Public School Reopenings in Ohio during Covid-19: Every hour that kids are away, the better off they’ll be

In my school district in Ohio, Lakota which has been discussed so much over the last several years, I can’t really fault the return to school plans that were recently unveiled by the superintendent Matt Miller. What’s he going to do after all? The three plans he put forth, which I had already heard brewing from Governor DeWine himself a few weeks ago when the governor stated that most of Ohio’s school boards around the state planned to punt on this issue anyway, are kind of ridiculous. Plan A brings kids back to class, but they have to reduce the cafeterias to 50% capacity, separate the desks by 3 feet, and the students and teachers have to wear those stupid masks all day—which is just ridiculous. Plan B has kids coming to school every other day with the same kind of distancing restrictions, which again is another government mandate that teaches children submission to state authority and does little to solve any viral problems. And Plan C is 100% remote learning. In essence, it gives the radical teacher’s unions everything they want, more days off, less kids in class to teach, and the ability to wear masks all day to hide their faces and restrict their coffee stained teacher breaths from contaminating all the innocent children who might otherwise be forced to succumb to the odor. That is pretty much how it will be for most government schools opening in the fall of 2020 and I’m OK with it.

The less time a kid spends in one of these public schools is more brain capacity they get back. I have been warning about the state mandated socialist curriculum that all public schools have been teaching for decades. I have spent the last 20 years fighting for a defunding of the nonsense to hopefully save a few kids from the meat grinder of stupidity that is government schools. Government can’t even build and run a park, let alone educate the next generation. And that failure has been on full display during these recent race riots. I would say that 99% of the children coming out of public schools do not completely survive the government school education experience intact. They end up as adults as diminished people. 1% or less fall through the cracks and end up as something worthwhile. But to my measure a good adult trained in public education is not a loser who just does what the state tells them to be, someone who doesn’t shoot very high in life, mows their grass once a week through the summer, marries two or three spouses in their lifetime, and turns their children over to state control—to my mind if our education system isn’t trying to make the next Elon Musk, or Einstein, or Thomas Edison, it’s a waste of time. The kind of people public education makes is a much-reduced version of human kind that I have very little value for. So the less time kids spend in public school, the higher the ratio will be that they might grow up to become something good.

I am also the guy who sat down with a reporter at Lakota East and challenged the teachers there directly who were upset with me that I was against the higher taxes they wanted, and volunteered to personally teach 4 of their classes at the same time for a two week period. The teachers were trying to convince me at the time that their jobs were so hard that I would struggle to mimic their activities, which I found preposterous. I told several teachers at Lakota directly with a Journal News reporter present as a moderator that they could pick any 4 topics and put any number of kids in them and I would do a better job of teaching than any of the teachers could within a two week period, and I’d do it for free, for the pleasure in teaching young people how to think. I don’t view the teaching profession as hard, it’s a privilege to teach children, and I don’t think schoolteachers should complain about anything. If someone is willing to pay them money, that’s even better. But they have very short workdays, anything under 9 hours I think is a rip off, and they are off all summer. They are not worth the money that we pay them, especially at Lakota where many of them make nearly six figures through their ridiculous collective bargaining agreements. They challenged me to do their jobs, I accepted, but we never formally moved in that direction.

But also as we have talked about often on this site, and anywhere that people bring it up to me, government schools are not about teaching children anything, it’s basically a free babysitting service. And this new plan in Ohio for government schools to operate under only benefits the teacher’s unions, as usual. They work less, have fewer kids to teach, and they still get paid for the results. The parents will have to figure out what to do with their children which is just another cost burden on them, which as a reaction to Covid-19 which I have said often is purely political, parents have already had to figure out. So what good is Lakota schools to the community if parents aren’t getting what they really need out of the service? They are paying huge levels of taxation to essentially get a babysitter who isn’t there for them. Of course the government is going to punt on the liability of opening a school, they have allowed the goofball loser Amy Acton of Ohio to scare them thoroughly in regard to the reaction of Covid-19 which is a global push for Marxism rather than any real threat to mankind. And the teachers don’t want to work, they want to use “fear for their safety” to sit on their fat asses at home collecting a paycheck from property owners. If they can use Covid-19 as an excuse to do even less work, of course they will exploit it.

Yet, none of that matters when it comes to children and their minds. The less time they spend in a government school, the better for them. Many people think the tragedy of Covid-19 is that kids have been robbed of their graduation ceremonies, and the socialization that they get with peer contact at schools. Most of those people come out of the older generation where public school was an important part of their world outlook, but its also why they live as adults with a dulled sense of things as they are easily suckered by government on things like Covid-19, Russia Russia Russia, and Chinese propaganda. Government schools don’t teach kids to think, it teaches them to be compliant, so I think every hour that a kid is out of those terrible places, the better chance they have of becoming something special as an adult. So I’m perfectly fine with Lakota’s reopening plan, especially Plan B. I have grandchildren who are now school age. I can teach them anything they want to know about any topic in the universe with confidence. They don’t need a school of loser teachers from a socialist union to tell them anything. And they don’t need a babysitter because my daughters do the job of parenting the correct way, by being 100% available to the children. In that regard, the free babysitting is useless in my family, less time in the classroom gets the kids away from the government mandated complacency that they’d otherwise suffer under, so I see it only as a good thing. Maybe if some of these kids can get away from the government schools for a few years while the government employees milk Covid-19 every way they can, we might find a few Einsteins out there who may develop into special people instead of agents of Antifa or Marxist losers like Black Lives Matter.

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We are not like the McCloskeys: When the monsters get loose–then what? Jurassic Park?

It’s not about Mark McCloskey and his wife who found themselves protecting their Renaissance palazzo-style home this past Sunday with firearms facing down an angry mob in St Louis, its about “stand your ground laws” and the need for them. In all likelihood, the McCloskeys, who are personal injury attorneys who support Black Lives Matter helped build this monster with their law practice, but that was beside the point as the media took the lead on this one to instigate more mob behavior in the way they reported the incident. It was for the McCloskeys like getting bit by a dog they had raised from a puppy and they had to bring their guns in on that dog to keep it from killing them once it had gone mad. I would never say that the McCloskeys are like the rest of us, Americans just trying to live their lives who suddenly found themselves threatened by a leftist takeover against their private property. They helped build that threat, and they knew quickly where the laws were in protecting themselves in case something went wrong. Rather, the McCloskeys are more like the well-intentioned owners of Jurassic Park who tried to bring dinosaurs back to life, then found themselves eaten by them, or at least threatened.

But the case does bring up some interesting legal questions that must be explored as we have seen on several occasions throughout 2020 how direct government failure has led to a threat to our personal lives, first through the Covid-19 shut downs and witnessing mad governors abusing their authority to grossly infringe on individual rights. Then we have watched the dysfunctional marriage of government and the media blow on the embers of racism to start a raging fire meant to destroy everything all in an attempt to stop the re-election of Donald Trump. Whatever the motives, we have witnessed what happens when government fails and ultimately that was what happened at the McCloskey mansion in a nice part of St Louis as a mob of anarchists and radicals marched on the mayor’s home to petition a change in government through sheer force. There are so many things wrong with this assumption, not the least was the media who were clearly advocating for what they think of as a “democratic” mob to incite fear and change to push the mayor to resign. But along the way, the mob trampled through the property of Mark McCloskey and his wife thinking they had a right to destroy everything in their path.

Now in Missouri they have some decent Stand Your Ground laws, which as an attorney McCloskey would have known about, and he used it the moment the mob identified itself as a lethal threat. They knew they had the right to grab their guns and aim them at the mob to protect themselves from being run over. Also, as attorneys for Black Lives Matter types of cases, they knew that the foundation of the movement wasn’t racial equality, but radical Marxism where private property is considered reprehensible and those guarding it, needing to be destroyed. So McCloskey and his wife knew that if they didn’t take a hard stand against the mob, that everything they had worked so hard in preserving at that restored mansion they were living in, would be looted and destroyed. Black Lives Matter activists believe that property can be restored, but lives can’t—so they believe they can loot and destroy anything and would still be functioning morally correct. With all that in mind, the McCloskeys are not like the rest of us. We might sympathize with their situation, we are all thinking about ourselves stuck in their situation these days, but unlike them, we do not have such valuable property in an inner city setting that is a target for mob violence, and have built our entire lives around appeasing an imposed guilt from some heritage that we have no responsibility for. It would not surprise me to find out that the McCloskey family were liberals and for years have fed this mob to become big and dangerous.

The issue is however what the law should be in such a case. When the McCloskeys called the police, nobody of course was going to come. There was no help. They were ostracized from civil society the moment the mob formed, so they had to do something to live, because if they hadn’t, that “peaceful mob of protestors” would have destroyed their property, as they were clearly preparing to do, and would likely have beaten the couple to death, just as most Marxists around the world have done to those they consider the enemies of the proletariat, the bourgeoisie—or even the political aristocracy of that given time. In my state of Ohio we are still trying to convince our governor, Dummy DeWine that his tight gun control laws have actually empowered these types of mobs, by not having “stand your ground” laws and maintaining a weak “castle doctrine” that imposes a “duty to retreat” before grabbing our guns and standing our ground on our lawns. Most places in the country are like Ohio, where gun laws have been so watered down it has clearly given rise to empowering these mobs to exploit the weaknesses of the government and the people suffering under their sheer stupidity. The law expects in Ohio that if something like what happened to the McCloskeys occurred then the homeowners would have a duty to retreat and to leave all their property to the mob. They would not have a right to defend their property to their every last breath, and that is part of the cause of this sudden uptick in violence. The mobs know that the government has no stomach for protecting private property so now they can use that fear to control mass populations, and that is one of the many causes of this climate of violence we are seeing now.

The expectation from Mike DeWine and many other progressive governors across America is that we must wait for the authorities to do their jobs and maintain law and order. So what happens when the attackers want to defund the police, the mayors and governors are listening to those demands, and we witness in general a complete government failure on a massive scale. Such as government letting prisoners go out of a fear that Covid-19 might spread among the prison population, then that same government turns around to arrest and imprison business owners not observing social distancing or bending the knee with the latest government mask mandate. Obviously, government doesn’t know what its doing so why should property owners trust them with anything? Why should there be a duty to retreat and to leave property to replacement through insurance, when its well known that insurance rates will go up dramatically? Who will pay for the increased premiums? The mob?

The police were not going to come to the aid of Mark McCloskey and his wife Patricia. And after Covid-19 and all the budget cuts, and the bad press from the media driven race riots, there won’t be much positive police presence in the future. So it should never be expected that property owners will be forced to yield to mobs in the future, but will have to engage them at the point of the threat to maintain law and order. And any government, such as Ohio’s Mike DeWine that fights against that trend is part of the problem and is directly helping to build these mobs through empowerment. “Stand your Ground” isn’t just important legislation, it is crucial to maintaining order in a world quickly spiraling down the drain of Marxist chaos. Politicians responsible are likely like the McCloskeys, in denial of their role in the mess, but truly, the only way to fix it is with more gun owners taking over the job of the police and protecting the efforts of productivity from the chaos of anarchists and mobs of Marxists. That is the world they created and now we all must find a way to fix it, not with appeasement, but with firm resolution with guns and an ability to use them to maintain order.

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Only the Re-election of President Trump can Stop the Violance: We have lots of guns and nobody wants us to use them, including us

How many times have I had to explain it, the need to punch back at our attackers and to not think of them as “equals” who have thoughts different than us, and should be heard as such? So many times people have told me that by engaging with the enemy and playing their dirty game, that we were lowering ourselves and that someone should be the bigger person. That in so doing we were undermining any validity our own arguments might have in the light of day, while the enemy produces a complete rejection under terms of violence our very existence. We are supposed to take it like nice Christian soldiers while the villains of life itself hang us on a cross and set it on fire metaphorically as they burn the American flag in front of our faces, tear down our historical monuments and make actual threats against anybody of the white race with death. I remember specifically not that long ago, 6 or 7 years or so, when I was in a Milwaukee hotel doing a radio show exposing the contents of ‘The Naked Communist,’ by Cleon Skousen. It was a 1958 book that illustrated the goal of taking over the American education system, the movie industry, the medical industry, all of the media, newspapers, boards of whatevers—not with swords and gunfire but by educated people taught in the ways of red communism to undermine everything from within, to destroy America and spread communism all over the world in the direction of a one world government once and for all.

Of course at the time of that Milwaukee radio show I did on Skousen and the many written articles that I have published since, the information was mixed with the fun aspects of our culture and people might have rubbed their chins and thought of agreement with me, but they were not provoked to act because they couldn’t see the threat in the light of day. So long as the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant was open, there was college football, and the mall was open, people didn’t care much that outright communism was taking over all American institutions and our media companies were already bowing to their new masters of the east in China, who was buying them up quietly with American debt and blind trust. My warnings were listened to but overlooked because they seemed remote and far-fetched relative to the ways of the world at that time. People heard the names of Bill Ayers, and George Soros and that the stories were interesting, but they didn’t understand how they might impact their lives until Black Lives Matter started taking over American cities and the media was trying to shove everyone into their homes by fear of coronavirus death to prepare Americans for subjugation to a new authority. And suddenly our governors weren’t protecting our society from the bad guys, they were doing their bidding, and they were telling us to bend the knee to Covid-19 by wearing a mask in public. A lot of people are pretty blown away now at the sheer terror of it all.

While I don’t want to minimize the need to fight these losers, everyone needs a quick reminder that if they already had power and influence, they wouldn’t have had to stay in hiding all this time pretending to be something else while they took over our society. And if they truly thought they were in the right, they wouldn’t have to threaten force and destruction to get their way. They are coming out now with all this aggression and manipulation because we elected Donald Trump in the last election and all else has failed, and they are literally throwing everything they have at destroying him, and any supporters he might have left by Election Day, 2020. They are willing to burn down everything in America, they don’t want Disney World to reopen, they don’t want an NFL season, they don’t want movies to play in movie theaters, they want a complete destruction of American life while we are forced to hide in our homes wearing masks terrified of a virus. They have gone all in, to use the poker term, and are willing to bet it all to end the Trump presidency and the hopes of the American people to stop the plan that Skousen revealed in 1958, which even back then was several decades in the making.

Now, I know how this all ends, I am a person who loves reading books and I’ve been through all this through books and history, so I already know the fate of this radical leftist enterprise. Ayn Rand, the great American writer has covered this takeover before. In her book ‘We the Living’ we’ve seen this act before, so step by step its happening now in America what has already happened in the Soviet Union, Germany, China, Iran most of Central America, Cuba, Venezuela, to a smaller degree in Europe, just about everywhere the incursion of socialism leading to harder communism all based on the failed philosophy of the German Karl Marx. They are doing it on live television in America and people are pretty worried about it now that they’ve seen the ugly intentions for themselves, but there is one thing different in America that none of those other places had, free people armed with 300-400 million guns. You can bet if not for the Second Amendment that these communist radicals led by old terrorists like Bill Ayers and foreign investors like George Soros and even the Koch Brothers would have taken over our society completely. But because of private gun ownership they have had to resort to their insurgents in the medical industry to try to smoke us out with coronavirus.

The increase in activity on the communist front is because they are afraid we are going to give President Trump another 4 years and that even with all the cheating they have in mind to do to turn the election in their favor, that they won’t be able to do it. Because most of America between the cities is very much a free place full of Trump supporters, and they are going to reject communism, especially now that they have seen that my warnings so long ago were quite valid. Instead of listening to talk radio in their garages for the sports scores of their local baseball team, they are hearing about more coronavirus lockdowns. Instead of going to the movies to see the latest blockbuster they are watching news reports of the most recent Black Lives Matter Marxist takeover of a city and the chants to defund the police so criminals will have nothing to worry about while destroying America. And now normal everyday Americans are ready to fight because there is nowhere in the world left to go to get away from these people. That has set up a clash that is very much a new war on American soil. One that most people didn’t want to have happen and hoped to avoid with the election process. But if that doesn’t work, there will be a massive fight that will have to happen, and people are ready if the election fails. But at this point, there is still hope that the election might prevent all that bloodshed. However, a communist takeover by Marxist radicals is not going to be permissible. The minute they might try to abandon our Constitution, is the day their insurrection ends not with votes, but with physical force.

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Rejection of the New Normal: Trump’s Tulsa Rally was the first step to taking back our country

Of course, everyone missed the point of the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. While it was sad to see him not be able to pack the indoor arena there, only filling about half the capacity, it is important to note that this rally was essentially the first gathering in the world where people did not social distance in public and people were not required to wear masks. All the weapons of the political left were at play and the seeds had been planted internationally. Many people have a hard time understanding how a few people at the top of some billionaire aristocracy can herd so many human beings with free thought into such dangerous paradoxes, but both were present at the Trump rally, the fear of literal death for not following WHO protocols for the Covid-19 virus, and literal thugs, modern day brown shirts who were standing at the gates of the metal detectors threatening to beat up anybody trying to get in. The fact that more than 10,000 people were able to get in says a lot. And its not surprising that millions of people watched the rally from home, where it was safe. But for the event to even happen is a big step into breaking free of the artificial confinement through fear that we have allowed the political left to drape over our heads to hold us prisoners of our own imaginations.

I don’t like to kiss and tell, but last week I was invited to be in one of Governor DeWine’s several meetings where he was trying to do damage control over the violence and vandalism at the Ohio Statehouse. It’s one thing to hear him talk at press conferences and in the media, but its quite another to hear him behind closed doors with his guard down a bit. It’s not that I thought he would change my mind about him, but I was certainly open to the opportunity. As I’ve said, I think he’s not very smart, and I think he did much of what he did to Ohio with Covid-19 because he was infatuated with Amy Acton, his Health Director. His affair with her was not something out of a ‘50 Shades of Gray’ book but rather a kindergarten kid who had a crush on the prettiest girl in his class, and because he was the governor and people typically kiss the ass of people with power, she obliged him a little attention. Well, hearing the Governor speak in a personal setting did nothing to alleviate my suspicions, instead it compounded them. Clearly Governor DeWine was acting out of pure selfishness. Somewhere, someone had convinced him it was his job as governor to protect people from a virus, and he was determined to do a good job, not because it was ethical, but because he wanted to be remembered for saving lives. Whether those lives were actually in danger was irrelevant. He interpreted his role with emergency powers in a selfish way that was a serious violation of the Ohio Constitution and the Federal Constitution in disastrous ways.

After Trump’s rally on Saturday June 20th, and even leading up to it was a panic in the media which I certainly heard in Mike DeWine’s voice of the fear of more Covied-19 cases exploding which would make him look like he didn’t have control in Ohio—as Oklahoma and Florida were showing more cases. DeWine was more afraid of being blamed as a governor for the cases increasing than he was of the actual science. Of course, with more testing, cases go up. Even if the increase in Covid-19 cases is larger than that analysis, then so what? What does increased testing do but say that someone has Covid-19. There was never a period in history prior to a few months ago where we made political decisions, or economic decisions based on how many people were sick. People typically get sick and get over it as a separate thing from public reality. The media and their corporate puppet masters had established a new measurement which unsophisticated, simple people like Governor DeWine were easily controlled by, which said that we had to make decisions about amusement parks, political venues, and all other aspects of entertainment based on how many people were sick with a virus. So by reporting cases, and getting the public to accept such a measurement, a very small group of socialist minded medical professionals who desperately want universal health care politically, were able to control the entire world’s economic engines.

Somebody had to call their bluff, and that is what Trump did, finally with the Oklahoma rally, and is why everyone is so angry with him about it. Because people will discover that they will not die for attending the rally, as the media had been telling them. And with Trump, leader of the Republican Party at this current time, established, the new norm will not be accepted. He’s going to campaign for president and exploit the weaknesses of the Democrat Party on his way to a second term. It really didn’t matter of 2 people came to the rally, or 20,000. What mattered is that the rally happened even as the media tried to scare people off it. Then of course is the other matter, of the thugs and goons who work for the Democrat Party as “protestors” but are really anti-American Marxists who are threatening the freedoms of every American with sheer, brutal force who are working the streets to enforce conformity to this new normal that Democrats are trying to create for purely political causes. Their “racism” effort is not a spontaneous movement of suddenly concerned people of color, they are the direct efforts of an education system that has imprisoned these poor people with stupidity, and an understanding of history that is about a decade deep. Such people are easy to control and they are provoked onto the streets by the same activist media run by the same corporate heads who want this global Marxism. Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter protestors are born from the same corporate mother, and their goal is fear to steer society toward government-controlled Marxism.

With Trump having that rally, he pushed back at this incursion. And the people who did make it into the rally fought a good fight, and they were warriors. Most of the political analysists out there watching all this unfold thought that Trump’s use of the word, “warriors” to describe his supporters was wrong. But they do not understand the nature of this fight because they want to believe the “experts” and they don’t want to think that society has already crumbled into something beyond repair. They don’t want to think of members of the Democrat Party as the enemy—even though it is quite clear that they are truly that, enemies to the American Constitution and they have challenged us to a fight in the streets. And we must answer that call, in this election and likely in smaller fights that will happen, because they asked for it. But at the very least we have to show them that we won’t be controlled by their false fears, and fake science measurements over Covid-19 or the radical Marxists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa—both domestic terrorist organizations provoked and funded by the Democrat Party, the same party that funded the Russian dossier, and used the FBI and Obama Justice Department to weaponize the government against the American people and their pick for president. These Covid games are the same thing, and it was great to see our President finally getting back on the horse instead of playing along like he has for the last several months. If we are going to win this election and keep our country from the Marxist insurrectionists, then it all started with a big public gathering where the new normal was rejected, quite spectacularly.

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The Original Sin: How Democrats use Saul Alinsky strategies to shame conservatives into accepting unjustified guilt

One of the things that a blog like this does, that is better than the news of the mainstream media, or even talk radio, is that I am a free person not owned by any corporate influence and censorship, so I can address issues that nobody else can. I’m not beholden to sponsors, publishers, peer pressure activists, and in many ways the First Amendment requires that such people work diligently to preserve our republic. One of my inspirations in life, well, there are a couple of them, is Benjamin Franklin. I would say my modern role is very similar to his, he ran a newspaper called ‘Poor Richard’s Almanak’ purely for the reasons of getting information to people. He wasn’t so concerned making a lot of money off the endeavor, which he ended up doing, he was more interested in building a culture that might be a customer for other things. I also greatly admire Teddy Roosevelt. I have been back and forth on him as he was one of the founders of the Progressive Party, but his ‘Winning of the West’ books tell a story we must never forget as he was in love with cowboy country in South Dakota and was friends with Seth Bullock. I have determined that in his second term once he was away from South Dakota as a New Yorker the Progressives got him and turned his mind to mush. It happens, but I’m not one to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If not for people like those guys, we wouldn’t even have an America so it doesn’t surprise me that so many people have lost their way in this modern time. Even with so much media available to us, not many people are truly free to state their opinions about things in a way that people need. So I do what I do here for that very reason.

As we speak in this moment in history Democrats are kneeling to Black Lives Matter which is a group of activists that we have known before. They are largely not about race relations, but Marxism imposed through the mask of racial tension, which they perpetually stir up for their own advantages, and many people are falling for their demands of yielding to unearned guilt. Especially in the media where they are practically spoon feeding the frenzy, but that’s nothing new. For many it is surprising how fast and how active the media has been in promoting Black Lives Matter and the various Antifa groups who are looking for nothing short of a complete insurrection of the American way of life. And to make it even more terrifying, it has been scary to people to see what they think of as “Republicans” taking the knee like what Mitt Romney has been doing, and see other conservative types yielding to the peer pressure to acknowledge racism in the forms that Black Lives Matter has presented them. Drew Brees comes to mind along with his wife, the poor souls of indecision not free to have their own thoughts on things, because when they expressed them, they were threatened with ruin.

So here is the strategy that goes back to Saul Alinsky, a name we haven’t talked about in a while, the reason that Democrats are able to freeze Republicans with this guilt strategy not only on race, but on just about everything, is because conservatives tend to also be good Christians. And as we all know, most resolute Christians are happy to confess to an original sin so that Christ can be their savior for a resurrection. What makes all this racism toward Republicans so absurd was that the whole point of creating that political party was to defeat slavery and free people of color. That makes all this modern civil rights push that much more ridiculous. The Democrats, who were the instigators of slavery preservation now want to be the party of “black people” which is precisely what Joe Biden said just a few weeks ago, and they view people of color as precisely as tools for voting by keeping them in a suppressed state. Yet Republicans feel they must apologize for slavery and the treatment of blacks in America even though they had nothing to do with it. And they accept the notions of “white privilege” as if it’s a reality because once any mind accepts the concept of an original sin, then it will accept other sins that it played no part in advancing.

If we were to sit with Saul Alinsky today, who dedicated his book, ‘Rules for Radicals’ to Satan as we have discussed before, he would laugh at what was happening today and call us all stupid rats for following the smell of cheese through a maze right into a trap that would slice off our heads upon impact. He would point out that we could have made any number of decisions along the way to avoid the trap, but our mental programing caused us to act in such a predictable way to seal our dooms reliably. So reliably, that you could set your watch to it. And thus, so it goes with the weakness of conservatives on “original sin.” For those who don’t know Saul Alinsky, he was a major influence on Hillary Clinton, and he used to run with Al Capone’s gang in Chicago. So his work is the spawn of great evil that seeks to exploit the goodness in people, and those tools are in full use over this business of Black Lives Matter to make Marxism digestible through racial tension, and to force conservatives, whites, political operatives, sports casters, sports ownership, businesses, everyone admit to an original sin in America by taking the knee. Its an exploitation of most people’s good nature to stuff them with an evil by taking the knee, and it is the people most guilty of the original crime who are forcing the issue, the Democrats and their partners in the media who are all in on this Saul Alinsky way of thinking. Not everyone in the media are in on the scam, but they all work for people who are. You’d be surprised.

But don’t fret, many of these protests they are showing on television are only a few thousand people. In one major protest they discussed in Cincinnati, it was 5000. Those numbers are well under the average attendance of a Trump rally, and those are the facts of the matter. Black Lives Matter looks big on the news because the media sticks their cameras up close. But in reality, the silent majority is much, much bigger. And most of them don’t talk much, they don’t protest much, and they do go to church. They aren’t high profile people and they do toil over the original sin and this push to make people bend the knee just for being born. But they don’t and won’t. Politicians who are already sketchy with their belief system like Mike DeWine and Mitt Romney will pander to Black Lives Matter because they are drowning in guilt, for many things in their life and they will go to confession if someone presents information to them in the ways of their weakness, as Saul Alinsky figured out long ago. But there was no sin with the Republican party, they were created then and now to free people of oppression and color. And for that, they have no right to bend the knee to anybody. And when push comes to shove, they won’t.

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Covid Part II: The raging fires of protest fanned by enemies of America

After the first day of the riots, I thought maybe they were a reaction to the police murder in Minneapolis. But after a few days of it and the wall to wall coverage 24 hours per day by the media, it was clear that this was all just Covid part II. The rioting all over the nation was just a media show meant to achieve political results, again in a presidential election year and the perpetrators are a small minority of corporate political types, the same group behind blowing Covid-19 out of proportion. It wasn’t about race relations; it was just another feeble attempt to bring the black population back into the Democrat Party after Joe Biden stepped in it a week or so prior. Organizers of these protests know that there is similar violence that happens every day in America but this one they made sure got the news coverage as they fanned the flames diligently to inspire the raging fire we see today.

I was out at a campsite recently and I watched a guy trying to start a fire with a lawn blower, which was very effective. Usually when I start a fire and its small and barely smoking I’ll get down close and blow on it, or I’ll fan it with my hat to spread the heat until the fire takes off on its own. Soon you can have a raging fire if you feed the flames. But this guy with the lawn blower had a good idea. He started with a lot of wood that was pretty wet. He started the fire with some garbage then used the blower to really spread the heat and within about three minutes, he had a raging bonfire that was so hot, we had to move back all the chairs. That is what happened with the George Floyd situation, it was a small fire of evil that murdered the guy in police custody which deserves punishment. But along came the media with their lawn blower and broadcast it to every corner of the world with great emphasis to start a race war, so to take away any positive that President Trump has done, to hopefully erase what a buffoon Joe Biden is, and to cover up the role the FBI had in setting up General Flynn and Roger Stone in attempting to undermine an American election.

Oh, its no conspiracy theory dear reader, the CIA deliberately destabilizes regions around the world for the exact same reasons, anybody who thinks the same games aren’t at play here is just being naive, and stupid by choice. The American intelligence agencies have been caught, so of course their going to try to defend themselves with any distraction they can get. Now that Covid-19 has worn thin they need another crisis, and this attempt at a race war is it. Isn’t it just a little strange that the entire nation was pent up on lockdowns for months and are now released at this exact moment, and suddenly nobody cares about social distancing. And the mandate to wear masks is keeping a lot of these criminals from being identified, not that anybody is worried about going to jail—unless you are one of the good guys. The question most people have about a topic like this is how a sort of master plan could be implemented, after all, no one person could be that smart and conniving. Well, that’s the thing, the crimes are not done by individuals, but by collective input through a system of thought. The planners of the Covid “plandemic” and of these race riots know the nature of people just as a cowboy knows the manner of cattle or sheep. If they crack a whip and make a loud noise the sheep run in the direction the cowboys herd them. And that is how large groups of people are controlled by a minority of planners even to this very day.

I’ve been all over this country and have traveled all over the world several times, the world they show on television with these race riots are very small parts of America. People don’t act like that outside of the cities, and if thugs like the organized protestors did, they wouldn’t make it too far, because people wouldn’t put up with it. Most of America isn’t like what you see on TV, and that is where the real terror is for the political left. The media makes it look worse by putting the camera up close to the action in an inner-city protest, but most of the rest of the world is untouched by the effects. And that is the big secret they are trying to contain. There is safety in the herd and the herds stick close to liberal mayors and governors because that’s who feeds them their grain and water. But the herd won’t drift too far away from those cities because its very unsafe for them out there. And that is where the Trump voters are, in those large lands between the cities who don’t pick up their phone for polling surveys, and they don’t wear masks for coronavirus because they’re not stupid. They think independently and aren’t easily herded around. For the corrupt American intelligence operatives who don’t want President Trump to be re-elected, they have no problem throwing local law enforcement under the bus to save their own skins. They’ll do anything to survive, even in starting a race war with the media’s cooperation to spread the flames of discontent.

But I see it as just another hoax, and I can say that because I spend most of my time away from the cities, and I know the people well who live between them. They aren’t buying into this garbage, neither the Covid crap or the race wars. And there are a lot more of them than there are of the radical extremists who are starting all these fires all over the country. The only weapon the opposition has is fear, and if people aren’t afraid, then the aggressors have nothing to work with, and they know it. That’s why they are pressing so hard at this point in the election, they are looking for something, anything that might work to stop voters from picking Trump again. And Trump gets it, that’s why he is reminding everyone of the election, because the nation isn’t on fire due to natural circumstances. It is because the left is losing their position, that is why there was a Covid-19 lockdown, and that is what is behind these riots. In many ways, the riots are the best thing that could have happened, because they prove that the social distancing was a complete hoax all along. The moment the riots occurred, the social distancing crap went right out the window. Nobody cared, and guess what, Covid cases will not increase proportionally. Nobody extra will get sick. All this social distancing that has been enacted will be for nothing costing many businesses a lot more money than the looting rioters have cost. And the panic presently isn’t among most Americans, its in the media culture, the anti-Trumpers, and the schemers of the Deep State—they are losing their grip on the minds of mankind and they don’t know what to do about it. They have thrown everything at us that they can, yet people really don’t care.

Its not about race, there are lots of people of color who live between those cities and nobody bothers each other. It’s a city problem among people who have been attached to victimization by Democrats who have all the trouble. And in Chicago think of how many black kids were killed recently. People see the scam and it no longer works. People are turning off the news and watching Netflix or playing PlayStation. They are not easily herded around anymore because they do have options. And when given a choice, they’ll vote for Donald Trump once again.

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You Have Been Suckered Again America: This time by the media driven riots for all the same reasons

I hate to be the one to tell you this dear reader, but you’ve been suckered again. These riots, they are manufactured just like the Covid-19 “plandemic” was. Sure, like the virus, something bad happened. George Floyd was killed by an overly aggressive police officer during an arrest, and he deserves punishment, the police officer. And as in Covid-19, there was a virus, it was dangerous to .002% of the population, mostly those in nursing homes. But the public reaction was stoked by the news outlets functioning under corporate socialism for reasons of ratings necessity rather than actually reporting the news. Additionally, and this is the case more and more this year with Fox News, they are looking for ways to bump Trump from the White House and in the fall, these optics will be in campaign ads to show Trump’s America. Even though all these riots are in states and cities controlled by Democrats largely. And for those Democrat mayors coming off the debts they racked up during the coronavirus lockdowns, these riots are a welcomed distraction. Who could argue more money from the feds if it was being applied to race relations? Yeah, these riots started off as one thing, but they are now all about activism and distractions.

I don’t talk much about corporate socialism much because I like corporations in general. But they have emerged under the ideas of socialism because the big ones have to cozy up to governments to survive all the massive regulations that are imposed on them, and most governments lean toward socialism anyway. So through their relationships with government, they become more socialist than free enterprise. This topic has been on my mind a lot over the last 15 years and is coming together in a new book I’ve been working on which I’m editing now.

Not to toot my own horn, but if I’m being honest, which I always am, its pretty brilliant stuff. About a year back when I was talking to a typical corporate socialist about the book and its title, The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business, they were quite surprised and wondered what I could be working on that hasn’t already been done. I told them, “it’s America’s Art of War, and its about time we have something like that for western culture instead of looking toward the Asians for spiritual guidance in the ways of war and business.” They sort of looked at me suspiciously and shrugged it off. The core issue of these messes we are seeing are the corporate desires to improve quarter to quarter in the news business and lets face it, with people locked in their homes for three months terrified over the media driven plandimic that was Covid-19, its hard to have a next quarter of ratings that the pin head bureaucrats in government and at the top of these corporations running news can deal with.

It’s the same game with school levies, which is how this site started. We are supposed to surrender property taxes over to the local schools to pay for the future of our children, when in reality its really about school board members who don’t manage their budgets who give away money to radicalized leftist teachers to brain wash our next generation while the lazy parents pawn their kids off for the free babysitting that government schools offer in exchange. Covid-19 was about preparing the world for socialism as was the World Health Organization’s intention in conjunction with China, and it gave a nice cover story for many doctors in the medical community who are facing serious legal scrutiny with the way vaccines have been manufactured and are creating retroviruses in unsuspecting recipients, as Dr. Judy Mikovits has told a very compelling story in her best selling books on the subject, especially her book ‘Plague.’

And of course the race riots are meant to run a cover story for all the Democrats and some Republicans who screwed up their budgets during the Covid lockdowns, and it helps the news media like Fox maintain those great ratings they had during the plandemic. I say “plandemic” rather than “pandemic” because I don’t believe the Covid-19 virus was a pandemic. It was planned and distributed for political reasons, purely. And in an election year with the people of Minneapolis already upset about the unjustified killing of George Floyd, it only took some George Soros fan blowing and some Fox News instigation to make heroes out of the protestors who wanted to get on TV doing something besides sitting around in their homes for the last three months, so the riots weren’t hard to start and for the reasons I said. Soros and his friends get political footage to help fight Trump this fall, and the news feeds get a ratings bump that they were desperate for in the wake of Covid-19 which people are no longer afraid of as they had been, now that the facts are much clearer.

The real villain in all this is corporate socialism, because like all socialist societies, they are not creative and functioning from a flow of intellect but are rather slow and cumbersome. Their need for ratings without producing original content is their driving force and the corrosive effects can be found in almost all large corporations, except for perhaps Chick-fil-A which governments should study to become better themselves. Everyone else fails miserably, then wonders with bewilderment why these riots started all over the country simultaneously. That is always the story with socialists and in this case both government and the media culture went all in on Covid-19 only to find out it wasn’t that deadly. So people are mad and ready to take action. The real impact of the budget crises hasn’t even come close to being realized. In Ohio, Governor DeWine is looking at around $5 billion in a deficit, but because he played like a nice Boy Scout to what he thinks the White House wanted him to do, and because Trump needs to win Ohio for the next run for President, the governor is counting on a federal bailout. But so is every other state, and to secure it, they needed something to change the narrative to something more favorable to them. Nothing like a good riot to burn down their cities and secure more federal funding without their bad judgment over Covid being talked about.

But don’t think for one second dear reader that the world is just falling apart on its own. No, rather it is being destroyed on purpose by the needs of corporate, and governmental socialism to cover their bad behavior and hope that the light comes off them long enough to survive. All this isn’t just happening, it’s a managed crisis, or rather a planned reaction to a tragedy that has been overblown on purpose, for the needs of everyone except those doing the protesting. They are the useful idiots, just as during school levy attempts there are angry moms who have asses that take up way too much real-estate lobbying for money for their kids, while the real issues are never even talked about. Anywhere that socialism lives, whether its in corporations, or in governments, we see these kinds of crises brewing and we will never have a civil society until socialism isn’t part of the discussion. Until then, there will be more problems and the news will report it like this is the last day on earth. Not because it is, but because they need to get to that next ratings meeting with some results, and their bosses won’t remember that there was a pandemic, or a nationally televised murder. They just want numbers and they want them now.

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Thank You, Elon Musk: America is back in space in spite of the challenges

I would like to thank Elon Musk and the very fine people from Space X and NASA for one of the best days I can remember in a long time. For a lot of people they watched the launch of the Crew Dragon off of Cape Canaveral with awe and some claps of appreciation as America returned to launching people into space once again, but my level of appreciation is in understanding the sheer magnitude of the mountains in aerospace that had to be moved to make such a thing even remotely possible. It was a massive step for American culture to do which was much harder than anybody I think truly realizes. The tenacity of the Space X team to get to that point is much more impressive than the technical perils that were faced to make sure that launch occurred safely on a Saturday afternoon at the end of May 2020. It was amazing to watch, especially to see as the astronauts traveling out into space toward the International Space Station as the Falcon rocket that ferried them into space re-landed on a pad in the ocean ready to use again. It was a bold endeavor and is an appropriate answer to many of the challenges we have been witnessing lately which require a bit of discussion.

When the now disgraced Dr. Fauci from the Covid-19 ordeal professed early during the nationwide lockdowns that we were all victims to the desires of the virus he was expressing the sentiments of many people in the world who insinuate that mankind is destined to crawl back into the caves of our origin and to surrender our fate to nature. Rather, people like Musk and many of the best innovators that the world has ever seen make other decisions that are not rooted in below the line approaches to life’s problems. To date, I think Ayn Rand has best described the situation in her great American novels on the subject and in one particular opinion book of her’s ‘Return of the Primitive.’ I couldn’t help but think of that book as I watched news coverage of the riots all day breaking out all over the nation—or should I say provoked. It showed much how little we have advanced as a culture since the days of the moon landing where a great technical feat had been accomplished but a month later the Woodstock musical festival showed the future that our political class really wanted, mankind behaving like animals cleaving at the mud like a bunch of losers to remain in perpetual victimhood. Ayn Rand understood the problem America was facing and that is why Walt Disney liked her so much, that is also why there is a very nice monument dedicated to her on display at The American Adventure exhibit at Epcot Center in Disney World. When you come in the main doors to the building it is straight across the foyer on the opposite wall. There are other testaments to other great American personalities, but that one is the first that you see, and its there for a reason.

Specifically the Ayn Rand novel ‘Atlas Shrugged’ is all about the problem in America with those who want to create and be free to discover new innovations and the class of people who struggle to maintain control over fate as they always have which want to cleave to the primitive desires of our long history back to the caves of origin. Her other great book, ‘The Fountainhead’ more specifically gets into the nature of who makes what happen in the world and she was absolutely correct. We do not come to things in the world through collective salvation. There would be no Space X if not for Elon Musk’s 20-year commitment to the cause. As President Trump said, Musk could have taken his billions of dollars and lived the life of a playboy having fun with it, but instead he has taken it and put it to good use to make something out of nothing. It’s the kind of story we’d find in Atlas Shrugged instead of The Canterbury Tales. We’ve come a long way in human thinking, from one to the other and without question, people get it at some primal level. But the protests now are the same protests as then, there is a political class that goes back to the aristocracy of the past who want to be kings and queens, and if not in those top jobs, to be in the court. They want that structure for the human race because they understand it. There is risk in the future, in traveling to space and moving beyond the herd of civilization and they don’t want to lose that power over average ordinary people. So they fan the flames of the race tensions into riotous conditions and they vote to create all the laws possible to lay in front of people like Elon Musk to keep them earth bound and under their control until the earth eventually dies with everyone on it.

Yet to see that beautiful capsule of Space X all in white with great technology on board and the astronauts living in it relatively comfortably for the long voyage to the space station we can see progress, where we couldn’t see it on earth. In the city streets of Democrat controlled regions the race riots were just as bad as they were in the 60s, and the same cumbersome minds were in charge of the political order. But because of Space X, there was a chance to move on to new opportunities in space that weren’t there before. In spite of the jealous past, space travel was happening and in style. Mankind had answered the questions of challenge with bold checkmarks to overcome whatever opposition was presented, and it was done in style. Nothing against NASA, but government can’t do it on its own, space needs to be privatized and imaginative. And flights like what Space X did with this first manned flight need to happen several times a week, not once every few months. Eventually, we need to answer the questions of weather and build the ability within ourselves to control it, to dominate nature to our will, and to overcome its jealous tentacles. We were never meant to be victims to its wrath, but its masters. We should appreciate nature, but also do what is in human nature to do, ask questions about our existence and to answer them with adventure. In this case, space is a bold frontier and its time that we get there, and live there, and work there. But first, we have to step beyond the static structures of the past that have held us down and have recently threatened to take over once again where we are victimized by viruses, race relations, politics, economic limits, and slow minded people too timid to solve anything difficult because its just not in their nature. The people who have hated Ayn Rand are those who want to stay in a primitive state for the perpetual future, but Disney understood. And so does Elon Musk, which is something we should all be grateful that he pushed on and did what nobody else would, and broke our self-imposed spell for a future that looks suddenly much more prosperous.

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George Floyd’s Murder by Police: The failures of liberalism at every level are to blame

What we are seeing in regard to the police abuse in Minneapolis is the net result of liberalism and its lack of understanding of the nature of a civil society. Nobody will question that police abused George Floyd while arresting him over a minor charge, choking him with a knee to the neck until he died. But the public reaction to it was just an excuse to be bad, to go onto a rampage and throw away the rule of law recklessly, and angerly to claw their way quickly back to the role of the primitive. The death sad as it was only gave those looking for an excuse a way to show their lack of respect for the world around them or the progress of human kind. It is for reasons like this case, that guns are necessary to maintain peace, and respect in every direction, and a society that does not have guns, or a respect for their use quickly falls apart into chaos and anarchy. Without a means to protect progress from the tide of primal desire to crawl back into the cave violence like we have been witnessing in Minneapolis, Minnesota will always occur, because it is the natural state of an animal.

Much like the Covid-19 overreaction to a simple virus people in general are unsettled that their plans did not work. The police failed them as they usually do following a thin blue line between righteousness and chaos. Rules are made by politicians into law, the police enforce them, but the problems with power and corruption are always factors. Anybody who gains power over another whether it’s a governor of a state forcing people to wear masks just to work, or it’s a line leader at McDonald’s, the abuse of power is quick to show itself over other people. For lots of psychological reasons, the thrill of controlling other people with manipulation is hard to manage for most, and abuses come fast and furious. It could be as simple as denying a worker that desired day off on a Saturday when McDonald’s needs a full staff for a busy morning and the manager finds the worker a threat to their power, so the denial is pushed for all the wrong reasons. Or a governor like Mike DeWine who has been a law and order person all his life is suddenly in charge of everything and he likes the power and begins to abuse it everywhere he can to satisfy years of suppressing the secret resentment he has had of being controlled by others, abuse of power is common in every field of endeavor and is the fundamental reason that liberalism never has worked and never will.

It is too much to ask police to manage that power. Most people who have the tendency to be police officers cannot maintain the balance between respecting other people’s rights and having the power to impose rules—even if those rules are not well thought out—onto society not so equipped with intelligence, culture, or other means of arming themselves individually. Liberalism has created by the very nature of it’s philosophy pockets of victimhood so in such a state solutions are not advanced, rather exploitation of the circumstances are. In the case of George Floyd, the black community has been screaming about the abuses of the police for a long time. Without question the officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck was abusing his authority and he should have had his ass kicked not just by Floyd, but the bystanders as well who where there witnessing the murder. The dirty cop, just as we have seen at the top of the FBI with James Comey had his own issues obviously and will likely testify that he feared Floyd was an unusually high threat to his ability to control the situation during the arrest because of the community circumstances, where people find themselves in all kinds of illicit action from drug abuse, domestic abuse, theft, gang involvement, all the types of things that police know are going on but there is a lack of political will to correct it, so they enter arrests like this overly charged for compliance—which then gets them into trouble.

Dirty cops, as mentioned in the FBI are common all the way from top to bottom. Without a basic code of contact that respects individual rights of the people they are dealing with; abuse of power happens quickly. What made James Comey a dirty cop was that he was willing to manipulate the law to overturn an election by individuals who picked a president his wife didn’t like. So he acted in his position to undo individual decisions. The cop in the case of killing George Floyd was making an example during the arrest to show he had power over the big man embarrassing him in the street in front of his peers. It’s no different than the FBI raid of Roger Stone in the early morning to shatter his image in front of his neighbors and to make a big deal of the power of the authorities to ruin individual lives over political reasons. Liberalism fails because it wants to believe that institutions can control mass population, but in essence they want to control the institutions so that the institutions can control people, they don’t want individual will to make decisions for themselves. So when pressed, a group of people such as those in Minneapolis will resort to the safety of group mentality instead of individual responsibility since institutional corruption is their greatest fear and short of taking up arms to fight back that corruption, will instead yield to mass effect to fight back at a system they deem beyond hope of coming to terms with.

We’ve seen during the Covid-19 shutdowns that we will never have a society that can just hire police and turn them loose on the streets to enforce the law. Abuse of the law goes all the way up to the governors, and presidents we elect. When people are involved, especially when they are given control over others, there will always be corruption. That is why a means must be provided by the public to fight back at that corruption, which is why we have a Bill of Rights in America, which other countries do not have. Yet, for the Bill of Rights to work, we must have a society of responsible individuals who can handle such a responsibility, which is why we wanted to have free public education, and why guns were always a part of family heritage, to teach individuals how to manage power and to respect it. When liberalism has taken away the guns, taken over the teaching of government schools, and sought to make victims out of entire classes of people to exploit them for purposes of an election, then who could be surprised when it all goes wrong. The police are looking for people who respect the law as they do and when they see people flaunting the basic concept of law and order, they think it gives them an excuse to be abusive. But deep inside there are other problems that all people with power over others goes through and they’ll find every excuse to abuse that relationship. Whether it’s a virus outbreak from China or the potential for drug deals in an inner city neighborhood, if there is a window of potential abuse to exploit, they will every time and that will never change in human beings thus incumbered.

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If You Follow Social Distancing and Mask Guidelines, You’re Stupid: Covid-19 was a scam and politicans suckered into it use rules to hide their bad decisions

I personally think that anybody who bought into this social distancing nonsense is an idiot. The same with the masks and self-quarantining. Just about everything we have done regarding Covid-19 has been wrong and stupid, and I feel sorry for the people who have been suckered into buying the ridiculousness of it all. Readers here will know that I have always felt this way, even in the first hour of the MSM pontification of coronavirus death and destruction. I always thought the virus was nothing more than a cold. Yes, people do die of complications of even common illnesses. The entire reaction to Covid-19 was political. Now I know many politicians must go along with it, including Trump. What’s he going to say, he listened to the experts and they suckered him into all this so that they could destroy his best asset during an election year. It won’t matter, but just keep in mind that I don’t even give Trump a free pass. I never trusted the “experts.” I’d go so far to say that I’m smarter than they are, and they never pulled the fast one on me, not for a single hour of this tragic ordeal that they caused. And when I say I’m smarter, intelligence can’t be measured in how much ass kissing you do to get a degree from someone, or how well you social networked in your fraternity. Intelligence is measured by information acquired and how wise you become to use it. In my case, I am well studied in many, many fields and I quickly see all sides of any story fast because of it. And in that regard, Covid-19 was easy to see as a hoax when I first saw it, and even though I do love the Trump administration, and I do love the Republican Party I wasn’t following them over a cliff just because Mike DeWine was calling himself a Republican and was at the front of the government shutdowns of our economy. I turned against Mike DeWine the night he shut down the bars and restaurants. I don’t care if aliens are invading or the devil himself crawls out of Hell and is going door to door selling Tupperware, or sex toys, we should never, ever, ever shut down our economy and react to a crises by hiding in our homes hoping a central authority will make us all safe again.

With that little disclaimer think for a moment how arrogant it is for any politician to continue insisting on “social distancing,” the amount of money it is costing restaurants to not fill all their seats, how it is costing in sporting events to not have fans in the stands buying concessions. Think of all the billions of dollars the bad decisions by politicians have cost all Americans up to this point, and now that the scientific evidence is well known that social distancing, masks, and quarantining, did pretty much nothing during the whole Covid-19 “pandemic,” consider how bad it is that they continue to slow open the economy limiting amusement parks with ridiculous social distancing rules, and sporting events putting a wet blanket over our entire society for nothing but their own selfish reasons. They were stupid and to cover their stupidity they are continuing with the ruse which is costing additional billions of dollars in lost opportunity cost and they don’t give a shit about it because they are government employees who get a paycheck from tax payers no matter how sucky they are at their jobs, which I would say based on the evidence I’ve seen, is detrimentally poor.

At this point they are not only stupid for getting us all into this mess, but they are extremely selfish for continuing the ruse. We are not selfish for not wearing masks in public. Wearing masks to prevent the spread of this virus is absolutely stupid. People need to read a few books on science before they ever try to shame anybody into wearing one. Some dude the other day thought for a second of shaming me for not wearing one while going to Cabela’s the other day for more ammunition. When he saw the way I looked at him he thought the better of it. I was ready to fight that dumb bastard right then and there. Nobody shames me into doing anything, especially when I know what they want me to do is stupid. In a professional capacity if the rules are masks and social distancing then I play by those rules but that doesn’t stop me from thinking those rules are stupid. And when its my own free will and decision making, I’m not wearing a mask or social distancing. I don’t believe it does a bit of good and that the only reason politicians are pushing it is to cover for their treacherously stupid decisions during this whole ordeal. They can’t come out and say, “hey, our mistake, we were wrong, everyone can go back to what they were doing before.” They have to continue to sell the scam for what it is because the minute people understand they have been f**ked over by the political class unconstitutionally they would have good reason to sue the state and federal government for their losses. The government caused all this massive unemployment, the government caused the increased violence in domestic cases and the suicides that are on the upswing from the many personal lives destroyed by the government reaction to Covid-19. They got suckered and now they are expecting us to social distance and wear masks to play along and pretend that this virus was so deadly that it was for our own good. But guess what, it wasn’t.

It’s bad enough that we allowed those idiots in government to shut down our economy for one day, let alone that it continues into the summer of 2020. There was never any studies that showed that social distancing would work in any capacity, to slow the spread. But as we saw, the spread was never an issue, the hospital capacity was fine, the whole Covid reaction by our government and their health directors was a scam from the start and I saw it clearly that way. Even as I was getting text messages and emails that people were dying left and right about Covid-19, I never bought it as a deadly virus. There was one guy I’ve known for 45 years who was one of the first hospital victims. He was the kind of guy who was the first to do the Achy Breaky Heart Dance back in the 90s, he was the first to declare he knew someone who died in 9/11, if there was a media event or tragedy, he was always the first one to be impacted by it.

So I was not surprised to find he was dying in a hospital over Covid-19. All it turned out to be was that his vagina was bleeding. They gave him a tampon and sent him home. You’d be surprised dear reader what your mind can do good or bad once you let a thought guide you. If you are thinking about Covid-19, yes you’ll see it everywhere, and with our media culture pushing this nonsense, how could anybody think about anything else? Yet it wasn’t hard to see it all as a scam and a political stunt coordinated across the world. If you thought Covid-19 was a real threat and continue to, now that you’ve seen the evidence, you are a sucker. And the only reason we are still “social distancing” and wearing masks in public isn’t for our own sake, but to run cover for the dumb politicians who ushered forth this foolish strategy so that they don’t look so bad for falling for it originally. I can’t remember when I’ve been wrong about something but that first week, I allowed for that possibility. But since March expired and the stats failed to live up to the hype I have been extremely angry that our society has been forced to play out a lie, which is all social distancing is, a cover story for stupid politicians who can’t admit how much their interference destroyed our lives, even more than if there really was a killer virus in our society. What we should all fear more than any health crises is the decisions of stupid politicians with too much central authority and minds not up to the tasks of making decisions for anybody. That is the REAL virus.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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