The White Coat Summits: Advocates of mask mandates and 6 foot social distancing should be prosecuted for murder

I have come to really like Dr. Simone Gold and her White Coat Summits on the steps of the Supreme Court.  They had another one on Saturday October 17, 2020 which gave a more mainstream opinion from doctors all over the country about their understanding of Covid-19.  Of course, it was not a heavily covered story, especially with the Hunter Biden laptop story soaking up so much of the news cycle and a desperate media trying with everything in their power to make Joe Biden look relevant as a presidential candidate.  But it deserves to be known that Covid-19 as these doctors indicated was treatable from the beginning of what the World Health Organization termed, a “pandemic” designed to weaponize a coronavirus out of China to shape the political landscape in 2020 and they were willing to attack all our lives in the process costing our economy billions and billions of dollars.  Dr. Simone Gold and her team of doctors spoke well and on several topics resulting in one real opinion, that Covid-19 isn’t some scary, uncontrolled virus.  It was treatable from day one and continues to be a very manageable cold.  To fear it is to accept the politicization of it, and for the reasons of malice that were always intended as the result.

The level of censorship that we have seen regarding Covid-19 and the Hunter Biden laptop revelations has been stunning.  Nothing I haven’t pointed out before, but thinking something and knowing something are often different things.  Knowing now that our media is much closer to the state run outlets of China and North Korea has been sobering, and these members of the White Coat Summits have suffered for their professional participation, much the way dissident voices in communist countries are treated.  But even worse, all these doctors were trying to do was point out that Covid-19 was manageable and treatable.  And really up until President Trump came down with Covid and was able to quickly recover did people start officially questioning the way Dr. Fauci had advised the country on the virus from the beginning.   Its quite obvious Fauci, “Dr. Doom” himself, wanted the chaos of an unmanaged viral outbreak for political reasons and his partner, Bill Gates along with their ties to the World Health Organization have bet on using this virus to shut down vast portions of the global economy for some indefinite time period and they didn’t want to hear what Dr. Simone Gold had to say to the contrary.  And that was true of Google and Twitter too, they had invested in the eventual results of a government shutdown of the economy and were not shy about being under the bedsheets with China leading up to all this.  We have been witnessing another coup attempt during the Trump presidency, this time coming from the medical community where the “experts” were hand picked to drive the Covid-19 narrative and anybody who didn’t fall in line would be ostracized from society and find themselves unemployed which is exactly what happened to Dr. Gold and even Judy Mikovits who has a couple of the best selling books on the planet right now—but nobody would know.

Covid-19 was a scam from the beginning, a plandemic created by tech insurgents like Bill Gates to implement a world collapse of America into a change state under United Nations control.  They went all in on the effort and have been willing to destroy the lives of many people in the process.  As the doctors of the White Coat Summit have said, Covid-19 was treatable from the start.  Everyone knew what to do to stop the effects of the virus.  There was never any danger to our hospitals being over capacity and people didn’t need to die of the virus.  If they were treated early, people could have recovered much the way Chris Christie did, who recently caught Covid at a White House event, had to spend some time on an ICU because he’s terribly out of shape, but he recovered because he had access to medicine.  The advocates of Covid-19 were willing to deny help and medicine to people to drive the media message of a pandemic so that they could wrestle away political control of America and give it to global enforcers.  And to be honest, they should be prosecuted for murder in many ways, including Dr. Fauci who intentionally startled President Trump into playing along for a while.

When I call the governor of my state, Dummy DeWine I do so because he should have known better what was going on.  Instead he got caught playing out of the playbook of Amy Acton, his Health Director at the time who was obviously in sync with Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates into the end result.  DeWine got caught playing a kid’s game of keep away in regard to the virus setting up all kinds of unconstitutional orders for people to follow like 6 foot social distancing, stay at home orders, and mandates to wear a mask in public, which the doctors explained does nothing to stop Covid-19.  Nothing at all.  In fact, it likely exacerbates the situation and makes Covid-19 much worse and to spread much faster.  DeWine was one of the first of the nation’s governors to be suckered into the scam that became Covid-19 and he’ll never live it down.  Many governors followed him, which then gave the excuse to several blue state governors to lock down their states perpetually, such as Michigan.  It has only been recently that the courts are starting to catch up to these debacles, but the damage by now has long been done.  But it is sad to learn that all this damage was avoidable, and that every Covid-19 patient could have been treated.  It was our government reaction to it that cost so much in death and finances.  Yet, as is clear now, Covid-19 was an act of terrorism from the Bill Gates types out there, the billionaires who seek power through panic and enjoy with grim satisfaction watching people run to a slaughter house of their design.

What Bill Gates did with the help of Dr. Fauci was crack the whip of what they see as a cattle herd to keep everyone headed in the direction of their design, they wanted to use fear to accomplish the task.  If a person here or there stepped out of the herd, the threat of violence and worse came their way the way a cowboy will frighten a loose animal into getting back in line.  But the truth was that the message was you’ll be killed if you don’t get back in line for the slaughterhouse, which is where the herd is going.  And people will do it because they hope to live just a few minutes longer.  That is how many malicious people mostly in the medical community representing hostile governments around the world were able to get mass society to follow their stupid CDC guidance coming out of the World Health Organization which Bill Gates had a tremendous amount of influence.  Its not just that Covid-19 was always treatable, its that bad actors within America tried to use that fear of the virus to gain power, so they deliberately denied treatment to people who needed it, by hiding that treatment from the public to incite panic and great economic loss.  What they did was terrorism, and only now are people beginning to see it for what it was.  And thankfully from these doctors of the White Coat Summits, we have the proof. 

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Joe Biden Has Already Lost: The speech in Detroit shows it

The Joe Biden drive-in speech in Detroit which occurred over the weekend was very telling.  His team spent some time trying to make it nostalgic, to reach into the past car culture and the heyday of Americana as if to remind people that by voting for him they could return to the country they know in love.  Yet he did this by wearing a mask displaying that mankind was a victim to a virus and wasn’t smart enough to solve the problem to a pathetically small group of cars beeping horns out of a necessity to social distance to avoid spreading the virus from one person to another—a foolish yielding to the CDC guidelines which by now should be questioned by everyone due to its lack of effectiveness, or necessity.  But people put some time into the event for a speech that was only around 20 minutes of essentially complaining about President Trump.  Yet the complaints were all old news and speculation far more flimsy than the news that has been coming out regarding his son’s laptop showing influence peddling over Biden’s years in high office.  The most telling bit of the speech was in the more subtle elements, which is usually where the real story on these kinds of things resides.  What I saw in those subtilties was a loser who has clearly lost this election and was representing a political party clinging to life that somehow their friends in the media would pull out a win for them, as they promised.  Biden was an old man and the speech showed it.  He spent much of it yelling trying to show he had some energy like Trump, but it came across as scared, and desperate.

Meanwhile over the same period over the weekend Trump did five rallies, two in Florida, another in Georgia, then he went to Michigan before concluding in Wisconsin late Saturday night.  Each rally was over an hour long to packed venues of many thousands of people at airport hangers.  There will be time later to prove that the whole Covid-19 methodology was 100% political by making essentially a common cold into a political weapon meant to destroy the Trump presidency.  But for those in the know, the attempt to keep the President on the sideline during the month of October yielding to the virus as planned did not work.  Trump even had the added benefit of coming down with Covid-19 and got over it during a previous weekend.  The 50 or so White House staff who also came down with it were by now returning to work unmolested by the effects and the President’s team was back at campaigning viciously.  The Biden people had obviously been planning the Detroit speech for a while and had been hoping to compete with the President, but what came to be was far short as an effort and they knew it.   The gamble had not worked.  Covid-19 hadn’t stopped Trump or his supporters and now it was obvious, Joe Biden just didn’t have what it took to run for president.

Up to this point going all the way back to the predictable way that Democrat rivals dropped out of the race to make way for Joe after the South Carolina Primary results as a way to circle the wagons for a presidential run, the plan was to ride the effects of the virus, with Democrat activists like Dr. Fauci shaping the CDC guidelines to suit the purpose of political theater so that Biden could have a shot at standing just long enough, and speaking just enough to win if the media did the rest of the job.  But President Trump had to be sidelined with the same campaign strategies, or it never would have worked and everyone knew it.  A little behind the scenes look at Biden’s Detroit rally showed the story clearly, there weren’t many people there and the teleprompters were insanely large in order to give the effect that the former VP was speaking off-the-cuff, like Trump.  It was supposed to be their answer to the President’s vast energy and resolve, which came up embarrassingly short. And Biden knew it as he spoke.  Notice that his wife wasn’t anywhere to be seen at the Detroit event, which was obviously well planned.  The details of the Hunter Biden emails would have an embarrassing impact on anybody, with the crack pipe and pin cushion women that tend to hang around people like him like flies on shit—and they look like it.

If Joe Biden wasn’t so malicious and hadn’t threatened to beat up President Trump in the year’s past, we might feel sorry for him.  After all, the news we’ve been talking about has been bad, and its hard to get up in front of people and to speak when the point of everything has been to use the virus of Covid-19 as a shield to hide his incompetency.  Now he had to go out on the trail and talk and look lively which was never the plan.  The media was going to win this whole thing for him and here he still was getting beat 4 to 1 in weekend events by Trump who seemed to be everywhere all the time all hours of the day.  And his kids were helping the campaign with events of their own and they weren’t being photographed with skanks and crackpipes with financial ties to hostile foreign governments.  Then leading up to another debate this upcoming week there is promise that even more damning information is coming out from the Trump camp that will make the matter far worse for Biden.  Yeah, it was obviously tough for Biden to get through that speech.  He looked lost and out of energy clasping for each word as if it were going to be his last.  At this point the polling results haven’t caught the reality of the moment, even when they did everything they could to be as misleading in Biden’s direction as possible.  The evidence of his eventual defeat was clearly on his mind, and everyone else’s.

We might feel sorry for an old man like Joe Biden who has seen better days and was clearly outmatched for this presidential run.  But then we must remember to what extent he is part of a criminal enterprise who has sold away his influence for years and put our country in many compromising situations as a result.  Joe Biden might be a broken up old man, but more than that, he is paying hell now for many crimes he has committed in the past—and he has all this coming and more.  Of course, everyone has tried to help him who benefits from the vast amount of corruption that we have come to accept out of Washington, until we elected President Trump the first time. And they want a return to those glory days, such as the theme of the car culture in Detroit which the Biden people tried to emulate.  But the evidence of a Trump victory is coming through loud and clear.  Nobody is working harder than Trump, and what is clear is that even with all his work, the people of America are doing a lot of work on their own to show their support in what has become a beautiful symphony of patriotism.  And that is something Joe Biden knew he was missing in that well-planned, but weak event which tells the whole story of 2020 politics amid the made-up Covid-19 crises.

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Don’t Be Scared: The action you can take against massive corruption

I wouldn’t be so animated to say you should be scared dear reader.  You know my policy is not to be afraid of anything and to often throw caution to the wind for fame, fortune, and vengeful satisfaction.  There’s no room for fear in those values, however, I would say that action is needed and reality demands understanding in regard to this tip of the ice berg that has shown itself as the Deep State clutches into Joe Biden that we are discovering through the revelations of his son Hunter’s lap top.  We’ve talked about it here for years, but Joe isn’t alone.  There are likely many members of the senate who do the same kind of thing on both the Republican and Democrat sides.  But the truth is, now that we know, there simply is no way that Joe Biden can be president, and in other years where the media wasn’t so corrupt, this story would have sunk him.  But astonishingly, in the two townhalls that took place by the Disney owned ABC and the Comcast owned NBC this issue wasn’t brought up at all even though it is the most relevant and jaw dropping story in the world.  And immediately Facebook and Twitter were found to be editing the contents of the story to drive a narrative far from the truth, but only in the direction of their future investments—globalism or bust!

Even worse, it was President Trump’s friend, Rudy Giuliani who came across Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop and started to float around the contents right before the election.  Now think about it, all these people have been coming after Trump with everything imaginable since before he won the election in 2016.  The only language those types of people understand is force, so Giuliani has released this damning information just a few weeks before the 2020 election and that’s just the kind of hard ball you have to play with these guys.  We didn’t elect Trump to go to Washington and play nice with Mitch, or Nancy, we sent him there as a free man to pull the plug on the corruption we knew was there and now we see it plain and clear in the Biden laptop.  And yes, its bad.  Poppa Joe received kickbacks from influence peddling sent through his children, and he’s done this for a long time.  If anybody uses the impeachment attempt by the House of Representatives against President Trump over the Ukrainian phone call what they accused the President of doing is minor league stuff in comparison.  But even worse, the Biden family was guilty of doing all the things they were trying to put on Trump.  Just as our own intelligence departments were trying to say that Rudy Giuliani was getting fake, misleading information from Russia to harm Hunter Biden.  Yet it was the Democrats, specifically Hillary Clinton who invented the Russian story with full knowledge of the White House at the time when Joe Biden was the VP who was doing the dirty deeds.  What has been astonishing was to the level that up and down the media chains how willing people were conducive to playing along to keep the system alive.

Now think of it, how the Tech media was willing to ban people from Twitter and Facebook over any reference to using hydroxychloroquine to fight Covid-19 because they were obviously in on that scam as well, in using the coronavirus to create a change state around the world toward United Nations political needs, such as global warming, an open border society, and a reset of the economic global platform.  They didn’t care if hydroxy worked, they wanted people sick so they could use the statistics to harm Trump’s chances at re-election. But many thought that nobody in their right mind would be so malicious.  After all, Facebook allowed them to exchange pictures with their families, they couldn’t be all bad.  That is until a real bomb of a story hit quickly with this Hunter Biden thing and the tech giants had to act quickly exposing to the world their ability and intentions to censor meaningful content that went against their intended media platform.  Yet, that turned out to be precisely true.  Obviously once we come through all this mess we will have to take action, we can’t allow trust in a free media to be so malicious and intentionally terrorist in their aim.

But there’s more coming, the crack smoking, the buy offs, the crazy women and sex scandals are just the surface stuff.  In some ways I am willing to give the Durham Report and Bill Barr a little slack on what they’ve discovered.  They have a lot of people who want to kill them now and that can have an impact on those who aren’t so tough.  Being smart after all isn’t enough in life, you also have to be willing to kill those who want to kill you, and Barr the Attorney General isn’t that kind of guy, and that is the game that is being played.  Both Giuliani and Trump have stood up to the mobsters of New York and know what its like.  You can’t play patty cake with these people, and we’ve allowed this animal to grow for many years, and its out of control.  Joe Biden was promised a free ride to the office, that the media outlets would carry his water because they were all set to preserve a system that enriched them all greatly.  And Facebook, Google and Twitter have placed their bets on globalism and are just as in bed with China as Hunter Biden was.  They are all of a like mind and are willing to destroy America to profit from the aftermath.  That is why they have been burning down our cities, enjoy that the NFL players won’t stand for the National Anthem, and that they support an end to the constitution because they have gone too far in life down the criminal road, their only path to redemption is a reset.  They see us and our representative, President Trump as a serious threat to their plans and they are ready for a fight.  So this has all been coming for a long time, and I’m glad of it.

Yet, it can be overwhelming how deep it all goes, and how fast they can act.  It can also be hard to look at just how evil so many people are.  Everyone who reads here knows that I love Disney as a company.  But its not for what they have been doing, its for what they were when Uncle Walt ran the company.   When I think of them I think of Liberty Square in Disney World, The Fort Wilderness Campground—an obvious nod to our frontier past, Tom Sawyer Island, the Hall of Presidents, Ayn Rand’s dedication at the Epcot Center—things like that.  But that’s not what the company is now.  These days they have moved the entire focus of the company not in preserving American ideas, but in yielding to China and their billion plus people—something they consider an “emerging market” the way corporate pin heads see the world.  And you’d get the same story at Google and Facebook.  Now you can see why Zuckerberg became a billionaire at age 21.  He’s no different than Hunter, a slut for money he didn’t earn, but was willing to sell away influence not through a powerful father, but through the information he extracted from people to sell to malicious participants.  And that is the fight we are in.  Its not time to be scared dear reader.  Rather, its time to do something about it, and you should thank God that at this point, all you need to do is vote.

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Vote For Trump To End Covid-19: Its the only way to stop the madness

I can think of hundreds of reasons to vote for President Trump to a second term.  But the one that most everyone should be able to agree on is that it’s the best way to bring Covid-19 to an end.  Several times this week Trump has stated that the most recent diabolical coronavirus out of China would be gone if he’s re-elected which should motivate everyone to action.  Coronavirus is 10% virus and 90% politics, and the enemies of Trump, and of us all understand that their window is closing fast.  Bill Gates can hear it in people’s voices, Governor Mike DeWine can see the fatigue on people, as both have tried to put the alarm bells out to remind people that Covid-19 is a killer and that people must socially distance and wear masks if they don’t want to DIE.  The media has gone full court press to remind people that Covid is still around, and of course there is Doctor Doom himself already trying to cancel Thanksgiving Day in fear of CORONAVIRUS outbreaks.  Trump has stated, and its within his power to do so, that once he wins the election, he will end the concern over Covid-19.  If you want to get back to a normal life, then vote for President Trump for that reason alone.  Because the other guy, the criminal Joe Biden will only make Covid-19 last forever, and every virus from now until the rest of our lives will be treated with the same level of panic.

Of course, Trump couldn’t declare an end to the pandemic now.  People who tend to be fearful would only be fed by a media like what we saw at the NBC Town Hall where Savannah Guthrie tried to make the whole event about mask wearing.  The media we currently have in America would have a meltdown that would work against Trump, so he must play along with it for just a little while longer.  But once the election is over, he’ll be free to remove the pandemic barrier and to reorganize the losers at the CDC who have caused all this trouble, in attempting to use policy designed by the Chinese as a military attack against American culture—which is precisely what Covid-19 is.  To answer the Guthrie question that assumes that the CDC must rule everything that happens, including the movements of President Trump the obvious answer is that who assumes the CDC has been right about Covid-19.  No one government organization can be allowed at any time to dictate culture in America.  They can put forth advice, but they don’t dictate policy.  The whole mask wearing issue has been a major mistake, intended or not but most of the media hungry for a god of government to worship has sought to make literal deities out of CDC officials, and for those benefactors—policy geeks that they are—they have enjoyed the attention for the first time in their lives as the Chinese smile at a plan well executed.

Sure, there are more cases lately and they are exploding in number.  That was all part of the plan as we neared the election.  As many know, I think it was a liberal terrorist who managed to get Covid-19 into the White House grounds and to spread it on chairs at the Amy Coney Barrett announcement where over 50 White House staff including the President look to have obtained the virus.  That same weekend Cam Newton the football player came down with it which I don’t think was an accident.  If you are a climate terrorist like the old Bill Ayers Weather Underground, getting Covid-19 to a targeted enemy or celebrity spokesman is a great way to capture the minds of the public when you need to most.  People in a panic rushed out to get tested and of course after half a year of building up testing capability now they were easy to get.  Of course, there have been record breaking case amounts in states suddenly.  That doesn’t make Covid-19 any more deadly, just that we can capture case counts better than we did in March.  But ultimately, it doesn’t mean anything.  The way to deal with Covid-19 is to get it and get over it.  Most people who come down with Covid-19 will view it as a mild cold which is where many of our colds come from, some strain of coronavirus.  This Covid-19 one may have been tampered with in a Chinese lab to be more contagious for purely political reasons, globally.  But its still just a cold.

Trump has had to play along with Covid-19 at first to make sure the stupid things that Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates was saying wasn’t correct, that millions of people were poised to die from the virus.  In the beginning even the leaders at the World Health Organization were saying the same kind of thing.  Now though as the very real cost of these dumb decisions has made it clear everyone is backing off those alarms stating that lockdowns are not the way to deal with the virus, and neither are masks.  That is because the bills are coming due and the finger pointing has started.  The intent behind Covid-19 from the beginning was to get rid of President Trump, to crush the great economy he unleashed—and nothing else.  Now with the election just a few weeks away and the damage well done, everyone is back tracking except for the media which is always the last to know and implement some global strategy.  The NBC Savannah Guthrie is one of those latte sippers I’m always talking about, a panic driven mound of flesh that is fearful about life moment to moment.  She’s perfect for a network news show that makes it’s living off the Don Henley song, “Dirty Laundry,” but she certainly isn’t leadership material for society at large.  She follows what others say even while those “others” are running in the other direction now that the election is near.


Trump is as eager as the rest of us in putting Covid behind us forever, and the methods that led to the massive mistakes that were made in dealing with it.  The President can now call himself one of the many thousands who have survived Covid-19 along with his wife and son.  Nobody in the White House who came down with it are dying, everyone is getting over it and getting back to work and that’s the solution to the future.  Trump is one election away from cancelling Covid-19, all we have to do to make the ridiculous coronavirus go away is to elect him.   I’ve been putting up with the stupidity of Covid all year knowing that we’d get to this point and I’m happy to finally be here.  Covid-19 was always political including all the activities that we’ve seen this week.  Do people actually get Covid-19, well of course they do.  But what has changed is the assumption that you will die of it, and once Trump broke that spell, the media culture along with the drivers of them panicked and tried to make it the story of the season even while the Biden emails became the next big focus, and really has been the atomic bomb that killed the Democrat Party.  Yes, that’s a past tense reference to a present condition, but it’s the way things are, and the way things are going to be.

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Where Polling Fails: How Trump rallies show voter engagement better than traditional measures

There are several things that must be understood regarding polling in 2020 and dividing hopeful illusion with the reality of changing ways we have to measure engagement.  The concern that President Trump is down in the polls as of this writing is to point to a specific problem in measuring engagement which has changed.  Not to mention that many of the media companies have not been reporting their “over and unders” on sampling statistics out of their own desire to shape election results, the truth of the matter is that most of the polling is sampling potential voters by quantities of 1000 or less.  The math on such an approach then figures that among a roughly similar demographic base over a mass population that those numbers will hold up.  Facebook and other social media also measure in such a way engagement through like buttons and their own carefully worded surveys.  The results of those polling attempts of course are why they have been clamping down on Trump engagement on their sites and starting to ban those they consider “influence leaders.”  A huge example of this has been Bill Mitchell on Twitter—banned for life essentially for being so right about Trump.  Yet for all their attempts at shaping the message in this election, the Trump administration this time, even more so than last time in 2016 has found a better way to measure engagement than anybody has yet discovered, and that is with these mass rallies that he has especially this week in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Engagement is one of the most difficult things to measure in any business.  Everyone has their little tricks, especially in marketing.  Facebook has built their entire business model on their ability to predict engagement based on the data they collect.  Google collects massive amounts of data on all of us so that they can predict engagement to better target ads to specific interested parties.  Every company in the world is looking for some way to unlock engagement in their employees.  Many turn to “Lean” techniques to inspire engagement with top management and the paid hourly worker organizationally.  Engagement is the key to any success in life and everyone wants to predict it in some fashion or another so they can measure and act on it.  Back in the days when the media was a few city newspapers and three primary networks which controlled pretty much what people could see and hear, polling in the way we do now, with a phone call to a likely voter was a fairly accurate way to measure voter engagement.  And most of Washington D.C.’s lobby culture is still using those methods to predict results in elections and legislative movement.  But times have changed, and people have more choice than they’ve ever had before, and those methods are no longer valid.  The measure of voter engagement has had to change in order to more accurately predict outcomes of anything.  Which is why the Trump rallies were always the target in the election. 

I don’t want to derail a legitimate argument with a slowly revealed conspiracy theory that will in time become a known fact.  But as of the present, people have been made fearful of Covid-19 as an exception to the common cold through lots of media fear and false measurement designed to inflate the samplings, just as the media has done with the Trump/Biden poll numbers.  Such as getting hit by a car equals a Covid-19 death.  Or a question worded as such, “will you vote for Joe Biden—yes or no, rather than are you better off today than you were in 2016.”  Words matter and can skew the results of what you are measuring to the effect that the sample size can be thrown off if the statistical swing is only less than 1000 measured.  Of course, if measurements were in the 10,000s or 50,000s like a lot of people assume would be the case, any slight statistical mistakes in the question variations would be smoothed out.  Such as the mortality numbers at the beginning of Covid-19 that were well over 1% when testing was still in its infancy.  But with more testing of course the case size increased but the mortality decreased to almost nothing.  If the measurement was to show that people are getting Covid, testing helped make the case.  But it didn’t show that people died of it.  The same forms of testing apply to elections as well.  Its all in what you are measuring and whether or not its relevant to the circumstances. 

Which of course brings us to the Trump rallies.  I would argue that they are more accurate than polling statistics because they are showing up in much larger quantities than the average polling samples.  There are 5000 to 10,000 people at these things waiting all day to see the President give the same speech over and over again.  What that shows us is that all those people are not only likely voters but committed voters—each one of them representing a vote for Trump.  Then if you do a little math, those participants represent a percentage of likely voters who would have liked to have gone to the rally but had other things to do.  So, they watch online, or engage in some other way.  Perhaps we give that number a multiplier by 10.  Then there are the people who support the president already but aren’t willing to stand in such a long line.  That could have a multiplier of up to 50.  And these are regional so very quickly you can have a view of how 100,000 to perhaps a million people will vote by the indication of a rally size.  Then you can observe that the rally sizes are equal no matter where Trump has them, whether its California or Florida.  That says a lot about the strength of his candidacy that the normal polling isn’t picking up because the physical observation is a better measurement of engagement than the math sample of telephone polling that ran the culture since the invention of the telephone. 

The plan from the beginning for Democrats was to use Covid-19 to attack the economy and force Trump to hide like Biden was, and to stay away from these massive rallies—essentially to hide the public engagement with the President in hopes that the message could be controlled by the media.  But obviously that isn’t working.  Since Trump did come down with Covid-19 and was able to recover and show everyone that coronavirus was not a death sentence, it has blown the entire Democrat strategy completely out of the water and they have no answer.  For a guy who was supposed to be on death’s door a few weeks ago and out of the presidential race, having Trump dancing to the YMCA song in front of 15,000 people isn’t going to allow Joe Biden to win.  The polling has not captured all this and is therefor unreliable.  Democrats and their partners in media had hoped that by measuring only the aspects of the election they controlled, that they could shape the outcome.  But as we can see from the Trump rallies, which is a new measurement in political engagement which will stand for many years to come, the measurement was false and so will be the results.  Its not that people can point to the polls and declare that they are all conspiracy and be delusional about the outcome.  Rather, the Trump rallies are a more appropriate measure of engagement which can then point to real results in elections.  With that in mind, Trump is headed for a very successful win on November 3rd.  Take nothing for granted.  But mark it on your calendar. 

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Obama Sucks, Literally: Joe Biden is a criminal, not a candidate

It was a long time ago, and so much has happened from back then until now.  When the reports from Larry Sinclair came out way back in 2007 that he had given Barack Obama oral sex at least two times, and other supposed male lovers of the future president suddenly were gunned down in their homes in Chicago, it was clear to pave the way for the first black president to beat a withered old man in John McCain and usher in a socialist state in America.  I had read the book Cocaine, Sex Lies & Murder by Sinclair and thought there was enough there to be cautious about regarding the personal character of Barack Obama.  But that was before this blog site was started by a few years, and before we learned to what extent Barack Obama was willing to break the law to acquire power for his Democrat Party.  Obviously, Barack Obama did not have a traditional marriage to his wife, he was an avid drug user and was sexually a bit wild, and the deeper we moved into the Obama years the more I learned to hate him because it was obvious we were being sold a phony.  And in hindsight we can see it clearly.  Well, I was reminded about all this while watching Dinesh D’Souza’s new movie Trump Card over the weekend where he interviewed Larry Sinclair and retold that old story.  And then it reminded me that Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden, now deceased, was the Attorney General who prosecuted Larry Sinclair shortly after the press conference revealing all these drugs induced sexual trysts by Obama.  At the time, all the pieces weren’t so obvious, but taking in the body of work between Obama and Biden, it is obvious how they operated.  They attacked Sinclair to shut him up so that any negative stories would be gone to help Obama win the presidency, and once they had power they continued to operate in that fashion all the way up to when they lost it, including covering Hillary’s lost emails and Biden using the Logan Act to destroy the life of General Flynn in an attempt to destroy President Trump.


The oral sex story isn’t just about Obama’s sexual proclivities but is about what his administration was willing to do to cover it up, and to what extent the media was willing to help.  It was one of the main things that reminded me about the forces against Trump while watching Trump Card.  Most of the rest of what the movie was about are topics well covered on this site.  But the movie was made for the masses which is good.  I always considered the Barack sex story a minor thing, what bothered me more was the connection to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground and Obama’s past with communism, and the type of things his mother was involved in.  He was never a squeaky-clean executive type.  So, when Trump showed an interest in running for president to clean up that terrible period of our lives, I was ready to jump all over it.  Trump wasn’t squeaky clean, to me he had been married too much.  But he didn’t do drugs and he was the least dirty politician I had seen in a long time, so yeah, the premise of the Trump Card is a variable that had not been calculated by all the mechanisms that Democrats and some Republicans used to control society and fill their pockets like organized crime mobsters, which is exactly what the Obama administration showed me they were all about.  They were willing to kill people who got in their way, like Seth Rich, and previously these lovers of Obama, and that’s how they roll, and still do.  That’s why the abuse by using the FBI to spy on the Trump campaign was never a stretch and now we have the proof of it, that Obama and Joe Biden knew about it and allowed it to happen to help Hillary bury her email scandal, which is coming out anyway right before the election.  Pretty amazing stuff.

As I’ve said before, it’s not just about politics.  I may be a Republican, but there simply isn’t any circumstance where the Biden people could win, and it would be acceptable.  With the level of criminal conduct, they have engaged in, just the issues mentioned here would be enough.  But the China, the Russian and Ukrainian money scandals would be enough to make Joe Biden disqualified for president.  He’s a criminal, not a candidate.  Then it becomes clearer however why they hate Trump so much, even some Republicans whom we know as RINOs.  Joe Biden must win so this global cabal can remain hidden.  Even from that Barack Obama sex scandal with gay lovers, imagine how much was buried behind the media before social media and 24-hour news cycles came along to peer under every rock the way they can today.  There are so many things to love about the Trump presidency, but the biggest has been in exposing how deep the Deep State really is, which has turned out to be bigger than even the wildest conspiracy theorist.  And you can feel that desperation by them almost like the O.J. Simpson case was where people knew the former football star was guilty, but the race card had been played and the jury acquitted.  This election has the same kind of feel to it, only people are the jury.  The threats of intimidation are meant to poison the jury pool.  But the Trump Card threatens to overthrow the entire balance of the corrupt swamp even bigger than what happened in 2016 and there is a panic forming on the left that perhaps all these crimes they have been engaged in may suddenly break loose.

The threats of intimidation are certainly there by the Biden supporters who insist that there will be some busted up heads if the left doesn’t take full control of the government. Trump however is a variable they never controlled and along the way, more and more people have joined the Trump movement.  I worked the campaign the last time and I can say this, there is a lot more love of Trump this time around than the last time.  I live in a pretty conservative area, granted.  But if you do the math all across the country adding all these new demographics to the mix and dividing them by the blue mayors across the country, Biden doesn’t come close to a win.  The mob that controls the media may want to wish they could control things, but they don’t, and they can’t kill everyone as Biden’s son likely had done with the Obama case back in 2007.  Dinesh D’Souza’s movie was just a reminder of these things, one that people should watch before voting.  Even fence sitters can see it clearly now.  Anybody who votes for Joe Biden and the Obama era that he emerged from is voting for a criminal, and a pervert.  Under any rules of morality, nobody could do it unless they were the devil themselves.  But to think back on it, with a younger Obama letting Larry Sinclair perform oral sex while doing drugs together, then Obama coming to Sinclair’s room the next day for more, we are reminded what the Obama years really meant with the acceleration of gay rights and building a nation of substance abusers instead of industrialists and patriots, we see clearly what the stakes are in this election.  There is no getting along with that other side, because the other side are criminals by the admission of their own conduct.

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Don’t Let Thugs and Lowlifes Steal your Trump Signs: Hurt feelings now are better than an ass-kicking later

A few weeks ago I noticed along my daily travel route that all the voluminous Trump signs that I could see along it were gone, overnight.  Additionally, my son-in-law reported to me that all the Trump signs I had given him were also stolen out of his yard during that same time period.  I went down to the Trump Victory Center in West Chester to get more and learned from them that the same thing had been happening all across the region.  Of course, they had just received in a new shipment from the Trump campaign and had plenty to replace what had been stolen, after all, this was war.  Luckily not yet with bullets, but with messaging.  This isn’t my first rodeo; I’ve been through this sign stealing endeavor before.  In fact, lots of times.  What it means is that the other side who steals the signs is losing, and they know it.  When Facebook, Twitter, or some local group of thugs are trying to steal the message of the other side, it means they believe that by taking away the message, that they can then control what other people think about.  The belief that political sentiment is so easily controlled shows an extreme naiveté in the process of elections, which we would think the smart people at Google and Facebook would know.  Yet there are enough local thugs who will pack up in a car in the middle of the night and hit the town trying to steal signs of the opposition so that they might think their side will gain an advantage.

Well, just saying, my reaction to all this is to express my fury properly by replacing all the signs stolen and going overboard in my own personal way.  The Trump flags at the end of my driveway are shown here and I like them quite a lot.  I’ve spent the past few weeks passing out hundreds and hundreds of signs to the people who want them, and making sure people could get all the Trump gear that they desired.  The result has been that for all the signs stolen in our area, many more were replaced just to show those stealing them that their efforts were wasted on trying to contain the message.  The way to beat these people is to suck up their time and make them chase their tails.  Good luck in going out and stealing all these replacement signs.  For every attack they make, we need to make a point to punch them back three to four times harder.  Even more than that if you can!  Message controlling is simply not allowed.  Personally, if I hadn’t seen the ugly side of this sign stealing up close, I probably wouldn’t have put out those big flags.  But for people who have been scared into keeping their opinions to themselves it is my intention to urge their emotions to speak their mind by seeing my flags as they drive by my home.  Now is not the time to be shy, we must fight this way so that we don’t have to fight with a more violent way in a few months.  So get some flags, let people know where you stand so that we can have a peaceful resolution to this election season.

Controlled messaging is an attempt to manipulate the outcome of an election and is far worse than anything Democrats tried to accuse the Russians of doing, or of Facebook trying to sell influence to assure their corporate backers that they can control messaging during elections.  My position has always been even when I’ve hated the other side politically is to let the messaging do the talking and see what happens when people vote.  If it doesn’t go your way, try next time.  But when people try to steal your signs, they are doing something far worse than just the theft, they are trying to steal away your opinions.  And that counts when you speak to friends or family who don’t quite understand what the hell is going on and you feel that little tugging in your mind to watch your mouth out of fears of insulting them.  That push to shut down your opinions is just as bad as stealing signs because that’s just another form of censorship—and thus, the political tides of our times.

I’m not against polling, I’ve talked to a lot of people this past week on polling and I generally believe the results mathematically.   But the media polls against Trump are just ridiculous, who in their right mind thinks that Joe Biden is leading nationally.  The samplings they present are usually Democrat and they try to sell it as a balanced proposal, when Republicans are dramatically under sampled.  It’s the same trick in stealing signs, it’s a fantasy that if they can control the messaging, they can control the election.  The pollsters working for these big media companies who have invested in the kind of globalism that the Democrats represent these days hope that by stealing the message, they can steal the election.  Buy lying on the polling or pretending that the other side doesn’t have a candidate if only all references to them are stolen or sabotaged only cheats the thieves.  Because the energy that created that candidate in the first place is still there.  And if you really want to crush them, you remind them that no matter what the efforts they put forth, that you are in control.  In the case of the Trump signs, you can really destroy your enemy by putting out two signs for every one that they steal from you.  And if they want to steal those, you put out four replacements the next time.  Or eight thereafter.  You never surrender to the intentions of the enemy.  What you do is quite the opposite.  Make them work until they have nothing left in the tank and then push them beyond that.  Don’t let them have their way.

Signs are fine, but for me, the Trump flags are nice and audacious, and they need to be.  This is the most important election so far in the life of America and we need to make our voices heard.  I would recommend putting signs in your yard, ordering flags for your house, or even putting them on your car for the next few weeks.  Don’t feel bad about it.  Don’t worry about hurting the feelings of the other side.  Do it now, so you don’t have to hurt them physically later.  Their feelings can recover.  Do it now for their own good.  I have spent the last few weeks carrying around a lot of signs to give out, but we could be more effective if everyone picked up their own. 

The response time would be faster.   I would recommend in Butler County visiting the Trump Victory Center in West Chester which is close to Jags and Skyline Chili.  In fact, its just a few doors down from Sushi Monk.  And the other good place to get signs is at the Republican office at Bridgewater Falls.  Its behind Party City facing highway 129.  The Trump campaign has been keeping their Victory Centers stocked.  The Republican Party has been printing their own at their expense.  There are similar options in every county across the country.  But remember, putting a sign in your yard or hanging from your car is much better than an armed insurrection.  I would advise you to put all your efforts into fighting this fight to avoid the meaner fight.  People’s feelings will recover, whereas the other options, they won’t.  So lets do what’s right for everyone now, and get that messaging out there, be proud of it, and lets let the system do its thing for the betterment of all.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Dummy DeWine’s Stupidity and Failure in Dealing with Covid-19: People are done with waiting for government to present solutions–hiding is not a strategy

Hey, listen Dummy DeWine.  You need to shut your mouth on the whole Covid-19 virus.  More and more people every week are getting sick of the government reaction to coronavirus.  There are few things worse in life than being lectured to by an idiot like DeWine did over the weekend as he reported what the “experts” have been saying about the spread of the disease among families  and friends gathering without social distancing or a mask.  The government decision to run from the virus now for most of a year is stupid and people have lost faith in the government’s ability to solve the problem.  Running from Covid-19 is an un-American approach to the whole problem, the contact tracing to avoid getting the virus and hiding for 14 days like some loser while the government figures it out is just not acceptable.  For myself, I thought Covid-19 was a massive attack by the Chinese on our culture with a human manipulated virus to increase its spread from the beginning and consider that the whole thing is 10% actual virus and 90% politics meant to trap Americans into undoing themselves to save China from the Trump presidency.  But after many months of this nonsense, other people, mainstreamers are catching on now too, and they are done with you Governor DeWine and politicians like you who have either been suckered with the virus because your stupid, or because you are in on the attack with the Chinese, which would not surprise me.

There are other articles that I have written and will write about China’s role in the Covid-19 lockdowns, which have been one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a human civilization do at any point in history on such a scale.  Its beyond dumb.  But this article is about the stupid proposal that government has had, including with Trump when he came down with Covid-19 along with 50+ staff members in the White House—which I would blame Democrats for spreading there.  There are too many coincidences to ignore the possibility. Its also no coincidence that Cam Newton came down with it essentially at the same time and the media was broadcasting each story like it was Orson Wells playing his War or the Worlds radio  trick on an unsuspecting audience where people actually thought the world was coming to an end.  People don’t want to hear that there is nothing we can do to combat coronavirus—they want to know that there are solutions and that government plans to solve the problem.  After most of a year of running and hiding from a ridiculous measurement of cases—without any plan to end the virus—people are beyond sick of what government has done to their society, and Mike DeWine has been one of the worst.

Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Andy Beshear from Kentucky are joining Dummy DeWine as being some of the absolute most tyrannical along the I-75 corridor.  For them the Covid-19 virus has been a power grab, and its not surprising that people are starting to think of a government overthrow just to shut these idiots up.  The attempt by Whitmer to make her problems Trump’s problems once the Supreme Court ruled against her is just stupidity on her part.  One of the ring leaders in the Wolverine Watchmen group obviously was a supporter of Antifa and thought of President Trump as a tyrant—so he was no fan.  Their plans to kidnap Whitmer are now well known, but what isn’t are the many others who hate her just as bad but at least have that extra gear in the back of their minds to say, “maybe I shouldn’t.”  After all there is still an election coming up and a chance to end all this without violence.  But any result that comes out of that election where Trump isn’t part of the story to get our economy back on track and stop the government action of running from the virus will lead to massive scaled violence that I don’t think anybody is prepared for—and not coming from the left. There are many people to the right politically of the Wolverine Watchman who just aren’t going to put up with a stupid out of control government that wants to deal with the coronavirus with further lockdowns, masks, and social distancing.  People are done with those methods, especially after the government after all this time failed to come up with any solutions in 2020.

Trump has had solutions and he has presented them, including accelerated vaccinations (which I’ll never take), hydroxychloroquine, and now the steroid Dexamethasone. Those are reasonable approaches to dealing with a virus that has not been well studied.  But waiting for a bunch of bureaucrats to revise their CDC recommendations to a combination of actions that will attack Covid-19 is not a proper option.  The CDC obviously has no idea what they are doing and pulled the whole mask thing out of their ass along with the theories of social distancing.  We know now that Covid-19 can spread through the air at much greater distances than 6 feet so why continue doing that stupid thing just because government’s safest measure is to control their liability in the future with more ridiculous, untested rules.  Government to assume that they can continue to require people to destroy their lives in order to take the pressure off government to solve the Covid problem is not sane.  Essentially, this is the real world folks, if the CDC hasn’t put their arms around this coronavirus thing by now, people will look elsewhere for solutions, which is what is happening and will continue to erode with each week to come.  America is not China.  People listened to the “experts” for a while, until it was obvious, they had no idea what they were doing. 

For Dummy DeWine to lecture anybody on his timid view of the world is beyond an insult.  He should be telling us what he is doing to kill the virus, not what we must do to empower it by running and hiding from it.  We’ve all seen many people get Covid-19 by now, including the President and his staff at the White House, and now they are all returning to work.  If Dexamethasone is the thing that restores order to our society, then let’s get moving with it.  We don’t have time to waste on a bunch of 9 to 5ers who work in the medical industry who expect us to wait on their slow asses to come up with a solution to Covid-19, while the rest of the world sits around waiting.  That is the dumbest thing in the world.  And it is beyond audacious to expect that people will behave and listen to a stupid governor at the expense of their own lives.  Government works on behalf of the people, not the other way around.  Government has failed to deliver results, so people are ignoring the government mandates and finding other ways to deal with the virus.  This communist approach of we are all in this together and we must do dumb things for the good of all people, like wearing masks, is not acceptable.  The days where these governors could rule as tyrants is over.  They may not realize it yet, but they have lost their audience, and life is moving on, with or without them.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump Unleashed: The Mega MAGA Rally in front of millions and millions of people that nobody will forget

In a lot of ways I have been waiting for the conversation that occurred between President Trump and Rush Limbaugh all of my life.  The two hours of live radio uninterrupted without any commercials was an extraordinary event and I couldn’t help but think during the whole thing that we are still the same society that killed Socrates for corrupting the youth.  Those are the forces that have been hard at work our entire lives, yet a few people sometimes emerge who can challenge the status quo with straight talk and commonsense.  Both men are now elderly, one is coming off what the world considered a death sentence in Covid-19, the other is coming out of treatment for advanced lung cancer.  And both have had very successful lives and were together like a couple of guys talking on the golf course in the way that people speak to each other when they know one another and have for a long time.  I liked President Trump a lot before hearing this spectacular broadcast, but after, I found he is a person I really like.  This event with Rush Limbaugh was better than any debate and was a very unique way to speak directly to roughly 40 million people all at the same time with the kind of intimacy of a couple of guys just having a chat about the state of the world, the way many of us do among our confidants.  You can hear that broadcast here:

As many know, I have done my fair share of talk radio, and I always liked it.  My work there has sort of migrated into my work here.  There is more freedom in writing these articles because there are fewer people to get in the way of getting whatever message I want to get out, out.  But I will say, you have to be pretty smart to host a talk show on radio, with no visual cues to drive the time, and only your voice to make the show interesting enough to compete with the millions of other things that people might otherwise do with their time.  I was able to do it because I have read a lot over a lifetime.  Having a lot of things floating around in your brain is crucial to keeping up a conversation that is interesting to a listener who is depending completely on you to entertain them.  Many find it a daunting task.  I would say that it takes an excessively intelligent person to host a radio show speaking from personal experience, and after listening to President Trump and Rush Limbaugh speak for a solid 2 hours on a Friday afternoon, it was clear that these two were giants of intellect who had so much on their mind that they could have spoken like that for days.  I doubt there are many politicians anywhere who could have done the show President Trump did with Limbaugh.

They covered just about everything that a person could think of very fluidly and without a lot of pauses for thought.  Trump was just unleashed with the kind of topics that no newspaper or television interview has time to flush out and Limbaugh was an expert in setting up the table of discussion to seamlessly unleash Trump from topic to topic.  It was a live event that came out as fluidly as a well edited book on tape kind of recording that was simply the result of a very active President of the United States speaking with a top level professional radio talent who has been doing this kind of thing for many decades.  Without question most everyone in the media was listening, yet they hardly acknowledged it afterwards because the content was just leap years away from anything any of them could have done.  My take was that I felt very close to Trump, I understood that guy even better, and it was quite clear why he has such resonance with his supporters and defined quite clearly why he is such a threat to the shackles of institutionalism.  Here too was a guy who had spent his life being at the top of his game in communication.  He will be remembered for a lot of things, but what few have really credited him with presently, which time will come to understand, he is the best communications president in American history and he has backed it all up with great honor and valor.   He was able to put himself out on the table for all to see without coming across as a phony person who just wants to win an election to continue to have power.  But rather, he’s a guy who really does love the idea of America and wants to do all he can to leave it in the best shape possible while it’s in his power to do so.

What became clear during the interview was how the forces who intend his destruction want it that way for all the malicious reasons that history has reported voluminously.  Yet Trump said it best when he properly identified the real fight before us, in how Republicans just aren’t built to play the killer game, which is the game that Democrats are playing, and they are playing for keeps.  That after all is why Rush Limbaugh has been so successful over the years, and that is precisely why Trump was elected president in the first place.  If he hadn’t been, or if Rush hadn’t lasted as long as he has, there is a lot that is happening now that would have never seen the light of day, such as the massive corruption between the previous White House and the Justice Department being revealed.  The criminal conduct of the FBI.  How corrupt and anti-American the media really is.  The corruption runs deep, and with Trump we have been able to pull back the curtain of the Wizard of Oz so to speak.  Yet what we found there was not a shy old man trying to fluff up his feathers to look more important than he really was, but a vile and malicious monster from the nightmares of H.P Lovecraft.

The brilliance of the event can’t be overstated, while the media has been trying to stuff the Trump message of freedom for all into 30 second soundbites and 6 minute interviews with a barrage of print media who hates him for all the reasons they hate themselves with self-loathing despondency in the way that young girls hate a mirror after they’ve spoiled their diet and eaten too many doughnuts before a big date, Trump stepped over them all and took his very deep thoughts about things straight to the people who wanted to hear those thoughts, and it was just brilliant.  It was revolutionary actually.  I have thought for a long time that it has been talk radio which has kept America alive.  Even though the political left of communism and socialism has sought to take over Hollywood and the media in general, the difficulty in speaking thoughts alone and to an audience has its own way of fleshing out the good from the bad.   Democrats don’t do very well on talk radio for that very reason.  But a person with great thoughts and a lot to say does, and this format of communicating was just the right thing.  It was unique for sure, and likely will be quite impactful for many elections to come.

MEGA MAGA! The Largest Radio Rally in History

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The Criminal Class: Biden has to win otherwise most of the Democrats could and should go to jail

Its probably been a bit obvious lately that I have taken a little break from the heavy stuff.  There was a point in the 2016 campaign where I quit all together writing these articles, because I felt that the election of Donald Trump would solve most everything and that I could do something else.  However, for years, we have explored at this site some of the deepest of the deep state concerns and moved into the weeds where the mosquitoes and other irritants reside most notably and as we discovered the Deep State was even deeper than most anybody was willing to admit.  Certainly, Donald Trump was surprised and since his inauguration day we have certainly witnessed the worst that any government of mankind is capable of.  I have often referred to it as the greatest crime, political or white collar that has ever taken place, the coup of an American president using the taxpayer funded sources to perform the task.  I think I was one of the very first people to point to the Obama White House as knowing the full details early on and in using the FBI through the Justice Department to commit unbelievable crimes against us all, by attempting to destroy an elected president right in front of our faces.  And lately, all that ugliness has been confirmed, all the things I have said about Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Covid-19 has been grotesquely correct and there is a part of me that really wanted to be wrong.  So, to relieve my thoughts, I lighten things up from time to time and think about the kind of things I enjoy thinking about.  Not the gross reality of being often too awake and seeing too much.

Its not surprising to me at all that the whole point of this 2020 election is that Joe Biden played his part in the corruption by using the Logan Act to destroy the life of General Flynn, in an attempt to destroy the Trump presidency psychologically.  The only crime Flynn was guilty of was in knowing Trump and liking him.  I’m proud of Trump declassifying all the Hillary Clinton documents that implicate just about every high-level official in Washington with massive conspiracy while he was staying at Walter Reed.  My wife cried that Trump was flying off to the hospital to be treated with Covid-19, she thought this was it for him, that he would never be back, as many Americans apparently thought as well.  But not me.  I have known since the spring that Trump would do something like this.  I’m sure he didn’t plan to get Covid on purpose, but he was going to use an opportunity in October to unleash hell on Joe Biden and all those who have attempted to use the Russian Hoax to delegitimize his first term in office.  After all, all he did wrong was win the election.  The Deep State wanted to control him because they wanted to rule and had set the stage for many years to do so.

Ironically I knew all this because I read a Bill Moyers book years ago called a World of Ideas, which taught me a lot about how the progressive mind thinks and what they intended to do in the years to come.  I remember watching a movie I still love called Koyaanisqatsi, an indie film that I’ve seen maybe a thousand times set to Phillip Glass music which essentially shows nature being raided by mankind only to have mankind crash and burn back to earth in a space launch that literally blew up in slow motion while fleeing to space.  It’s a brilliant film with not one line of dialogue, but it has a lot to say.  The plan from the left is contained in that film and its sequels, Powaqqatsi and Naqoyqatsi.  I learned how the left thought and what they were willing to do to gain power.  I’ve read several thousand books since those days and have gained a lot of perspective over that time so for me it was not hard to see what was happening even if its gross to look at.  The Deep State was built to usher in a new world of ideas and to decentralize elected offices like the Presidency to an almost governor status in the world under the care of the United Nations.  And how cruel were they willing to go, the political left was committed to our complete destruction, all a means to the end justifying the actions.

What this election comes down to is either we stop them with a vote or we have to stop them with lives lost in another bloody war.  I think people know that.  Joe Biden is a criminal, as is Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, most of the media for complicity, and the Democrats as a party because they know all this and have done it anyway.  They are all guilty as hell and aren’t even qualified to be in this election by all rules of proper conduct.   But people have a hard time accepting that reality because in their minds, which don’t often go to these Red Pill places, its just not in their definitions of existence.  Its like a family who knows that a highly powerful man has been sexually molesting the young girls, daughters and nieces for years, but maybe he makes a lot of money and the rest of the family wants to live off it. So they don’t want to know about the crimes, and they ignore them at every chance, even when the evidence is smashed right in their faces.  They ignore the evidence because they don’t have the capacity to see it.  Until its just so overwhelming they can’t avoid it.  That’s where we are in our country right now.  I’ve been saying it for a long time and now its time for the grand fortissimo that I’ve been talking about.

If Democrats thought they were winning, and if the media really believed their polling, they wouldn’t be behaving the way they are.  But you see, they are worried that another term of Trump will literally destroy them and their criminal empire which is that Deep State, built with tax payer money, and has been killing poor American soldiers for decades with false wars to keep the world looking over here where the real problems are over there—so the Deep State could make their money.  We have proof now that a Russian spy was working with the Clinton team under the watch of the FBI to destroy Trump.  Then all these years through the Mueller investigation with Comey knowing full well all about it, they lied about Trump and protected not only Clinton, but themselves.  They are as dirty as dirt is dirt. They can’t win this election legally, under any circumstances, and they know there is a wrath coming which is why their plan all along was to use Covid-19 to create voter fraud to give them a chance, or riots in the streets paid for with the same money that paid for the Russian Dossier.  Heck, Trump thought like most of the rest of us, that he was playing a clean game.  Now he knows, and so does everyone else.  I’m shaking my head and feeling a bit reminiscent.  Because the hell that will flow forward over the next few weeks will be Biblical.  And in the end, when the smoke clears, our flag will still be there, and so will President Trump.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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