A Government that Murders its own People in America: Every official who denied hydroxychloroquine is guilty

So, let’s revisit what I said about Covid 19 in the beginning, as I stated in the video above, so that we can understand why any regulator of use of hydroxychloroquine has committed murder on innocent people.  I was right then and I’m more correct now that we’ve seen to what excessive attempt so many people were willing to put it all out on the line to overthrow President Trump in the 2020 election.  They were willing to kill people as innocent casualties in their war for control globally of the American White House.  To call it a domestic and foreign attack is an understatement as we have never seen such a large scale military operation as we have seen in the election overthrow in America, not even D-Day would be a comparison.  Not this time were military vehicles used for an attack, but people did die, and the attackers were willing to kill people to get what they wanted.  The people were not military troops.  No army on earth would attack the American military, so no foreign invasion would come as a direct attack.  The Chinese do not attack strength with strength, especially since they knew they were weaker from the start.  You attack weakness, the innocent people of America and the western world with an invisible enemy, Covid-19.  And you take advantage of their good, blind, trust to infiltrate them behind enemy lines and destroy their culture from within.  Then you use that same cover of terror to change election laws to give the ability to cheat on a mass scale and end populism in North America by hiding it behind the terror of literal death.  And to get that death people had to get the disease and die so to scare everyone else into compliance. 

That’s why everyone who deprived knowledge of a treatment, like hydroxychloroquine mixed with zinc to work against Covid-19 and boost the human immune system are guilty of murder and crimes against humanity.  It was a government coordinated purge and every governor who has participated in the Covid murders is guilty and should be tried for treason for what they knew was a plot against America by United Nations insurgents intent to inflict great terror on innocent people.  Let’s not dull the taste of the stale bread with loads of butter, we need to call it what it was.  Murder and an attack on American sovereignty by hostile forces.  Anyone who knew or plotted a ban on any talk of hydroxychloroquine on Twitter, Google, Facebook or any other media platform is in on the crimes and need to be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law, otherwise they won’t learn their lesson and they’ll do it again.  Additionally, our weak response to the Covid-19 attack empowered those same villains who then went on to commit the biggest voter fraud case ever witnessed in human history.  Its easy now to see who the guilty people are, they are the ones who are now saying that there was no voter fraud, even as the evidence is emerging everywhere.  Everyone in denial are guilty, because they were the same advocates behind the government lockdowns over Covid-19 and lied to us about their intentions to save lives by adopting communist police state policies.  In order for those ill intentions to work, people had to believe there was no treatment.  That is why hydroxychloroquine was kept from people’s minds because the attackers needed to use death to drive society toward compliance. 

Every governor, every politician, every health “expert” who has been denying hydroxychloroquine as part of a solution is a murderer.  They killed people to advance a political agenda.  Before the massive voter fraud of 2020 and the loads of testimony we have been hearing which involved thousands of people coordinating the steal, its no longer a consideration of extremism to propose that health experts and politicians deliberately wanted to kill people with Covid-19 so that they could use that fear to move public opinion toward communism and away from personal freedom.  The lockdowns which have cost our economy trillions of dollars and massive debt were meant to attack our society and all our lives.  They didn’t care if they ruined businesses or destroyed our jobs.  They always planned to blame it on Trump, which we saw during the election.  And they used Covid-19 to hide their other crimes behind, like the theft of the election.  They went that far, don’t think that preserving life was on their minds at all.  Rather they wanted murder, suicide, and a nation left in ruins.  It was all part of a plan decades in the making that they unleashed in 2020 for purely political reasons, and yes, they planned for people to die to help drive the narrative.  With no deaths, they’d have no reason to advance the scandal in hopes of getting Trump out of power. 

When villains are so pervasive and out in the open about their crimes, taking an extreme position against them should be expected.  It is not our task to endorse murderers with silence.  It is our job to bring them to justice first with naming the beast, but second by following the legal proceedings that will halt their practice.  The first thing we must do is recognize that Covid-19 was a foreign invasion meant to topple American capitalism and tamper with an American president and overthrow the current government.   The second thing we then must do is identify the criminal medical malpractice of so many as purposeful murder by knowingly denying medicine to those crippled by Covid-19 as it was let out of China to start a planned process of death and economic destruction upon innocent collateral damage, people just minding their own business in the world.  It is not our task to turn away from such evil, but to speak out against it.  And if the villains want more, to give it to them in more ways than they can handle.  These criminals hiding behind an orthodox government are vile creatures who deserve a lot of pain and suffering for what they have done and there really isn’t a nice way to move on from this period without a major aftermath.  Every governor who has endorsed lockdowns, every financial mover like Bill Gates, every CDC bureaucrat, every health department official who knowingly played along with these methods are all guilty of support of murder or perpetuating it. Every cable news station who put the death ticker on their screens as a means to scare people into listening to them is guilty of terrorism.  Dr Dumbass himself—Dr Fauci is guilty of every perpetuated death advocated by Covid-19 to control government policy.  It was he and Dr. Scarf Lady who marched into the White House and told President Trump that he’d be responsible for millions of deaths if he didn’t shut down the country.  If there were no deaths to point to, there would have been no way to get the President’s ear, so it was planned from the beginning, the same day that Bill Gates stepped away from the board of directors at Microsoft, so he could lay low while the planned murders were executed and the economy was ruined.  And for what?  To have a coup in America and use deaths to scare people into believing in Covid-19 so that they could rig the upcoming election and keep Trump voters from showing up.  But Trump voters showed up anyway forcing Democrats to cheat more than they ever have before.  Only they got caught and revealed all these vile operations to us proving that murder all along was acceptable to them, if only they could overthrow America and be part of the next regime who would then control the law.  That is what we are dealing with.


Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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Dummy DeWine’s Stupidity and Failure in Dealing with Covid-19: People are done with waiting for government to present solutions–hiding is not a strategy

Hey, listen Dummy DeWine.  You need to shut your mouth on the whole Covid-19 virus.  More and more people every week are getting sick of the government reaction to coronavirus.  There are few things worse in life than being lectured to by an idiot like DeWine did over the weekend as he reported what the “experts” have been saying about the spread of the disease among families  and friends gathering without social distancing or a mask.  The government decision to run from the virus now for most of a year is stupid and people have lost faith in the government’s ability to solve the problem.  Running from Covid-19 is an un-American approach to the whole problem, the contact tracing to avoid getting the virus and hiding for 14 days like some loser while the government figures it out is just not acceptable.  For myself, I thought Covid-19 was a massive attack by the Chinese on our culture with a human manipulated virus to increase its spread from the beginning and consider that the whole thing is 10% actual virus and 90% politics meant to trap Americans into undoing themselves to save China from the Trump presidency.  But after many months of this nonsense, other people, mainstreamers are catching on now too, and they are done with you Governor DeWine and politicians like you who have either been suckered with the virus because your stupid, or because you are in on the attack with the Chinese, which would not surprise me.

There are other articles that I have written and will write about China’s role in the Covid-19 lockdowns, which have been one of the dumbest things I’ve ever seen a human civilization do at any point in history on such a scale.  Its beyond dumb.  But this article is about the stupid proposal that government has had, including with Trump when he came down with Covid-19 along with 50+ staff members in the White House—which I would blame Democrats for spreading there.  There are too many coincidences to ignore the possibility. Its also no coincidence that Cam Newton came down with it essentially at the same time and the media was broadcasting each story like it was Orson Wells playing his War or the Worlds radio  trick on an unsuspecting audience where people actually thought the world was coming to an end.  People don’t want to hear that there is nothing we can do to combat coronavirus—they want to know that there are solutions and that government plans to solve the problem.  After most of a year of running and hiding from a ridiculous measurement of cases—without any plan to end the virus—people are beyond sick of what government has done to their society, and Mike DeWine has been one of the worst.

Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan and Andy Beshear from Kentucky are joining Dummy DeWine as being some of the absolute most tyrannical along the I-75 corridor.  For them the Covid-19 virus has been a power grab, and its not surprising that people are starting to think of a government overthrow just to shut these idiots up.  The attempt by Whitmer to make her problems Trump’s problems once the Supreme Court ruled against her is just stupidity on her part.  One of the ring leaders in the Wolverine Watchmen group obviously was a supporter of Antifa and thought of President Trump as a tyrant—so he was no fan.  Their plans to kidnap Whitmer are now well known, but what isn’t are the many others who hate her just as bad but at least have that extra gear in the back of their minds to say, “maybe I shouldn’t.”  After all there is still an election coming up and a chance to end all this without violence.  But any result that comes out of that election where Trump isn’t part of the story to get our economy back on track and stop the government action of running from the virus will lead to massive scaled violence that I don’t think anybody is prepared for—and not coming from the left. There are many people to the right politically of the Wolverine Watchman who just aren’t going to put up with a stupid out of control government that wants to deal with the coronavirus with further lockdowns, masks, and social distancing.  People are done with those methods, especially after the government after all this time failed to come up with any solutions in 2020.

Trump has had solutions and he has presented them, including accelerated vaccinations (which I’ll never take), hydroxychloroquine, and now the steroid Dexamethasone. Those are reasonable approaches to dealing with a virus that has not been well studied.  But waiting for a bunch of bureaucrats to revise their CDC recommendations to a combination of actions that will attack Covid-19 is not a proper option.  The CDC obviously has no idea what they are doing and pulled the whole mask thing out of their ass along with the theories of social distancing.  We know now that Covid-19 can spread through the air at much greater distances than 6 feet so why continue doing that stupid thing just because government’s safest measure is to control their liability in the future with more ridiculous, untested rules.  Government to assume that they can continue to require people to destroy their lives in order to take the pressure off government to solve the Covid problem is not sane.  Essentially, this is the real world folks, if the CDC hasn’t put their arms around this coronavirus thing by now, people will look elsewhere for solutions, which is what is happening and will continue to erode with each week to come.  America is not China.  People listened to the “experts” for a while, until it was obvious, they had no idea what they were doing. 

For Dummy DeWine to lecture anybody on his timid view of the world is beyond an insult.  He should be telling us what he is doing to kill the virus, not what we must do to empower it by running and hiding from it.  We’ve all seen many people get Covid-19 by now, including the President and his staff at the White House, and now they are all returning to work.  If Dexamethasone is the thing that restores order to our society, then let’s get moving with it.  We don’t have time to waste on a bunch of 9 to 5ers who work in the medical industry who expect us to wait on their slow asses to come up with a solution to Covid-19, while the rest of the world sits around waiting.  That is the dumbest thing in the world.  And it is beyond audacious to expect that people will behave and listen to a stupid governor at the expense of their own lives.  Government works on behalf of the people, not the other way around.  Government has failed to deliver results, so people are ignoring the government mandates and finding other ways to deal with the virus.  This communist approach of we are all in this together and we must do dumb things for the good of all people, like wearing masks, is not acceptable.  The days where these governors could rule as tyrants is over.  They may not realize it yet, but they have lost their audience, and life is moving on, with or without them.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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The Deadly Virus was Never Covid-19, it was Marxism: How your local politician got suckered into being a host

The thing to know about viruses is that they migrate into our bodies by tricking or overwhelming our immune systems and gaining control of our normally healthy functions. All viral attacks are a kind of war for control of our bodies, and we count on our immune systems to fight them off. However, with deadly viruses such as HIV, they gain access to our bodies by tricking our immune systems to stand down and not engage the enemy. In retroviruses of many kinds, they attack healthy cells and actually reprogram our DNA into mutations of sick cell structure which can then lead to incurable illnesses. So it should come as no surprise that socialists and Marxist revolutionaries within the communist Chinese government and their partners in the World Health Organization would seek to duplicate viral outbreaks on a social scale and to attack each and every person in the world in the same manner, with viral ideas that attack our sociology in the same way that HIV does healthy immune systems. When doctors study these things obviously it would occur to them in order to protect their own concerns for constant government funding for their projects that a sociological viral attack would benefit them greatly and change society to what they think is a more healthy Marxist ideology which from their point of view would be better. Its not therefore surprising that the term conspiracy theory is applied to this current crises, because the strategy falls outside normal human concerns, but taken in a wide view are quite clear, and it is in that understanding that all the politicians who were tricked into lockdowns, social distancing, and face mask application to the controls of public health realize they are guilty of economic destruction and are looking to now cover their ass from the biggest folly in the history of the world.

The purpose of social distancing and why we can’t plan for sporting events, and all this nonsense about wearing face masks in public even though there isn’t a doctor in the entire world who can point to scientific proof that any of it does any good to protect anybody from Covid-19 spreading is because the virus we are dealing with was not a cell structure virus that attacks our immune systems, the viral outbreak was psychological with an intent to destroy the immune system at the sociological level. The attack was meant to attack all politicians and their need to protect their constituents with a perceived safety just as the HIV virus tricks immune systems from attacking them upon introduction into a human body. This virus spread because people tend to trust doctors and politicians as elected leaders and both were joining forces under a rebellious president in Trump to tell us that shutting down our economy was the way to fight this thing with our American flags flying in the wind. Many of us were tricked and the virus of thought spread through our society and has presented us now with an economy that is on life support living only off printed money and borrowed time.

That’s how we got here, but here’s the current problem, all these politicians have to admit that what they did was wrong and that they were suckered with the whole Covid-19 response, if we really want to cure ourselves from this Marxist attack through viral pressure, we have to admit how the trick occurred. But what they are doing and are forced to do by this Marxist strategy is to play along and validate the efforts since they are all now personally responsible for so much destruction to our economy. The vast unemployment, and the torrential debt is well beyond their scope of dealing with it, and the only way they see out is to play along with the stupid social distancing voodoo science and encourage people to wear masks in public. If they suddenly say, well, everyone can go back to work, go back to their sports, restaurants and bars—schools, everything—false alarm, then the blame for everything will fall squarly on them and they’ll lose future elections, and likely be sued for the rest of their lives. At a minimum the courts are going to be stacked against them constitutionally for many decades to come. It’s a nasty problem and their only way out is to convince the people that it was all worth while by following through with the nonsense.

By social distancing and wearing the stupid masks you are protecting the dumb people who were tricked by this social virus of Marxism into the spread which is currently destroying the entire world. They were tricked into letting this viral outbreak of sociology in, and the damage is so great none of them can withstand the scrutiny once people have to face the facts, that the virus was never Covid-19 that was so deadly, it was the ideas of Marxism that were sold under that mask, just like any deadly virus tricks immune systems into destroying themselves to allow a new host to flourish. It’s not such a far-reaching conspiracy once you understand the players. Every member of the medical profession will admit that their biggest stress in life is funding. Well, Dr. Fauci and the lunatic Amy Acton of Ohio used Covid-19 to become heroes in their circles of influence to solve that very problem. As government employees, its no skin off their back and now at dinner parties, they will be the celebration of the medical community for the rest of their lives for bringing funding to everyone in their wake. But don’t think for a second that the communists of the World Health Organization working with China didn’t get the idea for all this by studying how viruses break into healthy bodies and take over. They certainly did, and they applied it not medically, but sociologically. A virus of biology isn’t any different from a virus of thought, and people don’t typically define ideas that way, so the perils are invisible to them. But the results are the same.

Each time you put on a face mask or adhere to the voodoo science of social distancing, you are playing into the massive failure of the stupid people who allowed that virus of Marxist thought to penetrate our society and ruin our lives. It is because of them that we went from a healthy society to a sick one and the cure from the World Health Organization and all these maniacs who are pushing the idea of the global citizen movement and mandatory vaccines are the ones who propose the cure to the problems they created. A sick patient is much more likely to listen to a doomsday scenario if they are cleaving for life, instead of being healthy—so the Marxists intentionally made us all sick by wrecking our economy to change our behavior. They tricked our politicians into playing along to avoid the egg that is on all their faces and they were able to get our academic doctors to play along because it solved their funding problem. Doctors don’t care if we have a capitalist society or a communist one. Most of them would probably lean to a communist one because they think it will keep them from hustling for funding all the time. And that is how we ended up here and why you can’t stand next to someone and why they make you feel as if you have to wear a mask everywhere. Its not that doing social distancing, lockdowns and masks help stop the spread of Covid-19, we have enough real science to indicate that it doesn’t help at all. But what it does do is keep us from marching on our capitals with pitch forks and guns to take our country back from these idiots who caused this mess. So long as we wear the masks and social distance, the politicians who were conned by these viruses of thought get a free pass because it tells us that we believe their story—Covid-19 was really dangerous and justified destroying our economy to save lives. But the truth is, it didn’t. It killed many more than it saved and allowed China to get revenge on the United States for electing Trump and hitting them with that trade deal that changed the world. And that’s why this virus outbreak is really World War III but instead of the casualties being hit with gunfire to die or recover in the hospitals, it was a virus of thinking that convinced us to turn against ourselves and destroy our society, just like the HIV virus takes over a human host. But the virus wasn’t Covid-19, it was Marxism.

Rich Hoffman

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Parental Government Didn’t Know Best: And now we must rebel against such fools and losers

Not sure where Governor DeWine gets off thinking he needs to tell us what we need to do to be safe going out into public, but I moved out of my parent’s house like 35 years ago. I do not need a daddy to care for me. And I certainly don’t need a bunch of health freaks to tell me that my going out of my house is a risk to the lives of everyone else. This nonsense has gone on for far too long, and let me remind everyone reading, I was one of the first in the country to point out what many are just figuring out about the coronavirus out of China, that it was a false flag of nonsense. Sure, the virus was real, but it certainly wasn’t the killer they made it out to be, it has been well within the statistical zone of regular illnesses, and it certainly wasn’t justified to shut down the world as a reaction to it. The cost to the economy was a self imposed decision and many governors like DeWine fell for it completely and believed with their Christian upbringings that they were all that stood in between life and death of the people they were governing, which turned them into nightmarish tyrants all in the name of safety. And now that the pressure is very intense to re-open new considerations are emerging, which I have also been saying for a long time, well before anybody else was saying it, the cost is upon us and no governor wants to deal with the impact of that.

I must remind readers here what an overman is, which is indicated by the title. On occasions in the past I have covered it, but it’s been a while. It’s necessary now to articulate due to the flamboyant nature of my early predictions on Covid-19 and how I was able to see what many were not so soon in the process. The truth is that my goal, and the intention of this site of communication was never to be an “everyman” or an “average man” or a person stuck in the sauce of humanity. I’m the guy who grew up going to Bible school every Sunday and would skip the section of the “Jesus Loves Me” song when it came to “we are weak but he is strong, Yes, Jesus loves me.” I was 4 and 5 years old when I started realizing that even religions in life were conditioning people’s minds to be weak, complacent, and to shape them into sheep to be led to slaughter. An “overmanwarrior” is someone who can see the big picture, perhaps not even from just the vantagepoint of a Godlike view of life on earth but within the universe, or even perhaps the multiverse—on the grandest scale possible—and fights for a sense of justice within that big view concept.

I see plenty of flaws in our constitutional republic as America was formed, but it is by far the best thing to come from the mind of mankind since its inception and its worth fighting for so that is my perspective on these kinds of problems. And with that in mind it was not hard to see the origins of this Covid-19 scam for what it was in the beginning, a communist push to change behavior all over the world with an intention to crush the American economy and thus our way of life and I have found it quite insulting to live through. It’s precisely why some governors in the United States like the Michigan lunatic Gretchen Whitmer took the good intentions of the Covid-19 outbreak recommendations and turned them into environmental, Green New Deal objectives preventing people from even visiting each other’s homes during the stay at home orders, and put a ban on using motorized vehicles for recreation while allowing sailboat use and canoes. The obvious insanity was an attack on our American way of life and people have a very good reason to be angry.

So I am quite comfortable taking the big view on everything I do and to frame a problem in that way for solutions, and as I also said in the beginning of this Covid mess, the worst aspect of it would not be the lives destroyed through the economy, the misery of being stuck in our homes by overzealous, panicky governors or even the fear of death by a little virus hyped up by a media hungry for ratings and a political objective—the worst to come would be the budget breaking tax revenue that states run off of which were clearly part of the plan when Bill Gates was working with the World Health Organization to create a change state scenario around the world that would unleash Agenda 21 from the United Nations into literally every home and property owner that existed and to control them for the benefit of bringing all cultures to an environmental target of zero emissions. The six foot, or even three-foot social distancing was never to save lives you must understand dear reader, not in the context they presented the strategy. Its not our lives they ever wanted to save, it’s the earth from their warped science perspective that they wanted to preserve, they wanted to keep you from “it” by staying in our homes, not driving around in cars creating emissions, and showing that centralized authority could manage the world unified under a crises for the intentions of communism as defined by China, who made a power move to remain a world power, and perhaps to be the only one.

Dumb, gullible people like Ohio’s governor Mike DeWine bought the add and was used as a tool to implement this psycho nonsense off the global advice of Amy Acton and now he has led us in Ohio to a terrible place. He’s worried about a few people getting sick as we get the economy going again—which we never should have shut down at all to save a single life, when the real problem is the crushing weight of the budget deficits that will go on for many years to come. Amy Acton will return to her bedside to read her unfinished Joseph Campbell books—which I have read every one of them many, many times over, while Governor DeWine, the good “moderate” Republican will go down in history as a tax and spend liberal much worse than John Kasich who crushed Ohio’s economy needlessly for many years to come. He got played by hostile global powers and his desire to “father knows best” us into safety for our own goods literally destroyed far more lives than he ever could have saved filled with good intentions, but as the saying goes, he drove us straight into Hell.

The Michigan protests against the tyrant Whitmer was more than justified, and I expect we’ll see a lot more of it. Ohio has started to have some little rallies to protest DeWine, which were kind of ridiculous with everyone observing the social distancing guidelines that have now become a legal parameter even though the concept has never seen a debate in congress or any real elected body for that matter. The World Health Organization you can bet spent many long nights trying to figure out how to spread a viral panic that would bypass all local governments and unite the world with a crises that looked to them for a new governmental leadership and DeWine let Amy Acton take him straight to their doorstep placing us all under a spell of doom that we’ve never seen in our lives.

And it was sold to us as a parental premise that was more insulting than dying of the virus itself should anybody succumb to the effects. Never again should the United States listen to any global playbook as Amy Acton did in Ohio, or any governor’s staff might recommend to them from anything coming out of the United Nations. If we didn’t come up with the strategy in America, we shouldn’t be doing it. And that is the end of the story for all future interactions. If these governors don’t adhere to our state and federal constitutions, then we are not legally bound to support their efforts of leadership, and we do have an obligation to go much further than the people of Michigan did. If the rules don’t come from the people of the United States, then to hell with the rules and the people trying to push them off on us. Any governor who looks to some global power for guidance is one that has made themselves a domestic enemy as defined by our Constitution and that’s how we must treat them.

Rich Hoffman

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Why This China Virus: The cause behind the panic—-its all about marketing more funding

I am proud to say I was one of the first in the country to call bullshit on the China Virus outbreak, well before weak kneed politicians started shutting down the American economy based on alarmist CDC employees over-hyping their field of endeavor in the same way that school teachers and other public employees do all the time, especially when they are looking for money. In this case, no matter which conspiracy we may entertain on political motives and global conflict after trade disputes, the World Health Organization and the Center for Disease Control did have an agenda and that was quite clear on the Netflix documentary that came out at the end of January and is directly related to the uniqueness of this particular Covid-19 “pandemic.” After my research into the matter I would point to two things that made this Coronavirus different from other pandemics and why we have shut down our economies around the world this time as opposed to in times past. The reason will piss you off dear reader, but maybe it should. We are the idiots who put our hands in the woodchipper to scratch an itch then wondered why the thing cut off our arms then drug in the rest of our bodies killing us. Its important to understand the hows and whys and as usual everyone has good intentions. However, as I always say, the path to Hell is paved with good intentions and lets face it, for the last several weeks, we have all been needlessly living in Hell and we have a good reason to be angry about it. But to understand the start of this story, you should watch two things, the video below which is an undercover story from 60 Minutes exploring the kind of Chinese wet markets where all these viruses start each year, then the Netflix series, “Pandemic” that was recently released and helped start the chain reaction of neurotic behavior that has essentially paralyzed our nation.

Basically, what started this mess was activists within the World Health Organization, some covering for China as part of their communist propaganda arm, and others who wanted to bring attention to the danger of the “wet markets” there. I understand and sympathize with the desire to halt the animal cruelty in China—bringing in poor animals from all over the world to be sold and eaten in raw form on those city streets from the thousands of “wet markets” all across China. For context, imagine a flea market only instead of yard sale junk, its animals that are sold for food and they are kept in angry cages filled with disease and despair. There are good people in the WHO who want to put an end to this behavior and I don’t blame them. But for them, they did resort to a kind of terrorism to change people’s behavior and you can bet they wanted to get the world’s attention which was behind their decision to make a big deal out of this Covid-19 as opposed to other viruses in the past. Of course, Bill Gates had his hand in this activism which is likely why he resigned from the Microsoft Board last week, things were getting a little hot and I don’t think any of these people meant to cause such a panic. Which of course is exactly what happened.

The other thing was the was the planned release of the Netflix series called Pandemic, which was released on January 22nd of 2020. Its production of course went well back into 2018 so this concept of preventive measures, of preparing for some mass viral attack has been brewing for a while. But if you watch the series you will see and hear a lot of the kind of radicalism that we have seen shut down our economy across the world since Netflix is easily downloaded in every home. The timing can’t be ignored. That was the vehicle that allowed this virus to step over the media and go straight to the consumer to directly feed the panic over the WHO announcing that the Covid-19 outbreak was a pandemic. When people wanted to know what a pandemic was, there was the show on Netflix to scare the hell out of everyone and start the chain reaction of panic that we have seen this time. If you step into the mind of the average health care worker and WHO activists they will likely say they were happy people overacted to this virus because the next one might really be dangerous and they are happy to bring awareness to people because they have been trying for decades to get attention on these important matters. The terrorism that costs everyone trillions of dollars is after all only money—by their rationalization—they only care to save lives which is the same excuse that politicians like Mike DeWine have used to justify their behavior. Like I said about the path to Hell, the paved road is covered with golden intentions, but ultimately it was terrorism.

At the heart of both cases, from the intentions of the filmmakers of Pandemic and the radicals at the WHO they want funding for their universal vaccine which was the point of the documentary. The World Health Organization officials had been trying for a very long time to get the world to do something about the terrible treatment of animals and source of so much disease in the wet markets and they have been successful now. I doubt they will apologize because they think they were right to cause all this mass panic to get their point across. Like all terrorists they think the end justifies the means and depending on your point of view, they could be heroes or villains. I can say that I don’t support the wet markets of China. I think the suppliers should be crushed with the same voracity as sex industry traffickers. But nobody has a right to shut down the American economy by playing on the fears and stupidity of politicians into overreacting the way they have, and exercising state controls to trample all over individual rights. Other places in the world do not have the kind of rights that we do in America, yet we have surrendered them all in the same way as the rest of the world has, and that has been a terrible thing. WHO radicals will say they are happy they got the Americans attention and they are delighted that they have managed to alter our lives for the “common good,” as defined by them of course.

Without question if we were to take Amy Acton, the health activist from Ohio out to Bob Evans for breakfast and get her to talk, she is one of these WHO people who want to shock people into preparation for the next possible outbreak. She would likely tell us that she’d rather save lives than lose them to under preparedness and that she was happy to find in Mike DeWine a gullible Christian governor who could align with her concerns to save such lives even if the alarm was overblown. As a radical she managed to get the issue on the table for people to talk about and from her perspective its all been very successful. This whole incident reminds me of when CNN produced that documentary against Sea World called Black Fish. Not many people watched it, but influencers did and from there policy was set and it ended up killing the Sea World stock almost destroying them as a company.

Activists at the WHO took notice and they produced the Netflix show Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak with the same kind of action in mind, to attack the economies of the world and get people to pay attention to things they think are important at the expense of everything else. So, for those of you out there who want to know why this virus blew out of proportion and how we all came to this radical form of prevention all around the world at the same time, now you know. It wasn’t some master plan from the smart minds of the governments around the world, it essentially came from a Netflix documentary from a bunch of scientists looking for funding and a few rebels at the WHO that want to shut down the wet markets in China. And for all that, this is why things are the way they are today, with no end in sight. Once politicians got a taste of that intoxicating emergency power, it will be hard to take it away from them.

Rich Hoffman

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Questions Nobody has been Asking about Covid-19: Its an attack not by a virus, but the governments of the world

Here’s the thing about Covid-19 that literally nobody is talking about, it is being told to us that it is literally a death sentence, and that it deserves 24 hours a day 7 day a week news service. Ads for it are attached to every YouTube video, it is the top story on every internet news site and it is being driven with an hysteria that just has never been seen before globally. But why? What’s the point? Those are things that just have not been talked about. The hysteria has been built by the very mention of this new virus migrating out of China, but nobody has really stated but a bunch of panic driven healthcare types why the thing is even just a little dangerous. So some context needs to be presented before we can have a basic understanding of what and why Covid-19 has consumed our lives the way it has, and why we have a right to be upset that all this drama has suckered our politicians into abusing emergency powers and essentially torpedoing our economy. The effort is on such a scale that it is beyond the scope of most people because the intentions of malicious people just aren’t fathomable to simple, God-fearing people who have inherited the earth with meekness. You must understand that much of the world has been suffering (justifiably) under massive sanctions, China being one of them, but we must not forget about North Korea, Iran, Russia, and even the European Union as the United States has used financial leverage to win trade disputes and change behavior, so there is a lot of anger out there, and a whole lot of people who have wanted revenge against the relatively small 300 million people in the United States who have all that wealth. There are also a lot of domestic enemies who want to be ruled by the United Nations operating in America who quickly latched onto this Covid-19 as a ticket to salvation. For them the World Health Organization was their latest best ticket to make that happen and they have held on to every bit of bad news with great enthusiasm. They have driven the stories of Covid-19 with a vicious attempt to bring down our entire country from the inside out with a fever that we’ve never seen before. But nobody has asked the real questions as to why, or how Covid-19 is really anything to be concerned about—all they have said is that it is.

This is the first time in the history of the world that we have looked at a virus and its impact on people on a case by case basis. The interconnected nature of the internet has allowed us to talk to people all over the world in real time and track every single victim of the virus hour by hour. That has never been done before which makes this unique, and it sets a trend that has the potential to be incredibly harmful in the future. Anything that is looked at in this way is naturally going to look bad. The charts that the CDC are putting out which are driving all this panic is more a willful exchange of bad news to drive a pandemic agenda that the World Health Organization has been hoping for over quite a long time. If they can’t rule through the United Nations and get people’s attention on global warming, the need for universal health care as a right, the need for a universal wage—things that the leftists of the world really care about who also happen to work in these disease centers because that’s the kind of work that excites them, they certainly couldn’t get the attention of the Americans unless they stripped them away of their comforts and put them in a position to listen to their pleas. If people wouldn’t come to respond to the needs of Mother Earth on their own, then they would be made to by sending everyone into a panic and using emergency powers to strip away the constitutional rights of its citizens. Yes, these are the same people who promote abortion as a right and are happy to kill many millions of infant children who are telling us that we should change our lives completely to save one life of the elderly by keeping them from getting a respiratory cold.

You can tell they don’t have a case by the way they have presented it. They do not talk about all the people who have had Covid-19 and recovered, only that we need more tests to record the cases. They have been maniacal over getting the most number of people tested so that they could show every day on their charts a growth that would continue the panic, and to send American governors into a hysteria to outdo each other with over-reaction. Mike DeWine of Ohio started the chain reaction when he declared bars and restaurants closed over a week ago of this writing. By the second weekend Democrat governors of California, Illinois, and New York were going even further to declare martial law, without the actual name. But people are confined to their homes and all activity has been halted except for the acquisition of food. And while all this is happening we are supposed to turn to government for our money, through unemployment or a government handout, and we are supposed to be happy about it to avoid a virus that more than 99% of the people who get it will recover from on their own. Because there isn’t a cure, the only point of the testing is to chart the cases person by person to incite fear and change the behavior of all Americans forever.

Then of course we are told that the reason we have to slow the spread of this virus is because we won’t have enough hospital beds to deal with all the people who are going to need them. But what they never tell you is that there isn’t a reason for the hospital beds because there is no cure anyway. Why would people go to the hospital unless they have been terrified with virus like symptoms to quarantine themselves? Otherwise, why would they go unless they were told to go. If what they had was Covid-19, they would simply recover. Some might die due to complications, but that is the case with anything. If we looked at any statistical analysis under the kind of microscope that we have with Covid-19 we’d have a reason to be concerned about just about everything we do, which is kind of the point. If we gave doctors a microphone for every danger that is out there, they’d have us all wearing bicycle helmets just for going out to get our mail. They are generally timid people anyway, letting them decide policy isn’t a good idea, and once we did, we can see what they have done with it. The whole point of social distancing they say is to slow the spread of the virus, but nobody has really said why this virus is anything worse than anything else that has come to us by way of an ailment. We don’t track every case of diabetes, heart disease, lung cancer, and certainly not every flu. People’s imaginations have ran away from them and these CDC types are enjoying their time in the sun talking about all the things we should be afraid of so that behavioral changes away from capitalism can take place and they can save the earth from human interference. When we strip away the whys, wheres and whens, this is where the evidence takes us—to an attack on our lives in revenge for our economic successes these last few years, and we are being shoved into a global compliance where we are “all in this together” mentality led by the World Health Organization and its deep ties to China. And that is why we can’t get bread, and why we can’t find toilet paper. China has unleashed unto America a third world status and have tricked our politicians into overacting and falling for the scheme, and we have let them do it by being suckers to the ploy.

Rich Hoffman

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Become a Millionaire Overnight: Coronavirus deaths in China are much less than 1%, so why the panic?

You have to understand dear reader that goal of the CDC and other agencies warning about the spread of the coronavirus to the United States is to create an artificial fear that will disrupt the economy, to not only incite a short term hit to the stock market, but to produce a bad quarterly economic report around the time that the Democrat convention is about to announce its nominee. If the FBI was in on a scandal to overthrow the 2016 election working with the DNC to do so, then the CDC is up to the same kind of activism in hopes to cause poor economic news that might torpedo President Trump’s election in the upcoming fall. However, like all the attempts as before, the Russian hoax, the fake impeachment which went nowhere, the liberal establishment is using fear to attempt to capitalize off China’s fake news attempt in a similar fashion, to cover-up their poor economic performance after the Trump trade war. They hope that if the news can cover up the economic story in China, then perhaps it might incite people in America into a panic that might hurt Trump. But its more fake news, because the real value of the Dow is now over 29,000. If I were you, I would buy up some stock for those companies today, within the hour because when these kinds of things happen, its time to profit off the chaos, and to turn it around on the perpetrators.

Oh, don’t be naive and toss this news to the pile of conspiracy theories that are floating around out there. For anybody who has been to a Thanksgiving dinner full of deceitful family members pretending to like each other for the sake of the ritual knows to what level every single human being alive is capable of compunction and if profit for them is spelled out clearly, they will utilize it. For many such people employed at the CDC, the FBI, or the DNC, such compunction is obvious, and easy. They are motivated to stop President Trump by any means necessary, and if they have to try to scare people away from voting for him by taking away his greatest triumph, the economy, then they will do it with the fear of death and not think twice about it. Never underestimate the levels of evil that people will undertake to achieve something deceitful, and it is they who will be the first to call such a suggestion, a conspiracy theory. If you know people, you know that they are perfectly capable of such a malicious attempt, even if it causes trillions of dollars of temporary losses at the stock market. I would say to those thinking of what to do with their own investments, push it all in and make yourself a millionaire. The recovery will be back to pushing at 30,000 within a month.

A good indicator of such ability at market manipulation is from the primary opponents to Donald Trump who are fellow billionaires, two of them from New York, George Soros, Tom Steyer, and Mini Mike himself, the former mayor of New York, Bloomberg of Bloomberg media. Pouring a little of their money into the media system is a good way to trigger selloffs, they know how that game is played because that’s how they got rich in the first place, buying low and selling high. They know how to drive down a stock price and two of those people are running for president against Trump right now. In the United States the coronavirus isn’t much more dangerous than the common cold, more people are dying of the common cold presently than this new Chinese contraption. The virus feeds off people living in third world conditions and let’s face it, most of China is. It will not be a problem in the United States, where every part of the country has access to first world resources.

But don’t expect the money of Bloomberg, Steyer, and Soros to let the public know that. Mini Mike knows the only way he has a remote chance at beating President Trump in a fair election is if he can take down the great Trump economy, and that is what this coronavirus nonsense is all about. Likely, there are many other sources of revenue pouring into the media through ghostly sources, but if you trace the money beyond the tributaries, those three names will likely be at the head of it, but committed in a way that does not directly tie them to the panic. This panic is just more fake news, it was that way in China and it is even more that way in the United States. Presently the number of deaths from coronavirus is 2,362. Does anybody know what that is in percentage of China’s total population? Its not even 1% of the population. There are more people likely being killed each day from a hammer falling off the top of a house than are dying from this disease, so the reporting of it is meant to be misleading and to instill panic. Even more likely, there are many more people dying in China from elements of a common cold that go unreported as usual because statistically, the numbers are so small. And proportionally, the same story could be told in South Korea and Iran where more of these stories about the coronavirus are spreading. The story is a hoax. The disease might be real, but the impact it is projected to have on the world is.

But to accept that we must accept that we have so little faith in organizations like the CDC that is always looking for a handout for more government money, that this is an advertising blitz for them to get more congressional approvals for their work. Nothing like a deadly disease prevention action to jack up their funding levels, and to help harm the chances that a declining economy might hurt Trump from being re-elected. We must accept that people can be this cruel, that they would wreck fortunes and destroy lives for political motivations if those motivations serviced their desires. Even Sam Donaldson is taking a check from Mini Mike, imagine all the media outlets who are starving for some of that Mini Mike money in ads. A deadly virus outbreak is even better especially if it helps the guy that is pouring so much money through advertisements that they’d like to see continue coming. If only they could help get Bloomberg over 15%, maybe he’ll continue wasting his money?

Yes, people who are behind spreading this virus killer news think you are stupid and overly emotional, and they are trying to capitalize off your fears. Just like the left does with school levies, with Social Security—practically anything that Democrats have their name on, fear is their driving force. And because China started this rumor of a mass coronavirus outbreak several money movers jealous of Trump in the United States are piggy backing off it to attempt to drive down the stock market and hurt the great economic news that has so far been a part of Trump’s entire term. It’s the only chance they have left in the tank before the election, and, thinking the way that these guys do, it’s a chance for them to get even richer off the panic. And that is why dear reader, they think you are a sucker, a fool, and a loser who might switch your vote to them.

But wait, you still doubt what I’m saying to you? Well, think about this, usually when the media reports that there is trouble in the stock market, they always speculate as to the cause, but the evidence is always vague. However, in this case, most of the media outlets over the last couple of days, even reporting the issue before the markets even opened planted the seeds to the virus being the driver with great certainty. And that is what we all call old fashioned misdirection and an attempt to shape public opinion to enact a cause and desired political effect.

Rich Hoffman

China is Responsible for the Coronavirus: Alan Keyes, and Tom Cotton join the many stepping beyond a conspiracy theory of blame that is justified

I have always liked Alan Keyes, I have been supportive of his past roles to run for president and always thought he would be good. He’s a smart guy and he knows his stuff. I was a bit surprised to see that he has been thinking much the same way as I have on the whole China coronavirus which I caught on the Alex Jones Show on Infowars over the weekend. Before I go into the deep end of the pool on this just a word of caution to those who think that saying anything about something that does not have proof is a conspiracy theory. It’s not. When governments destroy evidence, or even when a common criminal does the same to keep from seeing the effects of justice thrown their way, it is not a conspiracy theory to say we know they are guilty. They may be guilty as hell, even though they have burnt the body, erased all the fingerprints, and deleted all their phone messages. The competency of a court easily manipulated does not decide guilt or innocence—only punishment and freedom. Guilt is something that happens whether or not society sees the action happening or not. And in the case of China and the coronavirus I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the virus is certainly their fault, likely coming out of a super lab they have just outside of Wuhan. And that China needed a story to blame their declining economy on, a distraction after the trade war with Trump didn’t go their way. So suddenly this virus outbreak has soaked up the world’s attention and the cover-up is fully underway within that communist government. Its just a matter of time before the world realizes what really happened.

I was surprised to see that Tom Cotton has joined Alan Keyes in saying they believe that China made the virus as a chemical warfare program, and that they think it escaped the lab on accident. I would go further and claim that they wanted it to get out, not only to thin their population of burdens of the state, especially since it is the elderly and less healthy who are targeted by the virus. If you know China, you have to understand that they do not see people as individual assets, they are as Glenn Beck was trying to say recently, they see all people as serving the state, so when the state needs less pressure, there is nothing wrong with relieving that pressure with the death of some of their citizens. Its how they view the world and should be a lesson to all those who have been pushing in America a similar mindset—which is much more common than you might think dear reader.

China had to show some reason why their economy has been tanking, and the way to blame something other than their own communist government, they have caused corporations to shut down out of concern over quarantine and limited passage of travel in many quarters of the economy. China was greatly embarrassed by the trade deal with America so it is not beyond their scope to kill their own people to hide their faults as a communist government. In the fourth quarter of 2019 their GDP growth was down to 6% and slowing even more. I would say that I wouldn’t trust that 6% number, but it’s the number they report, and likely the situation is much, much worse for them. So to maintain their own lie, they needed this coronavirus to become their excuse for why their economy is slowing. For many years, the artificial propping up of their economy by a world that wanted a lot more socialism and communism allowed them to thrive. But with Trump in the White House and true competition hitting the global stage, China can’t compete and so they needed an excuse that did two things for them, reduced the liability of their elderly on their society, and gave them a cover story for their failing economy.

The articles are already being published giving China the coverage they need. No longer is the talk about how the trade war with Trump cost them so many jobs and opportunities. Now its all about the coronavirus outbreak and the terror that the world feels in its wake. Alan Keys and Tom Cotton were willing to at least talk about the possibility that the coronavirus accidently escaped that big lab that is building secret biological weapons. I would go a step further and say the release was on purpose hoping to contaminate the world with the virus even if it sacrificed their own people. Ultimately, with such a tragedy it not only explains their economic losses, but also causes weak people to clamor for a savior in government and strengthens the position of the communist way of viewing the world. When there is danger, cause the weak to seek the protection of mother government, globally. The conspiracy theory that would create doubt in the matter is that nobody could be that evil. But I would offer that history will tell this story the way I have, that yes, China is that evil, and yes, they would kill anybody needed to protect their control of the state and maintain their grip on the world through fear.

China has lost their leverage as a world power of communist backing with the highest population of any country. They used their growing economic status to launch thoughts of communism through corporate socialism to all quarters of the world, so the trade deal with America, and specifically through the art of the deal with Trump and losing in the exchange cost them much more than a few quarters of declining GDP. If they already were padding their numbers, the real story is likely much worse and they see real fears of sustainability going into the future. The coronavirus has also taken away the protests in Hong Kong for Trump like freedom off the front pages and made the fear of this virus the lead story of nearly every outlet. Given China’s position, what else were they going to do? What other card did they have to play? They had a super lab in Wuhan, all it took was for someone to get the virus out of the lab and into the general population to attack the targets within their own people and spread it to the rest of the world to soak up the news cycle.

Sure there will be plenty who doubt this account, but with enough understanding on the matter, they will gradually come to realize that the Level 4 Super Lab outside of Wuhan was always meant to build biological weapons, and that the weapons were meant to protect communist control of the world economy, not the freedom and personal lives of individual citizens. When a communist government is struggling to hide their true economic status of course they will not mind if they lose a few hundred thousand old and sick people of their state burden and cause the world to look the other way as they try to fix their real economic problems. It’s a coverup that is so big that most people can’t fathom it, yet it’s happening right in front of our faces. And that is what people find so hard to believe, because they can’t imagine anything so evil. Yet, there it is.

Rich Hoffman

Nobody Should Care About China’s Box Office: Reaching a market of over a billion people can’t justify surrendering to communism

What I have always loved about Star Wars, aside from the obvious creativity that it takes to make the movies, is that they are in and of themselves positive stories that don’t get hung up on negativity. Yet the theme of our day is negativity, because if people are in a state of discontent they may be open to the offerings of some political class. It was probably always this way to some extent, but its really bad now, where negativity is insisted upon by certain sectors of the world, as a culture. Yet, its not always easy to see, but when something like a new Star Wars film comes out, the pop culture reaction to it is an obvious measure that we can all see and touch. And it was never clearer as to what the intentions for our society is than in reporting on the new Star Wars film, which was probably the most positive film I’ve seen by anybody in a long time, and one that certainly stands for goodness. Clearly the intent of the characters in the movie were to make clear choices about good and bad behavior. So of course the focus on the reviews was that this latest movie, The Rise of Skywalker is that it is the most poorly reviewed film since The Phantom Menace, and that it has bombed in China at that box office, see the Variety article below:


This is why I write so much about Star Wars, the movies are very positive and defined about what good and evil should be—as any kid’s fairy tale would. That makes them as a work of art a wonderful measure about social values and the motivations of our cultural forces. Further, I would offer that communism has been the functioning plan for many years, especially those college trained as all media people are to some extent, certainly in the case of writers of these types of articles like Patrick Frater a defense of China and its communism is baked into their view of the world, and by attacking films that are distinctly American points of view, China continues on with the mission they’ve had all along and is constantly assisted by universities and their products to advocate for and against certain types of cultures. The effort becomes grossly obvious when entertainment trades make it so obvious such as trying to slam a movie as successful as The Rise of Skywalker which made over $177 million domestically over its opening weekend and will continue to do well at the box office over the long Christmas week. Especially when the news around the world that in just a few days it made $376 million globally. That is hardly anything to sneeze at, or to ignore, culturally.

The problem is one that I have pointed out often, especially coming out of Hollywood for more than a couple decades now, where Chinese companies have been buying up interests in film studios and even trade magazines. They have been trying to do to American markets what they do internally in China as communists, and that is to control everything at every level. I mean give me a break, Star Wars was beat at the box office in China by Ip Man 4: The Finale, and that is very fishy. Instead of making the story about the Chinese box office being a failure of Star Wars to reach an audience, the story is really about how China as a government controls such box office numbers so that they can protest against western ideas influencing their country, especially when the protests in Hong Kong are fueled by those same western ideas. The box office numbers themselves do not tell the story, but our media which has been heavily influenced by the Chinese even from such a far reach uses the known measurements that China controls to attempt to shape the kind of stories that are told in our culture—which the rest of the world obviously loves as they were.

I admired Disney, which is a big global company that wants to please everyone, because they allowed the filmmakers of Star Wars to get back to what made the films popular with fans and The Rise of Skywalker is a love letter back to them full of very positive storylines that don’t get hung up on negativity. The previous installment The Last Jedi was taking a turn to the dark side in all aspects and critics loved it. But the fans didn’t. As I said at the start of this article, one way to control people is to take away from them hope, disconnect them from options so that they will be forced to embrace a way of life that the controller wishes to impose. When Star Wars looked to be taking a negative “realistic” tone with this modern trilogy, critics loved the film, but when the box office diminishing returns started showing that fans were leaving, Disney had to make some decisions and listen to the fans, and return to the kind of storytelling that Star Wars has always been for people—which is not the trend of the world full of communists in China that still have global plans.

I doubt that Patrick Frater from Variety is an open communist, but I would bet that he’s likely an anti-Trump political personality and that the whispers of his college days speak to him in copious amounts, and that the roots of those whispers were sympathetic to the type of society that China has been trying to export for decades. Star Wars obviously stands against that sentiment. While in the states, Variety has been very supportive of Star Wars so long as they could view the Resistance as being anti-Trump and liberal. However, the reality is that Star Wars has always been a small government love letter and few stories in the history of storytelling has ever shown how a government can be great one day, and on the next turn into a mass manufacturer of dystopia and scandal. The enemies of American ideas I would offer are those who have also been giving bad reviews to The Rise of Skywalker. While Disney has tried to make everyone happy, especially with the ridiculous lesbian kiss at the end of the movie as if to throw a bone to the dogs, ultimately there is no way to shut out the negativity that comes from the press because the goal is to attempt to keep people from being enchanted by the positive messages of Star Wars, since it is control over mankind that is at stake.

This movie is just one more example of why China is ultimately irrelevant. Nobody can make movies culturally that China and America will enjoy together. If a film studio tries to make movies that China will like, American audiences will push it away. And if the story is too “western” then China will shut it down in their markets. This is the nature of this entire battle yet I don’t see any evidence from the trades in dealing with the issue properly. That is because they are part of the problem and when they can, such as in this Variety article, they must take down any challenges to China as a communist culture. To save Star Wars, Disney had to choose, and they went with traditional western storytelling as they should. Nobody cares about China’s stupid contributions. Its worth dropping a $100 million at the box office, which is likely what it cost. But that money will be made up many times over in the other markets before its all said and done, and Disney will be rewarded for their choice, even if the trades like Variety are rooting against it for all the reasons stated.

Rich Hoffman

America Should Support the Rebels of Hong Kong: The need to break the back of communism in China, for good

One of the saddest events I think in history was when in 1949, the communists took over China and brought tyranny of the highest order to that country and its people after America worked so hard to prevent it. I read with great horror the specifics in Joseph Campbell’s Oriental Mythology the hard reported events of that communist take over and also read in the great book Way of the Fighter by my favorite military general, Claire Lee Chennault the warnings of the communist take over that would eventually lead to the Korean and Vietnam Wars—and the long cold war we are currently experiencing. With an educated opinion on the matter provided by these books and many others, I am convinced that the same types of people who are in the American government going after Donald Trump’s presidency are the same ones who pushed presidents then like Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower into allowing communism to seep into Asia and to use it as a platform for global domination, and it pisses me off something awful. It always has, but now in the context of the protestors in Hong Kong, a proper context within history is clear for all to see.

It is my position, which requires all Americans to take one, that America support the rebels in China once the election of 2020 has concluded, because it would be the right thing to do. China, as a communist state has been a threat from day one, and it has only been recently that the cracks in their carefully crafted façade have been broken. There are of course agents around the world, many sitting on the boards of some of American’s greatest corporations who are indifferent to communism. Most corporations have their fair share of socialist sentiments, so its not a far stretch for them anyway. But that doesn’t make it right and never has. The people of Hong Kong want to be free. They are looking toward America for guidance. Their black market is giving them exposure to American concepts and products and they need support for their own freedom. And the least we can do is to back them as a continued stab at communism as we have endeavored for most of the last century. Why stop now?

While its quite obvious that pro communist forces in the American government didn’t want Claire Chennault to be successful in protecting China from the communist invasion coming out of the Soviet Union. They only wanted to protect China from the Japanese. Once it was clear that American forces were going to be successful against Japan, Chennault had his hands tied behind his back by General Stilwell who was put in place after the famous Flying Tigers had done their deeds of protecting China in the opening days of American involvement in World War II. Any careful scholar comparing these days to those days will see clearly that the point of World War II, and of propping up Hitler and so many other ruthless dictators around the world was to create a power vacuum for which the United Nations would fill, and communism was going to be their mode of government. It didn’t work of course, and the seeds of that intention lasted for the rest of the 20th century, even into the present. A few years ago, these things would have been considered conspiracy theories, but by the evidence we have about the attempted Trump impeachment proceedings we now have evidence as to how the deep state has always worked, and why they believed the things they have. Communism in China was always going to be the way the rest of the world came to that political ideology, and our American corporations like Google, Nike, and the NBA were going to deliver us all to that doorstep. That was always the intention.

You could see it even in small, normally unrecognized issues in entertainment where production companies were weary of pissing off the communists of Chinese censor boards who are careful not to allow western influences into their country by way of film. That left giant companies like Disney trying to have it both ways, to get their products into the Chinese market of over a billion people while still putting on their happy face of branding. In the movie Kong: Skull Island, the pandering toward communism was too obvious, and American audiences hated it. The film didn’t do well, just as the obvious communist sentiment from Godzilla: King of the Monsters didn’t do well either intending Asian markets to love the film while still pandering to western audiences. The result wasn’t very good. Production companies have been chasing a ghost in China, the black market is far more reaching than the traditional theater presentations. There is more money to be made in China through the black market than in the communist endorsed primaries, which is what is fueling this rebellion in Hong Kong. For the purpose of defeating communism, America should support that greater rebellion into the mainland for the sake of those plus billion people, and break communism once and for all.

Silently, most of the big American corporations have been steering consumers toward communism so that they could have access to that large market in China. But what they have been willing to give up in freedoms and intellectual property to get a boost to quarterly results have been devastating, especially when you measure the results in decades instead of years. You can see the results everywhere as corporations have agreed to make a compliant society where China has set the rules for their own benefit, to gain knowledge they couldn’t produce in their society under communism by robbing creativity from the western cultures. You can see from any Chinese knock off that they lack imagination which only thrives under a free culture. The compliance culture that so much impead American business these days and has been bolstered by the communist loving academia culture in the west that has already been conquered by the Chinese long ago, have further pushed business into compliance toward the communists of Asia. Where else would they go, the plan was always to limit their options so that China could benefit with their sheer size of population. The gig worked until President Trump turned everything on its head, and now the people of Hong Kong see their chance to make a move, or never at all.

America is responsible for the people of Hong Kong, not just through the western influences that have found their way to the black markets and into the homes of many people looking for hope, but for our abandonment of China when the communists took over in the first place. Many of our own people contributed to that evil and its time to reverse the decision in favor of justice. So it would not be unreasonable to stand behind the rebellion now, once the election is done of course. China is not good as it is now, and communism is an ever-present threat to capitalism, which requires diligence on our part to defeat it from both foreign and domestic enemies. And make no mistake about it, they are our enemies.

Rich Hoffman