Back to Gas Lines: That’s what happens when you have a loser as President

I’m old enough to be able to say it, but I’ve seen this before, gas shortages and long lines.  When Jimmy Carter was president, he mismanaged the oil supply grossly, and America talked about gas rations.  After the cyber-hacking of the Colonial Pipeline, which extends across southern North American into New York and feeds the East Coast, the Biden people are directly responsible.  And given some of their dumb comments on electric cars, it almost sounds like they were part of the terrorist plot to rob Americans of gas at the pumps.  I know many people who are supposed to travel this upcoming weekend but can’t leave their town because they can’t get the gas to do it.  For environmental terrorists, like the Biden administration, this is a dream for them, just as Covid was. It’s a way to keep people locked in their homes so nobody can travel with those evil cars.  Oh, but if we had electric cars, we could—according to that disaster of Department of Energy Head Jennifer Granholm-would be the solution to the oil crises.  If I were a terrorist, I’d want to attack American again just because the first time was so easy. I’d see friends in this current White House who are even more dangerous terrorists. 

However, what we know about these Biden people is that they are undoubtedly stupid and that this whole mishap is likely an accident of their incompetence.  This is what happens when you get heads of corporations who pick a president, cheat an election, then think they can move Biden’s mouth like a puppet to get him to say whatever they want so they can rule in the background.  You end up with an incompetent loser who will make such an arrangement because they are desperate to have meaning in life and control their destiny. They have led a life of crime and want to protect their crack-smoking son from peddling foreign influence by directing the Justice Department.  If you were dumb, old, and failing and wanted to save a family of criminals, you might take that president’s job under that arrangement.  You might smile and put on the show as the corporate heads tell you what to do and where to stand.  But most of them can’t run their own companies.  Heck, Bill Gates can’t even run his own family. He’s not so bright.  And now they and we are seeing that running a government is hard, especially in the wake of Donald Trump.  Trump was a good president.  And now everyone can see just how good he was. It’s a rough world out there, and we never came close to running out of gas.  But with Biden and the gang of environmental terrorists, it happened within a few months of the Biden administration.

Many Republicans who didn’t like Trump’s tweets and his vocal presence with the press thought that being a little mean was not the role of the president.  They expected more empathy in such a high office.  You can now see what happens when you aren’t that way, especially these days. Trump’s way of doing things was needed.  A consensus-building might allow everyone to sit in a room without killing each other, but it doesn’t help to solve problems that are very real.  Trump is the kind of CEO who ran his company with the right touch of whatever was appropriate. You can be nice most of the time, but sometimes, you have to push back when people make you.  Most Republicans voted for Trump anyway, and they will again, but this idea of niceness being necessary to the political process of management is ridiculous.  This is what you get when you are too nice to hostile foreign agents.  They think they can attack our infrastructure and get away with it.  And when bad people out in the world watch our election process and see how easy it was to take away a credible leader and replace him with a complete buffoon, why wouldn’t they attack us?  If they had no moral compunction, what stops them the next time?

Ultimately that’s the main problem with this pipeline attack.  It might be for environmental reasons; it might be for terrorism to test the fences of the incompetent Biden administration.  Whatever it is, now, because of our reaction to it and spending most of the following week trying to get everything running again and watching the panic of millions of people, terrorism has been empowered.  There was no cost to the act.  Biden didn’t send in an aerial attack on the perpetrators.  He didn’t even send a strongly worded letter to the Russians who supposedly were involved with their partners in crime in China.  They haven’t done anything but suggest that we start sending people to school so that 20 years from now, they might be smart enough to defend America from a cyber attack.  Heck, I know a few 8-year-olds who are computer savvy enough to do the job better right now.  But Biden wants them to get a degree in the science of avoiding pipeline hacking first.  That lets the bad guys out there know that it’s safe to attack America anytime they want.  After all, they’ve watched attacks from the Democrat Party work against Americans for years now, so why not?

As I said in the video above, while you are sitting in a long gas line having to get up in the middle of the night to get a spot in line to fill your tanks, remember that Biden is president. We had a guy in office who solved these kinds of problems.  He didn’t cause the problems.  And in Biden’s case, he is a walking billboard for a cyber attack in the future. He’s stupid, weak, slow, idealistic, and a person without any conviction. He’ll say whatever anybody in power tells him to say, acting as a mask for the real villains in this world.  And many of them would love to see America torn to pieces with race-baiting and no oil supply.  Israel is being attacked, the economy is sputtering, and now we have gas lines.  While you are sitting in those lines, think about Trump and consider that maybe the tough-guy rhetoric kept gas in your car and food on your supermarket shelves.  Think about now that the world is coming alive again because of Covid that the environmental terrorists need a new way to stop commerce, and hurting the supply chain of fuel is their new gig.  Of course, people who don’t know how to solve problems think that being nice while doing it is essential.  But now it’s all too obvious that being effective as a leader is far more critical, and if we had one in the White House, there wouldn’t be gas lines.  Think about why it was essential to defend election integrity and not be pleasant as these same corporate influencers stole our last election and gave us this Biden loser.  Think about Mitch, the bitch McConnel who thought it was better to show support for Biden because the admission of voter fraud was too damaging to the Swamp for which he functions.  Because that’s why there are gas lines.  We showed the world that it was more important to be friendly rather than practical, and if you can’t have both in a management approach, they would and should pick friendly. That’s why we don’t have gas.

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Why Donald Trump is Best for the GOP: Some want civility, Democrats want war

Why Trump is Great for the GOP

As I said in the video above, the value of President Trump’s harsh rhetoric at times and aggressive demeanor can be seen in the gas prices at the pumps.   Never while Trump was in office were there troubles such as this pipeline hacking that occurred in on the largest oil supply route in southern North America as what has already happened to Jo Biden.  It’s a throwback to the days of Barack Obama and George W. Bush, even going back to the days of Bill Clinton where every little bird landing on the bow of a boat was cause for an increase in the price of oil.  It has always been a massive scam that politicians played for their own gain at the expense of the rest of us.  Now that Biden has weakened American oil supply domestically it has put the power back into all the crazy antics of the world’s villains at our expense and shows clearly just a few months into 2021 exactly why President Trump was so good and why being aggressive and bullish is a good trait to have in a president.  I could list many hundreds of other good traits, but most people can relate to problems at the gas pumps.  Politicians like Biden might come across as a nice guy as the pundits keep saying.  But they also are radicals selling socialism to us intending to destroy markets like oil to support their desires to control industry and of course they have a smile on their faces when doing it.  Many of us have been trained since birth to fear aggressive leadership because the hostile actors in the world want to have an easy time to get away with bad intentions, which is precisely why President Trump was so good and continues to be great for the Republican Party.

This all came up last week before the problem with the southern oil pipeline hacking that supposedly sent a spike in the oil supply prices.  I was speaking to a very good politician who happens to be a woman and wanted other options as presidential hopefuls to run in 2024, great personalities like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem.  This nice politician represented quite a few people who wish that politics was nicer, that we could talk to other people from the other parties without all the hateful banter and that we could have civility in politics.  The argument was that both of those names, and there are others out there, are able to govern logically and without a lot of division.  Of course, my thoughts on the matter are that those names have been great, but that they are not the front runners and are therefore not targets of the opposition forces which in America is the Democrat Party.  Once DeSantis or Noem were to be the leading presidential candidates, they would be ripped to pieces like any other candidate, man, woman, or child.  That is what the political left does and they won’t start changing their behavior anytime soon.  They are what they are and so long as there are people like them in politics, there will be fights and those fights will be vicious. 

Unlike a lot of people in my position, socially, I don’t take offense to what people think.  I am very comfortable with my own thoughts and can deal easily with contrary opinions.  When people get mad at people who don’t think the way they do, it is because they are insecure with their own thoughts.  So I can speak to people who have very different opinions than mine and get along just fine.  But I am also known to blow my stack often when people mistake that good nature with changing what I do which are driven by my own thoughts on matters.  I have wanted a person in politics like Donald Trump for a long time, someone who can play the game the way the game is going.  Wishing for the game to be something else just isn’t dealing with the problem.  The idea that members of the GOP should lead by example as good Christian soldiers only leaves us on the losing side in an aggressive and hostile world.  Jesus might say to us to forgive our enemies.  Society might say that it takes two to tangle and that someone should be the bigger person in a conflict.  But when enemies want to destroy you just for being you, surrendering to them only fuels their aggression which has given us this political world that is full of so many villains.  The fuel prices is just one aspect of that villainy.  When it is wondered why there is so much evil in the world, the answer is that there just aren’t enough people willing to confront it. 

My conversation with this very nice and sweet person was sparked by what should happen to Liz Chaney who is losing her leadership seat within the GOP because of her hatred of President Trump.  Chaney is one of those old Republicans like John Boehner and Mitt Romney who just don’t get what the fight is all about and why they are wrong to not play that game.  While they are trying to work with the other side, the other side is literally trying to cut their necks.  Democrats have no intention on making peace, or operating fairly.  They have always been out to destroy us all and change us into something they want, political socialists covered in tattoos and addicted to drugs.  Democrats are weak below the line thinkers and will never be redeemed.  Their basic philosophies prevent such fair behavior, so making peace with them only fuels their ambitions.  As I said, I can deal with such people civilly.  The reason is that I don’t seek their approval and could care less what they intend.  In my dealings in the end, they will do what I need them to do or they will be destroyed.  So why be mean?  But if they get in your way, they have to go, and that was how Trump handled the Executive Branch and it was obviously effective.  We see now the contrast and why former Republicans were picked on so intensely. 

I would like to see a world where Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem could be president.  But so long as Democrats and radical communists and socialists are bringing hostilities to everything they do, playing with them with white gloves isn’t going to cut it.  That party will have to be destroyed before there is ever civility in politics.  There is no peace with them, and I know that hurts a lot of people who are averse to conflict.  Naturally nice people like this politician I mentioned are capable of conducting politics the way they desire.  But the other politicians out there aren’t and yes it takes two to tango.  That presents the ultimate problem, if you are nice to them but they aren’t nice in return, what do you do about that?  Most Republicans would say that we should pray for them.  That we shouldn’t take and eye for an eye but to give up our own assets and happiness if it brings peace to the world.  But in practice, Jesus didn’t make it very far in life with this attitude.  Evil reigned in his day just as it does today because we have yielded to evil and fed it with our timid souls.  And because we allow evil to persist, we have been getting a lot more of it in the world.  That is why Trump is the only pick for the top of the GOP and why others need to come to terms with that battle against evil.  Because it’s a very real thing and if defeated, would truly bring about peace in the way that the most loving and nurturing among us truly desire.

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Never in America: China is at war with us

America Can’t be Taken Over

We know now that China is at war with us.  Many people who read my site have long known it, but now the mainstreamers are getting a taste of it and are scared.  China and other hostile players worldwide are angry at America; they are looking to topple our country.  They don’t like that people want to leave their countries to come to America through immigration.  They don’t want to compete with America and utilize a new kind of warfare to destroy us.  And if all the hostilities between the nations weren’t bad enough, the use of criminal cartels is pecking away at us to weaken us for the big event.   Americans in reaction have been talking about fighting back, but what do you fight back against?  Since childhood, we are all taught that combat involves something you can shoot at and be visibly angry about.  But these villains these days are not so easy to see.  There is no galvanizing Hitler among them.  Only smiling faces from our enemies and offers to co-mingle.  Yet that is part of their plan too, to fight us on terms they enjoy, not on terms we understand, and in those moments of indecision, they mean to destroy us totally and completely.  Those who don’t see the fight and want to believe that somehow, we can all get along are the people these enemies are targeting.  The combat is unlike anything any of us have been trained for.  Our childhood stories and media culture didn’t prepare us for it.  Yet, we still must find a way to win.

For me, I am 100% certain we are going to win. I’ve seen enough of the enemy from the 2020 election to consolidate my thoughts on the matter.  It’s clear as a sunny day for me.  It won’t be without effort.  It certainly won’t be easy, but when you know who your enemy is, you can then devise a way to beat them.  And in this case, I can certainly see their weaknesses; it’s in concealment, hiding just out of reach.  Now that we know that beyond speculation, we can learn how to strike them and end their plans.  Yet, many people are now presently terrified of where our country is.  They thought America was unsinkable, like the Titanic.  And now they can see the water filling up the ship for sinking.  That is precisely the psychological approach that China intends for us.  They mean to shock us into stagnation so we can sit rudderless at sea and fall to the bottom of a deep ocean, never to be heard from again.  That is how they plan to put down their riots in Hong Kong.  That is how they mean to take over Taiwan and acquire Japan.  China has global domination plans, and if they can get rid of the United States, they will have an open door to all their hopes and communist dreams.  But they are smart enough to know that America is far more robust than they are, so to beat us, they must defeat us without a physical conflict.  And that starts from rotting us from the inside out.

That is where they don’t understand Americans.  The quest for freedom has been a long one, and America was formed out of that basic human need, and once people see their freedoms eroding, they do rebel.  We can see that now with the mask mandates being lifted.  The Biden administration can do nothing because several GOP governors are lifting all their Covid restrictions well before the July 4th deadline ruining the Democrat platform for restoring normalcy to our society.  Democrats representing the China aggression in the world essentially needed to have the government put itself between disaster and lifestyles, and it hasn’t worked.  People grew tired of Covid and started breaking ranks. They gave the government the benefit of the doubt, and when the Biden administration tried to milk Covid out longer, people took matters upon themselves.  Not everyone, but enough to break the ranks.  The same thing is happening over the election fraud issue. All government-aligned elements, the corporate intentions to align with China strategically for the future, the social media platforms to set up the story that no voter fraud occurred—yet competition is emerging.  Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech site has come about to undo the Facebook tampering that was supposed to be a sure thing for the Chinese insurgents.  They had tampered with elections for a long time and previously used the Russia story to tire everyone on the topic before the real questions could even be asked.  The proof of voter issues from Mike’s site is getting a lot of attention and is gaining steam, which like Covid, will see a day soon where the story gets out of control, and China will not be able to contain it.

The voter fraud issue has been done in China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and many other places for years.  And they tried it in America by building up a decade of trust in social media like Facebook and Twitter for free.  Then on some future election, they would flip the switch and steal an election once they thought they had everything in place.  The problem for them is that America is not a compliant society, and it never will be.  Americans are friendly, maybe a little gullible.  But they will never give up their freedoms.  Some will, but not the whole nation the way China is compliant, or the people of England are.  America is way too diverse for complete control. That is what we are seeing as a reaction to Covid, election fraud, even the power of the Democrat Party by outright socialists and communists now.  The insurgents from China and other places do not understand Americans, and they are currently unsure what to do based on their observations of our behavior.  President Trump was never supposed to happen; people were supposed to stay scared of Covid-19.  They were supposed to trust their government officials and remain locked in their homes wearing stupid masks.  What China sees now was not supposed to happen.

China was never going to attack 300 million gun owners directly like in Red Dawn.  They had to attack our culture instead, and they started with our education system.  We have trained our youth into our destruction.  We see the damage from years of this behavior, yet enough Americans resist by creating options for themselves that conquest is not possible.  People are now homeschooling more than ever before.  They are fighting their school boards over critical race theory.  They are boycotting corporations that are sucking up to the Chinese communists.  Americans are coming alive and taking ownership of their lives in a way China wasn’t prepared for.  And the Democrat party wasn’t ready for the response either.  Seeing the resistance firsthand, it’s not the riots in the streets like their party engages in. Instead, what they are seeing are people who don’t care about their political class.  People do not like Biden.  They didn’t vote for Biden.  And now they are ignoring him as if he didn’t even exist.  This has left the Chinese perplexed, for none of this was in their plans.  And that is how we beat them by doing what they didn’t think of.  Which is precisely in our nature and why we will never be conquered. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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Companies Aligned with China are Failing: It’s not a good idea to bet against America

There has been panic which I’ve explained before to those concerned about the amount of power corporations have.  The worry is that corporations will force us to accept vaccine passports to move around the country, that they’ll push us out of amusement parks if we don’t get woke policies, and that they’ll regulate our lives by generally denying us fun and happiness.  It is essentially the Chinese model that we are seeing play out in the opening days of the Biden administration. Companies like Disney and Coka Cola, who have global aims, have placed their bets that the way to those international markets is through the communism of China.  That is essentially the bet of the NBA, an organization made up of socialist players to go global China style.  So, they are ignoring American markets treating us like garbage because they are going for what they think is a bigger prize in the world of tomorrow under a one-world government ran by the United Nations and influenced by communism. That’s how we arrived here, but I have explained it a different way, and my bets are placed opposite of the international trend.  Those who are betting against America are going to pay for it in a big way. 

Now I love traditional Disney.  I think Walt Disney is one of the great entrepreneurs of our American history.  I have no problem sharing Disney with the rest of the world.  If Disney is broadcasting American values, it’s a great thing.  Disney the Man.  Not Disney, the corporation that woke leftists and Democrat presidential hopefuls now run.  I would offer that these new leaders of corporate Disney, Coke, and the NBA—among others—don’t know what they are doing and have over-leveraged their influence over the American population.  For instance, Disney thinks people are so hungry for their Disney+ service, their amusement parks, and their many restaurants and hotels that they will put up with crazy, radical communist policies in trade for fun.  I would offer that people reject those services in favor of freedom and that market pressures will shift away from those corporations to other options.  Such as Facebook and Twitter assumed that they would have control over the flow of information, but instead, options are erupting everywhere.  The Facebook model is now dying as we speak as well as Twitter.  Their influence is waning due to their activism against President Trump and his 70 million voters.  Disney is suffering the same fate; they are losing billions of dollars in their commitment to wokeness, and I don’t ever see them recovering.  Their decision to leverage their entertainment assets against American traditions is costing them as they speak, and the brand damage is incalculable. 

I have wanted to return to Disney World for a vacation, so I occasionally watch video vlogs of people who cover the parks in Orlando, and what they are reporting is embarrassing compared to my experiences in the past.  Disney World as a vacation spot has been one of the best locations on earth for entertainment.  Not only do they have a collection of the best rides that are anywhere, but they have great employees who carry the company message of happiness and enthusiasm for life.  But this move by the company to go full woke, to empower all the radical leftwing causes, the Black Lives Matters types, the gun grabbers, the rainbow gays on Disney characters, the transgender policies have ruined that positive employee interaction.  I didn’t help to shut down for Covid and never fully restaffing.  With the theme parks at a much-reduced capacity, waiting times excessively high only to be greeted with more and more Covid restrictions, the brand of Disney has been whittled away during the election year of 2020, and their gamble will not be paying off.  You can see it most in the many specialty shops that are closed and appear to be gone forever, the little chocolate shops and souvenir spots that are seldom ever open anymore because of the declined attendance.

This past week, Ron DeSantis in Florida removed all emergency Covid restrictions, so Disney cannot blame the government for its temperature-taking and mask mandates.  That is a liberal policy from the management of Disney as a company that wants to see central government restriction to get the payoff of a culture shift from America to China, where they placed all their bets.  And those bets are now in the multibillion dollars.  That is why they are trying not to show panic, but they look to have lost their pre-2019 market share forever.  The evidence was in the fan reaction to the Gina Carano firing from the Star Wars Mandalorian series because she came out on Twitter as a conservative.  The way that Disney fired her showed they have no idea what is driving market forces these days, and when Star Wars fans rebelled by canceling their Disney+ memberships, the company had to attempt to fix it by hiring her back, or at least to let the fans know they were thinking about it.  With Florida now without Covid restrictions, yet Disney insisting on keeping them going costing themselves even more billions by the month, there are many more Gina Carano-like concessions they will have to make in the future to attempt to regain market share.  That might help.  I might revisit the parks, but I’m not going to spend a lot of money there to see a bunch of closed restaurants, lines that are socially distanced, and having to wear a stupid mask in the hot Florida sun over a communist attempt at insurgency by the management of the Disney Company. 

That has been my message from the beginning of this woke attempt by companies to steer us into political directions.  Money rules, and they can’t cheat that vote.  People ultimately have the power over their corporations, and the best way to make them honest again is by hitting them in the pocketbook. Don’t buy their crap and watch how fast they give up their communist dreams.  They should have never listened to the China playbook.  The market share was never going to come from the East, and stealing it from America was never going to work.  It might have looked good on paper to people too stupid to ask the obvious questions.  But now, the dollars and cents are telling the story quite well.  It’s not just Disney either.  They make an excellent example because their brand is so well known and significant.  Watching them fall the way they have provides a glimpse into smaller corporations that are just as bad off but not obvious to the public.  The NBA gained popularity because of Larry Bird and the great competition with Michael Jorden.  People will be turned off by athletes taking up communist causes.  The corporations themselves do not set public policy; they are created to fulfill a public need.  And so long as they do that, they will make money.  When they think they can steer that policy, they will fail every single time.  The NBA has seriously damaged their brand, likely forever also.  It took a long time to build and only a few years to destroy.  Good luck in China, where they don’t have the money to support those types of endeavors, and they never will.  So, fret not; you have a lot more control over this wokeness than you think.  It’s already coming apart, so let it fall apart.  There are plenty of other things in life to do.  We don’t need companies that aren’t pro-American.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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China’s President Biden: The timeshare of communism in America

Yes, the speech to congress in late April of 2021 might as well have been written by Karl Marx.  And that is what most of the commentators heard and reported in the wake after.  It was the usual banter back and forth with some lovely comments about Tim Scott’s response.  Tim is a great guy, and yes, he’s a black guy.  I thought the Biden speech was so weak that my dog could have responded to it, so it was kind of a waste of time for Tim to connect him to the same event.  It shows that Republicans missed the entire point of the Biden speech.  Putting a black Republican into that parade of socialism was what they thought was a clever move when in all actuality, it was an endorsement of playing this political fight the way Democrats want it.  No, the truth of the matter wasn’t about the issues or anything positive that Tim Scott might have said to poise Republicans to take back the House and Senate in 2022.  The subtext and intent of the speech were much more sinister and global.  I suffered through the address because I thought I needed to for my political hobby of commentary and advisement.  And I’m glad I did because I wouldn’t have known otherwise that Xi Jinping was such a prominent character in the Biden speech.  Biden spoke about how much time he had spent with Xi over the years and talked up the Chinese communist leader as a very ambitious man and that if we weren’t careful, we were going to lose everything to them. 

Biden was soft-selling communism in the same way that people who sell timeshares get you to buy their product.  They invite you in with the promise of no commitment, except for a little bit of your time.  Then once you’ve slept in their condo, and they’ve treated you to a nice vacation, they insist on a pitch that throws loads of guilt at you, and before you know it, you are signing up for a timeshare.  In this case, Biden said a whole lot that wasn’t obvious unless you understand these kinds of selling games.  Biden threw out a very liberal agenda.  Used Xi as the quintessential example we are chasing after in the world marketplace and that if we did not implement that liberal plan, we would all be working for China soon.  Biden mentioned that we need to add pre-K classes to three-year-old kids and to offer two years of community college after high school, all for free, paid for by increased taxes on the rich and dynamic.  Of course, Biden ignored the fact that our K through 12 education is a joke of liberalism that is harming children, not helping them now.  But the point of this speech was to sell more government education to shape minds into friendly communist subjects for an emerging government. 

But Biden said something else too, something that flew right over the heads of everyone.  He suggested that Xi would often tell him that democracy doesn’t work, that it’s too messy.  The implication is that communism is the way to go; that’s how you can get things done.  Democracy is too slow.  That the secret to success is in pushing things down people’s throats, they’ll thank you later.  Biden, of course, was using Xi as the bad cop where Biden was playing good cop.  Of course, Xi would approve and feed him a nice snack the next time they met on how well Biden did in selling communism without naming the beast to the top of the American government and the nation.  Biden made it sound as if he was willing to give democracy a chance, but that soon we’d have to make a decision; otherwise, China would be kicking our ass economically. So, if Republicans didn’t get on board and unite with Democrats on infrastructure, taxes, health care, open borders, and the Green New Deal, then we would all fall to China in the years to come.  Again, fear of a foreign power calling the shots and adopting socialism to fight communism is essentially the same thing.  Capitalism isn’t even an option to the Biden administration.  Of course, we knew it already, but Biden said it with his example of his admitted friend, Xi Jinping.

Now for anybody who truly understands economics and human empowerment, they know that China isn’t prosperous. I’ve addressed the issue many times here.  China only succeeds by copying the United States and stealing intellectual property.  Communist cultures destroy individual creativity and therefore ruin businesses.  The only way they can achieve this is by luring American companies to their economy and selling Americans things at a cheaper rate than buying American typically does.  Biden also addressed that issue by advocating that American’s “buy American” but then promoted that unions regain their power to take over the management of businesses, which are all socialist and communist in their intentions.  Labor unions are not pro-American groups.  They are international for a reason: to protect workers while selling to them the concept of socialism, which then ruins our culture from the inside out.  Either way, Biden plans to hand America over to Xi Jinping by making it look like it’s for our good without telling anybody that China is helpless without the United States.

The real answers are, of course, more free-market enterprise.  Less government school and more school of hard knocks.  In buying American with those American companies being dedicated to the United States and not global conglomerates like Coka Cola, which is operated out of London these days, just a few blocks away from the grave of Karl Marx.  And why would corporations still support Biden with his proposed tax hikes on the rich?  Well, it’s to get into new markets; they want access to the markets of over a billion people in China.  So to play ball in that game, they must adopt communism and China’s way of doing business.  China put Biden on that stage that night, and he spoke as their representative.  He certainly didn’t represent America.  Biden said that if Republicans fought him too much on his policies that we’d have no choice but to turn to communism to survive as a country. It’s the same trick that these politicians have pulled on the global corporations. The sales pitch is that there are only 300 million people in America.  There are over a billion in China.  Which market is more valuable to you, Mr. and Mrs. Corporation?  The Chinese never tell those corporations or our government about our partnership because there is always a catch, just like the timeshare salespeople.  You might have access to those billion people, but they don’t have any money to buy those products.  But by the time that these global corporations learn the hard truth, they have sold their souls to communism by then.  And the paid-off politicians, like the Biden family, are in on the game.  They work against America every day and sell the switch to communism through speeches like the one we heard from Biden.  That is what the speech was about; it was a warning to cooperate with the radical Democrats or be destroyed.  Because China is looming, and they are the ones in control. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Hunter Biden Distraction: How do you cover up a failed president, with sex, drugs, and nudity

Nothing like sex, drugs and nudity to cover up a failed president

I don’t mind, I expect it really.  When I first started this blog I would get thousands of hits on it per day, but now over ten years later its down to a few hundred.  That’s not because people aren’t interested in the content.  Usually, when something is around that long, the numbers go up, not down, but as we all know, there is a lot of censorship in social media and I am certainly on everyone’s list.  It’s been that way since well before Alex Jones was removed from YouTube, which was the first of the big tech high profile censorships of certain kinds of personalities off their social media platforms.  Social media, like YouTube put up with it to a certain point until they were ready to make their move.  That essentially started with Alex Jones and culminated with President Trump.  I have videos on YouTube that have been out there for years that still only show a few dozen hits total.  I suspect the number is much higher because they mess around with the output reporting.  I never care much about it because I figure its their platform, my content and it’s a free country.  If they don’t want me, or want to try to discourage my behavior, then its my decision to use them or not.  Most of what I do on social media including this blog site serves the needs of my subscribers which social media can’t block so well because the notification arrives in their email box, and doesn’t depend on search words to find a reader.  It’s been worth doing regardless of all that censorship.  But that provides some context to the rather miraculous Rumble video I put up a few days before this writing that is pushing 1000 views just before this article on Hunter Biden came out. 

Rumble has been much better than YouTube for a person like me because of the lack of censorship.  However, the audience for Rumble is much, much smaller.  That’s fine with me because I view my work as a kind of slow burn anyway, so it works for me just fine.  I have stopped for the most part using Twitter or YouTube on my blog site due to their massive censorship and editing of information regarding Covid-19.  Honestly, they disgust me.  I hate their brands and I can’t stand hearing their names.  They have broken a trust with me that I will never give them again and I count the days where they will be eliminated from public consideration, where they become the next MySpace washout.  I am very much looking forward to new social media platforms, such as the one coming from President Trump which will help facilitate that change.  Yet for a Rumble video to get that many hits in such a short period of time, it says something about the topic being so special that it punches through all those restrictions anyway, which says a lot about how much people think about this Hunter Biden story.  Everyone has the same questions which is what the video was all about, why Hunter Biden and why now?

Well, as I explained in my video, which I talk about my experiences with magic tricks and variety show entertainers in general, the Hunter Biden news is part of the President’s platform to divert attention from the massively unpopular policies we are seeing come out of the White House.  Beijing Biden is old and washed up, but he was put in place to provide a mouthpiece for all the big liberal agenda items that Democrats have been pushing for many years.  But he delivers it all with no tact, no strategy, no passion, and people are getting pretty mad at him and Democrats in general.  And when I say people, I don’t mean people like you and I, I mean regular people who take their kids to soccer games and consider themselves lucky to have a free Saturday night to visit a local beer garden with friends to have a drink or two while watching baseball games over the bar.  They don’t like having all this liberal nonsense rammed down their throats.  They might be more inclined to support liberal policies if they are sold to them with some slow burn tactics, but Biden is like that guy who asks a girl out for a date by saying, “do you want to go out, if you say no, I’ll punch you in the face.  Should I pick you up at 6?”  Naturally, aversion is bound to develop, and Democrats can see that a few months into the Biden presidency, things aren’t working, so out comes Hunter Biden.

As I said in the video, Hunter is a willing participant.  He’s a disaster of a person who has made all kinds of mistakes, and continues to make them every day.  But his presence in the news cycle as a reformed person who has in his wake quite a sideshow is an obvious diversionary tactic.  The sensational stories that come with Hunter Biden is meant to control the dialogue.  They need to get the corruption that is on the Hunter Biden laptop and all the connections to foreign interference hidden behind the admissions to sex, nudity that the president’s son is directly involved in, and the stories of drugs such as smoking that block of cheese mistaking it for crack that are now plastered everywhere.  Democrats figure that people can relate to Hunter Biden because they aren’t perfect themselves which makes Beijing Biden, and his presidency look like a sympathetically concerned parent, instead of a corrupt bag man for China.  The smoke isn’t what you should be looking at, it’s the fire if you want to know the truth, and everything that they are giving us with Hunter Biden, is smoke.  It’s a smoke screen for the massive failures not just of the Biden family, but in how the administration is launching itself in 2021. 

As I said from the beginning, they clearly cheated in the election.  They do not have the support of the masses.  You can’t rob an elected president with the massive cheating that did take place and expect to run the world systematically.  Social media from day one of the election were quick to edit and censor anyone who even suggested that there was election fraud based on their assertion that there are only “baseless claims.”  That is an admission of guilt in its own way, by what they did and when they did it.  Well, they said they were baseless from hours after the election results shutdown on election night to go find votes, and they have never revised their opinion even as there is evidence of many discrepancies that should and likely will be discovered in the months and years to come.  When you are being censored, as I am quite accustomed, and many others are as well, its because the desire to control what you see and hear is quite necessary for those doing it.  Which is obviously the case with the Biden family.  And where censorship and denials aren’t working, they send out the crazy kid who is addicted to sex and drugs and makes for an entertaining exhibition that is meant to distract people from the facts of the case.  Those facts are that the Biden presidency is failing already, there is trouble with the border, trouble with the green agenda, trouble with gun control, taxes, the handling of coronavirus, trouble with everything.  And all they have to attempt to sneak off the stage is Hunter Biden to provide the necessary distraction.  But people get it, they only need some way to frame their own thoughts on the matter, which is why my Rumble video in spite of all odds, is being viewed by so many people so quickly. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Eco-Terrorist Bill Gates Says Covid Will Be With Us Until 2022: States that ignored Gates did well, states that listened didn’t

Not all states are equal. Some governors really screwed up, some did really well with Covid

It has been interesting to see things around the country economically coming back on.  About the same time that Bill Gates reported that life wouldn’t be going back to normal until 2022 and that we needed to hit some targets of vaccinated people, the new movie Godzilla vs Kong came out which we went to see, and it reminded me of why I think of all the Covid advocates as eco-terrorists.  It was in fact the last Godzilla film that was complete with eco-terrorists, who wanted to unleash all the ancient monsters who were frozen away in hibernation for perhaps millions of years, to destroy all the humans on earth to save it.  Well, that is all fantasy of course, but the concept of eco-terrorism is very real, and there have been a lot of Bill Gates types who are clearly acting as eco-terrorists, and they have the money to fund it against the world.  In this case it was Covid-19 that they unleashed, not a bunch of ancient monsters, but the effect has been much the same, complete domination of our global economy in order to save the earth from the impact of human invention.  How absurd it was to listen to Gates speak, as if he were a doctor and not just a wealthy climate change advocate who wants to drag the world into a zero-emission society.  Thankfully, people are sick of it and are pushing for a normal life in spite of what Gates and his posse of blue state governors are screaming about.  And there is panic among those governors as their plot is being exposed.  People are going back to normal whether they like it or not.

I saw the Gates interview while going to watch that latest Godzilla movie in the theaters at the nice theater at Liberty Center, Ohio where people were playing at the park in front of it and were spilling over into the surrounding streets just to get out of the house.  It was a long way from normal, and people all seemed to have a bit of shell shock to their behavior, but it was a big step from the ridiculous lockdowns that we had just experienced as a culture.  But this wasn’t just a local behavior.  As I said in the video above, I just spent much of a month traveling all over the United States and everywhere I went I saw this pushback against the mask mandates and social distancing that the CDC had come up with as Bill Gates loomed in the background.  Yes, it has from the beginning been an act of terrorism disguised as a health concern.  For most of the political players it was a way to change election laws and put their guy Biden in place with voter tampering through mail-in ballots. But for Gates and his eco-terrorists, it was a chance to save the earth from their distorted opinion from the pesky humans that have infected its surface.  Gates may not be able to kill them all off, but perhaps he might be able to sterilize them through vaccinations so they can’t reproduce and keep them locked in their homes in as close to a zero-emission existence as he can hope for at this particular time.  That isn’t science fiction, but facts based on his actual behavior.  If this vaccine isn’t the sterilizing one, the next one may be.  This in the eyes of Gates is just the test bed to see if he can get away with it if people are dumb enough to blindly follow medical professionals to their own doom.

Sterilization of the undesirables was in fact the first thing the communists did in China when they took power in 1949.  And of course, we all know of their one child policy.  Don’t kid yourself that Gates and his eco-terrorists aren’t thinking the same way using vaccinees to sterilize people so to depopulate the earth of people in order to save it.  They had success with dumb people following them to their own dooms, in destroying their own economies, so the eco-terrorists are incentivized to do it again.  Our behavior did not deter them but encouraged them to try again, this time with even more destructive force.  Ultimately it will be up to us to push back against it.  Now from my perspective, I have seen up close and over vast distances, people are done.  Some governors as I said in my video have done a good job handling Covid and some have been terrible.  I am still looking for the answer and I have asked some very powerful people who should know, why the governor of my state, Mike DeWine was asking for far reaching dictatorial power a whole year before the launch of the Covid terrorism.  DeWine was already thinking about these things early in 2019 before anybody could even conceive of what a Covid lockdown might look like, or if it was even possible in a free society.  The buzz was out there of what was coming.  We know DeWine’s lover Amy Acton was in the know with the Gates group so they were obviously working out the details of the eco-terrorist act well in advance of the coup attempt later in 2020 and that should disturb everyone.  Amy Acton in case you have forgotten has been Ohio’s Health Director.  Once the heat was turned up on her relationship with the Governor, she removed herself from the public eye, but she has still been looming in the background whispering in his ear the utterances of the eco-terrorist goals—to shut down society to save the planet earth from humans.  As ridiculous as it sounds, and as much of a plot from some disaster movie it may be, it is the truth of the effort.

Notice how this article does not lend any credibility to the science of Covid.  That’s because its all complete bullshit.  Completely, and now looking back as people can now see, some states that never fell for the nonsense, like South Dakota, with Florida following did really well with Covid as other states such as Michigan, New Mexico, New York and other blue state regions have crushed their people and their economies in tyrannical ways.  The eco-terrorists did catch people off guard by crying wolf on what they called a deadly virus when in fact it was just taking a cold and making it seem statistically worse than it really was.  It reminds me of the old Harrison Ford movie, Mosquito Coast where the father moves his family to a Central American town to get away from the world and all its evil capitalism by telling them that the world has been destroyed by nuclear war, only for them to find out later that he was lying to them to imprison them to him. The government led by eco-terrorists like Bill Gates have done the same thing to all of us with Covid-19 and now they are just dragging the story out as long as possible to do the maximum damage they can before people fully rebel against them and stop listening forever.  From what I see people have learned their lesson and a majority of our population will never fall for such a scheme again.  But its important to know that if they tried before they’ll try again.  Only the next time, it will be something else. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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A Government that Murders its own People in America: Every official who denied hydroxychloroquine is guilty

So, let’s revisit what I said about Covid 19 in the beginning, as I stated in the video above, so that we can understand why any regulator of use of hydroxychloroquine has committed murder on innocent people.  I was right then and I’m more correct now that we’ve seen to what excessive attempt so many people were willing to put it all out on the line to overthrow President Trump in the 2020 election.  They were willing to kill people as innocent casualties in their war for control globally of the American White House.  To call it a domestic and foreign attack is an understatement as we have never seen such a large scale military operation as we have seen in the election overthrow in America, not even D-Day would be a comparison.  Not this time were military vehicles used for an attack, but people did die, and the attackers were willing to kill people to get what they wanted.  The people were not military troops.  No army on earth would attack the American military, so no foreign invasion would come as a direct attack.  The Chinese do not attack strength with strength, especially since they knew they were weaker from the start.  You attack weakness, the innocent people of America and the western world with an invisible enemy, Covid-19.  And you take advantage of their good, blind, trust to infiltrate them behind enemy lines and destroy their culture from within.  Then you use that same cover of terror to change election laws to give the ability to cheat on a mass scale and end populism in North America by hiding it behind the terror of literal death.  And to get that death people had to get the disease and die so to scare everyone else into compliance. 

That’s why everyone who deprived knowledge of a treatment, like hydroxychloroquine mixed with zinc to work against Covid-19 and boost the human immune system are guilty of murder and crimes against humanity.  It was a government coordinated purge and every governor who has participated in the Covid murders is guilty and should be tried for treason for what they knew was a plot against America by United Nations insurgents intent to inflict great terror on innocent people.  Let’s not dull the taste of the stale bread with loads of butter, we need to call it what it was.  Murder and an attack on American sovereignty by hostile forces.  Anyone who knew or plotted a ban on any talk of hydroxychloroquine on Twitter, Google, Facebook or any other media platform is in on the crimes and need to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, otherwise they won’t learn their lesson and they’ll do it again.  Additionally, our weak response to the Covid-19 attack empowered those same villains who then went on to commit the biggest voter fraud case ever witnessed in human history.  Its easy now to see who the guilty people are, they are the ones who are now saying that there was no voter fraud, even as the evidence is emerging everywhere.  Everyone in denial are guilty, because they were the same advocates behind the government lockdowns over Covid-19 and lied to us about their intentions to save lives by adopting communist police state policies.  In order for those ill intentions to work, people had to believe there was no treatment.  That is why hydroxychloroquine was kept from people’s minds because the attackers needed to use death to drive society toward compliance. 

Every governor, every politician, every health “expert” who has been denying hydroxychloroquine as part of a solution is a murderer.  They killed people to advance a political agenda.  Before the massive voter fraud of 2020 and the loads of testimony we have been hearing which involved thousands of people coordinating the steal, its no longer a consideration of extremism to propose that health experts and politicians deliberately wanted to kill people with Covid-19 so that they could use that fear to move public opinion toward communism and away from personal freedom.  The lockdowns which have cost our economy trillions of dollars and massive debt were meant to attack our society and all our lives.  They didn’t care if they ruined businesses or destroyed our jobs.  They always planned to blame it on Trump, which we saw during the election.  And they used Covid-19 to hide their other crimes behind, like the theft of the election.  They went that far, don’t think that preserving life was on their minds at all.  Rather they wanted murder, suicide, and a nation left in ruins.  It was all part of a plan decades in the making that they unleashed in 2020 for purely political reasons, and yes, they planned for people to die to help drive the narrative.  With no deaths, they’d have no reason to advance the scandal in hopes of getting Trump out of power. 

When villains are so pervasive and out in the open about their crimes, taking an extreme position against them should be expected.  It is not our task to endorse murderers with silence.  It is our job to bring them to justice first with naming the beast, but second by following the legal proceedings that will halt their practice.  The first thing we must do is recognize that Covid-19 was a foreign invasion meant to topple American capitalism and tamper with an American president and overthrow the current government.   The second thing we then must do is identify the criminal medical malpractice of so many as purposeful murder by knowingly denying medicine to those crippled by Covid-19 as it was let out of China to start a planned process of death and economic destruction upon innocent collateral damage, people just minding their own business in the world.  It is not our task to turn away from such evil, but to speak out against it.  And if the villains want more, to give it to them in more ways than they can handle.  These criminals hiding behind an orthodox government are vile creatures who deserve a lot of pain and suffering for what they have done and there really isn’t a nice way to move on from this period without a major aftermath.  Every governor who has endorsed lockdowns, every financial mover like Bill Gates, every CDC bureaucrat, every health department official who knowingly played along with these methods are all guilty of support of murder or perpetuating it. Every cable news station who put the death ticker on their screens as a means to scare people into listening to them is guilty of terrorism.  Dr Dumbass himself—Dr Fauci is guilty of every perpetuated death advocated by Covid-19 to control government policy.  It was he and Dr. Scarf Lady who marched into the White House and told President Trump that he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the country.  If there were no deaths to point to, there would have been no way to get the President’s ear, so it was planned from the beginning, the same day that Bill Gates stepped away from the board of directors at Microsoft, so he could lay low while the planned murders were executed and the economy was ruined.  And for what?  To have a coup in America and use deaths to scare people into believing in Covid-19 so that they could rig the upcoming election and keep Trump voters from showing up.  But Trump voters showed up anyway forcing Democrats to cheat more than they ever have before.  Only they got caught and revealed all these vile operations to us proving that murder all along was acceptable to them, if only they could overthrow America and be part of the next regime who would then control the law.  That is what we are dealing with.


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Dummy DeWine’s Stupidity and Failure in Dealing with Covid-19: People are done with waiting for government to present solutions–hiding is not a strategy

Hey, listen Dummy DeWine.  You need to shut your mouth on the whole Covid-19 virus.  More and more people every week are getting sick of the government reaction to coronavirus.  There are few things worse in life than being lectured to by an idiot like DeWine did over the weekend as he reported what the “experts” have been saying about the spread of the disease among families  and friends gathering without social distancing or a mask.  The government decision to run from the virus now for most of a year is stupid and people have lost faith in the government’s ability to solve the problem.  Running from Covid-19 is an un-American approach to the whole problem, the contact tracing to avoid getting the virus and hiding for 14 days like some loser while the government figures it out is just not acceptable.  For myself, I thought Covid-19 was a massive attack by the Chinese on our culture with a human manipulated virus to increase its spread from the beginning and consider that the whole thing is 10% actual virus and 90% politics meant to trap Americans into undoing themselves to save China from the Trump presidency.  But after many months of this nonsense, other people, mainstreamers are catching on now too, and they are done with you Governor DeWine and politicians like you who have either been suckered with the virus because your stupid, or because you are in on the attack with the Chinese, which would not surprise me.

There are other articles that I have written and will write about China’s role in the Covid-19 lockdowns, which have been one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a human civilization do at any point in history on such a scale.  Its beyond dumb.  But this article is about the stupid proposal that government has had, including with Trump when he came down with Covid-19 along with 50+ staff members in the White House—which I would blame Democrats for spreading there.  There are too many coincidences to ignore the possibility. Its also no coincidence that Cam Newton came down with it essentially at the same time and the media was broadcasting each story like it was Orson Wells playing his War or the Worlds radio  trick on an unsuspecting audience where people actually thought the world was coming to an end.  People don’t want to hear that there is nothing we can do to combat coronavirus—they want to know that there are solutions and that government plans to solve the problem.  After most of a year of running and hiding from a ridiculous measurement of cases—without any plan to end the virus—people are beyond sick of what government has done to their society, and Mike DeWine has been one of the worst.

Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Andy Beshear from Kentucky are joining Dummy DeWine as being some of the absolute most tyrannical along the I-75 corridor.  For them the Covid-19 virus has been a power grab, and its not surprising that people are starting to think of a government overthrow just to shut these idiots up.  The attempt by Whitmer to make her problems Trump’s problems once the Supreme Court ruled against her is just stupidity on her part.  One of the ring leaders in the Wolverine Watchmen group obviously was a supporter of Antifa and thought of President Trump as a tyrant—so he was no fan.  Their plans to kidnap Whitmer are now well known, but what isn’t are the many others who hate her just as bad but at least have that extra gear in the back of their minds to say, “maybe I shouldn’t.”  After all there is still an election coming up and a chance to end all this without violence.  But any result that comes out of that election where Trump isn’t part of the story to get our economy back on track and stop the government action of running from the virus will lead to massive scaled violence that I don’t think anybody is prepared for—and not coming from the left. There are many people to the right politically of the Wolverine Watchman who just aren’t going to put up with a stupid out of control government that wants to deal with the coronavirus with further lockdowns, masks, and social distancing.  People are done with those methods, especially after the government after all this time failed to come up with any solutions in 2020.

Trump has had solutions and he has presented them, including accelerated vaccinations (which I’ll never take), hydroxychloroquine, and now the steroid Dexamethasone. Those are reasonable approaches to dealing with a virus that has not been well studied.  But waiting for a bunch of bureaucrats to revise their CDC recommendations to a combination of actions that will attack Covid-19 is not a proper option.  The CDC obviously has no idea what they are doing and pulled the whole mask thing out of their ass along with the theories of social distancing.  We know now that Covid-19 can spread through the air at much greater distances than 6 feet so why continue doing that stupid thing just because government’s safest measure is to control their liability in the future with more ridiculous, untested rules.  Government to assume that they can continue to require people to destroy their lives in order to take the pressure off government to solve the Covid problem is not sane.  Essentially, this is the real world folks, if the CDC hasn’t put their arms around this coronavirus thing by now, people will look elsewhere for solutions, which is what is happening and will continue to erode with each week to come.  America is not China.  People listened to the “experts” for a while, until it was obvious, they had no idea what they were doing. 

For Dummy DeWine to lecture anybody on his timid view of the world is beyond an insult.  He should be telling us what he is doing to kill the virus, not what we must do to empower it by running and hiding from it.  We’ve all seen many people get Covid-19 by now, including the President and his staff at the White House, and now they are all returning to work.  If Dexamethasone is the thing that restores order to our society, then let’s get moving with it.  We don’t have time to waste on a bunch of 9 to 5ers who work in the medical industry who expect us to wait on their slow asses to come up with a solution to Covid-19, while the rest of the world sits around waiting.  That is the dumbest thing in the world.  And it is beyond audacious to expect that people will behave and listen to a stupid governor at the expense of their own lives.  Government works on behalf of the people, not the other way around.  Government has failed to deliver results, so people are ignoring the government mandates and finding other ways to deal with the virus.  This communist approach of we are all in this together and we must do dumb things for the good of all people, like wearing masks, is not acceptable.  The days where these governors could rule as tyrants is over.  They may not realize it yet, but they have lost their audience, and life is moving on, with or without them.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Deadly Virus was Never Covid-19, it was Marxism: How your local politician got suckered into being a host

The thing to know about viruses is that they migrate into our bodies by tricking or overwhelming our immune systems and gaining control of our normally healthy functions. All viral attacks are a kind of war for control of our bodies, and we count on our immune systems to fight them off. However, with deadly viruses such as HIV, they gain access to our bodies by tricking our immune systems to stand down and not engage the enemy. In retroviruses of many kinds, they attack healthy cells and actually reprogram our DNA into mutations of sick cell structure which can then lead to incurable illnesses. So it should come as no surprise that socialists and Marxist revolutionaries within the communist Chinese government and their partners in the World Health Organization would seek to duplicate viral outbreaks on a social scale and to attack each and every person in the world in the same manner, with viral ideas that attack our sociology in the same way that HIV does healthy immune systems. When doctors study these things obviously it would occur to them in order to protect their own concerns for constant government funding for their projects that a sociological viral attack would benefit them greatly and change society to what they think is a more healthy Marxist ideology which from their point of view would be better. Its not therefore surprising that the term conspiracy theory is applied to this current crises, because the strategy falls outside normal human concerns, but taken in a wide view are quite clear, and it is in that understanding that all the politicians who were tricked into lockdowns, social distancing, and face mask application to the controls of public health realize they are guilty of economic destruction and are looking to now cover their ass from the biggest folly in the history of the world.

The purpose of social distancing and why we can’t plan for sporting events, and all this nonsense about wearing face masks in public even though there isn’t a doctor in the entire world who can point to scientific proof that any of it does any good to protect anybody from Covid-19 spreading is because the virus we are dealing with was not a cell structure virus that attacks our immune systems, the viral outbreak was psychological with an intent to destroy the immune system at the sociological level. The attack was meant to attack all politicians and their need to protect their constituents with a perceived safety just as the HIV virus tricks immune systems from attacking them upon introduction into a human body. This virus spread because people tend to trust doctors and politicians as elected leaders and both were joining forces under a rebellious president in Trump to tell us that shutting down our economy was the way to fight this thing with our American flags flying in the wind. Many of us were tricked and the virus of thought spread through our society and has presented us now with an economy that is on life support living only off printed money and borrowed time.

That’s how we got here, but here’s the current problem, all these politicians have to admit that what they did was wrong and that they were suckered with the whole Covid-19 response, if we really want to cure ourselves from this Marxist attack through viral pressure, we have to admit how the trick occurred. But what they are doing and are forced to do by this Marxist strategy is to play along and validate the efforts since they are all now personally responsible for so much destruction to our economy. The vast unemployment, and the torrential debt is well beyond their scope of dealing with it, and the only way they see out is to play along with the stupid social distancing voodoo science and encourage people to wear masks in public. If they suddenly say, well, everyone can go back to work, go back to their sports, restaurants and bars—schools, everything—false alarm, then the blame for everything will fall squarly on them and they’ll lose future elections, and likely be sued for the rest of their lives. At a minimum the courts are going to be stacked against them constitutionally for many decades to come. It’s a nasty problem and their only way out is to convince the people that it was all worth while by following through with the nonsense.

By social distancing and wearing the stupid masks you are protecting the dumb people who were tricked by this social virus of Marxism into the spread which is currently destroying the entire world. They were tricked into letting this viral outbreak of sociology in, and the damage is so great none of them can withstand the scrutiny once people have to face the facts, that the virus was never Covid-19 that was so deadly, it was the ideas of Marxism that were sold under that mask, just like any deadly virus tricks immune systems into destroying themselves to allow a new host to flourish. It’s not such a far-reaching conspiracy once you understand the players. Every member of the medical profession will admit that their biggest stress in life is funding. Well, Dr. Fauci and the lunatic Amy Acton of Ohio used Covid-19 to become heroes in their circles of influence to solve that very problem. As government employees, its no skin off their back and now at dinner parties, they will be the celebration of the medical community for the rest of their lives for bringing funding to everyone in their wake. But don’t think for a second that the communists of the World Health Organization working with China didn’t get the idea for all this by studying how viruses break into healthy bodies and take over. They certainly did, and they applied it not medically, but sociologically. A virus of biology isn’t any different from a virus of thought, and people don’t typically define ideas that way, so the perils are invisible to them. But the results are the same.

Each time you put on a face mask or adhere to the voodoo science of social distancing, you are playing into the massive failure of the stupid people who allowed that virus of Marxist thought to penetrate our society and ruin our lives. It is because of them that we went from a healthy society to a sick one and the cure from the World Health Organization and all these maniacs who are pushing the idea of the global citizen movement and mandatory vaccines are the ones who propose the cure to the problems they created. A sick patient is much more likely to listen to a doomsday scenario if they are cleaving for life, instead of being healthy—so the Marxists intentionally made us all sick by wrecking our economy to change our behavior. They tricked our politicians into playing along to avoid the egg that is on all their faces and they were able to get our academic doctors to play along because it solved their funding problem. Doctors don’t care if we have a capitalist society or a communist one. Most of them would probably lean to a communist one because they think it will keep them from hustling for funding all the time. And that is how we ended up here and why you can’t stand next to someone and why they make you feel as if you have to wear a mask everywhere. Its not that doing social distancing, lockdowns and masks help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have enough real science to indicate that it doesn’t help at all. But what it does do is keep us from marching on our capitals with pitch forks and guns to take our country back from these idiots who caused this mess. So long as we wear the masks and social distance, the politicians who were conned by these viruses of thought get a free pass because it tells us that we believe their story—Covid-19 was really dangerous and justified destroying our economy to save lives. But the truth is, it didn’t. It killed many more than it saved and allowed China to get revenge on the United States for electing Trump and hitting them with that trade deal that changed the world. And that’s why this virus outbreak is really World War III but instead of the casualties being hit with gunfire to die or recover in the hospitals, it was a virus of thinking that convinced us to turn against ourselves and destroy our society, just like the HIV virus takes over a human host. But the virus wasn’t Covid-19, it was Marxism.

Rich Hoffman

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