Don’t Fear War with China, They’ve Already Lost: Understanding history, the nature of economics and human spirit

You can tell who the communist sympathizers are in the United States based on their positions on the upcoming Trump/China feud that is percolating as it should between the free western world and the largest communist country on planet earth.  American publications warning that Trump is pushing the world into World War III are obviously socialist and communist sympathizers who are advancing the humanist theories of Sir Thomas More and his 1516 novel Utopia—only instead of the Roman Catholic Church being the center of the society—it would be the religion of Mother Nature which drives modern communist sympathizers toward dystopia through their sheer ignorance on matters of the human heart.  In fact, many in Europe simply failed to ever get the point of the human condition and those in the East often fell even shorter.  Their only saving grace was to live minimalist’s existences as they do in Tibet, Nepal, India, and even Japan to a large degree so to avoid the hard question—that China fell to communism under Chairmen Moa and nobody knows how to deal with it.  The real fear that leftists have laced through modern Hollywood, political insiders on Capital Hill, the European Union at Brussels and virtually every village hut throughout Africa, the Middle East, Vietnam, Australia and South America is that Sir Thomas More was wrong—Plato was wrong—Immanuel Kant was wrong—and thus—Karl Marx.  They have all been wrong and Donald Trump is the change in direction that could have only come from America or the threat of the freedom the United States projects around the world as a last hope against dystopia under the church, the state, and Mother Nature herself.  China essentially is a propped-up state by the world which will soon be exposed by the presidency of Donald Trump—and he knows it—as do the people in his cabinet who are millionaires and billionaires.  They have pushed through those invisible social barriers which Thomas More warned about—and the true light of a world outside of Plato’s cave from the great book, The Republic has been revealed to them—and the world is also about to learn what makes the shadows on the cave walls—and it isn’t China’s “powerful” economy.

These are not the days for stupid people—and presently, I don’t have much patience for them.  Here are the facts of the matter—China is on a power grab to spread communism throughout the world, they hold great influence over North Korea, Indochina, and openly claim Taiwan and Tibet as their territories.  My feelings about China were solidified in the great Joseph Campbell books, The Masks of God where the communists took over China in 1949 and the world turned its back on the poor people of that great land where America had fought to protect them during World War II against the Japanese to great effect.

We had fought to defend those good people of their human rights against the Japanese imperialism only to surrender those people to the communism of Mao and his Russian backed insurgents making that entire region one of a communist utopia with the ghost of Thomas More smiling from the afterlife.  After all, it took roughly 400 years to arrive at that moment in China where the war-torn people weakened by a decade long fight with their eastern neighbor submitted to terrible human rights abuses under Chairman Mao—which wasn’t any different from Thomas More burning heretics at the stake serving at the time King Henry the VIII.  See the pattern, and I can promise you dear reader—90% of the so-called educated in the political and media establishments reading this don’t know any of this history.  They simply studied at Yale, at Oxford, and places like Princeton—read the mandatory reading of Thomas More’s Utopia, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and the Quran—got drunk, stoned and had illicit and embarrassing sex with people they’ll never meet again and justify all their mistakes and stupidity with a social philosophy that got them a good job at The New York Times, and MTV—then assumed they were right blinding defending China’s communist muscle flexing.  If they really want to know what happened in 1949 to China read the last chapter of the great American general Claire Lee Chennault’s book Way of the Fighter—then dear reader you’ll “get it.”

The government of China deserves to have its ass kicked and its people freed—and deep down inside, Trump seems to know all that I’ve said above.  As a billionaire who speaks to other billionaire friends they know real power when they see it—and they know from what their observations of history have revealed through finance that China really isn’t a powerhouse economy—just a propped up global menace by what’s left of Sir Thomas More’s utopian socialists.  The Dali Lama of Tibet should not have to live like a refuge from his own country where he’s the rightful ruler based on their traditions.  Yet China has imposed itself on those peaceful people for no other reason than to dominate them for China’s own benefit.  China’s only claim to power is due to a world that has resigned its dignity to the crimes of collectivism—and much evil has followed in the wake—the United States included.

But that has now changed and Trump has a mandate by voters like me—and millions and millions of others to set things right in the world with open and free markets—true freedom of religion, sexual preference, and economic upward mobility—and it all essentially starts with China.  Bitch slap China back to the Thomas More Utopia that it was inspired from concocted by medieval Europe—and what falls from it will be countries like North Korea, Iran and the war in Afghanistan.  One tactical victory against China and Trump’s administration wins victories around the world—and the American economy begins once again to out-produce the world with the sheer power of capitalism.

So don’t be frightened dear reader that China might go to war with the United States under Trump—or that a trade war will cripple the American economy.  China is only a peacock fluffing out its feathers with naval harassments in the South China Sea and blank threats of hostility toward United States offers of friendship to Taiwan.   There can be no peace in the oriental regions of the world, or elsewhere as long as communism is at the center of the government in China.  And under Trump the weapon of capitalism will do battle with the weapon of communism and that story has been told before.  The ultimate answer is can America live without China—or can China live without America because that determines who has the advantage in the fight and will determine the victor.  And using China’s own book on strategy The Art of War—for which I am extremely familiar—I spent 10 years studying that relatively simple book peeling back all the layers sentence by sentence until the layers were understood—and the victories of Donald Trump are already clear.  China will lose in this upcoming great battle, and it won’t even be close.  Beating China has already happened—it is just the world that has refused to accept it because they still believe in that stupid Thomas More concept of utopia through socialism and communism.

Ayn Rand’s work in the mid twentieth century overstepped the European works of philosophy by challenging the essential premise of thinking foundations which emerged from Plato.  Most European philosophy goes back to those beginnings and if not for the origins of Islam, we wouldn’t even have those—for they took the works of Aristotle and created the foundations of their religion—which started off prosperous until many years of war took them away from their core ideas and sent them into Plato’s abyss during first the Crusades, then the Sykes Picot treaty after World War I.  When Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria in Egypt the philosophical work of many superior thinkers was destroyed—and if not for the early Muslims they all would have been including Aristotle and Plato.  So as you can see dear reader, this crime in China goes back a long way and to be honest—only smart people understand it—and Trump is one of those smart people.  There is more going on than the media committed to socialist utopias might guess—or even know from their European inspired college educations.  To that effect, it was Henry the VIII which launched Oxford University effectively when his father Henry the VII forbid English students from attending the University of Paris.  And it was in this period for which Thomas More who served directly Henry the VIII wrote Utopia was written establishing the essential philosophies of our modern world through the university system which essentially spawned off those to Roman Catholic inspired colleges.  Things really aren’t that complicated if people read and understand history.  But unfortunately, they don’t—especially our media and entertainment culture—which currently dominates public opinion—because it’s easy to listen to a Hollywood leftists who are attractive and entertaining us.

It’s hard to read thirty years of books often written hundreds of years ago and to work through a comparative analysis—like I have.  So you can trust me when I say that China’s communist government needs to be eliminated from the world stage and the people freed under the philosophy of capitalism.  Ayn Rand’s works simply touched on concepts which were explored before Roman barbarians destroyed the Library of Alexandria and as much as modern liberalism doesn’t like to think that their philosophic foundations were built on religion—they are all products directly of the forces which rejected the Protestant Reformation in Europe during the early 1500s.  Trump is a man of Ayn Rand’s mode of thinking—and that will set the world on its head—deservedly so.  The media of course won’t understand—because they don’t know history.  But I do, so I’ll be happy to explain it as we move along in 2017.  Don’t worry about China.  They have already lost.

All communist and socialist countries lack imagination–the ability to think individually–where all creative input is first spawned.  Imagination is the one thing that Sir Thomas More completely ignored in his utopian society and is why ultimately, Europe currently is in a state of failure, and all countries that have adopted their various brands of socialism.  China is the epic example of a society that had its imagination robbed from it in 1949–and is now the biggest weakness of their entire society.  They are vulnerable.  Where they have tried to hide this by holding the debts of other nations–so that they could justifiably steal the intellectual work of other nations–they can easily be exposed–and Trump knows it.  Therefore, their end is near and they did it to themselves.

Rich Hoffman


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Demise of China Part 2: Madame Fatale’s ‘Cavern of Terror’

This is part 2 of an article I wrote previously.  CLICK HERE for a review.


I was thinking of Hong Kong, communism and China in general while my wife, daughter, son-in-law, and I spent the weekend at the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island.  I love the Kings Island amusement park best during the cool October evenings, with the fog machines creating an eerie atmosphere as dressed up monsters roam around the park terrifying people.   This year new to the park, is an attraction called Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror.  As I stood in line I thought of how Lakota—my home school district could justify with a straight face sending public employees to China while opening the doors to that communist country in a mutual exchange.  I had to remind myself that the public unions that run Lakota and every other school in the country are in love with the communism of China, and without question Lakota sees such outreach programs with communist China to be wonderful, and beneficial to children everywhere.  As I looked around at the fantastic attraction at Kings Island I couldn’t help but think that China could not produce a Kings Island on their own.  As a communist country, they didn’t even think of such leisure activity for their population until they took over the lease of Hong Kong from the British government in 1997.

Disney built an amusement park in Hong Kong and since then, China has been attempting to copy the idea of amusement parks slowly trying to accept little bits of capitalism.  China didn’t have a choice.  Hong Kong was a capitalist city in their homeland but run by the British government seized in the Opium War (1839-1842).   England developed a flourishing economy while the rest of China stayed committed to communism 100 years later in 1949.  This caused economic drudgery for the 1 billion people living in China except for the fortunate 5 million people living in and around Hong Kong benefiting from capitalism.  Since 1997 China has been letting reluctantly the influence of capitalism expand their economy financially, but socially, they are in serious trouble leading them to a cliff of which their country will not avoid. 

These thoughts brought me back to my question, why does Lakota pride itself for a relationship with China?  Why has The United States allowed itself to become indebted to China’s economic wealth?  Unfortunately the reason is that the communists in America currently calling themselves progressives wish for The United States to be more like China, but what they don’t understand is the reality behind that decisionThe evidence of such a fatal flaw in recognition can be seen in the kind of amusement parks America has as opposed to the copy cat regime of China.  Kings Island would not exist in China under their own ingenuity.  Because of communism, the people of China would have to see it done first.  As a communist country short on imagination, they would never come up with a concept for a Halloween Haunt like Kings Island did. 

Wild economic creativity is a very specific benefit of capitalism, and America in general.  The kind of ingenuity that was on grand display at Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror was easy for the capitalist producers working at Cedar Fair Amusements.  Not so easy for amusement park workers in China who have to look at American websites to figure out what’s cool and what’s not.  Of a particular note was a new trick used in a haunted house that I had never experienced before.  One of the monsters in the maze said my name as I walked by, which did cause me to give the guy a double-take.  I saw that he didn’t attempt to make eye contact with me and as I was going up the stairs out of the pit of catacombs I noticed that he made no further attempt to communicate with me.  Instead I saw a woman speaking to the monster with a sheet of paper in her hand.  I spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out if I knew the guy from somewhere and if I did how he could have recognized me so quickly in such poor light.  As I reasoned through the events leading up to that particular confrontation I realized that the attraction which was entirely indoors had used some type of face recognition software similar to what the TSA are using to match my face with the records they have in the Kings Island season pass database.  The woman would tell the monster the names of a particular person as she got them off her computer between groups passing through that zone.  It was a neat trick that certainly got my attention. 

But in China, doing such things takes great effort, whereas in The United States creativity is actually taken for granted.  China is feared all over the world because of its land mass, and its vast numbers of population, but they are in serious trouble because of their communist, collectivist oriented society.  After adopting communism from The Soviet Union the Chinese have imposed upon themselves the same kind of economic restrictions that crushed Russia two decades prior.  Additionally their social engineering policy of only one child per family is having devastating consequences.  Currently China is full of males looking for war with Japan over some territorial islands for the primary reason that there are not enough females to domesticate the males.  The men do not have the ability to have their own woman to share a life with, and have sex.  They have to share women like all communist societies advocate so strongly.  But that doesn’t exactly work, so the male population in China is strung up very tight.  Currently in China there are between 120 to 130 males for every 100 females.  There are more than 35 million people missing in China according to birth records, and the logical belief is that those people were girls born into families who wanted a boy, so they killed the girl.  One thing that the communists didn’t consider in their masterful social planning is that fathers would want a son to carry on their family name, and if the State only allowed them to have one child per family, they didn’t want to waste that on a girl.  That kind of culture is what public schools like Lakota are promoting to young students learning the merits of communism. 

Using the same reasoning ability to add up the facts as I did over the haunted house name identification incident, it is not difficult to see where China is headed.  They have a heavily male population that must pay for sex in brothels, because not all men can have a woman, or they must become homosexual—which is another communist platform item.  Homosexuality is advocated by communists because it destroys the traditional family and gives the state the authority role over young people.  This has created some very unusual internal problems in China which can be explored more deeply in the article below.

When President Obama speaks of putting America to work building bridges and roads, and hiring more teachers, cops and firefighters, he has in essence copied what communist China has been doing for a number of years, especially since taking over Hong Kong.  China to keep its citizens working has been building many “ghost cities” which are giant public works projects designed to keep the economy moving along.  But the trouble is nobody lives in them.  There are not companies to fill them, and no people to reside there.  They are just constructed cities designed by master planners for people who will never arrive.  They were built to cover up a serious economic problem that China is about to be crushed under—the failure of communism. 

1.1   million workers in China work for Foxconn who probably makes your iPhone if you have one.  Foxconn had to close one of its factories after major riots over oppressive working conditions broke out recently in Taiyuan, leaving 79,000 workers out of a job.  The reason companies like Apple and other global electronics companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Microsoft use the Foxconn factories in China to make their products is because the union jobs in America would simply be too expensive.  I don’t blame them as American companies one bit for seeking out the most competitive advantage to their profit matrix.  I blame the communist government of China because they don’t give people a choice of economic options.  Thorough China’s collectivism they have socially engineered themselves into destruction.  They work where they’re assigned.  End of story.  The State controls virtually everything even down to the sex life of its citizens.  When the pressure becomes too great, the citizens simply kill themselves or riot out of desperation.  Read more about this terrible situation below:

Communism is failing China in a huge way and the media in The United States along with the President and other academic types are keeping the failures quite because they are in denial.  Many of them have long advocated the utopia of communism in The United States and refuse to see the facts for the facts.  I suspect many of them would go through Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror as I did and would be shocked when a monster called their name out of the fog infested darkness.  But they would probably leave it at that, and not pursue the truth any further by adding up the facts to figure out how the monster knew their name.  They would simply accept the act without figuring out why it happened, and this is what all communists are guilty of.  This is why millions of people are dying in China right now—today!  This is why the worst civil rights abuses in the entire world are happening in China with the killing of millions of young girls.  If the crimes against women in China were added to the crimes against women in Islamic faith, women’s rights groups all over the earth would be in a deserved outrage.  But they are not, because they are not advocates for individual rights of women, but collective rights of humanity, and they cannot turn their attention against collective based organizations like the Islamic religion or the political philosophy of communism.  There is no place on earth where worker rights are so extremely oppressive as in China right now, today in that far away land where communism rules with an iron fist, accepting crony capitalism so long as their business partners outwardly support progressive causes—so everyone can sleep well at night. 

That same night my family and I attended the Halloween Haunt at Kings Island we also went to Skyline Chili at Kings Mills, a delightful restaurant featuring Cincinnati’s world famous chili.  From the dining room window I could see the Eiffel Tower of Kings Island and all along the circumference of the room a model train ran around the parameter.  I enjoyed watching the train as we ate our dinner and I contemplated how wonderful capitalism is.  Around the counter the employees waiting to serve a new customer talked casually.  Their minds were not on riots like the conditions at the Foxconn plant in China instigated.  They simply wanted to get off work in time to play World of Warcraft meeting up in cyberspace with their guild friends.  For the young people working at Skyline Chili the world is open to them, and there are limitless options for them to fill their time.  At the Foxconn plant in China where the riots took place, the workers live, work, and play all the same facility in service to the State, like all good communists must do without question. 

I would support public education in America if they publicly denounced their affiliation with labor unions and disguised communism.   I would feel better about my district of Lakota if they did not send employees on “goodwill” missions to a communist country that is currently killing millions of their current citizens behind smiling faces and letting American youth believe everything is alright.  Nobody gives a damn so long as their iPhone works, and they have the latest addition.   As I watched the train round the tracks at Skyline Chili I realized that what I hate most about labor unions—all labor unions—is that they use communism to erode the world of what’s good and wherever they gather they bring misery.  Even where they don’t gather, they bring misery because it forces people to flee their collective wrath.  In the case of companies like Apple seeking to offer a good product at a good price, they can deal with the communism of labor unions in The United States or they can deal with the communism of China and their forced work labor restrictions due to economic limitations.  American companies have the upper hand in China because the communist country has no ingenuity on their own, so they rely on America to give them their jobs which can be produced cheaper in China than in the United States.  But China with all its power or its population cannot make a haunted house like what was found at Kings Island in Madame Fatale’s Cavern of Terror.  And for me, that is the most frightening thought I had all evening.

Rich Hoffman

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Demise of China Part 1: The History of Communism and why it grows in Public Education

While it is true, I have less patients for the public education system in America now than I did when I first started fighting school levies, the reason for it is in the diagnosis that in its current form, schools as they function now cannot be saved. Government schools should be erased from the board of thought and reinvented without the influence of labor unions or any government involvement. If you send your child to a public school, you are destroying their minds. That is my opinion after much research. The evidence of my research has revealed without question that communist infiltration into the America public education system in the 1940’s and 1950’s has caused many of the social and economic problems we see today in 2012. The modern labor union’s social/political position and what they desire to teach students, and how they wish to erode away the value of private property through taxation—incentivizing non-ownership, apartment dwellers and other lease agreements as shelters of taxation–public housing like what Russia had in Petrograd are all too clear the strategic intentions when taken in historical context.

It is unlikely that a school district’s modern superintendents or their administrators know anything of the history I am about to unleash upon these pages in a two-part symposium focusing on why China wishes war with Japan, and the true modern cost of communism that China is currently experiencing. It is unlikely that they have thought too much about the communism they are advocating in their modern politics—the attempt to teach the American youth of the struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeois, the importance of “green technology” (modern communism) or the dangerous breakdown of family values advocated by intelligentsia in America and how this breakdown occurred through subtle communist propaganda. The participants probably know very little of what they are really doing, or why they do it. They have accepted collectivism as their social role so they only look at their responsibility in that collective, and do not consider the philosophic implications because such a thing would require thought, and they have surrendered that ability. The communists attacked America in the period after World War II not directly, but subtly and that attack can be felt to this very day in any child in any school in America. And every American who pays taxes off their property has been forced to accept that communism just a little each year with every increase in school levies gradually sapping off the wealth of property ownership by attacking the bourgeois and redistributing that wealth to the proletariat. Teachers are not paid so much money through their unions because those positions are socially important. They are paid so much to shut their mouths, not ask questions, and teach what the state tells them to teach. For me the final straw came during the Chicago Teacher’s Union Strike of 2012.

Author Ayn Rand wrote a pamphlet for the, entitled Screen Guide for Americans, where she wrote: The purpose of the Communists in Hollywood is not the production of political movies openly advocating Communism. Their purpose is to corrupt our moral premises by corrupting non-political movies–by introducing small, casual bits of propaganda into innocent stories thus making people absorb the basic principles of Collectivism by indirection and implication. The principle of free speech requires that we do not use police force to forbid the Communists the expression of their ideas–which means that we do not pass laws forbidding them to speak. But the principle of free speech does not require that we furnish the Communists with the means to preach their ideas, and does not imply that we owe them jobs and support to advocate our own destruction at our own expense. Texts taken from The Passion of Ayn Rand by Barbara Branden, p. 199. You can also see that guide for yourself by CLICKING HERE.

But to understand how this communism came to our communities in 2012 we have to study the events that led up to it, to the Russian Revolution, which was an event that the political left has salivated over for 100 years. By understanding how communism spread, and why it was appealing, one can then see how we found it in our own back yards and why. The history below is a bit dry and encyclopedic. But it is necessary in understanding the modern political landscape.

Russian Revolution

Russian Revolution, series of events in imperial Russia that culminated in 1917 with the establishment of the Soviet state that became known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The two successful revolutions of 1917 are referred to collectively as the Russian Revolution.

For centuries, autocratic and repressive czarist regimes ruled Russia, and most of the population lived under severe economic and social conditions. During the 19th century and early 20th century, various movements arose aimed at overthrowing the government. Russia’s unsuccessful involvement in World War I (1914-1918) added to popular discontent, and in 1917 these events resulted in revolutions in February and October.

The February Revolution

The immediate cause of the February Revolution was the collapse of the czarist regime under the strain of World War I. Russian industry lacked the capacity to arm, equip, and supply the millions of men who were sent into the war. Soldiers went hungry, and casualties were enormous. Goods became scarce, and by 1917 famine threatened the larger cities. The czar, Emperor Nicholas II, ignored warnings of social and political unrest, and in February 1917 workers occupied the streets of Petrograd (now Saint Petersburg), demanding an end to the war and the removal of the czar. The troops of the Petrograd garrison were called out, but after violent clashes, the workers convinced the troops to let them pass their line of defense. Nicholas dissolved the Duma, the lower house of the Russian parliament, but the deputies elected a provisional committee to act in its place. On February 27 the revolution triumphed. The Petrograd garrison joined the revolution, and the united workers and soldiers took control of the capital.

Two new bodies exercised effective political power. They were the Petrograd Soviet of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Deputies and a provisional government formed by a committee of the Duma. The Soviet tried to cope with the problem of food supply and issued its famous Order No. 1, which placed the military under its authority. The Soviet was composed primarily of Mensheviks and Socialist Revolutionaries. Led by this moderate majority, it recognized the newly established provisional government as the legal authority in Russia.

The Provisional Government

After Nicholas II abdicated on March 2, the provisional government took power. The revolution then spread throughout the country, as soviets functioned with authorities in communication with the provisional government. The government was led primarily by Pavel Milyukov and generally favored an immediate constitutional monarchy and ultimately a republic. Aleksandr Fyodorovich Kerensky, the minister of justice, was the only representative of moderate socialist opinion in the provisional government. The provisional government enjoyed widespread popularity at first as it disbanded the czarist police and repealed limitations on freedom of opinion, press, and association. Its power was limited, however, as it had no firm basis of authority.

The provisional government pledged itself to win the war, but the Petrograd Soviet called for peace. The antagonisms between the government and the Petrograd Soviet resulted in open conflict. The soviets throughout the country became an instrument for revolutionary socialism, as the government continued to postpone action on pressing problems and as the workers and peasants became increasingly convinced that their problems could be solved only by the soviets.

Growth of Bolshevik Influence

The revolution had surprised even the working-class parties that had been agitating for revolution, and only in April, after the return from Switzerland of their exiled leader, Vladimir Ilich Lenin, did the Bolshevik Party assert itself. Lenin advocated opposition to the war and proposed that the party establish a proletarian dictatorship. He declared that the Bolsheviks should issue propaganda to convince the workers of the soundness of Bolshevik policy before seizing power. Revolutionary Leon Trotsky agreed and joined the Bolshevik Party, which was in the minority in the Petrograd Soviet. Events favored the Bolshevik cause. Milyukov, by continuing to support the war, provoked armed demonstrations by workers and soldiers, and the Soviet ordered all troops to remain in their barracks during the protests. Milyukov resigned, and the government was reorganized to include representatives of the socialist parties.

The Bolshevik Party was still a minority at the first all-Russian Congress of Soviets in June. The government, like its predecessor, subordinated all problems to the prosecution of the war, leading to a massive demonstration in July by workers, soldiers, and sailors. The demonstrators converged on the Tauride Palace, where the Congress of Soviets was in session. Caught by surprise, the Bolshevik leadership at first attempted to restrain the masses, but then placed itself at the head of the movement. The Congress of Soviets denounced the Bolsheviks and summoned troops to disperse the demonstrators. The support from the troops in effect recognized the Soviet as the supreme governing authority in the country. Kerensky became prime minister, and a second coalition government was formed.

The July demonstration produced a wave of political reaction. Lenin was denounced and went into hiding in Finland; Trotsky and others were arrested. Because the Kerensky government took no steps to improve the economy, unrest continued, and Bolshevik influence again increased. After a failed attempt by the military to take the city, the Bolsheviks, supported by the soldiers and workers, secured a majority in the Petrograd Soviet, leaving the provisional government virtually powerless.

The October Revolution

On October 24 the Military Revolutionary Committee, under the direction of Trotsky, stormed the Winter Palace, headquarters of the provisional government. Kerensky escaped into exile. While the insurrection was in progress, the second Congress of Soviets, with a Bolshevik majority, began its deliberation. Most of the Menshevik and Socialist Revolutionary delegates withdrew from the congress.

In November the Congress of Soviets took up the issues of peace, land, and a new government. First it proposed an immediate armistice. Then it abolished most private property. Finally, the congress, led by the Central Executive Committee, became the country’s supreme authority, with decisions to be carried out by the Soviet of People’s Commissars. Among the leading Bolsheviks elected to this council were Lenin, Trotsky, and Joseph Stalin. The congress gained widespread support, and banks and industries were nationalized.

The new government ended Russia’s involvement in World War I by signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3, 1918. The treaty, which surrendered the Baltic states, Finland, Poland, and Ukraine, infuriated many Russians. Opposition to the Bolshevik Party, by then called the Russian Communist Party, erupted into a civil war that lasted until late 1920. Lenin’s government, operating out of the new capital in Moscow, began a policy of crushing all opposition in the so-called Red terror campaign. Suspected anti-Communists, known as Whites, were arrested, tried, and executed.

After winning the civil war, the Russian Communist Party took strict control of the country, crushing all opposition. On December 30, 1921, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was formally established when the ethnic territories of the former Russian Empire were united with the Russian Federated Socialist Republic.

As communism spread across the largest landmass of the world in Russia Mao Ze•dong (mou¹ dze¹dòng¹) also Mao Tse-tung (tse¹-t¢ng¹) bought into the theories of Karl Marx and Lenin and started a revolution of his own. Mao was born in 1893 and died in1976 as the premier Chinese Communist leader and theorist. He founded the Chinese Communist Party (1921), he led the Long March (1934-1935) and proclaimed the People’s Republic of China in 1949. As party chairman and the country’s first head of state (1949-1959) he initiated the Great Leap Forward and the founding of communes. He continued as party chairman after 1959 and was a leading figure in the Cultural Revolution (1966-1969). In the 1970’s he consolidated his political power and established ties with the West. To see more on the history of China and the impact of this communist uprising, CLICK HERE.

In America while all this activity was going on in the Soviet Union and China spies and communist infiltrators into Hollywood, book publishing, the media, and government positions ushered in new concerns for the poor (Harrington’s Other America, 1963) helped lead to Pres. Johnson’s “Great Society” programs (Medicare, Water Quality Act, Higher Education Act, all 1965). Concern with the environment surged (Carson’s Silent Spring, 1962). Feminism revived as a cultural and political movement (Friedan’s Feminine Mystique, 1963; National Organization for Women founded 1966), and a movement for homosexual rights emerged (Stonewall riot in NYC, 1969). Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council (1962-65), which liberalized Roman Catholic liturgy and some other aspects of Catholicism. All these movements were set off by insurgents working within The United States in the fashion that Ayn Rand warned about in 1947, in much the way that the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia.

Opposition to U.S. involvement in Vietnam, especially among university students (Moratorium protest, Nov. 1969), turned violent (Weatherman Chicago riots, Oct. 1969). New Left and Marxist theories became popular, and membership in radical groups (Students for a Democratic Society, Black Panthers) increased. Maoist groups, especially in Europe, called for total transformation of society. In France, students sparked a nationwide strike affecting 10 million workers in May-June 1968, but an electoral reaction barred revolutionary change.

The seeds for communism were planted by the time Ronald Reagan became president, the names were changed to protect the Cold War fears from the public, and were advocated in America by the Democratic Party funded by labor unions with money stolen from the property of tax payers to fund their own demise. The intention of communism under Lenin was always a worldwide conquest of the proletariat over the bourgeois. He managed in just a few short years to spread communism to almost the entire landmass of Asia and most of Europe disguised as socialism and mixed market capitalism to gain gradual acceptance over time. And yes, the communists came to America to plant their seeds and they started in Hollywood where they still work closely in relationships established closely with politicians to “shape” society into the beliefs of communism.

[1]Excerpted from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Third Edition  © 1996 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Electronic version licensed from INSO Corporation; further reproduction and distribution in accordance with the Copyright Law of the United States. All rights reserved.

[1]The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 1997 is licensed from K-III Reference Corporation. Copyright © 1996 by K-III Reference Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Perhaps it’s part of Superintendent Mantia’s Global Education program, or maybe it’s just sheer stupidity, but for some reason, Lakota is promoting the work of Ron Henrich, a social studies teacher at Hopewell Junior School at Lakota and his recent trip to China to help teach there. You can read the story for yourself on Lakota’s website at the link below.

I can understand if Quanyu Huang enjoyed Henrich’s teaching to such an extent that he wanted to feature him in a book published in 2000 called Quality Education in America which was the number one best seller in China, and that has led to an invite to fly Henrich and his family to Beijing to teach the Chinese students and teachers how he educates in America. What I can’t understand is why a local teacher and a Miami University professor are so vaulted in China, a country of over a billion people, and a society that is notoriously communist.

Lakota for its part is obviously looking at its staff and picking success stories so that they can market another levy to the public for a fourth tax increase attempt and they see this relationship between Henrich and Huang as a successful one that will impress the community. Lakota is very image conscious because they know the merit of their services have almost nothing to do with their actual work, but the perceived value the community surrenders to their cause. In fact, to understand just how much thought Lakota puts into its public image, and what types of manipulations of the public go on behind the scenes, have a look at the obtained documents shown in the linked article below to read for yourself how the process of manipulation is conducted for perspective on this Ron Henrich story. (I highly recommend you read the entire document)

So knowing that Lakota is attempting to place a perceived value of importance on the exploits of Henrich in Beijing, China is a calculated public relations feature designed to impress the public–Ron Henrich, Social studies teacher is a star in China. Well sorry Lakota, but that is not impressive. In fact it points sadly to the truth that critics like me have been uttering for years now, that public education run by government is teaching American children too much of the values of socialism in a global push toward communism, and they are doing it with our tax dollars.

I see that the typical administrator and teacher in these public schools do not bother to look at the big picture. They are simply behaving based on their training—within the same system. I doubt when Superintendent Mantia or the school board President Joan Powell—and yes Joan is still the president even though the board has attempted to take the light off her by voting Dibble in as the new president—think about such things as communism, socialism or capitalism when they think of themselves in the center of that debate. They just think about government jobs created and obtaining revenue to pay for their institution. They get their teaching content from the Department of Education, and do not consider it their place to question those of “higher” authority. But I do, because I have to pay for all this, and I have made the observation that kids don’t seem to be getting the kind of education that launches them into a successful life. Seeking answer’s I have discovered women like what is featured in the article at this next link, who used to be second in command at the Federal Department of Education. If you care about this issue at all, you should watch every video on that link. (Bet you didn’t know half that stuff dear reader)

So news flash Lakota—it is not a good idea to promote the value of your teachers as being stars in a communist country when the accusation by critics like me is that public education teaches too much socialism and not enough capitalism. China is at war with the United States right now, but just not the kind of war we are accustomed to with tanks and troops. The war we are fighting right now is an economic one and if Quanyu Huang director of the Confucius Institute at Miami University; specialist on Sino-American cultural and educational comparison is as brilliant as he lets on, he knows that virtually every executive, every government member and mind of strategy in China looks to Sun Tzu and understands the merit of that great literary classic, The Art of War, defeating your enemy without conflict. Huang and Hemrich might believe that their invite and embrace into the Chinese culture is one that is an innocent blending of the two cultures, American and the Chinese into a global attempt at peace where we will all hold hands and sing songs around campfires. I’m sure these two believe that if America would just let go of some of its isolationist principles and China would drop some of their communist tendencies then the world would be far better off. Educators believe that their participation in such education opportunities might bring the world peace, and Lakota believes that it can ride on the backs of these two to obtain tax funds to pay for their poorly negotiated union contracts.

But here is the danger….I tried to buy this best seller of Huang’s but was unable to find it on Amazon, this best seller in all of China in the year 2000. That means the book is out of print, which is odd for a best seller—by the way, I know just a bit about the book business—so a publisher of such a highly regarded best seller would make the book more available, especially if millions and millions of Chinese think local teacher Ron Henrich is such a star in China. My guess is that the Chinese government sees Huang and his work as being so close to the communist philosophy of China that this is why they have embraced his efforts by allowing him to be a guest Professor at Sun Yat-Sen (Zhongshan) University, and visiting professor of the Training Program for High School Principals at Peking University while maintaining his regular instruction at Miami University.

The Chinese want to learn how American public schools are able to control such large sectors of the population and they want to learn from people like Ron Henrich and Quanyu Huang. How does that make you feel dear reader? Doesn’t it make you want to get some Chinese food?

Contrary to what some might think, I am not against Chinese culture. I agree with one of my favorite generals of World War II, that China is a culture that should have been nurtured under American supervision. But, we let China slip under communist rule, and until China no longer embraces communism of any kind, I see them as an enemy of America.  I have a deep sympathy for Chinese Americans and I routinely visit several local Chinese restaurants because I admire the work ethic of the owners, and their courage for leaving their homeland to find freedom in America.  (For context read my article on Chinese communist occupation and the struggle for freedom there in the late 1940’s.)

So no Lakota, it is not good to promote this global awareness unless in so doing, the goal is to prepare our children for rule under a Chinese flag. Because that is China’s intention, even if the academics are too pretentious to see it. If the teachers at Lakota want to go to Beijing and teach, maybe you should keep that off the radar, because that is not an asset to the Liberty Twp, West Chester community. And you should consider it an insult that out of all of China and America, it is Lakota that is considered the kind of school that a communist country wishes to emulate.

If the Lakota School Board wishes to disprove my accusations as to their ineptness, political naivety, greed, and arrogance, by publishing the exploits of Ron Henrich and his close association with Quanyu Huang, then they have proven themselves beyond help. Communism is NOT a good thing, and collaborations with countries that embrace it is not something to brag about. It certainly isn’t something which mandates even more tax dollars from the community so that we can help fund the teaching methods that China wishes to copy for their own benefit in the difficult task of controlling over a billion people to march under a communist flag.

It is not wise to fund our own demise, then brag about it as though it were a benefit of great merit. To learn more about China, I suggest you watch this very good film by Richard Gere called Red Corner (1987). I present it here in its totality. So grab a snack and enjoy a peek into a country run by communists who are seeking Lakota teachers to help educate their society.

By the way, Red Corner is banned in China. You can’t even see it on YouTube. And the execution scene was real, provided to the director at great risk to themselves. 1987 was not that long ago folks.

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Skycar Update: China is going to beat us to the future

I received a note the other night that disturbed me greatly from one of the people in this world that I truly admire. I won’t reveal the details of that note since it contains personal information. But the gist of the correspondence is that it appears that China is on the verge of investing over a billion dollars in Skycar technology’s Rotapower engine to begin the process of development of that engine which makes the Skycar possible. To understand what Skycars are, click here to review my article on them.

I have been seeking to pull together all the interested parties to get the United States into the game going as far as contacting President Obama, and General Motors after the bail-out, to help us rediscover ourselves. But there was no response from Obama or General Motors. They aren’t interested in new technology, only the old.

So China is getting ready to usher in this technology for all the reasons that you’ll hear in the below broadcast of Doc Thompson as Doc discusses how the EPA shut down oil drilling in Alaska. We are our own worst enemy in the United States because too many special interests are getting in the way of development of new technology.

I have been speaking to this company Mollar International for well over 15 years, and what prompted my recent discussion with them was the need of an accurate launch period for their technology so I could do what I could to bring everyone together in America. But as was explained to me in the undisclosed letter, most of the investors in Mollar International, and Freedom Motors, are foreign investors, even though the inventor is as American as there is in our modern age. So as he explained, it’s not his first choice, but it is out of necessity. He has to go where the money is, and the desire to produce his product will take him, and right now it’s China.

Below I will disclose the non-confidential portions of my correspondence with Mollar International so the reader can see what is coming in the near future. Unfortunately because the United States is over-regulated and drags it’s feet in too many ways, it will be China that will be first.

First the letter from me to Bruce, then the response from Bruce.

Hi Bruce,

I was wondering how close your company is to a working model that could perform as a shuttle service beginning with a line running from West Chester, Ohio to Columbus.

Once Skycar performed the shuttle service for key people of this region and gained media, and political support, it would become viable for an amusement park such as Kings Island to offer a transport to Cedar Point. Both amusement parks are owned by Cedar Fair Amusements and would benefit by offering pass holders an economic way to visit both parks within the same day with their Platinum season pass offerings. The two parks are about 300 miles apart and they have a platinum package that allows season pass holders to visit those two parks for free. So a Skycar shuttle would be a great asset to their business model, and a great way to introduce the technology to the public at large and establish trust in the vehicles. Those two amusement parks are two of the largest and most spectacular in the country. A successful implementation of this type of shuttle service would then convince the Disney Parks in Florida to offer a similar shuttle service from their parks in central Florida to their cruise line in Port Canaveral.

This is something I have been considering for a while, but I believe all the above is very possible. I suppose the big question would be as to whether or not your Skycar is technically able to perform the task as of now, and if not, is there a time line that is reasonable so that I could begin to pitch this concept to the interested parties.

I’d be interested in knowing more details if you could provide them.




Dear Rich,
As you know the Moller M400 Skycar is in development, and the working prototype of the M400X has successfully completed its initial hover tests. Unfortunately we are still having difficulties raising the required capital to move forward with our announced plans, therefore our present business plan calls for production of 1,000 of the M200G Neuera over the next 3+ years (2011 through 2014). We can produce this vehicle at much lower cost because of the very limited regulatory oversight that a vehicle of this type appears to require (it is a “ground effect” aircraft and therefore exempt from the traditional certification process and may not require a pilots license to operate).

The interest shown to date in this vehicle suggests that the early production models could be sold at a premium price. It is proposed that the first 40 units of the M200G be sold by auction. If a buyer indicates an interest in acquiring a M200G he will be put on a list of potential buyers. When that list totals some yet-to-be-specified number, the auction will begin. While this will require our resources to focus on the M200-series products for the next couple of years, it should enable us to raise sufficient funds to regain momentum on the M400 Skycar thereafter.

The next phase of the M400 testing will be to extend the hover flight characteristics with manned and untethered flights. We have prepared the M400X for the new, more powerful Rotapower engines required for this phase, and are working to integrate these engines with updated electronics being made for the M200 that make up the artificial stability system. When we get to the next set of tests with the M400 we will endeavor to safely demonstrate the new features with a set of piloted test flights defined by the FAA for an Experimental Aircraft.

After the completion of these tests, will hope to build up to three M400 pre-production aircraft that will incorporate changes to the fuselage and cabin and prepare us for high-speed, and mid-air VTOL to high-speed cruise transition maneuvers. It is our intent to test the full-scale preproduction Skycar in a wind tunnel to validate the transition characteristics prior to performing this transition in flight, but high-speed flight tests may be performed that originate with the nacelles (engine pods) in the horizontal position rather than their VTOL-mode orientation of 45 degrees of rotation. These tests will require that the Skycar use a conventional runway for take off and landing and will be required only for these tests. The Skycar’s VTOL mode take off and landing capabilities will continue to be demonstrated during other low-speed test flights. The earliest we anticipate an FAA certified production Skycar is now 2013, and due to the many milestones yet to be achieved it is very difficult to set an actual schedule of availability.


Bruce Calkins
General Manager
Moller International


Skycar is a very exciting technology. Unfortunately for the United States, Wilber and Orville Wright wouldn’t be able to fly a plane in Kitty Hawk, and Edison probably couldn’t develop a light bulb today, because the EPA would worry about the displacement of sand on a beach from where the plane lands or the elements of a bulb would be considered dangerous for the environment. So we are our own worst enemy.

I will always feel pride to know that the United States still produces people like Paul Mollar who invented the Skycar, but it will be the Chinese that will most likely take the bold first step.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

China and the Cincinnati Bengals: Being tough, winning and losing.

When you talk to just about anybody about sports they are quick to declare what their favorite team should do in order to win. “Get rid of T.O. He costs too much and is a pain in the ass!” Or, “get rid of Chad, he runs his mouth too much, he’s too expensive and they can’t even win with him.” I am refereeing to a couple of players for the Cincinnati Bengals, and I hear comments to that effect all the time.

But speak to those same people about how to deal with Social Security, or Education, or any number of social programs, and people clam up and refuse to commit an opinion. I suppose that’s because the game under which politics is played is just too complicated for many of them, or they are taking something out of the systems in question, and lack the courage to assert an opinion.

And that’s the beauty of sports. Sports allow people to become arm-chair coaches because they don’t have anything invested in the team other than committing to an occasional game or a sport jersey. So they can be objective as to the possible problems with the team they’re watching.

People like Doc Thompson, and myself, can be objective about social issues, because we aren’t expecting government to do anything for us. I wrote off Social Security a long time ago, along with all the other entitlements that are floating around out there. So I particularly enjoyed Doc’s show on January 18, 2011 where he laid it on the line as to what the real problems are. Listen to that here.

Hey, he’s not exaggerating. The issue truly is whether or not the United States will stay on top of the heap in world affairs. We won’t do it complaining about silly issues as to whether or not Native American bones are returned to their graves, or whether or not the entire Constitution can be read because of our internal guilt over slavery. The rest of the world is not hindered by that type of restrictive guilt, and we have to compete with them economically.

My team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are not in the playoffs, but I am proud of how they played over the 2010 season. I watched how management approached the off-season last year and I believe they are on the march to winning ways going forward. But the team in my home town, the Cincinnati Bengals continue to be a bad team no matter how much money they spend.

Now you can go to any sports bar in America and even a drunken fool could tell you why the Bengals can’t win. And the same holds true for our county. Everybody knows how to fix the problems. But we won’t win if we don’t toughen up. It’s that simple.

What Doc talks about in that clip is a perfectly articulated synopsis of our counties problem. It sounds easy to hear him say it, but he has the luxury of seeing things clearly, because he doesn’t want anything from government. People like Thompson rely on themselves first to do most things, so the problems are easy to see.

So America, you better get tough quick. Because being tough is how you win.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior

When School House Rock, Rocked! A Time Capsule into the Past

If you want to see just how far the Progressive Movement has penetrated our culture all you have to do is look at School House Rock, from the 1970’s.

When I was a kid, I watched Saturday morning cartoons religiously; Hong Kong Phooey, Captain Caveman, and Land of the Lost were among my favorites.

Back then, sometime around 1974 to 1980 it was almost a guaranteed expectation that one of the below School House Rock video’s would air during commercial breaks.

These were useful and entertaining and helped a growing generation to understand their role in the country they lived in. You won’t find these types of cartoons produced today however. Instead, you get the Tides Foundation’s Story of Stuff, which is now shown in schools with public tax dollars supporting the progressive agenda.

When modern day educators and parents that are using public education as a convenient day care facility, or a chance for their child to get a scholarship using sports supplied by the school as a platform to exhibit their skills to colleges in hopes of getting a scholarship which will save that family some costs of higher education, keep in mind that this mind-set is only one generation old. School House Rock is a time capsule into a period before the effects of Progressivism had gained a firm footing in our country. The signs were emerging, but in our arrogance, we did not pay attention.

But now we’re awake.

It only takes a generation to destroy everything. It can take decades to rebuild.

Do you’re friends and neighbors a favor, send this to them so they can become aware of how quick and radically things changed in just one generation.

Rich Hoffman!/overmanwarrior