built Newark, Serpent Mound and the Miamisburg Mound.  And on that note I was very shocked to learn that a mound the size of the Miamisburg Mound was literally right across the river from my house all covered up in trees near a road I’ve driven down likely a million times yet it’s always been hidden there in plain sight my entire life.  It’s remarkable if it is placed into this larger story.  By itself people just write it off as an old Indian relic, but taken as a portion of a very vast culture all over North America it begins to take on added significance.

Ironically Fritz even had in his Encyclopedia a picture of a Pazuzu which is the winged demon that I had just seen on display at The Louvre in the Assyrian section.  The Pazuzu is the same crazy demon that was supposedly possessing Linda Blair in The Exorcist and may have actually caused trouble on the set.  I had just been thinking when I saw it that ancient relic that it reminded me of pictures I had seen of the Birdman from Cahokian culture over by St. Louis.  As I was reading about the strange reports of mounds found in the Point Pleasant area of West Virginia Fritz made mention that the Shawnee had a name for the mouth of the river, they called it “The River of Evil Spirits” and they had a name for that birdman—they called it Piasu—which is remarkably similar to “Pazuzu.”  That’s when all the gears clicked for me and not only was this the obvious Mothman that had been reported in that particular region made popular by the Richard Greer movie called The Mothman Prophecies, but here was direct evidence that diffusion had taken place from Sumeria to the Ohio Valley which explained why the mathematics and effigies were all so similar.  Right around 3000 B.C. to 800 B.C. which is a very long time—Sumerian culture and North America where trading with each other and likely the British Isles were involved in the commerce—the Shawnee were not indigenous to the Ohio Valley—so they wouldn’t have been directly exposed to that commerce.

They came up out of Florida and picked up legends that had been told for quite a long time and it’s no accident that their word for the great demon is so close to the name that the Sumerians used.  And it’s also no accident that an ancient Sumerian demon happened to be terrorizing West Virginians before a major tragedy there in the late 60s because the same character showed up and was worshiped hundreds of miles downriver at Cahokia.  Whatever bizarre rituals had taken place around the West Virginia mounds had evoked the same paranormal circumstances as were seen on the other side of the world in Sumerian culture.  And just like that, Fritz had connected the dots by showing all the work in one place for all to see.  And don’t fret orthodox science; Fritz doesn’t make supernatural claims about possible quantum fluctuations in reality that might manifest such a demon creature at Point Pleasant.  He simply points out that the names are similar.  Hey, the people of West Virginia saw something there whether it’s illusion or reality—something haunts them at Point Pleasant—still.  And I’ve always wondered about it.

Obviously The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America is a self-published enterprise and some of the reviews I read on the book prior to buying it criticized it for that case.  I understand self publishing, I’ve been through it myself—because a more traditional publisher is looking for an ROI on their projects and they tend to stick close to a formula they understand, and don’t like to take chances—especially these days with all the costs involved and marketplace changes that have taken place.  Saying that, I do love a well published book and one of the best I’ve seen in a while is Francis Pryor’s masterwork called Britain B.C. Harper Perennial did a fabulous job with it from beginning to end.  You know with a book coming from a top tier publisher that you’re getting great editing and many eyes looking at the manuscript so it’s clean of errors—and I like that.  But I also know that most books through the ages were not published in this fashion.  Most of the time they were done the way that The Encyclopedia of Ancient Giants in North America was—with an author who poured a lot of passion into their project to the point where its infectious and that’s the case with Fritz’s work.  There was no way a big name publisher was going to put their name on a project like this because there is just too much politics and religion in this particular topic—and the only way to break through those barriers is through a self published enterprise.  With that said, I did notice little things that seemed like fragmented thoughts and little format errors here and there—but it didn’t bother me because the essence of the material was so good.  Fritz Zimmerman has spent 15 years putting together all this material, which saved me a boat-load of time doing it on my own.

I’d recommend getting this book even if you are just a little curious.  It’s a jaw-dropping collection of what will be a revolutionary realization regarding North American history.  For instance, as I’ve pointed out in the very good book called 1421: The Year China Discovered America by Gavin Menzies it is highly likely that the Shawnee from Florida were actually migrants from China who assimilated with local tribes and eventually became the Shawnee of Ohio.  As they were “assimilating” and running into what was left over of the mound builders they learned the name of Pazuzu slightly wrong from its original Sumerian roots which came to North America from the British Isles most probably.  And this is why books like Zimmerman’s get ignored by big publishers, because the entire publishing industry is chained to an academic structure that is in extreme denial over the obvious diffusion that took place well before our modern documented history—and they don’t want to be associated with that kind of controversy until they can be assured that they can make money off it.  Right now, this giant species of human that existed in North America before the arrival of Columbus is way too controversial.

We are lucky that Menzies was able to publish his book in a conventional way.  But this information is coming in too fast for academia to contain, so there is a lot of tension in the industry.  That’s why to me it was such a miracle to run into Zimmerman’s book—and why I spent my entire weekend reading it fully—sleepless.  It was a fabulous read and a book I will turn too often for reference.  And it’s the kind of book that should be on every bookshelf because it’s a pioneering work well ahead of its time.  We should all be thankful that Fritz Zimmerman took the time to write it—because it couldn’t have been easy.  That’s for sure.  To really study this kind of topic you have to have vast overwhelming evidence in one place so you can see the big picture—and that’s precisely what Zimmerman has done.  This isn’t some video game where you run across a fantasy driven forgotten cultures like in Uncharted or Zelda, or even a popular novel like Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code.  This is real and it’s right under our feet—literally.

Rich Hoffman


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ISIS Deliberate Destruction of Archaeology: Hiding the past to preserve power


As predicted the thugs, losers, and knuckle-dragging misfits of ignorance have repeated history. Nearly four years prior to the day I predicted this would happen and would be the worst impact of the Muslim Brotherhood radicalism in Egypt. Glenn Beck was being ridiculed for his predictions of a caliphate, and many were wondering why I was more concerned about the museum in Cairo during the siege than the supposed wonderful flowering of “democracy” that was emerging under the full support of the Obama White House. READ WHAT I SAID THEN BY CLICKING HERE, then continue with this article. I knew this would happen, and now it has. New videos released on Thursday apparently show ISIS militants destroying Assyrian and Akkadian artifacts in Mosul—smashing statues and scraping through a winged bull from the 7th century B.C.

This is only the latest episode in a spree of iconoclasm ISIS has unleashed across the areas under its control in Iraq and Syria. In May 2014, there were reports of separate Assyrian artifacts being excavated and destroyed. In July 2014, fighters destroyed the Tomb of the Prophet Jonah in Nineveh. Earlier this week, reports said the group had burned 100,000 books and manuscripts from the Mosul library.

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History is being erased right before our eyes in a deliberate attempt to re-write it into a theocracy as predicted by Vico. The scale of destruction occurring in modern-day Iraq and Syria all up and down the Tigres Euphrates Valley is on par with the tragic killing of Hypatia by the barbarian Cyril who skinned her alive in the streets of Alexandria ripping her into pieces limb for limb eventually being burnt until nothing remained of her. The destruction of the Library at Alexandria is one of the greatest crimes ever committed and it was done by Christian extremists who wanted no knowledge of the world that existed before their religion in an open attempt to cast the world into ignorance, which launched the Dark Ages from that moment in 415 AD. To this day much of this prehistory has been lost. CLICK HERE TO READ MY ARTICLE ON THAT ISSUE AS WELL.

Archaeology in Iraq had been impossible because of the various wars conducted there for the last several decades. Of a particular interest the original Garden of Eden is thought to be in Iraq and much of the history of Sumerian religion originated there. Research in the war-torn area has been contentious at best and what has been found over the last 100 years of archaeology ended up in the museums, which have now largely been destroyed by ISIS terrorists. The intent is the same as it has always been, to erase the past so that the new regime of religious thought can pronounce themselves rulers of the world and throw everyone under their domination. It’s an archaic mentality that mankind is meant to evolve from, but due to the lack of vision, or rather the support of the political underpinnings of our current civilization, it’s being encouraged.

Even in the United States there have been several instances of revisionist history conducted. The giants who lived in North America – people over 7 feet tall in a large society that extended from the Great Lakes all the way to the Gulf of Mexico had an advanced mathematical culture and large cities that are now buried beneath our feet. The bones have been hidden away or destroyed all together to maintain the illusion that the Indians of Columbus were always in place and that no greater culture prior to the European arrival was ever in place before Christian conquest. I have written much on the deliberate destruction of many archaeological sites in just my home state of Ohio, including the one up the road from my house at the The Mound nuclear complex. CLICK HERE TO READ ALL ABOUT THAT.

It is because of all this deliberate destruction of history that I don’t trust much of anything reported by any institutional claim any longer preferring to make my own judgments from puzzled together pieces of text, such as the late Zachariah Stichen conducted. He was one of the few people who could read Sumerian text and he was convinced that the Tigres Euphrates Valley was settled by the Anunnaki who were extraterrestrials from a planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru—at least according to the mythology he was able to decipher. It’s possible that some of these stories were early versions of fiction the way that Star Wars is to us today—but from what origin did the stories spring from their imaginations? Because the sudden rise in culture in that region is extremely mysterious. It defies logic. Some of the relics that were destroyed recently by ISIS where painting a picture toward this contemplation of extraterrestrial seeding. How convenient.   Just recently scientists finally concluded what many in science fiction have been saying for years, Mars had vast oceans and land masses complete with rivers and streams. Apparently a fifth of the planet’s surface had oceans at least the size of the Atlantic here on earth. The planet lost their atmosphere and also the water molecules that existed there which were eventually sucked out into space except for at the poles where the water was frozen. If one logically put all these elements together it would seem that Earth was seeded from someplace else—likely from Mars as the planet died and a race of larger, taller people came here from there. Sure it sounds like science fiction, but how can anybody ever prove otherwise—because ISIS just destroyed much of that past displayed in the museums of Iraq?

In many ways this is why I think the current caliphate in the Middle East has been allowed to spread-actually encouraged by the politics of Europe and America into fruition. I doubt that the many deaths that are occurring were part of the plan, but certainly the hope that science couldn’t do any real research in the Middle East to confirm some of these wild theories about human civilization coming from places like Mars to settle the city of Ur and the hanging gardens of Nebuchadnezzar could be supported by emerging evidence. There is an intense desire to protect the secrets of many current religions driven by a fear that new evidence will destroy the power structure given to them by public ignorance. Iraq was ground zero for much of this research and once the world began to notice the archaeology of the region and were trying to correspond it to Biblical text, some questions were naturally asked leading to the Sitchin theories which drives much of the New Age science contemplation to this day, that an undiscovered planet called Nibiru collided with a planet between Mars and Jupiter called Tiamat. The planet Nibiru is according to mythology in a long elliptical orbit which comes into the inner solar system only every 3,600 years. The people called the Anunnaki (Nephillim in Genesis) arrived on earth 450,000 years ago. Their descendents were likely the giants who settled North America and started the mound building cultures–at least according to the scattered archaeological evidence that have been pieced together. When Nibiru hit Tiamat leaving behind the vast asteroid belt that is currently between Jupiter and Mars it looks to have created a need for some sort of evacuation that put the Anunnaki onto earth to settle the Sumerian culture. Maybe they were on the doomed planet Tiamat, or perhaps they were on Mars—or both—but the catastrophe sent them fleeing to earth as their planets failed to sustain them. Highly likely, when we finally travel to Mars much of the archaeology that we are talking about here will be discovered—which is why our cultures are drag-assing to return to space. I am convinced that the reason we haven’t returned to the moon is because the governments of the world don’t think they can maintain their control of the population once such things are realized. Again, its only conspiracy at this point that is hard to prove when the evidence is destroyed—the way ISIS just did. In this case I think of the ISIS terrorists as the useful idiots in erasing information that the civilized orthodox isn’t comfortable with revealing to our educated tapestry.

The ISIS destruction of archaeology in Iraq and Syria—let alone Iran which is impossible to excavate in, points to a massive cover-up of the evidence emerging from scientists with a keen mind toward the puzzle pieces emerging of humanity’s actual origins—which extend well back before the Bible or the Koran. Knowledge is ultimately power and the ISIS thugs have had the winds of rebellion blown into their ears by the powers of Europe who want to maintain their “perspective” centered on religious doctrine. It is easy to hide such evidence if the Christian based west is insulted into defending their religion from the religious fanatics of Islam. Everyone eventually forgets to ask the question of what came before both of them were even considered. That is the million dollar question, one that was destroyed by ISIS for all the reasons that barbarians, cut-throats and terrorist through the centuries have done—to hide history so that they can declare themselves to an ignorant population the new rulers.

Just remember this dear reader, if a tree falls in the forest and nobody hears it—it still fell. History happens whether or not anybody consciously records it–or whether or not the evidence of such occurrences are destroyed. Whatever the truth is, it is still the truth even if ISIS destroys all the chronology of that truth. The big difference is that ISIS and all who look at the destruction left in their wake—which has been deliberately set off by those seeking to guard the truth from prying eyes—has been created to throw people off the trail and keep secrets that way for as long as possible. And that is the real crime being committed which is something every human being should take as an insult.

Rich Hoffman


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Giant Megaliths On Mount Shoria, Russia: The importance of Archaeology and deficiency of modern education

According to a site called The Truth Wins:

An incredible discovery that was recently made in Russia threatens to shatter conventional theories about the history of the planet.  On Mount Shoria in southern Siberia, researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones.  Some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than 3,000 tons, and as you will see below, many of them were cut “with flat surfaces, right angles, and sharp corners”.  Nothing of this magnitude has ever been discovered before.  The largest stone found at the megalithic ruins at Baalbek, Lebanon is less than 1,500 tons.  So how in the world did someone cut 3,000 ton granite stones with extreme precision, transport them up the side of a mountain and stack them 40 meters high?  According to the commonly accepted version of history, it would be impossible for ancient humans with very limited technology to accomplish such a thing.  Could it be possible that there is much more to the history of this planet than we are being taught?

Well, I’ll answer that question, proposed by The Truth Wins; it is factually evident that there is a lot more to the history of the earth that is just now becoming obvious after only 100 years of archaeology, geology, paleontology, and anthropology. Any thought about mankind and its history that has so far been taught in schools has been grossly premature. The taught knowledge of history is comparable in scope to the knowledge of a kindergarten student fresh from their mother’s arms compared to a triple doctorial post-graduate of three major universities. Unfortunately, those same universities in competition for academic respect have published too much theory too fast as fact and attempted to ignore the vast amount of evidence which continued to pour in from scientists in the field. The result has been a catastrophe in understanding human history which is turning out to be nothing like what was taught in public schools and colleges for several decades now.

The greatest hindrance to proper archeological understanding of our planet comes from two primary sources, politics—such as in Iraq where so many ancient cities reside but are impossible to properly excavate due to the political volatility that is ever-present. What caused such poor contributions from Russia during their heavy communist years under Stalin was a political system that suppressed information to the outside world. Because the country was closed off to the West, university archaeologists were not able to do any excavating in Russia, so a vast span of that part of the world has been ignored scientifically. Siberia for years has been ripe for a raw look into mankind’s past, because it is so remote from civilization and provides an accurate looking-glass into our past. This recent discovery of the megaliths in Russia is just the tip of a culture which easily evolved around the Pacific Rim and has been building megalithic structures well before documented history.

Archaeologist John Jensen was quoted in the article from The Truth Wins, and is primarily concerned with ancient canal builders chronicling the many harbors built all around the North American continent well over 7000 years ago which defies any notion about earth’s history previously entertained. His comment about the Russian megaliths state:

“These megaliths reach well back into the mists of pre-history, so far in fact, that conjecture about their ‘builders’, methods, purpose and meaning is pure speculation, and as such, I would hesitate to offer any observation at all, other than to say our pre-historical past is richer than we ever dreamed.” John Jensen as an archaeologist also acknowledged something that a few years ago was quite controversial alluding to the topic of the number one article posted at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom, the article “Giants in Ohio.”

    1. talei kayehall April 21, 2014 at 4:30 PM

Anyone with a brain and eye can see that these megaliths are man-made. They are everywhere even under water. The truth is, we don’t know how they did it but my guess is HUGE PEOPLE built it. Let’s just stop listening to people paid by the Smithsonian Institute and use our heads to search out the real truths. From Fiji.

John Jensen April 21, 2014 at 7:39 PM

I tend to agree in general terms. We have substantive proof in the geological column that super giants lived on the earth at some time (at least several Epochs) ago. They ranged in size between 26′ and 35′ tall, or at least that is as large as we have hard evidence for. (A 5′ footprint in a granite stone in South Africa)

More can be learned about John Jensen at the following link:

The other major hindrance to proper archaeological study is religion. For instance, there is not a proper study of the current Temple of Solomon because of the perpetual anxiety between Christians, Jews, and Muslims over the Temple Mount location. In spite of the evidence that both Muslims and Jews and Christians have Zoroastrianism as their origins, and even further a reverence for the philosophy of Aristotle. Presently, the religions do not get along and are fighting over whose version of Biblical history is correct. Zoroastrianism arose in the eastern region of the ancient Persian Empire, when the religious philosopher Zoroaster simplified the pantheon of early Iranian gods[3] into two opposing forces: Spenta Mainyu (Progressive mentality) and Angra Mainyu (Destructive Mentality) under the one God, Ahura Mazda (Illuminating Wisdom). Zoroaster’s ideas led to a formal religion bearing his name by about the 6th century BCE and have influenced other later religions including Judaism, Gnosticism, Christianity and Islam.[6]

Because of these religious conflicts proper archaeological investigation does not happen. Even worse, because many wish to believe the text of the Holy Bible and Koran as sacred—and historical, they ignore any evidence which is contrary to their religions doctrines. The result has been that many different races of people have existed on earth over time, some of them likely were giants 10’ to 20’ feet tall, some even larger and have given rise to the many mythologies which speak to us presently from the past. There is more truth to many of the ancient stories than fictional fantasy—which is confirmed by archaeological evidence. Yet that evidence is ignored because the information requires an adoption of religious viewpoints to accept—and because many people function from a primal, infantile grip on the reality of life and death—they cling to these religions like people caught in the middle of an ocean hanging on to a life raft lacking the ability to swim. It is not inconceivable that giants walked and worked the planet earth before the species of Neanderthals rose to form what we think of as humans, two-legged creatures between 5’ to 7’ tall.

Biblical history tells the story of a group of descendents emerging from Noah who formed a tribe of Jews that rose to prominence in Jerusalem. In the context of history, these events only took place a few thousand years ago. Yet the stone structures discovered in Siberia are far, far older and could not have been built by any known method from any period prior to the present. It would be difficult to build them today with all the power equipment available—let alone in a time when ropes and rocks were the only reasonable tools known. The builders at the site in Siberia had very advanced technology indicative to the many megalithic structures common around the earth untold years ago and they were audacious enough to build them in the largest fashion recorded throughout the world.

Based on my observations, sometimes in person, but collected from readings projected from every corner of the world, specifically now from Siberia is that mankind has moved through several cycles of rising and falling such as what happened with the Roman Empire. There was a glorious period of human thought and technological development in Rome, which fell eventually to the barbarian hoards. Immediately thereafter was a period called the Dark Ages of Europe where society regressed backwards to tribal villages and small-minded kingdoms leading to the kind of plot lines that Shakespeare wrote about in his stage plays. China went through a similar cycle around 1410 AD to 1430 AD, then declined in power living off their grand breakthroughs around the cited period. The United States is currently going through this decline period and if left unchecked, cities like New York could wither away into empty shells within a few hundred years, and erode away into nothing within 10,000 years leaving no memory of their creation except for some very obscure archaeology. The human race has over time risen and fallen and was not always of the same height or species. The Neolithic cultures all around the world including the new Siberia site had in common either extreme size and strength completely foreign to modern human beings—or they were extremely advanced technologically and that technology has been lost to time. What we do know is that the large stone structures seen in Siberia and elsewhere the world over were made by thinking hands and are a mystery that will endure so long as religion, academic stagnation, and regional politics hold back thoughtful inquiry into their origins. It cannot be argued that they were made by something similar to a human being and were not random acts of nature. There was a period on earth where a mysterious race of people from every corner of it built large structures of stone and they did it with precision—and that time period does not fit into our known—or acknowledged history.

This evidence is a warning that with all the bells and whistles modern society believes it possesses, such as the iPhone, the Internet, and McDonald’s restaurants—it can all be wiped away if the education establishments get into the practice of protecting their theories instead of letting knowledge carry society perpetually forward. Once the human being accepts such practices, that society will begin a decline into ruin and will be forgotten within a century or two. Many believe that Siberia is a no mans land of nothing—but it was not always such. There was a period where Siberia had a thriving culture that cared enough about their presence on earth to build something out of stone that could not be easily forgotten or decayed away with the pages of their previous history. Even in modern times, CDs, books, all the creations of mankind can decay away into nothing within 10,000 or 100,000 years lost forever. The Neolithic cultures may have understood this, and decided to build their structures out of one of the slowest decaying substance on earth—stone. It is entirely possible that they were more advanced then than we are now and their culture had its time in the sun and died away for whatever reason. It is that reason which should concern us presently. If we conduct our lives in the same fashion as they did, and allow politics and religion to steer the evidence to places we feel comfortable, then a similar fate will befall the modern human race. At that time 200,000 to 1 million years from now—which is nothing in geologic time, visitors whoever they may be might arrive on the east coast of North America and see large mounds covered with grass and mistake them as hills. With a little archeology they may dig into those hills and discover the remnants of Washington D.C., New York City, and Atlantic City and wonder if there was ever a society as intelligent as they are. Their inventors for the first time might learn how to build a car out of combustible materials, and how to heat homes with energy oared from the earth. Their conspiracy theorists may think of us as giants, or as aliens, but their academic institutions and churches will proclaim that such things are heresy and will steer society away from such theories, and within a few thousand years they too will become extinct—again and again until the earth is consumed by its sun and destroyed forever.

The human race has had its chances and failed each time—we are currently in a time of one of those periods and it will be how we handle the information discovered that will decide our perpetuation, or our doom. Because it is without question that the untouched archaeology of Siberia is about to unload upon the world knowledge that it is likely not prepared to handle—intellectually.   Consider what we know about the dinosaurs which have been deduced based on the study of discovered fossils. We assume that we know all there is to know about dinosaurs based on 5 or 6 T-Rex skeletons partially constructed and hundreds of other prehistoric species found through the fossilization process. However, fossilization is a unique process, complete decomposition is more the norm and there is no way to know what type of species of living creatures inhabited the earth—so there is no way to say that such a large structure in Russia was constructed by any living beings other than giants, or a technically superior civilization long forgotten from any written record. Their evidence is filling the archaeological achieves in the back rooms of museums and universities with academia not sure how to deal with the introduction of new information.   But one thing is clear—quite clear—our present education system is useless because they feed the faults which prevent proper understanding instead of dispelling the long-held grip into religious mythologies and political territories suppressed from proper investigation because of constant turmoil from failing governments, like Russia, Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, China, and the entire Middle East. When the evidence is difficult to uncover in a free country with great wealth to spend on excavations, it is nearly impossible to perform the work in war-torn countries where science is frowned upon due to fear that it might shatter their religious outlook.  This is how the world’s mysteries remain hidden and entire people disconnected from their real past in the long drama directed by the human race.

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