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Megyn Kelly Uses Sex to Get Alex Jones Interview–and Gets Caught: A huge black eye for NBC News

Remember what I said about Megyn Kelly’s interview with Russian leader Vladimir Putin?   CLICK HERE TO REVIEW. It only pulled in 6.1 million viewers and she was pummeled by the ex-KGB leader in content. In her obvious hatred of Donald Trump she looked for the fire behind the smoke of the Russian investigation story but all she found was a smoke bomb for which Putin placed right in her lap with a smile.  That smile said, “there is no fire in Russia-but it brought you here so I could look up your skirt.  Russia had no collusion with the Trump campaign.”  After that failure you’d think she would have learned but clearly she is an average talent and has used her looks to advance her career and now she has thoroughly blown it—she picked Alex Jones as one of her next interviews. Obviously she is on a female power trip to attack all alpha males in their natural habitats and to launch NBC news back into a reputable place with their liberal base while attempting to discredit the 6 million viewers who watch and listen to Alex Jones. She didn’t know what she was getting into.

Jones had been recording her which she should have assumed, so the way she landed the interview with the controversial radio broadcaster was truly embarrassing leaving Kelly exposed in a big way before her show even aired.  She went for a kill and the gun ended up in her own mouth.  It was unbelievable how she went about convincing Alex Jones to speak to her.  So she did it all to herself.  He certainly didn’t go to her.  She played with fire and got burnt badly.  Jones released elements of their interview together along with secretly recorded tapes which told the whole story before Megyn Kelly was even able to get her content on the air showing that internet journalism is much faster than the old static network broadcasting which attempts to build up a story for days to pad the ratings. Jones beat her to the punch with his recordings which revealed Megyn Kelly groveling like a bar whore on Jones’ recent custody battle obviously pandering to him the way a woman might do who wants to be the next girl in a man’s life. She told him all the right things trying to gain his sympathy and she certainly used her sex to do it.

The subplot to Megyn Kelly’s climb to power started when she was given the 9 PM spot at Fox News where she challenged Bill O’Reilly for supremacy.  Then she accused Roger Ailes of sexual misconduct which if you listen to her interview with Alex Jones, she was obviously prone to flirting with men to get what she wanted.  Ailes probably talked about her sexy bras because she was showing them off hoping to get his attention—then when he did she sprang her trap and built a human resource case against him to bump up her pay and hold her position on the network, until she could find someone else to jump to—like the much more liberal NBC.  When she attacked Donald Trump in the Fox News debate of August 2015 which he turned on her very cleverly, it left her very publicly humiliated.  Over the next year she worked with Gretchen Carlson to oust Ailes at Fox which occurred on July 21st 2016.  He died a few months after a $20 million dollar settlement with Carlson.  And Megyn Kelly’s role in running an underground network of disgruntled women at Fox News continued to give radical leftist groups insight like a Trojan horse into the network which eventually brought down Bill O’Reilly—unjustifiably.  Megyn after her scorched earth at Fox News and a feud with Donald Trump that continued for over a year as he rose to power and prominence eventually winning the presidency, hurt her at Fox so she left for one of Trump’s enemies at NBC still looking for revenge over their inability to get back at him for leaving The Apprentice to run for president. Without Megyn picking a fight with Donald Trump, she doesn’t get the offer to work at NBC.

And that’s what we got from the behind the scenes stuff with Alex Jones is an insight into how she works—and that makes it clear what she’s always been doing.  Kelly has been building herself up as a kind of Wonder Woman—attacking all these masculine forces around the world at the highest level using sex to get into their door then using the evidence of their advancements to turn the tables on them.  Obviously it didn’t work with Putin, or Trump so for some reason she thought she could lure Alex Jones into a gotcha trap to attack his 6 million viewers—but he never let her get off the ground. This was the second big failure for her on a high profile exposé within a month and this one was considerably worse given the pre-interview recordings that Jones put out showing Kelly’s behavior when the cameras were turned off.

Megyn let Alex flirt with her to get what she wanted—she conducted herself no different than a stripper at a gentlemen’s club—massaging the ego of the customer she thought would give her what she wanted while all along she planned to attack him even though she promised that she never would.  Her bosses at NBC wanted blood and she was going to deliver with the progressive intention of further brining down masculinity in American culture by showing what a bunch of pigs these men were.  But Alex avoided the temptation to be taken seriously by a beautiful woman at a traditional network and stuck to his guns.  By recording who she was behind the camera it was easy to see how Ailes and many others over the years had been pulled into traps by power climbing women like Megyn Kelly only to be destroyed as a result when those women stick the knife in their backs–just a hint, if a woman is at your desk and she bends down so you can see down her shirt advertising her goods—she’s very aware of what she’s doing—it’s a good idea not to comment or even consider taking the bait.  In these modern times nobody does it as openly as Megyn Kelly.

When we say we are at war, this is what it looks like.  Long gone is the chivalry of battlefield antics where life and death are articulated with the strategy of political supremacy.  What we have now is literally just the war at the political level without the weapons of conflict to confuse the issue leaving this raw and unromantic battle for which we are seeing play out in our cultural roots. Megyn Kelly is attacking masculinity and tradition to give her political side a victory and Alex Jones is fighting against the corporate structure that is embedded in culture to remove the collectivist roots behind it which seek to spread a form of communism to every corner of the globe—and NBC is obviously committed to that very strategy—proud as a Peacock. But like a soldier being visited by a whore when the bullets weren’t flying Megan Kelly visited the recently divorced conspiracy leader at his home in Austin, Texas and tried to seduce him into a mistake.  But Alex was looking for the knife well before it came out and once again Megyn Kelly has shown that she is what Trump has always said about her—a lightweight. She was only given her show at NBC because of her sex and her ability to use it to get close to powerful men whom she could attack to gain power.  But this time she ran out of luck and her past collided with her future—and when given the chance, Alex Jones didn’t hesitate to conduct his metaphorical kill shot.  And it’s good that he did—because if he hadn’t—she would have.

Rich Hoffman

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CNN in Butler County, Ohio at Rick’s Tavern: From Eliot Ness to Ian Flemming–Comey is in trouble

IMG_4642Of course when CNN came to Butler County to do a piece on the James Comey hearings seeking the reaction of Trump supporters I wasn’t going to pass up on the opportunity.  CNN has been hostile to Trump and they were coming to my turf—and I got an invite.  So I spent the day with several other Trump troops from southern Ohio at Rick’s Tavern in Fairfield watching the Comey hearings which CNN set up as a kind of watch party and we stuck around to give our live reaction on Anderson Cooper’s show later that night.  The CNN people were very professional and accommodating so the event went off without any contention.  We originally were supposed to be on the Anderson Cooper show for two 15 minute segments, but because of the busy news day that was whittled down to a 4 minute piece at 9:35 PM.   So we had a problem, we had nine Trump people at Rick’s Tavern to do live television and we all had a few pages of notes that we had taken from the testimony to fill a half hour of air time.  But somehow we had to narrow all that down into a 20 second statement.  So when the camera turned to me I wasn’t sure what I was going to say or even where to start about my various thoughts–I said this.

I’ll get more into the details of the Comey hearing itself in the days to come but for this occasion, I’ll share my notes for future reference and focus on the positive experience we had with CNN at Rick’s Tavern as Americans.

Comey Notes taken on 6/8/2017:

  • Mark Warner made a dangerous assertion with the resolute conclusion of the Russian investigation as his foundation argument. How would he know that?

  • In a world where international cooperation and compromise are praised, it is interesting that working with the Russians is even something that would cause suspicion in the first place.

  • Comey says that the impression of the FBI was not in dismay, which is a purely emotional response. Saying something doesn’t make it true.

  • Russian cyber intrusion by the Russians according to Comey, started in 2015 under Obama.

  • Comey said that Trump lied about him and the FBI. That perspective comes from a guy who was in charge at the time and is now an ex-employee speaking from hurt feelings.

  • Judgment of Trump’s character was that Trump might lie about him—based again purely on feelings.

  • Comey assumes that the Trump dinner was a way to get something on the FBI director to use his job as a bargaining chip to control Comey’s investigations. Again, this was purely emotionally based.   Comey made a lot of assumptions.

  • Don’t remember that Comey specifically said “chose to defame me.”

  • How did Comey know he needed to write down everything—the premise was rooted in mistrust from the beginning? The interesting thing is that Comey did not have the same level of conviction when Attorney General Loretta Lynch told him to handle the Hillary Clinton case as a “matter.”  Lynch was clearly trying to shape the FBI case, yet Comey did not respond with indignation the way he did with Trump.  He obviously had made up his mind about Trump before the president took office.

  • Comey said he was uncomfortable with Trump after the meeting with him on January 6th.


  • Trump and Comey never spoke after April 11th.

  • Comey said he’d be “honestly loyal,” to Trump.

  • Comey didn’t do his duty because of the pressure from Lynch. Shows a history of bad decisions by over thinking things.

  • FBI leadership team didn’t want to speak with Jeff Sessions.

  • “Gut feel of the nature of the person I was interacting with.” This is how Comey referred to Trump.

  • Comey asked a friend that is a professor at Columbia school of journalism to leak his personal notes to the press hoping to invoke a special investigation.

  • Comey says that Russia actively participated in American elections with a great level of sophistication. But that’s nothing new, the United States does the same.  The problem is with the DNC letting themselves become victims with loose information.

  • Why would the president kick everyone out of the room—because business guys know from experience that it’s a good way to communicate and size people up—not letting them hide behind other people.

  • What is the difference in speaking one on one in a private setting and speaking on the phone with someone. This is something that Roy Blunt brought up—why would Comey feel different in person than on a phone call?

  • Comey leaked info to a friend—guilty of activism—seeking a special counsel to do what he didn’t have the courage to do himself. While he showed caution in not having a special investigation occur with Hillary Clinton, but had no problem letting one happen to President Trump.

  • Comey established a pattern of very weak behavior which likely has more to do with his firing than anything otherwise contemplated.

  • Likely, notes leaked to The New York Times are still in the possession of Comey’s friend. Seriously bad judgment.

  • Case is on obstruction of justice only if the intent was to cover up the Russian investigation. It assumes that job performance was not a factor.

  • Comey referred to himself as “captain courageous.”

As we went on the air many other Trump supporters showed up to fill in the background of the bar—specifically the Biker’s for Trump guys—so there was an ambiance of positivity that was distinctly patriotic.  The news coverage all day long had been very negative for Trump, but I didn’t see things that way, which is why I answered my question the way I did.  Clearly Comey wasn’t an honest Boy Scout as he had been playing.  He was in fact one of the big Washington Beltway leakers and he was doing it from a very high level.

He was in trouble—serious trouble and that wasn’t lost to me during the testimony.  When Comey had said he leaked his memo to a friend who then leaked it to the press, I made eye contact with the CNN producer Stephen Samaniego and he knew it too.  This wasn’t a partisan issue or a group of Ohio Trump supporters living in the bubble of regional conservatism.  Comey had admitted to something that was very serious and Trump had nailed him to the wall with Comey’s own show boating.  Once the smoke cleared from the day’s events, to the time we went on live with Anderson Cooper—that was the story.

As I watched the CNN guys and the live show on the monitor as we were finally set-up for our official shots it was clear to me that this was all part of making America Great Again.  The epic showdown on Capital Hill with Comey–flushing him out as a leaker, getting him to reveal what Loretta Lynch had revealed about the Hillary Clinton case—which we all suspected—was all part of this new Trump approach to things.  Now we had proof—testimony anyway—it all occurred because of the way Trump does things. None of this would have happened with any other president.  The Iran Contra hearings nearly destroyed all the good things that Reagan did—and here was Trump plowing through everything relentlessly and the political left was making major mistakes under the pressure of Trump.  And here was CNN honestly soul-searching for an understanding of how people think from the heartland of the Trump voter—Butler Country, Ohio with some of the leaders of the ground game there to talk.

They were truly curious whether or not we’d still be with him and they picked Rick’s Tavern with its big America flag hanging out front to understand why. They asked good questions and we answered them the best we could in 20 seconds.  When it came to me I said what I did, Comey portrayed himself as an honest Eliot Ness FBI agent from the Untouchables.  But what he ended up being was just a 6’8” cowering bureaucrat who knew how to talk a good game, but when the rubber hit the road, he was lost.  Trump was exposing that month by month making it so that Comey couldn’t hide it any more.  Barack Obama had no idea what competency was but here was a real businessman who knew value in people and Comey knew he was in trouble. So he decided to become the villain of a spy novel and go about passive aggressively leaking information about Trump to take down the new president—and Trump sniffed him out.  That’s when Comey made the biggest mistake of his life—he leaked his notes to a Columbia professor friend to leak the story to The New York Times.  That’s how I came up with the Ian Flemming reference—because Comey was far more interested with images and storylines than substance and facts.

I think there were around 5 million people watching CNN at that time slot so I was very proud of the opportunity to defend President Trump in the trenches, even if it was only 20 seconds—the comments did what they were supposed to do.  And for those who read here everyday, they know that there is a lot more where that came from.  I’d do it again in a second.  Trump is doing a great job, and I appreciate it, and will fight for him all day long so that he can keep doing that job.

Rich Hoffman

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The Failed Mental Health of Hillary Clinton: A Democratic Party that is technically insane

In a lot of ways, as an American society, we were a lot more curious about maintaining our mental health in the 1980s than we are in this age of 2017. Quit Riot the rock group wrote songs about it and Dr. Scott Peck was at the top of the New York Times best sellers list every week throughout the 80s with his Roads Less Traveled books.   I read all his books back then and many whom I dealt with pushed me as a young man to get into psychiatry because I was naturally good at it.  Everyone I knew used me in some form as a psychoanalyst to help them sort through all their problems.  The primary reason I didn’t was because of Dr. Peck as he was not shy about discussing how revolting it was to treat some of his patients.  You see, he was making a case in the 80s for diagnosing evil as an actual mental illness—which was intriguing.  And as he stated, most of the people suffering enough to need his help were obviously proportionally evil by the nature of their mental health—and it bothered him to always have to be in their proximity.  So I eliminated that as a career choice very early in life—but I’ve always had an inclination toward psychoanalysis.  I read accurately the motivations of people by watching for their non verbal communication matched with all the things they say which they think are hidden from detection—and I can pretty much nail down anybody under any circumstances.  If I let things slip by unspoken, it’s on purpose—because I don’t miss anything.  Sometimes once you pin someone’s motive down before they are ready to admit things to themselves, you can destroy them intellectually, and I’m not in the business of doing that—even to people I think are functioning from pure evil.  So that natural inclination made for me an infinitely fascinating viewing of Hillary Clinton talking about why she lost the election of 2016—which exploded upon the news cycle this week.  It was extraordinarily fascinating.

Not only is Hillary Clinton functioning 100% from what the late Dr. Peck might refer to as clinical evil, she is excessively mentally very ill. During the campaign, many of us who don’t like her and would never vote for her joked about her mental health, but after watching her talk openly about the pain she felt at this stage in her life, we should all breathe a sigh of relief that we didn’t end up with her in the White House.  She is sick and completely delusional to reality. By her own testimony, she took no responsibility for her failure as a candidate.  She blamed the DNC which was completely her creation.  She blamed the media which was as behind her with full support as a free press could possibly be, and she ultimately blamed Barack Obama for her failures as a candidate when ultimately it was her own criminal acts which did her in.  The bad work of the Clinton Foundation couldn’t be hidden from a tough election and her email scandal should have kept her off the ticket completely if the DNC had not been fully behind her.  It was astonishing to hear her talk about these issues devoid of complete responsibility.  Even amateur psychiatrists could write a 50-page paper on her clinical failures as a person of extraordinary mental deficiency.

Obviously, we are dealing with bad, evil people when we deal with Hillary Clinton, her DNC, Barack Obama and his abuse of the NSA spying on Americans for political use—using American intelligence and the IRS as a political weapon against their opposition—and all the people willing to turn a blind eye to these actions—we are dealing with the dregs of society. It’s no longer a partisan debate between political philosophies—it’s a fight between sanity and insanity—good and evil foundation thinking.  I think at some level we were all aware of how bad Hillary Clinton and her Democrats were, but now that we have her opening up and speaking the way a patient might speak to a psychiatrist we see what was only hidden before behind media handlers and professional spin doctors in full compliance with a supportive media obviously addicted to evil intentions.

If you compare Hillary Clinton’s statements to Kathy Griffin’s, where she thought it wise to hold the fake severed head of Donald Trump up to a camera for all recorded history—we can see clearly that all these people are functioning from clinical psychiatric evil spun way out of control made worse because there hasn’t been any competition of thought to keep them intellectually in check. Like I said, back in the day when Dr. Peck was writing books, mental health was much more of an open discussion—where actions were connected to reality.  What we have now is an entire society raised by our public education institutions that has disconnected action from responsibility and it has been people like Hillary Clinton who have created that culture from our political top—with eight years in the White House during the 90s, then with her stints as a senator, then a failed Secretary of State before predictably running for president.  People have watched her over the years and supported her—and she validated their own failures which then perpetuated the behavior further on a global scale.  If you sit down with a Hillary Clinton supporter and really dig deep into their motivations of support you will find varying degrees of mental illness as it was classically prescribed by psychiatrists like Dr. Peck.  Behind the average Hillary supporter is likely a person who grew up in a poor family structure, people who suffer from insecurities, various phobias and eating disorders and their support of a big daddy government is their ticket to redemption—in their eyes.  Villains like Hillary drunk for power use those sick people to fuel her own proclivity toward evil—the crushing of life in favor of death—such as support for abortion, reckless sex practices, and failing to identify radical cults like Islamic extremists as terrorists.  Even her support of gun control is evil because it fails for instance to properly solve the many deaths that are happening in places like Chicago—which are more creations of the liberal left—the slums of Chicago where drugs and crime are part of their currency.  Failure to solve the problem or advocating more of the same is sheer evil—and Hillary Clinton is at the front of the line in advocating for the spread of evil in the case of Chicago and many other places.  We are dealing with people who are dangerously mentally sick.

What we saw in Hillary this week we all knew was there, but the confirmation was what was extraordinary. To see it with our own eyes was truly revealing.  I personally think Hillary Clinton should be condemned to an insane asylum and I’m not kidding.  I had a friend years ago who was suffering from a complete mental breakdown—and it wasn’t his fault ultimately.  It was his job to fix it, but his parents delivered him massive amounts of intellectual weight that a 13 through 15-year-old just wasn’t prepared to handle and he ended up in the mental ward more than once.  I’d visit him and had a chance to see people who were really broken—swatting at things that weren’t there, and had lost their grip on reality completely.  Hillary Clinton is worse than those people—let me tell you that.  She is a caricature for a liberal reality that is being squeezed by an actual reality and she is standing in defiance of it—which is terribly dangerous not only for her, but for everyone who knows and supports her.  We are dealing with a massive mental illness that can only be described as the entire Democratic Party.  And from what we’ve seen this week, that is not an inflammatory statement.

Rich Hoffman
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Thank God Greg Gianforte Won: We need more politicians who body slam reporters

Yes, Greg Gianforte still won in the Montana special election for a valued Republican congressional seat after he body slammed a Napoleon Dynamite type Guardian reporter to the ground and broke his glasses.  I’m not going to tell you dear reader that you should never body slam reporters like Rush Limbaugh, Paul Ryan and most of the Fox New television personalities.  Rather, I’ll say that sometimes violence is part of life and when people disrespect your space, you have to take action.  It’s unfortunate that these things sometimes happen, and Gianforte apologized for losing his cool, but when these pin-headed millennial, skinny pants, metro sexual, progressive reporters try to hide their malice behind civility, sometimes the only remedy for them is a good ass kicking.

I would say I’m an excellent communicator and whenever violence happens it’s a complete breakdown in communicative options. But even then about two or three times a year I get into a scuffle with somebody over something and violence does take place occasionally.  Now I haven’t punched someone in the face in a long time—haven’t needed to recently.  But I can certainly see where Gianforte needed to hold his ground from an intrusive reporter trying to get his story at the expense of the congressional candidate’s sanity.  Gianforte was in the final stretch of an election he worked hard on and he didn’t feel like talking and this prick stuck a microphone into his personal zone—so what did that reporter think was going to happen?  You see, these stupid kids think they can be ass holes because they are protected by the law.  But in the good ol’ days when men were men, women were women, and dogs slept on the porch protecting the front door from bad guys—people had respect for each other because if things got out of line, a fight might break out—so civility took front stage in most discussions.

Liberals were aghast that Gianforte won the election and they attributed the victory to the “Age of Trump” where alpha males are making a comeback and are on a rampage—which I would say is the liberals own fault. They are the ones who pushed their luck and if liberals hadn’t abused people for such a long time with this tight-assed political correctness, people like Gianforte wouldn’t be gaining grounds in these elections.  But I can say I couldn’t be happier.  I wouldn’t have cared if Gianforte made a belt out of that Guardian reporter, I would have voted for him in less than a second.  Not that we need “men” in these positions over say “women” but we do need authentic people who will stand their ground when pressed even to the point where they are body slamming people when necessary—because sometimes it is necessary.

A lot of times when I find myself in such a situation it is due to all the methods of civility being exhausted and pricks like that reporter still keep pressing as they hide behind contemporary rules and sensibilities to pry at you when they think you won’t strike back. That is precisely when you have to grab them by the throat and smash them to the ground because they assume you won’t do it—because the rules of society currently favor them at the moment. But it wasn’t always that way—and I’d argue that we should return to such times for the sake of humanity.  It’s OK to press for a story and even to be aggressive.  But people have a right to have their minds and if they don’t feel like talking that doesn’t give a reporter the right to stick a microphone down their throats out of the illusion that the “public” has a right to know everything anytime.  The “Age of Trump” is clearly a trend in the direction of personal sanctity—which is starting to emerge in elections and will make America stronger for sure.

It is perfectly alright to occasionally kick the shit out of someone, especially if they deserve it. You may get into a lot of trouble for it—and I have—but it’s good for everyone to have that out there as an option.  It is not good for a society to assume that violence has been taught out of our society and that the state will sort out all conflicts between human beings as liberals think.  Most conflicts are better resolved in the moment and when I have had fights with people I find that afterwards healthy understandings develop that allow for a respectful relationship instead of the issue lingering in court for months and costing both sides thousands of dollars.  A good punch in the face can save everyone a lot of money and get to a respectful exchange much faster and more effectively and these stupid millennial kids who work as reporters these days as extensions of their liberal college educations need to learn some hard lessons.  If you press someone like Gianforte in disrespectful ways, he might body slam you to the ground.  You don’t get up from something like that and say, “you just body slammed me and broke my glasses.”  What a pussy.  You get back in his face if you think he did you wrong and you fight it out.  That weasel you see hoped to use the law ,or the threat of a law, to allow him to continue to attack Gianforte as a member of the protected press.  He assumed that the congressional candidate wouldn’t be able to fight back and would just stand there and take it.

We see the results in people like Bill O’Reilly who has lost his very good job to losers like this Guardian reporter.  I spent some time in Europe this year and watched for weeks on end little pricks like that body slammed reporter espouse hours of liberal rhetoric without fear of any kind that somebody might punch them in the face for being ass holes—because they live in a “civilized progressive society” in Europe and nobody takes action against anything.   They just sit around eating food and drinking wine as their nations drown in financial ruin.  But not so in America.  Thankfully we are turning away from that European pussyness and are starting to elect people like Trump and now Gianforte who will hold their ground when pressed—because that is more representative of the American people than the Napoleon Dynamite press corp.

Ten years ago Napoleon Dynamite was a favorite movie in my house.  We watched it many times and laughed openly upon those viewings—because there was a lot of truth in it.  But now those kids of that generation are now working in Washington as reporters and they are a bunch of pussies.  For many of them they have a good ass kicking coming—it may be the only way to straighten them out.  So while I understand why Gianforte apologized—rightfully, I am happy that he still won the election, that people stood behind him—because he was the right guy to win.  And if he needs to body slam someone in congress, I hope he won’t refrain from doing so, because sometimes that is the necessary thing to do—when law and order have been exhausted, and debate found useless—sometimes the right thing is just to pick somebody up and throw them to the ground beating the snot out of them, and breaking their God-damn glasses.   Because in doing so you might be doing them a favor that will help them not be ass holes to other people for the rest of their lives.  And without that threat, the human race is a weaker, and more evil species.  There is honesty in conflict which has a value all its own.

Congratulations Greg Gianforte!

Rich Hoffman

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Saving the Middle East: See the smoke, the DNC has the matches

Long before Donald Trump was running for president I had read his books, because why not—he was enormously successful personally and I wanted to know his thoughts on business. He did have for most of the last decade one of the top-rated television shows about project management and general business practices that there was on The Apprentice—so reading Trump’s books was a logical thing to do.  He thinks big and correctly on most things business related and he really knows how to prioritize concepts for actual implementation.   Given that, I thought it was laughable that a bunch of pin-head establishment types actually questioned his foreign policy experience when Trump had been traveling around the world for years networking and building some of the best real estate that is out there—anywhere.  Politicians argued that the experience gained from the private sector would be of little use to Trump.  I thought otherwise of course and cast my vote along with intellectual support appropriately.  Through the first 100 days of Trump’s presidency it was obvious he was going to have good foreign policy.  But it was when he left for his first foreign visits starting with Saudi Arabia, then Israel, then the Vatican and onward that it became clear just how good Trump was going to be.

Knowing Trump through his books and watching him over the years, I feel I know what he’s doing in the Middle East and it’s working. By the reception of him in Saudi Arabia it was clear that they wanted to send him a message that they wanted to be in the United States corner—in a big way.  No other American president in history could have commanded that kind of respect and it comes due to the fact that Trump was successful as a person long before he was ever a politician and all those guys know him.  So with the power of the United States at Trump’s back—they literally rolled out the red carpet with a massive ceremony.  The trip to Israel was followed with similar enthusiasm.  Anybody who thought Trump was going to be a bumbling mess unprepared for foreign engagement was sadly mistaken and you could tell by the dead silence from the political left that the president’s foreign trip was a glittering success.  You’d have to be dead not to see the light of it.

What Trump’s foreign policy visit demolishes is this old aristocratic notion that elected office holders without any merit to their name were somehow superior to hard-working people who arrived at the top the old-fashioned way. That notion has been shattered forever as it will take years for those reluctant lefties to admit just how good Trump has been on foreign policy.  Reading a lot of history I can say that the ramifications of this trip will resonate through the centuries to come.  Teddy Roosevelt had a similar moment during his second term as president when he painted battleships white and paraded them around the world to show that America had arrived on the global stage.  Big speeches from Martin Luther King and John Kennedy came to my mind as Trump spoke about evil and the soul in the heart of Islam.  I could almost see the future exhibits at Disney World’s Epcot Center where Trump’s words would speak to the future generations quoting that speech as the moment that peace in the Middle East started.  Of course there is years of work yet to be done between Israel and the Palestinians, but history will look back to this point in time when it started.  Trump and the show surrounding him was simply amazing.

Meanwhile the small-minded press was stuck all Monday morning trying to push a silly narrative that the Russians helped Trump get elected president—and it wasn’t sticking. The Seth Rich story is picking up steam because there is fire behind the smoke and it leads to a DNC holding the matches.  The Russian story is going nowhere and once the fuel of that narrative runs out, Trump is going to have all these successful endeavors to show for his body of work and the political left is going to really have a bad day then because they will have by that time alienated themselves from the victories of the “American” team.  And all these methods of doing things were always there in Trump’s books if people would have just read them.  He’s doing exactly what I elected him to do—in precisely the correct way.

When you’ve been at the top of the game for as long as Trump has events like this foreign visit are a piece of cake. In Trump’s case the risk is all political which at his age he could care less.  It’s not like he’s trying to set up a nice job after he gets out of office.  Unlike doing deals when his own money and reputation were at stake, this stuff is easy for him and it shows.  Politicians who have never achieved anything in life in the past always relied on the unspoken code of lost aristocracy in such occasions—which is why nothing ever happened but talk.  Trump as a man of action expects results and the people he is dealing with know it, and respect it—which is the largest difference in this case.  People in life respect results driven people and that is why there is a real opportunity to finally have tangible results in foreign policy from this current White House.

The political hate for which so many subscribe is driven largely not in jealously toward Trump but in the fear that what Trump does will inspire more merit based results in the future—which is going to happen regardless of their made-up rebellion about Russia manipulating the American election. Democrats lost the 2016 election because they sucked and their media outlets in bed with them did not have the minds of America as strongly as they thought they did.   And with just a few more months of behavior against President Trump as they have so far engaged, where 93% of all news stories about the new president have been negative—they are losing credibility by the day, yet they can’t stop themselves from making the situation worse.  They just can’t get it through their heads that politics has changed in America from one of subscription to a long dead aristocracy to one driven by merit.  People respect people for what they do in life, not what name they have or what society they belong to.  Trump is the embodiment of merit.

Trump is playing chess several games ahead of everyone else while the world is playing checkers. Or put another way, the world is playing Tick Tack, Toe while Trump is playing high stakes Poker.  In Poker holding the right cards and bluffing when needed is part of the game and people playing the simpler games in the media must understand that Trump is playing this game for goodness well beyond the most intricate manipulations seen in some television show like House of Cards.  Part of Trump’s brilliance is that he doesn’t speak like a master of the English language—he speaks common speak—but he thinks on a scale that defies his ability to communicate it except in non-verbal communication—the way he walks, shakes hands, and stares at the camera.  For instance, Trump’s visit to the Western Wall which inflamed both sides in the Israeli/Palestinian negotiations was purely tactical.  Trump can do something like that where nobody else would even dare it.  After all, from a business perspective, if you always do what you’ve always done……………..you know the rest.  Trump made himself the first U.S. President to visit the site—ever.  Yet he can do it without overthinking the situation because it evokes an improvement in the situation.  It forces everyone to put their cards on the table and show what they have—which a professional negotiator at any basic level should be able to do.

Politicians and aristocratic loving media who wish to report on the pomp of the presidential office don’t like Trump because for a change the job is getting done the way the Founding Fathers always intended. We were never supposed to have a bunch of peacocks working from the Executive Branch trying to appease people instead of driving them to perform.  To perform a person must understand through merit what they are asking and in regard to politicians, they just don’t have it.  But Trump does and that was on full display in the Middle East. History has been made in a big way and the world will certainly never be the same—for the better.

Rich Hoffman

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The DNC Murders: What The Washington Post knows about the slain WikiLeaks informant

Now we know why the media made such a story out of a totally false allegation that Trump leaked classified information to the Russians during a visit last week to the Oval Office. It wasn’t because it happened, but because a private investigator revealed that the slain DNC staffer Seth Rich was in contact with WikiLeaks.  So, all the evidence as it appears now indicated that members of the DNC had Seth Rich killed for leaking documents which turned out to be the downfall of the Democratic Party.  This story was much bigger than Watergate before this bombshell information was released—now it’s in a category all its own in American history.  And the media is complacent in the cover-up.  They know it so they came up with this ridiculously stupid Trump story about leaking classified information to the Russians hoping to put the president on his heels and turn the attention of the world away from this very vile act.  This Seth Rich story isn’t a conspiracy at this point as there is hard evidence to the crime—far more evidence than anything linking the Russians to the 2016 election—so given that as a criterion, many in the media along with several members of the American media need to go on trial for their role in covering up a murder.

I don’t believe anything anybody says about Trump because many of the same kind of loony terms have been thrown in my direction in the past. These days they all hope to ignore me all together because their acts of force against me went nowhere—and believe me, they have tried.  So now they just use passive aggressive strategies hoping that nobody notices.  I see those same strategies being applied to Trump so nothing they say I believe—from personal experience. That’s important to clarify because I’m certainly no conspiracy theorist when I’ve pointed out all the people who ended up dead around Hillary and Bill Clinton over the years.  When the facts point you in a direction you have to follow them to a resolution and that would be that the Clintons run their political apparatus in the same way that mobsters do.  When someone gets in their way or threaten what they want to do, death is not off the table—and what was revealed in WikiLeaks showed that the DNC was as corrupt as the Al Capone mob in Chicago—and naturally people died when they tried to expose it for what it was.  Using the facts as evidence, we can draw no other conclusion than Seth Rich was killed for going rogue and that his murder was made to look like a break-in as a cover story and that the reason the case was closed so quickly was that the mayor of Washington D.C. likely pulled back the investigation to prevent further analysis.

Meanwhile, to take the light off themselves the DNC has come up with the Russian cover story hoping to throw people off the trail that leads to their door. They are doing this partly out of old Cold War paranoia and to be honest they probably came up with the idea after watching the Steven Spielberg movie, Bridge of Spies.  In reality Russia isn’t a threat to us any more essentially because they don’t have the money for a fight.  They might get a little raucous from time to time, but they are hardly a competitor on the field of play.  The DNC and Hillary Clinton lost the election because they are out of fashion and their mobster ways are not conducive to modern politics.  They can’t kill enough people to get elected any more out of pure fear.  They must have ideas—which they don’t and that is the heart of the whole conspiracy.  It’s not anything that Trump did, it’s all them.

When people start dying over another group of people’s lack of ideas that’s when this matter is no longer just politics, but a pursuit of justice. Obviously in this case the villains are in the media because right on the mark they came to the defense of their political party, the DNC without much provocation that we can see on the surface to make up complete falsehoods about President Trump.  Both papers citing this negative story on Trump are anti-Trump newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post—hardly unbiased outlets.  In fact both have been hostile toward Trump from the beginning. The Post is owned by Jeff Bezos from Amazon.com fame who is as anti-Trump as you can get, so there obviously isn’t any hard news reporting behind the accusations—only rumors and speculation started in the board rooms of those two lefty news publications trying desperately to hang on to the old-world controls they enjoyed.  However, their timing on this story shows they know more than they should because they released the information just hours ahead of the Seth Rich story which means the people at The New York Times and The Washington Post know more than they’ve let on over this whole case.  Apparently, many people within the DNC know what has been going on behind the scenes which resulted in the death of a young staffer providing information to WikiLeaks—for which he was obviously killed—by the facts presented so far.

Given the way that the media has treated Trump and his supporters, making accusations on evidence that under normal circumstances would require a lot more vetting before drawing conclusions, we must assume that both The New York Times and The Washington Post are complicit in the murder of Seth Rich because of their obvious support of the DNC—a criminal organization—and the timing of their latest hit piece on Donald Trump—for which they wouldn’t have had even an ounce of evidence from which to report.  Their willingness to go off the deep end at the particular time they did implies guilt which certainly deserves aggressive prosecution.  One thing is for sure in this matter—they are not without guilt to some degree because they obviously have knowledge of the crime otherwise they wouldn’t have made the decisions that they did make on May 16th 2017.

I might not think all these things except for personal experience and if you magnify that to this rather global case, these newspapers that broke the Trump/Russian story are guilty as Hell is hot. I thought it was odd that the lead headline at 6 PM everywhere yesterday was that Trump leaked information (that he is privileged to declassify as president) to the Russians as he was trying to make a deal between Ukraine and Russia by getting them to focus on a common problem.  That wasn’t a story worthy of such commotion, but then the real story broke, that a private investigator confirmed that Seth Rich was speaking to WikiLeaks and that it was highly likely that he was Killed by the DNC due to the incriminating evidence.  And that cover-up extends all the way into our mainstream media and our justice department’s at the doorstep of James Comey—which is really why he was fired.

The scheme obviously worked because talk radio powerhouse Rush Limbaugh spent the first two hours of his broadcast defending Trump’s White House on The Washington Post allegations.  To his credit Rush did explore the ownership connection and rivalry of Jeff Bezos and his political motivations in using that paper to harm the Trump presidency.  But it wasn’t until hour three that Limbaugh even brought up the Seth Rich story, and I’d attribute that to him avoiding being labeled as a conspiracy theorist, which conservatives are always worried about being called, even though the lefties come up with the most bizarre theories of all—but are never called such bad names by the press.  Even more telling though is that this Seth Rich story is so terrible, like a lot of things the Clintons have been involved in were, conservatives simply can’t get their minds around it.  They have a hard time understanding the kind of mass evil that would have to take place for something like that to even happen.  Rush knew a certain part of his audience would want to hear what he thought about the DNC killing so he put it on the part of his show where most of his audience have gone back to lunch.  Hour three is towards the end of the day and most of his listeners are busy with other things by then, so that was the safe time to talk about it.  But to my experience it was the headliner and when everything is revealed we’ll discover that it was the big newspapers who are in on the killings—maybe not by act, but in complicit behavior.  They knew this story was breaking and they attempted to deflect it—and that is indicative of criminal activity.  It is for these types of reasons that we can never trust institutional government—because there are just too many people out there who desire power to conduct themselves properly when they have it.  That’s why we have freedom of speech and the right to bear arms—because things do go bad and one of our political parties is operating as a shadow government in full view of our press—and under the assistance of it.  And if someone gets in their way, we can see that lives will be taken and no form of justice will stop them—except for a loaded gun.

Keep that in mind as the months come.  Click here to read more:


Rich Hoffman


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Bill Maher and Stephen Colbert Can’t Make it in the Real World: Understanding the nature of American culture and Donald Trump

This tendency of media personalities to think that by ankle biting at a president that they are protected behind some invisible barrier of orthodox is truly baffling. I didn’t think that when Obama called out people who got on his nerves like Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity in the past that it was wrong, and I certainly don’t think it’s wrong for Trump to call out losers like Stephen Colbert.  What makes Trump unique is that he is a president that does not desire to function behind some veil of formality.  To him the presidency is just a job—it doesn’t make him as a person.  Yet many like Colbert and his audience and the type of people who voted for Barack Obama in the past, want the presidency to be royalty in America and that’s just not the way we intended the position to be.  I like the idea of a Thomas Jefferson who would answer the front door to the White House in his bath robe personally, or a Teddy Roosevelt who would swim nude in the Potomac.  I’m not at all enchanted by the luxury of the White House so I don’t see that the presidency is above the ankle biters out there like Stephen Colbert who nightly rip on the new administration hoping to return American back toward the direction of progressivism.   I like a president who is willing to fight anybody at any time under any circumstances—so I love that Trump takes on losers like Colbert the way he does.

Few people really know it, but some of these late-night comedians who are most against Trump, such as Bill Maher and Jon Stewart, are little guys. TV makes them look bigger but in real life walking around the great American Midwest these guys would easily get their asses kicked by average sized pick-up truck driving, tobacco chewers who make up most of the green space between America’s cities—and it scares them. Bill Maher knows that he can’t walk into a Waffle House at 4 AM in Tennessee and run his mouth without becoming a hood ornament.  I mean the guy is only like 5’8” and Jon Stewart is even shorter than that.  So these guys are truly afraid of those bulky white males who still dominate American politics.  They have kiss assed their way onto television and now take pot shots at the American way of life for laughs from behind the protection of celebrity—and many of us are sick of it.  They are partly why someone like Trump was elected—because we—the people who have lived in and made America what it has been—which we like—we are tired of these puny little punks, communists, lunatic feminists and many others of having a foothold under the banner of “fairness” only to have them ankle bite at us and not expect to be punched back.

We get tired of being called “white trash” or “rich white males of privilege” and all that crazy European talk about class structure which has been specific to life in the aristocratic age. That is not the way of life in America.  In this country, we like a guy who was born in Queens who gambled big with some loan his father gave him and worked hard as hell to become a billionaire—and along the way took no shit from anybody and is even in the WWE Hall of Fame—as well as eventually becoming president.  We like a guy or girl who can be born anywhere with any family name and become rich if they are willing to work hard enough.  We know that not everyone makes it but we like having that dream of opportunity to aspire to each day.  That is what America is and what people like that shrimp Bill Maher fail to understand.  Stephen Colbert—a satire guy from Comedy Central who made his living making fun of Bill O’Reilly isn’t what people who eat at Lee’s Chicken in Trenton, Ohio aspire to become.  But Trump is.  So we love it when someone we like slams some puny punk like Colbert on television.  Trump is right, it helps his base tremendously. What Colbert and Maher are doing is just mean-spirited propaganda which is very unlike what the conservative critics of Obama were doing.

Sean Hannity has put the screws to liberals for years and before him it was Rush Limbaugh both of which have been viciously attacked over just because they offer an intellectual argument against liberalism. Barack Obama naturally didn’t like it and as president he abused his power on many occasions to put an end to them if he could.  Obama actually used the White House to try and crush them through regulation, media pressure, and advertiser boycotts—not directly of course, but indirectly—through other people, donors, and media types.  And even if you are one of the stupid people who did vote for Obama, anybody with half a brain would have to admit the guy was very shady.  Scandal followed him everywhere and that wasn’t the fault of Republicans who were always there to point it out.  The scandals were so intense that he essentially destroyed the Democratic Party because congressman lost their seats, senators were voted out of office and Republicans replaced Democrats as governors all over the country.  And of course there was the 2016 election where Republicans retook the White House.  Trump ran a good campaign, but it was essentially that Democrats who had nobody competitive to put up as a sequel to Obama who lost the election, and they knew it.   Out of all the talent they supposedly had on the liberal side of the ball from George Clooney the actor to Warren Buffett, they only managed to put up a beat up old woman in Hillary Clinton chained to countless crimes and they lost the election because of that decision.  Their failure was complete with the rise of Trump.

They continue to lose because they got caught trying to take America away from the population that built it. There is nothing wrong with having an inclusive culture where people of all different nationalities and sexes can succeed together, but Democrats are out to destroy “white males” and that is something many take very personally.  I know I do.  When these various liberal groups come out openly for my destruction—yeah, I get a little angry about it.  So when Trump pushes back on my behalf, he certainly wins my support.  If people like Colbert and Maher had kept their mouths shut, it might not have been so bad.  But they pressed and pressed and pressed until people had enough, and Trump was the result—and they better get used to it.

The next step of course is that if we don’t have Trump as a recourse, then things might have to get nasty. They can only stand on the stage for so long hidden behind television security before people start giving it back to them worse than they have.  I think in many ways they should be thankful that they live in a nation where we have elections instead of armed insurrections because little midgets like those guys wouldn’t last long.  It’s easy to talk tough on a stage in front of a friendly audience in New York and L.A.  But it’s quite another to sit next to truck drivers, strippers, and hard luck old farmers at Waffle House at 4 AM and tell them you have big plans for their lives that were formulated by the United Nations two decades ago.  Because those people will beat the shit out of you and feed you to the dog.  That is the real America and I love it!

Rich Hoffman


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