The Vico Cycle is Hard at Work in the Killing of Innocent People in New Zealand

Only the path of the overman can allow what I’m about to say about the shooting in New Zealand to be understood. I understand that all the people more interested in getting drunk, smelling the farts of their friends, and chasing after the wife of their neighbor won’t get the big picture. They just don’t have a mind for it. Most people don’t and won’t see the big picture required to know the truth about why Brenton Tarrant opened fire into a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand killing 50 or so and wounding many others. It’s not a matter of conspiracy, but in understanding the subtilties of human history, the direction of evolutionary society, and the nature of mankind’s natural autonomy. It has nothing to do with skin color, sex, or even politics. It’s all about control however and containing within the imagination of the human being the limits so that massive crimes against intellect can continue unimpeded for a great sin that has been with us since before Adam and Eve plucked fruit from a forbidden tree. For those left in the dust of conceptual knowledge regarding Brenton Tarrant, I suggest reading some James Joyce, particularly one of my favorites in Finnegan’s Wake then understand that in the Vico Cycle we’ve been here before and history dictates we do something new or risk reducing ourselves back into a fetal position. Then at that point we can have an intelligent conversation about what really needs to happen. Gun laws won’t change a thing. The foundations of human civilization are where we must begin and end on this journey of future state intentions.

To those who don’t travel much, especially outside of the United States these days, the world is pretty much a dump from a conservative point of view. Even the great cities of the world that are featured in our favorite movies and are traditionally destination targets of our best literature are already deeply committed to their part of the Vico Cycle, they are regressing back to a theocratic time abandoning the progress of all civilization in favor of what has been, which was war, war, and more war topped off with scandal, suppression and intellectual stagnation. To most of the world these days, due to the efforts of Socialist International people politically if measured correctly are far to the left of Karl Marx. The mother of Brenton Tarrant was one of those people so it is not as if the gunman was a bastion of right wing thinking. When he announced in his manifesto that he was following in the footsteps of several right-winged terrorists the nature and concern of them are still far to the left of the typical American. They are not even on the same scale as the ones the world functions from so the vantage point of Tarrant was corrupted from the very beginning.

I’m not so sure that Tarrant isn’t a far left lunatic deeply in love with Pakistan and the Middle East adopting this character he displayed at the mosque. I think based on the evidence I’ve so far seen that Brenton Tarrant was performing his role in the scheme of things as a double agent type of personality, what he said and did was the opposite of his sensibilities and was designed to have the opposite effect of what he claimed to protest. Anybody could write a manifesto like the one he did even if his mind was the opposite in its intended targets. Instead of wanting to really stop mass immigration he was trying to accelerate it by putting those opposed to it on their heels in defense of their positions, paving the way for more of a global invasion of ideas and archaic religions meant to carry mankind back to before the stone ages where theocracy limited our understanding to gods throwing lightning bolts at each other and sleeping with our wives when we weren’t looking. I don’t believe Brenton Tarrant was a right winged activist, quite the opposite. He was an actor playing the part of a terrorist to put pressure on American politics to let down its guard and allow the invasion to continue unmolested. That is why he mentioned Candace Owens and Donald Trump in his multipage statement, to put pressure on them to stop doing what they do, not to support them.

During the loss of his father in 2010 Tarrent took his inheritance and started to travel the world and it is on this journey that he fell in love with areas in the Middle East. Obviously, he became radicalized during this period but as a person of western heritage he approached the problem of convincing the world to move further to the political left by masking his terrorist intentions behind a personality that reflected the fears of all civilization. Brenton is too loose with his terms “fascist” in his manifesto to the point where it sounds contrived and too closely associated with the antics of Nazi Germany. And by mentioning Candace and President Trump in the same written document which the media of the globe would savagely contemplate it would force all such supporters to hide their true opinions and change their stance on immigration and the mixing of cultures to the point where the accelerated intentions of the most radical leftist might be finally realized.

The reactions of the world were predictable and known before the terrorist attack was taken. In New Zealand gun laws require a license to have firearms so they are not exactly easy to get. I would compare their stringent requirements to the difficulty of buying suppressors in the States, a real pain in the ass. But of course the prime minister of New Zealand immediately went to a measure of stricter gun laws to prevent something like this from ever happening again. Brenton Tarrent knew all this would happen and it was part of his terrorist act to ignite the discussion. New Zealand is a peaceful country with very little crime, so by targeting this part of the world, it would capture everyone’s attention and continue to put pressure on the United States to reform their gun policies and immigration positions to accepting more left leaning direction toward a theocracy for which the governments of the world could more adequately protect their secrets.

That is the true intention here, the governments in their disorganized bluster of neurotic intentions are quite ominous in their desires for control. Even to the point that a president of the United States can’t get a straight answer on alien interactions, because nobody will tell them the truth, the real powers that seek to control mankind are hard at work trying to keep us all on the Vico Cycle and after the anarchy of our present age desire quite lustfully to carry us all back to a theocracy. That is the preferred state of governments who want most to rule over the human race from a position of strength, they want to use religion to connect us to god for which they control the path, just as has been the case through every major civilization in known history. The Muslim faith is just as theocratic as a Christian one and if the world is at war over which one will prevail, then the real discoveries that are in front of us in this new space age might be averted. From Brenton Tarrent’s point of view, if he could accelerate a war between the religions, then he could also stabilize the control governments have over the minds of the globe’s residents. Like a true fascist which he claimed to be, his goals were far to the left of the typical conservative in the United States.

There is no more powerful country in the world than the United States and much like Rome the barbarian hoards of the conquered domains were jealous and vengeful that their cultures did not tap into the power of western civilization the way the Roman Empire did. So they fought hard to chip away at Rome politically and militarily until eventually the will to maintain Rome fell away and the stupid barbarians ransacked all the intelligence gained under the banner of advanced culture and Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages. That is the goal here, but only this time globally. The world desperately wants the United States to fall economically, and morally so that they can all revert back together to a time of theocracy and guns are banned so that nobody can protect themselves from the government that can’t rub two sticks together to make a sound, yet want to control us all in every manner of what we eat, what we learn, and what we own. The terrorist attack in New Zealand had nothing to do with what Brenton Tarrant said it was for, but rather all the things he didn’t even mention.

Rich Hoffman

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Take The Fifth

One thing we should have all learned from the enemies who have taken over the Beltway culture and are now hostile agents functioning within our government is that it’s perfectly OK to take the fifth under interrogation and crooked testimony. One thing we all should have learned from Lois Lerner when she took the fifth to hide her crimes as one of the big bosses at the FBI who abused her power to suppress Tea Party groups, the reason for doing it is to take the energy out of the investigation on the other side. When malicious characters are plotting your demise, it is best to say as little as possible in the legal realm. Participating in their legal loop holes gives them power and acknowledges their role in the overthrow of our country. I would suggest for now on when it comes to the FBI, Congress, or even the local police, that those of us on the conservative side of things just stick to the Constitution and plead the fifth giving the enemy nothing to work with. It implies guilt in the short run but it prevents incriminating testimony from being twisted around to hurt you with, so you should use it.

I was watching the body language and overall social representation of Adam Schiff the other day while on television talking about the unlimited investigations that this current congress had planned for President Trump and his associates and considered what made a man like that tick. In any other age during our history as human beings Adam Schiff would have had his ass kicked long ago, and he wouldn’t be in power to even lead such investigations. But so long as we conduct ourselves in the manner of law and order, slime ball attorney types like Adam Schiff become the dominate aggressors and those most positioned to defend themselves physically and intellectually are vulnerable to the legal gymnastics of the bar association’s rules. But those rules are pretty worthless, like our Constitution that liberals want to change every five minutes, everything is only written down on paper. They are meaningless unless human beings bring value to them and agree that the conduct is something they will play along with.

In this age where the people in law enforcement lack integrity and they are more than willing to illegally spy on suspects, kick down doors in the middle of the night to arrest friends of the President of the United States purely out of political motivations toward election insurrection, it is in our agreement to follow the words on a piece of paper that gives the very weak and corrupt the means to destroy us. So lets just stop doing it. To all those who have been indicated to provide testimony to this very corrupt congress which is now in session in 2019, when they call you up to provide circus like testimony against President Trump, then do as Lois Lerner did, and Brennen, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch did, plead the fifth and take the energy out of the investigation. They are going to try to do to you what they did to Michael Cohen, Roger Stone and Paul Manafort no matter what you say. So don’t say anything.

Personally, I think that little punk Adam Schiff is due for a physical confrontation, he would be nothing in the real world if not for having the ability to hide behind the laws of our nation to act as a domestic terrorist which is precisely what he’s doing. He doesn’t get his ass kicked because he is effectively in charge of the law so that has given birth to this new kind of corrupt beta male who can destroy countries from gavels and media protests, while avoiding real physical contact that has always previously kept our species from getting too far out of control in the realm of corruption. Only previously when kings and emperors fell under the sickness of corruption did we see such evil perpetrated among the innocent. Now in this age of legal manipulation, people like Adam Schiff can gain the power of former emperors just with a few paragraphs from a book written by legal minds to give their pencil neck little asses influence over the strong. So their abuse is a new kind of bully, one that loses all their power the moment that we, as a society, decide we no longer value the words on a printed page. I am suggesting that we have arrived at that moment.

I’m not saying that we march into congress and rip the little bitch out of his seat and turn him into an accordion, now—but rather that we don’t enter his chamber of legal terrorism and incriminate ourselves to his manipulations. Plead the fifth, that’s why it’s there. In Second Call Defense, which I’m proud to be involved with, we tell people who may shoot someone with their personal firearm to hand the phone over to the police when they arrive on the scene to let the Second Call Defense lawyers do all the talking. We tell shooters not to say anything that might get them into trouble later. Sure, the person shot may have been trying to rob you, or rape your wife, harm your children. Maybe they were as criminals doing what you think is obviously against the law and you feel you have nothing to hide. That may all be true, but in a corrupt political culture like we have now anything and everything can be twisted around against logic and used against you if you prove yourself to be a political enemy. Anything, so say nothing.

I’m a big fan of settling these types of conflicts directly, recently I suggested that bringing back dueling would be a good, civilized thing to our society because it forces people to deal with other in a very terminal way. People aren’t scared of jail time any more and politicians feel they will never get caught. Adam Schiff has nothing to fear from our present society so long as he controls the law. He doesn’t worry about someone kicking his ass to hell and back at a local restaurant, or being hog tied in the middle of the night and turned into a belt because he controls the law for good and bad giving his skinny little ass power he would never otherwise have. Now if you are a little pencil dick like him you love the law because it protects you from the ramifications of your intentions. But for people who could easily squash him like a bug, the law is very bad because it takes away their natural power, they have to provide balance to evil and corruption when it shows itself. Only people in Adam Schiff’s position would think that such a system is good because it protects him from us once we get pissed off and are ready to straighten things out in our own way.

So when they call you forth, make sure to take the Fifth. Don’t feed their corruption with an acknowledgment of their power. Just don’t give them anything. Don’t talk, don’t allow yourself to be tricked into false testimony, and certainly don’t trust them. They do not have your best interests in mind. They are vile and evil and they deserve their asses kicked in a major way. But under the terms of civility, don’t feed their investigations with an acknowledgment of power for which they have never deserved. Give them nothing for television. Give them nothing for The New York Times and Washington Post to twist around toward the liberal perspective—give them absolutely nothing. And if you can manage, give them less than that!

Rich Hoffman

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Chevrolet and Ford’s Circular Firing Squad

It continues to surprise me how many grown adults roll through their lives looking to advance through pity. It came to my mind quite sharply while watching a television commercial for Chevrolet showing that many Ford buyers were converting. While to people unbeknownst in the realm of reality might think that was a good thing the real story was completely avoided. Who cares that two American automobile companies in a circular firing squad were competing against each other? The real story is why that same Chevy truck isn’t being shipped to India, or Japan, or even South America. The real story isn’t that Chevy took away business from Ford, it’s that American car companies continue to lose to foreign competition. It would be much more meaningful if there were a commercial showing that car buyers were purchasing Chevy cars over Toyota or Honda. Foreign car markets continue to dominate in a field that should be exclusively an American specialty. After all, while cars are now abundant in the world, no place uses them to the degree that America does. That American cars are not first in the minds of drivers is a bigger concern and one that has many twists and turns of psychological imposition.

Without question it was the American automobile market that made them commonplace around the world. For a few decades it was American made cars that dominated the world stage and was yearned for by everyone. But the labor unions moved in and autonomy in innovation and delivery moved out while other countries entered the market and simply did better than the United States in manufacturing techniques and cost to quality the hammer of decision had been delivered and the big three automakers in America, Ford, GM and Chrysler found themselves on the outside looking in. The great city of Detroit which had been driven to growth by the global automaker started an eventual slide that would nearly take it off the map all together. That is the cost of bad decisions and stagnant thinking which can be viewed clearly when studying American car companies and the people who support them.

There is always a bit of arrogance when you speak with people who come historically out of those markets, an entitled feeling that we were great once, and that somehow, they were cheated because the world no longer valued them. That somehow the world was wrong in what it expected. But the truth is that the unions destroyed market innovation at the employee level. While the average Toyota worker in Japan ran to their restroom break, the American worker took their slow ass time and might even smoke a joint in the bathroom stall before returning back to the manufacturing line a half hour later. Little things like that in a company of tens of thousands add up into the final product and consumers can see and feel the difference.

When people who are just lazy in life wonder why they reach their later years getting run over by all the up and comers the problem isn’t the competition, it’s the lazy person themselves. The world wants to grow and move forward. It doesn’t want the restrictions of governments or even socialism. Only the lazy and unambitious are attracted to such things and at points in our life cycles, they may outnumber the strong and independent. But it is always the drive of the best and brightest that launch product and innovation into the global marketplace. When a consumer puts down their money for a gigantic purchase such as a new car, they aren’t buying the tradition of the name, which American car companies still seem to believe, they buy the best product. If a company cannot deliver value to a customer they’ll lose. Just as an employee will lose if they don’t continue to make themselves relevant to their employer, they’ll also be overrun by competitors who are hungry for knowledge and continue to grow intellectually much longer than the typical lazy person who wants the prestige of respect, but doesn’t want to do the work to continue to obtain it.

There is an assumption in the Chevy adds comparing themselves to Ford buyers that the rest of the world isn’t making cars. Let alone admitting that foreign markets are just much better in producing an automobile product. When presenting themselves to American markets their strategy is to just not admit that anybody else is out there and hope that their name might be enough to carry consumers into an American car purchase, and that is precisely why they are being destroyed by foreign competition. I mean who values the name of a Ford or Chevy over a BMW or Mercedes? There are still American patriots who will buy the Cadillac over the Mercedes but not nearly as many as there should be. That is the fault of the car companies to simply refuse to acknowledge their status in life and assume that their names meant more to the public than they really did.

How many people in life roll into their later years hoping that the ambitions they performed at the start of their careers would carry them through into their retirements. They are the kind of people who say, “boy, I did this or that back when I was in my 30s and I was really hot stuff.” But the lack the courage to continue to push themselves and take personal risks which inspire growth then wonder why everyone is passing them up. Those are the types of minds running General Motors and Ford these days, and is precisely why everyone is beating the hell out of them in the automobile market. It’s why Detroit declined out of relevancy being run in the ground by Democrat politicians who want to redistribute wealth created in the glory days of risk and reward thinking that names and titles would hold value well into the future. But the truth is that those things only hold value for about one generation. After that, new names come about out of competition and if you aren’t the best, you will likely be passed over in life, and that is the way it is.

A lot of people are timid by nature and by force they do one or two things great in their life because when you are young, you have to in order to get anywhere. But as soon as they get comfortable and achieve a level of respect among their peers, they lose their edge in thinking. And clearly a collection of such minds is running the American car companies. They are not attracting top talent to their companies and when they do get them, they aren’t keeping them. But the competition is, and it shows in the overall product. Chevy would have had a much better marketing approach if they could show that consumers were buying their product over Toyota and Honda. That would mean something because it is those companies who own the most market share. Beating Ford is like beating up a brother at the dinner table then calling yourself the master of the world. But the minute you step onto your front lawn mouthing off how tough you are, some other kid punches you in the mouth and shows you what the world really thinks of your toughness. America used to make the best cars, but not anymore. And until they change their attitude from the top to bottom, they never will.

Rich Hoffman

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To Be a Man

Well, I suppose anything can happen. During a little speech given during a Town Hall he did with the NBA star Steph Curry in Oakland, California I have to say for the first time in my life that I agree with the former president. Which is unusual because I think of Obama as a hostile agent of the American Constitution who deliberately pushed a socialist agenda of economic collapse and social destruction on the very foundations of American lifestyle and have found him to be a despicable human being. But his comments about manhood and the role they play in society in that town hall are things I agree with nearly 100%. Young people, particularly boys, need to hear from the older generation in just such a fashion much more often and Obama did a lot of good with his comments worthy of praise.

I don’t do it often, but every single time I do in some way or another when men and women are out together talking and letting their hair down a bit, there are always subtle jokes about the role men and women play together. The assumption is that men are obligated to be subservient to the feminist movement which is completely stupid because it ignores the biological needs the sexes have for their interactions. But this women can do anything a man can social movement has been very destructive. I’m not sure its been good at all for women, but it has surely been detrimental to men. Among the current millennials it is as bad as I’ve ever seen it, the sentiment is essentially a “bros before hoes” kind of thing that is a direct spawn of this entire problem, what role do men play in society and how should one act.

The void in leadership on this topic has given rise to the rap culture, another direct attribute of progressive ambitions that are completely destructive to the human race and it was in that direction that Obama directed his comments to young men. I thought it was bold to say that he only needed one woman in his life, and that there was no reason to wear gold chains to proclaim their wealth as an advertisement of personal worth. That men should be pillars of good example and have that inner self-confidence that was comfortable with themselves so that others might follow them. Those are all great things to say so Obama deserves credit for taking leadership in that direction. I was a little surprised in Steph Curry’s reaction. I know the kid can shoot a basketball but he seems pretty immature to be a superstar that so many people look up to. What I know about him prior to this Town Hall is that he doesn’t believe America landed on the moon and that he’s a political radical who refused to go to the White House after his NBA team has won several championships. It sounds like he needed to hear some manly wisdom more than anybody.

I get it, the progressive era sought to destroy masculinity and introduce this whole gender-neutral mess because they wanted to destroy the American family and replace it with a parental government. That was the entire reason for their feminist attacks on masculine attributes—to neutralize the role men play in society. But in the process, they have also thrown out all the good things as well, things that women desperately want in their lives—men who stand for something and aren’t a bunch of douchebags who have no values or a desire to exhibit them. What progressives have done to men has been deliberately destructive and harmful to the human race, so it comes with some surprise that Barack Obama said the things he did. Those comments about men are undoubtably true, but for him to say them as a progressive himself was quite something.

I’ve had the misfortune to raise two daughters in this progressive age and it has been painful. I’ve had to watch them date young men who were clearly not worthy of their time and energy. Young men to declare their own independence from the progressive expectations have responded by becoming lazy, uncaring and just outright slobs. It used to be a man would dress up for a woman to have a date and work hard to get a little kiss. The young men of this modern time just show up for a date with their pants down already and expect sex the way someone might turn on a television. For young women like my daughters they have been robbed of the beauty and wonder of healthy relationships, because the world they live in doesn’t respect such things, because the men have had their part of that role robbed from them culturally. And that was on purpose as well, if women were allowed to enjoy their sexual roles with men, then they might want to start families and maybe even stay out of the workplace caring for their children—and nobody could have that. If children grew up with two parents loving and caring for them, then those kids might not grow up looking to government to solve all their problems which was the subtle plot behind progressivism all along. Destroy the roles the sexes play with each other, encourage abortion so that new family creation is limited, keep males and females from forming healthy relationships so they turn to government for their needs, and eventually turn all attention toward a centralized government overseer.

It has stunned me to see how many young people are on CareSource as their primary insurance provider and how addicted to government they all are. When my kids would tell the boys of their lives how hard I worked to make sure everyone had everything they needed the response was, “well good for him. I’m not doing that.” Their reference was in the way I raised them. I worked on average 80 to 110 hours every week for most of their childhoods. My reasoning was to keep their mother home so that there was always a parental figure around for them. I always made sure that their mother had a car even if I had to ride a bicycle to my jobs to keep them at home safe with reliable transportation. And I still spent lots of time with my kids as a father doing fatherly things. Sure it was hard, but doing the job of being a real man often is, and it can be very rewarding for everyone when its done right. But my kids had to go through the disappointment that most of the men of their age group didn’t have such desires or experiences. Mostly, the men of today come from broken homes where the male figure is a worthless piece of crap giving terrible examples of how boys should grow into men themselves. And its been a real problem.

So for Obama to say the things he did I thought took guts and was very beneficial to the young people watching. It will of course take hundreds of thousands of such speeches to undo all the current damage, but it’s a start. I wish boys would listen to such a town hall and immediately become better in their aims to be men, but they’ll have to hear it a lot more before even thinking of changing anything. But it was still good to hear and I never thought Obama would be the one I’d praise for doing so. He deserves some recognition for his efforts, God knows that the young men of this generation need to hear it.

Rich Hoffman

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The Unjustified Disrespect of Donald Trump

Disingenuous was the only word for it. No matter what your political affiliation what the Democrats tried to do while Trump was working to end the Korean War with North Korea was just petty and disrespectful. Just to have an American president talking to Kim Jong Un is a big deal for anybody interested in world peace and it was the biggest story in the world, yet the Democrats scheduled Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer to testify before congress at exactly the same time Trump was meeting with Kim. It was the first witness that the new congress brought forth in their season and it indicated truly that all they were interested in was in getting Trump out of office. They had no other objective. It was also clear that anything Trump did with Chairman Kim would be wrong, no matter how it turned out because they simply wanted to deny the president any kind of diplomatic victory that could be applied to a case of re-election. That was the only objective they had which clearly wasn’t an America first one position. Even as much as many of us hated Obama when he was president, we didn’t root for him to fail when there was some terrorist attack or global menace which needed to be dealt with. We wanted him out of office, but we respected the presidency and his role in it. These people do not show the same respect and it says a lot about them.

Instead congress took the time to bring Cohen to the hot seat and grilled him on stupid stuff like, did Trump know about the meeting with a Russian chick who wanted to provide dirt on Hillary Clinton? Or did he know about plans to build a Trump Tower like project in Moscow? What about those payments to Stormy Daniels? And what about Wikileaks? All the things they talked about was nonsense. Wikileaks as it has turned out has been one of the only honest news reporting agencies that has been out there. It is far less concerning how Wikileaks came into the possession of information from the Hillary Clinton campaign and DNC in general than it was our own FBI’s continued leaking of sensitive information to The New York Times and Washington Post. I mean if a big deal is going to be made about Wikileaks, then a much bigger deal has to be made about our own FBI’s radical involvement in overturning an American election and trying to blame the whole thing on Russians to cover their tracks. All that is a pretty sinister implication.

After all, that is the only reason to be concerned about a Russian interaction the Trump Organization may have had, was to fulfill the false narrative the Democrats and FBI working with them had to cover their own criminal conduct by using the Russians as a cover story. Trump was and still is an international businessman. Russia was a major country in the world, why wouldn’t he investigate putting a Trump building in Russia at some point? And why wouldn’t he look into any allegations of dirt on his political opponent? Does anybody think the Clinton campaign didn’t know that NBC was planning to release a dirt tape on Trump ahead of the third debate? Dirt slinging and opposition research is part of the game and Trump would have wanted to get anything he could. Its irrelevant whether he knew about the meeting with the Russian chick or not, certainly not something that was worth congressional testimony. It certainly doesn’t matter to me. Again, this is a nothing story about the meeting with the Russian girl because it was opposition research that funded the dossier for which the FBI used to obtain a FISA warrant against Trump so they could spy on him. That is a far more serious issue making anything Cohen says worthless. If we’re going to talk about what Trump knew and when he knew it, than the same must be applied to the FBI and the Clinton campaign—even to Obama himself.

We all know the answer to those questions, about the FBI, the Clinton Campaign and the Obama White House. It was all dirty, the money was dirty, the ethics were dirty, and everyone behaved very much as enemies of America. Just the deal the Obama administration made with Iran to prop them up was a bigger story than all of the antics of the Iran Contra Affair. The FBI wire tapping is a far bigger story than anything that occurred in Watergate, including the cover-up. And now it is obvious that there was no Russian collusion in overthrowing the 2016 election, it was all on the FBI which took an active role in instigating leverage towards the Democrats. And as audacious as all that was not a single one of them pulled together for five seconds of hope that Trump might make some headway with one of the last countries on earth stuck in the deep past under communist rule and to bring them into the fold of civilized countries. The summit with North Korea was something the nation should have been able to rally behind, but the enemies of America were only concerned about one thing in spite of themselves, the destruction of Donald Trump.

It was like a scene out of the Twilight Zone, the whole Cohen hearing while on a split screen Trump was walking around a posh garden in Vietnam with Kim Jong Un working towards world peace and economic prosperity. Under any measure, President Trump was doing a great job as president. It will likely take more time and a visit to the United States to get Kim Jong Un to commit to more capitalist ways of looking at the world. It will also likely take beating the Chinese at the current trade war which is ongoing. But you’d think everyone would cheer on the efforts, instead the enemies of America tried to undercut them for their own reasons, just so they could have a chance to win an election in 2020.

Like Roger Stone the Michael Cohen story is one of overreach. The former attorney of Donald Trump shouldn’t even have been in the situation that he was. The FBI raided his office and confiscated his belongings in an aggressive coup against President Trump, by going after anybody connected to his election campaign. People handle pressure differently and it didn’t take Cohen long to be exploited as a weak person who might turn against the president which was why he was attacked in the first place. And when squeezed as hard as they could all Cohen could produce was mindless gossip and irrelevant information which points much more seriously to the other side. Cohen wouldn’t even be going to jail or testifying in front of congress if not for the raid on his office by the FBI over nothing but a witch hunt to provide a cover story deflecting from their own criminal conduct. We are all supposed to sit back and be OK with the way the FBI has harassed private people just to lend cover to their own antics. And that even when the President was doing something that the world should have been supporting without political malice, that those same forces had only hate in their hearts and their objective of political manipulation under any means possible. And that is the reality of what we are all dealing with.

Rich Hoffman

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The Needed Battle Between Capitalism and Socialism

The best thing to happen in America has been and will continue for quite a long time into the future, be the election of Donald Trump. If there was ever to be a proper battle between capitalism and socialism it needed to happen while he was president. I knew that battle would occur at some point in the near future for many years. After all, capitalism had created the greatest country on the face of the planet without question, especially in the category of financial resources. But socialism is what governments wanted, it gave them power and a compliant voting base, so the word democracy became a very addictive element in all global cultures. Public education around the world began to focus on New Deal socialism instead of the rigors of capitalism and several generations of children grew up on a steady dose of socialism in their lives, making them very confused adults. The masses certainly had their sentiments directed in the direction of socialism, so the concern has been mounting for many years.

If the meaning of Donald Trump’s life could be said to have definition, it was that he was being prepared for this battle his entire life. Capitalism needed an unapologetic champion, the kind of person Ayn Rand dreamed of evolving from her famous books, but never came to defend themselves. What we ended up with was people like John Boehner, Mit Romney and John McCain. Even the great Ronald Reagan fell short of a proper and sustaining defense of capitalism. The world needed a King Solomon type, someone who had lived it all and seen everything and still enjoyed lots of gold and beauty which was the direct result of capitalism.

From birth literally anybody with any kind of money in American culture, such as portrayed on television shows like Dallas with J.R. Ewing were always the villains. The heroes were always the penniless martyrs and idealistic greater gooders such as the Lone Ranger and even Zorro. I grew up on the great westerns especially Who Shot Liberty Valance and in most of their productions is the type of sentiment that was found in the creation of a New Deal under the FDR administration. Ayn Rand had made her observations about what was happening and rot her books during the 30s through the 50s. After all, she had to flee Russia during their revolution which brought along communism and she didn’t want to see the same thing happen to America. Her concern was certainly justified, even in American westerns it was always the big rancher who was the villain and it was left to the scruffy loner to save society from the villains.

In is actually a miracle that we have arrived in 2019 America with any scrap of socialism left, but as I have said many, many times, the trend in human society is to always move toward more autonomy, more individual liberty. That is the reason the cell phone industry has exploded and why personal computing and gaming is such a huge industry, because it gives people more autonomy, not less. That has caused young people to turn away from socialism in practice even though intellectually they know of nothing else. That kept capitalism alive for enough years to get a president like Trump in the White House which is why there is so much anger about his election from the institutionalist who secretly wanted socialism for the last 100 years.

This is why I often say that our public schools are worthless because their primary instruction is socialism as demonstrated by the many federal programs that are part of the curriculum coming out of the state capitols in order to get their government funding. But socialism has no place in American culture so why have public education at all if the kids coming out of it can barely read, speak, and behave properly in society. When the only goal of the public education institution which is obvious by now is to create reliable voting blocs of stupid people will continue to vote for complete losers into state and federal offices.

A lot of people are scared of the fights that are happening because there are people on both sides who have been revealed that nobody really took the time to get to know. That is what England learned in Brexit when social media effectively produced more voters than usual to participate in the election. At the same time in America, western civilization was having a similar debate and people were emerging to support Donald Trump whom had never cared to vote before. And now because of the autonomy of socialism media people have a voice they never had before and that is a very healthy thing, but it is scary to an establishment which spent the last two hundred years, likely longer, ignoring those voices and assuming that people wanted what the political aristocracy was offering. Which of course, people didn’t.

Trump‘s type of wealth was the old-fashioned kind, his elegant lifestyle and unapologetic supermodels on his arm said to the world, I work harder than you and have more. Catch me if you can, and it is that type of fuel which has produced so much enormous wealth which many Americans take for granted. Of course, some Buddhist from the orient will declare that such a life is off-center and meaningless, that we should not seek material possessions in this life, that we should live for others as they sit on a rock and contemplate the nature of the universe dirt poor and barely clothed. And the business person trained all their life to be socialists will seek peace in their lives as they are expected to be capitalists, but their minds break down due to the stress and they turn to eastern mysticism for comfort whether it’s the drum beat of some Indian music from North America or the chants of some Tibetan monks. The temptation to quit life and join the unstressed masses is great and promoted by the governments of the world and is very prevalent in our present culture. But that’s not how it was ever supposed to be, Trump was fortunate to come to terms with this early in his life. He’s not at all a stressed-out rich person drowning in wealth like Citizen Kane, he’s happy to have too much because he understands that it is just a means to keeping score in the game.

And it is the game that makes all cultures better and is at the center of capitalism. Nothing makes the lives of people better than capitalism and for a change there is finally a president who understands that and is defending it for the first time in any type of history. Even as socialists see that there is a real danger to their way of life emerging in the Trump administration their means to defend that lifestyle is forcing their most radical advocates out of hiding and into the game where they will lose, and that is a very good thing. It is better to have them functioning in the open for a change so people can make their own decisions about things. That battle might look scary, but its far healthier than what has transpired in the past. And for that we should all be excited.

Rich Hoffman

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The Reason MAGA hats are Important

My recent interests in all things Constitutional is essentially because I have been considering the legal foundation for removing our present government from power and replacing it with something better. I consider the Trump administration something better, and if they were allowed to do their work unimpeded, I would not be thinking of such things—I’d just be happy to vote in elections and let the world turn. But that’s not what’s happening, the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago is all the evidence we need to see to understand just how bad the problem is. What Smollett did by hiring a couple of friends to attack him so that he could make Donald Trump supporters look like crazed lunatics is not exceptional, it’s quite common and is increasing in frequency. It’s quite clear that Democrats understand that the Make America Great Again hats from the Trump campaign are keys to winning in 2020 and they have no such message to compete with. So they are trying to tear down the message and put Republicans on the defense so that those hats can’t be used in future campaigns. That’s the game they are playing and the media is dying for examples. That’s where Jussie Smollett thought he could increase his profile by playing into that media game and it almost worked. Everyone on that political side of things knows the game. He was trying to be a hero to them and he got caught. But everyone from the FBI to most movie studios is in on the game and it has provoked the obvious need for perhaps an open rebellion to remove those people from our governing forces.

The real essence of the problem is that the entire platform of the Democrat party is a below the line one, meaning everything they stand for is about a lack of personal accountability and victimization. As we’ve discussed in the past no matter what size the organization is, people who think below the line must be removed before any level of success can be implemented. Governments and countries are not too big to fail, which is obvious by the current national debt in the United States. Much of that debt is created by below the line thinking, by throwing lots of money at groups of people who use below the line thinking to receive help from the government. The system obviously can’t afford that relationship which is why we have a debt. But the original cause is the below the line thinking that created the situation. Below the line thinking and above the line thinking are not conducive to each other. It’s like saying that you want to maintain good air conditioning in a building that has no windows and everything is open to the outside. You can’t have both things. A country and a government can’t have below the line people always trying to undo what above the line people create.

The real fight in America is for the below the line people to not be left behind as above the line people desire to advance as a nation and grow into new and exciting things. With Trump’s MAGA hats and overall campaign message, the below the line people understand that if the nation values those types of things once again, that there isn’t anywhere for them to hide so they are of course very opposed to such a national position. That is the reason for the violence, such as what happened on the campus of Berkley this past week to the conservative activist who was punched in the face by another person quite violently, and with no real provocation. The attacker obviously is a below the line thinker fighting for their right to maintain that status. The MAGA hats are a very positive message that is a threat to all below the line people because it doesn’t just give them political cover in a big scary world, but it indicates that changes are on the horizon for which they are terrified of. That is the only explanation for the kind of evil shown in the Berkley video where the attacker just wanted to smash the face of an above the line advocate through sheer intimidation.

The attempted destruction of the young fellow Nick Sandman from Covington Catholic is another such case, he and his friends were just wearing MAGA hat souvenirs from a field trip they had taken to Washington D.C. when they were systematically attacked by below the line people, which ended up being a national story. The media picked up on it because they were trying to change the narrative of the young kids learning positive things in Washington D.C. to an indigenous person who had their ancestry robbed from them by white Europeans standing up to the MAGA hat culture. Only that wasn’t the real story, the aggressor was the drunk old Indian who was simply a below the line loser living off the efforts of his ancestors. From there the story fell apart in much the way that the Smollett story did. Both cases were examples of a below the line culture trying to prop up their circumstances against the efforts of above the line people to elevate the efforts of the nation. That is essentially what the MAGA hats mean, they are refusals to accept below the line conditions and to take the country to above the line thinking.

If there is anything great about Donald Trump that any point in history would agree with, it’s that he is overall a very positive person who insists on functioning above the line. President Trump may not have led a perfect life, but he has always tried to even if it took smoke and mirrors sometimes to get there. His popularity through the many storms that have been thrown at him are that people want to move into the direction of being an above the line nation. But yielding to the whims of below the line people isn’t compatible so Democrats know that the longer Trump keeps the nation looking above the line, the less overall power they will have which is the reason for the all out panic they are now experiencing. If below the line thinking, specifically victimhood, is taken away as one of their public sentiment weapons, the Democrats won’t have a platform to run on. If Trump is successful in encouraging a majority of Americans to think above the line again, Democrats will lose most of their elections in the future because they have become completely dependent on the victimization culture.

The MAGA hats are a symbol not of hate, but hope. But to people who want to hide their own personal failures in a below the line culture, those hats are terrifying, and they will fight for the right to be a loser. And given that understanding it may be needed to use the Constitution to justify a complete takeover of our current government which is a very below the line exercise. In that case it is more important to be an above the line culture rather than a nonviolent one. There is no value in being a passive recipient that does not protect value in society through attacks of below the line thinking. And under those conditions the need for violence is obvious and likely very much-needed.


Rich Hoffman

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