The John Bolton Isssue Doesn’t Matter: What Democrats want is the “Minority Report”

First let me say that this leak coming out of John Bolton’s book is likely done by the publisher and may not have any hook into reality. Bolton himself may not even know about it. With the pre-orders for Bolton’s new book going up on Amazon on the same day, the coincidence is less than mysterious. Even more than that, the leaker is likely a political operative using impeachment to hide their own connections to the crimes of the Democrat Party attached to the Bidens and the Obama White House. They saw how well the Trump lawyers massacred the impeachment case on Saturday and Monday, and they needed some way to stall things out in the Senate to delay the eventual acquittal as long as they can, because in essence, they have no plan for beating President Trump in the fall. The longer the impeachment trial goes on, perhaps the more Rino Republicans they can get to at least play ball at preserving their last hope of getting some news coverage favorable to their party. A media culture bored out of their minds with the impeachment scandal jumped on this story like a drowning person grabs at a life raft, but the essence of the case didn’t change. Its not about the facts of anything related to the impeachment case, but rather a hopeful stall tactic to keep their last attempts as a Democrat Party alive with their “Hail Mary” pass for a hopeless touchdown.

The real humor in Bolton’s so-called leak is that it is so hopeless. Think about what they are suggesting that President Trump said to withhold money from Ukraine unless they investigate the crimes of the Biden family. First of all, the crimes were committed by the Bidens. Second, who says that Ukraine deserved any money from the American taxpayer to begin with. And third, in negotiations it is quite common to bolster a position to see how entrenched the other side is, or in Bolton’s case, how much you can trust them. There is a vast difference between saying something and doing something. This isn’t the “Minority Report” where we prosecute crimes without evidence just based on speculation or intentions to commit crimes as suggested by some third party. Trump can say anything he wants, especially among his confidants. If we might say, “I will kill that person” we might utter it to express our anger. Its not against the law to express yourself. It is against the law to actually do it, and in cases like this, we must always keep that in perspective. President Trump is the victim of a crime, not the advocate of one.

It really is a shame that Mitt Romney, for all that Trump did to support his Senate run would even consider pushing for John Bolton’s testimony. Not that President Trump would even need to evoke executive privilege the way that Obama and many others have over time, but such a move would surely keep the impeachment trial alive longer which feeds into the Democrat play book. He knows better and has clearly put his own political ambitions higher than the oath of the office he swore to protect. The actions by the Democrats are so vile that Romney should clearly understand what he’s suggesting. But then again, maybe he does. Maybe there are a lot of Senators in that chamber who did just as Biden did, sell access to corrupt governments for their personal enrichment, and perhaps that’s the strategy and has been from the outset. They don’t want to hear how good the Trump attorneys are at defending the President, they want to make sure that the focus stays on the Executive Branch, not on the crimes committed by their friends and partners in Congress.

But obviously nobody has thought past this case at the future case law they are all proposing, where just for what you say, or even think, could get you removed from office, and destroy you forever. Their vision is incredibly short-sighted, but what should we expect from such a group of low thinking animals. We are not talking about deep, intellectual thinkers here, but very didactic villains, Romney included who will do anything for a taste of power. Even if it goes against logic in every way, shape, and form. To suggest that Trump should be removed from office for even saying something, even though what happened in reality was not even close, is to ignite a very dangerous tomorrow. But when the real crime is that the perpetrators would otherwise be on trial and face jail time by Trump’s DOJ, what do they have to lose by trying to place their own guilt on an innocent party just because the behavior might indicate some shared guilt and diffuse attention from the true matter at hand—that Joe Biden was selling access to the White House and was getting rich off his office. And a few years ago, it was another Democrat presidential candidate doing that very same thing in Hillary Clinton. And that right now in that very Senate chamber many others are committing the very same crime in both parties. Let’s not forget that John McCain was at the center of the Russian Dossier and hand carried it to the FBI himself. So, we are not dealing with people who want to see the swamp drained, rather they are angry and willing to do anything to deflect guilt from them to the Trump administration using any rumor possible to conduct their task.

And the desperation is so great that they will stop at nothing, to Hell with what tomorrow brings. If just a rumor, or a leak from some disenchanted political activist can paint guilt on anybody, then so be it—that is the message here. The facts of the matter are in what Trump did, Ukraine got their money whether they deserved it or not, and any bolstering that was done for positioning wasn’t followed through, which is the end of the Bolton story. But in this case, maybe he sells a few books only to find out later that there is nothing to it, would not be a first in the business of marketing. Its quite common, only so much for one political party usually isn’t on the line. For the Democrats, their very existence is at stake, so to some extent we can sympathize with their frustration. They have no case, all they can hope to do at this point is run down the clock as close to the election as possible and hope that some Senators lose their footing from now until then and vote their way to keep scandal alive and focused on Trump instead of the true destination, the Bidens. At the end of all this it’s not just about politics but rather their own freedom from jail time that we are really talking about so that makes these people very desperate. And desperate people will do just about anything, and they have. They don’t care that Trump is an innocent man, let alone a president elected by Americans to solve a problem. They are part of that problem so of course they hate the American people and their representative in the White House. But even so, they can’t prosecute for crimes that never happened or that were just talked about. If that is the case, just about everyone everyday would be guilty of some life sentence in prison. And that is the door that Democrats are willing to open in hopes of saving themselves, which is why they are so dangerous.

Rich Hoffman

The Political Spectrum: Understanding how to measure widom in a culture where free will is a motivator

I say this in all fairness, but in regards to the political spectrum, all values are not equal. Liberalism is not an equal philosophy to be debated for instance with understandings of conservativism as viewed by Americans. They are not all equal ideas depending on perspective, but ones that are in a state of evolution depending on the interpretation of the holder of those values. While regional beliefs do largely shape the politics of an individual, it is in practice that the theories of belief are tested, and in every circumstance since Sir Thomas More contemplated a Utopia, or Plato considered the implications of a Republic, liberalism fails. As an individual becomes more aware of the wisdom of life, they therefor become more what Americans call, conservative. And yes, there are right and wrong answers in life, only degrees of variability depending on one’s emotional evolution along that political spectrum. Someone may have a right to believe differently about something, but it is not the conditions of existence to bend the will of correctness to the fallibilities of philosophic understanding.

This is a topic of some great concern these days, since we can see through polling that the nation is evenly split between American Democrats and Republicans with the conservative party just barely holding out against liberalism. And there are currently great fears that socialism as it is taught in public schools might make a strong running for political domination as it has in other places around the world. I would offer that the situation is not so scary, and that if you travel around the world you will find that not everyone has the same view of what a conservative is or a liberal. So I tend to think about those things on one political spectrum that we can all agree upon, and our politics isn’t just related to regional values, but of understandings of graduation along that spectrum. For instance, a conservative in England if compared to a political spectrum to one living in the United States likely would be far to the left. I might think of a tea sipping conservative in England as a bleeding heart liberal in the states, and the cause of that is more in personal education than in a true value system. I would argue that as people gain freedoms in life away from their political and social structures, that the wiser they become in life and therefor, the more conservative they are. When given choices, they tend to move further to the right. Political beliefs on the left are rooted their by barriers to knowledge, not in choice. If given a choice to believe something different, people naturally pull to the right and become more conservative.

Conservatism is therefore more a measure of intelligence and understanding rather than sentiment. I often talk about Democrats as having mental deficiencies because many of their beliefs are rooted in paradoxes, such as declaring that a woman’s right to choose is actually a license to kill a baby. What dumb people think of as an option is in reality murder. Let’s call it what it is. The same irrational comment is put forth over gun control, we have the Second Amendment to protect our gains in society from those who screw up and let us down. In that eventuality, we may need to take back our government, but the government is the one with the military that we payed for. But since they control the law and the utilization of that military how could we remove them from power if we don’t have guns, if we’ve given them all to that government to manage? It’s a really dumb idea that is rooted on lazy trust in bureaucrats rather than in a conservative philosophy. When we talk about liberals, or people who have liberal sentiment, we are talking about people who have not come to logic yet in their life on that particular topic. They may be mentally handicapped for one reason or another to reaching those conclusions on their own, so various states of liberalism may keep them too far to the left on the political spectrum. As they learn more about the way life works, the tend to move more to the right. President Trump could tell a story about his life in this fashion. So could Ronald Reagan.

I have a lot of experience with liberal people going way back into my youth. I have been invited to their social parties and watched them upclose and with the barriers down, and can report that in all cases they were liberal due to some mental deficiency not yet gained through the experiences of life. You don’t often find people going in the other direction unless they hit some period of their lives where tragedy overtakes their logic and they become overly sentimental with failure and seek liberalism to hide their own low bar that they have adjusted in their lives to justify their intellectual status. Wherever you go around the world people are people, they want pretty much the same things. However, they may have very restrictive governments, or family structures that hold back their emotional development more to the side of liberalism, but as they gain more freedoms in life and continue to learn more, they always become more conservative. The political spectrum is not conducive to Einstein’s thoughts on relativity. Your thoughts about something do not change depending on where you are, but your understanding of the political spectrum may be limited to the knowledge you have access to. The spectrum is the spectrum, but a person’s place on it is bound by intelligence and understanding. This is true in Europe as it is in Kentucky within the United States. Regional beliefs may have started conservative or liberal depending on who your neighbors are, but those foundations may have a head start on the political spectrum based on the personal freedoms of that culture relative to the factors that allow thought to move to the right. But thought always wants to move to the right on the political spectrum. No logical person could argue otherwise.

Some will try however, to argue that liberalism is taught in our education institutions and that some of the best in the world are the caretakers of philosophy, but that would all be wrong. People can be taught to be comfortable on a particular place on a political spectrum and to stay there because their friends or neighbors have given themselves the same limits. Or even family members hold people to places of belief that they might not otherwise have. I have family members who think of themselves as very conservative who to me are extremely liberal, and the cause is not logic, its in a lack of understanding about the ways of the world, a lack of wisdom and exposure that built that wisdom more than actual belief. The more people learn about life, and the wiser they are, the further to the right of that political spectrum they become, whether they are a monk living on a mountaintop in the Himalayas, a drug dealer in Mexico, a priest in Kansas, a lottery ticket buyer in Las Vegas, or some wealthy billionaire in the middle of nowhere closed off from the world and enjoying the merits of their productivity. Regional beliefs can hold a person to a position along the political spectrum, but they don’t dictate the merits of wisdom and a person’s journey from liberal to conservative throughout their lifetimes.

In regard to the state of America and its split down the middle politically, that is because roughly half the nation has a lot more to learn. Its not that they have an equal seat at the table. What it does mean is that they need to hit the books and to learn more things about the world so that they can advance further to the right. There is no mixing of the ideas, there is only the degree from which a person functions along the proper trajectory of political thought, with the word “political” being functional with intellectual measurement, not belief. With that in mind, as we move deeper into the election season and people say what they will about what beliefs are politically, the context needs to be clear that politics is more a measure of wisdom than of sentiment. And depending on what values you vote on says a lot about the level of wisdom you have as a functioning person. So the smarter people become, the more they vote to the right. The less wise, the further to the left they will be. It may not always be their fault, but it is the true condition of their intellect.

Rich Hoffman

President Trump, Warren Davidson, and George Lang: ‘Nobody Does it Better’

It was good to hear my congressman’s name come up during President Trump’s March for Life speech on Friday. Warren Davidson has been doing such a great job representing me in Washington D.C. that it gave me a great moment of pride in hearing his name mentioned so prominently by the greatest president in American history. But that wasn’t all that Trump was up to that day, additionally he had a meeting of the nation’s mayors at the White House so to inspire them into better things. Also he released on Twitter the new logo for the sixth branch of military service, the Space Force which has come to be under his presidency. For most people any one of those things would have been the climax of their week, even for former presidents. They would have needed a nap after just the mayor’s event. But for Donald J. Trump and those rising to great success under his influence leadership, like Warren Davidson, its just another day at the office. Few people would have known it, even though every network had committed most all of their broadcasting effort toward the effort, but an impeachment trial was going on at Capital Hill by those seeking any way possible to slow this president down. And this coming on the heels of new trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada, and a very successful trip to the Davos economic forum of world leaders. This president is too big of a thinker to be encumbered by the small minded, and after a week of impeachment coverage, it was quite clear that President Trump had more of a personality of a James Bond theme song than the scandalous acceptance of political diatribes that brought down Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon. Trump is a winner and everything he touches improves just by his influence, leaving attempts to paint him as a lesser person weak and affectless.

This isn’t a new idea to me, that is why actually I have named this site for more than a decade now, Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom. As an individual I live my own life in such a way, something that is bigger than just the meager exploits of common human ambitions. That’s where the “overman” comes from, expecting more of yourself than just the primitive attempts at basic living, but to do everything in your life as if it were a legendary status. So it is great to see that those types of people are finding success these days instead of being held down by some pretense of social construct. Those cracks have been forming in every field of endeavor for well over 100 years, and it is very exciting to see what having one finally live and work in the White House can do for people, and that wonderful new politicians like Warren Davidson on the national level and George Lang at the Ohio level, are emerging under a flag of winning that people just haven’t experienced before.

A lot of people over the weekend tried to put their finger on the issue, really of what happened during the third week of January 2020 in America with a president who has a personality that is bigger than the news cycles and the top stars of Hollywood and within the networks. It obviously bothers them that they can’t match his efforts, but I would say that the fault is entirely theirs. They have simply set the goals for themselves too low, and their lives have been too meek to compete with President Trump, that even with all the vast resources of the federal government to utilize, they have not been able to hurt him at all politically. They may have kept his influence from spreading to those who have already voted otherwise. If not for their efforts, President Trump may have 90% of the country behind him currently. He may actually be the first president in American history who is truly a president to all people no matter what their political backgrounds. There were some bad mayors in the White House at that meeting, and Trump treats them all very fairly and always above the line, which is consistent with his business background. I think most successful business people are good at finding what’s best about people, even if those people don’t yet see it in themselves. Its not a bad thing to call them out and to try to push them into greatness, even if they insist on being sticks in the mud. Optimism is good for business, and now its also good for politics and the effects are now exploding onto the scene.

And to think how much President Trump has endured and yet stock prices on the Dow are hovering at 29,000. Trump was the first president in American history to speak at the famous March for Life that occurs every year. I mean how could anybody not be for life? Certainly, a positive person like President Trump wants to see every life have a chance at something great for themselves, especially those being born. How could any politician put their name next to a death cult of abortion and try to sell it to women as a right to be a murderer? Yet that is how it has been, and presidents were so terrified to be pushed under on the media cycle to even appear to challenge Roe v. Wade that they fear women may not vote for them in an upcoming election. President Trump however didn’t just make himself that first president to so publicly speak in favor of such a pro-life position, but its just one of the big things he did that day, and that is pretty much every day in his administration. He is an amazing character of significant achievement and like any overmanwarrior, he is not content with those efforts, but is always looking for the next win. Lesser people who don’t have such high goals for themselves simply can’t touch him. Look at how pathetic Adam Schiff was in the senate trying to use 24 hours of legal banter to make a case for impeachment only to look like a loser who farted in a corner and then tried to blame it on everyone else.

I know how hard Warren Davidson works in my district and I feel privileged to have him as an option for representation. Not that competency should be unjustly rewarded, its expected, but all too often we end up with hacks like Adam Schiff in federal positions, and those people are really struggling with the influence leadership of President Trump because they can’t keep up. All they can do is yell at the bus that has come and gone leaving them on a street corner of philosophy with all the rest of the garbage that has refused the call to be better than they were yesterday. In Trump’s America, everyone should strive to be more than they were even five minutes ago. He has lived his life that way and now as a President, he is showing what such a person looks like. Most of us, a majority, love it and will continue to support it well into the future. And that is unique to our times and is a growing movement that I relish. I have never enjoyed watching the news so much than I have from the day that this president was voted into office in November of 2016. He is simply too big to stop and the world knows it. And that big concept thinking is now giving a voice to other big thinkers, like Warren Davidson, and George Lang to become more than they ever could before, which is probably the most exciting thing that nobody is talking about. For a change its not the nobody’s who are shaping our lives. It’s the winners, and this is what it feels like, which is a great and welcomed condition. These times are for winners, and President Trump is the embodiment of the Carly Simon song, “Nobody Does it Better.” And we are all benefiting from it. Trump is the best, and the world is coming to understand it, even his enemies.

Rich Hoffman

George Lang: One of the Hardest Workers in the Business of Politics

I really can’t say enough about how good George Lang is. Yes, I’ve known him for a long time and watched him navigate through the kind of political waters that would sink most people, but his raw optimism and hope in everyday people has really put him into a category all his own. He’s in full campaign mode now for his 4th District Senate run in Ohio as the primary is coming up in March and I just have to say that I don’t know anybody who works harder and is more honest at it than him. I tend to judge people based on how hard they work and even though his personality and beliefs are not new to me, which is why I always support George Lang in anything he does, it really has been his work ethic for this senate seat that has impressed me most recently. He has been astonishing in the work he has been willing to put into the effort, even though he is the clear front runner. He’s already in the House of Representatives representing the same essential district, so his workload is spoken for, but seeing the crowd he was able to draw at a fundraiser this past week, and the quality of his supporters would impress anybody, even those not so inclined to political tides and concerns.

The fundraiser was held at a very nice home in Liberty Township complete with its own bowling alley, which everyone seems to have these days in such a wonderful land of opportunity that has evolved in that area. The crowd that George was able to muster would impress even the most rigorous national politician, and it takes that kind of ability to play the game at that level. While most media would cover such an event with the obvious hatred toward businesspeople and the money they tend to make—purely out of jealousy—George’s pro-business platform and track record already at the state level would impress anybody. What a lot of people who don’t have bowling alleys in their basement don’t know is that business owners and investors have had a tough road to run for many decades as the political class could have cast themselves straight out of the villains of an Ayn Rand novel, and they have had to tip toe around government in all sorts of ways just to make a decent living always with a weary eye toward some government imposed audit, or regulatory tyranny. If they treat themselves to a bowling alley in their basement or a nice car nobody should begrudge them, because most of the time, those types of people work 12 to 15 hour days and worry constantly 24 hours a day to provide jobs for people and to always stay ahead in tough, competitive business markets. They need someone they can trust, and George Lang has provided them with that option, so its good to see they see that and have shown up to support him when needed.

Most politicians have to pander to the business class type of donors to some extent or another, but they don’t often openly embrace business leaders the way that George does because of the media stigma that has existed for well over a century, created by the Karl Marx types that are so openly bred in our colleges and public education institutions these days. By the way intelligentsia treats business owners and leaders its amazing that anybody even wants to try to be anything but a paycheck puncher and nothing more. For even the most ambitious people find the lack of respect that is cast against any business owner a barrier to the kind of risks and personal dedication that it takes to be a job provider. If not for those who want some trappings of wealth to enjoy as a result of the massive amount of work and worry that it takes, nobody may attempt it. Luckily in America, and especially in the 4th District of Ohio there are plenty of people still willing to do such work and George has positioned himself to represent them, as well as all the people who enjoy jobs from such an endeavor. Because if not for people like the hosts of that fundraiser for George, with the nice bowling alley serving as a podium for the ever enthusiastic Lang, Liberty Township wouldn’t be such a paradise of unemployment and wealth generation that makes even the least ambitious person living in the area one of the luckiest people on earth due to the opportunities afforded to them by the hard working and industrious.

I’ve been to these kinds of things a lot, and to be honest, the efforts usually look phony to me. Politicians are forced to play both sides of the fence, they pander to the business owner for money, then boot lick the “worker” as termed by the Marx movement that has so infected several generations of people for over a century, as if they were polar opposites. What very few politicians have ever successfully made a proper connection to is that one makes the other, not the other way around, and that George through his own hard work represents them all authentically, not in the way of the phony that other politicians have managed. Authenticity of purpose is one of the rarest commodities and its wonderful to see that so many people recognize that trait in George and have been willing to put their money where their mouth is. They can see as I do the hard work that George Lang has been willing to put into everything he does, and they see him as a good investment. Not in the way that politics has been known to purchase power and prestige by selling away access, but in getting yield and support from a representative who actually does the work and is tireless in the effort.

When businesses thrive, everything that cascades off those wonderful industries improves the lives of everyone connected. For many people waking up in the morning knowing that there is a job out there with their name on it is one of the most treasured items in their lives. That is how they raise their families, pay their mortgages, their car payments, it funds all the things they want to be and hope to achieve. But the efforts to run a business and to own a business often is one of the most overlooked elements of our culture with old prejudices well established by other elements that permeate the thoughts of even the most logical. And its so refreshing to see that George Lang sees beyond all that to the truth, and in the manner of his extremely hard work, optimistic spirit, and sheer honesty, that he is unlike most any other politician that has ever ran for office. The speeches might sound similar at times as many politicians are gifted orators, but they aren’t like George Lang who expects to be more of a representative to everyone in his district than even comes from his presentations of himself. He’s as hard of a worker as the hardest worker in any position, and he offers himself as a friend to the start of all economic activity, the business owners and industrialists who need representation to work their magic, which of course benefits everyone. In that way, George Lang’s campaign is unusually honest, and is something that even those not very interested in politics could be proud of and feel some connection to due to the authenticity and stamina of its candidate. George Lang is impressive, but that’s because what’s underneath is even better than the package.

Rich Hoffman

FISA Court Says it can’t Trust the FBI or DOJ on Anything: Impeachment to hide crimes and other problems of democracy

As I have been saying about the Democrats impeachment attempt from the outset the desire comes more from self-protection than out of any sense of justice. Many of the Democrats in the House and Senate are themselves involved in the kind of mess that Joe Biden and his family have been, selling access to the office for cash. They need a distraction to not just save their jobs, but to keep from going to jail. To that exact point, Tom Fitton from the very aggressive, and orthodox Judicial Watch has been pulling documents into the light of day proving just that, and recently they have had several breakthroughs that paint the picture even grander than I have been saying. As Tom was saying recently all this impeachment stuff, and the entire nature of the Russian scandal was only about one thing, protecting Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden from their access selling schemes in the Clinton Foundation and other networks. Watching Adam Schiff talk all day this past week over impeachment prosecution it is obvious that he’s covering for fellow Democrats trying to keep the news cycle focused on everything but what they are guilty of.

Well, yesterday it broke that the DOJ disavowed two spy warrants that were targeting President Trump during the 2016 campaign and that they directly violated the constitutional rights of Carter Page with documents signed by James Comey, who is in a whole lot of trouble by Attorney General Barr. This is a whole heap of trouble for Democrats who were in on the overthrow of an American election and were trying to use a fake Russia story as their cover for the crime. Now that President Trump has put in place a real attorney general at the Department of Justice, the Democrats have lost their influence over that branch of government which it looks like they enjoyed since the first George Bush was in the White House. The fear they have now is that they can’t manipulate the DOJ as they have in the past to cover crimes they have been committing for a long time and now they are exposed, which is why they are pushing for some distraction now, hoping to do anything to change the game in their favor.

I suppose nothing surprises me, but I do spend much of my time in the company of pretty smart people, so when I run into “normal” people I have been confounded at how easily they are manipulated by their propensity for small thinking. Not to get to far into it, but I have been involved in discussions that involve President Trump and I continue to get the question, “but what if he is impeached? Will you still do this, or do that?” I can’t help but just to gaze at them for a minute. Why would they think such a thing? Is it because their only view to the outside world is Channel 5 in Cincinnati, and the Cincinnati Enquirer? Why would they think that President Trump would be impeached unless they are hopelessly gullible? And at those times I can’t help but think of one of my favorite books, Plato’s ‘Republic.’ The story of the shadow people broadcast against the cave wall from firelight within an underground sanctuary with prisoners of thought tied to poles only facing the wall and trying to guess what the shapes on the wall mean from the images cast from behind them. It is astonishing that so many people are willing to live in that state of existence, and obviously the Democrats count on that tendency. That is their whole point in impeachment, is to carry those types of minds toward a sense of hopelessness that might convince them that its not they who are the corrupt ones, but those who took power away from them and now run the Department of Justice.

I would tell anybody that the best guard against that behavior is to read a lot of books. People who practice that very simple thing are likely to be able to see through this criminal activity by the Democrats because they haven’t lost the ability to think. I read an average of two books a week, each over 65,000 words or more, and I find it very enjoyable. It’s a form of exercise for me and I’ve done that for more than 30 years. I get along best with people who read in those quantities. I know people who read even more than that, and their minds are very active. But I do feel somewhat sorry for people who allow their minds to become almost spongy soft due to a lack of exercised intellect, where they just plop down on a Saturday and watch sports programming on NBC and believe everything they hear against President Trump as that network obviously has major problems with the president. I’ve noticed it myself when I do watch it for a football game or some other event, the news is presented in a way that makes dumb people feel good. But people with exercised intellects won’t find much there beneficial. But that isn’t the target audience, it’s the people who are too lazy to think who they feel they can turn to their side of things with sheer quantity of information. If they present a lot of information, then people not so smart won’t have any excess capacity to think anything but what they have been told. And to a large degree, among normal people who don’t read very much, it works.

Because of this I have been thinking back to an old high school class I had called “Problems of Democracy” that was taught by a raging long haired hippie I couldn’t stand. He was an obvious communist sympathizer who would rather have smoked a lot of pot and had unprotected sex with a pile of human flesh no matter what their gender than to have any deep thoughts about the direction of existence and he always made me sick to listen to. But the essence of that class was his embodiment, people like him were the problem with Democracy. Democrats still believe that if they can make a lot of people stupid, or scared, that they can get by with crimes. And when they are guilty, they attack others for the crimes they are most guilty of and they count on the sheer numbers to acquit them. That is the problem with Democracy, and why we are a Republic as a nation, not a bunch of slack jawed anarchists winning elections with just sheer numbers. We need to have more thought that goes into these things. And for these advocates of impeachment, they are using this playbook to hide their own criminal misconduct—or trying to.

But it hasn’t worked, with this FISA Court ruling against the FBI and the Obama era DOJ there is a major problem that is much, much bigger and more problematic than this impeachment attempt. But the wall to wall coverage by the mainstream media is trying to overwhelm the not so smart with feelings of doubt and the crimes are placed on a scale that unintelligent people can’t even fathom. For those who watch NBC and worry that President Trump might have actually done something wrong the real problem is in their lack of intellect, not in the facts of the case. The facts of the case are sadly beyond their lazy minds, their willingness to look at the shadows of Plato’s cave walls. The real crime is unraveling right in front of us day by day, and this impeachment is designed to conceal the truth for as long as possible, perhaps to the election. It is the last hope of a guilty group who have committed major crimes as domestic enemies and justice is hungry. And in spite of what you hear on television and the kind of people who don’t read very much, we are about to see a feeding frenzy on a scale the world has never seen before. And it’s about time!

Rich Hoffman

President Trump is a Lifelong NRA Member: Understanding the nature and history of Genius and the relationship to guns

This attempt to paint National Rifle Association members as some fringe group, especially leading up to the big protest this week that occurred in Virginia is just as insulting as the Democrats attempting to impeach President Trump, spending literally millions of dollars of tax payer money over the simple issue that they are not prepared for the 2020 election with a proper, electable philosophy, or a platform that reflects America in a modern sense. I’m not big on memberships but my NRA membership is something I take great pride in, and yes, it’s very much mainstream. It shouldn’t be surprising for anybody to know but President Trump is a life member of the NRA, and he has joined Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, and Richard Nixon as presidents who all had NRA memberships. Then of course there was Ronald Reagan who embodied great respect for his membership as a shared value with the American people. The fringe element of gun control rather has been the exception all this time, not the mainstream, yet the attempts to overthrow this assumption has made things look quite the opposite.

As readers here know I have been working on a philosophy/business book called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business for a while now. It’s not the writing that has been the problem, but rather the scope of the work. I see gun ownership as a fundamental philosophy to the success of American life—which of course extends into business. So, getting the themes down for this work has been interesting. To take complicated sentiments and paint them with words into a mainstream read that reflects life during one of America’s greatest defining moments, the period of 1870 to 1890 has pushed me into many re-writes which has been enjoyable. But the theme has been largely unexplored, and it really paints a value on the NRA as an organization and national treasure. Without the NRA, the domestic enemies that want to change the nature of American life would have long ago succeeded. And they are still at it which is why the NRA has been under so much attack. But in the scheme of things, most of our best presidents have found a lot of value in the NRA including our current one.

Many people just don’t know their history very well, and I have pointed to this wild west period as a point of great significance for a reason. It is clear that the ability of settlers to cross the western frontier with a gun at their hip gave way for the greatest expansion not just of human settlement, but of intellectual monstrosity. It was this very culture that produced Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of any age. It was during this period that Henry Ford came to be, and aviation first flew from a couple of bicycle manufactures in Dayton, Ohio. When we think of the wild west, we think of gunfighters, and I would argue that it was they who carved a path to great intellectual expansion by what professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi the great psychologists would term “flow.” For one of the first times in all of human history government was small enough not to get in the way of intellectual genius, and the rapidly expanding market needs of a growing nation with three major wars behind it, The Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Civil War finally was coming into its own philosophically, and industrially. There would have been no time prior in history where a Thomas Alva Edison could have lived without being killed by the churches of Europe, or crushed by intelligentsia seeking to make aristocrats of themselves by holding society under their “in the box” thinking. It was in the wake of the gunfighters and the stories on the wild frontiers that Edison was able to live in something of a vacuum that gave light and radio waves to the world—and many other things that essentially built the world we live in today.

Its not that Thomas Edison was a huge supporter of guns, but he was of the philosopher Thomas Paine, who would be the figure who essentially launched the “American” idea and started the Revolution. But Edison much like Benjamin Franklin was a spirit that was born from the freedoms that came from being an American. It may take millions of tobacco spitting cowboys fighting it out in the dust and rain on an open plain to make one Thomas Edison, but the work was worth it. And without gun ownership, such figures would never find their way into the world. That is clear in my research and has emerged as the primary theme of my new book. The understanding of what makes genius is very much at the core of the issue and how we understand such things to come to be. I would point to the work Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi as one of the greatest breakthroughs, which has been very recent, as the primary cause of genius that we find in people like Thomas Edison, or even modern day examples such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates. What makes genius is proper intellectual flow, not the stale embodiments of social conformity glued together by authoritarian rules and regulation. But rather the freedom to think and have a gun in the home to keep away those who might seek to bring chaos to your doorstep and interrupt the flow of thoughts by a mind on fire with its own passions.

Edison was a unique personality who was able to match his tireless energy and intellect to the needs of a rapidly expanding market due to western expansion and a government that hadn’t figured out how to stick their noses into everyone’s life yet. It was a perfect storm that created a genius that still is giving us gifts today. Although the world has shrunk since then and government has now figured out how to stick their noses into our business in every aspect. It is no wonder that we don’t have more people like Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein emerging today. Regulation and too much interdependence does not produce genius, it repels it. Guns give genius a barrier from the idiot to the budding intellect and is a key part of American success that no other culture on the face of the earth has duplicated. The reason is complicated and elusive and is the subject of my new book. But the key is clearly something that the NRA understands of itself, and very smart people who have been presidents of the United States at least could sense about the importance. Guns aren’t so much for shooting people, but in preventing natural, intellectual looters so wonderfully displayed in Ayn Rand’s classic American novels, from taking over the efforts of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s “flow.” Some people find their flow in life, some people struggle with it always. But for those who do, we occasionally get a Thomas Edison, and from there great things happen.

I see a world where we could unleash many Thomas Edisons and the way to make them is not with our university system, but rather with NRA memberships who keep the looters away and free minds to think and be creative based on their own inertia. Not to force a mind to comply with inferior intellects, but to free them to the possibilities of tomorrow by asking the right questions and not being afraid of those who don’t want the answers revealed, because there is power for them in the ignorance of mankind. To get flow out of our society we need guns to serve as the barrier to allow genius to flourish. Politicians may join the NRA because they have an understanding that its important even though they may not know why. But I think we are coming to a time where we can define those needs better. And that could pave the way for a very exciting future.

Rich Hoffman

The Schiff Show: Those who are most guilty are the ones pushing for impeachment

After watching the impeachment proceedings in the senate, it is quite clear not just because it is an attack on a president that I voted for, and therefore an attack on me, but that Adam Schiff has more at stake than just a hatred politically for President Trump. It’s obviously personal for them. They obviously don’t think that they can beat him in the upcoming election, so that is the cause of these theatrics of impeachment. There is something much more sinister going on that they are seeking to hide from the public with these antics. Peter Schweizer’s book ‘Profiles in Corruption’ came out a few days ago and I picked it up for a quick read and I am convinced by the arguments made in that book that Peter is on to something big. So big in fact that nobody will cover it because so many people are guilty of the crimes. If only a small percentage of the claims made in ‘Profiles in Corruption’ are true, then we have a huge problem in both houses of congress, which I think is certainly the case. And the proof is in the hatred of Trump and the direct attack on him to defer away from the real crimes that have been committed.

I watched carefully, and without emotion the prosecution in the case, particularly Nadler and Schiff. Nadler has a long history of hating Trump personally, and he is quite clearly abusing his power in office to erect some aspect of revenge against the President for personal reasons. To enough of a degree that Nadler should be removed from office for such bad judgement alone. But the Adam Schiff story is worse, because it looks like he is covering his own layers of corruption for the benefits of his party not just to survive through the 2020 election, but to keep the dogs off his own connections to many lines of corruption, that extend well beyond Ukraine. If anybody looked and acted guilty by all the signs of nonverbal communication, its Adam Schiff.

I would suggest that the Republican approach to this case is all wrong, playing along with the legal grounds as if this were a real trial, and evoking that the “senate” is some kind of stately power that is beyond the quells of politics is not going to work. We are dealing with real criminals protecting a political class that is deeply involved with severe criminal mischief, white collar crimes that go well beyond similar white-collar prosecutions of mass corruption. These criminals are using their powerful statues as law makers to erase away their crimes, and they are willing to bring down a presidency to cover their actions—which should shock everyone, no matter what your political affiliation. The more I watched, the more insulting it was, especially once opening day arguments extended past midnight. All this effort for what—to try to pin their own crimes on a president just asking a question about corruption from the other side. The real issue was why the president felt he needed to ask—that is the cover-up.

Yet Democrats came out swinging throwing out indefensible accusations from the start saying that McConnell was running a corrupt proceeding. The obvious attempt was to make Republicans look weak in response to such aggressive statements that just might tilt the balance in a fall election—if all went well. But the true magic trick here was to keep anybody from even asking the question, “Mr. Schiff, how many of these deals were you involved in with Hunter Biden and his father.” By making it so that even asking a question could evoke so much trouble, who would dare to go further? That is the subtle message here and something only people willing to do the proper study of the situation, like Peter Schweizer, would even think to ask. The evidence is clear that something is wrong and the attack on Trump is far deeper than even election meddling for the 2020 elections, its to cover up crimes committed by many of the people in that senate chamber, and I would bet that everyone there knows it. That’s why they don’t ask those deeper questions, because they too would be implicated.

The purpose of the show is to even help Republicans in the senate appear to make the whole thing appear more lofty than it really is, the proceedings with John “Obamacare” Roberts proceeding as a stately judge hammering his gavel for recess is meant to make them all look like they are in command. That the whole thing isn’t a farce covering up massive international crimes for which Trump’s administration is uncovering just by its existence. What I watched in the hearings from all sides were people either guilty of those mass crimes, or people who knew about them but were worried that if that knowledge hit the public, a complete erosion of their trust in our government institutions would cascade into outright rebellion. Many of those people might disagree in that chamber, but they have lunch together, they golf together, they have formed bonds that it would be painful to expose. They may be political enemies, but all too often they are personal friends, and as most humans are reluctant to do, they don’t want to hurt them. So, they have all agreed to some extent to this ridiculous, and expensive display designed not to seek justice through impeachment of an elected president, but to hide crimes of personal enrichment. And to use their control of the law to cover for their villainy. And they actually have the audacity to stand before us all during all hours of the day, soaking up the news cycle in such an audacious, and selfish way for their personal vanity and desires for destruction of other people so long as the aims of investigation to not point to them.

Like the slob who farts and then cries out, “who passed gas” when they know clearly it was them, but by the smell of it, it could have been anybody in the room. They hope to declare their innocence just by being the first ones to say anything. Yet the fart came from them and nobody else. Others might suspect as much, but because they are friends, they wouldn’t want to embarrass them in public, so they keep their mouth shout and play along. That is what the senate has been doing for Democrats, and it is pathetic. The real crime has not been discussed, and it should be. The real villains are the ones making the accusations, and without a doubt to my notice, Adam Schiff is one of the guiltiest and most corrupt people on the face of the earth. And he is so corrupt that he knows nobody would believe it, so he further covers his trial by being the one doing the accusing so that he is not the one accused. That is the purpose of this impeachment and the voracity of its utilization. And even for the attempt of it, we should all be very angry. Even more than that, we need to look at a serious employment change of these very representatives because we cannot turn a blind eye to this. Justice is begging for attention and our eyes need to reside on the accusers, not the accused.

Rich Hoffman