Arsonists Arrested Setting Fires on the West Coast: More acts of terrorism by Gavin Newsom and communist insurgents behind the Green New Deal

Wait, don’t be a sucker.  In case you can’t tell, Gavin Newsom and the other liberals of the Left Coast are using the forest fires that often break out there to push their climate change agenda for the next century.  The problem is, just as the Covid-19 virus outbreaks were, the politics behind the story was the real danger.  And now we know there have been arsonists running around California, Oregon, and Washington, setting fires that has really exacerbated the raging blazes that are destroying so much of the west coast of America—for purely political reasons.

We know the names of several people arrested for arson, but there are obviously many more and now Google, and Facebook are at it again just as they were with Covid-19 censorship pretending that the fires have all been started by climate change, and not Antifa terrorists setting them for political insurgency.  Surely you don’t think that the same people who have been burning down their cities and busting out storefronts looting the merchandise are not resistant to setting wildfires off all over California all in the name of destroying the effects of capitalism that has marked up the land from their point of view?  Surely you aren’t that stupid.

California has a wildfire problem largely due to massive government mismanagement.  They don’t take care of their forests by taking out all the underbrush leaving lots of garbage laying around to catch on fire, which is a natural process.  But when you build houses and cities, mankind has an obligation to maintain forests to prevent volatile conditions, and because of the progressive green agenda of the Left Coast, a get back to nature policy legislatively has made it so more undergrowth in forests are a real problem.  Compound that issue with the fact that the push for underutilized energy needs are driving green renewables like solar and wind shoving more powerful fossil fuels off their grids causing massive brownouts because the new energy methods just aren’t powerful enough to provide customers with the energy needs they require.  The message to California residents is that they must sacrifice their power consumption to the limits of the technology instead of forcing the technology to live up to the needs for power by the consumers.  That all sets the stage for the average amount of yearly wildfires that California is experiencing.

But to make matters worse, politicians like Gavin Newsom who continues to use Covid-19 as a political platform for climate change strategies are creating the environment where radical leftist arsonists feel entitled to set fires all over the three western states and to aggravate the situation so that the crises can be made even worse during the election season.  For Newsom to stand in the smoking ruins of his state and proclaim that the cause of the fires is climate change, and not massive government mismanagement is criminal at best.  Then to aggravate the story even more, to know that there are members of his own political party that are committing arson to make the story bigger is much worse.  He knows just as everyone else does of the arrests of the arsonists, just as we know who the people of Antifa are in Portland who are committing all the trouble in hijacking the city to anarchist control for months on end, but the terrorists are being used by the highest levels of government to drive political change and to use that chaos to drive their agenda even when everyone knows it’s a flat out lie.

Think of how many people have lost their homes and even died in these fires, and consider that government does no why its happening, yet they are blaming it on something that isn’t the problem in favor of using the crises to move sentiment.  It is terrorism for sure, but its not some radicals acting on their own, they are working in conjunction with Newsom and others to destroy property, destroy lives, just as they have with Covid-19 at any cost to move the political goal posts where they want them, and they’ll stop at nothing to do it.  The audaciousness of Gavin Newsom in his campaign ad for climate change is a measure of just how evil these people can be.  They know they are lying to you, yet he can say with a straight face to anybody watching that the cause is something completely different than what it really is.  Climate change is simply another act of terrorism and all supporters of it have looked to lies and manipulation to advance their cause and if lives are destroyed in the process, they are alright with that cost.

If renewable technology can be made to provide proper electrical needs for an advanced society, that would be great.  But the people of California are being forced to live with poor government performance all in the needs of nature as politicians like Newsom yield to the limits of technology in an effort to hold markets down below those limits which is just a thin mask of communism that has been the fantasy of the political left for over a century.  Newsom is right in his ad; California is the future of America if we follow them over the cliff.  The smoking embers of a once great state that was known as the Republic of California now controlled by liberals who are literally burning it to the ground in an attempt to force a climate change agenda that is completely fake.  The fires are real, but they are being set by people, not nature, nor climate change.  But by activists pushing the far left agenda.  And they are getting away with it even as Google and Facebook know full well of the scam.  The ends justify the means as Karl Marx has said, and these new communists of California believe it whole heartedly.

Would the radical left terrorists burn down everything in California to win an election or advance their communist green agenda?  Yes, they’ll destroy any amount of property, kill anybody who stands in their way, and they have no respect for what mankind has built.  They figure the trees will grow back, but if the people can be erased, then the world can go on living.  For the political left, it’s a kind of chemotherapy to save the planet, even though the planet isn’t asking for it, its done by the small minds of people like Gavin Newsom who want to be president some day on a green agenda platform, and he’ll literally do anything to accomplish the task.  Lying is not even an afterthought, and if we let them get away with it, they will bring the exact same measures to the rest of America, and our future will literally be up in flames.  That is how extreme the political left is.  They will do anything as is obvious by the present state of California.  Terrorism is the means of the modern political left and their target is you.  They intend to terrorize you into submission hoping that you aren’t smart enough to see what’s really going on.  But you aren’t a sucker, are you dear reader?  Because they think you are.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Trump Could Win California: Going for the kill shot when you get it

One thing that we can do on sites like this one, as opposed to establishment television and newspapers is talk about the obscure truths that are out there instead of desired outcomes that are attached to advertising dollars and political affiliations. And to that end they aren’t talking about the truth of this 2020 election year as President Trump wins the White House for the second term. They would have you believe that Trump is unpopular, because he is a threat to the natural order of things, but it was and has always been that order that has caused all our problems and now after a presidential term where they threw everything they had at him, and he’s still going strong, their brand is down big time, while Republicans are up. That means good things going into this election cycle to such an extent that I think Trump could win California if he put forth a little effort there.

The numbers are obvious, between 2008 and 2016 Democrat registration climbed by 1.1 million while the number of Republicans dropped by almost 400,000. In 2016 Hillary Clinton won California with 8,753,789 votes while Donald Trump only received 4,483,810. Yet there are over 25 million voters who are registered and many more out of their population of over 40 million who could be energized to vote. Based on the 2016 election results with everyone accounted for, even the third-party candidates like Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, the total amount of voters who went to the polls to vote was 14,237,884. That means that there were over ten million votes on the table that didn’t even show up, and likely many more who could become voters. The trend from 2016 to 2020 has likely changed as voters have seen what Democrat leadership has brought, wildfires due to forest mismanagement, blackouts due to not reeling in the over zealous courts, and massive amounts of poverty due to attracting homelessness to their featured cities.

This is the reason that Democrats are pushing so hard to make illegal aliens voters because the trends of election wins does not favor them, especially now. If they were able to convert all 22 million illegal aliens in America into registered voters, which is a preposterous concept, then they could win back some of the losses they have incurred over the years by their own bad conduct. The way they have kept themselves from being blown completely off the electoral map is due to their activism in turning Republicans inward toward guilt and not showing up to vote in major elections. Yet, in California, it looks like the opposite will be happening. The tree there is ripe to garner Republican fruit. The Democrats have poisoned their own baskets and the trust level is very low, and could easily be taken by a strong personality like Trump.

When Michael Moore is worried, all Democrats should be also. He sees that the current crop of Democrats is not strong enough to take on Trump. Impeachment attempts have been seen for what they were, a scam by our government to overthrow the election results of 2016, to attempt to take the spin off any potential victories for Republicans in 2020. Not to ease off the gas in Republican camps, but the momentum is certainly in their favor. With the Mueller investigation by the FBI falling flat, the economy roaring in record breaking ways, and a fired-up manufacturing sector with record low unemployment, Democrats have nothing to run on except unexciting below the line victimization. And that doesn’t inspire voters to put on their coat and brave the day to actually cast a ballot.

Republicans however have a lot to vote for, and are energized to protect the wins they have witnessed. And many of them still live in California and would like to be included in the national dialogue instead of having Republicans just surrender the state due to the overwhelming threat of immigration voters who tend to at least vote Democrat the first time they can, because they are still learning how things work in this country and Democrats represent most closely the socialists they most recently fled from wherever in the world they emerged. Its not that immigrants want socialism in America, but in many cases, its all they have previously understood, so until they’ve lived in America for a period of time and learn of the magic of capitalism, they tend to vote Democrat. But their hearts can be won with just a little effort.

California is very much at play yet nobody on the Democrat side of things will dare to speak the thought. Imagine the terrible press when it comes closer to the State of the Union speech that Trump is supposed to give to congress in January of 2020, after all the games that the House of Representatives has just played with impeachment. Nancy Pelosi will have to invite the President to speak, yet her party will not want him there after they have just worked against him in such a public way. Talk about awkward. Its like bad mouthing a family member on Facebook in a passive aggressive way to third parties, then finding out you must have dinner with that person and that you’ll be sitting right next to them. Trump can handle that kind of pressure, but the Democrats won’t be able to. They’ll try to hide under any rock they can find, but there won’t be any, and they’ll be exposed for what they are. Impeachment was the best gift they could have given Trump. Its insulting that they did it, but for energizing the base, I would say that even California could go for Trump after all this, which for Democrats would be truly a final blow.

I often say that you should have courage to go for the kill shot. Well, Democrats certainly have made a profession behaving in such a way and now the shoe is on the other foot. The kill shot for the Democrat Party would be if Trump won California. So why not try for it, put all Democrats for every position in the country, even the regional trustee races permanently on their heels by having to defend the indefensible, California and its many problems caused by Democrat leadership which is embarrassing to them. It would be better to attack than to sit around and be victims of places like Texas that are going more purple as a result of massive investments moving out of California to more conducive states. Even Republicans in California would be considered Democrats in Texas, so there is a real risk of a strong red state turning colors because of it. So why not keep those voters in California by giving them some options and an open door into the Republican Party? What do they have to lose in the process when forest fires, blackouts and extreme poverty are common life for them along with high taxes that are wasted on garbage social programs? California is ripe for the taking so why not in 2020? It would be the ultimate victory for a party that has tried to do everything they can to destroy those of us who call ourselves Republicans. It would be most deserving.

Rich Hoffman

The Tree of Global Warming: California’s schizophrenic relationship with exsistance

I have to give President Trump credit for doing the unpopular thing and that is criticizing forest management in California while the wild fires were still blazing and destroying massive amounts of property and killing people in live time. Many thought it was insensitive to the firefighters who were still battling the blazes and sentiments quickly retreated back into the patriotism and sacrifice of those fighting the fire, but to Trump’s point, there shouldn’t have been wildfires to begin with. Like most things that he is dealing with in his presidency, everything from empowering North Korea and Iran to be boogeymen in the world to be feared to insurmountable debt attached to socialist legacy costs, Trump with his business background looked at the wildfires and determined the cause, which most people aren’t used to hearing from the political arena.

The cause of the multiple wildfires in California isn’t just the dry conditions due to extended droughts toward the end of each calendar year, its in the regulations that California has put on itself to preserve the habitats of plants and animals but allowing way too much underbrush to exist in forest regions which then become kindling for any fire that might arise. The environments for the species the laws were meant to protect end up killed anyway, but with it millions of dollars of property and lives who have built homes in those tree hugging regions only to be removed from the connection to begin with. We live in the modern world, wildlife management, especially near populated areas should be removing all the underbrush under a forest canopy to remove the fuel for any potential wildfires. That they didn’t is the cause of these massive fires ultimately. And regarding the dryness of the plant life, there are underground aquifers that could be tapped in to in order to act as a natural sprinkler system should the need arise in population centers. Not taking those proactive measurements is precisely what President Trump was talking about.

Even though part of me felt sorry for them it was almost comical to listen to the governor of California insist that the cause of the problem was global warming as celebrities stood among the ruins of their homes in Malibu. I mean they are the ones who built their homes in an area known for wild fires, and they are the ones who have taken positions favoring the preservation of nature against the efforts of mankind. You can’t have it both ways. If you build homes in the paths of hurricanes, earth quakes and forest fires, eventually you are going to get bitten. Especially if no measures are taken to prevent the tragedies in the first place. It’s insane to have regulations against preventative action because California is trying to preserve wildlife when by the lack of prevention causes more death and destruction not just for the humans involved, but the wildlife they were trying to save. The situation is an insane approach built by a schizophrenic society.

Like most backward thinking people who ironically in this case call themselves “progressives” they have regulated logic back to the actions of mystics, the blame they contend is the mythic realm of the gods, in this case “global warming.” That is the only way that California can get away with trying to have their cake and eat it too, by building their homes and businesses in areas where they are always in danger of natural disasters. And I say natural even though accidents often start these fires because they do exist in nature. If it isn’t a careless campfire or power company that starts the fires its often lightning. In their most primal function, forest fires exist to destroy competing undergrowth in a forest. It’s an act of nature and sometimes nature can be cruel and lots of innocent plant life and animals get caught in god’s often tragic stage play. But to build in an area and put mankind’s stamp on the effort but refuse to manage the volatile elements is a recipe for disaster.

This whole issue is nearly as stupid as when the media tried to make an issue of the poor people in Hawaii who had their homes destroyed by lava flows when a volcano erupted on the big island and destroyed so much property. Hey, they built their homes on a volcano. What did they think was going to happen? This is what progressives do all the time, they test the temper of nature then when they feel the sting of the mistake blame it on a lack of appeasement to the gods. Mother nature in the world of liberal politics is just another god coming from mankind’s mystical past. Rather than accept that mankind was put on earth to tame nature, we are told that we are to live in harmony with the rules of nature. But those rules are brutal and unsentimental. Nature doesn’t care if Lady Gaga’s home burns to the ground in a forest fire, especially if the wildlife growth is allowed to grow out of control.

Trump gave credit to the firefighters and other supporter services that were fighting the fires, but to Trump’s point, the fires should have never started to begin with. They should have been managed so that if a fire started, it would never have spread so quickly and out of control. Part of what makes those fires so deadly is that they simply have too much fuel to drive them, and if forest management had done their jobs, that undergrowth would have been removed well before a danger ever occurred. As forest management employed by the government, they aren’t used to hearing criticism which is quite common in private industry, but they need to get used to it. What Trump is saying is that they didn’t do their jobs and that caused the loss of life and the destruction of a lot of property, not some god of global warming. Its one thing to believe in supernatural entities because humans want to neglect their responsibilities to existence, but it’s quite another to let those beliefs actually kill people, and that is what has been happening in California, not just this year, but every year over many decades now.

If humans are going to build a house in a region known for wild fires, then preventative action is part of the process. You can’t impose yourself on the land then back off and call yourself a preservationist. If you make the decision to do something, do it. Do it all the way, not half in and half out. A large part of the problem with everything in California is that they want to be everything, they want to be the occupants of one of the world’s largest economies, but they also want to be a leftist utopia, a literal Garden of Eden. But if you remember that story, Eve listened to the snake and that was what got her, and Adam cast from the garden. And in politics there are a lot of snakes always trying to get people to eat from the fruit of their trees. The Tree of Global Warming is one of them and California has eaten from it and thus have lost their ability to live in paradise because they refuse the responsibility of managing it. So thus, they have the problems that they do, and it certainly wasn’t President Trump’s fault for pointing it out.

Rich Hoffman

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The Need for Leadership: The trial of Arnold Schwarzenegger

This move by Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin to end collective bargaining is not a new issue. It’s certainly not revenge. That’s the way union leaders position their argument because they can’t argue actual facts.

Back in 2004 Arnold Schwarzenegger was the shining star of the Republican Party. Listen to his speech here.

But over his entire 8 year term, with all his celebrity, power, ability to reach across the aisle to Democrats, public sector unions blocked every attempt to get the escalating costs of California under control. Unions and state workers in general showed no desire at all to budge on any budget issues. Even small issues were “epic” battles.

This is the result to California.

This is a fantastic, closer look at California’s trouble.

Here is a closer, ground level look at California’s trouble. Look at the culture that has emerged there. You can see this in any state in the union.

Here’s what’s going on now, on February 19, 2011. This isn’t about Republican revenge on all the money Democrats have used to defeat Republican candidates with funds gained from public sector union dues. That’s a small minded analysis. The reason there are so many Republicans in office in State Houses like Ohio, and Wisconsin, and now at the Federal level, is because the entire country has watched our action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger fail to stop the bleeding in California. And the other states do not want to follow the path of California.

That is why there are collective bargaining reforms now after the last election. The ONLY reason union leaders want to negotiate now is because they know there are majorities in Ohio and Wisconsin that can actually eliminate these unions, and now they are scared. But they have showed NO sign of negotiating until we arrived at this point. They certainly didn’t look at the economic situation and offer ANY leadership.

The residents of these states put Republicans in office to get the costs under control. Nobody wants to become the next California, and we all will, if we don’t make major changes now. Those are the facts.

The original sin in all this is when President Kennedy signed through executive order to make public unions legal in the first place. Click here to read the history for yourself. That was a major mistake, and now must be undone, if we are to survive as an economically viable country in the marketplace of tomorrow.

So drop the emotion and get on board. There’s room for all of us. But we can’t afford public sector unions. They bankrupt states because it is not possible to always increase taxes to justify public union demands. So the whole concept has to be erased and rebuilt once the country regains the ability to control its own destiny, which it currently does not have.

If Arnold couldn’t make any ground in negotiations, there isn’t hope for anybody to. That is why Governors like Chris Christie, John Kasich and Governor Walker have emerged, because the public needs those types of people now, before it’s too late.

It’s much bigger than just politics. It’s about survival.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior