Ohio Has Plenty of Hospital Beds: So what is the excuse now for people stuck in their homes?

Ohio has plenty of hospital beds and can handle the “surge” of need from the coronavirus in a recent IHME model cited recently by the White House.  While its sad to think that 1,672 people in Ohio might die of the virus, more than that will die of many other things.  So if the reason for shutting down the economy with stay at home orders is the real reason for all we have suffered from, then what is the excuse now?  Here is the article as reported by the Ohio Star, click the link to see the whole thing:


A new epidemiological model cited by White House officials shows that Ohio hospitals have sufficient regular hospital bed and ICU hospital bed capacity for when the peak of the coronavirus hits the state in the upcoming weeks.

According to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) model, Ohio is projected to see its resources peak on April 20. The model shows that the Buckeye State will need 5,609 beds; however, the state presently has 14,290 beds available, according to the study.

Furthermore, Ohio is expected to need 854 intensive care unit (ICU) beds by April 20, the date the model projects the pandemic will peak in Ohio, but it already has 12,238 ICU beds ready to go. 

In terms of deaths, the IHME model predicts Ohio will have 1,672 by August 4. As of Tuesday, Ohio Department of Health (ODH) numbers show 55 people have died from the coronavirus.

In short, there  is no reason to keep Ohio closed.  So lets get back to work!

Rich Hoffman

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The Poker Game of Coronavirus: Its all about winning the pot of Global Warming awareness sponsored by Bill Gates–Trump can’t fold

Before we start with this, keep in mind, I have no desire in the world to be politically correct. It’s a waste of time and not a true reflection of the human condition, which actually says a lot about how Coronavirus as a scam has been utilized against us all in such a short period of time. Those who are playing by these new rules of social conduct are the first ones to run for cover when the authority figures of our times tell us to, and it is they who are lost as to what’s really happening with Coronavirus. To understand that, I would offer that people have a good understanding of the great American game of Texas Hold ‘Em Poker. And I’m not talking about the games that are broadcast on television, which are great, but not the true essence of the game. I’m talking about the kind of game where the decks feature topless women on the backs of the cards and cigar smoke is fogging out the player across the table where the participants are betting mortgages on their homes. And the cocktail waitresses are serving hard drinks in thin lingerie. Forget about global sentiments about equality, transgender rights and 6’ foot social distancing. To understand the game, you must understand the art of bluffing and to see it through all those visual stimuli and pressure to know how to play the cards you have.

The included clip featuring Bill Gates on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show is the bluff I’m talking about and I’d advise you dear reader to watch it fully before reading any further, and I’ll tell you what kind of game is being played here. Take note that what Bill Gates is saying is almost precisely what Amy Acton from Ohio has been saying, and many health directors across America like her. They are getting their information from a single, global source which has been heavily influenced by Gates and thus, they are setting policy based on information he has been providing for many years, most aggressively since around 2015 as he really started ratcheting up his campaign on viral attacks being the next great threat to the world. Now, if we are all playing poker, and I know what my cards are—and they are good—I’ve seen the three flop cards on the table and watched how all the players at the table bet their chips, who’s raising the stakes, who is already folding. Now we’ve seen the Turn, the fourth card and witnessed all the behaviors, watched the facial expressions, counted the delay in reacting to the circumstances by the other players. Then of course once the global models for projecting Coronavirus deaths had to be reduced in London recently we can see what comes up on the River card and we can see by everyone’s reaction and our own hand that we have a 99.9999999999999999999999% chance of winning this hand—yet the other players are bluffing and this is why.

Bill Gates has one great passion in life after his personal genius made him one of the richest people in the world as head of the Microsoft Company and that is global warming, or rather educating people about his interpretation of it. In the great poker game in that smoke-filled room with those pornographic cards and cigar smoke, that’s what he wants in that pot in front of the dealer. But he doesn’t have the cards to win it, we do. So for him to win the pot, he has to make us think he can beat us which will be hard to do because we have a straight flush. Not the top winning hand, but pretty close—and we know it. Yet Bill Gates is a trusted name, most of us use products from the company he created, so when he presents us with a bluff, we are inclined to listen. Yet, he doesn’t have the cards so we can rest assured that we have all the leverage in the game.

To sell his bluff, Gates must convince us that the Coronavirus testing and spread are important factors of consideration, not the actual death rate now that everyone knows that it will be around .2%–nothing more than a common flu. For Gates he needs to make us think that stopping the spread of the virus to prevent an overrun on the hospitals and that we must keep America shut down to keep it from spreading is the key thing to measure. What Gates isn’t saying is that the rest of the world doesn’t have the hospital capacity that we do in America yet they have been the ones setting the policy of containment forcing us to copy them through guidelines flowed down through the World Health Organization. Of course, it was Bill Gates himself who helped shape those guidelines well before this Coronavirus ever hit the stage. Then from there the CDC in America was an extension of those same guidelines which was passed down directly to the state health directors advising all the governors. Mysteriously there was lots of ad time purchased on the internet and on television to promote the work of the CDC, so budgets for this crisis were already in place based on the pre-determined game plan.
Yet what is the real issue for Gates was to tie this containment effort for a viral outbreak to his love of global climate change—reducing the human imprint on the earth by slowing down all economic movement and keeping people off the roads and in their homes. The Coronavirus as we know by the River card is nothing more deadly than an average virus, but before anybody could figure that out Gates had to sell to everyone from the WHO to the CDC that the name of the game was controlling the spread due to a lack of hospital capacity that was based on a global problem, not a problem within the United States. We have never had real shortages with similar outbreaks, but we were being bluffed into believing that this one was different. Yet it wasn’t.

What the Trump administration has to do is call that bluff, push all the chips into the middle and crush Gates’ hopes of using this Coronavirus to advance his climate science agenda which is a far left platform based on the same faulty science that built the modeling for the death rate of this latest pandemic. Keep in mind it was when the WHO declared Coronavirus a pandemic that everyone freaked out and these lockdown strategies started getting blown out of proportion. So far Gates and his climate activists have bluffed their way to the River card, but they don’t have the cards to win. So Trump has to crush his hopes and send a signal that knocks Bill Gates and the rest of the radicals off their feet forever, otherwise we will have pandemics several times a year and an economy that can never get back on its feet again, which is exactly what the climate activists want from this Coronavirus. Bill Gates is one of the top advocates in the world for this subject and you can see clearly that everyone in the science community has been listening to him. Amy Acton in Ohio has been repeating him almost verbatim. So, knowing all that, as we place our bets on reopening the economy, don’t fold. And certainly, don’t put America through this whole thing again. The climate activists are playing the only cards they have, and they don’t have enough to win the pot—and this is as close as they’ll be able to get for a long time. So go all in and crush them so it would take them years, or even lifetimes to recover, because we are playing that kind of game. The smoke is thick, the optics seductive, but the game is the game and you have to know the odds.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Democrats Hate Trump and Republicans in General: The choice between being a winner or a loser

It took a few days for it all to settle in, the debacle for the Democrats in Iowa, the terrible reaction to the State of the Union address President Trump gave this week, and the acquittal in the senate of the failed impeachment attempt of that same president, but the essence of the failures of the Democrat Party are deep and reflect an America most people despise, that of the loser. Its one thing to have compassion for people who are born losers, its quite another to allow ourselves to be controlled by them. We don’t want losers telling us what to do, and we certainly don’t want our lives limited by them. And what we saw this week by Democrats under great pressure, because the Republican Party under President Trump’s leadership is working very well, are members of the other party that just can’t compete, and they are fully aware of it. All their attempts to “equalize” the situation failed leaving them essentially to be a heaving mess of below the line thinking that nobody finds attractive. It reminded me why I simply don’t like Democrats, its not due to their race, their sex, or even their essential philosophy they say is steeped in compassion for other people, the planet, or even the less talented, its because their view of the world is rooted in negative victimization and nothing else, and that was never what becoming an American or staying an American was ever supposed to be about.

Plenty has been said by lots of smart people regarding the events of this past week, but nothing says incompetency like the Iowa caucuses. When people asked me about it, and these other events my reply was to compare it to a football game. Any quarterback from even a high school team can hit a running receiver in stride 30 yards down the field if they know where they will be at precisely the correct time that the ball is released from their hand, so long as they have 5 seconds or more to make the decision to throw. However, when a quarterback must play against a good defense and the line of the opposition is pressing down on that quarterback in 2.5 seconds or less, then even good quarterbacks will look like bumbling fools on the field of play. The Democrats are used to having all the time in the world to throw the ball, Republicans in the past have not pressed them out of some gentlemanly agreement to be equally deficient in performance. That is until President Trump came along from the private sector and started applying expectations to government—which is the source of their hatred of him. Suddenly there were expectations on Democrats that they just were not ready to deal with, and instead of trying to get better over the last three years, they have bet everything on getting rid of the expectation, symbolized in President Trump.

The media has gone along with the game allowing the Democrats to feel empowered as a political class to some level of competency so long as there was never any real measure. But Trump brought measures with him to Washington D.C., the same kind of measures that all private industry is judged by and the essence of it is that Democrats just weren’t ready. And when it was showtime in Iowa, it was an embarrassing mess. And when the State of the Union speech was given by President Trump, the Democrats could only sit there and listen as they spent all their time and energy being the opposition to Trump’s measures that they couldn’t share any joy in the long list of accomplishments that the President spoke about for over an hour straight. All they could do is sit there like the victims they have chosen to be, or to protest all together by not showing up, wearing white outfits to reflect the women’s suffrage movement from the turn of the last century, or do as Nancy Pelosi did at the end of the speech, rip it up because they had found themselves behind on all of it.

Then of course the next day, Republicans in the senate, except for the chameleon Mitt Romney, voted to acquit the President of the attempted coup by Democrats by quelling impeachment dashing any hopes of removing Trump from office before the election in November. That is what having a winning attitude will do for a person or a party, people tend to unite behind it and bask in its joy. But when your entire platform is about being a victim, that’s not at all an attractive prospect. People may see themselves as losers, but few people are happy staying that way and that’s all the Democrats are offering, which is why as a party, they are failing so epically. I hate to say it again, but I predicted all this many years ago and sure enough, its happing right on schedule. It’s not that Trump himself did it all, he was but the vehicle. It really comes down to personal beliefs, if they are above or below the line. You can’t build a great anything if the participants have a loser attitude. Trump was elected by an excited base because they recognize in Trump someone who wants to win. They do too, and so the Trump base was born. Its not hard to figure out, its something that evolved out of a natural trajectory of thought.

What you will find dear reader when talking to the “other side” whether its in an elevator at an apartment complex in Hyde Park which is full of anti-Trump socialites who know more about wine than they do politics, or the angry mother at Kroger shopping for weekend snacks for her family while running all three of her kids from one sporting event to another and doesn’t have time to know what’s going on in the outside world aside from what she sees on Yahoo’s front page of news, is that people who dislike Trump or Republicans in general are angry at their own lack of understanding about the world and their laziness to do the work in learning more so they could be more informed. They want to remain below the line people, people obsessed with what they can’t do, or what they can’t be. They want to relish in their victimhood because they just don’t have the ambition to take a positive position in their own lives on anything, and the Republicans of Trump make them feel the pressure to be more, and they hate it.

When people say they hate Trump what they are really saying is that they are too lazy to keep up and that they want to go back to the days where they didn’t feel so much pressure. Where they could give a little statement to the press about something and the media would run with it, but nobody really expected anybody to do anything about it. Democrats had likely the worst week they have had in years not because anything changed for them, but now there are measures to compare to, and that pressure is something they are not used to dealing with. It should be expected that people wanting to remain victims in life would be unhappy with the sudden growth of the country under the Trump presidency which expects good results about everything. Ripping up the SOTU speech the way Nancy Pelosi did was no different than all the attempts to impeach Trump, or to convict him just because he had expectations, they were too lazy to live with. Instead they kept their eyes on victimization when the Trump administration was bringing empowerment and before they could blink, the Democrats had lost their base almost completely. And now its too late for them to do anything about it.

Rich Hoffman

The Buckeye Firearms Association Endorses George Lang: Getting HB 178 passed

The best hope for a continuation of House Bill 178 getting passed in the Senate is to have George Lang there to help convince Mike DeWine to sign the bill, which modifies weapons law, permitting concealed carry without a license, and many other positive reforms. While many are still in debate about to what extent the Second Amendment can or should be regulated, the crazy leftist who shot up a night spot in Dayton has many conservatives weak-kneed and in need of some hand holding in the aftermath. Of the people running for the 4th District Senate Seat in the upcoming primary between George Lang, Candice Keller and Ding Dong Lee Wong, only George Lang has the clout and ability to help Mike DeWine get off the fence and back to the table to sign such a bill as HB 178. As we get closer to the primary in March, its important that voters understand the strategy and best options for the issues they are most passionate about, and in Ohio the gun rights concerns are a big topic, so a bit of context is worth our time and consideration.

Candice Keller has been asked by the GOP to step down for her comments made in August in reaction to mass shootings in general. I think many people who are logical understood that much of what she said is true, about fatherless homes, and drug users being the cause of many mass shootings, but what hurt her is that she brought up Nazi language and tousled into the gay rights debate in a way that was completely unnecessary, and it hurt the GOP brand, and her stance on Second Amendment rights, which she has been a strong supporter. But she also walked right into the poo poo by giving opponents of bills like HB 178 a face to throw darts at, and therefor a great excuse for Mike DeWine to move away from signing it. So long as Candice was a face of Second Amendment rights in Columbus then she is hurting all the politicians who support the bill but had the political skill to stay out of trouble when pressed by the media for reaction to such catastrophes like the shooting in Dayton last year. This is another reason that the media has given Candice so much prominent coverage—most of it negative, because it has forced this issue underground again and made her look like a front runner in the 4th Seat Senate race. But there is a better option, a much better one in George Lang who is every bit as much of a Second Amendment supporter, I think more so, however, he has the political skill to unite people around the bill in the Senate to the Governor that Candice just doesn’t have. And even if she did, it will take her years to rebuild her political clout within the GOP to be effective in those types of discussions.

The media would like to make the race for that senate seat look much tighter ahead of the primary with its secret hopes that enough people might vote for Candice so that she can be elected to that seat only to waste it on more political scandal, which would then effectively kill HB 178 for many years. However, running for a big office seat like those in the senate takes politicians who can raise money, advertise, and then not step in it when pushed by the media for comments, who can stay on target literally with their message under great stress. And to that point only George Lang has any remote possibility of being an effective senator in the 4th District. In the financial reports for the candidates that were due on Friday of last week, George Lang had cash reserves of well over $200,000 where Candice only had $12,000. So that leaves her only strategy to hope to stay relevant is to be a rock chucker and hope that she can get some headlines and free coverage to get her message out. But the problem is, the GOP wants her to resign, so any coverage she gets is always going to be negative.

Meanwhile the Buckeye Firearms Association has endorsed George Lang for Ohio’s 4th Senate district and by mid-February the NRA is going to give its support as well. George’s record and ability has the recognized strength to advance gun rights as a senator and that momentum should not be wasted by anybody who wants to see bills like HB 178 become law without becoming so watered down by passage that it would be virtually worthless. I would encourage Candice whom I think genuinely cares about gun rights to get behind George as the best option to represent the 4th District in this great debate. But more than that, George has the ability to put that needed arm around Governor DeWine’s neck to get the signature needed to make HB 178 a reality. Those are the kinds of political skills that go well beyond a simple vote in the chamber and how things really happen in any political body.

Candice due to her lack of political skill, not necessarily her fault—time will fix a lot of that—but she’s had to take some of these extreme positions on her Facebook page to try to cover her lack of connections to secure funding for a campaign. It’s a page out of the Trump playbook, but he was rich and didn’t need to raise money for advertising in the traditional way. New media can take a creative politician far, but not that far, and her lack of ability to gather a crowd that will give her thousands of dollars in donations is something that can’t be overcome with political theater alone. There needs to be other layers to the reach of a senator in any district and that range and donation ability is the kind of leverage that gets you a lunch date with the governor to even pitch the ideas outside of chamber protocol. Everything is about political clout and that is how after this 2020 election cycle HB 178 has the best chance to get back out into the voting cycle.

The NRA knows George is the best chance and so does the Buckeye Firearms Association, and others who are sure to follow. If the true goal is to get pro firearm legislation solidified in Ohio then George is the best option. If the goal is simply to get elected into the senate by any means possible and Candice has to be forced to show all these extreme cards to get the free publicity, then she can’t truly say that she wants HB 178 to pass, because she has no ability to help advance it as a senator or as a member of the House. The GOP is distancing themselves from her and I would say to Candice that her political future isn’t over, it needs repaired. Helping to get HP 178 to a senator who can help on the other side and secure sentiment with the governor would go a long way to repairing that relationship. And that would take more guts for all the right reasons than destroying everything from the inside out just to get a political win for the short run.

Rich Hoffman

George Lang Attracts Larger Crowd in West Chester than Democrat Presidential Candidates: The activism of media coverage and what they don’t tell you

Over the weekend I was able to catch up on some of the Democrat coverage of the presidential candidates while campaigning in Iowa head of their primary and it became very obvious that the Trump rally we had in West Chester last week where George Lang, Warren Davidson, Sheriff Jones and Steve Buckingham from the Trump campaign drew larger crowds. You can see those crowds in the following Twitter coverage from that event. I didn’t think about it much at the time because I was just enjoying the festivities. Everyone had a great time and it seemed to bring out the best in people Between the Butler County GOP and the Trump team they brought in Chick fil-a to feed everyone and the event was a top notch rally in so many respects. But the people coming didn’t know that and they showed up just to hear people just talking about Trump and in large numbers. Before the rally many of us talked to the press, Channel 5 came out and covered it, and so did WLW radio, but not many others. The response we received was that “you guys love Trump in Butler County, where’s the story?” After the rally once the pictures started going up from people who where there, it became obvious what the story was, the media didn’t want to cover more people coming to hear these guys talk than who are going to see the leading presidential candidate for the Democrats. For the proof of that I would like to point you dear reader to the following article by the Cincinnati Enquirer talking about an upcoming senate race between Kathy Wyenandt and Candice Keller for the 4th District of Ohio. Its very, very interesting.


I don’t like to point at media bias as some below the line reason for something, but to the average person who doesn’t know much about politics, the Cincinnati Enquirer attempted to paint the scandal ridden Republican whom the party is asking to step down from her office over several very misplaced comments to Kathy Wyenandt, the Democrat that they are trying to flip a seat to blue in the very conservative Butler County—a long held objective among the liberal news room directors and newspaper heads. Its not the news they care about, it’s the political objective which they quite openly these days advocate. The truth of that article was that there are two other candidates running for that Republican seat, George Lang and Ding Dong Wong. But the Enquirer left them out of the article and tried to paint the whole race for senate between the two women—one of which is as good as toast even within her own party.

That article was written back in August of 2019 while the news of Candace Keller’s latest scandal was hot on the press—so the intent was clear to the Enquirer’s readership, promote the Republican that is in trouble so people remember her name while promoting the Democrat woman who normally wouldn’t have a snow balls chance in Hell of making it to the freezer for preservation. Both must be artificially propped up to look like front runners in that upcoming election and the Cincinnati Enquirer was happy to play that role. So fast forward a few months to this rally for Trump in West Chester held on a night when he couldn’t even come, because he was in Iowa doing another rally ahead of the Democrats and their primary there drawing huge crowds as usual, and people showed up to see George Lang and Warren Davidson speak and the enthusiasm for those two was incredible. That was the news story that none of the outlets wanted to cover because it goes against their desires for the upcoming election for which they are desperate to shape the story.

The rally was held in very large space that none of us thought we’d come close to filling, yet the pit in front of the stage was at least double any event that Joe Biden was able to attract over the week leading up to the primary. If the news wanted to truly report the news, they’d be interested in that little fact. Instead however of reporting how many people in Butler County and specifically West Chester were interested in attending a rally where these local politicians were speaking, one of them being the frontrunner in that 4th Senate Seat race, they would have at least covered it from that perspective. “West Chester rally for local GOP candidates outdraw Democrats for presidential candidates in Iowa.” Because that was the truth of the matter. I mentioned that observation to a few people while at that rally but it wasn’t until later and listing to the speech by Sheriff Jones where he had the crowd chanting “USA, USA, USA” that it became apparent just how many people were there.

I think based on what I saw that George Lang could draw a bigger crowd within his district than any of the presidential candidates who are leading in the polls could anywhere in the country. There is more enthusiasm for George from the base of Republicans who support him than there are for any Democrat. I might have thought that before that West Chester rally, but after, there is no question. Knowing that Trump wasn’t going to be at that rally, people showed up to hear what they considered the next best thing, George Lang and Warren Davidson speak to an excited audience. And the Cincinnati Enquirer skipped out on the opportunity to cover it because they didn’t like the story. It went against their activism of trying to paint the disgraced Candace Keller as the leader who would go against the Democrat in Butler County. What they were really up to was attempting to convince the un-informed masses to clear the deck chairs for a conversion of a deep red district into a blue one by removing the biggest red piece in the puzzle from the board all together. And if they had covered the West Chester rally, it would undo the way they have poised the story to continue into the primary in March.

The Journal in Hamilton isn’t any different. The activism on their part is rampant as well, it’s the reason that all these newspapers have made themselves irrelevant. The news happens faster than they can report it, they have a bias that does not reflect the views of their readership, and they are uninteresting. I used to contribute many articles to the Western Star when I lived in Warren County for a number of years. Back then, it was the news of record locally. But now its out of business because when people want to read a news story about these things, they just open up their phone and are free to get whatever information they want. The Enquirer and The Journal never have properly adapted. If it wasn’t for the people over 60 years of age, they’d be out of business right now. All newspapers are headed over the cliff and this is the reason. But blogs like this one report these events and its much easier for a consumer of information to click here and retrieve the information months from now than it is to get a little 400 word article that is all about political activism on their part, into the mind of a busy consumer. So there you have it, since they didn’t report what a great event the West Chester rally was, now you can see it for yourself and also know that Candace Keller is not the face of the primary election, she’s the one that Republicans are trying to get out of the way due to her radicalized comments. And that is the truth of the matter that the Enquirer tried to promote in favor of their handpicked stooge, Kathy Wyenandt.

Rich Hoffman

Why EdChoice is so Beneficial: Removing Parkinson’s Law from the public education debate in Ohio

I’ve been watching and listening to the whole debate about EdChoice in Ohio with great interest. Of course, the Ohio Senate had to vote to delay the implementation of Ed Choice which was scheduled to take effect the day of this writing, until April 1st 2020. The public schools in particular have responded terribly to it, including the school in my own district which I’ve written a lot about, Lakota. It has been nothing short of embarrassing to listen to Lakota’s superintendent complain about the funding model that is coming whether they like it or not and move the entire district into a victimized status so quickly on the issue. The report back from some financial news from Lakota has not been good and they are floating the idea for another levy which would be a terrible, anti-growth tax increase just to supplement their mismanaged spending habits, so the news was bad enough. This EdChoice debate has only made things worse. Dealing with professional educators to me is the worst experience that there is in professional politics because they are so entitled and unrealistic about what they think their financial requirements should be, so we’ll deal with some of that here, and in the coming months. Listening to politicians attempt to put their minds around what to do about EdChoice, which is simply a grading system that inspires the financial contributions of the state to follow the student of that failing school to the school of their choice. This of course leaves variability in public school budgets for money they have been used to getting now going to an unpredictable number of students who may decide to go somewhere else with that precious state money.

I listened to Bill Cunningham and Representative Bill Seitz talk about this EdChoice problem on WLW and every word made me cringe. Here were two people who call themselves rock ribbed Republicans missing the whole point of the public education debate. Now, my history with these two is that they are on the wrong side of many issues. They mean well like a lot of people do, but their perspective has been tainted by years of acceptance of a system initiated by people like John Dewey during an experimentation of many things during the progressive era at the turn of the last century and like many have accepted that that’s just the way things are and the way they will always be. Money goes to the school from the state to teach children living in that district not just skills for a future job, but to turn them into democratic citizens with an emphasis on social change. In hindsight this has been a complete disaster, look at the products of the schools, which many of us are. People aren’t very smart, and they don’t set their sights very high in life. Dewey’s mistake was in attempting to steer society away from republic representation and more toward democratic majority rule, which we all know now is a disaster at the epistemological level.

For the two Bills talking on WLW about EdChoice, they are both people in their 60s and 70s now, to them public school is about sports programs, learning to follow orders so that kids learn to live in a civil society, and in establishing much needed social connections with peers. Way back, many decades ago when my wife and I pulled our kids out of public schools for a year to teach them at home because the results were just so disappointing we had family members literally melt under the news because they were afraid my kids would turn into complete social outcasts, because they believed after so many years of this Dewey philosophy that the goal of public schools was to establish these mental applications. Of course, those sentiments were completely fear based, just as about everything in public education is. We have learned to just accept the failure that is evident because that’s always the way we have done things. People like the “Bills” on WLW enjoy the idea that their public school is the holder of real-estate value, and that Friday Night Lights football in the fall months of every year make for great conversation. But it was flawed from the beginning and never was poised to do what Dewey wanted because his fundamental problem was in thinking that the state as a central authority should be in charge. It was a progressive experiment, but not a very “Republican” thing to do.

Schools like Lakota and many others who are complaining about the insecurity in their funding model should be looking at the situation like any business would instead of some free-loader sitting in a bird nest of a rich district and opening their mouths for tax money to flow in. They should be working to be the best school with the best options in a free market society. No matter what the report card states in giving families the choice of a school they’d like to go to, Lakota should feel confident that kids would want to go to their school for all the reasons that anybody would, to get a good education, be near a good sports program, or just to be around other students who aren’t problems coming from broken families. Students should have a choice and if Lakota wants those students, they should have to work to attract them.

The most tragic thing I have noticed, looking at the situation professionally, is that all public schools have become addicted to the natural state of Parkinson’s Law that has contaminated their budgeting structures. Everyone who has been involved professionally in process improvements understands that Parkinson’s Law is an adage that states “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion,” meaning that a work schedule blankly stated will allow a worker to fill that time allotment from beginning to end by the nature of human interaction. If you give someone an hour to do a 5-minute job, they’ll take the whole hour. Process improvement demands to understand how long it actually takes to do a job, and to work out the tendencies of Parkinson’s Law to misstate labor needs. Well, that same tendency is at the center of the public education debate all across the country, and is why the EdChoice trend is so badly needed. Budgets have been filled to their maximum to accommodate whatever the state provides and to what extent local school district tax payers will put up with in increased levies driven by labor unions looking to use Parkinson’s Law to attach need to student performance by using the chaos of money going to the schools, not the student, to keep the process centrally controlled and with a false understanding of what education per student should cost, leaving the real state funding model perpetually broken, which is just how the labor unions and lazy superintendents like it.

Clearly what we have had hasn’t worked. Education needs reformed and the centralized aspects of it need to be removed. Free market solutions are the only way to improve schools and the students that come from them. People should have the option to vote with their feet putting schools into the same competitive situation that every restaurant, shopping complex and entertainment destination must do, compete for the dollars available. Education is not so sacred to not be attached to competitive market conditions, end of story. A quick look at our students declares that trying something new wouldn’t hurt, because we couldn’t do worse. And ultimately that is the direction of education anyway, just as the trends of the world are declaring. People want more choices in life, not less, and it’s a matter of time anyway where money for education shouldn’t even come from the state. But while it does, it should go to the students so they can vote with their feet. Not to hold them to a school that doesn’t feel it has to earn their business. If Lakota is such a great school, or any government school for that matter, don’t tell us how good you are. Make yourself one of those schools that people want to go to. Make it so that you are so crowded that you must turn people away, which only increases the value of the product. Sure, it makes the current way that schools do business chaotic, it forces them to understand how much Parkinson’s Law is in their processes. It forces the teacher unions to think differently for sure. But that is their problem, not ours. And the state will never know how much it should spend on students so long as Parkinson’s Law is contaminating their assumptions. That is the key to this whole discussion and we’re going to have it now or in a few years, but the way things have been are not the way things are going to be. The old Dewey model was poised from the outset to fail. But these days, life happens too fast and there is just too much to learn to attempt to squeeze everything into the traditional classroom setting that we have been attempting to do. The times and this new economy are forcing us to change, so let’s get at it and solve this problem once and for all by looking at the entire concept differently.

Rich Hoffman

As Iran Fired Missiles, I Slept Very Well: Having a very good president in the White House

It was over before it even started as I announced in earlier articles. Trump had destroyed Iran’s “queen” in the great chess game and the war was over even as Fox News broke into its coverage to show missiles in the air headed for American occupied bases in Iraq. Every station had in fact started covering the revenge from Iran on live television and the situation looked ominous. I laughed to myself and went to bed. I was not at all surprised to wake up the next morning with a text from President Trump saying all was well, no American lives were lost. As a matter of fact, as the day evolved, we learned that the Iranians had been telling us that they were firing missiles essentially to appease their political base, but they weren’t aimed at any Americans. And they told us when they were done. They really didn’t want any action from America, that was obvious. They just wanted to show some missiles in the air flying around to show on State television to save some face after the embarrassing end to one of their top military minds. It’s not that I didn’t care about the results, but I can do math. Iran as I have said over and over again cannot fight a war. They do not have the resources for anything beyond regional terrorism. So, they weren’t going to sign their own death warrant. I slept well even as the missiles where in the air flying around in the desert.

The media was caught red handed on this one because the fuel of the entire exercise was their coverage, made up as they went along. Like many of us have been saying for decades, the media has ran many of these wars covering movements, reporting them on air, then forcing presidents and generals to adapt to the broadcasts as if it were a sporting event. This has been going on since television became a common thing. And now that we have a president who understands the game, he doesn’t get played by it, but he certainly plays the players. The drums of war were being beaten by the media for an event that couldn’t even take place if the Iranians even wanted it to. They simply don’t have the resources, which left all the broadcasters reeling to justify their panic driven coverage in the aftermath.

If you are a reporter, or a network executive, you should at least be a little intellectually curious as to the nature of war and strategy, and to know that Iran only has about 200 to 300 Scud missiles and about 100 Shahab-3 medium range ballistic missiles. Their entire strategy is to use terrorism as a leverage point to show power, because they don’t actually have any power. They have an unstable government hanging on to an old communist idea that has eroded away into Islamic ideology leaving them with very little in financial options. And without finances they can’t even buy new weapons or think about building nuclear ones. They have nothing to work with, so no possibility of a war with anybody. The energy and cost to fire off those few missiles they did in revenge of their slain leader cost them a fortune that they didn’t have, and they have no appetite to do it anymore. We aren’t talking about kids firing off Nerf guns in their back yard, it costs a lot to fire off any kind of missile and Iran just doesn’t have the financial resources to conduct a war of any kind. That is why I went to bed, because what the news was broadcasting was pure nonsense. It was a ruse from the start and any news organization should have known that. What they were broadcasting was a fiction, and they likely knew it. If they didn’t know it, they were incompetent and shouldn’t even be on the air.

I slept well because for the first time in my life I knew there was a guy in the White House who could see through the illusions and to not allow a bunch of panicky generals and advisors to poke him into war with an enemy that was about as harmful as a common house fly. Now a house fly can land in some shit and then land on your food and cause trouble, but in all reality, their intent is pretty iniquitous but not very dangerous. And Trump’s speech to the country was along those lines. Be careful with flies landing in shit and crawling on you, but for now, we will leave them alone by keeping the door shut. Trump’s speech addressing the issue was the best that I can remember. He shut down the drums for war quickly and addressed the truly minimalist situation for what it was properly, giving people an honest assessment for what was one of the few in history. Most of these kinds of things are draped in drama meant to add a fearful narrative that has a big government subtext to it, letting people know that government will keep them safe. Not in Trump’s speech. He essentially said, nothing to worry about. Its cool. Go enjoy your families. Only with him, it wasn’t a lie meant to lull people back to sleep, but to get them back to living good productive lives without the worry of some flies landing on their food with feet dripping in shit.

This is what competency looks like, it doesn’t need to fear the actions of losers. Losers do not rule the world, as the media would like you to believe. To properly reflect this new age of living, the media is going to have to adjust, they’ll have to get better. They’ll need to figure out how to cover a 24-hour news cycle without talking about war, impeachment, or some FBI scandal against our president. Eventually they’ll have to come up with fresh content all on their own that doesn’t rely on scaring everyone to death to stay relevant. I would say that time has passed, but there is no time like the present. For myself, it was the first time I went to bed when some national incident was occurring, because I have learned the falseness of it all well and could see the signs from the very first moments. And the next day, most of the country had to admit the same, even CNN. As we all learn to be more competent, and focus our efforts on productive things, the news will have to grow with us and that will be a real challenge for them. The same old tricks will not work in the future as they have since the advent of televisions into our living rooms. They could all learn some lessons from Trump himself who is the Master of Media. He was before he became president, he won because of his knowledge. And now as a president, he only has sharpened that mastery. I trust him more than I trust television executives, so I went to bed until I heard from Trump. I didn’t want to hear from all the lesser people covering things they didn’t know just trying to frighten people into staying tuned. And that not just for me, but for many people, is a very new thing.

Rich Hoffman