Why Marijuana is so Devastating to Any Human Culture

Regarding this marijuana dispensary that is opening in Lebanon, Ohio and the sentiment in the city of Cincinnati to decriminalize pot, that is not a victory. It is simply yielding to the pull of below the line thinking and the lazy desires of the masses to erode away expectations so that they don’t feel so bad about themselves. That is the overall trend of the average pot user, to hide in the shadows and to escape the pressure of expectation which drives all of civilization forward. To answer Chris Smitherman’s comment about the sensibility of continued criminalization of marijuana, the value system that is against pot use is the same one that advances our society in every way, it’s a standard that the human race requires to develop. Saying no to pot and all drugs really is saying yes to civilization and its growth. But you can’t have both. Pot advocates will point to history and say the Egyptians used drugs, that Shakespeare used even marijuana to evoke his literary classics, but I say, where are they now? If you want a society that works and advances, you can’t have a society that endorses drug use. The two just don’t go together and it forces us to make a choice. In a nutshell, that is why I’m against drug use and advocate for their continued criminalization.

Over the last couple of years, I have really developed a respect for the game of golf and baseball. Its not that I have time for it now, but golf is a game that takes time to play and I like the above the line nature of it. Often at courses there are rules that players must have collars on their shirts and even that their shirts must be tucked in. What you don’t see typically on a golf course are a bunch of losers smoking pot. The same in baseball to a large extent. People aren’t going to be smoking a lot of pot and expect to hit a 95-mph baseball. And in golf, drugs and accuracy just aren’t conducive to one another. I like those sports because they force people to rise up to their natures rather than to bow down to their below the line animal sentiments.

When I was younger and the concept of even being able to play golf was a far-off objective, because I couldn’t afford to spend the money to play the game, and I certainly didn’t have the free time to play. For the first thirty years of my adult life I literally worked 7 days a week, so I didn’t have any four hour windows to play such a game. But in the back of my mind I always enjoyed the above the line nature of the game, the well-tended landscaping. The good dress of the players and participants. I did marry a country club girl in the heyday of the Beckett Ridge Country Club. In fact our wedding reception was held at the club as her parents were members of good standing back then. But I was always a bit of a rebel and always wanted to do my own thing. Rules weren’t then and still aren’t attractive, but I do appreciate as a baseline a standard of behavior that sets goals high and forces others to live up to them.

In that regard as society has shown less respect for a value system, to me golf courses and country clubs are much more appealing than they used to be for me. And probably because I’m in a period of my life where I can actually participate, that likely is the biggest reason. And I would argue that the same trend trajectory is present in pot advocate supporters, only in reverse. They look at their lives and see where they have made all these mistakes along the way and they know, or at least feel, that they will never be able to get into a country club, or be able to play golf with some friends and they instead advocate for the removal of standards so that they don’t have to feel so bad about themselves. That pot facility in Lebanon is supposed to be a medical marijuana dispensary that requires a doctor’s prescription. But drug users know they can get a glaucoma diagnosis from any second-rate doctor and they are all set to buy. But to even get the drugs it encourages people to yield to their weaknesses rather than overcoming them and that is the source of the whole marijuana debate. Even if we take away the pot smoke and just look at the consumption of mariuman in any way for pain relief, what we are doing is yielding to our weaknesses and seeking a below the line judgment to hide behind, rather than forcing ourselves to do better and work harder at life. That is the ultimate price of any society that embraces drugs to cut away the tensions of their lives. Tensions are created by expectation. Not having the ability to manage those expectations is the larger social problem that is worsened by the use of pot.

The more that our society rejects standards of good conduct, the more my rebellious side wants to embrace those standards so these days the uppity trends of golf are very appealing as opposed to the grungy, dirty freaks of below the line counterculture. When people make fun of the standards that are quite common in golf, what they are really saying is that they are too lazy to live up to them so they’d rather hide behind excuses to not participate because they fear they will never measure up to the standard. And pot helps them hide that fear through intoxication and social stigma. So to get back to the question, what does it hurt if people in Cincinnati are carrying around bags of pot? Well, it accepts a lower standard in our culture which will ultimately destroy it. Its one thing to have laws on the books and to not enforce them because there is no jail space and the cops don’t really have the heart to do so. But decriminalizing it means that the standard is ripped away and that society can then accept the below the line behavioral target. And that is where things literally fall apart.

I was listening to 96 Rock this morning and they were very excited about the opening of the Lebanon medical marijuana dispensary. Their reaction to it was relief because they will admit that they aren’t the brightest tacks in the box. And as musical rock advocates they have no ambition in life to be anything great, they don’t want to invent the next boon that saves mankind from its perpetual quest to always regress along the Vico Cycle. In a world of standards, they are OK with saying to it, we are the losers, get used to it. But with the legalization of pot, suddenly that stigma is removed for them and they are now in the mainstream. And they find they are enjoying that, because the standard of behavior has been removed and now anybody can join. That is what happens to failing country clubs when they relax their dress codes and suddenly let anybody play under any conditions. The club will go out of business quickly thereafter. Standards are what bring value to society. Without those standards, everything is in retreat and that is why marijuana or even medical marijuana is a sign of a society on the decline. That that is all the argument that is needed about why decriminalization is such a travesty.

Rich Hoffman

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Nobody But Losers Want to Have Sex with Alyssa Milano

It’s hard to believe, but I think we can all agree that her sex strike against the new anti-abortion bill in Georgia is a step in the right direction. After all, if women really want to control reproductive rights, they should do as Alyssa Milano suggested, just don’t have sex. That’s how you don’t get pregnant and end up in a situation where abortions are even a consideration. The female rights that abortion activists are after are reckless sex with no consequences ending up in a decision to choose death over commitment. And yes, it is that simple. Yet Hollywood and its pretentious actors and producers thought for a second that they would leverage Georgia into abandoning their anti-abortion bill following states like Ohio in standing for life. Alabama followed with their own version which makes it a felony for doctors in the state to perform abortions in all cases, with the only exception being when the life of the mother is threatened.

The tough talk lasted for a few hours but once production companies had to realize what was at stake, the 30% tax credits that Georgia gives to production companies to film there, business and logic took precedence over emotional vitriol. There weren’t many takers for the proposed boycott, and we can all see where this is going. These new bills will be challenged in court and Roe v. Wade is going to get a second look, and will likely be overturned, as it should have always been. Abortion is murder and it is rather astonishing that these high profile actors and entertainers could even think to stand against the tide of half the nation who is clearly against abortion, and would still drop money to watch movies of these radicals at the local theater, or on Netflix.

The insanity that abortion is even considered a women’s right is the first problem. It paints all women as murderers just so that they can have reckless sexual relationships and cheapens all life without even the considerations of death in the mix. And of course not all women are such crazy supporters of this feminist issue. The true ugliness of the advocates can’t be avoided and climaxed its lunacy when Alyssa Milano suggested her sex strike. What kind of threat is that, does she really think that people are lining up to have sex with her that she has leverage to shape law and order? Remember the article presented here where just before the Trump election Madonna offered free oral sex to anybody who voted for Hillary Clinton. These people are crazy, these actresses assume too much to think that their industry of entertainment can withstand the stigma they’ve attached to themselves. Championing the right to murder life is not a good business model. Just a bit of friendly advice.

For perspective the latest Avenger movies by Disney are shot in Georgia specifically the Atlanta region and have produced roughly $9.5 billion in economic impact a year. The tax subsidy is much lower than that as far as a cost, so the credit for Georgia is obvious. But it is the production companies saving that 30% off the top who can then make such big productions with their increasing budget demands who benefit. There is a reason Hollywood is moving to Georgia, they are running from the high taxes of California, which has been going on for many years now. The power of Hollywood is a lot like their productions, only in sets and memories, not in practice. Wilshire Blvd isn’t what it used to be, neither is Beverly Hills. The power of fame only had an impact when people wanted the product that came with the fame and those days are long over. While a big movie like Avengers: Endgame had a production budget of over $300 million it would have cost a lot more without the tax credit making it impossible to put all those stars into a film with their exploding union scale costs. Companies like Disney really have no other choice but to do business with Georgia. Obviously, these actors don’t know much about economics.

But then to expect big production companies like those of J.J. Abrams and Disney to put their name next to abortion as a protest is a suicide task. Sure, Disney and Abrams are big time liberals these days, but they know their audiences are not radical leftists. Many of them are people who stand against abortion rather passionately and once they get a whiff of production companies making themselves activists for abortion, they will lose those customers. And that is the most sobering statistic of them all, that people won’t support Hollywood if Hollywood doesn’t represent the box office contributors. The answer to the question does Hollywood make culture or does culture make Hollywood is rather obvious. It all comes down to where and what people are willing to spend money on. People will not consume a product if they feel it doesn’t represent them even in an entertaining way. And nobody really wants to have sex with Alyssa Milano.

We all know that the radical left senses that abortion is on its way to becoming criminalized, as it should have been for years. They knew when America elected Donald Trump that changes were coming which is why they freaked out and continue to do so. Now states are behaving the way they wanted to all along and are passing these anti-abortion measures so they can clean themselves of that vile state sponsored murder, and who could blame them? It was insane leftist activism that brought Roe v. Wade to us not that long ago, along with legalized pot, and socialism taught in our public schools and the bet was that America would change and yield to the pressure. But what happened was that traditional values went underground and stayed there until the pendulum swung the other way, which it is doing now. And the leftists who sipped their wine and engaged in their whoring parties and reckless lifestyles gambled that people would follow them into the gates of Hell itself. But that didn’t happen.

In order for a boycott to work, people have to want the product so badly that the extortion will have some weight in the lost product. However, in truth, everyone has their own production company these days with their iPhones and YouTube that the Hollywood product has to put out $300 million budgeted pictures just to get people’s attention, because there are so many other options these days. There are thousands of Alyssa Milanos working as waitresses and store clerks all across the world, and a good producer could make a star out of any one of them. There is nothing special about her or any of the Hollywood stars demanding Georgia support abortion or else. Or else what? Actors are paid to say what people tell them to and for some stupid reason many of them have adopted these liberal views just so that they could stay employed in Hollywood. Only Hollywood isn’t in Hollywood anymore. It’s in the conservative state of Georgia and that is a reality they all need to come to terms with.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill is Good

I wasn’t too hip on him in the beginning but Mike DeWine is turning out to be quite a good governor in my state of Ohio. This past week after the House and Senate put a heartbeat bill on his desk banning abortions once there is a detectable heartbeat, after six weeks or so, he signed it into law. Now Ohio is the fifth state in the country to have such a law and it makes me proud on many levels. Of course there will be court challenges and the liberals are concerned that this will violate their ability to kill as was granted to them with Roe v. Wade, but on a much deeper level than the usual political theatrics, signing such a commitment to life is a dedication to the future of civilization, and it took guts. I often say that I think it is better to kill a child than to condemn them for life under bad parenting. But some children manage to do well, even with the emotional handicaps that they inherit from screwed up parents and over time I have become more rigid on abortion due to the nature of it in the deep psychology of what we should consider the expectations of an advanced culture. No society that calls itself advanced should honor in any way the predicates of death ad that is certainly true at the center of the abortion debate. Anybody who is for abortion is for the mass murder of fellow human beings. There is no such thing as a woman’s right to choose. Bad things happen such as rape or incest which open up the need for more stringent protections of the innocent, mainly the mothers which is a different story. But in regard to abortion, the avocation of killing little babies goes back to a deep dark secret in the human condition that has been there for many thousands of years, and its time we shake it off in favor of advancement.

When considering the Ohio Heartbeat Bill I couldn’t help but think of the Hindu mother-goddess Kali with her long tongue out to lick up the lives and blood of her children while on a murderous rampage. She is the prime example of the sow who eats her farrow, the cannibal ogress who is like the universe itself there to devour all life. A particular problem in most city states throughout time was the notion that sacrifice was needed to advance and this was predominately prevalent in planting cultures which most big cities

throughout time contended with, from Ancient Egypt, Sumer, to the Maya and Aztecs. Particularly the closer to the Equator that any group of individuals resided, the more their cultures embraced cannibal sacrifices to negotiate their observations of how the universe operated. In all existence as we see, the universe springs forth life, but also that same loving spirit consumes us all into death. The only way our primitive minds could deal with such a quandary was to go along with it to get along, so cannibalism and murder became our way as the human species to appease the murderous nature of all existence. In our modern times we have watered down the appeasement into Christianity, we no longer kill our neighbors and enemies to offer as sacrifices, we just go to church and drink the symbolic blood of Christ and eat his body in the form of bread.

We have seen nearly the same embrace of murder as is on full display with the goddess Kali in the Egyptian counterpart of Isis, or the Babylonian Ishtar. The mothers of these cultures are the life givers but they are also the life takers so that is how we have allowed ourselves to think of these things, obviously evolving into the concept of abortion—the killing of a baby so not to burden the mother in her service to the state—career advancement, sexual exploits to keep the mind of mankind off important matters of thought and productivity, or just the fulfillment of the bloodthirsty aims of the abortion industry which was revealed recently by undercover reporters working for Project Veritas. The evil on display is an ancient one, it’s certainly not modern. And it has within it the belief structure that mankind is not in control, but is at the mercy of the universe and must play at the death games to survive just so long to live the play of life that we know of as a human life span.

Personally, I don’t see much difference in the cannibal cultures of the equatorial zones where for a week preceding a massive cannibal ceremony the village will embark on a massive orgy where anything goes with anybody. Then a strikingly beautiful young girl is plucked from the audience and laid under a makeshift temple of heavy logs to have sex with a chosen young male. And once the two have mated and wrapped themselves in the ecstasy of sexual orgasm the giant logs are released and down they come to smash and kill the young bodies while they were at the peak of their embrace. At that point the primitives eat the youth in a vast ceremony and to these people all this is perfectly natural. My thoughts on the matter is that the typical nightclub is doing the same thing to our youth, just in a more watered-down version as Christianity is compared to the human sacrifice demanded by Kali. Yet the beliefs for the action are the same, people believe these things are necessary to advance in life when in all actuality, they aren’t. They are just the musings of primitive minds still stuck in the past.

That is the reason that those who stand against abortion who also find themselves conservative in nature are functioning from a more advanced perspective. Embracing life and giving every new contributor a chance at the greatness of existence is a high concept that doesn’t yield to the nature of a universe that gives and takes continuously, but builds upon itself for continued growth and prosperity, which for human beings is a fairly new concept. The idea that you can take and eat your cake because you made the cake is the truth of the universe due to the creative nature of the human mind, and nothing else. Nowhere that we yet know in the vast universe does this idea exist of creation, that we don’t have to appease some gods just to make it rain, or mimic the death culture of the universe by appeasing it with human sacrifice. We have learned over time, some of us, that the individual nature of every human has within it the ability to unlock new levels of consciousness built upon the desire for creativity by the human mind.

That is why it’s important and refreshing that Ohio Republicans have taken this definitive step. It’s not just in the moral aspects of life that the Heartbeat Bill is deserving of good recognition, but in its bold statement that as a culture we can embrace life, not yield to the whims of a schizophrenic universe whom one moment is giving life, the next, taking it away. Not all mothers are good, many of them complain about their kids all the time and it shows in how the children grow up. In fact, most mothers aren’t good, they are filled with resentments because of their biological whims for which the children were born in the first place which then puts severe limits on their own individual advancements. But the solution to that old cannibal cult is not in abortion, its in other aspects of our culture that need to support women as they continue to bring forth life. Not to surrender to the superstitions of old and just participate in a long line of murder which has become accepted over time for the ruin of many potential lives that will never see the light of day as abortion clinics sell the body parts to the modern cannibals of our day. There is so much wrong with abortion, which makes it that much more heroic that Ohio has taken a stand to support life and its continuation with a heartbeat bill, signed into law by a good-natured governor. There is hope yet that maybe we are finally getting it as a civilization. This was a big step forward.

Rich Hoffman

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We Are All Being Suckered

Among the protestors at the border wall visit by President Trump at El Centro in California was a person holding a sign referencing that “love had no borders.” It reminded me of the hippie mantra that has been around for quite some time about how private property in America should be abandoned so that communism ideas could be utilized in a giant fenceless world like it was when the Indians had the run of the planet and were dancing just to make it rain. The premise of this borderless world that is being proposed is nothing short of ridiculous, and it ignores many basic foundations that are part of any relationship with reality. The truth is quite the opposite from what was on that sign from the Trump protestor. Love demands borders, not the other way around. Borders indicate value in something and a means to protect it from a lack of value. Without a border, there is no value, and that is precisely the same conditions present in all relationships. There needs to be a barrier of some kind to keep out the rif raf. If everything is always open, then there is no value for what is the foundation of any relationship.

This actually says a lot about liberalism in general. Where conservatives get into trouble is when they start accepting the same premise, as we all get that exposure in our basic religions. I grew up pretty involved in the Christian ideas for things but had to draw a line once I realized how bad and socialist many of the ideas about a mainstream religion were at the foundations. To be a good Christian means that you have to be a bit of a socialist. I wouldn’t say that I gave up religion, only that I outgrew it. I personally couldn’t live with the schizophrenic nature of religion, so I had to move on to more individualized concepts. The idea that is proposed in most religions is the same nonsense advocated in most political societies, a non-value judgement in loving your neighbor as yourself. The whole turn the other cheek ridiculousness is just stupid. It says that no matter what someone does we are not supposed to judge them for it and that we are supposed to provide love without consequence. That of course doesn’t make any sense so I have abandoned all those foundations of thought in my life. And you have to in order to understand the necessity for a border wall. This is exactly how Republicans have been suckered into helping the borderless world advocates advance their cause, by accepting the Christian ideas of loving our neighbors as ourselves no matter what value the neighbor brings to the table.

Democrats are quite audacious when they are proposing that California be a sanctuary state, that the illegal nature of immigration be ignored completely and the laws that are currently in place be looked over as if they weren’t even there. It’s laughable really. What makes them thing that they can ignore rules about the American border but that the rest of us are going to obey their rules on something like gun control? They have completely advocated for breaking the law in regard to immigration yet every time there is an excuse they seek more rules on gun control thinking that somehow we are all going to just fall in line and obey a bunch of new rules that they propose. It’s all very ridiculous, and ignorant. They think what they do about us because of their experience, that we tend to be nice law biding people and even when they act poorly we forgive them and let them off the hood from their bad behavior. This as every spoiled brat knows is how respect is lost for all authority and the value is cheapened to the point of chaos. The Christian teachings for which the Roman Empire first fought, then advocated for enjoyed the idea because it made it easier to control the people of their empire under common themes, but it certainly didn’t help individuals have value for each other.

Just imagine if someone wanted to go across the border in China, or Russia? Wouldn’t anybody advocate for open borders there? Absolutely not. Does anybody think they could swim over into Japan and just start walking around unchecked? 100% not. The only reason illegal immigration is advocated in the United States if due to the fact that the Democrats want them in their political party and they want to undo the premise of value for which the United States has been built. Democrats are not for America, they are for its undoing. But before conservatives can act on that knowledge they have to understand the nature of the open border concept.

Love can’t happen unless there is value behind it. Nobody can tell another person that they love them without a basic understanding of the value behind those words. It’s not by any accident that when communists were trying to penetrate American culture at the level of our college campuses that free love was the means of establishing roots in our culture. People like sex so if the idea of sex without value could be established then Americans would accept other quandaries of the same nature, and eventually this whole borderless world concept might be accepted. But people learned as they still are, that relationships without value do not work, even if it’s just sex that is the foundation. Anybody at anytime can’t just walk into a bedroom and start having sex. Generally, among humans there has to be boundaries of trust that are proposed and the walls to personal access are only lowered when those boundaries are trusted, then sex can happen. But to say that everyone should just love their neighbor and love them no matter what that neighbor does is just stupid. It ignores all the basic laws of value which is then defined by love.

Like that protestor, most of us function every day with a mix of messages that we get from various aspects of cultural development. Some of those ideas come from our religions. Some from our political nature, from our entertainment, from our upbringing. But in most of those cases these days the influence of long generations of war have left us fragmented in what we believe. The staunch Republican who understands the need for private property and capital investments into making our economy grow are also those who go to church on Sunday and are told to act like socialists and to chastise those who make money and if you do have a lot of money that the only way you can get into Heaven is to give it all away. So we are also told that these illegal immigrants are poor and that we are supposed to all welcome them with open arms and ignore that ridiculous border. But while we are focused on all that we don’t pay attention to why those people were poor to begin with, that they were made that way by the political systems currently in place to attack our border and our concepts of civilization for the advancement of valueless ideas. And once we accept that nutty idea we would accept the political structure behind it. A destruction of the foundations America was built upon and the acceptance of a one world nation ran by liberalism. That is their dream, but to get it we have to accept that love has no meaning or borders and that to be good Christians we must give everything up, including our country for the betterment of a world in need so that we can all get into Heaven. And for that we are all being played as suckers.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the American Border Has Value and Why We Should Judge Others

Of course, what nobody will say is that the border of the United States has a value that has been lost in the countries where immigrants are coming from and they desire that value intensely. But of course, that value must be protected otherwise it won’t be there for anybody else in the future. What the open border advocates won’t say is that their plan is precisely that. In order to see their goals of global fruition come to light they must remove value from the politics of immigration so that everyone is equally lost to bad philosophic values. In that way the Republic that is the United States represented by capitalism economically would have millions of socialists within it from other failed countries that could vote an insurrection into place giving rise to those global goals. The problem is why those other countries produced such bad results to inspire people to flood the American border. The reality is that all that pain and suffering was done on purpose to invoke the insurrection, and that is the real problem.

A few years ago I had a niece, (I supposed I still do) who started running around with a bunch of bad people. She started smoking, doing drugs and getting all tattooed up like a lot of dumb kids do these days. I tried to pull her aside and tell her what a mistake she was making. At the time she was still around 15 so there was time to save her. But her parents were idiots and had programmed all the wrong kind of things into her mind for which she couldn’t possibly escape. We had a big family fight, for which she was the cause and we haven’t spoken since. Her parting words to the rest of us were that we weren’t supposed to “judge” her.

I thought her plea not to judge was mystifying. Where did she get the idea that society wouldn’t judge her if she made a complete idiot of herself and essentially ruined herself for life? Here was this little baby who 15 years prior we welcomed to the world with open arms and love. And what she did with all that love was toss it out the window on a self-abuse tour that was absolutely destructive and disrespectful to all that we had given her up to that point in her life. Of course, we were going to judge. Every right-minded person does who values what they do. Judgment is an essential navigation tool through life, and without it you end up with a mistake prone idiot, like what she had become.

She learned it from her parents who never took responsibility for anything they did. Everything in their life is the fault of someone else. I refer to those types of people as below the line people, because they are perpetual victimizers of their own fate. Somehow along the many years liberals had embedded this idea of victimization into their political platform and it ended up as part of our public school curriculum which people like my niece learned growing up. So as they entered those tough adolescent years where escape velocity from their parent’s arms seem like the most immediate need any of them ever have their belief was that no matter what they did, nobody would judge them for it. Well, she and all the rest of them were wrong. I judge everyone, and for good reason.

When I first could smell smoke on her at a family gathering, I took the opportunity to let her know I was concerned for her. She told me all the things I wanted to hear then climbed into the back seat of some loser’s car that very night to roll in the debaucheries of low lifes. Before we could blink she was getting tattoos and her mom was playing along with it because she didn’t want to be judged as a failed mom. So to be cool she failed to pass judgment. Before anyone knew it, a solid middle-class family who had just a few years before been considered economically to be a successful family unit were not barely qualified to be trailer trash. Their family went from good people to bad in a matter of a few years leaving them to this very day to be the example of all the things you shouldn’t do in life.

This whole story isn’t about my family, or a little branch of it that failed. It’s about how bad ideas and a lack of judgment can destroy what’s good easily and with great finality. Even if she wanted to, my niece could never restore her good name within the family and return to the days she enjoyed prior to her fifteen years on earth. And that is very sad, for everyone. But actions have consequences and love can be lost if it is abused. Love for all matter of definitions is a value judgement. Once the value has been robbed then the statement has no meaning. We can say we love our country, but if the value of that country is robbed, then what do we love? Nothing. And in the manner of families the possessive tendency of saying its “my family” indicates a value for what you love. But if the love is abused or even removed, then there is nothing to hold the family together and everything falls apart into debauchery and bad behavior—especially among young people trying to escape making the same mistakes as their parents, but are guaranteeing that they will become just as big of a loser as they were through the child’s bad actions.

The same is true of nations. All these countries outside of the United States have been told by their governments and culture that they could have socialism, that they could have kids by the dozen with no job or income to support them, and that they could live in dirt huts and have a good life living under authoritarian rule. Then when it doesn’t work out who could blame them for wanting to flee to the American border where at least they might have a shot at a good life? The question is, why was their home country so bad to begin with? Well, it’s because their countries were led by all the wrong decision-making parameters and they produced a bad society destined to fail, much like my niece. Judging bad decisions from good ones is the key to understanding. But you simply can’t talk about immigration without first discussing values, why people want to flee from one country and go to another. I would declare that the philosophy of the failed country was on purpose, to inspire desperate people to flee to the American border and to flood it with socialist voters who would collapse the capitalist system for the sake of global socialism. But in that transaction, Americans have every right in the world to declare a value judgment which could result in their own ending. It’s not out of compassion that we are obligated to drop values and judgments to those who are living failed lives. It is out of an obligation that we do pass judgment and force value back into the discussion, because that is the only way other countries, or other people will learn the error of their ways, and correct the behavior.

Rich Hoffman

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There Will Not Be A Recession in the United States while a Trump is in the White House

There is a reason while after all these years so many smart people read this blog and follow its advice, it’s because you can trace back through history and see how many times I was correct about something that nobody could yet see on the horizon. And that trend continues to this very day. Stupid people look at my articles and they think they are too long, because essentially people don’t read any more so long articles are discouraging to lazy people. But I don’t write for the stupid and passive, but for the aggressive and wise which of course pays off for the right kinds of minds. So with that little prelude I am happy to state that there will not be a recession economically so long as there is a Trump in the White House, which will probably be for the next 12 years or so, after the 2020 election which readers here know I have already predicted will go to a second Trump term. After the next four years of Donald J. Trump I predict that Don Jr. will run and win the presidency and the economic foundations that have been planted in these early first term strategies will pay off tactically in 2020 and beyond. These fears of recession are simply that, and based on no evidence other than political hopes by the other side that something will stop the Trump administration. With the Mueller investigation out of the way, there is nothing to stop Trump in the White House and the red-hot economy that has come with him.

Many people just don’t understand what makes up an economy, including many economists who have learned all the wrong rules about market fluctuations. The expansions and contractions of economic behavior are not set in stone by the rules of academia, but are rather quite reflective of the cultural temperament of our world. By studying any culture ancient or modern their rise and falls are determined along a known trajectory of over tightened regulation or loose autonomous freedom. There is a reason that great minds for instance come to the United States to develop projects from all over the world while China has to steal technology just to compete in the marketplace, it’s because of the nature of human beings and the cultures they create. Economic expansion is a reaction to those cultural elements, not the ebb and flow of emotional responses to it.

So to put it simply, so long as mankind is advancing, not regressing, which has been quite a danger in the past—just as any great culture rises and falls, somebody in the world will be the benefactor of that expansion. For a number of years Europe and Asia have been propped up by overregulation in the United States which allowed for explosive growth in China. But under the Trump administration which is an America first platform, the economic expansion is occurring at the point of consumption. It is in North America where a vast majority of economic transaction is taking place making it once again the provider and consumer of expanding economic activity. With space markets emerging and traditional markets moving from eastern to western manufacturing the United States is in a safe spot to enjoy continued economic expansion. Countries however that have been artificially propped up by global markets, such as communist China are vulnerable and will see declining influence. But that influence is not indicative of the markets in general, only in the artificial manipulation of those markets by wishes to make communism appear more effective than it is. In all reality, that desire has been a restraint on our global demands for products and services. By transferring those elements back to the United States, markets can increase based on true demand, which will then unleash more economic expansion.

In Europe their economic expansion has been limited by their commitment to socialism. All the major economic contributors to the EU are of some brand or another socialist in nature. That has had a devastating impact on economic growth as all socialist countries experience. The growth that Europe had seen, as small as it was, had more to do with United States policies to raise taxes and burden on itself to push companies into Europe and China. The actual growth was not real, it was completely artificial created only by stealing the value from America and sending it overseas. It had nothing to do with actual market forces. It was simply wealth redistribution. The wealth was created by a cultural demand among human populations. The fulfillment of that wealth need was artificially distributed. It wasn’t Europe that created the market need so watching forecasts which indicate growth or decline in those markets will not tell any investor anything, other than Europe isn’t a safe place to put money, which is why they are declining.

Literally there is nowhere else in the world that is producing positive market growth due to their overly regulatory elements. China doesn’t care about poisoning the planet at all, but under their communist rule, they limit the development of autonomous people who will become the next great drivers of economic activity. The kind of people a society produces has a lot to do with continued economic expansion. Of course, any economy needs people to buy cars, purses and fast food—a consumer class. But if a society is top-heavy in those kinds of people, they will have big trouble if they aren’t artificially propped up in some way by a friend or neighbor. What a strong economy needs most are people who design those cars, purses and new kinds of fast food. Engineers, entrepreneurs, and a business class level of bankers and investors. In cultures who hate banks and money it should be no surprise that they have limited economic opportunity, especially if the politics of financial transference is shut off from their consumption rate.

For an economy to work well, it needs freedom, people need to be free to think and create then market their attributes to the elements of economic expansion. I would recommend to anyone who can to visit the great Louvre in Paris and to witness all the great works of art there. From that one museum you can essentially witness much of the cultural activity of the last 2000 years. It is quite a phenomenal place. But you can also see the cracks that have formed in Western Civilization that are the direct result of socialism and communism, of overly managed societies and their impacts directly on the world around them. The Louvre for all its greatness of collections and majesties doesn’t have enough bathrooms, and its dining options are severely limited. They need to learn a thing or two from Disney World where customer service and options are among the best in the world. In France they don’t understand their history, they only know that it happened. They clearly don’t understand the rise and decline of their culture and the museum pieces they have on collection. All they know is that those things happened, they don’t know why.

Just yesterday I was with my family at Chick fil-A at Bridgewater Falls in Butler County and at 2:30 PM well past lunch and well before dinner, the place was packed, the dining room full and the drive thru was wrapped around the building in a double line. Why? Because Chick-fil-A goes the extra steps of above the line thinking, they put out fresh flowers on the tables, are polite to their guests and they are willing to fight for that market share by giving people what they can’t get at home, attention. Some good conduct at the business end of anything can generate market share all its own and it really is that simple.

To understand where the American economy is going and why a recession is not even on the horizon is to understand the rate for which our human culture is expanding and the limited cast of characters on the world stage that can actually participate on the supply side. As consumers, there is virtually an unlimited supply of need, but there has to be contributors to actually building those economies. And under the Trump administration and policies, there is no place on earth more friendly to economic expansion than the United States. China will continue to hemorrhage value because they never created it to begin with. It was given to them as part of a smoke and mirror show to support communism. It was never a real value. And Europe is in the same situation. Yet the market need for economic expansion is real, and so far only the United States has endeavored to fulfill that need. And so long as that is the case, which certainly is true for the foreseeable future, there will only be positive growth in the United States. And you can take that to the bank.

Rich Hoffman

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The Vico Cycle is Hard at Work in the Killing of Innocent People in New Zealand

Only the path of the overman can allow what I’m about to say about the shooting in New Zealand to be understood. I understand that all the people more interested in getting drunk, smelling the farts of their friends, and chasing after the wife of their neighbor won’t get the big picture. They just don’t have a mind for it. Most people don’t and won’t see the big picture required to know the truth about why Brenton Tarrant opened fire into a mosque in Christchurch New Zealand killing 50 or so and wounding many others. It’s not a matter of conspiracy, but in understanding the subtilties of human history, the direction of evolutionary society, and the nature of mankind’s natural autonomy. It has nothing to do with skin color, sex, or even politics. It’s all about control however and containing within the imagination of the human being the limits so that massive crimes against intellect can continue unimpeded for a great sin that has been with us since before Adam and Eve plucked fruit from a forbidden tree. For those left in the dust of conceptual knowledge regarding Brenton Tarrant, I suggest reading some James Joyce, particularly one of my favorites in Finnegan’s Wake then understand that in the Vico Cycle we’ve been here before and history dictates we do something new or risk reducing ourselves back into a fetal position. Then at that point we can have an intelligent conversation about what really needs to happen. Gun laws won’t change a thing. The foundations of human civilization are where we must begin and end on this journey of future state intentions.

To those who don’t travel much, especially outside of the United States these days, the world is pretty much a dump from a conservative point of view. Even the great cities of the world that are featured in our favorite movies and are traditionally destination targets of our best literature are already deeply committed to their part of the Vico Cycle, they are regressing back to a theocratic time abandoning the progress of all civilization in favor of what has been, which was war, war, and more war topped off with scandal, suppression and intellectual stagnation. To most of the world these days, due to the efforts of Socialist International people politically if measured correctly are far to the left of Karl Marx. The mother of Brenton Tarrant was one of those people so it is not as if the gunman was a bastion of right wing thinking. When he announced in his manifesto that he was following in the footsteps of several right-winged terrorists the nature and concern of them are still far to the left of the typical American. They are not even on the same scale as the ones the world functions from so the vantage point of Tarrant was corrupted from the very beginning.

I’m not so sure that Tarrant isn’t a far left lunatic deeply in love with Pakistan and the Middle East adopting this character he displayed at the mosque. I think based on the evidence I’ve so far seen that Brenton Tarrant was performing his role in the scheme of things as a double agent type of personality, what he said and did was the opposite of his sensibilities and was designed to have the opposite effect of what he claimed to protest. Anybody could write a manifesto like the one he did even if his mind was the opposite in its intended targets. Instead of wanting to really stop mass immigration he was trying to accelerate it by putting those opposed to it on their heels in defense of their positions, paving the way for more of a global invasion of ideas and archaic religions meant to carry mankind back to before the stone ages where theocracy limited our understanding to gods throwing lightning bolts at each other and sleeping with our wives when we weren’t looking. I don’t believe Brenton Tarrant was a right winged activist, quite the opposite. He was an actor playing the part of a terrorist to put pressure on American politics to let down its guard and allow the invasion to continue unmolested. That is why he mentioned Candace Owens and Donald Trump in his multipage statement, to put pressure on them to stop doing what they do, not to support them.

During the loss of his father in 2010 Tarrent took his inheritance and started to travel the world and it is on this journey that he fell in love with areas in the Middle East. Obviously, he became radicalized during this period but as a person of western heritage he approached the problem of convincing the world to move further to the political left by masking his terrorist intentions behind a personality that reflected the fears of all civilization. Brenton is too loose with his terms “fascist” in his manifesto to the point where it sounds contrived and too closely associated with the antics of Nazi Germany. And by mentioning Candace and President Trump in the same written document which the media of the globe would savagely contemplate it would force all such supporters to hide their true opinions and change their stance on immigration and the mixing of cultures to the point where the accelerated intentions of the most radical leftist might be finally realized.

The reactions of the world were predictable and known before the terrorist attack was taken. In New Zealand gun laws require a license to have firearms so they are not exactly easy to get. I would compare their stringent requirements to the difficulty of buying suppressors in the States, a real pain in the ass. But of course the prime minister of New Zealand immediately went to a measure of stricter gun laws to prevent something like this from ever happening again. Brenton Tarrent knew all this would happen and it was part of his terrorist act to ignite the discussion. New Zealand is a peaceful country with very little crime, so by targeting this part of the world, it would capture everyone’s attention and continue to put pressure on the United States to reform their gun policies and immigration positions to accepting more left leaning direction toward a theocracy for which the governments of the world could more adequately protect their secrets.

That is the true intention here, the governments in their disorganized bluster of neurotic intentions are quite ominous in their desires for control. Even to the point that a president of the United States can’t get a straight answer on alien interactions, because nobody will tell them the truth, the real powers that seek to control mankind are hard at work trying to keep us all on the Vico Cycle and after the anarchy of our present age desire quite lustfully to carry us all back to a theocracy. That is the preferred state of governments who want most to rule over the human race from a position of strength, they want to use religion to connect us to god for which they control the path, just as has been the case through every major civilization in known history. The Muslim faith is just as theocratic as a Christian one and if the world is at war over which one will prevail, then the real discoveries that are in front of us in this new space age might be averted. From Brenton Tarrent’s point of view, if he could accelerate a war between the religions, then he could also stabilize the control governments have over the minds of the globe’s residents. Like a true fascist which he claimed to be, his goals were far to the left of the typical conservative in the United States.

There is no more powerful country in the world than the United States and much like Rome the barbarian hoards of the conquered domains were jealous and vengeful that their cultures did not tap into the power of western civilization the way the Roman Empire did. So they fought hard to chip away at Rome politically and militarily until eventually the will to maintain Rome fell away and the stupid barbarians ransacked all the intelligence gained under the banner of advanced culture and Europe was plunged into the Dark Ages. That is the goal here, but only this time globally. The world desperately wants the United States to fall economically, and morally so that they can all revert back together to a time of theocracy and guns are banned so that nobody can protect themselves from the government that can’t rub two sticks together to make a sound, yet want to control us all in every manner of what we eat, what we learn, and what we own. The terrorist attack in New Zealand had nothing to do with what Brenton Tarrant said it was for, but rather all the things he didn’t even mention.

Rich Hoffman

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