The Most Important Broadcast You’ll Ever Hear: The Crises in West Clermont School Distict and every public school in Ohio

If you do anything, listen to this broadcast between Doc Thompson of 700 WLW and Brendan Keefe of Channel 9 discuss the I-Team Report on school superintendents abusing the tax payer. This is a report that I worked with Brendan on along with Jennifer Miller and Sharon Poe and I’m very proud of the outcome. The report is as honest and hard-hitting as any report I’ve ever heard on this issue and it is a gift to tax payers everywhere to understand how the system has been stacked against them. Take this information and use it to understand what is happening. It may be the most important broadcast you’ll ever listen to. And to view that television broadcast again click here:

All over the United States state and local debt is up 138 percent since 1990 levels. What that means is that state governments, which include school boards and county commissioners, have become spend-happy and corrupt by federal money. The more money that they have received, the more they spent, without any increase in services. It is just wasted money. At some point, there must be a conscious decision to cut back dramatically the amount of money we spend on all services, and we must by necessity begin with education.

We have covered a lot of arrogance at this site regarding public education. Usually after the defeat of a levy the school board and superintendent are cautious about how they deal with the public, however, after the defeat of the West Clermont School System Levy Superintendent Gary Brooks was unusually arrogant toward the residents of the community that voted his levy down. Immediately the district is cutting art, and music teachers and there will be no more dedicated specialists to teach gifted specialists, there will be fewer elective courses in both their high schools. This was in reaction to a levy defeat that was 61 percent against, to 39 percent for. Listen Gary Brooks in his own words.

While this meeting was going on, Brendan Keefe was doing his epic report on superintendents that are milking the tax payers for everything they can, while services to parents are being reduced dramatically. Click here to see that report.

The crowd that showed up at the school board meeting in West Clermont was upset, saying “This board has done a pathetic job. You’ve been gilding the lily, and now we’re paying for it.”

Then with great shock, the school board president, Dan Krueger said “If you don’t like what we’re doing, vote us out, but whoever you put up here is going to find the same things we found.” He went on to say the board is not there to serve the tax payer, but to serve the children. (Brace yourself before you watch this video. You may want to act lash out in anger)

This was a shocking statement from a school board president that reveals how these people think. What we’re finding is that school districts all over Ohio are mimicking the same types of behavior. We are learning now under financial stress that there is a certain type of person that is attracted to become a school board member, and those types are particularly vulnerable to the seduction that goes into play every November when all school boards meet in Columbus at the OSBA conference. That is when these people become members of the fraternity, and the rules of that fraternity are set by the Ohio Education Association. This is why these school boards function the same way no matter what the district, because they receive centralized training from Columbus.

The Ohio Education Association also can be blamed for the unified behavior of the school superintendents. It is the teachers union that publishes the book which shows superintendents how to game the system. Again refer to the broadcast above, listen to Brendan Keefe explain the process to Doc Thompson on 700 WLW.

I know many school board members that get elected and are forced to make the choice to play ball, or are they going to try and do the job they “think” they were elected for. This is why the board president’s comments are so shocking because he reveals the true problem. Those board members that elect not to “play ball” are pushed out, which is the story of Jennifer Miller from Mason, shown in the I-Team Report with Brendan Keefe. That’s her story, and she’s not alone in the state. Most board members prove to be lifeless oafs and power hungry types that would trade their soul for a name-plate in brass to sit upon their desk. And those are the types of people that the OEA wants to compete against in contract talks, because it allows their union presidents to preside over those that have already lost. And the superintendents are bought off by the union in the spoils of the system. Superintendents are well-compensated and have their egos inflated to believe they are running a major organization, when the true hands on the strings are the union leaders. And the school boards know that their hands are tied, and that they are only tokens of ceremony to preside over decisions that are already in motion before the announcements are ever public knowledge.

The whole process is a scam sold to us by sports and local patriotism, which causes us to overlook what we all know to be wrong, to view the world with our eyes wide shut, leaving us to just throw money at the corrupt system and lie to ourselves that we are doing everything we can for our children.

These crooked low-lifes know what they are doing; they are robbing us with law, and using our children to perpetrate the scam. And we are letting it happen. The scam is created by radical big-government types and they get average, ordinary people to buy into their scheme by garnering excessively high wages in trade for their silence. And that’s the crime that is being committed with audacious arrogance by thieves without guns, fists, or armies.

The only weapon they use is guilt.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Superintendents Make More than the Governor: Changes and Corruption in Public School

Today was a significant day in the world of education reform. As cops are using a memorial service in Cincinnati to repeal the S.B.5 Bill, which public school teachers through their union organization worked hard at during the election last Tuesday to collect signatures for their referendum attempt, new innovative ideas that those same teachers stand against were discussed by Bill Coley and Doc Thompson on 700 WLW.

It was refreshing to hear Bill talk about an idea that he has worked hard on since 2007-2008 where he actually managed to get Ted Strickland to sign the bill allowing Online Classes for public education. This new form of learning will be implemented in Ohio which is further along than any state in the country at this point in education reforms that will not only save money to the school districts and the state, but also stimulate the children being educated. So there isn’t any downfall to the students of Bill’s Online Education Innovation for Public Education. The downfall is only in the employment of teachers in a brick and mortar style classroom where all classes must be under 30 students where a teacher stands in front of a class and teaches as society has taught since the age of the Greeks.

But the story doesn’t stop there. As we have worked very hard to bring to the surface, education as it stands now is not about teaching children. It’s about making money for the employees of the district. After I came on Doc’s show to provide my support for Representative Coley’s project, which will become a major part of Governor Kasich’s education reform agenda, and one of the reasons teachers are trying to repeal S.B.5, so they can maintain their iron grip on tax payer funds with no flexibility at all for innovation or budget reductions, Brendan Keefe came on Doc’s show to discuss the ground-breaking I Team Report that he has by now unleashed to the voting population.

If you missed the broadcast, just check it out at the top of this page. In that report, what quickly becomes evident is that superintendents and other members of school administrations are deeply corrupt, because they know that if you live in a district, and want your kids taught, and you want your property values to remain favorable, then you will pay these extortion artists whatever they demand because they are openly scamming all tax payers. They don’t even respect people enough to come on camera to explain the situation. They won’t come on because they can’t.

I know Doc has extended the offer to come on WLW to many superintendents to defend themselves and all of them rejected it. Brendan did the same, he extended the branch of journalistic peace to all administrators and nobody would speak. The reason is that they are guilty of what they are accused of, and they won’t go on the record to project a lie that will hurt them latter. They are playing politics, hoping that people will just go back to sleep and pass their levies, and that the education money machine will always take care of them.

These people are so crooked that even before the election results were over from Tuesday’s election, these superintendents are floating out more levy requests for this November. I know that in the Edgewood district, just to the north of Lakota, they are considering not even announcing it in the paper, hoping that only school supporters show up to vote, leaving everyone else in the dark. That’s the game we’re playing in education, and this is why kids are not learning more than they are, yet we are spending more money than ever on education. But that money is not finding itself to the kids, it is being scrapped off and placed into the pockets of the corrupt public servant.

We have no choice but to call these people thieves since they refuse to give an interview to Channel 9, or WLW to say otherwise, because all the evidence points to these people as first class crooks.

Click on the link below to get to Brendan’s page where you can look up your districts superintendent.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

Osama bin Laden is dead but his Legacy will Live on: How the TSA and Homeland Security will honor him.

I’m glad that after 10 years, Osama bin Laden is finally gone.  He brought it on himself.  But, the impact on our airline industry will forever live in memorial to that black-hearted terrorist. 

To give a bit of a preview into what promises to be a major story breaking on Channel 9 at 6 pm one week from today, on May 9th 2011, I’m providing you with a look into the work of Brendan Keefe.

Brendan, the I Team reporter does some great reporting. One of his stories that I feel most passionate about involves transportation. Anyone familiar with my site here knows that I’m a tremendous supporter of Skycar Technology, which will dramatically reduce congested roadways. But one of the other big reasons is that the airlines are too highly regulated, and now with the TSA becoming too aggressive coming alarmingly close to becoming unionized, options seem limited. Airports since 9/11 and the creation of the TSA along with Homeland Security have become a real pain in the neck.

Well, it doesn’t need to be. In fact, many of us have watched this whole transformation occurring right before our eyes, the kinds of things that brought us Social Security, Medicare, and even the IRS are happening to our airline industry right now by panicky politicians. Their motive is to obtain a vote from a terrified public by clamping more and more regulations onto air travel to the point where flying is no longer enjoyable. In fact, it’s to be dreaded. It is now normal to catch a flight to Chicago which is only a 4 to 5 hour drive by car, arriving at the airport an hour and a half before the flight, to ensure that you can get through security. Then by the time you are seated, the plane taxi’s to the runway and you actually get into the air, make your flight, land, taxi into your terminal, pick up your luggage, you could have driven your car and arrived at the same time and not had to deal with intrusive TSA agents or lost luggage.

Instead, this clip by Brendan Keefe is how flying is supposed to be. People that need to be in New York, or Chicago for a morning meeting don’t need their time wasted by government bureaucrats. Bureaucrats make their living wasting time, so that is why they don’t value it. The people in the clip below should be able to get to the city of their destination, have their meeting, do some shopping, and be back home for dinner with their families without any trouble what-so-ever. The only difference between the traditional airlines and the clip below is the government regulation and interference which they impose on everyone under the guise of “protection.”

Terrorists have accomplished what they intended scaring our policy makers into over-reacting like cowards at every dropped pin, taking every precaution of a useless neurotic to further expand the intrusion of government. But for the movers and shakers of the world, where time is valuable, government openly wastes their energy in lines like cattle to be processed, when in reality they should arrive at the airport, park their car, get on the plane and be in the sky within minutes. Anything less is unacceptable.

Instead, this is what air travel has been reduced to. Here is a clip of former Miss USA being groped by TSA agents. Not only is her time wasted in the lines, but she is physically molested. Is this what the value of her ticket buys her?

The function of flight is the same between the large airport with the major airlines and the smaller airport with the smaller, individually owned planes. The only difference is government interference, and nothing displays the complete failure of government endeavor better than this obvious difference shown in the clip by Brendan. The function of flight is to get where you want to go and to get there without your time wasted. It is not acceptable to endure extra pain or suffering because our government couldn’t do its job to begin with failing to recognize the role of radicals in the world and how to spot them in an airport.

I’ve thought about the 9/11 hijackings a lot over the years, which is what started all this mess. The terrorists used box cutters to run airplanes into the World Trade Center buildings which caused so much devastation to the American psyche it’s almost unfathomable, even to this day. I can say that if I had been on that plane a knife would not have held back a whole plane full of people from stopping the terrorists. I mean a knife cuts, but there’s ways to deal with that, even with multiple attackers. I can only offer that people were so shocked by the act that they were frozen with surprise. If America should have learned anything from 9/11 it’s how to deal with that kind of situation in the future, and that instead of complying with a terrorists demands, two or three of the passengers would overwhelm the attackers before trouble got out of control in the future. Not what has happened, which is to avoid every possible danger in every possible circumstance, and to stop being Americans.

The terrorists succeeded.

Americans need to stop being wimps that just take this kind of stuff without a fight. It’s not a big deal to get 20 or 30 stitches if you can stop a plane from crashing. If the pilots are killed, the tower can talk down a bold passenger into a large river or lake for a controlled crash landing. But the key here is in being bold. There are still bold people in America. But, because of the TSA rules, they’ll fly themselves instead of being inconvenienced by the larger airlines which isn’t good for business.

So once again, government hurts business. The movers and shakers of the world will stop flying first class and just get a private plane. The strong will find some other form of transportation. That leaves everyone else to travel with the traditional airlines and to put-up and shut-up to follow the ridiculous rules of the TSA which is just one more nail in the coffin of freedom.  That coffin was buried at sea long before the body of Osama hit the water. 

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior