What the Little Baby Trump Blimp Says about Europe: The difference between the lazy and the productive

Since they took that little baby Trump blimp to Edinburgh, where President Trump was staying with his family at his Turnberry golf resort I have to pick on the balloon. I was going to leave it alone, but for crying out loud, the blimp was so tiny. It was astonishing that the world’s media made such a big deal about—it shows just how much they wanted to show a resistance to Trump from Europe. While there were significant numbers of protesters who did hit the streets in London, then in Scotland it showed more what Europe was fearful of than what they really wanted to protest. I’ve seen some of those protests up close, especially up near Parliament and it surprised me how openly socialist they were. Socialism has always been a dirty word in the United States, but in London you always see that red Worker’s Party tent when they do big events to protest capitalism, and it has brought about their own detriment, which brings us to that stupid blimp.

If Ayn Rand were alive today she would be very proud of Donald Trump. Here was a beacon of capitalism unapologetically defending it even in the face of the very hostile socialists and the biggest stunts they could come up with where some strangely painted people, a skydiver breaking the no-fly zone, and that silly little blimp as Trump played golf at one of the nicest resorts of its kind in the world for which Trump actually built himself. I’ve read biographies on most American presidents and there simply is nobody like Trump. I have said for years that what America needed was another Teddy Roosevelt that was less progressive, or a Winston Churchill—even a modern version of Abraham Lincoln or George Washington, but Trump is better than all those people for the simple reason that he knows how to think big, and he has put the nation on his back to help it return to that mantra. And Europe can’t stand it. It must have been something for Trump to play that Saturday game of golf at Turnberry with his sons and to see all those things he worked so hard for coming together in the same place at the same time. As president of the United States shaking the world up as the greatest salesman of capitalism that has ever been he was playing golf at a resort he built which many consider one of the finest in the world. As a best-selling author well before he was ever president he had accomplished what many never thought possible in their wildest dreams and all his opponents really had to throw at him was that stupid balloon.

What really struck me while traveling through Europe is how small everything is. I’m used to how things are in America, where the restaurant helpings are big, as are the roads and homes. In Europe especially in London when you ask for a Coke they give you this little glass of warm dark liquid that barely tastes right since much of the sugar is regulated out of it. I could tell the story with great fanfare of the time my wife and I were starving for a good old American meal while in England and we found a Burger King. I ordered the largest value meal they had and what they gave me was this little cup that I thought was for a kid and it tasted like Diet Coke, so I assumed they handed me my wife’s order. No, it was the one intended for me, their big Coke was the size of a child’s in America and it tasted different due to the differences in regulation there. I found living in Europe for most of a month to be difficult. The roads, sidewalks and general thinking were all too small for me to the point where it was very uncomfortable, and clearly that was due to the various amounts of socialism that most everyone had some little part of in their thinking. It was easy for me to see coming from a capitalist country that was very successful. Europe felt they were superior to my American sensibilities because they had such a deep history within the world. But in the modern sense they have never really come out of the Dark Ages, socialism gave them an excuse to stick with their old ways of thinking.

Then here comes Trump with all his big things, his big car, his big persona, his big resorts, his big American plane, his big challenges and he literally turned everyone over on their head and made socialism whither in his presence. The socialists knew they’d be challenged so they prepared for his visit by getting out the word to all the potential protestors they could find to show solidarity against his arrival. So they had that little baby blimp of Trump made and they were so proud of it that the world’s news outlets carried the coverage extensively. Then when the London protests were over once Trump left England to stay in Scotland the protestors took that little thing up to Edinburgh and it was covered as if it was a significant thing. The whole situation was laughable, that blimp wouldn’t even have made it on the local news in the United States because most children have things like that in their homes. But in Europe, that blimp was what they thought was a big deal because their minds had been scaled down with socialism to think that little things like that were acceptable.

In so many ways the contrast did all the work that Trump could have hoped for and occur without any real effort by him. Any reader of his many best sellers knows that he is an unapologetic capitalist and why shouldn’t he be? Capitalism is a wonderful invention of human intellect. Socialism is a destroyer of that same human intellect. When a reporter went through the town of Turnberry and asked them if they had played golf at Trump’s resort they answered that they couldn’t afford it—so no. That is the socialist in them speaking. The capitalist would say, I haven’t yet earned enough money to do so, but I hope to soon. That is the difference between socialists and capitalist and between the rest of the world right now and Trump. With Trump anything is possible and that is a very hopeful resonance to convey to the world. Obviously, it is carrying Europe out of the gutter and getting them to think properly about economic matters for the first time in their history, and it is Trump who is leading them. Socialists know the danger is that the work of Karl Marx is falling apart in front of their faces like a soaking wet paper towel trying to pick up a car. Only when there is no competing thoughts can socialists hope to sell their small thinking and their scam to protect the lazy with a social philosophy that puts sharing at the front of the train. Sharing in a socialist culture means a few hard-working people give their good work to the crazy lunatics who protested Trump in London allowing everyone to feel equal in the exchange when in fact they are nowhere close. In Trump’s capitalism if a person wants to work hard enough and earn enough money, they can play golf with Trump at Turnberry. If they want to be lazy, they will just have to look at the gates and wonder what goes on behind them.

That is why the little baby Trump blimp is so hilarious. To the socialists they thought it was a big deal, and the media did their best to cover it that way. But in reality, it was just a stupid little kid’s balloon that anybody in America would think is pathetically small. To the Europeans it was massive, and that says everything. I hear from people all the time some of the remnants of America’s own temptations with socialism, especially the thoughts left over from the Depression and pre-World War II days of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal. I catch people saying all the time because they learned such things from their parents and grandparents who lived through that era where government tampered with supply and demand to the point of economic restriction. They’ll say things like “we can’t afford that car, or that house, or those clothes.” What they really mean is that they are too lazy to work for those things. It’s possible that they just don’t care about the material aspects of possessions, and they might even use Bible verses to justify their laziness, but when someone says something like—“I can’t afford that” they are essentially saying as the residence of Turnberry were relegated to state, “Trump’s resort is too expensive for us. We’re just common folk who like to see an appearance from the queen from time to time and sip our tea.” Trump’s visit to Europe was a direct challenge to the entire premise of western civilization which had adopted socialism over capitalism and all they had to defend themselves from it was that silly baby Trump balloon. It was small thinking at its best which showed why America was clearly pulling away in the modern age leaving the socialists of the world in the dust. And Trump understood his role in pointing out that difference and he was quite comfortable with it. And that is why these Trump years will not just go away with future elections, the imprint will last for centuries, and that is something that needed to happen for many years.

Rich Hoffman

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Why Candace Owens Should be President of The United States: Apparently Twitter thinks so too

I wasn’t kidding when I said it, but I was surprised to see such a reaction from people when I said on Twitter that I thought Candace Owens would be a great candidate for president of the United States. I mean she’s only 29 years old now but to me she has the whole package and is presently just as qualified as Barack Obama was. Candace is an organizer so with the bar of pedigree being lowered during the Obama years, just as Bill Clinton lowered the expectations of personal behavior paving the way for Donald Trump, it really can’t be said the running the Executive Branch is beyond the reach of a political novice. What we have learned over the last 32 years, first with Clinton, then with George W. Bush, eventually followed by Barack Obama is that it doesn’t take a great genius to be president. It takes a person exceptionally skilled as a promoter from the White House and knowing how to manage the people around them. It’s the perfect job for a person like Trump who has made a great living up until his presidency promoting visions. The White House is uniquely suited for that type of personality and we are learning that we should have been putting people like Trump in office for centuries. But once his job is done a decade or so down the road, what kind of people will be good for the office and to me it is obvious that it will need to be someone like Candace Owns.

After watching Candace Owens on several cable news shows I made a simple remark on Twitter that I thought she should run for president someday and that I’d support her when she was ready. That unleashed a firestorm of interest generating over 160,000 impressions in just a few hours, the response was very encouraging in the affirmative. I mean let’s be honest, even though I replied to people that we should always be color blind and not promote people in our society just because of sex—if all things are equal in the world we are currently living in conservative ideas would best be sold from the Executive Branch by a young black woman, because it would completely disarm the political left’s accusations of the Republican Party. I think Democrats are over as a party anyway. It may take another half of a decade to realize that reality, but I’m all for finishing them off by taking away their most powerful weapon, identity politics. Candace Owens in the White House would be devastating to Democrats especially when they saw that the same people who have supported Trump would support Candace. In 2018 they rationalize that Trump supporters get behind him because he’s an angry, rich, white guy. But when those same people would support Candace, a young, nice black woman, it would literally tear their minds apart because it would force them to recognize the true reality of the situation.

I have been looking for years for a chance to show that it was Republicans who are best at putting people in the White House that free up individual merit as opposed to group think. I have supported Elizabeth Dole for president, Herman Cain, Sarah Palin and many others because I wanted to show that Republicans were certainly not the party of old white guys. Republicans certainly weren’t Nazis resembling Hitler from Germany or Mussolini fascism from Italy. They were the party of Lincoln who freed the slaves and gave Frederick Douglas a platform to rise in politics while many blacks in the south were still considered slaves. Once liberals started painting conservatives a certain way, as traditionalists who were against everything, it was difficult to answer such a negative and with conservatives tending to be too nice to defend themselves, it allowed the more aggressive Democrats to take shots at conservatives unjustifiably. So for many years I have been looking for a way to prove that identity politics were not part of the Republican platform in any way, and to prove that we had to have identity politics to prove it—we needed a good woman or a person of color to rise to the top of the Republican political process.

What Donald Trump will leave in his wake will be a great thing. He is doing such a great job in selling the benefits of individualism back to the American way of thinking. When people ask what making America great again means, it is simply the mindset where individual rights were protected over group rights. I personally don’t need a tribal leader to “lead” me anywhere. The person I pick for president doesn’t need to be wise in the ways of the world, or a master strategist. I just need my representative in the White House to protect individual rights and to get the bureaucrats out of my way, and I’ll take care of the rest. The nation is presently doing well because Trump has taken away a lot of the crippling regulation and taxes which were holding back our economy, and that’s all we really need out of the White House. Trump has additional business skills which are giving him a fun retirement job, but essentially conservatives don’t need any leaders to show them the way to a good life because the core of Republican thinking is in individual rights. Democrats on the other hand like Barack Obama purposely used regulation and taxes to hold back the American economy so that other places around the world could catch up to us, which has hurt individual rights in favor of group associations and peer groups—breaking the world down by race, religion, sex and income potential. Making America great again means to conservatives not a throw back to where women were in the kitchen making pies for their husbands, but in putting the center of focus of value back on individual rights, where someone like a Frederick Douglas could become a leading spokesman for the newly released slaves. Part of making America great again would be in creating a White House that could have someone like Candace Owens running it, and the country would be just fine.

The failure of Barack Obama is that we were supposed to overlook his socialist agenda for America because he was black. We were supposed to be handicapped by his race into making any opinion about the guy because of his skin color. That is not an enlightened position and people generally know it instinctively. That is why they supported Donald Trump. But when Trump’s years are done and Republicans are looking for the next great movement, I think Candace Owens would be the perfect type of person to show just how big tent the Republican Party is. If we needed Trump to resell America on the power of individual liberty after many years of socialism have tried to cripple the United States from the White House, we will need Candace Owens, or someone like her to continue selling those ideas to a public growing older from the Millennial generation that will be learning to continue that string of success well into the future. It is not for immigrants to bring their socialism from their destroyed countries with them to destroy American culture as the political left desires, it is up to people like Candace to sell them on individual freedom and to take away the restrictions of small thinking government to allow those individuals to flourish and bring the American economy great things that benefit many other people as the 21st century matures.

My suggestion in favor of Candace Owens for president at some point once the Trump family is done with their part of making history is to sell individual rights to a society of people who have been told their entire lives that their personal salvation is in the string pulling of the political class. Those of us who already know better don’t need to be taught, but there will be many who will, and it will be easier learning from Candace than from just about anybody else. That is why I think a pretty, young, intelligent woman of color would be the ideal presidential candidate in the near future, as soon as she comes to age to do it. By taking away the weapons of the political left it would further destroy their hold on the minds of people and pave the way for learning which needs to happen anyway. So Candace would be as good as anybody, and she wouldn’t need a lot of political experience to do the job. Quite the opposite.

Rich Hoffman
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How to Have a Happy Life: The nature of love and meaning of Pavarotti’s ‘Nessun Dorma’

I ran across this unique article linked below which of course inspired comment. So many people in life are drowning in misery and self-doubt which is a real tragedy because it’s all avoidable. It’s one thing to have little regrets in life which start when we are all very young, but if not dealt with properly they become monstrosities as we age, and it really destroys people. The burden of regret is a tremendous liability on most people as this little article explores in Best Life. Things get even more complicated philosophically for people as we instruct them that a sense of “self” is selfish and that they should always put others before themselves 100% of the time. Such a position in life is not conducive to a successful existence, so for the sake of inspiring people to live just a little bit better not just in the short-term, but the long-term as well, perhaps a few encouraging words are appropriate.


From my earliest memory I have always had a strong sense of self and I’ve protected that concept vigorously for over 50 years now. I’m not a believer in reincarnation, but my inner compass has always pointed toward the need to protect my individuality. For that reason, I have never struggled with peer pressure attempting to take me away from my personal goals which later led to regret. I can honestly say that at age 50 that I have no regrets in life. Not a single one. That is true of both good and bad memories. Of course, not everything is always rosy, but when I’ve needed to I’ve certainly defended my sense of self with arguments and fist fights—and even though some people did get very hurt, for me those events didn’t lead to regrets because I was defending my sense of self. I think a lot of people go wrong in their lives because they feel like they should say this or that when other people impose themselves, yet the target of those negative emotions never say anything, they just internalize the emotions leaving them to reflect later in life back to a regret, which then destroys them in thousands of negative ways always from the inside out. Speaking personally, when I felt I needed to do something to defend my sense of self, I have always done it, sometimes recklessly and against the advice of everyone. At the time such things seemed crazy, but it has led me to a life without any regrets and that is a huge benefit to me now.

We are all taught that there is something bigger than ourselves, which is really stupid. The person that people fall in love with and want to be near and to learn from is what we are, not what we sacrifice to others. If you are the type of person who is always giving of yourself and your time you should not be surprised that the people you attract in your life are all people drowning from their bad decisions in life, and that they migrate to you to take whatever you can give them. So unhealthy relationships persist under such conditions. On the other hand, you can’t be psycho about your sense of self either going to the extreme opposite, never letting anyone near you because you feel you are so weak that you can’t let people tow in your wake. I find that the definition that we all have for “love” is wrong. Love isn’t about “falling” for other people, a spouse, a child, or a friend, it’s about taking the substance of one’s existence and allowing people to share in the fruits born from the pronoun “I.” If a person does not have a strong sense of self, than what is there for anybody to “love” about you.

What people love is not what you can give them, but what they can “love” about you—that strong sense of self. For instance, children might love their father but if the guy is just sitting around on the porch of his house thinking about all the things he regrets about his life, the times he should have made more money, or the times he stepped away from a fight with a neighbor over grass clippings, or even gave up his seat in the employee cafeteria to avoid some kind of conflict, there isn’t much for the children to love about such a person except for the sacrifice they provided to their own existence. Compare that to the father who builds a model train set in his basement which the grand kids play with whenever they come over. The material representation of the train set is a reflection of the sense of self of the grandfather which provides some hook for which others in his life can love about him, and the relationship is much more beneficial for everyone. The self-interest of the father to pursue a train set is much more value to a family than a regretful shell of a man rocking in a chair at the end of his life handing out twenty-dollar bills to his children who appreciate the gesture but are craving a sense of love for their father.

I had a tremendously bad day the other day at the start of it and as I am known to do on such days things got a little hairy. One of my daughters was coming over for dinner that night and as the sun was starting to set they asked me what I wanted for dinner and were putting their toes into the water to check my mood. By the time we had the conversation I had solved many of my problems and my response to them was that I had taken a lot of curvy roads through the mountains that day and turned them straight through a desert terrain. Upon further inquiry they asked for details so I sent them by text this video of Luciano Pavarotti singing the famous opera of Nessun Dorma. It is a favorite of mine not because it has inspired me to great things, but because it often matches my mood and approach to things in my life. When I hear Pavarotti sing this opera it reflects my sense of self for which provides many people in my life with something to love about me. I had two choices in such an interaction, I could say that “oh, my day was so bad, I just don’t know what to do” which for me would be uncharacteristic, because I always know what to do. Or I could send them an uplifting message for which they could invest their love—which they could trust because they understand my need to turn curvy roads into nice straight roads and solve problems—no, to “conquer” problems.

It is far better to live a life with bumps and bruises and occasional broken legs than to learn to live with regrets. Similarly, on that bad day I described I gave a little class to some of my employees who needed to hear It about the road less traveled which I’ll share here for context. Do not expect in life to take the safe paved roads that are provided for you and expect to find rare treasures just laying along the side of them. All you ever find is pocket change that people who came before you accidentally drop. The way to really find treasures in life is off those paved roads in the places in the forest where no trail exists. That is where snakes will bite you, thorn bushes puncture your skin and you can even break a leg stepping on the uneven surfaces. But it is also there where treasures are more likely to be found and they don’t all come from actual gold, but in other valuable forms that are otherwise left unmolested due to the difficulty in retrieving them. Yes the road is safe, but the sense of self that we have for which people fall in love doesn’t like safety—because it leads to regret. Not asking that girl for a date, or not taking the time to read that book, or driving that car, or taking that vacation to Hawaii because it’s too expensive leads to a life filled with regret. Life can be difficult and it often can be punishing just to breathe in it, but for me I expect to end each of my days with that feeling you get from Pavarotti singing Nessum Dorma “I will win.” Win what and why, that is defined by our sense of self, and you must have that to know what winning means and how being a winner brings more love to the people in your life who care about you than just being a loser that stays on the safe roads of life and does what everyone tells you to do, leading to an obvious life of misery and regret that isn’t good for anybody.

Rich Hoffman

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The Age of President Trump: The great work that Jennifer Grossman is doing at The Atlas Society

I truly wish that there were more hours in a day, because if I could get 120 hours out of a day, I’d do it in a second and waste not a one of them. I am not a formal member of The Atlas Society, but I think Jennifer Grossman is doing a great job as the new CEO, which is dedicated to the Ayn Rand philosophy of Objectivism. My lack of membership is that I am not a group person, and I have too many interests to stick with just one of them. While I support Objectivism over other current types of thinking, I think we have a long way to go as human beings to get where we need to, so I like to keep an open dialogue to the types of thought that needs to be invented to deal with the reality of our current discoveries. In that manner I pay a lot of attention to the Joseph Campbell Foundation, as well as the NRA and my Cowboy Fast Draw Association activities. I’m involved in local political groups and am very busy in business. I love to follow the science fields of archaeology, regenerative medicine and aviation so my main frustration is that I run out of hours to pursue all my interests every day, but I do try to get to all of them as time permits. With all that in mind this video shown below produced by The Atlas Society I thought deals perfectly with people’s fears about Trump’s trade policies. The video is about the evil of envy, which is the type of age that we currently are in and history will remember this period most succinctly.

While Objectivists are divided over Trump and have been since the beginning thinking him to be too dictatorial for their free market sensibilities I think he truly is an Objectivist as he has said before by stating the great Ayn Rand novel The Fountainhead as his favorite book. As a major developer in New York, The Fountainhead fits his lifestyle over the years and now as an older person who has been there and done it all, I think he’s intent to play his own version of John Galt, striking not just at the world, but using the leverage of the American economy to break down socialist incursions in every facet of global politics and economic development to pave the way for a capitalist revolution that will usher in lots of wonderful productivity into the 21st and 22nd centuries. People say that Trump is not sophisticated and while he’s not likely to give any public speeches like Howard Roark did in The Fountainhead, or John Galt did in Atlas Shrugged, the President does seem intent to use the nature of envy in people to crush their addictions to social deformity.

It is amazing that the stock market values have stayed as high as they have with all the disruptions going on in the world, which says a lot about the power of Trump’s deregulation policies. But the trade war is something that has had to happen for a long time, and it takes a personality like Trump to impose it. While taxes on free trade goes against Objectivist ideas, I see them as a weapon against the current trend of mixed economies where the socialist nature of value depreciation is openly looting off the good produced by imaginative injections into human endeavor. If the socialist aspects are attacked and exposed for what they are by having the mask ripped away, and the pain of tariffs forces other economies to move toward a free trade policy as the ultimate uncle in a negotiation, then that would be a good thing, and is likely the end result of this current crises. While in Ayn Rand’s mind she envisioned striking against society to allow the parasites to be exposed, Donald Trump’s move is more aggressive, and more practical. As a salesman he is happy to promote the value of something while pointing out the flaws of the parasites, which will ultimately be more effective in the long run.

The American economy is the leverage that makes a trade war work. Trump is openly allowing the world to watch free market tactics work against mixed economies by beating them at their own game. America as it has followed others over the cliff as well is not a fine example of a free market either, and Trump is showing others what a totalitarian state-run campaign looks like, which of course has Objectivists worried—but the big picture is that Trump is simply showing cards. As President he has the authority to do so, but his nature is to go the extreme opposite way and lay the foundations down for a very laissez-faire capitalist system not just in the United States, but for the entire world. If there is one thing that Trump will be remembered for, it is in pulling together the global economy under the leadership of America and pulling away that guidance from the European Union or the Asian corridor. For those who work the markets, now is the time to buy. Trust me.

The reason this is important is because we are just a few years away from mining asteroids in space for the next great gold rush in human history, and all this socialist garbage needs to be over by then. With philosophy robbed from most of the world leaving people as empty vessels of ideology the danger is that the world won’t be ready to meet this space race of open territory not controlled by any government yet in space. For instance, who will control mines on the moon, and what countries will settle on Mars—and who will work the many asteroids to pull away the gold, silver and titanium that are abundant in them? All this activity is only a few short years away so someone needs to take the lead on this new age of wealth creation. Luxembourg is already deeply committed to space mining, and the UAB is well on its way to being the first to utilize the benefits. Space mining is going to happen, there will be a new rush into space driving tomorrow’s economy, the question is simply who will lead it. America is positioned to lead due to our economic power but what needs to be removed is the politics of envy that has been introduced which is holding back mankind in a destructive way.

If it was the Age of Reason that unleashed the concept of capitalism, and it was the Age of Envy that unleashed Karl Marx, then it will Be the Age of Trump that will take us to the kind of laissez-faire economics we have been wanting for many years. Ironically the evidence is in the video games that our young people are playing, in spite of the discussions about violence contained within them, the video game industry is the most laissez-faire industry I think we’ve ever seen and the nature of the games for which people enjoy are due to their nearly pure capitalist natures. I would argue that the reason so many millennials support socialism these days are so that they can stay home and play video games more often, because many of them find the video game world much more interesting than the real world, which is a shame. But to escape the effects of the Age of Envy, young people have turned to video games for the relief.

The key to good investments and in knowing what will happen next as the great new age of our times you have to see the big picture and I would argue that Donald Trump does, and that his end game is a more Objectivist world. And we need that Objectivist world to deal with the new economy of tomorrow, in regenerative medicine, deep space mining, and artificial intelligence. Our global economy could easily increase by 100s of trillions of dollars over the next twenty years and even the poorest person on earth could find themselves wealthy if only they embraced the correct philosophy. And to arrive there, the good work of Jennifer Grossman is bridging that gap rapidly. For those who are afraid that there is a big recession coming that will result in the Trump tariffs, actually the opposite is going to happen. We are about to enter an age of unprecedented wealth—5% GDP growth in the United States, and we are going to have to change the way we view wealth so that we can deal with all this excitement.

Rich Hoffman

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Case of The Red Hen: Stephanie Wilkinson showed us why breaking the law on gun legislation is perfectly justifiable–if the “left” wants to fight, let’s go

Sarah Sanders, the White House Press Secretary for President Trump was with her family 200 miles into the Virginia countryside when they stopped by the little town of Lexington for some food at The Red Hen. From outside, it looked like an arty little place, badly painted and small—with only 26 seats, yet it had been a rough week and a little cultural experience seemed like just the thing, so they stepped inside to have a family meal, hopefully without the media paying much attention so they could relax. Yet the staff recognized her and wanted to make a political issue of the visit. Lexington was a liberal town centered in a conservative county, so they are already at odds with the Trump supporters of the rural countryside surrounding the town.

Not sure what to do they called up the cousin of Meryl Streep herself who was the restaurant owner and also the Director of Main Street Lexington which was a group designated to inspire a friendly business atmosphere in the downtown area. Stephanie Wilkinson as a liberal activist who had hired a lot of radicals to her staff had to take their side so she came in during the appetizer portion of the meal that was being served to Sanders and pulled her aside to ask her to leave. Sarah respected the restaurant owners right to serve whoever they wanted, so she and her family left. More specifics about this case can be seen at The American Thinker article below as well as this very interesting video featuring an interview with Stephanie Wilkinson herself. So much for her efforts at trying to help downtown Lexington—she just put a black eye on that poor town with her liberal activism, and everyone will have to pay for it, not just the little dump they call The Red Hen.


The hypocrisy couldn’t be clearer, when pressed by reporters in the wake of the aftermath, Wilkinson said she would do it again, and that she felt morally compelled to make the decision citing that the restaurant had certain standards that they had to uphold and that she had to uphold those standards by asking a member of the President’s staff to leave. Obviously, this is a problem because it calls to mind the rantings of the political left over the refusal of bakery owners to serve to gay people, or the Kentucky case of the clerk of courts to certify a marriage certificate because it was a gay couple, the notion of “standards” is quite an open issue, because those standards could be defined differently by different people in different regions. As much as the political left made of the issue you’d think they wouldn’t be so stupid to attempt such a refusal to serve, but obviously as the Supreme Court recently upheld, such places do have the right to discriminate if they so choose.

The case of the week which Sarah Sanders had to deal with by members of a very ignorant and immature press corps, was the breaking up of children from their parents at the border who had to be detained for trying to illegally cross the American border from the south. The political left was involved in attempting to spread the notion that illegal immigrants should ignore the law so to change the nature of the American population more to their favor. The political left at just about every issue they care about feel quite comfortable ignoring laws they don’t agree with and using mass force in the form of protests to legislate by overwhelming the courts. The same approach could be said to be in play over the marijuana controversy, where states are supposed to say, “oh well, people are going to smoke it anyway, so let’s just make it legal.” They are trying to do the same thing over border security, “look at all these poor children without their parents, let’s just let everyone out of jail and open up the borders.” The children are used as pawns, the media plays long with the narrative and law breaking is advocated as a viable option to the current state of things.

Yet mysteriously, those same liberals assume that if they lobbied for gun control for example, that the other half of the country who are not liberals would just magically obey the law if it were liberals who were in charge. Does that make any sense? What good would more gun rules be if all the people who like guns, like me, ignored those laws, overwhelmed the courts with cases they couldn’t possibly deal with, and filled the jails to the point that they couldn’t afford to send anybody else to jail. There are probably around 1.20 guns per American citizen, which comes out to well over 360 million and counting. Who in the right mind thinks that those gun owners would ever comply with the gun confiscations that the political left are always advocating for? The sheer numbers make it impossible, because if pushed, those of us with guns would just refuse to comply, the same way that liberals do on issues like border security, drug legalization, and even common decency such as restaurant service. I mean two can play at this game and I look at the case of Stephanie Wlkinson as a perfect example of how the political left has shown us their cards opening the refusal of any future liberal administrations to outright rebellion against any rules they might come up with. Lawlessness, and physical violence such as we’ve seen by the liberal group of anarchists called ANTIFA that have opened the door toward that type of reasoning. Do they think that conservatives won’t fight back, or that we won’t push back against incursions of our value judgments? Just because we tend to settle disputes with legal recourse and polite debate, that doesn’t mean that we will accept lawless administrations dictating terms to our lives.

Sarah Sanders did the right thing, if she had stayed, the radical lefts in the kitchen probably would have just spit in her food and sabotaged their experience passive aggressively. So they did her a favor to ask her to leave. She likely had a much safer meal elsewhere. What’s more dangerous than people like Stephanie Wilkinson openly protesting conservatives they don’t agree with are the saboteurs who just piss in your food from the kitchen, and believe me, that does happen. It’s good to know their minds, to watch how they probe the fences and how they react when they are not in charge, because when and if they ever are again, we have just as much right to break the law as they do, especially over the issue of gun control. The political left has shown us what they are willing to do when they aren’t the ones making the rules, and they have opened the door to outright lawlessness. So when they beg the police to come and confiscate our guns, they shouldn’t be surprised when we say no.

Liberals like Stephanie Wilkinson and her crappy Red Hen restaurant is a small player in the world economy. It is likely that people from outside of downtown Lexington, Virginia are not flocking to her restaurant of gay servers on a Friday and Saturday night for a “cultural meal.” Now if there were a Chick-fil-A in town, that place would be swamped, but not the Red Hen. Wilkinson probably thought that this whole deal with Sarah Sanders would be a good publicity stunt and fellow liberals would flock to Lexington to fill up their empty storefronts with like-minded liberal losers. But the opposite is happening to her, the Trump supporters from the countryside are just a little pissed off now, and the ramifications of that can be pretty scary. And like her cousin Meryl Streep learned, because Hollywood isn’t doing so well these days in the aftermath of their Trump protests, Stephanie Wilkinson poked the wrong bear. And that serves as a greater metaphor for all future legislation. If liberals are going to break laws and ignore conduct of proper decency in restaurants, than why should the rest of us respect them? Oh, didn’t think that far, did they?

If these liberal losers want to fight, I’m game.  If I were them, I wouldn’t bet on winning that fight.  After all, we ain’t playing patty cake.  The “left” better watch what they wish for.

Rich Hoffman
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I Have Your Back President Trump: And that’s all you need–the truth about the border controversy and demise of the Democratic Party

The obvious solution to the border trouble where illegal immigrants are being detained there for illegally crossing, and the drama about their families being torn apart, is that Mexico needs to become another state of the United States. The same with Guatemala, El Salvador and the other trash heaps destroyed by communism and socialism to the American south. There are tens of millions of people in those countries and they all can’t move into the United States, so America has a right to assert itself into those countries to protect our own borders. If so many people want to flee Central America for North America than we need to change the reason why—all in the name of American border security so to preserve what all those people are hoping to become a part of. They shouldn’t have to move to a far away land to get it when they could have it in their own back yard. But that’s not what sudden condemnation from the political left is uttering when abruptly like a great chorus the topic of screaming children being ripped from their mothers flashed through every news network and was all the talk of Monday and Tuesday of June 18th 2018. If liberals really cared about what happens when children are ripped away from their parents, they would be showing the same protests for all the babies that are ripped from their mothers during an abortion. But you don’t hear anything about that, because that goes against their politics of a woman’s right to choose death over life. And in this case at the American border parents are choosing to bring their children to use as political pawns to gain access to the great dream that American is—but in this case it is politically expedient to exploit those poor children for the aims of open border policies which the political left is so obsessed with—because to them, it would destroy the very nature of American life—to not have any recognizable borders and to have socialist immigrants change the very value of American capitalism.

But this story has nothing to do with children. Not even a little bit, as Geraldo Rivera joined the chorus of overly emotional liberals demanding that President Trump do something about keeping those families together. The emotional overreaction by some people who should be very smart was embarrassing. The real issue at play for which the Democrats are desperately trying to avoid talking about is that in the election coming up in 2018 there is no “Blue Wave” as they have been stating. In fact, it looks like they are going to lose seats in the House and Senate and President Trump is going to have even greater majorities to work with. Trump just had a great week bringing peace to North Korea, the economy is soaring, and the IG Report about the FBI and the whole phony Russian investigation is quite explosive. It is the biggest story of scandal since maybe the reign of Nero during the Roman Empire, or perhaps Henry the 8th in England—and the Democrats have their fingerprints all over everything. So they have no choice really for their own survival but to attempt to use children—as they always do when its convenient to them—to hide their political crimes from the eyes of the world. And nothing does that quite like some emotional issue. But these same losers in the Democratic Party who are crying about children screaming for their mothers were mute when Project Veritas had video proof that Planned Parenthood was selling baby body parts for some extra cash for the employees, so they could buy luxury cars. Nobody cared about babies then—but after a few successful weeks from President Trump, suddenly we are only supposed to pay attention to what’s going on at the southern American border—which has been going on now for many years, well before Trump was ever in office.

The panic is quite telling, the open border progressives, the socialists of the world, and the purveyors of globalism see what is going on—especially with China. As I have told you many times dear reader, the political left needs unsolvable villains, such as North Korea, such as gangs of cartels throughout Central America, the terrorists of ISIS to advance their aims at globalism. In a trade war with China the communist country will have to blink first. They ship over $500 billion to the United States in goods, and we ship to them only $100 billion. We can afford to find some other place for that $100 billion. They can’t. And if American companies locked arm and arm with China are unhappy about the labor situation, then I’d like to point them to the fine continent of Africa for their next shop. People there would love to have the jobs if things can’t be worked out with China. Like I have said, China has always needed American capitalism to function as a country. We don’t need China. If Wal-Mart needs cheaper goods shipped from overseas, they can come from India and Africa just as well as China. China cannot win this game.

That of course poses a problem for the American left that has been using China as the example of how the next world economy would function. They have also sought to make it so that America would be absorbed into China’s control through debt and interlocking business relationships and that by dwindling American sovereignty, it would make the Chinese acquisition of America much more expedient. The children of impoverished nations such as Mexico, and El Salvador would be the new Trojan Horse that would bring down the last capitalist nation on earth allowing China to sweep in and collect on all their debts essentially absorbing everything that America was and could be. That was the plan. That plan is now in jeopardy, China does not have a more powerful economy than America and they are not in a position to win a trade war with Donald Trump. The numbers just are not on their side. And by stopping the influx of illegal immigrants at the border, the overthrow of our nation from within has been stopped meaning China will not have a weakened America to pluck up out of debt to make their own. So the whole liberal plan of open borders and eventual communist acquisition is literally up in smoke. And with North Korea now wanting to become “westernized” a real panic has set in leaving the global liberals retreating behind children to use them to attempt to change minds through emotional pleas.

Obviously, the emotional pleas won’t work. They do with a minority of the American population, but Donald Trump was elected largely to deal with this very issue. Most American people are not stupid and they want to put a stop to these liberal schemes. The only hope that liberals had was that Trump would be impeached by a “Blue Wave” feeding off the Mueller investigation’s staged facts. But now it looks like the Mueller investigation smoke screen is dissipating due to massive illegal procedures again caused by Democrats and the whole plan is literally blowing up in front of them. And all they have are crying kids at the border, which they were as much about creating as anybody. Their only argument to Trump is to encourage him to break the law like Democrats have for years, and since he won’t do it, he’s a big mean guy. But that is exactly why Democrats are in the position they are in on all these fronts, because they operate as a party of lawlessness and activism. And Americans are tired of it, and no longer sympathetic, which is why they are in a full-out panic.

Rich Hoffman

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Being the Best Dad in the World: The secret is in priorities, tenacity, and judgment

I had a really nice Father’s Day this year. My grown-up girls came to see me and treated me to a really great day and I had a chance to see all the grandkids and we had a tremendous amount of fun. But I didn’t know it until the next morning what they had written about me on their social media accounts which was the best thing of all. It was my oldest daughter who wrote the little testament below, but my youngest had a bit to add which I share only as an example for others to follow. One thing I will openly admit about myself is that I work extremely hard literally every minute of every day to be the best that I can be. Being the “best” is a value judgment, so I am certainly not one of these people who believe in living and let live kinds of people who profess that no judgments about others should be made. I judge everything, literally, and I see that as a very healthy thing for the human condition, and as a father I didn’t hold back with my kids. I always put them first no matter what I personally might have wanted to do and made sure that they lived in a stimulating environment while they worked out their intellects protected by the very many bad people in life from within our families and out side of them, so that they could developed into the great people they are today. They are now at the age where they can appreciate all that effort and they let me know how they felt on Father’s Day.

Honestly, I think I may have been, and am the best father in the history of fathers. Again, I aim to push myself in everything I do, I want to be the best at everything—so if I’m going to go to the truly ominous step of bringing lives into the world, I did make several conscious decisions to ensure that those lives would get a very special treatment from my job as a father. If I was going to do it, I was going to do it better than anyone had thought was previously possible and looking back on it now, with all the difficulties of raising specifically girls in a world that is trying to push them in all kinds of inauthentic directions, I am very proud of the job. I’ve never claimed to be humble in any way, so I don’t mind showing off a bit how proud I am of my kids and how much they care about me because I hope it serves as an example to others that a successful relationship with their children is not only possible, but its encouraged.

So what makes a father so important and how could one become the “best?” Well, don’t listen to any examples from modern movies. Don’t look to literature, comics or your next-door neighbor. Don’t look at politics or even to the limits of your own upbringings. Most of the time, the parental influences from the previous generations fall short of greatness because they were taught that they were supposed to be meek and weak, and humble before God. Speaking from experience if I had been the kind of person who waited for God to solve my problems my family wouldn’t be what it is today. Thinking of one example, I was working three jobs, one full-time, two part time and one of them was a grill cook at Wendy’s near Kings Island. My neighbors across the street from my home where my kids lived were drug dealers and they had a teenage son that offered my kids dope while they were riding their bicycles. My wife showed her anger at this and instead of the kid yielding to the activity out of respect, he invited over to his house every thug in Mason to gather on their front lawn and yell at my wife—essentially to force her to stay inside the house and not to watch their activities. They were trying to scare her into silence.

We only had one car and I always left the car with my wife so that if something happened with the kids she could take care of it. But on this day there was a yard full of roughly 30 teenage thugs in front of our house making it so that my kids couldn’t play in front of our house. She had tried to call the police, but at that point the police were clearly on the side of the drug dealers. I found out later that the local police were getting a cut of the money from the family because I approached the mayor on the issue and that’s how I learned it. So the police had labeled my wife as one of those neurotic types who called the police too much, so they wouldn’t come to break up the activity, and the teenage kids seemed to know it feeding their aggression. That left my wife with only one option, she called me at my Wendy’s job and asked me to come home and solve the problem. So I left and rode my bicycle the 8 miles it took to get back to my house, while it was pouring rain, and I arrived about 20 minutes later to the scene of the spectacle. My daughter who wrote the nice little article shown here had my bullwhip ready to give me because she knew I was going to fight all those kids and she thought I’d need it. I grabbed it and set to challenging all those kids at the same time to a fight. I unloaded on them in one of the most epic rampages I’ve had in my life. It wasn’t the only one, but it was certainly one of the best. I had no idea at the time if I’d be arrested for charging onto the property of a neighbor and threatening to kill all their punky kids. So I figured I better make the whole thing count.

As it turned out the parents of the house wanted nothing to do with the police coming to break up the fight and having it known what they actually had at the house in the form of drugs. The local cops obviously knew, but the police department itself really couldn’t afford for this house to be exposed in the news, so the mom came outside and called all thirty of those kids into the house, for which they strangely obeyed. They left me standing outside with my bullwhip ready to kill someone, all by myself with the entire neighborhood watching. I stayed out there pacing around for a half hour fully expecting the police to arrive as someone would have surely called them. But the police never came and eventually I went back into our house to speak to our family.

When my kids talk about some of the crazy stories from them growing up, this is one of them, although not the greatest. But for me it was one of those father moments when I thought I was going to go to jail for doing all the right things. If the house across the street hadn’t been “politically sensitive” I obviously would have for threatening to kill 30 minors. A few of them were over 18 but most were between 15 and 18 and what I was doing was certainly against the law. But I had to do what had to be done to protect my family. As a result of that escapade we went into a two-year cold war with that family and several others who lived on our street, but my kids were free to ride their bikes in front of our house without anybody bothering them. Eventually, the police told us that if we wanted to live in a nice neighborhood, that we should move to one instead of trying to make the place we lived in Mason a neighborhood to our standards. I took the issue to the mayor’s office of Mason, but he had no stomach for any of it, which pointed obviously to a much deeper corruption within our community that we otherwise wouldn’t have known about. I always thought that our neighborhood was nice and that the community of Mason was on the uptick, which it obviously was looking back on things, but there were lots of middle class people living there who wanted drugs, especially pot, and that family across the street was happy to bring it in for them, and the police were happy to help as long as they were able to get their hands on some extra cash.

Being a great father means sometimes you have to do things like that, even though your own personal comfort is certainly not a consideration. In my situation, I was literally working 110 hours a week and we only had one car so I was riding a bicycle to all these jobs. I never had extra money in my pocket for snacks in the vending machines, I could never afford to treat myself to anything, except for the many books that I did buy to read during my breaks so that I could get smarter and work myself out of such a tough position. Being a good dad means you put the kids first in front of everything, because if you bring them into the world, you better make sure they get everything they need, even when it doesn’t seem fair that a father should have to go so far. Over the next twenty years after that event, there would be many more challenges, some of them outright scary. But kids expect fearlessness out of their parents, and its especially the job of a father to give it to them, so that they know when they lay their heads down each night that someone is shielding them from the evils of the world, so that they can intellectually develop properly. At some point they need to become those people for their own kids, and it is a much easier job when they have some example to live off of and I consider myself a great dad because even with many events like the one described, I still took time to make sure my kids felt that the world was a good place that would bend to their will, if they had the will to do it. So for me, it was greatly satisfying to have them tell me their thanks on this particular Father’s Day in 2018.

As a person I’ve had a very adventurous life and it has at times been very dangerous. I’ve been involved with real life mobsters, (long story from a long time ago) been in conflicts where people died, been in trouble at just about every level of our court system, worked with politicians at all levels, worked every kind of job imaginable, had to defend myself countless times, sometimes violently. I’ve been around the world and seen a lot of different things, I’ve been at the top of the world career wise and at the lowest of the low barely getting by. But at no point in all those experiences did I not put my children first. For example, often I would work a 16-hour 2nd and 3rd shift on a Saturday and instead of sleeping I would go with the family to Kings Island for the day to show the kids a good time. At 4 PM I went back to work as they went home and I had no sleep, and I’d do another 16 hours of work after that. During all this I wrote a few books, and still pursued creative projects and the kids noticed, and as adults they appreciate all that effort. And that is the best Father’s Day gift of all, and for me I am happy that they are happy. Because that’s what it was all for. In that context I can say that I was the best father that anybody could hope for, and that type of effort is what it takes to call yourself one.

Rich Hoffman

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