Stormy Daniels Arrested in Ohio: Why wilted flowers should be illegal

Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black, that the porn actress Stormy Daniels was arrested at a Ohio strip club in Columbus for allowing a customer to touch her while performing on stage, then claiming that the arrest was politically motivated. Michael Avenatti has made a name for himself trying to use the old porn actress who allegedly had a sexual relationship with Donald Trump many years ago, to advance his career and attempt to be the latest Never Trumper to destroy the new American President. So he, CNN, Saturday Night Live, and many other media outlets have tried to use the porn actress to achieve what they could not, hoping that there was more than just smoke, but a raging blaze of guilt that would bring down Donald Trump. If anything has been politically motivated or tried to use obscure laws to advance their position, it is the claims of Stormy Daniels who settled to a confidentiality agreement with the Trump team to keep any story that did occur between consenting adults, quiet. It was Avenatti who had used every obscure law he could to advance this story toward his own relevancy and caused even the Mueller investigation to raid the office of Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen to find dirt on Trump. Why did Avenatti and Daniels think that they would be able to come to Ohio, which is Trump country with a solid red backing, and push the limits of the law without consequence?

Nobody in their right mind would want to go to a strip club and see the saggy assed Stormy Daniels who has been pillaged by so many men perform on stage in the nude as such a withering flower. The nature of things is that females are like fine flowers who are in full bloom in their late teens and twenties. A freshly cut bouquet of flowers is quite nice to look at, the petals are nicely formed, the color is very sharp, and the stems are straight and attractive. But a few days later those flowers start to wilt, and they don’t look so good. After a few days on the table, any rationally minded person will throw them out for something new. Nobody wants to look at a bunch of wilted flowers that have lost their color and their shape. Stormy Daniels is a bouquet of flowers that have been on the table for about a week too long and what she presented of herself on that Ohio strip club stage was a has been of a flower plucked by everyone but was marketed as a tourist marker saying “Donald Trump Slept Here.” Most women make a transition from beautiful young flower into something else successfully, but for Stormy, all she has is her sex appeal, and in that regard it’s quite pathetic that people like Avenatti would exploit her in such a way. You almost feel sorry for her because at 39, she needs to make herself known not for her sex appeal, but for something more intellectual.

Unfortunately, Stormy Daniels has nothing else but a melting body that looks more like a blob than an object for pollination in the game of the birds and the bees. Is it fair for women that this is the way of things—sure it is. Selling sex to a bunch of horny men is easy and Stormy Daniels exploited that nature to enrich herself. But she is also dying by the same sword. And to make up for her aging sex appeal she has chosen to make herself the front of the Never Trump movement which of course will bring her way enemies. When you have enemies, they are always looking for a way to bring you down so if you make it easy for them, of course they will do so. It didn’t matter that Stormy Daniels performed that sex show in strip clubs all across America in front of hordes of desperate men who drink so much that they still see value in the petals of a withering flower. Some of those men came because they wanted to touch what they thought Donald Trump had touched, and Stormy was happy to fulfil that fantasy. But Trump is loved in Ohio and she came to the capital of that state and performed in a manner that was scandalous toward the Trump name, and she expected that she would get away with pushing the limits. She might have gotten away with it if she where ten years younger and not at the front of an attack against a beloved president. But in her present state, it would just take the slightest little thing, and that’s exactly what happened.

I would argue that nobody should go to strip clubs, they just aren’t good places conducive to proper conduct. But if you view them for what they are, essentially flower shows for men to remain interested in sex, especially after their own wives wilt away into old age, then some understanding for their function emerges. But women who present themselves as clean fresh flowers available for the plundering by men appealing to their animal prowess have chosen a short career. Woman in the sex industry are used up by the time they are over 25 years of age. Stormy Daniels is 39. Even when she claims to have had her affair with Donald Trump, she would have been in her late twenties which is still old for people in that industry. I think he probably took a picture with her and tried to make her feel good by flirting with her given her reputation, and the rest is a fantasy of hers. But playing the game of taking off clothes and pushing up against the barriers of illegal prostitution is not something a political figure should do, and Stormy Daniels is now a political figure. She made herself that way, so she should expect more of this type of treatment in the future.

The same type of people who are defending her actions are the same losers who want legalized pot, legalized prostitution, and open borders. They are against the type of country that Trump supporters want. Avenatti and Daniels might think its fun to come to states like Ohio and flaunt their careless values in our faces as this state is the buckle on the Bible belt but they should not be surprised when they get bit by their own antics. Stormy pushed the limits and she was busted by police loyal to Trump using the laws of the state to arrest her. Michael Avenatti doesn’t get to pick the laws that he likes and doesn’t like to defend his client. If he can dig up obscure terminology to attempt to bring down the President of the United States which is his stated intention, then Ohio cops can arrest Stormy Daniels for presenting herself in an indecent way and inspiring sexual contact with customers of a palace of sin in Columbus, Ohio.

I would add to those charges the extra insult of being too old to take off her clothes in public. It should be illegal to allow Stormy Daniels to present herself as a withering flower, and to charge money for the experience just because she may have had some contact with President Trump over a decade ago. What she is doing is similar to writing graffiti on some monument, such defacement should be illegal. But nobody wants to see her saggy body eroding before our eyes and to sell the experience as “sexy.” That all by itself is justification for arrest and I don’t think this will be the last time.

Rich Hoffman
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How to Have a Happy Life: The nature of love and meaning of Pavarotti’s ‘Nessun Dorma’

I ran across this unique article linked below which of course inspired comment. So many people in life are drowning in misery and self-doubt which is a real tragedy because it’s all avoidable. It’s one thing to have little regrets in life which start when we are all very young, but if not dealt with properly they become monstrosities as we age, and it really destroys people. The burden of regret is a tremendous liability on most people as this little article explores in Best Life. Things get even more complicated philosophically for people as we instruct them that a sense of “self” is selfish and that they should always put others before themselves 100% of the time. Such a position in life is not conducive to a successful existence, so for the sake of inspiring people to live just a little bit better not just in the short-term, but the long-term as well, perhaps a few encouraging words are appropriate.

From my earliest memory I have always had a strong sense of self and I’ve protected that concept vigorously for over 50 years now. I’m not a believer in reincarnation, but my inner compass has always pointed toward the need to protect my individuality. For that reason, I have never struggled with peer pressure attempting to take me away from my personal goals which later led to regret. I can honestly say that at age 50 that I have no regrets in life. Not a single one. That is true of both good and bad memories. Of course, not everything is always rosy, but when I’ve needed to I’ve certainly defended my sense of self with arguments and fist fights—and even though some people did get very hurt, for me those events didn’t lead to regrets because I was defending my sense of self. I think a lot of people go wrong in their lives because they feel like they should say this or that when other people impose themselves, yet the target of those negative emotions never say anything, they just internalize the emotions leaving them to reflect later in life back to a regret, which then destroys them in thousands of negative ways always from the inside out. Speaking personally, when I felt I needed to do something to defend my sense of self, I have always done it, sometimes recklessly and against the advice of everyone. At the time such things seemed crazy, but it has led me to a life without any regrets and that is a huge benefit to me now.

We are all taught that there is something bigger than ourselves, which is really stupid. The person that people fall in love with and want to be near and to learn from is what we are, not what we sacrifice to others. If you are the type of person who is always giving of yourself and your time you should not be surprised that the people you attract in your life are all people drowning from their bad decisions in life, and that they migrate to you to take whatever you can give them. So unhealthy relationships persist under such conditions. On the other hand, you can’t be psycho about your sense of self either going to the extreme opposite, never letting anyone near you because you feel you are so weak that you can’t let people tow in your wake. I find that the definition that we all have for “love” is wrong. Love isn’t about “falling” for other people, a spouse, a child, or a friend, it’s about taking the substance of one’s existence and allowing people to share in the fruits born from the pronoun “I.” If a person does not have a strong sense of self, than what is there for anybody to “love” about you.

What people love is not what you can give them, but what they can “love” about you—that strong sense of self. For instance, children might love their father but if the guy is just sitting around on the porch of his house thinking about all the things he regrets about his life, the times he should have made more money, or the times he stepped away from a fight with a neighbor over grass clippings, or even gave up his seat in the employee cafeteria to avoid some kind of conflict, there isn’t much for the children to love about such a person except for the sacrifice they provided to their own existence. Compare that to the father who builds a model train set in his basement which the grand kids play with whenever they come over. The material representation of the train set is a reflection of the sense of self of the grandfather which provides some hook for which others in his life can love about him, and the relationship is much more beneficial for everyone. The self-interest of the father to pursue a train set is much more value to a family than a regretful shell of a man rocking in a chair at the end of his life handing out twenty-dollar bills to his children who appreciate the gesture but are craving a sense of love for their father.

I had a tremendously bad day the other day at the start of it and as I am known to do on such days things got a little hairy. One of my daughters was coming over for dinner that night and as the sun was starting to set they asked me what I wanted for dinner and were putting their toes into the water to check my mood. By the time we had the conversation I had solved many of my problems and my response to them was that I had taken a lot of curvy roads through the mountains that day and turned them straight through a desert terrain. Upon further inquiry they asked for details so I sent them by text this video of Luciano Pavarotti singing the famous opera of Nessun Dorma. It is a favorite of mine not because it has inspired me to great things, but because it often matches my mood and approach to things in my life. When I hear Pavarotti sing this opera it reflects my sense of self for which provides many people in my life with something to love about me. I had two choices in such an interaction, I could say that “oh, my day was so bad, I just don’t know what to do” which for me would be uncharacteristic, because I always know what to do. Or I could send them an uplifting message for which they could invest their love—which they could trust because they understand my need to turn curvy roads into nice straight roads and solve problems—no, to “conquer” problems.

It is far better to live a life with bumps and bruises and occasional broken legs than to learn to live with regrets. Similarly, on that bad day I described I gave a little class to some of my employees who needed to hear It about the road less traveled which I’ll share here for context. Do not expect in life to take the safe paved roads that are provided for you and expect to find rare treasures just laying along the side of them. All you ever find is pocket change that people who came before you accidentally drop. The way to really find treasures in life is off those paved roads in the places in the forest where no trail exists. That is where snakes will bite you, thorn bushes puncture your skin and you can even break a leg stepping on the uneven surfaces. But it is also there where treasures are more likely to be found and they don’t all come from actual gold, but in other valuable forms that are otherwise left unmolested due to the difficulty in retrieving them. Yes the road is safe, but the sense of self that we have for which people fall in love doesn’t like safety—because it leads to regret. Not asking that girl for a date, or not taking the time to read that book, or driving that car, or taking that vacation to Hawaii because it’s too expensive leads to a life filled with regret. Life can be difficult and it often can be punishing just to breathe in it, but for me I expect to end each of my days with that feeling you get from Pavarotti singing Nessum Dorma “I will win.” Win what and why, that is defined by our sense of self, and you must have that to know what winning means and how being a winner brings more love to the people in your life who care about you than just being a loser that stays on the safe roads of life and does what everyone tells you to do, leading to an obvious life of misery and regret that isn’t good for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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With the Election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico is now an Open Enemy: People will finally understand why we needed to build the wall

In a lot of ways the election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as the new Mexican president is a good thing because it removes the masks of pretense and allows us to deal with the true nature of what Mexico is. Mexico has never been a friend to the American government. It is a socialist hell hole that has been barely surviving off the tourism of Americans looking to do things there that they couldn’t do in their home country. It is a country run by drug cartels as that is their primary export, and Lopez Obrador knows that, which is why he is seeking amnesty with the main drug lords to just make everything official. As a radical leftist, his election will just take the mask off what the Mexican people always were—social radicals desiring an openly socialist state-run confiscation of all wealth. At least we know what we are dealing with without the fake handshakes and kind words through the media.

There is no heritage of the Mexican people. They are a conquered people infused by the country of Spain and have been on a social justice campaign experiment that nobody would have tried in Europe that was a spectacular failure. Most of the Central and South American countries that have attempted the kind of turn to the left that Mexico has have not survived which is why they have gangs running their economies instead of legitimate governments. That is certainly the case in El Salvador and Guatemala, but at least in Mexico they benefited in spill over money that came from the richest country on earth.

Out of frustration since the election of President Trump the real strategy of Mexico as a country has been revealed, the desperate poor have been encouraged to flood the U.S. border and to overwhelm the court system and to bring all that destructive socialism into America to loot the value of the capitalists and destroy the country from within. That attack was to take place on two fronts, with poison from the drug cartels infecting the youth of the United States then by mixing socialist people desperately poor with the American people to change the voting patterns. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador not surprisingly has proposed to make peace with drug cartels and to use drugs as one of Mexico’s greatest exports, openly. People in Mexico who elected Lopez Obrador are desperate to try something, and conservative ideas are not in the Mexican vocabulary, so at least we are dealing with villains that we can see for once. Instead of pretending to be friends to America, the open hostility has been revealed for what it always was.

This will help the Trump proposal of a border wall and secure the funding much easier than before where too many Americans were willing to give the Mexican people the benefit of the doubt. But essentially you can’t have one of the world’s poorest economies right next to the richest and expect everything to go well. It’s like leaving a mansion unlocked at all times with a next-door neighbor living in a double-wide. The poor will always seek to steal from the rich because they are poor for a reason. A lot of people from the Mexican culture are hard workers, but they lack a proper philosophy that would allow them to become wealthy, as much of their “heritage” has either come from the collectivist based Aztec and Mayan cultures, the socialist Christian conquistadors from Spain or the Marxists from Germany. The people of Mexico need a capitalist revolution in their home country before they are ever ready to be a proper neighbor to the United States and I can’t think of any better way for them to get there than to learn what will happen to them under a Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidency.

It was stated during the Lopez Obrador campaign that he desires to sit down with the United States as equals and negotiate NAFTA. The trouble is, Mexico is not “equal” to the United States. Capitalists and Marxists are not equal—one takes from the other so there can be no terms that promote a conducive relationship. That is like a robber negotiating with their victim, either I shoot you and I take all your money, or you give it to me so I don’t have to shoot you. That is the kind of negotiating that Mexico is proposing under Lopez Obrador. There is no equality, and its time that people who don’t pay much attention to politics in the United States finally learn what kind of neighbor Mexico has always wanted to be.

For a long time, open border progressives have attempted to fuse the two countries together playing on the sympathy that most people have for each other. Nobody wants to see some of the dirt-poor conditions that people live under in Mexico. Any right-thinking person would want to help, and Americans have, which is the only thing keeping Mexico barely hanging on. But the two cultures don’t mix as their value systems are radically different which is why there needs to be a wall to separate the two. Up to this point there just haven’t been enough Americans willing to admit that such divisions existed between Mexico and America. Large American businesses wanted to believe they could move to Mexico and run manufacturing plants, but now that will be nearly impossible as socialists will seek to take control of their facilities now that the pretension of civility has been removed leaving Mexico to rely on their primary export—drugs—poison.

Things needed to get worse in Mexico before anything would ever get better—and with the election of Lopez Obrador they have. As a far-left leaning activist everyone on all sides will finally get to see what it looks like to be an openly socialist country interacting with North America. Canada is another socialist leaning country that is now finding itself at odds with the American government under Trump. The business community of course wants peace between all countries just as Mexico hopes that Americans will still travel south and spend their money on Mexican tourism. But you can’t have something of value next to something seeking value by looting it from others and that is where Mexico is as a country. Canada is as well, only their mixed economy interacts with North American capitalism in more dynamic ways which blurs the lines for people who don’t see the socialism on the surface of things. But Mexico doesn’t have such blurred line.

While its true that the election of Lopez Obrador likely wouldn’t have happened if not for the election of Donald Trump, trying to maintain the illusion of civility would have only prolonged the inevitable. So, we might as well get to the meat and potatoes of this dilemma and let the American people see what has always been going on in Mexico. We’ve always been at war, we just never talked about it. Now we will, and now the intentions will be obvious. The border wall will further define the differences between the two cultures. The pain of that difference may have elected Lopez Obrador, but it has also caused Mexico to reveal their true problem, their Marxist roots and the failures that were created in that country because of it. By stripping away the civility that has camouflaged that difference for too many years, now we can all deal with reality, Mexico is a country of leftists made that way from the very beginning and they want to attack America. Some within our own country who call themselves leftists want to see that happen and they are domestic enemies for attempting the insurrection. But now the illusions have been lifted and we can see what really divides us and that is ultimately a very good thing.

Rich Hoffman

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We Need to Knock that Smile off Rod Rosenstein’s Face: The crimes of the FBI and why this is the biggest story in the world

The biggest story of the day is not that of the loser Jarrod Ramos who stormed the Capital Gazette in Annapolis, Maryland to kill with a shotgun the editors whom he had a long-standing dispute. Nor was it the fat assed losers in desperate need of boyfriends who were protesting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency’s D.C. headquarters trying to shut down ICE as an organization so to support the open border fantasy of destroying America from within by overloaded illegal immigration. The story is not that Supreme Court Justice Kennedy is retiring giving President Trump a much-needed pick to keep the court thinking correctly well into the future. The real story of the day was the testimony of the weaponized FBI by its current bosses in the form of the arrogant Rob Rosenstein’s comments before congress. This wasn’t just a show for the voters, this was a peeling back of the curtain in the Wizard of Oz of the real villains of our society—radical ideologues using the law and our tax money to front a coup against our election system for which they are using the legal system as a cover for operation. When you can’t trust the FBI essentially every other story is worthless, because social chaos is bound to spawn off in the wake.

The reason the Russian investigation at this point is such a joke is because its entire purpose has been to divert attention away from the radicalism utilized by the FBI for the purpose of manipulating an American election. The arrogance on full display of Rob Rosenstein and the presence of FBI agent Peter Strzok gave us a glimpse into a very subtle evil that had been percolating for quite some time. For the FBI to drag the document request by congress the way they have, and to continue to use a phony Mueller investigation hoping to run out the clock on complete social breakdown, which is going on all around us quite literally, the FBI has attempted to cover up crimes it committed against American voters with a diabolical scheme that would embarrass any plot writer for the latest James Bond movie.

All the other bad stories that are happening, especially the one involving the shooting at the Capital Gazette cascades off the bad behavior of a society lacking civility because the basic trusts of our invented institutions are in turmoil due to massive corruption among their leadership. Under President Obama the FBI became weaponized and due to a fortunate accident, President Trump was elected which exposed the menace with the villains caught in the act red-handed. Up until that point we had only suspected that our institutions such as the FBI, the IRS and other government institutions filled with government labor unionized radical employees were up to no good politically. We certainly saw it in the case of Lois Lerner and during the Fast and Furious debacle involving Eric Holder and Barack Obama. We certainly saw it in the Benghazi failures when the Obama administration tried to blame the whole thing on a video by some filmmaker. This case against Trump has the same fingerprints all over it by the tampering forces of a rival political administration. Only this time we have the evidence and the arrogance of Rob Rosenstein to confirm our worst suspicions.

Watching Peter Strzok testify on Capitol Hill, studying his body language has he entered and exited his car says a lot about the FBI. Even after all that he has done he was protected by the FBI and he believed just as Rosenstein did that the institution itself, of the FBI, is bigger than the society they are supposed to be sworn to protect. You could see it on Rosenstein’s face when he answered the questions of Jim Jorden from Ohio referring to the body of congress as an equal arm of government. The question asked of course from Jorden was why Rosenstein’s department was so slow to submit documentation to congress as requested. Obviously, the reason is to have the DOJ run out the clock and hope that some spectacular news story will come along and wash all this evidence away letting the villains at the FBI go free. But that’s not going to happen. Even with all the big news stories of this rather crazy week, nothing was bigger than the FBI testimony in front of congress. As much as they would hope, Rosenstein’s defiance was the smoking gun we all needed to see.

While its nice to put your head down on a soft pillow at night and know that we have hired people to deal with the villains of the world—such as why the FBI exists to begin with, often that security is an illusion. When the FBI becomes involved in such corruption all the good they do on the child porn cases, the surveillance of terrorist suspects and the general well-being of our society, they undo it all with just one case of corruption, and in this case it’s a lot of corruption. What makes me the angriest is that a smokescreen investigation into Trump collusion with some made up Russians has cost nearly $18 million so far, and that is just to hide the FBI’s own role in criminal activity. They have wasted enormous sums of money funded by tax payers on a story to hide their own guilt which is far different from the $57 million spent investigating Bill Clinton, or the $26 million spent on Watergate. Some might say that those other cases were examples of political witch hunts too, but in this case all Donald Trump did to find himself under investigation was that he won and election. The institutions can’t believe they didn’t see it coming, that all their indicators pointed to an easy Hillary Clinton victory. Well, I called the Trump win well over a year out. I had no doubt he would win even in October when all the dirty tricks came out. Hillary Clinton wasn’t even a legal contender, so the FBI didn’t ruin her chances, the only reason she was a candidate instead of being in jail running for president of the United States was because of them. The FBI didn’t cause Hillary to lose, Donald Trump beat her fair and square yet the pain of that victory for the other side is beyond their comprehension, so they are wasting, by the time it’s all said and done, over $20 million to prove that they aren’t the idiots that they really are.

What’s worse is that the FBI wasn’t just willing to provide legal cover for criminal conduct, but they have been willing to attack and destroy political rivals from within Trump’s circle. Using the FBI as a weapon against justice is beyond reprehensible and to watch Rosenstein and Strzok smile and at times laugh at members of congress during very serious testimony indicates that they know they are at the top of the legal ladder and they have no fear of falling off. That is a serious problem. It is the biggest story in the world right now because if there cannot be justice in the United States, there cannot be justice in Mexico, Indonesia, Japan, Russia or all of Europe—anywhere. If our FBI in America is that corrupt, then what chance is there for anybody anywhere? That is why the punishment for these offenses at the FBI and their role in criminal conduct must be punished in the harshest manner possible, and we need to knock that smile off Rosenstein’s face, because behind him are thousands of ankle bitters just like him wanting to be the next top boss, and if he gets away with all this corruption, there will be no way to fix it later with those waiting in the chain of command for their opportunity to do much worse if left unchecked.

Rich Hoffman

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The Blue Wave of Liberalism: As the Supreme Court rules in favor of tradition, tears are all that come from the left leaning insurgents

We are seeing a blue wave, a blue wave of liberal tears, that’s a whole lot better than the blood of slain socialists and communists in American streets. With the two biggest Supreme Court decisions coming this past week leaning the court in directions it should have always been, liberals should consider themselves lucky. The court system is working properly for once not just because it is representative of a conservative view for a change as there aren’t surprises such as we had in the Obamacare case years. The High Court under the guidance of President Trump is working competently especially in two cases, their support of the Trump travel ban which had been challenged by the lower courts and the reversal of the mandatory union dues to be paid by non union employees. By adding these decisions to the bakery case of a gay couple trying to compel a business owner to bake a cake for a ceremonial practice that they didn’t wish to do, a positive pattern is clearly developing which is good for the human race, but bad for liberals who demand the sanctioning of their bad behavior from good people in order to live their lives—and the Supreme Court is philosophically aligned for a change on the correct premise of all Constitutional debate—the act of compulsion over individuals.

In essence the nature of the travel ban where people from war-torn communist and socialist countries are fleeing to America can be summed up simply. Why are there people from bad places in the world trying to get into America—because America has value where El Salvador and Iran have lost that value. People wanting to survive desire to leave for the opportunities that America has to offer. However, bad guys who want to destroy America hide in the great numbers of migrants so that they can embed themselves like a Trojan horse into that culture of value and soon the problems of gang violence that is in El Salvador are in the streets of New York and Chicago. The main problem is that the failures of socialism and communism have created violent clans for which people are fleeing from in those host countries causing an immigration problem. Liberals like socialist behavior and have always been fans of communists so they ignore the failures of the origin countries and seek as all Marxists do, the looting of value wherever they can like some sick insect destroying a garden. The Constitution grants our president, whomever they may be, to protect American borders from just such a menace and that is what Trump has done, and the Supreme Court has upheld that right. The American people cannot be forced to sanction evil, in this case giving socialists and communists a path toward continued existence by forcing Americans to fund illegal immigration and allowing dictatorships and totalitarian governments to thrive off the looted wealth of America by flooding the border with immigrants and collapsing our legal system under the weight of sheer chaos.

And it was 41 years ago that a previous Supreme Court putting their finger to the air and trying to predict the future allowed labor unions to compel employees to pay union dues to them for which they would then spend on liberal political candidates. As I’ve pointed out many times the concept of labor unions were always socialists in their nature—their aim was always to compel the many to support the views of the union leadership—which were always Marxist in nature. The decision was wrong then and thankfully this modern court reversed that bad practice which will go a long way to restoring sanity back into our employment sectors. By allowing labor unions to compel employees to give them money it was no different from some mob boss compelling business owners and the people of a community to pay for protection not from the world, but from the mob bosses. Always behind the effort was the desire of the many to steal value from the few to sanction behavior that individuals didn’t agree with, which has the adverse effect of weakening our Republic style of government. America was never a democracy where the mobs rule by sheer numbers—which was always the desire of socialists and communists, because the lazy, the stupid, and the evil will always accompany the masses giving democracies their proper place in the Vico Cycle. Looking back at the failed countries of the Trump travel ban, failed societies of democracies that have allowed their cultures to be overrun by evil have destroyed the value of their homelands and they as a sheer survival instinct seek value where it is so they can loot from it—which is the cause of illegal immigration. The same holds true of labor unions who seek the input of the most valuable to loot that wealth and convert it to collective oppression to sustain their own existence.

The argument that labor unions have against such a Supreme Court ruling is that it supports “free riders.” People who benefit from the union negotiations without paying for the service. But what labor unions really mean to say is that they require compulsion and surrender of individual will to the mass desires of a tribe mentality to function effective as a leverage holder of a place of business. That is bad enough in private businesses, but it is absolutely detrimental in government jobs where tax payers are forced to fund this chaos then to have the looted money confiscated turned into liberal weapons in the realm of politics. By allowing the practice of such looting of individual wealth in favor of collective benefit, the previous Supreme Court of 1977 opened the door to the artificial financial support of a liberal party in America that would have never existed but for its thuggish roots into socialism which stole its value from people who would not give them that value unless the highest court in the land had said that such a thing was legal. The high court finally after more than forty years corrected that mistake and we are all much better for it.

yPhilosophy is the key to our civilization, and without it, we have chaos, which is what previous governments have been exporting up until this Trump administration. With President Trump showing that he is willing to protect the bold, the current Supreme Court has shown that it is willing to uphold individual rights over the protests of the group assimilators who want to turn our Republic into a mob driven democracy well on its way to anarchy—quite on purpose. The case-law from just this week’s Supreme Court cases will resonate for the next century in very positive ways Constitutionally, and that is good for everyone in the world—even the illegal immigrants. It protects what they are seeking. Even though the dream of America might be put off a few years through the legal immigration system that is merit based it means that when they do get to the greatest country on planet earth that their dreams will be intact and opportunities will be there for them to utilize as individuals. The socialist influences that have destroyed their homelands are finally being pushed back in America which keeps that light on in North America for the rest of the world to follow and that is truly the greatest aspect of this week’s rulings by the Supreme Court. While the liberals may think its all unfair they should at least take refuge in the fact that they are shedding tears, and not blood, because their continued incursions into traditional American life is not permissible and if we did not have the courts doing some of this suddenly good work, then it would be war in the streets against their collectivist ideologies, and they wouldn’t like the result of that. They should consider those tears a lucky byproduct.

Rich Hoffman
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Case of The Red Hen: Stephanie Wilkinson showed us why breaking the law on gun legislation is perfectly justifiable–if the “left” wants to fight, let’s go

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary for President Trump was with her family 200 miles into the Virginia countryside when they stopped by the little town of Lexington for some food at The Red Hen. From outside, it looked like an arty little place, badly painted and small—with only 26 seats, yet it had been a rough week and a little cultural experience seemed like just the thing, so they stepped inside to have a family meal, hopefully without the media paying much attention so they could relax. Yet the staff recognized her and wanted to make a political issue of the visit. Lexington was a liberal town centered in a conservative county, so they are already at odds with the Trump supporters of the rural countryside surrounding the town.

Not sure what to do they called up the cousin of Meryl Streep herself who was the restaurant owner and also the Director of Main Street Lexington which was a group designated to inspire a friendly business atmosphere in the downtown area. Stephanie Wilkinson as a liberal activist who had hired a lot of radicals to her staff had to take their side so she came in during the appetizer portion of the meal that was being served to Sanders and pulled her aside to ask her to leave. Sarah respected the restaurant owners right to serve whoever they wanted, so she and her family left. More specifics about this case can be seen at The American Thinker article below as well as this very interesting video featuring an interview with Stephanie Wilkinson herself. So much for her efforts at trying to help downtown Lexington—she just put a black eye on that poor town with her liberal activism, and everyone will have to pay for it, not just the little dump they call The Red Hen.

The hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer, when pressed by reporters in the wake of the aftermath, Wilkinson said she would do it again, and that she felt morally compelled to make the decision citing that the restaurant had certain standards that they had to uphold and that she had to uphold those standards by asking a member of the President’s staff to leave. Obviously, this is a problem because it calls to mind the rantings of the political left over the refusal of bakery owners to serve to gay people, or the Kentucky case of the clerk of courts to certify a marriage certificate because it was a gay couple, the notion of “standards” is quite an open issue, because those standards could be defined differently by different people in different regions. As much as the political left made of the issue you’d think they wouldn’t be so stupid to attempt such a refusal to serve, but obviously as the Supreme Court recently upheld, such places do have the right to discriminate if they so choose.

The case of the week which Sarah Sanders had to deal with by members of a very ignorant and immature press corps, was the breaking up of children from their parents at the border who had to be detained for trying to illegally cross the American border from the south. The political left was involved in attempting to spread the notion that illegal immigrants should ignore the law so to change the nature of the American population more to their favor. The political left at just about every issue they care about feel quite comfortable ignoring laws they don’t agree with and using mass force in the form of protests to legislate by overwhelming the courts. The same approach could be said to be in play over the marijuana controversy, where states are supposed to say, “oh well, people are going to smoke it anyway, so let’s just make it legal.” They are trying to do the same thing over border security, “look at all these poor children without their parents, let’s just let everyone out of jail and open up the borders.” The children are used as pawns, the media plays long with the narrative and law breaking is advocated as a viable option to the current state of things.

Yet mysteriously, those same liberals assume that if they lobbied for gun control for example, that the other half of the country who are not liberals would just magically obey the law if it were liberals who were in charge. Does that make any sense? What good would more gun rules be if all the people who like guns, like me, ignored those laws, overwhelmed the courts with cases they couldn’t possibly deal with, and filled the jails to the point that they couldn’t afford to send anybody else to jail. There are probably around 1.20 guns per American citizen, which comes out to well over 360 million and counting. Who in the right mind thinks that those gun owners would ever comply with the gun confiscations that the political left are always advocating for? The sheer numbers make it impossible, because if pushed, those of us with guns would just refuse to comply, the same way that liberals do on issues like border security, drug legalization, and even common decency such as restaurant service. I mean two can play at this game and I look at the case of Stephanie Wlkinson as a perfect example of how the political left has shown us their cards opening the refusal of any future liberal administrations to outright rebellion against any rules they might come up with. Lawlessness, and physical violence such as we’ve seen by the liberal group of anarchists called ANTIFA that have opened the door toward that type of reasoning. Do they think that conservatives won’t fight back, or that we won’t push back against incursions of our value judgments? Just because we tend to settle disputes with legal recourse and polite debate, that doesn’t mean that we will accept lawless administrations dictating terms to our lives.

Sarah Sanders did the right thing, if she had stayed, the radical lefts in the kitchen probably would have just spit in her food and sabotaged their experience passive aggressively. So they did her a favor to ask her to leave. She likely had a much safer meal elsewhere. What’s more dangerous than people like Stephanie Wilkinson openly protesting conservatives they don’t agree with are the saboteurs who just piss in your food from the kitchen, and believe me, that does happen. It’s good to know their minds, to watch how they probe the fences and how they react when they are not in charge, because when and if they ever are again, we have just as much right to break the law as they do, especially over the issue of gun control. The political left has shown us what they are willing to do when they aren’t the ones making the rules, and they have opened the door to outright lawlessness. So when they beg the police to come and confiscate our guns, they shouldn’t be surprised when we say no.

Liberals like Stephanie Wilkinson and her crappy Red Hen restaurant is a small player in the world economy. It is likely that people from outside of downtown Lexington, Virginia are not flocking to her restaurant of gay servers on a Friday and Saturday night for a “cultural meal.” Now if there were a Chick-fil-A in town, that place would be swamped, but not the Red Hen. Wilkinson probably thought that this whole deal with Sarah Sanders would be a good publicity stunt and fellow liberals would flock to Lexington to fill up their empty storefronts with like-minded liberal losers. But the opposite is happening to her, the Trump supporters from the countryside are just a little pissed off now, and the ramifications of that can be pretty scary. And like her cousin Meryl Streep learned, because Hollywood isn’t doing so well these days in the aftermath of their Trump protests, Stephanie Wilkinson poked the wrong bear. And that serves as a greater metaphor for all future legislation. If liberals are going to break laws and ignore conduct of proper decency in restaurants, than why should the rest of us respect them? Oh, didn’t think that far, did they?

If these liberal losers want to fight, I’m game.  If I were them, I wouldn’t bet on winning that fight.  After all, we ain’t playing patty cake.  The “left” better watch what they wish for.

Rich Hoffman
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Why a Space Force is Needed: Answering the call on the doorsteps of history

I understand and sympathize with the frustrations President Trump must be feeling. I think the creation of a Space Force in the United States is long overdue. It’s more than time for such a thing, especially as commercial ventures move more into space. There will be rescues needed, and general maintenance as Space becomes more of our national dialogue. Yet the small-minded continue to relish in the feces of their entirely limited scope. I read maybe the dumbest thing I have read all year at the link below. It will take me dozens of smart books to wash the filth from my mind, yet for discussion points I have to recommend it to you dear reader as well, for context. Essentially mankind in its current form is of two minds, one is always looking for the next great thing and is inventing itself to that doorstep. The other is desiring to do what mankind has always done and that is to retreat back into the forms of the primitive. Those two desires are clearly at cross purposes, they are not compatible intellectually to inhabit the same space on planet earth and that is very obvious with Karl Grossman, the author of the article at the following link—and of some of the video examples shown below.

I certainly don’t care about the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Mankind hadn’t even walked on the moon when that treaty was made with other countries. It was way too soon to put language on paper. Space must be in the future of humanity, because earth won’t last forever. Earth is a jealous mother cleaving to its children in a very unhealthy way, but mankind must rebel away from it anyway, and that Outer Space Treaty of 1967 that Karl Grossman is so excited about is worthless. The people of the earth are not egalitarians, and they certainly aren’t socialists. There cannot be a treaty of shared interests with countries that are not all functioning from the same general philosophies and until that happens there will be wars among people. Countries will fight it out just as there are arguments at family dinner tables over ideological based observations. In the meantime, for the sake of peace, the United States can’t chain itself to some stupid treaty with the communist nation of China over how to develop space.

It’s essentially the same argument that we still have about the moral nature of western expansion in the United States, did the primitive Indians have a right to hold mankind down to the prayers to the gods for their sustenance, or should capitalism, the railroad, and the boundless imagination of people unleashed by the desire for personal wealth unlock those mysteries for the name of science? I certainly know the answer and it’s not even close, I’ll take science any day. I am certainly a fan of pushing all the hippies, and progressive losers out of the science fields and replacing them with adventurers and fortune hunters—because all science needs money to function, and it is in science that mankind unlocks its next doors of exploration. Space deserves our attention, as many adventures await, and I don’t have any sympathy for the sentiments of the overly cautious who want peace over understanding, and a preservation of nature over wealth creation. Nature is always in a state of decline, and its end is guaranteed. But the ability to think and change its circumstances is very specific to the nature of mankind, and it is one of the most positive elements in the universe. I have no doubt that we could and likely will look to the ends of time and back again and we won’t find any form of life that is as unique, and special as the human mind. Because the human mind can not only navigate its environment for basic needs of survival, but it can contemplate the nature of existence and make course corrects that benefit all life everywhere.

Listening to critics of Donald Trump’s Space Force reminded me of my school days where as a Star Wars fan who often wore t-shirts to school paying reverence to that classic movie, kids would make fun of it. The more they did of course, the more I wore them because it was never my goal to fit in with those imbecilic losers. I understood why they said what they did even back then, before I had literature and adult understandings to define the elements for me. Public schools were always built to support the old order of aristocratic Europe, the kind of thinking that kept mankind chained to the Vico Cycle—where questions like, “do you believe in Atlantis” were met with sneers. Those old order people would say, “of course not, we invented the wheel at such and such time, we had the Bronze Age here, and the Iron Age there, so of course there couldn’t have been an Atlantis.” Only what those fools never considered was that under today’s current sea levels are old ocean fronts containing major cities of the old world and one of them is likely Atlantis, a place that jumped forward and reverted back again to the dingy thinking of the socialists and progressives—people probably called by another name by a Karl Marx figure who infected their society the way the modern version infected our present society with diseased thinking and fearful sentiment. Kids in grade school made fun of Star Wars because fans dared to think the unimaginable, was there life on other planets, why would anybody want to travel into space—there were no girls there to kiss so why do it. People should keep their feet on the ground, turn in their guns and trust mother government to chain mankind’s feet to the earth and be done with all these fantasies of life in outer space. I always knew better, I mostly wore Star Wars shirts because it was like throwing Holy Water on a demon from the apocalypse.

Conquest is not a bad thing, before a human mind can conquer what it doesn’t yet know, it must destroy the things that hold back knowledge and that is often the rules and superstitions of the previous order. Just as there is a need for a Coast Guard to help in international shipping, and an Air Force to provide not only air cover for the United States, but to refill airplanes in long distance transit, as we move into Space and host long distance trips to Mars and beyond there will be a need for a professional organization to assist in the travels, when things do go wrong which they will. That doesn’t mean that mankind should sip tea in the streets of Paris and look to the art of the past and declare that genius would progress no further, but that all minds should dare to go to the next place discovered by adventurers and unleash new thoughts and practices for which have not yet been invented because necessity hasn’t yet demanded them. The old jealous types who cleave to the old are not trying to save the earth or humanity through peace, they are only trying to lay cover for their own timidity and internal fears of the unknown. And that is precisely why we need a Space Force now, and not a minute longer, because space is a place that we must explore and eventually escape to, in order to bring value to the thoughts that placed us on this doorstep of history. To turn away now would be to become the next Atlantis for some future civilization of head hunters and tattooed freaks cleaving once again at the primitive values of the known. And we don’t want to see that happen, that’s for sure. I’m ready to wear my t-shirt for the new Space Force and to boldly help wherever possible.

Rich Hoffman

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