The Latté Sipping Liberal Kathy Wyenandt and her Lakota Levy Campaign of 2013: Empowering perverts, porn addicts and government schools to limit the next generation

I didn’t think much of the latté sipping liberal Kathy Wyenandt and her Lakota levy campaign of 2013 until she started putting up signs everywhere wanting to run for the Ohio House of Representatives seat in the 52nd district. I couldn’t even remember who she was until I saw that the local newspapers and other forms of print media were stating that her big experience for such an important job in politics was the 2013 tax increase that only won by 1% point after Lakota spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money on advisors to help the cushion the public for a big raise to give their teachers—all in the name of children of course. That’s when I remembered Kathy Wyenandt and her levy loving barrage of guilty moms who looked to Lakota schools to babysit their kids all day and call it an education then wanted to pat themselves on the back for giving teachers raises because they wanted to maintain the illusion that “education” in America meant spending money on public sector unions and that contract negotiations were all about giving over-priced employees everything they wanted. I guess she figured everyone forgot and now it was safe to come out of the hole she put herself in and run for a big state office?

I of course argued against all this paying teachers infinite amounts of money, which was a very unpopular position, because most people want to believe that the public-school system is there to help them and make their children better off. And sometimes it does. I can say that I have a grandson in Monroe schools right now and he has a fantastic teacher, but we are talking grades K through 5 when everything for kids is coming alive. His teacher doesn’t make much money yet, she is right out of college and full of ideas, and I think she’s great. And some of the teachers that Kathy Wyenandt wanted to give six figure pay rates too through the levy passage at Lakota are good teachers—some. However, the average rate of pay for Lakota teachers is up into the mid-70,0000 range per year, much higher than the average pay of the taxpayers who have to cover their bill. Unfortunately, reality has something else to say about the nature of teachers and their social worth that politicians like Kathy Wyenandt never learned.

The proper business model for a public education teacher is to bring them in young, but once they start getting up in the pay scale to encourage them to shop themselves on the open market like a free agent to keep payrolls down. During the Lakota levy campaign of 2013 Kathy Wyenandt and her foot soldiers crusading for higher taxes to protect those teachers sold the assumption that the reason we needed to pay teachers more was to stay competitive and to retain the “experience” that teachers gained from years in the classroom. But I couldn’t help but notice that younger teachers were more effective often than older ones, and I gained that experience by raising my own daughters and watching the various characters in public school that they had to deal with at both Mason then Lakota schools over the course of their youth.

People are people whether or not they are teachers being paid to babysit our children while we are busy building a life for ourselves, which is what I would say most of public education is all about for the parents. For the government schools, public education is a brain washing opportunity to train future voters in the ways of liberalism. But that is another story, in the context of teacher experience I had a person send me a Tweet that reminded me of all this which I have included here. It is a video of a male teacher who had gone back to his office while the class worked on assignments. It’s a few years old, but is just as relevant today as it was then. The teacher was watching porn during class when a student opened his door and walked in on him. The student was openly harassed in class by the teacher and embarrassed into submission, which is a lot more common an occurrence the most people would care to admit. Most students could tell adults willing to listen of teachers in any school who are creepy and p to no good like this obvious porn addict featured in the Tweet. But adults who are either too busy with their lives to do much about it, or liberal activists like Kathy Wyenandt who want the government schools to do the work they were designed to do in creating a more liberal voting base are happy to overlook these bad teachers. Instead they argue such teachers need to be paid more money.

I wouldn’t say that teaching is any harder than other jobs, but life does have a way of chipping away at people. Like the teacher I mentioned in Monroe, she is great, and I hope that if I meet her twenty years from now that she is just as optimistic about life then as she is now. But give her a few husbands that cheat on her with some younger and sluttier woman, give her kids of her own who grow up and away leaving her feeling like a used up empty husk of a person, or an achieved home of her dreams that is outdated by the time she is fifty—parents that die, dream cars that rust away and a thousand disappointments from a media culture that never really lives up to the hype on the commercials and its unlikely that she will be as enthusiastic about her job as a middle-ager bitter about life and trying to teach young people to think big and dream about learning the alphabet. By that point she’ll likely be in the $70 to $80K range in pay, and she’ll be a mess of a person and the kids will know it. That’s when the district should cut her loose and let her high wages become someone else’s problem, not the tax payers. Bitter employees who evolved from broken dreams meeting reality are the kind of people who watch porn too much and take their frustrations out on children, and nobody wants that, especially a school.

Yet liberal do-gooders who think the biological instincts of motherhood make them capable of making hard decisions about management, such as the examples I have provided regarding the type of mentality that forces districts to cut employees who might want to watch too much porn or abuse kids with power trips because they are so ineffective in their regular lives. All those do-gooders know to do as liberals is spend more money to hopefully make everything better, to make the porn addicts and child molesters posing as teachers to see the light with good pay and benefits and to retain them for way too long once their enthusiasm for the job has long left them. Teachers are not good because they are well paid, they are good when they want to do the job of watching other people’s children because they love children. Take a young 27-year-old teacher out to lunch and most of them are beaming with excitement about the opportunity to help guide children toward a better life. Take a middle-aged train wreck out to lunch and talk about their job with kids who have been teaching middle school or high school for ten years and you’ll hear a different story. Add to that career disappointment their own lives of bad marriages, unfulfilled life goals and the realities of aging and what you often find are people who shouldn’t be anywhere near a kid under twenty. Because they are too depressing, and they certainly aren’t worth paying 90K per year.

So I suppose I should thank Kathy Wyenandt for putting all these liberal blue signs of hers up for this District race she is running for. I hadn’t thought about how much I despise people like her who lobby for overpaid public employees for a long time. But it is people like her who allow such corrupt people to be employed at such ridiculous wage rates and have screwed up the property tax rip offs that we have experienced in Butler County, Ohio. For people like her it comes down to wanting to believe that government schools can be good baby sitters. But reality says something far more dangerous, in retaining teachers too long you expose children to all the bitterness and disappointment that mentors can pass on to kids and that often limits the potential that young people have in life, it certainly doesn’t help them. And it is for all that which Kathy Wyenandt thinks she should be elected into a higher office. Liberals like Kathy are dangerous because they believe such things, and that isn’t a problem so long as they are minding their own business. But often their antics cost all of us a lot of money, and if Kathy Wyenandt has one thing on her resume that says what kind of person she is, all you have to look at is her role in passing higher taxes in the Lakota school district. And you’ll know all you need to know.

Rich Hoffman

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How Alex Jones and David Icke Contribute to a First-Rate Mind: Just because things are considered conspiracies, doesn’t mean they are false

When critics of mine say that you can’t listen to my topics on politics or other serious matters because I also cover topics of conspiracy and pseudoscience, they are speaking of their own limitations, not the actual way that information is obtained. And to that aspect I do find that people like Alex Jones and England’s David Icke contribute to the advancement of understanding by simply asking outlandish questions then seeking evidence to support it. What critics are saying about themselves when they insist that only certain types of information are relevant to any discussion, such as those endorsed by institutional behavior, but not information accepted by institutional understanding they are actually pointing out how misunderstandings are perpetuated in civilization. My method of obtaining truth to anything is to take in information wherever it comes from then using deductive reasoning to chip away at the truth. It’s what I consider a first-rate mind who can take all the puzzle pieces wherever they come from and assemble them into the facts we must all work with. It’s a method I use professionally which is far superior to my peers in industry. When I’m trying to solve a problem, I don’t just look at the accepted institutional evidence because honestly, if someone wants to hide something, the way to do it is to hide it behind institutional trust. And this is becoming increasingly difficult to hide from people these days because information has become so decentralized, and that is why conspiracy theorists such as Alex Jones and David Icke are so popular today. They ask lots of outlandish questions and make proposals that sound crazy to the typical institutionalists. But if taken as just part of a pile of evidence, there are useful concepts introduced that advance thought, which is why I never disregard anything until truth proves something false.

I’m a big believer of brainstorming and I can say from firsthand experience that my methods really piss people off. Such as in business, if I am trying to solve a really complicated problem I invite everyone I can think of to a 15 to 30-minute meeting, from the highest in a company to what might be considered the lowest according to an organizational chart. I ignore the organizational chart because my goal is not to appease the people who are high up on the chart, but to get to the truth, so I bring in everyone, treat them with equal respect and pick their brains and see what they can throw up on one of my “white board meetings,” where anything and everything is considered. I often get a mess of crazy ideas but mixed into them all is some grain of the truth that if you sift through it leads to the answer you are seeking. I look at it like mining for gold. Gold never comes out looking wonderful, you have to dig for it and clean it up before its ready to use. And that is my method for obtaining obscure answers to complicated problems. It is the method of the way any first-rate mind would proceed, and I can say that over the years the people who most hate it are those who are high up on an organizational chart, because they either want to believe that the common people under them are stupid, or that they (as higher ups) have something to hide that they want to keep concealed from the people lower on the organizational chart. And that is exactly what is going on within our own Federal government presently, and why Donald Trump is so hated, because he has a similar method of obtaining information. Its quite a common thing among successful business people to have a decentralized flow of information flowing to them as an executive. Even the guy who pushes brooms all day long has valuable things to say about their observations, so nothing should be left off the table.

When David Icke puts forth that a reptilian race is controlling a few families on planet earth and is trying to flow all politics through them there is some interesting things to sift through. Humans certainly do behave in a strangely maniacal way toward ritual and superstition. Even so-called wise people do believe that spiritual aide can help them overcome earthly challenges over their rivals so that belief comes from somewhere. Until we know where, we have to consider the possibilities. Is it an alien group of reptile people? Who knows. What matters is that some people believe them to be a factor so we have to consider the who, what, why, when and where as to how. Are the villains actually reptilian people? I say it doesn’t matter, but what does is the propensity of some to cleave to a social elite status that then interrupts proper management of our civilization. And of that observation, David Icke has done some fantastic work—it doesn’t matter if its aliens or a bunch of people who went to Yale and wish to protect that institutions reputation with skewed social data. The impact on the world is the same.

When I started years ago my public education crusade my assertion was that public schools were focused on one primary thing, brainwashing children into liberalism and they gained permission from the parents by offering free babysitting services making it all too easy for the programing to take effect. When I said such a thing, critics called it a tin hatted conspiracy on the level of David Icke or Alex Jones. But reality has shown me to be completely correct and it doesn’t sound so crazy these days, because the evidence has been quite apparent. The reason is that information has been decentralized and the state no longer can suppress the data from voters. For instance, my home district of Lakota schools has thrown many millions of dollars of payroll at teachers yet the performance of the students has gone down instead of up. Paying teachers more money has never been a direct contributor to the quality of the public-school system because the schools were never really about education. Past the fifth grade the emphasis of public education has been to fit children into some social demographic and process them into institutional controls, so test scores are not reflective of the reality because the goal was always assimilation, not education. When I said it, it scared people, but these days more people are ready to admit the mess that public education has become. Even though people didn’t want to admit it, when I said the things I did about public education the institutionalists wanted to believe it was all a conspiracy theory, but as it turned out, I was more than correct, even in the early days of speculation.

The controversy of Alex Jones going to Washington D.C. and all the trouble he brought with him is just another example. I thought Alex Jones was baiting Marco Rubio with the whole hand on the shoulder thing. There wasn’t much that Rubio could do to fight a guy like Jones, there was no way to win without being willing to slug it out with Jones. That is why Alex Jones has been taken down from all social media platforms, because the belief is from the institutionalists, for which Marco Rubio is certainly one of them, is that they make the world. Jones was a reminder that there were forces shaping the present world that were outside of those institutional limits, and that’s why Rubio went to the default defense of trying to pretend he didn’t know who Alex Jones was. It was Rubio’s way of saying that if the institutions don’t recognize you, that you have nothing the world wants; therefore, I don’t know you. But when Alex Jones called Rubio a bathhouse frat boy, there was an accuracy to that statement that cuts across all party politics, and ultimately points to the reason that Marco lost the primary election to Trump.

Information, wherever it comes from is not dirty or even crazy. I have found that even the most disjointed mind sometimes produces great intelligence even if the reality of possessing that knowledge does make them a little eccentric and off the wall. It takes a first-rate mind to take all that information in and to put it to good use, and those that can are wonderful problem solvers. Those who are afraid of that truth call information they don’t like conspiracies, as if to marginalizing it out of usefulness. But the evidence says that you can never give institutional knowledge a monopoly on results. Even if the information comes from someone who believes that a reptile species is controlling us all, or that ancient aliens once settled the planet, or that the Illuminati is asking for blood sacrifices in modern politics to skew election results in their favor, there are aspects in truth to everything, even the most outlandish story. But it takes a good mind to extract that value. And just because a majority of people do not possess such skills does not make the usefulness of those skills less valid. Only more so.

Rich Hoffman

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The Con Man Barack Obama: A party out of ideas, weapons and ethics–looking like the party of O.J. Simpson

You know how you can detect a loser, watch Barack Obama’s speech from Anaheim, California. There are some amazingly revelatory moments in it that tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming midterm election and how well Democrats will do. Especially at the beginning when he’s talking about his two trips to Disneyland when he was younger. He’s trying to copy Donald Trump’s shoot from the hip style of communication, but it comes out sounding like a criminal awaiting a life sentence in jail for tampering with the last election and he’s terrified that people are going to see through his con job. I’d go so far to say that Barack Obama looks a lot like OJ Simpson as the former football star tried to put on that glove trying to make it look too small. Sure, OJ got away with murder and most logical people feel the same way, but Obama is in that circumstance presently, that uncertain body posture of a man guilty of many things but hoping that he can pull off the con job one more time to stay out of jail.

I will have to say that I was in a particularly good mood while I was watching Obama. I had just received my new Harvey Deprimer which is a patented design of a tool I was using in my shop to prep shell casings for reloading on several different calibers. It was raining outside and I had about 2 hours of gun work to do at my work bench in my shop and I was enjoying doing it, so I watched Obama’s speech with a kind of Heaven-like disinterest. It didn’t anger me that I knew how much Obama was lying, and how he was trying to associate his administration with the suddenly good economy. “He didn’t build that,” literally, LOL. The moment that Donald Trump was elected the stock market took off, but not a day, or even an hour before. And with each new deregulation that the Trump administration unveiled the economy did better. With the tax cuts, the economy did better, and with each new trade deal worked out, more American jobs came back to the mainland, and all that happened because of a direct result of the Trump presidency. Obama literally had nothing to do with any of it, yet there he was in Anaheim, and other places suddenly trying to lay claim to the economy. Sure, I knew he was lying and it might of otherwise brought me to a great rage of anger, but hey, I had my Harvey Deprimer and I was prepping shell casings and all was right with the world. I even had a Mello Yello on my bench to sip on so I was in an unusually good situation. Not even Obama was going to ruin my day.

So without all that anger to fuel my opinions I was able to watch the former President, and soon to be convicted felon honestly, and the guy looked terrible. He looked guilty and uncomfortable. And instead of making the Democrats look better positioned to win any seats in the upcoming midterms they looked desperate. Apparently, Barack Obama is all they feel they have to challenge Trump, and that isn’t very good. That is like putting a caged deer with two broken legs into a gladiator arena with a 1000-pound lion that hasn’t had breakfast yet. On the campaign trail Trump is going to slaughter the deer, and the Democrats are in even more trouble than anybody has previously let on, even the conservative media outlets.

If the Democrats go younger they end up with people who are open socialists too rebellious to wear the donkey suit. That leaves the Democrats having to go old and what they end up with are a bunch of old cocaine addicts and hippie rejects trying to stuff their communist party memberships into their dirty underwear that their moms forgot to wash in the 60s, for which they are still wearing. They aren’t likable, and they sound phony. And even when they do manage to have a candidate that doesn’t come across as a lunatic their platform is one that has been soundly rejected in the last election and they have nothing to repackage any kind of message that people can believe in.

This issue really is noticeable in a local election near my home for the 52nd District of Ohio where George Lang has a challenger in Kathy Wyenandt for the Ohio House seat that George currently holds. Kathy isn’t a hole in her head liberal like the Obamanites, she’s more of the soccer mom, levy supporter type who gets into these kinds of things meaning well, but doesn’t have anything to fuel her intentions but to say, “I’m a mom, vote for me, because we all love moms right? So vote for me and my lightly colored blue sign that doesn’t show any patriotic reference to the American flag and I’m going to say, ‘people over politics’ is more important than anything. So vote for me.” While people might like her presentation, it comes across sounding like a cheerleader leading a cheer for a football team that is getting destroyed on the football field by the other team and it just comes out sounding foolish. And she is an example of the best of what the Democrats have these days. All across the country Democrats are turning to these mad moms and open socialists to save their party and that just isn’t going to fly. What does “people before politics” even mean? We’ve already had the wealth redistribution intentions of the political left on full display from the Obama years and it caused the Trump election. So what do Democrats want, more of that? Kathy Wyenandt’s campaign was over before she even signed her name announcing her run with that kind of attitude. Not that voters can take anything for granted, but if she represents the new face of the Democratic Party, then liberals need to put that Halloween mask back on the shelf at Wal-Mart, because it isn’t scaring anybody.

If Democrats had anybody they wouldn’t be putting Obama out there to speak, but they don’t. They are empty of ideas and likeable personalities. And if it wasn’t for a media that hasn’t figured out how dead they all really were philosophically based on real American sentiment; these modern Democrats would have been deceased long ago. Just because the media is beating the hell out of their dead carcasses with CPR saying “look, the blood is still pumping in their bodies,” we only have to point out the reality, “no, there are so many holes in their bodies that you have pushed all the blood out of them, there is nothing there. You’ve killed them.” And now all they have is a future felon to send on the road to bluff their way into hopefully a few victories. They have nothing to offer but Barack Obama, the Democrats version of the O.J. Simpson trial trying to put on the glove of the murderer and trying to make it look too small for his hands. But we all know he’s guilty and apparently by the look on his face, so does he.

Rich Hoffman

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The Funeral of John McCain: He was a lot of things, mostly a loser

It was a hot day and I was talking to some friends about all the other things we’d rather talk about than John McCain. As I said, I was trying to keep my manners and let the guy die in peace. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, especially his family, but the news just went on and on over the guy until on Friday, right before the Labor Day weekend of 2018 I was reminded by one of my friends of McCain’s famous fire on the U.S.S Forrestal which killed 134 sailors. Word has it that the reason the Zuni rocket was accidentally launched on the deck which caused the fire was because McCain was hot dogging his fighter jet with a “wet start” which triggered the electrical anomaly that caused all the trouble. I had been willing to give McCain the benefit of the doubt of all the wreckage and death caused that day but after hearing all the gibberish all week about what a great man he was it started to piss me off. John McCain wasn’t a great man in my book. He may have been a good husband and father later in life, but as a kid he was a young punk who would have gotten into a lot of trouble over that fire if his grandfather and father were not four-star admirals in the Navy. When my friends reminded me of these details it all slid into place for me the entirety of McCain’s life. McCain was a loser diminished with guilt over that fateful day that he never got over. Sure, his father had the incident covered up and came up with a good story about the reason the Zuni rocket launched in the first place igniting the deck of the aircraft carrier drenched with rocket fuel. McCain was a cocky young pilot who otherwise would have never been in a plane if not for his family connections and his fellow seaman resented him as a punky kid who couldn’t stop showing off in his airplanes trying desperately to make his own mark in the world from under his father’s shadow.

If you do just a little investigation and apply some logic to McCain’s circumstances, the fire broke out on the U.S.S. Forrestal on July 29th 1967. McCain had to carry the guilt of that incident with him and his role in it to a very embarrassing lecture from his father that if left unchecked could have ruined the McCain family name, so young John had to get back out to the military theater to prove to his father that he wasn’t just a stupid show-off kid. He quickly was reassigned to the U.S.S. Orinskany, which he volunteered for as that carrier was involved in Operation Rolling Thunder. But again, as observers would have it, McCain was not following orders properly and was flying his A-4E Skyhawk too low allowing him to be shot down by the communist North Vietnamese just four months after the embarrassing killer deck fire on the U.S.S. Forrestal on October 26th 1967. When Donald Trump much later would state that he “like people that weren’t captured” this is the kind of nonsense he was talking about. McCain had something to prove to his father for embarrassing him during his time on the U.S.S. Forrestal and he overdid it trying to be a big shot with a bombing run flying too low in the process which not only once again put himself and his very expensive plane at risk, but the entire Navy because John’s father had become commander of the entire Vietnamese theater shortly after his son was captured after the downing of the A-4E Skyhawk.

John McCain ran for president a couple of times and much of this has been exposed before. Donald Trump at that point was funding presidential candidates so he knew some of the inside stories on the kind of garbage that could be tossed back at McCain’s military record where John had wrecked three planes before the U.S.S. Forrestal incident. McCain was a mess and an embarrassing one at that and it had led him to putting the whole war at risk because his father was in charge of the entire Vietnamese Naval operation as a POW due to his own recklessness. In all honesty McCain should have never been near a plane after the U.S.S. Forrestal incident especially so soon. Just four months later, there was really no way to know who was at fault for what as the investigation was still in its infancy. But McCain was the son of a powerful father and grandfather and he needed to redeem himself. While many other pilots flew low on their bombing runs in Vietnam, they clearly were better pilots than John McCain. It could easily be argued that McCain got shot down because he was trying too hard to redeem himself for his past mistakes.

McCain was tortured and kept in a state of severe injury for many years. Starting in August of 1968 he was tortured every two hours until the Vietnamese had managed to get a confession out of him, which was even more embarrassing. All told McCain was a captive for five and a half years. McCain entered the war as a hot dog young kid trying to be his own man shining from under his father’s massive military shadow. He ended the war a shell of a man beaten and tortured, largely due to his own recklessness, and had been that son of an admiral who had been beaten to the point that he had given an embarrassing confession against the war effort. John McCain would have served America best by staying home and never enlisting, because the cost of his military service was extremely expensive and costly in human life.

Yet during his funeral proceedings over the Labor Day weekend of his death, all we heard about was all the sacrifices John McCain had made over his life and how wonderful he was. Hey, John McCain wasn’t that great. I held my nose to vote for him in 2008, but that was only because he was calling himself a Republican. He was embarrassing to me. I always thought of him as a phony, and Trump did to. He was in an even better position to feel that way as a donor than I was. John McCain should have never been on that bombing run with his history of mishaps because the risk of him being captured was just too great. He wasn’t a hero, he was an idiot.

Then to see the disgust of the type of old world people who were at his funeral belittling Donald Trump was just too much for me. The funeral of John McCain was not just the end of his life, but the end of the kind of government that people like me hate. And I don’t say that lightly. Watching George Bush pass notes to Michelle Obama during the ceremony and being lectured to by Obama himself with Meghan McCain was just too much. I get that she’s a grieving daughter who wants to see only the good things about her dad. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of us have to embrace that illusion as well. The problems of our times were on full display at that McCain funeral, of which Trump wasn’t invited. I don’t blame Donald Trump one bit for going to his golf resort to spend the weekend while these big government types embraced each other with the passing of John McCain. In their world competency is measured by sacrifice, so the more that is given up, the better the heroism. But in Trump’s world of performance, the same world that my friends and I were speaking to each other from, it’s what you do and create that matters.

McCain didn’t like Trump because his only redeeming quality in life for all the people he let down, especially in his early years was this notion of performance. John McCain himself was never interested in performance, otherwise he would have never been shot down, and been around so many accidents in his life due to his reckless nature. McCain was a walking disaster and he found among the advocates of big government friends who were just as incompetent as he was. Imagine those contemplations of political philosophy that Barack Obama talked about where the two men would discuss their political differences for hours in the Oval Office. One man a big socialist liberal the other a liberal pretending to be a conservative—both well to the left of center and believing themselves to be radical polar opposites of ideology. No, more died at that funeral than just John McCain and I’m glad for it. What was put to rest during those proceedings was that old notion that people are heroes just for enlisting in military service where you get awards just because your dad was a great man. In the world outside of that funeral a world where performance is the key to respect was re-emerging, and that is really what McCain didn’t like about Donald Trump. In McCain’s world, he could only be a respected hero if everyone closed their eyes and forgot what an idiot he was during his entire life, a person who was only well-intentioned because the guilt of his failures sucked away all that was alive and well within him. And because of people like John McCain conservative ideas and the government as a whole became much more liberal and dangerous. And now that he’s gone, its one less loser to have to overcome to fix everything the way it should be. McCain should have never been a POW. He should have never been on the U.S.S. Orinskan. He should have never run for president and he shouldn’t have ever been in the Senate for a late-night vote on Obamacare. John McCain was a loser who sought public service to hide his many faults behind the accepted incompetence of bureaucratic stewardship. It was there on Capitol Hill where he finally found that nobody would judge him for being an idiot, because the rest of them were just as stupid. Yet it was the alligators, the snakes, and the blood sucking mosquitos who largely populated John McCain’s funeral, the occupants of the swamp that we elected Donald Trump to drain. And with the death of John McCain, it’s just one less alligator that we have to skin and turn into a boot.

Rich Hoffman

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Ancient Advanced Civilization Discovered in South America: Breaking free of institutionalized control of information and discovering a whole new world

One of the really great things about deforestation is that the covers are being ripped off the earth and we are discovering things we should have always known, such as the very interesting finds discovered along the Amazon River. The same types of earth works, largely in the form of ditches now, have been discovered all along the Amazon River dating back to at least 6000 years BC, well before any previous thoughts about human civilization have been applied to the area. Generally, it is accepted that the Incan people rose out of somewhere, had an empire, and were conquered by the Spanish essentially and that all human history flowed out of those events. However, that simply was not the case. We are discovering, all over the world the same type of earth works that were essentially part of the culture at Stonehenge, which means that these cultures were interacting with one another somehow. It is highly unlikely that there was a natural predilection for all human beings to be driven toward the same compulsion to build the same kind of structures just a few thousand years out of the last Ice Age.

On my phone I have a picture for my background of the crystal skull from the British Museum. I get questioned about it all the time because at first glance it looks like I have a strange fascination with skulls, but that’s certainly not the case. That crystal skull at the British Museum is an item of fascination for me. It was one of the reasons that I traveled to that museum, just to see that small exhibit. It for me is one of those obscurities that doesn’t fit the assumptions made by institutional archaeology. In my hometown museum in at the Cincinnati Museum Center they have a display of what they call The Cincinnati Tablet which was found in a very large burial mound under what is now Fountain Square. Like the crystal skull, the tablet is far more advanced than what we assume nomadic cultures that were associated with Indian societies could have, or would have produced. I had a pretty good discussion with a member of management at the British Museum where they became pretty frustrated with me for even asking the question. They insisted that the skull was a fake because the methods for cutting the artifact out of a block of quartz wouldn’t be invented by Spain until the very recent past. So, there is no way it was buried for thousands of years in Central America. Of course, I think that guy is wrong and the general assumptions of the British Museum are inaccurate. History likely has followed more of a Vico Cycle than a liner evolution.

Within days of my visit to the British Museum I was at Stonehenge and at Old Sarum—even at the castle at Dover and I continued to be amazed at the earthworks which were in some cases being exhibited as works of the Normans and Romans who came before them. But obviously many of these vast structures of earth moving were already in place before the Romans arrived. Even in Canterbury the archaeology that had been conducted there before the heavily Catholic influence of the cathedrals arrived, ancient earthworks were a large part of the motivations of that very old city. My experiences in England put a whole new light on the earthworks of my home region of Ohio where the mound builders had been thought to have been derived from some Indian culture, but that clearly wasn’t the case. Institutionalized archaeologists may have wanted that to be the situation, but the evidence against those assumptions is just too obvious. We are learning that very large people were associated with the Ohio earthworks and that they likely came from the part of the world, and culture that built Stonehenge and Avebury. The tendency toward ritual landscapes and moving large amounts of earth for rather complex mathematical motivations are abundant in North America as they are in England.

One thing that England has going on in a very positive way is that they have vastly deregulated the field of archaeology. What they are doing with the English Heritage group is vastly unlocking their own past and letting the arrows of history point to regions all over the world coming from that very old part of the human continental development history. We are talking about a period of time when humans were building massive monuments in Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley. And it’s entirely possible that under the Persian Gulf,

Mediterranean Sea and the English Channel are the remains of vast civilizations long gone because they built their villages and cities right after the Ice Age where sea levels were many hundreds of feet lower completely changing the coastlines of ancient people. By the work these ancient people left behind they obviously knew the earth was round and they had no problem daring the oceans to travel to far away lands. They obviously new about North America, and now it is evident that they were communicating with South America and some people were even building empires of their own along the Amazon River well before any previous generation of scientists thought that people could rub sticks together to make a fire. I don’t think we are looking at a bunch of independent nomads doing the same thing by coincidence, but a complex global culture that was interacting and trading with one another well before any previous assumptions.

When it is asked why I write all these articles without being employed by some university or museum, the answer is that it is because of the age we currently live in. In politics things are being decentralized, the same is happening with information. My hope in writing these articles is to inspire more people in this time of “Wikileaks” where institutional control over scientific assumptions yield to wide-eyed wonder and we can really get to the bottom of our own history by examining the information wherever it takes us. With the advent of blogs, personal cell phones, and the internet in general the people who are most passionate about science don’t have to ride the rules and regulations of scientific institutions to make their own discovers. All they really have to do is look at the ground and report what they see instead of looking toward National Geographic to tell them what they see. And under that type of thinking we are now discovering that the Amazon River was producing cultures just as sophisticated as the earthwork builders of Stonehenge and the monuments of Egypt. They have just been covered for thousands of years by vegetation overgrowth of an unmanaged rain forest. The institutional gate keepers of course want to keep these things hidden by blaming deforestation on capitalism to keep smart minds from even asking the question as to why all those earthworks are even there in the Amazon. The institutionalists would rather not know, they’d rather keep us all looking to them for the answer as to why crystal skulls were made well before Spain invented a technique for making them, or there was trade between the continents before Europeans could build a boat to cross the Mediterranean, let alone the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans. Institutions want history to begin when they were formed and they hope to conceal any history before them like some second husband tries to pretend that his wife didn’t have lovers before he was even a consideration.

We are in the age of the Wiki–Wikileaks, Wikipedia, Wikiweapons—“Wiki” everything—we are in the age of open information exchanges that bypass the traditions of institutions and that is resulting in an explosion of archaeological understanding. And in that process, we are reexamining everything about our past, which is good. Its better to know than to not. Political assumptions in support of institutional control wants to dictate that the “Native Americans” were a nice docile group of communists living in peace with the earth until those mean Europeans arrived and wrecked their Utopia. But that’s not true, none of it was. Instead, people came and built cities from all over the world in places as remote as the Amazon River Valley and they were quite intelligent. Global trade is not a recent thing, but likely goes back to the last Ice Age—maybe before. And we are just now starting to see what has always been there, only we didn’t see it because we allowed institutions to define for us the world we lived in. For me, if you really want to understand science, the answers are in the Wiki movement. Not from the institutions of our traditions, but in the open asking of questions and the answers whatever they may be. And one of the most shocking of those answers is that there were an advanced people in South American thousands of years before we had previously thought, and that is a very exciting discovery.

Rich Hoffman

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The Liberty Township Killer, Michael Anthony Strouse: Most of the time, it is good to pass judgment

One thing’s for sure, Michael Anthony Strouse who was arrested for the murder of a 23-year-old West Chester girl looks like a loser. We don’t know much about the case as of this writing other than it took good police work to discover the body which led to the arrest near the intersection of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes. Of course, I have spoken at great length about what has happened at that particular intersection and the turmoil from many deceased persons is quite extensive. If you believe in ghosts, this is not the place for you, yet that is where the body was found, along a tree line at the back of a farm-house at the corner of that intersection across from the neighborhood of Hawthorne Hills.

This case hit home with me a bit for many reasons, not just because the body of a young person was found only a few miles from my home, but because I have a personal history with the farm the body was found on. In fact, all up and down Millikin Road are the older homes of members of the Hoffman family most of them long gone. That particular farm-house was the rowdy residence of some of my cousins who were very well-known several decades ago as some pretty crazy lunatics. That particular location has a reputation for bringing out the worst in unsavory characters. It might be that well before the British settled the area before and after the Revolutionary War that many Indian mounds from ancient cultures were built upon and destroyed by farms that the spirits of some pagan deities take over the mind of the weak and inspire them to evil. It’s hard to say. But what we can determine is that by just a look at Michael Strouse, who was servicing a year-long probation for exposing himself, that the guy should have been arrested just for looking like someone who might kill somebody.

Naturally, we just can’t go around arresting people, or killing them because they might be a menace, but this Strouse guy was living in Liberty Township, one of the best places on earth to live, but he was obviously showing signs of harming other people’s lives and his appearance projected those intentions like a lit-up billboard in Las Vegas. Strouse has quite a police record, mainly for drug use and possession. Looking at him it doesn’t take much imagination to conclude that he looks like the kind of loser who would kill someone, so it’s a shame that we couldn’t have acted on him sooner, before some family lost their daughter to this guy.

They say that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Well, “they” are usually idiots, most of the time you can. If a person looks like a derelict and they present themselves to the world the way that Strouse did, something bad is bound to happen around them, and our first defense is to judge that they are dangerous and should be avoided, or destroyed. Speaking of that area I did get involved with the confrontation of just such unsavory characters that led to the death of one person in a shoot out just a few hundred yards to the west of the location of the body in this Strouse case. It was a long time ago and under very unfortunate circumstances, but sometimes you have to do what has to be done. In that case it was friends of mine who had actually pulled the trigger ending the life of a young juvenile delinquent. Most everyone else survived, and even though it’s not fashionable to talk about the deceased because the people who are left behind are often emotionally affected, it is individual behavior which ultimately is to blame.

It doesn’t matter if its evil spirits from some ancient culture residing in the burial mounds of a region that has long destroyed them which whisper in the ears of the drunk and drug induced young people to kill themselves and others, it is ultimately those who fail to filter out the voices who are at fault. A place may have a past, but it is how people deal with the present that either fuel evil or repeal it. A guy like Michael Strouse was dangerous, he was on probation so that what we could assume was a caring family could watch over him. But you could tell just by looking at the guy that he was trouble. With a history of using drugs and exposing himself to women, what good could possibly come from the guy? It’s not like he was going to invent the next cure for cancer or find a way to colonize space. He was just an idiot who was proud to be a parasite on the human race and he advertised his disrespect for the human condition with every cell in his body. Judging people is a good thing and if there is anything to learn from this case it’s that we should judge others more, not less.

I’m sure this is all very shocking to the residence of Hawthorne Hills across the street from where the unidentifiable body of the victim was found but they had to know by just one look at the loser Michael Strouse that someone was going to be hurt sooner or later by the guy. As I said, I know the area well and could tell stories all day long before there was ever a Hawthorne Hills of the people who fought and died in that very region out of conflicts that arose for many reasons. Why there and not someplace else? Speculation can only do its work, but in my personal case its better if its people who are trying to bring harm to other people who end up laying in a field dead to life than some innocent person. It’s always sad because whoever ends up dead is always someone’s child who had all the potential for a good life straight out of the womb. But when they get up into their mid-twenties and they look and act like Michael Strouse did, it’s too late. Nothing good is going to come from a life like that and I’m sure the neighbors in Hawthorne Hills knew, they just didn’t want to get involved.

Evil must be confronted, and when a person presents themselves with an obvious embrace of such evil, they declare themselves a threat and it is up to our judgement to engage them. I’m sure we’ll find out the details of this tragic story and it will make us sick, but the crime happened because too many people were minding their own business, and were not willing to confront evil as it was on full display. That allowed this Michael Strouse to sneak in and out of the house undetected and put in danger young women who are not yet old enough to have their wits about them. And it is that very circumstance that allows the wrong kind of people to end up dead. History may say that by the nature of human activity somebody at the corner of Millikin Road and Maud Hughes will die for one reason or another, but we should all be more engaged with our surroundings so that we can ensure that it’s not the innocent who become victims. Sometimes the villains of our world make it easy for us, and Michael Strouse will dare us to pass judgment, but for the sake of the innocent we should do so much more often.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Ban Alex Jones: What Cody Wilson and Jesus Christ have in common

If you are like me the timing of the Alex Jones banning on YouTube and Facebook, along with other tech industry social media platforms was a bit odd. After all, he’s been very controversial for a long time. I enjoy Alex Jones. I don’t listen to every episode of his radio show but I’ll turn it on in the shop every now and then as background entertainment. I’m not into the conspiracy theories as much as I like the work he does to expose the pedophile culture and sex trafficking cases that nobody talks about, because it is a tremendous problem. I think Alex Jones does great work just for talking about these kinds of topics, such as the example below where a listener of his posted his show on their own YouTube account. I can’t promise that it will still be there when you read this, but it does show Alex Jones at his best I think. In a free market, Alex Jones certainly does his share of good, so why the sudden, “planned” aggression against him?

Well there are a couple of things going on, first the federal government is losing its case against the Trump administration. The whole thing is falling apart in front of their faces and the “state” is blaming the support of radio hosts like Alex Jones and Sean Hannity for keeping the Trump base alive and well. Sean Hannity is too squeaky clean to attack and he is employed by a fellow corporate media network, so they can only go so far with him. Their attempts to attach the #metoo movement to Sean Hannity haven’t worked because Sean doesn’t cheat on his wife and makes no otherwise flirtatious moves in that direction, so they really don’t know what to do with him. Bill O’Reilly is from a different generation and went down without swinging, but not Sean Hannity. Alex Jones however is much more anti-corporate, so he has few friends in the media. He has a lot of listeners, but not many corporate friends who want to take selfies with him on the golf course.

The other thing is that the Cody Wilson trials on his 3D printed gun concept have been winning at the federal level and it has the gun control advocates reeling. Cody Wilson has been featured on Alex Jones quite a lot and the belief by the mainstreamers is that they both feed the other, so that if one goes down they both will. The terrifying realization that has been exposed by Cody Wilson is that you don’t need a serial number to manufacture a firearm in the United States and you can’t change that now without some major intrusion on the Second Amendment. Cody Wilson as a promising law student figured out this little quandary and has made himself one of the most dangerous people in the world. And he didn’t do it by doing anything other than communicating knowledge. And Inforwars is one of the platforms that was cheering on his efforts. Once Wilson won a verdict in his favor and got the attention of President Trump—favorably, that is when the tech companies cut Alex Jones from their platforms. It happened within a few days actually. Obviously, there is great concern about what Cody Wilson has proposed and the gun control lobby wanted to lash out at someone, because they really couldn’t hit Cody Wilson the way they wanted. So they attacked the audience connection to the information.

Additionally, the kind of topics that Jones covers, like the pedophile rings, the massive sexual abuse that goes on, usually within liberal circles of power are important to discuss. Many people learned for the first time during the 2016 campaign that “spirit cooking” was something that mainstreamers were participating in, which goes back to many of the beliefs that Alister Crowley was advocating, popular use of drugs, sexual perversions, and the domination of the young sexually before their minds launch themselves into an orbit that collective society cannot reach. Their thinking on this matter is an old belief that collective society should stick together and worship the unseen with elements of sacrifice. Through sexual rituals and the actual blood sacrifices to the old gods of yesteryear, the pagan gods of Europe, the gods of Roma and Greece, of Egypt, of Asia, Africa, of the Vikings, that good things would happen for all.

Meanwhile science has shown us that the gods of old were idiots and that we don’t need to sacrifice anything to them—not even our personal liberty. That’s where people like Alex Jones and Cody Wilson become dangerous and a threat to the established order. Honestly the Jews killed Jesus for similar reasons, they had things all worked out with the Romans at the time and here comes Jesus out of the desert roaming around for years away from the controls of the big cities at the time and getting exposure to Buddhism from the east along the various silk roads. So Jesus comes back to Jerusalem and preaches a religion without a need for priests and aristocrats and they didn’t like it, so the Jews and the Romans got together and killed him hoping to show their control over a connection to God. It would take several more hundred years and many sacrifices of the new Christians to the lions in the Colosseum but eventually Roman would adopt Christianity to appease their restless civilization now being attacked from every direction as a way to unify their empire to withstand the threats, but they collapsed to the anarchists of their time, the barbarians from the north who swept in and sacked Rome and destroyed everything Rome had built over the last 500 years in a relatively short period of time leading that part of the world into The Dark Ages.

All Alex Jones has really been trying to stop is a similar progression from happening in the United States. Cody Wilson is doing the same, trying to get everyone to focus on the laws of individual liberty, because that is how nations survive as opposed to collective sacrifice and a retreat to blood-letting and superstition so that the powerful can hold power they’ve gained by what they think are powerful gods ruling over us all. They think these things because they are lazy and lean to the political left. What they don’t understand they fill in the blanks with their own imaginations leaving people who actually ask questions and follow logic a real threat to the existence of sacrificial cults.

The pedophilia culture is excessive and you can see it in most cultures where sports are involved or advanced institutions, such as the Catholic case that is now making the news rounds. People never call it that by name, but when sex with underage children, whether they are boys or girls is advocated in any way, it doesn’t take much to peel back the layers of pretty pictures to get to the ugly facts. It’s not just the Catholic church, but don’t forget Penn State, or the recent scandals surrounding NCAA basketball with Rick Pitino and the challenges of recruiting new athletes to their sports programs. There are a lot of bad, vile things going on, and those institutions didn’t want Alex Jones to be able to point those things out. But the final straw came out when Cody Wilson proposed that personal firearms could not be regulated by the state. It was in a similar way the same as Jesus stopping the vendors in the temple by overturning their kiosks. That’s when Jesus crossed the line and had to be killed, when he interrupted the selling of goods at the temple by the Pharisees.

To really look at things without the lenses of religion but using history as a map, Alex Jones is taking away the power of centralized authority by simply asking questions that the authority figures don’t want anybody to ask. And if they can’t get guns removed from society, they don’t stand a chance of surviving themselves. And that’s what they are really afraid of. What they don’t understand is that whether or not Alex Jones is on the radio, or whether or not Cody Wilson maintains his right to distribute gun blueprints so that weapons can be made in any garage, this movement away from mass sacrifice politically is ending. The beliefs of those people are ridiculously stupid and are collapsing. They have been collapsing for several thousand years now. And the more information people have about the world around them, the less patience they have for tyrants and perverted priests. And we are living in the information age. Trump is president, and it is only going to become more of all that in the years to come. Alex Jones is simply a vehicle for the information. He isn’t the information.

Rich Hoffman

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