The Trump Strategy: Changing the way politics is conducted forever

It was different this last time, when President Trump visited the Warren County Fairgrounds to deliver a speech in favor of several GOP candidates that were on the ballot for November 2018’s midterms. I’ve seen Trump in person a few times since he had been elected president in 2016 but this campaign rally at the very unusual building on the fairgrounds site provided an almost cinematic appeal as if some Hollywood production designer had brought all these strange elements together for the benefit of the story than just happenstance. It was a Friday night in the historic town of Lebanon, Ohio and it was lightly raining, with a snow mix falling with the raindrops and President Trump was stoking the minds of thousands of people who had packed into every available spot to listen to him give essentially the same speech over and over again. But nobody cared, they were happy to be there and didn’t seem to ever want the event to end. For this particular venue I had a really fantastic seat, one just outside the television cameras and on a high perch so I could see everything that was going on. I could even see the president arrive and leave from behind the show’s façade and for me it was perfect because it facilitated my high thoughts on the matter with great conductivity.

In the short run the threat was real, Republican voters needed to hit the voting booths and support the candidates that Trump was speaking for. But from my perspective a lot had changed since the last rally I attended at U.S. Bank Arena in October of 2016 and this one in Lebanon in October of 2018. For the first time in my lifetime Republicans had a good, positive brand and they had a President who could sell it. Trump has actually changed the way campaigns work—he has changed the rules of the game itself into something that Democrats will not be able to follow. They don’t have the energy or the message leaving Trump in command of the political process for what will turn out to be the first half of the 21st Century.

I think it’s quite amazing that Donald Trump is willing to attend so many rallies across the country in order to build a team that he can work with in 2019 on the legislative side. He’s almost acting like a college coach recruiting star athletes for a football team. The tireless work he has been willing to put into the effort is truly stunning for anybody. And that effort showed in the event organization and even the crowd. There was a lot to complain about. During the speech some people actually passed out and needed medical help. But the show went on as the medical staff gathered up the sick and took them away to be cared for. And nobody complained. The Secret Service didn’t overact. The crowd wasn’t overly dramatic, and Trump never even paused. The show just went on and everyone was focused on the success of the evening.

There is no way for the two sides of politics, the liberal view and the conservative view to work out differences between each other for a sustainable republic. The two sides are not equal, they do not have shared values to build a foundation of friendship from. In the Republican Party that has been the problem from the beginning, if there were any compromises that had to be made it was always from the Republicans because they were always the only side functioning from value to barter with. Liberals were all for the abandonment of values, so they never gave anything up and that left Republican supporters always feeling shortchanged. But now there some wins under Trump’s belt and there was more to this rally because the foundations of success were there to talk about, as opposed to just a bunch of theories from two years prior. Now there was a track record and the obvious view of many more things that could be accomplished. And the Democrats had nothing to offer but complaints and emotional desires to be considered equally important. Trump’s Republican Party was willing to stick its head up out of the ground and to actually emerge into the light of day unafraid and be pace setters and that is something you don’t see every day.

Yet the show itself was very slick, the volunteers were enthusiastic and the base of support was willing to do their part and show up at each of these rallies a whole day before just to get a good place in line. While people waited volunteers handed out swag to the audience all of it well-managed and constructed. The sheer logistics to pull off one of these shows by the support staff is quite staggering. What was involved for just the Lebanon event was enough to impress, but the very next night Trump was in Richmond, Kentucky doing nearly the same thing with a lightly modified speech. Trump had done several rallies during that week in different parts of the country all of them just as complex and with similar people willing to brave the elements and waiting times to attend. In the case of Lebanon, I noticed later that the local media markets were very happy with the Trump visit, they gave him great coverage for at least two days before and after. Trump’s changes to campaigning gave local media the two things they always wanted, so the coverage turned out to be fair and positive. First were the traffic shutdowns, the news loves to talk about traffic jams and the President’s motorcade shut down traffic during rush hour all the way from downtown Cincinnati to Lebanon, Ohio over 30 miles to the north. Then the second things were the feel-good stories about how the positive rallies made people feel to be near a sitting president. I could see a brilliance in Trump’s strategy that was always there for anybody to attempt, but now Trump has made it a Republican method.

And that brought the whole thing to a kind of grand fortissimo, the difference between Republicans and Democrats fundamentally. Democrats were essentially seeking to ride the Vico cycle into the future, the endless cycle of human endeavor going from theocracy, to aristocracy, to democracy then to anarchy only to return over and over again to the beginning. Republicans however are the opposite, they are about human pro-growth and continued expansion into the future. Democrats are the hippies of Woodstock while the Republicans are the scientists trying to expand mankind’s reach to the moon. The vision from each party is not conducive and are at odds with each other and a choice has to be made. We can’t have it both ways. For me personally, I’ve always been a pro-growth guy. It makes me very sad to think that all the work we’ve done through art, literature and engineering would be tossed away only to dig at the ground like a pathetic primitive and not understand the complexities of the universe. But until Trump, Republicans didn’t know how to sell a pro-growth agenda, so the plight of the primitives dominated politics leaving Republicans to chase after. But now those roles have been reversed and it looks like a great opportunity is unfolding in front of us, and at the center of it is the remarkable Manhattan builder himself who has a pro-growth message that people can finally relate to. And the effect is obvious, and lasting. It’s a very exciting time indeed.

Rich Hoffman

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The Power Behind the Trump Name: Democrats are in real trouble

Just for perspective when news coverage of something like President Trump’s visit to Lebanon, Ohio occurs network news always feels they have to cover equally the Democratic response. I suppose they think it avoids the optics of appearing to lean to one side instead of the other. But with something like Trump coming to a Northern Cincinnati suburb of great historic value, so many people showed up that it essentially shut down the city as people poured into the fairgrounds of Warren County just a few miles north of the famous Golden Lamb profusely. In fact dear reader, as you are reading this, I am at that event and as far as you can see its Trump Republicans who have swarmed in from all over the countryside. Yet the news coverage of this massive rally featured a kind of Democrat response, a rally of their own called “We Deserve Better” which had about four people and a cat show up. I didn’t think there were any Democrats in Warren County, but a few showed up, and their rally looked pretty pathetic in comparison. Not even on the same level of politics which I thought said a lot about the reality of the upcoming midterms.

As I’ve said from the beginning of this latest political season, it’s going to come down to voter turnout of course. Democrats are energized, but honestly, I think we are seeing what’s left of their party on the news every night. They are fluffing themselves up to look relevant, but in all actuality, they aren’t. Just as the Channel 9 people in Cincinnati felt they had to cover the Democrat response to the Republican rally–truthfully there aren’t enough people in the Cincinnati market who even care anymore to justify the airtime. That is why Trump is able to draw these huge crowds who are more than a little enthusiastic to show up on a chilly October night in Ohio to watch a president two years into office give a stump speech for fellow Republicans. There isn’t anybody like that in the Democrat Party now or in the foreseeable future and that has further coalesced Republicans around Trump. I think it’s quite clear that the amount of people who showed up to see Trump exceeded expectations. Meanwhile, the Democrats were trying to fluff up their feathers to appear as an equal party offering alternatives to the Republican proposals, but people know now what they are really about, it’s socialism and now that they cat is out of the bag, most Americans just aren’t comfortable supporting such a concept on American soil. And it shows with the support of the Democratic Party.

Yes, you can tell a lot about enthusiasm from the population by the size of their rallies. For instance, when I wrote about this very topic two years ago as Trump was looking to be knocked out of the presidential race by the Access Hollywood tapes I was at the rally at U.S. Bank Arena which filled up to the luxury boxes. Hillary had come the week before and had a hard time filling up the little space just a few blocs down the road in downtown Cincinnati between the Ohio River and the Banks development. There is a little park there and Hillary gave a speech and they had to push everyone in tight to make the crowd look bigger on television. I could see then that nobody cared about the Access Hollywood tapes. Trump was different and he was re-writing the rules of politics, rules that the Democrats had controlled for nearly 100 years. Trump had changed them all for the better in just a few months on the campaign trail as president.

I’d like to say that you can believe polls, but here’s the problem with them, pollsters have to call many thousands of people in order to get a statistical sampling of a few hundred, because most people they call don’t want to participate. Of that percentage it is well-known that Republicans don’t answer their phone whereas Democrats are more prone to do so. Democrats are very social creatures, that’s why they lean toward collectivism and political socialism. Conservatives are self-reliant and are often busy with something productive, so they don’t take calls from phone numbers they don’t recognize. Pollsters under pressure to get constant results to the networks that buy them have to produce the results they can get rather than wait for a proper number of Republicans to answer the phone, and that’s how all these polls get screwed up. I don’t think most of the races around the country are as close as they try to make them sound. Networks do with all the races just as they did with the Trump rally, they try to make Democrats look like a viable competitor. But in all actuality the Democrats aren’t even a blip on the map.

I continue to be impressed with Donald Trump, he knows his stuff and nobody outworks him, that’s for sure. This past week he did a rally almost every day and on Thursday before this event in Lebanon he had Kenya West at the White House which really gave some positive media coverage.  It is good marketing to show access to this president, and it was very smart of event organizers to have the wherewithal to string these events together in this way. But Trump gets the credit for having the stamina to pull it all off. The guy just never stops working and it shows. The desperation that the Democrats are now showing is that they don’t have a way to match that energy and they are getting frustrated.

Granted the Lebanon Trump rally is in very conservative country, I’m not sure there are any Democrats who live in the surrounding area. But Trump has shown time and time again that he can pull the same kind of numbers in inner cities and in places where Democrats are running things. In this case, Trump was stumping for so many politicians it made sense to have a rally in the middle of all their districts to accommodate everyone. But to even make a decision like that you have to have the power behind the name to most utilize the President’s presence. Lebanon was a perfect place to have a rally, and it’s a good thing too, because they needed the room for all the people who showed up. Seeing the crowd up close and the energy that was coming from them it is very obvious that things aren’t nearly as close as the media would like to make things appear. That doesn’t mean that Republicans can afford to stay home on election night, but that if they show up Democrats won’t be winning anything. They are a tired party selling an old message of socialism that isn’t very exciting and they are getting torched politically by Donald J. Trump. Even with everything Trump has been through over the last couple of years, he has endured the worst of it and the storm clouds are finally starting to break and his supporters are still there, which was quite obvious in Lebanon, Ohio on October 12, 2018. It looks to me after this next election that Democrats won’t be looking for a president to run against Trump. They will be looking for candidates just to run for local positions, and they won’t be able to find them, because the party itself is about to become extinct. The media won’t say that because they want the ratings of a perceived race between them and Republicans. But I’ll say it.

Rich Hoffman

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Eric Holder and Michael Avenatti want to Fight: I say, great–just tell me when and where, sounds fun!

So Michael Avenatti wants to fight does he? He has challenged Donald Trump Jr. to an MMA match of three rounds in the octagon. If Trump doesn’t want to do it, I’d be happy to take his place. It would be really fun to smash Avenatti’s face into a bleeding husk of disorganized flesh. Anytime Michael, anytime you New York softy. And Eric Holder is talking tough too, he said that when we “Republicans” go low, that they “Democrats” will kick us. Sounds like a threat to me. Hey, it’s not Republicans who are shooting up baseball games, or blocking off roads in protest, or are scratching at the doors to the Supreme Court throwing fits like a baby because they didn’t get what they wanted. Basically, all I have to say to these advocates of violence is that they don’t want to go there. There is nothing to be afraid of from some stringy haired leftist. If the political left thinks they are going to win anything with violence, they have already lost everything. I can say that I’m not going to put up with it. If one of these losers gets in my face, that will be the end of them. Generally, Republicans have been good about not provoking violence, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Republicans still believe in the rule of law, so they leave those kinds of acts to the authorities. But if you take away that option, I wouldn’t put any bets on Democrats to be the more aggressive. If they want to fight, I personally would welcome that approach. I’d much rather fight than talk.  They are incorrect when they say the way to earn Republican respect is to get “tough.”  From my perspective, it just pisses me off, and if they think that challenging conservatives to a fight is smart, they need a forceful education it would seem.

Violence and the threat of it is one of the most primal emotions for human beings and it is the way that collectivist-oriented people mean to enforce their solidarity. Without the threat of violence, the political left really has nothing to negotiate with. It’s interesting that they have now revealed these strategies openly. But they were always there, violence and bullying is what Democrats have always done to advance their cause. Without their ability to evoke fear in people, they have no way to get people to accept their goofy philosophies. However, that doesn’t work so well in real life. Its one thing to talk tough within your own circles of influence, it’s quite another to challenge people who are actually tough and are not inclined to being pushed around.

As a Republican I’m a bit old fashion, if someone hits me in the face or insults me in some way, I have no problem dishing it back out to them. I don’t go around looking for fights, but if someone brings one to me, I do enjoy fighting. I don’t think Avenatti, Eric Holder or Hillary Clinton understand what the real people who make up the flyover states are all about. Empty threats lose their luster really fast. It’s one thing to threaten violence to a bunch of millennial latte sippers at Starbucks, it’s quite another to step up to a shooting range in Ohio and start rattling off their mouths. This is essentially why Democrats are for gun control, they understand that for their way of governing to work, people can’t have the ability to defend themselves. But in my own case, I would never turn to the gun first with those people. Fists and stamina would be all that would be required.

The best thing when it comes to conflict is to be able to have discussions, and to be able to articulate your position. You should never have to turn to violence, because if you do, you have already started to lose. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy fighting. Personally, I love fighting. I have some conflict with someone somewhere every few weeks. These days they don’t end up being physical altercations where fists are thrown. When I was younger and untested that kind of thing happened a lot more, but these days the fights are usually verbal, and they get intense—and nobody beats me. I have what many would call a “vicious” temper. And I don’t stop once I get going. Some punk like Michael Avenatti wouldn’t stand a chance. The loser Eric Holder wouldn’t even break a sweat. I could turn him into a screaming girl within a minute. If these people want a fight, I would love to give it to them. We aren’t the ones asking for it, but we sure as hell can finish it.

I think such a system of settling issues is good, there are worse things in life than fighting. By not fighting it allows wimpy people like Avenatti and Holder to believe themselves to be tough, because nobody calls their bluff. But one way to have a more honest society is to be able to distinguish between illusion and reality. When someone challenges you to a fight, there is almost a moral responsibility to call them out on it in the name of honesty, otherwise the aggressor is allowed to advocate a falsehood of threatening content for the aims of evil. We aren’t so civilized in life that we have outgrown the need for fighting. These people in the Democratic Party are the mainstream and they are calling for fights, so we have an obligation to set the record straight. Eric Holder won’t be kicking me let me make that clear, nor will anybody else. It will never happen.

I’ve managed most of my life to live with a good, moral disposition. Sometimes challenges come along, and you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes fights are fast, sometimes they last decades, but it is always my focus to win every one of them. There is nothing wrong with having a never surrender attitude, it can help in all aspects of life. But when challenged like these leftist insurgents are prone to do these days, we have to let them know that such threats are not permissible. It doesn’t matter obviously to them that physical threats of violence toward others is illegal. So is drug possession, and many other things that liberals do. But they truly believe that the rules do not apply to them and that they can run around our streets harassing good people with threats of violence. Protestors do not have a right to shut down roadways, they put themselves at risk of being run over. They do not have a right to punch Trump supporters in the back of the head without being destroyed in retaliation. If they aren’t going to live by the laws of our land, then why should we?

There is no higher path–taking the “high” road when it comes to conflict–it is not the best option. What is, is to crush your enemies with verbal and or physical violence. It is best to avoid such circumstances, but if the former attorney general of the United States wants to evoke violence, then he can deal with the mess. But compliance is not an option. Yielding to a bully isn’t either. Threats against us cannot go uncontested and speaking for myself, I really do hope one of these losers tries their aggression with me. It would be fun to deal with it—kind of a free pass legally to decimate them completely, because they started it. So I say to them, bring it on.

Rich Hoffman

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Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Understanding the progressive push toward tribal behavior and worship

I agree with America hating progressives, Christopher Columbus did not discover America. What he did do was bring western civilization to North and South America and ultimately a sharp rise over time in lifestyles and personal freedom. Yet this year there was a sharp increase in cities around the United States, Cincinnati included that are no longer recognizing Columbus Day and instead are calling it Indigenous Peoples’ Day. This is where things started going wrong because there is a vast history in North America that shows that the people we have called Indians for many centuries came to North America in much the same way that Christopher Columbus did, by boat from someplace oversea, from another continent. When the Europeans eventually came in the form of Columbus in 1492 the people they found were remnants of many decaying societies. Europeans didn’t take anything away from those people, the Indians gave it away themselves.

I had a commenter on my blog site get upset with me a week or two back due to my thoughts about tattoos and body piercings, which are quite common in our modern society. I think tattoos and body piercings are very corrosive to a dignified life because essentially, they are a revolt against the DNA that parents give to their children. There is nothing much more insulting from a child to their parents than to alter their appearance which is a combination of the parents brought together to make a child. When the child reverts to tribal behavior it is saying to their parents that they want to destroy what the parents gave them in an individual way by defacing themselves. Now modern society has sold this behavior off to rebellious youth by proclaiming it as an act of individual assertion. But in reality, it is a disrespect of the parental role in the child’s life and an affirmation into tribal rebellion intended to undo the society for which the conduct was popularized.

Progressives for many years have made this reversion to tribalism a key strategy for them—they have no intention to progress as a society toward a society that is always looking forward, but backwards toward the sacrificial sentiments of ancient societies that came before rockets and microchips. The best way to do that was to separate the child from the parental roles which build society then to adopt those children as spawns of mother government. By pressuring youth through popular culture into defacing themselves of their parental influences, progressive political strategists meant to undo the basic concepts of American civilization. That is the purpose behind gay rights, so that children will not be born of traditional parents, that is the purpose of drug laws to promote a loss of thinking individuals, and that is the purpose of body mutilation among young people—to destroy what their parents gave them and call it a declaration of independence when it is in fact a separation of the child from the mother to be cared for by the state instead.

So it should come as no surprise that the same people advocating tattoos, drugs and careless sex are the same people advocating for Indigenous Peoples’ Day across the nation removing Columbus Day as the observed Holiday and changing the name. But those same people are lying to the people of modern times in insisting that indigenous people where living in harmony for thousands of years happy and wise until the Europeans brought western culture to their oriental sensibilities destroying them with disease and violence. It is pretty obvious based on what we are learning archaeologically that North America had witnessed the rise and fall of many cultures well before the Maya and Aztecs of Central American interacted with Mississippian Culture at the time Christ was roaming the Holy Land. North America had its own kind of empires that were not so different from the Romans well before the Temple of Solomon was built in Israel. And those cultures rose and fell for a reason and what was left of them was not a happy people, but the castaways of times more civilized and enlightened. The reversion to the primitive is a human default code that occurs whenever societies expand and contract, like the cycle of life itself. A society is born, it goes through its teenage years of rebellion and war, then it settles down and starts to spawn children and becomes productive—before old ages starts weakening it into eventual death. The Indians of North America were the remnants of death, of cultures long gone—Christopher Columbus didn’t take away their society—they did it to themselves.

The progressive strategy these days is to get people to forget about the successes of western culture and to put them in a reversion state back to their primitive origins. Every time you see a person with a tattoo or a body piercing you are seeing the creation of a progressive mentality intended to shake off the sanctity of their biological roots and to remake them into soldiers of the state dependent and loyal to their political overlords instead of their parents. They will profess that such an act is to proclaim their independence from their parents, but in reality it is to take the mind away from the biological origins of the individual and to initiate them into a collective society with the newly shared parents of the state as their guardians, wither its CareSource as insurance, or Medicaid—Social Security, or just a welfare check—the ritual is about the death of parental roles and the rebirth of shared state parentage. That same mentality is at work with the removal of Columbus Day and the advent of Indigenous People’s Day. We are to forget about the advent of Western Civilization and to push away its influences while honoring the time that came before when people dressed half-naked in the forests of Ohio and worshiped the stars and moon.

As all this was going on this week the United Nations released their scientific research on climate change indicating that the world only had 10 years to reverse its course to prevent a 2 degrees spike in temperatures that would flood places like Miami, Florida by 2030. Failure to act they told us could result in mass destruction and much human misery. But what was really happening was that the same mentality that fueled the medicine men of the many North American tribes and the tribes all over Europe and Russia and present-day Africa were attempting to keep their people from straying too far from the village which they controlled with superstition and ignorance. In such a society they keep people unified by the tattoos and bodily defacement of mutilation instead of putting their attention on what really causes rain or the change in seasons. 10 years will come and go and nobody will notice because western civilization has the means to actually leave earth, so who cares? Not that anything the United Nations is saying is correct, it’s just irrelevant and not even worth the question. Yet progressives desire to sell such fantasy as fact and to do that they have to destroy western civilization or any reference to it. That is the cause of progressives desiring to ignore Columbus Day and to switch it to Indigenous Peoples’ Day, as if the primitives of our cultures knew something we didn’t. They of course don’t. Celebrating Christopher Columbus Day isn’t about discovering America, it’s about bringing western culture to those indigenous people and giving rise to a society that is better and more productive. And that is what progressives don’t want to acknowledge. In the end we find out that our parents weren’t so bad and that the collective parentage of the state is an abasement on intelligence, and it should be defeated in every way possible. Ultimately the society that had the best ideas survived, and that is for the benefit of all. Columbus coming to America may have brought with it lots of war and misery, but with it came the notion of independence and self-rule which has set the world afire with fresh ideas and economic concepts. And for that it would be worth doing all over again thousands of times over, because the benefits far outweigh the downside.

Rich Hoffman

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Not All Republicans are Weak like Jeff Flake: What anger can mean in the strategy of winning elections

It has helped me immensely to know people who work in the fields of sword swallowing, magic acts, and performing as Hollywood stunt men because it has contributed uniquely to my endeavors as a political analyst. I know the tricks of the trade and can apply them on a massive scale for which these Brett Kavanaugh hearings reflect. Why do you think dear reader that Democrats wanted an F.B.I. investigation into the accusers of the next Supreme Court Justice? Well, yes, obviously—to delay the vote for confirmation so that they might have hope to take the House and Senate and knock away President Trump’s ability to nominate a conservative voice on the high court. That much is obvious to even casual observers. But did you notice how all the F.B.I corruption stories have dropped off the radar, there hasn’t been any talk about Rod Rosenstein, or Robert Mueller and even James Comey has stuck his head back out of the sand to weigh in on the mandates of an F.B.I. investigation into Kavanaugh’s high school days. Perhaps we might next learn from the illustrious F.B.I. that young Brett Kavanaugh wet his pants while in kindergarten and had to sit in time out to consider what he had done as the next breaking scandal.

These people aren’t as stupid as they would have you believe. The efforts behind the entire Brett Kavanagh debacle is a Democratic based that wants to rebuild the reputation of the F.B.I. so that they can continue to be their personal attack dogs. After knowing what the F.B.I. has done to President Trump and his supporters why would we want them looking into the past of Brett Kavanaugh? This is the same agency that let Hillary Clinton off with destroyed evidence so that she could run for president but clamped down on General Flynn and Paul Manafort with every grain of sand the F.B.I. could pour on the scales of justice to convict them—even if they had to water down that sand a bit to create some artificial weight to the matters. Democrats are hoping that the state will support them with newly uncovered evidence that might disqualify Brett Kavanaugh—perhaps he might have cut in line at a White Snake concert in the 80s, or maybe rolled through a stop sign. The Democrats can only hope. Even better yet they might find that Brett Kavanaugh committed murder and that the public will crucify him to death without discovering that the only thing he killed was a bug plastered on the grill of his car while leaving a drive-in movie which they still had in 1983. Yet even more than that is the obvious attempt to get the F.B.I. off the front pages of newspapers and put them back into the role of being the ones investigating again. The Democrats must have people believe in the F.B.I. to allow them to control all the scandals they are personally guilty of for which the government agency provides cover.

The totality of the cries for the F.B.I. to get involved in the Kavanaugh case is purely to market them as a credible agency once again after they tried to overthrow through a coup of legalisms the Trump administration. The only hope that Democrats have is to gain seats and a majority by the time that the F.B.I. turns up nothing on Kavanaugh, but by then it will be too late. Democrats could then try to impeach President Trump and none of this would matter anymore, and the F.B.I. would have its reputation restored well enough to keep their villains out of jail with the Democrats back in power. That is their dream after all.

Jeff Flake is everything that we hate about politics because he forgets what his role is in our republic. We are not a democracy where a pure majority rules just short of the ambitions of anarchy. I watched Jeff Flake’s interview on 60 Minutes and saw there a man who had forgotten he had come to assume that as an elected representative it was his job to reach across the aisle to Democrats and give them a voice at the table of reason. He stated that politics had become so corrosive and hate filled that if he were running for re-election that it would doom his career. What he left unsaid was that he thought the American people were too stupid to know better and that he was the one who knew what they did not—that cooperation and love was what the world needed more, even when villains were trying to undo the country. For him it was more important to show understanding toward his political enemies than fury. I’m sure Jesus would agree with him, but we saw what happened to him. Unfortunately for all the turn the other cheek do gooders, this fight requires bravery and action. When a bunch of radicals yell at you in an elevator trying to make you sanction their accusations with a head pointed at the floor and a look of pain on your face because compassion has ruled your senses. Sometimes you have to hit back. You can’t let them back you into a corner against your will, you must defend yourself with equal or superior force. Until that happens these people will exploit that weakness in Republican approach. They use force and look to the F.B.I. to protect them. If we use force we are prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law just for looking mean at them. That must stop. With Jeff Flake yielding to their pressure he just empowered them to do much worse in the future. In an attempt to be fair to people completely out of their mind with hate and aggression, the Republican Party has indicated that the intimidation works, so they will get worse in the future. At least until they get to my house or community. I’m just giving them a fair warning. Not everyone in the Republican Party is as weak as Jeff Flake.

The whole thing is a scam on a massive scale, it is being sold as the pursuit of justice, but in all reality, the entire goal is to subdue justice. Democrats are using every trick in the book to try to run out the clock in hopes of regaining power, and to restore the reputation of the F.B.I. so they can continue to use them as their personal machine of coercion. Their deal is to get the F.B.I. off the hook and to be there for them when they need to run the Trump administration out of office. That is their gamble. But as I look at the various poll numbers and the voter turn-out indicators, I can only wonder what kind of day it will be after the election when the Democrats fail to achieve their objectives? I have never seen Republicans angrier than I have recently and it is really uncertain how that will translate to vote results. The Democrats have gone all in on this Kavanaugh thing because it is literally their last chance to stay alive as a party. That is the reality behind their magic tricks of deception. When the smoke clears I think they will be shit out of luck. The public is going to catch them in these tricks and the embarrassment will last forever.

Rich Hoffman

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A Gun Trick to Save Schools: Vote No on the Butler County Safety Levy

It had been a busy week this past week and I had the opportunity to spend time with a lot of very smart people to get their thoughts on various challenges that are percolating in our community and across the nation. And all this thoughtful discussion pointed to the central issue as proposed by the current White House to deal with school shootings, and gun violence in general—to expand armed citizens to deal with any crises much sooner than presently is happening, especially in schools. This put me in a unique spot to frame the discussion in a way that demonstrated what the opposition most feared about guns and gun safety especially as a kind of first responder. Typically, when I want to talk about precision as a metaphor for something broader I crack out a candle with one of my bullwhips to show people that what seems like an impossible probability was in fact quite doable, and the best option available. Since I’ve been doing the bullwhip work for many years it has been my primary utilization tool to articulate the abstract. However, because specifically the issues over guns and the Second Amendment being properly implemented to solve the school shootings problem and gun violence in general I decided to take another sport that I am involved in and to take those skills and modify my candle snuffing techniques. I’ve been doing Cowboy Fast Draw for several years now and have been doing some trick shooting with those techniques so it was only appropriate to apply those abilities to discuss why it is preferred to have teachers armed in public schools to deal with unwanted gun violence as it occurs at the point of the threat.

One of those events where many smart people were present this past week was the 52nd District debate for the Ohio House seat that George Lang currently holds. I was pretty stunned that George’s opponent didn’t even know about the Butler County Safety Levy that was on the ballot, especially because the 52nd seat has school districts affected by it. Essentially five of the ten schools in Butler County, Fairfield, Hamilton, New Miami, Edgewood, and Monroe are seeking a 10-year 1.5 mill levy, which is $53 per every $100,000 dollars of property evaluation to avoid arming teachers and instead hiring guidance counselors, more safety personnel, and mental health specialists. It surprised me that Kathy Wyenandt didn’t know about the levy since that was the entire scope of her campaign against George Lang—school funding. She was the one who in 2013 ran the Lakota levy campaign which only passed by 1% of the vote and she was making that issue her entire calling card to running for the 52nd district. Yet when the panel of questioners asked her about the Butler County Safety Levy she had to say she’d do some research. George Lang however gave a really good answer which can be seen by CLICKING HERE. Essentially, he reminded me of the story of the Sandy Hook principal who engaged Adam Lanza armed with nothing but a shoe during that school massacre. She died but likely saved many other people. If that principal had a gun, she’d likely be alive today and many more people would have been saved.

Every time there is a story of one of these mass shootings there always seems to be someone willing to charge the gunman to put an end to it. Even with school security officers, like what was employed at Parkland in Florida, or even security and police at the Las Vegas massacre, there have been trained armed personnel nearby to stop the shooter but not everyone is so bold as that principal from Sandy Hook. Sometimes it’s not enough to just be paid to put your life in danger—you often can’t buy heroics. It is typically a natural trait in people and it only comes out under duress. Sometimes safety personnel that we hire to guard schools find that when the bullets start flying they aren’t so brave and they hesitate to engage the target. But impassioned teachers, which there always seems to be a percentage of them in every school, those are the people who should have guns and be the first to meet a threat when they are presented. Principals and teachers like the lady at Sandy Hook are those who should be carrying guns and using those tools when danger presents itself.

That is what we are talking about in Butler County, Ohio and all the way up to the Trump administration in the White House. Impassioned teachers who are the type of people to throw themselves in front of bullets are the people we should pay a little more to be responsible gun carriers. The concealed carry class is a good beginning, but we are talking about making shooting part of their lifestyle so they know how to use a gun under duress as a second nature. That kind of thing isn’t for everyone, but for people who do adopt that type of lifestyle carrying a firearm is a very life enhancing endeavor. But there is no question that the best way to deal with gun violence is to have good people with a gun to be the first to stop bad people with a gun. The Butler County Safety Levy doesn’t deal with that aspect of gun violence, it is only focused on the aftermath. It is a cowardly way for school boards to approach the problem since most educators are functioning under the opinion that schools should be gun free zones, such an assumption isn’t conducive to reality. Luckily in my school district of Lakota we have a few conservative school board members who get it, and they opted out of the Butler County Safety Levy.

The other incident I was speaking of was a Second Amendment Celebration (CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW) at the Premier Shooting and Training facility in West Chester. Big name politicians like Jim Renacci and Warren Davidson flew in from Washington D.C. to be a part of the event which evolved into a kind of NRA rally. It wasn’t a huge gathering, but the people there were all passionate about the Second Amendment. One thing that I noticed was that there wasn’t a bunch of security, there were no metal detectors or safety people sweeping people down like you might expect when big name people who typically get a lot of security in public are walking around mingling. That was because almost everyone there was armed with a concealed carry. There were probably more guns there than in any public place in Southern Ohio at that time, and as a result it was one of the safest places to be. Nobody had to worry about being gunned down, because all the people there were responsible gun carriers.

One of the people there who spoke to the public about specifically the Butler County Safety Levy was Sheriff Jones who has been against the money grab and has worked with the Trump administration to implement arming teachers to immediately solve the gun violence situation in soft target regions like public schools. As the lead law enforcement officer from our county there and certainly the head cop at that event, you didn’t see him panicking about all the guns that were freely being carried by so many people. It didn’t concern him a bit, because gun ownership tends to bring responsibility out in people. That’s why you never hear about gunmen attacking people at NRA conventions and gun shows. Having more guns in public makes a much safer society and Sheriff Jones understands that. But I did feel for him a bit when he spoke about being the lone voice in Butler County speaking out against the ridiculous safety levy. It was quite clear that the media and the schools were hoping to keep the issue away from voter’s minds so that when they did show up to vote they wouldn’t understand what the vote was. There hasn’t been much press on it in spite of Sheriff Jones calling out school districts on billboards for not adopting gun carry proposals before someone does get hurt. If the levy passes, school boards in Butler County will feed off that and not act, and will waste money on more personnel that they don’t need. The schools will still be soft targets and in danger, and taxes will go up. If the levy fails however, school boards will have to adopt a policy of letting teachers arm themselves to protect kids as a first responder in the classrooms and in the halls of our schools.

I understand its easy for me to say, I’ve had guns in my life all my life. Everyone I knew as a kid had them, and it was just something you learned growing up, all men knew something about guns. Learning to use them was a rite of passage into adulthood. To preserve that way of life I have been involved in Western Arts most of my life, certainly all of my adult life, so I have a lot of experience to draw from, as opposed to timid people who grew up with a liberal view of the world who simply are terrified of them. But being terrified isn’t an excuse for not acting. And being terrified isn’t an excuse to raise taxes either, just to say later that a school had additional safety people available to deal with a school shooting. We actually want to stop the violence before it happens and that means that not even calling the police will stop such a thing. The best way to stop a school shooter is to have a teacher in every hallway in every school there to engage a threat. And it should be the most impassioned teachers, people like that principal who threw herself at Adam Lanza. But we should not ask such teachers to throw away their lives to save other lives, we should give them the tools to walk away from the experience and that is what arming teachers in public schools is all about—making sure the right people walk away from the danger and ending the situation in seconds, not minutes.

Rich Hoffman

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A New Hope for Mankind: Contemplating President Trump’s magnificent United Nations speech

Forget the opposition, forget all the desperate politics from the so-called, “Deep State.” The speech that Donald Trump gave at the United Nations on Tuesday September 25, 2018 was just magnificent. I couldn’t help but think as I was watching it how far we’ve come in just a very short time from when people like Glenn Beck wrote books of dystopia in Agenda 21, and their was great fear of concentrations camps in America where conservatives would be sent under the Obama administration to what we have now, where an American president could go before the body of worldly nations and make a successful argument in favor of personal sovereignty. It was nothing short of a remarkable speech which you can see below. Anybody who is against this president and these ideas are just villainous people hell-bent on the end of America. I enjoyed the speech not just because I support this president, but because it was done with a goodness that could have only have come from American culture with the moral authority generated from a capitalist society.

To consider all the conditions that have been against this president, the Robert Mueller witch hunt, the terrible way that Judge Kavanaugh has been treated, the constant small-minded thumping that has come from the media culture, it is a miracle that Donald Trump could even stand before a collection of world leaders like that and even deliver such a confident speech with all the grace that such a thing could offer. While it was firm, it was not demeaning. It’s true, without Trump there would be no peace talks with North Korea, the American economy would not be doing so well—creating over $10 trillion dollars in new economic growth. There are a lot of aspects of life in America that would not be flourishing in a positive way that they are now if not for Trump’s resiliency and hard work, and even better than all that, they guy knows how to sell it which is always part of the challenge for any politician. Lucky for us all Trump is one of the best that there is at selling his ideas, and even more unique, he isn’t afraid of the hard work to make those ideas happen. If you can see the world beyond the limits of the media’s stagnated vision, we can see the beginnings of a very exciting time for which Trump has set the stage for everyone who dares to participate.

Gone is the fear and loathing of even a few years ago when the Deep State for which Trump referred to during his Inauguration address sat behind him plotting and scheming with mechanisms of manipulation that would have made Shakespeare blush. Yet Trump has been above it all from the very beginning. World leaders can’t wait to shake his hand and be a part of some deal that he leads, and things are happening quickly in ways that nobody would have ever thought. While there is a lot of dystopian concern from radio personalities like Glenn Beck and Alex Jones the personality of Donald Trump’s “bigness” has overcome everything that anybody has thrown at him and positioned us all for a unique stage in American politics for which we have ever been.

The sections of Trump’s speech that talked about communism and socialism were particularly magnificent. To paint such a picture as Trump did went well beyond anything that Ronald Reagan did to bring down the Berlin Wall, or end the threat of the U.S.S.R during the 1980s. It would be easy for Trump to fall into the trap of being overly conspiratorial with all the enemies that he does have in politics but what makes Trump so different, and special is that the guy just knows what winning is all about. I’ve been hearing a saying a lot lately that certainly applies to Trump, “winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners,” and it has been in that basic philosophy that we find our nation and the world in such a positive position currently.

There are a lot of people out there who would love to see the world burn, because at least they could maintain some level of power for which they could exploit through chaos. Trump is trying to take that chaos away and any lesser man would have long ago withered away. Given what he has been through it is simply amazing that he could even stand in front of the U.N. Assembly. Let alone stand up there and give a speech like that for which students of successful republics will be studying for centuries. It was in Trump’s love of winning and his focus on big projects built to the levels of his imagination that is making all this possible, and he’s sharing it not only with America, but with the world. Truly the way to a wonderful, and peaceful world is for each culture to share openly its uniqueness through sovereignty on open markets both financial and intellectually. Not through some intrusive bureaucratic body of aristocrats which is the direction that the world has taken since air travel made it possible to visit any country in the world within a day. The rapidity of transit clashed with some of our old ideas about top down management allowing financial globalists to contemplate a New World Order where the United Nations managed the affairs of Americans and eroded away our Constitution for the purpose of the greater good. But that “greater good” has been redefined by Donald Trump since his election and in just two years has culminated into that very wonderful speech.

World peace and economic prosperity are not created in the vacuum chamber of intellectuals ruling from some palace of politics. They are created by the visionaries of free people who dare to use their vast imaginations to solve complicated problems. It is that specific feature of thinking that makes humans different from all other animals on planet earth and makes our species the hope of a universe. While its possible that we may discover that there is intelligent life out there in space, it is so far only known that humans can gaze at a planet like Pluto and determine that frozen nitrogen is creating unique landscapes on the surface of that planet by gathering information from so far away and using our minds to paint a picture of understanding that would be impossible to any other living thing. Trump has captured that ability of the human race and put it on a big stage for people to step up to, not to hide from.

I don’t know how many times I have said that I am so proud of this president. He is worth all the controversy and pain it took to get to him. But now that he is president we should all consider ourselves lucky to have such a person in the White House doing the good business of the American people. And because of him people all around the world are getting a real chance at life that they had never had before. Just thinking of the people of North Korea and the possibility of the Korean War coming to an end and the people there having for the first time in any of their lives the opportunity for economic expansion. For a change we have an American president who understands that making money is the way to solve many of the world’s problems, and he stood before the United Nations and challenged them to do so, and for that we are entering a new age for which we all have the potential to be better. And that is just a joy to see.

Rich Hoffman

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