The World is not Enough: Thank, God for Hasbro, Sphero, and Nerf

Every now and then I like to cover lighter topics that shed some hope for the human condition.  Occasionally I have written about my observations regarding the new cosplay phenomena and some of the very unique toys being made for kids from really great companies like Hasbro, Nerf and Sphero.  I have no problem admitting that when my wife drags me to the store for whatever reason—usually because she wants my company–that the place I always like to go first is the toy section to see what’s new there.  I have always enjoyed the inventiveness that comes with play and I think the world would be far better off if kids played more and for a longer period of time instead of rushing into puberty too quickly.  They should develop their minds longer than they do and after several discussions with my daughters who are now in their mid twenties I do have some hope that some of the inventiveness that is coming out in the toy markets and cosplay endeavors are the millennial’s generational self correction.

Any analysis into my love of Star Wars as a grown man would conclude that I find the people in those stories more interesting than real people.  The mythology of Star Wars as a whole has in it people I enjoy more than actual interactions.  Now some people might say that my view is unhealthy—that I shouldn’t set my bar for human interaction so high.  I would argue that society doesn’t set its bar for achievement high enough.  As a young person I always measured myself against the unrealistic expectations of the silver screen—not off the terrestrial limits of the real people in my life who I always felt were striving to be, “only human.”  They didn’t think big enough for me—the world they were offering was not enough.  And to a large degree millennials have grown up in broken homes with divorced insecure parents.  Their educations have been a joke and generally the world around them has been a tremendous let-down.  I mean who wants to grow up to be like John McCain? Anybody?  Or Maxine Waters?  How about a news anchor on any network?  Anybody want to be Chris Wallace?  If you have half a brain dear reader, you get my point.  So for their own survival millennials are doing to a larger degree what I always did, they turn to mythology where heroes and villains are larger than life and they base their standards for living off them instead of real people-because they innately recognize that they must do something to overcome the low expectations given to them by the lost generations which came before.

So that is the who and why all these fantastic toys and cosplay devices have emerged and specific to my interest is the Star Wars items from Nerf, Hasbro, and Sphero.   With Force Friday II coming up on September 1st 2017 where all the new Star Wars toys hit the shelves at Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us inventories that have been out there for a while since last year’s Rogue One movie is now at a very reduced price so my wife and I have been buying up things we’ve long been watching.  Specifically for me is the Hasbro At-ACT which came out last year for Rogue One but was over $300.  Hard for me to justify spending that kind of money on a toy, but lately it was marked down to $150 so we picked it up.  Another big thing we were able to pick up was the Sphero BB-8 robot which is driven off your smart phone.  In fact that’s what the AT-ACT and BB-8 have in common—both can move around on their own controlled off programming inputted into your iPhone which I think is just phenomenal.   The BB-8 robot from Sphero I think is a remarkable device and after finding it at Wal-Mart for half of its original $150 price tag I thought was a bargain.

For us, even though I enjoy the creativity on display in these new age toys if we didn’t have our grandkids over so much I wouldn’t have much of a desire to get them.  But, the kids are over a lot and I enjoy them immensely so when they are at my house we have all these very epic and expensive things to play with.  I remember how it was as a parent where luxuries were hard to come by and having all these expensive things to play with for the kids was difficult.  But as a grandparent we can afford to give the kids access to those kinds of things so we do, and I enjoy playing with the kids as they build up their brains with positive things I know will last a lifetime.  When kids play they don’t play to be a worthless bureaucrat or an average loser—they play to be a hero that saves the entire galaxy, that is the fantasy and it sets up in their minds the objective to reach for that high bar—even if it’s unrealistic.  It’s better to aim high than to not aim at all.  I also remember what it was like being a kid and I was a unique one.   I built models in the basement of our house very late into my teens and I had a large Star Wars toy collection that I played with until past the 8th grade.  I had a younger brother who had friends come over on Friday nights and we’d have massive Star Wars battles and honestly I found that a lot more fun than what was going on in real life.  I didn’t have any desire to drink, do drugs, use cuss words or play with girls.  The world I had in the basement of our house was far more interesting.  One of those younger kids who came over had a sister my age who was trying to fix me up with one of the prettiest girls in the 8th grade. She wanted me to go to the big homecoming dance with her after the football game.  This girl liked me a lot and had let me know that if I went to the dance with her that she’d let me do anything I wanted to her.  She was two years older than me and could drive.  Guess what I picked?  I chose playing Star Wars with the younger kids rather than messing around with that girl.  I never went to a single school dance until I was in my senior year and that was only to get a picture for my mom to put on her wall.   Many of my parents’ friends thought I was a weird kid so she wanted something to show that I wasn’t so strange.  In reality the toys were more interesting and I still love them to this day.   I can understand fully what cool toys and the freedom from guilt in playing with them can do for children.  I would say that now as an adult I am extremely well-adjusted and a very good problem solver.  I attribute a lot of that to developing my brain with a lot of play as a kid without the hassle of social pressure—like girls in the 8th grade and dances after football games.  Now as an adult with financial means, I do spoil my grandchildren for specifically those reasons—so they can feel the boundless joy of being a kid and discovering so many new things for the first time before life starts clamping down.  When life does clamp down, I want them to intellectually be ready.

And that’s why these toys are so much better than the toys from my youth, because Hasbro and Sphero aren’t just making them for kids.  They are making them for the many adults who now get past their 20s and aren’t interested in what the world has to offer.  As I think about this interesting aspect of our culture I can’t help but think of the James Bond movie The World is not Enough by the musical group Garbage.  That song captures this issue very well, the world is not enough because it doesn’t offer a big enough tapestry to project our hopes and dreams against—so many people find a relief from those limits by fulfilling their imaginations with these very sophisticated toys and these very creative companies understand and are rushing to fill that market need with some really spectacular offerings.  I always loved that song.  Needless to say I am impressed and continue to look forward to the next great thing to come from Hasbro and Sphero. That AT-ACT and the BB-8 droid are just fabulous and will bring a lot of joy to my house.  And I continue to look forward to what they come up with this year for Force Friday. I waited for some of these items for a few years so that the price would come down, but given the great utilization on display, maybe I won’t wait so long next time.

Rich Hoffman

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Mitch McConnell the Underperformer: How the exceptional make the weak feel terrible

Mitch McConnell made a fool out of himself when he returned to his district in Kentucky to essentially throw Donald Trump under the bus for what the senator was not able to do in the Senate. As he said, Trump had unrealistic ideas about the way legislation works and had set ridiculous expectations of achievement—and that it was Trump’s inexperience that was at fault—not him. As he said that Trump was speaking to North Korea in a way that no American president never has where real threats are being made against our sovereign nation. I still don’t think North Korea has the means to attack America—but they showed the intent and that deserves an ass kicking all by itself—so Trump has some things to do. While congress went on vacation the President is still working and solving complicated problems around the world essentially spelling out the entire problem for all to see. Congress is essentially lazy and have grown accustom to doing very little but talk a lot and here was a new President that actually expected to accomplish things—and that was too much for ol’ Mitch—who has been in the Senate too long.

I understand this pushback because I get it all the time—in fact it was just this week where I had to explain to people who thought what I was asking them to do was impossible that it was they who were the problem. Speed and accuracy are equally important in all endeavors. I don’t just practice these things with my bullwhips and fast draw hobbies for fun—there is a deep philosophical necessity in mastering some aspect of speed and accuracy in people’s lives so that they can apply those techniques to a real problem in some regard. Any idiot can stand in front of a target and hit it with a gun, or a whip when time is not applied to create extra pressure. When we do our bullwhip competitions people who are very good technically have a hard time hitting their targets because time is a factor and the pressure often makes them miss. People who are good at managing their speed and accuracy obviously are the people who win the most while those not so good look terrible and incompetent. They may be very accurate and can put out a candle with a bullwhip if they have all the time in the world but they struggle mightily under the pressure of time.

That is why I love cowboy fast draw. My schedule has been too busy to attend a lot of the shooting events this year because most of them take most of a weekend to do, and I don’t have that kind of time to give in 2017—but I practice most every day and I’m currently shooting consistently in the .500s—which is pretty good. The really fast guys are shooting in the .300s which is just over a quarter second. I’m shooting in the half second range which consists in shooting at a 24” target from 21 feet away with a gun in a holster with a single action firearm. To perform the shot a lot of things have to go extremely right and it is quite an exercise to start thinking in fractions of a second.

Most people think in a way that a second is their idea of fast—so when they speak of things in matters of speed their point of reference is in seconds. But when faster than a second is needed to refer to speed, those people do not have the proper vocabulary, or context to comprehend the need. The same can be said of congress. Their unit of measure to articulate their accomplishments have not been based on performance, but purely on bluster. Donald Trump was elected to change the definitions and the people who are struggling with the new definitions are obviously uncomfortable. But they don’t have a right to refuse to act.

In our bullwhip speed and accuracy contests not only is speed a consideration by accuracy is equally important. For instance, for each cup missed on the target line there is a five second deduction. Also there is a line six feet away from the targets and you can’t put your toe on that line otherwise you could incur another 5 second penalty. Even if you ran through the 10 targets in 11 seconds, but you stepped on the line twice and missed two cups, your real-time would be up over 30 seconds which isn’t going to win shit. You have to be fast, and smooth and make little or no mistakes taking nothing for granted. It is possible if you are competent in that kind of endeavor. If you are not, or have drifted through life without being tested—then you can see why some people are very jealous of those with those who can do things accurately—fast.

Mitch McConnell’s “excessive expectations” comment about Trump is just that—a frustrated old legislator who has been exposed as a phone because he isn’t good at anything—especially his field of endeavor which is as a Senator. The only thing McConnel has been good at is deceiving people and getting himself elected year after year on empty promises. For all the time he has been in the Senate Mitch has never been able to find money for the I-75 bridge from Ohio into Kentucky even when the powerful Speaker of the House position was in his friend’s hands John Boehner in the House. Those two couldn’t have completed a shadow on the sidewalk under a hard summer sun at 5 PM on a cloudless day. They were simply lobbyists in waiting or facilitating the needs of lobbyists who fund their campaigns each term. They never planned to do anything but talk as elected representatives. Trump asking them to do anything is an “excessive expectation.”

People like Mitch McConnell are the type of people who always say, “slow down” so that we don’t make mistakes. They want all day to stand in front of a target so that they can hit it. They are the type of people who support a progressive society void of competition because they can’t compete. I always love it when the best bull whip artists come to our competitions. Some of them are the best in the world and have several world records and you bet it feels good to beat them on some of these competitions. We all win our share of things just being good at that sport, so we never get very serious about it. But I know people who hate it when I come to competitions because they fear they won’t have a chance to win. Instead of rising to the challenge they cuss about how it might rob them of a win just by being there. That is what Mitch McConnell is doing with Donald Trump. He wishes that the new president had never been elected because it makes him look bad in comparison and the game as Senator that he has been playing and making a lot of money off of has been exposed. Now he’s supposed to act, and he isn’t prepared. The drag assing hasn’t been working because Trump doesn’t understand the game—that everyone knows congress isn’t supposed to actually accomplish anything. They are supposed to pretend while the shadow government runs everything. Everyone makes their money and the public has been none the wiser. Only we have been wise to it for a long time—and we’re sick of it. That is why we elected Donald Trump. And we expect things to actually be accomplished.

Rich Hoffman
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The City of Losers: Chicago’s demise into oblivion

Chicago is a disaster; by 2025 it will have fewer residents than it does now making any tax hike to pay for its staggering debt even less of an option.  They cannot tax their way out of the trouble they are in and even worse is the state that Chicago is in—Illinois, which is 15 billion dollars in the hole.  15 BILLION—that’s like the GDP of an entire country in some places in the world.  And now that bankrupt city is about to lose 3.2 million dollars in federal Byrne Justice Assistance Grants because Chicago has declared itself a sanctuary city providing protection for illegal immigration.  What a bunch of lunatics.

Granted, the budget in Chicago is a staggering  $9.8 billion—so losing a silly little 3.2 million dollars shouldn’t be a big deal, but the money has been slated to pay for new police cars for their beleaguered law enforcement officers—and when you are that far in debt, everything matters.  Chicago is the poster child for how a bunch of Democrats mismanage everything they do.  Chicago is so bad they couldn’t even make a deal with George Lucas to open the Star Wars museum on the lakefront even as Lucas tried to lay it in Chicago’s lap.  But the loser hippies and distrustful progressives fought the museum—which would have brought some much-needed new money to the city—and Lucas set the project up in Los Angeles instead.  There is no hope for them now and they honestly can’t afford to lose that grant money over being a sanctuary city.

But think about what Chicago is doing.  They are demanding money for breaking the law as their people virtually shoot themselves to death on a daily basis.  As of this writing there are 428 homicides in Chicago just in 2017, which can be seen below for an update.  You can’t tax people to pay for your debt if they kill themselves and scare away people from moving into their neighborhoods.  Aside for the immediate downtown area by the lake—more specifically the Trump Hotel area by the river—Chicago is extremely dangerous.  If you’ve ever flown into O’Hara flying over the downtown area once you get a mile or two west the place looks like a socialist capital from Europe with row houses and beat-up square street blocks  extending for as far as the eye can see.   And the people who live in those homes are largely welfare babies raised in single parent homes, drugs, and depravity.  The sun does not rise and set there as it does other places in the country.  The place is a dump and the crime in the area is indicative of any place maintained by low quality people—low quality because they have no appreciation for intellectual aptitude or human achievement–it has nothing to do with skin color–but attitudes.

So along comes Trump and the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions who seek to clean up Chicago of their gangs and drugs imported through smuggling channels that lead straight to Mexico and are hidden behind illegal immigration.  If you were in the leadership of Chicago such an effort by the feds would really help, because it just might make Chicago more attractive to new investments and residents. After all, what right-minded tax payer wants to live in such high crime areas but slugs, deadbeats and whores?  Bizarrely Rahm Emanuel is resistant insisting to protect those same gang members under the guise that they represent a group of well-intentioned immigrants.  Now why would little man Rahm do something like that?

Obviously the Mayor of Chicago has no intention to fix his budget problem and is following the entire state on a death spiral of economic viability that will not last into the future.  Literally for Rahm Emanuel is the sobering reality that Trump is president and the world isn’t going to come to the rescue of Chicago the way that progressives always planned.  The money just isn’t there, nor is the will.  Chicago has lost its place as a special place in the heart of America because people are sick of hearing about the excessive murder rate and hypocritical nature of its politicians.  Chicago used to be one of America’s great cities, but now it’s just a dying shell of old buildings and lost people.  Take a walk through the airport sometime and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Chicago filed a lawsuit against the DOJ to extract the money they think they are owed and people are watching.  Through the process of this public relations stunt by Emanuel even more people will become turned off by Chicago—as if the murder rate wasn’t embarrassing enough.  By taking on a big national campaign against the DOJ Chicago is insistent to scare away any potential new money that might flow into their economy—which is the worst thing they could do at this point.  It’s not about the 3.2 million in grants, it’s the big dollar new business that might be out there and want to set up shop in Chicago.  After all, that’s the only way they could ever hope to solve their fiscal crises.  Instead of nurturing more wealth to return to Chicago they are instead hedging their entire future on illegal aliens who flock to that sanctuary city from socialist and communist countries around the world in search of running water.  Those people do not, nor will they ever have money to pay for the massive debts Chicago has—so Chicago by their own actions is as good as over.  Only they don’t yet realize it.

Years ago the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was filmed in Chicago and that was only in 1986.  Back then Chicago was pretty nice, the South Side was pretty rough but when people thought of murder in that city they thought of Al Capone.  In just thirty years Chicago has destroyed itself with massive debt, terrible public policy shaped by progressive politics and has attached their star to the a sinking ship pension system.  Chicago abused their beautiful city and its placement on the great lakes of the Midwest and they loaded it with a progressive philosophy which has not only destroyed the city, but have destroyed the lives of the people they proclaim to protect.  Wherever you go in the world you can see the depleted results of what progressive philosophy does—whether it’s in Venezuela, Africa, China, or Paris and everywhere you see slugs living off the state and barely living lives of any worth.  Chicago is certainly on that trajectory.  Today they are nothing like that nice city seen in that popular 1986 film.  The only place you can still have a good experience is downtown—and that is shrinking at a remarkable rate—essentially because they are broke.  Chicago killed itself way back in 1995 when they failed to get their legacy costs under control and kicked the can down the road until they ran out of road. Now they have no other recourse but to kill themselves.

Rahm Emanuel is building his case to save Chicago by actually breaking the law and turning away people who might save it in favor of the people who will guarantee its destruction.  As hard as it might be to take a hard stance against illegal immigration if you are looking to preserve something you can’t overload it with destructive elements and Chicago needs value not more depleted people.  It’s nice to have a city like Chicago have so much surpluses that poor people might have a good standard of living but you can’t have a majority of the people be poor and expect the budget to work out to support such a large population.  You can’t pay your teachers $85K per year, or your cops over six figures with unlimited overtime, and you can’t get upside down with pensions as your population decreases.  And by raising taxes more people will leave making the budget even worse. And thus we have a city run by Democrats under a progressive philosophy not rooted in reality—and the only thing they now have in their favor is that they can call themselves a sanctuary city—a place to hide from the law.  And that makes them all terribly pathetic.

Rich Hoffman

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Trump the Author: Predicting the future by reading the past

I enjoy these little banters between Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck because they show why the former media icon is now on the outside looking in.  Both of them really were handily defeated at Fox News and cast into the oblivion by their enemies and yet they still don’t seem to understand why.  They are both still effective, Beck with his radio show and O’Reilly with is best-selling books—but both have lost big to the political left and are still seething from the experience.   It is bizarre to hear what these people say regarding advice for Donald Trump’s presidency.  I mean they are both industry insiders so they know the players and the game—but they still don’t get it.  It’s astonishing to hear them speak as history lunges itself forward then looking back on everything in retrospect in a way.

The movements and the pageantry of the Trump administration over the last week, first in letting Sean Spicer go then Reince Preibus so soon in their tenures within the White House is a good thing, certainly not bad.  And the warning shots at Jeff Sessions were productive—because it got that horse of a Justice Department that is used to standing around doing nothing all the time on the track and running.  A good manager knows how to assess a situation and when to adjust to it. We don’t care how things have been done in the past, or how long previous press secretaries have done their jobs in previous administrations.  When people show that they are struggling or better people come along, it is important to make the switch as soon as possible—and to have the courage to do so in order to fulfill an objective even though you might personally like the people you’re dealing with.   I think Trump liked Reince and Spicer a lot, but he likes winning better—so it was time to make some cuts to the team to get better. And there is nothing wrong with that.

I feel like I know Trump really well—maybe better than Bill O’Reilly does.  Sure O’Reilly “knows“Trump.  They’ve been to baseball games together and played around together but even so I think the personality and thinking of Trump is an enigma to O’Reilly.  You can do things with people and even be friends with them without actually knowing who they are.  However, as a personality type I process information in a similar way as Trump.  Like me he is very open about himself and the world around him in his vast writings, which is something most people don’t know about him.  He has written a lot and he enjoys it—and it is impossible not to notice aspects of his character within his work.   A lot of Trump’s writing is autobiographical so it’s filled with a lot of unintentional self-analysis.  And that is certainly not a negative; it makes me feel greatly for the new president.  He is very open about himself and how he thinks because he always intended with his books to mentor other people into success.  He is not a selfish person by any means—even though he comes across that way to the uninformed eye.  For instance given the nature of the current show Saturday Night Live and how they’ve treated him it is stunning to go back into one of his decade old classics and read what he said about a 2004 experience he had with Jeff Zucker at NBC and the rest of the SNL cast when he was asked to guest host the show.

It was in Trump’s book Think Like a Billionaire that he broke down little trinkets of successful thinking usually with only a page or two long chapters throughout.  But when it came to the chapter on his experience at the 2004 filming of Saturday Night Live he goes on for seven pages meticulously detailing the entire week leading up to the filming. It was obviously quite an honor for Trump to be asked to host the show and it was fascinating to learn of all the people involved because many of them are his dire enemies now.  They loved him when he had the top show on NBC with The Apprentice.  They liked him so long as he stayed somewhere that they felt they had control of his big personality.  But when he decided to quit and run for president in 2015 they all literally turned against him.  It is all very Atlas Shrugged—right off the pages of Ayn Rand.  It’s bizarre to read these things in hind-sight.  I read quite a lot and I have read all Trump’s books before just because they were part of popular culture and I felt I needed to keep up with what was happening and he turned out to be a pretty interesting person.  But to read what happened and how everyone thought ten and twenty years ago about the person who is now president is truly fascinating.  I have enjoyed re-reading Trump’s books lately with the benefit of hindsight.  For instance it was truly enthralling to read Trump talk about the Access Hollywood stuff with Billy Bush 11 years before it became a scandal which you can do in that same book about his SNL experience.  It really puts things in perspective and if the media wanted to do anything but destroy him, they’d go back and study the subject like I am.  Anyway, it was obvious by his own writing that he really loved his Saturday Night Live experience and wanted to treasure it forever.  But after becoming president all his old friends literally sought to rip away from him anything good that had ever happened between them.  It’s like reading about a bad divorce.  Whenever I hear such things you know that two people said really marvelous things to each other at some point—otherwise they never would have been married.  But once one of them cheats on the other or something else happens you hear about all the bad breath, how fat the other person is, and how they don’t do this or that correctly.  NBC literally kissed the ass of Donald Trump because he was a big money-maker for them and they felt betrayed when he stepped into politics and took away their progressive platform to the White House. They could have kept it if they chose, but instead they went on the attack literally for all the reasons that John Galt was attacked in Atlas Shrugged.

Trump is battle hardened like no other president in history and I think he’s doing a marvelous job—and he will be remembered as the greatest that we’ve ever had.   Every day is literally a historic occasion in his White House. And if you know Trump you can just imagine what’s coming next with some accuracy.  Going back to the Saturday Night Live chapter of Think Like a Billionaire and applying the whirlwind energy and sheer number of people who Trump dealt with back then on a daily basis you can easily imagine what it must be like for the people working around Trump now in the White House.  I can see easily how people like Sean Spicer and Reince Preibus made mistakes just in trying to keep up with him.  Unlike me, Trump likes people and he spends a lot of time with them and enjoying conversations. That is where he and I part company to quite an extreme.  I don’t like people even though I feel compassion and empathy for them, I tend to feel like everyone wants something so I am very discriminate how I spend my time with them.  Donald Trump isn’t like that—he enjoys people yet he enjoys himself too—he has a great balance and it works for him—which is how he became so rich and successful to begin with—he did it the old-fashioned way with really hard work and lots of networking.

Yes it hurts Trump that people who used to like him at The New York Times and at SNL are now his mortal enemies.  And it hurts him when friends like Reince Preibus fails to step up to the scope of the job Trump has elevated the White House to—but this is the guy who created Trump Tower and many other remarkable properties all over the world well before NBC approached him to do The Apprentice.  Trump built himself and his brand and a lot of people tagged along for the ride.  But they do sometimes fall off.  The biggest difference between Trump and all other previous presidents is that he doesn’t stop to pick people up.  He feels sorry for people but he doesn’t allow that sorrow to change the course of excellence that he personally strives for every single day.  Trump is the American dream—he is a product of our country to every degree and he has a very intense desire to give back to it.  And he’s going to do so in spite of what anybody else has to say about it—and it is that element that Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck miss about President Trump.  Neither one of them gets it—and out of anybody they should know best.   But their static thinking just won’t allow them to see what’s really going on because their formulative thinking has been forged by previous administrations—which is a major mistake because Trump has no intention on being anything less than the best and most unusual administration in the history of the world.  Anything short of that he would consider a failure and as he is writing the books of this last chapter of his life—and he’s not going to end on anything less than a spectacular climax.  It’s just not the way he does things.

Rich Hoffman

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There Are a Lot of Dead Birds Today: The brilliance of Trump’s strategies

Who wants to be on the front lines of combat with some dude who wants to wear a dress? Or spends their time in R&R doing their nails?  This whole notion of putting sexual predilections into the military together to fight on the front lines has been pure insanity.  What foreign force will respect troops dressed like Bruce Jenner—prepared for a crazy night on Duval Street rather than ripping off the heads of the enemy and sticking it on a pike with a nice American flag sticking out of the forehead?  War is not a game and neither is the military and sexual preferences have no place in it.  You can’t mix men and women and not expect some monkey business and you certainly can’t include people who don’t know what sex they are and put them in a battlefield scenario—and expect success.  Trump was right to make things clear.  Trump is in charge of the military and he has the right and obligation to set things right, and he did.

Of course the progressives have always wanted to weaken the American military because their goal has always been to bring down our borders, to remove our sovereignty and diminish our global sales pitch for capitalism so that a central government led by the United Nations would then run all the countries of the world. One way they planned to execute this task was to get Americans involved in every war possible so that the world would push back and refuse the help of the United States—killing our people and using the negative public relations to further hamper our involvement in places rife with discontent—like Syria, the Middle East in general, all of South America, Mexico, Asia, Africa, all of Europe—virtually everywhere.  Progressives have sought global collapse created by chaos which they planted, then they wanted to be the ones to offer a solution of leadership.  It is essentially the exact same plan they had with our American healthcare system.  Load it with top-heavy costs, collapse it with impracticality, and then resurrect it with a single payer system.  It’s the progressive playbook and the whole nonsense of putting a bunch of he/she’s in the military was meant to destroy it as an institution.  It was never about equality, it was always about destroying the American military with even more bureaucracy and the essence of the fighting spirit it takes to maintain such a role.

When Trump said on the campaign trail that he would support the LGBTQRSTUV community he wasn’t talking about destroying things just to show fairness to specific groups. It’s one thing to protect people like Boy George from being beaten the hell out of on a public street for looking like a freak, it’s quite another to give him a machine gun and stick him on the front lines in North Korea to force them to the negotiating table of nuclear disarmament.  American forces need to be lean, mean, fighting machines meant to evoke fear and compliance—not to attend dance parties and smoke pot.  Sex should not be a part of military culture in any way.  When asking people to put their lives on the line we should not also ask them to be politically correct.  Those two things just are not compatible.

Then of course as there always is in good strategy multiple achievements to reap from such an action as Trump conducted.   The liberal people who have been hammering Trump for months with phony scandals and terrible press really care about this LBGTQ crap—and Trump took a punch at it likely on purpose.  Doing so not only builds the morale of the troops, but it really pissed off the liberals in the media and that’s what they get.  Trump tried to be a nice guy and be inclusive.  Since it didn’t work why not just do the right thing and piss everyone off?  The left pushed, and pushed and pushed and once all these investigations drug in Trump’s family into the mess he fired back starting with this LGBTQ issue.  Why try to work with the other side if they are just going to spit in your eye?  They did it to themselves and guess what, the media spent the next two days outraged over the issue and covered pretty much only that while the Senate worked on healthcare legislation and Jeff Sessions started the crackdown on leakers in our intelligence branches.  A good strategist knows how to kill many birds with one stone, and Donald Trump is a great strategist.  There are a lot of dead birds today.

I’d go so far to say that when Trump speaks he deliberately tries to get people to underestimate him.  The guy is very intelligent; you can tell that by reading his many best-selling books.  He has deep introspection on a situation and is magnificently observant.  I would go as far to say that everything he does is strategy and he’s great at it and many people are being played who don’t even know it yet—in the Republican Party, on the Democratic side of the political spectrum and in the media.  I think if the media had been nicer to Trump—he might have let the LGBTQ issue go for a while even though the military obviously hated the idea.  But why not make the military people happy and piss off Trump’s enemies at the same time—and get everyone talking about one thing while the other important things scoot by unmolested by stupid millennial fresh out of college who make up most of the new media these days fixated on a progressive idea they were taught in school which was so important—when its really not.

I am personally insulted that these LGBTQ people seek so adamantly to impose themselves on my life. I mean its one thing to be weird and have a mental illness and have compassion for people like that.  It’s quite another to bring down our entire society just to make those people feel OK about themselves.   I think The Rocky Horror Picture Show is one of the dumbest and vile works of art that has been produced in the 20th century and it is essentially that culture that is seeking to destroy the things that I personally value about American culture.  If those freaks want to dress up like girls and have sex with each other—have at it in the privacy of your own homes.  But if you flaunt it in my face which is built on the basic Christian model of America’s founders—then there are big problems.  When two lesbians are in line in front of me at an amusement park with their hands down each others pants kissing—it’s an assault on my basic premise for existence—and I take it personal.  I don’t behave that way in public with my wife because little kids might be watching and it’s not good for them to be thinking about sex at a young age.  They should be thinking about other things.  And these gay rights parades with all their rainbows are simply assaults on traditional America—a traditional America which I love.  We always hear what’s fair for those people, but what about what’s fair for me and people who think like me?  I’m not OK with a Rocky Horror Picture Show America and I sure as hell don’t want those people in my military representing my country in a life and death situation.

Trump achieved a lot of things by denying LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ people from the military but probably better than anything he solidified his base. It made people like me love him even more.  It’s about time someone does the right thing decisively and without a whole bunch of meetings and testimony and just made a decision.  The people who are mad about it I’m glad because those idiots have been shoving this shit down our throats for entirely too long.  We’ve had to take it and pay for it with our tax money pulling us into an essential evil for way too long and it’s nice to get a little revenge.  I wouldn’t feel that way if progressives had not been so aggressive in attempting to destroy a country I love to begin with—and a traditional value system that’s I represent and believe in.

I’ve known a lot of weird people and have been friends with quite a few of them. I do not advocate beating people up or harming them just because they are different.  But they are not allowed to destroy the values of our society so that they can operate without guilt among their peers.  If you show up at a convenient store all tattooed up and looking like a pin cushion with a hot pink spiked Mohawk, people are going to look at you strangely—because the appearance is something foreign to the value system of our Christian based culture in America.  Legislation to prevent people from looking at such people as weirdoes won’t stop the thought because dressing in such a way is weird.  So are desires for anal sex with a man or woman.  There is nothing good about it.  It’s a perversion on values that might be fun in the moment but leads to regrets latter—like tattoos.  And that’s what we are talking about with LGBTQ people—it’s a phase of their lives, a sexual decision and it’s meant for the bedroom.  It’s not meant for public policy.  In the military where soldiers forfeit their individuality there is no private space—so the institution has to have guidelines to keep everyone in the right frame of fighting spirit.  It doesn’t matter what other militaries do elsewhere in the world, because nobody is as good as the United States.  We are the pace setters.  And Trump made the right decision for that institution to do what it’s supposed to do—win fights wherever they occur.  The LGBTQ people can live their lives elsewhere, but they don’t have a right to destroy our values just to do their thing.  That is why we have to be careful who is in the military and keep our mind on the objective of maintaining a status as a successful country—and not get sidetracked with progressive attacks on our traditional values.

Rich Hoffman
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Thinking Big, and Practically: A Hyperloop between New York and Washington D.C.

It wasn’t that surprising to me, because I’ve been talking about it for a while.  Do you remember dear reader all the stuff I’ve been saying about the Hyperloop?  Well, it’s happening too and only because Elon Musk is continuing to be one of America’s greatest outside the box thinkers who has the financial resources to act on those thoughts.  But the fact that we can even talk about the Hyperloop as a reality has only one person to thank, Donald J. Trump.  Without Trump in the White House a lot of bureaucrats would be looking for a way for Musk to grease the skids.  Now, with the swamp draining as we speak we are on a cultural trajectory to have Hyperloops all over the United States starting with the link between New York City and Washington D.C.  Can you imagine traveling that distance in under 30 minutes?  A lot of people suddenly became very excited to hear that news, and most of them were not Trump supporters.  This is what you get when you have people like Musk in your country with a supportive White House.  Just read Donald Trump’s books, How to Think Like s Billionaire along with Think Big and Kick Ass, and it will be very easy to understand what, why, and how Elon Musk put up this Tweet much to the surprise of the mayors of several of the included cities.

The swamp creatures of bureaucracy want their take, but Trump and Musk are moving well beyond the speed of those people and as we speak Trump is beating them in the public relations battle.  By the time the Boring Company presents its proposals for digging underneath cities like New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and of course Washington D.C. Trump’s team will have destroyed and replaced many of the figures who would otherwise stand against this project—so you can mark it on your calendar, this will get done.

People need to understand that all this controversy in the media about Trump/Russia, and polling numbers and legislative stalls are not a problem for Trump.  It sounds noisy now, but he has the situation under control.  The bureaucrats are not going to win against a Trump White House.  They may stall.  They may try to delay the inevitable, but Trump just has too many resources and works too hard to apply them for him to fail.  Having Trump in the White House puts him in a position to speak to people like Musk and to be essentially the most powerful lobbyist in Washington D.C. which is what Musk needed from the beginning.  Before, Musk would have had to lobby congress and the White House to get some pin head to even understand how the Hyperloop is different from a typical train.  But Trump gets it and knows what to do with good information when it comes his way.

For way too long we have allowed unproductive know-nothings to stand between us and the future and things have just stalled out technologically.  The following link is interesting in how it shows over time how deregulation of the phone industry and the introduction of the Internet allowed for smart phones to evolve to where they are today.  A lot of people forget that it was only ten years ago that the iPhone first came on the scene—but all that occurred because technology happened faster than politicians could crush innovation with their top heavy lumbering bureaucracy.  Regulators can be a good thing to make an industry safer, but often the kind of people who perform those jobs are cowardly people by nature and they love to have control over dreamers like Elon Musk.  So digging massive holes under all these cities and building a new transportation system that goes over 700 MPH is something they’d love to stop because it gives them power over  genius.  Those are the type of people who presently hate the Trump presidency and are doing anything they can to stop the changes that are happening literally right now.

Anthony Scaramucci is now taking over in Trump’s White House as the top communications official.  Trump met with Scaramucci recently and liked him so much that he put him immediately into the job.  Sean Spicer resigned to give Scaramucci a clean plate and just like that our new White House will be moving into phase 2 right at the 6 month mark.  The first phase of course was typical of any business dealing.  Trump enters the White House and softens up everyone with aggression.  Then when everyone is reeling he offers them an olive branch—which is what Scaramucci is—that is the “art of the deal.”

They are then happy and responsive to what the White House provides to the public.  So as Trump and Musk talked about the Hyperloop they were talking about things that would happen in step 4 as if those things already happened.  It’s just that the rest of the world isn’t there yet.  They will be and before they know it there will be a Hyperloop between New York and D.C.  It’s a good deal; Musk needs to get the Hyperloop rolling in America so he can convince California to put one between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  Trump needs to enhance America’s infrastructure with something that is more “Trumpian.’ It was in these kinds of things that provoked Trump to run for office in the first place—so he’s not going to let this die on the vine.

As much as the media hates Trump by watching these videos did you notice how quickly they suddenly became excited?  That’s how Trump will eventually leave office.  All these silly things talked about today will long be forgotten when people are getting daily news reports from places like the Moon and traveling across the country on Hyperloops at speeds over 700 MPH.  If left to the pin-heads in our bureaucratic culture something like the Hyperloop would take 50 years and cost trillions of dollars.  But if left to the private sector it will only take 5 years and only cost billions, which will be recovered by the technology of a new transportation industry and in the end that’s all people will really remember.

What’s different now than really at any point prior is that these characters are not ideologically political.  Musk obviously has many leftist leanings, but he is a capitalist by the nature of all his companies which are quite good and operate well.  Trump is a pretty hard lined conservative compared to Musk, but he’s good enough in business to be able to have relationships with people who are not like him ideologically.  Just as Scaramucci has more liberal leanings than a Midwest Republican he is an effective communicator and can sell a lot of the things that Trump wants to do so we are truly entering a new phase of American thinking and it’s very exciting.  Honestly I’m very happy about it.  I don’t care that people think the way I do about things as long as they are being productive and moving the ball of the human race forward—not with political philosophy, but in human achievement.  The political philosophy comes as an off-shoot of an emerging society.  We should not build an emerging society off a political philosophy then use regulation to preserve that philosophy.  Instead, what Musk and Trump are doing will shape our civilization with an optimism that can only come from a couple of dreamers who have the financial resources to think big and the political clout to make it happen.  And finally we have both in the White House and things will begin to happen rapidly—for a change!

Rich Hoffman

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Who Cares about John McCain’s Brain Tumor: Having the courage to repeal Obamacare

Who cares that John McCain has a brain tumor? Why would it surprise anyone that an 80-year-old man who has been in bad health since his 20s would have some ailment—and why was Barack Obama so quick to comment about it? Of course, I don’t wish anything bad on John McCain, but just because he’s sick doesn’t make him any less of a part of the problem. Let’s not forget that it was McCain who got involved in the scandalous dossier on Donald Trump giving it to James Comey and that at every turn the former Republican presidential candidate behaves more like a Democrat that wants war all over the world than a tightly controlled spending conservative. Could it be that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama know that McCain is that critical 50th vote in repealing Obamacare and that if they can turn the nation’s sympathies toward a sick old senator who happens to need “healthcare” at the moment that they might undo Trump’s work at removing the government from healthcare all together with a repeal of Obama’s signature legislation of socialist medicine. I wasn’t born yesterday—I’ve been around the block a few times and that’s the only reason so many people poured on the juice of sympathy for old John McCain. McCain is the plug in the swamp and you have to get rid of people like him to drain that swamp. It’s one thing to feel sorry for a person with a brain tumor. It’s quite another to use him as a shield of sympathy to protect Obamacare from repeal in a cowardly senate.

Rob Portman is another disgrace. To think that I actually once knew him and campaigned for him back when he first won his seat for the second congressional district back in 1993. Back then like a lot of young politicians Rob was full of conviction and wanted to do the right things. When he first won that seat, Rob was a virtuous character who operated like a Tea Party candidate—he in fact hung around with the Ross Perot Reform Party voters who obviously became Donald Trump supporters many years later. Now that he’s a beltway boy he hangs with RINOs like John McCain and John Kasich who want to spread Medicaid in the states and deepen that entitlement to the point where people are hooked and can never get off it. They are like drug dealers seeking to get people addicted to government so they will forever be dependent—so that government will always have a part to play in people’s lives centering from the Beltway. Portman is another no vote for the repeal of Obamacare because it was in Ohio where Kasich expanded Medicaid making Barack Obama very happy. All it took for John to cave was a serious defeat of Senate Bill 5 and a golf game with Obama and Biden to lose his nerve and become a major loser. And Portman has his back as a “compassionate conservative” from the land of Ohio. But the Republican party doesn’t belong to Kasich any more in Ohio. It belongs to Trump. Those boys are on the wrong side of history.

Then there are the three Republican women, Susan Collins, Shelley Moore Capito and Lisa Murkowski who talked tough and voted to repeal Obamacare when they all knew that Obama would veto the effort. Now that Trump will sign it, they are acting like—well—a bunch of girls. They can’t make a decision, they don’t want to pick a side, and they lack the courage to stand by their convictions. Just like John McCain’s brain tumor, it’s not their fault they are of the female sex—but it is their fault if they yield to the stereotype and fit the bill for being a bunch of confused idiots. They want to sound like tough conservatives until they have to make a decision. What they really want is to appeal to everyone—just like a typical loser Democrat and that is holding up very needed legislation to put free market influence back into the medical profession.

Is some of what I said a bit too harsh—about John McCain, Rob Portman and the weak girls of the Senate—maybe if we were more concerned with being sensitive than in doing what is right. All these people hide behind some demographic factor to conceal their liberal natures—McCain a sick old war veteran, Portman a guy who found out his kid was gay, and the ladies, people who as women have some mythical right to see all sides of a story so that nobody can ever make a decision—we are supposed to give them a pass because they are women?

There are a million excuses from these very weak people not to act on the massive insurrection that Obamacare always was—some hide behind their illnesses, some hide behind challenges to their conservative thinking by family members, and some hide behind their sex—but they are all wrong and hiding fundamental flaws in their personalities. They are using “circumstances” to avoid making hard decisions about matters critical to our country and it was disgraceful that one of the first people to do so was the former president of the United States, Barack Obama protecting his pathetic socialist care entitlement designed to crush our free market health care system—which has so far been successful.

Brain tumor or not, McCain has a job to do. We don’t need a bunch of fluffy memorials to distract us from the needs at hand. McCain needs to vote to repeal Obamacare, not to use his condition to delay a vote further and hope that everyone will lose their resolve and move on to something else while the world of finance around health care burns into oblivion, because that’s happening right now. McCain’s brain tumor is just a medical condition. It should not stop the wheels of progress by any means.

I have news for those standing against the Trump agenda. If you consider where things were one year ago from this writing then project another year of progress from this date into the future, people like McCain, Portman, Kasich and Collins—along with other never-Trump types like Glenn Beck and all of Hollywood—they are all missing the boat. Trump is moving on and doing so rapidly. He doesn’t take vacations. He doesn’t sleep. He never gets tired and he thinks of ideas a mile a minute—ever day—even on Sundays. He’s doing many good things and has literally changed the political world in only a year. Another year of this and things will be completely different. Silly tricks like this health care stunt and hoping to put a story on John McCain for a week or so to delay a healthcare vote in the Senate just isn’t going to work. Trump won’t let it go. This idea is not going to fade off into the sunset only to be consumed and buried in the Washington swamp. If they were smart, they’d vote to repeal now and consolidate their efforts behind President Trump. If McCain wants to fix his brain tumor, then fix it. But vote—and vote Republican. Otherwise, get the hell out-of-the-way. At 80 years old, nobody expects a specimen of health—but we do expect a Republican if you put an “R” next to your name. And with that “R” we expect courage—not a bunch of wishy-washy liberals.

Rich Hoffman

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