Trump’s List is not for “Enemies,” but for Criminals: Put that loser Admiral William McRaven on it too

I listened with some level of astonishment to the various Sunday morning talk shows espouse that President Trump was putting together an “enemy list” to strip away their security clearance. They called it a very “Nixonian” thing to do as if to apply Trump’s name to the Republican Richard Nixon who had to resign from office after the Watergate scandal. The way they framed the argument was astonishing because they actually went to the Watergate example. Only the scandal for which many of the people on that modern list is far worse than Watergate. Donald Trump would be irresponsible if he didn’t have such a list and pull the security clearances of the radicals because they have all shown a real desire to overthrow the 2016 election and have been abusing their security clearances to leak to the media. So of course, those clearances should be revoked.

It really doesn’t matter how many generals, and armed forces veterans chose to take as stand against President Trump’s list of people who have been running their mouth in the media against the current administration and using their security clearances to undermine the authority of the new president, it’s highly likely that all of them are wrong anyway. Democratic opinion does not promise intelligence. Just because a bunch of people say something it does not lend merit to the goodness of it. There can be thousands of idiots and only one correct person, and that ratio does not rob correctness of its value.

President Trump is managing a section of American history that is unprecedented, and the corruption we are dealing with is enormous. The role that the FBI, IRS, DOJ, DNC and the Obama White House played in this scandal that is much larger than Watergate is ominous. Trump’s list is a reaction to that situation, not the cause. Trump is not putting together a list of people who are against him politically and putting a hit on them to knock them from power. He is putting together a list of people who have broken the law and contributed to massive corruption at the federal level. It just so happens that President Trump has been the target of their wrath. But the list Trump has put together isn’t out of revenge, its out of prevention. The cover-up isn’t Nixon trying to hide recordings of the Democrats in the Watergate hotel. The Republicans haven’t done anything to contribute to this current dilemma except win an election. There is no aggression that Trump has conducted that any reasonable person in his position would undergo. The crimes are obvious, and the culprits are on that list.

This new form of defense is baffling, it proposes from the Democrats that they should be allowed to break the law and tamper with American elections because to call them out on it is considered a political hit? The people on Trump’s list are all people who have abused their authority and clearance and shown that they will never be reliable to be called upon to help with future administrations with security questions. They have all removed themselves from any trusted advisor role just in the way they have behaved. But the cause of that behavior is what is so alarming, why they have decided to attack President Trump the way they have, to hide their own guilt on the issue.

We have witnessed the greatest scandal in American politics over the last several years and now that an outsider as entered the White House from a Beltway perspective there is a lot of danger of many people being caught in it. So to defend themselves they have gone on the attack against Trump, not much different from how Nixon attacked everyone investigating him. Only it’s the Democrats who had been in power who are being caught, So they have been mouthing off against Trump to keep the president on his heels and hope that through attack they might get away with all they’ve done. But Trump hasn’t followed the typical Republican protocol of throwing down their weapons at the first sign of criticism and now nobody knows what to do.

Even Admiral William McRaven has been very critical of Trump’s list and has asked to be put on it. He considers Trump’s list a “threat to democracy.” Well, McRaven, we don’t have a democracy, (for the millionth time) we have a republic, a bunch of drooling despots espousing lunacy don’t decide the fate of our country through emotional tantrums. McRaven you might recall was at the planning of the Bin Laden killing which doesn’t impress me. I’m not crazy about how any of that occurred, or Hillary’s reaction to it—“we came, we saw, he died.” I think they always knew where Bin Laden was and they waited under the Obama administration to raid him at just the right time. And even after the raid was done there was no body to prove that the killing had taken place. For all we know many other things occurred. At this point I don’t know that we can trust anybody who was involved in that raid. I think the Seal members saw what they saw, but the people planning the whole operation are sketchy at best, so what they say then and now doesn’t impress me. I could care less what Admiral McRaven says. Pull his security clearance too because his behavior is suspicious. When he shows us where he dumped Bin Laden’s body, then maybe he’ll earn some street cred. But I’m still waiting. My question remains, why did it take so long to learn that the most wanted terrorist in the entire world was sitting around in Pakistan watching pornography in plain sight. I don’t believe anything anybody working in the Obama White House has to say. I think they are all potentially guilty and need to be investigated. McRaven’s opinion does not impress me.

So why not have a list and use it to stop the greatest case of corruption in America’s young history? Should Trump just ignore the facts because it might look political? Of course not. Trump owes it to himself and those who voted for him to pull the weeds out of the garden. Obviously, the Democrats have been using these old Obama administration holdovers to attempt to destroy Trump’s White House and send chaos into the next election cycle for which they might gain an advantage. Trump needs to stick to his deadlines of September 1st 2018 of wiping clean all these investigations so they don’t interrupt the next election. Democrats are trying to run out the clock and hope they can gain enough house seats to at least mount an argument for removal from office, it’s really their only hope for an argument. So why should Trump give it to them, especially when they are all so guilty of so many crimes? The answer is he shouldn’t. Trump doesn’t even owe those insurgents a guise of fairness, because the laws they have broken are so obviously corrupt. Yet Trump has given everyone the benefit of the doubt. And it’s not a political move to go after them now. It’s just the right thing to do. They, are the ones who created this bed, now they have to sleep in it.

Rich Hoffman
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Why Ban Alex Jones: What Cody Wilson and Jesus Christ have in common

If you are like me the timing of the Alex Jones banning on YouTube and Facebook, along with other tech industry social media platforms was a bit odd. After all, he’s been very controversial for a long time. I enjoy Alex Jones. I don’t listen to every episode of his radio show but I’ll turn it on in the shop every now and then as background entertainment. I’m not into the conspiracy theories as much as I like the work he does to expose the pedophile culture and sex trafficking cases that nobody talks about, because it is a tremendous problem. I think Alex Jones does great work just for talking about these kinds of topics, such as the example below where a listener of his posted his show on their own YouTube account. I can’t promise that it will still be there when you read this, but it does show Alex Jones at his best I think. In a free market, Alex Jones certainly does his share of good, so why the sudden, “planned” aggression against him?

Well there are a couple of things going on, first the federal government is losing its case against the Trump administration. The whole thing is falling apart in front of their faces and the “state” is blaming the support of radio hosts like Alex Jones and Sean Hannity for keeping the Trump base alive and well. Sean Hannity is too squeaky clean to attack and he is employed by a fellow corporate media network, so they can only go so far with him. Their attempts to attach the #metoo movement to Sean Hannity haven’t worked because Sean doesn’t cheat on his wife and makes no otherwise flirtatious moves in that direction, so they really don’t know what to do with him. Bill O’Reilly is from a different generation and went down without swinging, but not Sean Hannity. Alex Jones however is much more anti-corporate, so he has few friends in the media. He has a lot of listeners, but not many corporate friends who want to take selfies with him on the golf course.

The other thing is that the Cody Wilson trials on his 3D printed gun concept have been winning at the federal level and it has the gun control advocates reeling. Cody Wilson has been featured on Alex Jones quite a lot and the belief by the mainstreamers is that they both feed the other, so that if one goes down they both will. The terrifying realization that has been exposed by Cody Wilson is that you don’t need a serial number to manufacture a firearm in the United States and you can’t change that now without some major intrusion on the Second Amendment. Cody Wilson as a promising law student figured out this little quandary and has made himself one of the most dangerous people in the world. And he didn’t do it by doing anything other than communicating knowledge. And Inforwars is one of the platforms that was cheering on his efforts. Once Wilson won a verdict in his favor and got the attention of President Trump—favorably, that is when the tech companies cut Alex Jones from their platforms. It happened within a few days actually. Obviously, there is great concern about what Cody Wilson has proposed and the gun control lobby wanted to lash out at someone, because they really couldn’t hit Cody Wilson the way they wanted. So they attacked the audience connection to the information.

Additionally, the kind of topics that Jones covers, like the pedophile rings, the massive sexual abuse that goes on, usually within liberal circles of power are important to discuss. Many people learned for the first time during the 2016 campaign that “spirit cooking” was something that mainstreamers were participating in, which goes back to many of the beliefs that Alister Crowley was advocating, popular use of drugs, sexual perversions, and the domination of the young sexually before their minds launch themselves into an orbit that collective society cannot reach. Their thinking on this matter is an old belief that collective society should stick together and worship the unseen with elements of sacrifice. Through sexual rituals and the actual blood sacrifices to the old gods of yesteryear, the pagan gods of Europe, the gods of Roma and Greece, of Egypt, of Asia, Africa, of the Vikings, that good things would happen for all.

Meanwhile science has shown us that the gods of old were idiots and that we don’t need to sacrifice anything to them—not even our personal liberty. That’s where people like Alex Jones and Cody Wilson become dangerous and a threat to the established order. Honestly the Jews killed Jesus for similar reasons, they had things all worked out with the Romans at the time and here comes Jesus out of the desert roaming around for years away from the controls of the big cities at the time and getting exposure to Buddhism from the east along the various silk roads. So Jesus comes back to Jerusalem and preaches a religion without a need for priests and aristocrats and they didn’t like it, so the Jews and the Romans got together and killed him hoping to show their control over a connection to God. It would take several more hundred years and many sacrifices of the new Christians to the lions in the Colosseum but eventually Roman would adopt Christianity to appease their restless civilization now being attacked from every direction as a way to unify their empire to withstand the threats, but they collapsed to the anarchists of their time, the barbarians from the north who swept in and sacked Rome and destroyed everything Rome had built over the last 500 years in a relatively short period of time leading that part of the world into The Dark Ages.

All Alex Jones has really been trying to stop is a similar progression from happening in the United States. Cody Wilson is doing the same, trying to get everyone to focus on the laws of individual liberty, because that is how nations survive as opposed to collective sacrifice and a retreat to blood-letting and superstition so that the powerful can hold power they’ve gained by what they think are powerful gods ruling over us all. They think these things because they are lazy and lean to the political left. What they don’t understand they fill in the blanks with their own imaginations leaving people who actually ask questions and follow logic a real threat to the existence of sacrificial cults.

The pedophilia culture is excessive and you can see it in most cultures where sports are involved or advanced institutions, such as the Catholic case that is now making the news rounds. People never call it that by name, but when sex with underage children, whether they are boys or girls is advocated in any way, it doesn’t take much to peel back the layers of pretty pictures to get to the ugly facts. It’s not just the Catholic church, but don’t forget Penn State, or the recent scandals surrounding NCAA basketball with Rick Pitino and the challenges of recruiting new athletes to their sports programs. There are a lot of bad, vile things going on, and those institutions didn’t want Alex Jones to be able to point those things out. But the final straw came out when Cody Wilson proposed that personal firearms could not be regulated by the state. It was in a similar way the same as Jesus stopping the vendors in the temple by overturning their kiosks. That’s when Jesus crossed the line and had to be killed, when he interrupted the selling of goods at the temple by the Pharisees.

To really look at things without the lenses of religion but using history as a map, Alex Jones is taking away the power of centralized authority by simply asking questions that the authority figures don’t want anybody to ask. And if they can’t get guns removed from society, they don’t stand a chance of surviving themselves. And that’s what they are really afraid of. What they don’t understand is that whether or not Alex Jones is on the radio, or whether or not Cody Wilson maintains his right to distribute gun blueprints so that weapons can be made in any garage, this movement away from mass sacrifice politically is ending. The beliefs of those people are ridiculously stupid and are collapsing. They have been collapsing for several thousand years now. And the more information people have about the world around them, the less patience they have for tyrants and perverted priests. And we are living in the information age. Trump is president, and it is only going to become more of all that in the years to come. Alex Jones is simply a vehicle for the information. He isn’t the information.

Rich Hoffman

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Take All Their Security Clearances: Can’t trust the government, can’t trust the media, but you can trust the gun

Let’s get something straight, John Brennan, Bruce Ohr, and many, many others are losing their security clearance not as some form of censorship to a media looking for the next leak coming from them, it’s because they can’t be trusted. We do not have a free press if they are all pulling for one political party and are working in conjunction with villains who want to destroy the concept of American independence. Trump is the head of the executive branch of government and he was elected to drain the swamp and by looking at the list of people he is considering revoking their security clearance especially those attached to the government case against him, every one of them would be justified. The media and their leakers are not part of any resistance that I want to be a part of. I voted for Trump to resist them and they should consider themselves lucky, because they wouldn’t have liked the alternative.

I had a very nice visit to the Premier Shooting range this past week with my son-in-law so that he could get a chance to shoot my Desert Eagle. The people working at Premier are always good to talk to and the general environment is very representative of the type of gun enthusiasts that are pretty common in the county that I live in, mostly conservative, mostly affluent, and extremely family friendly. Premier Shooting in West Chester is more of a country club for shooters where the traditional venue for that kind of thing is golf. They have a very nice lounge area with a fishing lake to go along with their various classroom settings and sales floor. But shooting is their business and the range was very busy on a Thursday in the middle of the day during my lunch hour. So busy in fact that there was only one lane open for us to shoot on.

The people attending are not a bunch of slack-jawed hippies or tattooed freaks. They were nice, clean-shaven affluent West Chester, Fairfield, and Liberty Township residents enjoying their firearms in what I think is the best range of its kind in southern Ohio. Everything is clean and well-lit, as well as safe. It’s the perfect venue for my .50 caliber Desert Eagle which always provokes a lot of discussion these days whenever I get it out. It’s hard to believe that I’ve only had the gun since May and by August I had already put 1000 rounds through it. But that was a bit of cause for celebration. Going there during my workday with people who I share my day with often is my way of managing stress, so I use the place often for that purpose and it doesn’t take long to go through 50 boxes of ammunition in a three-month period. My son-in-law and I went through two boxes in just twenty minutes so it doesn’t take long. The other people around us were in similar situations, shooting for them was part sport, part philosophy. It was the joining together of a lifestyle that mattered which made the whole Premier experience part of the magic.

We don’t go shooting thinking about killing anybody. I go, and I know that the other West Chester people who share those lanes with me often do the same to enjoy the ballistics of the craft, of a finely tuned gun dispensing a lead projectile toward a target at a distance appropriate to the effort. But always under the layers of endeavor is the reminder that the gun is key to the Second Amendment and that means private ownership and possible militia gathering should it become necessary. Having a gun on your hip or in your bag at the range is a distinct reminder that you are a free person in charge of your life. The government isn’t there to rule you, it’s there to manage affairs on our behalf and if they get out of control then we as people have the means to reel them back in to a properly managed society. Getting to know your firearms is part of the fun, but having them is part of a philosophy of independence that keeps the government from getting out of control.

Over several years of thinking about it now I realize that the NRA isn’t enough. I love them, they do good work, but just their very existence is a kind of appeasement toward the big government gun control lobby. I am of a mind that the government has no business in the regulation of firearms in any manner, because the purpose ultimately of them is to prevent the kind of corruption that we have witnessed as a direct result of the Trump presidency, where massive corruption has been revealed because he was in office to expose it. It was always there, but it was hidden from us by a corrupt media, and many corrupt officials. It has been stunning to learn just how many high-level intelligence officials are part of a culture within the Beltway that have involved relationships with the press. It reminds me of the kind of relationships that form at Premier where people of alike mind join to enjoy shooting, only the like-minded behavior of the advocates of more state control are joined for the opposite intentions.

We do not have a free press with the corporate media types. I am not one who dislikes corporations, but the big names in media have hired and evolved along the lines of big government state controls, likely because they all went to the same type of schools and learned the same values which have evolved on the coastal regions of America. But in the Midwest a different culture exists that does not like all that proposed state control. We put Donald Trump in charge to fix it hoping that things wouldn’t have to get messy. But if they do, that is the next alternative. Giving more power to people like John Brennan was never part of our plan. Not that we wish to be a bunch of crazy radicals, we really just want to be left alone to run our businesses and families. We don’t want the state to assume they are doing anything for our benefit. They aren’t smarter than we are and they are not qualified to herd us all into little groups, to steal our money through taxation and regulate us into everything being such a pain in the ass that running companies isn’t even worth it.

Security clearances are not a right. Brennan lost his because he had a big mouth and acted in ways that were not conducive to traditional American values. His friends within the intelligence community are no better off, they should all lose their access to any security information. It’s not Trump doing these things because he wants to be mean, he’s doing them because he’s fulfilling the objectives that people who like to shoot guns at Premier Shooting in West Chester, Ohio voted for him to do so that they wouldn’t have to take up guns against a corrupt government selling itself to the public through a corrupt media. We know the difference. But by listening to the reaction of people on the other side responding to John Brennan’s loss of clearance, I don’t think they understand much of anything of what is going on in my neck of the woods. They don’t have a choice. Trump is doing exactly what we wanted. There wasn’t a single person at Premier Shooting that day who disagreed with anything that Trump was doing. We’d all give him an A+ on a report card. If there was anything different we’d have him do is to do it all faster. He has the power to shut down these expensive investigations that are only meant to attempt to hurt Republican majorities in the house and senate. Why would we want to help Democrats with that? Its time to kick all those people out of office and take away their security clearances. Its time to cut off the media from the nation’s secrets with their contacts in the intelligence community. I’m not sure we can trust any of them, let alone some of them. But we don’t have to trust them. In many cases we don’t even need them. Because we are gun owners and most of the time, that’s all we really need.

Rich Hoffman

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The Maker Movement: Why newspapers are upset that John Brennan lost his security clearance

The coordinated attack against Donald Trump by the major newspapers this week was quite extraordinary. They were of course upset that Trump took away the security clearance of the old CIA Director John Brennan. I can see why, because Brennan was a major source of leaked stories to them and he was using his connections within the intelligence community to fill their papers with negative stories against Donald Trump. Losing that access made the media mad. But there is more to the story which I discovered while listening to the things my 5-year-old grandson is interested in that I think really has the modern media in a twisted state—the “maker movement.”

My grandson I think has developed a remarkable vocabulary for being only 5. One thing that is different for him in relation to my own childhood is that he really doesn’t care much for movies and television. He doesn’t really have a favorite show on the Disney Channel or a movie that came out which we’ve taken him to that just inspired him greatly. If I might have experienced such things from early movies like westerns, Star Wars, or even science fiction epics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, for him its all about video games and YouTube. I watch some of these YouTube productions with him and they are quite elaborate, which makes sense since every home can now be its own television studio. The personal computer has decentralized the movie and television studio and just about anybody can be a producer of video content. And video games provide a much more interactive storytelling experience for young people. For their generation video games are allowing developing minds to have more control over what happens in their experience, decisions made, customizable settings, even the experience duration since online gaming is so popular these days.

At five years old my grandson has at his finger tips so long as he has access to a phone or computer an almost infinite world of individual video content producers on YouTube and YouTube Kids that is as good if not better than what Sesame Street and the PBS show The Electric Company produced. And there is a lot more of it without reruns like the networks produce. Some of these videos are quite sophisticated technically. He likes to watch videos of video game players who provide commentary and special effects to games he wants to learn about, such as the new one just released on the Nintendo Switch called Hello Neighbor. Hello Neighbor is unusual because it started off as a kind of indie title made by “makers” which is becoming quite common these days from programmers who aren’t part of some corporate giant. The game has been popular and has made it to a more polished version on the major computer game consoles. So there is this entire big industry going on that fills the minds of kids that has nothing to do with traditional media. The time that these kids spend on this stuff is truly jaw dropping leaving traditional media completely lost in how to maintain their audiences. For kids I only see an upside, but it is certainly different from what it was when I grew up.

That’s when I realized that I was part of the Maker Movement too, this blog site has become quite popular and was created out of my frustration with how limited the newspapers were. I used to write for several publications and I was a frequent “letter to the editor” kind of person, but I found the word counts extremely limiting. The newspapers had to do that to leave space for their advertisers. But once personal computers became the window to the outside world essentially replacing the television in that same role, blogs and alternative news sites became more trusted and convenient than traditional media that you had to walk to the end of your driveway to get. Television ironically is now replacing the movie experience as film and video production has been decentralized as well leaving Netflix, Amazon Prime and many other outlets, including YouTube as part of the personal theater experience. It’s all part of putting the means of production in the hands of individuals as opposed to governments and large corporations.

I’ve been studying the efforts of Cody Wilson, the author of Come and Take It and the radical young man who is printing 3D guns and distributing the plans online which has everyone’s attention including President Trump. He started out as a liberal, very progressive person out of college and as he became a producer migrated into a more conservative personality, which is usually what happens to people who make things. When Karl Marx indicated that he wanted to put the means of production into the hands of the people, he wasn’t thinking of what that reality might look like, which is what the Maker Movement is. For the first time in all of human history the ability to build and make things is in the hands of the people and it doesn’t look the way that communists had envisioned. And people aren’t turning more liberal, they are turning more conservative because the act of making things tends to do that to people.

Donald Trump himself was a builder of buildings, a Maker in his own way so it only makes logical sense that he is the president of this particular time, and he gets what is going on. He became president because of the decentralization of information. If people had a choice twenty years ago when cable television was still new and the internet required a dial-up modem and an AOL pass to use a chat box Trump would have never had a chance. But the moment people had alternatives, a president like Trump emerged and won against the entire established system. It’s not that Trump did anything different, it’s just that more people had access to him and the voting process than ever before and it took that control away from traditional media, and they don’t like it.

Insurgents like John Brennan used the CIA to control entire nations through their state sponsored media and it works in communist countries in ways that satisfies central authority types. But this new Maker Movement is quite extraordinary and people aren’t going to go back to how it was before. My 5-year-old grandson won’t be reading USA Today in the future or The New York Times. Likely it will be some blog site or some version of that technology which publishes the news the way that the Maker Community wants it. News won’t come from some centralized source the way it has since the times of the printing press. And it is that which the major newspapers were mad at. Trump is just the byproduct of their own terminal existence. The reminder of how powerless they really are these days is in Trump’s constant popularity in spite of their efforts and even the audacity to take away the security clearance of one of their most trusted news sources is a sign of their modern ineffectiveness. The production of entertainment and news is no longer controlled by a few big companies. And the source for that news is no longer controlled literally by the CIA and the FBI. Its controlled by the consumer and that is a history changing notion that will have lasting implications in every action humans engage in, especially elections.

Rich Hoffman

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No Real Republican Can Ever Be a Racist: Exploring the history of Neo Nazis, Antifa and “Unite the Right”

We have to talk about the various protests on the one-year anniversary of Charlottesville, one of which took place right outside the White House over the weekend of August 12th 2018. About two dozen white supremacists had filed a petition for permit to have a rally called “Unite the Right” which inspired the aggressive leftist anarchists Antifa to the site to engage in hostilities. As far as political theater the media tried to paint the picture that it was right versus left in a prebattle for the midterms. But in reality it was like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini arguing over who was more to the political right than the other—which would be odd since they are all extremist lefty groups. Communism is certainly a concept of the political left. Socialism for which Germany was driven by is another extreme leftists’ philosophy, and fascism which was the theme of Italy was somewhere in the middle of those two on the political spectrum as Mussolini operated. There is nothing even remotely conservative about any of those three things. There is nothing conservative about a “neo Nazi.” And I would propose that no real conservative could ever be considered a racist. It’s just not possible.

Conservatives believe in individual merit and rights. That makes any group associations a definition as to how conservative a person might be. If a person is white and is in a country club full of rich white people who are mostly male and have incomes over a million dollars a year, they are more liberal and less Republican than the auto mechanic down the road who minds his own business, votes in every election and teaches his family values diligently every day of their life. The country club people tend to think in group associations by their very nature which erodes their conservative foundations epistemologically.

One of the reasons that America is such a melting pot where people from all over the world have been able to successfully come and make good livings is because of Republican government and the concept of our Constitution, which enables individual rights as opposed to group associations. Any real conservative would never look a person and judge them by their skin color or their ancestry. No person on earth should be judged by the lives of their parents or grandparents. They should be judged based on what they do as individuals.

Following that logic, no race of people could be scrutinized if the individual merit of their actions is taken into account. The KKK was never a branch of Republican thinkers, they were all Democrats from the south. It was Republicans that ended slavery, they didn’t conduct it. And in modern times, it is Republicans who offer opportunities and prosperity through proper government, not Democrats who seek to exploit races of people for political gain. Nobody who looks at groups of people and tries to lump them together as one identity can properly call themselves a Republican because the philosophic meaning provides a quandary that is impossible to resolve through logic.

Ironically this problem was solved by Clint Eastwood in several of his movies during the 70s and 80s. The left leaning media often attacked Eastwood films as being right leaning and part of what’s wrong with America. So Eastwood tackled the situation directly in his comedies such as Every Which Way But Loose, Any Which Way You Can, the cop drama Magnum Force and the romantic comedy Pink Cadillac. In each of those movies Clint Eastwood showed the difference between the Neo Nazi and himself as represented by a kind of libertarian Reagan Republican. Eastwood was always the loner individual who had groups of neo Nazi’s always chasing after him. American audiences loved Eastwood and those films made a lot of money and are still very popular to this day because they represent how most Americans see themselves. The distinction Eastwood made in his movies was clear and that’s why even at age 88, he is still loved by much of the Trump political base.

Racism has never been a part of Republican ideas. There are of course various degrees of conservatism, there are the country club types and they consider themselves as a group superior to the mechanic because there are more of them present at the cigar bar on Tuesday nights, but we are talking about subtle differences. I call such people RINOs. John Kasich is certainly one of those types and the split in the Republican party presently is due to this philosophic distinction. Kasich expanded Medicaid in Ohio under Obamacare in an effort to exploit the poor. He says God made him do it, but even that concept of God is a kind of leftist notion because when you really pull back the layers of religion, any religion, you will find many of the same ideas that make communism, socialism and fascism so attractive to weak-minded people today. But Kasich as a left leaning Republican wanted to run for president so he expanded Medicaid to pull in middle ground voters. He didn’t deal with people on their own individual merit, he packaged the poor into a nice demographic group, threw some money at them to win their votes and called it compassion. I call it racism. Whether it was white poor, or black poor, it was still group assimilation for the benefit of political power.

There were no conservatives protesting in front of the White House at the “Unite the Right” protests. There was no “right.” There were only various degrees of left leaning radical’s hell bent to take society back to a theocracy and fulfil the requirements of the Vico cycle. Tattooed skin heads and KKK members with white masks are not members of the Republican party but by their own names. To hide their acts of left leaning sentiment they have attempted to duck behind the Republican party in the same way that some modern loser sitting in a Waffle House in the middle of the night reading the Bible and proclaiming that God tells them to hate black people using some long dead uncle who knew someone who married someone who had an affair with someone in a king’s court in France 400 years ago to justify their worth in life as an utmost failure because they can’t stand on their own merit.

Most Republicans don’t defend themselves from these accusations and the media knows they won’t, because most conservatives are so independent that they never make the connection that the people being called racists are them because they don’t see themselves as a group. That is why they seldom ever defend themselves from attack, because their minds just don’t think that way. However, that is exactly what the media is trying to portray, and they count on nobody hitting back from the conservative right. That’s how these vile people have gotten away with such things for so long. But that’s coming to a close now. People are learning. Trump has given people their own version of Clint Eastwood in real life to rally behind and that Genie is not going back into the bottle. The media has just made themselves less relevant in the process because there are options out there where smart conservatives can go and not be called a racist just because some liberal tried to connect the dots where no dots appeared. And that distinction will only grow in the future leaving all these radical leftists with no place to hide, which makes them violent at first, but heavily exposed to the realities of the world.

Rich Hoffman

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When Donald Trump Won the Election of 2016: Now is the time to declassify all FBI documents related to Fusion GPS

It is certainly time for President Trump to get involved in the FBI case against him. With the new information out about the Deputy Attorney General under the Obama administration Bruce Ohr and his wife’s employment at Fusion GPS and how funds going directly from the Clinton campaign into Christopher Steele’s action on the Russian dossier the criminal activity exhibited in the summer of 2016 to manipulate an American election is quite ominous. All the people including Robert Mueller are employees of the current Executive Branch and it’s quite obvious that the real crime was never collusion of Trump’s election team with any Russians, it was all along the Democrats working with anybody and everyone to keep Trump from ever getting elected. The entire process had been rigged to usher Hillary Clinton into the presidency and it would have worked if Trump had been a traditional candidate. But lucky for us, he wasn’t and that wrecked the plans that all these bad people working directly between a political campaign, the FBI, the Obama White House, and the Department of Justice. What happened during the election of 2016 is the biggest scandal in modern global politics and a lot of people need to be punished to prevent it from ever happening again.

There were two events that occurred in October 2016 that changed history. The first was the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump the Sunday after the big Access Hollywood tape was leaked to the press. When Trump showed up for that debate everyone—and I mean everyone—except maybe me and a few others—thought Trump was done. But he showed up that Sunday with some of the women Bill Clinton had abused over the years and put them in the audience during the debate, and he let Hillary Clinton have it. He turned a scandal into a huge knockout on his part toward Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The second event was the Al Smith Dinner on the night of October 20th, one night after the third and final presidential debate. Trump according to all polls was 13 points down and all media outlets were happy for the drama but gave him no chance to win. And looking back now we know that the fix was well in. That’s why when Hillary spoke at the dinner she thought she was already in the White House. After all, the FBI, the DOJ, and the entire media was in her corner and had essentially assured her victory. Yet when Trump spoke at that dinner he sounded like he was ready to fight and he took on everyone right there in front of their faces. It was that night that I knew he was going to win. I didn’t believe the polls, I didn’t believe the pundits, but I did believe in Donald Trump. This guy was a fighter and convention alone wasn’t going to bring him down.

We know now why Director Comey was on and off on his investigation into Hillary Clinton, because he knew they were in deep over their heads in scandal and he was trying very hard to make things look on the up and up. Shortly after the Al Smith dinner when they thought everything was in the bag for Hillary, James Comey reopened the investigation only to stop it again days before the election on November 7th. The FBI was being used by the Department of Justice to give the impression of a clean bill of health to Hillary just prior to winning so that when Clinton won nobody could say that she had committed any crimes. The plan of course was to have Donald Trump beaten in October with scandals of his own that would have sunk any other candidate, but Trump stuck to the grind stone and his campaign climaxed that night at the Al Smith Dinner where Trump showed himself to be the superior candidate for the role of occupant in the Executive Office. Trump had all the needed skills to be president and to turn the country around and people saw past all the rhetoric.

It could also be argued that Trump won the night before the election hitting Michigan one last time at 1 AM on the night before election day. Trump simply outworked Hillary Clinton and showed all his good stuff in that pivotal October in 2016, and people made their decision on election night. It had nothing to do with Russians. But the real crimes had already been committed and when Trump did get elected, a lot of people were in deep trouble, many of them in attendance at that Al Smith Dinner. Trump had defeated them even when they had thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him, and now they are left bare and exposed. They did the only thing they could do and that was to go on the attack. They used the Russian dossier as a way to extort Trump into starting his presidency on his heels defending constant accusations and seeking the protective arm of James Comey to keep the big mean people away. Instead of Comey gaining more power under Trump, he lost all of it and was fired. That left Comey to resort to Plan B and to leak information to the press to inspire the Robert Mueller special prosecution, which Trump has played along with to not appear to stand in the way of an investigation against him and abusing his powers of office.

But now it’s all out in the open. The cards have been put on the table and Trump needs to clean things up before the midterm elections. The bad people involved at all levels of the government in conjunction with the Democratic party need to be exposed before they win more elections, so now is the time to act. It is obvious the role that Bruce Ohr played with his wife Nelly in the scandal and the abuse of the DOJ working directly with a political campaign at the presidential level is much, much bigger than Watergate. People have to go to jail otherwise the FBI will never get their credibility back. Going back to watch that Al Smith Dinner footage and knowing what was going on behind the scenes now after two years of investigation and leaked text messages between FBI agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, we know what Hilary knew that night, that all she had to do was walk to the victory because everything else had been taken care of. Donald Trump just hadn’t received the memo yet. Instead he went to the Al Smith Dinner thinking he was actually going to win which shocked everyone, and he fought hard to make it so, and eventually as we all know now, he did.

Donald Trump won because so many of us who voted for him knew that political fixes were occurring all the time. We had watched many candidates we supported over the years go to that Al Smith Dinner and lay down for the media and let them rub their bellies with self-deprecating humor which of course made them lose on election night. But not Trump, no matter what they threw at him he tossed right back and then some. And now its time to do that to this Mueller fiasco and let the FBI clean house. Its time for some people to go to jail, including Hillary Clinton. I know the election is over and the Clintons are out of power but it’s the point of the matter. For what they all tried to do in rigging an American election, with the Obama administration helping through the president’s DOJ, the crimes are much more serious than most people can register. And if justice is not issued, there will never be any credibility restored to our highest offices. That means Trump will have to get involved and push for the declassification of all these documents related to this matter and crush the Mueller witch hunt exposing the Democrats for all their ill deeds. And the time to do it is before the election of 2018. Put them on their heels for a change, they deserve it.

Rich Hoffman

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Why the World Needs a Space Force: Thinking back to the moon landing and the vile music festival of Woodstock

It is a little surprising that there is so much mockery toward the Trump administration over the new fifth branch of the armed forces they are proposing called the Space Force. We’ve known and talked about it for a long time on this site and many others that progressives are actually a regressive group of people who desire with everything in their being to follow the human trajectory of the Vico cycle and to return to a world of theocracy, as mankind has done over and over again throughout history for what looks like many hundreds of thousands of years. That is the nature of politics, to control mankind in a sort of passive role under the rule of our planet and its conditions. Modern progressives in order to sell their warped desire to control all human effort simply can’t have people leaving earth and settling in space because once that happens they lose power and influence over the direction of all achievement. Out the window go the carbon credits, the taxing of farts from people and animals, the emissions of cars and capitalism, and the development of suburbia. By moving into space and settling on massive space stations as exotic metal minors on the moon, around Venus and Mars, the moons of Jupiter the concern of over populating the earth goes away. Humans can have all the babies they want, they can even double or triple their intellectual power with the use of artificial intelligence, all the concerns of today regarding human influence over that goddess mother earth go away. So why are liberals so against Trump’s Space Force and why is it so mocked?

The Trump administration had a nice little fundraiser where they presented several concept drawings for the new Space Force and I picked the design that was mostly red that looked a lot like the NASA emblem. As I made the selection I was proud to do it because it felt like a step forward that should have happened many years ago. The point of a blog like this as opposed to writing for a magazine or a newspaper is that I can bring my personal experiences into focus to share with readers which makes it an unusual platform if you are the kind of person with a lot to say. That happens to be an excellent description for my particular lifestyle as I cover a lot of topics that I am personally interested in, and even professionally involved. I was born one year before the moon landing so I’ve watched this thing come and go in strange ways. I was in high school as the space shuttle program was the envy of the world and I watched three eight-year presidents reduce NASA to an Islamic study group prior to the Trump administration. I’m close to aerospace in many aspects, its something I’ve always enjoyed and wanted to help advance in any way possible because I see it as the next great frontier. As I share often my favorite period of American history was the westward expansion into the American west during the gold rush period which created massive wealth for a new nation and I see the space age as a new period with the same level of potential, actually proportionally greater.

Just this past week my wife and I got a call about a hot new condo property coming available at Cape Canaveral where our family has some vested interest in providing housing to the great engineers who come and go from assignments at the Cape. Business was good through the late 80s and 90s but dropped off considerably during the second term of the Bush administration and was utterly destroyed during the Obama years where that socialist president pointed NASA to Russia and told them that if they wanted to study space, then ride with the Russians. No more Space Shuttles, and nothing was coming after. Of course, from the investment side of things you can’t plop down a half million dollars on a condo that no engineers are going to use because there’s no work at the Cape. But for this latest proposal it looks attractive because Space X has moved in and is routinely firing off rockets into space putting a lot of people to work with their fabulous Falcon 9 which just launched again the other night. And with the Trump administration getting behind NASA once again, things are looking good again at the Kennedy Space Center, and they should always have. If America is going to climb out from under the massive debt that Trump inherited of over 20 trillion dollars that money has to come out of new markets and revenue streams. Space is where that revenue is at, and the United States needs to be in charge of it, for the sake of the entire world. Seeing the situation up close it has been sad, but now the entire market is looking better and the next great frontier is there for us to enjoy as the next great adventure.

Talking about the moon landing which occurred on July 20th 1969, I actually remember it. I was just over one year old. I have memories of it and before which is unusual, for being so young but it was hot. We didn’t have air conditioning and I was sweating but I remember the day being hot and very sunny outside and the sounds of the television as the radio broadcasts came back from the moon and my mom talking about what an important day it was. Then I remembered the news reports a month later coming from the music festival in Woodstock on August 15th. It was ugly to me, to see so many people stuck together in the mud of a field listing to music that I have never liked—depressing loser music. As I became older I was able to think about those two events often and came to understand them as two choices of American direction. Woodstock was the progressive answer to the moon landing. The stuffy engineers in their suit and ties at NASA versus the naked hippies and drug induced losers of Woodstock. One group was saying yes to new challenges of human endeavor, the other was saying no, let’s go back to being a tribe of hunter and gathers erecting rocks to the gods and having sex in front of each other covered in mud while our language is reduced to tribal chants. The same debate rages today, those descendants of Woodstock are now running universities, magazines and television stations and are the foundation of progressive politics while aerospace development has been continually ridiculed by them in what we call the Mainstream Media. Those same stuffy suits still desire to explore what’s beyond earth like a teenager wanting to move out of their parent’s house and start of life on their own.

By acknowledging a Space Force progressives know there will never be any going back because government in the context of American history never gets smaller, it only grows and if that growth is to encompass the level of personal freedom that conservatives demand, then the influence of American reach must grow to justify that potential. There is of course the addition of space tourism that is a market happening this year as well as many advanced satellites that are important to our culture that need protection, so a Space Force now only makes sense to meet the needs of a growing civilization. Yet people like Al Gore, and Michael Moore, and the greenie weenie Democrats truly do desire to turn off the minds of human beings with drug use, which is why they support the legalization of pot, and to have another music festival like a bunch of cannibals dancing around a rock in the mud praying to the gods to make it rain so that they can grow food. Today the god is no longer some Celtic tyrant, or Roman myth, but is the earth itself. But science says that the earth won’t be around much longer anyway. It’s only a matter of time before Yellowstone’s massive volcano erupts destroying much of North America, or something hits earth from space, or the sun grows to a size that eventually swallows our entire planet to a fiery cataclysm. The human race has a choice to survive and move into space to escape that fate, and we should take it. And we will need a Space Force to protect that advancement for the sake of our species. And I picked the red emblem as my vote for the patch that those new members of the military should wear while doing it.

Rich Hoffman

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